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Obama Gets Involved In Fast And Furious

June 21, 2012 by  

Obama Gets Involved In Fast And Furious
President Barack Obama is backing up Attorney General Eric Holder.

In a bid to stall a contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder, President Barack Obama on Wednesday invoked executive privilege to withhold documents and communications related to the failed gun enforcement operation known as Fast and Furious.

An investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has Holder on the verge of being held in contempt of Congress for not turning over all documents investigators feel are pertinent to the operation.

On Tuesday, Holder sent a letter to Obama claiming that a release of the documents “would raise substantial separation of powers concerns and potentially create an imbalance in the relationship” between the Legislative and Executive branches.

Obama has never used executive privilege during his Presidency, but it has been used throughout U.S. history to preserve the confidentiality of information in the face of legislative inquiries.

Committee Chairman Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said the White House use of executive privilege “falls short” of any reason to delay the contempt hearing and, after the President’s assertion, the committee moved ahead with discussion of the contempt citation.

Republicans say Obama’s move is proof that the White House has something to hide regarding Fast and Furious.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Ron


    1. Does fanning the flames of this consummate “straw man” controversy make you honorary, brick thowin’ members of the Sipsie Street Irregulars?

    2. If you are willing to indict the “Kenyigger” for treason over “Fast and Furious”, will you be similarly willing to assign blame to him for the entire “Project Gunrunner” series–including “Wide Receiver”–which began under the Cheney Administration?

    It’s worth noting that, although the Cheney DOJ “Wide Receiver” project had been gunwalking into Mexico since 2006, it was only in 2009, under Obama, that anyone had gotten around to actually handing out indictments.

    It may have been a stupid entrapment scheme from the beginning, but at least under Obama they began to seek prosecutions for the arms trail.

    3. So. Does that mean, if you are willing to lynch President Obama for his part of Project Gunrunner, can former President Cheney also share the same tree limb?

    Or is it perhaps inconvenient to bother your readers with all the details, preferring to focus on the parts that fan the visceral hatred and suspicions that are already within you and your constituency (In a Related Story–This Just In: Have you heard??? It turns out that Obama WAS born in America, but his mother was a mandingo-lovin’, miscegenist whore! So he STILL can’t be President even if he was legitimately born here. End of story till the next round.)

    And finally: Do you believe that the Turner Diaries were fiction or simply a history written by a RealAmerican SuperPatriot who returned from a future glorious Confederacy to illuminate the way forward for RealAmericans?

    • Vigilant

      Ron, I’m afraid your “bad behavior excuses subsequent bad behavior” is as shopworn as most liberal brain farts are. It’s like saying that Obama, taking Bush’s deficit spending to new heights, is to be excused because of Bush’s profligacy. Or worse, that Bush is to blame for Obama’s actions. It’s called “dirty pool.”

      This is the year of our Lord 2012. The problems/scandals/illegalities of this administration are their own, NOT diluted one iota by actions taken 3 1/2 years ago or more.

      You’ll go a long way to find support from Conservatives on this website for the liberal excesses of the Bush administration. And to try to divert the thread to an indictment of Bush/Cheney is to apply the Alnsky technique.

      Much like the gratuitous playing of the race card whenever cornered by the facts, your techniques are recognized and discounted immediately by objective people.

      • eddie47d

        I’d fully believe you Vigilant if all the Conservatives on this site and elsewhere would stop using the race card. If you are as forceful with them as you are with Ron or Liberals in generally you would have more meaning. Now you are “caterwauling” over Obama so does that make you “hypocritical”? Even George Washington used Executive Privilege during the Indian wars so should there be that separation of power in our government. The use of Executive Power is either fully accepted by all Presidents or abolished all together and never to be used by any. Anything else would be hypocricy. President Johnson used it 3 times,Nixon 6 times, Reagan 3 times, and G Bush 6 times.

      • independant thinker

        @ Ron. Wide Receiver and Fast & Furious are two entirely different operations run in totaly different manners.

        The referenced article explains the difference very well.

    • Warrior

      The “regime” got the trolls up early today I see. Let’s see, 40 years ago a sitting president was shamed for covering up a botched break-in of the democrat HQ. What they expected to find I still can’t understand. Possibly a hard copy of alinsky’s “rules for radicals” or a draft version of “kennedycare”?

      Anyway, it has now become “crystal” clear, we have a group of pathological liars, con men and marxists that will go to any length to maintain control. This “gang who can’t talk straight” has to go.

      If you consider yourself a citizen that is “LOYAL” to the United States of America, you now know it is your “DUTY” to oust these creeps, ALL of THEM, in November.

      Identify every single “PROGRESSIVE”, regardless of “affiliation”and vote em out. Don’t take a “wait and see” attitude because you will be disappointed. JUST DO IT!

      • Vigilant

        Agreed. Attorney General John Mitchell spent time behind bars, and Nixon was forced to resign, for the same thing Holder and Obama are trying to get away with now. The differnece is, no one was killed as a result of Watergate. As far as I’m concerned both Obama and Holder have blood on their hands.

      • Sirian

        Have you noticed that the idiot hasn’t fired anything back, nothing to counter the points you’ve made. Yes, as you pointed out Warrior – typical trolls. HA, well said Vig – brain farts in excess!!

      • John Woodbury

        They were looking for proof that McGovern or fellow travelers were leaking Vietnam war information and plans to the North. Just as most people, left and right, believed Saddam had WMD, many people felt that Someone in the McGovern camp was sending the goods to the North. BTW, both times people were wrong…sort of.

