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Obama Faces Tax-Cut Backlash From His Own Party

December 9, 2010 by  

Obama faces tax-cut backlash from his own partyPresident Barack Obama's willingness to compromise with Republicans about the Bush-era tax cuts has received harsh criticism from Congressional Democrats and some of his other supporters.

The deal, which was reached on Dec. 6, includes tax break extensions for all Americans for two additional years. Democrats were fighting for taxes to be raised for individuals earning more than $200,000 per year and families making more than $250,000. A Democratic proposal was passed in the House of Representatives, but two separate bills were shot down by Senate Republicans on Dec. 4.

Several Democrats have publicly condemned the President's deal with Republicans. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD.) said that many House Democrats have "some serious reservations" about the tax-cut agreement.

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) said he wasn't necessarily going to vote against the deal, but he expressed concern.

"To me it has a bad aroma, and I don’t like what I see," Lautenberg said, quoted by the news provider. "It almost has a let 'em eat cake character [because] the people who don’t need [the extension] are going to get tax relief."

According to The Washington Post, a new poll reveals that many individuals who contributed time or money to Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 are opposed to the recent compromise. The poll, which was conducted by the nonpartisan firm Survey USA, shows that 57 percent of former Obama supporters said they are less likely to support the President and other Democrats in 2012 who back the tax cut deal. 

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  • TIME

    Can you say “SMOKE & MIRRORS”????????

    Thats all this is, if you can’t grasp that, I have no words anylonger.

    Can I sell you a cup of crap juice, how about $1.75 per cup, it will make you stronger wiser and able to leap over tall buildings with a single bound.

    Hey watch out Iran is thinking, and North Diarrhea is pulling down its pants.

    • http://none Mike

      Time, Jump back to the wal-mart article. I gave you a couple of responses again.

      And yes this is smoke and mirrors the democrats were never going to vote for lower taxes, No matter what the president uttered.Mike L.

  • valricoslash

    What is ticking the House and Senate Democrats off is that Obama made a deal witht he Republicans withoud having them inthe room ot muck up the deal. they see it as going around their back. what they still don’t see is the handwriting on the wall–the american people are fed up with the tax and spend Washington elites of both parties. the Republicans, at least a majority of them seem to get the picture, but the Dems can’t seem to get their heads out of “where the sun don’t shine.” what really amazes me is that if the economy turns around becasue of extending the Bush tax rates, then Obama and every Democrat will be trying to claim credit for it.

    I hope the Senate Republicans stick by their guns and block every piece of legislation that comes up until the current tax rates are extened and they have a budget. If the Dems are hard headed enought to drag this out to the last second, they won’t have time to pass anything else. I think the Republicans in the next congress will have enough votes, even without the usual northeast lib RHINOs to block legislation, and I think they can swing enough Dems, if necessary to override an Obama veto. After all, in 2012, 19 Dems are comingup for reelection.

    Finally, the Dems inthe house will eventually be whittled down to those seats from the left coast, New York and other northeastern states and teh all minority districts. Every other seat will be filled with a Republican. When that happens the Democratic party will be marginalized for a long time to come.

    • Robert Smith

      If the Bush economics were so great with the “trickle down” theory how’s come nobody in the middle class saw any new money? Jobs have been lost, and the economy is in the dumper.

      Who do folks around here keep advocating for the fat cats at their own expense?


      • chas butterfield

        Between 2003-2007( BEFORE DUM-O-CRAPS took congress) by ANY economic standard, WE HAD THE BEST ECONOMY IN WORLD HISTORY!!….Even minorities were better off than ANY time…..SPENDING by the DUMS9 the HOUSE holds the pursestrings) OVERSPENT US INTO HELL!!…The greatest crime in HISTORY was the TRILLION DOLLARS ZERO_BAMA stole to give to his union buddies & unionized BLUE state gub-mints to keep them SOLVENT…The DUM-O-CRAP Fannie Freddie debacle hit us & put us into the tank, a hole from which we have YET to extricate ourselves from…..

      • Vigilant


        “Who do folks around here keep advocating for the fat cats at their own expense?”

        It was that middle class who “saw [no] new money” who voted for taking the reins away from the Dems in November. It’s not just “folks around here,” it’s millions of people who saw how destructive were the policies of the left. Get over it.

      • Vigilant

        …and chas is right. Things were going along all right until the Dems precipitated the housing crisis, and that is indisputable. The Black Caucus and Finance Committee members who rebuffed Bush at every attempt he made to regulate the policies of Fannie/Freddy were the ones who condemned us to the debacle that followed.

  • valricoslash

    PS. Lame duck sessions should be eliminated. New members should be seated immediately after tehy are elected or the congress should be adjourned until then next congress can be seated in January. This would eliminate the manjority, form either party for ramming through sensless legilation in spite of being kicked out of office.

    • Don

      Valricoslash, i agree 100% with you on that statement about seating incoming congress !!!

      • Vigilant

        Terms for Congress are set by the Constitution. It would require a Constitutional amendment to do what you want.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Even after the election, the still don’t get it!

