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Obama Issues Executive Order For Drug Shortages

November 1, 2011 by  

Obama Issues Executive Order For Drug Shortages

President Barack Obama has taken steps to reduce shortages of prescription drugs needed to treat chronic conditions by issuing an executive order Monday that instructs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action.

According to Fox News, the FDA reported 178 drug shortages last year and an increase in shortages this year. Among the drugs that are most scarce are cancer drugs, anesthetics, drugs used in emergency medicine, and electrolytes needed for intravenous feeding.

The FDA blames the shortages on drug companies’ meddling in supply by discontinuing certain drugs to make room for newer, more profitable alternatives. It also cites manufacturing and quality problems as reasons for drug shortages. 

The most recent executive action comes just a week after Obama issued the order implementing the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and restructuring how students repay student loans without Congressional input. According to Fox, the President’s increasingly common use of the executive order is seen as a way to make him appear to be a counterbalance against Republicans in Congress who recently blocked his jobs proposal.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • MN

    He is acting like a Dictator

    • lucitee

      He IS one! He “learned” the ropes at his “BOSSES” knees!

    • DavidL

      President Obama has issued 96 executive orders. President Bush issued over 250. Did you object to Bush and call him a dictator? I didn’t think so. Understand now where YOU are coming from?

      • ONEONONE


        • Mary

          That is the sad truth. Just google them Obama 97 Bush 291. They are all hungry power bastards wants to be dictators.

        • Kinetic1

          Come on now, I know that you want to hate the President and everything he does, but you can’t re-write history just to make it fit your lopsided view. The National Archives ( has a full list so you can do the math yourself. Bush signed 54 EOs in 2001, 31 in ’02, 41 in ’03, 45 in ’04, 26 in ’05, 27 in ’06, 32 in ’07, 30 in ’08 and 5 in ’09. That’s 126 in just his first three years and 291 total. Hey, you were right, 250 was wrong!

          So, what was it all about? Well, in the first year it was all about his “faith based” initiatives, a few new rules for education, establishing the office of homeland security, calling up the reserves and other 9/11 justified actions, undoing rules regarding government labor negotiations and, of course strengthening the presidential records act. And how about this from EO 13268, July 3, 2002:
          “I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, find that
          the situation that gave rise to the declaration of a national emergency in
          Executive Order 13129 of July 4, 1999, with respect to the Taliban, in
          allowing territory under its control in Afghanistan to be used as a safe
          haven and base of operations for Usama bin Ladin and the Al-Qaida organization,
          has been significantly altered given the success of the military campaign
          in Afghanistan, and hereby revoke that order and terminate the national
          emergency declared in that order with respect to the Taliban.”

          There’s a lot of interesting reading here folks.

          • Mary

            First OIL Second OIL for us less freedom.

        • bob wire

          Administration of George W. Bush (January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009)

          * 291 Total Executive Orders Issued.
          * Range: Executive Order 13198 thru 13488

          Jul 23, 2011 – Administration of George W. Bush (January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009). 291 Total Executive Orders Issued. Range: Executive Order 13198 …

          and W enjoyed a less hostile Senate and Congress

      • Joan Conway

        Yes Sharon you are right, and sadly the main reason that nothing gets done is because President Obama is black. The mess started after Clinton left office and it declines today. I think they should all be fired, they would not last long working in a company and running into the ground, why are we letting them run the USA into the ground.

        • wrsrvn67

          The RACE CARD again? C’mon lady get a new gig, cause this ones getting really old

          • wrsrvn67

            And while I’m on the subject Obama is not black !!!!! he is a half breed. You just USE the color that you think will make you point, but alas, You have no point !!!!!

          • bob wire

            Well she did make the point that we have been on skids since Clinton left office.

            I consider that a point unanswered and ignored.

          • John Woodbury

            Bob we were on skids long before Lickin’ Bill left office.

      • Rob

        An exxecutive order is not a magic wand!!

      • Parrish

        David, you are comparing 2 1/2 years of EO’s compared to 8 years. Do the math….

        • bob wire

          compare 96 to 291 ! darn that math!

          If capital hill can’t get the job done and administer to the peoples business, I guess you prefer him to play golf and say ,”Oh well! I tried”

          • Vicki

            Bob Wire writes:
            “compare 96 to 291 ! darn that math! ”

            96 in 2.5 years is ~38/year
            291 in 8 years is ~36/year

            As you say. Darn that math. They are ~equal. Now the real question is WHAT do the orders say.

