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Obama Jobs Proposal To Cost $300 Billion

September 8, 2011 by  

Obama's job plan has been seen as a similar measure to the 2009 stimulus packages which ended up totaling more than $830 billion.President Barack Obama is expected to propose a new injection of stimulus into the economy, something that may cost more than $300 billion, according to Fox News.

Obama will address Congress tonight concerning the state of the economy, specifically potential ways to create jobs. The President’s speech is scheduled prior to the first NFL game of the season. Republican leaders have not yet scheduled a rebuttal speech, reported the news outlet.

Among the potential proposals could be the extension of unemployment benefits, totaling $60 billion, a $90 billion highway bill, a $40 billion job-training program and a targeted payroll tax cut for employers that may be worth $30 billion, Fox News reported.

The proposal from the President may come as a response to the poor economic news that has been released out of Washington recently, as more than 9.1 percent of Americans remain unemployed, according to the news outlet.

Obama’s job plan has been seen as a similar measure to the 2009 stimulus packages which ended up totaling more than $830 billion, Bloomberg reported.

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  • s c

    A mere $300 billion. OK, now let’s approach this like a drug-addicted progressive. First, SOAK THE RICH! Buffet, Soros, Gates, all filthy rich closet rich types [Wall Street and Hollywood] and all central bankers line up and fork over the money. It’s time to pay the piper, and America needs a quick fix.
    It may hurt for a while, but we know you’ll do your patriotic duty, and you probably enjoy being on Social Securityy. Plus, I hear there’s a brand new healthcare plan about to go into effect. YIPPEEE, let’s hear it for America’s best friends.

    • Warrior

      trumpka and hoffa must be salivating over their coming bonuses!

    • Vic Bailey

      This idea PROVES that Bama hasn’t learned a thing, when all else fails WAIST MORE MONEY, government jobs “COST THE TAXPAYERS MONEY” they DON’T make money. If your own house is going under you DON’T HIRE A MAID!!! WHY CAN’T THESE BASTARDS LEARN? Semper Fi.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Actually he is accomplishing his agenda and of those who helped him to power. His agenda is not the same as the majority of the population want and that is why there is so much confusion among us.

        • http://aol Pamela

          There is really nothing to be confused about. Obama came into power by the socialist, anti-American 1960′s radicals and George Soros’s being his biggest contributor of cash.Obama is a muslim communist following his “daddy’s” plan to destroy America.He has one mission and one mission only and that is to take America down and bring his socialist, anti-American regime to our country.
          It’s been almost 3 dreaded years with Obama and while everyone bitches and complains that man is slowly taking our rights away.He wants us dependent on the government and then the government will control all our lives.

          • Karolyn

            BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

          • Jay

            Karoly, i see you watched obama’s speech last night, and so did i. Yes, i quite agree with you, all i heard was blah, blah, blah, blah! You know Karolyn, no matter what he does, and no matter what he says, he’s history. There is no way that he will be re-elected. The scary part? He has served his purpose, and he’s no longer required. Wait and see who comes next! Governments are selected, not, elected! And until people realize this, we will always be for-ever bitching about who sits in the Casablanca.

          • http://aol Thomas

            I think you hit the nail on the head…The part I can’t get over is how many Whites fell for the cheese….It better not happen again, although it may already be too late. The worst is yet to come unless the whole Congress receives their PINK SLIP’s with OB!!!!!

    • JimO

      The latest estimate is now $400 billion. At that rate of increase tonights number will top $500 billion.

    • Gary

      Are you out of work and looking for a job? If you are not a member of Obama’s Army you can for get it!! No Union Card-no job. Obama’s recruiting office is open and all you have to do is sign away your independence and pick up your T-Shirt. Be ready to jump on his bus for a trip to trash some rich guys front yard or beat the hell out of the sons of bitchs in the T-party.

  • Jay

    Exactly how, will 300 billion create jobs? Hmm, no details, no explanations, but it sure sounds like someone will benefit, but again, no details on that as well. Are we living in a world where much is said, but nothing is ever explained, except of course, only in the annals of history! Don’t ask, don’t tell comrade!

    • It’sa crock

      Let’s see $90 billion to the unions via the construction industry to build infrastructure that would be nice but is not needed (bridge to nowhere anyone? ? ?) and $40 billion for another job training program to add to the 60 or so job training programs out there now. Repeated studies of current job training programs have show are just duplicates of each other, do not train anyone for a job and there are no jobs to train for anyway.