    • Vigilant

      As for “fanning the flames of this consummate “straw man” controversy,” tell that to the Terry family. You would prefer, no doubt, NBC’s approach to Fast & Furious, i.e., in the 18 months since discovery, and after 9 appearances of Holder to testify before Congress, NBC covered the scandal with only ONE pronouncement, of literally seconds in duration.

      The entire basis for the exertion of this executive privilege is illegal on its face. The subpoenas were for internal e-mails and other communications within the DOJ related strictly to how the the department would handle the damning evidence that they had already lied to Congress and were caught doing so. In other words, those documents would reveal moves to cover up the evidence, euphemistically known as “damage control.”

      As such, executive privilege, to be used ONLY to protect national security, has been illegitimately exercised with only one thing in mind: to cover up the personal culpability of Holder, the DOJ, and quite possibly the collusion of the White House itself during this election year.

      Oh how you leftists caterwauled when Nixon, Reagan and Bush used executive privilege, and now are not-so-strangely silent when your own is caught in the web of deceit. And don’t give us the “other presidents did it too”: argument. It is not about a contest to see which president most egregiously abused executive privilege, it’s about a nearly certain flagrant violation of the privilege for purely personal and political reasons.

      You should see the video clips of then-senator Obama and senator Reid, inveighing against Bush for likely the very same thing Obama’s doing now. To parody Herb Morrison’s famous statement, “oh the hypocrisy!”

      • vicki

        Vigilant writes to liberals:
        “And don’t give us the “other presidents did it too”:”

        Oh they are already saying that other presidents did it a LOT more. Kinda like saying that robbing a bank for the first time is no where near as bad as robbing the bank many times.

    • JeffH

      Ron, first things first. Your reference to Obama was clearly racist,
      Educate yourself a bit before you rant.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right, learn from other’s mistakes and don’t point fingers when you are in trouble are the mantras that most people hear from their moms. The Obama administration has broken all three of those in the ongoing scandal of Operation Fast and Furious
      Operation “Wide Reciever”
      Wide Receiver was less than one-quarter the size of Fast and Furious, involving about 500 guns. About 450 guns made it across the border into Mexico. Not only was Fast and Furious much larger, but it was only one of several gun walking operations launched by the Obama Administration. In fact, intrepid CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson says she has “found allegations of gun walking in at least 10 cities in five states.”

      •Unlike the Obama Administration programs, there actually was a serious attempt made to track the Wide Receiver weapons. Some of them were fitted with radio tracking devices. The cartel gun buyers figured out how to defeat the tracking system by driving around in circles, until the tracking planes ran out of fuel and were forced to return to base. Also, some of the tracking devices were damaged when ATF agents improperly inserted them into the guns.

      •By contrast, one of the signature features of Obama gun walking is that absolutely no effort to track the guns was ever in place. ATF agents have testified they were expressly ordered to stand down when they tried to follow the cartel straw purchasers.

      •Operation Wide Receiver was, by all accounts, shut down after its weapons dropped off the grid, and the ATF realized it had blundered. Operation Fast and Furious was only shut down because two of its weapons were discovered at the scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder. According to congressional testimony, the Terry shooting – along with the mistaken suspicion that Tucson mass murderer Jared Loughner might have been packing a Fast and Furious gun – panicked top ATF brass into halting its gun walking operations.

      •The Obama Justice Department cobbled together significant inter-agency co-operation for its huge gun walking programs. As Kurt Hofmann of the Gun Rights Examiner notes, “At this point, we don’t seem to have any evidence that earlier ‘gunwalking’ involved the FBI, the DEA, DHS, the State Department, the IRS, and even the White House Security Council.”

      •And, of course, there was no massive cover-up of Wide Receiver. No senior Administration officials committed perjury to distance themselves from it. The ATF was not exactly advertising the existence of the operation, or its unhappy conclusion, but that’s very different from the thick stone wall Obama and his people tried to build around their far larger and deadlier operations.

      The fact that ATF and the Obama Administration resurrected a FAILED operation, made it much, much bigger than the original, ran it again and, par for the course, turned it into an EPIC FAILURE.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – I’m assuming you’ve seen the latest part of the cover-up: that Obama used stimulus money to finance F&F.

        It’s breathtaking how he feels that he is completely above the law. And why not…he thinks he’s overthrown it.

        There is just no end to his treachery, and that of all of those who refuse to challenge him. The sad fact is that if Congress was doing their job, they’d have tossed him at the first sign of fraud and usurpation. Instead, they are nearly all complicit. He could never have gotten this far without their help.

        I say, let the trials begin. And let US sit on the juries.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, no I hadn’t heard.

        After a search, I did find this: Project Gunrunner Got Stimulus Money

        …from the text of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, otherwise known as the “Obama stimulus,” and discovered that an earmark of ten million dollars for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was rolled into the bill.

        Part of that earmark came from House Resolution 495, the Southwest Border Violence Reduction Act of 2009. This bill explicitly included funding for Project Gunrunner.


        (a) In General- The Attorney General shall dedicate and expand the resources provided for the Project Gunrunner initiative of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to identify, investigate, and prosecute individuals involved in the trafficking of firearms across the international border between the United States and Mexico.

