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Obama Can’t Tell The Truth, So Help Him Allah

November 9, 2011 by  

Obama Can’t Tell The Truth, So Help Him Allah

Moammar Gadhafi is dead! Long live Libya! That is the newest mantra from the Administration of President Barack Obama. Then again, Obama has been known to play fast and loose with the truth, especially when it comes to Islam.

Now that Moammar Gadhafi is gone, who will lead Libya? Nobody knows, but if America keeps rolling down the same track it has been for a decade, it could be someone or some group worse than Gadhafi.

If what happened in Iraq is any indication of American diplomacy in the region, then what has been already a decade-long war against Islamic extremists could continue indefinitely, and at a huge cost.

The Obama Administration is beating the victory drums about Iraq. What President Obama fails to admit is he ran into a classic case of: “You’re fired!” to which he yelled back, “You can’t! I quit!”

True, Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki agreed to a complete U.S. military departure that will fulfill a promise important to Obama’s re-election effort. But one of the latest lies from our President is over why this is happening. It is not because he or the previous Administration magically created a peaceful and democratic Iraq. There will be no one like Gen. Douglas MacArthur accepting a sealed surrender from the enemy.

Instead, Obama has left Iraq teetering on the brink of civil war. The nation is falling more and more under the influences of its nuclear neighbor, Iran. The truth is America didn’t win a thing. Under Obama’s leadership, we got kicked out of Iraq and we left. In the end, we left as peaceably as the town drunk when he is thrown into the street by the saloon bouncer.

All of this reminds me of what Lt. Col. David Kilcullen, counterinsurgency adviser to Gen. David Petraeus, said a couple of years ago: “Just because you invade a country stupidly doesn’t mean you have to leave it stupidly.”

Stupid or not, Iraqi officials nixed a chance for victory and real reforms in Iraq. Because Maliki, facing dissent from inside Iraq and from bordering Iran, decided he would not provide legal justification to U.S. troops after Dec. 31. In other words, U.S. troops could be arrested, prosecuted and even executed by Iraqi civilians for so much as providing protective assistance to their own forces or even Iraqi civilians.

Of course, the Obama political machine quickly announced another victory parade, adding the withdrawal from Iraq to its list of Mideast accomplishments, which include the killing of Osama bin Laden and helping in the overthrow of Libyan dictator Gadhafi (more on that fiasco shortly).

The bottom line is Iraq is a bigger abyss today than it was when Saddam Hussein displayed his obsolete army on the parade grounds. The United States is going to be left with fewer than 200 Marines assigned to help protect the huge U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad. It hasn’t been decided yet whether a small number of other personnel will provide training related to the fancy new military hardware which could easily fall into the hands of a belligerent and extremist Iraq.

“The rest of our troops in Iraq will come home,” Obama bragged at the White House on the final Friday of October, adding that the troops will “be home for the holidays.”

“After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” the President said.

The Washington Post has already warned that sectarian strife or other violence could break out in Iraq the moment U.S. forces have left.

So America’s war in Iraq ends, with a whimper and not a bang. Never mind that U.S. military intervention in Iraq cost the United States $1 trillion and more than 4,400 American lives and left a power vacuum at the epicenter of the world’s oil.

You won’t hear a word about that from Obama’s re-election campaign. Rather, the campaign will tell voters that Obama oversaw the conclusion of the Iraq conflict. Count on such slogans as: “He brought the boys home!”

Then again, so did Richard Nixon if you count American troops being overrun by the North Vietnamese.

It is ironic that America’s inability to create stability in Iraq, the one must-win war, simply adds one more nation to a growing list of Arab countries that are imploding.

Which brings me back to Libya. The neoconservatives began arguing last winter that America must intervene to save the “rebels.” Obama has struck out in Iraq, and Afghanistan is a quagmire. Obama must have been hoping that intervention in Libya would salvage his reputation.

Right after the murder of Gadhafi, Obama hailed the declaration of freedom in Libya, saying, “a new era of promise” is under way in the African nation. Not so fast, Mr. President.

Libya is controlled by rival tribes and competing interests, none of which have one iota of democratic tradition. The way that Gadhafi and more than 50 of his close associates were assassinated has led to speculation that Libya’s future is prefigured by the chaotic violence that befell Somalia after the overthrow of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991, which has persisted ever since.

Reuters pointed out the obvious last week: that after the killing of Gadhafi, Libya itself risks tribal violence, insurgency and chaos.

DAWN.COM hammered at this point:

Gadhafi leaves behind a country with no proven governmental institutions or political parties, little or no independent civil service and civil society, no tradition of civil rights, free speech or free media, a one-track economy almost wholly dependent on oil export revenues and a system of national administration based on the fickle favour of the “Brother Leader,” family ties, patronage and corruption.

Its army broken, its borders defiled, its sovereignty outraged, Libya’s future direction is, as of this moment, more a matter of fond hope than settled policy. Democracy in Libya is an idea. It has as yet no roots and no substantive presence. Islamism, of various shades, and tribalism are, on the other hand, vibrant forces that may now feed on the power vacuum.

That sounds an awful lot like Iraq doesn’t it?

It is yet to be determined what Iraq will evolve into. As it stands today, many parts of Iraq remain giant safe houses for terrorist organizations like al-Qaida.

Peter L. Bergen makes a stunning comment on this point in his recent New York Times bestseller, The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America And Al-Qaeda.

What the Bush administration did in Iraq (invasion) is what bin Laden could not have hoped for in his wildest dreams: America invaded an oil rich Muslim nation in the Middle East, the very type of imperial adventure that bin Laden predicted was the United States long-term goal in the region… it provoked a “defensive” jihad that galvanized jihadi-minded [SIC] Muslims around the world.

There is a groundswell of instability in the Islamic world. Obama can make all the victory speeches he wants and try to placate the American people with more lies. But the Holy War that began just over a decade ago is still raging, and there is still no victory in sight.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • s c

    Early yesterday morning, the internet listed blurbs about recent ‘victors’ in Libya coming out of the shadows to claim another country for Allah. If that’s the case, then there’s only one American source that opened that door.
    The trail leads straight to the W H and this criminal, corrupt administration. We need no enemies when our ‘leadership’ is up on the auction block and can be had for revolving-door political theories.
    When the best we can do is ‘damned if we do and damned if we don’t,’ then it’s time to stay at home and let the world slide past while we figure out why American “leadership” is just another meaningless word.
    Time, resources, and money we can’t afford to throw away, all gone via a nonleader who thinks infallibility is a bonus prize that goes with winning an election.

    • Rick

      You are an idiot. You present no specific information other than to blast Obama with nothing to back it up! Perhaps you need to go to a shrink and get your self straightened up.

      • Dan

        Rick – calling somebody an “idiot” shows that you an inferior intellectual who for some reason is still hasn’t seen what the your dictator(in training) is doing to this country. For the love of God and all that is good; STOP DRINKING THE COOL-AIDE.

        • denniso

          John Meyers calls Obama a liar repeatedly,then he manipulates the facts and misconstrues the truth,for the sake of his mostly rightwing audience,all Obama haters. The deadline for us to leave Iraq was established under Bush,not Obama,and we were to have a residual force remain to help w/ training and support. But the sovereign Iraqi gov’t wouldn’t accept our provision that would give our soldiers legal immunity for anything that went wrong,so Obama decided not to leave any force there and have them subject to criminal prosecution in the pursuit of their mission. Can you imagine what the rightwing would be saying if Obama had decided to leave soldiers there w/o being granted legal immunity? They,and Meyers once again,have shown their only intent is to criticize Obama no matter what he does…all for causing as much political damage as possible,while following the lead of their own blowhard in chief,rush limbaugh,who declared immediately after the election that he hoped Obama would fail. Pure politics,while we have issues of life and death to deal with.

          • Ken Welch

            While it ‘s true there is plenty of foolishness to go around (from Bush to Obama and beyond.) Obama lost me at finding it acceptable to suck the brains out of unborn children….in fact using his vote in the U.S. Senate to see that it does happen! Or how about supporting legislation to allow babies that do survive the abortionist to be set aside to die? And the list of lies and abominations goes on and on. If one didn’t know better, one might think he’s a devil; but he’s definitely the spirit of it. Wake up and please reconsider where you put your support, lest you suffer the same condemnation.

          • Joan

            If Bush set the date for the troops to return from Iraq, then why is Obama trying to take credit for it?

          • Cheeky Monkey

            Yes – so – we’re going to leave 200 marines there to protect the embassy? I hope the Marine Corps has 200+ coffins ready because they’re going to need them. Iran will walk in and take over just as soon as we are gone. Anybody remember the last time we had an embassy in an Iranian controlled state? Let’s see – it was during the Carter administration – and the Iranians took it over – over the bodies of U.S. Marines. “Nuff said.

          • mark

            Cheeky Monkey, the Iranians who took over the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979 did not kill a single Marine. But 241 Marine died when President Reagan foolishly deployed in the middles in 1983 of a Lebanese civil war. Nearly 5000 U.S. troops were killed in Iraq looking for those non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction under President Bush. But the leaders who deployed U.S. troops for these tragic deaths, Reagan and Bush are heroes. While the man who wants to bring our troops home from Iraq and from Afghanistan, Obama, is naturally a traitor just like Jimmy Carter.

          • dennis

            Lets blame Bush again, get your head out of your ————-!

          • FactNotRhetoric

            Here is a really good video of Obama lying 7 times in under 2 minutes.
            Judge for yourself if Obama is a liar.

          • amwa

            You are so right denniso, Republicans do have a problem getting anything right, mainly I suppose because they get their news from the jokers on this right wing rag and from Fox which is not a news station. If they got of the couch and educated themselves they might know what is really going on in the world. So glad we have an intelligent President who is getting everything done that Bush just couldn’t. Barack Obama for 2012.

        • B. Hill

          Don’t even try to help this Liberal stand still for the truth.. Won’t do any good. There is at type or breed of people in America, I will refer to them as Progressive Democrats, Communist, Marxist, Muslims who will do whatever it is to destroy the American Way of life. These people grew up, had children and raised them to hate America and the Republic for which it has stood for over 200 years. Really, since the days of our Founding Fathers.

          They have been lazy and self-serving type individuals. The only Capitalism they have known is how they capitalize off of other peoples hard work, freedom and savings. Now, I realize that Democrats were not always like this, because I voted for John F. Kennedy. But, even President Kennedy was not a dirt bag like so many of these Democrats today.

          Most every Democrat in office today IS a lawyer. Tell you something here? Most every Republican in office today, had to give up their corporations as CEO’s or something to do with the economics of business in order to take position in the Federal Government. Does this speak to your common sense? If you are a Democrat, you won’t understand what I just wrote, because both your hands are still out, looking for a tax payers handout, as you have stood for your whole life.

          • Bellagram

            Really? I am a proud Democrat,a proud American, born in the 40′s, and
            I do not understand being told I taught my children (6) to hate America.
            Yes, I have been influenced by my religion – Catholic. I was taught and taught my children to follow Jesus’s example of loving and caring for others, and to follow the directive given in Matthew to do for the *least of them*, so it was not a matter of holding our hands out, but rather using our hands to give. Well, guess I am now one of those with my hand out as I am retired and now pretty much live off my social security and use my Medicare – both of which I paid into. Was kind of taken aback by Michelle Bachman’s remark yesterday, that if people do not work they should not eat. Was wondering if that applied to me, disabled veterans coming back from the wars, and children. What do you think?

          • Lee

            You must be proud of obama as he has already accomplished in less that 30 months, more than the Soviets did in over 40 years. They were unable to bring this great country down but obama brought it down in less than one term of his illegal Presidency. This country will be a third world country from now on. And don’t give me that crap that he has a US birth certificate. He is nothing more that an illegal alien muslim.

          • BJ Taylor

            I hate to disrupt your confusion with facts, but the average Democrat makes more than the average Republican, pays more taxes, is less likely to need state or federal assistance, and is more highly educated. Maybe you let your stereotype of who you think, based on age-old prejudices, is a beneficiary of your tax support override actual information.

            Those of us who are not blinded by rightwing propaganda, party affiliation (I’m an Independent), and common prejudice are open-minded to notice that the majority of people needing public or charitable help are ultra-conservative working class. It’s observable, too, that the majority of the volunteer worker, who are doing fine themselves, are more educated and upper middle class Democrats and Independents who are glad to lend a hand to the less fortunate.

            It’s amazing that those most downtrodden by the Republican mantra of HELP THE POOR SUFFERING, OVERBURDENED RICH BY TAKING FROM THE POOR are the ones whose peers most support stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Seems a lot like low and lower-middle class suicide.

        • ron

          J. Meyers is another one of those Oil men (energy men, wink, wink) who would prefer to send another’s son or daughter in a foreign land to protect his money interest.(OIL) He omits the fact that it was Bush who set the pull out date and after that there would be no SOFA to protect U.S. forces. Nor did the Iraq government want to extend the SOFA. Now I know there are many red-blooded conservatives who like J. Myers would love to colonize Iraq for the oil and the interest of Halliburton, but the U.S. is not in the colony business. Remember we fought a war some years ago because of colonial rule. 1st we had no business in that country. (Iraq) It was a stupid move and it gave Iran a foothold in the country. Now Meyers would have you believe that the president is Muslim and wants the country left to Islam. Well was it not primarily Islamic prior to the U.S. invasion as are most countries in the region? I think he (Myers) has used this slur so much about the president and Muslim he believes the bull himself. Makes me wonder if God is in his life. So give me a break Meyers, raise your own army or get your ass in shape for deployment. If you want to lead from the so-called front no one will stand in your way. You talk about the murder of Kadaffi, what about Sadam Hussein or was that ok because he was murdered by a clean-cut American president BTW what did you do during the war years ????

          • Dale on the left coast

            ron . . . didn’t the fearless leader say “my musslime faith” right on TV . . . I heard him say it!! How often do you say that?
            Did O’bammy not shelve the Cdn Pipeline that would replace Saudi and/or Venesula Despot Oil? Why did your hero BOW to his superiors in the ME?

        • gary

          I guess all the other countries that led the forces did so by Obama’s orders huh?

      • Bruce

        Rick, when I snap my fingers after the count of three you will wake up.

        Hello Rick, OMG, are you awake now?

        I know that SC opines on everything with an eye towards flaming, thats just his method, so that all it is.

        But anyone can clearly see that Barry Soetoro or Harrison J. Bonnel, or B.H.M. Obama or what ever his name really is a 100% total hand puppet.
        Please take the time and read Dr. Corsi’s book on Barry or what ever is name really is.

      • Mushin

        Kid’s today like “little Ricky” have been so mind-washed by the establishment and MTV that he believes whatever the picture tube tells him and is incapable of thinking for himself….don’t waste your time with him Dan, little Ricky is beyond hope {as are a very large portion of this population}.

        • Dan

          You are absolutely right,Mushin;
          Once a Sheeple,always a Sheeple.
          There’s no hope for Ricky.

          • B. Hill

            I’m standing here with you two as well…There will always be casualties and many will not make it, but they all will understand their demise, just prior to their heads being sliced off.

      • DaveH

        Duh, did I miss something? Did the evidence to back up your claims against SC get deleted from your post?

      • Mary

        You are OK. You just need eyeglasses.

      • http://charter howe

        To RICK; Its hard to imagine that you would demonize someone for telling the truth about your master Obama. Apparently you have your head in the snd or you would know that Obama has violated the Constitution and the law of the land time after time. How on God’s earth can you not know about the class warfare, deviciveness and failure to support the Constitution by ignoring DOMA enforcement, failing to seal the borders, and circumventing Congress on a huge number of programs the most talked about issue being illegal immigration. You have a right to speak your mind, but if you are going to defend socialism at least man up and admit you are punked.

        • B. Hill

          Rick has NEVER taken the time to read and understand the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Rick has most likely NOT read the Qur’an and what these people are trying to do here in America.

          Ignorance is NOT bliss…Ignorance can cost you your life and the life of your families.

          One big reason I believe the Progressives don’t read to understand the heritage of America through the Constitution is that the Constitution recognizes God, who is the author of these laws. Romans 13 They don’t want anything to do with Him and this is why they are going about trying to establish their own righteousness.

          But, God will prevail let me tell you…The people who spurn Him will endure a great punishment coming to them one day and I believe it will be more than a few years in confinement…

          • Alikanas

            For that matter, where in the Constitution is there a mention of a god?

        • Bellagram

          Where is DOMA mentioned in the constitution?

      • Templar

        Rick you’re the idiot, most certainly a mutt. You lack so much as a shred of intelligence. Become informed. Wake TFU.

      • Linda

        Rick, I think you really need to rethink your priorities. Do you not see how Obama is trying to ruin America? How can you NOT see!??
        I don’t know how old you are, but I was born in 1950 and I had the best of America back then. I don’t want to lose it now.
        I remember playing till dark with no worry about getting snatched off the street by some pervert. I remember when I sold lemonaid at the roadside with no worry of getting busted for no permit. I could ride my bicycle everywhere without a worry in the world, just the joy of flying and not worrying about being snatched off my bike by some pervert. All the neighbors looked out for all the kids in the neighborhood back then, and were known to give a swat or two when needed. And then we got another swat when we got home.
        There were no iPods, cell phones or computers, usually just a couple stations on the tv, but we were happy and healthy and grew up right.
        It’s too bad you don’t know about growing up this way, maybe you’d be a better person for it. I know I am.

        • Linda

          God bless you

          • taliesin319

            Linda, thank you for describing it so well. Having been born in 1940, I had the joy of seeing the nation
            wide party on VJ day. Troop trains and Ships bringing home the valiant men and women who fought to save the world. Its hard to believe that from these heros one third of their progeny would turn out to be as
            selfish and as cowardly as their fathers were courageous. Their children, the Baby Boomers became the
            first whiners and tattletales to appear in large numbers in the school yards. Their schoolmates didn’t
            bully them they ignored them. Graduating into Hippies was their first mass tantrum. They produced
            the Yuppies ( me first generation ). They produced the parents if the cyber bullies we know and admire
            today. The last 2 groups are the most woefully dumbed down Americans ever to be engendered. Weak people seldom survive in survival situations that dictate critical thinking skills. The OWS crowd are
            a prime example. They will never possess your independence, resilience, pride or that most beautiful of all attributes, ” grace under pressure “. God save America and her people long enough to teach
            the teachable what they must learn.

        • ALL AMERICAN

          Nice comment, Linda.
          I miss those days dearly.
          What has happened to this Country?
          Oh wait… I remember.
          Thanks again, Linda, for helping me reminisce.

          • B. Hill

            Thank God Bruce is up there snapping his fingers or we would all be left in our trance… :)

          • lucitee

            I was raised in a home with no yelling, abuse and littlr anger. We did not HAVE a lot, but if we needed something Dad or Mom could figure out a way to get it for us! I TOO grew up safe, our home was secure, we were loved and we ran in the forest from daylight until dusk1 It was our own “playground” until it was too dark to see. Mamas voice ringing across the hills calling us and the cows home. Daddy read the Bible to us every evening and we said ‘night prayers”. It was a poor, but safe, secure and loving home! Now it is gone forever except in my heart and mindand the stories I have shared with my children and grands! I wish the young people today could get just a “taste” of what WE children “feasted on” for most of our lives!

          • Pierre from NY

            When you blame all the ills on the younger generations of today and yesterday aren’t you blaming yourselves for turning out these children and grandchildren?

          • Buster the Anatolian

            No Pierre from NY I am not. I raised two daughters and both are pretty leval headed and definately not like those youngsters you mention.

        • JTB

          Very well said, Linda and I agree with you 100%!

        • B. Hill

          Good Post Linda, I too was born in 1950 and all the things you mentioned, I believe for myself. I was fortunate to have two parents through my growing up years, even though I didn’t think they had time for me. (we had 9 total in the family). I still enjoyed working for the family owned business and even was privileged to have my own car at 17.

          Even though I was only one of 12 or 13 males who drove to High School because we had jobs to pay for our cars, I know many more could have done so if they had had opportunity. I thank God for my opportunities!

          Working was so much a part of my young adult life and being employed was just the way America was back then. But over the years I have seen the erosion of the 1960′s and now with people in office who are completely trying to destroy the United States economics. Businesses have been taxed to death and they have moved away to make their profits.

          Progressives don’t like Rick don’t have ONE clue what I am speaking of here, but those of us who do, need to move hard and to maintain free enterprise in our country. We had to try to help those like Rick understand by pointing to common sense actions of this administration, but once we have tried and they have rejected, we need to move on to another person….and so on and so forth, educating people, not by calling them names like being and idiot or defaming them.

          Love for people moves mountains…If a person does not have love for them, better for people in opposition to truth must just shut up!

          • mary ann from maine

            am from 1934 and remember and agree with you great memories better way of life

        • John Lilleburns ghost

          You grew up in an America created by a centre left rooseveldt adminstration that did an incredible job in restoring an america economy destroyed by a corrupt republican administration (sound familiar?)aided by full employment due to the fact that it was the only major economy not destroyed by war, to be American in the 1950′s was to be blessed. it’s not going to happn again. As for the risk of perverts etc. your perspective is was safer is sadly wrong. It happened then (rarely)happens now (rarely) predators are and have always been there. Whats different is we have industry that has turned the understandable fear of these events into an very unpleasant media business, indeed as much as I dislike the vast majority of the poster’s on this sites politics My dislike is nothing for the comptempt I feel for the odious Nancy Grace etc. therefore my son rides his bike and feels like he’s flying (it was an remains great) and i worry myself sick just like your parents and my parents did (that’s the deal with being a parent) but I aint going to stop it because he’s entitled to freedom too

          • Capitalist at Birth

            Herbert Hoover was a Democrat that became a Republican. He was not truely a conservative. He and the Federal Reserve (enacted by a Democrat Woodrow Wilson) created a rececsion by contracting the money supply, them worsened the situation with the protectionist trade war legislation that caused the world wide depression. Roosevelt worsened the situation with Government intervention in the market place. Evidently you are ignorant of the facts and history. Read what Henry Morgenthau, who was Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury wrote in hindsight about all the mistakes they made. We did not come out of the depression until after World War II, when the Republicans in Congress lowered taxes and reduced spending. If you can refute any of this, be my guest.

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            I think you are referring to the Smoot – Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 (Great crash was 1929) this protectionist policy introduced by Senators Smoot(Rep UT)& Hawley(Rep OR) did indeed contributed to the worsening situation. These republican dunderheads were the prototypes for Phil Gramms (sp? cant be bothered to check). As for the usual, pathetic, Hoover was really a democrat excuse that’s just weak. He was a republican when he messed up end of. Lastly the US economy was beginning to come out of depression as early as 1933 although full recovery didn’t occur until 1940. There, you are comprehensively refuted

        • moonbeam

          “I don’t know how old you are” (to Rick. I think 12 sounds about right. Rick’s comment appears to have jumped right out of Jack-in-the-box.

        • Bellagram

          And I was born in the 40′s and had many of the same childhood experiences as you. It is a concern that my grandchildren do not have the same freedom of being outside, in the neighborhood, til dark, and cannot walk to school alone. But how are these things Obama’s fault? Gosh, they changed long before Obama was in office.

        • Carol Walters

          I agree with Linda. Things were better then. The guilty were held accountable. Children didn’t have to be worried about things like they do today. The next generation of neurotic adults are forming now because of all the misery these children live under now. Our children are more aware of what goes on in the world with so much misery being inflicted by the adults and their own idiotic fights over many times, stupid things, that they won’t know which way to turn themselves. There is no trust left in their world. So how can they have any as adults? There is nothing but lies heaped upon lies in the name of greed, politics, religion or all of the above. Too many adults so power mad with delusions of godhood that they can’t see the forest for the trees so to speak. Adults,I don’t think so. Seems like we have a planet full of children grown tall and haven’t learned anything about sharing, compassion, honesty, accountability or trustworthiness that WE tell our children that they should be practicing. When will WE ever learn? I don’t think it will happen any time soon if at all. WE will just keep hiding behind high sounding ideals all the while making backdoor deals that benefit the very few at the expense of everyone else. Is this the legacy we want for our children or grandchildren? I sure hope it isn’t. Yes, Linda, I agree with you. We need more civility in the world and less lies and greed. We need leaders true to their word…if they really mean their words in the first place.

        • Alikanas

          So, that’s all been changed in the last three years by Obama?

          • Bob Hoffman

            Alikanas, To answer your question about any mention of God, it is in The Declaration of Independence, which is the precursor to the Constitution. About the last 3 years under Obama. The man seems to think that “we the people” ARE NOT to blame for our personal financial troubles–it’s the RICH guy’s fault. Any mistakes/poor decisions we have made ARE the fault of someone else! Two things: #1. Check out BenFranklin’s quote regarding the poor/poverty. Those words are even MORE applicable today! #2. Read the book The Great American Bank Robbery by Paul Sperry–it tells the TRUTH about the cause(s) of our current financial crisis! Educate yourself, PLEASE–then tell ALL of your friends. The future of our contry IS at stake. I thank you, my daughters thank you, and my grandchildren thank you!

        • Alikanas

          And, of course, life continued like that right up until January 2009, didn’t it?

