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Obama Makes His 2012 Bid Official

April 5, 2011 by  

Obama makes his 2012 bid officialTo no one's surprise, President Barack Obama has announced that he will run for re-election in 2012.

The commander-in-chief revealed his intentions on April 4 via a short video on his website. He also sent out an email message to supporters, saying that it is time "to begin mobilizing for 2012."

Obama's re-election bid was announced earlier than is typical for an incumbent, according to media reports. Considering that the 2012 race is expected to attract a host of Republican challengers, the President's team wanted to make his candidacy official and start fundraising as soon as possible.

FOX News reports that Obama will raise up to $1 billion in campaign funds, which would shatter previous records. In 2008, he accrued approximately $750 million on his way to victory over GOP challenger John McCain (R-Ariz.).

The President's Gallup Poll approval rating is currently 45 percent, according to MSNBC. It is the lowest approval rating of an incumbent at this point in a Presidency since Ronald Reagan, who had a 42 percent rating in April 1983. However, Reagan recovered and earned a second term in the 1984 election.

In contrast, George H.W. Bush had a 79 percent approval rating in April 1991, but he was defeated by Democrat Bill Clinton the following year. 

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  • TIME

    Oh yes I was so shocked to get his email on Monday that I LMAO for about two full hours. Great track record 100% Total Bull Sh*t on a plate.
    I question if Barry went to the Berrnie Madoff school of Charm
    and Confounding. To you all that I know here I will forward the special Barry letter to you later today, as I am sure you all need a good laugh.

    Nothing like a True, NARCISSI to start the day off, its kind of like Lucky Charms with a Beck dark for added flavor.

    • Natalie A

      Obama has failed to produce proof that he was born in the United States and that he is a natural-born American citizen, one of only three absolute requirements in the U.S. Constitution to become President of the United States.

      In fact, if Obama is not a natural-born American citizen, he is acting as president under false pretenses, which de facto makes every statement he has made as the usurper POTUS, every bill he has signed, every czar he has appointed, every act, proclamation, signing statement, executive order, and law, et al, fraudulent, illegal, and therefore null and void — including this unconstitutional healthcare so-called reform bill.

      • TIME


        I can’t argue with you as your 100% on target. By the way a fine post!

        What many don’t understand is the following, Barry’s Scholarship is the first link in this chain that no one wants to address.
        The format that Barry claims he had is for “Non American’s ONLY.” That alone should have had more RED Flags flying than in Red Square on Stalins birthday.
        So the question is why has the media glossed over this?

        Again where it gets murky is that Barry’s father by Barry’s own alledged admission was “not an American Citizen.”
        Thus he can not be noted as a Natural Born Citizen, his children can but not himself.

        Also there is no single doucment within the United States Court system that shows Barry’s legal name change.
        That alone is “FRAUD.”

        Barry also has a Social Security number from a state where he never lived? Again thats “FRAUD.”

        But as we have seen over the last three plus years the Media as well the wacked out fruit cakes that don’t want you to think about these issues that alone would toss Barry out or office in a New York Heart beat.
        They have done everything in their power to blind side the American Populace with utter Rhetoric that has no value even on a scale of {zero to zero.}

        Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t like to be taken advantage of and find such act’s to the most offensive to me.
        I don’t question he was born, thats obvious he was, what I question is where? As well all the noted points above, as well as countless other points that have yet to ever be addressed that all have the same high level value’s.

        I also question why he has spent the better part of “$2 Million Tax Payers dollars” with Perkins & Cole law Firm in DC to hold off the Tax Payers questions.
        As well that “amount” again paid for by the US TAX payers for the DOJ to as well fight anyone who dare ask questions of Barry.

        Again these issues should have more RED FLAGS Flying than in Red Square on Stalins Birthday.

        So why has the media gone so far out of its way to diminish the persons who dare question this person’s origins or other questions that have a lot of value?

        Anyone who is not angry about this blantant abuse of power by the DOJ as well Barry let alone the Media is a 100% total ASS with the brain power of a NAT.

        • Kate8

          TIME – What is happening here is that We the People are being mocked.

          Everyone in office knows that O’s presidency is illegitimate. It’s another case of manipulating the minds of the masses. We’ve been conditioned to believe what we’re TOLD, rather than what our senses tell us. We have had an alternate reality created around us, and if we aren’t plugged in to it, we’re deemed crazy. So the insane are ‘normal’, and the sane are nuts.

          We are living in Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems. No matter how big a lie something is, if we all act as if it were true, then it is.

          The PTB are having a lot of fun with this one. No wonder they have nothing but contempt for us. We’ve got a nation full of sheep who are ready to fight vehemently for our stance, no matter which side of the lie we come down on.

          • TIME


            I love the way you think. Your not in any BOX. I strongly feel I have the answer to a major question we all have.
            As we all know Barry has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to foster its growth at a rapid rate as per what you have all seen daily over the last four months.
            His move on Monday 4 / 4 /2011 by creating a deeper rift with the Muslim world has only displayed what I have felt all along about his Gitmo game, save the players for when they are needed.

            Nostradamus quoted the three Aniti Christ as follows,
            #1, Naponroy,
            #2, Hister,
            #3, Mabus.
            So any of you that don’t understand this just Google it for deeper details on the past two.

            #3, The last Aniti Christ’s is “MABUS,” or better said;
            “The Muslim Brotherhood.”
            Watch who their leader is when he steps on the stage you will have your answer. BTW – It will not be all to long you will have to wait.

            May God Bless all of you.

          • joan l mcgrath

            What i cannot figure out is why you all seem to think Obamais anything other than an American, he is an American and does not need to prove it, where do you people get away with asking for a birth certificate? i do agree he should do a little more like telling the republican party where to go and that is to the corporate headquarters and get the money back which they never should have gotten in the first place. They borrowed so let them pay back, that is what you do if you borrow something you pay it back. They are making billions and getting bonuses as well on the borrowed money as well as getting refunds on taxes they never paid, there is something far wrong here, they must feel like welfare people getting everything for nothing , is that not what they tell everyone, one differance th epeople worked for their benefits and desrve not to have it taken away by vultures.

          • Carlucci

            Kate8 – And it is so much easier for the PTB to manipulate people when they are strung out on legal “anti-depressant medication”.

          • Dan az

            Hey kate
            I don’t get it,If all these states are passing SB1577 then how can he possibly even consider running.
            Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Indiana, Connecticut, Missouri and Iowa are pursuing legislation that will require presidential and vice-presidential candidates prove they’re Constitutionally Eligible. Will he now show us the rock that he climbed out from?Or is it a set up to devert the truth some way?

          • Kate8

            Dan az – They are setting the Proof of Elegibility laws to go into effect only after 2012. Odumbo won’t be subject to them.

            Weasels all.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          Good points all.

          Have you hammered these at your U.S. Rep? I have, but it seems the fix is in, unless we relentlessly pound this home to our elected “officials”.

          • TIME


            I have indeed. And do so daily.

      • EddieW

        A lot of States will now demand PROOF that he is a legal citizen, and Natural Born…which he is not, nor can he be..under the Constitution, BOTH his parents would have had to be US citizens, and his father was NOT!! BUT I greatly fear a Republican President, with a Republican Congress..NO balance in that, and we went farther LEFT under Bush, than even Obozo took us!! He had a “rubber stamp” Congress…as does Obozo!!! Congress knows he is not qualified to be President, but too cowardly to act…against a fellow Dem…the “supreme Court” also knows this, and refuses to even hear a case!! Both have betrayed us!!!

