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Obama Campaign Ad Defends Solyndra Record

January 20, 2012 by  

Obama Campaign Ad Defends Solyndra Record

The 2012 campaign of President Barack Obama kicked off with the release of a television ad on Jan. 19, a campaign official told Fox News.

According to the news outlet, the official said ads will air in Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina and Wisconsin. The President won all of these States in the 2008 election.

Fox News reported that the first ad seeks to defend Obama’s record on energy against criticism from a Republican-leaning outside group, showing that the campaign is heating up despite the lack of a chosen challenger from the Republican Party.

The ad responds to a $6 million television campaign by a group backed by the billionaire Koch brothers that accuses Obama of using pay-for-play politics in dealing with the bankruptcy of Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy despite receiving a $528 million Federal loan guarantee, according to the news outlet.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “Americans for Prosperity,” the group that accused Obama, fired back at the President, saying that he was “attack[ing] a grassroots group…in an attempt to divert attention and shrug off blame.”

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  • simian pete

    How can a business, making solar energy devices, fail after receiving a 528 million dollar loan guarantee ? I just don’t understand it ! If I was President Obama I would investigate the heck out of Solyndra’s management. The American voter sure would like it if Obama got tough on those mismanaging evil crony capitalist from Solyndra !! “YES WE CAN !!” Mr. Obama ! Throw the crooks in jail Mr. President !!!

    • Ted Crawford

      simian pete
      You are appearently unaware of the fact that the CEO of Solyndra is one of Obamas friends, or that in the restructuring that took place prior to the bankrupcy, it was insured that another of Obamas friends, and a big time campaign fund bundler, that invested in Solyndra got his money FIRST! Ahead even of the U.S. Taxpayer!
      He doesn’t need to investagate! He knows exactly what happened!

      • NC

        Ted,was there a bush connection to this matter before Obama took office?

        • Dave Reinhart

          So even if Bush did something wrong Obama should continue it without dealing with it correctly. As I understand, Obama’s office knew Solyndra was “going under” but held off the announcement until after the 2010 elections. Bush didn’t do that. That was done on Obama’s “watch.” Why didn’t Obama blame it on Bush prior to the elections? You know why, because he is crooked.

        • http://naver sook young

          Sorry, but Obama is the president now and not Bush. Dave is right. He didn’t say anything before the 2010 midterm elections. He probably thought it might hurt the liberal candidates in their re-election bids. Though it was because of his administration that so many of them lost. Also, if they were as you say, then why did Obama take a large campaign contribution from them? Could you please cite a source that proves what you say is true? Could you please answer my questions in good taste? Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai


        • Sally

          Yes, Bush was involved. When they asked him for money, he said NO! Several times he said NO!

    • RockyRoad

      Maybe it works like this:

      (Obama) I will give 528 million dollars to your company but you will make a 28 million dollar contribution to my campaign.

      500 Million dollars free and clear! What a bargain!

      It’s all taxpayer money so it is a win win scenario.

      How else do you explain Obama’s BILLION DOLLAR WAR CHEST for the election?

      • simian pete

        OPM dudes ! OPM !!! That’s one of the secret’s to getting ahead ! Right ?

        For the normal folks reading this who never attended a “success seminar”, OPM means “other peoples money” …

        • JimH

          pete, OPM, as addictive as opium.

        • Lastmanstanding

          Both sides of the isle do it. Equally…don’t be fooled.

          MO is different…same results. they win, we lose.

        • libertytrain

          Simian, Not the way you took it from the bank in a previous post. Basic theft 101 and you’re proud of it.

        • Bill

          There is nothing wrong in using other peoples monies. That is the basis of capitalism, however full disclosure and proper compensation should be contracted with those wanting to invest their money with others. Money is the same as other goods (I loan you my shovel for 5 dollars a day is no different than I loan you 5 dollars if you will guarantee that I get $.$$ in return) Money should be likened to property. You take property from me that is robbery, you take money from me that is the same as robbery. If someone has a right to my property they in effect are saying that they have a right to some of my life that was spent in procuring that property. NO one has any greater right to life than another. Not even the person in the White House. Simple concept yet true.

    • warren

      Simeon Pete, are you really that stupid? obama is the cause of this nightmare and it’s not the only green scam that has reared it’s head lately, there are several others we are aware of right now and i’m sure over time more will be revealed.

      • Lastmanstanding

        Google…murder by plane crash, then blame barry for all of our problems…he is just a rookie in a long line of evil men running this country.

        • Greg

          Obama just keeps the music playing.

      • simian pete

        Yes Warren, I am really that mentally deficient (stupid) -HA HA !!! I learn alot from advice ….

        • John Woodbury

          Then spell “alot” correctly a lot.