      • JeffH

        continued….to what degree hasn’t been divulged but you can bet your bottom dollar that the White House is doing their best to tap dance & cover(executive priveiedge) every bit of documented evidence hoping to cover Holder’s and Obama’s a$$!

        String ‘em all up! (for you Obamaphiles, that’s a metaphore)

        Can you say déjà vu all over again?(Nixon is alive!)

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Now it seems that Holder and Napolitano have jetted off to Copenhagen to add insult to injury before we can get the jump on them…

      • Kate8

        JeffH – This is really huge.

        Remember when Obama took over the airwaves? Was there anyone who thought there was anything nefarious about this?

        Jesse Ventura was scheduled to be on C2C last night. Lots of us tuned in to hear him, only to find something else entirely. No explanation. Nothing.

        Well, it seems that this is nothing new…the guv has been censoring what we can hear.

        Wait until you hear this.

        I know that more and more websites and links are becoming inaccessable, too.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, interesting but not surprising in the least. Thanks for the info and the link…I’ll be doing more research on it and also be passing it on thru my email contacts.

        I wanna see this administration implode…Nixon had nothing on this administration…they can’t even cover their own lies.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – One more shocker. Who’d have expected this from snopes:,_we_can_only_hope.html

        BTW, where’s Karolyn? She said her job was ending. Haven’t heard from her since.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, :) Man-0-man!

        Just when he thought he got it made the walls come tumbling down
        One of these we’re all gonna leave this ol’ troubled land
        And you gonna have to answer just like me where to go to make your stand
        So you better be sure before you die there ain’t no cheatin’ ways
        Cause there won’t be time on the other side brother it’ll be too late

        But it wadn’t long till the news got out about his cheatin’ ways
        He lost the friends that he once knew and the money he had made
        Yeah the walls come…
        Well the walls come…
        Just when you think you got it made the walls come tumbling down

      • JeffH

        Kate8, K has been posting almost every day.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, did you check the snopes website? There claim is “false”

      • Kate8

        JeffH – That is so weird. I swear that FALSE button was not there before. If it was, I am not the only one who missed it… the reporter did, as well.

        I realize that snopes is complete hoax, and a propaganda tool for Obama. It could be that they made a “mistake” and failed to post FALSE until it was brought to their attention. I don’t know. Some of this stuff starts to make ya feel like we’re living in an alternate reality.

        Wait. We are.

        BTW, I don’t know if it’s just my computer, but I’m finding myself blocked out of even opening up more and more links. I used to get around it by right clicking and hitting open, but now that’s not even working. I type in the website and, when I go to the site, it still takes several tries to open certain articles.

        With the rate of websites that are being blocked in one way or another, it leads one to think that O isn’t waiting for Congress to pass internet censoring laws. Unless, of course, they did it in secret. But then, O never saw a law he couldn’t get around…or make up.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, yepper. I don’t rely on snopes or factcheck for anything…both aren’t completely honest or reliable…like politicians and lawyers there’s a lot of “doublspeak”.

        I also have run into some problems opening certain links and websites. My computer is 3+ years old and I’ve always had Norton 360 protecting it…it does raise a red flag.

    • CZ52

      The Wide Receiver project was shelved shortly after it was started because the adminstration realized that Mexico either couldn’t or wouldn’t trace the firearms after they entered Mexico. Fast and Furious was continued with little to no effort even being made to track the guns after they left the dealers.

    • Ron

      Aw, thanks, Sirian! ‘Just saw your comments about me being an idiot. Coming from y’all, that’s high praise.

      I love the fact that I can always get castigated on here for name-callin’ by somebody that’s callin’ me a name.

      And Kenyigger is a term I picked up on here! It’s one of several loving terms that the good christian innocent Americans on here use to refer to that rotten filthy racist, Obama.

      ‘Sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply, perhaps I can take it on later?

      While I do come on here periodically to curb your collective desire to “Sipsie-Street-Irregular” America into the next Krystallnacht, I do have to work for a living…

      ..after all, we all can’t be welfare queens, layin’ around fillin’ our heads with the next horror story from Fox News all day–some of us have to be job creators!

      • independant thinker

        “And Kenyigger is a term I picked up on here!”

        While you might and I emphasize MIGHT have seen it on this site your use of it is the first I have seen the word.

      • JeffH

        Ron, plain and simple…you’re not too bright. Your racist slur is something that isn’t the norm around here and I can’t recall seeing it used except by you, and your reference of “christian Americans” is, well uh, typycal of you ignorant liberals. Attack the christians…that’ll get ‘em stirred into a frenzy. Your need to bragg about your usefullness “outs you”, certainly a failed Marxist ploy. You liberals come and go…hit and run…but rarely contribute anything usefull other than “The end is what you want, the means is how you get it.”.

        What I’m saying here is that most here are familiar with Alinsky’s tactics, just as you are using them., and it’s a familiar, old and worn out failure.

        • RichE

          “…isn’t the norm around here” ROFLMAO and now I can’t get up. Geez! Your comprehension is totally skewed.

      • JeffH

        RichE, of course you can site examples…right RichE? Your “ROFLMAO” is what lacks comprehension. It is your fallacy in which your premises do not provide conclusive reasons for the conclusion.

        • RichE

          Racial slurs: Magic Negro, ni$$er, kenyigger
          BTW how do you pronounce ‘Kenyigger’? Is the ‘Y’ silent?

      • JeffH

        RichE, you really do have a comprehension problem…admit it.