      Didn’t the o’bomb just extend the unemployment benefits six months ago to over two years . . . now he wants to extend them to three years. BINGO I have an idea. lets take the unemployed collecting money for sitting on thier asses and put then to work building the infrastructure that the o’bomb says needs repair so badly, do it like FDR did with the WPA during the last depression. Have WPA camps and pay a minimum wage plus room (tent) and board (chow line) Oh, I forgot that would piss the unions off because the union would not be able to collect union dues on the prevailing wages.

      I also wonder about the prevailing wage argument. The law says that the construction workers have to be paid the prevailing wage but if no one is working and earning zilch, what is the prevailing wage? ? ? minimum wage or whatever the unions dictate?

      • djdrew103

        The point here is, should we listen to a bunch of power radicals merely “chopping away” at ANY proposal that President Obama wishes to suggest to try to do SOMETHING about the plight our country is in, just to have mentally orgasmic moments watching the blood splatter on the walls, or should we research and grow more educated on how we need to implement changes to crawl our way out of a hole that was dug by his predecessors empowered with Republican tripe fodder.

        We can jump in with the crowd that lives and breathes on psychological hype practices, and cast our votes on issues merely to feel the more embellishing powers of scrutinizing to a negative, or we can tighten our belts and join in with the not so comfortable visions of working towards a longer lasting solution.

        $300 billion is chump change compared to our national deficit and the problems our country faces right now in wages lost considering the 9.1% unemployment, and realize that normal unemployment at its best can’t be expected to range anywhere lower than 6.7%. As time goes on and population increases, more people are naturally out of work than in earlier years. Yet the previous $800 billion dollar stimulus package that the President used to keep our recession from becoming a depression cannot be called a fool’s folly except by the political butchers out there looking for that blood flailing.

        Most critics get by that by claiming the $800 billion did nothing to “cure” our nation’s plight, when its only means to a method was to “treat” the wounds, not eliminate the infectious collapse we suffered, and only wise people would realize that except for those that wished to jump on the band wagon supported by opposition parties that lead a battle to defame the Presidency and White House agendas with no more in mind than to place strangle holds on Congress and choke our nation into a AA+ tax rating.

        Let’s consider that President Obama’s strategy is much likened to President Roosevelt’s CCC camp mindset, without the work barracks and controlled environs. Research it with Wiki folks, to get a better perspective of just how a president changed the face of our country during the 1930′s Depression era, except for you out there that choose to be history illiterate.

        The government, cuchunking money into infrastructural rebuilding or creative construction is not a new therapy for an economically stressed nation and unemployment. Those folks back then didn’t complain and whine about the government implementing new jobs sponsored by the nation’s leaders. They actually “moved” to the job sites and lived in CCC camps in military styled barracks or tents, just to be able to work and send home their pay to their families and friends.

        I have often said that it is a pity that we didn’t slide and descend into a “full” depression style and type era with the financial collapse of 2007/2008, as the mind set of the American people would have emerged far healthier than the piss poor rabble it has become now, moaning and wailing along with the Republican forces energies sent and meant to merely do nothing other than try to demoralize the opposing parties, control the mindset of the American people into an unhealthy dissenting attitude and then attempt to grasp total control of the country in the next election under the guise and facade of leading the nation to growth under their rule.

        We as a people cannot sit back and accept the prodding hype delivered to us in the form of news agencies and political propaganda by such party members, it resembles a socialist society far more than they preach it to be.

        We are wiser than that, and are to hold ourselves far more responsible for our nation’s outcome than merely accept the self-glorifying examples of complaining counter productive energies set upon the country to usurp current White House methods of treating our plights and woes. We cannot set back and allow ourselves to become those whining voices of the crowd likened to Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath who swore that racial prejudices abounded in the rescue efforts and treatments of the people who survived, merely to draw more attention to themselves and to feel justified at raising a voice, even if those claims were steeped in self segregating goals.

        We cannot think or prove ourselves to be likened to chattel some parties wish us to act, easily lead astray and fooled to falsely claimed greener pastures. We have a firm hand in what our country can become.

