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Obama In Spider Web Bugs Liberals

October 5, 2012 by  

Obama In Spider Web Bugs Liberals

Every year, Glenn and Melissa Cruson of Colleyville, Texas, put on an elaborate Halloween display. But this year’s spectacle has some people upset.

The Crusons’ yard features a spider web — a web in which President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are caught. The Biden figurine is dressed as a clown and Obama has a big, red nose. Some neighbors have thought that Obama appears to be hanging.

“It has nothing to do with the office, the person that’s in the office of the president; nothing to do with the color, anything like that,” said Melissa Cruson. “It’s just the whole arena is just out of control. It’s the web. It had nothing to do with the tree at all.”

The display is full of Romney-Ryan signs and numbers dealing with the economy.

Despite criticism, the Crusons have no intention of taking down their display.

“I just think it’s important to show it’s our right, to free speech,” she said. “I don’t want that squashed and I’m afraid it’s being squashed by both sides.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Dulceb

    Leave it up. The truth is almost always offensive to those who love deceit.
    Everyone, and I mean, everyone has the right to speak their mind, or express themselves creatively. Those who want to squash that, are the enemies of the truth.

    • Warrior

      Question is, will this cause rioting by witches and warlocks? Free speech has proven to be extremely dangerous lately!

      • FreedomFighter

        Lets face it Obama gettting a second term will scare any sane person, and Bite-Me Biden in a klown suite seems so natural and as everyone knows Klowns are very scary, just watch S.Kings movie or Killer Klowns from outer space…

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Tony

        Yeah it could be said they are looking for ways to do away with their Opposition like this story shows , Lawsuit: EPA Conducted Gas Chamber-like Experiments on Elderly, Infirm

    • Maurice Jackson (@mrmo57)

      Whats the problen, after all people think the picture of a cross on a glass with some ones pee sample is art. Personialy I think this is much more artistic. Go for it people !!!

    • phideaux

      Take it down. It gives witches, warlocks, and especially spiders a bad name.

      • rocketride

        Minor point: a male witch is a wizard, nor a warlock.

      • phideaux

        A male witch is a male witch a warlock is the guardian/assistant to the female witch;.

  • braindeadus

    I think it is great especially Biden figure.

  • rendarsmith

    Typical liberals. They think it’s funny to make fun of conservatives but heaven forbid anyonne dare make fun of THEM!

    • eddie47d

      Oh Please fool! If Romney was in that spider web I would love to see how bugged you’d be! Take a reality check and then get back.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Wouldn’t bug me at all! They’re ALL part of the web of deceit!!! The sooner people realize it the sooner we can move ahead! If we’ve ANY chance of saving our country, we need to expose them ALL!!!

      • JeffH

        LMAO as eddie, the hypocrit, fires the first salvo of “personal” name calling. Try to control your emotions ya dufus…oh, that’s right…you can’t because you’re a liberal.

        I wonder how long it will take Obama’s “Brown Shirts” to arrive with a supeona signed by Holder to cease and desist or face imprisonment at GITMO for un-American activity.

        I thought they missed the mark by putting a red nose on “the dummy”…when a Pinnochio nose would have been more appropriate.

      • eddie47d

        More garbage in and garbage out from the king of trash collectors Jeff H. Bark,Bark Bark!

      • JeffH

        ROFLMAO now…chirp, chirp, chirp!

      • JC

        I think he’s coming on to ya Jeff! LOL

      • JeffH

        JC, yer killin’ me but you may be right. He’s always had odd tendancies. A few years ago he used to have visions of me in purple panties and black stillettos. He’s barkin’, but as usual, up the wrong tree.

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “Oh Please fool! If Romney was in that spider web I would love to see how bugged you’d be! ”

        That’s a really good idea eddie. I think I should get Ron Paul in there too. The web is the web of reality that they battle with. Course Dr. Paul will have a pair of scissors :).

      • s c

        Old komrade ‘e’ is at it again. Most of the time, when you’re trying to urinate on the legs of others, you do it and claim that free speech is involved (b s). When someone else does it, you are offended. Well, komrade ‘e,’ welcome to the club.
        This article is a great example of creativity. Free speech is a moot point. As with all things ‘art,’ some like it and some are offended. Then again, most people don’t have thin skins and a shallow ‘brain’ to match. Stick it, komrade. Want some petroleum jelly to make it go in a bit easier?

