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Obama Called Our Most ‘Toxic’ President

July 20, 2012 by  

Obama Called Our Most ‘Toxic’ President
President Barack Obama tried to get the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to tone down the rhetoric in 2008.

Ed Klein told nearly 2,000 conservatives and libertarians who jammed the main ballroom at FreedomFest last week several shocking stories he heard while conducting the nearly 200 interviews that formed the basis of his bestselling book, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House. But none was more gripping than what he learned during his three-hour interview with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s longtime pastor in Chicago.

“At first I had no interest in talking to Rev. Wright,” Klein told us. “But several African-Americans I spoke with said he had a story I had to hear.” Somewhat to his surprise, Wright not only agreed to meet with Klein but gave him permission to record the interview.

During their talk, Wright told Klein that Barack Obama was “steeped in Islam” when he first met him, but knew little about Christianity. “Barack and Michelle are not church people,” Wright said. “They didn’t even send their daughters to Sunday School.”

According to Klein, Trinity United Church of Christ (Wright’s mega-church with more than 8,000 black members) wasn’t the Obamas spiritual home; it was their political base in Chicago. Of course, once the media started exposing Wright’s hate-filled sermons and his “black liberation” theology, Obama dropped Wright like the hot potato he had become.

Wright told Klein that after the controversy erupted, he was approached by one of Obama’s closest friends and offered $150,000 if he would promise to keep his mouth shut during the 2008 election. When Wright refused, he said he got a phone call a few days later from the candidate himself, asking to meet with him privately in some “secure location.”

“I told him we didn’t need to meet in a ‘secure location,’” Wright told Klein. “I said he could just come to my home. After all, he’d been there before at least a hundred times.”

When Obama also asked him, for the good of his campaign, to refrain from controversial remarks while he ran for President, Wright said he couldn’t make that promise. He said Obama then told him, “The problem with you, Rev, is that you’ve got to tell the truth.” Wright said he replied, “That’s not a bad problem to have. Maybe you should try it.”

I doubt if anyone reading this will be surprised to learn that an Obama crony tried to bribe Obama’s long-time minister into keeping his controversial mouth shut. Of course, we know how well that worked.

Klein told his rapt audience that he offered copies of his three-hour interview with Wright to the national media. But with the exception of Sean Hannity, they all ignored it. Hey, surprise, surprise! There’s liberal bias in the mainstream media.

The author said that although his book has been on top of bestseller lists for nearly two months, he has yet to be invited on any of the major interview shows. No “Today Show,” no “Good Morning, America,” no “Charlie Rose.”

“If it weren’t for Fox News, most TV viewers would never have heard of my book,” he said. But thanks to that network, plus talk radio, the Internet, and all the other alternative news sources that have developed — like Personal Liberty Digest — a media blackout just doesn’t work anymore.

Another fascinating tidbit from Klein’s book is that Bill Clinton tried very hard to persuade his wife to run against Obama this year. He didn’t want to wait until 2016. A friend of the Clintons (Klein won’t say which one) quotes Bill Clinton delivering the following tirade: “I have no relationship with the President — none whatsoever. Obama doesn’t know how to be President. He doesn’t know how the world works. He’s incompetent. He’s… he’s…”

Then Klein described what happened next:

Bill’s voice was growing hoarse — he was speaking in a rough whisper — but he looked as though he could go on forever bashing Obama. And then, all at once and without warning, he stopped cold. He bit his lower lip and scanned the faces in the room. He was plainly gratified to see that his audience was spellbound. They were waiting for the politician par excellence to deliver his final judgment on the 44th President of the United States.

Then, according to the friend, Bill Clinton said: “Barack Obama is an amateur!”

Obama is not an amateur at running, God knows. With a teleprompter in front of him, he’s one of the most gifted and eloquent campaigners this country has ever seen.

But when it comes to serving as President and commander in chief, Ed Klein doesn’t mince words. Obama is not only one of the most divisive and radical people to ever occupy the White House, but he is a dangerous amateur at the job.

“Barack Obama is temperamentally unsuited to be President of the United States or commander in chief,” Klein told us. “He is inept in judgment, flawed in management, and lacking in leadership. He repeatedly makes errors that hurt our economy and harm our national security.”

And then the bestselling author hammered home his conclusion: “Barack Obama’s bumbling amateurism and radical ideology are a toxic combination for our country.”

Most of the speakers at this year’s FreedomFest who made a prediction about the November elections said they expect Obama to lose — a prediction that was greeted with a hearty round of applause every time it was uttered.

Klein said he wasn’t so sure. Obama’s team may be inept at leading the country, the bestselling author said, but they are ruthless, brilliant and unscrupulous at running a campaign. They will pull out all the stops to get their man re-elected.

“Those guys in Chicago know how to run a dirty, effective campaign,” he said.

If they succeed, the country will be in for a very dangerous time.

“If Obama is re-elected,” Klein said, “there will be nothing to stop him. He will be even more aggressive.” And he won’t hesitate to use edicts, regulations and even more czars to force changes down our throats — no matter what Congress does.

Obama’s goal, the author is convinced, is nothing less than to convert the United States into “a European-style socialist state.”

Klein’s bestselling book confirms what a lot of us already suspected. Too bad all this wasn’t known four years ago. If it had been, he has no doubt Obama would never have been elected.

What should we do about it now? The bottom line is simple, he says. “This guy must be defeated in 2012.” His book should help do the job.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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    • don m

      Obama has succeeded in destroying the US because we refuse to rely on fact and deductive reasoning. Our population is mired in cataclysmic bankruptcies, joblessness, and wholesale collapse of private, public, and SSI retirement funds… We’re sitting atop God’s land of milk and honey with unlimited resources an knowledge at their finger tips… pondering a presidential circle of Jeremiah Wright, communist czars, Chinese communist lenders, contempt of Constitution and law, etc… We’ve been chasing our rear end so long; we’ve lost perspective of what’s in your rear end, if you ever find it!

      Zero interest rates destroy capital investment and retirement plans! Invest $637.50/mo for 46 years (1) @5% = $1,365,775; (2) @0% = $351,900; (3) @0% & 5% inflation (-5%) =$137,734. A fed & treasury obsessed with printing funny money and bonds of no substance is begging double digit inflation! Our savings are being diverted out of the treasury into the global bank empire @ 0%, & off to China & other areas to earn very high rates of return within their offshore tax haven. No investment = no jobs or savings!

      Learning how to use annuity calculations will provide “how much should be there” – the first step in solving any problem. A $50K (avg. wage?) pays enough 15.3% SSI tax which @5% ROI should provide a 13 year annuity of $11,924/mo. That’s enough to pay six $2K/mo benefits. Government claims it takes two wage earners to pay one current benefit of a lesser amount. Getting $2K instead of $24K (two wages) says the plunder is beyond comprehension! The prime issue is free treasury money to global financial monopolists who are investing it for their private gain offshore! The second issue is devaluating the dollar by runaway inflation. Third is runaway plunder – corruption! Get focused or drown!

      • mark

        This whole crisis was provoked by George W. Bush a far more toxic president than Obama could ever dream of being. But Ronald Reagan was nearly as toxic as Dubya as he took the Republic Party away from its tradtional stance of fiscal responsiblity towards blind faith in massive borrowing and defense spending, tripling the national debt in 8 years and vastly increasing income inequality domestically. Two incredible disasters as presidents – George W. and Ronnie boy.

      • Kate8

        don m – It doesn’t really matter too much how much you have left of your retirement fund…Obama is about to nationalize (confiscate) it.

        Judge Roll tried to stop him by ruling against him doing this. Now no one dares to stand in his way.

      • Jeff

        I agree with Mark. This article is full of right-wing nonsense. Every democrat, according to you guys is Lenin, Trotsky and Mao rolled into one. The same things were said about Clinton and would have been said about McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore or Kerry. The difference with Obama is complexion and he actually accomplished a few things Republicans didn’t want – unlike Clinton whose main accomplishments were on the Republican wish list (e.g. NAFTA, the Welfare Bill).

        You wingnuts are full of it. If it weren’t for progressives over the last 112 years, we’d still have the same social arrangements as in the 1890s: a few rich plutocrats and everyone else a wage slave with virtually no middle class to speak of – cetainly no blue collar middle class. That came about because of organized labor.

        Conservatives have opposed every social advance since 1900 including food safety regulations, workplace safety regulations, mine safety regulations, women’s suffrage, minimum wage, Social Security, Civil Rights, Medicare, organized labor, women’s rights, gay rights, you name it. In fact, it’s been persuasively argued that FDR, the great Satan of the Plutocrats, saved capitalism from revolution in the 30s. Ditto for Obama recently. If we, as a country, had continued the policies Romney wants to return to, we’d be in a 30s-style depression by now.

      • Kate8

        jeff – We are talking here about Obama, and he is Leftist.

        Most of us already know that the treason is on both sides of the political divide. As we have discussed on other threads, both parties serve the same masters and have for a long time. Just because we speak of the treachery from the Left does not mean that we defend the treachery from the Right.

        However, among the citizenry, the ideological divide is alive and well. The problem is that the elite use this to control us, to keep us squabbling while they do their dastardly transformation of America.

        Until we get over this R/L defensiveness, we will get nowhere. You see, we conservatives hold our leaders to a high standard, and we withdraw support from them when they betray us. As you might have noticed, none of them are held in high esteem with most of us. You on the Left, however, seem to stand by your icons no matter what they do. I guess it’s for the continuation of your entitlements.

        If you look at them honestly you will see that they make a lot of promises that they never deliver. When they do come through with their programs, they are harmful to us and benefit only them. The only purpose of throwing us an occasional bone is to keep us enslaved to their promises, and to guarantee our votes.

      • JeffH

        Jeff says “You wingnuts are full of it. If it weren’t for progressives over the last 112 years, we’d still have the same social arrangements as in the 1890s: a few rich plutocrats and everyone else a wage slave with virtually no middle class to speak of – cetainly no blue collar middle class. That came about because of organized labor.”

        Now, back to realit… progressives are actually regressive… in the context of individual freedom progressives seek to roll back, not forward, the hands of progress; they seek regression, not progression.

        It is not uncommon to hear people describe themselves as progressive. Hillary Clinton, for example, uses the label to describe her politics, as do a growing number of otherwise self-described “liberals.” She said:

        “I prefer the word ‘progressive,’ which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century. I consider myself a modern progressive.”

        Progressivism was a major reform movement that began in the late 1800s. The movement shared the intellectual roots of European state theorists such as Hegel and Marx. In 20th century Europe their ideas came to fruition in the forms of communism in Russia, national socialism––that is, Naziism––in Germany, and fascism in Italy, respectively.

        These movements were ideological cousins of American Progressivism, certainly not isolated from one another; their respective leaders read the same philosophers and made the same arguments, albeit in their respective cultural contexts. Before the outbreak of World War II, American progressive intellectuals had many good things to say about Mussolini and Hitler. Their admiration for these dictators was drawn from their ability to mobilize and centrally plan national economies and society in general, to give “direction” to the otherwise “chaotic” social processes of democratic societies and capitalism. Progressives’ admiration for authoritarian rulers was not quelled after the ravages of the war were over. On the contrary, they went on to admire the machinations of Stalin’s heavy-handed ruling of the inhabitants of the Soviet Union.

        Progressivism advocates—then and now—a total break from the principles of freedom articulated in our founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence. It seeks to either get around or dismantle limitations on government power, the very constitutional limitations established in the Constitution for the protection of individual freedom.

        For this reason, the progressives desire for something old in world history, not something new.

        The Paternal State

        Questions for thought: Other than children, the clinically insane, and the most challenged among us, are people capable of caring for themselves? Providing for their own retirement? Making choices concerning their children’s education? Incapable of avoiding exploitation?

        It was during the progressive period that the socialist groundwork was laid for the massive growth of government and diminishment of individual freedom during the New Deal. Some of President Woodrow Wilson’s wartime programs were the predecessors of FDR’s New Deal regulatory agencies. Paul Johnson notes that

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Good post.

        Progressivism, in this sense, refers to “incrementalism”. They progress toward their regressive goals bit by bit, so the people adjust to small changes and don’t rebel.

        They are “progressing” us toward tyranny and absolute slavery. It has always been their intent, and we have to admit that it’s worked very well.

        They’ve calculated every move they’ve made, and they’ve predicted every move we’ve made and will make, and have planned for that. The article I posted on unconventional warfare talks about this.

        Our only real defense against this horror is information. We can’t resist what we don’t know exists. They’ve figured this out, too, by playing on those who refuse to look upon the truth because it is “negative”. Thus, they can continue on with their nefarious agenda while we go about thinking positive and self-censor.

        Well, the proverbial piper is about to collect his due. I sure hope we still have time to stop them.

        BTW, JeffH, check out this militia site. There is one FANTASTIC article from WhiteHats on there. Yaaahooooo! They’re on a roll now.

        • Jeff


          Never mind the generalities. Which progressive reforms of the 20th Century would you like repealed?
          1. food safety regulations (remember “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair)
          2. workplace safety
          3. mine safety regulations
          4. organized labor leading to a blue collar middle class
          5. Social Security
          6. G.I. Bill
          7. Civil Rights
          8. Womens Suffrage
          9. Medicare
          10. Womens Rights
          11. Gay Rights.

      • Kate8


        I really dislike this new format here. You can’t post to the person to whom you want to post.

      • speedle

        Jeff, why can’t you make the distinction between the presumed ideals of “progressives” (which in your mind means pushing us out of the dark ages of witch burning, etc.), and the Marxist movement. Do you really want to be a ward of the state, a serf, one of 300 million numbers? Communism, socialism, collectivism are not “progressive”. They are regressive, oppressive and the enemy of free thought and action. Nor is there is anything “progressive” about politicians like Obama. He is a “collectivist”, and if you believe in collectivism as the default ideology of this country then say so- and put on your Stalin/Che/Fidel/Mao T-shirt for all to see. Otherwise stop hiding behind that noble sounding label “progressive” to defend what these socialist clowns are trying to do.

        • Jeff

          Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Where are there actual socialists or communists in the Marxist sense? Who owns the means of production in the U.S.? What has Obama done or even suggested that would lead you to believe he wants to nationalize entire industries? It’s pure paranoia.

          All Obama has said is what everyone knows is true. The public sector does play an important role in the economy. When demand lags in the economy the government can increase spending and stimulate the economy. All economists realize this except those paid to not understand.

          A few % one way or the other in the top tax rate is not the difference between Ayn Rand and Karl Marx!

        • Jeff


          I can’t help but notice that your post, while full of ad hominem attacks and name-calling, contains not one word in actual response to mine.

      • Wyatt

        Ronnie toxic ? You truely have your head up a body cavity that can’t be mentioned on a public site . You seem to forget that Regan had to repair the damage caused by the Georgia Peanut Picker , Jimmy Carter . A man nearly as inept and out of touch as Barry Obama .
        Say what you will about Republicans , but they never told a hardworking business owner that someone else is responsible for their success nor invested untold millions in green technology companies that all seem to go belly up . Soylantra and now a new one I am told .Nor did they back a car that no one can afford and whose milage range is limited . I speak of the Chevy Volt , an even bigger pile of junk than the overpriced Japanese vehicles flooding our markets and highways

      • Andy

        jeff and mark = just a couple of left wing lib ding dongs.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, nice – I’ve saved the link…interesting. I’m Ok and used to the new format but I agree…it was easier to reply to specific posts.

      • 2centsworth

        Answer: Erasmus of America – Omni Law

      • Eric Jones

        Obama didn,t destroy america the system did.




      • John Woodbury

        Jeff and Mark, are you morons or paid village idiots? Your carp may win you friends on MSN but here we are well read and know of what we say. Your infantile rants have no facts and can be proven to be wrong. I remember the Civil Rights movement and if it were not for Republican support it would not have ever been passed. The main air for the housing bubble came from the Clinton era Democrats, not Republicans. Republicans tried to stop Fannie and Freddie, but Dodd and Franks Told them there were no problems. I am sure I could defeat each of your DNC lies, but my blood pressure can only take so much. You and your half-ass honkie need to remember who holds the power in this country (hint: it is not Big Brother). So until you become Educated, please just stay in your mama’s basement.

        • Jeff

          A lot of insults for such a “literati” as yourself. I don’t care to trade insults (half-assed honkie?), but I will agree that in the 60s it took Republican help to pass the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. That’s because there were many moderate and even liberal Republicans in the North. The Southern Democrats were the impediment to progress. Shortly after passage of the Acts, all the Southern Democrats went from being an embarrassing appendage to the Democratic Party (antipathy to Lincoln) to being the base of the Republican Party. The Republicans have not been the Party of Lincoln for a very long time and should now be seen as the Party of Jefferson Davis.

      • Deerinwater

        John Woodbury says;” The main air for the housing bubble came from the Clinton era Democrats, not Republicans. Republicans tried to stop Fannie and Freddie, but Dodd and Franks Told them there were no problems.”

        I believe that you left out the “paid historian” Newt Gingrich and all the money he had received from Feddie and Fannie that showed up on his financial disclosure. Did you just simply miss that information or was it a deliberate omission to hide republican involvement? In any case I don’t believe that any of us posters that step forward to offer resistance to right wing Protestant zealots in their attempt to undermine and demonize the current administration or pick and choose which amendments of the Constitution they feel inclined to follow have any plans to be your friend.

    • El Love

      I wish I were not amazed at the idiotic rantings of liberals and the “blame Bush” routine (referecing Mark and Jeff’s posts herein). But I am amazed and dismayed that intellect and truth have been bred out of Americans by a blatently dishonest media. Even the lies in Obama’s campaign ads are being believe by strong Republicans who cannot and will not do their own research and learn what the truth is. The only answer I have is that Satan is getting stronger by the day, and will take as many fools with him to the end. Wake Up.

      • Deerinwater

        “I wish I were not amazed at the idiotic rantings of liberals and the “blame Bush” routine (referecing Mark and Jeff’s posts herein). ”

        Well, who could blame you for wanting to hide from that? How we got here. That doesn’t seem to matter does it?

      • Jeff


        While I did not mention Bush, I do agree he was the WORST president in US history. That being said, I’m pretty sure he was not Hitler. I’m not sure some of the people on this blog would be even that generous with Obama.

        If you think Romney or any other Republican gives a crap about what you need or want, think again. They are wholly owned by big business and wouldn’t mind seeing you die in the street before they’d agree to ask for more societal contributions from their paymasters.

        I see we’ve had another shooting by a gun nut with outrageous amounts of ammunition. How many more times do we have to experience this? I’m sure someone in the theatre was armed. Did it do any good? It never does. These guys stop only to reload. If he had to reload sooner, he couldn’t hit 70 people!

      • Kate8

        Isn’t it amazing how Congress always manages to be gifted with a shooting event right when they’re contemplating banning guns?

        No doubt this shooter came from the same pool of “lone gunman” they always draw from.

        BTW, I understand his gun was obtained from “Fast and Furious”.

      • Jay

        Yes Kate8. A rather interesting, and convenient coincidence! Cia, sleeper-moles?

      • Kate8

        Jay – MKultra. Mind control subjects from the 60s through 80s or so.

        Before any of you lefties start with the “conspiracy theories”, it has already been exposed, admitted to, and Congressional hearings held. And yes, I have links. But I won’t bother to find them unless someone asks, because no one looks at them, anyway.

        Anyway, the plan was to have these subjects ready to loose during this time frame. They have been badly traumatized, brainwashed, hypnotized and implanted with chips; are young (ish) people who suffer from the trauma done to them in many ways and exhibit mental problems, and are in wait to be triggered by a pre-set suggestion.

        There are thousands of these people, and it was intended that they be ready to cause shootings and whatever to further the communist, NWO agenda.

      • Jay

        I concur, Kate8. As well, a considerable amount of evidence to support what you say.

        • http://WWW.JAMES069@GMAIL.COM JAMES

          EVERYBODY LIES!!!!!

      • phideaux

        One of my first thoughts after finishing the original article about the shootings was ‘I wonder if he wqas a part either willing or unwilling of one of the infamus government experiments about the brain.

        • Deerinwater

          phideaux says:
          July 21, 2012 at 12:39 am
          “dearpassingwater you might have a point if things were improving but since they are getting worse obama carries the blame.”

          It’s Deerinwater, say it in one word. Deernwater.

          Well Sir, whether things a better are not is very much debatable. What things?

          Osama has been located and terminated, put out of business and now we address clean up and stomping out smaller fires.

          We know and accept Pakistan more for what she really is, no longer accepting her lies.

          The Afghan war is approaching a stand down, regardless of what is happening on the ground.

          This 7 trillion dollar bleed out is coming to a final conclusion.

          The mad man of Libra has been sent to Ali by the hands of his own people.

          American allies are as strong and united

          Some degree of banking reform was passed.

          Banks are lending once again.

          The landslide of American job loss has been abated. (Finally)

          Deportations has been in record numbers in the last 3 years.

          Federal Border Patrol has been drastic increased.

          Major Heath Care Reform has been enacted permitting more Americans to be contributing members to and be a part of the heath care system.

          Stimulus to the states has “bought” them time to get their budgets in order without the need of experiencing major cutbacks and layoffs that would have greatly effective the over all economic picture.

          GM and Chrysler, are on the comeback trail, paying their debts . America is still a major force in the auto industry world wide.

          You still have your guns. You still can say anything you wish. You can assemble. You can worship any God you wish, any way you wish as long as it does not interfere with other persons rights.

          We have a functional AG office. We have a functional FEC. We have a functional court system.

          People still have the right to protest.

          Those are just some of the things I see improvements or the lines were held.

          You need to be mindful that not having anything close to a stellar track record that the GOP can run on or even defend, they find themselves with only a single option, and that is ~~ make it appear current leadership is inept and doing an awful job of running the Nations business on every level.

          Mich McConnell and company openly made the statement in February of 2009, that the GOP number one priority was to limit “O” to a single term. And since that day, he has been true to his word.

          Now if you are one to believe that partisan politics is more important then the American people business to run this nation in “mindful manner” and represent all Americans and not just a few, ~ Mich Mc Connell your kind of guy and he needs to be your candidate for President and not Mitt Romney.

      • stopspending4

        Never mind the generalities. Which progressive reforms of the 20th Century would you like repealed?
        2. workplace safety
        3. mine safety regulations
        4. organized labor leading to a blue collar middle class
        5. Social Security
        6. G.I. Bill
        7. Civil Rights
        8. Womens Suffrage
        9. Medicare
        10. Womens Rights
        11. Gay Rights.

        Yes, Jeff, lets be more specific – I would like to see the following repealed, just for starters – Government continually increasing workplace rules that do not make the workers any safer but just cost the employer time and money.
        Organized labor requiring employees to pay union dues that they then contribute to candidates of the leaders choice, not the membership choice. Public unions negotiating with elected officials who then receive political support and donations from the union depending on how much of the taxpayer money they “negotiate” to give the unions. Welfare programs that reward the break up of the family and the continued reliance on government with no reward for becoming self supporting. Fed education initiatives that have pushed our education results further and further behind. Energy Dept programs that are a total failure and have not made us any less reliant on foreign oil. Medicare that is over come with fraud and abuse. Civil right laws that encourage the straw ownership of a company by a minority so they can get government contracts that are then subcontracted to nonminority businesses and add cost to the taxpayer.
        Government waste of taxpayer money such as studies of the shrimp on a treadmill, investment of failing companies to reward campaign supporters and family. The list of Progressive reforms that I would like to repeal goes on and on. Is that to say there were not any good reforms in the last 50 years? Of course not, but lets look at the state of society after these reforms compared to before the reforms.
        Your argument does not hold water.

      • Deerinwater

        Hm? El Love says;”Government continually increasing workplace rules that do not make the workers any safer but just cost the employer time and money.”

        Here is the problem EL Love, I agree with you completely, please ! allow us to be specific otherwise it only a mindless”rant”. ” My daddy is bigger then your daddy” kind of childish nonsense.

        I am a contractor, a documented , licensed and insured contractor. To hold the licenses I am required to jump many high bars to satisfy not only government but insurances companies as I cannot hold the licenses without insurance. There is a reason for this, ~a good reason as a matter of fact, It helps prevent bad things from happening to good people. One or two misfortunate incidents and I can’t afford insurance and I’m out of business.

        The question is, ~is it overdone? My answer would be , Hell Yea it is. But someone needs to be held “accountable” Government and eminent domain seems to be able to wiggle out of any tight spot, while it is not so for the rest of us.

        If you are looking for a “fair world” my experiences have been, your were born on the wrong planet. I have not see a whole lot of “fairness” in my 64 years.

        Did you know that you can purchase “Omissions & Error” Insurance?