      • Steven

        Rick as a member in good standing of the obamination regime I know that every statement you said is a fabrication of a sick mind you are incapable of hearing or realizing the truth. It is sad in that it will hurt when the obamination will fall and you will be so saddened when it happens….my regards and Ha Ha…..

      • Shoestring47

        You must be a liberal. Liberals always react with anger and name calling.
        Use your brains and find out the facts before blasting someone. Don’t stay stupid forever.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Rick perhaps you have not been paying attention to the fiasco in the White House! Anyone with a brain can figure out Obama is the greatest liar that has ever been in the White House. Also Rich Obama does not give a damn about you or me, nor the ideals we have. He is a totally illegal President, that should be Thoroughly investigated by congress, and then arrested for treasonus acts against the U.S.A.

        • moonbeam

          Absolutely correct, Lost in Paradise. I publicly call on Congress to do the right thing here. Barry Soetero is ineligible to run for re-election due to the fact that only ONE of his parents was natural born citizen of the US. His daddy was Kenyan (or where ever, but it wasn’t the good ol’ US of A). He was NOT even an American citizen naturalized or otherwise.

          I mean, forget about the FAKE certificate of live birth. Barry’s father makes him ineligible for POTUS.

          Therefore, according to our Constitution, Barry is illegal, as is all of his failed policies, including the unconstitutional Obamacare. Case closed.

          Additionally, he has broken so many of our laws and told so many bald-faced lies that if it were you or I, we’d be brought up on fraud charges.

          Rubio will tell you himself HE can’t run for prez because his parents are not natural born Americans. Rubio may be a natural born American but it makes no difference if he is or isn’t. His parents are not, so, he can’t run for president.

          Does anyone think we could get away with having 3 (that we know of) aliases, multiple SSNs of which his present one does not pass eVerify? Of course not. Barry has help and these boils on the bent over sore ass of America needs to be rooted out by their veritable cores.

          • Bellagram

            Wow – so then the first several president’s of the US were ineligible because their parents were not born in the US? Marco Rubio certainly is eligible to be potus. He is on the short list for VP for 2012.

          • Ronnie

            Rubio is “native born” not “natural born.” By virtue of the fact that his parents were Mexican citizens, he is a dual citizen of Mexico and the U.S. Neither of Rubio’s parents were US citizens at the time of his birth. He was born in the US but he is not “natural born” and as such he is not eligible to run for two offices: President or Vice President. He may be a good man, love the U.S. but he is not eligible. He can run for any other office in government but not for one of the top two offices in the land.

            What is a natural born citizen? Where did the framers come up with this term? Where was it used before? So many questions, and the answers are right there if anyone wishes to search out the truth.

            The term Natural born Citizen appears in our Constitution, in Article 1, Section 2, with these words, “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.”

            Before the Constitution the closest reference we have to Natural Born Citizen is from the legal treatise “the Law of Nations,” written by Emerich de Vattel in 1758. In book one chapter 19,

            § 212. Of the citizens and natives.

            “The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”

      • Eddie

        It is important to keep in mind that if it hadn’t been for BUSH’s big lies (rumors of Iraq’s WMDs and Saddam Hussein connection with 9-11, both countered by the CIA pre-invasion), there would have been no Iraq war and associated huge casualty rate and loss of billions–period. At least with Obama, we have a leader that works WITH the CIA (in getting Bin Laden)and WITH NATO (in getting Gaddafi). He is respected internationally as a leader for doing this, which in effect has reversed the international disdain and ridicule the U.S. had gotten with Bush at the helm. Anyone who was around when the Vietnam War happened knows that you enter a war of this magnitude, a quagmire will occur. We knew 9 years ago that there would be no easy exit from Iraq regardless of who was leading America. To go back to the Republican mentality and lying machine that caused this mess would only be a ticket to further devastation to the U.S.A.

        • Dale on the left coast

          eddie . . . there you go again . . . lol
          How come your progressive friends from Klinton, Gore, Albright, Kenedy, Kerry and many others were unable to figure this out as you have. They all VOTED to go into Iraq . . . they all said for YEARS that “Iraq was an Imminent Threat” . . .
          You seem allergic to the truth just like your Comm Organizer buddy in the WH . . . . you both seem to live in a Parallel Universe!!!
          Did you catch O’bammy hugging the Turkish Thug?

        • Joan

          Eddie, just why do you think Obama is soooooo great? Have you not read all the lies, fraud, etc he has spilled since he bought his way into office? All the other countries make fun of him and wants him in office because he gives all the other countries soooo much money. Before we know it, Africa or some other 3rd country such as the muslum countries will become the Capital of the USA. And if you don’t believe it you ought to check out the people he has put in office since 2008, at least 16 are muslums. If you want to follow the muslum rules & beliefs, then vote for Obama again and you will get what you deserve. And for your information – always saying the Rep’s want to cater to the rich – 28 Dem’s are millionaries and only 22 Rep’s are millionaires. Why do you think your party is Donkey?

          • JTB

            Joan, great post and I so love the “donkey” and it’s so darn true! Bunch of ASSE__S!

        • Rman

          Eddie you apparently don’t remember all the stories about how Saddam Hussein was using nerve gas on the Kurds in northern Iraq. The congressmen who ranted, raved and condemned Hussein for his use of WMDs on his own people. You obviously didn’t search out the hundreds of articles published in foreign publications which not only confirmed the existence of WMDs but included photos and maps of the routes to, and locations of, where Hussein had his WMDs shipped to neighboring countries. Hussein had plenty of time to get rid of the evidence before President Bush invaded. What Bush did find and didn’t publicize was the finding of several tons of Yellowcake (unrefined uranium ore) stockpiled by Hussein. Maybe he didn’t have nuclear WMDs but he was headed toward them.

          • Guest

            It is sooooooo obvious who Obots are in this blog today!! Their age and level of education can be determined by their ridiculous comments, especially those that show a sick worship of the fraud who resides in our White House. They are paid to sing Obama’s praises, regardless of how stupid their comments sound. The most intelligent thing the adults in this blog can do is ignore these clowns and converse with those who are truly concerned about our country and where it’s headed.

        • Realist

          You are half right about Republicans being the lying machine. Demopublicans are both liars and they are both being manipulated
          by zionist NWO puppet masters. They are lobbyists with the money that
          corrupts all politicians and the mosaad are directing them in the
          direction they want their demopublicans to go. If you are a repugnat
          or libernazi, it makes no difference…the globalists are in charge
          not you!

          • Capitalist at Birth

            Are you and anti-semite?

        • eddie47d

          Yes Eddie you can lead Republicans to water but you can’t force them to drink. They play it’s not my fault all day long too and have a very long list of excuses. You’ll get use to it.

      • JMJ

        Hey Rick, what did you do before Obamanisim? Maybe write his “life-story? If so, just where was he born?). This man sold his soul to the devil, which is why he doesn’t tell the truth as he hates the truth with a passion. Why is he so ashamed of the American flag & the history of what use to be the greatest country in the world. Is there anything that he has done that was legal or moral since his climb into the political world (he is NOT a politician, but is indeed a dictator)? Take of your rose-colored glasses & face the facts. +JMJ+

      • http://yahoo ted

        rick all i tell u is when ur young and naive u vote democrate,when ur older and wiser u will vote republican. the press, tv news and crying liberals will control u till u see tru it all. john kennedy once said ask not want ur country can do for u but what u can do for your country. obama and his liberal cronies have took that great speach out of text and has flushed are childrens hopes and dreams down the toilet. may GOD bless us all before its to late. p.s. john kennedy was the last democrate that was good for america.

        • John Lilleburns ghost

          or as you get older you get more embittered and mean realizing that your life was a sad failure. However you are being too kind Truman was the last good democrat and Lincoln was the last good republican one

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            sorry how could i forget Theodore Rooseveldt my bad

          • Capitalist at Birth

            The three Presidents, of which you refer, were not anywhere near the best Presidents. You had better do a little more studying of history before you make more of a fool of yourself, than you already have.

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            Capitalist at Birth, (I can only assume you paid your mother for the milk? Or was it an entitlement program?) Although I do not usually pick on syntax, spelling I do when I am called names. If you are want to call people a fool learn some grammar otherwise you embarrass yourself, It’s “to which you refer” not “of which you refer”. Now I have read a few of your posts and realize that you are a “sandwich” short of a picnic but you have a chance! Take tomorrow off then no one can say he/she was an idiot all his life. As for the presidents they are my choice, take yours, offer an opinion or otherwise shut up

      • eddie47d

        Yes Rick I have exposed SC many times in never presenting anything but anti-Obama drivel. She’s a very biased merry go round with no substance.

      • JUKEBOX

        Hey Rick, I heard a rumor yesterday that Bin Laden and Quadaffi were still alive and living in Obama’s mansion in Chicago, and Rahm sent a limo over to take them down to register to vote.

      • karel Eekels

        Rick, the people in the “white coats” should visit your residence and pick you up for a mental check-up.

      • NVRAT

        1) $270.0 million dollars to bring 20,000 Muslims to America… free room and board.
        2) $770.0 Billion dollars to rebuild Mosques around the world.
        3) Elimination of National Prayer Day, replaced by National Muslim day of prayer
        4) Supporting of Muslim Brotherhood (an anti American organization)to topple the Egypt and Libyan governments.

        Crap the list goes on and on. Wake-up Rickey Boy.

      • Rob

        Rick you should get your head out of your ass if you can’t see what obamba been doing to this country you must be a muslum your the idiot

      • wally stewart

        let me be clear in this.
        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

        • Kathryn


    • Old Henry

      John mentioned Little Barry’s crowing about his killing of bin-laden. Here is a link to an article about the new SEAL Team Six book regarding that mission.

      As John pointed out, more lies by Little Barry.

      (Not sure why, but I had to copy & paste for it to work)

      • DaveH
        • olinda moore

          they suppouse to pick him alive and make him talk,same of Libia Omahar gaddafy but they kil themand every thingis is just questions they take the answer with them,i wonder why?????????????????????????????

      • Bellagram

        And just what part of that do you think shows that Obama lied about anything? He did a lot of stuff around the time of that attack – including telling jokes at the press dinner. He did not want anyone to think there was something different going on. The Seal wrote the book because he was tired of some calling them assassins and murderers. He specifically said that if bin Laden had surrendered, he would have been captured – which is what the President said and one of the things he was supposed to have lied about.

      • mark

        Oh and you don’t think the right-wing author of this book and the right-wing SEALs aren’t lying? The military lie through their teeth. They lied about Jessica Lynch. They lied about Pat Tillman. They lied about practically everything in Vietnam including the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that helped provoke the U.S. invasion. The My Lai cover-up was their most infamous lie of that war.

        • Bellagram

          Mark – did you read that article (or what ever it was) about the Seals and bin Laden? There was nothing in what I read that indicated or accused the President of any falsehood or wrong doing. It was more along the lines of defending the whole operation and the President. It completely shot down the accusations of assassinating bin Laden.

    • Ellen

      SC, You are correct. This administration is a bumbling group of idiots without a single good idea. They lie more easily than telling the truth. Politically, it would’ve made more sense to tell us that Iraq wants us to leave. When mayhem ensues, we can’t be held responsible. Instead, Obama’s handlers had him grandstand again. When Iraq teams up with Iran next year (since they already admitted they choose Iran over the US) and they have nuclear power, Obama will look stupid. He’ll probably just blame Bush again.

      • http://html Bob

        The POTUS was a liar on the campaign trail and has gotten worse as time goes on.

        • Lost in Paradise

          Why would the ass not lie, when so many believe his lies. It is really scary to think of the percentage of people that really believe this guy.

          • JUKEBOX

            I have tried time and time again to tell people that this man is a great MASS HYPNOTIST in the manner of Adolph Hitler. VOTE FOR ME, AND I WILL SUPPLY YOUR EVERY NEED, FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T OPPOSE ME. TRUST ME!

      • eddie47d

        So Ellen is saying that we should stay in Iraq and apparently wants us to take on Iran too. You have learned nothing. How many wars will it take before you get a grip on reality.

        • JUKEBOX

          I think we should have a “PAY PER VIEW” cage match between Obama, Sarkozy, and Ajhmenajad. The proceeds would help pay down our debt.
          The only problem is that the little Iranian dictator would obviously kill the other two wimps.

          • Carol Walters

            Your remark is most probably true. The national debt would be a surplus. It also reminded me of a commercial many years ago about the leaders of two countries coming together on a field like two men ready to do a duel. The only difference was, these two men took off their coats, handed them to their seconds and then made moves like they were ready to punch each other out over whatever their dispute was. I believe the commentator said that if that if the nation’s leaders had to duke it out themselves that there would be a more peaceful settlement to the world’s disputes. Wonder if that would work today….I mean put these war mongers in harms way and see if they would come to a better settlement rather than killing their own people over their own greedy agendas? Great post by the way. Really gives you food for thought.

    • http://www, John Hanna

      You are right – it takes a hired killer like Saddam to keep them in line. They are unshakably barbaric.
      Let em group all together.
      Bama is a basketball player – he wouldn’t know a real football if he fell over it.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Yes, Saddam, was the best thing to happen to Iraq.

    • Colleen

      You are exactly correct. And that is the scary part.
      When people like “Rick” put their two cents worth in and it is most always in support of odumbo, it is usually a typical demwit/socialist/marxist tactic of isolate, intimidate and insult the teller of the truth. They cannot handle the truth. Might just make an over-blown head explode.

      • Bob J

        When you don’t have any facts, just start calling people names.

    • Jarcher

      EVERYONE needs to study Islam. The three books; the Qur’an (get one in English that has been arranged in chronological order rather than the intentionally confusing longest-to-shortest-verse order), the Haddith and the Sira will illuminate the fact that the singular intent of Islam is to dominate the entire globe with an Islamic Caliphate ruled by Sharia law, BY WHATEVER MEANS!
      I have concluded that no means we apply will change their course. Israel and America are their greatest prizes; we are the minor and major Satans! The only reason to have presence in the Middle East is for vigilance.

      • taliesin319

        How right you are. Buy some colored highlighters and use a different color for each type of hate. For
        example, use yellow for antisemitism, pink for denigration, sexual assault, and mutilation and beating of women, lavender for abuse of Christians. Well, you get the idea. Also learn the meaning of ” abrocation ”
        and ” Taquiya “. You need to know this and your family needs to know this. Christians of all denominations are being slaughtered wholesale throughout the middle east and the MSM is conspicuous by their silence.
        Sooner or later the once proud Fourth Estate will reap what it has sown. As matters stand now only
        idiots listen to their demented defense of their inept Prince.

      • S.C. Murf

        Jarcher you are absolutely correct. Once again people our Christian bible that was written 2000 years ago talks about the coming age of the muslims and their intent to take control of the world. If you want more info and passages from the bible then get a copy of Lowell Lundstroms book The Muslims Are Coming, the copy write was late 70′s or early 80′s, don’t quite remember, do to part timers I think. Our bible was written over 2000 years ago, pretty good wouldn’t you say? Time to stand up to these muslims and tell them where to get off. To anyone saying these were Bush’s war or Obama’s war WRONG, these belong to big business, big oil etc. these are the drivers behind just about everything going on in the world today. The headlines after Gadhafi was killed were Libya is ripe for big business to move in. Ron Paul or nothing at all

        up the hill

    • Mike

      The main thing wrong with Obama’s action is it’s two years -late-,
      just like USA should never have been squandering resources there in the first place. There’s not much point spreading freedom and democracy around the world while back home the TSA and other organizations have been eliminating the People’s freedoms.
      And referring to “Obama lies” is a joke when the current bunch of GOP contenders flip-flop at every opportunity, and they’re not even in office yet. (and probably won’t be) We’ve just finished with (what?),
      the 4th front runner?

      • Lost in Paradise

        Hey dude, you wanna crawl back in your hole, and shut the F up?

        • JUKEBOX

          If the MSM had put forth one tenth of the effort they have spent on Herman Cain on Obama in 2008, he would have never made it out of the Senate.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Mikey . . . the key word is “Contenders” . . . they are not in the WH!!!
        But the occupant of the WH has almost never told the truth . . . whether is his college records, birth cert, SIN, or the campaign promises . . . oh, there is one he is keeping, to “transform america” . . . . he is doing that well, transforming us into a 3rd world country.


      I Know KING HUSSEIN OBAMA LEFT IRAQ BECAUSE HE COULD NOT GET THE DEAL HE WANTED TO LEAVE AMERICANS IN,IRAQ. PLEASE HELP ME AMERICANS, CNN IS LIEING ON EVERY FINE MODERATE AND CONSERVATIVE REPUB RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT ALONG WITH THEIR LIEING LIBERAL BIAS IN THE NEWS PERIOD, WE MUST OCCUPY CNN, CALL CNN AT 4048272600, their main number and raise hell, tell them u will call their advertisers and refuse to buy their products if CNN doesnt stop its liberal lieing bias, please post this number all over the internet 1_404_827_2600 and tell everyone to call CNN and raise hell, together we can stop cnn, lets OCCUPY CNN WITH,MILLIONS OF CALLS, REMEMBER POST CNN,NUMBER (EVERYWHERE)

      • JUKEBOX

        CNN does not come anywhere close to the mendatious, vitriolic drivel that MSNBC calls “JOURNALISM”, and I am not a fan of CNN.

    • patrick H.T. paine

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

      Hello sports fans……let me ask you a SERIOUS QUESTION… date
      if one calculates the death toll from islamic fundamentalists, what do you think the numbers would look like?

      Intelligent foreign policy consists of one move……exit!

      One thing Islam has demonstrated to us, is that they are willing to kill indiscriminatingly…..mostly themselves.

      There is NO SANE REASON to interfer with this process……

      They have yet to experience a reformation, as did the christian world
      with Luther and Calvin….which was accellerated by the printing press. Islam is in a primitive state, of the billion plus, the majority of “islam” is illiterate…..they have only two branches..
      ( there are others but very fringe ) and the koran must be “interpreted” for them.

      The “kicker” here is that after all of this, there is a punch line…
      “Have you read it in the original arabic?” (classical)

      Catch # 67356421 Very few people are capable of doing this….

      Now that the ball is rolling, we should let it roll…’s WAY overdue……and there is no downside, for us. Plus a lot of Islamic’s
      will get where they claim they want to be….a lot faster.

      I mean “paradise is waiting”….

      “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls…….”

      • JUKEBOX

        We need to hire a few thousand radical Muslims to conduct bomb making classes, and then remotely detonate their class project.

    • BJ Taylor

      What? 9 years of having our people killed, killing innocent Iraqis as well as guilty ones, and spending a trillion here or there is not enough blood and money spent on a futile and unwinnable cause?

      How much will be enough for you? McCain’s 100 years? Would that be enough?

      I don’t give two cents for Obama or any of the war hawk draft dodgers who started this Keystone Cops disaster of an unjustified war in Iraq with their lies, but I sure do about bringing our troops home safely. They should have never been there.

  • Lawrence

    This president is so full of lies I wonder how he keeps them all straight but then he reads from a telaprompter. He has lied right from the begining and up to today. How do these people put up with him?

    • Ronbo

      His biggest lie: Obama calls himself a Democrat when he continues ALL the Republican policys established by Bush.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I do not agree that he is following the Bush Administrations policies at all. They have outlawed ehnanced interigation techniques. They failed in the negotiations to allow a contingency force of American Troops in Iraq. He did not listen to his military commanders on the ground in Afghanistan. These are not the same actions, that the Bush administration would have taken.

        • Ronbo

          Dude, think deeper. Why does Obama keep suspects in foreign prisons where torture is accepted. We pay others to torture for us.

        • Rhondar

          NO…he kept rendition

      • DaveH

        Get used to it. The Leaders of both parties are playing the electorate for their own gains. It’s been that way for a long, long time. The only real difference between the two parties is that they have slightly different agendas, but they share the lust for Power and Perks that they achieve on the backs of the ignorant voters.
        Anybody who has bought into the myth, that either major party is there to protect our Freedom or Care for us, has been deluded. If they really cared for us, they would dismantle all the Unconstitutional agencies that are stealing the food from our tables.
        There are a couple of lone voices in the wilderness (one very very faint) who want to do the right things, but they are powerless until the American people educate themselves and wake up to the reality of Big Government.
        Ron Paul 2012! And put some Libertarians in Congress to help him out. Please.

        • texastwin827

          Thanks for telling it like it really is! For decades, we Americans have allowed the corruption of BOTH parties to go, unchecked. So much so that our young people have no idea what COULD BE, if the electorate actually paid attention and selected people who would actually do the job that we elect them to do.

          I have 3 daughters..two in their early 40′s and one that is almost 29..the 29 yr old is the one who is actually the more politically educated one. The two older ones think Obama is “doing okay” (not great but okay). The younger one is a supporter of Ron Paul, like me. Fortunately, my grandson listens to his youngest aunt (he’s currently in a college level History class, at his high school). He will turn 18 next May…and is voting in his first Presidential election, in Nov..his candidate of choice…RON PAUL! :-))

        • DaveH

          Those same self-interested Leaders are trying hard to disarm any potential opposition (that’s you and me) to their tyranny. Fight back:

      • vikki ccorbin


      • Wil

        And those he has kept is the only thing he’s done right.

      • Patriot II

        Ronbo; so will you vote against him now that you know he is full of Crap and lies. To my knowledge Ron Paul is pretty honest (as far as I know)

        Litmus test for you; Do you like freedom and less govt regulation or are you still a Democrat and want more regualtions and Big Government?

    • Rick

      What lies? Back it up stupid.

      • Dan

        I never argue with an idiot because they will drag you down to “their level” and beat you with experience! Talk to the hand, Ricky, lol!

      • Colleen

        See what I mean?? Typical liberal tactic: insult with no facts to back them up.

      • DaveH

        Ron Paul predicts Obama’s actions before the election:

        • mark

          Yeah, not only is he the Savior of the Nation, he’s clarvoyant, too.

          • DaveH

            He doesn’t need to be clairvoyant to know the mess that Liberals create with their policies. It’s called experience.

      • DaveH

        What lies, Rick? Could you give us something a little harder to back up? Obama lies practically every time he speaks. I guess we can’t blame that all on him, since his previous Democrat mentor (Clinton) had made it obvious that his Blindered Followers would believe anything he said:

        • http://WeThePeople Jean

          I didn’t even believe Clinton what he said about trying maryjane “I didn’t Inhale”. Perhaps there were some loaded brownies still on the tray.

        • eddie47d

          …or Bush denying he used cocaine. What a merry go round!

        • mark

          The whole Obamalies website you listed is just a right-wing screed full of distortions and lies itself. It’s a ridiculous political hack-job.

          • DaveH

            Feel free to refute the particulars, Mark. If you can.

      • texastwin827

        They say when people are a little short,in the intelligence department, they resort to insults and profanity.

        Since you are so much “wiser” might I suggest you discuss some FACTS, instead of just calling someone an idiot or stupid because their viewpoint is the opposite of yours? Or does even that go beyond your capabilities? (probably but humor me…I’m trying to give you the benefit of doubt)

        • http://WeThePeople Jean

          He has very a limited command of the English Language. Either that or his mind can not keep up with what the keyboard offers.

      • Linda

        I feel so sorry for you, Rick, that you’re so lost and feel so much hate. Let it go. You’re on the wrong side. Bless you

    • olinda moore

      every time he has to make a big one untill people star opening the eyes and see the tru of that men,remember to vote diferent in 2012 we need a change,vote for Rick Perry ,he will bring this country back
      the same he has done on texas,you will see jobs for every American,more freedon,small goverment,oil from america becouse we have plenty…..


      Every morning, he gathers them together, and says “YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY”, and then he gives them their talking points, telling them that it is 200% truthful.

      • Carol Walters

        You know what? I think you are right. My sister lives just outside of Houston and says that Americans are having a hard time getting ANY open jobs because there are so many illegal Mexicans taking them. She tells me too that Mr. Perry is GIVING “scholarships” of $100,000 to these same people for education as well as food stamps, free medical coverage, etc. yet the Americans living there can’t get the time of day. What is he talking about when he says he has created jobs for Americans? Sounds more like he has created jobs and sent the money out of the country to Mexico the same way he says big business does with their companies by sending their jobs out of the country. Sounds like he is talking out of both sides of his face don’t you think?

    • Doctor Mom

      This reminds me of a quote from something I read recently:
      “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
      Right…it’s from the NIV, John 8:44.

  • willie

    So right S.C. I have been saying for years that we should let the world figure out their own path to freedom and we should protect our borders fanatically. When countries fall apart, rebuild themselves, fall apart again and rebuild themselves they may eventually get it right. Until then we seem to be wasting lives, money and effort to no avail.

    • john

      Very well said, and absolutely correct.

  • R. k. Shadle

    Obama cant tell the truth so help him allah. Really! What else would you expect from a liar? You cant get good fruit from a bad tree, and you cant get good water from a bad well.

    • Colleen

      The man is a pathological liar to prop up his pathological narcissistic personality.

      • JUKEBOX

        He makes Bill Clinton look like Mother Theresa!

