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Obama Gives Himself High Rating, Laments Unemployment Statistics

December 17, 2009 by  

Obama gives himself high rating, laments unemployment statisticsIn an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired Sunday, President Barack Obama gave himself a "good, solid B+" grade for his first 11 months in office.

Obama credited his administration with stabilizing the U.S. economy, winding down the war in Iraq and settling on the best possible plan for a temporary surge into Afghanistan. He also said that America has "reset" its prestige in the eyes of the world and has made progress on halting nuclear development in North Korea and Iran.

The president told Oprah that the only things standing in the way of him receiving a better grade are slower-than-expected progress on healthcare reform and the double-digit unemployment rate.

Obama also said that he was not concerned with the recent dip in his approval rating.

"It was inevitable," he said. "We have 10 percent unemployment. I told Michelle when we got here that in six months my poll numbers will start crashing, so we can’t play to the polls. I’m concerned with where we’ll be in two to three years."

Meanwhile, in a 60 Minutes interview that also aired on Sunday, President Obama spoke out against critics who called his Afghanistan deployment model confusing and contradictory due to the firm deadline of troop withdrawal.

"Forty million people watched" the speech, he said, quoted by The Los Angeles Times. "There shouldn’t be anything confusing about that. . . . That’s something that we executed over the last two years in Iraq. So I think the American people are familiar with the idea of a surge."

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  • Dave Aurand

    In my opinion, I’d be hard pressed to give him a “D”. What he is talking about can be contributed to President Bush, and the rest is just plain CRAP!

    • http://none Sharon TIpton

      Obama deserves below an F grade for doing NOTHING since elected as President of the US! He has dumped a 10 plus percent of jobless as well as depression and threats and lies in regard to his ObamaCare and a majority of the US is against it passing as well, but Obama has not listened to Ameirca – his arrogance and Ignorance has been blocking his eye sight totally! He will be the sole maker of destroying America – bar none!!

    • Dickie

      Hey Dave, Don’t forget Bill Clinton,He was the thug that Forced the banks to give these losers the loans for homes they had no intention of paying back,And acorn,The thieves that wants something for nothing,That alone with greed of the swine over the banks.

      • Nellie

        In the Chicago area it was Obama who also forced the banks too give loans too people that couldn’t pay the loan. I would give him an
        “F-”> Just can’t understand! this it the third time in my life that the government has baled out the housing industry because of bank loans. How many time does it take too learn from your mistakes?
        Whe Obama is declared an non-citizen and the govenment has too un-due the mess he has created!!!!
        He sure think he is hot stuff!
        Several years ago CA had a 51% of the people on Welfare! I have no idea what it is now!
        When the American people realize that our jobs are in China and other foreign countries and stop buying foreign products, Especially Chinese. One American at a time, we can change our lives too a successful jobs and industry in our country. We are so dependent on China for everything that in time the Chinese can charge any amount they want too for the product.
        Our local government needs too tell Obama we are not going to hire the immigrants you are bringing in and we are not going too support them. THESE PEOPLE ARE CAUSING MANY PROBLEMS IN THE COMMUNITY.
        At least in CA we have a new bill coming up too not give illegals Welfare, eduction and jobs. When we do this they will leave.

  • Ron

    It very hard for a dumb-ass to have enough intelligence to realize he is a dumb-ass.

    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      I can’t see why approval ratings for Obama and his Demoncrats are still as high as they are, or why voters were so naïve in the 2006 and 2008 elections. Politics often reminds me of the Peanuts comic strip, in which Lucy always lies to Charlie Brown, then pulls the football away, and the over-trusting Charlie Brown always falls on his back. Like Lucy, many leftwing Demoncrats are liars who pretend to be moderate to conservative, to obtain votes. Likewise, a large % of American voters are like the blockhead Charlie Brown – repeatedly fooled by Demoncrats who will not admit to being the ultra-liberal leftwing radicals that they are. WAKE UP AMERICA !! We cannot change the 2006 and 2008 election results, but we must avoid repeating these errors in the future!! Today’s Demoncratic party is far from that of the JFK era. They’re lying when they pretend to be centrist or even somewhat conservative. IMO it should be renamed the Socialist, Marxist, or Statist Party!!

      • J C

        Yep!!! And there some other things that could be renamed too.
        The Ministry of Extortion (IRS), The Ministry of Debt (The Fed),
        The Kremlin (obvious)….oh the mind boggles, there are just so many of them.