        As a man that has always enjoyed leggy women and on more then one occasion have enjoy the company of ladies that had their legs insured with Loyd of London. I wish that as a young man I knew what I know now and I would not be a plumber today! I thought that I had it all figured out, $hit don’t run up hill, payday is Friday, all that glitters is not gold and whatever you do, don’t bite your nails!

        It is the Attorneys that is behind the Insurance companies that enjoy the Lions portion of any human pursuit, even if you are a high stepping Rockette .

        As for myself, I plan on dying and $crewing everybody, ~ if you can come up with a better plan, I’d be happy to hear you out.

        You know an Invoice-able hour for a corporate attorney is over 600 dollars per hour today, That’s including an flight time.

        So I became a Pirate~slash~ plumber ~ of sorts that enjoys old whiskey and leggy women to help me hasten my departure just to get even with the world that I was born into.

        sometimes ~you are the bug and sometimes the windshield and why I have learned to accept the life of a Pirate.

      • Daveh234

        Kate8 sounds like a nutcase herself here.
        Give me a break. Wait, my chip is sending me signals to just give up dispelling the “truth” in her remarks.

    • Sheryn

      Rev Wright is such old news. Move on. If it was true about Clintons friend he would have named him. So cut the crap.

  • Michael J.

    Thanks Chip,
    The information in your piece reinforces what we already believe. But don’t hold your breath thinking it will make a difference. No one dare oppose him for fear of putting their career or family at stake. We are indeed living under a dictatorship already. In the same sense that in third world banana republics where tyrants favor their loyal supporters while crushing any opposing viewpoints.

    • californiasailor


      I have lived in third world banana republic, is called Washington DC…and although I am being facetious at that, it has a lot of truth in it. In South America we have one called chavez that requires a metal jacket, but no one will make the attempt because the venezuelans with money are all in Miami. LOL…yeap…so, remembering JFK, I am still asking myself this question; “What did this man do behind closed doors that merit his assassination?” not to mention the same fate for Bobby.

      Now I wonder with this idiot is in office. And doing everything he is trying to destroy our nation by the pocket book, why hasn’t he had the same fate? Is it because of the fact he is, after all, a porch nigga as my friends in DC call him (and they are black, yes) and is the puppet of the white boys on the far left who are Billionaires? You know, the ones that created KKK? The very same that hated all but white Anglo-Saxons. We had them in Congress, remember? and many spoke candidly about their hatred for African Americans. Well, as it is for us all, their death beds arrived and now they are gone. But not the sentiment.

      Then we have the usual “Useful Idiots”. And no, they aren’t just African Americans, but Whites (and being generic) too. Those who wish to have a hand-me-all so that we, too, may have a piece of that American dream. But not doing their part, right? Just sitting on their asses drinking beer and watching tv…and if you go into their homes? you will find, 60″ TV set, the best Stereos, all have a cell phone…and so on and so forth…just like in South America, you see.

      As the Christ once said, the poor will always be with you. Now I wonder why? He most definitely knew something we, at that time, had no clue about. Perhaps it is because we must show mercy to the less fortunate? Or the lazy less fortunate? which is it?

      No, I am not a religious man; that is for fools who follow like sheep. I am a Jew and a Christian. Hmm….now that is an oxymoron. I was taught from day one that these two were not religions, but ways of Life. And that the Torah and Bible were one in the same, Books of Guidance.

      Now, hold on to yourself and your family because what is coming our way? is nothing close to a national picnic….many will perish and the ones left alive will wish they were never born.

      I can only hope this poor idiot in office goes back home and lives a peaceful life and forgets about the idiotic mantra of that ideological mindset that can’t never be. So many dead because of those men who ruled to insist on their beliefs….

      • EJ.

        I think, although he is the catalyst, that the American People are the cause of our nation’s destruction. We are all the cause of creating Obama in the first place. We elected him, although I think the political machine actually elected him. We don’t know his past. We don’t have the slightest idea of where he came from. In Hollywood, he’s the equivalent of Jesus when he was elected.

        Everyone in Hollywood says he is in intelligent. But he golfed off the job more times than any one would care to count. He says there are 57 states, no one called him on it. One Senator said he was a liar, but the Congress didn’t do, and does not do anything about it. As for Clinton, if I had to choose between Bill and Obama, and Bill only had 4 years, then I would have picked Bill over Obama.

        Bill Clinton presided over an era where he rided on Reaganomics. And President Regan made us all feel like Americans. Obama is inept, he is not suited to leadership. He’s like Imperator Elagabalus ( ). Fortunately for Rome, the Military killed him. Unfortunately for America, no one will get rid of Obama. Obama is going to get dead, my father said. We’re hoping that a Black Man will be the assassin and not a good white.

        • Deerinwater

          Hmm? I can surely agree with much of what you offer but some of it is pure horse pooky.

          EJ. says; “if I had to choose between Bill and Obama, and Bill only had 4 years, then I would have picked Bill over Obama. Bill Clinton presided over an era where he rided on Reaganomics. And President Regan made us all feel like Americans. Obama is inept, he is not suited to leadership.”

          It’s interest where and when to you elect to offer credit. While I would agree with your assessment of Reagan , that “he made us feel American” and set a stage that made it possible for Bill Clinton to enjoy the success that he did where by you elect to employ a long view.

          Yet when it comes to the Current President you prefer a shorter view as most would agree 43 “did not” setup 44 for success but failure or do you bother taking into consideration that the acts and decisions make by 44 today will be inherited by 45, that any final outcome unseen and unclear today while we should all be aware that America was circling the drain in February 26th 2009 and it was much more then just dark gloomy sky’s and nation job lost had not yet peaked and the ranks of the unemployed swelled.

          EJ. your reasoning is not flawed while your ability to apply it equally certainly is.

      • phideaux

        dearpassingwater you might have a point if things were improving but since they are getting worse obama carries the blame.

      • John Woodbury

        Time to flush peeinwater.

      • Deerinwater

        John Woodbury says:
        July 22, 2012 at 10:44 pm
        Time to flush peeinwater

        What are you ?, there needs to be an age restricting of no one under 8 years of age here. Is that the extent of your wit or just what you are willing to share with a national audience? or is this International?

        Let me help you~

    • Michael J.

      Californiasailor asks:
      “Now I wonder with this idiot is in office. And doing everything he is trying to destroy our nation by the pocket book, why hasn’t he had the same fate?” Because JFK’s assasin’s and Obama’s supporters are one in the same.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      very true….the most disturbing comment in this article was “no matter what congress does”

      seems to me they have done nothing, nor do they plan to

      we need to vote them all out

    • mark

      No one dare oppose him? What are you talking about Michael J? The entire giant Republican Party aparatus, Mitt Romney’s hugely-funded campaign, tens of millions of conservatives, independents, and libertarians oppose President Obama quite openly, loudly, and forthrightly. These millions have zero fear of Obama. The Koch Brothers and the trillions of dollars being mobilized to oppose him speak to this truth. Thousands of blogs and their participants as well as letters to the editor in hundreds of conservative newspapers condemn Obama. The Fox News network operates 24/7 – 365 days a year condemning Obama and his policies. No one dare oppose him? On Novemeber 6 we are going to have something called an election in which Obama stands a very good chance of bing defeated. On my local TV and internet, anti-Obama commercials play around-the -clock, as do local news outlets criticizing Obama’s programs. Do you live in the United States? If everyone fears this guy, why are they constantly tearing him to shreds on a wide variety of media outlets? Why do white men in bars call him every swear word and insult imagineable. I mean how disconnected are you from political reality? Currently Obama has only a 1-2% popular lead in most polling. Do you think he is criss- crossing the country, giving speeches and holding rallies to the point of exhaustion because he knows, as a dictator, that he can never lose power. NEWSFLASH: If he doesn’t win the election in November, he is gone, out of office and out of power. Even 10 year-olds know this. But you apparently don’t.

      • Jay

        mark says: Do you think he is criss- crossing the country, giving speeches and holding rallies to the point of exhaustion because he knows, as a dictator, that he can never lose power.

        Not obama, you ninny, but who obama represents; and yes, to your answer.

      • Kate8

        Jay – I’ve been wanting to give you this link, and would like to know what you think.

        I found it pretty interesting:

      • Kate8

        Here is a stunning interview with “military insider” regarding Obama, the transformation of America, and his plan to remain in office “By Any Means Necessary”.

        The military is aware of who he is and what he is doing. There are communist infiltrators in high military positions, and it’s difficult for our men to know whom to trust.

        Prepare for some shocking revelation:

        Send this out to everyone you know. He must be stopped “by any means necessary”.

      • Jay

        Kate8, the whitehorse; Ecumenical movement?

      • Kate8

        Jay – I have no idea. I was interested in the Hebraic comparasons of ancient symbolism, and possible meanings that have escaped our modern interpretations.

  • Alba Pictins

    This president isn’t toxic, but there are certainly toxic elements in our nation who are excited by his existence. I think the basis of this is downright, flat out racism, and I bet five dollars you don’t post this comment to your website.

    • Michael J.

      Will you be paying by cash or check?

      • Bill Jacobs

        More like monoply money!!!!!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Alba Pictins,

      You write: ” I think the basis of this is downright, flat out racism…” Charges of racism against anyone rejecting the Marxist policies of the president are tired, worn, hollow and fallacious. It’s a sign you are lazy or ignorant.

      You write: “and I bet five dollars you don’t post this comment to your website.” Obviously you are new here. Welcome to a new world where free speech is encouraged.

      Best wishes,

      • Sirian

        They always manage to come out of the woodwork, don’t they? LOL!!

      • Kate8

        It’s just part of the Leftist playbook.

        They were instructed to “always make it all about race”.

        And yes, it’s tired, worn out and isn’t going to work anymore.

        The best thing to do with these racism snipes is to just ignore them. It’s time we stop trying to defend ourselves from something that is meant to put us on the defensive.

      • mark

        “Welcome to a new world where free speech is encouraged.” Gee, free speech still exists in the United States? I thought we lived in a fascist dictatorship, Bob? I can assure you that in Fascist Germany, Italy, and Spain no criticism of the government was ever allowed without the instantaneous arrest of all and every dissenter. Gee, ends up, we do live in a free country after all, despite all the paranoid fear-mongering on this webiste.

      • Jay

        mark says: Gee, free speech still exists in the United States?

        Yes mark, it does. Its called “political correctness”, and you are free to speak it.

      • Dan az

        Hey Bob
        I have a complaint.Its really hard to post to the ones that you want to,Could we PLEASE go back to the format that it used to be?

        • Deerinwater

          Dan az says; “…” Charges of racism against anyone rejecting the Marxist policies of the president are tired, worn, hollow and fallacious.”

          Hmm? well I guess one ludicrous comment is deserving of another. Maybe if you slowly down, the “return” would slow down ~ and maybe then you might not be so “tired” ?

          Why leave things with a single denial if two can play? The very composition of the Tea Party implies the contrary. While I know for certain Obama is not a communist, I can’t say the same for you Dan.

    • Jim T

      the question is, Are you going to pay up

    • Brad

      Really Alba? I think you owe Mr. Livingston five dollars, damn good thing you did not bet the farm!

      • DaveH

        He’s a Liberal. You don’t really expect him to keep his word, do you?

      • Kate8

        DaveH – Now there’s a profound truth. Excellent.

      • Deerinwater

        DaveH says:
        July 20, 2012 at 9:42 am
        He’s a Liberal. You don’t really expect him to keep his word, do you?:”

        RighT!~ like H.Bush,” Read my lips, “No new Taxes”, ~ just more of the “old ones !

        • Jeff

          DaveH knows only that everyone is after his money and everyone who disagrees with him is a liar. Well, all I know is DaveH is one creepy bastard.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sharon Taylor

      Way past time to remove the Rose colored glasses and stop drinking the Kool-aid. If the Usurper in chief isn’t toxic, exactly WHAT constitutes toxicity?

      • Deerinwater

        Toxic to what~ Sharon Taylor?

        “A central concept of toxicology is that effects are dose-dependent; even water can lead to water intoxication when taken in too many doses, whereas for even a very toxic substance such as snake venom there is a dose below which there is no detectable toxic effect. Toxicity is species-specific, lending cross-species analysis problematic. Newer paradigms and metrics are evolving to bypass animal testing, while maintaining the concept of toxicity endpoints.”

        I would think , every democrat that has ever taken the oath of office as C&C, is considered “toxic” to opposition.

        Many people venomously oppose the current president for many reasons.

        1. he is a democrat.
        2. he identities with negro Americans in spite of his mother’s pedigree.
        3. he speaks of fairness and equality to “all” Americans, where they are found deserving is only”assumed”
        4. he has championed social issues that upset many
        5. he has attempted to place Wall Street on a shorter chain.
        6. he has defended the constitutional rights of “all” Americans
        7. he has asked the most blessed among us to allow the sun to go down on Bush (43) tax cuts that was used to assure 43 reelection in spite of the fact of federal budget concerns.
        8. he has introduces federal regs on oil exploration.
        9. he has sued states and won as states have attempted to circumvent Constitutional points of law regarding personal freedoms and search and seizure.

        10. Last but by no means least, ~ The American people and especially WASP, does not want to see government involved in social engineering like we witnessed under the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration for the sole purpose of advancing the status and general overall conditions of the black man at the expense of whites.

        • Jeff

          Don’t forget the most important reason they consider him toxic: Unlike his predecessor, he’s NOT a freakin’ moron!

    • Barbara

      Why is it when conversations or actions do not go your way it is called “racism” That
      word should be stricken from the vocabulary. It seems to be used as a crutch way too many times. The president IS toxic. If the president want to be a tyrant he needs to go to another country to exercise his beliefs.

      • Michael J.

        These cries of racism are usually the last resort of a limited vocabulary, or can be compared with the firing of blank rounds by those with no other ammunition.

      • dcjdavis

        A crutch? It’s more like a fist. I’m with you, though. I’d like to see that word disappear forever; but I know it won’t happen. At least, not as long as it can be used in the way that it most often is–too oppress.

      • Kate8

        dcjdavis – The Left continues to use racism because they always get the desired response…putting us on the defensive.

        They will stop when we stop reacting to it.

      • DaveH

        Then we need to take the Offensive. It is a fact that blacks are at least as racist as whites.
        Polls indicate that, and real life experience indicates it. For instance, it is racist to demand special protections for blacks. Of course, Government doesn’t really care, but they are happy to cater to any demands so they can grow their Government ever larger.
        I believe that the Progressives have gotten as far as they have because most of us have remained silent as they hurl their fabricated accusations. It’s time that we quit remaining silent and fight back.

      • King of Diams

        Barbara: “Racism” never existed. It is, and always has been, a figment of stupid peoples’ twisted imagination. God created only one race—the Human Race. Anthropologist proved that long ago. To the rest of you obviously willfully ignorant people making comments about President Obama’s “power”, I strongly recommend that you read Article II of the Constitution. If you possess the cognitive ability to comprehend it, you will find that the Office of the President carries very little power. Actually, any President is a toothless tiger. Every power of the President that is enumerated in Article II can be overcome by the Legislature (Congress). Sure, the President is the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces. Big deal! He has no money to arm, clothe, feed, or transport them, unless, of course, the Congress gives it to him. Sure, the President can issue Executive Orders, but Congress can legislate around them. Sure, the President has veto power over legislation by the Congress, but that veto can be over-ridden by 2/3s of the full house (House and Senate). Gee, sounds like an awful lot of power to me.

        HE WHO HAS THE MONEY HAS THE POWER! Congress controls the money. Soooo,who has the (money) power? Who is really to blame for America’s current problems? Certainly not Presidents, Obama, Bush, Clinton, or Reagan! It’s the weak Congress folks, the people who WE—the people— elect to represent our interests. We, for sure, would be better off if we ousted the representatives that gives our power to whomever the President is. Until, and unless, we do that, regardless of who wins the forth-coming election, IT’S GOING TO BE THE SAME OLD SOUP WARMED OVER!!!

      • Deerinwater

        DaveH says:
        July 20, 2012 at 2:49 pm
        Then we need to take the Offensive. It is a fact that blacks are at least as racist as whites.”

        In deed they are! and for many reasons, that you are thinking about it or that others have already taken the “offensive” being but one.

        Now tells us, who is acting racist as you talk, plan and share your actions? It seems all you needed was justification, ~ that was something that you always had and have brought here with you today, it’s not something you have happened upon today.

        Best confession, I’ve heard all week David.

      • Jeff

        Thank you for that ruling, Your Honor. I think I’ll appeal to a Judge who actually knows something.

        Yes, the only racism is on the part of the person bringing it up. Cops don’t stop Blacks driving nice cars for no reason. Nobody hates Obama because he’s black. Republicans aren’t trying to suppress the Black (and Latino) vote. Keep believing it. There was no racism before MLK discovered it so he probably caused it. Back in the 50s, you never had to think about those awful Negroes. Now, one runs the country. The horror!

    • Geiser Annie

      Alba….everything about obama is TOXIC and by the way, just to remind you, obama is 1/2 white. The accusations of you and your comrades are downright obnoxious and have absolutely NO place in any discourse but especially any discourse about this president. obama is by far and away THE worst president America has ever had and we, the American people (even those who voted for the seditious inept fool) RUE THE DAY that he was elected to the noble and honorable office he holds. Of course, obama has NO idea how to respect anything or anybody so he would have no idea about what is noble or honorable.
      We MUST EVICT obama and his family from our house…….THE WHITE HOUSE

      • Charles Moore

        You had better get used to it. This Country is finished. Look at the Polls. Six out of ten Women favor Obama. Six out of ten Hispanics favor Obama. Six out of ten people believe in the Buffet rule even though it is a scam and a distortion because the Tax code does not treat all income equal. Food Stamps have increased to where one in seven Americans are on them and there are ads by this Administration to increase them even more. There is one out of every 1.65 Americans on some form of entitlements. Do a search on “Bush tax cuts”. Wikipedia is excellent. It cost 2.2 trillion over ten years for those making less than 200k or more than twice as much then those making over 200K yet 52% of Americans believe that raising taxes on those making over 200K will save more money. Then we have a Democrat in the Senate who has stated that if the Republicans insist on extending the tax cuts for everybody that they will not approve them and will deliberately drive the U.S. into Recession. True Unemployment has been at least 15% for the last 40 months and the Federal Debt is now 16 trillion dollars. Yet Obama and Romney are in a dead heat nationally and Obama is ahead in some States. If history is any indication then the U.S. will be Bankrupt when Federal Debt reaches 130% of GDP which will be in 3 1/2 years at the present anemic growth rate of 1.5% GDP and 1.5 trillion dollar annual deficits. Obama can’t run for another term so the next four years will be unrestrained . This Country is finished.




      • mark

        Geiser Annie, George W. Bush was a far worst president than Obama. Mr. Morton, if Obama gets the most electoral votes he will be constitutionally reelected. Blame the Founding Slaveholders for this. This is the system they established. And CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON, the residency of the president is called the White House becauae it is painted white. The color of the occupant has nothing whatsover to do with it. Despite the objection to this by so many participants on this website, there is no racial test to standing for president of the United States in an election. In fact at least a few on this website favored Herman Cain for President. If conservative Herman Cain were elected president, his residency would still be called the White House.

      • Jay

        mark says: Geiser Annie, George W. Bush was a far worst president than Obama.

        mark, how can you place 2 turds side by side, and consider one to be worse then the other? Come to think of it, some prefer the bullet, while others prefer the poisoned cup as their preferred manner of death. Ok, now i get ya!

      • DaveH

        The slaveholders had nothing on you, Mark. Your advocation of Big Government slaveholding over the citizens, makes your slaveholder remarks pure hypocrisy.
        And don’t kid yourself, many of the slaveholders thought they were doing their slaves a favor. Just as you think our Big Government is doing us a favor.

      • Eric Jones

        Exept the white house is not OUR house it is the banks house.




      • Jeff

        As usual, not a word of specificity about anything EXCEPT you don’t hate him for his color. I can cite you chapter and verse why W stands for the Worst President Ever. You can’t come up with anything concrete about Obama. Look at the Stock Market. It’s DOUBLE what it was when W finally left. we’re no longer hemorrhaging jobs at the rate of 600,000 per month. You guys wrecked the house; Obama rebuilt it; and now you want to complain because he hasn’t added all the bedrooms you wanted. Pathetic.

    • Patriot Higgins

      Racism to white or black? He is an oreo so I am A bit confused.


        “Patriot Higgins,”



    • helpus

      Why does everyone love to you the race card. I guess it is racious that the blacks vote for him because he is black, but it is racious if the whites do it. Stop using the race card because you can’t have your way

    • Gary L

      If he looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck I will call him a duck. It is not racist to tell it like it is. But it is foolish to to deny the truth when it is right in front of your face. Obama himself is a TOXIC RACIST..

    • Power To The People

      There it is…wait for it…..wait for it….yep….the secret weapon….racism!

      • Kate8

        Like I said before, I’ve never supported a white liberal. Why would I support a black one.

        However, there are some black conservatives I admire and respect very much, and would, I feel, make exellent presidents. But then, liberals don’t consider black conservatives really black.

        In fact, they still consider blacks their slaves, and expect them to vote the way they are told to vote. The Left were the slaveowners back when, and when they were freed they had to find another way to enslave them. Hence, the democrats, who actually vehemently opposed the civil rights movement and MLK, decided it would be advantageous to them to hijack the movement in order to keep them under control. Entitlements, anyone?

        Fortunately, many of our black brothers and sisters are awakening to this scam of the Left, and are leaving the plantation…for good.

        Most conservatives embrace people of any color who will stand for liberty and moral principles. It is not a D/R thing, it is a humanity thing. Racism is kept artificially alive by the Left because it’s all they’ve got to use to appeal to the angry, misled masses.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, LMAO! :) Of course we could only wish the Marxist Liar in Chief was a liberal…wishfull thinking!

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Have you seen that there’s been another big shooting. All over the news.

        Gee. Right before gun contol legislation. Right on schedule.

        Go figure.

      • Kate8

        JeffH –

        Watch Congress and Obama now make a big production on how we need to ban guns. Watch Congress rush to legislation, right before August break.

        Either that, or Obama will issue another EO.

      • Kate8
      • JeffH

        Kate8, yes I did…but…did you also hear that the gun used came straight out of Holder’s “Fast & Furious” scandal? I happened to turn on NPR radio by mistake while driving and that’s what they said.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – The Dick Act of 1902. Forbids ALL GUN CONTROL LAWS.

        Gun control and/or confiscation is exressly FORBIDDEN, then and now.

        Unless the people know and understand this, and know that a gun ban treaty is forever invalid and cannot be enforced upon us except by an overthrow of our nation (!!!), the people will fall for this just like they do every other treasonous act this government shoves on us.

        Knowledge is power. They can sign 1000 gun treaties, but taking our guns is FORBIDDEN.

        The UN has no authority over us. Neither does Obama, nor Hillary, nor Holder… and especially not Europe.

    • John Woodbury

      So Alba, you calling Obama a honkie or what? You are the racist.

  • Vigilannie

    “……no matter what Congress does…”…………CONGRESS DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Worthless, spineless poor excuses for humans.

    • Wayne

      Yes, this is important, Vigilannie. It isn’t what Congress does. Congress has not been acting as the equal they are, and permitting Obama to do anything he wants. Republicans seem to fear being called racist for disagreeing.. or even standing up and upholding the laws they vowed to. Many Dems do not agree with him, yet will not say so in more than a sheepish whisper. The question is, why are they all acting like cowards?
      The Supreme Court, as well, has acted cowardly… like they are not co equal with the congress and the exec. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there is something seriously wrong here.

      • timmy octavio

        yes COWARD is the worst asset a person have. by advice dont be afraid stand for what is right no matter what cause in the end you will be rewarded. thats why i loss respect to the elected official if they dont stand with there own feet.

      • Power To The People

        Yup…agree all the way!

      • DaveH

        What is wrong here is that you have been duped to believe that any branch of the Federal Government is not going to side with the Federal Government. They are just one big gang with separate branches.

    • Peggy Griffin

      With 1/3 to 1/2 the people in Congress are socialists (‘scuse me, they prefer to hide behind the word “progressives”) there’s no chance they’ll do anything about Obama except get behind his agenda. We the People do have one last chance, in November, to save our country, though. We must not only vote out the marxist sitting in our White House, but we must also vote out all the progressive traitors in Congress. Vote for them ONLY if you prefer giving up each and every one of your freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and ONLY if you want to be enslaved and destroyed by a socialist government. One look at the misery, torture, and despair fermented by every socialist country around the globe should prove the importance of our November election.

      • Kate8

        Peggy – I don’t see many of the more conservative Congressweasels standing up to him, either.

