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Obama Likes Guns, Just Not For Citizens

December 28, 2012 by  

Obama Likes Guns, Just Not For Citizens
This meme is making rounds on conservative websites.

In an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters, President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama joked about the President’s second term being a ploy to continue having their children protected by having “men with guns around at all times.”

In the highly personal interview, the President and first lady discussed their marriage and family life in the White House. When the conversation moved on to the Obama’s two daughters, the President discussed his dismay at the prospect of 14-year-old Malia becoming interested in dating boys.

The President joked, “One of the main incentives of running was continued Secret Service protection so we can have men with guns around at all times.”

The interview was reportedly taped on Dec.11 and was originally scheduled to air on Dec. 14, the same day of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, before being postponed.

The President’s men with guns remark has drawn criticisms of hypocrisy from 2nd Amendment advocates, as Obama has renewed calls for harsher gun-control laws in the wake of the tragedy earlier in the month.

Though many liberals balked at suggestions from the National Rifle Association and some lawmakers about arming teachers or providing armed guards for schools throughout the Nation, no less than 11 armed guards protect Sidwell Friends— the Washington, D.C. area private school attended by the Obama daughters— according to news reports.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • FreedomFighter

      Of course, the Constitution does not authorize the federal government to create a national registry of gun owners any more than it would permit a ban on semi-automatic rifles or pistols — in fact, the Second Amendment explicitly guarantees the God-given right to keep and bear arms, and the Supreme Court recently upheld that right. Aside from that, though, critics of the scheme have pointed to the historical record on gun registration: It is often simply a precursor to outright confiscation, as countless governments including the National Socialist (Nazi) regime of Adolf Hitler, numerous mass murdering communist dictatorships, and even modern-day Western countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia have proven.

      Plus, critics of the proposal point to studies showing that the previous “assault-weapons” ban — in place from 1994 to 2004, but far less draconian than the current proposal — did virtually nothing to stop crime, murder, or mayhem, despite promises by its supporters. One 2004 study by the National Research Council cited in news reports, for example, found that the scheme “did not reveal any clear impacts on gun violence.”

      Critics Slam Sen. Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons” Ban, Gun Registry

      The communists that have occuppied our government seek to disarm Americans for thier nefarious purposes.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Darryl OBrien

        I agree we will never give up our rights I am not a brave man but i will not give up my country to a comunist president nor will i give up my rights that great men before gave there lifes to defend our coward in cheif must face impeachment charges now
        i will fight for my Country till I loose my life

    • peace

      you are a disgrace and your comment ignorant. President Obama is not an Islam and is an American
      and freedom fighter… when the 2nd amendment was structured we had no army, so citizens were given the right to bear arms….THERE WERE NO SEMI AUTOMATIC OR MACHINE GUNS (invented around turn of the century)
      you people are so hateful and angry…and your rather ignorant rantings are sad

      • Ghost Rider

        Sounds like you are the ignorant one. Obama may be a “freedom fighter” but it sure isn’t FOR America, maybe for his “fellow Muslims”. (read the article where he’s talking to them and says “I am one of you”) As for being Islamic—do some studying and reading. He wears an Islamic ring (check it out), he has stated many times “the Koran says —–” There is also and article here he and his wife are at a school for the deaf and his wife says “all this for a damn flag” and obama shakes his head in agreement. Look at what he does and doesn’t do rather than looking at the color of his skin and thinking that makes him intelligent.

  • Doc Sarvis

    President Obama has yet to make any move to taking away any American’s weapons.

    • BD

      Sorry Doc, but fast and furious (his prior plan to rally support for a new AWB), banning ww2 rifle importations, 4 state purchase limits, are not nothing.

      I only hope that he doesn’t make the mistake of thinking some nut in CT can dictate how our rights should be viewed. That may be gold for Republicans (since they’ll win big for at least 3 elections after) but it’s a pain to the rest of us.

      • Vicki

        Why do liberals even bother. Their lies are transparent and trivial to prove wrong.