    • CJ

      Congress has had access to the “cookie jar” for so long, they think it’s their right to keep it full. We’re taking it away and, naturally, they’re throwing a fit. Any parent has seen this with a spoiled brat. Congress needs to go on a diet.

      • Robert Smith

        Tell us CJ, what would you cut?


        • http://?? Joe H.

          I don’t know about CJ, but I would cut two things. first cut a minimum of 10% across the board for every government entity! Second, I would cut your access to this site!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Here, here!

        • Dan az

          Joe I was hoping he would be left out of the loop But nooooo you had to say!!!

        • Greg

          Rob,you’re obviously a lib. You certainly have your right to your opinion. You responded to me in another forum with the usual lib “blame it Bush” rhetoric. If you’re not smart enough to see that government spending needs to be cut you should simply move to Cuba or North Korea where those govt’s can take good care of you, and spend all your income as they see fit.
          Regarding what should be cut. Start with the Dept’s of Agriculture and Education. Don’t just cut them, eliminate them. These are issues that should be handle on a State and Local level anyway, What the hell does someone in an Ivory tower in Washington know about citrus farming in FL or CA?
          Next, most of the entitlement programs. Welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies have become a way of life for an unrealistic portion of the population. Instead of being used as they were intended, as a hand up. They have been perverted to be a hand out.
          I could go on, but being a lib A**Hole yo9u won’t get it anyway.

          • http://naver samurai

            That’s because rob is too much into his illegal drugs, killing babies, gay lovers, and unpatriotic way of life to see any kind of light. Rob, by the way, you still haven’t answered my wife’s posts she gave you to answer on the falsehoods of abortion. When are you going to answer? Is she also going to hear chirp, chirp, chirp, of those stupid crickets or will you be a man and step up to the plate with your answers? The posts were: “Human rights group requests investigation regarding Bush’s waterboarding admission”, Nov 15 2010.
            What about other postings where she gave you sources like:


            Bu the way moron, by a vote of 57 – 40 the bill to allow abortions on military bases was soundly defeated. Remember rob, the newly elected leaders are all pro life and will also seek to overturn abortion. Another victory FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Vigilant

          Cut spending accross the board, period.

    • eddie47d

      Robin; The Republicans do the same thing and have for years. The old tricks are being used right now by the right wingers and yes they do have an agenda. To say differently means you will be fooled again. The Democrats will have a dfficult time the next two years to say the least. If the Republicans keep pulling out this new bold arrogant card they are holding then their deck of cards may fall too.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        eddie47d… If the newly elected folks don’t want to be held accountable, don’t vote the way of voters, and become high and mighty, they may find themselves in the unemployment line, too. I don’t vote straight party. I try to do my homework. Most voters don’t, which is sad. I am not delusional in thinking that the Democrats are the only ones in the middle of the corruption, because if we could get the truth on all of them, we would probably need to elect 90% new folks!

        • Robert Smith

          Hey Robin,

          You said: ” If the newly elected folks don’t want to be held accountable, don’t vote the way of voters,…”

          3/4 of America wants an END to DADT.

          Over 60% of America wants the Bush tax cut to the rich killed.

          Over 50% wants universal health care.

          And I just found out Medicaid doesn’t pay for hearing aids. Next off to the VA because it was working on an air craft carried deck that may have contributed.


          • http://?? Joe H.

            Gee Roberta,
            I’ve already made up my mind to pay for my own and being a crewchief and door gunner on hueys DEFINATELY contributed to mine!!! L11 and L13 turbine engines and all!

          • http://naver samurai

            Rob, I’m sorry to say that your numbers are way off. Get your facts straight before you post moron! Actually, the majority wants healthcare done away with, 91% in the military say they don’t want a gay in a leadership position, most of Americans want DADT to stay in place, and all the people I know want the tax cuts extended for everyone. You need to get off of the pot before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • eddie47d

            I’ll take Rob’s figures for I have heard them from several sources. It’s the first time I’ve heard yours.

          • http://naver samurai

            Well edduh, if you believe the MSM then you’ve missed the boat on the issue. Here are the sources I have read, OK edduh?


            I also read:


            I hope these will tell you the correct numbers. In my hometown, no one wants DADT lifted. If you all would just get away from the lib crack now and then, you may be more beliveable. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Vigilant

            As of 8 December:

            “As congressional lawmakers wrangle over the compromise plan’s details, a Gallup poll released Wednesday shows 66 percent favor extending unemployment benefits and Bush-era tax cuts for two years across all income brackets.”


  • Mick

    TIME says:
    December 9, 2010 at 7:21 am
    Can you say “SMOKE & MIRRORS”????????

    Thats all this is, if you can’t grasp that, I have no words anylonger.
    TIME……you called it……….

  • Disabled Veteran Brian

    I am on a fixed income…got just so much money to live…this inflationary poop of printing billions every month to make it look like the country is rich is just making it harder for me to pay my bills. I worked all my life, all my life….now, the government devalues my savings so that I can’t pay to buy medicine and heat at the same time. I don’t mind dressing like an Eskimo, but I sure hate the tax and spend attitude in Washington. Hope to see a lot of new faces there in two years.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Gas here is back up to 2.999 a gallon and I don’t expect it to drop. Bread has gone up almost 10 cents a loaf, milk has gone up about 7 cents to a dime a gallon. The farther fuel prices go up, the higher the prices of everything will go as it takes fuel to deliver EVERYTHING! If they don’t stop printing more and more money we arent going to be able to live at all. china and Russia have walked away from our dollar already and all it will take is for the oil producers to do the same and you will see prices of 4.50 to 5.00 a gallon in a very short time!! Wait and see, wait and see!!!