        Isn’t it interesting how the “opposition” just always happens to be a few vote short of overriding the Left. Even those who proclaimed their conservative stances vote with the Left.

        Nope. It’s all a big show, folks. Something to keep us busy and distracted while absolute tyranny is being installed.

        Here are the military documents of how unconventional warfare means are used to take over a nation. This is what has been being employed on us for a long time, and it’s quite ingenious. But, once we see it, we can free ourselves.

      • Kate8
  • Flashy
    • Michael J.

      The fact that you use Obama lap-dog media sites to make a point shows exactly how blind you are. Google: Naive.

      • Dave67

        So right Michael,

        Certainly not as reputable as The Heritage Foundation, Freedomworks, The CATO Institute or any number of corporatist conservative sites that are only interested in giving the world the unvarnished truth.

      • DaveH

        Nice trick, Dave67 (err, Flashman?). What’d you do, run over to McDonald’s and use their wireless to disguise your ISP location?

        At any rate, this line from Flashman’s article pretty much sums it up — “The Clintons swiftly and forcefully denied the claims”. LOL. That has about as much Credence as Flashman’s or Dave67′s usual comments.

      • DaveH

        By the way, Dave67, do you have any evidence to back up your slander of The Heritage Foundation, Freedomworks, and the CATO Institute?
        You know you have no credibility on this board.

      • Michael J.

        Fawning facetiousness is not your strong suite, get a life.

      • Dave67

        Hey Momma’s boy, I mean DaveH

        Heritage Foundation BS.

        CATO Institute BS, (A Koch Brother favorite)

        Freedomworks BS

        Can you post anything without your pacifier little theoretical one?

        Funny, someone with no real world experience talking about credibility.

      • DaveH

        I had no idea that those organizations had any Liberal enemies, Dave67 (that’s a joke). That certainly proves that they can’t be trusted. NOT.
        As usual the Liberal, the one with Real World experience (because he’s an “international sales” person, woo hoo), must personally attack people instead of rebutting their statements with facts.
        You, Dave67, on the other hand have proved your lack of veracity in a single comment by claiming Pure Capitalism has never existed and then a sentence or two later saying that it is a proven failure. How can something that has never existed be a proven failure? Obviously your “real world experience” doesn’t include any kind of logic.
        You are a brazen liar, Dave67. Why any sensible person would listen to anything you say is beyond my comprehension.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “The CATO Institute or any number of corporatist conservative sites”. Thus Dave67 implys that the Free Market think tank, Cato, is corporatist.
        Corporatism — protection of corporations by the state. In other words — corporate socialism.
        So Cato advocates for Free Markets absent Government meddling, but somehow in Dave67′s mind that makes them corporatists.
        Let’s analyze that — Dave67 thinks the corporations hire think tanks to rail against them and convince people that Government protections at the taxpayers’ expense are wrong. OOOKay, that makes sense, at least in the upside down world of Liberal Logic.
        Here’s a sample from Cato:

    • Vigilant

      Sorry, Flash. Thinkprogress and Mediamatters? I won’t even go there.

    • Bob Livingston
      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston…I don’t shoot the messenger. Where ever credible information comes from, I’m interested. reading those sources, they cite many other sources (both liberal and conservative) expounding upon the …credibility of anything Klein writes.

        My opinion? Klein is a hack who realizes the way to fortune is write balderdash and fiction to feed the ignorant who don’t want truth…just confirmation that yes indeed, the moon is made of cheese.

        If you desire to lower the standards of PL by giving Klein any credence..such is your choice.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Flashy,

          You write: “Where ever credible information comes from, I’m interested. reading those sources, they cite many other sources (both liberal and conservative) expounding upon the …credibility of anything Klein writes.” So Fox News is now credible enough for you?

          Best wishes,

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston….I’m sure you noted Fox may have been mentioned in the headline, but there were various sources (including the WSJ) cited throughout both links. Want more sources as to Mr. Klein and his credibility? Are you serious in stating he is credible ?

        Fox McNews is well known for it’s ‘accuracy’ and the level of “non bias” in its stories. Both lower than the gutter…

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Flashy,

          Now you’re cracking me up. Besides Fox (and Byron York of the Washington Examiner speaking on Fox), the only other “conservative” source cited in either of these decidedly left-wing George Soros mouthpieces was a column by Peggy Noonan… who endorsed Obama in 2008.

          Best wishes, and thanks for the belly laugh,

      • JeffH

        Bob, my thoughts exactly. There’s a reason Falsy has no credibility and this is a good example of why!

      • Jay

        By the way, has anyone notice the absence of eddi47?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Jay,

          You are the first to mention his forced absence.

          Best wishes,

      • JeffH

        Jay, yes and Bob, I thought that might be the case. Worry not though, jopa is still posting.

      • Kate8

        I had also noticed that eddie was MIA. I just figured he either got a new job, or changed his name.

      • Jay

        Kate8, dave67?

      • Pete Sagi

        Hey Bob,

        How about an article covering the linkage between SSN use and the income tax … how SSN use is voluntary by law, how it is enforced by policies in the private sector, how those policies are based on ignorance, fear, and a few bad actors only, how SSN use converts mere hire into “employment,” and how that incurs liablity for FICA, payroll tax, medicare tax, federal state and local income tax, and Obamacare? We are all against Obamacare here, but, rather than rail against it and try to repeal a law, why not just pass another law requiring a full disclosure anytime anyone anywhere for any reason asks for an SSN … said disclosure to be in plain language, to be initialled off point by point, signed at the bottom by both parties as well as three witnesses or a notary, said disclosure to be full, complete, and disclose any and all tax liabilities incurred as a result of providing an SSN? That would kill Obamacare right there, and have the added benefit of killing the the rest of the crapola taxes I mentioned. Furthermore, since it is the federal income tax that props up the fiat money system/federal reserve, it would be an effective shot at that as well.


      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Flashy, maybe you should watch Fox News more often, you will get the chance to hear Sally Kahn, Juan Williams and other left wing reporters make fools of themselves.
        I listen to all of the other left wing media outlets also, you know the ones that are financed by George Soros who also happens to be Obama’s top financial supporter too.

        I always believed to listen to my allies but listen more to my enemies since if I only listen to my allies, I don’t know how and when my enemies will attack and going into battle without knowing all of their moves I lost the war, and I don’t like to lose.

      • Deerinwater

        Well I’m grateful for every minute that Tom stays absent while expecting to see him on the 5 o;clock news any day.

      • Deerinwater

        Jay says:
        July 20, 2012 at 7:55 pm
        Kate8, dave67?

        No way Jay! ~ not the same mind, not the same caliber ~ but leave it to you to think so.

    • Gary L

      Are you still here. If you spent half as much time searching for the truth as you do trying to justify your opinions you might by now, hav a clue. Come on .

      • DaveH

        Flashman is just a Big Government shill. He will fabricate whatever facts he needs to in an effort to support his superiors.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – Bingo.

        Now that we’re on to the fact that these guys are paid shills, we can stop allowing them to disrupt our flow of information.

    • Alan Larsen

      Come on Flashy, Meadiamatters??? When did what George Soros thinks become remotely relevant?? You might as well get all of your news from the illustrious DWS. If you don’t pull your head out of your arse I am going to wonder about your sanity. After 4 years of abysmal failure, it amazes me how anyone with any common sense could still possibly support Dear Leader.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Alan, perhaps you didn’t notice that before this parasite was put in the White house the word Communism was rarely heard since Reagan took their hearts, but now that one of their own is in the White House they seem to have grew a pair of new ones and they ae coming back out of the woodwork like the roaches they are. Perhaps this Dictator and Chief will get re elected but until then we still live under the freedoms provided by the Constitution even though the POTUS violates any amendment that does not suit his needs, but I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment and I will use that amendment with all the force necessary if someone tries to harm my family, self or property that also means to defend my Country or die trying.

  • FOOT



    I do not understand some people are really morans or ignorants? A man name
    Alan Keyes (search in You Tube) he told all America that mr.Obama he will distroy
    America. Why people made a funn and insulted him ?
    Now it is time is to late. American way life is gone and worst has to come.
    Believe it or not !

    • Barbara

      Why are you giving up?

    • timmy octavio

      vokan i believed on you. all americans should open there eyes wide i mean wide before its too late. i encourage them to read the AMATEUR book.for them to believe more.

  • Raymond Lippitt

    I want to see Obama’s collage records, and passport records. They are sealed because he is hiding something. If you or I submitted a fraudulent birth certificate we would go to jail.

  • bill

    Lets face it we elected a fraud!

    • helpus


    • Power To The People

      No malice intended, but I am not part of the “we”! I read his books before the last election…that was enough!

  • jopa

    You would never believe the amount of money Mutt Romney offered me to keep quiet about his tax returns.I said “That’s okay Willard I won’t say anything” That made the rat man very happy.Now Mr. Chip you can use this for your next story about baloney.

    • Michael J.

      And is this what you call a Jopa-Dope?

    • Flashy

      Jopa..rumors are that Willard is paying several to keep quiet that he may have been conceived in Upper Zimbaziland..and he doesn’t want the Lifers to start bringing up he’s not an American citizen as he was conceived outside the US … and that’s why he won’t release his birth certificates or college records.

      Ever notice no one on this site asks about Romneys birth certificate or college records? Willard may be paying them…be afraid…be very afraid. The FEMA camps are waiting for you if Willard gets elected.

    • Jay

      jopa and flashy, you two sound like a couple of certifiable, conspiracy-kooks. Time to put on the tin-foil hats?

    • DaveH

      What part of “We don’t like Big Government”, do you not understand, Jopa and Flashman?
      We don’t care if it’s run by a Romney or an Obama.

      • Kate8

        DaveH and Jay – Yes, but their whole strategy depends on promoting Right/Left antagonism. Notice that no matter how many times we criticize the politicians on the Right, they continue with the same tired mantras.

        They have made themselves irrelevant.

      • Michael J.

        All idiots who are no longer useful, become irelevant (or worse) in the eyes of the regime they so diligently supported. Which is a lesson they’ll soon learn.

  • OhioRiver

    I am probably dating myself, but I do remember when Nixon lost in 1960 because of losing Ill, more specifically Chicago, due to it’s corrupt voting machine. They are still in full operation, but now from the White House. It’s a pitiful day when the democratic party continues to allow this corruptness knowing full well it exists.

    This is a must read for anyone wanting to know what may be coming soon as we saw with the demonstrations in Spain two days ago. It’s a book out about a small town in America that finally takes a stand against federal tyranny & political corruption. It’s so real about each of us so I recommend it.

    Good article Chip for getting this reminder out about Obama and Wrights relationship & a reminder of who Obama was & still is.

    • Ron

      Nixon lost a narrow election in 1960 because Dwight Eisenhower reluctantly endorsed him in the last few weeks of the election. Ike thought Nixon was a greedy, power-hungry corporate shill who would toss America under the bus to secure absolute power. He held off on an endorsement till the last minute then caved to the party hacks.

      The rest is history. Ike was absolutely right, it turns out. The Nixon Dynasty gave Watergate, “rat-f*cking”, the secret war in Cambodia, 20k+ unnecessary casualties in Vietnam–and his White House gave us Dick Cheney, Donnie Rumsfeld, and Roger Ailes and Fox News. By extension they gave us swiftboating, waterboarding, Abu Ghraib, created a vast deficit from a surplus, and then had the balls to say it didn’t matter if they caught Bin Laden or not.

      It took the Kenyigger to get that one done, the way it should’ve been done in the first place, through intelligence work instead of a $4-6 trillion dollar fat-a$$ tanks on the ground U.S. troop-killin’ debacle. No wonder y’all don’t give a damn about veterans or people who serve in the military, preferring the company of loud mouth draft-dodgers like Lord Nugent and Lord Limbaugh. ‘Best to sweep Iraq and the people who fought it under the rug and go back to Obama’s birth certificate or secret FEMA death camps

      Give your propaganda machine a coupla more years though and you’ll be saying Obama forced Cheney’s hand and made him invade Iraq. Through Kenyigger voodoo, I suppose.

      Y’all have succeeded in turning the Party of Lincoln into the Party of John Wilkes Booth and in a decade (or less) no one will even remember the difference.

      No wonder Rick Santorum didn’t want you to get an education. As Lord Karl Rove of the aristocracy said in an Atlantic magazine interview:

      “As people do better, they start voting like Republicans – unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing”

      • Lray

        Get your facts straight Ron. It was Johnson that got us the unnessary causalities. Also the numbers are a whole lot higher. We had 10k in one week during the TET of 68.

      • Jay

        We don’t see you for a few days, Ron, and this is the screed you come-up with? An inside-view to your hell, you call life? The piece you submitted could only be described as a plate of “worms and maggots”. We told you before, Ron, we are not licensed to practise. Therapy, i would highly recommend, before its too late.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Yo Ron, Nixon had his Watergate, but that was a minor breakin where nothing was stolen except some intelligence pertaining to the would be VP opponent, now compare that to the death of Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry and the deaths of several hundred innocent Mexican citizens then you will realize that Nixon and company were Boy Scouts compared to Obama, Holder and anyone else that was involved in Fast And Furious, not only did Obama and his cronies commit gun violations but they are accessaries to manslaughter of an American law officer and Mexican citizens. and I doubt when Romney when elected will order a Congressional Hearing starting with Holder because they are all a part of the Washington clique and Romney knows that if Holder is put in a Federal Prison for perjury and witholding vital documents regardging Fast And Furious, Holder will squeel like a pig on everybody involved including his Chicago homie Obama since he knows all too well that Obama would throw him under the bus in a heartbeat to save his own arse just like he did to Congress, Bush, his own wife for money from a fanoik fundraiser. Obama has no scruples at all and Holder knows this more then anybody else.
        Many right wingers, Tea Party members and even left wing Democrats are saying that Obama is dumb and doesn’t have the intelligence to run the country but I am one of the right wingers that know that Obama is as dumb as a fox and all of his fouled up policies and agenda’s are a master plan to destroy Democracy and Capitalism and replace it with communism and government owned corporations. I thought this all along but the proof came when he was overhard on an open microphone telling the head of Russia to relay to Putin that he will be more flexible once he is re elected. Why would he tell this man to relay that message to Putin when Putin was running in a dead heat election where no polls could predict the outcome of the Russian elections but Obama already knew the outcome several months before the election. Putin the ex KGB head is playing the same game that Obama is playing and they know exactly what each other are doing. On the surface Reagan did eliminate Communism but they just went underground and came up with a new plan, and many of We The People were suckered into voting in a complete unknown with no past, only sealed records. Now the truth is coming out about his Communist mentor, his Communist associated grand parents who raised him and taught him. Before he was elected I did read his two books and I knew to read between the lines and I didn’t have to be Fellini to realize that this was not a man that loved America like it is. The man is a Communist that is why many of the Hollywood elite are so pro Obama because Communism never died in tinseltown as long as we have the Susan Sarandan’s, Ed Asner’s, Whoopi Goldbergs, etc. donating large sums of money to Communist allies such as Mumia Jamal who murdered a Philadelphia Police Officer William Faulkner execution style and is also a MOVE sympathizer. Lastly, take a look at the New Black Panther Party and realize that the Black Panters were always financially supported by the Communist Party of America and recently they put a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, dead or alive and listen to their speech a few weeks ago about them killing ever pink assed whitey in America either of which are proected by our 1st amendment but AG Holder did not make a move to arrest them for terroristic threats either time. Now put all the pieces together and if you don’t come to the conclusion that our Dictator and Chief is out to destroy America and her greatness then I will assume that you are also a Communist.

        • http://WWW.JAMES069@GMAIL.COM JAMES


        • Eric Jones

          So either it,s agree with me or you,re a communist. completely rational.

    • Power To The People

      Hey, when they can register dead people, dogs, cats and illegals….why mess with what works! When are the other countries of the world going to send election monitors here??
      Where is Jimmy Carter?

      • jopa

        Power;When it comes to elections fraud and vote count, did you forget how the last elections just went in the last few months.The Retardicans still don’t know who one in Iowa to Maine.I think Ron Paul truly one in most of the states if the votes were counted right.When it comes to voter fraud the true culprits are the Retardicans undoubtedly.

      • Jay

        CNN urgent update: And now, reporting live from a development somewhere in the States, news-reporter for CNN, jopa-the dopa; “When it comes to elections fraud and vote count, did you forget how the last elections just went in the last few months.The Retardicans still don’t know who one in Iowa to Maine.I think Ron Paul truly one in most of the states if the votes were counted right.When it comes to voter fraud the true culprits are the Retardicans undoubtedly”. This is jopa-the-dopa reporting live for CNN…saying, good night, and good news…

      • JeffH

        Jay, c’mon. You do know that jopa relies on TMZ and the Enquirer as his/her go to news sources.

      • Jay

        Yes JeffH, required reading for all CNN, news-staph!

        • Jeff

          How many of those dogs, cats, dead people and cartoon characters actually voted?

          Can you imagine how the people on this blog would react if the Aurora shooter were Black? First, blame Obama. Next, sound the alarm about the New Black Panthers. Third, imprison all Blacks.

          But it was just a regular nutty white gun nut with way too much fire power. No big deal. Unless you were in the theatre. I know you guys would have been armed and would have stopped the shooter cold. And I’m the King of Siam!

      • JeffH

        Jeff, you’re right, it was just some nut case. There are no color barriers for being nuts(nutty white gun nut)and generally speaking gun nuts aren’t nutty in the head.

        Fyi, had you heard that ABC immediatley ran with the story that the shooter was connected to the Tea Party(imagine that?)and anti-gun loon Bloomberg(Mayors Against Illegal Guns founder) went right into another heartless anti-gun rant?

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Did you see where the town of Aurora already has gun control laws?

        Gee. And it didn’t stop anything.

  • Europa912

    How can a man who has gone to great lengths and expense to conceal all his records demand that Romney release ALL his tax returns. The fact that the media is not all over that contradiction reveals their bias. Conservatives need to get busy this election period. Get busy and knock on doors and man the phones to spread the truth. Get busy and form carpools to help conservatives to the polls. Maybe we even need to get busy and dig up dead voters like the Dems do. Four more years of Obama would be catastrophic to this country.

    • Power To The People

      Agreed…but also they need to do a better job with the young people on the college campuses.

    • Steve E

      If Romney had some mistakes on his tax returns, you know the IRS would find it, and everyone would know. The Lamestream media would sure let you know.

      • Kate8

        Let’s get real here.

        Does anyone really believe that any of the elites pay taxes? Oh sure, once in a while one gets nailed for not paying up… But we never know what happens after that.

        Did they pay? I doubt it. The laws they foist on us don’t apply to them. Heck, their hands are forever in the till.

    • jopa

      Power ‘Two typo’s” one “should have been won. My bad.

      • DaveH

        That last sentence, Jopa, pretty much sums up all your comments.

    • Deerinwater

      Europa912 says:
      July 20, 2012 at 7:54 am
      “How can a man who has gone to great lengths and expense to conceal all his records demand that Romney release ALL his tax returns. ”

      OH! Get out of town! He revealed all he was required to reveal. Romney should do the same.

      The high profile of “ANY” president requires a certain amount of cloaking to prevent nut- cases for hawking family members, friends and associates. Can you fathom the security issues surrounding any person close to the President or the President if the general public could access any and all information that it desired?

      Evidently there are many things that you don’t know or understand about people, government or security matters. Do you have a clue how much money, thought and manpower goes into keeping the Commander & Chief safe from bodily harm?

      I do not believe that Mitt Romney should be forthcoming with anymore then is required of all “hopefuls contenders”.

  • Pingback: Obama Called Our Most ‘Toxic’ President : Personal Liberty Alerts « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL

  • skippy

    So, just wondering….WHO is Rev. Jeremiah Wood?
    That’s what the pic at the top says………. A typo???

  • Ron

    Obama’s not the most toxic president.

    Dick Cheney was America’s most toxic president, and his un-election cost us $4-6 trillion in Wars to Nowhere and tax breaks to his cronies who are busily offshoring themselves like rats off the Titanic, even as they hoodwink stupid people into picking up the tab for their malfeasance. Like Dubya’s buddy Ken Lay, they want us employees to keep investing our retirement in Enron stock, knowing they’re going to kill the company and lock us out tomorrow.

    Obama was stupid enough to run for president of the most toxic country on earth (okay, Iran and N. Korea might be a little more toxic, but we’re catching up) and foolishly thought he could clean up the mess that a decade of Cheney left behind–in only 4 years. Although, to be fair, he and many political analysts said before he was inaugurated that the Cheney debacle would take decades to clean up, but Fox News cherry-picked the “news” they chose to report about this, of course.

    But then, come to think of it, a toxic country elected chicken-hawkity, draft-dodgery Cheney to be our Chickenhawk-In-Chief (well, some part of it did anyhow. We’ll never know how much) ’cause Karl Rove and Grover Norquist dangled his stupid, DUI-gettin’ little patsy, Dubya, in front of the American people and they said: “Sure. This guy talks like he ain’t got a brain in his head. Let’s hand over the keys to America to him and his uncle Dick. How bad could they screw things up??”

    And a toxic country c-r-o-w-e-d with delight as Ted Nugent (“friend of Fox News”) spouted off a couple of weeks ago that America would be better off if the Confederacy had won the Civil War.

    And a toxic country and toxic websites like this fell silent when Mitt Romney met secretly with Dick Cheney last week in Wyoming to get the Dark Lord’s blessing and the blessing of the Corporatocracy that runs the “land of the free”.

    You didn’t bat an eye or raise your voice for the same reason you don’t really want Cheney to reveal the minutes of his secret meetings with the oil companies, saying “well, it was probably bad, but what difference does it make now?”.

    It makes a difference because Cheney is handing America over to the military/pharma/food/energy/prison-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower–the last decent Republican–warned about in the last Presidential Farewell Address since George Washington gave his at the founding of America. You don’t want America to peel back the layers of the hoodwinking that is selling this country off, piece by piece.

    So like an ambulance-chasing sleazy attorney, you make up layer after layer after layer of new Obammanid Kenyigger Homosocialist plots to destroy America through his birth certificate, his secret FEMA death-camps for gun-totin’ white people, and so it goes. You want to bury America in such nonsense, you’ll cover the tracks of the people who ARE selling America off in a hostile corporate takeover.

    Presumably, they’ve told you they’ll compensate you for this in some way? Maybe. Rest assured, it’s the only jobs these tax-breaky corporate welfare “job creators” will ever create–spreading around a little payola to shills who will keep stupid people spinning in circles while they finish dismembering the remains of the toxic country they’ve poisoned.

    Citizens United was just the last batch of cyanide in the kool-aid.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ron,

      You have spouted a lot of nonsense here, as you well know. I’ll address some of it.

      You write: “Dick Cheney was America’s most toxic president, and his un-election cost us $4-6 trillion in Wars to Nowhere” You of course know that I have written about this a lot.

      You write: “And a toxic country and toxic websites like this fell silent when Mitt Romney met secretly with Dick Cheney last week in Wyoming to get the Dark Lord’s blessing and the blessing of the Corporatocracy that runs the “land of the free”.” I’m ignoring your specious ad hominems. While we have not addressed specifically Romney’s meeting with Cheney, we have written extensively about who owns Romney. BTW: It’s the same people who own Obama.

      You write: ” You don’t want America to peel back the layers of the hoodwinking that is selling this country off, piece by piece.” You know I write about this a lot.

      You write: “So like an ambulance-chasing sleazy attorney, you make up layer after layer after layer of new Obammanid Kenyigger Homosocialist plots to destroy America through his birth certificate, his secret FEMA death-camps for gun-totin’ white people, and so it goes” This goes back to who owns Obama and their plans to destroy America. Your eyes are closed on this, but considering the other nonsense you’ve spewed in this fallacious diatribe, it’s not surprising.

      You write: “Presumably, they’ve told you they’ll compensate you for this in some way? Maybe.” Hardly.

      Best wishes,

      • susieqconservative

        Bob, Why do you bother to reply to this nutjob. We do not read his garbage and just pass it by when it appears. We can recognize he is disturbed so it requires no response.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        susieqconservative, there are still a few people reading the posts that are just waking up to a realization how far this nation has drifted from its’ mooring (the Constitution and God of the Holy Scriptures). The Leftists/Marxists are incredible word twisters, using the same language we use but their words mean something else. Their whole purpose on this site is to wear people out so they would quit coming here.

      • Deerinwater

        Bob Livingston says; “While we have not addressed specifically Romney’s meeting with Cheney, we have written extensively about who owns Romney. BTW: It’s the same people who own Obama.”

