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Obama Criticizes Anti-Tax Pledge

September 22, 2011 by  

Obama recently spoke out about the anti-tax pledge.In a recent speech at the White House, President Barack Obama indirectly took a shot at the anti-tax pledge embraced by many Republicans.

“Anyone who has signed some pledge to protect every single tax loophole so long as they live, they should be called out,” the President said in the Rose Garden, reports The Washington Times. “They should have to defend that unfairness.”

The newspaper reports that Obama was referring to the Americans for Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”

President for Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, defended his organization’s pledge, saying Obama misrepresented it for political gain.

“He’s not going to get what he wants, so what you saw was a guy having a hissy fit, stamp his feet and then misstate what the pledge is,” he said.

Norquist also added that the pledge does not require people to oppose the closing of tax loopholes.

According to Americans for Tax Reform website, 279 Congressmen have signed the pledge, including three Democrats: Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) and Representatives Robert Andrews (D-N.J.) and Ben Chandler (D-Ky.).

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  • Patriot II

    Yes Alfred right again, we need to give them more money right away so they can have some more money for $16.00 Muffins, they have to eat too!!

  • Free Mind

    Who is even listening to the un american, unintelligble rantings of this pouty little tyrant?

    I don’t see why someone doesn’t march into the White House and grab him up, turn him over the knee and spank his little bottom. Would that be child abuse?

    • Patriot II

      No it would be “Finger Pointer” abuse

  • Dulceb

    Yes, please, call us out. I signed. Would you like to look me dead in the eyes? I do not blink. I am not ashamed of my position.
    A liar cannot look you in the eye. So, call me out and see who flinches. I am a DAR member and my ancestor was a Captain in the Revolutionary Army. What did your family do for America?

    • Curtis S

      hahaha Are you saying your family’s last contribution to the US occurred in a war that took place over 200 years ago? What have you done for us lately? hahaha

      • http://?? Joe H.

        have YOU done anything??

      • http://naver samurai

        What have you done? Did you have the balls to serve or do you vote every 2 years? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • tsunami

    I am not American and not commenting on the pledge but it does appear that you have to do something and quickly about the tax loop holes in your system.

    I know many of you will squeal at this but using your homes as investments with all of the loop holes, write-offs etc. that go with it seems counter productive.

    Most every country in the world Australia, New Zealand, Canada et. etc. to name a few) looks on your personal permanent residence as exempt from capital gains tax, and has no write-offs.
    Most of these countries have successfully negotiated this economic mess without the personal home being a factor and so could you.

    I know it will never happen but should and many many more write-offs as well.

    I believe you absolutely need to change your tax codes and soon.

    I know I know. Keep your nose out of our business.

    Just keep in mind that your business is the world’s business as you just might bring us all down with you.

    • Cliffystones


      Thank you (sincerely) for your comments. But I would like to clarify our tax situation. And maybe some of those folks out there who are older than me can relate how things were prior to the 1980s.

      Currently the only “loophole” that the average working person in the United States has, is the ability to not pay income tax on the money that they pay in INTEREST on their mortgage loan. There are other “exemptions” like medical expenses, but you have to meet an amount equal to some percentage of your income that seldom if ever happens for the majority of us. My wife and I have been married over 20 years and mortgage interest is the only “loophole” we have ever been able to partake of. I probably speak for most of us when I say we Americans don’t “use” our homes as investments, we use them for shelter and warmth just like folks in other countries do, We use them to get away from being beholding to a landlord. The only write-offs we can take are when and if we sell our home and decide to take the money instead of buying another home. Then we can exempt improvements (nor repairs and maintenance) from the capital gains imposed upon us if we sell the home for more than we bought it for. For example, we added a bedroom on to our old house and put in an energy efficient cooling and heating system. Those expenses added value to our home, so we don’t have to pay tax on the cost of those improvements. Which I might add, we used money that was ALREADY taxed once (income tax) to purchase them.

      I do however agree with the general idea that we need a simplified tax code. ONE FLAT PERCENTAGE, regardless of whether you make $20,000 in a year or 2 million and NO LOOPHOLES, PERIOD. This would save all of us time, frustration and uncertainty. Not to mention the savings of getting rid of the IRS and the rest of the current tax infrastructure.

      And I’m pleased to see that someone who is not an American recognizes our importance in the grand scheme. If our system collapses, or if Ron Paul gets elected and we finally get to pull all of our young men and women from harm’s way, you folks in other countries are going to have a wild time learning to fend for yourselves against all the creeps we’ve managed to keep in check since WWII.

