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Obama Didn’t Build That

July 19, 2012 by  

Obama Didn’t Build That
President Obama believes the government is behind business success.

Pity the poor small businessman.

Up and at ‘em in the predawn hours, seven days a week, desperately balancing family with work, he pilots his fragile dream through the storm-tossed waters of President Barack Obama’s economy. Competitors try to undercut him. The large competitors often succeed. But he perseveres, making up for the higher prices necessitated by his lower purchasing power with outstanding customer service, personal relationships with his clients, specific items which can’t be found at big-box warehouses or some combination of them all.

Between feeding and clothing his family and fostering inventory and cash flow, his debt load is staggering. But he works hard, harder than so many who have foundered on the rocky shoals of ill-advised concepts, poor performance or plain old shoddy offerings. He has help from family—who often work for free—trusted friends, advisers and a couple of valued employees, whom he treats—and thinks of—as family.

He does his level best by his customers. He does the same by his employees; often, he sacrifices his own paycheck to ensure theirs are covered.  He is routinely exhausted by the twin labors of home and work. He goes without a vacation for several years, bolstered by the far-off sight of true success.

His business grows. He expands, adding more items and services. His reputation spreads across town, then across the region. He develops an e-business model, and gains a worldwide customer base. As business flourishes, he maintains a grasp of the values and relationships which he employed during his rise. The atmosphere is contagious; people clamor not only to shop with him, but to work for him.

He is a model of American success.

Then late one day in July 2012—a Friday the 13th, of all things—he checks the news (he didn’t have a chance earlier thanks to his 4 a.m. reveille and grueling workday). And he learns from the President of the United States that all his hard work, all his long hours, all his backbreaking labor, all the sweat of his brow, all the nervous nights wondering if he’d lose everything chasing his dream, all of it… was a waste of time.

He had a business, but he didn’t build it. Obama told him somebody else made it happen.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Alex

    By operating within a society everything you do is supported by the bulwark that IS society. This includes all infrastructure connections to your business, the education of your workers and the general public who use your services— the very freedom to operate your business, in fact, since it is the society in which you operate that protects your manner of business while balancing the common good.

    Certainly, President Obama could have voiced his sentiments better—-but he, like Elizabeth Warren, is right.

    • Paul

      Alex, great post, but your preaching to the choir here. These folks have already been brainwashed by fox news, and rush. It is clear, none of them have taken the time to listen to the complete speech that these parts have been taken out of context. They hate Obama, and are being fed the fuel to keep that hate going.

      • momo

        So Paul, tell me what business experience Obama has had, besides his current on the job training. Oh yes, community activist. What a crock. I wouldn’t trust Obama or Warren with a frigging lemonade stand.

      • WTF

        “Alex, great post, but your preaching to the choir here. These folks have already been brainwashed by fox news, and rush. It is clear, none of them have taken the time to listen to the complete speech that these parts have been taken out of context. They hate Obama, and are being fed the fuel to keep that hate going.”

        really Paul? yes, of course, we’re ALL brainwashed, all of us, not you though, your a f’in genius right? So… you must be a gov. worker(parasite) drone who actually feeds off the successful working class.

        Alex missed the point that the ‘bulwark’ of society is independent small business workers who hire 90% of the work force, unless your in communist China. That Capitalism created the greatest economic engine in the free world, hello? the one that you feed off of. Government’s sole purpose is to protect this engine and the gov. is suppose to have limited powers. have you read the Constitution?

        Yes, I hate Obama! Not because he’s black, I love Allen West, an American patriot. Obama is a clear and present danger to liberty, to our way of life, but you can’t see that because your filled with hate, you need someone to hate/envy because your a loser.

        obama’s socialist programs have benefited you and you want more “free stuff”. America will decide in November, God help us! wooops, I hope I didn’t offend you by mentioning God. Call your ACLU lawyer you rat.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You cannot do anything but lie.

      • Jesse Lyles

        Paul you must be a total loser and no sense of hard work to build a business. To blame Fox news is just a butch of crap. What they reported was what came out of Obama black a** mouth ! You Liberails can twist and turn the truth all that you want, but you can’t hide it. Every Lier is reveiled in time and now it’s Obam turn ! He had hurt his own race because of his lies and his so call chance. So put a folk in him ( He’s Done ! ) Not Fox News Fault, let me help you along and follow me at to see who this black man is. I have reseached him for a very long time and I won’t charge you for my sevices. Thanks Jesse Lyles in Paragould, Arkansas 72450

      • s c

        Paul, Alex, lousy posts. Just because you yahoos survived the abortion lottery doesn’t mean you can think. Frankly, in your cases, either you get ‘paid’ to send in your half-_____ responses, or you have too much free time on your utopian hands.
        Do Amerika a favor, and go into business. Learn the difference between spit and shinola. Until then, you’re child-like theorists who understand little or nothing in the real world. Or, consider becoming teachers. Then, you can see firsthand how utopianism and freedom NEVER mix. Losers. By the way, your W H ‘God’ is a false ‘God.’

      • JUKEBOX

        What is really scary is: “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help you”.

    • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

      Alex you will never get your head out of the camode so why try to convince others you have some semblence of intelegence with your commie rhetoric.. Where did this infrastructure come from in the beginning. It dam shure wasnt the Govt. It was the people that financed the work. The people that had began with hard work and brains, Not a bunch of freeloading govt thugs that only understand stealing from the population is how things get done. But we wont wait for you to wake up, its too late now…

    • swampfox

      Alex Spoken like a true Marxist and someone who has never built his own business.
      I have gone weeks without pay to make sure my employees got paid and I have done it many times.I only stop working long enough to sleep what little I get to. If it was not for people like me paying taxes and hiring people who also pay taxes then you would not have the infrastructure that you are talking about. So in essence not only did I build my business myself I also helped build the infrastructure of this country with my tax dollars.
      So take your head out of the sand. Start your own business and then come back and tell us how someone else did it for you.

      • I damned well did it myself

        His head is stuck somewhere else than in the sand

    • MJG2112


      In business there is no question that the business entity stands alone. A successful business owes largely to community members such its customers, employees, suppliers, and financial partners. Within the business relational structure however, government is typically not seen as a contributing factor but rather, it is viewed as a outflow of the cycle, a cost of doing business (taxes).

      Does business use the infrastructure subcontracted out by government agents? Yes they do. But so do employees who go to work to earn a paycheck. Using Obama’s logic, is it then the government that provides the ability for the employees to earn a paycheck and not the hard work of the individual? If so, this country is definitely on the fast track to communism. Government is everything; the individual is nothing; the individual exists only to support the government.

      These are sad times indeed. I weep for my children’s future.

      • MJG2112

        Sorry, no edit button.

        “In business there is no question that the business entity stands alone…”

        should have been:

        In business there is no question that the business entity DOES NOT stand alone…

      • L W

        Thank you, MJG2112, for writing a well-thought-out and logical post, that even includes correct grammar and spelling. (OK, there was one mistake, but you caught it and corrected it.) Some of these posts are difficult to even understand, because it seems that the posters don’t proofread them before posting. Of course, this could be partly due to the fact that most of the posters have probably been “educated” in our nation’s shoddy public schools.

      • carrobin

        My father built his own business and made a success of it in the 1960s and ’70s. I’m sure he would have given the government credit for the interstate highways he drove on (he sold office supplies to stores), the law enforcement that allowed him to haul his wares without fear of robbery, the post office that allowed him to send bills and receive checks, etc., etc. He was audited nearly every year because he had a home office and the IRS is suspicious of those, but he always dealt with it easily because he kept good records. Obama was right, and any good businessman or businesswoman should be willing to give credit where credit is due.

        • cpa


          I don’t think it is the credit Obama is looking for. It’s the money (taxes). The support for increasing taxes on those he deems have not yet paid their “fair share”.

      • MJG2112

        Thanks L W; I appreciate the positive feedback. I must admit though that my posts are not without grammatical and spelling errors as this is certainly evidenced by my initial contribution to this thread. Regardless, the key is to attempt to view these types of discussions objectively and provide commentary based upon reasoned logic and not to just “win” an argument or to simply hurt others with opposing views. I attempt to adhere to this philosphy but, like my spelling and grammar issues, am not always sucdessful in doing so.

        Take care.

      • MJG2112


        First off, thank you for reply. I don’t wish to split hairs, but there a couple points I wish to comment on.

        First, your rebuttal is based upon testimony you believe your father might make if he were directly participating in this discussion. Although you may have an open communicative relationship with your father, his feelings on the matter, without his direct commentary, are hearsay and are thus not very persuasive.

        Second, it should be understood that government by itself is nothing more than a conduit in the creation of infrastructure. Government does not place shovels in the ground to create roads, businesses that are subcontracted by government do. And who pays the subcontractors that build infrastructure? Individual and business taxpayers do. In fact, it is through the taxroll provided by individual and business taxpayers that government workers are provided a place of employment.

        The people should thank the government?!? No, the government should be thanking the people.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      if as you and O say that no businessmen created their own business then that means that anytime you and O can go and pick someone’s pocket. That by your admission makes you Thieves.

      • carrobin

        Who said that? Not Obama. Look it up.

    • Michael

      The Constitutional phrase “common good” was meant to apply to all citizens, without any divergence because of this, that or another factor. This began to break down during Reconstruction, after the Civil War and has become a matter of federal policy, after the New Deal and the Great Society efforts. If the good is for all, why do some been given advantages over others? I do not speak of Negroes with low test scores being allowed into universities because of the color of their skin, I refer to businesses which are given grants, or low interest loans to the detriment of those who are not. If entire sectors, those infamous windmills, are favored with tax payers’ dollars, how can those sectors, which are not compete? This is not the common good, this is crony capitolism, pure and simple. Would Microsoft have occurred and flourished if it had been a gov’t project? Look at the Obama loans to the “green” industries of late and that will answer that question. Individual efforts trump collective ones every day of the week. Ask the former Soviet Union if you have trouble understanding this concept.

      • Brad

        Yep if you are not a minority try to get you one of those SBA loans, GOOD LUCK with that!!!

    • ArkansasRebel

      Alex, your comments provide a perfect illustration of what it means to have “the blind leading the blind”. You, sir, have been blinded by a liberal spirit that pervades the learning institutions of today’s America. And you are following a blind leader.

    • MJG2112


      One more thing: As a partial litmus test, would you still stand by your statement if GW Bush was still in office?