            “If capital hill can’t get the job done and administer to the peoples business, I guess you prefer him to play golf and say ,”Oh well! I tried” ”

            Since he is not upholding the Constitution, which is the peoples business that congress doesn’t seem to be doing either, then yes I would much rather he did nothing. Yes we will complain he did nothing but at least he won’t do as much damage.

      • Bruce
      • Honestly

        It would be very important to see what the executive orders were for, don’t you?

        • bigguyplay1

          Bush didn’t try to destroy our country. But the executive orders Obama use are to take away our freedom, and to control us.just another Hitler. Obama and Soros agenda is to bankrupt this country. We didn,t have are freedom taken away one by one with Bush.

    • eddie47d

      Why is there a drug shortage to begin with? Where are the Big Pharma’s? Are they mad and withholding from the public so they can up their ill gotten gains.

      • bob wire

        eddie, big pharm has dropped products for reasons of low margins of profit, rather focusing on higher profit margin products.

        They probably hold patents and can’t be produced by other concerns.

        The power of the dollar over riding the power of demand. A classic example of the need for effective government in markets.

        To worship profit alone will not get a society where it needs to go.

        The ugly side of Capitalism that few wish to discuss as it does not serve their current purpose and fit in well with their notions of “freedom”

        • Vicki

          Bob wire writes:
          “The power of the dollar over riding the power of demand. A classic example of the need for effective government in markets. ”

          A classic example of people using government to manipulate supply/demand in ways that have un-intended consequences. You said it yourself earlier in your post.

          Bob Wire: “They probably hold patents and can’t be produced by other concerns. “

    • L

      Just like in Soviet Russia, there will be ONE pill (sugar) or medicine (water) for the peasants and the Intelligentsia/Great Leader class get the Good stuff (REAL Medications!) Well done Comrade Obama!

  • msamericanpatriot

    Yeah he is and like all good dictators their reign of terror soon ends.

    • DanB

      Not all dictators have their reign of terror end shortly. In fact, many, very many, have reigns of terror that last far longer than two of our presidential terms. Mubarak and Ghadafi, neither were recently put in office even though both reigns ended recently.

      The problem I see is that we have complicit media as well as the other two official branches of government allowing this executive fiat. And to top it off, we have complicit populace. Go around and ask your neighbors whether they think of the FDA stepping in to curb drug shortages, or any government aid in the matter. You might find a real irony in thought processes. In one breath they might speak of government overreach while in the next saying that government should ensure the availability of medications…. Even if they oppose President Obama, Democrats, or the progressive movement in all political parties, it will be rare to find someone who actually connects that government enforcing drug availability IS government overreach. That those who want government to provide these things can only truly be for it if they turn a blind eye to government excess.

      • Jeryl

        If we could dig deep enough, we would probably find the FDA is complicit in the shortage. The FDA constantly empowers Big Pharma.

      • mark

        One of the factors that has allowed dictators to have such long reigns of terror is that the United States has backed so many of them: Mubarek, Mushariff, the Saudi kings, the Shah, Pol Pot, Somoza, Marcos, Pinochet,the Guatemalan generals, the Argentine generals, Batista, Trujillo, Duvalier, Mobutu, etc. These were all America’s boys. During the Cold War and beyond, the United States has supported, armed, and financed some of the worst, bloodiest murderers and crooks in history. Including Saddam Hussein who the Reagan adminstration backed all throuhout the 1980s when Saddam was fighting Iran. The United States has been a longtime supporter of reigns of terror all around the world.

        • DanB

          And I suppose that because we foolishly supported some that thus all dictatorships that we did not support were short lived? Strangely, not all tyranny is called a dictatorship even though the difference is a thin line. How long has China had their one ruler? And it has been planned to the son…. And the “fallen” USSR we had that cold war with? It may have not gone from father to son, but that was not a short lived tyranny either….

      • Mary

        You forgot the main one Fidel Castro in Cuba. Once they put their nasty boots on our neck we’re doomed.

        • mark

          Actually Fidel Castro is a dictator who the United States has opposed and tried to kill on many occasions. Castro has been demonized in the United States largely because he is against capitalism. The United States has no problems with dictators who rob their people of freedom, mass murderers who kill hundreds of thousands, as long as they support capitalism. But if they do not, then they are Satan, the most evil men on earth. As a killer by Third World standards, Castro is a boyscout compared to most of the right-wing dictators the U.S. has backed. But Castro committed the one unforgivable sin. He opposes capitalism. Hugo Chavez is another example. Compared to the blood-drenched killers the U.S has backed over the years Chavez, with all his faults, is practically a saint. But he opposes capitalism, so he must be destroyed.