      • eddie47d

        Actually it never should have gone away and should have been front page news every week. Until the NRA and the gun crazies quite spiking the kool aid we will keep having these tragedies thanks to Americas love affair with killing. You can rattle on about self defense all you want but this issue goes far beyond that. The killings continue and the pro gunners are strutting their smugness. What self righteous bull!

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “…(snip argument to ridicule)…..we will keep having these tragedies thanks to Americas love affair with killing.”

        A love affair created and maintained by liberal “show anything bloody” Hollywood movies and such.

        -eddie47d: “You can rattle on about self defense all you want….”

        Argument to ridicule.

        -eddie47d: “but this issue goes far beyond that. The killings continue and the pro gunners are strutting their smugness. What self righteous bull!”

        Argument to ridicule.

        You really need to try some logical argument sometime.

        Btw pro-gun folk don’t need to be smug or self righteous. They are the ones saving lives.
        With guns.

        (the astute reader will notice that I don’t really know if the person in the article is pro-gun or not. It is a safe assumption that he does not have the liberal irrational fear of inanimate objects however.)

    • http://personalliberydigest big wyo

      so sick of you trolls saying this as he openly states it national tv
      maybe we should check visiters logs to see how often Sarah brady visited the illegal one.
      maybe we should ignore sotomayor or keagan

      • Financially Insecure John

        you tell them Big!

    • momo

      As usual Sarvis is full of crap.

      • phideaux

        No, he was full of it. Now we have to look at the portion he has sprayed on the pages of PLD.

    • ibcamn need to do some home work doc!his first term,two things,.he just talked about and tried to say and change our right to bear arms..and tried to reinstste assualt rifle ban and tried to raise any and all ammo then that didnt fly he went after primers for ammo and then he even went so far as to have talks with investers and traders in brass(i wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to blackmail[or at least twist the arm] the exchange) and so on…..doc.. you need to dig a bit deeper than you have been!.and this term he’s already started and the school shootings just gave him the help he was looking for!(sorry to say)it’s about getting rid of guns and not about the children!

  • “Homer”

    DO people forget sooooo soon? Didn’t the man, w/out a B/C, say that he was for the 2nd amendment and that he would not restrict that amendment and and had no intention of doing so? Damn straight he did! i didn’t beleive him then and i surely don’t believe him now! IF I had a gun…he’d never get it…Good thing I don’t…good thing I don’t hunt anymore either but…IF I did, wouldn’t that be my perogotive? besides what does any govt have to fear from a civilized populace UNLES it’s the govt that has gone array and out of order!!

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      Sure you don’t Homer. If I don’t believe you, you can be when they are tearing apart your dwelling place that they don’t believe you either.

  • Warrior

    Well of course our “national treasures” must be protected. What? Do you all consider yourselves some kind of “national treasure”? Sorry, not until you have attained an important job like holding “political office”.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Without a population to control, the politicians are absolutely nothing so they need to create dependency on the government to have a people to control.
      O may be attempting to be a tyrant but in reality he is in a prison of his own choice with all the hangers on and second handers who surround him and live off of him plus the worshippers who live off every word that emanates from him.

      • Kate8

        Nadzieja – Yep. Those holding high office are imprisoned by their status. They are not safe from those standing above them nor below them.

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a truly righteous leader worthy of respect and support? He would surely not be one to spend multi-millions on a week’s vacation. His wife would not need a large jet just to carry her wardrobe. He would not be partying to the tune of $millions and millions while destroying jobs and sending the nation’s children toward starvation.

        We have a lot of work to do. We know what has to come first.

  • Nancy

    Obama hates guns except when it is to protect him and his lousy family and their black muslim ass.He hates children because he is all about abortions to kill babies.The crocodile tears he showed when he talked about the children that were killed was just that crocodile tears.He would have much rather they died by an abortionst and never been born in the first place.Just remember anything he says he does not mean and he will always do the opposite of what he says.
    Pray for this country and the people in it.We need God in this country to wipe out the scum that is killing our kids and our country.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The polls say that 77% of America is Christian so maybe they should turn to the Word of God and see what God of Heaven has to say instead of listening to O’s promises (Lies).

