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Obama Expected To Reignite Immigration Debate

May 10, 2011 by  

Obama expected to reignite immigration debatePresident Barack Obama was slated to visit El Paso, Texas on May 10 to discuss immigration reform that would give illegal residents more pathways to citizenship.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama believes that his administration has worked hard to protect the United States border and it is time to focus on the 10.8 million individuals who are living in America illegally. In his speech, he was expected to place pressure on Congress to support initiatives like the DREAM Act, which is designed to provide permanent residency to certain students who are currently illegal immigrants.

However, many Republicans oppose the President’s efforts to make it easier to obtain citizenship. Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas) told the Silver City Sun-News that immigration should not be a priority until the U.S.-Mexico border is secure.

“This administration is not giving the American people a complete picture of security on our border with Mexico,” McCaul told the media outlet. “It is not ‘better now than it has ever been,’ and the data on spillover crimes and violence is deceiving and underreported.”

McCaul has stated that once the border issues are resolved, highly educated illegal immigrants, such as engineers and scientists, should be provided with citizenship opportunities. According to the news provider, he said that these individuals can help stimulate the nation’s economy.

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  • Stan Smith

    Nope! The Illegals and their Brats! Needs to be shipped out Rawhide style! We don’t need no more Instant Democrap Voters! Gee! I would like to know about other students who came here LEGALLY, I bet they think it’s not fair that they the illegals got special treatment from our Sh*t stain govt! since the LEGAL students who did the paperwork to get visas the right way, the legal way by getting in line just like everyone else! Well Listen up foreign students! You better protest and say no to Instant citizenship to illegals, No to special favors & treatment,no free pass, and demand that they be deported and get in line just like everyone else did. Lets see Amnesty Failed under Reagan when amnesty got passed, Look what happened more Rats from south of the border & other countries came here in droves, It drew more illegal immigration, now the scums hoping the democraps will pass this so called amnesty AKA nightmare act. If this crap gets passed! We will have a tsunami wave of more illegal rat scums coming to the US more than ever!

    • lkar

      Once again even Liberty Digest is beholden to the “newspeak” of ridding the factual usage of the term ILLEGAL ALIEN. Illegal immigrant is an out right lie as most of these are not immigrants!

      • EddieW

        (Isn’t it amazing? as many times as we stopped illegals from obtaining free citizenship,
        Obozo, our Liar in Chief is STILL trying to force this down our throats!! Make it EZ, becuase these uneducated instant citizens will vote democrat!!! The American people be dammed!!! after all It will also help in the destruction of this country…that is all that matters!!)
        They are also Taking 10.8 million jobs away from Americans!!

    • slapjack

      NO IMMIGRATION REFORM!!!!!!! Herd’em up and ship’em back Rawhide style. MOOOOOVE’M on out Obummbo Baby. They are just votes to you and we get stuck with the problems and bills and tell Michelle that all the Lobster Newburg is begining to show up on her Keester. Kinda unbecoming of the first lady. I want her to look better when she does the HERKY JERKY for the school kids.

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      Get use to eating beans and rice buddy

    • martin

      u are an ignorant.

      • http://comcast the fisherman

        Burretos martin the breakfast of champions

    • S D

      AMEN!! Democrap, that’s a good one. Wish I’d thought of it.

    • Jeffrey

      Dehumanizing other humans is what the Germans did to the Jews to make exterminating them more palatable. Mexican nationals that came here because we hired them as cheap labor is certainly a crime on our part. Your use of the English language speaks to your lack of formal education (unless you are making jokes when shipping 10+ million people back to Mexico) and also accounts for your less than human way of talking about this issue. I’m doubting anyone changes their views or mind when someone like yourself starts spewing venom their way. All you will get with your rhetoric is people dismissing you as an uneducated putz.

      • Rick

        Oh really Jeffery? What exactly did Nazi’s call Jews other than Jews? Do you know what “alien” means? Alien means “anyone not a Citizen or National of the United States.” Did you know that it’s possible to be an immigrated alien and live here for as long as you want without ever becoming a Citizen? And did you know illegal aliens are criminals? That’s right. So rather than calling them illegal aliens would you prefer we accurately refer to them as criminal aliens? Because that’s exactly what they are. So let’s call them criminal immigrants from now on. And while you’re pulling your foot out of your mouth, maybe you could point to any other successful, surviving nation that tolerates criminal invasion by migration. Do you you have any idea how Mexico treats criminal immigrants? Try going there and finding out first hand.


    Maybe a stray will follow his way………….
    God Bless America

  • Cawmun Cents

    Not that I think the POTUS will politicize immigration,(he never does that to anything)but…..instant voting block.

  • James R. Maxwell

    And now the POTUS(?) is comming to TEXAS to whine and cry for money
    from his minions. The only reason he is comming down this way after
    the massive snubb of Texas with the Space Shuttle is so he can try
    to ignite the whinners and liberals who dont want borders to restrict
    the flow of Criminal Illegal Aliens across the border. His only
    energy police is trying to play community riot organizer and get the
    Criminals and their Liberal friends to cause problems along the
    border states by a massive imflux of more Illegals crossing the border and demanding welfare and social services.

    • thinking

      There is a big job opertunity for illegals, they gather together and rob homes when people are at work. The police know about this and say when caught they are sent back to mexico only to came back across the border and rob again. Yes jobs for illegals may have been picking crops but now it is picking electronics and jewery from americans homes. Funny the media doesn’t report this it is real big…

    • Bert Cundle

      Sure he is ralling for votes, any way he can!

    • Jana

      James R. M.,
      He didn’t just snub Texas on the space shuttle. We have had wild fires in West Texas destroying thousands of acres and its worse this year than ever, and Obama refused to give aid to Texas after the Governor asked for it.
      Obama has snubbed our Governor repeatedly.

      • Christin

        You are right Jana.

        Obama HATES Texas as we have had a STRONG growing economy and are a Conservative State that can secede from the Union if we so wish… I know what are we waiting for, huh!

        He shut down the oil industry in Texas also by putting an oil moratorium on off-shore drilling and still REFUSES to give out oil PERMITS to drill. The BP Oil Spill was no doubt a sabotage to STOP oil production in America so we could not be dependant on our own natural God given oil and gas resources, but ‘Redistribute our Wealth’ to foreign countries who obama wants to prop up with our cash and bring American wealth down.

        I couldn’t believe that obama was going to witness the last Space Shuttle take-off as HE is the one who CUT the WHOLE SPACE PROGRAM. Now no children can dream of being an astronaut and exploring the vast expanse of the galaxies and universes, because Kill-Joy obama ended the Space Flight Program.

        And YES, he snubbed Gov Rick Perry AGAIN about the West Texas Wild fires… NO AID TO TEXAS… as he is trying to bring Texas down into submission. West Texas produces much cotton, oil, and gas as well as grains, corn and cattle. The West Texas oil and Gasoline is so good it is used as the ‘standard’ for all other oil and gasoline refined world wide.