    • DaveH

      Lying has become a hallmark of American Presidents for one simple reason — the electorate has given them no other choice. We have allowed our Leaders to take charge over every minute aspect of our lives, and NOBODY is up to that task, so they have to lie to win our votes. That will continue until enough of us wake up to realize that our Founders were wise beyond our years, and the original design of the Constitution was very well thought out (with a few exceptions). We need to get back to that original design, in the process shrinking all Governments, but especially shrinking the Federal Leviathan dramatically.
      There is only one Political Party that understands Freedom — The Libertarian Party. For Limited Government, Personal Responsibility, Free Trade, Individual Liberty, and PEACE:

  • Runninbear

    I agree ?and he got the peace prize ?it should have been the Golden Hooka award.Obama is not helping anything? hes making it worse than it was?

    • Grey Wolf


      • Patriot II

        Grey Wolf;

        Did you hear about the new Liberal menu at Mickey D’s?

        Order anything you want, they guy behind you will pay for it!

    • lucitee

      I am STILL recovering from his “PEACE PRIZE” before he even recognized
      the word! Either THAT Committee was COMMITTEED by a good sense of humor or just NEEDED to be committed! I would LOVE to know who ‘suggested” this asinine action, the names of the “chain of command” and who PAID them to GIVE it to him! Even HE knew he did not deserve it! Like the time I took my Mom for her first flight! When we started to embark the Stewardess gave Mom a small silver plane to put on her coat! She asked the Stewardess why she gave it to her! She told Mom “Because it was your first flight and you were very brave! Mom handed it back to her and said “YOU keep it! I didn’t earn it”! O’Bama should do the same thing!

  • don eagle

    let’s see: the people and political party that supported the iraq war in the first place, which was justified on the enormous lie of “weapons of mass destruction”, and has resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million or so Iraqis, is calling obama a lier? i do enjoy reading the bs on these liberty alert emails, though. it is greatly amusing to see how irrational people are, on both sides of the aisle.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      don eagle… Are you forgetting that Congress was in favor of going into Iraq? You seem a little confused. It was not the Republican party that solely is responsible, but Washington as a whole.

      • Rick

        Talk about “lies”…the Bush administration said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Congress believed him…that’s tha biggest lie ever told!

        • Dan

          Keep talking Ricky……..we’re all impressed by your intellectual prowess ……..LOL!

        • Mushin


          • Grey Wolf

            MY FRIEND ~ CANT LEAVE OUT THE Illuminati…

        • Jack

          Ricky hasn’t got a brain ! He talks out his butt.

        • S.C. Murf

          ricky, I believe that a bigger lie has been told, the one where someone said that you are an adult. Please make that popping sound for the U.S.A.

          up the hill

      • Jeanne Stotler

        Nato and all asscoiated with them said there were WMD’s in Iraq, and there still may be,(a lot of underground caverns) this we know some WMD were shipped out of the country. We have a POTUS who’s only knowledge of running an Army, Navy or Marines probably comes from a video game, his respect for this nation is nil, any one doubt this read his books, then read Dr. Corsi’s book and the dozen or more written by Laura Ingram, Mark Levin, Ann coulter, Michelle Malkin and others. My theory, If a man does not respect his mother and grandmoter(evident by actions and writings) then he should not be respected.

      • olinda moore

        they said Iraq did not have those wepon of couse they had it the only only thing they did is send yhem to another country,they all liars.

    • DavidH

      fly away, eagle…back to your nest.

    • Ashley

      haha, i was thinking the same thing!

      • Ashley

        sorry that comment was left for willie!

        • Ashley

          losing my mind here, don my haha comment was for you…I also enjoy listening to the nonsense and the crazy comments…its rather hilarious!

          • Ronbo

            Don Eagle speaks the truth.

    • chipshot

      Just curious, eagle. Have liberals not discovered spell-check yet?

    • Ronbo

      Keep up fighting for the truth. Most of these people are so intellectually “fragile” that they probably believe Obama started the lie about WMDs. They refuse to admit that Obama is merely an extension of the Bush presidency. They don’t understand that words are meaningless – it is what a person DOES that counts. Obama is doing what Bush did: helping the rich steal from the poor.

      • Ellen

        Seriuosly?! How are the rich stealing from the poor?

        • Ronbo

          Your Social Security trust fund has been raided so that the US government could hire Blackwater, XE, GE, etc… to go to war against a country that was not involved in 9/11.

          Ta Da! Next question.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Ronbo… President Johnson and his cronies saw the SS fund sitting, as it should have been, but decided to use it. And no one has yet to stop that practice as far as I know.

          • Ronbo

            Robin, Please link to that bit about Johnson looting Social Security. The GAO reports that the Trust Fund was first put into the General Funds under David Stockman in the Reagan Administration.

          • JeffH

            Quote: “Starting in 1969 (due to action by the Johnson Administration in 1968) the transactions to the Trust Fund were included in what is known as the “unified budget.” This means that every function of the federal government is included in a single budget. This is sometimes described by saying that the Social Security Trust Funds are “on-budget.” This budget treatment of the Social Security Trust Fund continued until 1990 when the Trust Funds were again taken “off-budget.” This means only that they are shown as a separate account in the federal budget. But whether the Trust Funds are “on-budget” or “off-budget” is primarily a question of accounting practices–it has no effect on the actual operations of the Trust Fund itself.”

            LBJ was unable to find a way to pay for his two failed wars: #1 Communism and #2 poverty. Raising taxes was not politically advantageous. He managed to get the bulging Social Security surplus accounting transferred from a stand alone accounting system into the general budget accounting. LBJ integrated the SS bookkeeping into the general budget bookkeeping.

            Social Security is a Trust that had been operating on independent accounting books. It was bulging with cash from massive economic growth and payments after WW2. LBJ managed to get SS accounting books integrated into the general budget accounting books. Once there, his fellow shyster conspirators vacuumed out the gravy for his two failed wars. Then SS was kicked loose to stand on its own books again in 1990, but only after the LBJ spider pulled out all the juice, leaving it a dried out consumed corpse bug shell.

            Clever accounting ticks and slight of hand tricks with numbers and ledger columns is nothing new. Couple that with the lies and power of Washington, that equates to a massive loss to SS.

        • Ellen

          Ronbo, That is not the rich stealing from the poor. That is the government ‘borrowing’ from everyone (rich, middle, and poor) to fund other needs. The bulk of the $6 trillion that is owed to SS has been spent on welfare – thanks to LBJ and his Great Society. I find it interesting that our annual deficit is $1.3 trillion – the exact amount we spend annually on ‘anti-poverty’ programs. Poverty is growing exponentially thru illegitimacy, leaving the poverty rate for people under 18 years old at a staggering 37%. We do agree on the stealing part, as that borrowed money will never be returned. SS is the US’s largest creditor.

          • Ronbo

            Ellen, that went into General Fund. While our War spending has increased (Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc…) our welfare spending has decreased as a percentage of GDP. Our GDP on military spending has shown increases in all but the Clinton years (when there were major reductions brought about by an “up or down” vote on base closings).

            The facts do not support your opinion. But thanks anyway for the propaganda blaming the poor for our budget problems.

      • Doug

        Hey Bozo it not to late to go hang out with the OWS crowd! But you are protesting in the wrong place should be in Washington with the rest of the thiefs and liars!

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Ronbo… The rich stealing from the poor? How so? Is that even possible? Dude… your comments get weirder and weirder!

        • DaveH

          I’m certainly not sticking up for Ronbo in general, but it is true that Some Rich (the Crony Capitalists) are stealing from the poor by getting special protections from Government which allows them to compete unfairly in the Marketplace which ultimately results in higher prices to the consumers. The problem with the Liberals is that they don’t understand that distinction, so they put their blame on ALL rich people. I believe that is because they lust after other peoples’ money and thus have a need to justify taking it from anybody who has it.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Dave H… I support the Fair Tax. What say you? Everyone will then pay their fair share!

    • Troy

      Some people who choose to post comments on here seem to think that just because one places rightful responsibility on an administration that is currently in charge means that they do not hold fault to the previous administration. Bush was bad for us as well, but Obummer has only made things worse. He flagrantly bashes the previous administration for all of the same things that he has only expanded on; to include propping up wallstreet and big labor. Let me just say this, anyone who props up any of the two parties are ignorant fools who are puppets on a string. They spend day in an day out propping us up against eachother while behind the scenes they laugh and creat more unconstitutional laws that take away our freedoms. Now let me back up just a little. I will leave a door open for some of the new bread that joined our government system in 2010 because they are the only ones who are making any sense. Oh, yes they are talking about cutting back on the handouts; it is needed. Now getting back to the puppeteering of our society. Look at the tea party and occupy protestors. Besides the socialist (big labor), marxist (big labor), and communists (big labor) their are similarities in their arguments. The only problem is that only one group is holding the right people responsible and that is the Tea Parties; they hold government responsible. Why do I say that? Because it is government (who is responsible because they are incharge) in bed with a few bad bankers who brought the system down while lining the pockets of bad government. If government had been doing their job then the bankers would not have been able to do what they have done. Like Gingrich has said 1 plus 1 does not equal three.

      • Rhondar

        great comment Troy !

      • Ronald Shultz

        I almost entirely agree with you. Where I part company is your position on “cutting back on the handouts”. It would be inhumane to leave those in greatest need to fend for themselves in this shameful economic situation, not of their creation. Why does no one concider de-funding all the aide to the numerous countries that hate us and want us dead. Also curbing the horrendous “Black budgets” that continue to deny us the advantages of the technological developments that could revolutionize our way of living. If what I suggest were invoked, we could pay off our county’s debt in five years.

        • texastwin827

          Ronald, a very wise man (for ALL times) once said:

          The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not

          A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.

          Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.

          I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them

          EVERY one of those quotes came from Thomas Jefferson…probably the wisest of all of our founding fathers. None of them mean that you can not help your fellow citizens as, in his time, that was certainly not unheard of either. However, it DOES mean that it is not the responsibility of those who work to SUPPORT those who do not or will not.

          When you have MULITPLE GENERATIONS of a family that depend on govt. welfare programs (subsidized housing, food stamps & WIC & what used to be called AFDC for each child in the family) then welfare has become their “job”. It also means they have no desire to do anything better..and why should they? It makes “slaves” out of them, without the need of binding them in chains.

          Our govt welfare system is terribly structured and does nothing to encourage those on it to do anything better with their lives.

      • DaveH

        Very good, Troy.
        I hope though, that quoting Gingrich doesn’t indicate that you support that establishment Republican.

      • Carol Walters

        So true, Troy. Whenever someone tries to hold the government accountable for all their crimes, they are considered “UN-American”. Yet the original Teapartiers did the same thing and we won our freedom from taxation without representation. How can it be wrong to bring to light such crimes against the American taxpayers? You may not agree with their tactics but that doesn’t change the fact of the crimes committed against us in the first place, even against those complaining about the Teapartiers. It just doesn’t add up and only shifts blame. The “I didn’t do it” mentality is why we have this kind of crime continuing. No accountability and those wanting it to stop are called “pot stirrers” if you know what I mean. If you or I were doing such things, we would have had the cuffs slapped on us and thrown into jail for years and years. But, please be a member of the government where they think they are above the law of the land, then it is okay. What is wrong with this picture? Whatever happened to citizen legislators doing the job they were hired for by US? They weren’t hired to be “gods” over our lives. NO, there is nothing wrong with pointing out what is wrong in the government. We can’t fix it if we don’t acknowledge it and face it down head on to try to correct it….don’t you think? Where has common sense gone to these days?

    • darkness

      come up with a new mantra…..WMD’s were found in Iraq, chemical WMD’s. Just because there wasn’t a nuke doesn’t mean WMD’s didn’t exist.

      Yes, our troops secured and cleaned up the chemical weapons. They even disarmed IED’s contructed from chemical artillery shells.

      • Ronbo

        I guess that from under your rock they didn’t explain that those were from the original Iraq war. Most were supplied by the USA to help Saddam defeat Iran – several years prior.

      • Rhondar

        No WMD’s were not found….GHW Bush blew them up and exposed our soldiers to radiation and poisonous chemicals in the process. All that was found was some old stashes they missed but little of those too. Correct we did supply Sadaam during the war with Iran.

        Bush lied too…the only honest one I’ve found so far is Ron Paul and he says get out and mind our own business….makes sense to me

      • 45caliber


        No matter what proof you provide that they existed the libs won’t believe.

        As one said one time, “I know what I know. Don’t confuse me with facts!”

    • Wil

      Don,you should check out the seal team 6 book.The author was there,and exposes the media cover-up of the WMDs,including internationally banned chemical weapons,that were found in Iraq.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Dumb Eagle er oops sorry, it is Don Eagle. You simply cannot comprehend anything that has been happening, or the lies that have been told by Obama. Well, do not feel bad, as there are many other fools out there, that think Obama is Great.


      Don Eagle, at least Bush helped some of the unemployment rate in Iraq, and since Obama is continuing Bush’s policies, maybe that’s how he plans on solving our unemployment rate.

  • joyce Mccarter

    wneed to gt rid of Obama once and for all the sooner the better

    • Ronbo

      You have an election around the corner. Does anyone see a candidate that isn’t going to continue these same policys?

      • Kookiw

        Obama wants to omit prayers at the Veterans Memorial on Memorial day but lets the mustlim children a day off from school on the muslim holiday.
        Friday 11-11-11 = Memorial Day is impeach Obama day.

        • Ronbo

          I heard that Obama eats infants! Join us at Anti-Obama People to Stop Infant Eaters Everywhere. Rush proved it was true!

          • Ronbo

            Seriously! Are there any other candidates that are NOT in the pocket of the Wealthy Corporate Class?

            In therory I like Ron Paul, but I also like roads, fire departments and other social services.

          • DaveH

            Read this free online book, Ronbo, and open your mind to Reality and Freedom:

          • DaveH

            And I can’t recommend this book enough. For a clear, concise explanation of why capitalism works and socialism doesn’t:

          • Bill

            Ronbo If you like the social services and firemen waiting a year in the fire house to put out a fire and police service that abuses it citizens I will personally fund you a one way ticket to the soviet union, China or any other communist country if you can guarantee me that you will never return to America.

          • pa

            Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth while socialism is the equal distribution of poverty.

          • JeffH


            capitalism – Capital (or the “means of production”) is owned, operated, and traded for the purpose of generating profits for private owners or shareholders.

            socialism – From each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds.

      • Rhondar


        • Mushin


          • DaveH

            If he is playing us, he’s done an awesome job of acting since he’s been voting against Unconstitutional Bills (most of them) and preaching Freedom for over 30 years.

          • texastwin827

            Mushin…Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that isn’t an elitist..if you doubt it, review his voting record. He also predicted all that has happened long before it happened.

            Why do you think the media has tried (in vain, I might add) to silence his campaign?

      • Ioanis

        Obama, Bush’s black child continue the path of destruction of the USA, paved in the lies, from the Weapons of Mass Destruction to the bail out of the rich (anti free market intervention) and the stimulus money that only created more very well paid jobs to Obama supporters and deepening the debt and use of federal funds what leads to taxation, more government control, regulations, bureaucracy, corruption, that spells less private sector, less jobs and most likely depression, inflation, riots and lose of democracy and freedom and a victory to evil, the father of lies. Somebody ask who is the candidate that has answer to all of this: Ron Paul. Withdraw from the rest of the world, bring back the troops, cut the debt and spending, end insane taxation and regulations, including the personal income tax, the fed reserve and many fed programs and promote free market and liberty. The only chance to get out of the mess. Listen to him and open to believe it.

  • Chuck

    It seems to me that you have violated your own policy regarding name calling when you call the president a liar. Also, Mr. Obama and his family are all Christans. Why do you persist in the lie that he is muslim?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Chuck… If you frequent this site very often, it is baffling why you remain so clueless! Obama is a Mulatto. His father was a Kenyan and Muslim. He stands with the Muslims, unless he was lying in his book.

      • texastwin827

        Robin…there is a difference in calling someone a liar, when they have simply said something you don’t agree with and calling someone who has lied constantly, a liar.

    • Skyraider6

      HE OB is the one who said he was a muslim. Can you prove he is a Christian?

      • Ronbo

        When? When did he say that? Were you in an epilectic seizure at the time or high on crack again?

        • Capitalist at Birth

          In a television interview. Ronbo, You are either a dolt or a deliberate deceptor.

          • Rhondar

            during the 2008 campaign in an interview with George Stephanopoulis he slipped and thanked McCain for not bringing up his Muslim faith…then he corrected himself….pretty obvious slip wasn’t it?
            Look it up on Youtube

          • Mushin


        • DaveH

          Is Obama really Muslim? Well, he has said he’s a Christian. Of course, Obama has “said” a lot of things, including these:

          • 45caliber

            I live in Texas and have always lived in the SOuth where your word is your honor. Unfortunately I’ve had to do business with those in the north several times over the years.

            And Oblama is typical of those I’ve dealt with there. When you catch one of them lying, he will smile and say something like, “Well, you caught me. But don’t worry about it. It’s only business!”

            Here in the South accusing someone of lying can get you shot – because very few people will lie. It’s considered a worse crime than murder since it is assumed you had a reason to kill the guy. But those in the North simply don’t understand that.

        • Lost in Paradise

          If you look hard enough, you might even find it on Youtube, where you can personally here many of his other lies. This guy is a fraud from HELL!

    • Kookiw

      It is not a lie. He has admitted he is a muslim so many time. Proof is in the videos he has been on.

      • Ronbo

        I am not of Jewish faith but my grandfather was jewish. OMG! I’m a jew – call the press.

        Oh my. How low has our educational system sunk.

        • Doug

          Bozo you don’t go to church for 20 years that teaches black are victims and has nothing to do with being a Christian. Get back in the clown car because you big red nose is showing.

        • DaveH

          “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think” — Adolf Hitler

          • Angel Wannabe

            DaveH, …and the very reason the Progressives got as far as they did!

    • Change?

      Uh, Chuck, that’s because he is a liar, and there’s no other name to call him. He’s also an admitted Muslim and that’s the only truth that has came out of the man’s mouth. I watched a YouTube video of his giving a speech prior to his running for president and telling his audience he was a Muslim who was not an American because he was born in Kenya. The truth came straight from the horse’s mouth. He does not have the eligibility to be our president nor run for a future presidential position. One of the GOP candidates should bring that to the attention of the tyrant ‘Kings’ followers. Oh, I forgot, they’re all squatters and not pointers.

      Another lie I’d like to bring up is his Obamacare. While campaigning he promised people they’d have medical coverage just as good as his own ‘taxpayer’ coverage. Sure they will, and I woke up with wings this morning after dreaming I could fly.

      • Rick

        Chuck, this must have been in your dreams.

    • guest

      chuck..obama himself stated he was muslim in an interview done during the first yr. of his presidency.How can you even think he is christian. He canceled the national day of prayer.He has stood at the podium mocking the Lord Jesus.The church he attended for 20 years was a mockery of everything Holy and good and what we call christian ethic’s. Obama’s church certainly didn’t teach love for ones enemies.nor humility..or meekness. I was watching a video done by Fox new’s that questioned regard’s to the event’s concerning the 2008 election. It was absolutely frightening how ignorant voters for obama were. They could answer all the question’s about palins daughter’s pregancy and clothing allowance but didn’t know who harry reed or pelosi was.They attributed obama’s statement’s for McCain’s.They knew nothing.scary.

    • Barbara J. Charles

      Thank you for your comments. If some people read their Bible more, they would know what’s going on. Then too, President Obama can’t fix the mess that bothe Bushes left, eight yrs. Give the man a chance.


      First of all, Obama does not set a good Christian example, and secondly, he was indoctrinated in the Muslim religion during his young formative years, and that is almost impossible to overcome.

  • Alex Frazier

    Not that any of you guys are the ones annoyed with Ron Paul’s foreign policy … but I find this “stay at home” mentality oddly reminiscent of Ron Paul’s foreign policy. That precisely what he wants to do. Get out of their business. Let them sort it out. Protect our own borders. And if the need arises where our own safety is directly and openly threatened, declare war in a constitutional manner, and then go in and take care of business in an organized, definitive, and finite manner.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Ron Paul, said on Fox News Suday in his interview with Chris Wallace: How would you prevent Iran from getting and using nuclear weapons? His answer was to be friendly to them. Do you really think that is good foreign policy? We cnnot be total isolationists for many good reasons. Many of the natural resources we need for our industries including defense are located around the world. We must insure the free trade and transportation fo those resources in order to survive. If you choose to be a simpleton, you do so at your own peril, and unfortunately to the peril of all citizens of this country.

      • Rhondar

        There is a big difference between isolationists and non intervention…look up the definitions.

        Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the only one that makes sense

        I also agree with the fact that we will have to withdraw anyway because we will be flat broke. Should it be our choice to do it before we fritter away all American’s life savings while the war profiteers benefit? I say YES

      • DaveH

        What Ron Paul really says about Iran and Nuclear Weapons:

      • DaveH
      • JeffH

        Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideas work for me. As Teddy Roosevelt was said, “walk softly and carry a big stick” and I believe that Ron Paul believes that also.(not comparing the two otherwise)

        BUT, when you are forced to swing your big stick – strike hard and swiftly.

        • DaveH

          For those who don’t know, Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive.
          The FDA came into being under Teddy Roosevelt based on fear tactics and misinformation:

          From the article:
          “Sinclair wrote his book in hopes of converting Americans to socialism, and he found a willing ally in Roosevelt. Although The Jungle was pure fiction, it resonated with the public, which was ready to believe the worst about American companies. Roosevelt, acting in the name of the public interest, ordered an investigation of the meat industry, which was delivered to him in secret later that year. However, the president refused to release the report, saying only that the contents were “devastating,” and he bullied Congress into passing the Pure Food and Drug Act, which created the FDA, an agency which bedevils the country to this day”.

          • mark

            Yeah right we don’t want federal inspection of drugs, medicine, meat, and poultry. Just leave it up to the free market. The free market will solve everything.

          • DaveH

            Only Ignorant Liberals would believe that any company would risk its livelihood by carelessly poisoning people. And only ignorant Liberals would believe that overpaid Government workers with ultra-secure jobs will stop such occurrences.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      the first one to voice this opinion, my grgrgrgrgrUncle, was Pres. James Monroe, he said this in the Monroe Doctrine. His theory, and a good one, was DO NOT interfere in another country’s politics or squables, UNLESS it threatens the safety of the USA. We need to get out of the UN and WB, we cannot and should not try to cure the worlds ills. My mother always said “Charity begins at home” we send millions overseas, a lot of this to our enemies, and all the while we neglect our veterns and infirmed.

  • Sharon

    WE NEED CANDIDATE TO CHALLENGE BO’S ELGIBILITY TO RUN IN IN 2012..GET THE CROOKS,ANTI-AMERICANS & Fraud out of our Government..anybody hear of Laurie Roth 4 PREZ?

    • Ronbo

      Yes! Replace the corrupt with foul ignorance!

  • Ranchman

    What is happening in the Middle-East is exactly according to the agenda of this administration. It’s incredible to watch the world head so fast toward total chaos, both here and abroad. Almost every nation on this planet, every nation with a significant say in world events anyway, is on the brink of economic insolvency, civil unrest, political infighting or some other form of disunion. The entire Middle-East is on fire with religious extremists at the helm, the European Union is collapsing, there are major protests/riots in almost every major American city, severe drug cartel induced violence spilling across the U.S. Southern border along with imminent financial collapse on both the State and Federal level. Meanwhile, we have an administration whose intent is to fuel the world-wide chaos in order to usher in a Soros inspired “Open Society” of Communist Marxism. Let’s not forget to mention Israel facing the very real possibility of a nuclear Iran and South Korea dealing with a nuclear armed North Korea and we have a recipe for disaster for all of humanity. Yesterday I heard someone say cheer up,things could be worse…really?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Ranchman… Great post! Your summary was accurate and well stated.

    • Skyraider6

      Great post and very true

    • Davis Stevens

      Well Said, Ranchman!!! You hit the ball out of the Park!!!!

    • Ellen

      Excellent post. The world is on fire and Obama is throwing gasoline. A good president would tell the Occupiers to go home. He would explain the reality of Europe’s financial situation caused by socialism. He would explain the reality of our financial situation – also caused by socialism – and the need to stop funding the explosion of welfare. We need a return to a population of mostly responsible people who provide for themselves. Expecting the government to provide for everyone who chose to have a baby they can’t support is a ludicrous idea from the Democratic party. Socialism doesn’t work when people abuse the system. People have been abusing our system for decades.

    • johnk

      almost sounds like the prelude to the anti-christ. he is supposed to bring the answers to the table.
      Keep praying as it is said that even the elect will be fooled if not for the Word.
      I pray this is not so until ALL the harvesting of the called saints is done.

      • Erik

        Keep reading the book of fairy tales and smoking the wacky weed.
        Jeebus will fix everything! lol

    • Rhondar

      Israel has almost 300 nukes…they can take care of themselves NO MORE AMERICAN BLOOD AND TREASURE WASTED ON THE MIDDLE EAST

      Arabs have been fighting each other for over 1000 years….If we withdraw they will continue to fight each other. Unless they attack us directly it’s not any of our business. If the corporations want the oil or a pipeline let them bargain for it. China and Russia are in all those countries doing business…not invading with soldiers….DUH?