        In your secondary response to my comment, “Your racist slur is something that isn’t the norm around here and I can’t recall seeing it used except by you…”.

        You ignorantly say ” Racial slurs: Magic Negro, ni$$er, kenyigger
        BTW how do you pronounce ‘Kenyigger’? Is the ‘Y’ silent?”.

        As I said before, Ron’s slur is something I’ve never seen here before and I believe Independant Thinker made a similar statement…that you can’t understand and feel a need to stray from the initial comment with a weak and feeble attempt to “supprt” your allegations clearly shows you haven’t any comprehension abilities at all.

        “It’s over Johnny”…no mas!

        • RichE

          Now I understand your point. You’re saying, “Kenyigger” isn’t the normally used racial slur around here. For the record, what is the normally use racial slur around here? And, is the ‘Y’ silent in “Kenyiger”?

      • JeffH

        RichE, go change your diaper, child!

        • RichE

          Implying what and is the ‘Y’ silent in Kenyigger, Maybe if I keep asking you’ll get it. Sorry, JeffH I just don’t know how to dumb it down any more than I already have and I had such great hopes for you. I really thought you’d get.

          • JeffH

            RichE, I just can’t lower myself down to your level…dumb…that’s all. As for your idea of what hope means…well, just refer to the first sentance and watch the linked video which pretty much explains your comprehension problem.

          • RichE

            Please don’t feel responsible JeffH, it’s not your fault I can’t dumb it down anymore.

      • Kate8

        Interesting that coming from the same crop of losers who continue to rant on about racial slurs, there is always the constant and dependable slurs against Christians.

        I realize that you feel it’s a-okay to bash white Christians but, since many of them are black, does that make you racist, as well?

        Don’t bother to answer. The question is rhetorical. Your obsession with race is a glaring fact.

  • Vigilant

    ” Holder sent a letter to Obama claiming that a release of the documents “would raise substantial separation of powers concerns and potentially create an imbalance in the relationship” between the Legislative and Executive branches.”

    Absolute hogwash, and he knows it. The subpoena for documents PRESERVES the checks and balances that Obama has unconstitutionally skewed in favor of the Executive Branch.

  • don

    sorta like getting away with murder. too bad obunhole can’t be exposed in these crimes. we need to do away with executive privilages. seems it makes the president above the law.

    • eddie47d

      Obama has used Executive Privilege once so let’s not get bent out of shape over that. I agree that the truth must be fully disclosed over Fast and Furious and this fact finding mission must continue. Maybe this whole scheme never should have happened but it was plotted and put into action under Bush /Cheney. Holder took it a step further and made a huge mistake by not following through in tracking those guns. That is where he has to be held accountable and possibly forced out of office. Over 7,600 documents have been turned over in this debacle yet more need to be released to clear this up. Obama needs to do the right thing and level with the public even if his man Holder has to go. That is what is best for this country.

    • Vigilant

      Executive privilege is legitimate when the national security is involved. Used as it was by Nixon, and now Obama, it makes them subject to the law, not excused from it.

      How hypocritical, and how partisan of a president, to allow (and encourage) massive leaks of classified military and CIA operations to make himself look strong during an election year, and then suddenly express concerns for national security with an exercise of executive privilege that has NOTHING to do with national security.

      Obama’s smart enough to know that a contempt citation to Holder will result in investigations and perhaps special prosecutor deliberations that will not come to fruition until long after the 2012 election. The illegitimate use of executive privilege merely stalls the release of information NOW that would undoubtedly harm his chances for re-election.

      NEVER in our history have we been subjected to a president so entirely consumed with political ambitions to the extent that working for the betterment of all Americans takes a back seat to his narcissism.

      • Thinking About

        Can you prove the guns fired at this agent was not from the Bush Adminstration gun walking? No then don’t get so into yourself your comments are correct. Maybe we should investigate to determine if it was from those guns then who do you want to protect. You always want to protect the bush years and everything there, do you also think it was proper to have some of our finest military lose their lives in a war of choice started by lies? No you are going to say it is 2012 but the families of those lost in Iraq are still grieving for their loved ones. Our country is going into debt for what? Is this the battle you think Congress should spend money on and not pay for the wars ongoing? They need to pick better battles, the Democrats could have gone after a lot in the Bush administration but realized there are important items which needed their attention. The do nothing House we are currently paying are taking us down everyday but now the important thing is to spend time and money and making big bark about fast and furious which was inherited by Obama.

      • Vigilant

        “Thinking About?” About what? Your next helping of psychotropics?

        You might try addressing my comments directly, and at the proper place in the thread. Your screed in no way addresses my above posting.

      • Doug

        Thinking about what and idiot you are. Congress approve us going to war you idiot. Hey Obamlangadingdong the whore child said he was going to get us out of these wars! I don’t see it happening do you? Anyone with a brain new not to take out Sadam he was the buffer who kept all these Muslums in check hating each other. How about instead of thinking about you go and do some research idiot!

      • Rick

        You are ABSOLUTEY RIGHT. This is NOT about National security, it’s about self preservation for the administration, and nothing else. The winds of “change we can believe in” have come. And he will pay for it in November elections.Corruption always destroys itself, show me a time in history where is has not?

      • RichE

        When you factor in the antisocial component of narcissism then Nixon wins.

      • CZ52

        “Can you prove the guns fired at this agent was not from the Bush Adminstration gun walking? ”

        I do believe that it has been proven the guns DID come from Holders fast and furious gun walking scheme. Even MSN, MSNBC, CBS, etc have reported that FACT.

