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Obama Embarks On Midwest Bus Tour

August 17, 2011 by  

This attack on the Republican party came after Warren Buffett wrote to The New York Times about how the super-wealthy are coddled by Washington.President Barack Obama began a bus tour of the Midwestern United States to combat Republican assertions that have arisen from the first series of GOP debates, The Washington Times reported.

The President launched the tour in an effort to counter fears Americans have about the current state of the economy. Obama told the crowd that the debt debacle and several other problems facing the economy were caused by a lack of help from Republicans in Congress, according to the newspaper.

“I put a deal before the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, that would have solved this problem,” Obama said. “And he walked away. His belief was we can’t ask anything of millionaires and billionaires and big corporations. Think about that. I mean, that’s just not common sense.”

This attack on the Republican party came after Warren Buffett wrote to The New York Times about how the super-wealthy are coddled by Washington. The billionaire asserted that the rich should pay more taxes to help pull the country out of the recession, CNN reported.

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  • downs1

    Did anyone ever add up what this three day presidential bus tour cost the American people? I’ll bet it’s more than most people make in a lifetime! This guy spends money like water! And he is only going to places where the unemployment rate is low. What does he expect to learn from that? What’s wrong with this picture?

    • shar


    • Hartmut

      THe president is going to Midwestern states. That is where the unemployment is at the highest. So your comment is not true.
      Of all the presidents before, Obama is the one who knows most of the difficulties, people with low income and no income experience. He was a social worker before becoming senator.

      The two Bushes caused economic problems and let the National Debt raise to the astronomical levels, due to tax reductions for the wealthy and on the capital gain, because as a result of this not enough tax money came in to pay for the government. The Republicans had control of both houses during the Bush presidencies.

      I agree with Buffett that the super rich people and big corporations should pay more in taxes. Those corporations who shipped jobs overseas should be punished for doing this by paying more tax.

      • TIME

        So hartmuten?

        Hows that crack pipe working out? From your post its obvious its burning very hot.. Good for you – you just keep smoking that crack.

        Hey, be sure to let us know when your teeth fall out ok..

      • Song

        Hartmut: hahahahahahaha Obama was a social worker? Where do you make the jump from community organizer to social worker? He is anything BUT a social worker and if her were ever a true social worker then he would know the rampant waste, fraud and abuse at the hands of the welfare class and that you CANNOT spend your way out of poverty! This coming from a social worker. hahahahahhahahaha

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Hartmut…. If Barry really wanted to tax the rich as he claims, all he has to do is support the fair tax, and abolish the IRS. He isn’t interested in a solution. He only wants to complain that the Republicans are against anything that would help America, when it’s really him and his cronnies….

        • Fed up

          At a boy! you tell him how o is killing us softly with his love. Love for communism.

          • Fed up

            well sorry, I could be wrong Robin. It might be “at a girl” huh. My bad! But either way you got it right 100%.

      • coal miner

        I agree,make them pay heavey tariffs.

      • KHM

        Hartmut’s comments weren’t accurate. He is still into blaming Bush I & II.
        Also Obama was a community organizer, NOT a social worker. Socialist,yes, social worker,not! He has lived as someone called it a “make-believe life”. His grandmother provided him with a private school education. He got scholarship (possibly fraudulent Fulbright-for foreign students)to Occidental and he may have been bought into Harvard. He did not come up by his own bootstraps as Herman Cain did.
        As far as the point of the article, Warren Buffet could write as big a check as he wants to the US Treasury and stop mouthing off,which puts him in the same league as Michael Moore in my opinion. Buffett is smart and uses the tax system. he gets capital gains rather than salary, so pays on that basis, which is a lower rate.
        The true fact is that the top 10% of earners pay the majority of the tax revenues. If these rich folks were taxed at 100% of their income it wouldn’t solve the problem and would be a complete disincentive for people to be successful. We now have 50% of Americans who pay no taxes, which is a bigger problem.