    • Patriot II

      Ranchman; I agree!, Last night after a study group, The subject of “Entitlements” came up, and people with their Hands out with expectations that the Governemnt owes them something.

      We all concluded that if there were no “entitlements”, there would be no need for Democrats.

  • Downs1

    Obama is a complete fool! He is an inveterate liar and a deceiver. But then, Congress is also corrupt . . . as is the judiciary! The American people themselves are seeking ways to legally get rid of Obama through impeachment, but only private citizens are carrying the ball. Their efforts have developed significant legal evidence concerning Obama’s actions while in office, as well as his inelegibility to hold office. Yet, no one is willing to pick up the ball in Congress (e.g. John Boehner) and begin the necessary investigations. Meanwhile, Obama becomes even more arrogant, as if he knows they won’t dare touch him! One wonders why! But fear not! Evil eventually destroys itself!

    • Ronbo

      You are almost there! Say it out loud…We have a single political system of, by and for the wealthy 1%. Unless we change the game, we’ll only have the choice between Representative for the Wealth #1 or Representative for the Wealthy #2.

      They continue to steal our retirement fund, Social Security, to help fund the many wars that are enriching the Wealthy Corporate Class.

      • Alex Frazier

        Some of what you say is right, but some of it is not. The corporations are not the problem. Nor are the wealthy. The problem is the 1% of the 1%. The big banks. They make the money off the wars. Companies like Google, Nike, Starbucks, etc., are in that elite category of high earners, but they aren’t the problem. They got wealthy through consumer demand for their products.

        What I’m trying to say is, if you are going to raise your fist to the problem makers, please raise it to the specific culprits. When you make the broad generalization of “wealthy” or “corporate America,” you are tying the job creators together with the wealth stealers.

        Nike never stole a dime from me. I’ve always given them my money voluntarily, and in exchange for a product I desired to possess. Nike never stole a job from anyone, but pays a corporate tax that provides government jobs, unemployment funds, etc.

        So fight the good fight, but fight the right enemy.

        • Ronbo

          Nike takes tax dollars so that they can build factories overseas. That is harming the USA.

          • Alex Frazier

            And the government takes taxes from Nike to feed the lazy, forcing Nike to go overseas in order to be profitable at all. Don’t be an idiot.

        • Ellen

          Alex, You are correct. That 1% figure is simply garbage. Until last month it was 2% – then people started catching on that 2% includes people making $200,000. Only an idiot would think they were millionaires, but Obama has been pushing that for over a year. There are only 238,000 people who make $1 million or more. That’s far less that 1%. Certainly, with a few exceptions, those 238,000 people don’t have any impact on what happens politically. The billionaires have clout. So, we have 150 million earners vs. 400 billionaires in the ‘hate the rich’ war. Best of luck taxing those 400 people to fix our problems. The tax increase would be less than $40 billion, yet our deficit is over $1 trillion. Clearly, class warfare is another stupid Obama strategy. It has started unraveling as people have started to realize who he calls millionaires and what little tax increase his policy would bring.

          • JeffH

            Clearly, class warfare is another stupid Obama strategy.

            Class warfare was taught by Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and is practiced by the current community organizer Marxist in charge and his useful idiots.

          • 45caliber


            I saw a statement one time not long ago that is true:

            If you took every penny from everyone who had more than $1 million, leaving them with $50,000 a year, it would run the government for 12 days.

            12 days. And they expect to pay for everything by taxing them????

    • http://perssonallibertydigest sejmon


    • Rhondar

      Are you joking? Boehner is Obama’s golfing buddy. That made me sick to my stomach. Boehner is as corrupt as Obama.

      Most of congess needs to be voted out. I’m not voting for any of my incumbent representatives.

  • Ronbo

    If Obama were a white Republican, these posters would be cheering in the streets. How do I know this? They were cheering when Bush did similar things. They LOVED the wars until a black man calling himself a “democrat” continued on. By the way, Obama is a Democrat in name only. His first term was nearly identical to Bush’s.

    We have one political party of, by and for the wealthy. It no longer matters if they call themselves Republican or Democrat. We get the same policy. What has changes under Obama from the Bush administration. If you’ll note, ObamaCare is the RomneyCare which is what the Republican party and the Chamber of Commerce promoted as the alternative to Clinton’s single-payer healthcare policy. Obama IS a Republican (on all things that matter: policy!),

    • Lastmanstanding

      Ronbo…they are ALL progressives, Remember bushes daddy, “a new world order!”…and then they shut him up.

      I’m voting for Ron Paul. I am so done with the lesser of two evils.

      I plan on being here when all of them are gone. I’l let you deecide what gone is.

      • Ronbo

        When I was young, you would have called them “communists”. Turn off your radio and Fox Mews. Since we turned to Reaganomic, we’ve gone deep into debt and turned this country around (not in a good way).

        Progressives are not the problem – corruption and for-profit politics is the problem.

        • DaveH

          No, Ronbo, Pregressives ARE the Problem. The Centralized Government and Welfare State that Progressives promote has caused most of our problems since Lincoln’s days.
          If you’d take the time to read “How Capitalism Saved America” by Thomas Dilorenzo, you might learn something.
          Note that the Military State is also attributable to the Progressives, since a much smaller Federal Government without the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax system would be much less likely to militarily campaign around the world.

        • OB1

          Ronbo, get over Fox News. No one even watches it any more! People check in from time to time, but no one I know of personally or professionally count on Fox for the true news. Find a new excuse for your ignorant and unsubstantiated comments. TV for news? Really?????

          • JeffH

            OB1, that’s what I do…I much prefer FOX Business for my news source and will occasionally and very briefly check out MSNBC, ABC or CNN…at least ’til I start getting nauseous.

      • Rhondar

        You are right….every president since Reagan has proclaimed the New World Order and the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers are the puppet masters. They also own the media. That’s why Ron Paul cannot get exposure because he’s not one of them but almost everyone running is in one of these 3 groups. Perry attended the bilderbergers in 2007 in which I believe he was tapped to be our next president….unfortunately for them they didn’t realize what a MORON he is

        • DaveH

          Forget the conspiracy theories. The reason the MSM shuts out Ron Paul is very simply because the Media Moguls, like any Moguls, don’t like competition. It’s much easier for a Mogul to buy his favorite politicians and get special protections, then it is for him to compete in Free Markets which Ron Paul promotes heavily.
          Crony Capitalists and Politicians work hand-in-hand to feather each other’s nests at the expense of their competitors, their customers, and the taxpayers. And it’s been going on since “honest” Abe perverted the Federal Government into one of Mercantilism, the very thing that we fought a revolution to free this country from.
          Ron Paul would fight to end that travesty. But he can’t do it alone. We need to remove our heads from our posteriors and start putting Freedom-loving candidates into our Political Offices. The only ones I know who can be counted on are the Libertarians. Even with them we will need to be vigilant.

          • libertytrain

            You are probably right, Ron Paul has demonstrated that he can’t be bought….what fun will that be for these guys….

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            People like you always reveal themselves at first I thought yours was a worthy response but you people always give themselves away dont they Alex? All the hate has to spew out! It stops any form of argument being possible so I have just a couple of questions. Which form of cynanide would you like me to administer Alex? My guess is Zyklon B. I suspect that in your dreams you would like to be giving that to lots of people who disagree with you wouldnt’t you?

    • Alex Frazier

      I wasn’t cheering in the streets. I was shouting at the TV. I didn’t revel. I wanted blood for the crime committed against us.

      The difference between Bush and Obama is that Bush sent us in there (initially at least) to take down the people that killed almost 5,000 Americans. Obama has sent us into multiple countries without anywhere near that kind of motivation.

      And I don’t personally care what color our president is, or his party affiliation. Take that racism nonsense and stick it up your a$$. I’m sick of hearing it. I’m a middle-aged white male, born and raised in America, a dedicated Republican … and I voted for Obama, believing in the hope for change. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Ronbo

        Oh, I don’t like Obama. He is just a Bush with dark skin. The truth is that $$ own politics – not the voters. We have a choice between Representative for the Wealthy #1 and Representative for the Wealthy #2. Both choices are corrupt. I’d rather have a presidential lottery. A Down’s Syndrome child would be a far cry better than any of the for-profit choices.

        • DaveH

          A Presidential lottery? Please.
          There is a solution, Ronbo, the Libertarian Party. But then, they won’t take peoples’ legally earned money and distribute it to you and your friends. So I guess that leaves them out of your voting possibilities.

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            i am a libertarian I and very much resent the fact that the word has been hijacked by members of the far right, like yourself, who are anything but.

            What do I mean, this is what I mean

            Fist of you cannot truly be a Libertarian with a belief in personal responsibility if you believe all that supernatural relegious mumbo-jumbo. Praying & saying sorry to an non-existent god christian or whatever absolves you of nothing. You have one life try to do no harm to others who are not harming you. So if a gay couple want to have the same rights you do, then support it. Likewise If you want to fill your head with that relegious nonsense I absolutely support it, but dont bring it my kids.
            You cannot be a libertarian if you believe in anti-immigration policies. Everybody should have the freedom to live and work wherever they they like, if they can do better or cheaper than you….. well tough shit. You have no right to say who lives where or when.
            If you dont think we should be getting our asses out of other countries business you are not a libertarian. If you dont like their beliefs well get over yourselves. US trooops out of all other countries defense of the domestic borders only
            You cant have your cake and eat it, I dont mean this literally, although many of you tea party types look like you have tried, SMALL GOVERNMENT government means just that, you all are against other peoples ‘entitlements’ not your own. When I see a bunch of right whingers say we are not taking our medicaid, SS or VA i’ll believe a little but we both all know thats not going to happen. Stop the “defense” spending madness. Near me there are 3 large military basis each with a golf course. So you and I are subsidizing golf?! Thats BS, you want to subsidize golf for the services invite them over your course and pay the green fees. Terrorism is not going to be defeated in a Texas scramble. The VA should exist solely to support military personnel injured/wounded on duty. It should do a truly world class job as well. However, If you worked for 3 years as a QM in the 70′s pay for your own Blood pressure meds.

            The major principal sould be to reduce government literally , 2 congress seats for each senate seat. Cut their benefits, I travel to DC on business and see the politico’s and their bloated staffs’ sitting at the front on the plane on my coin. Pay them on approval rating, they get their $180K at 100% approval and they would get $36K based on the current 20% approval these parasites are currently scoring. 1 secretary for every ten congressmen, no pensions for life. Lobbying should be a criminal activity
            Lower Taxes but no exemptions, Churches, got a theme park denying evolution? I’m all for it, the kids who go there and believe, will be next generations shelf stackers and we always need them. However pay taxes on your earnings. Corporations? make our tax rates competetive, close the loopholes. Simplify the whole thing, for everyone, a whole industry exists in India so that ordinary Americans can pay their taxes. I am with H Cain on a tax on spending, just exempt food and kids clothing.
            Drugs no one has the right to tell anybody what they can poison themselves with. Allow them to be sold legally & tax the profit. Competetion should bring the costs down and quickly reduce the crime associated with it. If you kill yourself with them? Well as before…………tough s—. No DEA to subsidize either.
            The basic tennant is do what you want, keep what you make with minimal taxes. Dont infringe on other people. Government should exist solely to prevent infringement of individuals rights, provide a low cost education that sticks to teaching of communication skills, writing computers, maths, CONVENTIONAL science,humaities, the arts and sports. Maintain safety, air traffic control etc.(Sorry to tell you that means things like the EPA stay, if you want to poison the air YOUR kids breathe good for you. If you think you have the right to poison the air MY kids breathe you get taken out.)Lastly a small finite safety net for those who have contributed into the system & need temorary assistance.
            Lastly Guns as I know you lot love them. On principal of course you should keep them. However remember do know harm to others. Handguns exist primarily to kill other people. I know you are all for home defense etc. but you come into my house with your handgun and I’ll bring my 12 gauge auto odds are that my problem will be cleaning the place up before I go hunting. If you really worry about home defense I have always found a Rhodesian Ridgeback is as good as it gets, they are fun too.

            Right Now you know what a libertarian agenda is kindly f— off and find yourself a policital label that describes yourself and dont steal mine. You are harming me by association.

          • DaveH

            You Ignoramus. I’m an atheist. But Libertarians don’t interfere with the beliefs of others. You’re the impostor. Don’t pretend otherwise. And expecting to get back what the Government has stolen from us for 40 years (SS) has nothing to do with Libertarianism. We don’t think the Government has a right to force people into the system, but we expect to get back what has been taken from us.
            As a Libertarian, your acerbic comment is embarrassing to me. You do our Party no favors with your comment.

          • DaveH

            You made an awful lot of assumptions about my thinking, John. You know what assume does — Makes an ass out of YOU. Obviously, you know nothing of what I think. Like I said, you are not representative of Libertarians. Don’t besmirch our names by pretending otherwise.

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            I make very few assumptions about your thinking. I made my comments based on your vitriholic right wing statements which I assume you make instead of thinking. However I clearly state that everyone should have the right to any belief they like but they should not be permitted to intrude into my life or used to make dictacts about how anyone else lives theirs. My indepentently held belief that a person whom in the end believes in a supranaural being (whom we both agree does not exist) has the power to abrogate them of moral responsibility has a belief sytem that is basically incompatible with Libertarian thought. Which is about personal responsibility.
            Your obvious and frequently stated hatred of any liberal idea indicates you are illiberal or if you prefer intolerant Liberal, Libertarian and Liberty are all derived from the same latin word Liber = Free. Thats what the words mean Dave and I am sorry that you dont understand this fundemental concept.
            As to a disgrace to the liberarian party I think the pseudo libertarian party of Paul & yourself, whilst slightly less odious, than the Republicans and democrats is inself oxymoronic as I am an individual and wont be pigeon holed into any group or party I will make my choices based on what I feel are the best choices for me.
            As for your (and for that matter my) social security that has proved to be more a Ponzi Scheme, now there are more people trying to take money out than there are to put in. This was known in the 60′s and sucessive governments of both left & right knew it. However, once again it was our money and we should have carried out the due dilligence and shouted about it years ago. Personal responsibility again its a bitch.

          • John Lilleburns ghost

            As for ignoramus whatever even you can do better than that. The assumption making an an ass out you etc yeah very original. You do like the cliche dont you? Sadly you appear to be a stereotypical right whinger, albeit one who knows he has been duped so as usual its boo hoo hoo. Lastly I repeat Libertarian, Liberal, Liberty all from the same latin word Liber = free. This is fundamental in order for you to descibe yourself you have to known what the words mean.You obviously misunderstand this and thus misrepresent yourself.

          • Alex Frazier

            John Lilleburns, a few things …

            The true Libertarian believes in life, liberty, and property, his ability to defend each, and his obligation to concede to his fellow man the same.

            The law exists to protect life, liberty, and property. When it is used to take life, liberty, or property, then it has become a perversion of itself.

            Practitioners of religion in its truer forms, not to be confused with fanatic hypocrites who do wickedness in the name of their god, base their lives around moral responsibility. For you to say otherwise is beyond ignorant.
            The Bible also teaches, “do to others as you would have them do to you,” and that, “this is the law and the prophets.” Compare this to your statement, “You have one life try to do no harm to others who are not harming you,” and there’s an ironic hypocrisy to your point of view. It’s religion that teaches the principle you are preaching.
            It’s also worth mentioning that millions of people reach out to God in times of worry, need, despair, sorrow, depression, and many other times. Trying to teach people that there is no God is harming others. We are all entitled to believe as we choose, but don’t pass yourself off as a lover of liberty who does no harm to anyone if you intend to make public statements that can do harm to the faith of others who find comfort in the knowledge of God. Even atheists have been known to pray in extremely difficult times.

            You say that we can’t be Libertarian if we believe in anti-immigration policies. Yet, you support “defense of the domestic borders only.” Which is it? Should we defend them, or should we let everyone in?
            You think that we have no right to say who lives where, or when. Yet, the very foundation of liberty is that we all have the right to life, liberty, and property. The United States is a sovereign nation. At what point, exactly, do you believe we lost the sovereign right to protect our property and economy from foreigners who don’t contribute to our general well being?
            Maybe I should convince a few illegals to go to your house. If you’re a true Libertarian according to your own descriptive definition of it, then you won’t mind the uninvited imposition. After all, no one has the right, as you say, to tell them where to live, or when.

            For the record, “Tea Party types” are for a reduction in government intervention, personal freedom, and a reduction in government spending. There are some “Tea Party types” who are Libertarian. Others are merely Conservative Republicans. But the Tea Party itself does not affiliate itself specifically with any party, except by the coincidence of agreement with general conservatism often advocated by the Republican party.

            Our right to keep and bear arms, although a nice thing to have in the case of self defense, is actually so we can keep the government in line. The provision itself in the Constitution begins with, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the preservation of a free state …” So our right to keep and bear arms is to preserve our freedom. Coincidentally, it also preserves our property and our lives.
            Oddly enough, that’s the law. It protects, by force, life, liberty, and property. Guns do the same thing.

            Now, how can any man advocate superfluous taxes if he is a true Libertarian? Taxes are an offense to the lover of liberty. For the sake of the common defense, and for the sake of the roads we all use every day, every man should contribute to the burden. It’s only fair since we all benefit from such things and are therefore compensated for the confiscation of our property.
            But what makes you think that the government should be taxing anyone in order to create schools? What makes you think that the government, rather than the airline industry, should be dealing with air traffic control? What makes you think that anyone should be taxed to provide “a small finite safty net for those who … need temporary assistance”?

            And I’ll agree with you that a “liberal” in the definitive sense, is a lover of liberty. In fact, in the 30s and 40s, our modern day conservatives were called liberals. But the socialist party usurped the term for their own purposes, disguising itself and its tyrannical agenda under the guise of freedom.
            But since “liberal” is now associated with the freedom-haters, and conservative doesn’t always adequately describe a freedom-lover, the term libertarian came about as a means of differentiating between a right wing conservative and a constitutionalist.

            So, John, you sound like a real moron. Your facts are not all correct. You’re a hypocrite. Your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and prose is horrid (probably a result of that government sponsored education you spoke so highly of). You are not a libertarian. In fact, you sound like a Republican who has fallen off the wagon. I can’t quite place the category where you belong. I think it falls somewhere between the padded room and the kool-aid stand.

            Do everyone a favor and drop a few hits of cyanide.

      • Rhondar

        Well Alex did Bush take them down?

        All evidence to the contrary. It was just a normal regime change for us…first they are our ally and then they magically become the enemy. McCain and some other prominent senators were in Libya in 2009 promising war planes and slapping Gadaffi on the back. He gave up nuclear ambitions and did everything they wanted but they still took him down…just like they did Mubarak

        There comes a point that they cross us….Sadaam and Gadaffi crossed us by wanting to get off the dollar. That’s what this is all about. They are not through robbing all of us blind before they let the dollar collapse….AND IT SURELY WILL.

        Now al qaeda is taking over in Libya and the new terrorist want Sharia law not democracy.

        • Alex Frazier

          Rhondar, I don’t believe in war. I did when I was younger. Now, I see it for what it is. It’s an atrocity. It robs us of our wealth, resources, and our young men and women. Unless it is fought to protect our nation, I can see no purpose to military force, except to steal the wealth, resources, and the lives of young men and women of another nation.

          Bush didn’t take the enemy down. Bush was too busy trying to finish off Iraq. I’m not supporting Bush any more than I support Obama. They were both terrible presidents. I’m not sure that we’ve even had a good president since Jefferson. Even Jackson, great though he may have been, had the issue with the Indians.

          I’m interested in a president that will affect real and positive change. Ron Paul is the first candidate I’ve seen who truly meets the criteria. And it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

    • jaks36

      Gee Rondo, I sure don’t remember Bush locking out the Dems from any bills being put on the floor totaling over 2,00 pages,,,then not reading before signing,,,naw, there is a huge difference. Not to forget to mention the deficit being higher in the first two years of the obama administration than ALL of the 8 years of Bush. Oh yeah, that’s right, the bills being passed and the huge deficit IS all Bush’s fault. Better look to see who really did sign that obamacare monstrosity.

  • Tom H.

    Lies, yes that’s all I have heard from our “leader” (doesn’t even seem right to put it in quotes). The only thing I have heard that was the truth from this man was when he announced that Osama Bin Laden was killed. That, and only that, is the only thing that I can recall that he said that has been truthful. In short, I do NOT trust Obama at his word – - about anything. I should not be surprised, however, as he is the closest thing to a dictator that I have seen in my 60 year lifetime. And, if you’ll recall a bit of history, that’s what dictators do, they lie to appease and schmooze the people into thinking that all is well while Rome burns and their freedoms (not to mention their national security and soveringty) are gradually usurped. It’s time the people of this country wake up before it is too late.

    • Ronbo

      Yes! Obama says he is a Democrat; however, he continues the same policys as Bush.

      • Dwight

        Rondo you must have your head burried in the sand if you think that it’s bush policy to talk to the terroist . You must be listening to the liberal media do a little research before you vote next time if you are elligable .

        • Ronbo

          Where was Bush when Richard Clark was “running around with his hair on fire” regarding the impending 9/11 terrorist attacks? Yes, he left the building.

          Talks to lessen the chance of war are NEVER

          • .50BMG

            I’m totally done with hearing the “Bush did it first” BS. I DON’T GIVE A FLIPPING F— WHAT BUSH DID OR DIDN’T DO, I CARE WHAT THIS ILLEGAL TERRORIST IN THE BLACK HOUSE IS DOING NOW. barry (and congress for that matter) have had 3 yrs to reverse the things everyone keeps blaming on Bush or his predecessors. barry is the only “prez” who has openly admitted his hatred of America (while thumbing his nose and flipping us off). At least his predecessors weren’t so brazen. I guess the barry defenders don’t care about their children’s future. And before someone says “prove it” (the evidence is beyond any doubt, particularly when taken as a whole- HOW MUCH EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED?! -oh that’s right- the evidence doesn’t matter in a love affair), I would like to hear just what do you think you are leaving your children? YOU prove that it will be this wonderful utopia, I will look forward to shooting your arguments out of the sky, one at a time. Bring it on…

    • John Glock

      Whoa! Not so fast – are you sure Osama is dead? Oh yeah, they buried a body bag in the sea, didn’t they; that proves he’s dead. Oh, we’ve got pictures of his head wounds – wait, can you dart someone with a tranquilizer and pour blood on him then carry him out to the helicopter in a body bag, then haul him off somewhere while burying someone or something in a body bag. Why would we kill the largest single source of Jihadi information by sending in the Seal Team Six Capture Team to do what a drone could have done (witness the 2 subsequent “hits” since then)?

      Sorry, I just don’t even believe that Obama told the truth then, either.

      • Ronbo

        I have no proof that you are a real person. Please show us your ID.

      • Pat Bright

        Proof that Osama and Gaddafi are both dead. They both are listed as registerd democrats in Chicago.

        • Ronbo

          Don’t be a fool. Osama is my childs daycare provider and Saddam is on channel 4 doing the weather.

        • 45caliber


          I agree. They have to be dead if they are registered voters in Chicago. Only the dead vote there, right? LOL

      • Patriot II

        John; You may have something there!

        BTW is Glock your real last name or ref to the Firearm Mfg?

    • Doug

      Well that was a lie I can’t believe people still think the seal team 6 killed Osama! He has been dead for years why do you think they dropped the body to bottom of the ocean! There is no way Osama was alive all these years with the medical problems he had! So sorry there has been no truth ever spoken by the devil him selve!

  • willie

    Alex, thats about the size of it.

  • Kerry Good

    Why is this gay, crack smoking, boyfriends murdering, American Hating, illegal alien, Muslim jihadist, with dual citizenships from Kenya and Indonesian but not one from America but office paid for by Billionair Socialist, American hating George Soros still breathing my air? Why hasn’t he been tried for Treason yet and shot dead by a firing squad?

    • Ronbo

      Wow! Bigot much? Or just always? Your comments mirror you much more than Obama.

      Spend a little of your government check on some meds please!

      • Doug

        Its offical you are Bozo the clown! Hey ass wipe this man and Holder are both quilty two border agents by running guns into Mexico so they could say it time to put and end to the second ammendment the right ot carry and hold arms! Someone needs to educate you other than the clown school you went too!

        • Ronbo

          Gee Doug, I still have a .22. I’m guessing that they took yours because of a felony conviction.

    • Gerry A

      Kerry, I have the same questions… We need to get this sucker OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE & TAKE HIS SICKOS WITH HIM !!!!!!!!!! LIKE NOW!!!
      The THIEVES are TRYING to steal OUR FREEDOMS & TAKE OVER EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES. Well they won’t get by with it!!!!

  • Frank Greene

    A dead fish always stinks from the head down.

    • Ronbo

      But a rotting corpse sits and wails. ?

      The rotting fish is our political system which is sold to the highest bidder. Obama is owned by the same Wealth that owned Bush and will own every President you see elected – until we take $$$ out of the controlling position. As long as Corporations can buy and sell politicians, we’ll have these same problems.

      • Abe

        you think that just by countering every post you can prove a point? Your numerous comments and your eager-beaverness indicate that you are more noise than substance. You reply to every post but you dont give facts on why you say the other person is not right. Can you prove Obama is an American citizen? Why wait for three years to release “that” birth certificate? Well truth is he has something to hide!