      And just so you know, the all caps words weren’t meant as yelling. Just added for emphasis.

  • eyeswideopen

    maybe you should know all the things the repubs were for, prior to the dems supporting them. No, facts are something that are dismissed by the radical right. But it is very interesting that the ideas were republican.

    • Brad

      That’s why Ohmama and his dem congress passed a SS tax cut of 2% from our payroll taxes and know he’s proposing another 2% in SS tax cuts for businesses. The initial tax cut was for one year knowing full well it was a ploy on congress and the republican controlled house, politics make for strange bed fellow’s. Ohmama is playing the game very well but we see right through his smoke and mirrows, what about that jobs bill, 50 billion to extend unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks, when do we quit spending. What about Ohmama’s departments putting the squeeze on businesses in this country through regulatory process that cost each business money. Then you have DOJ unjustly going after republican businesses and leaving their democrat businesses alone!

      I can go on and on and what you linked is pure propoganda and the left’s major talking points, it has been proven when tax payer’s are given a tax break they do one of two things, they save it or spend it. When we the people spend said monies it puts a demand on said products, businesses start ramping up and hire more people to keep up with demand. Right now we the people are not spending we are trying to save and pay down our bills from all those years of easy money. Did you know that the top 1% of our nation pays 40% of the taxes collect by the US treasury, checked with the IRS it’s true, the rest come in from the middle class of america and various other taxes tacked onto services that we subscribe to.

      Right now the rich pay 28% in income taxes another 15% on capital gains and businesses pay a whopping 35% on corporate taxes, not unless you are GE and you don’t pay single red cent in corporate taxes. Explain this, during the Bush years his lowest unemployment rate was in the mid 4.5% range can Ohmama say the same thing today, thought not. Oh that’s right congress passed that so called stimulus bill that ohmama signed and Biden said it would prevent the unemployment rate from going above 8%, it went above 10% and we are at 9.1% going into an election year. So go peddle your lame excusees to some organization who will listen, I’m not buying into your propoganda.

      • Ellen

        Brad, I agree with you. I need to make a correction, though. The rich pay 35% on income, not 28%. Everyone pays 15% on capital gains, but most of us don’t have capital gains!

      • eddie47d

        Brads comments are also propaganda and are begging for a solution.The same with the majority of comments here (including my own). It’s easy to complain and we all do it but it is tougher coming up with viable solutions. Brad is correct in saying that unemployment has gone on for too long. I believe there should be a disincentive for getting off of benefits of this type.(including welfare and food stamps) After a year lower the payment amount a few dollars until there is no incentive to even be on it. These safety nets should be there but never a permanent solution.

        • Christine

          I recently read about one state that passed a bill limiting the lifetime benefits for unemployment & welfare to 4 years with the exception of extreme disability or a temporary waiver for those who are abused or going through a severe illness or taking care of someone with a severe illness. If we did this in all states and nationally we could reduce the dependence on the government. People would have to learn to take care of themselves.

        • Brad


          You can fact check everything, no propoganda there and Ellen thanks for the assist, you are right the ultra rich pay 35% (1 million +) while those making 250K pay 28% so to speak.

          • JeffH

            He don’t need no stinkin’ facts…he’ll makes up his own facts!

          • eddie47d

            What did I make up Jeff? I don’t need your twisted facts telling me what to do you sly old dog.

          • WickedPickle

            Then who’s spreading propoganda about the rich not paying their fair share? If I were rich (millionaire) I’d get really pi$$ed about having to pay 35% and double pi$$ed that I’m being accused of NOT paying my fair share. Where is this actually coming from? I’ve scoured several forums like this and in each one there has been a debate (more a nag fest) about the rich not contributing. What the h3ll happened to the truth in this Country? Has the internet actually formed us into personal opinions masking as truth? Are these ‘rich’ limited to corporations but not just any corporation but mega corporations?.. Is that what everybodys howling about? If so then I think we owe the rich tax payer a humble apology because for all intents and purposes, these naggers positively gives me the indication that their talking about anybody making over $250,000.00. Any comment on my confusion?

  • eyeswideopen

    Hey, I do have a question for you all. How are those tax cuts for the rich working for ya? LMAO. Where are all the jobs those tax cuts provided? It has been ten years and we do have statistics now proving that tax cuts didn’t provide jobs. So why would you want to give them more?

