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Obama Encourages House To Accept 'Cadillac' Tax To Support Healthcare Bill

January 12, 2010 by  

Obama encourages House to accept 'Cadillac' tax to support healthcare billIn a closed door meeting at the White House on Jan. 6, President Obama reportedly expressed to top Democratic members of the House that he prefers a tax on high-cost health insurance plans as a means of extending insurance to the many Americans currently without coverage.

The so-called "Cadillac" tax is a feature of the Senate version of the healthcare bill, something most House Democrats oppose. The financing method that the House adopted in their legislation would involve an income tax hike on the wealthy.

The Senate’s bill, which the president reportedly prefers, would tax insurance companies on plans valued at $8,500 for individuals and $23,000 for couples. Many analysts, and some members of the House, believe that those costs would trickle down to the consumer and would violate the president’s pledge to avoid taxing the middle class, according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, House Republicans put out a statement deriding Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the apparent closed door process of developing the legislation.

"C-SPAN is practically begging the Democrats to make their deliberations public (like President Obama repeatedly promised on the campaign trail), but so far all they’ve offered in response are Orwellian claims about the most open process ever," the statement read, quoted by the Los Angeles Times. "Frankly, Madam Speaker, you should stop insulting Americans’ intelligence."

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  • republicanblack

    Speaking as a republican and a conservative I thought at first that the health care legislation and reform effort was being forced down our throats and a debt to our children. But then I saw this article and it explained how we conservatives have framed the debate has crippled our ability to see it for what republicans in the past would have seen it. Now I have changed my mind I hope you will take a look and think about it to

    • Steve

      I read the article from your attachment, not once but twice. I’m sorry I find that it leans right from the start to that of clouding the issues. It does nothing to clear the shroud of secrecy that has enveloped this issue. To blame those that are providing information is wrong. What happening to the transparency that was supposed to be present in this process. We are being blocked by a fog of smoke so that we don’t really get to know what this is about until its over. That is wrong! Its time that we stand up and kick all these idiots out of office and start over. Do not trust them they are telling lies.

      • Eric Swan

        Right on Steve. Too bad Obama’s nose didn’t grow an inch like the fictional character Pinocchio; for only then could he have us all covered from sea to shining sea. I normally would laugh but the ramifications are so serious.

    • maggiemoo

      Republicanblack, I’m pretty sure you are not much of a conservative if you can fall for that “poop” in the blog to which you refered. Forcing us to participate in a socialistic medical system agaist the will of the majority of the population (and pushing some of us right into the poor house) can in no way compare to the highway system. We got a system that benefits everyone through the highways, while the so-called healthcare plan benefits whom? Certainly not anyone I know. And why is it that the congress critters made sure they didn’t have to take part in this monstrosity? Open your eyes and your mind and you just might see this for what it is.

    • Tinwarble

      That you would take Mr. Jackman’s article at face value means that you are either naive, gullible or you are just not very conservative. That he would compare the Health Care bill with the formation of the Interstate system is dubious at best. Apparently he has never read the Constitution or he would know that the formation of the Interstate falls under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution which says:

      The Congress shall have the Power to establish Post Offices and Post Roads;

      as where the Health Care bill does not. No were in the Constitution does it give the Congress the power to mandate the citizens of the US to buy a product (Insurance) nor does it give it the power to impose a fine for not buying that product. If you are a Conservative as you say you are, I would strongly urge you to expand your reading material, because no one article, no matter who writes it, will give you the full truth.

  • UpSideDownJack

    Why would I want to have to PAY for anything for myself??? When the Senate and House, both do not have to PAY for anything, why should I? Why should I have to PAY for there Re-Tirement, Primo Health Care,Dayly PERK’S and all and then, THEN PAY FOR MY HEALTH CARE????? Goverment worker’s do not pay for ANY of their benifet’s with NON GOVERMENT TAX MONEY! Their Pay is from MY TAX’S, so their Health care, Re tirement, ETC all come’s from MY TAX’S! And now you think I should PAY MORE???? WE Need to DRAIN TEH SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ron

    HOW CAN THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERS GET ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AN SAY THAT HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT FOR ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS ON ONE HAND WHILE ON THE OTHER HAND THEY PASS A LAW FORCING THE AMERICAN CITIZEN TO PURCHASE A HEALTH CARE PRODUCT SUITABLE ONLY TO THEIR APPROVAL OR GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!. THIS IS CALLED GESTAPO TATICS FORCED 0N THE DEMOCTATS SUBJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY THINK I SHOULD FOLLOW THEM THROUGH THEIR HALL OF TOXIC SMOKE AND MIRRORS, I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a well known fact that during th 1920s, lawful businessmen were murdered and businesses demoilished for refusing to buy socalled insurance from the mobsters gangs. Did we put a badge on persons such as Al Capone, no they were put in prison, and off our streets!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TIME

    Congress can NOT force you to buy anything.