  • Bob Wire

    I think “O” lite a fire!

    As I’ve offered before, he a pragmatic and has a job to do and not the evil Marxist demon that he’s often painted to be by the far right.

    “O” sees the clock ticking , score is down, it’s 3rd and long.

    53 votes is 53 votes and not 60 and the American People need, want and have paid for leadership. The log jam had to be broken up and something has to move.

    The angry “left” are talking like they had a “game” today, and was willing to run out the clock but the truth is, they didn’t have the votes in the Senate. “O” wasn’t willing to take the chance seeing too much, too important that needs address in timely fashion.

    Nothing has been written in stone yet and both sides are now talking about making a serious commitment that effect us all.

    I want to say “O” did what was within his power to do in attempt to break this impasse between two parties.

    It’s more important to him then any reelection hopes and in the end, it could work in his favor, regardless what many people think about it today.

    • Dagney

      Obama is no pragmatist. He is an ideolog who is positioning himself for reelection in 2012. (In other words, LIAR) The dunderhead centrists who voted him in in 2008 will be fooled again and will vote him in again in 2012.

      • eddie47d

        Sarah Palin has been positioning herself for the 2012 elections for the last 2 years so does that make her a liar? She may be cute but all ideology.

        • CJ

          Palin is also an egotist. Despite my libertarian preference, I know you have to support those in power closest to your perspective. Unfortunately, it seems most politicians take a utilitarian perspective and believe any lie, policy or action of deception is acceptable if the end is achieved.

        • Don

          eddie, Sarah Palin won’t spend us into the poor house like obama, beside she has some smarts that o don’t have !!

          • Bruce D.

            I agree with that Don. Palin is no egotist. She believes she is doing what is right and would follow American values. Obama spent his formative years in Indnonisia and his later years in Rev Wright’s church. He has no clue what the right thing to do is and does not understand American values.

          • Claire

            The sad thing is that they are all laughing on the way to the bank. Money talks and honesty walks.

          • eddie47d

            Sarah talks a pretty tall tale too! Smarter??

          • http://naver samurai

            At least she can show a birth certificate and school records. Where is Obama bin Laden’s records and birth certificate? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bob Wire

            “Sarah Palin won’t spend us into the poor house like obama, beside she has some smarts that o don’t have !!”

            well Don, I don’t see it! she hides these “smarts” well.

            How you are memorized and “see” smart, while blind to her “ego” is truly amazing.

            I guess that’s what makes a horse race, people willing to lay their hard earned money down and place their bets, win ,place or show.

            I say, “Run Her”! but I don’t think the GOP will ever allow it.

            She a spoiler and will split the vote, as she can command maybe 5 to 7% of the vote. That could be devastating for the GOP.

            If she stays in long enough, my guess is, at some point she will be offered a “deal” to back off, a deal she can’t refuse. They will make it a No-Brainer for her as the GOP is attempting to discourage her efforts as we speak.

            Now if that’s her plan, Yes, Palin is very cleaver, but I really don’t think she will ever hold public office again, much like Newt, they have been used up as political equity, left only to work as Ring Master at dog and pony shows, feather their nest with walk-on’s, Cameo appearances and book deals, appealing to their faithful followers and chastising the current administration with “conservative” propaganda.

            I don’t dislike her but she is not statesman material by a far stretch and truly amazed that some people fail to see or understand the significance of a “Quality” missing.

            The “bull dog with lipstick” is about an accurate descriptive metaphor as I’ve heard, her own words, ~ unable to compete in a beauty contest or a foot ran yet too hard headed and tenacious to accept it as a cold hard fact, with failure certain.

            And on a side note, the current administration has spent some 1.8 trillion dollars, that’s .2 trillion more then “W” over the same length of time. So you are a little late to be concerned with Federal Spending and laying it exclusive at “44′s” door. Two unfunded protracted wars and rampant war profiteering by the fault of “whomever” you wish to blame has left the nation in a bad position today. Where was the Conservatism when it was most needed and done the most good?

            But I will agree with you, ~ this borrowing and spending needs to stop. ~ I believe in it strong enough that I’m willing to see “all” these tax cut expire. We need to get this 13.8 trillion National Debt down to a more manageable size. The interest alone is kicking our collective a$$ and that is just to much to owe anyone, much less a non democratic government while tooting our horn that we are a “Free democratic republic” with our hand out. ~~ I don’t like such thoughts nor such you.

      • Bob Wire

        “. He is an ideology who is positioning himself for reelection in 2012.”

        Well Dageney, ~ if you could explain that and offer some support, I’d be willing to hear you out.

    • Warrior

      It’s called saving one’s own skin. Good, I hope the progressives do challenge him. Nothing better than hearing two liars go at it.