        • Kate8

          EddieW – I read where, although many states are requiring proof of natural-born citizenship, it won’t be in effect until after 2012.

          This is PROOF that they know Barry is NOT eligible.

        • joan l mcgrath

          I am sure you must all be listening to fox and i will also bet you are republican. do you know the parents do not have to be citizens, they did not run for president The law is incase you do not know, the one who runs for president has to be born here regardless if his parents are from tim buck to.Do you think everyone here was born here ?you are wrong , the only one who is a genuine American are the Indians all of them were born here and look what happened to them. The majority of the people here were born from people who immigrated here Do you remember the Mayflower?

          • Carlucci

            Joan, stop insinuating that everybody on this blog is a republican and that they watch FOX “news”. I do not fit that description at all.

            And the rest of your post about Ovomit is pure bullshit.

            Oh, if you only had a brain…

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – I just don’t feel like responding to any more ill-informed sheep like Joan. She, and the rest of them, are solidly entrenched in their delusions, and no amount of explaining or reason will change that.

            I am also tired of people feeling like ‘Repubican’ is a bad word. The Republican ideals are good, conservative ones, and I won’t apologize for my years of being one. (Before that I was a democrat. THAT I feel embarrassed about.) Republican politicians have abandoned their principles, and have been so infiltrated by Progressives that they no longer are recognizable.

            I’m sure Joan doesn’t apologize for her Liberal/Progressive stance, no matter how she looks to others.

            Now I go Constitution Party or Libertarian. In truth, I don’t really have much faith in ANY of those who run for office, but I base my choices on whoever advocates for freedom.

          • Carlucci

            Kate8 – You are right – “Joan” is probably a “plant” from Move-on or ACORN. I wonder if they realize how relentlessly stupid they sound.

            I’m not against republicans per se, but the sad truth is that so many of them have morphed into RINOs and want more and more big government.

            Thank goodness for the Libertarians.

          • oldtimeyman

            joan l mcgrath:

            Just a couple of questions for you.

            1. Do you have impacted bowel syndrome?

            2. The city is not “tim buck to” as you wrote. It is Timbuktu.

            3. Do you remember the Mayflower? Were you born prior to 1620?

            4. Where did you get your degree in constitutional law?

            5. Are you a Native American or did your ancestors immigrate here from Timbuktu?

        • Dan az

          OK come on who really is this?Eddiee are you there?That does not sound like you!

          • Dan az

            Sorry I thought you were eddiee 47 blew my mind.

      • Natalie A

        I think it is enough. No more, we don’t need any black president. The black president will be going to support an affirmative action that made life easier for African American population and hurt other smart people. Because of affirmative action is cause in decreasing quality care and knowledge. They want more intelligent African American group but forget about quality.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Go to this link and watch Der Fuhrer himself. <

  • Bitter Libertarian

    I’d like to report a flaw in a label he (as well as other presidents)illegitimately wears. Obama is NOT the Commander in Chief. At Least not according to the Constitution of the US.
    Why? Simple…Read Article II section 2. The key words are ..”when called into the actual Service of the United States”. When can this “calling into service” take place? Only when Congress has declared war. Congress has NOT declared war…regardless of wether you are a democrat or a republican, you cannot ignore this abuse by the Presidents…..Starting with Truman. :(

    Almost as though we have a dictator..not a Republic!

    • bob wire

      interest! thanks for the take BL

      • Palin12

        Bob, did you hear that Tommy Lee Jones may run for US Senate from Texas?

        • Bus

          I wish Chuck Norris would run for President. There would be some as*whippen goen on in DC!!

          • Palin12

            Yes, or Clint Eastwood.

        • Carlucci

          I haven’t heard that, but remember that he was Al Bore’s roommate in college and they are supposedly still big buddies.

          • Carlucci

            I meant Tommy Lee Jones.

          • TIME

            Carlucci, Tommy is nut but a good guy. I don’t think he would run for anything.

          • Carlucci

            Time, I like T.L. Jones, too. After I read an interview with him in Texas Monthly a few years ago, I don’t think he has the patience for politics and he sure doesn’t seem to suffer fools gladly.

    • joan l mcgrath

      Then what is he? it is not wise to go around giving people names like hitler etc. he was rotten ,Obama is not rotten , you may not like him that is your privelege but it is best not to lower your intelligence? by name calling just say your peice and get on with it .

  • JoMama

    So – has ANYONE asked to see the birth certificate yet – besides the Donald???
    Anyone at all??

    • Eddie47d

      Thousands have asked that question and thousands of times over and over. I think you know that and we all know a copy has been shown. If that’s your hot button issue then no wonder he could re-elected. For most Americans it’s nothing more than a distraction like the Lewinsky affair or the Willie Horton ads. You are hoping to keep the doubt in voters minds so the opposition will stay home.

      • Raggs

        Yeah we seen a COPY of a phony birth cert.

        • Eddie47d

          You could be playing politics or you could be right or dead wrong.

          • 45caliber


            And if we ARE right, then he isn’t qualified to hold the office.

            And I expect him to produce the non-legal birth statement and try to insist in court that it is real.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Everybody NOW needs to contact their state officials and DEMAND that they follow the example of the states that have passed legislation that requires proof of natural birth before they can go on the ticket in that state!! Make it effective IMMEDIATLY!!!! Make it stand no matter WHO is considered! EVEN NOBUMMER!!

          • Bus

            We are so quick to blame the media lapdogs for not doing their job, but where is Fox News, don’t they have reporters? Shouldn’t they be sniffing around on this issue? I think there have been some payoffs at very high levels.

          • Kate8

            Bus – The same elites who own the entire media complex also own FoxNews. Rupert is just another one of the boys.

            It’s called the “controlled opposition”. We’re still being fed only what they WANT us to hear.

            Murdoch: “The news is what I SAY it is”.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Kate8—I must agree with you on your comments.

      • homeboy

        it’s pretty bad when a president tells the congrees to f off and does what he pleases. but it’s even worse when the congress does nothing about it. game set match boys and girls.

      • JC

        Eddie47d says:
        April 5, 2011 at 8:19 am
        Thousands have asked that question and thousands of times over and over. I think you know that and we all know a copy has been shown.
        A copy of what?
        A Certificate of Live Birth…that’s what. (Obviously forged)
        Which any Japanese, Canadian, German or whatever couple can get from any state if they should happen to give birth while on US territory.
        It is not an “An American Birth Certificate”. Nor is Obama an American citizen unless he has been naturalized…which still doesn’t qualify him to hold the office of POTUS.

        The guy is an imposter and a con man.

        • Kate8

          JC – This is just another example of repeating the same lie over and over until its deemded to be true.

          We all know there’s no real BC, but everyone continues to ACT is if there is. And there are so many, like eddie, who WANT it to be true, so, therefore, it must be true, even though no one’s actually seen proof.

          It’s like religion. Everyone will argue that theirs is the ONLY true one, even though it can’t be proven.

          Well, it seems that O heads up the religion of the Left.

          • bob wire

            Well, I guess that’s one way to see it kate8

            I actually don’t care one way or the other.