          • Mary

            They are all bloody dictators protected by the power of the devil no matter if this country support them or not. I knew people that lived and believed Fidel’s lies and they told me one thing: When a politician tells the people he will give them Change. Run away from him because he will you Hell. Fidel has the best houses of Cuba as all good socialist talk with the left and eat with the right. Tyrants are tyrants. Cubans are Castro’s slaves the change for them was from poverty to misery.

          • Ellen

            And look what Castro did to Cuba. Before his coup, Cuba was a thriving, cultered island that tourists loved to visit. The people had normal lives. Since he took over, Cuba has deteriorated terribly and most people lack basic necessities.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    That POS.

  • bp

    Not good news. From this egomaniac, anything can happen.

  • Mark

    I have yet to read exactly what this order is. Does it just say “Produce more Drugs!” or what? He is so simplistic in his view of the economy, business, and how it all works together.

    • Cliffystones

      Apparently it “instructs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action.” Don’t ask any sane person WTF that means. Maybe the FDA has a hidden stash somewhere?

      • Mary

        Yea. We only have 47 plus millions of drugs addicts. Just give them their food a lot of it maybe more will finish with their misery. We really need a good cleaning in this country.

        • Kinetic1

          We’re talking about vaccines and the like, not meth.

          • Mary

            I know the numbers with prescriptions and illegals are unknown. Is sad but if I listen to the doctors I’ll be in 7 drugs at least. I only have the vaccines when I was a child and no more. I’m suspicious about vaccines. I see around me and I’m sure I’m doing something right I’m the only one of my friends who need zero pills. Avoid prescriptions drugs once you start is a curse. Take them only to save your life. To many people in this country is in anti-depre. that’s wickness. But in Lies we Trust.

      • Kinetic1

        According to Consumer Reports:
        “The executive order directs the FDA to broaden reporting of potential shortages of certain prescription drugs, and to expedite regulatory reviews that can help prevent or respond to shortages. Under the order, the FDA will also work with the Department of Justice, to examine whether potential shortages have led to illegal price gouging or stockpiling of life-saving medications.”

        • Ellen

          Certainly, we can trust the Dept. of Justice. Look at all they’ve done for us in the past 3 years. As soon as it is announced that a certain drug may become scarce, hospitals will start ordering and hoarding them. Think about the run on the banks during the depression. It will be the same mentality. Drug companies are looking for profits, so they want to produce all the drugs they can. If there is a manfuacturing problem, Obama’s rhetoric will not fix anything. The hunt for profit will get them to correct the problem. This is just more of Obama’s grandstanding over a useless decree.

          • Kinetic1

            It has been clearly established the big pharmaceutical companies have put profit above need. They have walked away from drugs they can no longer make big bucks on, despite the public need. These drugs have been left to the generic companies, who do want to make a profit and will do all they can to meet demand, but their output is clearly below need. So this is one time where the idea of corporate greed will not save the day.

          • Vicki

            Kinetic1 says:
            “They (drug makers) have walked away from drugs they can no longer make big bucks on, despite the public need.”

            Then there obviously is NOT a need cause they can no longer make enough. Of course you could use government to FORCE them to keep making the drugs but then how are you different from the slave owner who tells the slave master (government) to get those slaves (the drug makers) back to work?

            Kinetic1: “These drugs have been left to the generic companies, who do want to make a profit and will do all they can to meet demand, but their output is clearly below need.”

            This “need” will encourage more companies to want to meet that need. What is stopping them from starting a new company or adding to their current lines of production? Probably Big Government regulations of course. Otherwise they would increase supply to meet the demand.

            Kinetic1: “So this is one time where the idea of corporate greed will not save the day.”

            Get (big) government out of the way and let corporate greed work and it will quite nicely “save the day”.

          • Kinetic1

            I’m late returning to the post, but on the off chance that you return I’ll leave a response. The reasoning behind abandoning a drug is not a lack of demand, but the loss of exclusivity. The major drug companies are unable to continue charging astronomical fees when the patent runs out and the generics hit the shelves. At that point the big company has to choose between continuing to sell their product in spite of the competition, reformulate the drug and acquire a new patent or abandon the drug and move on to more profitable products. The first option may require a heavy investment in advertising and does not guarantee a solid return. The second often works out, but just as often the resulting drug is less effective and may come with new issues as well. The final choice is what we are talking about. The big company knows there is a need, but the profit is below what they are willing to accept, while the generic company, working on a much tighter budget is happy with the potential profit, but it is often not enough to put them in the position to increase their output. Nowhere in this is government regulation the culprit. I’m not saying the regulations never get in the way, but your argument that all government oversight is useless and restrictive is simplistic at best.