        Gov Rick Perry even tried to hand obama an envelope when obama came to Texas a year or so ago with ideas to help with the border problem, but he was snubbed on that, too. BHO is an arrogant son of a marxist isn’t he? Barack Hussein obama DOES NOT WANT TO SECURE THE BORDER ever… that is why he sued AZ to stop them from trying to protect themselves. There have been 35,000 deaths on or near the border between Mexico and the United States.

        I am inagreement with Michael McCaul… SECURE THE BORDER F I R S T before discussing the 30 – 40 million illegals future (amnesty to citizenship) or millions more will FLOOD across the border for more American free-be’s and VOTE Demo-rat in 2012.

        • http://PersonalLibertydigest Steve H

          I could not agree with you more Christin and I’m not from Texas. I’m in Florida and they were trying to match Arizona’s lead but they’re having problems from the Hispanic activists and Democrats and OUR Governor doesn’t have a backbone and he lies on just about everything that’s done. Politicians are SO CORRUPT INCLUDING POTUS.

          • chess game

            Yes, I agree, the border needs to be secured first, but Obama is not going to do it. He wants the votes of illegal aliens. The illegals will try to vote for him, that is when ACORN or the Black Panthers will help in doing Obama’s cheating. It does not help to let 30 million illegal aliens to stay, because they will bring their relatives or anyone that can pay them to be here. We will never finished solving the illegal alien problem.
            Hispanic people who have migrated legally to this country, and have been citizens for many years, do not want the illegal aliens either. The illegal alien problem is a problem for all the citizens of this country, as they pose a substantial cost to American taxpayers. I believe that they have caused the medical system’s cost to surge for American citizens and legal residents, because we the taxpayers are subsidizing the illegal aliens’ medical services who most of them are on Medicaid, just ask the emergency services at any hospital. Same thing with the rest of the social services, illegals can receive food stamps, and many other services, because many state governments do not ask for proof of residency or citizenship and we are the ones paying the taxes to keep schools open and pay teachers, and the illegals don’t have to pay anything. California is broke because is a liberal state and they spent themselves to death in supporting the illegal alien population.

  • Warrior

    Here we go again. Comprehensive immigration is the solution to all that ails us. By the way, what the hell is “comprehensive immigration”?

    • Cawmun Cents

      I repeat…instant voting block of 20 million or so……

      • Linda R

        I read that white population declines rapidly and it becomes minority.
        The United State is emerging into a third world country. Then people on welfare will not get food stamps because no money.

    • vagabond

      Warrior, comprehensive immigration is making them instant democrats, and obummer needs all he can get for the upcoming election. he knows a lot of the IDIOTS who voted for him have come out from under the ether,

    • chess game

      That is the joke! the joke is on us. Is pure B.S. Yes, now that we have about 30 million, they want to do something. I say, Have each illegal alien pay to stay and be a resident the amount of $7000.00 per individual and all the amount has to be pay in effective and due now. That amount is a small percentage of what an illegal alien has already cost a city or county in taxes and services. Whoever does not have the money, sorry, they go back to their country of origin. Maybe we can use this money toward the budget deficits everywhere in the country. Also, the new residents can not have access to free medical, welfare checks, food stamps or unemployment. They will need to report to Customs at the end of 3 months, if they have been unable to find a job or can not show that they are able to support themselves, they need to go back to their country of origin. I know this can never happen, as they liberals will say that the illegals’ rights are being violated.

  • c lynn

    I have yet to meet a Scientist or engineer that came from South of the boarder. Most illegals do yard work, wash dishes, and work in the fields. People who think a fast track to citizenship is a great idea don’t live in a boarder state. Think how much richer we would be if we did not have to give out all this welfare, medical, education etc to these illegals who will soon be legal. Here again the government is stuffing down our throats something we just don’t want.

    • frank

      You are so right c lynn.Obama is at it again. He is really so predictible. He thinks that the recent so called gutsy call on bin laden has put himself in the drivers seat (and remember he said not so long ago republicans and conservatives sit in the back)its his narcissist nature to right away use one crisis to promote his leftist agenda.He has done nothing for the hispanics in two and a half years of his present campaigning. The hispanic community should be looking to people like Marco Rubio for guidance and someone their children can aspire to. Not this clown of a potus for whom everything is about the VOTE!. Obamas problem is that he and his socialist /marxist/ communist thought they could take down America in 4 years and then came 2010 abd now they want another 4 years to finish the job and declare himself dictator!.REMEMBER he did say that he will TRANSFORM America . The people are now seeing what he meant by that and it is not pretty!!!!.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        frank , you know what happens to dictators, right!

    • texastwin827

      I wish washing dishes, doing yard work etc was all we had to worry about. They also take construstion and food processing jobs that Americans could do, if they could afford to work for the low wages that the illegals do. In route to my grandchildren’s school (less than 3 miles) about 8 new houses are being built…and ALL the crews are hispanics…I’d venture to guess there is a strong liklihood most except for maybe the crew supervisor (also hispanic who probably speaks both English & Spanish) are illegals.

  • sean murrey

    How can you people stand him he stinks to high heaven.

    • Bert Cundle


      • http://comcast the fisherman

        Have you got close to smell him

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Bert Cundle, More like and Illegal Skunk from Kenya

    • Mim

      B.O. stinks!

  • Bob

    As immigration continues, America will become a third world cesspool just like the cesspools created by the immigrants in their home countries. At this point, the immigration will stop and maybe even reverse as people migrate to whatever new “promised land” takes our place. America, the strongest bastion of freedom and free enterprise, will be destroyed in the process; a victim of its own suicidal tendencies, political correctness, and the democrats and rinos. The only way to stop this is to completely remove all liberals from power and all immigrants from within our borders. Anything less will result in America becoming the new poster child for corruption, poverty, and social chaos.

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      The reported number of illegal immigrants in the United States is a complete lie. They say about 11 million when it is more like 30 million and growing fast. Florida had to spend 5.6 billion last year to provide schooling, health care, food stamps. Spanish is now the official language in Miami it seems. Try to find someone speaking English and you will find it is a rarity. 56 per cent of the area I live in now is either from Cuba, Dominican Republic, or other south American countries and few are citizens. There is also 10 Chinese living in a house down the block who I believe is not here legally as they go to work in a restaurant and come home, doesn’t speak to anyone and are very reclusive.

      Find out from your representatives in Congress what their position is on immigration. If they favor citizenship for the illegals, vote them out because they are sucking this country dry on your dime.

    • Bud Tugly

      Here on the west coast Illegal Aliens are draining our resources. Emergency rooms are overcrowded and being closed. Schools have overcrowded classes. One brand new state-of-the-art high school has, according to one of its teachers, over 70% illegals who make little attempt to learn English and consider the border states Occupied Mexico.

      Look how Mexico has managed its own affairs. They have ample resources but are so corrupt their government is in shambles and they are controlled by the scum of the earth drug cartels who have no value for human life. The influence that people from this culture is hardly positive.

      I can sympathize with the desire of people to better themselves, but when one crashes a party it should not be surprising to be asked to go home.