      • Alex

        Of course I would.

        • MJG2112

          Unlikely given the degree of political polarization that exists currently, but seeing I have no way to contest your statement, I will have to accept this answer at face value.

          Thanks for responding.

    • Brad

      Alex Obama is priveledged by the tax payers to have his job. If it were noit for small businesses the government could not even exist. You are an idiot just like your POS king! Can someone please shut the village idiots up?1?

    • slapjack

      I don’t care what you think and your ideals are all wrong.. The POTUS is leding fools like you to the slaughter. You Morons drool on his every word. This slobbering love affair you have with this idiot is destroying this country. The OBUMMER is clueless and continues to destroy this great nation. Wake up America before it is to late.

    • major

      Government is the enemy of the small businessman, with it’s many agencies sticking their noses into every aspect of that business. The citizens of our Republic are supposed to rule their government not government rule the people. America is part Fascist part Communist now what we will end up with may be the worst of both, Hitler remarked to a Communist Leader “your government is so much like my government”, this country doesn’t even resemble the America our Constiutional Framers had in mind. The so-called Progressives who changed their name from Communists have destroyed this once Great Republic. The one who coined the phrase Liberalism is a Mental Disorder is so very correct, because there is something wrong with the thinking of anyone that would give up something so precious as their freedom. There is something very sinister about a government that refuses to protect it’s country’s borders and allow people to walk into and demand the money from those of us who produce and make it possible for our government to take our money, this is truely taxation without representation. Heres to all you Obama supporters you are Fools and you are letting slip from you the Greatest Republic ever in the history of the world, where millions came from around the world to live in a land that they could worship God get a job or start a business it was Freedom from the Few power hungry mad men who had a passion to control the many. So i salute Liberals may you have to run some-day to seek freedom in a foreign land only then will you realize what a Total Fool you were.

    • david

      Spoken like a true puppet of government. Obama and Warren, what an obstreperous pair.

    • Mamamia

      Alex….. Thank goodness you can comprehend what Obama was saying. I agree with you 100%. The working class all rely on each other’s services. Most businesses don’t “own” the building that they us, they lease from another business owner. They don’t own $500,000.00, they borrow from the business of banking. They don’t go pick up their goods they sale themselves, they have them delivered by another business owner. When it’s time to pay your employees you don’t sit down with a checkbook, you hire an accountant from another business etc. etc. Why can’t people see the logic in what he is saying? Because they can’t see through their HATE. They hear the word “government” and go balistic. And no, he really didn’t express his thoughts very well… but the average person with any comprehension at all should have known what he meant. People are so defensive about what is theirs, yours, and mine. It’s really quite shameful that we as an American society cannot work the economic system together and be proud of it.

      • Mamamia

        AND, he never said that we owe it all to him or the government. He said that government has a “part” in infastructure and the research that was done for the internet. He never said that your business success was because of him. F A C T. The hype has been taken out of context once again. People don’t listen anymore. They hear one word or sentence and start spewing hatred.

      • DaveH

        Obama’s whole speech in Roanoke:

        Re-elect Obama so he can create more jobs?
        He’s had 4 years, where are the jobs?
        Republican Privatization of Social Security will break promises to seniors?
        Duh, I think the Democrats have already done that by raiding our SS funds.
        The Republican promoted Privatization would allow people to control their own accounts. If they are stupid and don’t want to do that, they could still let the Government control their destiny.
        When our President succeeds, our Nation succeeds? Only if success means giving up our Freedom (what little we have left).

      • DaveH

        Hitler would have loved that crowd.

      • AmericanPatriot

        Regardless of your defense of Obama, he spoke stupidly! He had no business going down this road unless except to add fuel to his fire of class warfare. He is insulting and mean spirited! He is an enemy of the USA

        He is working diligently to divide our nation and as angry as I am right now, I’d say he is doing a pretty damned good job at it.

        Too bad the only thing he is good at is destroying America and our great brotherhood and courtesy towards all men and women.

        BTW, before you insult where I choose to get my news information, perhaps you should take a good look at the lack of information your networks report. Your president has never been vetted by the press, if this were Bush, people with your mentality would be out with pitchforks calling for his head on a spike.

        Your president has an agenda and it is not good for the only free country left in this world.

    • DaveH

      Leave it to Alex to attempt to make a silk purse out of a parasite’s ear.

      • DaveH

        If we could not exist and prosper without the innovations of Big Government, Alex, then why do they need to pillage our coffers? Why don’t those wizards of economics create their own wealth?

    • Patriot

      To Alex,

      Wow, this is proof that we truly live in a society that freedom of speech, no matter how absurd & stupid can be expressed. I believe that Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, etc. all have roads and infrastructure but, yet they have nothing, they are starving and mass people are dying from lack of basics, gee I wound why they have not prospered? It is time we take our educational system back and learn the basics of individual freedom and our god given rights, not government controlled rights. The idiocy never seizes to amaze me!

    • rocketride

      Didn’t all the losers (like, I’m guessing, you) who didn’t build businesses or find success in some other field also have the benefit of all of those things that Odumbass cites as being more important than one’s own efforts and talent?

      • rocketride

        That was supposed to be a direct reply to Alex. I don’t know why it wound up here.

    • Butch

      No, you are a LIAR. When there were no roads, people built them WITHOUT govt help. You’re just another ignorant Obumma boot licker here to spread ignorance and dependence on the govt tit. Now run to the mailbox, yr welfare check is here, loser.

  • Warrior

    And Ben, the way you describe this situation is 100% accurate for I know by experience. The likes of this fraud and the cherokee maiden we do not need or WANT! Every Americans should be ashamed of this excuse for a President. Get rid of these progressive statist now!

  • vietnamvet1971

    Welcome to obozo’s World of Socialism and he is not trying to hide it. Will the Real Americans Stand Up Now and Fight to take back our country and send obama back to where ever he wants to go. If I have to chose between Socialism or Democracy I will fight for Democracy.

    • dcjdavis

      Yeah, he surely is showing himself, isn’t he? I guess he figures he’s got so many tommys (deaf, dumb and blind kids) in his pocket that he really doesn’t have to hide anything anymore…Gosh…He can even flaunt it.

  • rendarsmith

    That pretty much sums it up. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • MJG2112

    So, business owners owe their sucess not to hard work and risk assumption but rather to the infrastructure subcontracted out by agents of the government. Hmmm, so who do you think paid the taxes that allowed the goverment to subcontract this work in the first place?

    The freedoms inherent to this country were provided by the Founding Fathers and are maintained through individual economic independence. When economic independence is not possible, the individual becomes dependent upon the government and hence looses his or her freedom. It should be a requirement that, as part of the training process, the POTUS be required to run a business with only sweat equity and operating capital that is barely sufficient meet the weekly payroll needs. After this experience, the novice POTUS would then understand both the nature of the US and who the true heroes of this country truely are.

    • swampfox

      Well said MJG.

    • cpa


      Totally agree.

      I like the requirement to have run a business successfully as a prereq for holding the office of the presidency or congress positions. Obama has taught us the need for this with his utter failure in real world solutions.

      I also like a link or cap that any government official cannot be paid more than 75th percentile of the population they represent. (This incentivises them to create an environment where the entire population prospers and is successful financially not just a few and not just their own pockets). They should be public “servants” not dictators with money and power. It also keeps the public sector in line with the private sector (who pays them).

      I also like term limits.

      • MJG2112

        If I may say it, ditto!

        This is a little off topic but seeing that we are most probably colleages, I would like your opinion on what the avg real economic income tax rates paid by corporations are, particularly in a relatively closed domestic competitive environment. (hint, this is a trick question posed by one of my acctg profs a long time ago)

        Does it hurt or help the economy if domestic corporations are required to pay much higher tax rates? Is there any collateral damage to citizenry by increasing corporate (and other business) tax rates?

        Let the games begin!

        • cpa

          MJG2112 – ha – trick Q indeed! And yes – off topic. But I’ll bite and add comment. Those of you less interested in taxes – feel free to skip this comment.

          Let’s start with hardly anyone pays their tax rate as in tax bracket. C Corps are 35% (tax bracket not effective rate). Which is currently the highest. So businesses moving to a pass through (S Corps, partnerships, sole props, etc) get a lower tax bracket rate if their income is below the highest bracket (currently $388K) and they drop to 33%, 28%, 25% 15%, 10% or 0. If over that – also at 35% currently. However if we move that to 39.6% (Obama’s proposal) that changes that game again.

          But let’s go back to “effective rate”. I don’t have any corporations paying 35% as an effective rate. And by the way – all of that is legal deductions and credits and planning to take advantage of opportunities that clients are able to do that fit with their business needs. Some sort of an average – well that would vary quite a bit depending on their situation and their tax guy. And tax code simplification is another discussion. (Obama BTW for those not in tax circles has added more complexity & uncertainty to the tax code than any other president I know of and he hasn’t even completed his first term yet). He makes tax planning a nightmare for us and our clients by passing laws in late Dec for short term periods that effect long term planning. Obamacare, threatening to increase taxes on business owners, pushing for Bush tax rate expiration, and a host of other unfriendly to business policies are in fact directly contributing to businesses not being able to hire or plan long term as they have a very real fear of being run out of business or having employee costs bankrupt them – of course they are hesitant to hire. It is also the progressiveness in our tax code that adds the complication, and with more complication comes more “loop holes”, and this is slanted to those who can afford tax professionals to help them navigate just trying to get a basic tax return or business return filed. If you’re mad about large businesses getting these benefits – get rid of progressives and their progressive tax policies and control of behavior and you will simplify the tax code to a place everyone can navigate. If you’re mad about not having a job – get rid of Obama. (I don’t need to say this to business owners – they already get it).

          But here’s what gets me – news sites and people complain about these big bad evil corporations who may be paying a zero or something lower than 35% tax rate. That’s all slanted to make the story. They may not be making a profit, they may have prior year net operating losses they have carried forward from past years where they did not make a profit, they may claim legal tax deductions, they may be taking advantage of tax credits legally passed by the Obama administration to make businesses do one activity over another (think green energy) or any number of other legal and encouraged activities resulting in reducing their taxes and therefore their effective tax rate. These news story items do not tell the whole story of how they got something less than 35% only that is is less and are presented in a way to make it appear these corps are somehow evading taxes or doing something illegal. My experience is, very few are. If there is something illegal, then let’s talk about that and prosecute that. But let’s not demonize for taking a deduction for a business expense or taking a tax credit the government puts out there to get you to do a certain thing and then turn around and bash you for it. If you don’t want corporations paying a lower effective tax rate – then change the law (before they file not after the fact retroactively and demonize someone for “playing by the rules”).