      • Harold Olsen

        I doubt very much that any Democrat will challenge Obama in 2012. If a Democrat does challenge Obama he’ll be labeled a racist. If a black Democrat challenges Obama, he’ll be labeled an Uncle Tom. If the Democrats do not support Obama in 2012 they will lose the black vote and that will cost them the election. However, blacks will not vote Republican in 2012. They will most likely just throw a childish temper tantrum, as they always to when they do not get their way, and will just stay home and not vote. The Democrats are stuck with Obama no matter what he does.

        • Warrior

          I don’t know, this may be Billary’s last chance. How about he steps down to give the clinton’s another chance? This situation is taking on the personality of the Rocky movies.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            He has created a monster of his own plan. If he was to step down willingly to let billary run, the innercity Blacks would take to the streets in protest claiming that the White powerbrokers forced him to do it! the only way for him is to run and take his chances and even then I suspect there will be repercussions if he is fairly defeated, comperable to the days of “Bush stole the election” but on a worse scale!!

        • Bob Wire

          Good Point!

          Yes, ~ they are stuck with “O” for the 2012 Generals.

          If you wish to call it “stuck”.

          But the DNC were “STUCK” with “O” (if you will) long before today.

          The Dems are just reacting today ~ must like the South did in the run up to the Civil War, ~ refusing to accept the realities of overwhelming odds and the vulnerability of end game position.

          He’s taking a lot of criticism and some is duly notes and founded in fact. But that said, it is “O”‘s card to lay down, it’s now up to the house and senate how they want to react to it.

          “O” has taken the pressure off of them and accepted the heat. Now let us see what these gutless wonders will do with it.

          • Vigilant

            In political terms, the time between now and the general election is an eon. Who knows what may happen between now and then.

            Obama made the compromise he needed to make. It’s now up to the Congressional Dems to decide whether they want to destroy their party or play ball with the realities of compromise.

      • Bruce D.

        That’s funny!

  • Mick

    Dagney says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:08 am
    Obama is no pragmatist. He is an ideolog who is positioning himself for reelection in 2012. (In other words, LIAR) The dunderhead centrists who voted him in in 2008 will be fooled again and will vote him in again in 2012.

    Dagney….I wish I could say that you’re wrong but I am afraid that too many people gray matter has turned to mush…….

  • http://com i41

    bob wire, admit it, you are a soft National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Socialist Party follower. The reps got rolled again like a log. Giving in to the 13 weeks longer of unemployment. Letting the dem. keep up up the crap as a tax increase of tax cuts. Spinning s–t as giving people a tax free money. Why the h-ll it wasn’t pointed out, it was leaving more money in peoples pocket, not sending it to Washington to be peed away. All this agreed to expire at election time, again some was sitting like a rino in a mud hole. Soros and Onumnutt are down on their prayer rugs rolling a couple of tight ones.

    • Bob Wire

      i41 why don’t you admit you only have two boxes to put everything you know in.

      Have you never rubbed two puppies noses together and watched the out come?

      “O” wasn’t getting the “juice” he needed in the Senate. The Democrats wasn’t pulling hard enough. They were hiding and drawing their pay.

      Why don’t you just confess you don’t care for a democrat in the White House, much less a non-white one and you are willing to say, do and believe anything that might change the situation. I can understand that, it don’t take “rocket surgery” to understand your position.

      You are the “Labeler” with only two boxes and really don’t have the mind for politics. Your skills better used in the trenches. I would choose you early for such task with your two boxes, one for live one and one for dead one.

      • Vigilant


        As you know, I am a Conservative. You also know that I hailed the results of the mid term elections as a hopeful sign of fiscal responsibility.

        That being said, I now see some ominous signs in the political trend in America. The election results seem to indicate that compromise and consensus are dying. As the blue dogs were removed from the slate and replaced, for the most part, with conservative Repubs, the battle lines were more clearly drawn.

        The tsunami that struck the halls of goverment on Nov. 2 has left us with a more polarized and fragmented Congress than at any time since Reconstruction. The leftist core that remained is now offset by a mix of center-right and hard right folks. Stalemate may be the way of the near future and, as much as I am a conservative, I would like to see politicians on both sides of the aisle for once take the health of our Republic into consideration instead of concentratiing on feathering their nests.

        The bile and vitriol we see on this site are beginning to creep into the national discourse in the halls of Washington. I don’t think it bodes well for our future.

        • Claire

          Vigilant: I hear/read you loud and clear.

          • libertytrain


        • Bob Wire

          “Vigilant says:
          December 12, 2010 at 11:25 am


          As you know, I am a Conservative. You also know that I hailed the results of the mid term elections as a hopeful sign of fiscal responsibility.”

          You bet cha, I think we both see it the same way most of the time.

          The only difference (or the major) difference between you and I, as I see it anyway is; I’ve been vocally opposed to the direction of the nation since as early as 1984 and see all this current resistance as being way too late.

          Many of the very people I’ve been opposed to, they “Elected”. I’ve listened to them for years as we slowly went to hell in a hand basket and they were “pleased” with the progress, enjoying the trip!! What do these people really know???? And more so, when did they know it!