        We already know that past tax cuts to collaborative corporate powers and the rich has not resolved unemployment issues far before the financial collapse gripped our nation. Such tax loophole sand cuts id not lead to the prosperous times experienced and enjoyed under the democratic party lead presidency under Clinton. It merely set up the engine that brought our country to ruin under Bush, with the dissection of the very powers which protected us in the form of banking regulatory commissions and other protective forms of government during his infectious term of office.

        Allowing those cuts to resume and/or remain is a stupid choice, no matter what the Republican party claims. Releasing those entities from tax burdens will not make them close their interests overseas and bring jobs home. We already know those companies worship the almighty dollar and do not have the best interest of the American populace in mind. If they want tax cuts, make those cuts pertinent to their efforts and actual actions taken to create new jobs here, tax cuts accessible only to those who wish to promote growth and disallowed to those that seek to spend their billions overseas to swindle our own country here at home through tax loopholes that costs our country and blood lets our nation’s revenues.

        Some even suggest a “Fair Tax” in which our nation would be under a simple straight tax all across the board. If we were to pay a 20% tax, then so would corporate and industrial entities right along with the “swimming in it” rich. No tax cuts, no burden relief loopholes such like the strategies used by GE to end up paying no taxes at all. Such power magnates that claim they are under a 30-35% tax rate never pay that amount in, using such loopholes as Republican members in previous years allowed to be put on the tax code books to benefit the richer powers of the country while leaving the working class at the mercy of the system.

        We know that regulatory control in our national industries and corporate measures has worked far better than having no control, as past history has shown us just how loosely those entities control themselves. Chemical and petroleum pollution catastrophes abounded since the 70′s as the rush to make profits overtook the need for safety. Even with regulatory control, entities sought to buy leverage and bribe officials and ended up paying the price when disasters took place. Without control, we will not see a rush to recovery but rather the opposite as we lose more and more of our nation’s wildlife and nature sites. Just look at the tragedies in other countries where regulatory control was adulterated or non-existent and the loss of life and reserves abounded. President Obama’s recent decision to release some control on regulatory practices was not a demeaning principle now to be used against his goals to resurrect our country. It was a “trade” give and take move to release us from Republican strangle holds on many other important issues so that he can continue to advance those plans to our national growth.

        I am not trying to sound like an over enthusiastic supporter of President Obama and his policies for he is far from perfect and suffered many setbacks and bad promotional glitches as he left the American public to ponder uninformed at first through a lack of transparency in his administration’s intents. He made bad choices and struggled as a new President to grasp the mindset that was needed to promote our nation’s rebirth from the flames.

        Yet when I look at what his opposition party has for leaders and respective candidates I am scared to death. I mean comon’! Michelle Bachmman? She says she wishes to eliminate the minimum wage! Palin? She just needs some new shoes and a classier ward robe and publicly admitted they sought the campaign political trail just to help pay bills incurred in past political races. Perry? I don’t even need to start other than he wrote his agenda in his own book and now turns tail and runs towards advertised agendas totally opposite to what he preached. That’s all they got to promote towards a presidential candidate, given that the American public is not THAT stupid as to think our nation will prosper under their RULE!>?

        Ron Paul has the most acceptable views of opposing presidential candidates even if opposite of the current Administrations at times, but he has wisdom of his age to offer. Yet, that one point is a decisive factor in voting him into a presidential seat of office in that, at his age, my own wisdom shows and knows that voting for him at 76 years old, though a standing and credible patriarch of powerful political engines and to the American People, would very likely be voting for his vice-presidential side-kick, and that is scary. I would rather see him hold office under President Obama in some department where he can serve the administration to the best interest of the nation, if he can serve as a non-aggressive foe, as he has much to offer. We have better health of our country in mind if we have bi-partisan think tanks with a melded viewpoint on issues, and have never grown better nor stronger than when those political brains could hash out their differences to a common goal.

        If we need someone who is tried and trued on the nation’s needs, I would be forced to choose Obama in 2012 just because he has already gotten his hands wet, he has struggled in office true, but it has given him better insight than someone slinging mud just to get in power, those who have proven they are more than willing to lie to the American people and do a total about face when it comes to their principles and righteousness.

        I want someone in there that I already have a firm understanding on in the way they react to national struggles and tragedies, to our country’s needs and problems and to how they quickly respond and react to those troubles.