          Now back to the individuals who complain about those corps not paying a high enough rate – what’s YOUR effective tax rate? I posted another place on this site nearly half pay zero. Most of these are also taking out of the system by claiming other credits (child tax credit, earned income credit, etc) so their effective tax rate is zero or even negative. This includes by the way many who work and have a good job – but their tax refunds are higher than what they pay in (some people think they pay taxes when they actually do not). Much of this is thanks to Obama making several of these credits refundable (instead of non refundable – meaning you are not limited in your refund to your actual tax liability allowing people with no income to actual file a tax return to get a refund and advertising to them to come in and claim it) which makes our tax system a welfare system. We have another government branch to handle that – get it out of the tax system.

          As for the corp tax rate being one of the highest internationally – well, if you’re big enough and able to move overseas to lower costs – it’s something to consider. Politicians need to remember that we need to compete for business (and high wealth individuals). Not pander and not crony capitalism. But you can’t do the progressive thing and just tax more and more and expect those who can do something about it to stay.

          • MJG2112

            Wow, an incredible answer that is most certainly does your screen name proud. Good job.

            However, I did say this was a trick question, right?

            The answer provided by my professor was actually 0%. Corporations are just conduits for the pass-through of economic resources and goods / services.

            Corporate taxes are part of the company’s cost structure and as such, corporations may be viewed as not actually paying taxes. Instead, corporations attempt to pass their tax assessment to the consumer through higher retail prices. Being a CFO who is highly integrated in the budget process, I can speak first hand that taxes are a key variable in establishing predeterimined profit (cash flow) objectives and retail pricing (when economically possible) is a primary factor to bridge these financial objectives, especially in a mostly domestic competitive environment. Foreign competitors with lower corporate tax rates and / or lower labor rates tend to have a competitive advantage in pricing that in some cases results in US companies being forced to absorb some or all of tax burden.

            So, what does this mean?

            1. If the corporation is able to pass 100% of its tax into its retail prices, the end consumer is the one who actually pays the “corporate” tax. This pass-through has no bias among economic classes which results in the poor shouldering a disproportionate amount of the “corporate” tax (wealthier individuals have a much higher savings / spending ratio)

            2. If the corporation is not able to have 100% of its tax included in its retails:

            a) Other internal costs will be reduced (i.e. labor reductions through pay increase limitation / freezes, higher production standards, changing to an overseas-based operation) and/or

            b) Earnings will be decreased resulting in lower stock values and a higher capitalization rate (higher costs) for public corporations. These higher costs result in greater inefficiency in the financial market.

            c) Of course lower stock values / returns also have a significant impact upon a company’s (and state’s) ability to fund pensions through investments, insurance rates (including health care cost), and an individual’s ability to retire, and many other issues.

            These are just a few issues related to corporate taxes. In reality, there is an extremely complicated relationship between individuals and corporate entities but there is no denying that this relationship does exist. One cannot simply increase the tax burden of the “evil” corporations without simultaneously impacting through either higher inflation or decreased wage potential.

            The old saying “What is good for GM, is good for America” is very much as true today as it was during the time of its origin (well, okay – back when GM did not have government ownership that is).

          • cpa

            Great job! Totally agree with this analysis as well at an additional angle.

            In other words – increasing taxes on corporations produces multiple layers of negative results for us.

            There is a good and sound reason for there being “a” tax. But increasing rates in this economy at this time from what they already are do nothing but hurt us.

            And yes, C corps also are “double taxed” by taxing C corp earnings at 35% and an additional tax on money shareholders pull out as “dividends”. We can also start adding several other taxes (payroll, medicare, social security, soon to hit Obamacare, sales & use tax, business license tax, business property tax, regulation compliance costs, and the list goes on). Not enough space to address it all here!

      • MJG2112


        Of course in addition to the 35%, C Corp dividends are taxable up to a 15%. Depending upon the ratio of dividend distribution to EBT. The actual tax percentage associated with C Corps could go as high as 50%.

        Up to 50%! Again, it should be government thanking business, not the other way around.

      • MJG2112

        Actually, as I rethink the discussion, the topic of taxes is actually spot on. The underlying objective of Obama’s speech was to show a dependency of corporate or business success upon the public sector and thus try to justify his idea that profitability should be more evenly distributed amongst all in the commune. If a person accepts this perspective, the person is much more inclined to endorse Obama’s efforts to place a greater tax burden upon those beyond the $250k mark. Where the corporate tax issue comes into play, is the question of what unintended financial consequences (assuming unintended) are levied against society in general, and the poor specifically, if this policy is enacted.

        • cpa

          Of course – we’re watching politics set the stage to raise taxes on the “wealthy”.

          Also, just one other comment. I agree with where you went with that – but also consider that by that basis (increase pass through costs to customers passes on the tax cost to the customer and then is not paid by the corp) that puts effective rate to zero by that method. This is a text book kind of solution and for some it makes sense. And clearly, increasing a cost to a business causes them to have to raise prices to customers (causing customers to pay higher amounts for the product they wanted). Completely agree. However, one added thought to move it from text book to the business owner actually running a business. At the end of the quarter or year, he actually has to sit down and right a check to the government for the amount of tax he / she owes. That often does not come out to zero magically at the end of the day even if they increase pass through costs to customers and make other adjustments. So even if you are left with increased prices to the consumer by increasing costs to the business provider, in my book if you have to write a check then you had a cost of doing business and therefore a tax (in this case) which makes your effective rate something more than zero. If they didn’t need to write that check, that money would be available to them to hire another worker, purchase more equipment, etc. It is not often we can actually get the effective rate to zero for all businesses by your method of increasing costs to customers as a cancellation of tax. Also, not every business can increase their cost to customers by the amount needed to cover this as it will depend on their industry and what they have available to work with and who their competitors are.

          Just an added thought as I just reread your “zero” analysis. Not necessarily disagreeing with you – just adding another thought to the discussion. I would have a hard sale to explain to some of my corps that their effective rate was zero if they had to write a check.

          • MJG2112

            I agree; the pass-through is not as clear-cut as I wrote. Part of this relates to timing differences and the company’s ability to forecast tax effects upon future profitability. In your example, the (I am assuming) smaller business owner writes a check for, say, an additional $5k to cover a higher tax rate. The business owner has fixed costs, some of which are inflationary-based, which need to be covered in the upcoming year. In this case, it is probable that the owner will in the year after the tax increase either 1) raise the price for his goods or services, 2) reduce payroll, 3) reduce other op costs, or 4) simply eat the $5k. The first option, raising prices, is an obvious pass-through of the tax increase. The remaining options have the effect of lowering the wealth effect created by the economic multiplier which has a more indirect, but nonethess, significant impact upon the micro-level economy.

            In the case of the larger corporation which has a more sophisticated control system, the impact of the tax increase is realized by the economic community much more quickly but the net effects are the same (albeit on a much larger scale).

            I suppose the take-away here is that there is direct connection to the consumer when corporate taxes are raised be it through a) increased retail prices, b) reduction in employee compensation, and c) weakened overall economic conditions through a reduction in the economic multiplier. Of all the citizens, the poor are the ones most impacted by higher corporate taxation because of their low disposable income levels.

            I am a proponent of substantially lowering the corporate taxes to help jump start the economy.

            I am fairly sure that this is not news to you, but American companies are holding on to near record levels of cash on their balance sheets. This cash could be used as investment into PP&E (plant, property, & equipment) that could restart domestic manufacturing and thus the US economy. However, the sound economic principle of risk & return is discouraging such investment.

            The higher the risk, the higher the return – basic stuff eh? Today’s depressed economy is a risky market due to the substantial reduction in personal disposable income. Couple that with uncertainty in tax rates and the complexity imposed by the significant increase in the regulatory environment and you have one very serious risky scenario requiring an extraordinary return.

            In terms of return, the US has one of the highest corporate income tax rates so sales revenue and / or gross profit margins must exceed that of foreign companies just to stay at par. However, in this economic environment, such revenue is highly improbable due to the aforementioned shrinkage in disposable income.

            To balance the playing field and solve the risk / return dilemma, we need to substantially lower corporate tax rates for corporations domiciled and operating in the US and to offer a tax temporary abatement for US corporations if they agree to repatriation.

            “I would have a hard sale to explain to some of my corps that their effective rate was zero if they had to write a check” – Yes, but imagine the increase in your firm’s business if you could. :)

            I have to go back to work but this has been fun. If time permits I will check back later.


          • cpa

            We are in lock step.

            Many of those businesses are holding on to record amounts of cash because of what we see coming for them in increased costs for compliance, taxes, employee costs, and more directly being screamed at them from this Obama Administration. When we do tax planning for our businesses we run current case situation, and then a future scenario which includes what Obama wants / is passing and what their taxes will look like next year if no other factors change (so that we see the tax only impact dollar for dollar on their unique business situation).

            It is actually much worse for pass through business owners (S Corps, partnerships, and sole props) because increasing the individual tax rate to 39.6 hits these businesses. The changes also bring back Pease (limits itemized deductions) Exemption phase outs, and the new to come next year 3.8% Medicare tax on investments, and others in addition to increasing tax rates (because your business tax is figured on your individual tax return for these business owners). Then we add Obamacare. Many business owners are staggering under what this all translates to them in real dollar need to plan for additional costs. Some of my business owners are not looking at a 3% increase (which is what the Bush Tax Rate expiration TV analysis makes it sound like it is seeming manageable) but some are looking at their taxes doubling when you add the other components of what Obama is passing. When you have a business owner who looks at the outlook and see he needs to plan for an additional $130,000 in taxes next year when he paid last year about $70K for taxes (when income and other factors do not change) that money has to come from someplace. Many are not in a place where they can remain competitive and hold market share if they try to overcome this only by increasing the price of their product. They may have to do it some – but it’s going to have to come from another source or combination of to get their business through this change. It often is hard discussions about who will need to be let go or whether their business can continue. It is especially hard on the small ones that don’t have anyone left to let go and many are holding on as it is. This is someone’s paycheck that there is now no money to pay because we have to pay it instead to Obama. Many owners haven’t been getting paid as they try to keep their employees with a paycheck and many are taking out large amounts of debt and having trouble getting the financing as it is. Every situation is of course different which is why business owners need to be discussing this with their CPAs to get the information they need relative to their unique situation to enable them to plan for what’s coming. This environment does not lend well then to “let’s go invest in a new employee we really need or some new equipment” kinds of discussions. And yes, those who can are hoarding cash in preparation.