          It’s as if “o” was elected and all of a sudden, they woke up!

          I just finished a viewing of Fox’s “The rise , fall and future of the right” It was more or less a straight up accounting of history, detailing the Reagan years up to “W” and what transpired, highlighting and detailing events in some factual matter. ~ UNTIL, “O” took over anyway, and then they couldn’t even get their dates correct, claiming “O” was signing major spending legislation as early as February of 2009, just 20 days after being sworn in. Newt claimed, “O” went left immediately! WELL? YEA! What else would anyone expect? WHY would anyone expect him to go “RIGHT”? ~ do the left wing crap first, the fairy issue, health care, do it while the iron is still hot. Every President has to court his base, the people that put him in office or at least make attempts.

          From there on, it was all highlighting the Tea Party, their early creation and their strong focus on fiscal responsibility and desire to return to Constitutional values along with their off year and midterm achievements with many candidates.

          Well? I say, great! it’s about darn time somebody has “MAYBE” woke up but these “words” of being responsible are cheap, I’ve heard them before. Why should I believe them now?

          AS I see the Tea Party oppose HCR in partial and sum while using it to paint a sitting President as a Marxist, a Socialist, a Communist an Elitist. As I see them claim to be some kind of a Majority, the only true voice of the will of the people? While a true majority with a popular mandate did address exactly what they promised they would.

          All this in the face of a broken heath care system that’s slowly bleeding many America Citizen dry while poorly serving many and completely out of reach for many more? As the emergency room care (the most expensive care) has became a catch-all and the first line of defense in today’s answer to Americans “health care”?

          I’m not suggest the reform offered was the perfect solution for every American, but if this industry is to enjoy antitrust immunity, some changes need to be address.

          Today “O” attempts to strike a compromise since the rank and file seemed unable or unwilling to bring compromise to the table.

          But even with this turn of events, Tea party members are not satisfied and continue their unrelenting attacks. Not that I’m so peachy keen with 13.8 trillion down and 1.6 budget short fall, how could I be? There is never a good time to swallow a sour pill I suppose.

          The Tea Party won’t rest until “O” is out of office.( much like the GOP, I see little difference in them) Okay? I say to the Tea Party, offer us a good candidate that capable of winning a General Election and then you can have things “your way” ~ but until then expect to compromise your beliefs and ideology.

  • Raggs

    This was the plan from the word GO!

    obama only did this so he would not LOOK bad to the citizens and using it as a scape goat… This is a dog-n-pony show organized sence the November election by the democratic solcialist party…

  • http://YAHOO val

    obama, is an SOB. we all know that.!..I am so sick of the Democrats, I can’t believe how a real American, could turn against America !! Are all the Democrats socialists ?? and are they to receive special treatment,when all is said and done,a reward of some sort ?? Their votes seem more powerful than a American citizens vote.! THE DEMOCRATS STILL DON’T HEAR WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT.!!! obama, is so far left..I can’t believe and I can’t recall a President who split our nation in half. All REAL PRESIDENTS brought All citizens together and we all were one nation under God. I pray everyday, that God, will stop obama and his cronnies, and NOW, we all will have to deal with all of obamas illegal Mexicans..!! OH,GOD,BLESS AMERICA .STAND BESIDE US AND GUIDE US…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      in answer to your question, if not all, the majority are all socialists and vote that very way!! I am 60 years old and I have NEVER seen more than 52 weeks of unemployment and even that was too much! Welfare has never been higher and there are a lot of ablebodied people collecting it as well. Here in our local paper, there were seven separate notices for landscaper employees for the local nurseries for 9.45 an hour and my daughters boyfriend went down and applied today. He has had trouble finding work but doesn’t feel right collecting money and not working for it. he is a good kid!!

      • S.C.Murf

        Keep telling him good job with a little pat on the back, it will go a long way

        up the hill

  • http://com i41

    The only way the National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Socialist Party idoits will be stopped, is too remove The Nazi Traitor Soros money. He don’t give a rat’s bladder about the USA, or where he leading the demo rats, like the Pied Piper to their doom. With Soros proven socialist traitor track record, it is hard to beleive the complete party aduleration for this Nazi Traitor.

    • eddie47d

      You are the pied piper of the insane and have dragged the mentally challenged into your fold. You are the secret nazi propagandists that you supposedly deplore. With those visions of grandeur that you flaunt you will now be promoted to sweep the floors for Heir Himmler. That of coarse will be in that mental bunker that you have been living in for the past 60 years.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


        • http://?? Joe H.

          Why do you think edduhhhh is here? they even kicked him off the dem progressive sites. Even THEY don’t believe how whackked out he is!!

        • eddie47d

          Okay Linda and numb nuts Joe. I could care less if you go after Soros for he is just another rich man devouring his surroundings and exploiting the circumstances. No different than the Koch brothers and the rest of the high and mighty. Don’t pull the nazi card unless you know exactly what you are talking about and i41 certainly doesn’t. Most Jewish folks don’t look at Soros as a traitor. That comes from the likes of Glenn Beck and the fear and smear crowd. He was hired at age 14 to put eviction notices on peoples houses some who happen to be Jewish. That is hardly a crime and shouldn’t be taken as pro nazi. Even children back then had to work to survive. Maybe you would label all adults who worked for Enron as traitors or AIG or Lehman Bros. No it was the CEO’s and upper management who manipulated those companies.The Germans may have manipulated Soros to do their dirty work but they also did that to alot of people.