        So unless all you promoters and supporters of the trash that’s vying for the opposition party’s suggested candidates can come up with something new, I will have to stay with my resolve towards a better choice. Unlike many out there and in here that are more than willing to merely sit back and complain and whine like unwise children, I am more than content in using common sense as a machine to decide what my small input and vote will do to affect a healthier outcome to our country’s needs.

        • moonbeam


          “should we listen to a bunch of power radicals merely “chopping away” at ANY proposal that President Obama wishes to suggest to try to do SOMETHING about the plight our country is in, just to have mentally orgasmic moments watching the blood splatter on the walls, or should we research and grow more educated on how we need to implement changes to crawl our way out of a hole that was dug by his predecessors empowered with Republican tripe fodder.”

          Are you doing any due diligence at all? All of Obama’s policies are well documented failures. What is it that makes people refuse to see the obvious. We didn’t lose our AAA+ credit rating for nothing.

          There were NO jobs created in the month of August. None. And I just read that there was an unexpected spike in unemployment. Why do you think these things are happening? His policies are killing job creation. The numbers don’t lie.

          You say “…bunch of power radicals merely “chopping away” at ANY proposal that President Obama wishes to suggest…” Well, thank God for that! I would hope that somebody has the good sense to stop Obama from incurring any further damage on this country than he already has.

          Most are aware that Bush had a hand this out of control spiral. Under Obama, things have gotten much worse in the painful years he has been president. That’s not Bush’s fault. The ball is in Obama’s court.

          Questions and inconsistencies about Obama’s background and past scream out to us and you don earplugs to avoid hearing it. We know virtually nothing about him as he has sealed access to documents that reveal who he really is.

          While Obama’s violent assault on America is visible for all to see, what is it that you are not seeing? Evidence abounds against him, yet you choose not to recognize it.

        • Void1972

          “I want someone in there that I already have a firm understanding on in the way they react to national struggles and tragedies, to our country’s needs and problems and to how they quickly respond and react to those troubles.

          So unless all you promoters and supporters of the trash that’s vying for the opposition party’s suggested candidates can come up with something new, I will have to stay with my resolve towards a better choice. Unlike many out there and in here that are more than willing to merely sit back and complain and whine like unwise children, I am more than content in using common sense as a machine to decide what my small input and vote will do to affect a healthier outcome to our country’s needs.”

          dj, First of all you should praise the America that afforded you such and education! I’m sure i helped pay for it, while I worked seven days a week to pay for my own. I still work seven days a week to pay for my children’s education and many others like yourself.
          The “national struggles and tragedies” that you speak of have been created by the communist you support! Bush was a terrible president, but the obamanation in office now will be the end of America. I know you probably were raised in a “ghetto” and your ignorance proves it, but the socialist ghetto society is not America. Your life was bought and paid for by the same communist that now control the white house. Your “countries needs” are very different from hard working Americans. We have supported your dysfunctional lifestyles for way too long. 80% of your children are being born on the government dole & we the people pay for you. 70% of America’s prison population are your brothers and sisters & we the people pay for you.
          Is this because of racism or your inherent ignorance?
          Your people are still slaves to your own ignorance, and until you see that you only have yourselves to blame, you will never leave the ghetto.
          Obama will never be re-elected. The true Americans are not only fed up with the communist democrats, but are through with the phony republicans like the bushes. These rinos are just a step above the communist democrats. they are socialist. America is a Republic. If you don’t agree, you can move to any third world country and live there very content with your views. You will be much more excepted and think of the financial burden you would lift off of us hard working Americans!
          I know your plan is to destroy us, but you don’t understand the power of truth. The power of the true American. Sure, many are ignorant to what is happening, but each day, more and more are coming out of their ignorant shell, and waking up to the horror that now controls us.
          Black, White, Spanish and every American that knows what our nation is about, and what freedom is, will make sure you and the supporters of the true “trash” are back in the grand communist minority.
          God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Any of you read “Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Peikoff (Ayn Rand’s Student), if you haven’t read it, read it and then reread it once more until what he says sinks in.
      All Totalitarian governments all start with economic, moral, political,social, etc., upheavals in a country to which there are no quick and satisfactory solutions. A man steps up and tells the nation that he has a way to solve the problems. He keeps his word and does solve the problems and that is the most important thing to remember that he does what he promises. The only thing he “forgets” to tell the nation is to where he is taking the nation and what it will cost the nation for his favors.
      Supposedly the world got wise to all the Tyrants that appear on the world scene so now we have men and groups of like mind being Puppet Masters behind the scene. The scenario for this nation is that it is being brought down till it begs for solutions which have been already prepared.