        Well not exactly, but I would concede to the idea Obama has accepted the fact that swift currents run deep on the HILL and there are limits to what he can and cannot do without spending equity at the price of compromising “ideas”. I do not believe that Obama fails to understand that he serves many “Masters”. Nor as do I as a voter and tax payer failed to understand the nature of the political beast. It has the smell of a political animal that can annoy and offend ones senses at it tugs on the needle of moral compass.

        Please explain how one might become President and circumvent the money/ politics and indebtedness aspect in the bid for office. Ron Paul’s attempt was as close to such an example as I’ve personally seen and look where it’s got him, He got buried between the Country Living and Sports section, while he could have found himself in the Funny’s.

        Ron Paul ran an excellent campaign, carried himself well with the age and maturity of a professional statesman of the highest caliber. He was abreast of the issues and his views came forward with easy and confidence. It was his message that failed to muster enough wind under his wing to soar above lesser contenders.

        People have no appreciation for the ” in your face” hard unvarnished truth, even when told nicely. The American voters deserved to be treated like grownups but don’t expect them to behave like grownups. They want Ronnie Reagan’s “feel good”, cake and ice cream and a clear, crisp understanding of who is the good guys and who’s the bad guys like a Roy Rogers movie.

      • Deerinwater

        Nadzieja Batki says:

        The Leftists/Marxists are incredible word twisters, using the same language we use but their words mean something else. Their whole purpose on this site is to wear people out so they would quit coming here.

        WoW! Nedzieja, a complete paragraph with summary statement. Good for you!

        You are talking about that rewrite and addendum to the Jewish Bible? Right?

        If an egg can be mistaken for a chicken, I guess a Marxist can be mistaken for a democrat by this same such person.

        Cotton seeds are cotton seeds and not Cotton Nadzieja, perhaps it is you that is twisting words?

        And the purpose of this site is to inform, educate and allow a free flowing exchange of ideas to take place on a somewhat slightly tilted playing field offered by a gracious and tolerant host, Mr. Livingston for the price of only your respect and mutual love of country.

        You float your ideas before us all, if it’s a sound idea it will endure in the minds of the readers. If it’s a weak idea, it will be shot down. In any case, I usually pick and choose my battles while often knowing that I’m out numbers and at serious disadvantage. Since I can not pen you to the mat and apply enough pain to make you “tap out”, it is up to the readers to decide any “win” while you enjoy “home team” field advantage to any opinion.

        I’m here to offer you resistance and make both, you and I mentally stronger. For you to leave is the last thing I would want to see happen.

        I know ~ it’s hurts! Growing has never been painless.

        And I look forward to more full paragraphs of your banter.

        travel well,


      • Jeff


        “Dear Ron,
        You have spouted a lot of nonsense here, as you well know. I’ll address some of it.”

        Aren’t you entitled to a royalty when someone else “spouts nonsense?”

    • Jay

      Seek help, Ronald, before its too late.

  • Deerinwater

    Most Toxic? ~ No doubt about it! ~ The “reaction” to him by “some” has been most toxic.

    Toxicology is the study of “reaction”

    You can’t not study reaction and exclude the “actor”

    Dirt has a reaction to soap and water. ~ This does not diminish the value of dirt.

    Battery acid and finger nails offers an unfavorable reaction , while both are important and serve useful purposes.

    A President of mixed race and a democratic to boot would foster a strong “toxic” reaction among republicans, anywhere, anytime, any day, any year. Does this diminish the value of either?

    My answer~, since few accept the value of either to begin with, my answer would be “No”, no diminishing would take place.

    This is just another example of the GOP supporters differing guilt and blame for their reactions and behavior to others and refusing once yet again to accept any responsibility for what they do and say while acting the part of some innocent victim.

    • Power To The People

      Partisan rant….too much kool aid this morning. There we go again….the left bringing up race….feeling a bit pressed on this one? The bozo in His White House could be a yellow martian…he still is toxic and way over his head!

      • Dave67


        Partisan rant??? LOL… that is is all people here do. You people accuse Obama of being a socialist (lie), a coommunist (lie) and Obama’s spending put another 5T dollars of debt on the books when most of it has nothing to do with anything Obama has done or passed. “Obama is destroying America!!!” (lie) “Obama is taking away my freedom!!!” (lie)

        Conservatives in Congress have engaged in record filibusters in the Senate, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are on record to say nothing to help this country is getting passed until AFTER Nov. McConnells only goal during this most serious of times is to make sure Obama is a 1 term president. Not jobs, not improving the fundementals of the economy…

        Kool aid drinking????

        Look in the mirror conservatives….

      • Jay

        I love reading deerinwater tie himself into a twisted knot, and then cry for assistance. How many burns will it take, deerinwater, before you learn not to touch that hot stove?

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “You people accuse Obama of being a socialist (lie), a coommunist (lie) and Obama’s spending put another 5T dollars of debt on the books when most of it has nothing to do with anything Obama has done or passed. “Obama is destroying America!!!” (lie) “Obama is taking away my freedom!!!” (lie)”.
        The evidence and Obama’s actions both support that his political beliefs are in at least one of those categories:
        And you can claim that he isn’t responsible for the $5 trillion in additional National Debt, but if he could get the Healthcare takeover passed over citizens’ objection, and ram the Debt Ceiling increase down Congress Throat, he sure as heck could have cut back on the spending to stop the debt growth.
        Also you claim Obama isn’t taking away our Freedom. Of course he is. His Healthcare Law, which he lobbied hard for, takes away freedom from the medical profession, and from the citizens who are forced to add a middleman to their medical expenses through forced Healthcare Insurance.
        You are a pathological liar, Dave67 (Flashman?).

      • DaveH

        Here’s more evidence of Obama’s true political leanings:

      • DaveH

        Is Obama a Socialist?
        55% of people think so:

        Is Dave67 a liar? I think so. And I have proof.

      • Deerinwater

        Jay says:
        July 20, 2012 at 3:21 pm
        I love reading deerinwater tie himself into a twisted knot, and then cry for assistance. How many burns will it take, deerinwater, before you learn not to touch that hot stove?”

        For the life of me Jay, ~ I have not a clue what you are talking about.

        As much “denial” republicans depend on to even exist as they pull every trick know to man to make the rest of us enablers to their illness. You need a 12 step program to set yourselves free of this awful affliction. Then again maybe it is just stupidity for which there is no known cure. I hold to the hope that you have the capacity but simply lazy.

        The American people are tried of your illness! Heal up!

        Chip used a bad analogy by using “Toxic” to launch his attack, as it take at least two elements for a Toxic reaction to occur. Both elements deserving equal attention and consideration to understand why. This I offered in a straight forward matter of fact manner. That some of you found it “unflattering” and your little feeling hurt” oh well ! Get over it.

        But clearly this analysis is not being done by the rest of you as you focus on a single element , excluding yourselves for any analysis what so ever!.

        While you consider yourself very cleaver Jay, your are playing a bit part as an idiot in a lynch mob holding the rope,crying out for “Justice”, like maybe he might know what justice really meant.

        You really are a slow person Jay, ~ Do you know that? If no one has told you that before allow me to be the first.

    • Dave67

      DaveH doesn’t even know that raising the debt ceiling actually pays for bills for spending we already did, including spending under conservatives rule.

      DaveH let me know when you are ready for the deep water and can afford to get out of your mom’s basement.

      • Jay

        dave67 says: DaveH doesn’t even know that raising the debt ceiling.

        Don’t you mean by debt ceiling; printing more fiat-money/borrowing from the federal reserve?

        Dave67 Says: actually pays for bills for spending we already did.

        Don’t you mean; allocating funds for pork-barrel-projects, robbing the middle-class, lining the pockets of the robing-Barons? And what do you mean by, spending “we”, already did”? Who is this collective “we”, you speak of?

        Dave67 says; including spending under conservatives rule.

        Don’t you mean, “Republican”, professor?

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “DaveH doesn’t even know that raising the debt ceiling actually pays for bills for spending we already did, including spending under conservatives rule”.
        Where did I say what the debt was used for, Dave67? And again with the “conservatives” thing. How long does it take to sink into your rather thick skull that you aren’t describing Conservatives? The Conservatives have been mostly gone from the Republican Party for a very long time, with a few rare exceptions like Ron Paul.
        With your continued ignorance, even though I’ve schooled you regularly, Dave67, I can only come to the conclusion that you aren’t really ignorant. Rather, you must be purposely trying to mislead people. How evil is that?

  • Rasta

    It is an impossibiltiy to be more toxic than W. This President was left 2 wars an economy that was in shambles and House of Rep. that is the most contrarian in history. I think under those circumstances he’s done great!

    • JN

      No, he hasn’t done great Rasta … he continues to cause more trouble than he is worth … the comments speak for themselves … if we dare to re-elect this person, we are begging for the trouble that will ensue … he has done nothing good … nothing … we don’t even know who this man is … his background comes out of the bowels of Chicago thugland and that’s that. I feel for our Dear USA if he is re-elected. Four more years of this man and I may as well move to Europe — a very viable option — because it is slowly becoming just that … we are losing our stature in the world … we have lost our perfect credit rating under his ‘supervision’ … dare we trust him to totally destroy our beautiful way of life? Because that is his idea … his intention … just read more about this person and you will quickly change your attitude.

    • Power To The People

      Are you paid in dollars or pounds?

      • Jay


  • Don Ruane

    If telling the truth about the President of the United States is racism, put me and 300 million US citizen down as a RACIST !!

  • JCfromDC

    No matter any of this… Obama would have won 4 years ago, anyway. McCain did not have a prayer of winning. He had substantially no different platform or issues than Obama, and was viewed as an “establishment” type, though a “maverick” at the same time, when people were sick of establismnet “types” and wanted all the “hopey-changey” stuff. Plus with media people like Chris Matthews pissing down their own legs, what did anyone really expect?

  • DavidL

    So you republicans think Romney is going to lose and have decided to throw mud. That’s fine. It’s obvious, but fine.

    Let’s change the discussion to something I would like to know. If Romney won’t listen to a large number of prominent republicans calling for him to release his tax returns showing where, how much, and why he has hidden his money, what makes you think, after being elected, he will listen to any of you about any of the “severe” conservative positions he has promised? He won’t because he is not one of you.

    Time to update Romney. He is an extreme chameleon, wuss, hypocrite, lair, and, now with his hidden money in off-shore tax havens, a possible crook. Wow. Good luck with your nomination process. (I’ll bet you five bucks many in the republican party don’t vote for him)

    Nominate Ron Paul! He’s a genuine conservative with integrity. At least stand up for what you call your integrity and your principles.

    Now, what do “you people” think about that?

    • Power To The People

      First, Mitt has no obligation to dance for the donkeys! Second, since Obummer refuses to release anything from his past, lets call it a level playing field.

      Ron Paul has no chance of winning…not to say I would not consider voting for him as I too am disgusted by the Demopubs!

      • DaveH

        I believe Ron Paul would win, if he ran as independent.
        But if Ron won’t run, my vote will be for Gary Johnson.
        He’s no Judge Napolitano or Ron Paul, but he certainly has more Principles than Obama or Romney.

        • http://WWW.JAMES069@GMAIL.COM JAMES


      • DaveH

        I believe Ron Paul would win, if he ran as independent.
        But if Ron won’t run, my vote will be for Gary Johnson.
        He’s no Judge Napolitano or Ron Paul, but he certainly has more Principles than Obama or Romney.

  • http://yahoo bob peters


    • DaveH

      What would that accomplish? With the vast majority of the population so thoroughly brainwashed and clueless when it comes to principles of Freedom, after losing millions of lives we would likely just end up with another despot.

  • http://LibertyDigest Eleanor

    Why do people continue to say that “With a teleprompter in front of him, (Obama) is one of the most gifted and eloquent campaigners this country has ever seen.” He doesn’t orate — he yells. He doesn’t look at the people most of the time because His nose is in the air. And heaven forbid his teleprompter should quit. I, and a whole lot of people I know, can’t stand to hear him talk, and to have to look at him while he is talking is beyond painful. To listen to him talk sans the teleprompter is even worse.

    Stop praising Obama’s oratorical “skills”, and start pointing out his oratorical flaws and people will begin to look at him in a different light. Ditto his “brillance”. How do we know that he is brillant? Not because of anything he has done as president or anything we know of his past so-called accomplishments. Is his school record really one of brilliance? Who actually knows? Is his job record really one of brilliance? I would say no, and so would a whole lot of other people. It seems that Obama’s reputation is a narrative that was conjured up, and repeated often enough, to the point that people believe it.

    What would happen if we began a new narrative about his lack of abilities?

    • Alex

      He can speak just fine without a teleprompter. What is it with the Fright Wing and teleprompters? Please explain. My guess is that once, while using a teleprompter, Barack Obama was presented with gibberish—which often happens with these things—ever watch the news??—and turned in an awkward stretch.

      You will have a chance to see him without a teleprompter when he nails Mitt Romney in the debates.

      Sure hope, sans teleprompter, Obama asks Mitt about his penchant for driving around in an unauthorized police uniform with a red light on his car, illegally impersonating a police officer and actually PULLING MOTORISTS OVER!! Man, that is serious serial killer territory, and when added to documented animal abuse and bullying, it sure gives one pause….

      • Dave67

        Amazing no teleprompters were employed when Obama handed the GOP their butts in Baltimore in 2010 on the HC debate. So what does that say about the GOP if a teleprompter-less Obama bested the GOP?

        But their boy Bush 2 just got finished saying it was “awesome” to be president. That is a smart conservative there for you.

      • Jay

        Indeed, you should pause, alex. As to your pause, it is also referred to as: a Molson delay, reefer-madness, alcoholic poisoning, being dropped on your head when you were small, irresponsible parenting…pause.

      • DaveH

        Obama without his teleprompter:

      • DaveH

        It depends entirely on who’s doing the judging, Alex.
        If brain-dead, immoral Liberal followers who think somehow that Socialism will do better in our country, even though it’s been a proven failure throughout history, then Obama would probably be thought the winner.
        For those who haven’t gotten the news that the bigger Government gets, the worse the economy gets, read the section “Economic Freedom in Various Countries” (page 285) in this book:

  • Monie

    All of you are the ignorant ones. You’re all upset because Obama is half black and he is the president! You are upset that president obama has challenged what other president who were to scared to stand up to congress. You all know that it was the republicans that devastated the economy not obama. You all are racist. If the president was white these comments wouldn’t exist. Grow up and appreciate the diversity inthis world. It isn’t all white! When will these attitudes about ethnicity end? When will we find commend ground and find peace, instead of attacking each other we should bond and perfect ourselves and our world.

    • JN

      Monie … You are so totally wrong. I so wanted this president to do a good job when he was elected. I actually thought that it was kind of fabulous that we were going to have such an interestingly unique president. My thoughts and opinions have nothing whatsoever to do with his race. Nothing. I feel the way that I do about him because he has failed to keep promises that he has made. And he has caused all of us to have such strong diametrically opposed opinions. That isn’t good. That certainly isn’t coming together as one. The opposite is true. And this has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He is a liar, a thief, and a bad guy. He isn’t good. And he doesn’t try to be. He is destroying our country from the inside looking out … he does not give a damn about this country. And he will do whatever he can to change our beautiful way of life. May he be ousted come November. My only prayer until then.

      • Cynthia Johnson

        Wow, how many presidents have you seen keep every promise? You have to understand that just because he is the president, doesn’t mean he can just snap his fingers and his decision or law is made! The Representatives and Senators can pull the plug on any law he tries to push through! It’s not magic, people! Only those undercover crooks that were familiar with how the DC system worked could manuever without going through proper channels! You have a good president and don’t even know it! We are treating him the same way we treated Clinton, can you remember? It wasn’t until after he was out of office that America realized the good things he had truly done for our country. Let us not repeat that mistake! I am not saying Obama is perfect or has done so much, but consider the load that was on him when he accepted the job! No man can turn a country around with that much economic stress in just four years anyway! Let’s be for real! Clinton made his accomplishments in eight years and it took Bush four years to wipe all of it away! Put another republican in office so soon! NOT WITH MY MONEY!!

    • Power To The People

      Another race is the issue Obummer fan! Give it a rest….no one cares about your hangup with race and the ever present excuse. He is an incompetent human! Plain and simple!

    • Steve E

      You Libs either always bring up race, or you blame Bush. Can you think of anything else to say besides that? You sound like a broken record inside a robot.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You should go and reread your own post because it appears that you are the racist.

      • DaveH

        No, Monie is just doing what most Liberals do — Trying to win the debate with manipulative emotional tactics because they have no logic or facts that would convince intelligent people.

  • SJJolly

    “But with the exception of Sean Hannity, they all ignored it.” Maybe the other media people ignored the book because it didn’t pass the smell test? (IOW, it smells like a political smear).

  • tb

    This (expletive deleted) is destroying America, white man’s greed and hate.

  • David

    Outsiders, most of the time, see things more objectively than those who are up close. How does the rest of the world view us and our candidates? Who would they like to see as president?

    Has any one been following the other candidate? Why has Ron Paul been ignored and black balled by the main stream news media?

    • Frank W Brown

      Ron Paul is ignored by the media because he would rock the cozy boat they are in!!

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Elect RON PAUL (write-in if necessary), ABOLISH the FED, return to real money (GOLD)!!
      OR bend over and kiss your A$$ goodbye!!

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul is ignored by the Propaganda Media for the same reason Libertarians have always been ignored — We believe in Free Markets and Limited Government. The Political Entrepreneurs (Crony Capitalists), and the Politicians know that would upset their cozy applecarts, so their Media buddies do everything they can to prevent that from happening.
      Vote Libertarian!

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul is ignored by the Propaganda Media for the same reason Libertarians have always been ignored — We believe in Free Markets and Limited Government. The Political Entrepreneurs (Crony Capitalists), and the Politicians know that would upset their cozy applecarts, so their Media buddies do everything they can to prevent that from happening.
      Vote Libertarian!

  • Dave67

    LOL!!! Of course conservatives play no role in creating the toxic environment. They are all just good Chritians rising up against the dark forces of Islam and socialism.

    LOL!!! Conservatives are so easily led… just give them the fear they crave and they will do what you wish them to.

    • Steve E

      Just give a lib others people’s money and they will vote for Obama.

      • Dave67

        Is that why conservative states get more money from the fed Gov than they pay in while more liberal states like CA, NY and IL less money back than they pay in?



      • Jay

        Actually, its the Democratic-leaning states that get more federal-money, not much more then Conservative-leaning-states, dave67. Pretty much, neck-a-neck.

      • Dave67

        For Slow witted Jay…

        They get more money back because they contribute more because that is where the jobs are.

        If you look at how much they pay compared to how much the get back, the red states are leaches off blue states like CA and NY.

      • DaveH

        For slow (very slow) witted Dave67:
        Republican is NOT synonymous with Conservative.
        Liberals/Progressives want Big Government. Conservatives want Small Government.
        The Republican Party has been infested with Progressives longer than the Democrat Party has been.
        Somehow the nit-wit Dave67 can’t get this through his thick skull.

      • DaveH

        When did the Progressives start their takeover?
        Don’t confuse Progressive Leaders with the Progressive Followers who are largely just innocent dupes of the Leaders’ Propaganda machine, which I think Dave67 is part of.

      • Dave67

        According to dim-bulb DaveH with no real world experience, those people who proudly where the conservative badge… aren’t…

        They are really liberal….

        And Standard Oil were victims of success…

        What an idiot DaveH is…

        BTW DaveH still have not heard about any real world experience you have.

      • Kate8

        Dave67 – If you would try thinking out of the Leftist propaganda box, you might begin to understand what DaveH is trying to impart to you.

        I don’t know why he wastes so much time with you. You are utterly clueless, and you can’t teach someone something he doesn’t want to know.

      • Jay

        Dave67 says: BTW DaveH still have not heard about any real world experience you have.

        If one had even the minimum level of discernment, dave67, they would easily be able to observe DaveH’s considerable world experience in his written contributions to this site. As to yours, even the most brilliant of scholars, would search through your ramblings for naught.

      • DaveH

        Thank you, Kate and Jay.
        It’s doubtful that Dave67 (Flashman?) is here to learn anything. I don’t address his comments in the hopes of helping him, but rather to keep him from poisoning innocently ignorant minds. And who can blame them? We’ve all been so heavily propagandized during our lives that it’s a wonder any of us can get past the Dave67′s in Society and learn what’s really going on.
        Anybody with a modicum of intelligence can tell Dave67 has nothing to offer. That’s why he must spend so much time personally attacking people he disagrees with. He most likely is an operative, because he spends way too much time on this board to be gainfully employed as a Tech Salesman like he claims to be.

      • Dave67


        Here is the reality… DaveH is trying to impart his propaganda and he has never worked a day in the business world his whole life. If he didn’t have, I believe he would not know how to put his pants on in the morning. His whole world revolces around that site, thats all he has. If you would get out from their conservative bubble, you would understand the the utopia that DaveH and the other stooges pines away for have not existed in the global industrial world and it can’t exist as long as there are country’s with other styles of government, different currencies. But the 3 stooges believe monopolies can only exist when the Gov gets involved with business and says Standard Oil is a victim of its own success to big bad Teddy Roosevelt ruins everything.

        DaveH is a child of one source of information coupled no real world experience.

        I work with international firms, distributors and governments so its safe to say I have a leg up on young Michael Savage here.

        I am also a liberal and let me dispell some of the BS that conservatives throw around about liberals that is completely false.

        1) Liberals do NOT want big government, we want responsive Gov to the people that elect them
        2) We strive to make a society that is more fair for everyone. Big money in the policial process needs to go.
        3) We do not believe in free trade, fair trade is what is called for.
        4) Reagan trickle down economics is a proven failure
        5) We do not believe in going to war unless attacked first.
        6) Same sex marriage does not mean the end of society or a sign of immorality.
        7) Keep religion out of Gov, Keep Science in schools.
        8) End the failed drug war
        9) Freedom comes with responsibility

        Bill Clinton is NOT a liberal. Barrack Obama is NOT a liberal.

        Now you called Obama a homosexual and that makes you a liar. You should strive to take in all points of view not just right wing talking points. They sound nice as bumpersticker politics do… but when you dig a little deeper, the discussion gets more nuanced than the 3 stooges will understand or admit to.

      • Jay

        Dave67, here’s the reality. Liberals divide the world into victims and exploiters, and see themselves as saviors of the underdogs who are incapable of fending for themselves. And that requires greater government power in their hands, to vanquish the exploiters. This perspective explains much of what President Obama is doing with the vast powers at his disposal, and a complicit Congress.

        This administration has big business in its sights. While there are a couple of corporations like G.E. who are court favorites because they do the Liberals’ bidding…the current government’s attitude toward commerce is that they exploit the masses as labor or consumer, are run by fat-cats who don’t pay their “fair share”, and should be regulated by the government which is working in “the best interests of the People”.

        Only one thing matters to the Liberals-in the Oval Office and in Congress-and that is growing the central government and its power.

        Illegal immigration, like abortion is a cause celebre…and Liberals will resist the smallest limitation on the grounds that it might lead to the idea that there are legitimate reasons to control borders.

        They use the same “logic” with abortion: Letting live babies die unattended in broom closets after botched abortions must not be outlawed because it might lead to the further limitation of a woman’s right to “choose”.

        Liberals offer all sorts of explanations for their bizarre, inefficient, ineffective, illogical, irrational, contradictory, and demonstrably failed theories and policies. But that’s just their puppet show; their circuses for public consumption.

        There is one goal, and one goal only for Progressive-Liberals…Government growth and its intrusion into every aspect of our lives. When you understand that, all their apparently
        idiotic policies make perfect sense.

      • Kate8

        Dave67 – Let me straighten you out on something.

        I’ve been around the block probably more times than you have years. And I know about liberals because I live in CA, have mostly liberal friends and, in fact, used to be one. That was before I started learning what was really going on.

        Secondly, I’ve been on this blog a long time and know DaveH, Jay, JeffH and many others as well as one can know someone in this venue. DaveH and I have had our disagreements, but when it comes to the bottom line we are pretty much on the same page.

        There is nothing you can say to me that will matter one bit. I know why you are here, and I refuse to bite at your continual provocation. You are only here to keep up the animosity and earn a paycheck, and the truth is, as most who think like you, you exhibit a sad lack of understanding of what is at stake and how we got here.

        Don’t expect me to engage in bantering with you. I’ve gotten sucked in too many times with too many of your brainwashed chums and I just am not motivated to do it anymore. I’m on to what you’re doing, and it’s not going to work.

        You are allowed to post here, but I am not required to read your nonsense.

      • Dave67


        I am in AZ and I have seen your brainwashed types as well. You scare at the drop of a hat. You have no real facts to back up your “Obama is a homosexual” type comments just like your embarrassing Sheriff Joe who I live under, stories. So you just repeat the same BS over and over again.