    • mark

      Right Obama is nowhere near as experienced and wise on economic matters as the crooks and thieves on Wall Street. Now there we have real capitalism in action, the sharpest, most experienced group of fraudsters the world has ever seen who rape the taxpayer with bailouts, send millions of jobs overseas, and pay themselves giant multi-million dollar bonuses after having wrecked the global economy. Obama could learn a thing or two from those guys. They understand the economy. They live in gated mansions, giant yachts, and Fifth Avenue apartments and laugh themselves to sleep everynight at the suckers they fleece who they now have rallying for lower taxes on the rich. Oh and they are also very patriotic. They worry alot about “creeping socialism” as they order up their Lear Jet for breakfast in the Bahamas. These are your economic experts. They must be. After all they have more money than you or I will ever have if we worked everyday for the next million years.

      • JeffH

        mark, mark, mark…you MUST be related to eddie. Obama and government legislators enable the thieves you fool, just as Bush, Clinton and their predecessors did. It’s called crony Capitalism.

        - Obama appoints GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt as the head of a Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.
        - U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Obama Appointee & former Goldman Sach Banker
        - Lawrence Summers, former Chief Economist for the World Bank and now former director of the Obama White House’s National Economic Council
        - Paul Volcker, chairman of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board(Carter). Volcker served as a guarantor to big business and the financial interests that the new administration will proceed ruthlessly against the working class.
        - Peter Orszag, former Obama director of the Office of Management and Budget. Now Vice Chairman of Global Banking at Citigroup and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.
        - Mary Schapiro, chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Wall Street Journal has noted that this Obama appointee has Record of Being a Regulator With a Light Touch,” and noted that “a close examination of Ms. Schapiro’s record as a regulator shows she has infrequently pursued tough action against big Wall Street firms.”

        If you research long and hard you’ll find out that every administration has partnered with the ancerous Federal Reserve/central banks, Goldman Sachs, GE, the CFR etc, etc.

        This “cancer” is a part of our government. Don’t look for any changes until the head of the beast(the corruption in government)and the Federal Reserve System is removed.

  • CP

    As of now, his order simply directs the manufacturers to alert the FDA to upcoming shortages that they are aware of. No one can predict a machine failure. But, and this has been verified multiple directions, a number of companies have shut down production of low profit items just for that reason. In other words, they are doing what most conservatives recommend, putting their money where it will get the best return. This does hurt a lot of people, but it keeps the profits up. Now who do you blame for that, as for sure it is NOT in the PUBLIC interest to do that.

    • Believer

      Companies have to make money to stay in existence. Why is it so hard for the left to get that. The only other recourse they have is to beg from the government for a handout like most brainwashed leftists do. Don’t you get it. Obama wants them to fail, so he can control them, just as he controls you. His “brilliance” is akin to Hitler’s – extremely sinister and dangerous.

      • Jeryl

        While I agree with you entirely reference their making profits, Big Pharma doesn’t simply want to make profits, they want to make huge, unreasonable profits and they don’t care who it hurts. Sadly, CP has a point (to a degree). Corporate greed exists and any clear-thinking person would realize that. As Conservatives, we also have to be honest, not twist things like the liberals. Pharmaceutical companies, large agribusinesses, many bankers, et al, are greedy and have done a lot of damage.

        • Believer

          Corporations can not be greedy, they are not human. You are generalizing. Consumers should be the moral compass for corporations. If we buy their products they exist, if we don’t, they don’t. If everyone on this post checks the list of company stocks in their mutual funds, they would probably find out they own some percentage of stock in pharmaceuticals. What’s that bible verse about “throwing the first stone”?

          • Kinetic1

            When talking about drugs the consumer may not have a choice to buy or not buy, unless you consider pain, suffering and possibly death as reasonable means of taking a stand. I don’t like Walmart’s business practices so I avoid shopping there. No problem, I can get what I want from a hundred other stores. If I don’t like Pfizer, well that’s another case.

            As to the shortages, reports say that those most often in short supply are the generic, low profit drugs. Seems the big pharmaceutical companies have no problem keeping up with demand on their newer, high profit drugs, but the little guys making generic, low profit cancer drugs are not in the same boat. Who would have guessed?

          • Jeryl

            Actually, at the age of 67 I take very few pharmaceuticals and always demand generics. I do take several natural remedies (which work, by the way, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals).

