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Obama Is Falling Apart, Losing Friends

June 12, 2012 by  

Obama Is Falling Apart, Losing Friends
President Barack Obama's base may be turning on him.

Things have not been going as well as the Administration of President Barack Obama likely wishes they were in recent weeks, and the President seems to be taking heat from people across the political spectrum.

Last Friday, Obama held a press conference about the economy. Later, Washington Post opinion writer Ed Rogers lambasted the President for giving a speech in which nothing was said. Rogers suggested Obama’s advisers give him some honest advice about his terrible performance.

Rogers writes:

If you are president of the United States and you don’t have anything to say, don’t have a press conference to say it.  If you’re the president of the United States and by Thursday it’s widely believed you’ve had one of the worst weeks of your presidency, take Friday off, and specifically avoid having a press conference.

Anytime you are president and you’re speaking in public at an ill-timed press conference after a bad week, try to have something to say, and do a good job in saying it.  I watched the whole thing, but it’s not easy to think of one useful thing that he had to say.  And what he said, he said very poorly.  Was it just me, or did the president seem a little dazed and confused?  He should have had a cup of coffee before the press conference.

Over at the left-leaning blog Crooks and Liars, pundits focused more on what the President did say as opposed to what he did not.

The blog states:

[W]hat bothered me about the entire briefing…is that Obama seemed out of it. There was no sense of urgency in his voice or demeanor that millions of people are hurting, are underwater on their mortgage payments—and are one paycheck away from ruin. And worst of all, in an election year, there was no discernible trace of anger that Republicans in the House are a big part of the reason.

And there was this comment from the President, which raised eyebrows among even from the writers at Huffington Post: “The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government. Oftentimes cuts initiated by, you know, Governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government and who don’t have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in.”

Huffington Post’s Luke Johnson points out:

As a political matter, the remark had all of the makings of a gaffe. The economy is Obama’s biggest weakness in his campaign for re-election, and the comment almost certainly did not help the president’s standing.

Obama released a statement later in the day seeking to “clarify” his remarks and make it “absolutely clear the economy is not doing fine.” The rest of the Nation knew this a week prior with the release of a dismal economic report followed by a drop in consumer confidence.

For many who want to see a new President take office in January, the Friday’s press conference sits perfectly atop a month-long accumulation of bad press for the current Administration.

In May, the Obama campaign asked Mayor Corey Booker of Newark, N.J., to appear on “Meet the Press” to act as a campaign mouthpiece. During the interview, Booker told a national TV audience the President’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at private-equity firm Bain Capital were “nauseating” and made him “very uncomfortable.”

Later, former Representative Artur Davis (D-Ala.), a close ally of President Barack Obama, switched parties and became a Republican — but only after criticizing the direction that the Democratic Party is headed.

Meanwhile, Republicans have recently began increasing pressure for investigation into suspected leaks of classified security information said to have been carried out to bolster Obama’s public image with regard to foreign policy. Among the information contained in the leaks are reports on U.S. cyber warfare against Iran, procedures for targeting militants for drone attacks and the existence of a double agent who penetrated a militant group in Yemen. Some lawmakers have called for an investigation to be carried out by a special counsel, independent of the Justice Department.

The Justice Department is dealing with some troubles of its own in connection with the highly publicized “gunwalking” scandal Operation Fast and Furious and whether Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress. A House committee looking into the ordeal has scheduled a contempt vote for June 20.

If it weren’t enough that he seems to be losing his luster with media and liberal bloggers while simultaneously being embroiled in controversy, Obama also seems to have lost some favor with his former number one fan: “Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger.

Ettinger, the young model and actress who became an Internet sensation during the 2008 Presidential election after making a love song for Obama, says she is “not as excited as I was the last time, that’s for sure.” She subsequently declined to tell The Daily Caller that she supported Obama for re-election.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    Campaigning has proved to be extremely difficult work. Especially when you have to travel all the way to the “left coast” and attend all those “you’re the greatest” hollywood fundraisers. Remember “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. Couldn’t agree more with that statement. Time to send every “progressive” home this fall for a much needed rest.

    • Tom W.

      And don’t let the door hit where the Good Lord split ‘em! LOL!!! I wonder what that wing-tip tasted like?! YUM! LOL!!!

    • RW113

      Obama has done a good portion of his campaigning in foreign nations – where he still has support for his policies due to the damage they do to the USA – and Lap Dog Media has ran with his immense support on these trips – now that the DNC is going into damage control mode – even the media will be directed to distance the party from Obama, in an effort to fool the people into believing it was only Obama, not the policy of the Dem Party that has been going on under the Obama Presidency. This article, and the cites therein, are proof that the Media is being directed to begin the process. Til now, no matter what, they would never say anything negative about Obama, their Messiah.

  • John Laperuta

    Obama does’nt care about anything other than his self…and by the way..since when did Obama ever have anything meaningful to say..he’s a bigger and weaker idiot than Jimmy Carter..Obama ran against a frail old man in his first election..turns out he’s frailer than McCain all around.Obama=Loser.November can’t get here fast enough.

    • Ken

      Everyone seems to believe a change in underwear is going to produce a change in “business-as-usual”….

      Leaked documents PROVE the Bilderbergers engineer their plans for this country YEARS in advance.

      • Melissa Segler

        Yep. You got it.

    • http://none george


      • Terry Derwitsch

        chuck a sickie

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      You are so right. McCain was a old fart but now we have Romney and he is caring a stinch with him. Is it the tea party or a change of underware that they lend him.

  • BJ.Holmes

    If we love his speeches, we should just vote for his speechwriters for president. He doesn’t know a thing he reads. For a real comedy, watch his act when the teleprompter fails or falls. He has no philosophies of his own so he has to quickly stammer and make up something to say.

    • Deerinwater

      That fallacy was started in the beginning but proved wrong go ago. I guess you are a single source news person or none at all.

  • Ken

    This loss of prestige must wreak havoc on his hedonistic ego….

  • Deerinwater

    “As a political matter, the remark had all of the makings of a gaffe. The economy is Obama’s biggest weakness in his campaign for re-election, and the comment almost certainly did not help the president’s standing.”

    If I’m not mistaking, a weak economy was brought to us by the GOP and sustained by the GOP seeing few other feathers in their war bonnet to do much else besides the usual “Right to Life” with supporting the death penalty and Personal liberty except for Fairy’s.

    The strategy has always been to make things appear so bad you’d be willing to ask “W” back.

    People are stupid like that, it actually works and exactly why the GOP uses it.

    • Mr. Nun Ur Bznes.

      I’m sick and tired of hearing that it the fault of the GOP or W Bush! Obozo had the full house and senate at his disposal for the first two years of his now failed run. All he accomplished in doing in that time was destroting the nations credit rating, spending trillions of dollars on failed policy’s and apologizing to the world for the US helping everybody and for winning wars they asked us to fight for them. He then began the largest run of printing money the nation has ever undertaken, it continues today, he, Reid & Pelosi rammed his socialists heath care down our throats, continued to circumvent the constitution at every turn, hired Czars, appointed unqualifed person as supreme court judges. So not until the people were able to see his real intent and slow him down in 2010 did things grind to a halt. Thankfully so, or we would be under the control of the UN by now had the people not began to stop him! We will finish the job this November, and it will take eight years or more to fix what he has done. So it is not about the GOP or even the Dumbocraps, it is about stopping the destruction of the United States by a group of leftists who seized control through fraud, by using a black puppet and they almost got away with it. So I do not care who the next person as long as they can prove they are natural born, they love America, and there not a commie George Sorros lovin Sal Alynsky educated jackass from Kenya!