  • s c

    Beat that drum, Obummer. Tell us how America is a better country because your friends got a huge loan that ‘disappeared.’ Tell us how all that money is no big deal because YOU say it’s OK.
    So THIS is what Obummer means when he talks about GREEN projects? The color of MONEY is ‘green,’ so because the color is ‘right,’ nothing can go wrong and America is in good hands because there’s always MORE where that came from, eh?
    Utopians, your savior’s halo is self-destructing. America has been had by a con artiste. We’re supposed to wink at criminal behavior? We’re supposed to laugh or ignore large chunks of money that disappear? And NO ONE is to blame?
    Hey, America, do you feel the COMPASSION? Do you feel the HOPE AND CHANGE? Do you feel the LOVE? Do you see the TRANSPARENCY? Now that you’re forced to open your eyes and act like you give a damn about America, WHAT are you utopians gonna do about it?
    Beat that drum, Obummer. Make us believe. TRY!


      Solyndra is just the tip of this Obama iceberg. Look at the billion dollars that disappeared under Corzine’s leadership, and look at the last three chiefs of staff Obama hired, who all headed up companies that were just like Bain Capital. Also, his new OMB director was employed by Bain Capital. Where are ABC, CNN, and MSNBC on these stories?

    • Bill

      Agree with you sc, right on the money.

    • http://naver sook young

      I agree with you S.C. Please, as my husband would say, “keep up the good fight.” I’m just waiting to see what eddie or other liberals might say to you. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai


  • T-Texas

    Boy he just cannot keep from lying

  • Ted Crawford

    This, like the “saving”f GM, was just more of his rewarding his supporters. In this case it seems that only the Taxpayers were hurt. With GM, it wasn’t just the Taxpayer, but also any of us that has a 401k, Annuity, IRA,, or Mutual Fund! His union buddies, part of the cause of the problems, came out all right though!

  • fs76

    I do not understand why everybody is so upset. This is just part of one of Obama’s stimulus packages. We know that he would not do anything illegal!


      Does that include snorting COCAINE, which he admitted to in his own writing?

  • Bogusbob

    Stimulus package is correct. This commie-pinko-bed-wetting socialist president stimulates his bank account and at the same time stimulates his pals pocketbooks with our tax $$. This green energy BS is just another scam by the scammer in chief to steal from us. Hopefully we can get rid of him and everyone in his administration. He has infected the fed. gov. everywhere. I guess we can’t depend on congress to do its job, because they are there to steal from the people as well. Its time the states started to stand up against this Tyranny and just withhold any and all taxes collected to be sent to the feds.

  • Ellen

    Only a delusional narcissist could state that his failures are actually successes. I’m sure this propaganda will be filled with remarks about him helping the middle class. If he says it enough, the gullible and ignorant believe him. Everything Obama has done has been to help unions, the ‘poor’, and illegals. All have been done at the cost to the US taxpayers – which includes the middle class.

    • s c

      Ellen, it goes much deeper than that. Some people are so incredibly stupid that they will justify anything to remain deluded and protect The Anointed Con Artiste. Some of them show up on this website and claim that as long as their W H god hoses the rich and goes through the motions of protecting the poor, the middle class is (somehow) also protected. This is classic textbook class warfare, and it’s being conducted and promoted by the career criminal in the W H.
      Never before has America had so many STUPID people at the same time. Speaking as a former educator, this proves that the Dept. of NonEducation must be aborted. Big Brother government is killing America, and there are many elected co-conspirators in Washington who can’t get the evil job done fast enough.

      • bill

        Right you are SC keep your electorate dumb and stupid is one way herd along people who are not educated or otherwise think for them selves. You, SC should have canavassed for Sarah for VP but you probably sat on your ducuss(ASS)so it is time for you to put a rag in your mouth and let the duely elected president do his job and wait your turn to elect your white president. You know you had your chance President Bush. And thank you for electing O oh!!!!!!

        • Bill

          You are certainly not the Bill that has also posted. I will not tell someone to put a rag in their mouth to shut them up. It is only people, like those in the white house, who tell others to shut up, that want to deny others of their 1st amendment rights. Sorry, but you lose.

        • http://naver sook young

          What a very immature and non intelligent rant. Why do you use some other posters name (I could be wrong on this.)? S.C. is right and has the good of this nation as a priority. You “bill”, not Bill, are one of the many that want to keep this country polarized into its different groups, instead of wanting us to come together as one people. Who was it in 2004 that said, “There is no white america, no black america, no hispanic america, no asia america, there’s the United States of America?” If you can correctly guess, then you’ll know that this person is just the opposite of what he was saying in 2004. How about Michelle Obama that said, “For the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country?” Why did she only have pride for this country after her husband was elected? If she was born here, why didn’t she have any pride before then? Why did she also say, “All this for a d***** flag?” This shows hate and despise for ones country and not love. It seems that you need to think and research more before posting. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai


      • sandcasstle

        sc, I like you–you say what needs to be said and very succinctly. Thank you.