        • Ronbo

          Yes, you can prove that Obama is an American citizen. Get over your bigotry or bias or ignorance. Obama was born in Hawaii. You know, the state.

      • Patriot II

        Ronbo; I have re-written your words from my perspective.(I USED CAPS)

        The rotting fish is our political system which is sold to the highest bidder. GREEDY Obama is owned by the same GREEDY Wealth that owned GREEDY Bush and will own every GREEDY President you see elected – until we take GREED $$$, out of the controlling position. As long as GREEDY Corporations, (NOT ALL) can buy and sell GREEDY politicians, we’ll have these same problems.


        Jesus said $$$ is not the problem, LOVE of $$$ is the problem. I believe Jesus was a Capitalist, but NOT a “GREEDY Capitlaist”.

        • JeffH

          Patriot II, excellant!

        • eddie47d

          Then why do the wealthy love their money so much over morality? I doubt if Jesus would approve.

          • Patriot II

            eddie, Of course he doesn’t Duh!!

  • http://google Marvin McCardle

    This article is crap. Everything being done was already in writing from guess who? Yes, That lying previous president. Get real people, keep following the lies of the tea party because you are sheep and the cliff is coming soon.

    • Skyraider6

      Then why tolorate another liar you fool

    • Davis Stevens

      Get a life McCordle!

    • Chuck

      Hey Marvin, what are you doing at home typing from your computer? Why aren’t you out with the Occupy crowd, taking a dump on police cars, snorting crack or pushing 78-year-old ladies down a flight of stairs?

    • Alex Frazier

      Marvin, where did you get your information about the Tea Party? If we have a mole in our ranks letting slip our secret of agenda of racism and warmongering, they need to be dealt with immediately. The only thing the public is supposed to know is that we want Washington to stop spending money we don’t have, and to stop usurping the powers of the people for itself in order to expand and control more and more of the population. That’s what our website says, and no one is supposed to know any more than that.

      So who leaked you the good news about the black-bashing campaign as we strive for dominance over the middle east and Africa?

      Moron. Go do some research. People like you don’t deserve to vote.

      • http://perssonallibertydigest sejmon


    • JeffH

      Marvin McCardle, the definition of a “useful idiot” or maybe useless would be more accurate.

    • Patriot II

      Marvin; We love you Bro!….why do you think the way you do? The Tea Party is about smaller Government, less regualtion and more personal Freedom. I am a Member and 100% of all the memebers I know think that.

      You either:

      1. Disagree with them and want Larger Government, less freedom and more regualtion .

      or …………

      2. you have been swayed by Lies put out by the marxist Liberal Media.

      Which is it?

  • Albert Maslar

    President George W. Bush was wrong invading Iraq because the premise was wrong. Saddam was NOT involved in the 9/11 debacle that destryed the NY Twin Towers that caused the loss of 3,000 lives. Once the water goes over the falls??? Obama was wrong as well with his forays into Egypt that put the Muslim Brotherhood in control, leaving Egypt worse off than it was under Qaddafi.

    Obama’s unauthorized war, a concept he severely criticized Bush for, unprovoked attacks on Libya, a country that was of no concern to the U.S. and in defiance of Congress supplying the air power and massive bombs in support of the NATO idea to democratize Libya while deposing Qaddafi, and totally unsettling the Middle East, creating more problems than can behandled in a lifetime. Does anybody think anymore? The man is doing what he criticized his opponent for doing, but at least Bush had the consent of Congress while this president acts dictaorially.

    • http://google Marvin McCardle

      Bush had the approval of Congress because he lied to get it. Treason comes to mind here. No WMD’s.

      • Ronbo

        Truth! These fragile intellects can’t handle the truth, they’d rater call names and invent false realities.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Ronbo… Your posts indicate that you wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face!

          • Ronbo

            (offensive comment removed)

          • Ronbo

            (offensive comment removed)

          • Ronbo

            (offensive comment removed)

          • Ronbo

            I can say someone has a mullet if they can degrade the president. The mullet IS offensive.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Boy rondo your batting a thousand, how’s ’bout a heapin’ helpin’ of”””SHUT THE H*LL UP””””!

        • S.C. Murf

          You know robo that you are depriving a village of their idiot. Please make that popping sound

          up the hill

      • John Glock

        Sorry Dude – here’s the truth:
        500 Tons of Uranium Yellowcake Secretly Moved From Iraq to Canada-Truth!
        Defense Personnel Transport Uranium Ore Out of Iraq
        By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service
        WASHINGTON, July 7, 2008 – Defense personnel have completed the transfer of 550 metric tons of Iraqi uranium ore to Canada, Defense officials said here today.
        The Iraqi government asked the United States to help transfer the yellowcake — as the ore is known — from Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Center near Baghdad to its buyer in Canada, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said today. 

The military dubbed the movement Operation McCall, and it ended July 5. DoD’s portion of the operation involved the transfer of the ore. 

Yellowcake is a uranium ore that can be processed to become nuclear fuel. State and Energy Department personnel also participated in the transfer. 

Officials transferred the uranium by convoy from Tuwaitha nuclear research facility to a secure location in Baghdad’s International Zone, Whitman said. The ore was in 110 shipping containers. The shipping containers were placed aboard Air Force C-17 Globemaster III airlifters and taken to an intermediate location. It took 37 sorties to transfer the yellowcake. 

At the intermediate location — which Whitman could not name — the ore was loaded aboard the SS Gopher State, a Military Sealift Command ship, which took it to Montreal. 

“This was material that was discovered when we initially went in to Tuwaitha,” Whitman said. “It was under the control of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency since that time.”

      • Leftyh8tr

        Yeah, Bush did it! Blame it all on Bush. This LIAR we have in the Whitehouse now is made of gold according to every marxist mental misfit. Anyone notice how they came out of the woodwork as soon as King Marxist took over the Whitehouse with his LIES. Yup “Bush did it”, they even use the very same mantra as their marxist leader: “Bush did it!”
        Paint peeling on your house….Bush did it!
        Rained on your daughters wedding….Bush did it!
        Grew a wart on your nose….Bush did it!
        Oh, go ahead and use the other mantra that the democrats use…”you’re a racist”. Oh, God-for-bid, I disagree with Obama.
        Grow a brain and think for yourself!

      • JeffH

        Treason, doubtfull? Perhaps Bush’s intelligence sources wanted the war in Iraq. The PTB, the manipulators, those more powerful than any president wanted the war. It’s my opinion that Bush wasn’t treasonous, Bush was just a pawn being used to keep the highly profitable war machine running, sucking the economic life out of the US and the rest of the world.

        A key CIA informant in Iraq admitted that he lied about his allegations, “then watched in shock as it was used to justify the war”.

        According to reports from the previous UN inspection agency, UNSCOM, Iraq produced 600 metric tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, VX and sarin, and nearly 25,000 rockets and 15,000 artillery shells, with chemical agents, that are still unaccounted for. In fact, in 1995, Iraq told the United Nations that it had produced at least 30,000 liters of biological agents, including anthrax and other toxins it could put on missiles, but that all of it had been destroyed.

        October 3, 2003, the world digests David Kay’s Iraq Survey Group report that finds no stockpiles of WMD in Iraq, although it states the government intended to develop more weapons with additional capabilities. Weapons inspectors in Iraq do find some “biological laboratories” and a collection of “reference strains”, including a strain of botulinum bacteria, “ought to have been declared to the UN.” Kay testifies that Iraq had not fully complied with UN inspections. In some cases, equipment and materials subject to UN monitoring had been kept hidden from UN inspectors. “So there was a WMD program. It was going ahead. It was rudimentary in many areas”, Kay would say in a later interview. In other cases, Iraq had simply lied to the UN in its weapons programs.

        Kay “We have discovered dozens of WMD-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations during the inspections that began in late 2002.”

        In June 2004, the United States removed 2 tons of low-enriched uranium from Iraq, sufficient raw material for a single nuclear weapon.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Jeff A BIG HEAR, HEAR!!!!!!!!

        • Angel Wannabe

          Jeffh, YOU SAID “According to reports from the previous UN inspection agency, UNSCOM, Iraq produced 600 metric tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, VX and sarin, and nearly 25,000 rockets and 15,000 artillery shells, with chemical agents, that are still unaccounted for.”

          ___I can tell ya they it is, they’ve friggin buried it where NO ONE WILL FIND THEM, we can’t underestimate the enemy, the GUV has or they’ve turned a blind eye!

          • JeffH

            Angel, if memory serves me…most of it(WMD’s)was sent to Syria by Hassein.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Jeffh, It was an opinion, I have no idea if they found them or not!

          • JeffH

            Angel, yepper. Who even knows what’s real these days?

  • Insurgent

    LFN !!!

  • Davis Stevens

    What else would expect to happen from this Dufus-In-Charge?

    • Ronbo

      Did you call Bush the same names? Seriously dude!

      • Davis Stevens

        Get a life Ronbo, Bush was at least an American Doing what he thought was best for We American Dufusses!!! “Nuff Said”! This Unslurper is Hell bent on ruining what vestige of Honor that remains in our once Great nation!

        • Ronbo

          Just consider that the money flowing into the Repub and Dems comes from the same Wealthy Corporate hands (only a small amount comes from actual voters). They don’t just buy a politician, they have enough money to buy the whole damn election.

          There is minimal difference between Bush and Obama and Romney….

          • http://WeThePeople Jean

            Curious – did you march in the “Battle for Seattle”? I have been picking through some of your comments – some subtle – some not so. Just where do you stand – or haven’t you like so many are still on the railings. The grass is dying – it will not get any greener no matter where you look. Time will come when all of us who have not already committed – will have to decide.

            Please look at the bottom feeders – they are the ones that have poisoned all that we have held dear. Bless your heart – and you can take that to your soul. None can no longer stand outside the box – you will have to flip it over – get on it – and commit.

          • Patriot II

            Ronbo; you have a good point. Greed aligns itself with only it’s own side.

  • http://none John Johns

    After reading these comments I am reminded once again at how gullible we all have become. The only information we attain is from our government controlled media so there is absolutely no possibility of truth ever. For seventy years I have watched the decay of our morals. The bottom line has become the only substance with any clout as our government is bought and paid for. It matters not which mythical political party lays claim to dominance as they both are in bed together. It is all part of the smoke and mirror act that has gone on so long now it has become near invisible……

    • Ronbo

      Truth! God bless you.

  • Had it

    We have been talking and hoping for Odumbo to be gone for three years now. It aint going to happen because no one has enough courage or fortitude to get it done.I think we will still be talking and hoping for five more years. What is wrong with us anyway? All the talk about Obamacare repeal. It’s still there? Are we still going to be just talking about that for another ten years or so? Jessy Jackson jr wants him to be dictator in chief and it never even made the news. We have no truth left in the news. We might as well just watch cartoons for all the good the news channels are. Obamas logic is nothing more than a bad joke. Can you tell I am unhappy?

    • scott5134

      If you go to the site listing bail outs, you will see there are some news stations on that list and part of the stipulation for the bailout was goevernment intervention.

      I watched a video where bush went to congress and the sentate multiple times asking for regulations of big companies like fanny mae and was laughed out even though he warned them what could happen. It happened and every one blamed him. Amazing.

      When the video was leaked out a few years, it was on youtube less than a day before it was pulled, I had to find it on the canadian you tube to watch it, that is why people never find out the truth

    • Joe

      our political system IS a cartoon

      • Ronbo

        Yes, a bad joke.

  • scott5134

    Chuck, oboma is no more a christian than a rock. I have heard him read scriptures once, in which case he took then out of contents and slammed them. I habe heard him read from the koran, breaking a commandment, and heard him pray with the muslems, breaking another commandment. I have never heard him pray to Jesus.

    Listen for yourself

    Stattistics say that 95% of the people who claim they are CHristians really are not and that is confirmed by the bible. Obama is not even en that group. Maybe you should do a little research.

    I also read a paper that obama wrote after 911, before he was a senator where he said we should simpathize with the terrorist, that half of the blame for 911 was the US fault and half the worlds fault for not being understanding of the terrorist needs, then for political gain he claims victory over them. He is destroying America and people like you could care less.

    As for someone comment on bushing and womd, it was proven he had them, he used them against his own people, they jsut were not found, in fact britian had build thousands of bunkers for irag in past years, so many they did not even know where they were all at and most were never found.

    • Ronbo

      Scott your logic is flawed. I have never heard you pray to Jesus – so by your same logic, you must (obviously) be a Muslim Atollya.

      Our schools have failed us! Mallah Scott is the revenge of ignorance.

      • Alex

        I’ve never heard scott pray to Jesus, either!! Someone should look into this.

      • Gerry A

        Ronbo… You are a poor, pathetic fool. I really wish you’d lay off the comments. No one takes you seriously anyway. Get a LIFE, you might like it.

        • scott5134

          You have never heard me put down the bible and pray with muslems either, both which are against the commandments.

          So if you heard me do those things and I said I was a christian then you would respond to

    • oregonrain

      You are right about him not being Christian. No one that loves Christ and tries to do the right thing, would be bashing Christ and praying in a different religious way.
      On the other hand, Obama is not stupid. Evil yes. Cunning yes. Stupid no. He is smart. He has a planned agenda. His agenda has been clear from the start. He wants to take down American power and “have the little guys win”. The problem is the little guys in his mind are terrorist in ours.

      • scott5134

        And who is it that stood before other nations and proclained that America, founded on Christianity, was no longer a Chrsitian Nation. Would a Christian do that?

    • http://yahoo frank

      I have read a lot of the comments that has been posted some I do agree with and some needs to re-live history and see the the one who says that Christians lie let me enlighten you on what a real and true Christian is and does anyone can say they are a Christian that is just a word but what a true Christian is that they have been washed in the blood of Jesus and have ask Him for forgiveness because we are all sinners and follow Jesus in His word and that is what the Christian walk and talk is,you do not lie ,cheat and steal and what has Obama done and that is not a Christian he lied to the American people,he cheated in saying when he took credit for Bin Laden for months before he was in office Bush knew where he was but the Navy Seals and everything had to be in play and no mistakes to be made and Bush went out of office and Obama had to take the roll but of he took the credit as well so that is stealing and cheating and he is a dictator and Judgement Day will come to him and his followers I am a Christian and what I have posted I care less what people think of a true Christian as long as I know what is in my heart and that I do do what Jesus would want me to do,and to Ranchman,yes,things will get worse we have not seen anything yet according to what was written in the Bible is yet to come

      • Patriot II

        frank; Good post!

        As a Christian myself, I know as well as you the only perfect person on Earth was Christ. We know we are sinners and have asked for His forgiveness. The problem is, if we ever sin again (which we do all the time) the anti Christian then believes we are Hypocrits. If we are not perfect, they hold us accountable. Therefore the only ones we can be held accountable to are people like us, Other Christians, because people who are not Christians do not understand, otherwise they would be Christians. It is a Paradox, keep up the good work!


  • mark111

    We (the US government) need to quit messing with the political structure of other nations. Not every country is ready for democracy or a republic. Nor can we make the population of another country free–that is something they must do for themselves.

    My personal take is that the war GWB started in Iraq was the wrong thing to do and Lord only knows when we will know the truth of WMD concerns. It is also my opinion that GHWB stopped the original Gulf war too soon. At the time there was good reason to eliminate Sadam Hussein and restructure Iraq.

    As for Afghanistan, what a mess! To my mind, we should have hit Al Qaeda and knocked the crap out of the Taliban then exited. The big problem we had was that we discussed everything with Pakistan because we wanted to use them in the process. Once we knew for a fact that Al Qaeda was responsible and that the Taliban were protecting them, we should have conducted a surprise strike without Pakistan being involved. The only notice they should have gotten was “We are flying across your airspace at this very minute. Stay on the ground and do not interfere. You fly, you die.” It was because we told Pakistan and other Islamic countries what we were going to do that we did not get Al Qaeda and Bin Laden in the first strike.

    As for our Libyan interference–time will tell but it certainly looks like they will become a country dominated by radical Islamists. I worked there for awhile years ago and have seen the sway that can be generated upon the mindset of the people by Islamic fervour. Those who thought they were fighting for freedom may well find they flipped the frying pan and are now in the fire.

    The US needs to act like the most powerful country in the world and like a world leader. Go to the UN and make it plain that we will not tolerate attacks upon our country and citizens. Make it plain that we will protect ourselves and do serious harm to those who harm us. Then shut the hell up and quit meddling!

    • professor

      MarkIII for President!

  • Patriot II

    It does not matter if Obama Lies or Not!…………………..

    The Liberal/Marxist Media will assure his re election ANYWAY!

  • clarence swinney

    MUSH DIMBAUGH 10,000+ in 4000 hours off his transcripts edited by FAIR

    liars and pathologil liars Praise Mohammed Prince of Truth
    Si Gringo!

    • Doug

      Mo is in hell on his kneew sucking on donkey & horse penis!

      • Gerry A

        You are a very sick person with your nasty mouth/words. Ask God for forgiveness Doug.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Gerry A, I don’t claim to agree with Dougs choice of words, but Mo isn’t my God either.-As for Swinnnnnney, he’s only here to rile the sheep!__Soro’s must be a good boss and pay must be good!

  • donthecaunck

    AS observers from the North, we find it amazing that Americans continue to duke it out, claiming to be Dems or Reps, when in essence, there is not much difference right now. Americans should instead read the 5 monkey theory and apply it to their gov’t by changing all at the same time. That is the only way things can change. Take example on the town of Vernon , New Jersey, where citizens took back their town, by standing united. If the population of the U.S” could set aside their political affiliations and start reading the only document that protects them from their gov’ts becoming corporate shills, then perhaps change will come. Otherwise, brace yourselves, because that abyss is deep, very deep and you will be falling into it very soon. Canadians are hoping that Americans will get better informed and take back their country, once they have realized that it is not about politics, but about your survival as one of the only places that capitalism worked, until the socialists got their hands into everything.

    • Ronbo

      Thanks Don. Many of these people would have fallen into McCarthism, or anti-communism or …. They are sheeple who only see good or bad. They can’t see the trees for the forrest and their God, TV, isn’t about to spill the beans.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Ronbo are you pro communism?? Sounds like it.

        • JeffH

          …just anti-capitalism…and pro Marxism/communism/progressivism/socialism

    • Joe

      Yeah about the time your government gives you back your guns.

      • Ronbo

        They never took ‘em Joe. That was just some Obooga Boooga to rile up the ignorant natives.

        • Lost in Paradise

          At this very moment, they are trying everything they can to take away our guns. Apparently you have not been keeping up with things.

          • 45caliber


            It isn’t that he isn’t keeping up with things. It is that he wants the guns taken and is doing his best to try to keep people quiet about it until the job is done. Like most libs, he isn’t happy when people can shoot back.

    • Patriot II

      It is not that simple. This is a difference between Marxism and Capitalism in the world (let alone Canada or the States) I do agree that what is happening is not the solution and is counter productive.

      I just read the whole five monkey thing, takes about 3 minutes at the most.

      1. Libs do not understand (Like you say) the Slippery slope they are on when, in the quest for “Equality and Fairness”, they think the government is the answer.

      2. Conservatives think just the opposite of that. We don’t want a Government to replace our God given right to help others directly, rather than giving it to a Monster out of control Government. That is why we are fighting them!

      The Greedy will always be with us. I am a Capitalist (Conservative) but I AM NOT Greedy! I think Greedy people are the problem no matter what avenue they take (Government or Private Business) Don’t you agree? AQnother way to put it is (Liberals and Conservatives)

      The Good people, (who are against Greed), have a disagreement on how to deal with Greed, and THAT is the fundamental issue.

      If everyone would listen to Jesus Christ and at least CONSIDER his ways, let alone accept him as their Savior, all would be right in the world. (Here’s where all of the anti-Christian will attack me because they regard most Christians as Hypocrites, but the facts are HIS way is the RIGHT way AND if people would just accept that Hypocrasy as a given as well, then we can move forward!!!!! For answers to all of these questions, (On Greed) The Bible has many many many chapters and verses on it.

      PS, for all of you attackers of Christianity using the “Hypocrisy Issue”, …..the Bible talks about that as well many times.

      • donthecanauck


        I agree with most of what you profess and can in simple terms lay out what my view is on these issues.

        Greed is what it is. Around us, everything changes, technology, services, communications, but in essence , there is one thing that never seems to change. The human being. Greed will be present, as you say, because it is one flaw that many humans have.

        One thing I can say for sure. I started out very mediocre and disliked the “rich” when I was young. Then, I realized that I also had the same opportunity to lift up my shirtsleeves and do what they did…………long story short, I retired at 46, some 6 years ago, and am now seen as one of those ” nasty capitalists”.

        I found out, during my journey to where I am , that if you do not let the cream rise to the top, you are basically shooting yourself in the head. The basic fundamental truth of rewarding success and punishing failure is what has made the most sense throughout the ages, and moving away from that will ultimately create a gang of lazy and generally dumbed-down people without ambition, wherever in the world you want to apply this knowledge.

        By giving a great worker the same wage as good worker or a bad worker the same wage as a great worker, ultimately, you will only end up with all bad workers.

        What part of that equation do communists and socialist not understand? You reward effort and you punish laziness. It applies to everything in life. Those who do not want to become the cream will simply have to deal with the consequences. Let them not however ruin it for all those who do wish to excel, by asking gov’ts to steal from the successful to give to the unsuccessful.

        We are part of nature and nature has its rules. (Bleeding hearts liberals will interject with “What about those who cannot fend for themselves!??!!) Of course, we must assist them. I said I was a capitalist, not an insensitive.

        I have lived in 5 countries and visited 42 to date, and have yet to see any system offer the same opportunities that capitalism offers to all those who wish to rise to the occasion. Maggie Thatcher had it right about socialism. It is all over when you run out of other people’s money. The U.S. is well on its way to doing that. Europe is there already. It saddens me immensely to see this.

        I am a capitalist, yes, a passionate one even………became one by realizing that it was the only way to success. I do not like greed, nor do I like government stealing from those who work hard. The greed can easily be dealt with……….but how will the U.S. deal with the fact that Corporations have the 5 monkeys in their pockets these days. Most of your 545 elected “honorables” are seemingly not catering to the people, but to the corporations.

        It is not about dems or reps, but more so about how will you all find a way to agree that the 5 monkeys need to be changed and you need to take back your country and return to what your founding fathers knew was right.

        That Ron Paul fellow………..if he isn’t part of your next government, then send him up here. We can use one in each province. Never seen ayone in politics with that much integrity, common sense and a real grasp of monetary policies. Yet, here is a strict constitutionalist who is seen as a wacko by much of the population. One is left to wonder whether the electorate in fact gets exactly what it deserves.

        Re-elect the Hank Johnsons who believe “Guam will tip over” but allow the MSM to cast aside the only guy who truly is a patriot and has never done one thing that goes against the only document that truly protects the electorate.

        It boggles the mind, PatriotII. It really does. We watch it here from above, with our cold winters and our sweet maple syrup, in the hope that you all will come together, cast aside your political affiliations and once again find that glory that was the U.S. of A.

        Of course……….that would mean a return to the time when more people had their sleeves up than their hands out.

        cheers from Canada and good luck to you all!

      • Erik

        Your bible also promotes torture, sodomy, murder, child abuse, and a host of other evils.
        How about burning that filthy book and thinking for yourself?
        What a novel idea!

    • pa

      you are co correct don.
      I listened to the Vernon, NJ solution too.
      Tip O’Neil once said, “All politics is local.” And that is where the focus ought to be directed. A 1,191 word post and many of the 300 plus comments stating who is and who is not a liar doesn’t solve much. Tell me how this is better than OWS behavior.
      Pick a topic and make it happen. 95% of the population do not understand what is happening. A friend suggested either all Democrats in office or all Republicans so something can get done. How naive.
      What is the biggest problem? Control of money supply.
      Utah’s courageous decision to create its own money was excellent. I pray more states follow suit. North Dakota is the only state to have its own bank and credit system. I pray other states follow suit.
      I don’t think any one of wants pure capitalism and more than we want pure communism/socialism. I like honest police, fireman on a moment’s notice, roads without potholes. However, I do not want to mettle in another country’s affairs any more than another country mettle in ours. Do you want a drone flying in through your bedroom window killing your family?
      I do not want the government showing another person favoritism over me just because he has money. I do not envy wealthy people. I feel sorry for them. They are probably missing out on too many great things in life.
      I do not want a government deciding to take control of my tv and radio on a whim.
      I do want our original constitution back. I want a wonderful place for my children and grandchildren to live peacefully.
      There a bunch of problems to solve. Bitching about them is consuming way too much energy.

  • Chuck

    Now, now. Let’s take a look at a real possibility for the Libyan war of “independence”.

    Ghadafi’s Libya had a government-owned central bank. They had a currency that was based on GOLD…gold dinars. Ghadafi wanted to form an economic African union that would have had the dinar as its gold-based currency. The African states had a favorable opinion of this.

    Now, in case nobody has noticed, the central banks of the West seek to control ALL currency. They don’t really want a Euro or an Amero. They want a Worldo.