        • John

          The Commander inept.

    • Raymond Babcock

      you hit the nail right on the head even the courts are looking for a way to put obama out of office he might come to find you do not front the supreme out in public they serve for life when its time to get down to business i want to on the side of the supreme court

  • oldbill

    At least he’s modest in his grading.

  • Tuberz

    Have we learned the lesson of the ages yet? “We live by the choices we make.” It’s true of you and me and of the electorate of this country. Get ready and lets end this administration and it’s policies. “Doing more of the same will only get us more of the same.” (Lesson #2) Clean house! It’s time! Suggestion – if it has a law degree it doesn’t get elected.

    • Cathy S

      Yes, yes, yes…if it has a law degree it doesn’t get elected. FOR YEARS…I’ve been saying that the problem is we have a bunch of idiot freakin’ lawyers running this country. Shakespeare was right on. People…when voting, if he or she is a lawyer, DON”T VOTE FOR THIS PERSON!

  • cr747

    You have to consider the source that asked the question, on my report card I would give both Oprah, and Obama a BIG F!!!!!! Just like the NRA does!!!!!!!!!They both do not make any sense.

  • http://n/a Mark

    I couldn’t give this fool a D, has to be an F. Barry Soetoro is so stupid he can’t even lie properly, yet as a narcicist he doesn’t even realize it. This country is history financially, I am afraid the damage is done. As for his wife, she has about as much class as a pile of poop. She totally disrespects the position she is in. Oh well, the idiots that did this to the rest of us, simply deserve a rope. I fully suspect that the judge in CA that is trying to prove where Soetoro was born will be eliminated by gov’t croonies. But if the country was too stupid to make sure he was naturally born in the U.S., it is stupid enough to let him drag us into the worst times this country has ever seen.

  • cr747

    The grin on his face looks like he just got slapped away from the table for farting.!!!!!

    • Rod

      This guy is so in to himself that he has no idea which side is up!
      He gets a great big “F” from everyone of us Americans! Yes he is NOT
      even a citizen of the U.S. We have to get those birth certificate
      records. Now just think of what his passports say what country he
      was born in from the years when he was flying in and out of Asia
      until 1988. Or, how about his Collage records? I’ll bet it would make
      very interesting reading! Lets see now, I wonder who he will take back to Kenya (where he was born), with him? Maybe Palosi, Reid and
      all his czars of course.

      • J C

        Exactly Rod, who’s passport was he flying around the middle east on when he was in his 20′s? Sure as hell wasn’t an American passport.

  • Rod

    P.S., I left out the years between 1988 and 2008 on his passports.

  • Rod

    Don’t forget to call your Congressman and Senators and they can also be reached by E Mail.

    • Raymond Babcock

      this idiot has spent hore money in 2 years then bush did in 8 years our econmy is not right the goverment has taken all of the money there is no money left to loan anyone our president is doing this by design or hes out of hes mind even i no you cannot borrow your self out of dept why we just have price controlls fix the price of gold put our money back on gold standard have everthing by voucher ever person by there needs then we can be like russia used to be

  • Rod

    OK Time Your right for what they have planned for us. You know and I
    know and so does everyone else that cares about this country that we
    just will not set back and let these maniacs get by with there criminal activities! We are going to fight every step of the way!
    I firmly believe we can neutralize Obamass in 2010 by voting in a new
    Congress! We need to Vote and get all our friends and neighbors to get
    out there and VOTE we will beat this dude down to where he can’t hurt
    anyone ever again. The Palosi’s, and all the other radicals in California need to be placed in the unemployment line (where they
    belong) We can do it TOGETHER!

  • Bob Miller

    How about the People give him his grade!!!

    I am amazed that he can look in the mirror and preen every day.. Here he won a Noble Peace Prize after being in office for less that two weeks. He actually had the gall to ACCEPT the medal and CASH when he knew and the world knows that he has DONE NOTHING.

    He has yet to demonstrate that he is smarter than a rock.. just lays there and does nothing.

    Without a doubt he is the worst POTUS IN OUR HISTORY.

    His rule is absolute, he knows that he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN… and laughs at America… because HE WON. And there is nothing that can be done about his reign.

    WE have to organize and take back Washington. We need to begin to plan on TAKING OUT all the dead wood on the hill. WE need to insure that ALL CAREER POLITICIANS on both sides of the fence are VOTED OUT OF OFFICE IN 2010 AND 2012.

    Anyone with more than three terms in office is on the HOT LIST.