      • http://naver sook young

        You go girl! Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai


      • Anna


  • don

    i got a feeling mrs. obunhole would have made a better president.

    • cawmun cents

      Dont worry baby,everything will turn out alright.
      Well you will get a chance to keep everything in context by voting for Omamba,or Obombney.
      Then when nothing has changed,you wont have a care in the world.

    • eddie47d

      There are numerous companies that have failed throughout US history. Railroads,where they did get government subsidies, several airlines, Montgomery wards, Enron,etc. Some had bad business practices and some had greedy CEOs. Enron did much damage to California’s economy so keep in mind what private companies can do. Solyndra had a great concept and even had the equipment in place. Then China subsidized their solar industry with much more than Solyndra received which caused the market here to weaken. That’s like Walmart coming to your city and weakening small businesses and forcing them out. Business ventures are a gamble for the little guy and the big boys and you never know who is out there ready to clobber you.

      • Bill

        eddie, what you say is exactly why tax paying citizens of this country and the federal reserve printing up phony money should not be used to give to any company. Prudent business would not invest in such companies. The government should not be giving to some companies so that they compete with private companies for the money of the US citizens. Wall mart support via the government has overwhelmed many businesses that simply cannot afford to compete with a never ending supply of the peoples money and given to their competitors. Government money is taken by force or threat of force.don’t pay you taxes and you quickly realize the truth of this statement. The government is not our friend, it was never meant to be, so why be fooled.

  • Ellen

    I would only like to know where the missing Solyndra funds are and all the missing funds from the other solar companies which have gone belly-up in recent days and weeks. Have they mysteriously been put in Odumbo’s reelection headquarters and campaign? it needs to be investigated because it it taxpayer’s money.Valerie Jarrett played a big part in it, too. And, who has given Geithner the go ahead to pay anything out of the treasury that he wants. Who in Congress authorized releasing these solar funds to companies they knew were going bankrupt.
    I would love to know.

    • s c

      Ellen, I can’t give you exactly what you want, BUT I can almost guarantee you that the heart of the problem is in Washington. It’s in a certain office, and a certain space cadet runs that office. His name is Holder.
      He’s done a swell job of acting like a reincarnation of Al Capone. Anybody who’s in law enforcement and hates the law is someone who does NOT belong in law enforcement.
      Holder’s boss, the #1 criminal in America at the moment, thinks he can do whatever he wants because his chief Capone-impersonator carries a badge (no weapon, hopefully). Either we find ways to make the system work, OR we are obligated to “dump” all law enforcement officials who are willing parts of ‘the
      Once it becomes them or us, all the rules are OFF, and it becomes a matter of survival. Obummer knows that. He’s counting on it. That makes him dangerous.

  • Eddie

    So there are many opinions and many critics…but no doable solutions!!! Where, in this greedy and self-indulgent capitalistic society is there an honest, ethical,caring knowledgeable, believer of a better America for the people person who can or is willing to take on such an undertaking? Is there such a person? If there is….name that person or let him/ her come forward!!!!! Corruption has infested this land of the free and home of the brave in all levels of government and business. What is needed is a miracle!!!

    • s c

      E, where have you been hiding? You sound like another ‘e’ who’s on this website. The answers are here. All you need to do is READ them. Hopefully, you’re not at all like the ‘other e.’
      His ‘thing’ is to protect the Anointed Incompetent in the White House, ignore solutions put forth here and he does quite a first-rate job of keeping his head rammed up his rump. If you’re willing NOT be be like ‘e,’ welcome. Otherwise, bring your best.

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    Ron Paul cannot be bought. The only miracle I can see. Ron Paul 2012

  • Dean

    This ad from the Obama re-election team responding to the Solyndra ads does not address the charges; only the warm fuzzies of Obama’s image. It might work on the “choir” but it’s insulting to anybody who’s concerned with such a serious scandal. It’s just troubling that such a weak diversionary ad might work, but the reality is that it probably will in Obama’s enclaves. I work with some Obama Zombies and they truly are sheeple.

  • Mutantone

    Just look into the campaign funds Obama received after the failure of the companies that is where the taxpayers money has gone

  • Jay

    You folks just don’t get it. All Presidents, since 1910 to present, have been nothing more than glorified, “Superintendents”, “Gopher Boys”, “Mules”, of the United States Corporation, owned by the financial power of England, centred in the London Branch of the House of Rothschild! Obama is no worse than the previous, and the previous “Superintendents” were no better then Obama. The destruction, pilfering, raping of America was gradual, progressive, yet constant, hence the illusion that the previous were better, or less evil then the present one. None of them were/are, our Presidents.