    BIS (the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland) and its 56 member banks would MOST DEFINITELY not want to see an entire continent go onto a gold-based currency.

    Sadly, for Ghadfi, he would have been better off keeping his pie-hole closed.

    At the outset of the “revolution” the “rebels” formed a central bank. They had no government, yet they had a central bank. Amazing!
    And of course, as you know, they had the full support of Western military power and thus Ghadafi had zero chance of surviving.

    I’m not saying that this was the cause of the Libyan conflict, but it will be interesting to see, when the dust settles, with whom the new Libyan government aligns its central bank.

    • scott5134

      Lets take a look, they are already saying they are going traditional islam, that means any women who currently own property will loose it, it means the marriages they used to have there are a thing of the past, men can take women and then when they are tired of them no divorce is needed, just kick them out, they can have multiple women and should the man die, those wemon get obsolutlely nothing, but no lets worry about their banks, thats whats important, not that for the women it will be worse than before.

  • HarryButtle

    You have to be kidding with this with these blatant distortions. Your credibility is at stake and you publish something like this? Wow. From one of your own:

    Obama Takes Credit For Bush’s Iraq Withdrawal Timeline

  • Donald

    The US has not won a big war since WWII. Why was Myers expecting something else? Afghanistan will be the next withdrawal. At least then we can take these unnecessary burdens off the taxpayers.

    • Ronbo

      Yes. Save us from spending us to death for a war.

    • 45caliber

      It isn’t the war that was all that costly … it’s Congress’s desire to rebuild the countries in better shape than when they started. Personally, I think we should have gone in, did what was necessary to solve the problems and then left after telling them, “Sorry about the mess but that’s what happens when you won’t clean up your own house. Don’t do it again or we may have to come back and get really nasty!”

  • firetender

    There is a saying “People get the government they deserve” I don’t know if that is always true, but it certainly is in our case. Mr. Obama was our choice, elected by our rules. We saw in him something we thought he could do for us or give us, and we never bothered to check his past voting record, or his qualifications to run for office; and if we did know, we did’t care, we just wanted what we wanted. So we (as a nation) should not be surprised at his performance. Each of us has an obligation to take the moral high ground. Remember the “Golden Rule?” I believe that the problems we are having with President Obama, is that we elected him in the first place, and now we are suffering big time buyers remorse. Let’s get our act together and not make the same mistake again.

    • http://yahoo frank

      firetender do we have a chose in our picks as to the ones that is running for President? not much of a choice

  • 4-just_us

    I say we give Ron Paul a chance.

    • scott5134

      No Lawyers. That should be a standard, most of them are well versed in lying, it is a job requirement, even if they think their client is quilty they have to do everything in their power to defend them = Lying

  • peter

    What exactly do we all expect from the guy? He is first and foremost a politician, no better and no worse than all the others and remember whoever is in office won’t make one iota of difference when the whatsit hits the fan in 2012. There is going to be much anger, frustration, shock and dismay in 2012. Be prepared. Bet on it. Everything in turmoil and no answers available. Have fun and enjoy.

  • JonZ

    How can anyone expect Obama to be able to insure there is a stabile government in any country? He doesn’t understand our constitutional republic and trashes the constitution at every opportunity to achieve his personal goals.

  • Alex

    And why should President Barack Hussein Obama NOT trumpet his bringing home the mercenaries from Iraq?

    “Never mind that U.S. military intervention in Iraq cost the U.S. one trillion dollars and over 4400 American lives and left a power vacuum at the epicenter of the world’s oil.” All of that, every dollar and evry drop of blood, is the direct produce of the Bush/Cheney Regime. Remember that Democratic voices like then Senator Obama and Rep. Barbara Lee voted against the war and were called ‘traitors’. Do not ever cry over the dead Americans or the lost money until you are willing to see Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, etc, handed over to the World Court for prosecution for their crimes against humanity. Again, the Iraq War was a horrific mistake by the Reich Wing Bush Administration.

    PS–you gotta tip your caps to France, who saw through all of the BS yet was still vilified by whiny Amerikans for keeping clear of Iraq.

    • http://WeThePeople Jean

      The only thing that I will ever tip to France is a FULL MOON

  • John Rousselle

    Interesting. Meyers takes the some position as Louis Farrakhan. Some of the article sounds like it was written by the Nation of Islam.

    If there is fault with Iraq’s situation, blame George W. He is the one that opened this can of worms with that stupid and uncalled for war. Only time will tell how bad the problems in Iraq will be. However, we can not afford to stay there longer and have long fulfilled any obligation to the Iraq people.

    Regarding Libya, we didn’t start this conflict and only had a small part in it. There was enough unrest there to unseat Gadhafi eventually. One could argue that involvement by Western powers reduced the killing. What happens to the country will be decided by the Libyans. We may not like the result but they have no obligation to please us.

  • simian pete

    Reading this article by Mr Myers sure is an eye opener !

    You got to admit that President Obama has a certain political genius, He certainly is a talented politician and persuader ! HA HA ! That must get all the Republicans mad ! HA HA !

    President Obama certainly can take credit for his foreign policy … so what pluses do we have here for 2012 re-election ?

    1) A Billion dollars worth of campaign contributions ….

    2) Brought the boys home from Iraq ….

    3) Terminated Osama Bin Laden …

    4) Terminated Colonel Kaddafi …

    5) Awarded Nobel Prize for Peace …

    So let me put it to all of you … He’s on his way to being re-elected. Let’s not forget the last “plus” on the list …

    6) Republican Party has sabotaged their best candidate – Ron Paul…

    7) The Republican Party is practically giving Obama the White House in 2012..

    In life you have winners and you have losers. Mr. Obama is a winner (2008) and it seems the Repubs will be losers again (2012) unless they get their act together ! That means …

    Ron Paul for President !!!!

  • DaveH

    Obama Lies? Come on now, give the guy a break. He’s young and dumb. He’s been watching American Presidents do it for decades before he got elected. Can anybody blame him for thinking he could do it also (and more)?

    • coal miner

      DaveH ,
      Don’t forget unproven accusations from both politicaal parties,Democrat and Republican.All a woman or man has to do is to accuse a man or woman of sexual misconduct, he is automatically guilty,the more he denies it,the more he seems guilty in the eyes of the public.It sounds like something out of Soviet Russia.You can be of accused of political disloyality or in the league with Trotskites,the more you denied it,the more guilty you were.People paid with their lives with with those unfounded charges.
      Today,people paid with their careers and lives ruined.Good old bloody thirties are back again.Herman Cain is no exception.

  • Jay

    “….if you count American troops being overrun by the North Vietnamese.”

    Unless you are a lot older than you appear in your picture, you know not what you are talking about in that statement. After the TET offensive, the N. Vietnamese army was done, defunct, defeated. They would have had a hard time mounting an offensive against the Girl Scouts. American troops never lost a battle in Vietnam, but the war was lost by the civilians running it from their easy chairs at home!

    As far as Obama being a liar – well, let the facts speak for themselves.

    • Alex

      Wrong, Jay. The American killers were defeated by a determined Vietnamese people who were sick of seeing their women raped by our “heroes” and their children on the ends of bayonets.

      • Doug

        No Alex the only ass wipes that defeated the US is sickness that sits in Washington! If the government would let the military do its job when called upon and stay the hell out of the way we would have lost no wars! You really need to stop reading from the progessive and liberal pool!

        • Angel Wannabe

          Hear Hear Doug!, The News Media (again) didn’t help the Vietnam war either, by reporting & giving away, the where-abouts of our military either__The idiots!

          • scott5134

            I saw a debreifed of a pilot who returned from a mission and had flown over a NV base where they had unloaded hunderds of SAM missles. He called for permission to bomb the SAM but was told NO, he and others would have to deal with them one at a time when they were fired at them. THe war was all political, every bit. The war could have been ended alot earlier and with a victory.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Scott, agreed!

          • 45caliber


            You are correct. We had orders to leave any war materials, including guns and ammo, for the Vietcong and the NV regulars to use. We were not to destory it or turn it over to the South Vietnamese government. (Not that we did!) They didn’t want anything done that might result in a clear-cut victory because the war was being used to keep people’s attention off the problems in the US.

        • DaveH

          In an all-out war, no doubt the United States would win. But the question is “Why?”. We have no business Empire Building around the world, making enemies in our wake. We can’t even keep hold of the Real Freedom that our Founders gave us just a little over 200 years ago. How in the world can anybody think we’re going to change cultures who have had no experience with Freedom in their history? It’s an Oxymoron to think we can force Freedom at the end of a Gun Barrel.

      • 45caliber


        You really should do a little study about history in books that aren’t provided by the government run schools. It might amaze you how much of histroy has been revised. Never believe it unless you can find proof. And your statements about Vietnam prove you don’t do that.

    • 45caliber

      Jay, I agree. And I think the facts about whether Oblama is a liar also speak for themselves.


    For all of you mental jaculates:when tossing about barbs and ignoring the truth,I’d suggest sliding down a barb wire fence to get rid of some of that ding bat intelligence…

    • 45caliber

      Alex and Ronbo would be good candidates for that treatment.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Well,well it looks as if the Liberal Punks are out in full force today, spewing the same crapola, that got in this mess in the first place.Wah Wah Wah is all Bushes Fault, wah wah wah its all Obama’s fault__if you intellectual Liberals(tongue in cheek)could wrap that fat head of yours around the idea, that ANYONE in Congress and the President are picked by the elite first and pushed on us to vote for them.The elite call the shots and the Congress and the President are their puppets, they carry out the orders! Your votes are token genius’s!!!_-Do a little thinking, and ask the ever present question “WHY”, no matter who gets in office, that NOTHIING EVER CHANGES, it only gets worse?__Anyone with a mind to think, eyes to see and ears to hear, that Obama and his puppet masters only have gotten us closer to the NWO a hell-of-a-lot faster than anyone else!_I can find something good in a train wreck__but realistically speaking, you Liberals are either being paid well to ignore what the progressives have done up until now, your
    blind as bat, or your just plain stupid

  • Ronbo

    I agree completly. Well, I’d never call names or say anything rude. But you’ve hit upon the truth. Especially the “your just plain stupid”; obviously you are familiar with the regulars here.

    • Angel Wannabe

      rondo_ been here since 2009!

      • libertytrain

        Angel – I noticed a few “offensive posts removed” with the above character somewhere a second ago…hmmm go figure…

        • Angel Wannabe

          libertytrain, the pot calling the kettle black! :p

      • Ronbo

        How do you do it? It’s like a mine field of “stupid” ready to explode into a bigoted rant of hate and violence in here.

        • libertytrain

          What an interesting description of yourself and your posts… hmmm.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Rondo, I’m a little tired of the hate and violence crap!__We’re here to voice our opinions, you either agree or you don’t, it’s your choice. I’m not into Political Correctiness, call me or the other posters anything you want, FOR ME, I do and say what I want!
          __We still have free speech, noone ever said YOU had to like it._
          Now you can say we’re violent, offensive, hateful, yeah we’re all that!__What we Conservatives hate most is, what the Progressive have done to this Country of ours, and coming here and b*tching about means, we’re trying to figure out how to get it back, PEACEFULLY!!

          • Ronbo

            I was being sarcastic. Obviously. (Not about agreeing with you – but about my “good” nature). My comments were removed because I criticized a posters “mullet” (something tells me the administrator sports a 70′s mullet).

          • Angel Wannabe

            Rondo, “the Admin sports a Mullet,eh?”_If mullets cleared up our political problem, we’d all sport one, including BoB L, I’m sure!. Not sure what it has to do with the coversation, though?!

          • libertytrain

            you are forgetting what you wrote. I did see a comment before it was removed – it was degrading and nothing about mullets. Something about her prowess with football team… Very insulting – very degrading – no mullet mentioned. I didn’t see the other or others as the case may be. Perhaps should have been left so others could see how disgusting your attack on this poor woman was.

          • JeffH

            libertytrain, because you have credibility here and just caught the un-credible ronbo in a lie…I think I can take you at your word.

          • libertytrain

            Jeff, I imagine he was glad that comment was removed. It should have embarrassed him for writing such garbage.

        • Doug

          Stop throwing around the race card you idiot the only most people on this site don’t like are stupid ignorant people like you regardless what color or religion you are BOZO!

        • DaveH

          Ronbo says:
          “Well, I’d never call names or say anything rude. But you’ve hit upon the truth. Especially the “your just plain stupid”; obviously you are familiar with the regulars here”.
          Then Ronbo says:
          “It’s like a mine field of “stupid” ready to explode into a bigoted rant of hate and violence in here”

          Are you completely Oblivious, Ronbo?

          • libertytrain

            yes, reminds me of that other fellow that follows you and jeff around claiming he never does such things and yet these columns are filled with his “unkind” words…. good grief.

          • JeffH

            libertytrain :) …as much of a pain and as old as it gets, over time, it always comes back to bite them. But alas, deny, deny, deny…which only destroys what little credibility they may not have had anyway.

    • 45caliber


      “Well, I’d never call names or say anything rude.”

      LOL! ROTFL! Thanks. I needed a good laugh today!

    • John Lilleburns ghost

      Whoa go easy Rombo. This is a modern Bedlam (wiki it if you want the origins of the word)if you upset them to much they will start jumping up and down, then their baking foil hats fall off and the president can read their minds. Whilst its funny for a while these are not happy well adjusted people, I doubt if many can actually hold down jobs etc., and you those that can probably dont notice the look of relief on their co-workers faces when another day goes by without them bringing their gun.

  • Joyceann

    Nothing will change until we stand united behind the Constitution and elect a non politician to lead us back to it. For the first time, we are ready for the attack on Cain. We will stand behind him and nothing they say or pay to have said will matter. We are so used to be lied to that a bit of sexual abuse just doesn’t matter. We have been f%$**** since Obama was elected. That is mass sexual abuse.

  • iceman

    Stop and think about it people.This illegal Sitting MUSLIM POTUS has to get the Troops out of Iraq quick so he has more cannon fodder to send into IRAN. His Brother who is Pres.of Iran won’t listen to him so Iran is next on the list. OBAMA the Muslim in Chief will use the LINE that Iran is on the verge of Building a NUKE WARHEAD to Start another waste of AMERICAN MILITARY LIVES,EQUIPMENT,TAX PAYER MONEY To Declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY SO HE can POSTPONE OR PREVENT THE 2012 ELECTION WHICH HE KNOWS HE HAS ALREADY LOST. WAIT,WATCH AND SEE.!!!

    • Ronbo

      Too much coffee and talk radio do NOT make a man healthy, wealthy or wise.

      Use some of that government check to buy some meds.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Rondo, it sure does make you healthy, wealthy and wise, in fact I’m listening to Beck Radio right Now, at noon I’ll take in a little El Rush-bo! :)

  • Justice4All

    What if this guy Obama gets re-elected? Do you think that’s not possible? So many of us thought no chance in hell that he would’ve been given the power as POTUS in the first place, but, here we are three years later lamenting the fact. We must not ever become so smug that we lose sight of how he stole 2008! Remember that all his zombies, (Unions, Communist/Socialist, The Weak Minded, and of course George Soros) are still around and causing a whole lot of trouble. Their mission is to complete the total take-over of our once GREAT COUNTRY. They may not even need another four years.
    Be ready for the worse!

    GOD Bless The U.S.A.

  • tim

    READ Behold A Pale Horse, author william cooper. The last american president was jfk. Ron Paul and anyone like him will never be president. Constittution was replaced when bush senior was president. The real fight, thus far, is only between the true controlling bodies regarding what system they will employ to control the 99% of the population (worldwide). Many of the things we see unfolding today were many years in the planning,with more to come. Stop shouting at each other and the Me vs You dialogue. Obama, Bush..democrats, republicans…all fruits of the same tree and parts of the trojan horse of deception and distraction divide and conquer. Compartmentalization…enables evil on a Grand scale, with the innocent (think soldiers)doing the bidding of evil in the belief that they are doing good (people will hurt you when they think they are doing the right thing cops,parents,teachers etc.). The concept is luciferian in origin as is Islam which may be the greatest deception currently in play. The purported fastest growing religion 1.5 billion and counting has long since gone from conversion growth to growth by birth. Those who are alive will bare witness to much unravelling of lies presented as truth and curtains that have hidden the truth. We must begin to throw off many chains…sexism, racism, classism they are all tools to control us (with the vast and growing electronic tools that we choose to bring into our lives it’s become much easier to do). Sarkozy was overheard telling Obama recently that netanyahu was a liar, they are all liars and puppets. People need to understand that a lot will happen before they need to worry about the end of the world (thats when you die anyway)focus on people you can trust and increasing that list and prep for life situations that require you to rely on you and yours (remember katrina) your “government will not be there” for you it is controlled by those who are controlled. Some willingly and some not. Don’t get lost in the weeds. wake someone up.

  • Freddy

    Listen to you… Read your posts… Fighting about something it seems only a few really know… Try this..

    This link will bring you to what America was meant to be.

    The bank crash was the FED not the banks.
    Go back to when Clinton was trying to save the economy from the DOT Com CRASH… Go read and learn. The FED created the Crash.

    Go look at who was in charge of the senate and congress while Bush was in office… Read it close because the truth is trying to hide from you… You will find that Bush and the Republicans were not really in the majority.

    You should really check the facts before calling people names.

    There is no reason to call people names on a list like this the only reason you would
    is because you don’t have a true reply with facts. (That is my belief, anyway).

    Democracy and a Republic are two differnet things you should go see what the real difference is.

    People have to get off “the Government will take care of me” …
    If our elected officials really cared about our Country, they would not try to turn our country into
    a Democracy, but it seems since the Government has stepped into the School system
    our Republic is slowing dying, along with our country.. it scares me to know that
    in one state they are allowing Muslim law in a country that was based on laws and freedom.

    I suggest to the people that blame Obama and Bush, look back farther into the past
    the problem started years before I was born…

    Bush on his worst years only went 900 billion into the hole, Obama and the Democrats
    pushed this number to 1.5 trillion , in ONE YEAR!!! At least Bush took 7 years to get 900 billion of a deficit. Bush spent on WAR, typical American way to go into debt, we still have not paid for our last wars, now we have to pay for not only Bush wars, that by the way were legal because congress is who says we go to war, but Obama used some other means to go to war in three countries and the news only told you about two. Where are the ANTI- WAR people when Obama goes to war with NO CONGRESS vote??

    Go learn about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, go read history about all the folks in this country
    that grew up in low income areas that have made a good living then go look at the other countries and see how many have been able to pull themselves out of the slums… America BEATS THEM EVERY TIME!!!

    Did you know that Clinton Administration told the BANKERS .. “if you do not give loans you will lose your FDIC …. Now think about it.. would you as a banker knowing that the only way you can stay in business is to have the FDIC backing, in other words, the banks HAD TO LOAN, THE FED TOLD THEM EITHER LOAN OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS… What would you do???? YOU WOULD TRY TO SAVE YOUR BANK!!! You would do what the FED told you to do.

    Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac is who you should be mad at The FED is who you should be yelling at…
    Create a crisis so you can pass laws that normally would not pass…. over regulate,
    take property rights away from the people, take your right of free speech away,
    Give people money for not working, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security are the programs
    that are costing our country the most, then they CBO uses the exact same wording when talking about Obama Care, The Health care bills will not go into the red, that is what the CBO said,
    Medicare and medicaid and Social Security are paid for and will never cost our country more
    than what the taxes placed will cover.. as the taxes go up and our rights taken away,
    our country Dies from Debt… hmmm go read the federalist papers they warn us of this…

    WHEN PEOPLE FIGURE OUT THEY CAN VOTE THEMSELVES MONEY OUR COUNTRY WILL DIE, LOOK AT HOW THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN VOTING LATELY…The last 50 years or so…They have been voting for what they think they can get.. not what is best for our country as a whole…So as the Occupie wall street gets stronger, our country gets weaker.. the people asking for money to do this and that, take the strength away from our country…As the Government gives our Government Dies.. what Government is going to come next? Is AMERICA the NEXT GREECE???

    I watched as our governmet gave money to a few, break the constitution by giving any money to a select few, that by the way most of it that has been spent, either is bankrupt, a UNION deal with the auto company, or it is going to other countries… two solar plants go bankrupt and one sends work to CHINA, Funny how GE gave millions to the Democrats and get tax breaks for closing plants in America and other tax breaks for opening a factory in another country…
    Funny how the Solyndra people gave a LOT to the Democrats, and less than two years BANKRUPT, yet I hear nothing about that from the Democrats except they state that some business fails…
    To me that is BREAKINGH OUR CONSTITUTION!!! The supreme law of the land.

    So go ahead, call me names but before you decide on that go read and learn what
    the Framers of our country had to say!!!

    The answer is: CAPITALISM, or FREE TRADE!!!!
    Keeping the U.S. Resources to ourselves and using them instead of going to other countries for what we have here.. selling trees to Japan so we can purchase the lumber… etc. etc. etc.

    Why is 70 percent of American money in other countries???
    If you send all your money out of a town, city, county, or country that town city county or country will collapse financially, then that leaves a gap that can be filled by the likes of HITLER, go read history.

    Now I know I will hear it , I used the word HITLER… rofl

    (Someone that does not hide behind fake names because they can hide on the internet.)

    • Angel Wannabe

      Well Freddy aren’t you special, that you use your real name on a forum, that just clears eveything up, doesn’t it!? :)

      • Freddy

        yeah that’s the ticket.. I am special..ROFL

        • Angel Wannabe

          Freddy, We’re not particularly amused…

          • Freddy

            What, the only thing you can do is attack the signature I used…ROFL
            What are you trying to tell me???
            I should hide behind a fake name???
            OR is this:
            The typical, you are right so, I have to say something negative about the person????
            What is the point in your blatant attack of me saying I am not hiding behind a name???
            What does this have to do with this forum or with the context of my post?

          • Angel Wannabe

            Freddy my boy, your the one, who had to put, “I use my real name on the bottom of your post. I was happy leaving at my last post,__but your the who seems to be keeping the ball rolling___nuf said!__in case your interested, that means we’re done talkin bout, the name thing! :)

          • Freddy

            HAHAHAHAHA Angel you are funny…
            can’t answer a simple question…ROFL

            I am done now no more responce you are not worth any more of my time
            I was trying to find like minded people that did not personally attack but seems that is impossible these day’s.
            Too bad America use be a great place….
            bye now you did what you wanted and I am gone… poof
            you will not hear from me again.. just read my post and go learn
            and quit attacking the person.

  • Thurman J LeNormand

    We spent billions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of American troops to free the Iraqi people from this dictator and failed, which only proves we will never convert these Muslims over to a Democracy. To add insult to injury, Obama with his Lead From Behind Plan, and to put a “I brought the troops home for the holidays” feather in his hat for his re-election bid, stuck his tail between his legs like the wimp he really is, then bowed down to his Master “Allah”, and began making plans to make a quick exit from Iraq which he has supported since before he was elected to the presidency. Pathetic!

  • Freddy

    sorry for the spelling mistakes, I am new to laptop keyboards.

  • Mushin


  • tim

    Also labels like conservative,liberal, democrat,republican do not make you more or less a believer in personal liberty. Which i believe all humans desire for themselves. The trick is to desire it as much for others as yourself. I doubt that the power elite whatever their names…soro, bush, rothschild,rockafeller,clinton etc. believe in it for other than them and theirs. God Bless.

  • wandamurline

    The Muslim Brotherhood will eventually run Egypt, Tunisia (after elections there, guess who faired the most….that will probably be the last voting done in that country), and Libya. We should never, ever have bombed Libya, Obama went against the Constitutional Provision that he must get congressional approval to bomb a country that is not a direct threat to America, and he is on several videos during his short tenure as an absent Senator stating that very thing…H. Clinton is on one also. And now for the real reason, along with Iraq’s telling us to get out, that we are leaving Iraq. There was a law passed by Congress while Bush was in office that we would withdraw our troops by December 31, 2011. This is why we are leaving….haven’t heard Obama blame that one on Bush.


    History overwhelmingly is on my side when I remind that, left untended. all governments eventually become their own citizens most pernicious enemy. The monstrous irony is that their citizens fund their oppressors under threat of imprisonment for not voluntarily contributing! This once-proud country is closer to the previous parameter than most people realize.

    • Mushin

      I CONCUR.

  • Lori

    Obama was trained to LIE.


  • Frederick H

    I read all this Neanderthal Conservative posts and I really can’t stop laughing. America going down? US of A has been down already for a couple of decades. The whole political/capitlist system sucks like hell. We give all the power imaginable to just ONE MAN and his buddies and then we expect him to deliver nothing but miracles: practically no taxes anymore, super fat paychecks for all and sundry, free health care, you name it. Stupidity really abounds in this country. The USA is done and gone forever. Welcome India, Brazil and China. We’ve said our farewells to Babylon and Rome, well, uhm,so long Uncle Sam, sleep tight in your Capitalist Heaven, for ever and ever, Amen. The world’s got no need for you anymore. PLEASE LET IT SINK INTO YOUR CALCIFIED BLOCKHEAD.

    • theotherrhalf

      They don’t remember how they were lied to about Iraq by GWB/Cheney regime.
      And it was Cheney who gave the president MORE power than he should ever have constitutionally.
      To the righties here, ought to read the book Angler and see if they don’t find themselves puking after every page.