            I’d be a fan of making the corporate rate and all levels of income individual tax rates all the same at 15%. I believe our government should balance it’s budget on less and not more. And yes, that means they may need to cut a few things. But really – shouldn’t they? The rest of us need to when we live outside of our means. And that includes those businesses that they keep adding more costs to via tax and regulations.

            I’d be happy to go through the government budget and would be able to have it balanced (if given all access and authority to do so), a plan in place to pay down the deficit, lower tax rates in place encouraging productive businesses and individuals to thrive and generate jobs and commerce, and we would still have all things in place we really need (defense, roads, etc). I would get rid of what we do not (in my opinion which is a LOT of government). Of course, I would never be elected and it would never make it through the committees. : ) Too many people want too many hand outs for doing nothing.

            It’s been nice talking with you MJG – I like you! I’m sure I’ll see you on another site!

  • peter

    Obama wouldn’t know how to run a small business or any other business. His first problem would be a cash flow problem. His second would be providing a lousy service. His third would be an unfriendly arrogant relationship with customers. These attributes are known to have terminated many businesses in the past. So he should rather keep quiet and carry on working in the casino like a good little boy where he can be told what to do; something like shape up or ship out. Just as well he has such a big mouth, it accomodates his feet very well. Trying hard to think of a place where he can put his arrogance and bombasity. Moron.

  • TIME

    Oh yes it was the Government that was working at my Company for 20 hour long days for ten years during the start up.
    I recall it all now, yes it was every April they were there with bells on, and hands held out.
    Then when I really started making money it was every 4 months they wanted CASH, lots and lots of cash.

    Oh that was such a great help now as I think back on it all.
    Yes the times I went with out eating for days.
    Oh the good times how I long for them again. NOT!

    Wow how could I ever have over looked the role the De Facto Gov played in my making money!
    Oh yea; I recall why that is, for one they didn’t have any Talent! Well that is other than being like the MOB and enforcing their will by way of being just like “Nicky the Knee breaker,” and they charge as much interest as Nicky too!

    One other thing is that they didn’t have the forsight, but I still had to pay them a Tribute anyway. And why was that again?
    Oh yea they helped me out so much. I paid to buy the land, I paid to build my office’s I paid for all my air fair, all the equiptment I have used over the years you know all the stuff I had to have to
    make money.
    You know that was made by crazy fools just like me who had
    other companys that would not exist with out the special people
    from the De Facto Criminal Gov we have.

    My Royalties I still have to pay a TRIBUTE on even though its from work I did 10 – 20 -30 – 40 plus years ago as its still noted as Income. Does it never end?
    Who was there when I sold my Company with their hands out like a thief,
    oh yea I recall now – the special people from that De Facto Mob from DC.

    Oh well, believe what you like, but I strongly feel that We the people used to be the Government. Saddly over the last 150 plus years
    we have been tossed off the bus and now we have a “special GANG
    of Criminals” who are in fact very smart as we all still pay
    they to abuse us.

    Hey – Perhaps some day we can learn something from our stupidity!

    Peace and Love

    • swampfox

      Time I hear you and as a business owner myself I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • MJG2112

      To borrow from AC/DC, just remember who made who.

      It was the efforts of business that provided the taxroll necessary for government’s survival and it will be business that will be responsible for paying the government’s gross negligence in its handling of financial matters. $16 trillion in a pass-through debt obligation, 8 of which occurred during the past 3.5 years?!? Even the most greedy and/or incompetent Wallstreet executive could not top this blunder.

      Obama, how dare you sir? HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    • Larry K.

      you are so right. we do all the work and we have to pay the gov. we buy all our equipment and the land to live on and still we have to pay taxes on it for as long as we have it. the gov. did’nt give all our sweat and tears as we have. we make a little profit and the dam gov. wants their share.

    • TIME


      Do you all recall a movive from back in the 70′s, Where the news caster gets people to open their windows and yell:

      “I am mad as hell, and I not going to take it any more!”

      My Friends, thats what we have to do, we have to get “MAD as Hell!”
      We have to say “”NO MORE of this Namby Pamby Bull Sh*T!”” By pant loads that are nothing more than CRIMINALS in Suits!

      We have allowed – BIG Corporations as well the TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS to destroy our very way of life!

      We have to make a stand, No you don’t have to kill anyone, The Christ does not want that of us, But he does want us to “”stand up”” for ourselfs and believe that we as Humans have a value a value thats far more worthwhile then the slime bags in the City State of the District of Columbia. Or the SOB’s who preverted our system by PURE GREED!

      These Bastards want to destroy the American Middle class, {{ thats US people!}}
      Thats YOU and the guy next to you and his wife and the kids down the street.
      These Nasty Bastards have sold our children the way to dress as well the mindless EBonic’s and all the other total Bull Sh*T like Political Correctness, that have all but taken this once Great nation down to its knees!

      PEOPLE: Stand up and say, NO MORE!

      “I am Mad as all HELL and I am NOT going to Take it any more!”

      Lets clean out the whole mess of these worthless SH*T HEADS in DC, all of these Bastards Look up thier voting records if they voted to take any part of YOUR FREEDOM away, TOSS their ass’s out like bad fish!

      Why do you folks in New York Keep electing Chuckie Sh*TUmer? Why?
      You tell me why I want to know. He stood up in the senate and said the following, YOU as in YOU the Tax payers need to have your 1st Amendment rights taken away! YOU don’t have any rights to speak out.

      Will you people in New York PLEASE TOSS out that SOB!!!!!!!

      People Get Mad as all HELL! Thats the only way we will rid ourselfs of these MFING SOBS.
      Just Say NO MORE!
      No More divides between us for political Votes!
      No More Lies!
      No More WARS!
      No more of our children will we let you SOBS kill for your damm GREED!

      Please people I beg you, to OPEN your EYES! Open your MINDS!

      Open your Hearts!

      Lets take back what is ours by Natural Law gifted to us by our Creator!

      Let Toss the DAM UN out of this nation NOW – TODAY,
      Lets get our children home from all over the globe!
      Lets make REAL PROGRESS!
      Rather than this fake worthless BS we are getting a diet of, That will bring us all back to the bloody stone age! Thats not progress, thats destruction!

      Peace and Love

  • FreedomTrain

    And name one Marxist Socialist Communist Nation that has ever survived…..When all of the money is gone, they collapse just as the old Soviet Union, and most of the rest of the Marixist Socialist Regimes. Those few like Cuba that still remain are just barely hanging on, as they are BANKRUPT……….That is just what the ZERO in the BLACK CLOUD HOUSE is doing to this country………ZERO wants us bankrupt…… he can become DICTATOR FOR LIFE…….and that will be a very short life…….then he and his THUG REGIME will control everything that we do…..even the air we breath…….

    • swampfox

      .then he and his THUG REGIME will control everything that we do…..even the air we breath…….

      Freedom they did that thru Obamacare taxing us for existing. NO Dems 2012


    TIME= I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IR BETTER THAN YOU DID ==ALSO THE STORY OF MY LIFE=74YRS OLD STILL WORKING =TO KEEP A PLACE and income for my old employees, bless them= never had any-thing but rules=penalties=road blocks ect. from the government, AND COULD NOT PLAY GOLF AS OFTEN AS OBAMA DOES===

    • momo

      Richard, who has time for golf? I have a business and often work seven days a week. The only thing the frigging government has is their hand out for their required tribute.

    • TIME

      Dear Richard,

      I tried Golf once, I think I should just look at the beauty of the coruse and stay away from the game.

      Great Post my friend.

      Peace and Love

  • Roy

    Small businesses gain success IN SPITE OF government…Not BECAUSE OF government. Government hinders business with taxation and regulation. Government takes our property via eminent domain laws. Government picks it’s own winners and losers with subsidies for their buddies and by offering subsidized food, rent, and other products. Government does NOT provide an environment favorable for business as Obama claimed.

    • DaveH

      Once you realize that Government is just a very large self-promoting gang, every incomprehensible thing they do makes sense.

  • butterflier

    Thomas Edison DID NOT invent incandescent illumination, the government research did. Is that why we are outlawing thelight bulb in favor of foreign manufactured CFL?

  • I damned well did it myself

    I’ve done a lot of world travel, and I noticed that all the European countries, Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, and even Greece have roads, publically provided sewer and water, and political and legal structures that encourage business success. The big difference that Obummer doesn’t understand is that the American Dream of starting and owning your own business is funded by the blood and sweat of the entrepreneurial risk takers, not by big socialistic government or an imperial president.
    Obummmer continues to reveal his hatred for capitalism and entrepreneurs and his Muslim inspired intent to gut our military and force business killing laws, like Dodd-Frank, all the while refusing to enforce the laws he gave an oath to enforce.
    Everyone who owns a small business, and it’s employees need to get their heads on straight and get rid of the Muslim terrorist in the White House in November

  • Bill

    It was the people that risked everything and took a chance to start a business, that created the jobs, that provided the tax base to build the roads, schools, infrastructure, etc. The government creates nothing, it just takes. This is marxism and Obama is out of the closet. His comments are so insulting to the productive work force

  • George Estepp

    OK Lets go down Obamas road of thinking.Criminals use roads bridges highways and other resources our taxes pay for also.Using Obamathink that makes all tax payers and the government who are the facilitaters guilty of aiding and abetting criminal activity. the government are the main culprets because they are facilitaters, Obama is the leader of the government so there fore shouldnt he be put in jail?

  • Chester

    I am so very glad to see everyone equate communism with marxism and socialism. With just a little bit of study, you will find they are nothing alike, other than in the fact that they are all despised by most Americans.
    Oh, yes. the small businessman does most of the WORK of starting his business and getting it going, but again, he does NOT have to build the roads that allow him to sell to more than a few local people, he does NOT have to figure out a way to communicate over long distances, and he does NOT have to figure a way to get power and water to his residence and his place of work,
    Now, I suppose some of you are going to jump up and down and tell me that the government had nothing to do with all those, and when you do, I am going to call you a liar to your face. The government is nothing other than a gathering of citizens to decide what they need done, and some way to get it done. I will grant that our national government has grown a bit past that point, but it still comes down to what we want and what we allow. It doesn’t take guns and bullets to change that, it just takes people dedicated to helping and who are willing to risk their all TO help.