      • Phillip l long


      • Deerinwater

        Well, if I misspent a few trillion dollars and misdirected our nation into a protracted 10 plus years , unfunded, two front war, I think that you have a right to be sick. That in your delirious state of illness you have forgotten how you got sick comes as no great surprise and actually is the nature of the illness and how we “acquired it”. People that have short memories tend to keep doing the same things yet expect a different results.

        That we miss these trillions of dollars today and are still spending and engaged in activities committed and put in play by a prior administration that offers Americans “no returns”, “no rewards” , “no, thank you” , “no sense of gratitude” should make anyone ill.

        Somehow, while it remains unclear and unspoken , any US “returns” was in securing future oil reserves. The might of the US military was to be brought to bear and “somehow” things were to work out for us while indigenous people throw roses and give us the key to the city!

        That the protracted cost in VA health care is yet to even be clear today , or the human cost paid in blood and suffering alone might be “worth the effort”

        “Classified Iraq war logs 109,032 deaths including 66,081 civilian deaths. January 2004 to December 2009″

        That should make you puke your guts out! and that is just IraQ to 2009!

        For a guy that claimed to be against the US engaging in “Nation Building ” , I don’t know about you, but myself, I feel LIED to and screwed over in a big way while my disappointment pales to the suffering and cost to others.

        Each one of those deaths, had a mother that cried. They had families, wives, brothers, sons , daughters and that number is just the dead! War wounded count usually runs 3 to 1. But why count or consider men and women by the thousands living the rest of they lives out unable to provide for themselves or their families? My guess is, you’ve not considered it.

        You are indeed ~ a sick man, if it were up to me you will be sick, until you are no more.

      • Doctor Mom

        Double Amen.
        Well said.

      • Doctor Mom

        Woops! That “Double Amen” was for Phillip I Long, not for the “progressive” that the remark follows.

      • Patriot Higgins

        somewhere in Kenya a villege is missing its idiot

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        Triple Amen for me…People will either see the “Light” for themselves, or they’ll become Victims, and trying to change their minds is fruitless…and when you yourself philosophicaly and ideologically separated from the “Majority”…It’s time to consider relocating to greener pastures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Void1972

        Mr Nun

        Thank you so much for a perfect reply to the ignorant liberal!

        I couldn’t have said it better!

        God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Deerinwater

        “I’m sick and tired of hearing that it the fault of the GOP or W Bush! Obozo had the full house and senate at his disposal for the first two years of his now failed run.”

        Two WHOLE YEARS !!!???? ~ well what wrong with that picture? ! There must be sompen wrong with him! Hahaha! The GOP broke all- time records with their filibuster efforts in the Senate those two years but of course you’ve forgot that along with other meaningless fact that you “prefer” to ignore as it fails to support your realities and felonious claims.

        “If you’re wondering why Dems are all of a sudden smitten with the idea of reforming Senate rules, check out this chart, passed along by a Democratic source.

        Over the last two years, Dems broke more filibusters than any Senate in recorded history. In fact the only other Senate that comes close was the last Senate, right after the GOP lost its controlling majority on the Hill.

        Perhaps because their majority was so large, Democrats actually had to take fewer steps to break filibusters this Senate than in 2007-2008. In the 111th, Harry Reid filed 136 cloture petitions, down three from the 110th. And according to Senate record keeper, Dems held fewer votes to invoke cloture this Congress than last — 91 compared to 112.

        That may make stories about incoming class of Democrats toying with the idea of modifying some of the Senate’s rules more explicable.

        Congratulation, the GOP has work hard to preventing this administration from being effective at every turn in the road. Today’s modest recovery is due in part to the GOP and their “party first” interest superseding the needs and will of the majority of Americans that want these wars over and American interest that enjoy the benefits that being an American afford them to get get off their assets and invest their profits back into the nation that made their “good life” possible to start with. ~ Dance with the one that brought you to the dance, or remain forever “un-escorted” , American Tax payers feeling no need to run you interference if that’s the way it’s going to be. . Feel free to go to Bolivia or Bogota and form your own armies, invest in your own security. You are free from America and all us little people.

        Much was achieved in those two years in spite of GOP turning into civil servants that were just showing up to vote “no” and draw a handsome Federal pay check. But it was hard fought “gains” and maybe you would like to take pride it that if you wish.

        We should never expect resolve & resolution to be easy, but neither should it be seen as impossible. What if the DNC decides to do the same thing, putting party interest ahead of the business of the day. business that needs serious address?

        You know, a filibuster can work both ways?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Deerinwater must be posting for Flashy now. Just like Flashy he uses many words but says nothing useful.

      • Dennis48e

        Deerinwater must be posting for Flashy now. Just like Flushy (love Opals take on his name) he uses many words while saying nothing useful.

    • Dorian Douglas

      Deerinwater and others

      The down economy was NOT brought to us by the GOP, it was brought by NINJA loans in the 90′s, followed by creation of Fannie & Freddie. Who orchestrated this? Congress (dems, with help from progressive GOPers), and a compliant president in the 90′s. What did Bush have to do with either??? OK, as Pres he tried to get Congress to rein in F&F, but congress (including a screaming Obama, before and while in the senate) wouldn’t go along.

      Also remember who controlled both houses of congress in 2007 & 2008 (following 5 straight years of lowering the deficit), especially the budget process (Dodd & Frank, who engineered Freddie & Fannie). We haven’t had a budget since! And then they collapsed the banking system (deliberately) in 2008.

      BTW, don’t bother with “budget surplus” in the late 90′s; that was due to Y2K (and Pres BC who didn’t screw it up), in spite of congress.

      Congress brought us the economic problems.

      Make sure of facts before you orate!

      Dorian Douglas

      • Deerinwater

        Agree, but only in part. ~ Leadership was absent and focus misdirected for which I hold leadership accountable.

        When you are the guy that wakes up and tells the nation what is important today, it comes with responsibility.

      • Thinking About

        When Phil Gramm declared many time if we would just deregulate the banks, etc, everything would be just fine. Guess what Phil Gramm is republican, they got their bill passed and by votes which would override a veto so it went into law. It has been proven since then you can not deregulate them for they will get out of hand. The answer it is not the GOP is wrong, it was on their watch loans was given and failure resulted.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, Gopher Phill was was wrong. ~ But I’m most willing to agree with you, ~ We can blame the tool maker, we can blame the “tool” or do the smart thing and blame the user of the “tool” ~ just as you would a pistol or a hammer.

        This argument can be applied to NAFTA as well, a good ideas but application being everything and the difference between a healthy middle class or an out of work middle class and a few wealthy people we can love hate because of their success as they enjoying the benefits of a administration blind to trade imbalance and how it’s destroying the nation without some oversight and regulation. Now if you want to remove the restraints of national boundaries and everyone be allowed to go and live where ever they they want to, ~ then allow Nafta free wheel. But that is not an option on the table, so accept the fact there are national markets , captured and confined markets and regulation is what keeps the wheels on our wagon.