      • Bruce D.

        eddie47d, fascist ideology is rooted deeply to the left. You should do a little more studying to understand the roots and foundation of your ideology. If you did it is possible you might not like what you have become.

        • eddie47d

          Man are you way off base in your accusations. You are one sick puppy!!

        • Bob Wire

          Bruce, fascism is rooted in both the right and left, so there is some appeal and attraction for everyone I suppose. If you boil it down, you are left with the notion that “might is right” and it’s pretty much whatever you wish it to be.

          “Fascism (pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy. Fascism was originally founded by Italian national syndicalists in World War I who combined extreme Sorelian syndicalist political views along with nationalism. Though normally described as being on the far right, there is a scholarly consensus that fascism was influenced by both the left and the right.

          Fascists believe that a nation is an organic community that requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.

          They claim that culture is created by the collective national society and its state, that cultural ideas are what give individuals identity, and thus they reject individualism.[15] Viewing the nation as an integrated collective community, they see pluralism as a dysfunctional aspect of society, and justify a totalitarian state as a means to represent the nation in its entirety.[16][17]

          They advocate the creation of a single-party state.[18] Fascist governments forbid and suppress opposition to the fascist state and the fascist movement.[19] They identify violence and war as actions that create national regeneration, spirit and vitality.[20]

          Fascism rejects the concepts of egalitarianism, materialism, and rationalism in favor of action, discipline, hierarchy, spirit, and will.[21]

          They oppose liberalism (as a bourgeois movement) and Marxism (as a proletarian movement) for being exclusive economic class-based movements.[22] Fascists present their ideology as that of an economically trans-class movement that promotes ending economic class conflict to secure national solidarity.[23] They believe that economic classes are not capable of properly governing a nation, and that a merit-based elite of experienced military persons must rule through regimenting a nation’s forces of production and securing the nation’s independence.[24]

          Fascism perceives conservatism as partly valuable for its support of order in society but disagrees with its typical opposition to change and modernization.[25] Fascism presents itself as a solution to the perceived benefits and disadvantages of conservatism by advocating state-controlled modernization that promotes orderly change while resisting the dangers to order in society of pluralism and independent initiative.[25]

          Fascists tend to support a “third position” in economic policy, which they believe superior to both the rampant individualism of laissez-faire capitalism

  • Howard R Gray

    George Orwell had it right; there are always some that are more equal than others, that is all that this specious call for grabbing other peoples wealth is about, the same old social burglary game. The barons pay off their friends, feudal power at its best, nothing new under the sun and these people call themselves progressives?

    The impulse to level down other people’s wealth and share it with those that are perceived as needy is almost laudable if it were true, the dirty secret is it isn’t. Legislatures are about passing laws feeding interests and lobbies of supporters or people they fear, not much else once in a while we get a useful law.

    No one should ever take the left of politics seriously ever. These are the turkeys who survived thanksgiving only to bring the world socialist dictatorships, condonation of mass murder by leftist guerillas and leftist governments, let alone a trail of failed economies and starving populations. These people are arrant fools, again and again their nostrums are tried and they keep on failing. Isn’t there some point when evidence has an impact on the mind? Obviously not! Once again out goes the hue and cry for taxation of the rich.

    Here is the irony in all this, taxing the rich means less jobs for the poor. All government jobs, on the other hand, arrive by way of expropriation of wealth. The problem with grabbing the golden eggs is that the geese that lay them can fly off elsewhere. Those who are rich on the left can always send in a cheque for the amount appropriate to what they believe they have individually appropriated. Somehow I don’t think that will happen any time soon. When did anyone get a job from a poor person? You have to weep with frustration every time these Democrat poseurs come out and excoriate those who believe in free enterprise. Have they never heard of the Laffer curve?

    Thank God for the Tea Party, the debate the left most feared most is now underway and, besides scaring the horses and some donkeys, it is unsettling for the GOP elephants as well. There is a mass reeducation of the nation underway courtesy of people like Glenn Beck, in that process there is hope for the nation. It appears, since the recent election, the public have in some measure caught up with the legislators and roundly said no to their spendthrift schemes and taxanonmics. Politics isn’t as usual anymore.

    Elevating taxes by default was clearly in the minds of some Democrats in the vain hope of evading blame for one of the most foolhardy exercises in modern times. We have a mother of all recessions in progress and some in the Democrat party seems besotted with more of same or worse. Do we need a full scale depression?

    Clearly economics 101 at some of our universities isn’t teaching a discipline remotely connected with utility or reality. Oh..that’s right, most economics and sociology departments are staffed by tenured leftist professors who wouldn’t know how to run a business, let alone a nation, or even begin to understand how to make a payroll, let alone create a real job! Wealth creation appears out of nowhere for them hence the rapacious desire to tax. Tax is an impost much like slavery and they are not in favour of that or are they?