      • Bob

        Wow… I see why people like you are so easily led astray.. You are completely ignorant. Can you balance your check book? If so, do you understand basic economics? How about business, you understand how the Market place works? I think not. If you did you would never utter those words. Fact: The economy enjoyed 20 years of growth due to Regan’s economic policies. By removing governmental constrins on the market place businesses were able to make money.. Guess what happens when Business makes money..?? They hire.. yep, that’s right.. they pay higher salaries, they invest in growing their business, Banks lend money to Entrepreneurs to start businesses, property values increase, the economy thrives…. Guess what else happens when businesses are making money and the economy is growing.. I know this is going to shock you, but for real.. The government makes boat loads of money too… Yep, that’s right. The TAX REVENUE INCREASES Dramatically….. Ever wonder how your beloved Bill Clinton managed to balance the federal budget so easily, so effortlessly..? Here is a clue, 20 years of Reganomics stimulated the economy.. and the end of the cold war certainly didn’t hurt.. (another Regan accomplishment)..

  • Robert Smith

    Did anyone else see the 60 Minutes piece on how corporations are going off shore to avoid paying taxes here?

    They aren’t creating jobs. They are putting money in THEIR pockets and screwing America.

    Why should they get any breaks at all?


    • Graeme B

      Robert: Glad to see some are waking up. They will try to say that Buffet is a socialist, commie or marxist for saying such terrible things, like raising taxes on the top 5%. And all the while, they are offshoring their assets to save taxes that are righfully American. They were earned here, yet there they are in Geneva and Zug with mailboxes for head offices so they can screw the American taxpayer. What wonderful patriots!! and they are off shore creating jobs by the millions for foreign nationals.
      And we are being told by the “bought” Republicans that these tax increases will kill jobs. What lies and BS. The tax breaks that Buffet talks about is costing the Treasury $800billion a year in borrowed money. We are being screwed and sold a LIE by those in Congress. Time to get them to be honest for change.
      Cutting Government spending is going to bring about a Dpression. Read your history and see what happened in 1930′s. This super committee will not come to any agreement especially when you have 6 republicans whose have taken the No Tax Pledge.
      Warren Buffet is right.

      • wandamurline

        Nonsense, Warren Buffett is a new world order guy. It has been researched and the rich pay more of the taxes that the middle and poor classes combined right now…they also provide jobs. When did the rich become our enemy? Bill Gates is a prime example…a college kid who had a great idea, got investors to go along, and implemented a great product…Gates and his investors took all of the risks associated with his product and he became wealthy. This is the American way…any person can become wealthy if they have an idea and market it. Why now is he enemy #1? This has all come from this corrupt administration…dividing us by race and accomplishments and destroying capitalism. Right now with all of the “regulations” in place, Bill Gates could not start up Microsoft…and that is a fact. The large companies are moving out of America because of regulations and the union demands for more and more. How would you feel if you opened a company, your took out the loans to make it work, took all the risks, and then the unions came in took over your company? Did they put anything into the company…you can hire people that are not union and not have to pay all the benefits. The unions have had their day as they no longer represent the people who pay the dues…they represent themselves… Washington. I read an article where GE is moving a large portion of their company to China, and this is the guy Obama put in charge as a Czar to help create jobs in America, the president of GE? The socialists/communists/marxists who have infiltrated and taken over the Democratic party are working hard to destroy America from within and they are doing a pretty good job of it. Buffett is one of Obama’s puppet masters along with Soros, so I don’t listen much to him anymore. Wonder how much tax he paid last year? The tax system is corrupt, not the companies. That is what needs to change, and since most of Washington politicians get better tax breaks, they are the ones who installed the rules.

        • eddie47d

          Oddly that you mention Bill Gates who several Libertarians on this site have routinely scorned as someone who spreads socialist propaganda. Allot of Americans see Your smear campaign by always labeling everyone a commie/marxist that you don’t agree with. Your attacks against the working man who might make a little more than you is also counter productive and is only weakening the Middle Class. You proudly downgrade Middle Class jobs as unworthy and then wonder why the Middle Class is stuck with more of the tax burden. All the while gleefully protecting the buckets full of money the wealthy are pulling in. Money must be your king because you sure bow down to those who have destroyed our economy and scammed their way into wealth. I’m not always a fan of Warren Buffet but he does see the discrepancies in how the rich receive their wealth. There is something very sinister about people making money off of money but those who make a living by hard work(and that includes union members)are belittled and scorned as unworthy. Our whole system is upside down where the super rich are still glorified when they are not creating the jobs they said they would with continued tax breaks. Their lifestyle has improved while the Middle Class has taken a hit. There are a few upper crust people who do see a common bond between Americans and do work for the good of the nation. Those few are generally condemned by the Right as “sissies” against the Capitalist system. Those other “good capitalists” who do make shady deals are too often glorified and accepted as part of doing business. They “earned” their money when it is obvious they didn’t get it honestly. The phony marketeers and banksters are ignored until their damage is done and then it is too late. We have to live with their derivatives scams because that is the way our Capitalist system is set up. You keep protecting the wealthy even when they never stop doing their dirty deeds.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            As usual eddie is full of words but says nothing.