      • Richard

        My personal belief as a Christian and conservative is that companies absolutely have the right to shift production to more profitable products, but a government with a Christian moral compass will also protect its citizens from the powerful greedy and heartless. So here is my solution (which should be done by congress)….allow the drug company to stop production on the cheaper medicine and try to sell the new as much more improved. That done though, they must release its exclusive rights to any drug they choose to not product, allowing others to copy it and sell it at the much reduced price. This way the consumer (and doctor) can choose whether they believe the new drug to be better for them or if the old drug will serve their prupose. This allows the contination of the free market and capitalism (the best system ever), provides corporate rights, and protects the citizenry from the immoral and corupt abuses of power. NEVER should these changes be done by Executive Order…once a president has that type of power to do good, he also has that type of power to do evil.

        • Kinetic1

          A fine idea, but it’s the small generic companies that are having trouble keeping up with demand.

          • Vicki

            So have government stop taking so much of our capital wealth away so we can invest in those smaller generic companies or even start our own.

        • Mark

          Agreed. This should apply to all intellectual property; patents and copyrights should expire immediately when the holder and any licensees cease to make the work available in the marketplace.

        • Jeryl

          A worthy thought. Good thinking.

      • mark

        Yeah here we go with the Hitler analogy again. When all else fails, just call the guy you don’t like Hitler. This sure helped Hank Williams Jr. Another mental giant.

  • billy treadway

    come on people what are the republicans doing to fix our problems all they choose to do is improve the plight of the ultra wealthy by giving them more breaks so that they can continue to pay for their yahts and jets and cavair while many of us are living on the border of complete collapse and many have already collapsed economically HEY REPUBLICAN BACKERS CAN YOU TELL ME JUST HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH the wealthy already have 98% of all the money and the resources that we have while many of the 98% live in poverty WAKE UP AMERICA god bless mr obama for at least attempting to help those of us in need

    • Iris

      Geez, BILLY? How old are you? Do your parents know you are using their computer?

      Do you even understand that “ATTEMPTING” to do something is a whole lot of absolutely wasted energy? If you did, you would have the whole playbook of “MR” Obama. Grownups actually DO things.

      • Mary

        Scary situation. Flebaggers and welfare are millions and they will vote. I believe with so many leeches we are doomed. We will hav BO four more years. We are outnumber.

      • Kinetic1

        So I guess that means that the Republicans in Congress are not Grownups? Or maybe you consider sticking your fingers in your ears and refusing to listen doing something.

  • Marion Barrett

    What the hell are the American people thinking about? Have they not the brains to see what this man is doing to us? His “hope and change” is nothing but hoping to change this country into Russia with him at the helm. God above! How many times does he have to violate the oath he took to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies–foreign and domestic? He is the biggest enemy of the country all by himself.

    • Mary

      You are right but they won’t get it until to late and no way back.

  • deathtononbelievers

    like the commediane says, to finish some ridiculous statement she just made, “that could happen” (in wonderland). lol then puke.

  • http://catwomaner Julie Johnson

    When was the last time you got a job from a poor person, billy treadway? Stop being jealous and figure out your own way to make money in the best country that will help you do that.
    Im one of those people who are only alive because of the little tiny pill I take mindlessly every day. Maybe Obama has people like that in his family also and has figured out that he better prop up this part of the situation before he collapses the economy. Communists are control freaks who just make lives miserable…even their own, in the end.

  • Marv

    Andrew Johnson was impeached for less.

  • Sharon

    Why is the government mandating tax pay dollars fund drugs and the big pharma? When does government intevention in private industry stop? If people opened their eyes and started making lifestyle and dietary changes and their health may improve. Think how much disposable money individuals will have to spend on what they may enjoy!

    • Jeryl

      Absolutely right! As for why Big Pharma is getting taxpayer money, it’s simple. The Democrats are just as guilty as Republicans when it comes to pandering to Big Business. They just go about it in a different way. Look how much money Obama has given to Big Business. How much of it has made its way to the “man on the street?”

      • mark

        Exactly. Obama received huge criticism for his 2009 $800 billion Health Care Bill. But in 2004 (how convenient right on the eve of his reelection when he needed a big senior citizen voter turnout) Bush and the Republicans passed a huge $600 billion Medicare Pharmacy Bill – totally unpaid for with any additional fees or taxes. Everyone on the right rails against Obamacare but have not one word to say about the nearly as expensive and totally unpaid for Bushcare.

        • Jeryl

          Agreed. As far as I can see, the Republicans and Democrats are in bed with the big corporations, they just approach it from different directions. That puts us back to class warfare. If you get a chance, look up the Hegelian Dialectic. Pressure from both sides prevents one from seeing what’s really going on.

          • Vicki

            The problem is us. We send weak people to Congress to represent us. Their JOB is to support and defend the Constitution. Not support and defend big companies.