    • Vicki

      rendarsmith writes:
      “Typical liberals. They think it’s funny to make fun of conservatives but heaven forbid anyonne dare make fun of THEM!”

      Interesting. We know another group with similar behavior. I wonder if they are related?

  • http://fox shirl

    you know washington has never been this bad UNTIL Obama was elected it is like he has changed the world as we see it race is coming into light we never had this before, all because of one man that wants to be president not because he WANTS to help ALL people but he wants to be like Hitler to rule the world no mater what it takes to do it he will pass his own rules whether people want it or not because he can whether it be against the law no one can touch him this so wrong the Dems feel he can do no wrong and come on either they are really stupid or he has promised them all something we need to get this man out of office before he really does do something that we all will pay for

    • RichE

      What you fear has already happened. The Fat Lady has sung!

      • Rayma

        The Fat lady has sung,and I don’t believe there will be an election this year…Obama will withhold the elections with a “false flag” and become the F IRST DICTATOR America has everseen…We have a bumpy road ahead…look to Jesus…Romans 10:9&10

      • phideaux

        If there is a “false flag” incident I personaly think it would occur shortly after the election if obama looses and in about four years if he wins.


      Re: “we need to get this man out of office before he really does do something that we all will pay for”

      Uh, you figure you’re not going to get stuck helping to pay for *his* $6 Trillion in new debt?

      Best line from 1st Obama/Romney Debate:

      Just before the very end, by Jim Lehrer:

      “Mr. President, your time is up.”

  • peter

    Just wondering if the Muslims will take offence and blow up something or kill someone to get even!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If what you said has crossed your mind you are already fearful.

  • Elda

    If it was Bush nothing would be said. Why should this be a problem? This is very much like the Muslims saying it should be illegal to say anything AT ALL against them or your are killed or thrown in prison. It does not mean they can’t say or do anything against Jews and Christians. No, if one can do it all can do it. If one can’t do it all can’t do it. Leave the clown and his friend up.

  • http://portervillepost.comMusterRIGHTHere,WithSgt.Mack Sgt Mack

    I just wish they’d put o(WHATTA)bummer’s head on a SPIDER. That would have been CHOICE!!! He’s like a pervert, trying to entice the innocent, the naive, the ignorant into
    his web of deceit. “Come, children, I have candy (ie: hand outs) and I will TAKE CARE of
    you.” What they don’t seem to understand is that “take care of” also has sinister meanings, including murder. People need to start listening to those of us who were spreading the alarm, BEFORE he was elected: “To ARMS, the SOCIALIST is coming!!!”.
    We found that he really WAS transparent. WE could see right THROUGH him, especially when he produced 2 books that revealed him and his agenda. Just like hitler, w/ mein kampf (sp?) if you don’t bother to read what they say B-4 they run for president, you are likely to get sucked in.
    Sgt Mack

    • Mamamia

      Murder huh? You must be a paranoid schizoid psycho to believe that crap. Talk about fear mongering.

    • skippy

      I see where you are going with this Sgt!!…and I like it!! Big O is the spider & a map of the USA (with a million little people pictures pasted on it) is stuck IN the O’s web!
      What a visual!!! :) Good one Sgt Mack!!!

  • http://Facebook Elise Robb

    Freedom of speech, I will leave it there and if the shoe fits to those who don’t like it they can keep there doors closed or don’t look at it. Ever since Obama came to power people are afraid to do anything, I praise anyone who stand against him. He is just to abusive to the Americans with his Muslim ways and disrespect to our country, constitution and our believes.

  • Dad

    Stay focused on the important message. I believe that this type of record should draw some ire. Here are the federal money facts…

    * U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
    * Fed “budget:” $3,820,000,000,000
    * New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
    * National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
    * Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

    Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

    * Annual family income: $21,700
    * Money the family spent: $38,200
    * New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    * Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    * Total budget cuts so far: $3.85

    The Obama Administration is completely and totally math illiterate. The “1%” do not enough money if you took it all to pay off the 16Tril.