      • TOM DUNNE


    • Karolyn

      Infrastructure work, which is sorely needed!

      • Warrior

        And the tax on gasoline should have been funding this all along. Right?

        • eddie47d

          Absolutely so why hasn’t the Federal gas tax been raised for infrastructure. Hmmm

          • Void1972

            In 2004, when oil hit $150 a barrel, gas prices were $350 a gallon. Under the obamanation, oil is $85 and gas prices are the same. Do your homework on the communist that now governs.

          • Jay

            eddie, you think, and speak like a neo-con!

  • Ellen

    Obama has no shame. Anyone with common decency couldn’t stand up there and give a speech suggesting spending more money we don’t have and making it sound like a great idea. Of course, we’ll get the usual ‘urgent’ story as if he hasn’t been dragging this out for the past 3 years. And, the gullible and ignorant will believe every word. He already wasted $800 billion and the economy continues to falter. Last time, he did foolish things like give states money to keep teachers on the payroll. Those teachers were then laid off the following year. That’s not spending for the future; that’s waste. As much as I agree we need road and bridge improvements, the truth is that those are temporary jobs, too. He’s a start for a jobs bill: let us drill for oil again and put tens of thousands of people back to work immediately.

  • The Blue Collar Man

    Is this the tipping point, when all credit agencys downgrade our credit rating? And the rest of the World follows suit?

    How can the World not notice, that with Poison obumbler in office, we have no actual plans to get out of this mess, and until he’s gone, we will continue to sink to 3rd World status.

    NEWS FLASH! It takes no money to drastically cut spending! You don’t have to borrow a dime.

    Will Poison obumbler finally give up now, and cut the insane spending?

  • Don age 77

    “Will Poison obumbler finally give up now, and cut the insane spending”? Shortanswer “NO”! While everyone is jawing about how incompetent president Obama is no one seems to be looking into his real intended agenda. Google, Richard Cloward and Francis Pevin. See the articles they have written about how to bring down a government by overwhelming it with entitlement spending. Then Google, Sal Alinsky and read about his book on “Rules for Revolution”. He outlines ways to incite the masses to revolt. Then Google Keynesian Economics. Put together the principles that these people have advocated then Google Obama and see that he is and has been an avid student of these principles. If you connect the dots you will see that this administration is relentlessly trying to put them all together. Implement the whole package to CHANGE America dramatically. This has been going on since the days of FDR but was accelerated exponentially when Obama managed to get into office. Wake up people. Look at what is really going on. Obama incompetent and stubborn? Maybe more like determined and cunning.

    • eddie47d

      It’s still hard to tell which party is the most cunning. I heard allot of feel good proposals in the debates last night also. Perry was on top in that cunning category and only partially right on most of the issues.He said he was trying to be honest about the Social Security issue but came across extremely dishonest.

      • moonbeam

        I saw him as a man intent on forcing his will on others, as he did with forcing young girls (against their parents wishes) to have an injection to prevent a sexually transmitted disease. These are girls who are too young for sex in the first place.

        According to Perry and Romney, if they get into office they “said” they would overturn obamacare by executive order. Bachmann corrected them both that it can’t be done by executive order, it must be repealed and will take someone strong and bold to do it.

        Perry and Romney plan on using executive orders to force their will and do whatever they want. They will be allowed to do it and get away with it no matter the outrage of the masses or attack on our constitution, just as Obama does now. They can break any laws they want by executive order and nothing will be done to stop them. We see it happening time and time again ad nauseum.

        Perry wants to get rid of Social Security. Maybe he would use executive order to take away a beneficial program for the elderly, instead of cutting off the people who should not be getting it in the first place, such as illegals and undocumented workers. Social security is not the problem, rather the abuse of it is.

        I hope people will take the time to really listen to what the candidates are saying and discern who the wolves are. Hindsight 20/20 is after the horses are out of the barn. Too little too late.

        I’m voting for the one who has respect for our constitution, demonstrating unwavering adherence to it his whole time in government and service to We The People …Ron Paul.