          • i

            If Buffet, Gates, or anyone other rich person who calls for higher taxes truly believes they should pay more there is NOTHING stopping them. They can either refuse to take all their deductions or send the feds, states, and local governments an extra check or both. When they start doing this I will believe they truely want to pay more until they do all their words are just that words and mean nothing.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            eddie.. Do you support the Fair Tax?

          • coal miner


            Mark Zuckerberg has joined Warren Buffett and the small group of billionaires supporting higher taxes for the wealthy. … billionaire to state they are for higher taxes publicly — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg joined the group that also includes Microsoft founder Bill Gates, points out MSNBC. …

          • coal miner


            Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are true American heroes, not stingy George Bush types.Bring our industries and troops home.

          • eddie47d

            …and Buster,errr Bluster came up with 10 words and said even less. Your lack of knowledge is noted.

          • eddie47d

            Whatever works Robin. A Flat tax,Fair tax,Progressive tax,less tax or more tax. If it gets the job done within reason and is voted on by the majority then that is what will be accepted. I do agree that Corporations should be paying less tax than an individual for they do pass on any high taxes to the consumer. The business side should have an incentive to grow their companies and keep them profitable. On the other hand I have no sympathy for the CEOs of those corporations who take home millions which also adds costs to their companies products.A strong healthy and environmentally friendly corporation benefits everyone. A wealthy CEO only benefits himself and most these days are outright greedy and have used and abused the Capitalistic system for their personal wealth not the wealth of the nation.

        • Hartmut

          You just say it has been researched to prove, the super wealthy paid more taxes than the middle and lower classes combined. That is a lie. I have read different numbers, namely the top 5 % paid two percent of the total tax revenue. Plus part of the income the wealthy got are from tax-free bonds. Instead of paying their due, they buy bonds, because they cannot spend them (what else could they buy with the money left after private jets, yachts, Ferraris, expensive clothes, wines etc), thus increasing the national debt even more.

          Buffett has much more credibility on such things than you! If he says so, he is probably most correct than you.

          • Song

            Really Hartmut? What gives Warren Buffett any credibility? And what gives you any credibility, especially after claiming that Obama hahahaha, that Obama, hahahaha, that Obama was a social worker? More like dabbled in “social work”, if even that… BTW: like has been posted many times, there is nothing stopping anyone from contributing more of their money, or even all of their money to taxes. Have your heroes Obama and Buffet done that? hahahahhahahahahaha All they have to do is write the check.

    • Alexis

      Nonsense! Instead, you should be asking yourself…What do I get in return for all these massive taxes being paid? From the federal level, very, very little! Most of it is wasted. The very idea of allowing politicians to extract more than half of a hard working American’s income is outrageous and is in fact slavery! We really do not have a representative form of government. It is operated like a giant pay-off machine for corrupt politicians and connected industries like a money dispensing machine with no end in sight. What these clowns don’t tax from the working man, and yest corporations, they borrow. What they don’t borrow they print! This inflates the value of saved dollars put aside for health problems, kid’s education and future consumption when they can no longer work, makinf them worth less and eventually worthless! Inflation is a cruel tax in that few understand. All government, especially the federal level, must be slashed massively and that certainly includes the military. I don’t know about you but I didn’t sign a contract or enter into an agreement to give these characters all this money. Don’t think it is patriotic to pay taxes to a corrupt system that starts illegal wars and kills innocent children. It is honorable to have loyalty toward people, not some fictional system that encourages control and forces involuntary compliance. Funds earned by honest labor by people’s blood, sweat, tears, time and toil should be respected and used to care for one’s own needs, their familiy’s needs and those who sacrificed for our community. The only people who should get government benefits are veterans and disabled people. Those who paid into Social Security and Medicare, and are gettin benefits today, shoule continue getting them for their lifetimes. The rest needs to be phased out by cutting benefits and at the same time reducing the corresponding tax burden. Those who paid into these Ponzi Schemes should be paid back whatever they paid into these systems, then phase them out permanently.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We got the government we got because people believed that “Man will save Man”, meaning that human beings will save each other from all the failings that occurr in life. The power grabbers and social manipulators ended up with a unending supply of money and willing accomplices and enablers.