            Much like I could care less if someone believes in God or not, ~ not my concern, not my problem and I’m not going to waste 5 minutes of my life arguing with someone about it.

            But for the record, next Presidential election with new hopefuls, let us qualify early.

            Watching people kick a dead horse for 4 or 8 years is not amusing and only takes energy away from more worthy efforts.

        • joan l mcgrath

          JC it is people like you that make people like me get annoyed at your lack of intelligence. Why do you want a birth certificate? THE MAN OBAMA , YOUR PRESIDENT IS AN AMERICAN so live with it and maybe you will get to like it.

          • Carlucci

            Wow – is this woman a nut job or WHAT???

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – No kidding!

            “Why should he have to show his birth certificate?”


          • Carlucci

            Joan – It’s people like you who make me want to start a pie fight.

          • Carlucci

            P.S. And you’re first!

          • bob wire

            Joan, while I might agree with you, don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the nonsense and become angry.

            Anger will not serve us in any way.

            These yipping dogs ~ are just going to yap. You can’t take the yap out of a dog anymore then you can foolish out of stupid or ugly out of an ape.

            Wisconsin is having Judgeship election today. The Incumbent GOP Judge will be the very first to go, thanks impart to this Tea Party and their ideas of smaller, more intrusive Federal & State government.

            the Tea Party movement is the best thing that’s happen to the DNC and America since FDR.

            But in victory or defeat, don’t ever expect the yipping to stop. That’s just not possible, learn to think of it as simply sweet music.

            I’ve learned to almost enjoy it . i41 is one of my personal favorites.

      • Dan az

        There you are eddiee Ill tell you what when obumber produce’s his real BC and if it shows he is a citizen with out a dought I’ll leave this site never to bother you again.But if it shows that he is not a citizen then You leave.DEAL?

        • bob wire

          No deal! I’d miss you.

    • joan l mcgrath

      The republicans

      • Dan az

        The same deal goes for you that I made with eddie DEAL?

  • Warrior

    Time to usher the Great Fraud into the dustbin of history and his progressive cohorts with him.

    • Linda R

      The reason that Obamanomics will not and cannot work is because an economy cannot be managed. Fear, uncertainty, threats, tax increases, penalties, and violations of the rule of law are but some of the conditions anathema to entrepreneurs, small business, and large business.
      Businesses will not hire, invest, or expand in a climate of disincentives. That was a lesson that should have been learned from Eastern Europe and the former USSR. The US is turning into a soviet style socialist state; protectionism would be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      Capital has no nationality, and it will start to flee our shores. Talent will follow. We will not recover from this economic downturn until businesses and individuals have a more favorable incentive structure. America has already been destroyed several times by liberal policies.
      America is not just doomed. It is a disaster and the amount of human suffering is going to increase and be just shocking to most. China will buy the USA off the poverty auction.

      China is scamming and hurting U.S. economy by keeping its currency artificially low. U.S. software companies have said they’re cheated out of billions in sales because Chinese companies, and even government agencies, illegally copy their programs instead of buying them.

      • joan l mcgrath

        LINDA R, you blame the democrats for this mess ,the republicans gave to big business tax breaks which they get refunds for having paid no taxes, they also have a bad habit of the corporations gettiing a lot of big bonuses from money that should be put back into the tax payers pocket, they did a good job of screwing up the housing market while all the time amassing great benefits for themselves, look at all the dirt they are tossing around only to hurt , workers seniors childrenetc. and this is your republican friends so my dear look reaql close at allthe damage that has been done already and they want more . not a pound of flesh here it is the whole thing

        • Patty

          Joan-Did you just decide to start listening/reading? Go back, way back. Carter started the housing bubble, then Clinton tripled down on it by telling banks they had to make loans to people they knew could not be paid back because “every American should be able to own a piece of the American pie/dream”. And to seal the deal, they told the banks that those bad mortgages would be insured by Fannie & Freddie. Actually, the taxpayer because the gov’t, has no money except what it confiscates from the taxpayer. The pay off to the banks was a result of that guarantee.
          Chris Dodd and Barney Frank said to Bush II, Freddie & Fannie have more money than god. Barney’s lover ran Freddie Mac. Chris and Barney both got sweet-heart deals for mortgages during this time period. This entire mortgage bubble lays at the feet of the democrats. If they really cared about the “little people”, they would have given the bail-out money directly to the home owners to pay off their mortgage. It would have saved us billions and those people would not have been foreclosed on. So tell me again, how good they are. I know this is a lot to go through, but you obviously have some catching up to do.

  • tim

    Arizona and another state, can’t remember which one want to see birth certificates before they will put a candidate on thier ballot.

    • 45caliber

      There is about a dozen states that are trying to get that into law now. I hope they succeed.

      • Palin12

        I hope so too. Without that proof of citizenship and with no more ACORN Obummer will join the ranks of Jimmy Carter.

        • Dan az

          Better yet I here Al sharpton is looking for a secretary or was it a masseuse either way I think he would qualify.

  • Howard Roark

    The undocumented worker in the white house will most lilely get by one more time with the help of the lame street media.

    • http://goggle John Ouzts

      What has happened to our Democracy and the Beloved Constitution.Try to borrow money from your lending institution to purchase a home without filling out documents and be investigated from your birth. Our leaders for our protection to our government turn a blind eye to the citizens of America.

    • Annie

      Howard………If obama gets another 4 years, well……..then AMERICA IS HISTORY AND SO ARE HER CITIZENS.

      All of the destruction obama has done in his first 2 years is very very far beyond the pale and the thought that he even stands a chance in this upcoming election (and it seems some people still love the jerk) shows just how far and away the voters of America have gone towards communism. No not just socialism…..but communism!
      I cannot believe how so many voters actually voted for him the first time, much less to vote for him again. He has sufficiently “brainwashed” a whole lot of illiterate voters not to mention ALL of those “dead people” who rose out of their graves to go and vote for him.

      • sylviam

        Did anyone notice, he gave the announcement the very SAME day that Holder gave us the joy of hearing “THE TERRORISTS ARE GOING TO GET A MILITARY TRIBUNAL HEARING”, instead of a TRIAL by JURY, which HE did not agree with. Coincedence?? NAW, I think NOT.
        Now we know WHY we are in a NON WAR in LYBIA. That question is now answered, IT IS A POLITICAL ITEM to be used BY the NOW CANDIDATE for PRES. That is just one more DISGUSTING thing that this PERSON is pushing on us. I for one am TIRED of all the LIP-SERVICE being given to WE THE PEOPLE by ALL the polititions, as well as the lies and plain old extortion being the way we are told what to do or “ELSE”
        and given DEATH threats by “TEACHERS”, and the UNIONS that run the DEM Party. ENOUGH already, get with the program or get out of OUR HOUSE, say WE THE PEOPLE.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          how many American lives will be lost as collateral for nobummers bid for the presidency??? I truly believe that before it is over, we will have troops in Libya!!!

      • newland65

        mark my word’s… this jerk will get in again.. as they said,, 700 million the first go around,and now he want’s a billion.. how many people can you buy off for that kind of money.. we have to vote this person out of office.. but the dumb american people can’t or wont see through his bs.. GOD HELP US..

