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Obama Defends His First Year In Office In State Of The Union Address

January 28, 2010 by  

Obama defends his first year in office in State of the Union addressOn Wednesday night, President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address, renewing many of the promises that he made to a joint session of Congress one year ago.

Obama vigorously defended his legislative agenda concerning job creation, healthcare reform, climate change and his economic stimulus plan, while also acknowledging that many Americans have lost faith in his promise of change and are irritated with the partisan squabbling in Washington.

"I know there are many Americans who aren’t sure if they still believe we can change — or that I can deliver it," Obama said matter-of-factly. "But remember this — I never suggested that change would be easy, or that I could do it alone."

The president chastised Congress several times, demanding that they not walk away from healthcare reform and "finish the job for the American people."

However, the centerpiece of Obama’s speech was job creation. He insisted that the Senate craft a similar piece of legislation to the House bill that was passed last year, proposed a tax credit for companies that hire new employees and called for an elimination of the capital gains tax on small business investment.

"I want a jobs bill on my desk without delay," Obama said vehemently.

The president also defended some of his more unpopular political moves, including the Wall Street bailout, banking reform as well as cap-and-trade climate legislation.

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  • DaveH

    Listen to this guy. He is pulling out all the stops in an effort to grow Government as fast as he possibly can:
    “Let’s tell another 1 million students that when they graduate they will be required to pay only 10% of their income on student loans. And all of their debt will be forgiven after 20 years, and forgiven after 10 years if they choose public service”.
    So their debt will be forgiven sooner if they work for the Government Gang. He wouldn’t be trying to buy votes would he? Nah, not our Messiah Obama!

    And pay attention to the fact that now the Liberals are using the phrase “Jobs Bill” now instead of “Stimulus Bill”. Does this fool anybody other than starry-eyed Liberals?

    • Tinwarble


      Here’s the real joke, he said that to help the economy that we were going to “double our exports”, so I guess that we were keeping all the good stuff for ourselves or we were just holding back. And I forget, besides for jobs, what is it exactly that we export that other countries don’t already make and sell cheaper?

    • Michael J.

      That’s right,”No one should have to go broke to go to College”. Translation – We must keep the cost of Socialist Indoctrination affordable. And tie affordability to a promise by the student of aquiring a government job so that another whole generation of young people will be on the dole and under control while stifeling independent thinking and entreprenuerial spirit.

      And who will pay for this? At this point, our as yet unborn grandchildren, that’s who. Paying for training of the next class of America haters. Actually, we are being forced to finance our own demise. It’s about as cruel and inhumane as an executioner handing you a shovel before he does his job.

    • Brad

      George W. Bush grew the size and reach of the U.S. government more than Obama is proposing, and certainly more than his Democratic predecessor Bill Clinton. Have your right wing fantasy if you must, but please acknowledge the truth.

      • Michael J.

        Of course you have the statistics to back up the statement you made, right? No, of course you don’t, because it’s a lie.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    If it were not so serious…it would just be laughable. He keeps saying “if anyone on either side” has any ideas to help the economy, bring down the deficit, etc…they should bring it to him. Well…just another dump truck full of fertilizer…delivered by the Obama and his crew of crooks and Czars!

    Fed Up Gal

    • DaveH

      He’s just a typical smooth-talker. He makes all kinds of grand gestures (sweet sounding lies) that he has no intention of fulfilling.

      • Fed Up Gal in NM

        Dave H,

        I’d say he’s sure livin’ up to that title! I’m just trying to figure out now…if he really is the one calling these foul shots….or more likely all those well meaning CZARS he put in place? Is he going to continue to blame everyone else but himself?

        To those who continue believing this stuff…I hope they can get their heads out of the sand and come up for air soon!

        Here’s just one (more) example of how he promises everyone he’s going to fix all their problems. Hey…and I found this on…of all places…MSNBC….man…if they can see it….these others must have their heads in the sand!

        It’s rather long, but you need to read in it’s entirety to appreciate how long this has been in place and still it’s a quagmire!

        Fed Up Gal

    • JeffH

      This guy is a bigger threat to this country now than when he was elected. His ideaology and agenda hasn’t changed one bit. He is one angry man. He and the Pelousi/Dirty Harry Reid circus are spending foreign money like it belogs to them. This guy is a bully plain and simple. The people have spoken and he won’t listen. He points fingers, makes excuses and blames the Republicans and Bush but won’t admit he is fundamemtaly a failure at this stage of his presidencey.
      American’s are a forgiving people, but his administration and Congress Dems have said in so many words…screw you the American people, we know what is better for you than you do.
      Pelosi should be drawn and quarterd.