      • Bob666

        you need to check your numbers.

    • eddie47d

      Yes Nancy its far overdue to get rid of the semi-automatic gun toting scum who traverse this great land of our. Time to make them accountable for all the deaths they bring upon our nation. Their behavior is no better than the criminals that troll this country.

      • Vicki

        Edde47d we already do that. You have heard of all the people arrested for murder have you not?

      • Joe H

        Gee eddie that’s pretty brave talk from you. Why don’t you start the confiscation process??? Love to see that! Oh, that’s right, you let the government do your DIRTY work!

  • http://personalliberydigest big wyo

    lets get real Obummer Soetoro could never pass the background check Frankenstein is proposing..
    and yes obukmmer stated the american citizens have no ritht to own a firearm while running for senate.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Rodney Ingram


    • Mark Are Reynolds


    • Geoffrey

      They allready have with a crazy woman in Brooklyn today pushing a guy in front of a subway train. I guess its time to stop the killing by having a debate on train control. The nut ran away and as of now hasnt been caught so I guess she can kill with a train again. We gotta do something fast to stop people from using more trains as wepons. G.

  • Bob the Rodman

    The largest mass killig in history in the USA killed 3,000+ human beings. Not ONE shot was fired. All died as the result of a knife blade. Where was the outcry to outlaw knives?

    • ibcamn

      actualy it was a boxcutter and they did do something about it…now a boxcutter is considered a weapon anywhere now!sorry!and knives have always had restrictions on them and cosidered weapons!

      • Charles

        but you still buy them for less than a pack of cigarrettes just about anywhere

      • Rick

        actually years ago almost every guy carried a knife on his belt in school and no one got hurt or attacked we were taught respect not how to be a moron. :If they did act like a moron they got the s*** kicked out of them. meed to go back to that and when the parents complain lock them up for failure to parent.

  • Ann Engel

    A prior history of American Schools, for those of you who are recent arrivals to this country of personal liberties and rights given to you by the blood of my forefathers. Our Schools not to far back had Drill Teams, Archery, Fencing Teams that competed across american. Our children were tought to use firearms, Bows & Arrows and Fencing Sabers. There were few if any shootings in our schools when criminal know even students knew how to shoot and defend themselves. Chew on that anyone who believes we should give up our guns to a government bent on running over us and our rights.

    • Joe H

      Our local highschool cheerleaders or majorettes were called the Rangerettes and they used to twirl wooden “rifles” during their halftime show. Well some “do gooder” complained so now all they twirl is batons and flags. Now the RANGERS were peace keepers in Texas and did a lot of good, but I don’t remember them doing it with banners or batons!! These kids were good at what they did and were rightly proud of it. Because of some priggish lib they can’t do their routine any more. What a crock!!

    • peace

      what nonsense
      its 2012 not 1812

  • ranger09

    WE the Dumb Taxpayers have no right to protect our familys, But we allow this person to have Hundreds of Security armed with the most deadly weapons on the market, Costing the Taxpayers Millions and Millions of Dollars ea year, And its getting larger. Wonder how well a President would conduct his actions if he had non of this Protection. Dam well would save the People a lot of Money we could spend for a lot better causes.

    • peace


  • ibcamn

    To all of you,you have your points,but remember this,Obama wants you to have nothing,he wants you to depend on him,if you can afford to buy it,it,s large tax he will take,if you’ve already paid for it-he will find a way to tax it,if your family owns it-he has raised the tax to “death tax”,tax on milk tax on fruit tax on sugar tax soda tax on tobacco,tax what the middle class man has and what the poor want,and bring it to the rich,his henchmen are doing his bidding,we need to be an irritant,a burr under his saddle,fight for your rights and be that burr under his saddle-drive him and his kind out!!be Americans and stand up for though’s rights,”we inherited these rights,now we have to fight for them”keep your guns and don’t let Obama and his henchmen take them(or anything)from you,and most people in America are disgusted at what he’s done to this country,and you should be too!