    • Lueder

      Then why, pray tell, when the roads lead to two different businesses, does one fail and the other thrive? If you believe Obama, the owner of the one that thrives did nothing different than the one that fails, yet he survives and thrives. Both have roads, communications, power and water. One makes it, the other doesn’t. WHY?

      We all pay taxes to build and maintain roads and other infrastructure necessities. No one is disputing that. I am not a business owner. I am not willing to take the risk. But I do know that there is great personal risk and sacrifice that goes into building a business. If I don’t like the way a business treats me, I speak with my feet and don’t go back to that business, even if it is connected to the internet via the infrastructure and roads. But if I like the way a business treats me, I will frequent it. I will tell my friends about it. So in that respect, I helped to build somebody’s business. But you and I both know that Obama did not mean what he said in that way. He means to take all the credit for a business’s success. Is he willing to take credit for the failures as well? Does he get credit for all the businesses that were up and running successfully before his tenure?

      Personally, I would never frequent a business that you owned. Let’s see how successful you would be with only support from the government and not the private sector.

  • jopa

    Last night was the first time I had a chance to hear the entire speech about infrastructure.Apparently Ben does use Fox news and the Rush for his comments that makes this a totally bogus article on his part.Sure would be nice if people just stuck with the truth and just quit twisting things around to make them less credible and just a joke.But that is part of Ben’s role here to be the comedian.

  • Gordon Peterson

    I have to agree with all the Marxist in the crowd. I agree that government is owed for everything. Why if I hadn’t had a place to have sex with my wife my three daughters would never had been born. It wouldn’t be long until the Imperial President maintains the whole Universe is thanks to the government including the BLACK HOLE for all the money the government spends(wastes). We all need to Thank God for Government. Get my drift?

    • Brad

      Gordon – I understnd what you said about black hoes! if it were not for black hoes most of the government employees would not exist. Most of them black hoes was not even married when them black hoes got pregnant. They was sinners, having sex without even being married or evn knows’n the father’s name of them baby factories produced by them black hoes!!!

  • Kenneth I. Hincks (Ken)

    While I agree wholeheartedly with most of the comments preceeding this entry that point to the country proceeding headlong into “socialism”, I can’t help noting that it is the general attitude of the “people” wanting “something for nothing” that fosters the growth of the socialist manifesto. Obamacare is a prime example of this kind of thinking, those that can responsibly care for themslves pay for those that cannot or will not see to their own responsibilities. While I have compassion for the unfortunate, I abhor those that suck the “life blood” of the country. In a country where the majority rules, what can we expect?
    After 90 years on this planet and having viewed major changes in society, my hopes grow considerably dimmer. For the sake of those that care, I can only hope that our society will awaken to the pitfalls ahead and reclaim our country.

  • Wyatt

    Hmm , What about those business’ that were started before there were roads , public transportation , mass advertising ? Many of these were started in the early years of our nations history and are still here doing business on name recognition and reputation of good service and quality . Yes many are big corperate stores now , but they inspired the little guy to go into business and become a success . One of my grandfathers was a small farmer , he did all the work and built his farm up himself . Later my uncles worked at the farm and helped it grow until they could afford to expand and hire out to do harvesting for other small farmers . I know all about this as I worked on that farm and learned the business .
    For a guy to come along and make a statement that a business owner did not build his own business is irresponsible and clearly that individual is detached from reality . I never saw any one from the government working in my grandfathers fields nor have I ever seen Barry Obama working at anything or creating anything but chaos and trouble . He works at creating division in our country like a good follower of Communism .
    Community Organizer ? Is that the new term for Party District Czar ? This clown has publicly spoke out against our Constitution , disparaged our citizens and businessmen both lg and small . Violated laws of our Nation in order to institute his own ideals of communism in the name of fairness . Not to American Citizens , but rather to people who have entered our country illegally in defiance of the law and become a drain on our economy . Hope and change ? Yes after Obama is done changing America , we will have to hope we will be able to survive

  • Ron

    AND if you live in rural America and you’re on this site raging against the filthy, Satanic evils of All Big Government and the Jesus-Righteousness of Big Corporate, who has Always Saved America for RealAmericans, you’ll have to thank a liberal.

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little saying that.

    Christ-hating, Al Qaeda-loving, soul-destroying, liberty-crushing, jackbooted malevolent Democrats passed the Rural Electrification Act into law in 1936, despite the fact that Republicans and Big Corporate believed there wasn’t any money to ever be made in introducing electricity to stupid crackers and farmers living outside the cities (after all, milk comes from the grocery store, right?), so they would never support spending taxpayer money cooperating to create the infrastructure to make that happen. And they accused the democrats of both Communism and Nazism (?)–just like today!

    They were hoping to hand FDR his Waterloo, but it didn’t happen–this was all pre-Beavis and Butthead, when Americans still were capable of being educated enough to get their information from places other than Fox News.

    As RealAmerican SuperPatriot, Karl Rove, of the aristocracy, said it so well to Atlantic Magazine:

    “As people do better, they start voting like Republicans – unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing”

    THAT’S why Rick Santorum said Americans don’t need no “elitist” education.

    After all, the Confederacy had been just fine as a sharecropper plantation state, trading in cotton and negroes for almost 300 years. Why overthrow that order by introducing the economies of scale and cooperation between government and industry that might actually bring America into the 20th Century?

    I mean, we should never waste taxpayer money on things that might improve America, only on a military-industrial complex wants to develop a new weapons system to blow crap up–and we do it better than any other nation on earth, right? We spray taxpayer dollars with a firehose at wasteful military projects and never bat an eye.

    Back during the Cheney administration, they literally helicoptered in shrink-wrapped palettes of millions of American taxpayer dollars into Iraq and started spreading around the cash to buy a little phony democracy, kill a few thousand American troops in the “Decider’s War” and get re-elected in 2004–and stupidAmerica rose up with one blunt fist and shouted “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

    But work together to improve America for the American people? DEATH-TO-THE-INFIDELS. LET THE JIHAD BEGIN!

    But back in 1936, SuperPatriots at the time accused the Roosevelt administration of high treason for using the same model that the Pentagon had done since WWII, to actually do some good for Americans–and right-wing corporate patriots assured all Real America-loving Americans that this Socialist God-hating plot would destroy us all within a decade…

    …then they swooped in and made a FORTUNE off of all the new consumers living in rural America who would want to buy computers, electric lights, electric milking equipment, etc.

    They weren’t so cynical as to take credit for it, they just swept it under the rug so that it would be assumed that progress came from our beloved Corporatocracy rather than our filthy, wicked Government.

    ‘Same thing happened when America-hating Traitor Dwight Eisenhower pushed through the Interstate Highway Act, to spend taxpayer dollars forcing us to be able to drive across America efficiently and safely. God! Why did he hate America so??

    In fortunate irony, American Patriot Tim McVeigh was able to use the Interstate Highway System to quickly exit Oklahoma City (I-35) after he struck a blow for the destruction of American government, executing the wicked at the Murrah Federal Building. It was like a prophecy from the Turner Diaries scripture fulfilled!

    And today, thanks to the Sick, Twisted, America-destroying Liberal FEMA-Camp Takeover which provides rural electricity, y’all are free to get on this site every day and plot the death of democracy and work to hand America over to the highest multi-national corporate bidder.

    Death to Progress. God hates change. May God smite those who would suggest that America should try to succeed in the 21st century global market. And may God, as represented by his holy Confederacy Party, take America back in November!

    All the way back to say, 1700, when the livin’ was easy if you were wealthy and white.

  • kona

    Yes, I certainly had some help to build my business—it was my Father who worked 2 jobs for 67 years, an farm equipment salesman and a farmer. And for those who don’t understand farming, it’s a year long operation. The roads people traveled on to patronize my business were built by taxpayer money. The only thing the Federal government did for me was take major amounts of my business dollars—dollars that could have been better used in my business to help my employees, invest in better equipment, etc. All these “defenders” of Mr. Obama’s comments are undoubtedly on the government payrolls or on public pensions. The Democrats would be better served by putting duct tape over Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Biden’s mouths!!!

  • StevenGarrick

    A fine commentary Ben.Many a year ago,following an example of my skill’s with firearm’s,i was offered further”help”to further my”craft”.A few year’s later,myself,and a group of friend’s(there were 8 of us),were offered”peofessional work”,of which,we took to like duck’s to water.Of our own decision,we came up with our business(it really didn’t matter,because in our line of work,we were ghost’s,there is no record,it is just the way it work’s for all parties involved),mainly to ensure that every one got their share of profit’s,and to understand the expense’s.For 2 plus decade’s,we helped this government deal with”issue’s”,and were proud to be american’s.

  • Luis

    This blog about Obama hating small businesses is such GARBAGE! I love how some people that are responding to this post by freely associating socialism, Marxism, and communism to the president when they clearly don’t seem to have an understanding of what any of those ideologies mean. It’s laughable to read that post about the 95% in China are “government drones”. I’ve taught English in China and they are a lot more Capitalist and entrepreneurial than you might think. However, many of us keep living in this Faux News/Sarah Palin bubble, thinking that the U.S. must always follow the Bush doctrine of “If you’re not for us, you’re against us”, mono-linguistic mentality. Don’t waste our time making blanket statements about subjects you don’t fully understand or at least attempt to back up with credible evidence. It makes you look ignorant and degrades your credibilty.I cannot speak for the rest of the country, but I’m sick of the fear and hate propaganda that’s constantly being pumped out by blogs like these and the so called, “fair and balanced” Fox News!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Notice how you only say what you were being told to say. Was that the order of the day to make sure you mention the Fox News, Sarah Palin, etc.?
      You have not an inkling how any of the Conservatives and/ or Libertarians garner their information.

    • TIME

      Dear Luis,

      Wow now thats really quite a mouth full dude.
      I have done a good amount of business with the Chinese.

      The thing is this you are correct to a point; only in so far as that the vast amount of Chinese people are very hard workers and very fine people too.
      Not unlike any other nations people’s, afterall we are {all Human} thus we all share that common bond. We also share the common bond
      of CRIMINALS running our nations, thats sad.

      But, Dude make no mistake about it, the amount of Suicides in China is beyond crazy numbers, just how did you miss that little fact.