      Obama is just using the system that was set up for him…and a Repub SCOTUS have done the very same thing.

      • Cheryl

        Obama is changing our way of doing business in order to turn this country into a socialist country……you are so misinformed about him….please do some more delving into what is really happening to us…..

        • bob wire

          Cheryl, you would have to be over a 100 years old to know anything other then a socialist country and “not” grown up in one.

          That’s just the way it is and perhaps a hard truth for you to comes to grip with as you seem to project some disdain for the word socialism.

          That Obama administration occupies a post point in time where the “collective” has been extorted to bail out banking systems and major business interest to avoid implied total collapse . He then has be left with the task of continuing down this “social path”, start well before his tenure.

          If you might recall, during his stumping address , he made claims that Wall Street got their bail out and it time for Main Street to get theirs. And so today, he attempts to honor that promise.

          While the stimulus spending has not been as big or grand or got down to all Americans on Main Street in obvious ways but in less obvious ways it has affected everyone.

          For you see, it quickly became clear after entering office that “State Governments” needed a bail out too! many were near default and left to cut back and lay off government worker. So rather then permit that to happen, a rather large block of money intended for Main Street, went instead to State Street to avoid huge lay offs at the more un-opportune time.

          A stimulus package was offered to the states which bought them two years to get their house in order and make the changes required to stay off defaults and massive layoffs that would quickly have a huge ripple effect to an already suffering private sector.

          Are you following me? ~ We are talking about inherited socialism.

          Cheryl, all of these efforts reeks of socialism! Any attempt to maintain a “social good for the collective”, both the rich and less rich and poor is socialism.

          Please take into account and remember the Wall Street bankers chestnuts have been pulled out of the fire by the tax payer back in Oct & Nov of 2008 ~ an act of socialism spearheaded by a “conservative” administration led by Geo W Bush and liberal 110th democratic congress.

          So today we are in year three with run up to general elects and want to condemn Obama and socialism?

          Well it’s a little late but if you feel that way, fine! but don’t attempt to single out Obama.

          and more then anything else,Cheryl throw your support behind Ron Paul, he’s the man you are looking for to curb runaway socialism.

          • ed

            Socialism won World War II and built the post-war economy.

            Without socialistic policies like social security, medicare, medicade, aid to dependent children, unemployment insurance, workman’s comp, child labor laws, minimum wage, public education, right to unionize, etc. poverty would overwhelm this nation and even “free capitalists” would fear for their personal safety.

            Democratic societies also include poor people and the rich have to recognize they have a responsibility to work to improve all aspects of their society. Otherwise the opportunities which allowed them to get rich might be denied their kids.

    • libertytrain

      Frederick, I don’t always disagree with your thoughts, but I do think your blanket opinion of conservatives is rude.

    • Shoestring47

      Frederick, you have been on the dole forever, I can tell by the way you speak of capitalism. I got rich investing in the market, not going to some pitiful LIBERAL COLLEGE, where they indoctrinate you to become dependent on the government.

      Look what government did to the Indians, the blacks, and now they have the hispanics!!!!

      • bob wire

        Fredrick is using a very wide brush and is “up in your face” and rude.

        But he said nothing to suggest that he was a liberal Shoestring.

        He/she was just using a very wide brush and addressing a narrow band of conservative.

        It will be okay, wash it off before it drys.

  • Al Hill

    With respect to Iran’s nuclear plans. Iran is a sovereign nation. Where in the constitution does it say they are required to do what another sovereign nation tells them they can or cannot do. India, Pakistan, and Israel all have nuclear weapons. Iran may feel that it is exposed to nuclear blackmail by its mid east neighbors. Whether that logic makes sense to us, or not, is irrelevant. The U.S. and U.N. have been bullying Iran because Iran might be a nuclear threat. What are the U.S. and U.N. doing about Iran’s neighbors?

  • 2WarAbnVet

    In 1973 we declared victory in Vietnam and left the country. How did that work out for us or for the million and a half people who were murdered as a result?

    • 45caliber

      Ah! You haven’t read the history books used in schools today, have you?

      Yes, the government declared victory and pulled out the troops from Vietnam. (Only those of us alive then know it though.) BUT … the history books the youth are studying states that “the military lost the war in Vietnam but the heroic (their word) Senators under H.H. Humphrey managed to form a truce long enough to get the soldiers out of the country and save their lives.” So you can see why Alex and others who believe that crap say the things they do about us vets.

    • ed

      Our military left Vietnam only because our congress realized that military action against the north was merely convincing civilians in the south that we were only interested in dominating their country, not democratizing it.

      When Congress finally withdrew financial support, the military hhad to get out as quickly as possible.

      Incidentally the Vietnam “error” was started under Kennedy, intensified under LBJ and kept alive by Nixon, so it was a bi-partisan blunder which cost 55,000 American lives – most of whom were drafted against their will.

      It was democracy at its worst.

  • Crewmaxtundra

    it started on january 3 2007 when the socialists democratic party took over while GB was president they were the majority and they ran the deficit over the chart. Now you have you kings obama with at one time a super majority spending more than all president combined now all you ricky like people that want to make our country third world country. If we let more people that think like you in this country well are headed to hell. How can well allow people to think that we should provide those that do not work with food, housing and medical for free. Most illegals will go back to their countries to live like kings and queens and never obtained an education. Then they to want to play the race card. Those that think like ricky gtf out of our country.

    • Thinking About

      You have a big problem telling the truth, like climbing a tree to tell a lie when the truth sounds better on the ground. GWB inherited a surplus and GWB stayed consistent with his record taking two companies down and wasn’t going to leave the USA any better than the two companies. GWB never saw a dollar he did not want to spend. Research to see how long it took him to veto a bill and every thing GWB ever whimpered he wanted the Republician Congress gave him.

  • http://personalliberty larry


  • alikatt

    You guys hurt my feelings, I think we need a world hug! Steppenwolf said it best “we don’t know how to mind our own business;the whole world needs to be just like us” Welcome to the new world order, brought to you by muslim brotherhood.

  • reelfoot

    O’Bama is a racist muslim country destroyer

  • Vic

    Obama is no idiot, he’s simply an enemy agent. I’ve been telling this to everyone even before 2008 elections, I’m telling this today.

    Those of you who are pushing that lie along the lines that he’s an idiot, hapless fool or something like that, stop please and think about it. Is it not evident that Obama uses all American might to help our enemies? He does it with striking efficiency and he advanced world islam as nobody before him, nobody, most prominent figures in islamic world included. This cannot be a coincidence, this is calculated intention, well thought over.

    So, it’s not lefties only who have to wake up. Wake up people, you’ve got your mortal enemy as your supreme commander!

    • Cheryl

      I agree 100%

  • Spyder Dalton

    Impeach O-BLAME-O. Join our veterans on Veteran’s Day and march against the White House. occupy Washington.

    • Randy

      Veterans day. Here, Here. Semper Fi to all veterans and happy Nov 10, 2011

      • John Lilleburns ghost

        The 10th? Veterans day is 11th of November, (11/11/1918 end of the great war/WW1) If not knowing the date wasn’t so disrepectful this would be funny. You should be the poster child for the right whinger movement as your post sums evrything about them

  • daniel

    I feel sorry for people like ronbo. They toss around words like bigot and racist as if they knew what they were talking about. So let me be clear I support the tea party movement for why it was established in the first place.
    Liberals call people who disagree with Obama racist.. Yet they can willfully ignore the fact Obama was listening to a preacher given to racist rants for twenty years. I would have challenged the preacher from the onset and not attempt to say I was not listening. If a Caucasian was to go to say an Aryan Christian church they would have been immediately called a racist and a liar.
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods. Liberation theology, progressives and OWS believe that the other peoples goods are theirs to be short about it. The fact is they do not care about how they get it.
    Obama does not care who he hurts or takes from as long as he gets his way.

  • Randy

    O’Bama has shown his true color ever since he ran for the presidency. Since then he has shown and conducted chicago type tactics. I thought Al Capone was dead, this guy is worse than 100 Capones. He is a total liar, he is definately a racist and a muslim. All the money he steals from us and sends wherever, he gets his kickbacks, as well as laughs all the way to the bank. You liberals who voted for the waste of space, this waste of sperm, are no better than he is. Don’t you know that if this country comes under sharia law that you will be subject to it also? I am a retired marine. I have spent years overseas and in some countrys that have sharia law. It’s no fun. But you dummy democrats out there will have to experience it first. It will be to late my friend. Wise up america, vote O’slima out.

  • Randy

    Nov 6, 2012 Baby. He better find a Mcdonalds job. Thats all he is worth.

  • Cheryl

    Well, I have read all of these comments….What is happening to the people of this country and the people…It isn’t about Bush or Obama or Democrats and Republicans or Liberals or Conservitives…..It is about our Constitution, our values as human beings…..the ritch get ritcher because they work to make more, the poor get poorer because more and more people want something for nothing (and get it) and the middle class works harder and harder just to survive with the burden of caring for those who choose not to work or even try……shame on all of us for letting this happen……this is the land of opportunity…..our vote is the only voice we are using and not doing it really well……wake up America, live and let live, respect differences in others beliefs, get our children back to being competitive at school and in our community and stop the feel good political correctness….it just is not working for anyone and especially our future…..stay focused, don’t bicker with these people who just can not see the forrest for the trees… hard and reap your benefits……make our government inforce our immigration laws or let them let us all disobey all the laws they make…..deport these illegals, they are taking jobs our citizens could have (even if they do not want to work give them incentive to work or the ability to fall on their faces if they choose)…our healthcare costs are us because of these illegals. stop giving them our services for free while our citizens pay for them…….help your neighbor but do not enable them to do nothing for more than you are getting through hard work….we have gone to hell in a handbasket—-

    • Shoestring47

      Finally some one who speaks truthfully

      Congrats, my sentiments exactly.

    • ed

      I know some rich people and some unemployed poor people. The rich people don’t work hard. They let their money work for them.

      The poor people work hard when they can find work at a decent wage.

      When rich people’s money is invested in Asia to employ workers at starvation wages (there were over 175 demonstrations in China last year for decent wages) then there are fewer decent jobs available here.

      Instead of belittling working people because they can’t find work, we should tax some of the outward-bound capital for reinvestment here at home so workers here won’t have to be on the dole.

      But I guess that’s way too socialistic an idea for this blog.

  • Allan

    John, you seem to forget, that the Bush administration lied to the American people, to get us involved in Iraq in the first place. It was predicted 10 years ago, which I believe, when the troops leave Iraq there will be a civil war. This area of the world was a lot more stable
    when Hussein and Gadhafin were in power. If these Countries didn’t have oil would the US care?

    • Jack

      You think it’s so great over there ? there’s plenty of room for you and your obutthead loving kind !Where in F-ck do you people come from ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Mark M

    I believe that not only Obama fights for his next presidential term through this tough political game. Most of our patriotic (illiterate, uneducated and often retarded) crowd gets exited every time the war in islamic coutries happens and even more excited when the war is over victoriously. There was a quick and cheap way to be done with Guadhafi — so be it! It didn’t take as much funds as Iraq or Afgan war along with killing (probably fake) Bin Laden… So be it! The crowd got excited and will vote for Mr Obama and so I will not for the ‘victories’ though but honestly giving him a credit of intelligent and strategical politician. The fact that Mr. Obama did not start neither Afgan nor Iraq wars is there as well as he didn’t start ‘hunting’ Bin Laden. On top of huge economical crisis that by huge portion initiated by Mr. Bush administration by increasing the national debt, starting unnecessary wars etc etc, Mr Obama becides solving issues with economical crisis and recession, should somehow end these campaigns! Internally he improves economical credibility of the coutry fighting an economical crisis by different means to save our jobs which is also a fact. Now appart from us who can see the lies blasted from Obama’s administration should we just be patient and watch? I realy hope that they’re oriented on common-sense crowd that will listen only what the other people are saying if you know what I realy mean. Face the fact on current situation we can’t afford another republican-oil-business-oriented administration! We’ll all be in huge danger loosing our retirement and social security benefits! Forget the truth it won’t be there! How it can be??? There’s no school starting from elementary teaches how to know the truth and how to think!!! It’s our society status — RETARDED… So plug in these facts onto the equation to see the problem solution deeper in order to find the correct NEXT MOVE.

    • Jeep

      You’re not from around here, are you Mark. Although there is nothing that can be said to change your mind about the messiah and his “intelligent and strategical” policies. But, consider this before opining on his “greatness”; unemployment, debts and deficits, spending, foreign affairs failures, accelerated poverty rates, etc. If you are truly better off today than you were three years ago, then good for you. But, I always thought liberal minded people cared about others? Obviously, more people in America are suffering and living on less today than three years ago, but I suppose that really dosen’t matter to an ideologue.

      • Mark M

        Well Jeep,
        I don’t think you should blame for your or other portion of population that did not catch up on economical status Mr Obama since the blames won’t be as argumentative and supportive by facts as blaming previous administration.
        On the other hand what choice would you have on your next election day huh?

    • Realist

      Bush Diddit! Bush Diddit! Bush Diddit! So Fudgin’ what! When are you lazy, welfare gettin’, Food stamp gettin’ Earned Income Credit Gettin’, Unemployment Gettin’ Don’t wanna Job, Never pay taxes, uesing the emergency room for healthcare, Illegal immigrant supportin’, homosexual,
      ultra liberal, feminist, fascist liberals going to stop the friggin’ war
      and improve the economy? Your boy has been in power for 3 years and for the first 2 you had the SUPERMAJORITY and you screwed that up.
      Keep hoping for some change! I’m tired of the blaming and waiting for you to dry your eyes! LOOZERS!!!

  • Pastor Carmen

    BHO can lie and get away with it Because he is a Communist Socialist Liberal the Media Has something run down their pants every time he opens is mouth

    • Patriot II

      Pastor; Right!

      • bob wire

        Pastor & Patriot, what noble titles for less then noble thoughts.

        Well, at least you have lots of room to aspire.

    • mark

      Well the last guy in the Oval Office, George Dubya lied and lied and got away with it also. Seen any of those Weapons of Mass Destruction around lately? But still the Right worships that monumental liar who got 5000 of our troops killed in Iraq and 40,000 maimed and crippled for absolutely nothing! Those are the kinds of lies I worry about – the killin’ kind. Killing the pride of our youth for mad dreams of neocon empire.

  • Skyraider6

    Maybe dishwasher or grease trap cleaner.
    Semper Fi Amigos

  • Jack

    The BIGGEST Lie told will be when obutthead is out of office and quits talking. He hasn’t told the truth yet !POS that he is.

  • GC

    I am not an American but to call Obama a lier, wake up John the pie int the sky is all what you have been claiming for us for a while now.

  • duaner

    What is with the stench of the postings on this subject? I used to be a liberal democrap. I used to be a repubican dufuss until recently. Now I consider myself a conservative libertarin (independent). I have set the record straight on my political affilations so as not to confuse anyone for my comments regarding the total crap that has been posted on this topic. Doesn’t anyone read history any more?? The Iraqi situation is history repeating itself after the British left the country when the Ottoman Empire was dismantled after WWI. The Brits left in the late 1940′s/early 1950′s after ruling the country with an iron hand for many years. They left the country as democracy in progress. Tribal conflicts, etc. left a power vacuum when the democratic government was dismantled by the small civil war. This gave one of the more brutal dictator’s; read Sadam Hussein, the opportunity to take over the country, through political assassignations, tribal genocide who ruled brutally for almost 50 years. When the US pulls out history will again repeat itself because these people know no other form of government. I do not like Obama anymore than most of the people on this site. I truly did not like Bush’s decision ( reasons state above) to start a war with this idiot. So, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, and all of the other muslim nations will go the way of Iran. Sharia law, theocratic rule, etc. Not a good scenario folks. As Chip Wood says keep your powder dry and make sure you have enough ammo cause we are going to need.

    • mark

      Yes, we will have to keep our powder dry and plenty of ammo but only if we keep invading the Middle East. It is our idiotic policies and not the exaggerated power of our enemies that is the gravest threat to our nation.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Speaking of Allah_____Infiltration of Homeland Security!

  • Ron

    If Obama were to tell the TRUTH about anything at all, He would surely DIE from the thought of doing so….. He is whole-heartedly the only person to openly LIE and continue to Lie even when he knows he has been caught at doing so… his mouth knows nothing more than to LIE….. Someone should take a Bar of Soap and Wash his Mouth out, so he will have a cleansing in which the LIES STOP coming out from within, but I could be WRONG, as it might be too LATE….. Only GOD will STOP him and we know there is NO HOPE for Obama to ever go to Heaven, since all he Believes in, is what is written in the Koran…..his so called Bible of Muslims…… Ooops, I really shouldn’t refer to this Book as the Bible, as it is NOT a Bible they use, it is merely a book of EVIL…… The actual Bible is Truth, Love, Caring, Worldly matters,Trusting of GODS Words, Thoughts & Deeds….. In NO Comparison should the Bible ever be compared to this book of EVIL…..

    • mark

      If any politician told the complete truth, he would never get elected in the United States or most other countries either. The American electorate love to be told these lies, exaggerations, and hopeful platitudes. Americans don’t want to hear the hard truths about the economy, taxes, or our standing in the world. They prefer optimistic manipulations of the truth that don’t require tough choices, sacrifices, or realities.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    What a collection of mis-informed people on this site today, as usual. It is very sad to see.

    • bob wire

      Oh! I think that they are much more then simply “misinformed” CB.

      Misinformed can be corrected.

  • bob wire

    “Then again, so did Richard Nixon if you count American troops being overrun by the North Vietnamese.”

    WHAT? Sorry John I lost you on that one. We seen the “human wave” when Johnson was in office a few times but I know of no such events under Nixon. We were what you might call overran (coming in faster then we could kill them) but we were never routed.

    As far as Libya goes, ~ who gives a crap? ~ I like Ron Paul’s ideas on such matters. ~ The plate of life is presented to all to pick and choose.

    I would encourage both friends and enemies to choose wisely and let it be “their choice” to make. America does not need to feel responsible for their choices and “their team”.

    If they want to make life difficult and expensive and exploit their canal and resources for political posture. great ! I assume that they will as they can, then we’ve got a game in play. A game we are most suited to play.

    As long as Libya is not exporting terrorism and works inside market forces, what America’s problem with it?

  • JimO

    Muslims: No god, but Allah.

  • Buck

    Allah , Obamass god allows him to lie under taqqyya . This law of Islam allows ANY sin as long as it furthers the Islam nations goals , that is why it is okay for them to murder women and children .

  • J Dish

    Think Iraqi? Think Iran. When the world powers turned their backs on the Shah, look what happened. The same will happen to the rest of the Middle East

  • Larry Owens

    another Bumbling/Stumbling Stupid Move my Odumbo, What a Jerk for president. He has/had NO experience in running NOTHING, But the communist/socialist Bought and Paid for their young Black Leader to Take over and Finish OFF our country before the take over. Every thing him and his Czars are doing is UNAMERICAN.

  • Dennis

    Duh..Big red truck…Of course its worse off.We need to quit buttin in to other countries problems,period.Weve made a mess of Iraq and next? Afghanistan and now? Iran is next.This is the worst President and governmental administration weve ever had and the good news? Its only going to get worse.

  • douglas dauntless

    In your article you say America didn’t win a thing. I have news for you Mr. Myers, America is never suppossed to win antthing, from the Kennedy/ Johnson Presidency, when they choose a “NO WIN” Policy for the last 50 years. Just kill as many American Troops as possiable, but don’t win the Wars our Presidents prostutitue our childern for. For Nothing.

  • http://N/A James Haney

    I agree with Larry. Take a look back at the first week the community/organizer was in office. Who did He speak to first? The Muslim countrdies. It was almost a week before the American people were to hear from him. Lokk at all his regulations and his health care bill. His girl Polosi told us it had to be passed before we could read it. The organizer has read it yet. He couldn’t stop to chat with a muslim without bowing down to them and reminding them how bad we are.

  • Frederick H

    Oh Larry, my boy, don’t worry. It’s all so ironic, Conservative folk complaining their heads off about Obama. Guess what? In about two years, when Ron Paul’s become the nation’s Big Idol, the whining and wimpering will start all over again: where are all the jobs promised, what happened to the Nation’s Budget Deficit? Niente, nada, nothing, nothing, nothing significant at all. But OK, keep dreaming your sweet dreams, that’s what dreams and fairy tales are for: they neatly keep you from jumping off that damned cliff, don’t they? Ah, the naiveté of the American Middle Class!

  • bob wire

    “The way that Gadhafi and more than 50 of his close associates were assassinated has led to speculation that Libya’s future is prefigured by the chaotic violence that befell Somalia after the overthrow of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991, which has persisted ever since.”

    Well Sir, maybe so. ~ but if Gadhafi had not overloaded his hummingbird ass with his alligator mouth and make serious threats that were in no way veiled or his intent questioned, he’d still be around and so would his butt boy thugs.

    This is a case of a man far exceeding his rights and abilities by virtue of money. And it wasn’t the first time. I remember when he stood up in something the sized of a row boat with his military uniform and hat on, dipping with medals, decoration, accolades and sparkle, shaking his fist at a US Navy flotilla and threatening. The man was a sad joke and long outlived an meaningful purpose.

    Don’t get weepy on us John. They can replace him with a monkey as far as I’m concerned. I just really don’t care.

    Well someone miss him? sure but they get over it in much the same way the surviving family members of the Lockibe flight and Cole incident did.


    Barack H. Obama is a LIAR,a person of no GOOD CHARACTER, He is a low life MUSLIM, as most are, and is a TROJAN HORSE installed to DESTROY this Country, George Soros his PUPPETEER, has declared that the UNITED STATES of AMERICA is the only country standing in the way of his VISION of a NEW WORLD ORDER! Unless this MULATTO is defeated and sent packing this country rests on a thin line of destruction!

  • Jefferson Dowda

    Bring all our hero’s home from the middle east and guard our own borders, they are over there dying for nothing anyway, the Muslim and Chief dosen’t care, it’s obvious what his agenda is and congress is part of it for they continue to allow this treasonist to do as he wishes.

  • bob wire

    “Right after the murder of Gadhafi, Obama hailed the declaration of freedom in Libya, saying, “a new era of promise” is under way in the African nation. Not so fast, Mr. President.”

    You seem to imply such things takes only days or weeks. You know that is impossible, so why suggest that it could be? They are free of one tyranny and could easily fall prey to 5! ` But it up to the Libyan people John Mayer and not America or American interest.

    “The Obama Administration is beating the victory drums about Iraq. What President Obama fails to admit is he ran into a classic case of: “You’re fired!” to which he yelled back, “You can’t! I quit!”

    There was never mention of any victory John. And the pull-out date was a date “W”‘s administration had predetermined and set to documentation for all to see, understand and accept. That the current government of Iraq recognizes this date and will no long afford American forces amnesty from legal litigation after that date “is” an invitation to leave. None too soon the way this debacle was carried out in my mind. Too much wasted time, money, lives and resources.

    ““After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” the President said.” I hear no claim of victory John?

    “So America’s war in Iraq ends, with a whimper and not a bang. Never mind that U.S. military intervention in Iraq cost the United States $1 trillion and more than 4,400 American lives and left a power vacuum at the epicenter of the world’s oil.”

    You need to that that up with 43 and his administration. My guess is, he will suggest bad INTEL and direct you to the CIA. Then the CIA would direct you back to the Oval Office and the Oval Office will cite for national Security reasons that information is not accessible. Bottom line 110th congress signed off on it and it should be for them to get to the bottom of it. But their term is now over and the 111th congress is now in session. Nice hmmm?

    “Which brings me back to Libya. The neoconservatives began arguing last winter that America must intervene to save the “rebels.” Obama has struck out in Iraq, and Afghanistan is a quagmire. Obama must have been hoping that intervention in Libya would salvage his reputation.”

    Like Reagan’s assault on the tiny island of Grenadian after 350 dead Marines in Biriut? No, I think getting Osama alone was a hit that knocked the ball out of the park. Obama could have stopped there and been well ahead in the winning category.

    “There will be no one like Gen. Douglas MacArthur accepting a sealed surrender from the enemy.”

    General Douglas MacAuthur is a traitor to the men that serve him, not once, not twice but three times. I would not trust MacAuthur with a bag of peanuts at the zoo.

  • http://Yahoo Truth or Consequences

    Isn’t the Freedom of Speech great while we still have this privileges?
    Our enemy lives in the White house…Ranchman said all. this president has opened every door possible to for invasion. Shariah law is in our local states, executive,legislative and judicial branches of our government, Muslim professors teaching in our colleges, re-educating our children our children in Shariah Law.

    muslim professors teaching in our colleges, re-educating our children, our FBI Agents and policemen in various states. He is not an American, I can’t believe anything he says, his action speak for himself.

    • mark

      Who are you to tell anyone who is American or unAmerican, when you yourself are just a paranoid, frightened, pathetic, deluded coward. America is a thousand times stronger than either you or Barak Obama. America will still be around a thousand years from now, stronger than ever when all you bed-wetting crybabies are centuries in your graves.