    • Ellen

      Eyes, Tax cuts keep money in the hands of the consumer. Since consumer spending is 70% of our economy, lower taxes are a good thing. Bush lowered tax rates after Clinton increased them. Prior to the recession (2007), the govt collected the highest amount of taxes ever even with lower tax rates. The problem is not tax income, but rather out-of-control spending. For example, welfare/Medicaid have doubled in the past 10 years. They are the biggest expense out of our budget. Every dollar the govt takes, it wastes and doesn’t put into our economy. Every dollar we keep and spend in our economy keeps our economy running. Hiring will not increase until Obama is gone, as his policies leave uncertainty about expenses (tax increases, health care, etc). Since 2006, 90% of all jobs created were created by small businesses. Obama has said he wants to raise their tax rate from 35% to 39.5%. Who can hire with that uncertainty? Further, more layoffs are occuring and our economy is getting worse. What business can hire in this environment? What could Obama do to create jobs? He could resign.

      • Raggs

        Ellen your correct however I believe that most people are missing the big picture… All of the new regulations that this administration have enacted are by design to allow the government eventual full control over private industry in otherwords oblama and his minion demoncrats want a “state ran” USA much like China and other communist countries in order to have his wealth redistributive utopian society.
        This is the reason he bought out GM and many banks not because they were “too big to fail”.. Look no further than Solyndra and how oblama attempted to purchase the company via tax money..

      • Raggs

        I sure wish that articles like this would leave out the pictures of oblama, I can’t stand to look at him.

      • eddie47d

        Maybe 70% of our economy shouldn’t be dependant on consumer spending. If that is the only way this country can survive then few are saving and we keep ending up in these predicaments. Not only that our consumer spending on goods for the most part goes to China. That does precious little for our economy. Free Market folks love NAFTA and abolishing tariffs. Which right now is hurting us which tells me there should be some give and take in how they want to do business. This whole issue needs to move beyond taxes and regulations so it includes the whole economic pie. That includes Corporate salaries,Union benefits,political favoritism,a strong infrastructure,Wall Street market manipulations,foreign military intervention and of coarse our safety nets (SS and Medicare).Should we spin the wheel and see who the winner is or will there be a shared sacrifice?

        • Brad

          O.K. Eddie47d,

          If we didn’t have 70% of consummers buying goods and services, we wouldn’t have a country that we know today. Right now consummer confidence in business and government are at all time low’s, more are blaming congress and the current administration, why do you think Ohmamas poll numbers are going down. It’s because of too much government medling and repressive regulations that styfle business, and what about Solyndra, we just lost 528 million in loans. So what else is this administration willing to do to sell us down the road to poverty. Eddie let me ask you this question, do you think we are headed into a double dip recession? We are currently in the third quarter and GDP growth has been 1.2 to 1.5 % nation wide, unemployment is at 9.1% with job growth staying flat into 2012. There is global fear of another recession and right now the stock market is at -368.00.

          • eddie47d

            Not sure about a double dip recession.Yet I don’t see things improving much next year.

        • Jeep

          eddie, not to nitpick on you or your post, but I need to point out that the American economy is not a “pie”. For too long educators in America have convinced everyone that there is a limit on the American economy. Follow me on this, a pie denotes limits. I know you did not mean this, but I am pointing out a way of thinking that needs to be changed. First, we must collectively realize that this economy does not have any limits, either from the top or the bottom. Free Enterprize (no, not NAFTA style, but American style) with minimal regulation, minimal taxation and goverened by the laws of supply and demand without govt intervention will absolutely allow for the unlimited growth of our economy. There is no middle ground, we are either a free economy or a socialist economy. The immutable laws of supply and demand will regulate growth naturally and allow for prosperity for all. An economy governed by the state too any degree is socialist. And, is no longer governed by natural laws, but are subject to the whims of human frailty, such as greed and excess. So, we must choose our own path, the path of free enterprize and prosperity, or the path of govt “owned and operated” where you will be subject to the “compassionate” fancies of a govt bureaucrat.

          • eddie47d

            A very note worthy reply Jeep.