        • TIME


          #1.5 Billion was spent in 2008 on a “24 hour a day advert.” By the way that ran for 5 months straight. So again you see Barry is incapable of speaking the truth.

      • joan l mcgrath

        ANNIE SAYS,You are way far off get the real truth it is not Obama it is the REPUBLICANS. GET OVER IT

  • Raggs

    AW-yes the great one is back in the progressive spot light once again.
    Do you hear the Acorns scrambling about with fists full of non-citizen voter counts?.. What about the black panthers, I hope to see at least one when I vote for ANYONE other than obaba, maybe he will try the billy club trick on me… I sure hope so.

    • Eddie47d

      Raggs; David Duke is calling you so iron your white robe and look pretty for him.

      • Raggs

        Typical of a stupid progressive moron to try an attempt at racism.

        • Carlucci

          Like the zombie in “Interview with a Zombie”…

      • TIME

        Now, Edieeee,

        You’re calling the pot black when your the kettel.
        Now thats funny.

        I just can’t quite make out what Tunic you wear are you a Grand Dragon, or are you a Wizzard?

      • Bob

        The members of the KKK were all good democrats like you.

        • Eddie47d

          Just calling Raggs out on his weak racist rant. I’m sorry, I guess you didn’t notice, oh so typical of a neo-con.

          • Raggs

            Explain to us why my post is racist!

          • Eddie47d

            You’re too far gone to even understand your own postings. I’ve noticed that over the months.

          • Mick

            Yeah ! Eddie.
            What’s racist in Raggs post /
            If you want people to understand your point of view stop using race as an arguement…..This game is over.

          • Bob

            Raggs: Eddie47IQ has no explanation – he is a lieberal and just makes things up as he goes.

          • TIME


            Eddieeeeeeeeee, Is not a liberal, he is just a mindless Twinkie with a computer.

          • JC

            Eddie47d says:
            April 5, 2011 at 8:54 am
            Just calling Raggs out on his weak racist rant. I’m sorry, I guess you didn’t notice, oh so typical of a neo-con.

            There was no racist rant, it’s all in your progressively programmed head.

          • Eddie47d

            neo-cons one and all;now dig deep into that thought box of yours and put Raggs puzzle together. Now if his comments were said about a conservative with the same tone you’d be climbing the walls and bringing out the shotguns.

        • bob wire

          Bob say;April 5, 2011 at 8:28 am

          The members of the KKK were all good democrats like you.”

          well yea, that right 30 years ago but today they are card carrying GOP members.

          Things change Bob, you need to keep current to within at least a decade or so.

          I have family ties in the Klan, be so all my life, in spite of bad press, embarrassment and bad behavior on some members part.

          KKK still don’t cotton to men of color or fairies so why would they be democrats today Bob?

          • Patty

            BobWire – Democrats are still doing it. They have institutionalized them into the welfare system “to keep them down”. And it is working like a charm. Aren’t you so proud.

          • bob wire

            Pride is for weak people that need something to hold on too, unable to stand alone.

            it’s “to be or not be” and no more complicated then that.

            and to “institutionalize” whom? That’s not clear with your statement.

    • Annie

      Raggs……..take the time to watch this video cited below. I don’t care one twit about your ideologies nor your progressivism. I just plainly and simply DO NOT want to live in a communist state. And you seem to be very much in favor of that.
      Then raggs…….go to China or Cuba or somewhere that will please your “on the dole” attitude.

      • spitfire

        The Great Ship America is sinking fast and you better jump ship while the gettin is good.It has turned into a liberal poophole, and will get another 4 years of that idiot OBama.

        • bob wire

          Before you jump ship and swim with the fish, how about you going to the galley and bring up all the potable water and can goods you can find and bring them to me then go help the men below work the bilge pumps while I load the previsions in the life boat, sent out an SOS, plot a course to closest landfall and make way.

          Don’t be quick to scuttle a noble vessel and swim with the fish, man is at the bottom of the food chain in mother ocean. Having no hands, sharks like to take a “test bite” just to see if something might be worth swallowing.

      • Raggs

        WTF… HUH?… Annie I know your not talking to me…

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’ve been conversing with you for what, a year?? Just what have you been hiding from me buddy??? Raggs, I’m laughing so hard I can just barely type!!! you, commie?????? Now THAT IS FUNNY!!!!

          • Raggs

            I hope thats not koolaid she drinks. :)

      • JC

        Raggs? when did you go Commie? LOL

        • Carlucci

          I think she was talking to Eddie, but it could have been Jovi…

          • Raggs

            Ah-yeah the jovi-ANUS

        • Dan az

          I feel like I just came in at the middle of a movie!WTF!

          • bob wire

            Yea, they are gang banging and trash mouthing somebody. Making up words and attempting to make sport of it. hehe!

  • Bob

    To use the word “progressive” to describe maobama and the maocrats is to use the language of the liars. What we call progressives are actually regressives because they are trying to drag America down into the abyss of totalitatian socialism. This is not “progressive” in any way, shape, or form. We must use the language of truth and describe the people in terms that are accurate; terms like parasites, fascists, regressives, liars, and scum. Do you get the picture? By the way, the maocrats are bragging that his campaign will be the best financed in history; I wonder if all this money is coming from the “little guy” he purports to champion or will it be coming from union gangsters and corporate parasites like Microsoft and GE? In any case, we must boycott and oppose all that give money to this evil man and his evil party.

    • Jeep

      The money will come from those of us who pay taxes. It will first be laundered through union workers to their SCIU masters and back into the DNC.

  • Mick

    Obama’s re-election bid ,I am absolutely disgusted. This is pure audacity !
    Anyone with a thread of common sense, self respect and love for this Country wouldn’t never consider to vote for such an insolent individual.
    Will our society ever learn ?

    • Bob

      I hope so, but it may already be too late.

      • bob wire

        All you need to do gentlemen is offer up an electable candidate.

        Why is that so difficult to do?

    • Raggs

      Mick.. you describe everyone that DOES vote for obaba.

      • Mick

        Raggs says:
        April 5, 2011 at 8:31 am
        Mick.. you describe everyone that DOES vote for obaba.

        Raggs..You’ve got to be kidding , have you been dipping this early in the morning ? Don’t sound like you .

        • Raggs

          Yeah I got that backwards sorry :)

          • Mick

            Raggs says:
            April 5, 2011 at 8:47 am
            Yeah I got that backwards sorry

            No sweat ,I do the same thing sometime I read too fast and misunderstand the meaning of the post..
            Hey ! what can I say. I’m just a human being and do makes mistake unlike what the liberals think of themselves.

    • Raggs

      What I meant was the opposite of your post.

    • 45caliber


      I seriously wonder if Oblama announced early because he was afraid his handlers would push him aside for Hillary or one of the other Democrat stooges. This way he has his name in the ring early enough that it would cause them problems to try to withdraw it later.

  • skippy

    great comments TIME…wish i was on your forward list…i could sure use a good laugh!!! althought one would think the “joke” in the WH should be enough….

  • Joey Biden

    If this socialist dictator gets reelected I will move to a 3rd world country. It couldn’t be any worse than what America will become under his leadership. Hell, we’re half way there now.

    • Mick

      Joey Biden says:
      April 5, 2011 at 8:47 am
      If this socialist dictator gets reelected I will move to a 3rd world country. It couldn’t be any worse than what America will become under his leadership. Hell, we’re half way there now.