      • JeffH

        Vig, the extent that these Obamaphiles will go to protect their “loved one” is unprecidented…unbelievable just how ignorant man can be.

      • Vigilant

        JeffH, I’m tempted to say, “forgive them for they know not what they do,” but after reading the outright and outrageous lies and obfuscations by the left on this site, I’m often reminded that many are either paid shills whose only mission is to provoke untempered responses, the Marxists and communists who know exactly what they do,

        Eric the Red. denniso, et. in this category. I’m withholding judgment on GALT at this time, as he seems rather mentally disturbed and I would not want to offend the handicapped.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, agreed wholeheartedly…as for GALT, simple minded he’s not but confusion begets confusion and that seems to be his sole purpose…to create confusion. I look at him as a similar version of deerinwater that can read and write, taking 3000 words to say what could be said in one or two sentances. Narcissistic personality disorder comes to mind.

      • eddie47d

        You are very confused Doug. I believe you even lost yourself now try and weasel out of that maze!

      • JeffH

        Oh, I don’t know eddie. A normal person would at least understand what Doug was saying, right or wrong. You ought to take a longer look in our own mirror first…can you say “hypocrit”?

      • Kate8

        Vigilant – I love your “for they know exactly what they do” comment. Point very well taken.

        As for the EP… since it can only be used when the President is directly involved, it is tantamount to an admission of guilt on his part. What he is saying is that he was involved in it, that his involvement is evident in his correspondence records, and that it’s a matter of national security. That is to say HE is a threat to our national security, and is willing to do something really nasty if forced to tell the truth.

        Truth. Hmmm. Not something he is very familiar with.

  • sabulaman

    How do you think these crooks in all three branches have been getting by all these years. They are all above the law. They have made sure of it. I agree with Warrior, get rid of the majority, all if necessary. Everyone has to play their part in the cleansing of our govt.

  • http://Yahoo Rob

    ……..Transparency, Transparency, Transparency…….Now who said that??? Wasn’t that Obama……????

    • RR Hermitt

      U forgot to say it another 4 or 5 times more. Illegal Alien said it/Promised it 7 -8 Times.

  • momo

    Bush, Cheney, Obama, what’s the difference? They all suck. Until you figure out that the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. nothing is going to change, no matter how much hope and audacity we have. I wish Ron Paul would run as an independent.

    • Mike

      I share your sentiment.
      However, I am certain our dear Dr. Paul knows that would serve to split the conservative vote and guarantee a win for Odumbo.

      The dems are going to vote for Daffy Duck if he runs for pres because they will vote dem no matter WHO runs. They are not thinkers.

      Conservative voters have the sense to examine the candidate and decide from the issues whether that person deserves their vote. And that is why Dr. Paul would draw votes from Romney because some, maybe most, of the conservatives voters will fear a third party candidate giving a win to the “dark side”.

      It would require a disastrous scandal against Romney for 90% of con voters to switch to Dr. Paul as an independent and I am willing to bet the ranch that the now defunct republican party will give Dr. Paul its nomination.

      I’m so fed up with the follies of both parties that of late I have been examining the Constitution party.

      • Mike

        Dr. Paul, aka Dr.NO, has clearly stated he has the honorable intent of getting the repugnican party back to its conservative roots. From reading I have been doing, it appears he is hoping to have enough delegates he can exert influence on the party regarding the issues it will put forward in the coming election.

        At this point in time, I suspect that is the best hope of conservative minded voters.

        I had hoped Romney would choose him as the VP but it appears even that is too unthinkable for the status quo.

        The only way to get clean sweep would be for a flaming meteorite to crash into both houses of congress at the same time. Hope Ron Paul is away that day.

        Then we would get all new people in the halls of congress and maybe, just maybe get America back to good health. Although it would likely take a good thirty years to accomplish.

        God help us, it seems no human can do it alone.

      • Mike

        OOPS! I meant to type, “…the now defunct republican party will NOT give Dr. Paul its nomination.

  • Liberterian

    Aa a Liberterian what needs to change is that we need to end this stupid so called drug war that causes out of control violent crime, like was caused by the 21st amendment and the prohibition of alcohol. The prohibition caused violent organized crime to grow without check in this country. The cost in lives and tax expenditure has to end for this so called drug war that has stopped nothing from crossing the border. Now the drug war has caused the growth of unchecked violent crime throughout the world, and this country. There is too much wealth involved in illegalized drugs and too many people willing to die for the get rich quick that comes with it. Too many politicians, too many judges and attorneys and too many law enforcement people involved in partaking of its wealth. These kinds of law enforcement programs have been going on for decades under several administrations and under the dark cloak of the ATF and the DEA. What about Ruby Ridge.

    We have prisons full of people because of criminalizing everything over someones morality or lack of it. If somone is so stupid to use drugs then that is their cross to bear. We spend so much of our federal budget to fight something that can’t be won and should be treated as an illneness like the refuse from the abuse of alcohol. Our consititution gives us the right to be individuals and not to have intrusive government force people to do or not do things just because someone says it is bad for you. As individuals, if we are so stupid to use illegal dugs, alcholol or any other thing to kill and maime ourselves then that should be the right.