        Today We seem to be most willing to blame everyone BUT the user of the “tool” for the trouble the tool has caused. Kinda silly really. A pistol or a gun has no sense of morality nor does a law if those that enforcing and using it are blind to it’s consequence.

        To the disservice of the American people at the time “this tool” was being “misused” , agencies and offices of oversight , the SEC and AG office , offices under the control of a single sitting administration ~ were “Out to Lunch” . OOps! we seem to be making a circle back to the oval office again. Darn it! I just hate it when that happens!

    • Michael Schmidt

      “As a political matter, the remark had all of the makings of a gaffe” Sorry Deerinwater a “GAFFE” is made when your speaking off the cuff not when your reading it from a teleprompter.Part of Bushes economy problems were created after 9-11 trying to pay for a war that the majority of the Republicans and the Democrats were supporting. Then the last 2 years of his administration when the worst of his debt was created the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate and control continued for the 1st two years of Obamas’ administration. So I guess your right on that note “The economy IS one of Obamas’ weaknesses”
      As far as ‘being willing to ask W back’ I didn’t realize he was running for re-election again. We’re not voting for Bush again. We’re voting against a President that thinks the way for a healthy economy is to continue Tax and Spend policies that haven’t been working, a President who surrounds himself or takes advice from avowed Markists and Socialists such as Van Jones and Bill Ayers, voting against a President who worked for and still is connected to the organization ACORN who was tied to voter fraud (ACORN had been sued by “The Buckeye Institute” on behalf of the constituents of Ohio and banned in the State of Ohio under the RICO ACT for voter fraud).
      We’re supporting a candidate who who not only has been successful in politics, but also successful as a businessman whose main crime he’s accused of is being rich. Well if he’s rich apparently he has an understanding on what it takes to be successful. And if being rich is such a sin than what about John Kerry and especially another Democrat Barrack Hussien Obama!

      • Deerinwater

        “Then the last 2 years of his administration when the worst of his debt was created the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate and control continued for the 1st two years of Obamas’ administration. ”

        Right! by the time congress found out they had been lied to and misdirected, ~ they were committed to a decision made under false pretense and found in an embarrassing and compromising position as they attempt to get into damage control and clean the egg of their face. We committed to swimming about a lake and found the middle of the lake is no place to decide to turn around and go back.

        To been seen at home or abroad as wishy washy about these wars while the whole world looked on in disbelief, brings out the stupid in anyone holding aspiration of being reelected to a nice position and title.

        There is enough blame to go around for everybody and have some left over, I would think. My protest were not loud enough , I was not heard. As a combat vet, it stank from the offset, the reasons were not completely clear, ( aluminum tubes?) Military brass was chastised, their input discounted, the end game play a fools folly. The 3 month setup a joke. It was greatest misguided and misuse of military might in the history of the world.

        What was gained in all of this? ~ R&D in killing people as quickly and easily as possible.

        Now that’s something anyone can use.

      • Deerinwater

        “We’re voting against a President that thinks the way for a healthy economy is to continue Tax and Spend policies that haven’t been working,”

        I think that you will find Federal Taxes today , where “W” placed them. I think you will find all federal payouts on the general ledger including war cost unlike the previous administration.

        I think you will find this administration willing to look at everyone shopping list while asking for people to pay for it or find another way to get it done as we look for a graceful exit in Afghanistan . Every dime spent there is a dime wasted if it not part of our departure strategy.

        Spending is a big problem when you place it in some pole dancers draws. If this same dollar went home and went into the little lady of the house draws, that’s a much wiser investment and offer much greater returns.

        Not spending is not the solution, but spending wisely and taxing modestly.

      • Thinking About

        This was also after Bush tax cuts went into affect and Bush never, never never found a way to pay for the war he started with all out lies. He lied his way in and run afterwards.

    • Steve E

      Thanks to the Obama economy, I have to live on the money I saved at the time Bush was President. It is Bush’s fault that I have money to live on throughout the Obama Regime.

  • nc

    John, 69 million Americans voted for Obama in 2008! Come Nov. those 69 million have to decide if Romney is a “better choice” or just another “daddy’s boy” bush with the same policy that failed the last time and lead to the 69 million votes! Thanks to the Republicans that choice is not as difficult as it could have been.

    The Democrats might lose in Nov. but that might not be a bad thing> The Republicans are down to their last out to make America stronger after the less than glorious terms of the two Republican bushes! Correcting the problems of the 2008 recession might not be as easy as Romney and the Republicans think! Especially if the Democrats lock down like the Republlicans did to make Obama’s attempt at full recovery impossible! What goes around comes around!!

    You might want to go to at “Presidents and Prosperity” and see where the Republican controlled magazine , Forbes, ranked the economy of Jimmy Carter against all of the Presidents since Ike!! Better than some of the Republicns since Ike. Have a look!

    • Deerinwater

      Make America stronger? Well, ~ Odor isn’t everything.

      I don’t see how Romney would be good for anyone but Romney and friends.

      To fill the shoes of every American citizen President will be a serious stretch for a man like Romney.

      Maybe that is not something you look for in a President?

      • Bev

        At least Romney is not a communist. So yes he is infinitely better than the O. FYI Romney might have been born into a very well off family, but that does not make him inhuman. We don’t get to choose our parents. From what I have read he gave away his inheritance. The money he has now, is money he has made on his own. Sounds like a winner to me.

      • Deerinwater

        “O” is not a communist either and as I understand it, Mitts is guilt of buying solvent companies, milking their reserves and selling them distressed to the unsuspecting with default eminent. Where not only American jobs were lost but life savings in pension as well. Not to mention several rural American communities losing not only their job providers but tax base in the process of Mitt rise to wealth and stately position.

        This practice is nothing new and in fact went viral during Ronnie’s administration, with junk bond, corporate raider, leveraged buy-outs and hostile take over’s, launching the beginning of the end to American work values and the American concept of a job well done and a days wages for a days work. Not to mention the value of employee loyalty, they have no use for loyalty anymore, it’s longer necessary. ~

        Now, today we find both business and government have the power to screw you out of not only a fair wage but any savings that you are hiding in the hole. They know you got it and they want it ~ and they plan to get it by hook or crook or anyway they can. Lying to you being the most easy and lest expensive way to do it. When it comes to bang for the Buck, a lie is a good investment. They are coming for your SS contributions as they elect to label them as “entitlements” as opposed to invested returns.

        If you think these Mitt Romney qualities are fitting for any person that aspired to be President to all Americans, we’ll just have to disagree Madam.

        You are entitle , same as I. ~ but please, let us keep the conversation inside the boundaries of what can be proven as so, without fictitious claims and embellishments.

        “O” is many things and maybe some unflattering but he is not a Communist and there is no Diabolical Plan on the part of this administration to bring down America.

      • ohoh

        Communism works in insidious, incremental ways. Obama is either complicit or a really stupid and dangerous useful idiot.

    • BigBadJohn

      something wrong with that Forbes chart. It ranks Nixon 9 on inflation Ford 1 and Carter 10. Ford inherited Nixon’s inflation and all he did was print up a bunch of pins that said WIN whip Inflation Now. Then Carter inherited the same inflation that Ford did.