      We need to stop using euphemisms like “undocumented worker” and use the correct term: illegal alien.

      We need to have government forms in English only. People who come here legally from all over the world make it their business to learn our language and get with our culture. We make it far too easy for one ethnic group to get special privileges (“Press 1 for English…”). If they can’t be bothered to learn our language let them live in a country where theirs is spoken.

      I am tired of seeing parades for “immigrants rights” in which the Mexican flag is carried. If the “immigrants” were from Europe, Asia, or Africa those marchers would stay home. They are taking control by out breeding the gringos and by quiet but hostile invasion.

      I would rather see our military protect our borders that stationed all over the world protecting other countries while ours is under a subtle, insidious attack.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Bob, At this point in time, the only way to stop it is ti re-kindle the the Spirit of a 21st Century American Revolution, Fight for it or Lose it!

  • susanm


  • momplayer

    I’m trying to figure out how this special treatment even started. It’s no wonder that the illegals think their entitled to special treatment when our goverment tells them they are. Their fast tracked through the welfare system, education system and anything else they demand, while our citizens are being fast tracked into home foreclosure, and food bank lines. A good friend of my daughter just passed away because they were both laid off and lost the medical insurance.They made too much money for medical help on unemployment.They pleaded with our county hospital and anyone else they could think of and yet they got NO help. We have 4 illegals in umc right now recieving treatment. They want to be able to control us like sheep and I’m amazed how many people think obama is doing a good job. IT MAKES ME SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • c lynn

      That is deplorable to think this woman died and these illegals are getting free health care. We all must get out the vote for a good conservatives this time around. Complaining isn’t enough. It takes motivation and hard work we can’t lay back and take it any longer. Get involved. The hate America people our out in full force and we have to stop them.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I will be real surprised if this administration doesnt try to fill all the foreclosed homes in California,with new citizens with which to get votes from.Progressivism is a mental disorder.

    • http://minnesota MarieElise

      Hi . every one is so right with their comments .we need to get that illegal muslim out of the white house before we are turned into a third world country .!!!!! that is his wish .

    • Bud Tugly

      This is an example of why we need serious health care reform. It is inexcusable that any US citizen should suffer for lack of health insurance. It is folly to believe that the insurance companies have the best interests of the patient as a priority. They worship the almighty buck.

      The Dems did not get it right, but the GOP is equally off the mark. Rya’s plan will hurt the elderly who have worked hard all their lives. His “voucher” system is a joke.

      People from all over the political spectrum need to get together in good faith to come up with a system that really serves the needs of the people.

    • CJM

      Giving preferential medical treatment to non-citizens is not unusual. A US Hospital refused to treat a dying child in that State because the parents lacked a little over $200K towards medical expenses (communities near the child’s residence had held many fundraisers, but couldn’t come up with the last part of the money). While the child lay dying at home, the same hosptal brought in a child with similar surgical needs, paid all transportation costs for the child AND parents along with approximately 20 other relatives, paid ALL housing and food expenses for this family while the were in the US, and performed the surgery for free. As they were doing the free surgery, the other little child died at home. I have left the name of the hospital and the State where this occurred out deliberately—but it goes to show that citizens have not been treated very kindly by the medical community for many years now. This is a true incident…nothing made up here. By the way, the family in question came from southern Mexico.

      • Bud Tugly

        This is obscene.

    • KiloAlpha

      This national insanity started under LBJ, as this bastard boldly proclaimed, “This will not affect millions of people.” Yeah, that a quarter will buy that bastard a *hopey changey” button for their brainless life-form. Kennedy, among others was instrumental in this diabolical crime called “Hart-Cellar” that was signed into “law” (or the color of law) in 1965. The 50 million that have since flooded America have been the replacement for the 50 million aborted fetuses who should have been the rightful heirs to this Providence known as The United States of America. Truly, this represents the road to hell, and I’m not sure what good intentions were ever involved. You want a good demo of how the Nation will fail miserably: google the “gumball demonstration” or this link…

  • Julian

    Twice they have said give them amnesty and then we will seal the borders, and twice they have given them amnesty and allowed a flood of new ones to take thier place. What’s that saying about doing the same thing and expecting different results? We need to let the world know that when you enter the USA illigaly you may not be tossed out right away, but you will be tossed out. Lets set a good precedent.

  • Dad

    Take a pledge right now… if they cannot communicate effectively, don’t hire them.

    This is Obama’s last stand for re-election… and stuff America in the process.

  • Raggs

    While everyone is bitching about illegals, why is Arizona the only people that is taking a proactive stance on the issue?… If ALL states would come together on this even if that means excluding the government a lot more would be done.

    We are not going to stop obama, he has an agenda and he gives not one rats ass what we think!… 2012 anyone?.. someone?..

    • Bob

      2012 will mean little if we don’t remove all lieberals from power. Lieberalism is a cancer that must be completely excised from the American body politic or it will return to kill us. It is not enough to remove the arch-traitor and devil maobama from power; lieberals must be removed from power from the school house to the whitehouse.

      • Raggs

        I agree 100%…. We need control of the senate now… Not to mention kick away several rino’s…

      • Bert Cundle

        Quit Blameing LIBERALS… When they go… The Rulers with Whips, will over…

        • Jana

          Because this is what the LIBERALS want! The conservatives sit on their hands and allow it. Hopefully more conservatives will wake up.

      • Jay

        Here, here Bob, the whole rat’s nest must go! Do a complete and comprehensive fumigation!

      • http://naver samurai

        Great post Bob. I agree with you 100% We can start by not only removing Obama bin Laden, but also by removing Hillary, Nancy, Barbara, Barney, Reid, Rangel, etc from their positions. Voting is the most powerful weapon we have and they know it. We can use it to bring some real “change” to this country. Let’s get back to the ways of our Christian founding, get rid of the secular humanists, libs, rinos, and cinos. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • smoothnu

        Absolutely right!!

  • James

    All Obozo is doing is securing votes for his reelection, just like he did with the homosexuals, he will give them everything because they will vote for him in 2012. He could care less about border security and what is happening there. Its all about him getting reelected and he will stoop to any low for that to happen.

    • Bob

      Maobama couldn’t care less about America, period. He sees America as his stepping stone to the dictatorship of the entire human race.

      • CJM

        I have said since his campaign that odummberbummer’s greatest desire is to be the LAST ELECTED President of the United States and the first dictator….everything he has done certainly points to that. If he gets a second term, he may very well get his wish.

  • Bert Cundle

    Why Complicate things… Forigners can get a VIZA ( Not a Credit Card.) to come to our Schools if they Speak, Read & Understand English well enough to learn what the teacher is teaching, in English… They Bring the $ From their Cuntry, to pay for their Schooling. When they get their Deploma… They Go Back To Their Country, And Emprove it! {NO VISA… NO STAY!} “NO AMNISTY”!!!!!