        • Song

          There was an opt-out option for parents moonbeam…

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Poison obumbler SHOULD go for massive spending cuts, and my post was just a little sarcasam.
      Good of you to remind all about Coward and Pliven, and I still remember my dismay the first time I read some of their plan.

      I’d add that all should search for “70 members of Congress belong to the Scoalist Party”. That list has all the names of those you love to hate.

      And, “45 rules of Communism”, which as you read those rules, you will see several are already accomlished against America.

      Socialims is a soft word for Communism.

  • Jay

    A simple equation: Quantitative easing(printing money)+Spending+Absence of Industry=Monetary & Economic collapse. Consider the twin towers and building 7! It seems the NWO puppet masters have installed a President that is in essence, an economic, demolition expert! Is anyone hearing the sounds of pre-collapse, explosions?

  • Christin

    Obama “jobs speech”… Oh PLEASE!

    The only job he is concerned about… is HIS!

    He talks out of both sides of his mouth, Liar in Chief, and the only thing we can count on is he will increase spending in America until he collapse’s it like a good little Satanic Commie Puppet.

    Obuma is the laughing stock of the WORLD… and he has made a fool of America and Americans… what a joke.

    And yet, we sit here and talk about him like he’s the real president and do nothing.



  • TIME

    Ok, So just $300 Billion dollars more this time.

    Well ~ HEY, how about this Barry rather than just sending this money to say the bank Of London this time you just give every person in the US who is a “real citizen of the US” $250K and see what happens?

    Hell everything else you have done Barry has been little more than to feather the nest of the Rothschilds as well all other Global elites within the NWO leadership and upper managment. Oh and yourself Barry. As we quite well know that number is well into the Trillions of dollars now and yet not working!
    Wow how strange when you give away money to the most wealthy people in the world and yet get loans by way of selling BONDS to people and its not working, I can’t fathom why.

    So How about it Barry, or what ever your name is how about you just give every “American Citizen” $250.000.00 per person?

    Hell that would even be less that $300 Billion Dollars you want to give the Global Elites.
    Hey think of it like this we could in fact cut spending by your giving Americans money!!!
    PLUS ~ you still save even more as hey no need for a QE 3!!!

    But you know the funny thing is this Barry, the mindless will still be broke in less than 30 days.
    While the wise investors will make money hand over fist, yet some will just break even.
    But all in all Barry It seems that the odds are far better than any plan you have ever come up with yet Barry or what ever your real name is.

    So Barry how about it?

    • Void1972

      The obamanation was talking about giving his people, the communist unions and minorities, all of the money. Americans are out of his 300 billion. Just another BS plan to help destroy America.
      If we don’t organize now, America will be lost forever.
      Only Ron Paul can save us, but he would not last long with the new world order that now controls us.
      It is up to “We the people” to fight the evil that is now in control of the world.
      You are right about the elite, but it’s the CFR that is in control of the new world order.

  • Dingo


  • Bernie

    $300Billion……If that is what you want to spend Mr Obama…….just send each tax paying American a check for $1M tax free. That will take care of your re-election, job creation, consumer confidence and the average individual debt problem, with cash to spare……!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Question of the day:
    After the President gives his spending – excuse me – jobs speech for the hundred and eighty-sixth time; how low will the stock market sink?

  • nw

    This is baloney! Who does he think he is going to convince? His stimulus package was suppose to get thousands employed by providing money to companies, green companies. Well the solar company with 530 million in grant filed bankrupcty, 2,000 unemployed, and tax payers getting the shaft again. The whole lot needs to be impeached. This is beyond believable, I don’t think my psyche can take any more.

    • Karolyn

      The stimulus package wasn’t big enough.

    • Karolyn

      Great speech by the Pres!

      • eddie47d

        Will someone finally listen Karolyn?

        • Jay

          I’ll admit that it was a well delivered speech, however, it was the same blah, blah , blah, full of hot air, and lies! Green house gases? abama full of it!

      • http://aol Thomas

        Well, your either sick, or brain dead….Most all of OB’s speeches are a waist of hot air. So you can vote for him again Obama Girl!!!!

  • Song

    I would like to meet the people that cannot find a job after 2 years, now 3 years? You could go back to school in that time and nearly have another degree doing something else.

    • Sunnie

      Song, That’s all well and good up to a point. If you have no job, can’t afford to feed your family let alone pay for a mortgage HOW are you going to afford going back to school? HMMMMMMMM???? No, I’m not a liberal – just a thinker.