      • nc

        John, inflation is a rate measurement! If the Nixon measurement was high when Ford took office and it increased less under Ford than any other President during the test period h e was the best at “controlling” the rate of inflation! The rate rose much faster and higher under Carter for a number of reasons! The reasons can be argued but the RATE can’t! It is what it was!!

    • Patriot II

      NC, You might want to push your head up above the sand, and relalize that Obama;s intention is to Destroy America for Whomever (Mystery Elite). I do not beleive that Romney intentlially wants to see America go down like Obama does. Therefore since I am a Patriot and love this Country I do not want to see it destroyed, so I guess I need to vote for Romney Huh?

      • nc

        Patriot, by all means vote your choice based on your belief that Romney is the man for the job by implymenting his Republican platform!! Just like the people who voted for daddy’s boy” bush and his promise of what the Republican platform would do for America! We know how that came out! I wish you better results for America’s sake!

    • Patriot

      The TeaParty candidates and principles need to take over the Republican Party and start cutting into the Democat party, this is our only hope! Keep the faith there are more of us than them!

    • Dorian Douglas

      Ironically, Obama could be sailing to a 2nd term, with a humming economy. The economy will jump-start itself (better for all but Obama) when he is defeated; and ACA is shut down by the court, or repealed.

      What is holding the economy back is fear by investors & companies with cash. The cost of ACA, tax uncertainty & UNREASONABLE regulation (EPA, Labor, banking) are the impediments to the economy, and the elimination of those impediments will release the government-imposed brakes.

      W could have pretty much recovered by the end of 2009, had it not been for “the Obama Experiment”.

      Dorian Douglas

      • Patriot II

        Dorian; Right on the mark. The Media Propganda Manchine is who we are fighting, the message you just posted somehow is being masked.

    • Patriot II


      Choice is clear:

      Communism or Republic,, I dont want communism. pretty simepl huh!

    • Void1972

      Both Bush Sr and Jr are part of the creation of the new world order and are not now nor never true Republicans!

      Both Bushes are frauds and should be held accountable along with the obamanation for the destruction of our Constitution!

  • hpw3506

    When the teleprompter fails, what comes out is what he really is — marxist, socialist, elitest, self-absorbed and definitely not pro-America.

    • eddie47d

      I see you are playing the teleprompter card which is nothing more than a running Republican giggle or cheap amusement. I think everyone has political burnout even the President himself. Heck we all have had to endure a lousy economy and more than one war for 12 years now. The economy is actually better now than 5 years ago but no one is pleased with it. Every week you feel it’s either growing and doing good or tanking like a rock. We just can’t get comfortable with it. I put the blame squarely on Congress and Wall Street for neither is inspiring much of anything.

  • Sirian

    Isn’t it unusual that a third of union members are now supporting Romney? It may very well increase even more by November. Wonder why??

    • Patriot II

      Sirian; here is why…… 80 % of Union Members (in the private Sector) did not vote to be in the Union. The Strong arm tactics, Intimidation, and extortion of the Union Thug Bosses is the reason why they are in the union in the first place. 30 years ago I worked for a Union one week at the end of the week I decided not to, all of the low IQ workers started to try to imtimidate me. I just smiled a wayved my middle finger as I drove away.

      The real Class Warware is beween the people who earn under 250,000 in this country.

      I drive down the street and see guys sitting around at Labor ready, and then I see a guy I know who’s in the union drive by them in a New F350 Pickup truck with two brand new 3 wheelers in the back, and wonder if he wonders about them or just himslef and his brothers in the Union?

      • Sirian

        Oh I understand Patriot II, the “Wonder Why?” was a sarcastic remark. It’s simply good that there are more and more union members that are beginning to come to their senses just as you did 30 years past. Isn’t it somewhat surprising how many public union members in Wisconsin are NOT paying their dues anymore? Hmmm, it seems as if the fog has cleared away.

    • Patriot II

      Sirian; Ah

  • peter

    it is obvious that Obama is not capable of doing anything about the predicament in which the USA finds itself today. It is equally obvious that Romney would not do any better. The reason is that they are just there as empty suits to say and do whatever the masters tell them to do. Whether the USA people put their faith in the Republicans or the Democrats, it is no more then betting on a losing side, but hey, that’s what life is all about – taking sides without investigating whether the sides are even worth backing. We just go on and on believing in the unbelievable and that is very frightening indeed. Are there any people left who really believe we are performing badly or do they just bury their heads in the sand? For a glimpse of reality, perhaps a look at what Jim Sinclair has to say might just be a wake up call. He is of the opinion that the end is here for the financial markets. Take note those who still firmly believe that money can be made out of nothing. Borrowing to get out of debt is futile and anyone who believes that is on life support.

    • eddie47d

      Jamie Dimon’s friends are furious with him for being so open and honest about JP Morgan’s financial troubles. (lost $27 billion). Damon had betted on riskier assets in the derivative market. Bill Archer former co-chairman of Goldman Sacs says “that is just the way the world is” and it’s no big deal..In other words it’s business as usual on Wall Street for these investment hotshots and nothing more than a game of cards.

      • http://PersonalLibertyNews Keith Dourrieu

        I dare anyone to check out and see who the largest Wall Street banks and donors, supported with their billions. Then guess who has to return the favor, once he is in. Oh come on your smart enough to get this one right on the first guess. Lol

  • Pingback: Government Does Very Few Things Well « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL

  • Bob

    My question is: WHY do WE,(the american People) let him use OUR 747 to go on the CAMPAIGN TRAIL???lets buy him a GREYHOUND bus ticket,to campaign out tired of oreo and his dear wife spending OUR money,and calling the WHITE HOUSE ,,,HIS HOUSE, Last i heard it (the WHITE HOUSE) is OUR HOUSE. THIS CLOWN,,,is an IDIOT !!!

    • eddie47d

      The house you live in is your house whether you own it or are renting it.It’s the place you call home and the White House will be Obama’s at least until January 2013 or maybe even until 2017. Now when it comes to the 747 I want every President to be safe from all the nutjobs out there and that would include Obama,Bush or even Romney if elected.

    • nc

      Bob, it might be because every American President since government supplied aircraft was first made available to them did a little campaigning while on “official” business! It’s not just Obama UNLESS YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT IT IS just Obama! Like he is not a “commie” UNLESS you want him to be a “commie”!! He can anything YOU want him to be if your mind requires that to “FUNCTION.

    • Paul B.

      After Obama gets done with all his vacations, campaign fundraisers and trips around the world, etc., etc. , the Dems and Media will never be able to criticize any Republican President for doing the same thing, except for the fact that they are all hypocrites. Obama has set the new standards for presidents. I don’t think it’s right to do that, but the MSM will be hard pressed to criticize Romney for anything he does. So let him travel, let him fund raise on our dime, it will be worth it in the future. He will be gone, we will be in and the MSM will have nothing to say about anything.

      • Manny

        I would appreciate details when someone makes random comments about the President taking “vacations”. Aside from the 2 he’s taken, and 3 days for a funeral, what are you talking about? He’s entitled to vacations and time off. If Congress and the rest of the government we elected, would grow up and support this country, instead of waisting more money trying to investigate a “LEAK” the Republicans think might have happened, we would all be better off. I’m disappointed that more hasn’t happened, I’m waiting for “The Change” Obama spoke of, however, when the President doesn’t have sole power, and has to deal with other politicians looking out for themselves, how can anything get better? Like it or not, President Obama is in office because the majority of this country elected him, we also elected the selfish and greedy politicians in Congress and in local government. If none of those we can work together, make this country a bette
        r place, the Republican, Democratic, Independent, or idiots, we will all fail.