      The average person in China works 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
      They may have a health care plan, but really its not all that special.
      They have a flat, again no big deal 800 sqft is still just 800 sqft. My bedroom closet is 800 SQFT, yet these folks have a family packed into that 800 SQFT.
      Unless they are well connected to the Party they don’t get to
      travel around.
      They can have only ONE Child per couple.

      Their Government is really nearly the same as what we have now, or perhaps better said is what our special “Progressives” have been working for to PROGRESS to what they have.

      The fact is that the Chinese Gov is really no differant from the THUGS we have in DC. Oh and just how many Corporation that used to be here in the 50 States are now in China?
      And why was it they went there again? CHEEP LABOR!
      The facts are the Chinese people are owned by the Company Store!

      Yet you claim we are all Ignorant of what goes on anywhere else.. Really, why is that is that again? Perhaps if you could point out a few points I could chew on that would help. Fox news is not a point, its no differant than any other news dude!
      So thats not a point of any value.

      Peace and Love

      • Luis

        I replied to your response at the bottom of the page. Press [CTRL] + F and type, “Dear Time”. I didn’t realize I didn’t hit the reply button earlier.

  • DaveH

    Good piece, Ben Crystal. Keep it up.

  • Paul

    WTF: Thanks for proving my point.

    • jopa

      Paul;DaveH must be a little tired not to look up the truth in Ben’s bogus statement.But then again DaveH has some pretty wild claims of his own at times.It must be birds of a feather.

      • DaveH

        Your ineptitude bores me, Jopa.
        If you have a problem with something Ben said, state it and give us your rebuttal.
        Instead we get a vague generalization and personal attacks from you.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Let me add a CONTRARIAN point of view to the OBJECTION about what Obama said..

    We shouldn’t be concerned about WHAT Obama said BUT WHY he said it…..his MOTIVE in other words. The truth is Obama is almost right.What he should have said is that none of us, and yes I have been in business virtually ALL my life, builds our businesses ALONE !

    At the VERY LEAST help came from our parents who gave us the Character to do what we do. Other times they, or other relatives, or friends invested money with us.Then there was the first bank which trusted our ability to repay and gave us more funds. FINALLY , but not least in importance were the first EMPLOYEES who took a risk that we could stay in business and stayed with us during the rough times.

    No, WHAT we should be concerned about is WHY Obama said what he said!!!

    We know he has a COLLECTIVIST ( Communist as most Americans would say) philosophy and THAT is what is scary and therefore should be of major concern.

    Collectivism as the MORAL philosophy ( he believes so) gives him the “legitimacy” to NATIONALIZE (“Socialize) the Economy, thereby removing the “Checks and Balances” , CREATIVITY, Variety, Happiness, Independence and Energy of a market system, created by Self Interest, OR as Rand would say: “The Virtue of Selfishness” !!!

    • TIME

      Dear Roger,

      What a fine post! Thank you.

      Peace and Love

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    If anyone should be ashamed of their success, it should be Barack ‘Who’s insane’ Obama. How did he succeed?? He’s really a loser who never had or created a real job. All he did was community organizing or agitating. And he won elections by reading teleprompters; also with the help of ACORN and Black Panthers in their fraudulent votes and voter intimidation, respectively. And we know this is why he wants illegal aliens – for their (illegal!!) votes!! Of course we all need roads and bridges to travel on and ship products which people need and want. Some of us may someday need the help of police and firefighters. But ask yourself: How many of us would be successful only if we relied on teleprompters, illegal aliens, lawless panthers, or outfits like ACORN??

    • Luis

      Really? (Sigh.)

  • 45caliber

    And a lot of that “someone else who made it happen”, according to Oblama, is the government (despite all those regulations that require money and time to follow and do nothing for the bottom line) and those on welfare who wouldn’t work a day if it was offered to them.

  • cpa

    Roads etc – who benefited? Did I as a small business owner benefit from there being roads and infrastructure? You bet. Does the guy going to collect his welfare check benefit from there being a road to drive on? You bet. Do we benefit from these provisions equally whether it is to run a business, go to the park, go to school, go to meet your boyfriend, go to rob a liquor store, go to your place of worship, go to ______? You bet. We all benefit from this equally. (How we choose to use that opportunity may vary).

    Now, who paid for it?

    Less than half of us as a population pay anything for these services. We did not all pay for this opportunity equally. People who pay taxes (small business owners, large business owners, workers, investors, and anyone with actual taxable income) all paid for these services (that’s how they got built in the first place). People who do not pay taxes (this is nearly 50% of our population currently) pay zero for the privileged of using these services.

    So what really is “fair”? Should we tax the citizens who have already paid for these services to be built in the first place and who already cover half or more of the cost of these services to pay some greater or increased amount than they already do? Or should the “fair” adjustment needed be to instead begin to tax the folks who are using these services for free and not paying a dime for their use. Many of these people also get paid (welfare, child tax credits, earned income tax credits, unemployment, and the list goes on) taking further out of the system in addition to not paying in. BTW those awful productive people who pay taxes – they not only paid for the roads etc, they also pay for the hand outs to the unproductive of society.

    We all may need a hand up from time to time. I am not for removing a safety net to help others who are in need. In fact, I am very active in compassionate street ministry to assist those who need it to help them make a life for themselves – so the problem is not a lack of compassion or understanding. And we have far too many good and productive people who are now finding themselves unemployed and in some cases homeless due to the policies of this administration that have caused dismantlement and stagnation in growth and development of business – which would otherwise lead to more jobs! I am for reforming to get those who don’t really need it or are “living” indefinitely off the system out of the system. I am also for policies that grow business and provide paths of career, jobs, and the ability to pursue the American Dream to all our citizens no matter their background.

    But let’s get it straight about who’s “fair share” the tax burden is and who created what. Government does very little to “help” business. It is currently doing a lot to grow entitlements and hand outs. Keep in mind, you need productive people (and yes that means businesses) to fund those who need hand outs among other things. And our goal should be to help those needing hand outs into productivity to grow the numbers on the productive side and DECREASE not GROW the numbers getting and / or needing hand outs.

    BTW, everyone working for the government (police, fire, teachers, and other government agencies) are paid by the private sector as well (taxes). It is then also in your best interest to have a thriving private sector to pay for you.

    If we truly want “fair” then we should all be taxed at the same tax rate. Someone making more money will pay more in taxes because that same rate x what they make is a larger number (easy math). However, this should also include that same rate times entitlement spending should be paid back in taxes. And if we want “fair” then lower incomes as well as higher incomes should all pay taxes at the same rate.

    Stop class warfare! And yes – pay your “fair share”. I think we’re just talking to the wrong group when we typically hear that being discussed in today’s politics.

    • DaveH

      Truly fair would be user fees for those who actually use the services. For those services that can’t reasonably be assigned to the users, the people should all be liable for the same dollar amount. If people don’t like that, then the Government should be gotten out of that particular business and let the people buy those services from private providers.
      Of course this will never happen, because the Powers of the Leaders would be greatly diminished if everybody paid equally, and after all, that is what this is all about — The Leaders feathering their own nests at the rest of our expense. So, don’t expect them to consider fair unless we all wake up and Force them to, like they Force us to do things we don’t like.

  • Luis

    Dear Time,

    You’ve made a fair argument and I am happy to respond. There’s only so many opinions and facts I can point out in a response and I didn’t want to keep ranting. I’m glad to hear that you have done some business with the Chinese. I imagine you have an appreciation and experience that most of the people I know personally do not have.

    Yes, we are all human, and yes we all have criminals, suicidal people, hard workers, and family-oriented people. In the year that I lived and worked in China, I tried to travel around the country as much as I could and meet different people. The people that I knew personally did not work 7 days per week (however, I’m sure it probably does happen in different parts of the country). I never heard of anyone committing suicide (or anyone that had a friend that committed suicide) during the year I was there. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, but something as serious as that would get around social circles, especially if it is a rampant occurrence. Also, at the time, I never really thought to ask about their health care system. For me, I feel that a good rule of thumb, when visiting other countries, is to avoid criticizing other governments and religion(s). You are absolutely right about the small flats/apartments. I’ve noticed that a kitchen, bathroom, and A/C is not standard like it is here in the USA. The apartments can be pretty small, but they are also cheap and convenient for someone that is working away from their loved ones trying to save money.

    From what I understood, they are normally fined by the government if you have more than one child (They have 1.3 billion people! Imagine how that might strain natural and government resources). However, there are a number of exceptions made by their government (i.e. ethnic minorities, rural couples, etc.). I had the privilege to date a wonderful woman in China who happen to have a sister. Her father was a prison guard and her mom worked in a grocery store. They were some of the nicest people you could ever meet. Many of the horrors we hear about them killing their girls are outdated from perhaps the 1980s. Also, I would like to point out that I asked around (just to clarify our other stereotypes), and I never met a single Chinese person that has eaten a cat. (They do eat dog in restaurants though, lol. To each, their own.) Yes, I’m sure some perhaps might get an abortion to avoid being fined, but we have quite a few abortions here as well for various reasons.

    I never made the claim that the Chinese government is perfect or even our government is perfect. For that matter, I never said that we are all ignorant. I suppose, in a way, you could philosophically say that we all ARE ignorant to some degree, because there is no way we can fully understand the motivations and facts of every event and action made by any individual or government.

    Addressing your comment about how many (U.S.) corporations are now in China; look at most of the things we choose to buy. We want the latest, greatest things that make our lives comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient, but we also want it CHEAP! How do you keep a product cheap if the labor force to produce the product is so expensive? Why do you think movie prices keep going up? One the reasons is because Hollywood is spending $100 million to make a film and paying “A-list” stars $20 million per movie! Could you imagine how much cheaper a movie ticket might cost if we only used film crews and actors from India or China? (I’m not suggesting we do that, but I’m simply making a point about producing here verses overseas.) What we choose to buy is a VOTE for corporation behavior! It’s not the government’s fault. It’s ours! I’m just as guilty because I’m sure I have plenty of clothing and electronics made from third-world countries. I don’t know about you, but I prefer (and can afford) a $400 laptop (paid in full), verses one that costs $2,500 (Financed at 25% interest). How about you? (This is exactly why I did not want to keep ranting, …but you asked.)


    • TIME

      Dear Luis,

      Thank you for your reply.

      As of 2011 at a number of factorys in China the workers went on hunger strikes for weeks on end, many died. When that failed to work out as they planned – many just started jumping off roof tops and killing themselfs, as well as many other form of suicide.