    This Bill is not about Heath Care, it has nothing to do with Heath Care. What it does have to do with is taking away YOUR “FREEDOM,” while you PAY for it.

    After all once in place can you really say what will be deemed not healthy for you?

    No you can’t, that leaves the door wide open to a can of worms that if you have a single brain cell popping are obvious.

    Can you say Hitlers health care plan, anyone recall how well that worked out. Being Jewish was a health risk, being Catholic was a health risk, being mentaly ill was a health risk, being NON German became a health risk.

    Can’t you all see that? This is not rocket science, this has happened many times over the years, just look at how well it worked out in Russia. Now there’s a role model not unlike Hilters.

    Will Congress and the Senate or that special guy Obumer be using this Health package, thus giving up the {REAL GOLDEN} package they have that
    Keep in mind they have Heath Care you can’t even dream of, thats even if you paid $100K per year you still would not get the Heath Care they get.

    Now tell me about how great this package / bill / law is.

  • ron


    • tomeg42

      Now Ron you really don’t think these politicians gave any thought to that fact now do you? NOT A CHANCE. You see this Obama B.S. is going to produce jobs not destroy them like this health care bill is bound to do.(CHOKE) You people who voted for this man and his change I sure hope your happy with that change he has brought to this country. What he brought was a massive take over of our rights by the federal government and it’s not going to stop with this unconstitutional health care bill. We all need to call, fax and e-mail our Senators and Congressmen/women and tell these stupid S.O.B’S. that we are not in favor of this health care bill as it is written and that we DEMAND that they start over with a brand new bill and it damn well had better include each and everyone of them. Who the hell do these politicians think they are that they can demand that we buy anything from a private company and if we don’t we can be fined and or jailed. This folks is not the America that I grew up in. This is not the change that I’m going to sit back passively and watch while these clowns go about destroying this country that the founding fathers had built. Now I ask that you join me right now in letting your voice be heard. Let’s get to it.

  • Marilyn

    This dipstick idea is just that. I’ve read parts of the health care reform bill and it scares the hell out of me. Sure everyone should have health insurance but not at the cost of robbing those with some money to support the poor. Those with some money had to work to get where they are. Is that a bad thing? When businesses begin denying workers healthcare and put the all mighty big buck in their pocket, that is a different matter. But, workers can change jobs and find one that supports healthcare for their workers – lots of those jobs out there! That would hurt the employer who wants all the money because sales would fall and the employer would be forced to lessen his/her lifestyle to run a decent business. Already in place are medical facilities that help the poor. Why aren’t these facilities being used? Once there are no more insurance companies, the government has us by the tail. Is that what people really want? Our United States Consitution is being tromped on by the voted reps.of our country who approve Obama health care. Check it out!!!

    • RobertP

      This is a good example of where the whole country is headed.

      • JC

        I’ve seen that video Robert. “Detroit in Ruins” and you are exactly right. Once this socialist / commie in the White House is done, a good chunk of the country is going to look like that.

    • Joe H.

      don’t worry, what you read won’t be anything like the final bill!!! It will be WORSE!!!!! Why do you think they are hammering this crap out in private? So we can’t talk about it before it gets passed!!! I say, because of this, we tell ALL reps that we will vote them out if they vote for this plan, no matter the final bill!!! If they can’t discuss it in the open and make above board deals then we just don’t accept THEM!!!! Use your vote to get rid of them!!!! Michael are you going to report this one too????

  • http://n/a Mark

    Obama is a liar. Pelosi is a liar. Old Harry lives by double standards. The democratic party is NOT democratic, they are far left radical facist communist socialists. PERIOD Now they have left many of the peoples representatives out of decisions that affect the people. Just how much more do they think they can push without triggers being pulled in the name of OUR freedom. But those idiots/fools don’t read this website, so basically all we are doing is itchin’ and moanin’. They only understand one language. BANG

    • Robert

      And KABOOM.

      • Joe H.

        Robert and Mark,
        Watch it!!!! Michael might still be lurking around!!! He says he has reported people!!! WOOOOOOO! Aren’t you at least a little scared????

  • Raggs

    This is Socialism!!!! not health reform.

    • Virgie Curtis

      What do you think social security and medicare is? I know of no one that wants to give up either one.Both of these programs are also,public options. You people need to take a deep breathe and calm down.

      • Claire

        Every senior citizen I know wants to keep Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. A lot of them would not be able to live without these programs. The government has dipped into the Social Security money for years. And we wonder why this program is low on funds??