        For 35 years of my life I lived in the DC area so I have seen all the good, bad and ugly ini US politics that you hear about second hand. I was a Young Republican in the 1980′s before I got smart.

        Now if you want to talk abortion, then please explain to me why in far more liberal countries there are less insidences of out of wed-lock births and abortions than here. You want to talk about responsibilty? I do not see anyone on the conservative side take personal responsibilty for ANYTHING. So maybe that problem recahes across the political spectrum? What do you think? Here is another idea… Lets address all the issues that cause women to seek abortion in the first place? No… that would mean work wouldn’t it? Sex-ed to children??? Parrish the thought… taking the stigma out of sexual conversations in the country? Where is the fun in that?

        You may pal around with the militas-types here, or the religious kooks or people like DaveH who are wet behind the ears in life. But if you are as old as you say you are, you should know better.

        If you want to live your life as a corpoartist covervative pawn. You may, I will not

      • Kate8

        Good grief.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “DaveH is trying to impart his propaganda and he has never worked a day in the business world his whole life”.
        You have no idea where I’ve worked my whole life, Dave67. The fact that you would so brazenly lie about that is just another nail in the coffin of your credibility.
        Further, it wouldn’t matter what I did do my whole life. Your arguments would still be fallacious. It is comical that you are stooping so low in your efforts to disparage me. I must be hitting too close to home with your handlers.
        At any rate, just keep on flailing, evil man. The more you try to personally attack me, the more the readers are going to see you for who you really are.

    • Dave67


      Hmmm and conservatives love babies until they are born… then you are on your own…

      The Gov of VA (a conservative) passed a law making manditory invasive sonograms for any women who seeks a LEGAL abortion but conservatves are not intrusive… George W Bush, ( a conservative) comes up with the Patriot Act but conservatives are never intrusive.
      Conservative states have passed laws banning homosexuals being engagng in the legal contract of marriage because conservatives are so live and let live types.

      Jay-Bird, you have your head so far up your behind, you can see what you had for lunch today.

      You have no clue about what Progressives and Liberals want. I guess calling you and your ilk Fascists encapsulates you and your movement right?

      • Kate8

        Rather than killing babies because they are an inconvenience, perhaps liberals should consider their behavior and how they got pregnant.

        A responsible person will not bring a child into the world they cannot provide for, and will not expect other people to have to pay for their irresponsibility. There are people who are happy to take in an unwanted child, if that is what is necessary. Too many liberals have used bearing children to increase their government entitlement checks.

        All of your agruments are lame. Encouraging people to be unaccountable for their actions only breeds more misdeeds and no-account attitudes. If we all had to accept the consequences of our behavior, we wouldn’t have such situations.

        There are ways to provide for those who have suffered misfortune. But more and more government programs only encourages people toward careless behavior. Of course, that was the whole idea in the first place.

      • Jay

        Nancy says: Jay-bird, Hmmm and conservatives love babies until they are born… then you are on your own…

        Well, we do raise and encourage our children to be responsible, morally-disciplined, and above all, to work hard and earn to their own keep. This way, they will escape the pathetic life of one who was raised by a progressive-liberal, where he is raised to be irresponsible, morally-undisciplined, and to wholly depend on the State, that’s if, he’s not aborted.

        Nancy says: The Gov of VA (a conservative) passed a law making manditory invasive sonograms for any women who seeks a LEGAL abortion but conservatves are not intrusive… George W Bush, ( a conservative) comes up with the Patriot Act but conservatives are never intrusive.

        The audacity! To suggest that one should consider carefully, the ramifications of murder. What’s this world coming to, Nancy?

        Nancy says: Conservative states have passed laws banning homosexuals being engagng in the legal contract of marriage because conservatives are so live and let live types.

        Discussing morality with you, would be liken to discussing what is Constitutional with obama.

        Nancy says: Jay-Bird, you have your head so far up your behind, you can see what you had for lunch today.

        That’s original. How about this one; you have your nose so far up obama’s behind, you can’t see the sun for the moon.

        Nancy says: You have no clue about what Progressives and Liberals want.

        I beg to differ. I do have a clue as to what you and progressive-socialist-liberals want; unlimited, tyrannical power!

        Nancy says: I guess calling you and your ilk Fascists encapsulates you and your movement right?

        The only literary skill you seem to posses, hurling quasi-clever, ad hominem’.

      • JeffH

        Jay, correction…it was D67, not Nancy.
        As for the likes of D67 and his type, old news, same rhetoric.
        You do know that none of us actually understand progressives and liberals don’t you?

      • JeffH

        People have certain individual capacities and those capacities are stifled by untrustworthy groups of other citizens (businesses, schools, etc.) unless the benevolent hand of government protects them from these malevolent economic forces, namely, the corporation. Such a task requires the positive use of public authority to arrange society in ways best suited for the advancement of human welfare. To do this individual liberty needs to take a backseat to the ordering of society.

        Progressivism prefers collective social welfare over its perceived adversary, individual freedom. It is an either or situation: you are free one way or free their way. If individual freedom triumphs progress is not possible. To be “free” in the progressive sense is to be liberated by government forces from unpleasant social circumstances created by your fellow citizens. For the Founders, freedom is protected by government. For the Progressives, freedom is having your physical welfare secured by government, your physical welfare being a protection from the perceived excesses of others’ individual freedom in the marketplace.

        Are people by themselves incapable of avoiding exploitation; will they by themselves be “regimented” into service? Need we the paternal nurturing of The State as if we are helpless children in the wilderness of unbridled individual freedom?

        Remember, still today in this country, even the most strident socialist agenda has to be cloaked in verbiage not offensive to freedom. It has to be marketed and sold, dressed up in enough freedom-friendly language for the American public to either buy it or to be made unafraid. Socialism is still a toxic word with the public, freedom euphonic to our ears. This is why American’s refusal to believe anything done by this or any past administration is socialist could be a good thing.

        In order for Americans to accept socialism, socialists have to dress it up in freedom’s cloak. This gives us hope and an opportunity. No one, seeking to push any agenda onto the public, disparages freedom or the Constitution; they have to give freedom some kind of lip service. They are playing on freedom’s home field, not the other way around.

      • JeffH

        Jay, after further review…I get the Nancy inuendo. :)

      • Smilee


        You said

        “Discussing morality with you, would be liken to discussing what is Constitutional with obama.”

        Every time Obama has had to defend himself before the SC he has been upheld, so as He and the SC agree as to what is Constitutional and what is not he apparently knows it very well. You seem to not understand it at all so how could you hope to discuss it intelligently with him.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    B.S. Monie, There has never been a low life Marxist on the throne till now and determined to be a dictater. And your ilk are the dregs of society that cant wait till it happens. . And if any one was never racist before they have plenty of reason to be with the most racist piece of crap that ever existed , and worshiped by stupid idiots, as they do as thier anointed one.. You start your post by attacking, then in the libtard fashion end it by trying to sound so pious like your kind are the peace makers. Get lost….

    • Dave67

      Is that why Obama bailed out the banks? Because he is a Marxist? I wish conservatives understood half the words they throw around…

      • Steve E

        Bailing out the banks would be more Fascist than Marxist. But they are both bad.

      • Dave67

        Well Steve, I wish you people would get it straight… Is he a Fascist, Communist or Socialist?

        When you conservatives get your heads out of your butts, know what the terms means… then let us know.

      • Steve E

        Dave, what do you think he is?

      • susieqconservative

        One of the most interesting facts you Obama fans might want to consider is the fact that he gave only 1% in charitable contributions while making over 5 million dollars in personal income. Wow what a generous guy, willing to share from his prosperity. Another thing you might want to consider is the incredibly high unemployment rate among the poor and especially the black male and youth population. WOW what a president of the people, a champion of the lower class. HE HAS DONE NOTHING TO RAISE THEM OUT OF THE PIT OF DISPAIR, in fact keep them there so he keeps their vote (dependency). And now eliminate the programs that Clinton put in place so they have a chance at any life at all????!!! What a guy, what a leader.
        You dare to call US racists while this usurper in chief sells YOUR PEOPLE DOWN THE RIVER for a vote. Do you think for one minute he will do any more for you in his second term than he did for you in his first???? You poor pathetic lemmings. God help you as you accept the leavings from his 1% contribution crumbs because you will get nothing more from him as a second term president. HE WILL THROW YOU UNDER THE BUS. He hates the poor and ignorant and after you elect him you can do nothing more for him.

      • Dave67


        Without Congress’s help…. Obama have the power to?

        If Congress is overtly hostile to the President as the record filibusters in the Senate clearly illustrate. How much gets done? Your side allowed our credit rating to fall with S&P. (read the report)

        See we have this thing called the republic with a legislative branch, an executive branch and a judicial branch… you must know about them… they are in all the papers…

      • Jay

        dave67 says: Is that why Obama bailed out the banks? Because he is a Marxist?

        No, not because he’s a Marxist, but because he’s a socialist-whore. And obama didn’t bail-out the banks, the tax-payers did!

      • Jay

        dave67 says: See we have this thing called the republic with a legislative branch, an executive branch and a judicial branch… you must know about them… they are in all the papers…

        Don’t you mean… they are all in the toilet? Thanks to the “Oreo cookie”!

      • Dave67

        Just when I thought Jay uses his head for something more than a hat rack…. He blurts out this:

        “Don’t you mean… they are all in the toilet? Thanks to the “Oreo cookie”!

        I wonder how people like Jay, JeffH and DaveH generate enough brainpower to keep their legs moving.

      • DaveH

        Here we go again with Dave67′s clever question (in his own mind only) — “Is that why Obama bailed out the banks? Because he is a Marxist?”.
        How ignorant is that statement? Obama bailed out the banks with taxpayer money, not his own. All that could do is create more power for him, because the bulk of the taxpayers who voted for him are too ignorant to know that both Obama and the Banks are taking advantage of them, so they will continue to vote for him. Meanwhile the banks will put more money into his campaign fund to help sway other voters. So it’s a win/win for Obama. Any budding dictator would do the same. Whatever Obama’s ultimate goals are, he can’t just get there overnight. He must first gradually grab more and more power.
        Read the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto (you know, Dave67, the one written by Karl Marx):

        Plank # 5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

      • DaveH

        Give it up, Dave67. You have lost any tiny shred of credibility you might have once had on this board. All the ad hominem attacks you can muster won’t get it back.

      • Smilee

        DaveH says:
        July 20, 2012 at 4:57 pm

        It was George Bush that signed the TARP law that bailed out the banks, this was before Obama became president, interesting how you Obama haters think you will blame anything on him even things that took place before he became president.

        • Jeff

          I’m pretty certain I recall the Head Republican, Rush Limbaugh, attempt to blame Obama for the stock market’s decline in late 2008. Of course, he gets no credit for the rise ever since he took office.

    • Dave67


      Obama ran as a left leaning centrist, governed as a center right President. But if I were to classify him?

      He is a Corporatist.

      • Jay

        If you look at his concrete policies, voting record, and source of campaign funds, Obama is a trusted servant of the big business elite. He represents the U.S. ruling class’s desperate attempt to put a new face on its domestic and global domination.

      • Dave67

        Thanks for agreeing with me Jay, you are not a dumb as you sound sometimes… Romney will be Bush on steroids… If you think Obama is bad, it will be like going from the frying pan into the fire.

      • DaveH

        Jay has been stating those positions long before your lying self first appeared on this board, Dave67.

      • Kate8

        What he is is a fraud and a liar. And a foreign agent.

        Now it’s proven. Fascinating.

        It’s painfully obvious that neither Congress nor the courts are going to do what needs to be done. It is now up to us. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

        This, along with the interview with “military insider” I posted above, is more than alarming.

    • Dave67

      To DaveH

      Tin Hat size extra small for that pee brain of yours is ready… Obama “budding dictator”

      What a moron.

      • Jay

        What next, Nancy, will you fall crying on mamma’s bosom?

      • DaveH

        And there it is, Folks. Dave67 is a sterling example of the Liberals/Progressives who want to run your lives.

      • DaveH

        All those who think this foul-mouthed Dave67 character is really in sales, raise your hand.
        I didn’t think so.
        If he is, it must be a classic Jekyll/Hyde case.

      • Deerinwater

        Sales is what you seem to be what you “attempt” to be in DaveH. But you tend to run off customers like John the Baptist with your overbearing political bias.

        While I confess you do know your product line and it’s features, your understanding of the benefits of these “features” is pure conjuncture and academic.

      • Smilee

        DaveH says:
        July 21, 2012 at 7:07 pm

        Dave67 at least tells the truth something sadly missing is so many of your comments!!

  • Melody

    Wht does everyone insist Obama is a gifted speaker and eloquent oratator???? He is neither…. I don’t see it…. he is annoying, boring, stiff and repetitous. How anyone can listen to him and be inspired to even stay awake is beyond me!!!! What is wrong with these people??? Simple minded nuts….

    • Steve E

      I always thought the same thing from the beginning. Obama has always been an empty suit to me.

      • Kate8

        Obama has been taught to read, but notice what happens to him when he has to speak without the prompter. There is, literally, nothing there. He is a total buffoon.

        I can’t stand watching his head swivel from screen to screen while he pretends to be so important and intelligent. We’ve all seen him when the screen goes blank… he’s a joke.

        A dangerous joke…

      • Jay

        I’ve witnessed it Kate8, most embarrassing. Actually felt sorry for the schlepp.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, I uh mmm huh hmmm don’t uh mmm understand uh what hmmm you mean uh about mmm the uh teleprompter comment.

  • uvuvuv

    we will be getting obama for another 4 years. i applaud the dem party regulars who are even now programming the voting machines. the old machines, remember? you pulled the lever and the curtain opened and all the little levers shifted back up. they had counters in back that showed the vote totals, no ifs ands or buts. but now you mark this card, actually quite a large “card” (forget the ecology) and slide it through the scanner. aha! this is where las vegas enters the scene. just as they program their new electronic slot machines to change 3 bars to 2 bars and a plum, the voting machines will change romney votes to obama. as i said, i applaud this. basically people are stupid and they shouldn’t be making all kinds of weighty decisions as to whether barack davis is qualified or not, the dnc has already decided this and so we voters can only acquiesce. but, just to make us feel empowered, we will dutifully go to the polls in november, and usher in a new world of peace, love and tolerance with obama’s getting 90% of the vote. but wait, what about the marked cards? “oh, we recycled those. they’re gone.” if anyone plans to assassinate me for making these comments, please wait until i get my wilson pickett cd from ebay. obama was 6 years old and living in indonesia when that was recorded. if the dnc could wait 40 years for him to become president they can give me 4 days.

  • cbond01

    It may come down to a community organizer verses a well organized Malachi in every State unless He already has things in play to counter them or destroy them with their own tax dollars. We may just find out when the voter fraud takes hold in November.

  • Dave67

    Was Obama president when the good will after 9-11 was trashed when we invaded Iraq?

    Just curious…

    Was Obama president when congress wasted 100M of our tax payer dollars going after a sexual affair?

    Just curious…

    • DaveH

      Dave67 shows his ignorance yet again — “Was Obama president when congress wasted 100M of our tax payer dollars going after a sexual affair?”.
      First of all, the sexual affair should have been enough. After all, if the President’s wife can’t trust him to be loyal, why in the world should we trust him to be loyal to our country? And he wasn’t. He was taking campaign funds from the Chinese, among other things.
      But forget the sex. He was indicted by the Grand Jury for LYING. You know, “what the meaning of is is”. Yeah I know, so what’s new with our Presidents? It’s symptomatic of where are country has gone, that so few care anymore about whether politicians are liars or not. Certainly Dave67 (Flashman?) wouldn’t care since lying is his game.

      • DaveH

        The really ironic thing in that whole impeachment affair is how very few Women’s groups protested Clinton’s actions, when in fact he was the most powerful man in the country and therefore the Chief Sexual Harasser. No man in this country can wield his sexual coercion more than the President can (and did). Yet the vast majority of Women’s groups remained silent about his escapades.

      • Kate8

        Heck, DaveH. I know guys who made Clinton their idol for his sexcapades.

        And just look at how the nation’s collective moral fiber really decayed after that. He’s still looked up to by the liberal Left as a loveable playboy.

        And now we have Obama, a drug user and homosexual. And the libs love him. After all, he’s one of them, and he makes their every indulgence acceptable.

        Oh, I know that there are those on the Right who do the same thing, but it’s the Left which champions immorality and takes it to a whole new level of depravity.

      • Dave67


        You know nothing about liberals if you think they are happy with Obama. He caved too easily on the Public option in HC, he has no put in a brief challenging the Citizen’s United Decision, he added to the Patriot Act saying American citizens can be detained indefinately if they are deemed “terror” suspects… He bailed out the banks again.

        Its funny people like you get hung up on sexual issues while the greed that has undermined our economoy gets a pass from people like you.

        You need some education Kate and dimwits liek DaveH, jay and JeffH are not going to help you.

      • Kate8

        Dave67 – I cannot tell you how hard I’m laughing right now. You are absolutely barking up the wrong tree here.

      • JeffH

        Dave67, LMAO also. Making your “hit list” is what some of us here call a “badge of honor”. FYI, you, like so many of the progressive/libs that come here with their twisted sense of socilal justice and revisionest history, will eventually seek a more “commie” friendly blog to do your bragging on.

  • Alex

    Wrong again—clearly the most toxic president was George W. Bush, and your constant belittling of Obama’s pre-White House record is explanation enough, but since so many of you are really limited- or non-thinkers, I will expand:

    Following Bush, ANY Democrat would have won the presidency—Hillary, Dennis Kucinich, even Maxine Waters. This was the natural reaction to the toxicity of the Bush presidency.

    The Bush/Cheney Regime ignored advance warning, thus allowing 911 to unfold the way it did. Then, after promising to go through every hole in Afghanistan to find the main culprit, Osama bin Laden, Bush/Cheney GAVE UP (Bush even claimed that he just didn’t “think about bin Laden that much anymore” (!!). Instead, Bush/Cheney shoved 4500+ of OUR CHILDREN into a mass grave in Iraq in a war woven from whole cloth for Haliburton, KBR, and Blackwater/Xe.

    The Reich Wing loves to say that Obama “didn’t get bin Laden!” Well, sure, technically, President Obama was not THERE, but then he never said he stopped thinking about bin Laden and went out and gave the order to kill him. If the mercenary seals had all been shot dead, believe me, the moans of the suffering families would have been drowned out by those saying Obama blew it—-just like they did when Carter was at the helm when the mercenaries all died trying to rescue the Iran hostages that Reagan traded arms for.

    So if President Obama is half as bad and half as ill-prepared for the job as you people think, his election was surely a reaction to the most toxic president ever, George Bush.

    • Jay

      It’s very convenient for “antiwar” Obama that he wasn’t in the Senate to vote for the Iraq War resolution in 2002. Based on a tepid speech he made in 2003, in which he attacked the Iraq War as the “wrong war at the wrong time,” Obama claims he has opposed the war from the start.

      His record in the Senate should speak much louder. He consistently voted to approve hundreds of billions of dollars to continue funding the war and refuses to commit to pulling all the troops out by the end of his first term! Further, Obama supports a troop increase in Afghanistan and is fully committed to the “War on Terrorism.” Obama supports an expansion of the military by 92,000 troops and increasing the bloated Pentagon budget.

      Obama’s claim to be the candidate of universal healthcare is no better. His plan, like Clinton’s and Edwards’, is only a reorganization of the current private for-profit healthcare system. This is less a guarantee for universal healthcare and more a huge scam to line the pockets of the healthcare industry by forcing working people to buy insurance from
      them. As long as private profit isn’t taken out of all aspects of healthcare through a single-payer system, talk of affordable and universal healthcare is no more than a mirage.

  • Don

    Eleanor, you are absolutely right, this so called man is a POS !!!

  • uvuvuv

    clinton was hated by the repubs because they (we) thought the wrong guy won. this was also true of jimmy carter. but mccain’s tepid support at the polls shows that the repubs this time around were willing to meet obama halfway. i disliked the carter and clinton years but i never doubted either one’s patriotism. the only reason there was so much controversy with clinton was that with whitewater and castle grande and jim mcdougal and filegate and troopergate and vince foster etc etc it looked like there was a chance to correct or at least ameliorate the results of the 92 election. otherwise clinton would have been fairly innocuous. but this obama, controversy has been fomented by him continuously since day 1, there would not be all these remarks in the liberty alerts and townhall spotlight otherwise. for this reason alone he shouldn’t be re-running. they wouldn’t even keep a school superintendent in office if he couldn’t get people to work together toward a commom goal. lbj said, the dems and the repubs all have the same goals, exactly the same, it’s just that they see different ways to achieve them. but with obama, if the repubs support a given intiative, right there he’s against it, and then he lets the voters know just how awful those repubs are. it’s like he doesn’t realise, they live in this country too. so now we have everyone at odds, with dinner table shouting matches, and this guy is the president? this is our uniter? our inspiration to do better?

    • Dave67

      BS, Clinton was hated by you folks because he was a better politician than anyone on the GOP side so they abused the IC to keep scandals afloat to keep Clinton off balance.

      Carter was hated by you folks because he actually told the truth.

      Obama, he is the wrong skin color for many, the wrong name and that is scary to many on the right by itself. Your side made up garbage about his birth certificate, being a socialist because instead of wanting to help the country get out of the recession as you main focus, your main focus is to get another GOPer into the WH. Power over good of the country…The conservative hallmark.

      • uvuvuv

        i stand corrected

      • DaveH

        Carter was disliked because he presided over a trashing of our economy, largely due to his bad policies — for one the Dept of Energy which was created to make us energy independent 30 years ago (more wasted money) — and then he had the nerve to blame the high inflation and bad economy on the people:

      • Kate8

        Yep. I still remember the long lines at the gas pump, and the “fireside chats” with him wearing a sweater.

      • Dave67

        Ok boys and Kate,

        You do know the gas lines were the result of the gas embargo of 1972 as part of the OPEC response to our support for Israel right?

        Yes I am sure you knew that…

        And it was Volcker, Carter’s man that fixed the interest rate debacle, not Greenspan… I am sure you knew that too..

        Go ahead DaveH, give me a snappy comback.

      • DaveH

        For those who are genuinely interested in learning about Jimmy Carter’s energy debacle, and who know that Dave67 hasn’t a clue, and is just a Big Government Shill:

  • Thinking About

    Chip are we going to see an article soom about the lack of creditability of Ed Klein? It is okay to write fiction using names and trying to make falsehoods. Some can realize the fiction and falsehoods, but many can’t maybe because it is information they want to hear.

  • The Christian American

    Toxic? He’s a born and raised Communist that only knows the Communist way to govern. He’s amoral: functions out side of God’s rules action and interaction. Problem is his comrades think the same way and they are running America with people living on the dole cheering them on. He’s a man without conscience, capable of anything that will further his goals. There is no reasoning with him, only doing it his way.

    • Dave67

      I can’t believe there are people this mis-informed and removed from reality in this country as this person is. And you wonder why liberals and independents say the conservative movement in America has been radicalized?

      Here is proof.

      • DaveH

        And you’re doing your level best, Dave67 (Flashman?), to continue misinforming them.
        Don’t you have some work to do, Dave67? For a sales rep, you sure spend a lot of time on this board. Hmmm. Let’s see, he blogs all day. He personally attacks those he doesn’t agree with instead of giving a legitimate rebuttal. He fabricates facts by the boat-load (which explains why he rarely produces any back-up references). Methinks he must be a Big Government shill. What else?

      • Jay

        Nancy says: I can’t believe there are people this mis-informed and removed from reality in this country as this person is.

        Such an observation can only be made someone who is well-informed, and has a firm handle on reality. Since you are not in possession of either one, one can only conclude you are projecting.

  • terris

    Personally, I wouldn’t believe even one word that Wright has to say about either of the Obama’s. Wright attempted run ride on Obama’s coattails and got shot down because of his extremely radical views. As he should have been. Now he handing out sour grapes, not reality.

  • Cynthia Johnson

    After reading some of the replies, my reply is simple and to the point! No matter who gets in office, there will always be those that love and those that hate! When Obama took office, he was on a “clean up mission” and anyone that can be honest knows that! Bush left this country in debt, at war, and Obama is trying to help us make changes! I loved Clinton, for his accomplishments as a president and the things and people he helped, but he also had his flaws as a president! They are men trying to do a job! Stop making them more! There will never be an honest politician, but maybe we’ll be fortunate to get some things taken care of that can benefit our generations to come if we don’t go into divide and conquer mode every time we disagree with our presidents! Believe this: if Romney gets into office, America will be crying harder because truly we all will be sold to the highest bidder! Experienced or not!