    • Fed up

      Well Rob, I don’t think you’ve got your info right. The oil people are moving away because of the strangle hold this administration has got on them. They’re being force to so they can afford to stay in business. Don’t get all liberal around here. You can take the crap somewhere else.

    • coal miner

      Robert Smith

      Warren Buffett calls for higher taxes for US super-rich | Business …
      2 days ago … Warren Buffett says rich should pay more tax. 7 Jul 2006 …. Since he knows what’s right and what’s wrong, what is stopping him …. He has consistently argued that his company should pay the full amount it … Also have a look at the tax rates of other major American corporations – many below 10% … – Cached

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Enough of your BS. How many products have you created to make life easier for consumers? How many jobs have you created?

  • Martin Maruza

    Exactly why give tax breaks to the super rich, who are just taking instead of giving? The argument that they should not pay more taxes is superflous inasmuch as it is flawed.

    They enjoy the best of services which are paid for by every tax paying person, if tax is to be equitable let anyone who can pay more, pay more. If anything it is the poor that need tax breaks.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Define with concise clarity who are the “super rich”, otherwise you sound like another variety of envious Sociaist fools. The poor do not give anyone a job so it is the rich who make enough for themselves and enough to hire employees.

    • Song

      Really, what are you talking about? Who do you think funds the charitable organizations in this country like the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Shriver’s, St. Luke’s, Primary Children’s, just to name a few???? I bet it isn’t you!

      • Song

        The above post should be directed to Martin…

    • coal miner

      Martin Maruza
      You are right.I agree with you one hundred percent,so does the majority of the American people.

      Aug 22, 2010 · Op-Ed Columnist Now That’s Rich By PAUL KRUGMAN Published: August 22, 2010 … highest income; he’s going to get the majority of that group’s tax break.

  • home boy

    so why isn’t buffet and friends opening up their check books and write checks for 100mil each. come on warren put your money were your mouth is.

  • Polski

    Well, Harry Truman did it by train, and then he showed the newspaper headlines that said “DEWEY WINS” and laughed.

  • Gary Pope

    Wake-up people. Warren Buffet will incurr no additional taxes. His income is sheltered, so he won’t see a higher tax bill. If he wants to, he and anyone else can send addional money to the Washington for the elite politicians to waste on their re-election campaigns. As for the “rich”wealth is not taxed, income is. The top 5% income earners already pay 59% or federal income taxes. There are not enough so-called rich to even make a dent in the Obama inspired deficit. So push the class warfare all you want,its just pablum for the masses.

    As for corporate taxes, the total truth is that corporations do NOT PAY TAXES. Corporate taxes are paid by WE THE PROPLE who buy their products. All corporate taxes are business costs that are passed on to the general public.

    With no income tax and very low corporate taxes we became the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth with the highest standard of living in history. We did not need government intervention into all aspects of our lives to “help” us.

    There isn’t anything that the government does well or efficiently. In fact, every major problem we have can be traced to government. So, if you want European Socialism along with its economic collapse, street riots and mayhem, go ahead and vote for Democrats.

    I will vote for anyone who wants to get government out of my life and relegate it to its Constitutional limits. (You remember the Constitution, that piece of paper that stands a little bit in the way of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi rulers for life over us peons so we must ignore it, document.)

    • Polski

      Obama learned all this from Dubya/Cheney.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Keynesian economics was and is taught everywhere in one form or another, so with probability you learned it as well and believe it. Some of us did not take this foolishness to heart.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Thank you for saying this better than I was capable of.