    • cr747


    • Time

      Rod, let me ask you again whats the price to be paid for acts of TREASON?
      Its obvious that such has been commited, thus the question remains why is it that not a single thing has been done to right such a wrong?
      Why is it that the Justice Dept is working so hard to remove anyone who gets in #44′s way? I understand that over the last 11 months the legal bill alone for a 10 cent piece of paper is now at $2,750.000.00?
      Keep in mind thats YOUR TAX dollars at work.

      Prior to being elected the bills were how many Million’s of dollars?

      Why is it that ABC, CBS, NBC, MSN, MSNBC, etc. have failed to investigate anything?
      Why have they all failed to do even the least bit of work to expose the TREASON?
      Why are they all so hell bent on calling anyone who speaks out a Missfit, a problem maker? Or a Racist, a Red Neck, or any of the other names they seem to be able to assign?

      Seem just a bit contrived to any of you?

  • James Corbin

    Can you imagine—–Obama, the self centered aregent person giving him
    self a solid B plus ???

    Yes Rod, we would like to know and that is our right. We knew everything about all the other presidents—Doesn’t this make one wonder??

  • Valverde

    My name being Barack Obama (aka B.O.)I give myself the highest grade for my performance as Prez over the last year. And since I m Prez. What I say is fact and if you don’t like it you can lump it and I will see that your taxes are audited forever even if you are dead and didn’t earn anything and Me and Misfit Holdren will throw your dead and reeking body in jail, to boot and if anyone in your family complains, the same thing will happen to them. Got that??

  • Victor L Barney

    I wonder if he’ll still blame Bush when in 2011 the world depression becomes the greatest depression in history! Business 101 says it causes inflation to pump money into an economy and as FDR proved already, it only causes depression! Remember, this is the biggest creation of money in history! Unless these days be shortened, no flesh shall survive. The good news is: “Those days will be shortened for the elect’s sake, not Obama’s!

  • J C

    Obama’s socio/fascist policies will bring us all down. And sinse that is obviously the goal…he might as well give himself an A+. And what the hell, throw in a Nobel Prize in Economics too.

  • B. Lee Pemberton

    What is absolutely amazing is that -in 11 months- Obama has long been the worst president in 233 years -and there are still lunatics out there who still support him! It will take more than 200 years to undo even a part of the wreckage left behind by Obama -whose every act is likely illegal and un-Constitutional: you haven’t see his birth certificate, have you? You think America is in a mess today? Wait until they determine him to be unqualified to squat in the Oval(Offal) Office!

  • Cathy S

    A friend of mine actually said that within 4 years, O’Bummer is going to have this country “rock solid.” I’ve since decided to disassociate with this person, not only because he’s gotta be really stupid, but he is living in mobile home in poverty (who woulda thought?), and I want to be around people on the same level as me or, even better, above me. “Be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.” — W. Clement Stone.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    All of you people are right on the money. When the Czar got elected, how I don’t know, I was really really frightened not only for humanity but also for the middle class like myself. I only had this feeling in 2 elections, this one and Jimmy Carter the other. I knew what was going to happen then and it did. He had to give away the Panama Canal because it was the only money making entity the USA owned. I hope we have AN AWAKING in 2010. I keep sending out to my email group all this info. The greatest myth the Democratic Party ever did was sell the American Public that the Democrats were for the working man and the Republicans were for the Rich. It is still going on.

  • Fast Freddy

    So, the prez gives himself a B+ grade, must be for his many speeches, or he’s only polled his left-wing appointed cronies. There isn’t a grade low enough to give him for the agenda that he’s trying to shove down Americans throats, maybe he again will make history with a Z- grade. He, like Carter has many of the foreign countries considering us once again to be a “paper tiger”, like Bush or not, he and Reagan showed our enemies our fangs. Reagan was respected by friends and foes alike, Bush could have been, but the MSM joined our enemies by ridiculing everything he did, their scheme was a simple one, ACCENTUATE any negative no matter how minor, and ELIMINATE any and all positive, no matter how successful.