  • Dave67

    Conservatives, can you tell me what Obama has done to warrant being called the most toxic or the worst president in history? Try can compare against a president that trashed the good will after 9/11 by invading Iraq and calling anyone who disagreed with him in this decision “soft on terror” or “anti-American? Or how about someone that lowers taxes while we are in 2 war?

    How does Obama compare against a man to looked the American people in the eye and said “we will not negotiate with terrorists”. Then proceeds to sell them weapons to get hostages released and use the money from those weapons to fund his little wars in Central America to replace the thugs there at the time with our thugs?

    I see alot of words and rhetoric from conservatives about how bad and evil Obama is, just never anything that proves the assertions…

    Come on conservatives, back up your BS.

    • Pathfinder

      Lets start with the following Dave67

      So, what have I learned in three and one half years under The Obama Administration?

      OBAMA campaigned by saying that ” He would FUNDAMENTALLY  change America. He is succeeding in DESTROYING the America . Top on the list is: Unchecked deficit spending, increasing taxes, and by stuffing a Government take over of a health care system ( tax based) down our throats.These policies stifle businesses and job growth, and is perpetuating a class of people dependent on government handouts. OBAMA is a proven socialist, closet muslim, and a serious threat to our personal liberty and the American way of life. He is FUNDAMENTALLY turning the USA into a socialist nation.

      Obamas cabinet appointments, czars and presidential mandates trash the Constitution and he is out to destroyThe Bill Of Rights with four new treaties are that are now being negotiated by Hillary Clinton (and will be signed by Obama) and which, if ratified by the democrat senate before Jan 20,2013, surrenders US sovereignty to the UN.

      Obama has a long list of unsavory associates including: Bill Ayres of the Weatherman Underground (Terrorists that specialized in bombing police stations), Then there is the so called “Black Liberation Theologist, and “GOD DAMN AMERICA”,racist Rev. Wright. Obama’s campaign was funded in large part by George Soros and supported by a host of far left wing PACS and a corrupt media (including Move on America,NBC News, and the NewYork Times.)

      Obama received college financial aid as a Foreign National…. That is non-US citizen status; he has dubious US citizen credentials to boot. A recent article July,18 2012 Los Angeles times reports that Sheriif Joe Aprio’s investigation has proven that Obama’s long form birth certificate, released from the White house, is a forgery. Who is this man Barrak Obama? it weren’t for people like Bill AYRES, TONY REZNEK, GEORGE SOROS, and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, and CORRUPT PRESS AND MEDIA, OBAMA might be in Kenya smoking dope.

      Michelle Obama greatly benefitted form affirmative action but she was “not proud of her country” until Barrak was running for the presidency. Her exact word are ‘ “for the first time in her adult life, she is proud of her country” Michell Obama too has an innate hatred for America, and like her husband, is a closet racist.

      One more outstanding characteristic for this miserable example of an American president was illustrated by his his own so called religious leader, Rev Wright stated; “He (Obama) is a politician and will say what he must”. OBAMA IS A LIAR and will say anything for the moment he is in. You cannot believe anything Obama says; you must watch what he does.

      Obama is TOXIC and the greatest threat to our Liberty. He is turning America into a serfdom where financial slavery (taxes) bind us all. It is disappointing, Dave 67, that you cannot see past your ideology. Read the words of the Founding Fathers start with ” Thomas Jefferson Famous Quotations” (EZ reading) and someday you will see more clearly; let’s just hope that it will not be to late for you.

      • Dave67


        That is your conspiracy theories talking on most of it and much is BEFORE he became President as well.

        Bush had more Czars than Obama does or did you forget?

        Bush passed the Patriot Act or did you forget?

        Obama has done nothing to warrant the charge from conservatives and your potificatiing on your conspiracies does not change that fact.

      • Pathfinder

        Dave67; Your ideology and discontent stands in the way of clarity. You asked what “has Obama done” and you were given fact based answers. Disregard them at your peril.
        Further, your comparing Bush to Obama is a typical liberal response to justify the bad of one against the bad of another. BAD IS BAD and you need to get with the reality of the times.Liberty hangs in the balance.

      • Dave67


        Your side asserts Obama is the most toxic (which is false) and the worst president (also false). Your side has much rhetoric, just nothing to back the rheoric up. George W Bush was more partisan, more toxic and the worst president we have had in the last 150 years.

        The record, not rhetoric proves it.

      • Pathfinder

        Dave 67: You have ears but do not hear. You have eyes and do not see. You have a mind set that set appears to be permanently set. Your basis is ideological and you apparently do not let fact stand in the way of theory. You cheer for Obama as if he is your favorite sports team and teem and with you it always seems to be your side vs. my side me. I have no “party sides” Dave. I deal with the reality of the times and go forward. Wise up, We have a two party system in our Democratic Republic. One is “progressive”
        (a misnomer) and favors socialism. The other is capitalist and supposedly favors less government ( which we haven’t seen). So, Dave since you understand choosing sides, let me make this as simple as I can for you. You get to choose ; Socialism or Capitalism. Then you might want to hope that you get something in the middle. The rest of your emotional rhetoric means nothing except that it allows you to blow of deep seated emotional discontent.

      • Dave67


        This is what you and many here do not understand. Its not a matter of choosing Capitalism OR Socialism…

        We became the country we did employing both capitalism and socialism in our society. NASA is Gov, they spawn much technology that we use today that would otherwise not be there. The Internet was created by the Gov and private firms make billions off the vehicle. Without Gov grants, the interstate system and railroads do not exist.

        Socialism by itself is bad… Capitalism by itself in a global economy with multiple currencies and style of Gov can’t exist.

        Gov is not bad, but the people we let run it can make it that way.

        Its time many here get educated in reality, not theory… are you listening DaveH, Jay and JeffH?

        Gov is there to do things private firms cannot profitably without a loss of quality of service, put laws into place to protect against abuse of the system, defending the country, negotiating international trade. Business is there to make money and Capitalism only succeeds when you have competition in the marketplace. Unions also need to be there because without unions, working people do not have a seat at the money table or the legislative table.

      • Pathfinder

        Dave 67 Congrats …. I think you finally got it. If you read my last statement I said chose between Socialism and Capitalism and hope for something in the middle. And your response indicates that you did get the point. Now consider this Dave. People are hurting. High unemployment, Un believable deficit spending, the worst US credit rating ever. More taxes all over the place Local, State, and Federal and Obamacare taxes at +7% above the on income. America need jobs and a vibrant economy.Obama needs to turn lose the capitalistic mindset and encourage PRIVATE INVESTMENT. Now what do you think will stimulate the economy and what do you think Obama will do with his remaining term and if he should be re elected. Now before you answer please think objectively and carefully. Remember we are now “rooting” for Americans and not the Dems or Repubs. ( And Please do not tell me more Obama stimulus (i.e. like Solindra and the other numerous Obama “shovel ready” failures and ‘investment donations” to foreign governments like Finland and Brazil) OK Dave, it is your turn to enlighten the conversation

      • Dave67


        Our economy is seriously broken at the fundemental level. We like to look back to the 1950′s as the golden age. But there were realities we have to understand. We were the only economy left standing after WW2. Europe was wrecked, Japan was wrecked so we were the only game in town economically. The GI bill helped millions of soldiers, We made alot of money, CEO’s were not as incredibly greedy as they are now… Everyone did well and the country prospered. We conquered space as a testiment to the great things we can do when we set our minds to it.
        Then Kennedy gets assassinated and our trust in Gov and institutions get shaken with the Vietnam war and Watergate. At home, we were still doling out money to get the rest of Europe and Japan on their feet as as we did it, we sold out our economy with the trade deals we were doing. Ronald Reagan comes in and tells us trickle down economics works and tax cut and spend makes sense. Reagan proceeds to triple the US Debt, while deregulating the banking system. Credit cards now become easily accessible and that gives the middle class and poor the illusion of wealth as their wages stagnate while those at the top make out like bandits. George H Bush doubles the debt again but realizes taxes do have to be raised to pay for what we spend. He pays a heavy price. Then we get inflicted with Bill Clinton that reduces banking regs further and puts for the affordable homes act that allows people to get iinto homes they have no business buying. Clinton and Reagan lay the ground work for the recession of 2008. We are now 16T in debt after Bush gets us into 2 wars and does tax cuts at the same time. That is the historical context. To fix the issues that will be us back on economic track.

        1) Break up the banks and strengthen credit regulations
        2) Get rid of all trade regulations that are not good for US workers
        3) Reduce defense spending to 300T a year, end farm and oil subsidies
        4) End Citizen’s United and limit political donations to $50 per person/org to any candidate/party
        5) Do not allow congresspeople to go into lobbying for 10 years after they leave office.
        6) Congress and the President are suject to all laws they pass for the rest of us.
        7) Invest in this country’s infrastructure and education and have high national standards that are judged by our ability to compete in the global marketplace.
        8) Flat tax of 23% across the board with no loopholes and stagger it lower when salaries are lower then 50K a year.
        9) End Capital gains as it is today, find a new way to guard against corp stakeholders from hiding their salaries in the corporation.
        10) we are an old society right now so changes in SS, Medicare and Medicad must be made untill the baby boomer generation passes away.
        11) Put in place a HC system that learns from the best systems in the world, the employer-insurance company model stinks. No other country is trying to copy out system.

        Then I think we can start on the road back.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “Capitalism by itself in a global economy with multiple currencies and style of Gov can’t exist”.
        Oh, swoon, Dave67 says it can’t exist, so we must believe that (even if it does come from a guy with no credibility).
        To the contrary, the Leaders and their shills, would like the citizens to believe that Capitalism couldn’t exist in it’s pure state, because their livelihoods as Leaders and shills depend on our believing that. Without market meddling they can’t help out their Crony Capitalists, and without Crony Capitalists it would be much more difficult for them to raise the money to get re-elected and they would live much more meagerly than they live now (at our expense).
        This brings up an interesting section I just read in “The Case for Legalizing Capitalism”, that those, who think the Government is preventing the middle class from dwindling, should read. Start at the section titled “How Anti-Inequality and Anti-Poverty Policies Cause Inequality” (page 311):

    • Pathfinder

      Nice job on your reply Dave. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and sincerity of its content.
      I actually agree with much of what you propose. However, I am disappointed that you did not pick up on “turning on free enterprise” ( the capitalism side). As you said or inferred earlier there needs to be a balance between the social programs and capital generators to pay for them. We agree, without balance there is inequity. Obama and the Congress now have that out of balance and have policies that are stifling the private sector, and thus the maintaining the longest running recession in our history. If Obama cared about our economy and those who are suffering ( think home foreclosures) he would, like Bill Clinton would put his ideology aside and do what is best for America’s economy. However, This president is single focus, hell bent on following his “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA” ideology of SOCIAL JUSTICE , which is based on his early muslim schooling (9 years) and twenty plus years of Black Liberation Theology. Unless Obama changes course, his spending and taxing will ultimately have a long term serious adverse impact on business and AMERICA.
      Lastly, your comment on Reagan is a very typical and popular attack line justifying a superficial point of view. If you haven’t done so, I suggest that you investigate, in great detail, the life of Ronald Reagan. Understand his activity as the president of the Screen Actors Guild (union).) (Suggest you read Denish De Souza’s biography if you can find it).You just may find a very different picture than has been painted by his detractors.Just as i point to Obamas formative years, I do so with Reagan.
      Dave, I am now out of this discussion. It has been interesting and I appreciate your responses. In future, you may want to consider only thoughtful and objective commentary (as you have demonstrated ) as it more credible and convincing than diatribe.

      • Dave67


        In the 1980′s, I was a young Republican. I remember the gas lines of the 1970′s and I like many blamed Carter for them. I hated Carter for telling the country as great as we that we need to move away from Foriegn oil and work on new energy sources. The nerve of that guy… Then I was mad because of the hostage situation and I had no knowledge of Operation Ajax in 1953 where we undermined the Iranian elections and put in the Shah. I did not understand history at the time. Then, I saw what he did with the Air Traffic Controllers and thought that was very unAmerican. Workers have the right to ask for a better wage. What broke the camels back for me was two things, Reagan lying about negotiating with terrorists and Iran-Contra. After he left office, I did research about middle class wages, debt and the tax shell game he was playing and then everyone give Reagan credit for defeating the Soviet Union when Reagan did not, the policy of containment, was started by Truman/Eisenhower and every president followed that doctrine and every president desterves part of the credit. The main reason for the fall of the USSR is the USSR.

        For the past 30 years, we have been on a lowering of taxes kick while spending has not gone down in kind. We have also been on a deregulation binge. The damage done during Reagan and Clinto specificaly contributed to the collapse of the housing industry in Dec of 2007. Both parties are to blame. We have a rising tide of corporate influence in Gov that has stopped Gov in many instances from doing the things they should be doing to protect this country. In 2008, George W Bush was a massive disaster for this country. The worst president in the last 150 years. McCain, I had some respect for because he tried at one time to do the right thing on campaign finance reform. But then het gets the weathergirl from Alaska on the ticket and one of his economic advisors is Phill Gramm. I consider this idiot an economic traitor to this nation with the bills he authored to further deregulate the banking and lending industries as well as oil trading. This was clearly to make more money for his big friends in those industries.

        Obama ran as the person to clean it up. I liked the fact that he was against the Iraq war. I did have “Hope”, pun intended… that he could clean up the banking industry, make jobs in this country a priority and get out of both failed wars. I was amazed at the vitrol directed at Obama from the outset especially during the biggest economic collpse since the 1929 crash. The GOP made it clear what their agenda was and it was not to improve the economy. That said, I wanted Obama to come in and “fundementally change America” by being like Teddy Roosevelt and breaking the stanglehold of big corp money in the political process, regulate the banks and break them up and get out of our foriegn wars.

        He;s just been another Democrat in many ways, but he has done some good things with no help from the GOP. But I have serious problems with continuing the Patriot Act, the bailing out of the banks part 2, the non-consult of Congress before deploying assets to help free Libya (I am very please with the results however).

        This election, I know who is paying both men’s election bills and I see Obama still as the better option. Another 2001-2006 I cannot bear.

  • http://N/A News Junkie

    Obama is the anointed one, given the blessing of the “Global Bankster Elites” who recruited him to bring our country into the New World Order. The American people have become handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous we cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent. I fully expect to see Obama to continue as our President…NAY…our Pharaoh-! The forthcoming election will be nothing more than a travesty of manipulation by the “Cabal.”

    • Jeff

      Can you define “good and decent?” Does it have anything to do with complexion? Right wing economics? In case you haven’t noticed, the Banksters are all for Romney. Or is that part of the conspiracy, too? Just to throw off the scent?

    • Dave67

      Here is who the Banksters are giving their Money to… Here are the top donors for one Willard Romney

      Goldman Sachs $593,080————— Bank
      JPMorgan Chase & Co $467,089—— Bank
      Bank of America $425,100 ————- Bank
      Morgan Stanley $399,850 ————– Bank/Investments
      Credit Suisse Group $390,360 ——– Bank
      Citigroup Inc $312,800 —————— Bank
      Kirkland & Ellis $264,302
      Wells Fargo $237,550 ——————- Bank
      Barclays $234,650 ———————– Bank
      PricewaterhouseCoopers $227,250
      Deloitte LLP $222,250
      HIG Capital $216,995 ——————–Bank
      UBS AG $207,750 ————————Bank
      Blackstone Group $198,800
      Bain Capital $156,500
      Elliott Management $146,275
      Marriott International $137,827
      General Electric $135,450
      Bain & Co $130,550
      EMC Corp $129,450

      Now Obama

      Microsoft Corp $387,395
      University of California $330,258
      DLA Piper $306,727
      Google Inc $271,300
      Sidley Austin LLP $257,296
      Harvard University $232,158
      Comcast Corp $201,606
      Stanford University $188,290
      Time Warner $183,614
      Skadden, Arps et al $169,753
      US Government $149,458
      US Dept of State $147,917
      Kaiser Permanente $139,507
      National Amusements Inc $138,955
      Morgan & Morgan $135,145
      Columbia University $134,497
      Wells Fargo $127,807 —————–Bank
      University of Chicago $127,507
      Wilmerhale Llp $117,661
      Kirkland & Ellis $113,770

      So if reform of the banks is what you would like to see, who do you do you think is better suited?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Dave67,

        Bundlers from the financial services industry have contributed $14.5 million to Obama. They are both owned by the banksters.

        Best wishes,

      • Marv83

        Dave67, Reform of the whole financial industry is necessary and has been fro a long time. The people in this country must motivate our elected congress to do what ever is necessary to terminate all this money used to elect our congress and President. These rich and corporations are buying the elections. As you know money corrupts. One billion dollars will be spent on this election which is disgusting.

      • Dave67

        I agree Bob, Both are bought and sold but if some of these foolish people think Romney is a better choice, then they deserve the further collapse of this economy that will come under a Romney administration that does whatever the banks tell him and further deregulate these people.

        Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him? We need to break the control the banks have over our government.

      • Pathfinder

        Nice job on the donations list Dave. I was wondering where do all the colleges/ universities( tax funded) and especially the US GOVERNMENT and the US DEPARTMENT OF STATE get the money to donate to any sitting president or candidate. Are we not dealing with taxpayer money here ?

      • Dave67


        I’ll be honest with you. I don’t get that either. I believe anything over $50 should not be allowed and how the Gov is allowed to give money to any candidate is a wonder. As far as universities go… I get that they want to support a candidate that will better support their goals but again, the sums are too high IMO.

      • DaveH
  • Northern Patriot

    Sadly, all the negative information on Obama was known in 2007-8. The McCain group, and the media, chose to ignore it – too politically correct. And they predictably lost.

    And the color issue – there is no black man in the Whitehouse. There is our first man-of-color. White mother (50%), 40% Arabic (Kenyan family), and 10% black. Surprisingly, no one in the media has raised this, not even Fox.

    • Smilee

      The negative things about Obama were totally propaganda and rhetoric created by his opponents and haters and have not a shed of truth to them

      • Oneguess

        Pucker up!


    Now here’s a glitch in the life of those involved, Wright and his liberation church seem to think God, Jesus and the disciples were all into social justice and nothig is further from the truth. The Fraud in the WH “is” a card carrying communist, they may use the words god and so forth but that is typical of communism and shariah law both of which are nothing more than a form of refuge created by criminals in order for them to justify their actions and insincerity. Throwing Wright and his fallible religion under the bus was a easy task for the Fraud, his type are a dime a dozen but Wright may now be considering his own failings by taking this faker under his wing to begin with….

  • G. E. Kruckeberg

    “too bad we didn’t know all this four years ago?” WE DID. Not enough people paid attention. Some of us tried despearately to get the word out, but found we were mostly preaching to the choir. The Democrats have succeeded in creating a naion of Uncle Toms, born on the plantation and unaware that they even ARE slaves. God help us in November. This is our last chance, America!

    • Dave67

      Yes! We need bankster loving, pension rading Romney who can’t release his taxes because he is either lying to the SEC, the American people or his Church.

      It will be like 2001-2006 all over again and won’t more deregulation that caused the housing market to blow up be great?

      Silly and dangerous conservatives….

  • jim capy

    Pack your bags this country is finished. The media has brain washed the moron’s that watch nothing on the boob tube. They believe and are controlled by the media. The people that think government should be the answer and more government is definitly the way to go. They are paid off with welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing and medicaid. The coffers are empty, Obama is coming for your pockets. Hide your assets!

    • Dave67

      Jim, how do you reconcile the fact that the middle class are paying less taxes than they were in 2008?

      Its not more Gov, its responsive Gov to the people, not big business and the banks who are not loyal to America.

      Fox, Right wing radio and Right wing authors like Ann Coulter are part of the media as well right? I thought so….

      Do some damn research on your own…Stop letting conservatve fear merchants fill your head with nonsense.

      • Pathfinder1

        Dave 67 says the middle class is paying LESS TAXES? Dave did you see you a property tax bill yet? How’s you state income TAX? Did you get you latest health insurance bill yet?
        Starting in 2013 you will pay+ 7% in addition to you income tax for the affordable health care act (obamacare TAX.) Then kick in the new TAXES on medical services and hardware.Dave Do yoy pay any taxes? Are you on the government dole? Your comments seem to indicate that you are jealous of othesr amd want more of OBAMA’s help;.
        Government is not the solution. Less government and hard work will make you successful. The Government only takes and doles out to keep dolts from revolting. and voting in more democrats that keep on buying votes.

      • Dave67


        #1, Obama has nothing to do with STATE taxes
        #2, HC is rising anyway with many hands out to get paid in a aging population, that includes the insurance firms, for profit hospitals, big pharma, overly greedy doctors and lawyers… The HC law is not in effect yet.

        Did some research on Long Term Capital Gains… today it stands at 15% and it increases automatically to 20% in 2013, Obama is proposing to keep it at 20% for ONLY top earners

        Obama is proposing a Reduction in the corp tax rate from 35% to 28%

        We have been playing the shell game since Reagan with tax cut and spend policy. Its not Obama’s doing but we need to get honest with taxes, spending and trade. Conservatives are not being honest in this discussion, neither are liberals. The GOP and Dems all have their standard talking points and neither are doing what it takes to fix the deficit problem.

      • Jay

        Pathfinder, dava67 has no idea what you are talking about. Based on his haphazard, and neanderthalish attempt at describing what Capitalism is, or, how an un-feterred model would work, we can safely assume, therefore, dava67, has never worked a day in his life.

        He refers to borrowing fiat-money from the federal-reserve, as raising the debt-ceiling; refers to the voracious spending, and looting of the middle-class by the Administration, as paying for the bills for the spending, “WE”, did. Calls Republicans, Conservatives, and Democrats, centrists. Clearly, this man suffers from confusion, and low self-esteem. Both, may be as the result of never having worked a day in his life, and living in the dingy basement of his mamma’s house, I venture to guess.

      • Pathfinder

        Dave 67 I am aware that Obama is not directly involved with state and local taxes. My focus is not on just the FED, but all Government. When it comes to TAXES all levels of government are like SHARKS as they are all going to take a piece of us. The bigger the pieces the “less we are” . Now here is the point. Add up all the taxes you pay, when that total number exceeds 50% of you income you are a serf, a financial slave, to your governments (Local, State and Federal). How can the “Bell of Freedom Ring” when it is bound in financial chains?

  • TalkingMonkeyNOT

    What on earth is the problem here? We are all being led down the primrose path to destruction, trying to promote the right or the left, when in reality both sides are duplicitous in the scam that is the take-over of the entire planet by the New World Order One World Government promoters. There are large factions on both sides of the supposed aisle that are part and parcel of this. There just seems to be so many people (on both sides) who simply do NOT realize this. And Obama is a part of it, just as anybody who is *allowed* to reach that *esteemed* high office is. Remember, “In politics there are no accidents. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” This is attributed to FDR – but whether or not it’s actually from him, it IS true, nonetheless.

  • The Christian American

    Obama is very charasmatic, but then so were Hitler and Stailin. He’s narcisstic because he’s got no one else to love like himself. But what does that say about us? We accepted him at face value. We bought the cover without looking into the content. Are we doing the same thing with Romney? Clinton and Bush got by that way the same way. The 21st century is starting with a bang isn’t it.

  • RFP

    I also am getting pretty fed up with the Republicans and their lack of leadership. When Pelosi was speaker of the house, I would see her on TV almost daily, ranting and raving about something. Where is Boehner at? At most I see him once a week on TV. Where are the rest of the Repubs who should be holding Obama’s feet-to-the fire with all his lawlessness and his disregard for the constitution? Why are they not arresting people like Holder? Why hasn’t one bank executive been put in prison for their criminal acts in the past five years. Hey Republicans, grow a pair….! ( I am an independent )

    • Dave67

      Here is an idea…. Dump both… The GOP and Democrats are responsible for the downward trend of this country. Why do we want to give them the chance to finish the job?