    • Bob

      Gary Pope – Thank you, very well said. Let me also add some thoughts..
      The problem seems to be that there is a large portion of our population that believes the lies, and actually thinks we need the Gov’t involved in all aspects of our lives and business.. Remember people, these guys in office spend their days thinking of ways to justify their existence… ie, how they can make the world a better place with your money.. The government is a necessary EVIL.. An Evil that requires very strict limitations. The founders knew this very well and provided for this in our Constitution. The problem is that mist of our current population has no idea what the constitution says, or why.. We have become a modern society and lost our fear of government, instead believing Gov’t is the answer to all our problems.. Why? Because they (our government) work very hard to tell us how important they are, how they are the champions of the causes that matter to us .. how they alone stand between us, the regular Joe’s of the world, and the big bad greedy corporations and the Rich who don’t want to “pay their fair share”.. and how these bad people (the rich) and these Bad corporations need to be punished and made to pay more because it’s their fault we are in this very Bad economic situation.. Blah, Blah, Blah.. This, my friends, is the biggest lie. The fact is that it is Government intervention and meddling got us where we are today. These days it seems that all the minorities and special interests are taking advantage of a very liberal government establishment (on both sides of the isle) in order to tap into this “unlimited” source of tax $$.. and our representative in turn are using this insatiable demand for government entitlements (freebee’s) as a way to buy the votes and influence of these groups.. All while the silent tax paying majority stay silent at the polls and continue to be mugged by the IRS.. There seems to be no limit money to how much our government can and will spend or our tax dollars to buy more power and influence in order to stay in power. In effect, they use our taxes, the Tax Revenue that is intended to work for us, we the peoples, is instead being used by our reps, the ones we voted into office, to buy votes & influence through huge government sweet heart spending deals that they sneak into legislation as pork every day.. think about it.. This type of behavior at the corporate level would be considered embezzlement of corporate funds and the perpetrators would be jailed.. And now that people are getting smarter and information can be acquired and dispersed with ease globally? They embark on massive misinformation campaigns, using the easily manipulated media as a tool to confuse us, divide us, and get us fighting with each other.. all as big distraction, a side show, while they continue to get away with business as usual politics of robbing the US treasury for their own political gain. If you want to see where this socialist agenda of class warfare is headed, you don’t have to look far… Check out UK, France and Germany… There is no such thing as an Entrepreneurial atmosphere in these socialist European countries anymore.. The government has taxed and regulated away any ability for their “subjects” to create wealth. It is a huge smoke screen to say that the so called “rich” don’t pay enough taxes.. The evidence is in the #s, but don’t believe the suface # that they want to show you.. You have to dig a little.. Remember what they say about statistics… There are lies, Damn lies, and Statistics.. First, you can not make a blanket statement that anyone making more the $250K is rich without regard for other real economic factors such as geographic location or even if that person employes others. Second, it’s ridiculous to imply any comparison between people making $250K or even $1 million a year and the Super rich Warren Buffets or Bill Gates of the world… As stated above, income is taxed, not wealth. It’s amazing that so few people in our government understand the most basic economics of business.. Makes you wonder, are they this stupid, or is there another reason? For instance, maybe it suits their purpose to confuse the general population and create more suspicion and lack of trust of the same corporations and small businesses that employ most Americans.. For an economy to grow, we do not need more Government spending.. This is a socialist lie, because, suprise, it means bigger government and more government power…. But follow this logic and you eventually hit a dead end.. The only true road to properity that does not have a dead end, is a free market.. A strong economy involves the ability of the private sector to invest in business creation and growth.. For investment to take place there needs to be reasonable ability to make a profit.. For there to be reasonable ability to make a profit the general population needs to be able to afford the products and services that a business is selling.. It’s a cycle.. Higher costs for business and individuals, but especially for businesses, (ie, taxes, non-competitive union wages, higher healthcare, etc) are disincentives for spending and investment at all levels… The major difference between taxing individuals and businesses is that businesses employ people and invest in their growth due to the incentive or possibility of increasing profits.. Growth however is not a guarantee of increased profits.. in fact growing a business is both very difficult, and very expensive.. and therefore, very risky. Who among you would take that risk if you could not make a profit..? Business people, those who are willing to risk their hard earned money and their time do so exacly because in this country it is possible to make it big.. Seems however that this is unfair to some though.. Those who do not have the ambition to make it themselves would rather limit everyone else by saddling us with higher taxes, all in the name of “paying our fair share”…

  • Tom Snyder

    Buffet could write a large check to the government for whatever additional revenues he pleases. He is no dummy. His object is to remove some wealth from his competitors through the tax system.


    How many black and poor neighborhoods is that fraud planning on taking his unmarked busses into, I will bet you not one.

    The Mysery Man and his tax paid entourage are costing us a fortune and it should be on the Deemers shoulders to pay his campaign cost. There are no patriotic American decals on any of those ba-lack vehicles and now we find out that the Canadians built the damn things. This SOB has real nerve and it is going to be a pleasure to see him gone and put in a prison where him and many of his Deemers and associates belong….GITMO awaits you MM.