      • DaveH

        You’re rapidly achieving Troll status, Mark.
        Try channeling that energy in a more positive direction.

  • Thinking About

    It is amazing John Meyers would title this article about Obama telling lies and then to post lies of his own. Maybe he should have titled this as I lie and Obama does also.

    • DaveH

      Perhaps you could point out the particular lies and refute them, TA?

      • Thinking About

        Let me make it really easy to point out untruths by starting with the title “so help him Allah”. I would reason by this time Meyers would have heard or read Obama is a Christian or he may have given the title to satisfy those who wants to continue believing untruths. If you did not recognize this error I am sorry for you. To continue with these untruths makes the rest of Meyers articles suspect and in need of research and verification. We don’t need false information to start another war.

  • http://hotmail. eileen

    I was going to try and explain why I could tell Obama was just plain dumb. I just had to read his Political rap sheet. He never did anything, so why vote for him? He has made it clear to anyone who would just tally up what he has Not done and you know the kind of man he is and how Lame he would be. He’s a joke! He can’t even remember to take his Mic off before he says something really stupid! My mother once said that know one would ever take over the U.S. by force. She said it would be taken over by the inside out by liers and crooks. Obama has both areas covered. I can talk all I want but if Obama read this he would say it was Bush who made me write this comment! Oh! I am retired and get Social Security that I paid into. Republicans aren’t afraid of open discussions on the subject and I’m not afraid that I won’t continue to do so when the country finally smartens up and puts a REAL MAN IN THE WHITEHOUSE!

    • Ferrosynthesis

      First lie is in the title

      Obama Can’t Tell The Truth, So Help Him Allah

  • dennis

    Send the Muslem home!

  • dennis

    Send the Muslem home and his Bitch with him!

    • Pastori Balele

      That crossed the line. Please apologize. This is a lovely couple most Americans should copy and adore.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Pastori Balele___???????

  • Pastori Balele

    Where did Allah come from! President Obama is Christian and therefore ends his prayers as”in Jesus” etc.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Pastori Balele, Jaw is dropped, and shaking my head!

  • Helen2

    Yeah, we all know that Obummer does whatever he feels like and he never feels like doing anything that is good for America. Has anyone on this list heard whether Obummer got permission from congress for the 100 troops he is sending to Uganda? I can only find very limited info about it and nothing was said about Congress okaying it. Gee, that will be something new too, right? :) Yeah, this will be the second illegal war he’s gotten us involved in this year! I would like to go to congress and scream from the balcony, “Won’t someone please do something about this man??” If they weren’t all cowards, they have had plenty of reasons to impeach him. For crying out loud, they impeached Clinton because of his sex life! Obummer is destroying our country – do something you fools!

    • bob wire

      Hmm? “Does want he feels like!”

      I think that comes with the title and part of the job.

      I can’t remember to many Presidents that hung around and waited for someone to tell them what to do.

      • Angel Wannabe

        BW, Bam Bam does exactly what he’s told, don’t be foolish!

        • ed

          True. He’s a happily married man.

  • American

    Iraq will never be at peace, no matter how many troops the US sends over there. And how many more times do we keep sending them over there? I have an idea John Myers complains about Obama and troop withdrawal, why is it John Myers never volunteers his family or himself to fight over there?

  • PATRIOT 101

    Here is the real reason Libya was invaded Quadaffi hunted down and killed. I’m not saying he should not have been hunted down and killed, he deserved to die, but Americans would shudder if the real reason for his killing were revealed!

    Quadaffi was refusing $Dollars$ (as payment) for the oil his country produced.

    “The US, the other G-8 countries, the World Bank, IMF, BIS (Bank for International Settlements), and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets.”
    —John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

    “Gadhafi’s creation of the African Investment Bank in Sirte (Libya) and the African Monetary Fund to be based in Cameroon will supplant the IMF and undermine Western economic hegemony in Africa.”
    —Gerald Pereira, an executive board member of the former Tripoli-based World Mathaba

    Read entire article:

    Nobody fools with the international fiat money system!

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


  • Angel Wannabe
  • John Lilleburns ghost

    which form of cynanide would you like me to administer Alex? Zyklon B maybe? Sorry thats the province of people like you.

  • Helen2

    So basically by the lack of response, I am going to assume no one has heard anything about whether congress gave approval for the deployment of 100 troops to Uganda?

    • Jay

      America’s plan to send commandos to Africa to help eliminate terrorists in Uganda appears to have all the ingredients for getting the US military bogged down in a new prolonged Afghan-like military quagmire.

      Washington made public plans to deploy around 100 special operations troops to Uganda to help local forces fight the Lord’s Resistance Army, which is widely considered a terrorist group.

      Regional authorities have been trying to get rid of the army’s leader, Joseph Kony, for decades. Uganda said it did not ask for American help, but nevertheless welcomed it.

      President Barack Obama announced that the soldiers will be there for a humanitarian mission in the interest of America’s national security.

      At the same time, the Pentagon has confirmed troops will remain in the region and in surrounding countries, including South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

      US Senator John McCain, a former POW himself, was quick to blame Obama for dragging the US into a yet another military conflict. McCain told CNN that he remembers well the outcome of America’s attempts to intervene in Somalia and Lebanon.

      Some analysts, however, question the motives behind the move.

      Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar says America has far-reaching plans for the region, which have little to do with protecting civilians.

      He says that by sending US special forces to Uganda Barack Obama is actually presenting a gift to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power for a quarter of a century already and who is equally responsible for attacks on civilians and for murders of his own compatriots as the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army leader, Joseph Kony.

      Escobar made parallels between the dispatch of American military advisors to Vietnam in 1961-1962 and the war that followed and the current decision of the Obama administration on Uganda.

      “This is a civil war and it is an ethnic war. Once again the US is stepping right into the middle of an ethnic war that has been going on [in Uganda] for almost two decades,” the journalist points out, adding that the bigger picture is even more complicated as the matter is not confined to Uganda itself.

      “Even Obama admits that those ‘advisers’ are also going to South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo as well. When you look at that area in Central Africa and see the amount of oil and mineral riches at stake and see China making investments in this area, when you look at AFRICOM’s agenda which is to combat China commercially via the militarization of Africa, then you understand these 100 [special forces] are the beginning of many that will be going there soon.”

  • http://personallibertydigest not fooled

    Iraq/ Iran one in the same.The mighty god the lord almighty will destroy them both in his time.Because it is his plan not mans.

  • Jay

    America Rules The World But Zionism Rules America

    When you understand this, 90% of what’s going on becomes automatically clear. Sure, you might say, “it’s not all that clear-cut”. Granted: it’s not just “America” and its puppet Obamas and Bushes, but also the UK and its puppet Camerons and Blairs, France, Italy and Spain with their puppet Sarkozys, Berlusconis and Rodriguez Zapateros.

    Their embedded elites use and control “NATO” and the “UN” for their own agendas and against all of us.

    They just completed the destruction of Libya in order so Exxon, BP, Total and ENI can steal its oil and its gold (also terminating Ghaddafi’s Gold Dinar Currency project). The US/UK/France/NATO destroyed Libya by supporting the worst local CIA-trained terrorists and thugs, who murdered Libyan leader Muamar Ghaddafi, his sons, grandchildren and supporters.


    This is no secret. The Zionist names are there for all to see: Bernanke, the Goldman Sachs boys, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kissinger, Feith, Blitzer, Murdoch, Rubin, Summers, Wiesel, Rosenthal, AIPAC, American Jewish Congress, Wall Street, Greenberg, CUFI (Christians United For Israel), Obama, Biden, Madoff, Lieberman, Bush, Cheney, Zuckeman, Clinton. The List of the Zionist Bunch just goes on and on and on. The writing is on the wall for all to see, but Americans continue to live their lives with eyes wide shut.

    There’s little time left. We all know who’s next on the Zionist Destruction Agenda: Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Korea, the whole global financial system.

    Libyan leader Muamar Ghaddafi’s murder and that of his family by these Zionist supported terrorists is a blatant example of top level terrorism emanating from London, Paris, New York, Tel-Aviv and Washington. Here’s an brief explanation:

    Today, all nations have been placed on notice. Today it’s Ghaddafi, tomorrow it can be anybody anywhere, or everybody everywhere.

    The Zionist Model for National Destruction uses Orwellian Newspeak and works something like this:

    1. The Global Power Mafia start by targeting a country ripe for “Regime Change” and brand it a”Rogue State”

    2. Then, they arm, train, finance local terrorists through CIA, MI6, Mossad, Drug Cartels and call them “Freedom Fighters”

    3. Then, they stage mock UN Security Council Resolutions that rain death and destruction upon millions of civilians and they call it “UN sanctions to protect civilians”.

    4. Then, they spread flagrant lies through their media monopolies and paid journalists, and call it “International Community’s concern expressed by the Western Media”.

    5. Then, they invade and control the target country and call it “Liberation” (poor Libya is in this stage right now)

    6. Then, when the target country falls fully under their control, they impose “The kind of democracy we want to see” (as Hillary Clinton said of Egypt on 22-March-2011)

    7. Finally, they steal appetizing oil reserves and all resources and call it “Foreign Investment and Reconstruction”

    8. Their keynotes are: Force and Hypocrisy, used to destroy whole countries in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights” and “free trade”. They use utmost force and violence to achieve their ends.

    9. Their Elders described their blueprint for world power many, many decades ago in a hoary manuscript
    “What did you say? That you don’t want to be liberated and democratized?” “Then take this Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hanoi, Berlin, Dresden, Bagdad, and Basra” “Take that Tokyo, Gaza, Kabul, Pakistan, Tripoli, Belgrade, Egypt, El Salvador and Grenada” “And that, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Somalia, Africa”

    Always bombing people to smithereens of course, always in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights” and “free trade”.

    • ed

      Ron Reagan tried to assassinate Gadaffi. Was he also a “Zionist”?

  • Bill Lee

    Obama has the chaos touch. Everything he touches turns to choas. It underscores just how wimpy the House leadership is that they would allow this traitorous suit to guide our once grand country into oblivion. He must be a Nero as some suggest, propped into position on purpose. It’s hard to believe people continue buys the slop that he’s even remotely good for this country or that he’s a nice likeable guy. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic seems to be the national past-time. God help us!

  • ed

    I left college at 18 and joined the Merchant Marine because there was a major war going on. I never considered it a sacrifice because everyone – rich and poor, young and old – seemed to be sacrificing in one way or another, to help our country win.

    Not everyone agreed with our president, but everyone respected him, because we were one nation headed by an elected official, who tried his darndest and eventually died while serving his country.

    I have never before read the kind of nasty, unsupported personal insults leveled at a sitting president in my long life. Even Herbert Hoover who left after one term after the economy tanked, continued to be respected and was able later to contribute to the nation’s well-being.

    All of the posters here should recognize that the growing indebtedness of the poor to the rich, capital flight to Asia, overpopulation, underemployment, insecure borders, the increasing reach of terrorism are problems which could eventually destroy the foundations on which this country was built.

    Instead of blaming individuals – like our president – who are trying to help this nation survive why not look for ways to work together to fulfill the dreams of the founders?

    Yes I’m a liberal so rag on me all you want. I like to think of myself (and all veterans) as patriots.

    • Thinking About

      Very good post, sure would not be happy with some of the posts having my back or trying to pull a cart. It takes team work and without teamwork it will continue to pull apart. This country was not designed to rule by minority and some just don’t understand why they can’t take over. God has blessed this nation and I think the strength will hold us together. Thank the veterans who have fought for our freedoms.

  • Radney Forsberg

    The awful truth about this entire dialogue is that the Personal Liberty Digest gets it wrong when they warn, “we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments.” Obviously they were meaning to say libelous comments………

  • BrotherPatriot

    Obama & the rest of the Agenda pushers will rot in Hell for their work here on earth. For by this work so many people have lost their livelyhoods & their very lives since 1913′s unratified implementation of the illegal Federal Reserve..and by their efforts that preceded this…including them murdering the Russian Tsar who foiled the Rothschilds attempts at that time to implement their One World Government.

    Crimes against Humanity, crimes against humanity, crimes against humanity.

    I’m done being political about it all. I’m disscusted by the turnout on 11/11/11 as the veterans & others called for the resignations of the criminal administration currently in office. I would have gone if I weren’t on the other side of the country or had the money to travel there. I believe as a Nation we need to start taking stronger steps by disclosing the truths that we have been discovering about what our “leaders” have been up to and who they actually serve. We must abolish the 15th & 16th admendments…etc.

    I rant…I’m particularily frustrated at the moment and going to sign off…but I’ll leave you with this if you have the stamina to listen to what Myron Fagan says…

    God Bless.

    • Thinking About

      Are you sure you want to start abolishing amendments? The next group might want to abolish some more like the 1st and 2nd. This is USA, some things are good while others might not be. If we did not pay taxes there would not be support for defense or roads to drive on. We may not have a perfect world but it is much better than a lot of other places. I look for the best and resign myself to whatever comes.

      • BrotherPatriot

        I’m very certain there is a need to reinvestigate the amendments & who got them passed…who benefitted from them. Such as why they were implemented so other crooked laws could be passed attached to them.

        We have been lied to far to long. Seriously, when does it make sense that a prego mexian woman can run across the border…hang onto a lamp post & drop a kid who then is an “American Citizen”? HUH? Does this seriously make any sense or is it in reality…what we now have is TWO illegal aliens on our soil?

        Of course the greatest example is the illegally implemented Federal Reserve…passed on Christmas Vacation while most of Congress was away on vacation & never RATIFIED by the states. >.<

        So my answer is, "Yes…we need to revue the crap that has been put into place and is obviously part of the Agenda."

        God Bless.

        • Chris

          All you “Patriots” trying to bring down the foundation of our government in only the amendments you don’t like is insane, short sighted, and completely ignorant of the ramifications. I think Constituion haters are an obomination of our country. Saying your a patriot them judging which amendments should stay sand which should go to fit your narrow world view is just plain self rightous and dumb. You don’t know the ramifications of being able to just strike down amendments easily. Trying to change the country into your own image of perfection is silly. Hey Tea Party the Koch Brothers called they sent messages to their Republican cronies telling them to let the payroll tax cut run out. I guess they are only cared about tax cut’s to those who make over a million. Sorry your tools of oil men, not a grass roots organization at all just a group of angry pawns. Have fun when they get rid of minimum wages, and SSI, and the DOE, and the CIA, and the EPA and and and and and and…….

  • Another Voice

    Come on, people – do you really think that we have the right to choose the new Libyan government and to force it upon the Libyan people? It’s this kind of thinking that has bankrupted our country.

  • dvanilla

    This is the very reason I have unsubscribed to this newsletter. It’s noting but a bunch of lies from republicans who dare to allow President Obama to do his job as president of our nation. And has verbally stated over and over again. Sad to say everyone on here knows it and continue to fall for the lies. If you believe everything someone tells you, you stand for nothing and will fall for anything. Goodbye “Personal Liberty Digest.”

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    Political Correctness which is not being able to tell it like it is (Truth) will be our downfall if we do not get an eraser large enough to erase it forever. Truth,Truth and Truth.Is this a bad work.It never was in the past. We know it hurts but it also solves the problems.Think very seriously about this.

  • guest

    If american wondered what life in america under a mancharian president would be like..wonder no more..your living it.

    • Chris

      Like the Oil Nazi economy wreckers just in office had nothing to do with the problems in America. Gingrich… Perry… Romney… after years of Republican miss management none of these guys are going to bring in the centerists who always decide the elections. Good luck with your self loathing because I don’t see any upset in the next elections.

  • Rich

    More typical bashing of each other rather than bashing of the real problem, which are the career politicians be their name end with an (R) or (D) makes no never mind. They have baffled, befuddled and bamboozled all of you into fighting each other rather than focusing on the real problem, which is the Washington DC political machine. Politicians and Magicians have a lot in common, which they get you to focus on one hand they rob you blind with the other, though magicians may not rob you blind they use the same sleight of hand tricks.

    If the Democrats are to blame for all of our problems then why did the Republicans vote for the Patriot Act? One of the biggest travesties against the constitution in recent history! If the Democrats are such freedom lovers, why did they not repeal it when they had control of congress, the senate and the white house? It is quite obvious that ALL professional politicians are in cahoots with each other putting on a show for us so we can bicker back and forth while they rob us blind of our wealth, our homes and our freedoms! Don’t get me wrong there are some in Washington that are trying to do the right thing, but they are so far and few between to be an insignificant flea on the ass of what has become a cesspool of corruption and thieves!

    This is not a conspiracy they are doing it right in front of us, the constitution guarantees us certain inalienable rights yet Washington destroys them wiping their collective asses with the document they have sworn to uphold and protect. What would happen to a military member or even a common citizen for that, quite simply they would be tried for treason for what our members of congress and senate do.

  • Leon

    This Boy is a pathological liar . He was train as a child to lie , but they under estimated the American people . That’s why he won’t be successful in transforming America ,

  • Sara

    If Obama gets elected for another term America is finished. He can’t lead, has no plan & blames everyone from Republicans to Bush why none of his failed policies made things worse than they were. Our dollar is declining in value rapidly. We’re involved in useless wars, as our economy tanks & things get worse by the day our leader feels he needs another term to fix things. He’s fired we can’t afford for his training in office
    All he does is blow smoke up America’s A@#, go on vacations & campaign on tax payers dime.

  • Joe6pK

    It goes without saying that the right-wings last administration robbed our treasury of 13 trillion dollars, promoted an illegal war, a war crime. This same administration was also responsible for deliberately destroying the entire middle class and trying to finish off the unions Ronnie started to dismantle in the 1980.
    Our common workers lost wholesale to the same group as they exported all of our industry to slave labor countries. In the eyes of this 65 year old veteran I see not a scintilla of difference between the right-wing-fundamentalists here and the Taliban-fundamentalists Al-Qaeda, they are both obviously working hard to destroy my country. Hopefully the American people will finally wake up before election day with some sense and vote all religious and conservatives corporate bought dogs out of all government positions before it is to late.
    This article was offensive, undemocratic and filled with lies and distortions, obviously made for the brain dead and the conservative taught robots. It was not a surprise to me John Myers was part of the registered investment adviser group, you know the business geniuses that are still being allowed to operate inside America and as yet not been arrested yet. What else would someone in his position take?

    • Oregon Scott

      Please read the actual numbers before you post. you Sir are just wrong. and to compare the Republicans to Al-Qaeda is something a real Vet would never do. Most people in this country want the People we elect to do the right thing. They have not. and you man Obama is the worst yet. No where in your post do you talk about the 4.5 Trillion in just three years he has added. and his foolish health care bill has not even taken effect yet. and Yet you follow blindly. When Bush messed up We as Republicans spoke up. You just keep giving Obama a pass no matter what he does or says. I just don’t understand.

  • Ted Perry

    I believe all of this artical…It only makes sence…I was a Marine in Nam and I hated the fact that Nixon,used our troops to get reelected…This political mess has been repeated…We now will end up in a war that is not winnable…Extreme Islamists will never be stopped…We will be attacked in the U.S just like in N.Y…We are asked to be vigilant and report suspicious activity while we are being acused of being racists…I have fought before and I will fight again to protect my liberty and family…Those who close they’er eye’s to these facts will live to pay the consequences…

    • Chris

      Fighting a war in Iraq did nothing to protect us. It only inflamed people in the middle-east sick of tyrannical leaders propped up by the US. The whole war was so poorly thought out, planned, and overseen that any argument that the US gained something out of it is either laughable or just party politics of the Hawks. In 2000 we where catching up on our national debt, 8 years of raising the debt ceiling 7 times and blowing billions on no bid contracts to shady multinationals has been done the real damage to America socially, economically, and politically. Our reputation is in tatters from the previous administrations arrogance and incompetence. Thinking anything else is just lying to yourself.

  • Linda

    The WSJ reported that the State Dept is building up its presence in Iraq with 16,000 personnel and 5,000 private security contractors. Why can’t we just leave 5,000 US military there? This mad dash to the exit is purely a political move and leads me to wonder if Mr. “I’m so over Iraq” Obama isn’t just outsourcing his role as Commander in Chief to Hillary.

  • Chris

    What this writer fails to mention on the failure of the war in Iraq is the administration that started the war ran it into the abyss through bad planing and throwing money at it in hopes the problem would just go away. Obama inherited a huge mess. The funny thing is the “Texas Oil Barons” who started this war for their own purposes failed to secure any oil rights from the Iraqi’s not only did they blunder into Iraq out of their league and completely unprepaired, but they also didn’t get any oil out of it. The Iraq’s where too smart for them.

    • Oregon Scott

      You actually used the word Oil Barron’s about Iraq. I wish it would of been over or about the oil. Not a single barrel was taken out of there that we did not pay for. We should of taken the oil fields over and taken the amount that covered what we spent of taking out Saddam. You say Obama Walked into a mess, It all started to go bad when the people of this country saw that he was going to be elected. Jobs lost, Mortgage mess. bush started Tarp. What a joke. Look at the dates you will see that when Obama was going to get the Nomination The smart people of this country took steps to make sure they could make it. he has destroyed this country, or at the very least tried. and yet you follow him blindly.

  • Tamra Sexton

    I think we have ALL gone to hell and don’t even know it! We are ALL wrong! It is time to stop and work together as one WORLD! Until then WE WILL ALL DIE! I know..we don’t ALL like each other! Get over it! World!

  • Rowdy Boots

    Anyone who thinks this WITHDRAWAL FROM IRAQ is premised upon good foreign policy is just IGNORANT.


    This is the height of corruption and evil.


  • Tommy R. Scott

    Anyone who cannot see that Obama is a self servinf, self absorbed and egotistical fool has not been paying attention to what the mad man has been doing to this great nation and it’s citizens. He has disgraced this country, its citizens and our brave soldiers many times in many ways and what’s worst is , he doesn’t een care as long as he gets re-elected.

  • icare

    I agree with Tommy, although his spelling is a little off, might want to proof read next time, he is so right on target. As long as Obama gets re-elected he does not care what it costs this country or its citizens. He should hang his head in shame at what he has done. As long as he has all his little left wing sheep following him ( Reid, Pelosi etc…)) he will keep on hurting this country and end up giving this country to the extreamists just as ben laden wanted. May the good Lord help us all if he gets re-elected.

  • Oregon Scott

    mark says:
    November 9, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Cheeky Monkey, the Iranians who took over the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979 did not kill a single Marine. But 241 Marine died when President Reagan foolishly deployed in the middles in 1983 of a Lebanese civil war. Nearly 5000 U.S. troops were killed in Iraq looking for those non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction under President Bush. But the leaders who deployed U.S. troops for these tragic deaths, Reagan and Bush are heroes. While the man who wants to bring our troops home from Iraq and from Afghanistan, Obama, is naturally a traitor just like Jimmy Carter.

    ********* Looking for non-existent WMD’S you need to look your very own MSN. go to google, type in Yellow cake and MSN. watch what comes up. You will see how much Yellow cake was taken out of Iraq. What in the wolrd do you think Saddam was going to do with that? The entire Problem with Bush and the Iraq war is he tried to fight it and still be nice. There is no such thing as a politically correct war. Obama wants to take credit for a campaign speech he made, What a joke this man is. If he would of kept that promise, he would of pulled them out within 6 months of taking office. Yet you follow him Blindly!!!
    His latest push for this new bill to actually detain Americans with no cause, and for any amount of time they want, is outrageous, and this will be done my Our Military. If the house and Senate pass this, any one that votes for it has to go. They vowed to uphold the Constitution. Not do away with it.

  • Greg Allen

    Rowdy Boots is wrong.

    The timing of this withdrawal was set by the Iraqi Parliament, who did not even know the date of the next American election.

  • A.J. Tummillo

    After reading everyone’s comments,I have come to one conclusion,everyone seems to think they have the answer but in reality everyone only has a part of the answer. If you all took the time to read all the coments from top to bottom, you would see that eveyone is angry.Anger only clouds the mind and does not make for clear thinking.Everyone points fingers at each other and accusations fly back and forth, without conclusion.No one stops to look at history.W hat we are going through today didn’t start with Bush or Nixon,or even Reagan.Look at history ,because our poliicians have forgotten or don’t care to because they might learn. He who denies history is destined to repeat it.Our country was founded by good christian men and tried to set this country on the right path. However, I do not believe that they wrote the constitution and that was that. If it were it would have been written in stone like the Ten Commandments.However ,there has not been any president or congress that even thought about convening a Constitutional Congress for the expressed purpose of doing an analysis of the Constitution as it relates to us in the 21st century.There are so called Constitutional Scholars,who should be called together for however long it takes, to really study together and reach a concensus of agreement,before they even open the Constitution,and agree on a goal.
    This is what our president,whoever he may be,should make this a top priority.Our tax laws have become too combersome,the powers of congress and the president have been bent and gotten so clouded over that no one knows who is doing what or why,it’s a mess.They should look at the way money has taken over decision making in our law makers.Our forfathers never could foresee people spending millions to get elected to a position that paid a fraction of what it cost to achieve.
    So, let’s stop pointing fingers and get active. Let us start a movemet
    to get our politicians looking at how to improve our system, rather than sitting on their hands and doing nothing.What happened to the pride of office,to be pillars of society,to represent the people.

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