      • Manny

        And YES, without a doubt, our local government, I live in Georgia, is worthless. They have waisted what ever money this state received during those worth “Give Aways” Mr. Bush started, and this state can’t account for where that money went, it didn’t help Georgia grow, create jobs, or even buy toliet paper for our public restrooms. The President is 100% correct about that.

    • Ken

      And taking an entourage of his other “oreo’s” with him…..and he’s not a racist?! he’s blooding n***e* rich (excuse the pun) and drunk off spending monies from the people….

  • rb

    Of course Mr. Obama is losing his position with the liberal media and ultra left. Like those before him he continues to make war on sovereign nations at his whim. Like those before him he has handed American banks and the Central Bank over to the ultra rich and gave them tax payer money to keep making bad decisions and line their personal pockets. He promised ultra socialist change and has produced little to that affect accept for Obamacare. Moreover whith Romney as the Republican choice what threat is there to the liberals? He’s been more Democrat in his politics throughout his career than many Democrats. This election year the only thing that will change is the face behind the podium. Such a shame.

  • Tom Cook

    Has anyone ever deserved to go down in flames more than this homo mus Kenyan communist tiny piece of detritus, this absolute fraud who has never done one useful positive thing in his entire depraved meaningless existence? Hopefully the blow to his petty little ego will be too much for him to endure.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    The Most Intelligent President EVER!! Even Smarter Than The Founding Fathers!! If that Democratic Commununist would like to step up and say that again he should be shot for being “TOO STUPID TO BE ALIVE”. All I can say is if this lunatic gets re-elected I am moving to Beleze. This Country will not exist with 4 more years of the most Moronic Illegal Kenyan Born Sunni Muslim Communist Half Breed NOT
    BLACK for you other Morons since his mother(fkr)was WHITE does that make him white???

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Who said he was Black? Out on the Net, you can search, and find Poison obumbler is
      50% White, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% African. African is not American Black.

  • http://google john p.

    Obama will go down in history ass the worst President that we ever had .
    He is a big Embarrassment to not only the Democrats but to the people
    of the United States . other Country’s think we are nut’s for electing a
    maniac who is out of control to be our President . GOD help us .

    • eddie47d

      Foreign leaders actually did say that about G Bush so is that who you were referring to. RB above said ” why would he be a threat to liberals”. Liberals are upset because the do nothing Congress is Doing Nothing and also consider Obama too Conservative.

    • Thinking About

      Your comment might hve been true except the GOP elected George W as yet there has not been one who is worse.


    Sam Rolley,



  • Humpty Dumpty

    “Obama released a statement later in the day seeking to “clarify” his remarks and make it “absolutely clear the economy is not doing fine.” The rest of the Nation knew this a week prior with the release of a dismal economic report followed by a drop in consumer confidence.” Hey, most of the nation knew that 3 1/2 years ago, I’d say. Where was the press then? Why is it waking up now? I guess better late than never, but a sad price has been paid because of Obama’s tragic 4 years in office and the free press not doing its job of reporting the real FACTS. Are you/we better off in 2012 than you/we were in 2008? The USA got change–change in our pockets instead of dollars. The economy is teetering on ‘broken’ and possibly beyond fixing, pllus generational indebtedness. Is socialism the way to fix it? Heck no! So, let’s be serious about politics this year and take a real hard look at where the USA is going–hopefully NOT down the tubes or the way of the European Union. Personally, it is my opinion where there’s nothing to salvage, cut it loose and let it sink!




  • uvuvuv

    carter beat ford closely but with an insurmountable wave of popularity. once there was the perception he wasn’t tip top he lost many of those very same 1976 voters against reagan in 1980. there were many signs of trouble: plains georgia lost all its peanut tourists and the dc social hostesses decided that mr carter was “oh my goodness, way too busy to invite to my dinner.” he and rosalyn were isolated in the white house and it only got worse, especially with the failed hostage rescue. i don’t see obama crumbling to this extent yet, but the difference was the dnc had to put up with carter whereas obama was groomed by the dnc.

  • Doc

    deerinwater, you need to check yourself, just like the entire democrap party, “O”BLABBER was the one who “voted in” all of this irony! If you check all your resources, you’ll find that obummer voted in ALL of this during the 103rd congress, and overrode Bush and everyone else opposing this type economy “rush” that failed BIG TIME! It had nothing to do with todays voting, this was done LONG ago, before Nomomma even got into office!! BTW, while you’re checking yourself, you might as well check your drawers,,,,I think you just crapped yourself!!

  • http://None Mike C

    An administration that campaigned on diplomacy and peace in the middle east is now trying to prop up the president’s foreign policy- one that is based on drone strikes and cyber war. Does anyone else think that is strange?

    I’m curious what others think. Go ahead Dave67… chime in with your nonsense.

    • nc

      Mike, what impresses me most about Obama’s foreign policy is the fewer funerals of young Americans soldiers we are witnessing! Plus the less number of American citizens killed in America by foreign terrorist since he took office! HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT??
      I find it hard to believe that any President in the near future will not have a drone or cyber space program! Just too useful to abandon! I loved those shots of bin Laden being taken out! Were they not great or what??

      • http://None Mike C

        NC no sorry I am not impressed. You said fewer funerals which would imply that people are still dying in Middle East. Death is death. We were sold on the agenda of peace and diplomacy- a new era in the middle east.

        All you are saying is that America has gotten more efficient in it’s methods of killing.

        I am also not impressed that you are spiking the football with respect to the capture of the bearded one. I am not convinced that his capture was based on work done by the administration. It was simply a reflection of the work done by the intelligence community and people who are committed to the war on terror as commenced by the Bush administration. Likely Obama only gave the go ahead. How difficult is it to order someone to “proceed” with a mission that will catapult his popularity among the mindless sheep of american leftist voters? He certainly could not rest on his economic record.

        Further, I am not impressed that the capture of the bearded one included immediate execution. This really goes against the ideals of Obama. I was very surprised that no one, include the media did not bring the the issue of “due process” – something that is so highly cherished by the left. This was the same administration that campaigned against Gitmo and torture. Will the next president need to go apologize to the rest of world for this brand of cowboy justice?

      • MAP

        Nc, you are hopelessly deluded, requirement #1 for a dedicated Democrat. Make excuses, play the blame game, and feign ignorance. What a party of imbeciles!

      • Paul B.

        No nc I am not impressed either. UBL was cudos for Bush intelligence work. Obama would still be twirling his thumbs. I would say Ft Hood was American blood, Times Sq bomber (we got lucky) as with underwear and shoe bombers. It wasn’t Obama’s great intelligence work, it was shear luck and few brave passengers and observant passer-by’s who alerted the danger.

        I like the drone program, clean, efficient and effective. Keep it up. Many of Obama’s most effective strategies are hold overs from Bush, the surge, which Obama objected to as Senator, then adopted as Prez, was a prime example of Bush strategies.