  • Carl Manning

    The game is over for America. Make every effort possible to get out while/if you can. Get passports ready for all of your family members. Make applications for citizenship in nations where jobs are still very much available. When you visit foreign freedom-loving, Christian countries you intend to live in, go to their government offices to apply for citizenship and to seek political asylum, freedom from religious oppression, and freedom from the violation of your civil rights in America. Be sure those nations do not support homosexual marriage or abortion; otherwise, you are just wasting your time. Our jobs have all been shipped overseas, so what are we still doing here??? The Masonic/Illuminati elites want to kill us off here, and make way for Lucifer’s NWO. Many of the rich are leaving in droves who already know what awaits us in just a few months. Many Christians are getting out, too, who know the gig is already up here. The dollar will be collapsing flat on its face, and there will be pandemonium, starvation, hunger, and disease in no time flat. Many Americans will not be able to deal with the cataclysmic shock to one’s accustomed lifestyle. Going from a life of luxury to a life of misery and abject poverty will cause an epidemic of suicides that will make the suicides of the Great Depression pale in comparison. Those of you who unwisely think you can mount an effective military opposition through militias and whatnot need to understand that we are far too disorganized to mount any effective military opposition and when we are starving, an effective opposition will be out of the question and the government knows this. That’s why they will cause the economic collapse first by destroying the dollar, making all of your money, retirement, and whatnot absolutely worthless. Americans will be fleeing the cities with barely enough gas in their tanks, with no way to buy any more gas along the way without bartering for it. When the collapse happens, which may occur as Obama attacks Iran, starting WWIII, China and Russia will be chomping at the bit to take advantage of our vulnerability and to take revenge on how our government and the FED have swindled them. There will be an invasion and a nuclear holocaust. China already has munitions in Mexico. Over 100 Russian tanks and troop transport vehicles have been seen on an American train in the southwestern part of the United States. God knows how many other tanks, weapons, and whatnot have been sneaked under the radar here likely with the full cooperation of the KGB operative(s) in the White House. I would not be the least bit surprised someday to see armed divisions of UN troops marching down the streets of NYC, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and whatnot. They are likely already among us just waiting for the planned collapse.

    • Dave67

      Carl! I hear that Texas is a safe haven!

      (maybe we can heard the conservative sheep to move there)

      Then we can let them build their wall and be done with them.

      • Jay

        dave67 says: Mon Fuhrer, I hear that Texas is a safe haven!

        (maybe we can heard zee conservative sheep to move zere)

        Zen we can let them build zeir wall and be done with them.

        Fuhrer; Yes, Joseph, “Zee final Zolution”

        dave67; ZEIG HAIL, mon Furher!

  • Jay

    Charles Coop, a blogger for CBS News, has returned from a much too short vacation and has chimed in with another prosaic opinion that has been making the rounds of the extreme left of late. Republicans and shadowy, behind the scenes right wing activists are ginning up “Baracknophobia,” Coop says. They are making hate for Obama the issue, not any actual discussion of his policies.

    Of course, this is precisely what the left wants to be the case. They want Obama to become a personal object of hatred. The American left does not want any discussion about the issues because that would mean being forced to defend them. Easier to just brush off any opposition as that of hatemongers and lunatics.

    Leftists would rather see Obama placed in the dangerous position of being an object of hate as opposed to a leader of opposed views because it is much easier for them to take on the right with this as their background reasoning.

    But what are the right leaning critics of Obama saying that would lead the extreme left to conclude that personal animus is the argument against Obama?

    To find out we need a case to study to compare today’s political climate to. So, let us go back to the Clinton years (with a shudder, of course).

    Remember what was said of Bubba? Now if you want personal animus, try remembering what Bill was called.

    Among some of the most common epithets hurled at Bill Clinton were rapist, murderer, the prevaricator in chief, draft dodger. Those are personal attacks, not policy differences, for sure.

    Now what is the worst that is hurled at Obama? That he’s a socialist? That he’s actually a Kenyan and not a natural born American?

    What sort of wimpy personal attacks are those? And be sure to notice that “socialist” is directed at his policies, not him. Even the claim that he isn’t an American doesn’t draw any disparaging conclusions about his actual heritage. Even if people believe he is a Kenyan and not an American there is no following conclusion that Kenyans are inherently bad.

    About the worst being said about Obama is that he’s arrogant, a secret Muslim and a liar. As far as liar goes, that goes right back to his policies and the fact that he says one thing but all too often does the opposite.

    When it comes to arrogant, what politician isn’t called arrogant? Arrogant is hardly reserved for President Obama. And if Muslim is the worst epithet the left can imagine, then they don’t get out much.

    In reality, nearly all of the criticism against Obama coming from the American right is based on his policies, the issues, his substance (or lack thereof). There is little talk of the man himself.

    No one hates him because he’s tall, has big ears or — gasp — is black. There is little hatred for the man as a human being. In fact few doubt that he seems pretty likable. In truth, opposition to Obama is nearly all based on policy differences.

    Are there people that actually hate Barack the man?

    Undoubtedly. But those voices are not the ones leading the debate. Additionally, those voices aren’t even in very large numbers anywhere in the country. As I said, Bill Clinton got more personal hatred cast his way than Barack Hussein Obama has received.

    Yet to extremists on the left, it has to be hate, not policy that drives people away from The One.

    The extremists on the left are so enamored of Obama that they cannot even imagine that any one could have a difference of opinion with the Obammessiah. So, it has to be hatred, don’t you know?

    But it goes even further than just their sycophancy for Obama. You see, the left can’t abide by a right that is arguing policy. They want a right that is Nazi-like, virulent, hateful.

    Those things can be easily dismissed thereby puffing up their sense of superiority. Not to mention that the extreme left is incapable of actually debating anything any way.

    So, lefties want President Obama to be hated on a personal level. If Obama was hated, it would sure make the left’s job easier. There wouldn’t have to be any of that messy debate and justification of their positions to contend with. So, “Baracknophobia” it is.

    The left would rather have Obama hated than be forced to defend his policies.

    • Kate8
      • Dave67

        Sheriff Joe??? LOL!!! He does not want anyone to see what he has done with taxpayer money so he starts down the debunked road to try and change the subject. He is a fear mongering gloryhound who thinks he is Ceasar.

      • Kate8

        Dave67 – Wrong again. You really are clueless.

        Sheriff Joe was ASKED BY THE TAXPAYERS to investigate Obama and uncover the truth about him. Sheriff Joe has not accepted any federal monies to conduct his investigations, specifically to avoid such accusation.

        However, Obama has spent millions just on fighting to keep his records sealed and prevent our seeing the truth about him. Arpaio also has to endure death threats from the Obama camp, and is well aware of what happens to those who dare to try to expose him.

        This is not even to mention the many, many millions Barack and Moosie have spent hopping around the globe on vacations, throwing parties and entertaining their depraved friends.

        So even if Sheriff Joe WAS spending tax dollars, I would consider it clearly justifiable and necessary, and in the interest of national security. Sadly, our government has fallen, our officials have sold us out, and the media refuses to report the truth. Instead, they attack the messenger.

        Obviously you did not watch the video, as these points were all addressed.

      • Dave67


        Why do you lie constantly? I live in Sherriff Joe’s jurisdiction. I never got a ballot asking me to authorize an investigation into the President of the United States.

        Sorry, you are lying or severly uninformed.

        Did you know both Reagan and Bush 2 took more vacation and wasted more tax dollars on such vacations that Obama? I am sure you did.

        Get your head out of the right wing talking points and do some thinking on your own… could be scary but it will be good for you.

        • Jeff


          Kate is entirely immune to any fact not pre-approved by Rush and Sean. She thinks the Colorado shooting was manufactured by Democrats because they lust after her gun. Actually, the Democrats are way too timid to do anything about guns. At the very least, we need to reinstate limits on the size of magazines. Why should it be possible for a gun nut to mow down dozens and dozens of people in seconds? The one thing we know is that it WILL happen again – and probably sooner rather than later.

      • Kate8

        Who said anything about a ballot? The people came to him and asked him to investigate. Anyone can go to law enforcement and ask for them to look into a crime. This is their job. It’s what the money is for.

        You rely to heavy on the lying liberal media, which is totally covering for Obam. You, yourself, are sadly misinformed.

        I have followed this story since Obama was campaigning in ’08. I have followed each and every case which has been brought before the courts, have read every book, followed every investigation, and know it well. Since you only listen to the treacherous, complicit media, you speak from a place of ignorance.

        It is sad that there are so many like you who are willing to sell out your countrymen for a false ideology.

      • Kate8

        Speaking of thinking on your own, it is YOU who are incapable, apparently, of original thought, or you would have taken that scary step and examined all of the evidence. Clearly, you have not been brave enough to do that.

      • Dave67

        Another lie Kate. Sell crazy somewhere else. We are all full here in AZ.

      • DaveH

        How about disputing Kate’s statement, Dave67, instead of the unsubstantiated personal attack? Especially when the attack comes from a known liar? Ask me to prove that you’re a liar, Dave67.

      • Michael J.

        If anyone has a lying problem, it’s you. Of course by being a liberal, it’s a necessary occupational tool.

        The truth is that the Reagan and Bush vacations were typically spent on their ranches surrounded by staff and equipment to keep them fully aprised of world and national events in what was known as a working day at the ranch.

        The Obama family vacations include lavish parties in exclusive, expensive hot-spots around the planet with an entourage of fellow lefties that resembles an army. All taking place in the middle of an ever worsening economic armagedon that started the moment he became the president elect. The only thing he inherited is airforce one.

      • Dave67

        For the right wing looney bin

        Great debunking by Doc Conspiracy showing the flat out lies of Zullo…-lie/#comments

        I have debunked so much demonstrably false “birther evidence” that I sometimes lose perspective about levels of “bunk” and levels of “demonstrable.” Based on the reactions of others, I may have done something last year that applies to something high on the “bunk” scale today as well as high on the “demonstrable” scale amounting to what Joe Biden might call a BFD, and the smoking gun showing the Cold Case Posse fabricated evidence and lied.

        Mike Zullo and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, presented their final (one hopes) investigative report yesterday (July 17). Their latest “evidence” that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a fake is stated succinctly:

        The race of Barack Obama’s father is shown as “African” on the birth certificate, but next to that is a penciled number “9” that indicates “not stated.” The code is wrong, proving that the form is a fake.

        Of course, when I heard the stuff about the “9” I knew Zullo was way off track. I wrote an article last March about the race code on the form in my article, Decoding the long form (Part 2). You see, when the long form came out in April of 2011, I searched for a definitive answer to what the penciled notations meant. In my days in public health, I had occasion to do quite a lot of searching for specification documents at the CDC and I know my way around its sites and subdirectories pretty well. What I found is that the most recent coding specifications published were for 1968 (see index). The document is the Natality Tape File for Calendar Year 1968. Being intimately familiar with vital statistics in my former job, I knew that specifications change every few years, and that I could not rely on 1968 specifications to read 1961 data.

        Being a careful investigator, and not one to jump to conclusions too often, I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on May 2, 2011, with the Department of Health and Human services for the 1961 specifications document. I received my response to request 11-00673 in August of 2011 and subsequently scanned it and made Tape File Information 1960-1961 natality Tape Files for the United States available on this web site, and today I uploaded it to Scribd. The document is also embedded at the end of this article.

        What we know from viewing the Cold Case Posse video is that Zullo used the 1968 tape layout manual and based his entire argument on how “not stated” was coded in 1961 with a “9”. The problem is that in 1961, code “9” represented “other nonwhite.” One might have excused this as a mistake, a bit of sloppy research from someone not qualified in the field, but the video repeatedly stated that the image they showed was from the 1961 manual, when it was not. Here is a screen shot from the Cold Case Posse video that the narrator describes as the “1961 vital statistics instructions manual.”

        But you nutcases will not believe until Fox, Rush and Arpaio all tell you…

        DaveH of course doesn’t believe anything onless its on Because he is a kid with no real world experience, he has to read up on Theory of things, not real world application.

        So for this crackpot stuff to be valid, the State of HI is lying, The GOP Gov is lying, the newpapers that published his Hawaiian birth are lying.

        And Tin Hat Kate, the People of Maricopa country asked him to investigate this as much as Bush asked the American people to invade Iraq.

        I have proved you people are crazy, inexperienced and partisan hacks who take zero responsibility for anything, its always someone elses fault, especially the people you disagree with.

        You are sad people.

      • Dave67

        Michael J,

        Hmm… So the fact that Bush and Reagan both took more vacation time is irrelevant in the conservative mind, How did Reagan and Bush get to their ranches and compounds? Toyota Prius? Oh and Nancy Reagan and her Bob Mackie gowns for entertaining at the White House is just so conservative. One again conservative doubletalk.

      • DaveH

        It might be, Dave67, if it were true. But certainly you don’t expect us to take your word for it? And if so, did they pay out of their own pockets or did the taxpayers foot the bill?
        And why are you always trying to make it a Republican/Democrat thing, Dave67, when we are talking about a Big Government Progressive thing? I don’t care if they are Republicans stealing my money and Freedom, or if they are Democrats stealing my money and Freedom.

  • Mary Mcintosh

    This is a bunch of nonsense, why now would Rev Wright put out all this information out about Obama, believe me if he was offered money he would have taken it and wouldn’t have gave it a second thought. He says no one can buy him and he speaks his mind, this would have come out before.This is nothing but another GOP tactic and they would have found this information out in 2008. This has become one of the dirtist and hateful campaigns yet. All of you think Bushes years were a mess, put another republican in and she what happens. Obama and no other president can’t fix a mess that we are in in 4, 8 or maybe even longer without making some new tax laws that will benefit everyone not just the wealthy!!!!!!!!! America middle class you better wake up. This country is not run by the people, its run for a select few of people.

  • carolyn franklin

    A lot of Americans knew BEFORE the election in 2008 that Obama was NOT good for this country and that he was inept. If one just voted according to the Bible and what God says about countries and men in leadership, one could not in good conscience have put this evil man in a leadership position in this country or any other.

    • Deerinwater

      “A lot of Americans knew BEFORE the election in 2008 that Obama was NOT good for this country and that he was inept. If one just voted according to the Bible and what God says about countries and men in leadership, one could not in good conscience have put this evil man in a leadership position in this country or any other.”

      Hmm? MY point made, this is little more then a replay of the Coalition of Right Wing Conservatives that supported the most recent failed administration ( who made claims of receiving words from God ) as they attempting to “install their notion” of God matters into Federal government.

      I’m surprised that Rick Perry did so poorly after all that Hallelujah and Jesusing up before announcing his bid for the 1st chair. He was right down your alley Carolyn. Rick was glowing in the dark, full of the Holy Ghost! ( and a few other things)

      • Jeff

        Yes, Rick gets into the “spirits” of religion.

      • Jeff

        It’s too bad Louie Gohmert (the stupidest person ever to serve in Congress) wasn’t in the Aurora, CO theatre today to gun down the shooter before he got off his first shot.

      • Jay

        Hey Jeff, why not include obama? Why not offer a two for the price of one, special? You gotta start thinking outside the box.

      • carolyn franklin

        Obviously, you don’t know Jesus as your Personal Savior. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people like you, which doesn’t make you right, just makes you dangerous. Sit back and enjoy the ride. One day you’ll get to meet Jesus and you can tell Him all about your ideas. “There is a way that seems right unto man but the end there of is death.”, no kidding.

        • http://WWW.JAMES069@GMAIL.COM JAMES


      • Deerinwater

        carolyn franklin it is not Jesus that I attack, it is your message.

        So! ~~~~ what is it that makes you believe that you are Jesus? That is the question that deserves your long thought and deepest consideration.

  • dale wood

    After reading all this !!!!! Try living thru a real 1930s depression. Some of us have! If you have enought $$$ to pay your fair share of the countrie”s debt, let’s see the color of your money. Other wise shut up all the fancy talk and go to work!

  • Pritty Brains

    QUOTE: When Obama also asked him, for the good of his campaign, to refrain from controversial remarks while he ran for President, Wright said he couldn’t make that promise. He said Obama then told him, “The problem with you, Rev, is that you’ve got to tell the truth.” Wright said he replied, “That’s not a bad problem to have. Maybe you should try it.”

    Old Jeremiah sounds like a woman scorned… I hope Obama sues him and Ed Klein for slander and libel…

    QUOTE: Klein told his rapt audience that he offered copies of his three-hour interview with Wright to the national media. But with the exception of Sean Hannity, they all ignored it. Hey, surprise, surprise! There’s liberal bias in the mainstream media.

    I think perhaps they didn’t believe it after fact checking. Which I heartily suggest you people start doing.

    • Carl Manning

      You sound like another fine case of cognitive dissonance.

      • Pritty Brains

        And, you, Mr Manning are a fine example of cognitive inertia…

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Hold On, don’t call Obama evil when the undercover KKK uses God name to do their dirty work daily! Is this America or what? Have you picked up an updated history book lately or what? Please! If you can’t see the evil Bush and his cabinet did, stop judging anyone else! Obama’s bad decisions will never compare to his, PERIOD! Talk facts, you will at least have something to stand on when trying to criticize the president!



  • Dave67

    So many here say that just because someone is a Republican that does not make them a conservative…. Thats interesting… because I believe that just because someone is a Democrat, that does not make them a liberal. But yet, the conservatives here never make that distinction. Hmmm more conservative double talk and responsibility avoidence? I think so…

    But conservatives do love their talking points… If you do not agree with them lock step, you automatically want big Gov, socialism, and communism.Oh and you hate Capitalism.

    Gotta love the bumpersticker politics of the right wing. So simple and ignorant at the same time.

    • Pathfinder

      Interesting Point Dave: Given that the USA is almost equally divided between Liberals and Conservatives, we no longer hear terms like conservative democrat,’ Dixie-crat, etc. etc.
      and some might recognize the term Blue Dog Democrat. Even that is now a term of the past. So, here is the bottom line…. We are indeed a nation divided, and like it or not the word liberal now means “Democrat” and conservative means “Republican”. We owe this to a dumbed down electorate (defined as those who “cheer and a vote” for their home sports team the D or the R’s) and a corrupt press that does not report news but rather tailors (fabricates) the news to further its agenda. Lets face it America is divided; all that remains is the conquering part. And, the conquerors for are the politicians.

      • http://WWW.JAMES069@GMAIL.COM JAMES


      • Dave67

        It surely is a divided country but the common theme is this those on the far right and far left see serious problems in the country but have different ideas on how to solve them “shocker”. But for you, let me ask you a serious question. What makes you a “conservative”? Can a conservative like Reagan and Bush 2 be a conservative when they both expanded the federal Gov? I call myself a liberal. I am a liberal because I believe that homosexuality is not immoral, I believe in science, I believe in equality, responsibility and that Gov (size should be representative of the size of the country, we are 300M people and we are the largest economy in the world), I believe the drug war is a complete failure. I do not believe in Gov should be solving all of our problems, nor do I want bigger Gov for its sake. But I do see undo corp influence in Gov, the news we get and that has has a negative effect on this country. Gov is there to serve ALL the people and THIS country first.

        many liberals I know also believe this as well. I get an earful of people here misrepresenting liberals and progressives and do not realize all the good that liberalism and progressive thinking has done for the country.

        So what makes you a conservative? Are you that far off what I believe?

        • Deerinwater

          If there be any one thing that divides Americans ~it would be the amount of “free time” , what they select as entertainment and where they get their “news” . ~ Considering you must be very , very tolerant or brain dead and little else requiring your attention to watch television says more about Americans today then it does about our government.

          Americans have became fat, spoiled rotten , complacent and only want to exercise their tongues and jaws and “FEEL” informed.

          The good news is ~ not every American is that way! ~ They are the silent ones ~ it’s not that they don’t care but they are busy taking care of their business and ignoring people with little else to do.

          So, ~ come election time, guess who’s gets the big surprise ?

  • Sharon

    It is very sad that many who speak, do not research their material. A huge part of me lately hopes that Romney wins this election. If Repubs. like the state of affairs which existed, when Bush left office, then they can have it again with Romney. All I can say is that we reep what we sow. I have Repub friends who complain about the Dems, but then whine when their Medicare Part B increases in price. Oh and they accept that SS check every month too. They say that they have it coming, because they paid in to SS. Anyone with any sense, knows that the Government will pay U a lot more in your lifetime for SS, than what U ever paid into it. But…regarding these friends, I don’t know any of them, who sends the check back,when it comes each month. And of course, we have to complain about things like food stamps! I have a Republican Son, who is so arrogant about things like that. When I remind him about his Father walking out, when my son and his siblings were very small and we received food stamps, which enabled us to not end up homeless, Well…that has no impact on him. Oh by the way, I do not support taking care of people, who don’t attempt to take care of themselves, but some time people need a helping hand sometime during their life. Yes, the Repubs can have the glory days of 8 years of Bush and it just may happen. Just remember the old saying, “Be careful what U wish for!”





    • Mary Mcintosh

      Daupine,Thankyou for that. I am so tired of the blame being put on the president and if Americans were keeping up with the factsthat would know the real issues at hand and how we got here and the direction that we are headed in if the presidency goes back GOP, we will be going futher back. Americans are not and have not been paying attention. The media is our worst enemy; you would think they would want to give the people the tru facts. Look what the US has come to. I am a 30 year US Army soldier and I am sick of what the US has become. WE NEED A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DaveH

        Start here, Mary, if you really care to learn truth:
        After reading the above, you will be primed to read the book in my next comment which explains how bankers have used the Government to defraud Americans since the beginnings of our country.

      • DaveH

        This book also gets into the takeover of our Government by Progressives, and the subsequent dramatic growth of our Government:

        There are many other books that can be obtained FREE from in PDF format, and other formats.

        Thank you, for providing these Free books for Freedom lovers.



    • Pathfinder

      Daphnie: I am compelled to respond to you comments.
      I will single out only one. The comment about Bin Laden having” Nothing to do with 911″.
      Bin Laden claimed responsibility for that terrorist act. He, not the newspapers, not the Politicians or anyone else pointed the finger to Bin Laden. He did it, as did the 22 Saudis that were in the airplanes. Your refusal to understand that point alone discredits everything else you say. Apparently you let emotions rule your thought process.

  • Pritty Brains

    Read this article about the Kochs…

    And then read this one:

    Incredible, frightening, shocking, appalling, outrageous, extremely alarming, distressing, daunting, intensely foreboding, abominable… these brothers will stop at nothing until they are in complete control of this country. You all are worried about Obama, who even though he is the POTUS, is far less powerful and far less evil than these brothers, Charles and David Koch.

    Their combined fortune of thirty-five billion dollars is exceeded only by those of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

    The Koch Brothers are the ones who founded the Tea Party, they’re the ones behind the anti-Obama hate ads, vowing to crush him (this before he was inaugurated) and it would not matter who sat in office the brothers would vow to destroy any president if they did not follow the brother’s belief sets (more profit to their pocketbooks).

    Rob Stein, a Democratic political strategist who has studied the conservative movement’s finances, said that the Kochs are “at the epicenter of the anti-Obama movement. But it’s not just about Obama. They would have done the same to Hillary Clinton. They did the same with Bill Clinton. They are out to destroy progressivism.”

    The Koch brothers do not care one bit about the American people. They are considered one of the top ten polluters in the country for example, yet they fight every inch of cleaning up after themselves or compensating those who have been harmed by their toxic practices and they have the money to keep the courts humming for years and years all the while their pollution is killing the earth and maiming its people. They remind me of the Monsanto group who is behind the insidious GMO foods. (Another horrifying topic to research.)

    Charles Lewis, the founder of the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan watchdog group, said, “The Kochs are on a whole different level. There’s no one else who has spent this much money. The sheer dimension of it is what sets them apart. They have a pattern of lawbreaking, political manipulation, and obfuscation. I’ve been in Washington since Watergate, and I’ve never seen anything like it. They are the Standard Oil of our times.”

    I am a republican and am not happy with Obama’s record so far… but I had to ask myself, just how much of the bumbling was him, and how much was his reactions and distractions towards all the hate bombarding his administration. When the hate started sounding unreasonable, I started asking questions. It’s one thing to accuse a president of bad policies and be able to document the allegations, but it’s a whole other ballgame when the hate turns to name calling, ridiculous conspiracy theories etc etc without any kind of documentation. If I am going to hate then I want to be sure what I am hating is worth all that energy and emotion. There is a fine line between love and hate and one cannot exist without the other… we are all so inclusive about love, we want to make sure that if we devote all of that energy and emotion to love, then the objects of our affections need to meet our expectations… I have the same philosophy about that which I hate. So when the hate started sounding ridiculous, I started to wonder where it was coming from and why.

    An example of ridiculous hate:

    In 2009, The advocacy wing of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation—an organization that David Koch started, in 2004—held a gathering over the July 4th weekend, a summit called Texas Defending the American Dream took place in a chilly hotel ballroom in Austin.

    Peggy Venable honored several Tea Party “citizen leaders” at the summit. The Texas branch of Americans for Prosperity gave its Blogger of the Year Award to a young woman named Sibyl West. On June 14th, West, writing on her site, described Obama as the “cokehead in chief.” In an online thread, West speculated that the President was exhibiting symptoms of “demonic possession (aka schizophrenia, etc.).” The summit featured several paid speakers, including Janine Turner, the actress best known for her role on the television series “Northern Exposure.” She declared, “They don’t want our children to know about their rights. They don’t want our children to know about a God!”