    It is sad that a border patrol officer died trying to do his job, but that is the risk of the job. I have been in law enforcement for 40 years, nobody made me go there, it was and still is my choice. For them I grieve. It is them that suffer; this hero and his family, not the politicians and the moralist that create the dilemma. Then there comes someone like Willard Romney stating that we don’t need more police officers and fireman because they are getting to much benefits for risking their lives, and squandering our taxes.

    Someone needs to realize that politicians do what they do, no matter what label they wear. All this malarky sounds to me like pure unadulterated politics in an election year. If Obama loses, the next president will carry on the same programs because he is a politician and he has his commintments to the cause, whatever the cause is. Anyone that enters that office is the president and will come to conform to the way things are done.
    Try electing Ron Paul, he would be the one most likely to change things for the better or the worse. Instead of arguing over this and causeing such to do, our congress should be more concerned with cooperating in soliving the economic problems of this nation. Where have the statesmen gone?

    • RichE

      Good point.

  • 45caliber

    At least the committee still voted to find Holder in contempt despite this action to try to protect him. And it makes you wonder. What is so special about the information on the papers that it shouldn’t be released to the public? After all, the committee simply wants to identify those who knew what was going on.

    • Mike

      Moving forward with the contempt hearing is a good thing. Finally congress has awakened to the fact the white house has tipped the scales of balance and needs to be reigned in.

      Obama just offered amnesty to all illegals under the age of 30. He may have mouthed the words, but he doesn’t have the authority. He is on a power trip and must be brought back to earth.

      Also, I fail to understand how emails can be a matter of national security. Perhaps Odumbos love of his blackberry will be his downfall. After all, homeland security insisted it was imperative ISP make emails and phone calls available to law enforcement for up to two years.

  • Steve E

    Back in the Watergate days, Nixon used executive privilege to keep documents and tapes out of the hands of Congress to delay his ouster. This is just another repeat to cover up another scandal.

  • Frank W Brown

    Why am I NOT Surprised by this development, it’s an election year and obama is scrambling to hang on! We The People need to be kept in the dark and both sides
    are very good at that!

    Save YOUR Liberty, elect RON PAUL (write-in if necessary) ABOLISH the federal reserve,

    Everyone says a vote for RP is a wasted vote, what would happen if EVERYBODY got off their asses and worked hard at the grassroots to get him in? Quit moaning and go to work to save your rights!

  • Bud. USMC

    Fast and Furious is a disgrace to the american people, it was started to try and change the second amendment to our constitution. Holder used the BATFE. to tell gun dealers to sell any amount of guns to anyone even when they suspected they were going across the border, it lead to the death of Brian Terry. Now Holder lies to congress even when his second in command is caught on tape talking about it. He now leaves the country and Obama uses executive privilege to cover it up. Holder should be fired for the operation and lying to congress. I had real hopes for our country and for our people when Obama was elected. I was wrong! I see it ever week, but it is not all his fault our entire government is corrupt. Bush and Cheney were not any better we went to war with Iraq for no reason what so ever, even when H W Bush told him not to. Money folks money was the reason. It is quite simple if we are going to fight a war it should be pay as we go with a war tax everyone pays when people see the money coming out of their pocket one thing is for sure it would be a short war.
    Congresspersons can use insider trading on the stock market with no penalty and they think it is perfectly OK. Can you believe that. Doug and Warrior where right they all need to go. The first thing congress should have to do is reread all the laws they have passed in the last 100 years if nothing else they wouldn’t have time to think of new ones.
    Each time I read about one of our troops dying in war or serving our country I am deeply sadden. When I read of one of my fellow Marines dying it is like losing a brother.
    Remember to vote we need new leaders we used to elect some of our military leaders for president maybe we should get back to that at lest they would love our country because if you are willing to die for it , what more can you say.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    BIG SURPRIZE!!! Another government official commits a crime and goes unpunished!!! Really?!? What did you expect?!?

    • RichE

      It sire would be nice if this one was a change from the norm. I really believed Obama was going to affect change.

      • RichE

        that s/b sure not sire.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Don’t you feel silly believing O.

        • RichE

          Nope, not silly at all. It was a rational decision and I still think there’s more hope for change with Obama than Romney. My rational, if I’m not straying too far off topic. All I hear from Romney is how he’ll change things because he’s a businessman, but I hear nothing of how he changed things while he was governor. I’m assuming he applied his business acumen to the governance of Massachusetts, but his governor record isn’t praised.

          “Gluing wings on a horse doesn’t make it fly” I would think the leverage in business is to fire people, which Romney has mentioned, but it ain’t easy to fire government employees. Does Romney’s business acumen really give him an edge when it comes to running a government?

          Obama is a small time community organizer. I believe a lot of his faux pas were lack of experience and lack of competent counsel, but I don’t think they were because of lack of heart. If Obama is re-elected (second term) he has nothing to lose by really kicking butt. Whereas if Romney is elected (first term) I don’t think he’ll be that willing or able to kick butt because it’ll be his first term and because his business, ‘butt kicking’ method is to fire people, Obama’s butt kicking method is motivation, but being second term he may just issue executive firing orders.

          I’m still hopeful there will be change to the better. Change where we can brag rather than bray.

      • Jay

        In his capacity as U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder frequently testifies before the House Judiciary Committee. He was scheduled to appear before the committee on May 3, 2011, and ultimately provided just over three-and-a-half hours of testimony.