    • eddie47d

      Don’t let the NRA or GOA and their Henchmen control the conversation.We didn’t vote them in and they even write legislation our our Representatives. Talk about the foxes guarding the hen house! No wonder we are being eaten up with mass killings.

      • gunner689AI

        yeah, who do those 3 million law bidding NRA members think they are anyway? Free citizens ??

      • Vicki

        Eddie47d Really? And we are supposed to believe you over MSM and their daily reporting of mass murders? Oh wait. There really aren’t very many. Lot more since the gun free zones were created.

  • Citizen

    I’m saddened by the result of the election. I’m disgusted by the blinders our people have willingly put upon themselves in order to gain government dependency. Our children are endangered more than ever before, and our rights to protect them ourselves are slipping away. While those who voted the Godless in office foolishly wait with an eager outstretched hand to be filled by empty promises, the rest of the country who KNEW what would come are stuck as pawns in a deadly game of chess. The right to love God openly is being condemned while the choice to be Godless, kill babies, & take unnatural partners are being applauded & given the liberty the rest are having taken away. It was written that the bad would be called good & the good would be persecuted for opposing the abominations that arise. This is the world we live in, & unfortunately what have been voted in to be allowed to make the choices/laws/etc for the people of the country. Look to God, because man will disappoint you repeatedly.

    • peace

      its called a separation of church and state. if you’d like to be in a country run by religious beliefs move to Iraq

  • http://@FactualNewsNet Factual News Net

    Kind of stupid huh ? last i knew all past presidents get lifetime ARMED secret service body guards.

    • Joe H

      So let’s start a petition to do away with this “protection” in the future!!! Get enough signatures on it and it has to be read by congress!

  • peace

    i am discusted reading most of these comments…your disrespect for the President of the United States is shamful, anti American and beyond un patriotic
    SUCCEED all of you. you sound like angry hateful raciasts
    and this love of guns is pathetic
    no other country has more guns, and no other country has mass shotings
    ALL of these shootings with semi automatic and the like should be banned…ALL those who are ill or snap and do these acts 99% DO IT AND KILL THEMSELVES….by the time a teacher or someone down the halls gets to a shooter, there will already be tragedy
    guards at school….won work…it has been proven….helo out there
    keep your guns locked up
    this young man who took his life, his mothers and many babies…HIS MOTHER TOUGHT HIM
    children should not have guns nor hunt..NO ONE SHOULD PUT A GUN IN THE HAND OF A CHILD!!!!

    IT’s 2012 NOT 1812

    • Ghost Rider

      Peace—you need to crawl back under your rock and let intelligent people discuss gun control. Yes, I have disrespect for the person holding the position or the President because HE is the one that is anti-American and unpatriotic. I’m retired from the military with 30 years service. How many years has obama served. Better yet, how long has he been an American? (Not claimed to have been but proved it? He hasn’t even provided a LEGAL birth certificate yet)..I’m not a racists (your first words if someone doesn’t agree with you). In case you don’t know obama is 1/2 Black and 1/2 White so how can it be called racism?” Why can’t be called what it actually is –disgust with the running of the office? The “love of guns” as you call it is also PROTECTION. The police very seldom stop a killing or a robbery BECAUSE THEY AREN’T THERE. In a lot of cases they arrived 15 minutes or more AFTER the event has happened. I carry a gun to protect myself and my family and loved ones, I have been highly trained and know when to fire and when not to fire. Take the crime off the TV and video games, stop abortions, stop wasteful government spending, stop all the government hand-outs. As far as children having guns and hunting–most do it for food. Stop the gangs in the cities and you will cut out a lot of crime. Putting a ban on guns will not get rid of the guns. Thise gangs will still find ways to get them.


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