      Joey……We’re going down at a rapid pace no doubt about that , I just hope that many voters will put their hatred aside for the politicians willing to put a stop to the Government spending, we need tough cuts to rebounce or we will become a third world country.

      • Joey Biden

        I’m right there with ya man!

    • Eddie47d

      I’ve got some used luggage you can have.LOL

      • Raggs

        I bet that you do have some used luggage.. It doesn’t belong to you either..

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Yeah, like jovi, he finally found someone WITHOUT a gun!!!!

          • Raggs

            LOL :)

      • Joey Biden

        Thanks Eddie. I’ve got a pair of sandals and a sleeping bag and a blank check from Obummer. Guess that’s all I need.

  • patrick H.T. paine

    “To conquer, first divide!”

    Meanwhile, it’s THAT time of year again…..and the IRS has published an
    82 page propaganda piece, regarding so called “frivolous” tax arguments.
    I have chosen two of these, to illustrate the effects of the imposition
    of admiralty/maritime law and codification in place of the “constitution”
    and added some comments and questions, after various sections here to
    attempt to explain how this is accomplished and direct the arguments to
    the proper issues that should be raised…….

    3. Contention: Federal Reserve Notes are not income.
    Some assert that Federal Reserve Notes currently used in the United States are not valid

    currency and cannot be taxed, because Federal Reserve Notes are not gold or silver and may not

    be exchanged for gold or silver. This argument misinterprets Article I, Section 10 of the

    United States Constitution.

    ( the term “valid currency” is the key misdirection here, and what follows is
    essentially non sequitor to the argument raised…… )

    The Law: Congress is empowered “[t]o coin Money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign

    coin, and fix the Standard of weights and measures.” U.S. Const. Art. I, § 8, cl. 5. Article

    I, Section 10 of the Constitution prohibits the states from declaring as legal tender anything

    other than gold or silver, but does not limit Congress’ power to declare the form of legal

    tender. See 31 U.S.C. § 5103; 12 U.S.C. § 411. In United States v. Rifen, 577 F.2d 1111 (8th

    Cir. 1978), the court affirmed a conviction for willfully failing to file a return, rejecting

    the argument that Federal Reserve Notes are not subject to taxation. “Congress has declared

    federal reserve notes legal tender . . . and federal reserve notes are taxable dollars.” Id.

    at 1112. The courts have rejected this argument on numerous occasions.

    ( Congress has indeed failed to exercise it’s power ( which should be a responsibility )
    to do ANYTHING required of it under I, sec 8, cl 5, and while FRN are in FACT legal
    tender, they are not “lawful money”……evidence for this can be presented by
    producing FRN from 1955 which clearly state that the note is legal tender and
    redeemable in lawful money at any federal reserve bank. It should be noted that
    the word “tender” is one which is a “voluntary one”…..and a dollar is a unit
    of measurement……specifically a number of grains of gold/silver….. )

    Relevant Case Law:
    Sanders v. Freeman, 221 F.3d 846, 855 (6th Cir. 2000), cert. denied, 531 U.S. 1014 (2000) – in

    regard to defendant’s argument “that imposing sales tax on the sale of legal-tender silver and

    gold coins unconstitutionally interferes with Congress’s exclusive power to coin money is

    simply untenable,” the court recognized that “most, if not all, of the courts that have

    considered this issue have held that imposing sales tax on the purchase of gold and silver

    coins and bullion for cash does not infringe on Congress’s constitutional power to coin and

    regulate currency.” See also United States v. Davenport, 824 F.2d 1511, 1521 (7th Cir. 1987).

    United States v. Condo, 741 F.2d 238, 239 (9th Cir. 1984), cert. denied, 469 U.S. 1164 (1985)

    – the court upheld the taxpayer’s criminal conviction, rejecting as “frivolous” the argument

    that Federal Reserve Notes are not valid currency, cannot be taxed, and are merely “debts.”

    Jones v. Commissioner, 688 F.2d 17 (6th Cir. 1982) – the court found the taxpayer’s claim that

    his wages were paid in “depreciated bank notes” as clearly without merit and affirmed the Tax

    Court’s imposition of an addition to tax for negligence or intentional disregard of rules and


    United States v. Rickman, 638 F.2d 182, 184 (10th Cir. 1980) – the court affirmed the

    conviction for willfully failing to file a return and rejected the taxpayer’s argument that

    “the Federal Reserve Notes in which he was paid were not lawful money within the meaning of

    Art. 1, § 8, United States Constitution.”

    United States v. Daly, 481 F.2d 28, 30 (8th Cir. 1973), cert. denied, 414 U.S. 1064 (1973) –

    the court rejected as “clearly frivolous” the assertion “that the only ‘Legal Tender Dollars’

    are those which contain a mixture of gold and silver and that only those dollars may be

    constitutionally taxed” and affirmed Daly’s conviction for willfully failing to file a return.

    ( all these decisions are off point, and actually improper arguments, while the
    genesis of the convictions is not mentioned……..since “jurisdiction” is the
    actual issue, the primary question is: how these people were enticed to enter
    a plea, as well as the rather subtle wording of the decisions themselves.
    The Rickman decision is the most interesting one to explore… the
    argument regarding “lawful money” …….is “on point”, but there is also
    the phrase “in which he was paid”…….the IRS loses 1/3 of all “willful
    failure to file cases”……and these are usually jury trials, so the
    details are critical.)

    3. Contention: Taxpayers do not have to file returns or provide financial information

    because of the protection against self-incrimination found in the Fifth Amendment.
    Some argue that taxpayers may refuse to file federal income tax returns, or may submit tax

    returns on which they refuse to provide any financial information, because they believe that

    their Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination will be violated.

    The Law: There is no constitutional right to refuse to file an income tax return on the

    ground that it violates the Fifth Amendment privilege against self‑incrimination. In United

    States v. Sullivan, 274 U.S. 259, 264 (1927), the U.S. Supreme Court stated that the taxpayer

    “could not draw a conjurer’s circle around the whole matter by his own declaration that to

    write any word upon the government blank would bring him into danger of the law.” The failure

    to comply with the filing and reporting requirements of the federal tax laws will not be

    excused based upon blanket assertions of the constitutional privilege against compelled

    self‑incrimination under the Fifth Amendment.

    The IRS issued Revenue Ruling 2005-19, 2005-1 C.B. 819, which discusses this frivolous

    argument in more detail, warning taxpayers of the consequences of attempting to pursue a claim

    on these grounds.

    Relevant Case Law:
    Sochia v. Commissioner, 23 F.3d 941 (5th Cir. 1994), cert. denied, 513 U.S. 1153 (1995) – the

    court affirmed tax assessments and penalties for failure to file returns, failure to pay

    taxes, and filing a frivolous return. The court also imposed sanctions for pursuing a

    frivolous case. The taxpayers had failed to provide any information on their tax return about

    income and expenses, instead claiming a Fifth Amendment privilege on each line calling for

    financial information.

    United States v. Neff, 615 F.2d 1235, 1241 (9th Cir. 1980), cert. denied, 447 U.S. 925 (1980)

    – the court affirmed a failure to file conviction, noting that the taxpayer “did not show that

    his response to the tax form questions would have been self-incriminating. He cannot,

    therefore, prevail on his Fifth Amendment claim.”