      The numbers I got by a very well informed bussiness contact I have known for over 30 years – was around 25,000 that had commited Suicide, and they felt that number was on the low side it was more like 50 -60K.
      This was not reported in Country here or there as far as I know, but is well know in the Political circles in China.

      Being that I have traveled the world many times over due to my job, That – being a Musician as well working within the music biz and all that intails, to include the movie industry.
      This has allowed me to take advantage of many indulgences that the average person will never have.

      But I have never been the ugly American when I traveled.
      I view how everyone lives, I guess thats part of being a strong supporter of Big Brothers & Sisters as well as many other beautiful charities.

      As far as the Fox news – Luis, the reason so many folks are watching it is they know something is very wrong with their nation and their Gov.
      They don’t know what it is in many cases, but millions of people are opening their eyes and see that MSN, NBC, CBC, ABC CNN etc. are the Ugly Americans and what else can they do?

      They hope for a positive change and will work toward such, thus at least FOX allows them to see something thats fresh and un canned as it were.

      Let be real, after 150 years of lies from the US inc De Facto Gov the old rhetoric has worn thin, and again people can see something is very wrong.

      So its not their fault that FOX is the only place they feel they
      can turn, what else can they do?
      When you call your congress person they don’t care what the average person thinks. When they vote they just get more lies compounded on the base lies.

      So they look for blogs to say; Hey WTF is going on? Its only natural, we are Humans we strive for something better, we want to make progress, we want to see our kids become self reliant, and to become leaders.

      Its a sad state of affairs we face; who will tell the people the TRUTH?
      So – its up to people who do research, and or us who are in the thick of it, not unlike yourself to educate with your experiences and take the fear away. Show folks we are all very much alike.

      Hey I am a 100% Mixed bag to include real Black Slaves sold by the English to Americans in the early 1800′s, White Wealthy Americans who owned plantations, Cuban Spanish, Native American.
      What am I – I am a AMERICAN and I want our nation to surrvie and grow in a positive way.

      I don’t like politics, but I also can’t stand by and watch
      good people be taken advantage of by a small group of thugs who are
      looking to destroy the “Middle Class” in this nation with pretzel logic.

      I wish that we as Humans could all just get along with each other, and we all can. Its Governments that create the problems.
      Saddly now the mass media is 100% totaly controlled by the very same thugs.

      Please do {tell people about what its really like in other nations} thats what will help everyone in the long run.

      Luis, we are all Brothers and Sisters who came from the same
      Creator, just like a string is woven from many fibers from the
      same base.

      Peace and Love

  • BB Wolfe

    1. Obama is an idiot. A trained monkey told me this is her opinion as well
    2. Rugged Individualism. It’s what made this country great
    3. Trust in God
    4. Believe in Yourself
    5. Dare to Dream
    6. Make those dreams happen. See #2.


    The fraud in the WH was born to be a destruction engineer he has no doubt been trained well at this job he was concieved for, he was not born in the manner of natural birth but was concieved as a plan and executed by deciet, fraud and manipulation of rule of law, lies, end runs around the congress, refusal to uphold law, ignoring of law and using the exec position to make contadictory law in order to confuse and complicate laws in place.

    Yet with all that as evidence out own law makers refuse to take his own non compliance of law for holding office and question his validity. I want a full accounting as to why this situation exist when fraud has been committed in this flagrant manner then a obstructionist AG is allowed to stand in the way of investigation and a congress let’s this fraud assume office to wreak havoc. Given all that is happening and all that has passed, we the people are going to need to make a lot of changes to how these people hold office and how our tax money is spent, term limits and a national sales tax are in the works to regain representation and control the budget, there can now be no other way, integrity and ethic have been so badly abused that without We the People having control of our government there can never be a trust that needs to exist….

  • Big Rich

    the one post about Alex adding Fox News and Palin says it all. The Liberals are on these websites posting their talking points. That’s all they got. All this crap started with the Fair Credit Lending Act of 1994, Clinton actually brought the house down with that. Plain and simple. As a small business owner myself, I can tell ALex the dumb#ss for sure, BO wasn’t helping me build my business. Kick those Libs out

  • Merv D

    Alex – -.wish you could get a taste of the real world! As a small business owner there is much more intrusion from the govt. than most people on the govt. dole have ever realized. Not only does the small business owner fight to keep his operation in the black
    but he must also do the govt.s bookkeeping and by collecting employees taxes to send
    Fed., State and Local enities for which he is not reimbursed….Then govt. finds ways to include your buisnees in reports annually, from which they devise ways to command govt. fees to continue in business. Those fees have an alarming way of doubling each year tell you are strangled with them and close your doors! THAT was my personal experience for being a law abiding citizen with a corrupt govt. in the USA. Govt. stole my retirement in process of not protecting those funds legally set aside for retirement. This is the Govt. of greedy politicians in both major parties. I was forwarned of this mess, but ignored the warning from God’s Word. Now I am working on my Citizenship in a much better place. I am movin’ on!!

  • r.p.

    I’m surprised at how distorted the appreciation of his “O”’s statement has become. What he says is true! But the crux of the matter is, is how it was implied. That is the one thing that seems to be missed by many of the bloggers here. And of course,.. Mr. Crystal.

    Not long ago, Newt Gingrich put out a promotional video of him telling the story of George Washington’s army’s ordeal at Valley Forge. A fine story well presented by Newt.(A self proclaimed historian and very good story teller) What got me was the subtle inference in the video that Newt was of the same caliber of patriot as that of George and his men. And what many readers/watchers posted statements to the effect of “WOW, what an outstanding patriot that Newt must be!!!!”. What they failed to see was the fact that Newt wasn’t there, he didn’t have to suffer, he wasn’t put on the line. His association with those patriots were non existent except for in his own mind. At least in my mind he never upheld nor tried to defend the constitution. Especially if there was money involved.

    Likewise the speech of “O”’s tries to connect him with those great achievements of our society. Implying that his regime/government are those good guys and are a part of it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. True that funding for great projects are the result of taxpayer’s funding and government’s distribution, but those are just few of the times the government worked the way it was supposed to. In most cases the government is there to regulate, tax, asses fees and acquire. And as of late, it’s been oppressive.

    Obama’s attempt to align himself with these great achievements does not reflect well with the actions he has taken in the execution of his duties. But he will still fool some of the people all of the time. He’s just hoping it will be enough this time.

  • Just wondering

    Einstein has come up on his own with the epoch changing E=mc^2. Yes even he was standing on the shoulders of giants before him BUT it was HE who formulated the new relation and not the Patent Office run by the Swiss Government. — Business people trying to succeed with the known ideas of others usually do not succeed on their own. The statement makes me wonder else WROTE Pres. Obama’s best selling books? Or the term papers he had to hand in at Harvard, Columbia, Occidental College, etc.? — Yes, we are all part of the society and we rely on others but the real creativity is individual.

    • MJG2112

      Good point. Perhaps Obama is simply projecting his own inadequancies. It has already been acknowledged that much of the work in his bio was the work of others and lets face it, his experience in business (and hence the real world) is significantly lacking. Obama may simply need an extraordinary level of external help to suceed and, given his narcissistic personality, believes that others do as well.

  • Palin16

    What the heck does Obummer know about running a small business? He’s never had a real job in his life!

  • Centurion

    I always enjoy your column, even when I think you go over the top and use too much sarcasm. This time, you used remarkable restraint and nailed it.

    Your comments hit home with me today, on a day in which, I, a male with a career in the macho arena, minded my wife’s yarn store while she is out of town on family business. I made sales, wound yarn, gave advice and provided customer service mainly to a bunch of nice ladies, while managing two full time employees who are treated as family. I also handled banking and real estate issues as we try to purchase the building that we now rent.

    To do this, I took off a day (two really, cause I go back in the morning) from my well paying consulting business teaching governments how to manage public safety operations more efficiently or how to safely contract them out to private vendors. That includes how to deliver better value to their communities.

    My wife has built a vibrant, profitable and growing business despite government interference, regulation and taxation. We started it on a shoestring and initially had a lien on our house to get funding (private credit, no government loans or grants). We established credit, vendor and customer relationships. The business has grown. We had to find a bigger building. She now has customers all over the country and a number of international ones as well. That is because 8.5 years ago, she (we) took the risk of modest success versus complete and potentially catastrophic failure to start a business and leave her public school teaching job. She was a great teacher that loved teaching, but hated the system that failed children.

    Every yarn customer paid her bill in full before leaving today and it was a very good day even though they paid in rapidly inflating dollars. Yet when I got home tonight, I found that one of my California clients had finally paid its 60 day past due 5-figure bill for services that have saved it millions. This included many expenses for which I paid months ago. Effectively, I’ve financed them at zero interest. They still owe some bills that are over a year old. Whew! At least this one came through and I live on to battle with the gubmint dragon.

    For the record, many of my government and hospital clients are quite fair in their payments, but some face challenges and their risks become my risks. So, to counter Obama, “If I fail to get paid on time by governments, that’s not my fault, somebody else did that.” Maybe he and the Fed?

    My 38 years of public service has been in several areas, including 8 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic County employee (no union and liked it that way). 5 Years of overlapping voluntary service as a State law enforcement officer (SWAT Medic and Dignitary Protection mostly), a long career in private hospital and private corporate EMS management, saving communities nationwide hundreds of millions of dollars and delivering really excellent service, 15 years as a private entrepreneur and business owner consulting internationally, but mostly in the US, on improving Fire and EMS services in terms of operational and financial performance, and on top of all of that, I put my training to work for my local community as a volunteer firefighter (as does my wife) and Chief Officer, responding to all hazards to benefit our community and our neighboring towns.

    I figure that my local volunteer gig costs me between $40,000 and $50,000 each year in lost billable hours and projects for clients. It is a contribution to my community that I make willingly. So, I guess that my efforts have contributed at least $440,000 (and arguably a lot more) during last 11 years. That’s more than all of the federal grants and programs have contributed during the past 30 years. So, I guess that government and other social constructions don’t do it themselves either. Cause as the Shake and Bake ads of my youth said: “And I helped!” Taxes are low here, largely because of our volunteers. If I didn’t do this, but others did, I would have made more money and maybe not paid more in taxes, but we believe that those who can, should serve their communities.