  • jack sneed

    YES! Ole Obama will re-ignite the talk about immigration…..and those poor Hispanics will “fall for his lies” once more….Hispanics, Oboma will say anything you want to hear, so long as you vote for him…..but he told you all those lies last time, and what has he done during his first four years….ABSOLUTELY ZERO FOR YOU! Oh! he can meet with your Ms. Longloria all the time, but he is lying through his teeth….he likes his teeth, so he likes to show them off as much as possible, and when he lies they show up real good. HE IS LYING….HE IS NOT GOING TO DO SQUAT FOR THE HISPANICS….AND YOU FOLK HAD BETTER BELIEVE IT. He is just “baiting” you to get your vote!

    • Jana

      You know, Obama is sneaky. What he is doing is drawing our attention to this issue, which won’t pass the House. what are they really doing in Washington that he doesn’t want us to hear about?
      I know for one the budget is up for discussion and vote AGAIN. What trick is Obama up to????

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Jana say’s , What trick is Obama up to? No tricks jana , just doing what his Masters of deceit have laid out for him to execute!

      • http://naver samurai

        I don’t know about tricks, but his plan is pretty transparent to me. He, along with his cronies and controllers, wants to dismantle this nation into a quasi communist state. No buts about it. Let’s keep up the good fight and this will not come to pass. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Charles

    What world does Obama live in? Susanm, he lives in his world and no
    one else matters. If I was a black person, I would be the most upset,
    because the illegals and Spanish legals now out number them. They not
    only cut into the jobs and money for welfare that the blacks have enjoyed for years.They make sure the blacks stay at the low end of
    the totom pole. The whites are no longer the blacks no 1 enemy,the
    illegals have become their no 1 enemy. The Spanish have even become
    your most feared gangs in your inner cities. Thanks Obama, for hellping your own people so much.Black people of America wake up, this man has done you no favor. It`s time black people as well as white say no to Obamas policey on immigration and on the economy
    in general.

    • Bob

      The whites haven’t been the “#1 Enemy” of blacks for decades. The blacks are their own worst enemy because they believe the lies of the lieberals and have chosen to whine over long-past wrongs rather than accept responsibility for their own problems. Soon they will find themselves at the bottom of the ladder because they have allowed the lieberals to use them as “voting cattle” while leading them to the slaughter.

  • Lostwages

    Pick them all up, put them in a tent city, pink underwear prison and put them to work building the border fence. Then send them home! All of these illegals need to be taught that crime doesn’t pay and is not rewarded in America!

    Until I see Homeland Security on our borders doing there what they are doing in our airports, I would not consider any changes to a illegal’s status and even then I doubt I would bend on my position.

    • Bert Cundle

      Ill VOTE FOR “YOU”…

    • jibbs

      Relocate the Military sniper training/practice range to the boarders( north & south) Bring our troops home from the three wars ( and other countries we maintain bases) and they can help secure our boarders and we would still save money. We could also use “Operation Wetback” round #2. Maybe lynch mobs would get the point across, min. 5 years prison sentence for those that hire them..full term( no early release)and this would apply to government officials also. I may sound mean, but it’s up to us to save our homeland.

      • jibbs

        err I meant, borders

    • http://naver samurai

      We need more people like the sheriff of Maricopa County. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Raggs

    A little off topic…
    It has been recommended by a demo-commie that all train stations have the same insecurity measures as the airports.. Body scanners at train depot’s… Sports stadiums… any public event…

    Seems to me the commies are much more interested in the control of the citizen population than the illegals crossing the borders…

    • Bob

      Raggs: Just like in “1984″, maobama and the scumocrats are seeking total control over our lives.

    • Vic

      Gee, I recall some Sci-Fi movie where due to time alteration USA lost to nazis and there was nazism in USA. Guess what? Same TSA checkpoints everywhere. ;)

      • Bob

        We also have union brownshirts and Hitler (obama) Youth in the Americorps. Maybe we did lose the war to the Nazis.

    • CJM

      You are correct, Raggs, about the government control of our citizens. However, the ulterior motive behind Schumer’s desparate need to add trains to his list is to provide sex predators and pedophiliacs an income—jobs are so hard for them to find, you know!

      • Raggs

        Yeah maybe even reid because he gets a big laugh out when he visits a brothel… :)

      • Bert Cundle

        Oboma pulled what would have been a real dream of Hitlers. Doing what he did in his own Country, in another Country

    • smoothnu

      You mentioned body scanners. I don’t think these scanners at Airports are about protection as much as they are about getting the general population used to being scanned. Before long everyone will have to do this to go to work, buy food and other goods.

  • Vic

    “highly educated illegal immigrants, such as engineers and scientists” – a nonexistent thing. Less probable than a free lunch.

    • CJM

      Highly educated immigrants enter the US one of two ways: (1) The legal process; or (2) Political asylum. Many have entered via option 2 because they really did come from a country that wanted them enslaved or dead. I never heard of a ‘highly educated immigrant’ who entered the US ILLEGALLY.

  • chess game

    Since the dems have been in power (2006 Congress and Senate) they cancelled many of the Bush policies in regards to interrogation and Gitmo, among other things, he almost cancelled the team in charge of finding bin laden. It was thanks to the Bush Administration, that the info about bin laden and his couriers that captured bin laden. I did not hear Obozzo giving credit to Bush, he took all the glory for himself. They have not captured any high value alqaida since Obozzo is been in power, so we are not safe and he has not keep us safe. We have been very lucky so far!!

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      No he does not deserve any credit and his daddy also for leaving us in this mess

      • Bert Cundle

        Bush Sr. is at falt… He Extorted & Pitted M.E. Againsed it’s self…
        Run a poll in M.E. what they think of the Bush Family!

      • http://naver samurai

        Clinton left us in a bigger mess. Stop blaming Bush, moron! Bush isn’t the POTUS now, Obama bin Laden is the “pretender” POTUS. Bush, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! You just can’t get rid of sheeple fast enough. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Bert Cundle

    If you are looking for who to blame for the Crashing of the Borders, It’s THE CATHOLIC CHURCHES… Our Freedom of Religon, is out of order to CATHOLICS in ROME. They Want to start our GOVERNMENT Meetings with PRAYER… For Control!

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      Sounds like you do need a little prayer. Prayer move mountains maybe not in your are to deep in crap.

      • Bert Cundle

        PRAYER… What do people think, they are telling god? Something god doesan’t know? They are going to instruct god, to do what they want? A true show, that they don’t know god!!! We sure don’t need such stupidity in government! ( It’s bad enough, now!)

    • http://naver samurai

      Ah yes. Always willing to start with the Christian, Bible, God, and Jesus bashing aren’t we? WE WERE FOUNDED A CHRISTIAN NATION! In fact, I would like to say to you moron this simple statement and prayer. For those who will tell you that the founding fathers never wanted God (let alone Christianity) to be part of government life, here’s yet another prime example of that untruth. It is the first prayer uttered in Congress. John Adams and Silas Deane were in attendance as the Reverand Jacob Duche opened the Continental Congress. It tells of a people who fled from oppression and wanted dependence upon God to help build this nation!