      • DeNorm/EyesWideShut

        “I know there are many Americans who aren’t sure if they still believe we can change — or that I can deliver it,” Obama said matter-of-factly. “But remember this — I never suggested that change would be easy, or that I could do it alone.”
        The president chastised Congress several times, demanding that they not walk away from healthcare reform and “finish the job for the American people.”
        Is this guy a piece of work or what. He wants to change the face of America and a lot of those that believed that change would be positive have realized what he really meant. Bring us down to third world status. Countries that have depended on our support are now openly ridiculing and rejecting this guy, and his ideals. The terrorists hate him because he is an american. His own countries population has recognized the all talk/no action. The only strong support he has is Biden and his Czars. Even Pelosi, the House Dimwit, has had some critisizm recentley. His attempts to save some democratic seats have been met with strong opposition by the voters and defeat to the very candidates he has endorsed. His openly critical bullying of the Supreme Court justice on a ruling he didn’t like just magnifies his total lack of leadership. It was easy for him to critisize the lack of bipartisanship, although he is ultimately responsible for allowing Republicans to be shut out of any meaningful discussions, whether it be Health Care or budget decisions.
        He should realize his marxist ideals are being met with strong resistance, as it should be.
        2012 can’t come soon enough.

    • Michael J.

      Fed Up Gal,
      Even before the election I told everyone that would listen that he never intended to fix anything. The economy today is exactly where they want it. Any fool could turn this economy around in a day. Hell, even I could do it. Wait a minute, did I say that? Anyway, all he or anyone else for that matter would have to say is, Hey, remember that healthcare reform stuff? Forget about it, bad idea the way it’s written. And that cap & trade stuff, I was only kiddin. And let’s start tommorrow to make the best use of all our own natural resources while working diligently towards finding alternate forms of energy to power the future.

      I could go on and on but, I think every one get’s the point. The economy would bounce back like Barney Frank being dropped off the Empire State Building which all by itself would be worth it.

      My final point is that just when I thought he would make a move toward a more centrust form of governing, he again continues to talk down to us like he thinks we are stupid. Almost like when the corporation you work for decides to give a pay cut to it’s employees, it will send an underling to announce the dirty deed. He seems to be taking commands from a higher office, the office of the unknowns.

      • Brad

        @Michael J

        You wrote, “Any fool could turn this economy around in a day. Hell, even I could do it.”


        Not even a strong-willed American president can end a global economic crisis without other leaders around the world working tirelessly on this issue. I would love to see you try your hand at solving this complex problem, but first I recommend you take an Economics course and stop slagging the people elected by the American people who are trying their best under tremendous pressure.

        • Michael J.

          Obama could turn this mess around in a day because he started it, so he can fix it. I have been a small business owner for thirty years and that is my economics sheepskin. As soon as people realized this guy was going to be President, it was as if someone had turned the economy off with a light switch and has been in a downhill slide on the road to hell ever since. We are not talking about the complexities of the world wide economy here, just ours. And beleive me, by following what I outlined in my previous post this economy would start to revitalize almost instantaneously.

        • Michael J.

          From what country do you hale? I just realized that you are not American, just a foreign meddler in affairs that do not concern you.
          I suspect you are British, but I could be wrong, it happened once before. Still angry because we kicked your country out of the colonies? Or is it because we had to save your buttes in WWII.
          Hey, you folks got flouride in your water yet? No? Ah well, who needs to smile anyway. Hip… Hip… Cherio!

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Michael J,

            What a crack up (meant in a good…comical sort of way…lol). Made me wanna get on that long legged prarie dog and take the ‘ole bloke some flouride…. Sure does bring back some memories of “biscuits and tea” in Ipswich :-0

            Fed Up Gal

          • Michael J.

            Fed up Gal,
            I must have hit the nail on the head, huh? Brad is just another drive by shooter. Thanks for watchin my back.

          • jimjimny

            Well so well informed.
            Let me remind you the economic collapse began in late 2007. The big collapse began really in september 2008 GW and Cheny had borrowed and printed so much money it was and still is unsustainable.
            They gave over a Trillion $ devalued dollars to the biggest robbers the USA has ever seen.
            Lehman Bros folded and Goldman Sachs should have been allowed to do likewise instead the Bush/Bernanke gave then half a trillion devalued US dollars remember they were still trying to print their way out of trouble.
            I am not a US citizen but am a business operator in Canada and I believe the same as most of the people of the rest of the world.


            Without foriegn finance you guy are up the creek without a paddle.
            It perhaps took Obama more that the one day it would take you to realise that you are hostages to the Arabs and the Chinese.

  • Jana

    This poor man Obama is a Narcissistic personality and he can’t help but lie to puff himself up. He is in way over his head. All he can do is talk. He actually thinks he is going to tell us what we should think.

    He even attacked the Supreme Court who is one of the Governing factors, and he was wrong. He was wrong to attack and he was wrong in his analolgy. Maybe he should have read the decision before commenting on it and making a fool of himself again.