            The problem is, as it always has been, (Big) Government. Or us for sending people like Reid and Pelosi back even after what they did and said.

            Pelosi “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It”

            Makes you wonder if voting really works.

  • Ted Crawford

    Seems reminiscent of action taken by the Clinton administration in 1993, with regards to vaccines. Ole Hillary, using faulty numbers, declared that vaccines were too high. The Progressively controlled Congress passed laws that caused the government to hoard vaccines. once the truth came out and the government began releasing their hord, the price plunged. It cost us about $1 Billion, that’s when a Billion was still a large number!
    Many Pharmaceutical companies stopped manufacTuring vaccines, others stopped their R&D on new ones and many smaller Bio-tech companies were run completely out of business. That is a prime cause of the shortages today! In an interesting aside, The short sellers made a fortune. Hillary, who still actively controlled he assets, had an $87,000 stake in one of these Hedge Funds that benifited from this, Value Partners I. Vince Foster made mention of this… we all know what happened to him! He committed suicide…Right?

  • Donald

    What’s the alternative? Let them all the patient’s die. The drug companies provide drugs in third world countries at very low cost. Why not here when people could die without them. Well, Christmas is coming and all the Ebeneezer Scrooges are coming out of the closet.
    Let them die and reduce the surplus population.

    • Ted Crawford

      So, Donald, either driving the pharmaceutical companies over seas or out of business, improves this situation …HOW?

      • Will Larimer

        Ted. They already left the states for puerto during RR’s admin. How about “If you want to sell drugs for outrageous prices in our country, manufacture them here with real U.S. citizen workers and charge customers in foriegn countries full rate.”? That would be too reasonable though, wouldn’t it? What? you ask. Should “the poor” have to pay full price for drugs? Well, I guess I’m tired of paying top money for the development of new drugs so that people all around the world can have the benefit of buying drugs for the cost of manufacturing and shipping. How about some laws that benefit the American people for a change (from either or even a third party) instead of constantly giving our “prosperity” away for us. Repulicrats and Demonicans both hate us and cheat us at every turn. Well to heck with uhbamma and all the other anti American crumbs.

    • dixiesuzan

      And Oliver Twist held up his soup bowl and looked up and said, “Please Sir. Can I have more?”

      The great cook incredulously scowled down in utter amazement and replied, “You…you…you ask for….More????”

  • Sharon

    Look into wellness and taking responsbility for your dietary choices and lifestyle vs. sick care management.

  • mark

    Is this the Personal Liberty Digest or the Personal Lie Digest? The headline for this story is “Obama Issues Executive Order for Drug Shortages” when the actual story is “Obama Issues Executive Order TO STOP Drug Shortages.” Goebbels would be proud of this website that twists and manipulates the truth in order to fire up the loons.

    • Vicki

      “Obama Issues Executive Order for Drug Shortages”
      “Obama Issues Executive Order TO STOP Drug Shortages.”

      Now ask yourself which of the above is more provocative.

      The first is generic saying that some order was issued related to drug shortages. The 2nd is saying that the order demands that drug shortages be stopped. Which one is more likely to rile up people who are worried that Obama may be trying to be a dictator?

      Mark’s comment about Personal Liberty being like Hitlers propaganda is far more provocative than either of the 2 statements about the order.

    • dixiesuzan

      “Tell truth, and shame the devil.
      If thou have power to raise him, bring him hither,
      And I’ll be sworn, I have power to shame him hence.
      O, while you live, tell truth, and shame the devil.”

      (Shakespeare; Henry IV; Part I, Act 3, Scene 1

  • Raggs

    This is a take over of yet another private sector business.. This is Marxism… oblama bypassing congress seems to be more and more often… I would certainly call him a DICTATOR…

  • http://charter howe

    What a load of crap. Why should we have a shortage in the first place unless Obama needs a lift in the poll ratings. The Canadians and several other reliable countries are more than willing to supply the needed medications. The DOD is buying drugs from Canada to support the military prescription drug plans at a far lower cost than big Pharma. American citizens can’t legally buy Canadian drugs, but Obama’s CZAR have the authority to do so.

    • mark

      The Bush administration passed the legislation that prevented American citizens from legally buying drugs in Canada. It was part of Bush’s $600 billion Medicare Prescription Bill, a huge boondoogle for the U.S. pharmacy industry on the eve of Bush’s reelection when he needed contributions and to scam seniors that he would lower their prescription bills.

      • Vicki

        If Obama is such a saint as the left seems to portray him, how come Bushes “evil” medicare plan is STILL in place? It’s not like Obama had to deal with a Congress filled with Republicans or anything.