  • FlaJim

    A lot of cockeyed posters on today. First, if Buffett is so eager to pay more taxes, why does he accept compensation on which he pays only capital gains taxes, not income taxes?

    Second, if he really wants to ‘help,’ the US Treasury accepts checks from anyone with no questions asked. They cashed one of my checks in that manner several years ago when I was paying a tax bill and never credited my account.

    Third, any money earned by an person or entity is theirs and what they do with it is their business. They’re under no moral obligation to spend or reinvest it here. Particularly if they might incur punitive taxes or a debasement of their capital because of a weakening dollar, they owe it to themselves to put it in a safer place. ‘America First’ is a fine sentiment but not when its socialist government is doing all it can to confiscate the country’s wealth.

  • D Fayette

    It’s odd that so many bad mouth the corporations, but yet, it is the government that takes your money by force, not the corporation. I have not corporation taxing me, as the government does. All the transactions I have with corporations are voluntary, so why should I condemn corporations.

    Obviously, if Buffet, and so many other wealthy liberals claim they feel the should be taxes more, indicating they have “extra dollars” laying around that they would be glad to send to the government. Well they should do this that, but if they were really concerned about the USA, they’d use that ‘extra’ money to create jobs in the private sector, or they’d send those extra dollars to charitable organization where the money would be used far more efficiently than having it be handled by the inefficient government bureaucracy.

    How smart is Buffet, that he hasn’t come to understand the inefficiencies of the Federal Government?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why is anyone listening to the senile old goat?

      • eddie47d

        Gotta love the in-fighting when the rich eat the rich. Nadzieja wants to play referee in defending all their money. Will she choose an even playing field with more responsibility and conscience from those wealthy? Will it be business as usual as the other wealthy take their ill gotten gains while America falters? Spin the wheel and see where the deal lands.Are you sure Buffet is a senile old goat? He seems to have all his faculties unless someone else is pulling his business strings. Don’t worry about Buffet going over to the “Dark Side” for most of the wealthy did that years ago by burying their “pirates loot” in foreign bank accounts.

        • Song

          For all of you who hate the “Rich” (and you might keep in mind that during his little tour Obama counts the “rich” as anyone who makes $200k or more a year) who pays for the charitable organizations in this country Ed and the like? I work with charitable organizations on a regular basis and I can tell you there are very generous wealthy people in this country…the same wealthy people that you demonize, castigate and hate (eddie) that keep these organizations afloat. I’m sure it isn’t you or the other “hate the rich” posters on this site!

  • s c

    After looking at the posts on this topic, it makes me wonder why it’s so hard to stay on the topic. This is akin to a progressive’s mental problem, as their mental situation sooner or later includes bashing GB (pick a topic, and blame it on GB).
    Folks, Bummer is wasting his time going on a bus tour. Guess who pays for the bus and the security and everything else that’s part of that circus. You and I pay for it. THINK!
    You’d think Bummer is a professional tourist. So does he get paid by the mile, or does he get paid to stutter and make more empty promises?

    • Song

      Oh but SC he is a “hero” a “true patriot” according to people like Eddie, Coal Miner, and Martin et al., it doesn’t matter how much the commander n chief spends! He should be getting even more right Eddie & CM, Martin et al.? Again, if they are so keen on telling people what to do with their money, what is stopping them from writing the check payable to the government, that they so esteem??? hahaha…Actions speak louder than words!

      • eddie47d

        Oh wise one! In what foreign country do you stash your loot Song? Should Obama be getting more money? Certainly not for the wars we get ourselves into. Some Departments need to stop growing and some need to be cut. If we can funnel tax dollars in job creation I’m for it but the money should come from cutting other departments not new taxes.

        • Song

          Can’t answer a simple question can you Ed. IF they are so big on telling people how to spend THEIR money, why don’t THEY write the first check? Answer: Because they are HYPOCRITES!

  • http://BobLivingston Bandit

    Wow, how does this guy live w himself, as were fillin up the bus he is tryin to throw the entire GOP under it. YA ! then off to Martha Vineyard ! (ya they want him there) just b cause u were born w that chromium spoon buried doesnt mean ul fit in . This is the 4th MV visit in 3 yrs though. Sure they like to see our $’s comin back to visit. Dont we have a multi million $ resort get away for the Prez that WE fully staff w security, maintenance, chefs and other staff on a 24/7/365 basis ??? He goes to the Vineyard and he dont send pics or nothin, dam. NO he had BOTH houses when he took the office, if he had the ability to fix anythin it would b showin by now ! Did u hear them say food stamps r an economic stimulator and job producer ? HOLY S ! Is anyone DUMB enough to buy this mularchy ??? Oh ya, Halumet, tip , check behind the curtains !