    United States v. Schiff, 612 F.2d 73, 83 (2d Cir. 1979) – the court said that “the Fifth

    Amendment privilege does not immunize all witnesses from testifying. Only those who assert as

    to each particular question that the answer to that question would tend to incriminate them

    are protected . . . . [T]he questions in the income tax return are neutral on their face . . .

    [h]ence privilege may not be claimed against all disclosure on an income tax return.”

    United States v. Brown, 600 F.2d 248, 252 (10th Cir. 1979), cert. denied, 444 U.S. 917 (1979)

    – noting that the Supreme Court had established “that the self-incrimination privilege can be

    employed to protect the taxpayer from revealing the information as to an illegal source of

    income, but does not protect him from disclosing the amount of his income,” the court said

    Brown made “an illegal effort to stretch the Fifth Amendment to include a taxpayer who wishes

    to avoid filing a return.”

    United States v. Daly, 481 F.2d 28, 30 (8th Cir. 1973), cert. denied, 414 U.S. 1064 (1973) –

    the court affirmed a failure to file conviction, rejecting the taxpayer’s Fifth Amendment

    claim because of his “error in . . . his blanket refusal to answer any questions on the

    returns relating to his income or expenses.”

    ( All that is necessary here is to point out that the word “priviledge” has been
    substitututed for the word “right”…….which is all you need to know…….
    you no longer have a legitimate government……and no options regarding ANY
    political party or candidate, to alter this……)

    • homeboy

      to long of a comment. who’s web site is this anyway?

      • patrick H.T. paine

        The looooonnnnngggggg part is from a recent IRS pub, which you can find on the IRS site……..probably because they do not have, to
        my knowledge, any celebrity as yet to parade before the sheep, to
        inspire “shock and aw”. Sorry about the appearance, but this site
        doesn’t have an edit function, so it is a bit of a pain to get through. The actual pub is 82 pages in pdf, I only chose two
        “arguments”…….interestly very little case law cited, is pre 1939.

    • 45caliber


      Just a comment. I was told once that FDR during a late December session of Congress, had Congress declare war on the US and then surrendered to the Navy since it is the only miltary service listed in the Constitution as a standing force.

      This means that all citizens of the US are actually war prisoners and that all possessions in the US belong to the Navy and therefore the government as loot (or another name similar).

      Since you seem to do a lot of research, perhaps you could confirm this?

      • patrick H.T. paine

        All kinds of whack theories about this and I must confess I haven’t heard that one………most prevalent is that, as a result of the
        “depression”, the United States was forced into bankruptcy, in circa
        32/33……and became chattel of the private FED bankers. In order
        to prevent this from becoming public knowledge a number of steps
        were taken, beginning with the Social Security Act and Postal Zip
        Code manuevering of 1935, which effectively changed the United States,
        to the UNITED STATES, all states to two letter abbreviations, again
        in upper case, and all citizens, to JOHN DOE as opposed to John Doe.

        The final step occurred in 1939, with the capitulation of the Supreme
        Ignorants, ending common “law and equity”, initiating codification
        of US laws into titles, and passage of the UCC, followed by its
        adoption by all states/commonwealths which requires a “reservation of
        rights” under UCC 1-207, or you only have “priviledges”……
        The Freemen Compendium, is the best comprehensive source on this
        600 plus pages in two volumes if you can find it……

    • TIME

      Great post!

    • Patty

      So, does this mean I can’t claim my dog as a dependent anymore? How about security?

  • Annie

    I recommend that every American should watch the video as cited here:

    Maybe if every American watched that video, obama might just be put into the “trash heap of history” with the 2012 election.

    However, in order to get some Americans to watch said video, they would have to be literate and I fear most of obama voters are illiterate.

    • bob wire

      Well annie, ~ people need to do more then just “watch” something, they sit on their collective butts and watch too much already.

      I fail to see a serious threat to “O’s” bid.

      anyone wish to direct us to one?

      • spitfire

        Sorry BOB, but I believe Obama will get re-elected in 2012. The element that elected him is well, and getting stronger, and are also growing in numbers. The Republicans are already agitating the masses with their foolish citizen busting budget cuts. The right has already guaranteed Obama’s re-election. Although I support the T-Party they are already failing to grow, and attract new people. This truly is a real “headbanger”!

        • http://yahoo sharon

          The fools in this country who want this non American president re-elected are idiots, who don’t respect freedom and don’t think its important. Well I do, I don’t want the koran cramed down my throat and that will happen if this fool is re-elected. He is not an American nor has he ever been, why do they think he has his records sealed, so the public couldn’t find that out. He hates America and its people, he hides this fact very well, but all of you should know it, he has taken the side of illegals, and muslims over Americans how many times, he lies when he opens his mouth, if that isn’t enough then you must love punishment of this kind of monster and you will get it if he is re-elected you will see America go away as you know it.

        • Jeep

          spitfire, I am curious about your railing against “citizen busting budget cuts”. Do you disagree with any budget cuts, or are you angry about certain proposed budget cuts? I know you are not a big fan of the current administration, but I am not sure what you are trying to say about cutting budget cuts. I also think you are wrong about the underlying current that fed the Tea Party last Nov. The sentiment may seem dormant right now, but I think it is as strong as ever. The Tea Party Movement was and is a true grass roots effort, by real Americans (not bussed in!) But, as one would expect, we work and have real lives to lead. I have no doubt that as the election draws closer the activity will pick back up again. Oman will always garner 30% off the top, it is the nature of the beast. Those on govt assistance would never bite the hand that feeds. Already his support has shown cracks, and the tell-tale sign will be seen if there is no bounce from this latest announcement. Unfortunately, I am increasingly cynical about the legitimacy of our electoral process. Only time will tell, but have a little faith. America is the greatest nation on earth, in spite of those who would ravage her.

          • bob wire

            “The Tea Party Movement was and is a true grass roots effort, by real Americans (not bussed in!) But, as one would expect, we work and have real lives to lead. ”

            I do believe that and I know you do as well. I also believe you wouldn’t know a hyjacker if you saw one. They don’t all carry guns and wear identifying colors but act, talk and look just like you.

            Hyjacking is very common in politics. The Russian revolution was hyjacked several times, as was the French, as was the power of Rome

            In fact, most revolutions are hyjacked at one point or another after Simple Simon has done the hard and dirty work, risking life,limb and everything that they own.

            That’s why it is said; “Revolutions consume their children”

  • http://com i41

    Raggs, don’t worry about edee, he is a generational ward of the government. Since he thinks he a wanna be blanket bum, fresh off the reservation, another prime example of “minoritiy” affermative action idoits. What ever marxist/communist from the dumbocrap party that is running, they are boobing and chanting fr the worthless scumbag. Communist McGovern got a 100% vote from indians, even some black couldn’t handle the communist that well. Raggs watch that used luggage, might be some indian giving going on, just steal it from you when it is loaded. Whiteman broke their tradinional heritage thinking, when stealing became a crime. Now if the USA can break the muslims of compulisive lying and killing Americans and Christians. Since Hillary and Onumnutts are turning all of our rights over to the UN dicators, guess we will need to glass of any muslim country, get rid of the nits before they mature into lice. Only pesticide that works is a slug to the skull cap.