      • Joe H.

        That may be so, but everyone I know has medigap coverage, you know, (GASP!) INSURANCE!!!! To cover what medicare doesn’t!!!

        • Claire

          Oh yeah!! You have to have a supplement for Medicare or a person would be up a creek!!!

  • Samuel

    Get rid of the insurance companies and let us deal directly with the doctor the way it used to be. Prices would then adjust according to a free market. All these middle-men drive up costs. Look at the federal reserve. Why do we need a middle-man to deal with when a barter should be between a buyer and a seller? Look at how the dollar is in shambles because of the fed imposing more and more debt on this once sovereign country. In fact we already are bankrupt and the PTB continue to spend more and more debt into circulation. The fed was supposed to stabilize this economy and has deliberately ruined it for their profit. Abolish the fed and a lot of evil (the majority in fact) would leave this country. God bless America! It is from Him through Whom all blessings flow!

    • Robert

      I just went to my primary doctor yesterday and said I would love to be able to go to him directley, pay for his services and get rid of my health insurance that costs me over $9,000.00 a year. His reply? I’d love to do that for all my patients, but in New Jersey, I would go to jail for breaking the law. Seems he would be violating NJ Insurance Laws because he does not have a license to sell insurance. I found out that most other states have something similar to guarantee the Insurance Industry their monopolies. We all need to demand from all elected State politicians that they serve us first and not the big Insurance, Hospitals and Drug companies. Oh yea, and enact real tort reform. These elected bozos dont have the b _ lls to go against their gravy train masters.

      • JC

        The game is rigged isn’t it? So much for what “passes” for capitalism.

      • Tinwarble


        Exactly, the problem with Health Care isn’t that it has been regulated, but that it has been regulated to death. You can not go and buy the insurance that you want (like just buying catastrophic care which would be cheaper), you have to buy the insurance that is mandated by your state. Nor can you buy insurance in another state that might be cheaper or invest in your own health care, such as paying your Doc. directly.

        There is a Doc. in one state, I don’t remember which state but he has been on Fox News, that lets his patients pay him $50 a month and they can come to him any time they want and get any care that he provides. If we could all do that & get only catastrophic health care we could lower our health care expenses. That would make it available to more people & would allow everyone to take charge of their own health care instead of getting this abomination that is being pushed down our throats.

        • bob

          I understand this will work for an INTERNIST,but not for a SPECIALIST. Many specialist work procedures that are not catastrophic illnes.

  • jim

    Unions are big on supporting Dem caidates, union members have the better health care. Feeling betrayed UAW? This is how your party says THANKYOU.

    • Robert

      Mark my words. Obama and company will figure out some way to exemt all unions from this. If Reid can buy off Nelson at taxpayer expense, why not the unions at everyone elses expense? They all need to be indited on Felony theft charges and do hard time in general population. We’ll just have an extremeley high underwear expense we’ll have to pay for when these criminals are put in prision.

    • Tim

      Don’t worry, he won’t throw them (unions)under the bus. They will be be taken care of. Through the wonders of legislation, they will be expempted.


    I’ll bet you union people thought you were promoting a real winner when you help elect this un-credentialed clown but litle did you know he was going to turn on you and make your health care another target of his claim to power. The only one’s to come out on top of this expensive health care farce will be those in the elite congress and the one’s they deem good enough to recieve the favor of top notch health care… “you” can go pound salt

    • usmadgirl


      We won’t even be able to “pound salt”. Haven’t you seen today that this administration is taking our salt away (along with everything else we love)?! It’s more “robbery” of our rights every single day!


    I’ll bet you union people thought you were promoting a real winner when you helped elect this un-credentialed clown but little did you know he was going to turn on you and make your health care another target of his claim to power. The only one’s to come out on top of this expensive health care farce will be those in the elite congress and the one’s they deem good enough to recieve the favor of top notch health care… “you” can go pound salt

  • Tim

    You have to wonder if Obama’s meeting with big unions convinced him to also EXCLUDE them from the cady tax. How many more exclusions will there be (including congress), to leave the bulk of this to be paid for by the rest of us? Do a little digging folks, and find out how many exclusions there are. Remember, BO said many times not one cent of new taxes on the middle class. Oh yea, he also said “one million new jobs will be created the first year”. 51% believed his smooth delivery, the rest of us saw it for what is was, and now is. Face it. We’ve been had.

    • Robert

      We haven’t been had, we’ve been —–.