      September 7th, 1774
      Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia

      O Lord, our Heavenly Father, High and mighty King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, who dost from Thy throne behold all the dwellers on earth and reignest with power supreme and uncontrolled over all Kingdoms, Empires, and Governments.

      Look down in mercy we beseech Thee, on these American States, who have fled to Thee from the rod of oppression, and thrown themselves on Thy gracious protection, desiring henceforth to be dependent only on Thee, they have appealed for the righteousness of their cause; to Thee do they now look up for the countenance and support which Thou alone canst give; take them, therefore, Heavenly Father, under Thy nurturing care; give them wisdom in Council and valor in the field; defeat the malicious designs of our cruel adversaries; convince them of the unrighteousness of their cause; and if they persist in their sanguinary purpose, O, Let the voice of Thy own enerring justice, sounding in their hearts, constrain them to drop the weapons of war from their unnerved hands in the day of battle!

      Be Thou present, O God of wisdom and direct the councils of this honorable assembly; enable them to settle thing on the best and surest foundation. That the scene of blood may be speedily closed; the order, harmony and peace may be effectively restored, and truth and justice, religion and piety prevail and florish among Thy people. Preserve the health of their bodies and vigor of thei minds; shower down on them, and the millions they here represent, such temporal blessings as Thou seeth expedient for them in this world, and crown them with everlasting glory in the world to come. All this we ask in the name and through the merrits of JESUS CHRIST, THY SON, OUR SAVIOR.


      Reverand Jacob Duche

      Why do you tell such utter nonsense when even history says you are wrong? Our country was founded on these beliefs, no matter how many times you lie and say we don’t need it moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • chess game

    Well, those voting polls better ask for proper ID and check it against the voting roaster, otherwise, there is going to be cheating galore. Obama is going to have his subsidized groups going door to door to get anybody’s signature, and then submit them as votes. Be prepared to scream very loud against Obama the cheater.
    The illegals will be told that is okay to vote. don’t you wonder what happened in Nevada that elected Reid. Don’t tell me all the Hispanics voting there were legals.

  • Charles

    I agree with you as far as blacks being their own worst enemy as far as whites are concerned.This is how a white feels. However, the blacks feel the whites are their worst enemy and we aren`t anymore. The blacks will never take the blame for anything, just like their fearless leader, Obama won`t.

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      Bob If you are in a foxhole fighting for your life and the person in that foxhole with you as partner is black are you going to kick him out because he is a different color. If you do then you are no different then the ones you are fighting.

      • Jay

        fisherman, I think you misread Bob’s comment. Read it again!

  • s c

    BLAH. What part of UNCONSTITUTIONAL doesn’t Herr Obummer understand? What part of Article 4, Section 4 of the CONSTITUTION doesn’t Herr Obummer understand? If he could READ (have my doubts about that), then he’d know he’s doing a whiz bang job of ignoring and violating the CONSTITUTION.
    He’s continuing the incompetence of ‘ole Ted Kennedy, who SUPPOSEDLY was working on immigration legislation back in the mid-’70s! Ted never put any effort into it, and Herr Obummer couldn’t care less. LOSERS! Constitution rapers! Posers. Vermin. Someone recently wrote an article and called Herr Obummer a ho hum student who [somehow] found his way into Haavid. Judging from his recent behavior, ho hum is far too kind in describing an elected official who doesn’t measure up in any way. He can’t handle the job. Now, if he was interviewing for a DMV or greeting people at the front door of a WalMart, that would be another matter. America should be so lucky. RESIGN, Herr Obummer.

  • Pinkgin

    It is up to the GOP to put forward a winnerble candidate for the 2012 election..No Old Man and His Bimbo this time ( although, being in Arizona, I voted for them)..Then, the first action is to bring back all the troops from foreign climes and declare war on Mexico.The troops can patrol the shopping malls and every place that suspected illegal immigrants hang out, place each and everyone in custody and DEMAND papers.Should these be not forthcoming, tent city is the answer until deportation..They would be prisoners of war.
    For the record, I am an immigrant, came here from England in 1974 and became a citizen as soon as possible thereafter.Whilst I was on a GREEN CARD, I had to maintain $ 10,000 in the Bank to be sure Myself and family could not draw any welfare should my business fail.

  • http://none Henry Stumpf

    NO Amnesty for Illegals. Stop giving them FREE handouts and send them home. CLOSE the Borders and make ENGLISH the official language !!
    If Barack is Illegal send him packing also !!

    • CJM


      • http://naver samurai

        I second that AMEN! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    We are a nation of immigrants. It’s time to open up the borders and end these isolationist attitude. Stuff you people are spewing about Latinos and others are the same thing that was said about Irish, Italian, Jewish plus other European immigrants in the 19th along with
    early 20th centuries. However, these people did just fine. Therefore,
    lets give other people opportunities. Immigrants do jobs that everyday
    Americans white with black refuse to do or consider to be beneath
    their dignity. Overall, immigrants are the backbone of our econ. They
    keep the wheels of industry rolling. With out them, our society would come to a grinding halt within 5-10 years. Granted, we need to weed out criminal types from our shores, yet immigrants make our nation strong. America wouldn’t be half as good if they weren’t here. Thanks!!
    P.S. Charles, immigrants aren’tthe cause of black people’s troubles.
    The cause is gov. interference plus this idiotic welfare state. If these problems are resolved along with ending the insane war on drugs,
    then the dilemma facing blacks plus other citizens in this nation would dissipate. Thanks again!!

    • Raggs

      Your insane!!!!

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Raggs:
        No i’m not sir. You need to end your reactionary views and see the light. Thanks!!

        • Bob

          Raggs is right – you are insane. There is a big difference between the immigrants of a century or more ago and the scum who are coming to America today. The immigrants of the past came looking for freedom and opportunity, today’s immigrants come for a free ride. Yesterday’s immigrants wanted to become part of the American culture, today’s immigrants want to force their diseased and malignant cultures on the rest of us. Yesterday’s immigrants did not consider America to be a nation to “take back”, many of today’s immigrants consider America to be theirs for the taking. Yesterday’s immigrants came to an America that was still growing while today’s immigrants are coming to a nation that has peaked and is in decline. The simple fact is, we needed immigrants a hundred years ago, we do not need them now.

          • http://naver samurai

            100% agree Bob, but you have to understand that libs don’t let things, like the truth, stand in the way of a good rant. Tony is just a moron. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • lkar

      Except the European immigrants came here legally and were truely immigrants that became Americans (not Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Irish-Americans). Your arguement is invalid as the discussion is about ILLEGAL ALIENS, not legal immigrants! As Lebron James would say, “Retard!”

    • CJM

      Tony: Is your tongue so swollen that it has affected your brain? There is a vast difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigrants. No one disputes LEGAL immigrants (there are so few these days) but there is much to be said about the ILLEGAL immigrants. These ILLEGALS are parsites and need to be dealt with accordingly. Eliminate them either through our legal system for the criminal acts they have committed (execution for those who commit heinous crimes) followed by deportation or deportation immediately upon discovery. It is pure bunk to say the government cannot find the 6+M ILLEGALS in our country. NO AMNESTY, NO CITIZENSHIP, IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION OR CRIMINAL TRIALS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES.