        No nc, I am not at all impressed with Obama, his performance internationally or domestically, giving away everything for free to Russia, supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya while abandoning the same efforts in Syria and Iran when the uprising screamed for American help. But Obama remained silent, almost in support of Iran regime.

        No nc… not impressed at all. AND don’t see how you or any of your friends could be either.


        “Mike C,”



  • AJFrench

    If you are the President of the united states and need your speech writers and press agents to inform you of your abismal failings; its time to exit. This senario would be akin to trump waiting on his building janitors to purge the waste baskets for the dope on his companies status. As the commander in chief you should have a viable plan in place and should be imminently aware of the intended outcome of every step of your process; and back up remedies for failed policy suggestions. This should not be a surprise, delegated, or require a troop of lackies to report on the water bottle gossip. In addition, if one worked in the confines of the Constitution, the inevitable and incredible sum of money being spent in litigation just for leaning against the bi-laws of this country could be avoided.

  • Dr. M

    When will the American people wake up to this narsasistic, out of touch, over his head, lying con man that currently occupies the White House?

  • RW113

    It is like I said after a few of Clinton’s latest remarks – The DNC is getting ready to dump Obama – when it becomes/became [?] apparent he will not prevail in November. The party is trying to distance themselves from their own actions and policies – as they are so unpopular [and being ruinous to the nation, rightfully so], with the People. The hope is to claim it was him, not the D party, and get support of the People back for other candidates, hoping to save the Senate, regain the house, and go for the White House in 2016 – or a last minute challenger in 2012. Obama and Barrett didn’t fool everyone in WI with his non-appearance. Had Obama appeared, the smack down would of been high double digits in support of Walker – and they knew it.

  • AJFrench

    Furthermore, every Executive Order he has signed in violation of our Constitution should be voided immediately. If they are not at the entry of a new president, then we may assume that everyone in WA is in collusion and all need to be removed.

  • Mirage

    Obummer pretty much sucks D.D.; partly because the Republicans/Tea Party now follow an ideology of PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY (they should be flogged) in their refusal to work with Obama, thereby not allowing many of his policies to work, and secondarily; Obama sucks on his own, because lets face it, the guy is bought and paid for…
    I won’t willing support the Republicans/Tea Party … America imploded on their watch, compliments of 8 years of their policies.
    Defenders of the Right can say what they want, point to everyone else as the problem, but at the end of the day, GEORGE W. BUSH occupied the White House for 8 years, and had a fair amount of control in congress/senate – America TANKED with him at the helm.
    And then of course, George got us involved in two bankrupting wars that never should have been started, and were only started, by his administrations lying about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.
    Obama is the lesser evil.
    Rant of the Day.
    GO OWS!

    • HH

      Mirage said, “Obummer pretty much sucks”…………. “BUT NEVERTHELESS; I’M VOTING FOR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA FOR ONE MORE TERM!”

      Ignorance abounds once again!!!

      Mirage also said, “America TANKED with him (GWB) at the helm.”

      Go ahead, blame Bush, remember america was attacked by terrorist VERY early in his first term. No president has ever faced an attack of that nature on our own soil. Doesn’t anyone remember how you felt that day (9/11) and the weeks following? EVERYONE, (reps and dems) agreed action need to be taken but action against terrorist who have no country is difficult to say the least. The dem controlled senate voted 77 – 23 and the rep controlled house voted 296 – 133 to attack Iraq in 2002 so why do you keep blaming Bush? The democrats had just as much to do with it as Bush did.

      • Wildey

        Actually, I don’t think it matters who’s elected between the two of them. The both have the same goals and it isn’t the welfare of the American people.

    • John

      Should be a intelligence test for voters. Also, politicians should be held accountable.

  • uvuvuv

    which george, bush or soros.

  • Gangbuster 2012

    I Agree With All Thats been said About 0″bomb”a!!!In Nov.Lets give him a one way ticket out of (HIS?) “Our” White House!!!!

    • Wildey

      Question? Say we get rid of Obama. Have people really looked Romney? Considering they’re all Republicrat, they build on each other. Only going back as far Bush Sr. anyone looking can see the power that has been shifted to the executive office. Between Bush Jr. and Obama there has been the biggest leap. Romney’s cunning. Every word he says has been filtered to get him votes. Romney knows the power he will have and getting it is his goal.

      • xpressiveone

        One has to question why the democrat congress under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid decide to go on a spending spree of epic proportions.. Under Nancy Pelosi’s speakership spending increase 60% in Bushes last two terms. He really didn’t hold the power of the veto pen since the Democrats controlled both houses and would easily over turn the veto.Then when Obama was elected he had a super majority under him and Republicans had no way to stop the outrageous 5Trillion dollars worth of spending. Now at the rate of borrowing the deficit doubled from just last year. Under the debt ceiling talks all Obama put on the table was 100 million that is like offering a penny in cuts to your million dollar spending. That left the Republican house (where spending begins) no choice but raise the ceiling or have the credit of the United States down graded more. I truly don’t believe most people know the difference between million, billion and Trillions of dollars Billion sounds like it’s more than a trillion but a TRILLION is 100 times more than a Billion it’s mind boggling how many people are so clueless to what has gone on since the democrats regained the senate and the house in 2007. ALL should see this site

        As you see this keep in mind 10 TRILLION dollars worth of this debt clock was from Democrat spending since 2007. The average citizen would spend 70 years to spend 1 Trillion dollars. Yet the Democrats spent 10 x that amount in the last 6 years and all of it without passing one single budget which the Constitution Requires them to do. When the Republicans put forth a budget its dead in the Senate The Obstructionists are the Democrats. They have spent all the money from Social Security, Obama took 500 Billion from medicare to pass Obamacare by dubious methods such as bribery and promises. Republicans did not write that bill. They also ignored the will of the people to pass the monstrosity of Obamacare.. You’ve heard of Taxagetton but how many of you know of the hidden tax increases in Obamacare. We are broke thanks to the Democrat party. They have spent the United States to the critical point. Once we collapse no American will ever be free again. Was that a good bargain for our!

  • lean and mean 2012

    I also like the Picture of him (no presidental seal showing) !!!!

  • Beno

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving dictator-in-chief, the sooner he is gone the better off this nation will be.

    • Wildey

      But what’s going to replace him? Romney? Read his resume’. He has the same goal as Obama. Set himself up as America’s Tyrant. Maybe not from communist leanings but certainly Fascist. Take your pick, a Hitler or a Stalin.

  • Wildey

    As I see it, Obama’s in the anti-thesis stage hoping he can enjoy the synthesis one. By that I mean he’s being successful in his transition of America from a tattered Constitutional Republic to a communist state, goverment owned / government controlled. Some of his “friends” are not happy with the bringing America down stage because there’e a lot of suffering to do. Besides, Obama’s narcissistic self in reality has no friends. People are serfs, there to do his bidding. Oh! there friends on the surface but as things continue, it will be interesting. I’m not prophetizing, I’m putting what I know of the Russian revolution. That’s the manual Obama’s working out of.

    Reading the “news” you can see people have been indoctrinated to react to it, not act with reason. Reagan said: “trust, then verify”. Very very few do that. In the communist world friends are rewarded with their next birthday. A criminal spends all his time looking over his shoulder, if not physically, mentally Politicians seem to be spending their time looking over their shoulders. Not all but you can pick and chose who fits the mold.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian L:IBERTARIAN

    Could Obama possibly be in shock after being told at the Bilderberg meeting, he MUST LEAVE, his time is up !!!