        During that hearing, Holder was questioned about Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast & Furious on two notable occasions. Holder was asked direct questions by Congressman Darrell Issa (49th District of California) about when he first learned of the operation, and who else knew about the project. This exchange begins about 90 minutes into the hearing, and Holder was elusive with his answers. He ultimately stated to the best of his recollection, he first became aware of the deadly operation within the last few weeks of that hearing.

        The day before Holder was scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, U.S. White House logs show that Attorney General Eric Holder and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano met with Barack Obama in the East Room of the White House on May 2, 2011. Omitted from the log is the nature and purpose of the visit.

        The timing of the meeting is quite suspect based on Holder’s planned testimony the following day, the mounting pressure from Congressman Issa’s committee, and Holder’s stonewalling Issa’s request for documents related to Fast & Furious.

        Two years earlier: On March 24, 2009, a 30-minute news conference was held at the White House by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that included Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, newly appointed Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, and Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg.

        About 13 minutes into the press conference, Ogden, a man already mired in controversy over his opposition to internet filters to block child pornography sites and opposition to requiring parental notification for girls seeking underage abortions, was introduced to discuss joint DOJ and ATF operations.

        Ogden, who had been on the job for a mere 12 days, referred to Project Gunrunner and other ancillary ATF programs by name, and stated that he was working directly with the Attorney General on the implementation of these programs that included Project Gunrunner.

        It should be noted that Ogden resigned his position in February, 2010, less than a year later after allegedly being at odds with Holder over undisclosed procedural issues.

        Each department of government is assigned an Inspector General, or an official to conduct an investigation of the individuals and actions of a particular department if necessary to determine whether any improprieties were committed or laws broken. For the Department of Justice and the Fast & Furious investigation, that Inspector General would be Cynthia A. Schnedar.

        As it turns out, however, Katie Pavlich, author of the book “Fast and Furious,” notes that Holder and Schnedar have connections that go back a long way.

        While Holder worked as a U.S. Attorney in Washington from 1994 through 1997, she was the Assistant U.S. Attorney, reporting to Holder. In other words, Holder was Schnedar’s boss.

        They also worked on legal briefs together, and filed over a dozen such briefs together during that period.

        Now, Schnedar has been running interference for Holder, reportedly obstructing the procurement of documents requested and subpoenaed by Issa.

  • The Harrytruth

    Wow first person Obama hasn’t tossed under the bus. YET!!!!! Holder’s got to be shaking, thinking when will it happen.

    • 45caliber


      Actually I think Oblama did what he did simply because he knows his own name will show up on many of those documents. Therefore he isn’t really taking care of Holder so much as making sure his own name doesn’t pop up.

  • Raggs

    If and it is a BIG if the media would do their job and report this as needed instead of sleeping with oblama the outrage from America would get results, but as it stands oblama and holder have nothing to be concerned about…

  • RichE

    It’s sounds like a pissing match not a cover-up.

    from The New York Times
    “Mr. Issa has relished making this investigation a political fight. Last week, he seemed to bait Mr. Holder when he said in a statement, “the Obama administration has not asserted executive privilege or any other valid privilege,” so it could not refuse to produce the materials.

    On Wednesday, for the first time since he was elected, President Obama invoked executive privilege on the disputed documents. Doing so now bars prosecution of Mr. Holder in federal court should the full House vote to hold him in contempt of Congress. “

  • eddie47d

    I see Personnel Liberty Digest has their trigger finger on the deletion button.

    • JeffH

      Give ‘em he!! eddie, don’t let up…call ‘em all out! (like a good little whipping boy)
      I’m telling you they’re conspiring against you eddie…censorship, supressing you free speach. In short, you believe you’re being bullied by PLD! LMAO and ROTF!

      • RichE

        Are you on a different medication JeffH? A few day ago you seemed mellow and now agitated.

      • JeffH

        RichE, you’re trolling.

        • RichE

          I’ve come to the conclusion you’re insecure.

          General Signs of Insecurity: Defensiveness; Can’t Enjoy Silence; Excessive Joking; Self-Promoting; Bullying; Overly authoritative; Overly Competitive; Materialistic; Insecurity in Relationships

          Male specific: Irrationally Jealous; Abusive
          Female specific: Stays in Abusive Relationships; Overly Sexual

      • JeffH

        I’ll reiterate for you RichE: You’re just a “Blog Troll”!

        • RichE

          How would you categorize your reply:
          a. Defensive
          b. Bullying
          c. Overly completive
          d. Can’t be silent (has to have the last word)
          e. All of the above

          Have a great weekend.

    • Jay

      eddie, the solution to your grievance is a simple one. Just start your very-own blog-site. Then you, and the rest of your socialist-misfits, can post whatever your dark-vacuous-hearts desire! Until then, you’ll just have to play by the rules of who’s house you are merely a pesky, irritating guest!

  • chuckb

    barry governs by exec order. he and holder are both incompetent to hold the office of pres. and ag. they are using this order to cover them thru the election. the bolsheviks don’t care and the bleeding hearts will look the other way. so what does he have to lose.

    There have been over 900 Executive orders put forth from Obama,and he is not even through his first term yet. He is creating a martial law ‘Disney Land’ of control covering
    everything imaginable. Some of the executive orders he has signed recently have been exposed thanks to ‘Friends of Conservative Action Alerts.’ They have compiled a choice list of ‘Emergency Powers,Martial law executive orders’:Get your headache medication out while you still can without a prescription.