    • Raggs

      Come on Tony… It all sounds FREE… But who the hell do you think pay’s for it?

      Your not even worth the argument….

    • Stan Smith

      Libtard Tony! Why don’t you Live in some country ILLEGALLY! and let’s see how the citizens feel that you are living of their tax payer system! let’s see when govt toss your a ss in prison and your new cell mate your new boyfriend Boris will make you wear a new pink dress! better get some Lube buddy! In foreign prisons you have no rights! More education Libtard! besides draining our medical & welfare and schools system! They contribute to over population problems, Cost of food will go higher, Because Farmers can’t keep up with the demand, even with drought, floods or any crop disasters Food go up much higher! Oh yes even we have to gobble up more land to build more home for the rats, Sorry tree hugger Libtards! We have to mow down trees, wetlands, sorry animals you have to move! Your illegal voters need a homes built! oh yes cost of land will go up since we have to gobble up more land to build more home for illegals! One more Thing Tony! Illegals steals votes from americans and jobs! So Libtard Tony! Go live in some country ILLEGALLY, & write us letter from prison! Let us know how they treat illegals! Okay!

      • Raggs

        Yeah no kidding Stan….

        It’s like the “i have to search you to keep everyone else safe”..
        I have to see a naked picture of your 6 year old child to keep everyone safe… You cannot make that stuff up… I’m sick of it! The baturds want a free pass and at the same time take away my rights…

    • jibbs

      Immigrants of long ago came the legal way and didn’t get any welfare. Do some homework before you speak. One more thing…America won’t fall apart with out the illegals.

  • mark

    In my opinion, illegal alliens should have 90 days to leave the country! After that any illegal allien should be arrested, put in a detetion camp and then deported

    • pinkgin

      You hit the nail on the head…needs to be done and then Any Immigrant from Anywhere,,can do it through the correct channels…
      Firstly,,,all free handouts and hospital visits should be monitored ( which I believe is happening here in AZ )and employers should be more accountable jobs, no hand outs would really slow down the influx.
      Anyone disagree, probably open up your house to all and sundry and put your money on the table.

    • CJM

      I agree they should be deported, but not giving them 90 days–a period of time that enables them to scatter and hide again. Deportation should be immediate, period.

  • Pat

    He said “he believes that his administration has worked hard to protect the United States border and it is time to focus on the 10.8 million individuals who are living in America illegally” with a straight face? Protecting borders? ONLY 10.8 million illegals (also known as “Undocumented Democrats”? If he were Pinocchio, his nose would be hanging down around his knees…but have you noticed that the ears are growing into Dumbo size? Maybe a sudden breeze will take him away from us, far, far away….

    • Bob

      Maobama knows that he fooled over half the voters once, he has spent the last few years trying to fool the rest of us. His problem is that half the people have IQs high enough to know that all lieberals do is lie. I hope that we realize now that the maobama and the democrats have to go or America is lost.

  • CJM

    “According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama believes that his administration has worked hard to protect the United States border and it is time to focus on the 10.8 million individuals who are living in America illegally.” That’s the biggest lie one ever heard from odummberbummber. His solution is rightfully opposed: “However, many Republicans oppose the President’s efforts to make it easier to obtain citizenship,” who wants these parsitical illegals to have citizenship in the first place? Napalitano, odummberbummber, clinton, reid, et al try and tell the American citizens that these ‘down-trodden’ rodents ‘haven’t broken any laws.’ Well, yes they have; there is something in our law books that points to this and there are penalties that go with it. Does the current administration think for one moment that if an American entered any other country, especially in South America, that our citizens would be dealt with kindly? No, they wouldn’t and our embassies would not intervene either. Go to hades odummberbummber—NO AMNESTY AND NO CITIZENSHIP.

  • pinkgin

    I returned to England on vacation and proudly produced my USA passport at the Immigration desk…it was stamped NOT ALLOWED TO SEEK WORK , and this to a chap with a very Yorkshire accent.
    This same accent has had me stopped however on the road to SAN DIEGO by the Border Patrol ( they are doing a good job )..It is then up to ME that I am in the country legally, even though I have probably been a Citizen longer than the Border Agent has lived..So. I don’t mind in the least being asked for proof of being here why not everyone else,
    As a side note, I was actually detained by the Border Guys at the Tiguana check point and held for 20 minutes simply because I had only my drivers licence as proof,,They actually checked records to make sure I wasn’t a disgruntled Brit trying to sneak in.

  • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

    To Each and everyone one of you, your choice is simple in all of these matters FIGHT FOR IT or LOSE IT Forever.

  • chuckb

    barry should be the first to prove his citizenship, otherwise we should ship him out with the rest of the illegals. with boehner and the rest of the rinos in charge of the congress we may be in for a world of hurt.

    we are at the crossroads of this nations future, we either put a stop to barry and the democrats allowing the illegals free passage into the country and all the freebies that go with it or put an absolute stop to it now. allow a work visa for those that we need and remove the rest back to their home country. muy pronto!

    • jibbs

      I’ll saddle my horse, what time do you want to leave? What you said is the truth, and I have had my fill…time to cut the bullshit because the duberment always wants to talk…years of talk and no action. I say RIDE!! It’s our country and our money.

  • Bert Cundle

    Remember… Our Government is: Of, By, & For, The CRIMINAL SYSTEM!!!

  • cae

    The fence is a joke..I live in Az and have seen the huge areas without fence along with huge areas that just have poles to keep vehicles out while illegal aliens, drugs and terrorists enter daily.
    We must insist on military at the border and true fencing which consists of double fences with guard towers and lights. Our border agents are given bean bags to shoot while the criminals have real guns. Close the border with military and deport those who are here illegally..all of them! Amnesty has been given twice already and has proven that it only increases the numbers coming here while our citizens of all colors are unemployed and losing their homes…enough already…DEPORT them all …load them on freighters like Ike did and ship them out!!!!

    • jibbs

      I raise my glass, salute! Round 2: Operation Wetback.

  • AmericanRay

    Isnt it funny that people who did this right are punished and the illegals are give free education, food stamps, hospital care etc. I have seen enough of what it cost the legal taxpayers to do this. This is not the right way to teach new people who come this country. The answer is go back and do it right and no one will complain. WHATS SO HARD ABOUT DOING THAT????

  • Ray, Korean vet.

    Some of my mother’s ancesters were here to greet Leif Erickson when he arrived on the East Coast. And those who gave her her surname arrived here in 1750. My dad’s ancesters were here early enough to tell King George where he could put his tea tax and I am over four score hears old. Therefore one might say that I am about as American as one can be. Tony, this “immigrants are doing jobs that Americans won’t do,” is pure unadultrated HOGWASH. When I grew up the machine used for harvesting cotton was mother thumb and her four daughters, I have picked long staple cotton for a penny per pound, a real good picker could earn dollar and a half in a daylight to dusk day. I’ve also stood on crates in order to be able to reach the clamps to tye brocoli, for a whole nickle per thirty six bunch crate. We just do not want to do it for the chincy wages the greedy farmers want to pay.