    • usmadgirl


      Don’t forget the promised bipartisanship, “transparency”, including everything being shown on C-SPAN. I guess they realized that the conservatives won’t “cave in” to their Socialist agenda so they won’t let them on the “play ground” (or even in “their room”) & they certainly can’t show their radical, criminal, unconstitutional agenda on C-SPAN or they’d all go to prison!

      • Robert

        But Obama said he would make sure everything was put on C-Span. Are you saying he lied? Obama, lie to us? I can’t believe that. He’s from Hawaii and Hawaiians don’t lie. Kenyans, Yes all the time, Hawaiians, never.

  • Raggs

    Do some research on the FDA.
    They are currently already trying to restrict salt intake on processed foods, bread, meats etc… Not to say too much salt is good for you, however this is only the first step of thier control over everything you injest. I’m sure like I said before that if you drink smoke or chew you will be heavily regulated, fined and probably sent to a rehab center… If that doesn’t work you will be jailed until deemed fit and free of abusive substance’s which at that time you will have to visit a probationery clinic twice a month to show your cleanliness.

    Do you think I’m wrong??????

    No far from it

    • Virgie Curtis

      You Republican are getting to be a bunch of clowns,with all of your scare tactics,tea party gangs,and above all your out right lies,that you really expect us to believe.

      • cr747

        Virgie Curtis, I am not a Republican, I am a Democrat. You have lost your mind. If you think that the Republicans are a bunch of clowns, then you need to look in the mirror to see who’s lying. If we don’t get the MUSLIM PRESIDENT with all his LYING LEADERS IN THE WHITE HOUSE out, then this COUNTRY that we call THE “UNITED STATES” is heading down the drain. There’s no scare tactics here, this is real.
        And as for as the TEA PARTIES, LOL!!! YOU HAVEN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!!!!!
        Have you got a clown suit? You are the one that’s the CLOWN!!!!!!!!

        • Joe H.

          Virgie only watches MSM news so she wouldn’t know about the legislation that they are trying to get by the people!!! Probably doesn’t know this is an election year as CBS didn’t tell her!!!!

      • Joel Steele

        This country sure would be a better place if we could get rid of all the damn republicans. It is the republicans who put the economy in its current mess. It is the republicans who take our civil liberties away. It is the republicans who must go.

    • Robert

      You must be right. Why else would the government be emptying the jails in a rash of releases before time served? To make room for us God fearing patriotic Americans who smoke, drink, hunt and believe in the constitution and bill of rights.

  • Rod

    Hell no your not wrong! This whole process is about taking over our
    lives! This “so called” health care plan of 0-BUM-A’s palosi and reid
    is a take over of our individule rights. The more they get the more they are going to want. This has never been, and never will be, a concern about ANYONE’S health! They want our rights and our lives!
    That is ALL IT HAS EVER BEEN! They have a fight on their hands!

    • Robert

      I think that might be why the Native American Indians fought the white settlers. I could never understand their reasons except for what I now see happening to every law-abiding, freedom loving, patriotic American. We’re now in the same boat as the Native American Indians were and the white settlers have been replaced by Washington politicians. I wonder where we could get some bows and arrows?

      • Raggs

        Robert.. I’m not sure how to take that question.
        I guess it depend’s on who you ask… For the most part “sheeple” are happy being “sheeple” they have no other concern than being a manufactured senceless mindless bunch of idiot’s… The bow’s and arrow’s come the other side of the fence…

      • rebecca

        I can’t believe you would make this stupid statement. Did you not ever read your history books? And I am not talking about the ones they gave you in school!!

  • Mr.M

    The way I see it, is we got two systems. The one they got, & the one they gave us. So either put us on theres, or put theemon ares. Period!

  • James

    For the record, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on several occassions that the federal government cannot use its taxing power to rearrange the wealth of Americans. In United States v. Butler, FDR had taxes on food processors raised then bestowed that money on farmers – not a penny went towards funding the federal government. The Court held that Congress lacks the power to “tax one group for the benefit of another.” This rule is why the taxes imposed in the Social Security Act were never set-aside for Old-Age benefits, if Congress had done so, the Act would have been held unconstitutional.

  • Joe Steele

    We need to drive all the damn dirty Republicans out of this country. This country would be a wonderful place if there was no Republicans. I wish you damn Bush loving Republicans would leave Obama alone.

  • Joe J

    Joel Steele, the solution is a ten gauge shotgun. Ten gauge 00 Buckshut will take care of the Republican Traitors. Lets start with Sarah Palin. How dare those bastards say anything bad about Obama when they considered anybody to say a bad thing about Bush to be anti patriot. A true American Patriot is anybody who hates the traitor named George W Bush. A true American Patriot is anybody willing to executre anybody that speaks badly about Obama. His health care plan is a good one. All of Bush’s plans were bad ones.


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