        For 2 FULL years Democrats had a super-majority in the House and a filibuster proof Senate AND the Presidency. Yet the evils of the bush administration march on.

        Yet who do the liberals blame? Why Bush of course.

    • Vicki

      Howe writes:
      “American citizens can’t legally buy Canadian drugs, but Obama’s CZAR have the authority to do so.”

      Thus we see the problem is not Obama. It is not Bush. It is, as it always has been, big out of control government.

  • 45caliber

    Oblama reminds me of the king who tried to order back the tide. You can issue all the orders you want but if there is no way to obey those orders or don’t want to obey those orders, it is a waste of time. It’s all being done as a campaign move. Whether or not it accomplished anything doesn’t matter.

    • bob wire

      Each President has his own set of problems, Obama administration will be no exception. Politics is a contact sport and it’s not uncommon to be beating black & blue and come out the victor.

      If “W” has a chance for history to smile kindly on him, anything is possible.

    • dixiesuzan

      And the King said, “Thunder on oh great tide, thunder on.” And lo, the tide did indeed thunder on. And the King was thereafter revered for the tide had done exactly as he had commanded. For a mighty King was he.

  • Joe

    Term limits is the only way to turn this country around. You can vote for the republicrats or the democans. Either so called party is just that, a big happy drunken party where our elected officials feed at the public trough at our expense laughing at the stupid sheep who keep electing them. Vote for a true patriot who wants to end politics as usual, cut the feeding pigs off at the knees, and give this country back to the people. I want Ron Paul and Herman Cain on the same ticket. How about you?

    • Mary

      I believe that Cain needs more research. We are desperate,I understand we haven’t seen nothing yet… we shouln’t rush. That’s why we are in the present sad situation. Remember every coin has two faces. I got really upset when Cain said: if we want to know what the FED is doing since 1913 we just have to call them. He is one of them.
      Stop the dream Ron Paul won’t be the candidate. I like him but I don’t dream anymore.

      • bob wire

        His going to need a criminal attorney and a bankruptcy lawyer before he’s done.

    • chipshot

      I couldn’t agree more about Cain and Paul. Unfortunately it will never happen since the repub elites will never allow it. Besides, we most likely will not have an election in 12 because by then the soros administration will have managed to spend us into poverty, we will have a financial crisis the likes of which have not been seen before, and the little o will declare martial law and postpone the elections indefinitely. Wait and see.

  • Sharon

    Give me a freekin’ break! President Obama is the only one who CARES about Americans! The republicans in Congress certainly do not care about anyone but themselves. President Obama is just trying to help Americans. All you that are criticizing him are just jealous that we have a President now who cares. DUBYA did not give a diddly about Americans!

    • SunnieDee

      Sharon. Sharon. Sharon. Seriously? The ONLY thing he cares about is himself, getting re-elected, pushing his own kingdom agenda. Remember when he said that if an altercation arose with Muslims, he’d side with THEM??? Please. He cares for America the same way Castro cares for Cuba; only he APPEARS to care for her by brainwashing those who feed at his trough of ‘fairness’ – tax the ‘rich,’ give to the poor – we’re the ‘rich’ and he’ll soon run out of ‘the rich’ to tax if he keeps this up. Right now the gov’t is spending more than the entire country is worth to make sure that ‘fairness’ prevails.

      • Mary

        All the cowards do that if they cann’t win they will be part of the enemy. History repeats itself and most of the people don’t get it. Talking about Cuba poor women they don’t even have underwear, I know that because I have friends from a church that have been traveling to help churches in Cuba for the last two years and they don’t bring anything back including the panties. This government shouln’t be waseting money over obesity they should just call camarada Fidel. The socialists think that we have it to good for to long in this country. That game is over.

    • chipshot

      you are bordering on what the communist use to call a “useful idiot”.

    • bob wire

      Hmm? well I can’t agree with “everything” you said Sharon. “O” is doing what he can with what he’s got to work with in tireless fashion. And that is good enough for me. He has honored his promises and had more success in 3 years then “W” did in 8 on the battle field and here at home. That fact is must bothersome so it’s ignored.

      But , you are talking to the living dead here. ~ They don’t recognize success when they see it. Winning is losing and losing is winning to them. For people that enjoy taking shots at their own foot, what might you expect? They hate to miss!

    • dixiesuzan

      If Obama is the only one who cares about Americans, then the number of real genuine 100% Americans must have plummeted to about 50. Who the rest of the folks wandering about the country are I don’t know. All illegal aliens? Can you help us out here?