    • Bob

      You make a good point.. With both houses, what did Barry choose to to fix??? Not the economy…Not campaign finance reform… No, he chose to create yet another huge government entitlement healthcare program that we cant afford…. at the worst possible point in time.. Does anyone REALLY believe the rhetoric that the Healthcare bill will save us money.. Please.. Until recently I would have thought that the American public was smart enough to see through these lies… Needless to say, I am amazed at the amount of people that are completely clueless.. I think that everyone should have to prove they can at least balance a check book before the are allowed to vote… You CANT keep spending money you don’t have… And no, you can’t just keep printing money, borrowing money and raising taxes either.. These are tools of last resort.. They create a huge DRAG on the economy, even if you are spending the money here. Our government (both sides are guilty) has become hooked on spending.. It’s like Crack to them. They have to spend it like water to buy votes for the next election.. Well.. It’s time for an intervention.. The credit card needs to be taken away and we need to live within our means.. How does our Government react to these conditions? They reward fiscally irresponsible people with and companies with bailouts, and those of us who were stupid enough actually live with our means and maybe even save a few bucks for our kids education…. We are the fools.. Our dollars are devaluated, our taxes go up, our property value plummets, our retirement investments evaporate.. What next..? Do they try to take some burden off the hard working TAX Payers? The economic backbone and engine of this country?? No.

      I can’t wait to hear all the great ideas our brilliant government representatives will suggest to “help” us out of this mess.. More of the same hypocritical rubbish I’m sure.. “We all need to tighten our belts”, “The rich need to pay their fair share… ”, blah, blah, blah. While they continue to spend our money like it’s going out of style

      Doesn’t anyone else see the obvious trend here? Since when is the government capable of being fiscally responsible..? It’s not their money…!! It is OUR money.. Thinks about it.. It’s like a teen age kid, away at college who has been raised by parent who give that child everything their little heart desired and never taught them the value of a dollar.. Never asked them to work for anything.. This is who we have in government spending our money. Spoiled little children that stamp their feet when you tell them no, point their finger at everyone else when you ask them to explain what went wrong, and god forbid you ask for a plan to fix something.. You can bet you last dollar (and many of us are) that the Government will tell us they can fix anything if we would just stop complaining and send them more money.. hmm, surprise, surprise.. If we don’t vote all these clowns out of office in 2012, and send a strong message that, a) they work for us, b) we are watching them carefully, c) we will fire them if they don’t represent the TAX PAYING, voting public, then we’ll get exactly what we deserve to get…. Screwed.

  • CanCan

    Aaah yes, it seems that Obama is looking out for his political career, and is getting a head start on his campaigning. Seems blaming everyone else for his own inadequacies, forever campaigning, the endless, go-nowhere talks about job creation, spending money we do not have, and oh yes, golfing, are all Obama seems to be capable of doing, never mind the boot licking behaviour he favours most towards those who hate this country. And…lest we thought that was bad enough, the few of us who still have jobs and are paying taxes, WE are the ones footing the bill for all of this campaign travel! Now if that is not a kick in the head…

  • Simian Pete

    Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg – them guys sure have alot of smarts !! I wonder what they would consider as a fair tax increase (for the billionaires) ? I’m sure they don’t want a 95% tax on their income, probably just a moderate 5% increase ? Until the economy pulls thru ? That sure would buy alot of Food Stamps !

    So uh, where’s Little Orphan Annie ? DId one of these guys adopt a down and out orphan ? Is Warren Buffett trying to win the “Daddy Warbucks” award ? Or Bill Gates ? I’m not going to get down on Mr. Zuckerberg, he’s 27 years old.. give the young man a break.

    So where’s the Little Orphan Annie girl, I don’t see her in the picture !! Obama should get a cigarette holder and tell Warren to sing “the Sun will come out, tomorrow” .. Right ?

  • Carl Babcock

    Approximately 47% of Americans pay NO income taxes. Many of these people actually get tax ‘refunds’. It’s not the rich who fail to pay their share but rather the ‘poor’ who scam the system.

    • Bob

      Amen, brother!


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