    • spitfire

      You are wrong about what works to rid us of Islam. Nuclear fision is great and very permanent. One entire country at a time. Let the birds fly.

      • Carlucci

        So are guns and ammo greased up with pork lard. Gotta love those

  • http://yahoo sharon

    Let him run for president, I sure wouldn’t vote for this treasonous president, he hates America, wake up, he has more feelings for the muslim and illegals than he ever had for Americans. He hates Americans, all of us. He isn’t fit to be our president, I can only hope the people have enough sense in this country to see what Obama is really about. He wants to bring our country down, he wants world goverment with the muslim’s in charge, he of course will have a seat on in the King’s chair along with his buddy George Nazis Soros who stands and hides in the background telling Obama what he wants.

    • spitfire

      Problem is Sharon, not enough of the population feels or knows what you and I do, so I think he will get re-elected.We are history!

  • spitfire

    THis is a little off topic, but has anyone read Hilary’s latest to the UN, and gun control. Just more from the left trying to destroy us from within.

  • 45caliber

    Out of curiosity …

    What happens to that money he raises if he decides later to drop out of the race and retire from politics? If I remember correctly, he gets to keep it. Does anyone know for sure?

    • Raggs

      Gather billions and then dig a hole back to Kenya?
      Hell if he is willing do that than I am willing to fork over a few bucks.

  • spitfire

    If Fox news is correct about Obama’s ability to raise up to 1 billion in campaign funds, he will be able to spew so much propaganda that nearly everyone will be convinced a vote for him. Americans love to be lied to and made shallow promises. They also love the politician. Hell, he might even convince me to vote for him, and I hate the bastard. LOL

    • Carlucci

      I don’t know….maybe if we get lucky it will be a replay of the non-re-election of Jimma Carter. History is repeating – Remember double digit interest rates? The economy is in the toilet, inflation, ridiculous gas prices, etc. And there was Jimma C. going to the middle east to be a “peace ambassador” to make his mark on history. He didn’t give a rat’s patootie about the American people and it showed. Now we have Ovomit pretty much doing the same thing, but on overdrive.

      Remember when Jimma Carter was running for president, and the camera would pan over the young faces in the crowd at the DNC, looking oh so mesmerized and devoted? I can even remember seeing a few crying. Ovomit can say all of the tired rhetoric and worn out platitudes, but I’m wondering how all of these college graduates who can’t find a job are going to vote.

  • http://com i41

    The jug eared book trained telepromotor reader has never quit being on campaign mode. This narxist muslim with his radiacal domestic terrorists along with all f–king democraps, why would anyone vote for these perverts. The marxist/communists want a one world governemnt and dems along with Onumnutts have the total control of this meltdown, since Congress has been in dumbocrap controll for over 4 years, and Bush asked to investigate and rein in the agancies like Fannie and Freddie.

  • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

    The only way Obama can win, is for voting machines to switch votes and dead people to vote for him. Our elections have been corrupted and I hope it can never happen again because our polls will be supervised by honest people. How in the world did Obama win with 9% of the votes? I think it proves the theory of the shadow government. What are the people supposed to do when our elected officials wont remove this illegitimate president from office and stop our country from sliding into a communist state.

    • 45caliber

      He won with that help once and I expect to see it again.

      After all, check some of the voting for the Democratic leaders in the last election. The voting machines in NV were counting three of every four votes for his opponent for Reid in early voting. That was corrected – supposedly – by a union man. Reid was running behind up to an hour before the polls closed – and then everyone voted for him so he could win. Pelousy had an even chance of winning or losing according to all polls – but she won with 90% of the vote. So did Boxer.

      I think that shows pretty well that they do use the computer voting machines to insure they win.

      • Raggs

        Yeah what about that ole communist whore in Alaska that lost in the primary election and then suddenly won as a write in?

        • Kate8

          Raggs – As if it’s not bad enough that these things go on with our ‘elections’, they also get away with it!!! And we all just accept it!

          Where are the investigations? I’ll bet there are lots of citizens who would look into it for free. No doubt, it’s not allowed to happen.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      just remember the old saying ” Those who don’t believe in life after death have never been around Chicago at voting time!” The dead come back to life every four years!!!!

  • barbm

    and here we sit with no candidate. it sound distant, but the texas primary is in 11 short months. i will NOT vote for trump, palin or any of the 2008 candidates except ron paul, and i doubt he can win. i like gary johnson but not sure he’s planning on running.

  • Bert Cundle

    But: He is in good standing with his Supporters… He Repaid his debts; Not, Our Nations.

  • chuckb

    barry declared his re-election campaign due to the fact hillary is prowling the political field, testing the water and her backers are already calling for her to run, she will and barry is all through.

    if he can’t produce a birth certificate this coming year and unless the democrats are using this rumor as a trap for republicans this election year, this will finish him off and hillary will be waiting.

  • Raggs

    What about Pawlenty?… He seems to be the best run for the GOP.

    • chuckb

      pawlenty? palin, just pick the one the marxist hate. she will announce her intentions soon and then all the nay sayers will see who the people flock to.

      • Raggs

        Good point, thats why we are not seeing a canidate due to the overwhelming critics of the democommunist party.

    • barbm

      he’s a lawyer. that’s all i need to know to say no to pawlenty.

    • Patty

      I’m from Minnesota – ABSOLUTELY NO PAWLENTY. If you want another spineless quasi republican, that would be him.

      • http://deleted Claire

        My friends in Minnesota despise Pawlenty.

  • sandcasstle


    You are 100% right in your assessment. The one thing I fear is that we no longer have the power to “Vote” anyone in or out of office. I think our elections may be tampered with and/or rigged as they are in other countries where we have fought against this very thing. Why is it that elections now depend on who has the most money? If they are not buying votes/people/influence, etc. then my name is “MUD”. The irony is that BO (and I do mean that literally as he does stink to high heaven) spews forth words about how we must go to these other nations’ rescue to make sure the will of the people are heard and honored, instill or restore democracy, etc. when the very things he says are what is being done right here in our country.
    PLEASE explain to me why he cannot be “disqualified” to run again based on his lack of proof that he is an American citizen and therefore not eligible. This country doesn’t stand for anything anymore, no matter what the “people” want, we are heard but ignored. Very frustrating and very painful to watch as this once great country goes down because of the power-hungry and greedy that are in charge.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      WHY? Because we have politicians in office and not statesmen!! Statesmen would stand and DEMAND they see proof!! Politicians just sit back and worry that people would look down on them and they wouldn’t be re-elected!!

  • chuckb

    joe h, the repubs are afraid barry has a birth cert. and waiting for the last moment to put it out and make them feel like fools. of course they shouldn’t think that, but the msm will play it out that way.

    • da norseman

      Muslim terror groups such as CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood will only have six hundred days if they are to enforce Islam and Shariah Law down our throats. Without Barry, chances of this kind of cult crap from ever occurring within our nation will definitely fail!

  • chuckb

    voter fraud is the only thing that may give barry another term. as we have seen in the last couple of elections, harry reid and al franken are prime examples. unless we correct the voting procedure to ascertain the validity of the voter we are doomed. we have to have a drivers license to drive, a license to do business, a license to hunt or fish and we leave the door open for anyone that wants to vote. voting is an important part of out republic, allowing unions such as the seiu and acorn in the past to register voters is asking for trouble and allowing fraud. every voter should be fingerprinted and have a photo id. keep the democrats out of the morgue. in fact i think only property owners should be allowed to vote. people on public assistance should not vote and immigrants that are legal should not be allowed until they have lived here for ten years.