  • chipshot

    It is hard to believe that nearly 3 years after islamobama takes office the libs are still blaming bush. What, do you expect someone to defend bush? He was a terrible president. But, by comparison to the little o, he was the second coming of George Washington.
    However, both bush and the leader of the soros administration are good examples of what needs to be done about “executive orders”. First, any and all executive orders should require a 2/3rds majority in both the house and senate before it can become effective. Secondly, all executive orders should have a time limit so that they expire when the president who writes them leaves office.
    And, finally, the clown currently sitting in the white house is a perfect example of why presidential candidates should have to take an I.Q. test. Not to mention producing a REAL birth certificate to verify they were not born in kenya.

    • bob wire

      W created rather lager hicky and it won’t go away soon. ~ far too much sucking, far too long.

      IQ test would be great for admission here as well.

      Try Riply’s “Believe it or not” ~There’s no getting over Bush~ so don’t be looking for it. I’ve got 15 more years and will keep you posted when the coast is clear. Mean time , keep your head down. ~ in shame.

      • tsipp berke


    • Will Larimer

      I’m with ya on every count there chipshot. Loved the “second coming of George Washington” rant too. I’m gonna have to remember that one.

  • Palin16

    Hey barack
    How’s about getting some of that sodium thiopental for the prisons so some states can resume the death penalty?

  • Bob Purinton

    How did Obama get into office anyhow? The mans citizenship was in question before the election. If citizenship is a requirement for the office, and there is doubt, then he should not have been allowed to proceed. Yet, here he sits, in power, and his citizenship still in question.
    Does he stand a snowball’s chance at a second term? I think it is a reasonable assumption that he might. Look at what he’s got going for him. All the blacks that voted for him because he is one of their own, all the welfare recipients, all the muslims in this country and all the illegal aliens in this country. Scary huh?
    I, also, believe that there is nothing happening that the government doesn’t want to happen. We are all being led by the nose into whatever the gov’t wants us to do for them.
    I don’t know if voting one set out of office will lead to change as the good old boy network seems to be alive and well in D.C. We, definitely, need to regain control of our country before it’s too late. If it isn’t already.
    Picture, if you will, the old midieval(sp?) castle with a rich nobleman inside and the people all clustered around the outside in shacks awaiting his pleasure. I can see us coming back to that if we keep going the way we are.
    just my two cents worth.

  • patrick leonard

    The simple problem with the drug supply is that drug companies spend a fortune developing, testing, and licencing drugs and must recoup their expenses in the few short years that the FDA allows them to be the sole producer. After that, everybody and his brother can knock off these drugs without a dime of R&D or licencing hassle. So why should a drug company continue to produce a low profit product when they can devote their resources to the high profit new drugs? Do you expect GM to produce a good $5000 car with little profit when they can sell Cadilacs? How do you expect the drug companies to pay all of their employees if they are forced to make product at give away pricing? Perhaps we should close all those “greedy” US drug companies and rely on Chinese, Indian, South East Asian… drug sources to provide us with innovative new drugs like they have (not) in the past.

  • dixiesuzan

    “Obama Issues Executive Order For Drug Shortages”

    And exactly where does one find this act among the US Constitution’s expressly delegated powers from the States to the Federal Constitution, much less the Presidnetial office? My copy of the Constitution instrument doesn’t seem to contain that capability.

    There is State civil government and there is Federal civil government.
    The operation of these two separate civil and distinct governments in the same United States community in three species of rights which may be exercised:

    1. There are rights which belong exclusively to the Federal civil government and cannot be exercised by State civil government. These rights are they which have been expressly enumerated and delegated to the Federal civil government by the US Constitution.
    2. There are rights which can be exercised by each civil government at the same time.
    3. There are rights which belonged exclusively to the State civil government and cannot be exercised the Federal civil government. These rights of State civil government embraced all rights which had not been delegated to the Federal civil government by the US Constitution or prohibited to the states by that instrument.

    If this power of command exists it resides in the States or the prople. It does not reside in the Federal government because it is NOT DELEGATED.

    • Vicki

      The root of the evil is not the executive order. It is the department that exists to implement the order. The FDA. Where in the Constitution does the federal government have the delegated power to tell us what drugs we can or can not produce? Where is the delegated power to tell us what drugs we can or can not consume?

      deal with the root cause and all the concerns over mere branches become moot.

  • James

    The purpose of the Executive Branch of the federal government, is primarily to execute the laws passed by Congress. The President, being the head of the Executive Branch, uses Executive Orders to accomplish that. The only time when an EO is unconstitutional is when the EO accomplishes something Congress didn’t authorize. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his first year in office, issued almost daily Executive Orders, well over 300. Many of them exercised power over the economy, that not even Congress constitutionally possessed.


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