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      You are so right Ran The fqrmers want more then theywant to pay out. That i why people of United States do not want to work for them. That is why immigrants gome over and do the job. There is so much hate in this world and people want to know why . Certain indivigals want to cast hate towards religions of faith.But there is a saying. love your neighbor as you love your self. Do unto others as you want them to do onto you. Now the one who diagree are the proplem.

  • 45caliber


    Yes, I would love to come to America and get a good paying job if I lived in most of the rest of the world. But we have no room for them, no jobs for them, and no services for them. We can’t afford to provide those things when there isn’t enough for us as it is. But they can and do work there. They can’t get as good a pay as we do – but the cost of living isn’t as bad either.

    I can see it plainly in my daughter-in-law. She is from the Philippines. Her family still lives there. They can’t understand why she can’t send them thousands of dollars a month BECAUSE SHE CAN GET A HIGH PAYING JOB IN THE US. She is a nurse and gets a good paycheck – but the cost of living is so much higher here, that it doesn’t go that far.

    We need to take care of our own people first by insuring our people have jobs, have homes, have other things they need. We need to have a place to put any newcomers but the government is holding the land needed to be opened for that purpose. We need to have new factories as places to work – but we need markets. And we aren’t going to get those things as long as our government insists upon building up other countries such as China by giving them all our technology and refuses to open up the lands here.

    • Raggs

      Now thats a thought… Lets all move to a differnet country and be their illegal immigrates to deal with and make them pay for us….
      Do you reckon we will be treated as good as the shit bags that come here?

      • 45caliber

        No. After all, the other countries DO protect their borders. Just try sneaking into Mexico and see what happens.

  • iam

    Ubama doesn’t believe this a a Christian nation. Ubama also doesn’t believe this is a nation of laws. “Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws! Constitution? We don’t need no stinking Constitution! I’ll make all the decisions. I am smarter than any of you. If you’re not Caucasian, you can have anything you want without working for it.”

  • http://com i41

    Onumnutts wants to change the rules so he don’t get his azz kick out of the USA or sent to prison. Better start neutoring all inmates in prisons, using 3 year med school studentsneeding knife time and that goes for both men and women. Then when the illegals show up to collect taxpayer funds, remove the offending organs, or just start at the neck first. See the queer Onumnutts and Big Mamee are going to have a poetry night , followed by a goat abusing rug rubbibg with all the pedophile perverts.


    Barry and the Deemers know they are again pushing the buttons of the taxpayers with this issue, it’s a ruse and they are misleading you to cause mischief in another place. They damn well know we don’t want that scam HC plan but are bound and determined to keep it alive, the unions are dying, the money sources could dry up and HC stealing is where it is at, another huge entitlement we cannot get rid of. Just keep reminding them when the give aways to illegals dry up and organizations like la raza are no longer funded and we can get the borders secured, we can then discuss immigration enforcement.

  • chuckb

    ontime. i’m really disappointed with the republican congress, they have not done what they promised. we have the same old boys that lost the congress in 2006 and they are repeating their sins. boehner is going to vote to increase the national debt. i wouldn’t be surprised that they give barry a immigration reform bill and we will have the goat herder for another four years. what do we do?

    the republican hierarchy is promoting romney, huckabee and mitch daniels
    all who will go along with any liberal immigration bill. what happened to the tea party? are they buying all this garbage?

  • Brittanicus


    After listening to Senator Lamar Smith (R-TX) today and with the backing of the huge populace of the TEA PARTY membership, President Obama has little chance if any at all, at passing immigration Reform? Polls show that nearly 70% of Americans oppose amnesty for all illegal aliens and that generations of legal Hispanics are less likely to reelect President Obama if he supports amnesty that is detrimental to their jobs. In the years following the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform bill, the cost afterwords to taxpayers 78 Billion dollars, according to the (CIS) Center for Immigration Studies. Somebody needs to ask the question, “What will the cost be 35 years later? Twice that amount? Whatever that amount, its more than the US can afford?

    After the 1986 amnesty, illegal immigration increased significantly. The US Census Bureau 2000 data indicate that 700,000 to 800,000 illegal aliens have settled in the U.S. each year, with between 13 to 20 million illegal aliens now currently living in the United States The amnesty of 1986 was supposed to be a accepted just “One time” with no more in the future, but it was a failure with considerable fraud attached to it.

    Yet since 1986, Congress passed a total of 7 amnesties for illegal aliens, which includes the 1986 Amnesty. 2. Including Section 245(i) The Amnesty of 1994 as a temporary progressive amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens; 3. Section 245(i) The Extension Amnesty of 1997, which was an extension of the progressive amnesty created in 1994; 4. The Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty of 1997; 5. The Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA) of 1998, an amnesty for 125,000 illegal’s. 6. The Late Amnesty of 2000, was an amnesty for approximately 400,000 illegal aliens claiming they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty; 6. The LIFE Act Amnesty of 2000 was a restoration of the progressive Section of 245(i) amnesty to an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens.

    This does not include the estimated 1.5 million clandestine legal immigrants that arrive here under special visas. Any amnesty for illegal aliens forgives their act of illegal immigration and unconditionally pardons other related illegal acts such as driving and working using false documents. President Obama has little chance of the passage of another amnesty, Promoting an amnesty to foreign nationals only attracts more illegal immigration into the United States. Sen. John Cornyn, (R-TX), said yesterday the president has failed to secure the border and thus failed to build consent to pass reform legislation. An amnesty for illegal aliens forgives their act of illegal immigration and implicitly forgives other related illegal acts such as driving and working using false documents.

    Taxpayer must take their Politicians to task whether federal or State, by calling their offices as soon as possible at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121 or locate these lawmakers in your phone directory blue pages. The TEA PARTY will nurture new candidates for the 2012 Election. The TEA PARTY will give no leeway to any form of Immigration Reform—AMNESTY. The TEA PARTY is determined stop the drain of taxpayers’ money, which includes unfair taxes to support the instant citizenship of babies, through entering America illegally to foster welfare advantage. The TEA PARTY will rescind Chain Migration, which is a very large billion dollar expenditure, if sponsors don’t honor financial support for immediate family members. Legislators have a duty to mandate E-Verify, Secure Communities and 287G and make it impossible for illegal foreigners to get employment, or even get a handhold in America.

    The TEA PARTY will dismantle Sanctuary City policies, the educational dream Act and unseat all pro-illegal immigrant Lawmakers, Governors, Mayors and those involved in this travesty. The second revolution has begun by THE TEA PARTY that will condemn any more free giveaways to illegal aliens. The American People are the Tea Party, comprising of every legal nationality and race. You should join this splinter party from the wilting RINO Republicans, who with Democrats are eroding this countries greatness. Highly skilled workers should be given immediate special entry visas, who have positions in reputable companies; these top of the cream individuals, will cost taxpayers nothing. Currently however, some plausible 20 million foreign aliens are indigent and replaced by American-legal resident low educated, minimum wage labor who should receive absolute priority.