      • Song

        You do what countless of students do and take out student loans Sunnie. It takes sacrifice and risk to improve your life. You intern, you volunteer. You do self-study, you network, your market yourself. You take a job at a lower wage and work back up that move. In other words, YOU DO WHAT IT TAKES KAROLYN! And Karolyn don’t presume to know anything about me. You are a clueless, babbling, idiot where that is concerned!

        • eddie47d

          Student loans don’t cover everything and besides some of that money comes from the government that you want to shut down.Be brave Song and stay away from that evil government money. You don’t want to become addicted.

          • Jay

            Doesn’t come from the government, it comes from the tax-payers, you fool!

    • Karolyn

      Song – I can see you’re really out of touch with reality. Have you listened or seen interviews with people out of work, standing in line with 1000+ others for 200 jobs? I guess not! It doesn’t matter how much education you have. Of course, the healthcare field is in need, so all the women I see taking nursing at my school are in good shape.



  • Gringo Infidel

    Using the rebuilding of the Republic’s road/highway and bridges is not a bad idea but how will that help the majority of workers who are office dwellers? Our republic produces what now? Food, services, and technology? I am not sure I know any out of work road makers.

    Hey, here is an idea: all current employees to share their jobs with one other person. Each works 20 hours a week for full pay. Yep – full pay.

    Double the work force and stimulate the economy at the same time.

    Of course the business will go under at a fast clip but hey, but then it will be the GOP’s problem.

    This sounds like a demoncrat idea doesn’t it? It is not far off the mark. ;-)

  • Daniel

    He does not have a plan. He has a credit card. He knows that the targeted groups he wants to shovel money to such as police, firefighters, and teachers are not only union members and blocs of votes. He knows that no patriotic legislator would stand in the way of them keeping their job. Vote against his plan and you vote against America. This will be nothing more than election year politics.
    I applaud the five reps. who are not attending the joint session. I think that we need more protests such as these. Obamas ego is larger than the US debt. I think he needs to be put in his place. Of course he thinks his place is Mt. Olympus.

  • 45caliber

    $300 billion. For how many NON-GOVERNMENT jobs?

    At $50,000 a job (salary) that should create 6,000,000 jobs. Anyone what to guess how many ACTUAL jobs will result from this? Real jobs, not government ones.

    • eddie47d

      Not very many actual jobs since it costs way over $50,000 to pay someone for a $50,000 job. That person may need an office,a vehicle,a computer,training time,work clothes and several other items that will drive up the cost of hiring someone. Unless they will all work in the restaurant business and then you may only need an apron. At $2.10 an hour you may be able to hire 2 or 3.

      • 45caliber


        I don’t know about your area but we here in Texas depend upon the employee to have his own car and work clothes. That cuts that initial cost quite a bit. The computer isn’t expensive since they generally rent them for a couple of hundred dollars a month at most. And we depend upon the employee to know how to use one himself. Therefore training costs aren’t that high either.

    • Jay

      45, that 300 billion is already gone! In fact, since it was borrowed money, it never existed! Except of course, the tax-payers obligation to pay it back. I can’t believe some of the fools on this site, and you know the two i’m speaking about, actually believe that 300 billion will be ear-marked to create jobs! How could anyone be so deluded?

  • chuckb

    it wouldn’t surprise me barry comes up with some of fdr’s so called solutions, wpa and ccc. the bolsheviks forget this country was still in a deep depression when ww2 broke out. unemployment was around 19% and not improving, the programs fdr initiated didn’t actually help anyone improve their status other than it did help people survive.
    what if the war had not happened, fdr created a welfare nation, people depending on the government for a job, how much longer would the government have been able to continue the handout.

    we are more or less in the same situation today except the wars have taken us down instead of improving our lot. we are involved in more wars and the mire keeps getting thicker. the president has no abilities except to con the more weak minded and pay off the union crooks, he has made the big bankers more prosperous and at the same time is destroying the economy, what’s left that is.

    it looks to me like barry is helping the muslim brotherhood take over the middle east, this will lead to a major war, the muslims are determined to destroy israel and we will have to defend them, what will barry do then, which side will he take. if i were a jew it would concern me deeply.
    our so called president is sympathetic to the islamic cause and in my mind is probably a muslim himself, most likely a member of the nation of islam.