  • DaveH

    Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
    - Thomas Jefferson

  • Robert

    The Senate has approved increasing the debt ceiling by $1.9 Trillion. We now have a National Debt in excess of our 2009 GDP which stood at $14.221 at year end 2009. I would like everyone to think about this for a moment. The Government has borrowed more money than the US produced in goods and services. This is insane. And it was just announced today that China owns more US Government debt than that of all US citizens combined. I hope everyone understands the ramification of this. Our politicians in Washington took an oath to protect life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of all Americans. Well, I for one believe we should petition the Supreme Court and have them all removed from office, because they have all breached that oath. I’m sure the Supreme Court could temporarily put in place responsible Americans to run our country and bring it back from the brink of bankruptcy. We do have a military that can protect us and am sure they will perform their duties while we find the right Americans to put in office and serve this country and represent all of us. We need to clean house now before it’s too late. If all the foreign countries demanded they be paid right now, what would happen. Are we going to tell them no, we don’t have the money to pay you? Then what? The world forcloses on America and threatens us with a military take over? Think about it. What if the shoe was on the other foot. What would we be demanding our government do to get back our money? This is total insanity these politicians are following.

  • Jana

    The economy is not improving if you have lost your job. He has done nothing about that. He has however given his staff a raise n pay last year, probably counted as some of those jobs that were saved.
    The economy is bad yet the Congress has received a cost of living increase while the Social Security dependents are frozen and will be for 3 years. My mother receives Social Security.

    Congress as well as all of Obama’s staff needs to take a cut in salary and a cut in their expense account budgets.

    • Smilee


      The law governing social security increases and the formula for those increases was written into law back in the seventies and was not changed under any administration since then albeit Bush 43 tried have the formula for these increase changed to even a lower rate of increases but he failed at that and the one passed into law back in the seventies remains the governing law, last year the increase was 5.6% because the inflation was higher also this is an annual increase review so that 3 year is only someones estimate and most likely will be incorrect as most of these estimates are never the less it is not known at this time.

      • Jana

        Smilee, I know I am fighting an uphill battle, but it has to start somewhere. We are after all their employers and they need to know we are dissatisfied with this arrangement.

  • T ray

    If the election in Massachusetts when the other way do You think that obama and his heartless trugs would be backing up? NO they would be be pushing their bill even farther down Our Thoth. They finely see the the American People are tired of their pay offs and bulling to get their way. The only reason they are backing off is because they are scared about loosing their job’s witch I hope is already to late of saving them, If they would of won and keep their 60 votes You can bet nothing would of changed form them destroying OUR Country. Now their trying to covering their backs with More Lies and all of a sudden want to work with the Rep. when before when that had the 60 votes they needed they could care less what Anybody wanted and they still Don’t but now they just can’t show it as much as they did before. I hope the People can see threw all of obama’s sudden change of new Lie’s to cover up all the one’s he has been telling Us all a long. We have to watch OUR Backs Now more than Ever…

    • Michael J.

      Amen brother T ray, watch each others backs.

  • Linda

    There’s only one comment I have to make- OBAMA SUCKS!!! He needs to go- what a disgrace of an American President. He’s an idiot, jerk, unqualified socialist whose ignorance radiates through everyone of his unnecessary empty speeches! He sickens me every time he opens his loser mouth. I hope the country is happy with their choice made in error back a year ago– they have only themselves to blame for our downfall.He needs to resign and go~

  • Brad


    Do you even know what socialism is? Pack your bags and travel a bit – in any other western democracy, Obama is a moderate conservative.

    • Michael J.

      Just exactly which other western democracy is it that you are thinking of, Venezuela maybe? And if so, why does that in any way make him suitable for this Democracy? Are you saying we should be satisfied with the Socialist we have? The people of Virginia, New Jersy and now even Massachusetts have spoken with their ballots. We do not want a Socialist President who seeks to fundamentally change The United States, to put it in his own words. Maybe you should pack your bags and travel around a bit until you find a regime that suits you.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      And……..there lies the problem… reference to your quote “in any other western democracy, Obama is a moderate conservative”. Give an inch…they’ll take a mile!

      Fed Up Gal

  • http://MSN Barb

    During the Obama SOTU address, I kept waiting for him to acknowledge the two heroic officers for they’re selflessness and saving lives at the Fort Worth terror attack. Sure, they were sitting by the First Lady, however, I think they deserved a standing obation!

    • Michael J.

      Barb, I was waiting for some recognition for these heros as well. I guess Obama did not wish to offend any of his Muslim brothers.

  • Debra

    I did not vote for obama at all,i think he is lying to people,he talks about jobs,they are going overseasand some business are closing down too,he is lying to the people.



    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      Tommy Freedom,

      While I tend to agree with most of your comment here…not sure I can say at this time that he is a dictator; I will agree however, this is how it starts.

      Fed Up Gal

  • deltadawn

    I especially liked the part where he said he was to blame because he didn’t explain his agenda well enough to the American people. Conversely, he over explained it. Every time you turned on the TV, there he was, campaigning as usual. The American people aren’t stupid. We know well enough what his plans are and what they would do to the economy and the country in general if they were allowed to go thru. He pounds on the GOP for not agreeing with him but doesn’t seem to get the fact that Republican members of Congress are doing exactly what we elected them to do….try to stop the madness before we hit the point of no return.


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