        • s c

          While I can guess (and probably come close), I want to hear directly from you concerning the idea that conservatives ‘love’ NAFTA. You come up with some of the stupidest, most naive and irritating crap that ever makes it to this website.
          Any conservative worth his or her salt utterly H A T E S NAFTA. I suppose you think that because the damned thing talks about ‘free trade’ that it uses ‘free trade’ and free markets as synonymous concepts. WRONG!
          Get your stuff together, and if you can make sense for at least two responses in a row, maybe we’ll have a reason to think you have something functional between your ears. At the moment, you sound like a programmed parrot that makes up crap when it’s convenient. You should have progressed past that point when you got out of the 8th grade (you did get out of the 8th grade, didn’t you?).

    • Commonsense

      You will never get taxes under control until you get your government under control! This talk of higher tax brackets and who pays more, ect. ect. is just a smokescreen. You can’t fix anything by trying to troubleshoot in the middle. You start at the source and work your way out to the end of the system. Thats how you fix cars, tvs, even working spoiled horses. start at the front and work your way back. Until America figures out that their government is screwing them blind and the only cure is a severe cleansing not just in the WH, but all the way down to your city mayor, then this system will just continue to spiral out of control until there is nothing left but a third world country. For all you miserable nanny state wanters and people who depend on the government for their sustainance, oh yeah and you union trash, I hope you get what you keep chanting for. Because if you do, there won’t be a U.S.A. anymore and those that can live off the land or the ones who can actually work for a living will keep going while the rest of you rotters will be either dead or on your way.

  • Raggs

    barrackula has absolutely NOTHING / NOTTA / ZIP / ZILTCH to run his re-usurping campaign on other than his SOCIALIST redistridution of wealth… Everything that this moron has done has destroyed the US free market system.

    So what does he do? he blames his incompetence on the other party.

    • Jeep

      Raggs, the problem is that “redistribution” promises on the campaign trail equates to votes. There is a huge sub-culture of Americans that are dependant on govt handouts. And, most are not even aware they are receiving welfare. Everything from social security and medicare to student loans and that cool IRS refund check are nothing more than redistributed wealth taken from someone else. Any politician advocating the elimination of those program would be in trouble. Just try throwing that little tidbit out during a campaign speech. And, then watch your poll numbers disappear. The bottom 50% would run away faster than a speeding bullet when they hear that their “slice of the pie” was being taken away.

  • death to non belivers

    we were lucky there a was loud noise level from our country, toward dc, to prevent the bush tax cuts from expiring. o never met a tax he didnt like. y is o complaining about the amount of taxes millionaires are paying. congress wrote the irs laws and they were signed by the president at that time. they wrote the tax rules for corporations and people who have incorporated themselves save them a lot of tax money.

    r the kennedy’s, kerry’s, general electric, and other such corporations included in the tax the millionaires more. NO, this is just the start of creating class warfare against the persived rich (i’d rather use the word wealthy). this is rable rousing by our president. he ha taking community organizing to its extreme.
    i have never beeen hired for a job by a poor person. ever.

    • eddie47d

      Republicans close a loophole? God forbid that they could do a good deed for this nation. They have to fatten their buddies in the corporate world so donations keep pouring in. Americans For Tax Reform is an oxymoron and used for political gain. For taxes are only reformed to benefit the Koch Brothers and the Wall Street Elites.

      • Jeep

        And, taxes are benefitting the bottom 50% as well. After all they pay no taxes and most receive a refund check larger than their input. Otherwise known as a welfare check. So, in fact, they are living off of the govt largess for FREE. How cool is that! I wonder, why do they complain so much? I guess they just want more…hmmm…some people are never satisfied.

        • eddie47d

          Then we need to tackle the problem from both ends.The Middle Class can’t continue to be the one who is sucker punched.

          • Jeep

            eddie, I will mark this day on my calendar! We have come to an agreement! I am totally with you that the problem is with the middle class tax code. I am in an “unfortunate” situation that my wife and I make too much to not pay taxes, but not enough to send overseas and hide it.

          • eddie47d

            Isn’t that the truth Jeep.

  • DaveH

    We could end all this nonsense about loopholes by going to a True Flat Tax (every adult pays the same), as it should be. And no Corporate Tax. After all, Corporations don’t pay taxes, they just raise their product prices, lay off workers, reduce the wages of their workers, go out of business due to lack of profits, or move out of our country. None of those are good for the country. Corporate taxes are just a sleight of hand gimmick created by the Leaders to extract more money from the citizens.
    At the very least we should demand a Flat Rate Income Tax (a fixed percentage of income), with no Corporate Tax, that applied to all income, no floor. Everybody would pay something.
    The total taxes being sent to the Federal Government would be much more transparent to the average citizen with either a Flat Tax, or a Flat Rate Tax, but especially the former. You can bet if more people were paying for our Federal Government, they would rally for a lot less Government.