  • F.B.Carter

    F.B.CARTER SAYS:, “Deerinthewater, why don’t you place your head in the water-face down, for 30 minutes. That would bring sense to you!!!!

  • Dee

    Anyone who would vote for Obama for a second term is brain dead.The country will be a third world country in less than a year.If you are white and vote for him you are even dumber. He hates white people,he said his grandmother was a typical white woman.He is a socialist. So if you like socialism or communism, then just move to a third world country.

    • Ken

      Romney will pursue the same course Barry has and his predecessors before him…..don’t delude yourself into thinking he won’t.

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    Oh isn’t it too bad that the media is finally challenging their messiah that they unfortunately never properly vetted. When did any other candidate get the free pass that OBAMA got?

  • Alex

    Economy—-better than when Obama took office, despite a congress that uniformly works against Obama’s programs and the American people.

    Osama bin Laden—Dead. Rather than give up on him, as Bush did, or refuse to go into Pakistan to get him, as Romney said he would do, President Obama saw to it that the man behind the 911 attacks, which Bush/Cheney allowed to happen by ignoring warnings.

    Al Qaeda—in tatters.

    • chuckb

      alex, your hero had nothing to do with finding obl, when our intelligence found him it took your hero 18 hours praying to decide whether to pull the trigger or not and i would say he probably had rug burns, it must have been an emotional trip for him to order the killing of a fellow muslim. do you ever wonder why he decided to kill him instead of bringing him back alive. hmm?
      furthermore, has anything changed since the death of obl and why didn’t one of your other hero’s billy clinton knock him off when he had the chance. hmm?

      where is the economy better than when bush left office?? where was the deficit in 2007?
      where was unemployment at ? where was the price of gas at? the bolshevik party has drowned us in debt, and in the process of destroying the best healthcare system in the world.
      no wonder your hero is losing all his friends, even fellow bolsheviks.

  • Steven Archibald

    It is clearly obvious that he has a serious “problem”, and it is too late for the Betty Ford Clinic to help.

  • Steven Archibald

    The “other”goes like this,..Slowly put down the 5th of “hard stuff”,now the “choom”,along w/the “rolled up $100 bill”,and back away from the mirror laying on the table,..

  • V Siegel

    The country is sick and needs a doctor. Fortunately for us, there IS a doctor running for president. I say, wait until the republican convention is over and let’s pray the doctor is still standing. I mean, c’mon folks, wouldn’t you ALL love to see a debate between Dr, Ron Paul and obama ?? when it was over, obummer would be “shell-shocked”, trying to dodge all of the “truth bombs” the good doctor would be hurling at him. Dr. Ron Paul is TRULY the ONLY real hope remaining. Dr. Ron Paul for President of The United States- 2012. Oh, and don’t forget… it’s all about the delegates, baby :-) Go Ron, Go !!

  • Robert Rashbrooke

    In reply to Mike C

    Obama campaigned to close GITMO but after being elected, when he attempted to do so our devoted politicians, worrying solely about OUR safety, refused to allow any captured war combatants onto our beloved soil in case it provoked a response from our emenies, thus endangering their constituents. So where can he send them? Perhaps you would care to enlighten us with a workable solution.

  • RightGunner

    We saw manipulation of the Presidential Election last time in which McCain was moved in and Romney was told to wait ’til next time, turning off most conservatives.

    Now suddenly everyone appears to be against Obama and since he is supposed to be the leader of the Democrats, against the Democratic Party as well. Does this not smell like upper level manipulation to snow the masses? We can speculate on their strategy but it smells very suspicious to me.

  • Luna Rite

    Obama is doing a good job. It is the problem of the Republicans that keep blocking him and the good work he is trying to do. Everytime has a good solution to any problem, the GOP tosses up a blockade and turns into issue out of something, that is a total non-issue, such a contraception. It is 2012, why are we even debating if a woman is “allowed” to use birth control or not? I thought that issue was resolved and buried forty plus years ago? Now suddenly women have to beg for that right to use it again? Seriously, what gives GOP? Why do you have a constant war going on against women, gays, the poor, and minorities? The ACTUAL underlying issue is NOT the economy, healthcare, education, women’s rights, or even Barack Obama. The real issue is that Republicans got very used to being the majority and have total control over the House, Senate, Executive, and Judicial branch, as well as majority in most states on every level clear down to school boards. It was like that for decades! They lost that control in 2008, when Americans finally got fed up with the garbage, the theocracy, the lies, hypocrisy, overspending, arrogance, hate, intolerance, inequality, poverty,unemployment, lack of social programs and funding, and absoutley NO healthcare. It also has A LOT to do with that Repulicans ARE made up of a very large percentage of very wealthy, WHITE, men , that hold extremly racial views and cannot STAND an educated, self-made, successful, wealthy black man that has more power than they do. They constantly have rallied against Obama since. No matter he does, or doesn’t do, it never is enough, or it was too much. Any provision or mandate he tries to pass, is always “socialism” (even though MOST Americand, especially the right-wing, doesn’t even know what that is) and any funding he tries to push through for a good program is always “big government.” It seems the conservative faction of this nation have an ongoing sterling reputation for standing AGAINST anything progressive, anything that moves humanity forward, anything that would actually better America, anything that would benefit American citizens, anything that would contribute to the advancement of any minority group. They seem throughly threatend by the idea that women might get equal pay and equal jobs, that a gay person has the right to marry the person they love, or that a Hispanic person can make a new life in American for him/herself and their family (ya know sort of like the Republicans WHITE European ancestors did!) They turn anything that is nothing but the availability of funds to help improvished people live better and make better choices, into a rant about communism or “big brother” or “out of control government.” Tell me what rights we have been stripped of since Obama took office? Name ONE right that has been taken away from anyone? Not one person can say their life is worse, of that they don’t have the same freedoms they did four years ago. In fact, if anything Obama has granted us MORE rights. Now we all soon will have access to healthcare, women will always be able to access contraception, abortion, and basic women’s health care, education has more funding, the economy IS steadily but surely improving every two months, and contrary to what the right claims, jobs ARE being created. Obama is, and has, and will continue to, create patheways and oppritunties for all Americans to have a fair shot. Isn’t that what democracy is about afterall? All Americans have the RIGHT to liberty, happiness? Have a right to work if they want to, have a right to equality, and the same chances? No one should be having to go hungry because it is either eat , or buy life sustaining medications. No woman should be forced to forever be a welfare mother because she didn’t have funding and access to the birth control she should of had , and there was no funding available to help her get an abortion she needed. The right turns everyone into an economic slave and demeans as many people as they can, while giving welfare out to corporations and the rich! Republicans literally buy their way into office, and if they can’t do that, they trick the poor into believing that they are helping them. Nothing is more mind boggling and baffling to me to drive through poorer, govt subsidized, neighborhoods and see pro-Republican candidate signs in people’s laws and windows! I want to go knock on their doors and remind them the very reason they are stuck where they are is because of Republicans and their failed policies, and their lack of concern or mindfullness of poverty in this country! And to continue to support the party that put them there, and wants to keep them there? It is almost maddening! That is what happens when there is a lack of education! No one realizes who their enemey REALLY is, and Republicans bank on that. They refuse to fund education for miniorities and low income people, so those people never really learn truth and facts, they never have an awarness about the world because they never get the oppritunity to open their minds and learn and grow. If the GOP and the Tea Party wasn’t in the way, we’d have moved forward much faster than we have, and progressed much further. Healthcare would already be in place for all, same with education, housing, and all the other funding we need. The tea baggers constantly whine about paying taxes, and demand cutting taxes, cutting programs, cutting more departments, cutting spending…well ok, what is your solution then? Cutting funding to any programs, maybe besides the military, is NOT the answer. We need MORE funding, and yes, that means we need MORE taxes. Where else is the govt supposed to get funding? It comes from taxas, and we all should be happy to pay taxes and do our part to help poor people, and people who are struggling. The reason we are debt is because of Bush, and the money he threw at the war. It isn’t because of Obama. Obama has tried with desperation to balance the budget and find solutions! If you all put another Republican back in office…you think it is bad now? Just wait until we regree back four more years back to the Bush era! This country is going to crumble out from under our feet!