  • Raggs

    Why do you think obama goes for the younger generation?

    Simple, anyone that is smart / mature enough has a little thing called a brain.

    • Eddie47d

      You failed that test too!

    • bob wire

      Why do think wealthy men spend so much money courting & supporting the GOP and the Tea Party movement?

      They appeal to mature men & women’s “greed”, “sense of insecurity” and “being put upon” and these peoples willingness to believe anything a wealthy man might say.

      The wealthy in this county wants government downsized and privatized from health care to social security. They want a piece of the action with plans to having a captive market and making huge profits.

      Bottom line the people get less for more and there will be little anyone can do about it at that point.

      In early 2005 after “W’s” reelection he used this time to push the “Privatizing of Social Security” claiming that “WALL STREET” could offer “all” Americans a much better deal!

      So how would you like to have wall street controlling the quality of your retire life today? Hmmm?

      I don’t know about you, but between Wall Street and the Federal Government, I’ve more control over government as we can’t seem to control a damn thing on Wall Street. They can lie and steal and receive performance bonuses for their crime.

      Wealthy ambitious men want to control everything, that is their nature, like a biting dog lives to bite.

      They are spinning stories to sell this “package” ~ Government is broken and must be “FIXED” and they have the cure while hiding their motives.

      Note; It’s not every wealthy person that works to this end ~ we have wealthy men and women that are not in anyway a part of this scheme but it’s enough to say, ~ many are.

      It’s my belief that with the help of the Tea Party more Americans then ever before are beginning to see the big picture and how this will affect all Americas both now and in the future.

  • Miriam

    President Obama is accountable for his own doing!

    The thruth is mighty, and it shall prevail.


    • Patty

      Thank You.

  • Joey Biden

    I normally don’t support violence but look at what’s happened in the middle east. The people rose up and ousted the sob dictators. Yes, I know there’s an underlying story with this. But could we do the same here with Obumf**k and his cronies? I can see it now..Obama,Reid,Pelosi,Bernanke,Schumer,Soros…tarred and feathered and rode out of the country on a rail……Um.. Oops…I must have dozed off for a couple minutes.!

    God Bless and Protect America

  • http://com i41

    norseman, is your hammer Thor ready to go beat n some soft skulled progressive liberials, and some soros socialist dems for a little warm up. Then your hammer should get serious on flattening the pervert goat abusing sand crabs, just wait for one of the five time outs to stick the rotten reas in the air with heads on the rugs, for a good anvil strike. Since Onumnutts will get down with the perverts, let Thor refine those jug ears by sending the left to the right, and a reversal forthe right side. The only thing these muslim can understand, mind ADJUSTING harsh corrections.

  • http://deleted Claire

    I think we all should think hard and carefully concerning the cadidates that will be running for POTUS. I have a gut feeling something is amiss in all of them. Distrust? You better believe it. Something tells me none of them are what they seem. This is my opinion.

    • libertytrain

      Claire – have to agree with you on that one.

      • Carlucci

        Me too.

        • Kate8

          Me three.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Hi Ladies! Oops, spelled candidate incorrectly. My bad! Hey! Voted for another Independent after work today. We had to vote for a new mayor since the last one killed himself. A RINO was running, plus a Democrat that had Dick Durbin calling everyone in the county supporting her. I voted for the Indepedent. I hate to say this but I bet the RINO gets it. I have not checked recently, I am afraid to.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Good grief. Independent. Time for me to go to bed.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Well, the RINO is our new mayor. More of the same old garbage.

    • chuckb

      claire, who are them? do you include barry?

      • http://deleted Claire

        chuckb– Yes, my post includes ALL politicians.

  • swampfox

    ANYONE who puts forth a vote for the idiot after seeing what the fruitloop has done needs to have IDIOT tattooed on their forheads!!!

    it boggles my mind that anyone could be that deluded and outright stupid!!!

    hope trump runs,he’s got my vote!!!

  • jopa

    Joan McGrath:In one of your above posts you had asked if these folks had heard of the Mayflower.Many of them didn’t due to the fact their ancestors came over on the Juneflower.

  • chuckb

    joey biden, i wouldn’t get to excited about all these countries throwing out their so called dictators, it looks like egypt is already falling into the muslim brotherhood. it looks like al qaida will succeed in the end and our sacrifice will be for naught. of course barry will probably celebrate this, he’s giving them a helping hand in libya.

  • http://deleted Claire

    I hope everyone really checks out the Paul Ryan budget. My husband has come up with some disturbing thoughts. Like I said, everyone check out all politicians very carefully. I am serious as a heart attack.

  • chuckb

    claire, what’s so disturbing? it sounds great to me, it’s about time. the problem is a lot of folks have been living off the back of others and if you are going to dance you have to pay the fiddler. too many have been listening to the music on some one else’s dime.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Yes, a lot of people have been living off the backs of others, including politicians. It will be the middle class that will become poverty level. To me, the middle class bears the brunt of all the politicians’ bad deceisions. And the honest poor? They will be so poverty-stricken they may very well become robbers and thieves. The elderly? They will have to decide if they should buy food or their medications.

      • bob wire

        Become? Hells bells, we have been “becoming the working poor” for a good 25 years now.

        If it hasn’t reached your house yet you are a special middle class American.

        • http://deleted Claire

          I am fully aware that we have been the “working poor” for more than 25 years. The middle class has always carried the burden. I was making a comment, don’t get snitty with me. We are all in the same boat.

  • sandcasstle


    I’m with you–I think TRUMP is the ONLY one that might be able to handle the “swamprats” that are destroying America. Voting for anyone already in the political system, in my opinion, is a wasted vote. Trump can largely finance his own campaign thereby avoiding being bought like BO was and then he had to repay them with the so-called “stimulus” funds. As far as believing how stupid voters can be, look at what has happened to the educationless system that has been in place for the past 40+/- yrs. This generation of “thinkless” wonders don’t know what this country stands for, let alone anything about our Constitution. They are in perpetual pursuit of something that will make them “feel good”, nevermind the consequences or cost.

    • bob wire

      And you would ask a plumber to paint your house.

  • Jeff in OH

    He’s running, That’s great news for republicans

  • bob wire

    hmm, 10:50 PM and I’ve spot read the thread.

    Everyone seems a little on the downbeat today.

    Well, you’ve got good reason to be. Opposing forces are benefiting from your handy hatchet job and demonizing of tax paying middle class American citizens.

    This constant insistence that granny needs less while the wealthy must have more. It was 25% and now it’s a 10% tax cut for the top wages earners.

    I’d enjoy having to pay 35%, I could use such a problem.

    I keep hearing about Acorn, ~ Acorn is gone!

    You have attacked women, you have attacked Mexicans, attacked the working poor, the homeless, people out of work, people losing their homes, who have you not alienated in one form or another?

    You are indeed a 1.7 million strong crowd unto yourselves in a nation that gains a new citizen every nine seconds and boost of being 320 million strong.

    Much like this Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, seems you people are not very good with numbers.


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