  • Frank Sezz

    Don’t worry before this is all over we will all be speaking Spanish, you know all the Illegals you get to pay for under the “New Health Care Bill” remember to press 1 for English, and 2 for Nancy Pig-lousy, “Barry Soetoro” WHAT a joke, Lie after Lie, he doesn’t know fact from fiction for the “Political Whore” he is. I would like to suggest to all of our readers that you send each of your “State Sponsored Parent’s” a “Certified Letter” about the Communist sponsored Health Care that WILL BE soon to be shoved down your throat, and challenge them on the “Constitutional Validity” of their mandated so called Health Care Reform. Barrack Hussein O-bummer needs to be Impeached before he does any more damage to the America I once knew. The fight will no doubt have to be challenged in court because our so called Congress is telling the American People F^*K You. Oh one more Plug for our so called PREZZZZ He gets a solid F- instead of his so called B+.

  • Dickie

    I don’t know of any idiot That would give his self less than an {A},He was just fishing for someone to say MAN YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!, But no one took the bait,I wonder what the MATRIARCH OF LITTLE MEN OF WASHINGTON {PELOSI},Would grade herself,And her weasell worm reid grade himself,OH Can’t forget the other QUEEN B,Franks.Hussein is not running jack s#$%,They alone with the impeached losser bill clinton,MY GOD DON’T EVEN ASK WHAT HE THINKS OF HIMSELF DAMN.Personaly I don’t lie,No reason to,Don’t steal,Don’t stick people in the back,I DO BELIEVE IN GOD ALMIGHTY AND AMERICA,AND I DON’T GIVE A CRAP WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF ME,OR TO GRADE MYSELF,I do the best I can,Haveing morals & ethics,Being honest takes care of any damn grade.

  • s c

    JC, comrade obama dared to grade himself (this is absolutely unethical). His 24/7 arrogance is but the tip of the iceberg. Of course he deserves a flat F. Beyond that, he should be thrown out of that “school.”
    His self-inflated grade is part of the same devolved mentality that netted him an undeserved nobel peace prize. At this rate, he’ll be king of the world, and he’ll start making up lists of prizes to reward himself.
    Oprah can’t see through this faker. It wouldn’t surprise me if she thinks he rates an A. She would do well to look within herself, and keep a safe distance from politicians who will never understand the difference between appearances and facts. Her hero, comrade obama, DOES NOT have a clue. Can she be any better?

  • Ardis Haglin

    Ardie says, My tank reads “beyond full” of that arrogant SOB. I seek to understand how anyone can think Obamanation is performing at a B+ level…least of all himself. I like the Z- idea and that must be given with a generous heart. I picture him turning a shovel full of dirt over(representing our country)and stomping it down vigorously, but we’re not going to let him have the last shovel of dirt. We’ll place it on his “termination of office” tombstone in 2012. He better start packing his bags.

  • Rod

    Yes Time, We do care about his Birth certificate! We do care about
    his passports and his collage records and any other records we can
    get our hands on to prove he is not an American and wont it be fun
    to see the look on his smug face? Not to mention all his criminal

  • Time

    Folks what are you all talking about as you can clearly see he has given himself a B+ that says a lot about how ego works don’t you think?

    As to his birth certificate, who really cares, its obvious that congress could care less; afterall thats their job to Vet persons who run for that office. Note they again did not do so and could care less.
    So Why should you?

    Tax’s will not incress for anyone who makes less than $250 K per year keep that in mind, thats what he said, right. Oddly every thing he has done so far fails on that standard, whats new has any president ever done what they said, the answer is NO.

    Ok so when the health bill pass’s and you know it will rather you like it or not, just add to your tax’s, when Cap & Trade pass’s and you know it will – well then just add more to what you will pay in tax’s, lets not forget the last ditty from Monday where’s that money coming from, Oh thats right “YOUR” going to be paying MORE TAX’S.

    Ok so as we round out this lets see 11 months and that means just 37 more to go, how long do you think before YOU can’t VOTE him out, 12 more months, 24 months, or perhaps the day prior to the election?

    Wake up; this country has been asleep at the wheel for over 100 years how can any of you think anything differant is going to happen any time soon.

    Ok so we are back to square one, he will get re-elected in 2012, you will have a 90% TAX rate and ZERO health insurance, But I bet you will have a Blackberry with your very own GPS chip not in it, but in YOU!

  • J C

    Ironically, just before I read your reply I was thinking, Obama is a criminal and “O” is a moron. She is probably all dazzled at the prospect of not only a “black” President but one who comes on her show.
    She’s finally “arrived”. So much for anything resembling American ethics or values from these two,

  • Joe H.

    Watch what you say and how you say it. If they pass the hate crimes bill, you might get in trouble just for calling Fwanks a queen bee!!! you know, the thought police and all!!

  • james selby


  • james selby



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