    Attn: Donate to Arizona’s border fence, by just typing in to Google: Arizona Governor Brewer. There must be further mandatory oversight of one election process, as there was rampant fraud in 3 States and the administration is unconcerned about future voting by illegal aliens.

  • Stan Smith

    Well! well! It looks like The libtard judge blocking Utah’s Immigration bill.
    Here’s the quote from the commie Libtard at ACLU!(ACLU managing attorney Cecillia Wang said the law is potentially worse than the Arizona law because anyone stopped by police could be required to prove their citizenship status. Making it optional for lesser offenses makes racial profiling even more likely.) Really?? Okay Libtard you need to go to your homeland China! or other countries, Yep go break China’s Immigration Law by refusing to show your papers or live there Illegally,Cecillia Wang don’t expect your fellow Libtards to get you out from China or other countries prison system! To Libtards mind it’s okay for other countries to have toughest Immigration Laws! But it’s no okay for US & it’s states to have tougher Immigration Laws??

  • chuckb

    brittanicus, big words, big dreams and i stand with the tea party, however, i live in calif. and if you think for one minute the tp is going to unseat jerry brown you have another think coming. calif. is gone, it is now a communist satellite state. in fact i think the whole dam country is gone, it’s not the country i grew up in. i see no other way out except we stop this government in it’s track and throw out the liberals or split the country up and give half to the liberals, which includes minorities. we are on a slow track to destruction as it is. it would take a complete overhaul from the white house down, clean our the supreme court, shut down the “epa,” education system, energy dept and the federal reserve. this is the only way out, otherwise we will slowly fall into a third world status country, that’s what barry is trying for.

    • texastwin827

      Chuck, CA’s population is also 26% illegals….and, not that anyone will ever do anything about it, you can bet that a large number of them are registered voters. That’s one reason the politicians don’t want an ID to be required, when you vote.

  • Ridge Runner

    This purple lipped bat eared monkey needs his ass kicked untilit is purple and then loaded on a plane with the rest of the illegals and carried home to kenya.

    • Eddie47d

      How sweet Ridge Runner for you are proof of the pudding for those on the right.

  • smoothnu

    IT’S ILLEGAL ALIEN !!!!! Not migrant worker, immigrant, poor sap, southern neighbors, none of that shit! It’s ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!

  • D Mark

    We must not forget in 1986 Washington gave an amnesty to three million illegal immigrants to do the farm work. Two things happened, they did not stay down on the farm and in 1990 the census bureau reported we had another three million illegal immigrants here. Have to get the employers who hire them and Washington knows this but fails to do anything to them.

  • Verus Langham

    This issue is so important to Obama because it is yet another segment of his overall agenda to gain legal citizenship for himself… currently he is THE MOST ILLEGAL immigrant now residing within U.S. borders and he knows it. If he can advance his policy in this genre then wouldn’t it seem that he would be the first to step up and find the venue to gain ground for his legitimacy as the President. All else seems to be failing him with the “birthers” (of which I must confess I have joined in their convictions about that…”where’s the birth certificate” thingy) and the federal agencies scrambling to uncover the paper trail of his may Social Security cards and identities. Should he evade the law in those respects and somehow topple existing U.S. laws (which were imaged in the Arizona Immigration Law) then his pathway to legitimate American citizenship might be his safe haven. With his vast egocentric character and “enlarged” mind he probably has thought this through from the very beginning and figured this would be his final hand… he thinks his “hold card” is the most viable way to win out in the end. “the end”… hmmmmm that sounds so good whenever I put into context with the name Obama.

  • Bob Marshall

    I believe the North American Union will become a reality.Then there will be open borders. This is Obamas’ plan. Since all three leaders have met and discussed this possibility it will happen. Imagine no borders.Will he have the fences torn down? When the National ID Cards are issued every voter should be allowed to vote only if they prove citizenship. One of the right for citizenship. The National ID Card has passed and signed by Obama and passed.America voted for change. Change they are getting.I live in S.C. and we have more Hispinacs per capti. I never hear of them causing problems and they are hard workers. I know becaus i lived in Texas for 37 years. I have Hispanic, Black, Jewish, friends and Japanese in my family. We need to treat each other with dignity and respect each others race. I agree you should be a citizen to live in America. Still, it is hard to blame someone for wanting a better life for them and their family. That is how America became the great nation it is today. Immigrants from other countries.We need to also remember once Texas and other western states were owned by Hispanics or some may say Spanish.Louisina France. The true Americans were the Indians.It should not take so long to become a citizen.This a difficult subject and requires diplomicy from all parties.How does anyone suggest rounding up 20,000,000 illegial aliens? I really don’t care for that term. When the borders are open this problem is only going to get worse. It appears that a start would be only proof of citizenship would entitle someone to government help and be permited to vote.I happen to be Caucasian, not white.I am trying to put myself in both parties shoes.We will a greater influx of drugs when there is no borders.

  • white tiger

    Because oscumbag wants the votes of millions of illegal aliens bought with monies stolen from our pockets. Add in the votes of the dead, retarded, imprisoned, asylumed and ficticious, and of those who vote many times, and we will find the Global Caliph installed for another thrilling four years. Would you like that? Then go for it!

  • tpix

    I can’t believe the levels of ignorance and hatred posted here. Illegals are HIRED by the very employers who are supported by the far right who exploit workers with low wages that you whiners would never accept. Many of these employers happily accept GOVERNMENT WELFARE in the form of farm subsidies, but it seems that welfare is OK if you’re already affluent. I hope I never have to continue living in the type of Nazi America that some of you propose. I don’t support welfare for illegals and agree our immigration system needs fixing, but the overly simplistic and racially motivated drivel I read here certainly doesn’t reflect the American ideals I grew up learning.

  • curtis

    I hope everyone remembers this next year at the polls.
    Get out and votemout in 2013. RELECT NOBODY

  • Brad

    They say the Mexicans take jobs no one in America wants, but the truth is no one wants those lower paying jobs because they can sit at home and collect a check and the unemployed don’t want the jobs either. Why do that job when they are going to extend unemloyment another year, just giving the american unemployed workers no incentive to take these jobs.
    If there are no jobs the Mexicans will go back home.
    That will fix itself. If you think letting them come on over is a better thing. Just wait until we start paying their unemployment benefits. They already have better health benefits than me.I am a small business owner striving to make it and have zero health insurance.

  • Brad

    And I can’t collect unemployent if I fail.

    Small biz man takes another one for the team.

  • Gloria

    Why cant I get onto the blog aboutthe post office. I went to work for the post office in the early 70s and at that time it became privatized. For real. It is not an ageny ofthe federal government. it is private and for profit. I dont believe a damn word they say.


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