    • Jeep

      Gosh, DaveH, in typical libertarian style you are once again advocating common sense. When will you guys learn that the bottom 50% of American’s like to live for free and clamour for more. Sheesh. So, pony up and prepare for the middle class to take it again in the shorts to bail out everybody else.

      • JeffH


      • independant thinker

        No Jeep DaveH isn’t talking common sense. He is advocating the working poor pay the same $ amount as the richest. If he advocated a flat rate it would make sense but that is not what he advocates.

        ” to a True Flat Tax (every adult pays the same), as it should be.”

  • s c

    Politicians are addicted to OPM. It is an all-consuming, daily lust that makes Washington what it is – a hog trough for two-legged swine. If Oburglar is so dedicated to the proposition that people have too much money (some, that is), then let him give away his millions.
    One can’t let Warren Buffet have all the fun.

    • eddie47d

      How do you know he isn’t SC ? If tax laws are changed he will also be affected so no hypocrisy there. If you want someone to pay for something then you better be willing to do it to yourself. He will be doing that.

  • 45caliber

    I’m not sure any conservative is against closing tax loopholes. It is increasing the tax that we are against. But if Oblama tried to close the loopholes, he would anger a lot of his supporters.

  • Mirage

    Until the tax code is simplified someday, I’ve got NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER (Obama’s correct here) with the wealthiest top 5% of Americans paying more. They haven’t been job creators, and tax decreases for the wealthy top 5% under Bush didn’t stimulate hiring/job creation. After all, these same people are pretty much part of the “Wall Street/Big Business group” that is largely responsible for the mess America is in. The hell with them, let them pay more, and screw Grover Norquist.

    • Ellen

      Mirage, You need to stop listening to class warfare. People in the top 5% are not rich. You have to get in the top 1% to find rich people. Further, the top 5% already pay around 70% of the taxes even though they earn about 35% of all earnings. Do you really believe that 5% of us can support 95% of us? At what point do we start taxing everyone instead of over-taxing people? Why do you find it morally acceptable that 50% pay mothing, the next 45% pay only 30% and the remaining 5% pay 70%? The middle class is actually getting a good deal; the ‘poor’ are getting a great deal. The upper middle earners are lumped in with the ‘evil rich.’ When did it become evil to be successful? Did that happen when all shame was removed from collecting welfare and having illegitimate children?

  • Jay

    DHS, SPLC, Hatetrackers Exposed Contact
    March 02, 2011 By: Freedom Fighter Category: Uncategorized
    Source: The Blaze

    The Promise Of America Is. . . Socialism?  That’s exactly what is being taught in many American public schools.

    Under the guise of teaching children to read, the seeds of Socialism are being planted within the minds of young children. Do you believe that the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States mandates the following?

    The People’s basic needs must be met in a country. Needs for housing, education, transportation, and health care overseen by our government system.

    Those are the words being chanted over and over and over by school children around the country. They are part of an educational program called Building Fluency Through Practice and Performance. This section is called ‘The Promise of America’ and it breaks down the fifty-two word single sentence that is the Preamble.  Here is the original:

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Disguised as a reading exercise, the Preamble has been turned into a five page choral project with commentary planted inside this very simple sentence.  Here is an example. Make note of what the children (R5, R6, & R7) are being asked to read after the words ‘promote the general welfare’:

    People’s basic needs must be met in a country.

    Needs for housing, education, transportation and health care, overseen by our government system.

    When did the Preamble or the Constitution include the government meeting the people’s needs for housing, transportation and health care?

    Instead of teaching the Preamble and Constitution as it is written, schools from coast to coast are indoctrinating children to Socialism thanks to a company called Teacher Created Materials. TCM sells

    ‘The Promise of America’ to thousands of school districts all across the country as well as over 100 countries around the world. Several phone calls to TCM, its‘ printing company Shell Education and New York City sales outlet Sussman Sales provided little specific data on just how many schools are currently using the ’Promise of America, ‘ but one company rep told The Blaze the “Fluency program is really really popular.”

    This kind of training is reminiscent of Soviet-style indoctrination and the recent stories leaking out of North Korea in the summer of 2009 when Kim Jong il was reportedly close to stepping down and handing over control to his son.