    Nuff said.

    • Warrior

      And may I add, Well Said!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    This is not unlike the back-lash that Clinton received when he signed into law 21 of the 23 items in the ‘Contract with America’ the Republicans passed, which they ran their campaigns on, in order to get elected to take control of both houses of Congress, after Clinton’s first mid-term elections in 1994. After signing those into law, I remeber a Democratic Senator being interviewed on a major network saying that Clinton should be Impeached, because the Democrats had enough votes to uphold a veto of them, so he should have vetoed all of them. The two that he did veto were, a ban on partial-birth abortions and allowing voluntary prayer in public schools. Everything that had to do with government spending and the economy he signed. Interesting how history repeats itself, for as they say, if you don’t learn from it you’ll have to repeat it, to learn the lesson(s) you should have but didn’t. Those 21 items in the ‘Contract with America’ that he did sign, balanced the budget, turned his first two years of recession into a booming economy, and produced the first reduction in the deficit since Eisenhower. Even though all this was caused by the Republicans ‘Contract with America’, Clinton got all the credit. If our economy turns around since the Republicans took control of the House and their policies are now being instituted, I’ll bet Obama will get all the credit too.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

      I think most all people that have any knowledge will know who got everything straight again even tho they will deny and lie about it thats all democrats do DENY/LIE!!!!!!!!

  • eddie47d

    I will admit that the Democrats can be slow in rallying voters. Some Democrats are clueless on the issues that effect them and don’t delve into who the best candidate is until it’s too late. (you snooze you loose).Obama tries too hard to be nice and needs to grow a pair and hit back at the Republicans for they certainly haven’t worked with him. He should have learned that when the Republicans shoved NAFTA down our throats and Clinton fell for that one and signed the bill. We’ve been snockered by the Republicans before so Obama should have watched for those landmines. Obviously he didn’t and it could be too late.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


      • eddie47d

        You must be i41′s twin sister. He exaggerates the most and you lie and deny with the little you have said. Take a look in that mirror sweetie!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I suggest the same thing to you but I wouldn’t wish seven years on anyone, well maybe you!! Go ahead, look!!!

          • eddie47d

            Never happen Joe Blow! It was mirror mirror on the wall who is the most dapper of them all…of coarse it answered ,you eddie. So take your “crack” somewhere else you old screwball.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            guess you looked before!! If not, how do you explain you bad luck in the elections just last month??? CRRRRAAACCK!!! Next it will be bye bye BBAAAARRRRAAACCCKKK!!!!

    • Bruce D.

      Clinton actually lobbied for NAFTA, not just signed it. The Republicans were also responsible. To me import duties should be used to level the playing field with China. We allow them to rig the system by manipulating their currency on top of cheap labor. Republicans need to start doing the right thing or the country is finished. Democrats are so far to the left they are no longer capable of understanding what the right thing to do is. Their game plan is to tax, borrow, print money and give it away until the country is morally and financially bankrupted.

    • S.C.Murf

      Once again fast eddie you need to make that popping sound

      • http://?? Joe H.

        have you ever seen the Hunts ketchup commercial where the tomato gets sucked into the bottle? Remind you of eddduuuhhh!?

        • eddie47d

          That’s better than what you experienced …getting pulled out of Murf’s be..hind. LOL

          • S.C.Murf

            is that the best you got fast eddie?

          • eddie47d

            Don’t have to say much with Joe around.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            THOOMP! just like a Hunts tomato!!!!

  • 45caliber

    The Dems feel that they don’t need to make any deals with anyone as long as they have control of both houses of Congress. They can just pass what they want and ignore everything else.

    But Oblama has to deal with a new Congress next year that does not have control of both houses. So he has to face making some deals.

    Further, Oblama is rich. And like all rich, he simply isn’t willing to pay more than he feels is necessary. So I can see why he would be willing to retain the tax breaks for the rick.

    • Warrior

      Actually, the rate issue is smoke and mirrors when you have a million pages tax code with all those wonderful exemptions and deductions. In fact, one of the illustrious millionaires, who just happen to be one of the originators of the nice letter that he and his cohorts sent to oblama asking him to increase the tax rates so they could pay more, was actually stating that because of the deductions he was allowed, he was paying less then his fair share. Go figure. Hey, I know, let’s increase the rates and give the illusion the rich pay more but we’ll give them some more deductions to offset. Way to go. FLAT TAX, anyone?

      • Dan az

        Thats the only way that all of this crap is going to stop!Flat tax! agreed!

    • Claire

      45caliber–I know I have posted this before but as a kid I can clearly remember the politics back in the early ’50s. I remember hearing that the Democrats were for the poor and the Republicans were for the rich. Things have sure changed. Neither party is “for” anything but themselves.

  • Peter

    I saw a picture yesterday of an older woman walking into a Wal-Mart store with a t-shirt that read the following: Obama cares as much for the United States as OJ cared for Nicole. Do not trust this Big eared Socialist Communist bitch he talks about sacrifice I do not see him or any of the traitors in congress taking pay cuts. As far as this SOB wanting to extend the BUSH tax cuts for two more years, he has something up his sleeve. I do not trust LIARS.