    • ohoh

      Your ignorance about the nature and purpose of America — the fundamental principles of the American creed — is as breathtaking as your errant belief that anything about the anti-American progressive agenda could ever be considered “forward” thinking. Your values are so skewed toward the progressive, so anti-American at their root, there really is no basis for intelligent discussion. With this ignorant ideology predominating in our schools, media and government, we really are an afflicted nation and only the Second Coming or another American Revolution is likely to rout this cancer.

    • HH

      WOW another blind sheep, Luna (tic) you are all Rite. All you talked about is government funding this, the government funding that…………. WHERE DO YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT GETS IT’S MONEY FOR FUNDING ALL THE PROJECTS YOU SPEAK OF? It’s the middle class and the rich folks that pay the taxes. Government is NOT the answer!

      What jobs, other than government jobs, has Obama created? How much has it cost us tax payers to fund those jobs? The only USEFUL jobs being created, if there are any, are NOT created by Obama they are created by the private sector!

      THESE must be the jobs you speak of that Obama has “created”;

      The American Recovery and Re-investment Act (ARRA) will cost U.S. taxpayers over 800 BILLION dollars and will only create 200,000 to 1.5 million jobs? That’s a cost of 1/2 to 4 million dollars PER JOB!!! I’d sure be proud of that legacy!

    • HH

      I just got one question for you Luna (tic) Rite, how much did you pay in taxes last year? Be honest now!

  • chuckb

    luna rite, luna-tic

  • Gangbuster 2012

    I couldn’t agree more John.The worst President we have ever could put put both LbJ and Nixon together,and it still wouldn’t be near as bad as what we have now!!!!

  • middle man 2012

    His is worst than that!!!!!

  • Amy

    Since the Wilson era, regardless which party was in the White House, the administration continued down the same path. The early months of his administration, Obama spent visiting foreign countries and introducing himself as “a citizen of the world.”

    Time for the people to realize the need to be a clean sweep in Congress as well; the only way that can be done is for the people to concentrate through a united and concerted effort in their own Congressional District to find true patriots–who will vote for America first, and not be bribed when they get to Washington– or forget the people who elected them.

    Our rulers will continue to become corrupt, our people misguided, if they continue to fall for the false propaganda about voting…Those who know they should vote for Ron Paul, but won’t, should realize that if they do vote for him, Ron Paul can be our next President. Surely,there may be disagreements in some of his ideas, or plans, but that is why we have a Congress and the Courts who should take action against those who disregard, and out to destroy the Constitution. Ron Paul is a true American Patriot. He will appoint true patriots to his administration and Cabinet, who will put America first.

    It is essential for fixing every right that has been distroyed. Unless due respect for our rights is effected, the shackles that have been placed on the people will not be knocked off, but will remain on us and made heavier and heavier till our rights are revived or expire completely. Every act of Government against or without the consent of the People is injustice, usurpation, and tyranny.

    Our Constitutional Republic gives the People of the United States the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts—not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow those who pervert the Constitution….Abraham Lincoln said words to this effect more than 250 years ago.

    Government is not reason, it is not eloquence—-it is force.
    Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master;
    never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

    President George Washington

  • Hurtado Seferino

    Luna is a luna-tic!

  • xpressiveone

    Exactly how is it the Republicans fault when they have passed bill after bill and that becomes stuck in HARRY REIDS Senate. You know DEMOCRAT Harry Reid vowed he would not allow any Republican legislation to leave the senate and he has been true to his word. For once open your eyes and see where the gridlock is, HARRY REID SENATE MAJORITY LEADER and puppet of Obama. They have done such a poor job with the economy that its all they can do but put the blame on others. THEIR Policy that they enacted the first two years harmed the country. Do your Homework for once and look at the numbers secondly look what Rep Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd did with Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Bush warned them they that they needed to0 do something about the Banking Regulations which lead to the housing melt down Barney Frank refused that warning and 9 months to the day it collapsed. So Bush might of been in the car but Barney Frank had the steering wheel and Chris Dodd had the gas pedal.. BOTH Democrats who would not even consider a different direction. Same with Obama, everyone in this nation knows that his administration is a joke his plans are damaging this nation for decades to come and the plans and action are not working but Obama and the DEMOCRATS have no clue what to do so they are doubling down on their failure. Obama whines about being stuck with the worst economy since the great depression so what does he do he spends 5Trillion in 3 years time and the deficit doubled since this time last year. Will they change course no..even if Americans are hurting they will not change and all they have left to do is push the blame game. This is Obama’s economy, the most incompetent President ever to hold the job and i will add the most arrogant President we ever had. Since 2007 The Democrat party has spent almost 9 Trillion Dollars, facts are hard to swallow but the numbers don’t lie all that money spent and not one good thing that has come out of it. What kind of Man blames others and faults others when he himself rarely enters the Oval Office and rarely holds any meetings during his day. Obama has managed to fly all over the country, around the world and has played 100 games of golf on the taxpayers dime. Michelle has 22 staff members at her beck ‘n’ call and has taken over 10 million dollars worth of vacations. That is our money that pays for it. Now I don’t say they should be denied time to unwind but she averaged a vacation each month of his Presidency. They are treating this as Emperor and Empress and the children to have taken vacations on our dime as well. One has to have blinders on or be completely clueless to blame 10 TRILLION in Spending with a deficit number that totals 16 Trillion Dollars Bush left no larger deficit than Bill Clinton left him. Bill Clinton brags about having a balanced budget but any account will tell you it was smoke and mirrors. They had a list of things that were off the table and not counted. Bush had to over come the Clinton recession, over come 911, fought two wars and was paying down the deficit until democrats took the reigns in 2007 and went on an all out spending spree. That is what Obama inherited. What’s their answer spend more and Blame BUSH sorry we are not buying that lie now or ever again.

  • jtrev

    I still don’t believe that voting for Ron Paul, even if I have to write him in, will be a vote for Obama. Romney is NO BETTER in his policies than Obama. I will NOT vote for Romney or Obama. I think they both should listen to Ron Paul. In fact, I think they should both step aside for Ron Paul and let him bring this country back from the brink.

  • charles

    …obama isn’t loosing any friends.they were using him like he used them, he doesn’t have any friends, he never had any friends and he never will….


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