    Dong-A Ilbo (the country’s official newspaper) stated that North Korea notified its diplomatic offices and is teaching its people a song in praise of the anointed leader.

    The North Korean school children started learning the song first.  Indoctrination starts with the young ones.

    A tip of the hat to the brave volunteer from the 9/12 Project, a teacher who sent us this shocking hand out.

  • dummies to have more and more babies to support

    Insted of wanting more taxes to waste, Nobama should look at how and where to stop waste. Wasn’t he going to stop ‘pork barrel’ spending?
    $16.00 muffins? Taxes to community organizers? Million dollar bus rides to campaign? Paying uneducated to have more and more babies to support to make more demos.?

  • Allan

    With virtually every issue, Obama distorts the objection. People who signed the pledge didn’t agree to protect loopholes. But that’s the way the Democrats want to spin it. Why is that again we don’t agree with the President? Oh yeah, because we’re racist.

  • Raggs

    How long will it be until every American pays 100% of their earnings straight to the government in which the government will then have all citizens on a voucher system via a micro chip implant?

  • Jay

    Obama and Globalists converging on Denver Deep Underground Military Base for September 27, 2011
    Posted by PAUL W KINCAID

    World newsWednesday, September 21st, 2011

    Barack Hussein Obama and his family will be leaving Washington DC early next week and will be heading to Denver International Airport. Obama isn’t taking a International flight from Denver he will be joining other Globalist leaders at the Denver New World Order headquarters. You won’t see them because they will descend underground. Why underground? One reason could be the Comet Elenin Earth Sun alignment on September 26-27, 2011. Another is CIA (Knights of the Holy See) false flag nuclear detonations in the United States Midewest.

    NASA recently warned its people to prepare for an outside threat event. In his warning to the NASA families he mentioned that NASA recently participated in a FEMA exercise called EAGLE HORIZON! The 2011 Eagle Horizon exercise, that took place during the week of June 20, dealt with the process by which government transfers all aspects of authority including the personnel responsible for operations, the facilities that will be used, and even the maintenance of oil, gas and mineral operations throughout the country. An outline of the EH11 exercise has been released by the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management:

    “This year, EH11 will continue with the EH10 scenario, an improvised explosive device (nuclear) exploded in the Midwest. Threats to other regions of the country will prompt transfers of leadership, authorities, and relocations to alternate facilities in order to continue business operations.”

    “The focus of EH 11. are two aspects of devolution: planned and unplanned. How we devolve the Washington and State office operations is the focus of EH11. Planned is when, based on the threat, there is time to move leadership and key operations to your alternate site . Unplanned is when the event is sudden and without warning. Relocation to your alternate facility, orders of succession, and delegations of authority are immediately implemented where necessary. Reconstitution is the restoration of normal operations from the primary or alternate location. FEMA has templates for devolution and reconstitution that will guide and assist your in developing and formalizing your future plans.”

    According to the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management’s report the alternate site can only be Denver International Airport. Obama and his family and other Globalist leaders converging on Denver International Airport early next week is a planned devolution – “based on the threat, there is time to move leadership and key operations to your alternate site“.

    So is the threat the Comet Elenin Earth Sun alignment on September 26-27, 2011 or is the alignment just the official cover story for the real event – nuclear detonation by the Globalists in the United States Midwest? In any case they are planning for something big. Why else would world leaders be in recess during the Elenin Alignment on September 26-27, 2011. The Vatican’s World government body, the United Nations has an empty schedule from September 23rd through October 10th, 2011.

    The UK Parliament is in recess from September 15th through October 10th, 2011. The entire United States Congress is on vacation from September 25th through October 2nd, 2011. Germany’s Angela Merkel’s (Germany was the Third Reich) schedule is empty after September 25, 2011.

    The Roman Pope will be in Germany until the 25th but after that there is no scheduling. On Friday morning the Pope will meet with Muslim leaders in Berlin. But after his trip to Germany there is absolutely nothing scheduled after September 2011. The last schedule entry for September was ” The General Audience of Wednesday, September 21, 2011, has been cancelled.” As you can see on www.

    Is it simply a coincidence that World leaders are on vacation at the same time as the planned DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September? A drill which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport. A drill which government transfers all aspects of authority. I don’t know about you but it looks like the rats are afraid of something and are fleeing in numbers and are retreating to their underground nests.