    * Executive Order 10990 allows the Government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
    * Executive Order 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
    * Executive Order 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power,gas,petroleum,fuels,and minerals.
    * Executive Order 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
    * Executive Order 11001 allows the government to take over all health education and welfare functions.
    * Executive Order 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.
    * Executive Order 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft,including commercial aircraft.
    * Executive Order 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate and establish new locations for populations.
    * Executive Order 11005 allows the government to take over railroads,inland waterways,and public storage facilities.
    * Executive Order 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies,consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issues over a fifteen-year period.
    * Executive Order 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
    * Executive Order 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders,to institute Industrial support,to establish judicial and legislative liaison,to control all aliens,to operate penal and correctional institutions,and to advise and assist the President.
    * Executive Order 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources,wages,salaries,credit,and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when the president declares a state of emergency,Congress cannot review the action for six months.
    It is more than clear that Obama is planning for the total control and takeover of America via Martial Law. Food,energy,transportation,work,banking,and health…he has it covered.
    While Obama is busy pulling executive orders out of the sky to control everything inside our country,he has been issuing executive orders to force us to submit to international regulations instead of our Constitution. Sher Zieve exposed this in one of her recent articles. Damn the U.S. Constitution,damn the American people and damn U.S. sovereignty.
    We must send faxes,emails,and make calls to all congressman and demand they stop Obama’s perverted,extreme,and Unconstitutional abuse of Executive Orders. It is time to demand our elected leaders start protecting America,our sovereignty,and our Constitution. So far,they seem to be protecting the Obama –Marxist takeover plans…peppered with a little U.N. and Islam.

  • Jay

    Operation Fast and Furious wasn’t a ‘botched’ program. It was a calculated and lethal decision to purposely place thousands of guns in the hands of ruthless criminals.”

    The operation was designed to attack the Second Amendment right of Americans to purchase and bear arms, a right considered so essential to the nation that it followed directly after the First Amendment rights of free speech, freedom of the press, the prohibition of the establishment of a nationally sanctioned religion, and the right of Americans to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    We are in the grip of an administration that would restrain and erase those rights, and which engaged in a reckless and ruthless operation to achieve that goal.

    It is an administration that is moving toward the confirmation of a United Nations treaty that would override and eliminate the right to own and bear arms.

    The facts regarding Holder’s and Napolitano’s testimony are clear:

    Eric Holder was sent five memos, personally addressed to him, in the summer of 2010 that detailed Operation Fast and Furious. Holder claimed he first knew about the program in February 2011.

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has feigned ignorance when questioned about Fast and Furious. She claims she only found out about the program after Brian Terry was murdered.

    She visited the White House with Eric Holder to visit President Obama just a day before Holder testified on Capitol Hill about Fast and Furious, leaving the reason for her visit blank.

    These are the facts: There are still 1,400 Fast and Furious guns missing and ATF agents are not actively trying to track them down.

    Ten thousand rounds of ammunition were sold to cartel-linked straw buyers under the watch of the ATF.

    Eight hundred of the original 2,500 weapons sold through Fast and Furious have already been linked to criminal activity.”

    The program was the deliberate effort to blame the violence in Mexico and in some cases in America on the gun shops, but those shops were intimidated into participating in Fast and Furious out of fear that ATF would take away their licenses.

    After questioning ATF and Justice Department witnesses, Sen. Charles Grassley (Iowa, R), the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote a January 31 letter to ATF officials saying, “As you may be aware, obstructing a Congressional investigation is a crime. Additionally, denying or interfering with employee’s rights to furnish information to Congress is also against the law.”

    On May 3rd, Rep. Darrell Issa, (CA) Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent every member of his committee a 64-page draft contempt order against AG Holder, along with a 17-page memo outlining the history of the scandal. Only one attorney general has been found in contempt, Janet Reno in 1975.

    Fast and Furious is redolent with memories of the Watergate coverup.

    On March 23, 2011, in a Univison interview, Obama said, “First of all, I did not authorize it” and when further pressed said, “Eric Holder did not authorize it. He’s been very clear that our policy is to catch gunrunners and put them in jail.” The facts strongly suggest otherwise insofar as Fast and Furious literally authorized a gunrunning program under the aegis of ATF.

    Many people in ATF saw what was happening and tried to warn the bureau, but the new corrupt and arrogant culture of management had become too powerful and intimidating.

    Field agents who spoke up were punished for having an opinion and daring to voice it. Whistleblowers had their reputation, careers, and finances shattered.

    This culture of corruption is endemic to the Obama administration, and as more and more examples become known it has been in full panic mode to suppress the truth.

    • RichE

      If I understand your post correctly, the goal of FF is to negate the 2nd amendment.
      It’s hard for me to believe one person could orchestrate such a thing, but I live under a rock.

      • Jay

        Apparently you do, live under a rock. Where in the post do you read that only one person orchestrated FF? The post mentions more then one, participant being involved, does it not? Naturally, most people, but not you, would discern that the current administration orchestrated FF, that being, more then one.

        But i know you too well, that you are not that stupid, RichE, just intellectually dishonest! Another words, evil! More specifically, you, are like a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse’s heels so that its rider tumbles backward. You’re a waste…

  • Tess

    Is this the first time that United States of America has something resembling a traitor for President?

  • chuckb

    tess, yes and hopefully he will be gone or in jail by november.

  • William Childress

    with barack hussein obama, we don’t need foreign spies.This guy was brought up with a two parent communist. His main purpose is to destroy our country and I hope we don’t let him do it.


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