    • skippy

      Wow Dad!! Now that’s awesome!!!
      So simple, an idiot can understand it. Now, when can you overnight that to Reid, Pelosi, Obama, and the Speaker himself!! (I’m sure I could dig up the whole list for you)

    • Hoyt Blackburn

      One problem with that is the reality of the liberal/socialist mind. Quite some time ago, the libs actually took control of reality. And by taking over reality it also gave them control over math too. This does prove that they are actually insane. The dictionary definition of the term insanity is repeating the same behaviors over and over whaile always expecting a different result. Happy insanity to all lib/commies!!

    • jopa

      Daddy daddy daddy;I know you folks will not face reality however the numbers racked up in Obama’s term, 90% of them are for paying off the damages of two wars, the big Pharma bill and tax cuts of the Bozo Bush that was in the previous administration.Obama as far as spending goes there was very little to actually increase the deficit.He had to borrow from China to pay off Bushes credit card charges.I know it’s simple bookkeeping however most of you are in denial for political reasons.

  • James Corbin

    It just goes to show how some teacher are misinformed. Must have a one track mind—-don’t really want to know. I know the school system in this area encourage Obama . Like Mitt Romney said in the debate—–If Obama hadn’t put so much money in green energy—-that money could have hired many teachers. I am not knocking green energy but don’t put all the eggs in one basket when we are so in debt. Besides he is buying the wind mills from China—-this is where they are made.

  • dave howard

    Leave it up only add some musilms to the web.

  • http://MSN Ella Bella

    Our country is going down to the debts of hell with Obama as our president. We need a REAL leader that can get this country on it’s feet. The unemployment new figures today does not even match up of what they should be. The unemployment figures are around 15 to 20%, but the media will not tell the American people. The Constitution needs to be respected and the people that signed it, all most lost their lives for it. We need a strong, reliable president to get this country going again, and that is not Obama. All he knows of what to do is lie to the American people. Wake up America, and get out and vote , and get Obama and Biden out of our White House. Keep the Halloween display up. I wish everyone would do the same, and display these characters caught in their own web (lies).

  • auhunter

    Looks like a a winner in my book.

  • Tony

    Hey have you blogged about this ? Lawsuit: EPA Conducted Gas Chamber-like Experiments on Elderly, Infirm

  • Tony

    Also I think this shows how Obama can’t get his Party to work accross the isle and makes him a Lame Duck President . On Fox and Friends this Morning The Obama Panel Supporter lied about the Tea Party killing the grand Bargain Deal on the deficit reduction plan , it was the Liberal Democrats Laughing Obama out of the Room on excepting the Republican plan .

    Obviously this Proves Obama is a Lame Duck President within his Own Party !!!! ,
    In this deal the Liberal Democrats who HATE the TERM “ Supply-Side Economics “ had Obama dancing around this term trying to change the term to a Tax Revenue Increase rather than the tax revenue increases be coming from Supply-side growth this then made Obama change the Tax Code wording to reflect the tax collection to be termed a Tax Increase to appease the Liberal Democrats !!!!! This shows a Very Idiotic Part of the Democratic party that even a Left of Center President like Obama who cannot keep his Leftist Party on track to make Tax Reform work for the USA is why we need a New President who has a Proven Track Record to get the Job of working with Democrats done !!!
    Here in this Section called the “A Costly Miscalculation” ,
    , the Liberal Democrats talk about Obama blowing their Election Campaign slogan of how they could Paint the Republicans as wanting to Kill Medicare so Obama would not be able to make the DEAL with Boehner and Lose this slogan what a Catastrophe !!! Obviously this Proves Obama is a Lame Duck President within his Own Party !!!! ,

    Read this Paragraph here at the link, down to the section called , “ The Grand Bargain Within Reach” ,

    But in his counteroffer, Obama had reversed the formulation so that the tax revenue figure — now at $1.16 trillion — would be the minimum that rewriting the code could achieve (a floor), rather than a maximum (a ceiling). With a slight turn of phrase, he rejected Boehner’s entire premise that growth could be counted on to deliver some of the revenue. Boehner could seek all the macro estimates he wanted if it made him feel better, but he wouldn’t be able to use those estimates to lower the amount of new tax revenue that Congress would need to collect.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    People have a right to their own Halloween displays. I am a liberal and a supporter of Obama. I think it is a little offensive to be putting the president up in a web. Then again I see no problem wearing the Presidents face as a mask. So I suppose I am being a bit hypocritical. At any rate it does not “bug” me that much. Liberalism has nothing to do with how I view this though.

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    Its a Free Country,!!!!


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