    The so-called, misappropriated funds, or Government investments, Government spending, call it what you will, are in essence payments to the the financial power of England/Rothchilds, funnelled through dummy corporations, Solyndra being only one of many. Another method by which Americans are swindled, is by fabricating/manufacturing terror, false-flag operations, or creating “a boogey-man.” This method, clearly, being the most effective! But combining the two, dummy corporations+manufacturing war on terror, multiplies profits, astronomically. The sky is the limit, and so is the power that follows.

    Speaking of misappropriated funds, Government spending, or more precisely, Government swindles, does anybody recall the 2 trillion that went unaccounted for, just prior to 911, under the Bush administration? Allow me to refresh.

    On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for. Rumsfeld stated: “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.” According to a report by the Inspector General, the Pentagon cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends. Gee, i wonder where that money went?

    Such a disclosure normally might have sparked a huge scandal. However, the commencement of the attack on New York City and Washington in the morning would assure that the story remained buried. To the trillions already missing from the coffers, an obedient Congress terrorized by anthrax attacks would add billions more in appropriations to fight the “War on Terror.”

    The Comptroller of the Pentagon at the time of the attack was Dov Zakheim, who was appointed in May of 2001. Before becoming the Pentagon’s money-manager, he was an executive at System Planning Corporation, a defense contractor specializing in electronic warfare technologies including remote-controlled aircraft systems.  Zakheim is a member of the Project for a New American Century and participated in the creation of its 2000 position paper Rebuilding America’s Defenses which called for “a New Pearl Harbor.”

    • operator

      Oh Jay, I can see you are another of “those”. Spouting a lot of “facts”, hoping to impress someone. Talk loud enough and long enough and people will have no option but to believe you. I could be wrong, but I can’t believe that all our woes can be laid a the feet of a bunch of limeys. Oh, we’ve got problems, I’ll agree. The waste and corruption in this and past administrations is abhorrent. Personally, I’d just as soon start with a clean slate of people in government; however with some new rules. ALL laws that congress passes will apply to THEM as well as to us. No congressman can serve more than two terms in a row. All congressmen will be required to use the same social security as us and receive no special treatment when it comes to medical insurance.(medicare) Cuts need to be made in all sectors of government, including military. Make every department that receives funding have a budget and explain it’s expendatures. While I’m at it, certain departments NEED TO GO. Has the Department of Energy done ANYTHING to help us become more energy independant?? Hell no. How about the sacred cow– the Department of Education. I can surely see how much good they’ve done for the youth of this great land. How we’ve shot up the list of the most educated nations. Wait, WE HAVEN’T. We’ve gone down. The War on Poverty? Surely there is less poverty now than when the program was started…Ooops guess not. Worse than ever. And some other departments need to be newtered. Cut the funding of the group that controls the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. I’m not even going to list all of their insane acts we’ve had to endure. Suffice it to say we could do without 25 to 40% of what this government is pissing off our money on. I believe we need to go back to the original documents which were used to build this great land and renew our commitment to do whatever it takes to return us to our previous glory.

      • Jay

        operator: Oh Jay, I can see you are another of “those”. Spouting a lot of “facts”, hoping to impress someone. Talk loud enough and long enough and people will have no option but to believe you. I could be wrong, but I can’t believe that all our woes can be laid a the feet of a bunch of limeys.

        I didn’t say that limey’s are the cause of all our woes. What i said was; “that most are blissfully unaware the our country, the United States of America, is a Corporation, under ownership of a financial power of England, centred in the London Branch of the House of Rothschild!” I would recommend you read; The Creature from Jekyll Island. Acquaint yourself with the history of the “Federal Reserve.”

        As to the rest of your post, you list all the well known maladies that afflicts us in a profound way, and you suggest that we should start with a clean slate. I couldn’t agree more. But to achieve, or start, with a clean slate, we must first cut the ties that bind us. To continue the insane behaviour of switching/replacing/voting for new slave drivers, will not free us from slavery. Regulating/restructuring the “Fed”, will not change the nature of the “Fed!” Rather, the fed, must be completely dismantled, obliterated, and chased out of town, period! Ron Paul 2012!

      • Jay

        I recommend you read this, operator.

  • nowhereman

    I think I read or heard some time ago that while Solyndra had received the $528 million Federal loan [guarantee] that it had actually borrowed only about $83 million. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

  • David

    I just don’t quite understand why some would rather badmouth a U.S. company, American workers and the entire clean tech industry. Than be willing to acknowledge, as per a U.S. International Trade Commission finding, that illegal trade practices by China are damaging U.S. companies and are costing us jobs.

    What would McCarthy say if he were alive today ?


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