    Our entire Fire Department is volunteer, so I guess that not all community contributions are socialized through government. In fact, our department decided a few years ago to no longer accept federal funds. We still have lots of mandates, but we don’t take federal money. Our funding is from local contracts funded by property taxes. Yep, that’s government, but its really interesting. Our citizens influence the amount we get directly through local representatives. The reason they fund us well is that our $600,000 fire department budget saves the property owners over $5Million in insurance premiums annually. That’s just business and the market. BTW, we are a private, not-for-profit company serving a district and an incorporated area under contracts. If they decide they don’t want us, they can fire us. That sharpens the mind in delivering service and it depends on what the market will tolerate. That’s America.

    I didn’t get directly paid for selling yarn today, but my business owner wife is grateful. I didn’t get paid to be a cop, but I contributed to the public safety. I don’t get paid to protect my community, but I see it as a community duty. That’s what community is about. Not which company gave the better donation to get the contract, paid with a federal grant to pave the road. People helping neighbors is community. Government picking winners and losers and “planning” is usually corrupt and misguided.

    Bravo on the most direct, most accurate and eloquently stated writing that I think you have done. I really like it when you are direct and serious rather than flip and snarky. It becomes you.

    And Thanks!

    Hi Ho!, Hi Ho!, Its back to work I go! In the morning, selling more yarn in pursuit of the American Dream. I’ll be the paramedic, firefighter, cop, consultant when this job at hand is done.

    Back to the yarn store tomorrow. Cause the Gubmint won’t be there to make the ladies happy!


    I swear if Obama came out and said “I eat babies with barbecue sauce because technically they’re not pork. I repeat, I eat babies with barbecue sauce because they’re not technically pork” All his progresso-LIb-zombies would try to explain how “we didn’t hear the whole speech” and “It was taken out of concepts” (LIke he also eats puppy and kitten jambalaya) Stop listening to cable news networks newscasters. They’re paid to take the truth and tilt it to their master’s will. Listen to the words of those you are interested in, and then watch what they do. Go back and find all the promises obama made when he was campaigning in ’08. Do you like how all those turned out? Do you like his wizard-like economic abilities that he never went to school for? Enjoy his new world record? No other president has managed to get our national debt so high? I’m not sure, do most presidents manage to piss off the majority of his own party? It’s ok, just take a xanax and blame the republicans. Well, what passes for republicans these days. There’s only a few left that really are republicans, and they’re considered fringe wackos because they don’t go along with the rest of the two party system, take their bribes, and shut up.

  • Matt

    I don’t see where all of this “out of context” talk got started. I saw the news and wathced the original clip. Having been a small businessman all of my life, I about flipped when I heard his comments. Later I saw a piece explaining that Obama had gone off the teleprompter and that was why it came out a little off…a gaffe. I say nope, it’s just the way he thinks if you let him speak to an audience without the benefit of the carefully crafted, campaign mode speeches he has bombarded us with for the last three and a half years. I’ve never heard a politician give so many redundant speeches anyway.
    All show and no go in my book. I didn’t get to see all of them, I was too busy working,…ahem. This little ditty shows WHY they always have him on prompter. Don’t let him start talking freely on camera for Gods sake, somebody may find out how he really thinks. This whole thing disgusts me when people debate about how I wouldn’t have a business if people didn’t get a government education, have a road to drive on, electricity to run the shop. This is what happens when we allow professors and the educated elites to model our economy and write new programs and laws. It may sound good in a classroom, but doesn’t work in real life. No street smarts, no common sense. This government runs like a busness I once consulted for. They held meeting after meeting.
    This group would be formed to support that group. More meetings. Who would decide which way we should proceed. Meeting. Didn’t finish everything on the agenda? Another meeting. Meanwhile their production numbers were failing miserably. The only reason a number isn’t going up is that there isn’t anyone there to push it up. Sure, they weren’t pushing their departments up, they were always in a meeting talking about why the numbers weren’ty going up instead of acting and physically driving the number up. They don’t go up by themselves….right? Now I see how I wasted my time trying to help them out, I should have just informed them to call their congressmen. They would have been thrilled with that news and immediately scheduled another meeting. BTW, they are gone now. Sorry to ramble. Now I have lost my “lurker status and have probably landed on some watch list. Enjoyed reading all the comments. Thanks Bob for a great forum to vent my many political frustrations.

  • Godfather

    The un-American right wing fanatical lying hate mongering tea party Republicnuts are all over this post doing what they do best, lie. President Obama has reduced taxes, saved the auto industry and helped keep millions of jobs right here in the United States of America. The lying FOX crowd will stick to their talking points and continue to lie about any and everything that has happened good for America. Under Bush, A Republican President, America was almost destroyed with lies and wars. They did not enforce regulations to stop the financial institutions from almost bankrupting America and now these same idiots that supported Bush, want us to go back to letting the liars and thieves run America again without regulations. These insipid Republican conservatives hate America because fair minded thinking people elected a President that will restore our faith in this nation that I fought for. I will bet that most of if not all of these right wing fanatical conservative Republicans did not and would not fight for this great nation like we did. When I say we, I am talking about the people who served in the military so that we could elect a great President like Obama. Now watch all of these right wing fanatical lying Republican conservatives say they were in the military to respond to this thoughtful and truthful post. Why don’t all of you conservative Republican hate mongers go to Germany where you belong? America would be much better off without you lying idiots. Period

    • swampfox

      go back to your dank dark cave troll,then recover it with the rock.

  • swampfox

    Obama is not a lier????
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hee hee har har Yah ha ha ha ha ha ha…………!!!!!!
    egad,talk of being dense as a pine knot!
    if your “messiah” said crap did’nt stink,I bet you obmatons would beleive it!!!!
    not a lier,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Anon

    Obama was appealing to those who work for someone else, and quite likely, receive some form of government assistance (which is now over 50% of the U.S. population) – people who are not entrepreneurs, but workers – the backbone of any business – not just workers, but also the very consumers that buy the products or services of the “self-made” business-man. He tries to come across, as being “for the ‘little’ man”, when, in reality, he is backed by Goldman Sachs (unless, Goldman Sachs has decided that Romney will be the next President, to downsize, and further “out-source” the United States, or just dismantle it, and sell it off, piecemeal, to the highest bidder (China?)

    Here is how the “game” works: The “TBTF” (Central) Corporate Bankers, at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc. – who own and operate the so-called ‘FED’ (‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’) also own and run the printing presses which print up their FRNs (‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’ Notes), which allows them to print up as many FRNs as they desire (without any accountability, at all – NO AUDIT), to cover their losses, in the form of BAILOUTS, from a completely bought-and-paid-for U.S. Congress – AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. (Note: The IRS is the “Sister” organization of the ‘Fed’ – the ‘Fed’s enforcement arm) They also use all these freshly printed FRNs to fund Presidential and other key political campaigns, that allow them to further their agenda, which is far broader, in scope, than most Americans fully realize. Their agenda covers every area of human activity, and there is a corresponding government agency, that they have either created, or infiltrated, in one way, or another, to further their ‘globalist’ COMMUNIST agenda. This is NO JOKE, folks. This is DOCUMENTED HISTORY speaking. 1) Socialize all losses by re-directing all losses to the taxpayers, or, IF THEY PAY ANY TAXES – AT ALL – they simply use loop-holes in the tax code, and write-offs, to: 2) Pay as little as possible in corporate taxes, thus shielding personal, private wealth gained from said privately-owned corporations, and all their employees/taxpayers. 3) PRIVATIZE ALL PROFITS, whether whether well-gained, or ill-gotten (from fraud, without prosecution – unless, you ripoff RICH, INSIDER investors, like Bernie Madoff made the mistake of doing).

    This is how the top .01% of the top 1% (the so-called ‘elite’ Central Banking Cartel) via their ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’ Act of 1913, staged a coup – a U.S. government takeover. ONLY the U.S. Congress (via the U.S. Treasury), has the authority, granted by the U.S. Constitution, to print (or coin) the currency of the U.S., as UNITED STATES NOTES.

    Once they’ve told Congress they need ANOTHER BAILOUT, and Congress agrees, they print up their TRILLIONS – AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE – with which to BAIL THEMSELVES AND THEIR CRONIES OUT – GLOBALLY – they can use that fiat, paper “funny” (monopoly) “money” – to purchase smaller competitor banks, corporations, maseratis, yachts, private Leer jets, islands, even small countries.

    See how it works?

    YOU AND I, as taxpayers, are supporting the very (fraudulent) system that allows the 1% to live off our combined labor – with ALL THE BENEFITS ACCRUING TO THE 1% – AND ALL THE LOSSES SOCIALIZED (or spread out) across the general taxpaying public.


  • mozebyc

    The one thing that i remember the most clearly over the past 39-40 years of my school days at Brandeis University in1970′s are my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his grand parents and parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”

    Later in life I learned that the exact translation of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”..

    I remember him recalling whatt his father told him when he was growing up in Eastern Europe. One of them being that when his father was in high school he and a group of friends would skip school early on Fridays and go over to his friend’s father’s butcher shop. That they would buy at cost any cows , that had not been butchered by the end of the day on Friday before the begining of shabat . They would take the cow home and wash it and then the boys would procede to “beat the udders of the cows so that they would swell up and turn pink” so as to sell them to the “GOYISHE KUP” as milk producing cows.

    The part that I remember him asking me if the East Europeans are so naive, so gullible and so stupid to buy old “non milk producing cows” from a bunch of young Jewish Boys.

    So thinking of it now I agree with the Jewish saying that the “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that a Bunch of Arab Muslim Kids who were not able to Fly a Cessna Airplane took it upon themselves to FLY a Boing Jumbo Jet outwitting the US Military and Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960′s is still alive and well has been put to good use by Larry Silverstein with the help of his sayanim jews made a financial killing in imploding wtc by putting 15 million down and comming out with 7 billion dollars for buidings that no one wanted to buy because it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos from. Then on top of that the people in America actually believe that they actually decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted and makes a difference in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.

    Yeh I agree that the AmericanNon-Jews are indeed American “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!

    The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus
    By Christopher Bollyn

    The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation’s attention will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results of the Iowa caucus?

    The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year. Don’t expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of the American “democratic” election process.


    In the summer of 2004, I first learned that a foreign and out-of-state company using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology tallied the Iowa caucus results.

    The system used to tally the 2004 Iowa caucus results was provided by a company called Voxeo, which was apparently based in Orlando, Florida. (Yellow flag goes up in the mind of those familiar with Orlando and electronic vote fraud history. See Bollyn article on Wang below.)


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