  • s c

    Izzum da prez having pwoblems? Awwwww. It doesn’t really make any difference, as the Repubs and the Dems are in bed together so often
    that you can’t tell one from the other even if you have a premium scorecard, folks.
    Keeping career criminals (career politicians) OUT of politics and OUT of Washington is the only cure, people. Learn that lesson, or get used to walking around bent over (with a meek smile on your face). Be free, or be in chains. It’s YOUR choice.

    • Bruce D.

      There is a difference. It might help if you looked at who voted to audit the Federal Reserve and who opposed it. Those on the right who opposed should be targeted in the 2012 primaries.

  • Raggs

    Smells like BOLOGNA!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Unreal!! For only the second time since he became POTUS, BHO is on the right side of something (the first was when we defended him against the PETA wackos who criticized him for swatting a fly on TV). But now his Democraps turn against him!! It appears that the Democraps will punish everyone else by opposing a bill that does not raise taxes on their favorite target – the so-called rich. Actually – not that rich. $250,000 isn’t that rich, and it’s only a quarter of a million!! Yet the democraps are so hell bent on confiscating more of this so-called wealth!! Of course, we know how rich many of these democraps are themselves. If they really loathe the rich so much, then why don’t they just give away their own wealth for redistribution, and/or tax themselves at higher rates??!! LOL!! These democraps are not only (in many cases) tax cheats, but also just a bunch of phony hypocrites!! While it’s easy to sometimes envy the wealthiest Americans. Let’s just ask ourselves: what good does it do to tax the rich?? You think the democraps are going to make you significantly richer?? NO WAY!! Many drones and naïve morons may fall for the democraps’ class envy game. What they need to realize that it IS NOT spreading wealth around. Rather, it is like spreading misery and poverty around. If we confiscate all wealth over XXXX amount, then the only wealthy ones left will be the elite democraps in government!!!! GET REAL!! CLASS ENVY IS NOT HELPING THE AVERAGE AMERICAN!! Again I have to say that we should’ve defeated a lot more Democraps a month ago.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The only reason PETA got down on Nobummer was for killing one of his own kind!!

      • Dan az

        The fly knew crap when he smelled it why dont the dumbocraps?

    • Raggs

      You missed something…

      How is the easy way to bring down the poor?
      To bring down the poor to a level that they will be dependant on you is to screw the so-called rich and make it look like it is a good deal.
      This will bring forth a dependency of the so-called poor to the government…

      The so-called rich are the envy of the government due to their personnel control and the lack of need / dependency to the government.
      Anyone that has self control or self wealth is a demon to obama.

      But afterall obama is the beast and he knows that.
      He is the child of satan!

  • chuckb

    the only way we can stop this madness for “awhile” is to go for the flat tax and everyone pays. the system we have presently is corrupted from top to bottom. we argue over what the so called rich pay and they have accountants that maneuver around the tax code and know all the loop holes the politicians have written for them, soros comes to mind, so they can bank their money off shore and beat the system. some of our politicians just don’t pay and most of the time get away with it. so lets go to a flat tax and audit the politicians every two years. why do we have people like rangel chairing committees like the ways and means? the democrats know this guy is a crook and always has been.

    • Dan az

      I wounder how much 10% of sorass taxes would be?

  • Raggs

    From the pit of hell obama has risen..
    To the pit of hell he will return..

  • Claire

    The actor Wesley Snipes is getting 3 years in prison for tax evasion. Charlie Rangel is still free. What is wrong with this picture?

    • http://naver samurai

      Connections Claire. It’s all about who you know. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Claire

        samurai– You are right about connections. I find this situation with Rangel deplorable.

        • http://naver sook young

          I also don’t like it, but I hope that God answers my prayers and straightens out our people in Washington. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • http://com i41

    Daschle was over 10 years of avoiding paying taxes, even sice he was out of officce for awhile, he should have been labled a felon for defrauding the government as stated in their Congreesional code of ethics, Geithner should have never be appointed Tresury Sec, and now Greasy Rangel who missedd 17 years of taxes, nothing but a no no. Oh we fogot his is black, also a democrap, andWaters will slide on anything happening to her. DOJ proved black scum are dumb and don’t have toworry about getting held responsible, if you are ademocrat and are black even in name you walk and get bonus points.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    No wonder the libs are pissed at BO; they didn’t get what they paid for.

  • Dan az

    The stench from washington is so bad now that even their own kind are about to run for the borders.Lets flush the system and use some air freshener.This whole system stinks!Maybe thats the point how much more can they take before they finally start a revolution?So the dic tator can take charge and they can all go on vacation with all the money that they have stolen.Im sure they are itching to get this done and sit back in the sun on some beach with their drinks and laugh at how dumb we really are for letting them take control of all of us.

  • Bob Wire

    I don’t smell anything? I guess I got use to it by now.

    Was down in Mexico, a few days ago, you don’t want to go there now Dan.

    The Fed is still cleaning things up. There’s going to be one less gang by the time it’s over. Three is just one too many.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      No, one is just three too many!!!


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