    • Raggs

      Maybe they are in preparations for post 2012 election cycle when oblama is found by America to be a loser and unworthy to hold the office of a janitor much less as a so-called prez. I figure that the idiots that support this thug are highly likely to cause violence.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        On this day, 235 years ago, Nathan Hale was hanged after stating ” I regret I have but one life to give for my country”! How ironic is that when we look at the dip-wads we have in charge NOW?!?!?

  • Jay

    I agree with Judge Andrew Napolitano, who said last week, “We know more about the CIA than we do about the Federal Reserve.”

    The Federal Reserve is the Freemasonry of government agencies. It is a virtual secret society unto themselves – a group of unelected brokers who hold the value of our dollar in the palms of their hands. This one agency, with its power to raise and lower interest rates, has exercised more control over the economy than any other government body.

    So with that type of single-handed power, why should we be surprised when the U.S. Senate blocked a bill last week to audit the Federal Reserve? Tis true! Rep. Ron Paul and more than half of the House cosponsored the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207, which they hope to have hearings on soon. On the Senate side, however, Sens. Jim DeMint, Mike Crapo and David Vitter cosponsored S 604, companion legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders. But it was stopped cold before even being introduced on the floor on “procedural grounds.”

    Could it really be a mere coincidence that the bill to audit the Federal Reserve was refused from even being introduced and that this agency remains the “quick convenience store-house of money” for the Obama administration’s borrowing and bailout monies?

    Sign WND’s latest petition, demanding the U.S. Senate support an audit of the Federal Reserve now!

    Again, as Judge Napolitano said, “The Obama administration not only doesn’t want the Federal Reserve audited, it now wants to put the power to regulate all financial institutions – banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses – into the hands of this super secret bank. What are they afraid we might see if we get a chance to look at their books?”

    As if there are not enough signs of the Fed’s inadequacy, two expert economists on the Federal Reserve specifically warned Congress last Thursday not to expand the power of the Fed to oversee and monitor public financial structures. Allan H. Meltzer, professor of economics at Carnegie-Mellon University and one of the central bank’s most prominent historians, having written a three-volume reference work on it, conveyed a series of U.S. financial collapses over the last three decades in which the Fed had either failed to take preventive action or made things worse.

    And the White House and majority on Capitol Hill want to give the Federal Reserve more power and autonomy? Have they finally lost their minds?

    So why does this federal agency need a complete auditing? It’s very simple. Because America is in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression, the value of the dollar is tanking on the world market and the Federal Reserve wields the greatest power to control it with virtually no accountability – let alone that the American people and even Congress have virtually no knowledge of what those inside are doing day to day.

    On Dec. 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, creating a seven-member board of governors (appointed by the president and approved by Congress) and 12 regional banks. From thereafter, banks continued lending money to the public, but the Fed controlled the flow of money via fluctuating interest rates and the tides of credit and money supply and demand. (This was the gravest governmental mistake in 1913. A close second was the ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which mandated income taxes as national law.)

    Read more: A force of one: the Federal Reserve

  • Jay

    The Federal Reserve Bank

    “Anyone seeking to prove the existence of conspiracies in America needs look no further than the origin of our present central bank. Here is a well documented conspiracy involving the very names tied to modern secret societies.” -Jim Marrs, “Rule by Secrecy” (68)

    “Somebody is using us. The business of banking was set up in the year 1099. An income tax form is a 1099. Who decided on that? Think about it.” -Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”

    When a country centralizes banking, it concentrates an enormous amount wealth into a single institution, works mainly to make the rich richer, and opens the government to control from foreign interests.

    As Bill Clinton’s mentor Dr. Carroll Quigley wrote: “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland; a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds’ central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.”

    With institutions like IMF and World Bank along with new Union currencies like the EU Euro and the new “Amero” further consolidating and centralizing the world’s banking/currency, the amount of global influence these international bankers have on world economies and politics is extraordinary.

    Their method of control is just like a loan-shark or the mafia. Firstly to qualify for loans, desperate nations are forced into pawning mines, railways, forests, power or water companies.

    Then to pay off the loans nations are forced to do things like ignore environmental laws, lower wages/cut back on education or health care, and privatize/sell off their resources to crooked corporations like Enron and Exxon. Whenever these poor countries cannot pay off the loans, the “generous” international bankers simply give new, higher-interest loans to pay off the old ones, further indebting/enslaving the nation.

    As Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” More recently, Richard McKenna, former President of Midlands Bank of England said, “Those that create and issue the money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people.”


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