    • http://aol Thomas

      Just one point about Welfare, it was started by Hoover,and extended to present by FDR…Except it is now called (The Plantation)!!!!

  • One Mad Woman

    Stimulous #3, the first two didn’t work so will the third time be the charm? I guess it could when you live a charmed life like ‘o’. He needs to go back to his never-never land life and leave the country alone!

    • Gary

      Barrys solution-Are you out of work and looking for a job? If you are not a member of Obama’s Army you can for get it!! No Union Card-no job. Obama’s recruiting office is open and all you have to do is sign away your independence and pick up your T-Shirt. Be ready to jump on his bus for a trip to trash some rich guys front yard or beat the hell out of the sons of bitchs in the T-party.

  • Karolyn

    I support what many economists are saying: that the gov. needs to create jobs. We need help RIGHT NOW! The budget can wait. However, cut defense spending! One Republican member of the new committee said he will walk out if cutting the defense budget is on the table. I say “Let him walk!”

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Poison obumbler just asked us to spend more money we don’t have.
      40+% of any spending will have to be borrowed, and is a daily occurance for current spending.Illegal aliens are not being deported, and suck up jobs that Americans WILL do. We are quiclky becoming an Muslim nation, as Muslims are being given consessions that are against our country. The DOJ joins with Muslims, suing American companys. The DOJ sues States that want to protect themselves from Illegals.
      Karolyn. You’ve missed a lot of news by not reseaching your position.
      obumbler will go down in history as THE WORST (P) president, ever.

    • Jay

      Governments cannot, and do not, create jobs! Governments are wealth consumers, they create ZERO wealth! You are one deluded government shill, Karolyn!

  • Karolyn

    My post went in the wrong place. The President’s speech was great. Even the Republicans stood and applauded a lot. Maybe they’ll get something done for a change!

    • Jay

      I wouldn’t hold my breath!

    • http://aol Thomas

      You have to be kidding, your totaly lost if you think that is going to happen. Wake up and smell the coffee….At least everyone knows who you will be voting for Nov. 2012…. God forgive her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chuckb


    just another campaign speech, canned from the teleprompter. this is leading up to another stimulus bill and it better not happen. raising tax is out of the question, could you expect more from this guy. those republicans that stood up are traitors, the democrats have tricked the republicans into intermingling with them during his speeches, so when they stand up it looks like both parties are standing. the republicans are easy prey. you don’t raise tax to cure a bad economy, you fix our energy problem, cut corporate tax and do away with capital gains tax.
    your messiah has jeopardized our economy by shutting down drilling
    and his healthcare bill, he refuses to let large corporations go bankrupt by bailing them out, such as gm. they should be forced to stand on their own merit like any other business, he caters to the unions who caused the problem. the guy is just a plain failure. so you hope all you want to. you wanted change, you got it.

    • The Blue Collar Man

      And to add to chuckb’s post Karolyn, obumbler STOLE money from legal creditors of GM, and Bond holders, and GAVE IT AWAY to the unions.

    • eddie47d

      Come on Chuck you can come up with something better than that old teleprompter crap and that messiah lingo started to smell quite some time ago.

  • chuckb

    eddie47, prove he wasn’t reading from the teleprompter. he can’t make conversation without it. sorry about your messiah. no, actually i’m not.

    • Jay

      chuckb, it’s possible they upgraded to a two-way communication device. Either way, without some sort of assistance, the only thing that would come out of joker tut’s mouth would be the communist manifesto! No point in arguing with the two brain-washed do do birds, eddie and karolyn, they’re way beyond help!

  • chuckb

    jay. i understand they have two at different levels. either way the guy is a phony. he sure has some of his pawns conned.

  • CJM

    Why should it cost the government anything in creating jobs? There is already a glut of federal ‘workers’ who are in duplicate or do-nothing positions along with the double-dippers (we could save a bundle by getting rid of some of those workers). Jobs belong in the privates sector, not in bozo’s agenda. Oh well, as long as we have an inept, ignorant, parriah in office, we will have to contend with his ‘desires’ since we have a spineless congress who refuses to oust the imposter.

  • Carlos

    So I hear this works out to something like $200K per job. How about the Fed just cut me a check for $100K? I could pay off my mortgage, and apply for Social Security. I wouldn’t need a job, then. Nobody hires anyone over 60, anyway.


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