    Most rational people, whether they like President Obama or not, can see the irrationality in the cokehead, schizophrenia remarks and Janine Turner’s declaration! High school teachers would never accept this in a term paper without some kind of factual documentation! Yet, regardless of how absurd it all sounded, it wasn’t long before the fervor caught on and more and more Tea Partiers and Republicans began spreading such inane and illogical theories and rumors as though they believed it all themselves (no offense to anyone here). And today, I can’t go anywhere without some Republican/Tea Partier declaring that Obama is a muslim, is socialist (the Kochs started these rumors too) he’s a crack head, he’s kenyan, he hates white people etc etc etc and of course, since he is all of these things, he can’t be trusted, his policies are evil and so on. I chose to share as an example of ridiculous hate an event that occurred three years ago, to show how far back this has been happening. And while I am not big on President Obama, I began to have an understanding about why his administration has been drug through the mud and I am beginning to believe it was undeserved.

    I am a firm believer in not focusing on the symptoms but in getting to the root of a problem. Our problem is not Obama, he is a symptom. The problem lies in those who control those who create the laws. Honestly I had never heard of the Koch brothers until about a year ago and only in the last six months after reasearching them, have I come to seriously fear them. They have deliberately kept themselves in the shadows. David Koch brags his company, Koch Industries, is “the largest company you’ve never heard of.”

    If Obama is to blame then I will be the first to raise my fist… but after researching the Koch Brothers, I’m thinking I’d rather raise my Voice and my Fist against them instead. Because they go far beyond the destruction of the Oval Office (like I said, it matters not who is the sitting president)… they are reaching deep into the pockets and the health and welfare of the American people and I believe they need to be stopped. Please research them and turn your voices on them where it really counts. Because if you think this will end with a new president, you have another think coming… another president will do only one of two things… stand up to the Kochs (like Obama has) and get pummelled or go along with the greedy, destructiveness of the Koch’s agenda (like Romney will as he has already met up with them), so they can continue to wield their power against the people of this Nation.

    It’s really a No Brainer.

    (Thank you for reading.)


      YEAH TAKE THE CHICKEN (expletive deleted) WAY OUT!!!!!!

    • Michael J.

      Pritty Brains,
      I read the the link you posted. The Koch brothers are opposed to Obama’s policies, as am I.

      I watched the video you posted by Ed Schultz(Really?) which contained statements by Bernie Sanders and Van Jones who both are card carrying communists. Exactly what point are you trying to make? That we should ignore the fact that Obama is trying to turn our beloved Republic into the now defunct Soviet Union? Should we follow down the road that has been proven ruinous to countless other regimes? Yuri Bessmenov was correct in that there is no changing the minds of the indoctrinated until the regime they worship firmly plants a boot on their necks.

    • DaveH

      From Pritty’s first linked articles — “He and his brother Charles [Koch] are lifelong libertarians and have quietly given more than a hundred million dollars to right-wing causes”.
      I have an issue with the “right-wing” usage, because Libertarians aren’t Right-Wingers, and we rail against them every bit as much as against Left-Wingers, but that’s a whole other argument.
      Do you know what the main theme of Libertarianism is, Pritty? Free Markets, Voluntary Trades among people, that’s what. So please explain to me why getting Government out of the Marktets, so that people could choose who to buy from and how to make their livings selling to voluntary purchasers, is a thing that a Dastardly Big Business Person would choose to promote?
      The Dastardly thing that the Liberals Leaders don’t want their Liberal Followers to know is that they regularly support their favorite Crony Capitalists with various protective legislation and regulations such as subsidies, import quotas, tariffs, loans, targeted regulations, price controls, and other such methods. This comes at the expense of the consumers, taxpayers, and the Crony Capitalists’ competitors. In other words, they are taking advantage of the ignorance of their Liberal Followers to feather their own nests and those of their Crony Capitalists at their unknowing Followers’ expense as well as at the expense of the rest of us.
      Read this book, Folks, to get just a sampling of what is really going on with all that “protection” that the Government Gang is offering you:

    • DaveH

      Pritty says — “Their combined fortune of thirty-five billion dollars is exceeded only by those of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett”.
      Nice equivocation, Pritty. First of all, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are Liberals. Secondly, they are individuals, as are the Koch Brothers, so why do you get to “combine” the Koch Brothers to make your point? And why doesn’t that make Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (combined) even more dangerous?

      • Jeff

        There is no comparison between Bill Gates/Warren Buffett and the Koch Brothers. Gates/Buffett are citizens who have opinions. Their opinions about education, the environment, and fairness are not designed to benefit them or to increase their fortunes. And they have not been particularly active politically. I am not aware of either of them contributing significant sums to political candidates or causes. Bill Gates’ contributions have been to education and to disease eradication.

        The Koch Brothers, by contrast, have a financial stake in virtually every cause they bankroll. They want no environmental regulations, particularly with respect to greenhouse gasses, and they are willing to spend unlimited amounts of money to spread the lie that we are not contributing to climate change. If you believe the Koch Brothers’ nonsense, you are an idiot. Period.

      • DaveH

        You are the idiot, Jeff. Provide some evidence that they are indeed promoting pollution. As it happens, Libertarians believe that individuals or groups of individuals don’t have a right to trespass on the property of others. That would include pollution. However, making polluters pay for their trespasses is not the same as supporting Big Government bureaucracies who support their Crony Capitalists and come down on the others. So the Koch Brothers wouldn’t gain a thing by supporting Libertarians when it comes to polluting. Only we would take a more direct approach — that of bringing them to justice in the court system and punishing them in an appropriate manner if found guilty.

        • Jeff

          So, it’s better to chase polluters in the courts than to prevent pollution? Ever hear an ounce of prevention . . . . ?

          The Koch Brothers are interested in making as much money as they can. They don’t care about your ideology. They don’t want any regulatory agency overseeing anything they do. That’s why they don’t want regulation in the areas of greenhouse gasses, fracking, etc. They will spend whatever it takes to demonize scientists who spend their lives studying a topic and to convince voters that Joe the Plumber (who is neither, by the way) knows more about the subject.

          Do you think the Koch Brothers don’t know about the actual science? Do you think they really believe the Earth is 6,000 years old? But, do you think they would hesitate to support a candidate with anti-science beliefs in order to get what they want (inaction and de-regulation) from Congress? Maybe someone like Louie Gohmert or Michele Bachmann?

      • DaveH

        Jeff says — “They want no environmental regulations, particularly with respect to greenhouse gasses, and they are willing to spend unlimited amounts of money to spread the lie that we are not contributing to climate change”.
        Are you still hanging on to that disproven homogenic global warming hoax, Jeff?
        Get a clue:

      • DaveH

        Yeah, I’ve heard that, Jeff (ounce of prevention), usually from people who stand to gain from the “prevention”.
        Intelligent people know that few things are so black and white. There are always tradeoffs in life. For instance, I don’t like exercising, but I know that the benefits outweigh the gains. For me, that is. Other people might prefer to avoid the pain and live shorter lives or less capable lives. Bully for them. That’s what Freedom is all about.
        If there were concrete laws describing when somebody was trespassing on somebody else’s property such as Pollution, then the voter’s would decide if certain pollutants really were a problem, or if they’d rather have the benefits that come from the pollution-causing actions, before passing such laws. And then it would be much closer to black and white, not having a political agency like the EPA which is unevenly enforcing laws against their favored friends or unfavored enemies.
        Here’s an example of Big Government Environmentalism in action:

      • DaveH

        Jeff says — “That’s why they don’t want regulation in the areas of greenhouse gasses, fracking, etc”.
        I don’t either, Jeff, and I’m retired. Both are unproven charges with the common link being more expensive freedom-robbing Big Government, taking from the rich, giving to themselves, and giving just enough to the poor to buy their votes.

        • Jeff

          Freedom from government regulation doesn’t do anything for you, Dave. It simply gives powerful corporate interests more power over your life. It gives you the “freedom” to drink water polluted with dioxin, arsenic, younameit. It gives you the freedom to breathe anything Koch and DuPont say you should breathe. How can you distrust government so much when you have a say in it while you unconditionally trust big business to look after your best interests?

          It’s not 1800. You’re not a small Virginia farmer. Virtually everything most people consume is now provided by large businesses looking to make a profit. There’s nothing wrong with making a profit, but if the marketplace is unregulated, those with an incentive to cheat will do so. If there’s no regulator, you are at the mercy of corporate interests who care only about making money. Government and business have different roles in society. One without the other doesn’t work too well.

    • DaveH

      Pritty says — “The Koch Brothers are the ones who founded the Tea Party”.
      And your evidence for that is what, Pritty? From my standpoint that’s a fabricated fact, something which seems to come natural to Liberals.

      Here is a man who claims to know:

    • DaveH

      Pritty says — “You all are worried about Obama, who even though he is the POTUS, is far less powerful and far less evil than these brothers, Charles and David Koch”.
      Let’s see, Obama has forced me to buy Healthcare Insurance, something which I philosophically disagree with. What have the Koch Brothers “forced” you to do, Pritty?

    • DaveH

      Pritty says — “They [Koch Brothers] are out to destroy progressivism”.
      Yay, me too.
      Government (all levels) in the year 1900 spent about 3% of our GDP.
      Now Government spends over 40% of our GDP. That’s 13 times more Government than they had in 1900. Are we that much more decadent now, that we need 13 times more Government? Well, maybe the Liberals/Progressives are (lol).
      For those who would like to learn more about what Progressives are, and when they gained their foothold in our Government (now they dominate it):

    • DaveH

      Pritty says — “They remind me of the Monsanto group who is behind the insidious GMO foods”.
      And how does the Monsanto group gets it’s unfair edge in the Marketplace? Big Progressive Government, of course.
      Monsanto’s Political Contributions in 2010:

      If Pritty would pay a little more attention, he/she might figure out that the Free Markets which the Koch’s advocate would allow her and like-minded consumers to decide who succeeds in the Marketplace, and who fails, instead of letting the bought-and-paid-for Politicians make that decision.
      “It’s really a No Brainer”, except maybe for Pritty and her deceived fellow Followers.

  • Thinking About

    Just because you read a book written by someone of questionable intergy probbly will not inform you truthfully. It is like garbage and garbage out.

    • DaveH

      And the readers should take your word for it, TA, why?

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? because ~ due to the advent of the personal PC, writing a book and getting it published today is cheaper, quicker , easier, and less laborious then anytime in the recorded history of mankind?

        The easy of sharing of information has opened up ‘s Pandora’s Box, there is little to discriminate between information and disinformation.

        Like you David H, it is ones own self that selects what one wishes to read and believe as true.

        It is a doubled edged sword and can cut both ways.

      • DaveH

        News flash, Deer — There have been lies in books since the invention of the printing press. It’s a human thing. It has nothing to do with the Internet. In fact the advent of the Internet has allowed more people easy access to truth than ever before, because there is no longer the Propaganda Media filter to what people can learn. Why else would the Government be trying to use every excuse available to control it? As soon as we allow them to shut down websites for any flimsy excuse, they will no doubt use that very big club to convince websites (or else) to not allow any information contrary to that which Government wishes to disseminate.
        Look what they accomplished at Fox Business — shutting down the only hard-hitting show which was shining the light of Freedom on the darkness of Big Government (Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch).

        • Deerinwater

          “In fact the advent of the Internet has allowed more people easy access to truth than ever before, because there is no longer the Propaganda Media filter to what people can learn”

          David, it’s allowed people more access to everything. But as Samuel Clements observed in 1850, “a lie can circle the globe before the truth has time to put on it’s shoes”, ~ and this still applies today at speeds approaching the speed of light.

          Back in 91 on a hoot and some spare time on my hands I enrolled in a Human Anatomy and Physiology class with accompanying credited lab classes at UT. The Text book was a 3 inch thick hardback and cost $145.00 (used). Many of us students complained about the cost of this book to our professor. It was then that he told us, the size of the book only a few years ago was much smaller but since the advent of the personal PC and world wide sharing of information, text books are now obsolete and outdated by the time of their publishing.

          Now David, that bit of information was shocking to hear and has broad implications regarding the transfer and sharing of unfiltered, undocumented, unaccredited information. Wouldn’t you agree?

      • DaveH

        No Deer, I don’t agree.
        I will make the choice for myself what information I read, and which I ignore. I don’t need you or anybody else to make that choice for me.

        • Deerinwater

          DaveH say;”No Deer, I don’t agree. I will make the choice for myself what information I read, and which I ignore. I don’t need you or anybody else to make that choice for me.”

          Exactly David, that is my point. Anyone is capable of feeling empowered and enlightened with only some sense of self validation predicated by personal bias and “FEELING”.

          Given the same tools would you expect any final outcome to be the same for everyone?

          We are not disagreeing here David, while your view, as always, is set in concrete from the perspective of “I”.

          I could care less about your personal choices and selection until which time you insist I should as well or you are going to speak mean to me as punishment for failing to.

      • DaveH

        The fact that a lying, conniving, Constitution Trampling, Railroad Lawyer turned Dictator could be known by millions now as Honest Abe should be enough to convince any intelligent person that there are no guarantees of truth in the information we receive:

      • DaveH

        Who between the two of us, advocates the Force of Big Government to make other peoples’ choices? Not “I”.
        By the way, you might like this article:

        • Deerinwater

          Well, it’s not the left that wants up a woman uterus to see what is happening there!

          Wait until Conservative find a reason to probe anyone’s personables and then you will hear some men hollering out.

          Matters of law must appeal to reasoning and not “feelings”. This use of “probable cause” as a weapon to defend the righteous is absurd.

          You remove that talking point and then we can talk about the overreach of big government offered by progressives.

          I know David, ~ this is not so much an issue with you personally, but the turkeys you are flying around with hold different views.

      • Thinking About

        simply put Davey, this author delivers information akin to the rags in the check out lines, he is not creditable but you continue to read and believe the rags if you like, as I sid garbage in and garbage out.

      • Dave67

        Hmmmmm DaveH, “People have been lying in books”. Thats really interesting. Does that mean could have lies in the site? No, of course not…

      • Deerinwater

        LOL☻! Well David, it is true any compromise to have anything worth having comes at great cost and more times then not, paid by a few.

        “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

        Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

        But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

        Abraham Lincoln

      • DaveH

        There’s just no reasoning with you Liberals, is there?
        Deer says — “Wait until Conservative find a reason to probe anyone’s personables”.
        You would have to wait a long time for that, Deer, because True Conservatives would never dream of it. You’re talking about right-wingers, neoconservatives, not True Conservatives.
        But then that’s what it takes for you illogical Liberals to win a debate — deliberate obfuscation of terms — isn’t it?

        • Deerinwater

          DaveH says; “There’s just no reasoning with you Liberals, is there? Deer says — “Wait until Conservative find a reason to probe anyone’s personables”. You would have to wait a long time for that, Deer, because True Conservatives would never dream of it. You’re talking about right-wingers, neoconservatives, not True Conservatives. But then that’s what it takes for you illogical Liberals to win a debate — deliberate obfuscation of terms — isn’t it?”

          Well David for a few post I was beginning to think you were actually going to offer stimulating debate without running away and hiding behind labels and calling people names.

          Why not employ common sense reasoning instead of school yard flaming? You seem to be a bright person and I know your are capable of it.

          So now we have “true conservative” as well as “just conservatives” who not to be confused with “neo-conservatives” that all hold claim to being “Right Wingers” while you wish to claim that it Liberals that are “Illogical” ?

          Well, I certainly am not a “liberal” if that helps you to support such a claim, I guess I’m “just a conservative” with no tolerance for a hypocrite , it’s a lonely place here on these forums.

          I support Obama because not because he is a democrat but because he was the only option that filled my criteria of being every Americans President and it appears this remains so today. Oh! and of course his skin color, as I heard they say he is half black, ~ the upper half I suppose. Of course you know I jest, but feel free to use that out of context to suppose any wild claim. ~ Consider it being thrown a bone.

          You offered us Ron Paul, a good selection that however didn’t carry well with the rest of the people you tend to fly around with, with whatever label you wish to assign them. Pity. So is it I, that finds myself compromised today or is it you?

          Logical? You who defends the indefeasibly speaks to us of illogical ?

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “Does that mean could have lies in the site?”.
        Of course they could. Any group could have liars in the midst. But first we need to define what is a lie. A lie is a deliberate untruth told for the purpose of taking advantage of somebody.
        Now, we know that you do that, Dave67. I’ve caught you many times telling untruths, that you certainly must know are untruths, in order to further your position and disparage others.
        I would be happy to quote and link to two such instances (one on this board) which would show other readers what I’m talking about. But I will leave that up to you.

      • DaveH

        Thinking About (hardly) says — “simply put Davey, this author delivers information akin to the rags in the check out lines, he is not creditable”.
        Feel free to point out the untruths, TA, and back up your claims. Until you do, I will just make the logical assumption that you are a typical dishonest personally attacking Liberal.

      • Deerinwater

        DaveH say;”Feel free to point out the untruths, TA, and back up your claims. Until you do, I will just make the logical assumption that you are a typical dishonest personally attacking Liberal.”

        The way I read that , it was directed at me and not you David. I dismissed it completely as I know nether of us waste time with reading “obvious trash rags”, there was no need to respond. It really didn’t make sense to me. Much like Jay’s stuff, ~ I find him celebrating in the end zone after suffering huge losses he’s yet to figure out.

        That said, I have enjoyed some of Think about it postings and will continue to follow.

      • Deerinwater

        DaveH says; “You would have to wait a long time for that, Deer, because True Conservatives would never dream of it. You’re talking about right-wingers, neoconservatives, not True Conservatives.”

        Well David, I guess it’s “guilt by association” ~ sounds like the label “Conservative” has been hyjacked from what you offer us. It’s there anymore varieties besides these three?

    • Dave67


      When all you do is send links to a theoretical, all you have proven is just that, you understand biased theory.

      You say you are retired. So that means you were aound and working more than likely in the 1970s. So answer a few questions for me.

      What freedoms have YOU specifically lost in 1970?
      What freedoms have you lost in 1980
      What freedoms have you lost in 1990
      What specific freedoms have you lost in 2000
      What freedoms have you lost during the Obama administration.

      Since you know so much, the list will come easy to you.

      • Deerinwater

        It is amusing, that you too have focus in on these aspects of DaveH. I have asked him these same questions. He is always being stolen from and denied by someone he claims lives in the Socialist World of the “Giveme” . Poor guy, he reminds my of a dog with just one bone and afraid someone might see it!

        Sometime I get the vision he might be Poindexer still living in his parents home, horded up in the back bedroom somewhere with all of his “toys” and 300 bowling trophys and Metalica posters on the wall.

        Sometimes he come off as halfway reasonably and sometimes he is up in the air about someone taking something from him.

        I must confess, I know how he feels, ~ It’s seems like screw Dearinwater the last few months, Having paid the IRS in full for 2011, I get a nastygram 40 days ago , they want $358.29 more.

        Back in late February , I buy my father’s old Dodge truck from the family for $1500.00 . I hate Dodge Trucks but not having a Pickup,, it seemed the smart thing to do as it only had 95,000 miles on it.

        The first time I really needed to use it, the ac compressor locked up and burnt the fan belts off of it. No generator , no power steering, no ac. I spend 795.00 having a new compressor and all associated parts installed. Then the AC compressor clutch goes out in two months later, Auto zone warranty it and gives me another,I buy $40.00 in Freon and oil and pay a mechanic $100.00 to install it , In 24 hours the freon had leaked out around the main seals, It’s Saturday morning I go back to Auto zone and find that I must talk to the manager, Well fine, where is the manager, Oh! She will be in Monday morning. Well Great! So here it is , I’ve spent $1000.00 for air conditioning in my truck, it is 104 degrees outside, I “am” an Air-conditioning Contractor and I have “NO” air-conditioning in my truck.

        I check around for other suppliers, They all want $60.00 dollars more for their compressor plus they will not warranty their compressor unless I buy all of the associated parts that I just replaced in March. ~ I still have no ac to this day, while a new compressor is laying in the front room floor and I will install it myself Sunday morning. (unless I’m called out)

        Back in mid December I had a man build me up a fine PC system, an upgrade was needed as I craft and sent documents and invoices both to Corporate America and private citizens for consulting and services rendered.

        I was told that he installed Office Professional 2010 which he had and I started out the new year with faster and upgraded programs ~ I paid him well for this upgrade somewhere around $1800.00.

        32 day ago, I started receiving prompts, I had 30 days to activate 2010 office professional which required a key code that I didn’t have or it would shut down! . A quick trip to Office Depot and $301.37 cents later I have solved that little problem.

        I’ve had a customer not like the AC that I installed for him, he said it ran too long, it was the AC he agreed to buy, the one that he paid for ~ to make him happy , I installed one that cost me $400.00 more then the one I sold him at no charge.

        Last week someone lifted a jug of MO 99 out of the back of my truck while it was parked out front of Auto zone and I was inside demanding satisfaction.

        Now ~ I don’t know what kind of life that David H has got, but if he is being stolen from and being taken advantage of more then I have been lately, I’d enjoy hearing his story, I think that it would make me “feel” better.

        Everybody has a tale of woe ! Whine, whine, whine.

        Life has never been about a destination but how well you can enjoy and endure the trip.

  • gemmom

    Toxidity levels are present because when you have a pure glass of water, and something is stirred into it, the water then is considered to be no longer pure. The people in this country have lost what they once had. Sure, there were different points of view on how to start a perfect nation, but on the most part, the majority agreed that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were necessary. The strong deep faith and devotion to keep a strong country has been lost through time, as we can see through the actions of our Congress and politicians, as money and greed are more important to them than helping others live good, healthy, and productive lives. When Bill Clinton approved the Cloward-Piven Strategy for the U.S., how was that to help our nation? It hurt us. Now he’s trying to look like a saint in Africa. Obama had all his records sealed, and now we learn he produced a fake birth certificate from Hawaii, yet everyone wants to see more tax info from Romney, when Romney has produced enough info. Its very two-faced, it’s all propaganda to turn one side against another, and it is just another political ploy to try to get people to accept Obama for who he is and what he stands for. The article above, which is trying to indicate that Obama never had too much to do with Reverend Wright’s congregation is propaganda, as Reverend Wright didn’t lie about Obama coming to his house a hundred times. Oh yes, Obama had more to do with Reverend Wright’s congregation than anyone will ever know. Patel, who is Obama’s faith adviser came from Reverend Wright’s congregation, as well as W.R. Ayers. Now, you all need to do your homework and find out what all of these men have in common. Then ask yourselves why you should vote for Obama. If you think things are toxic now, you’ll find out what toxic really is when he is re-elected. Everything has been kept hush, hush. And he looks so innocent while he’s doing it. There must be alot of people, both Democrat and Republican that are still in the dark.

    • Deerinwater

      Hmmm? So what was it that “was” Pure?

  • Thomas Peterson

    If Obama is an amateur, then I will have to agree with Nancy Reagan that the last President was “the village idiot”. Does this name calling really get us anywhere?

  • Margaret Rose Sutter

    I am sorry. I have some huge concerns about Mitt Romey who will not make his INCOME TAXS PUBLIC. Mitt Romey has most of his money in OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS. He and all the other conservative rich republicans got a tax break. The Middle Class, The Lower Middle Class and the Poor do not receive any type of Tax Breaks. Why are we always helping the rich get richer…They can afford health care, to stock food, to move away from the United States of America to a less drought prone area.
    I tell u all of what u are sayin just ain’s so.
    We as a nation need to resolve our basic problems. We need to truthfully make the immigration laws more humane. We need to save the ARTIC so that not another big oil company like BP destorys the habitat of the Polar Bear, The Seal, Whales, the people who read the Ice. Did you that the ice flow freezes up in September. Yet, Dutch Oil wants to drill -get real here. If there is an accident the oil will sit on top of the ice. Romey thinks thats alright. That is not alright. Romey had a health care system in place that was similar to Obamacare & yet now he is against that program. Who is telling the truth.
    Margaret Sutter’
    yes-I am not a Village Idiot and I am not a stupid woman. go suck a rock!!

  • gregory peck

    God is still on the throne, no matter who is in the White house.

    • Jeff


      Say it ain’t so. How could YOU end up on this nutjob blog?

  • ladyghostrider

    The FRAUD is out to destroy our country – PERIOD!

    • Jeff

      Ed Klein is the fraud!!!

  • Lois Lightman

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!! This Obama person is a MUSLIM!!! He does NOT like the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He is out to destroy our FREEDOM!!! Please dear G-d, I beg of you and pray daily – do NOT allow him a second term in office. He will destroy America. Did you people not hear what Von Jones said? I quote “We, meaning Obama and the white house, want to make this country like Venezula.” He was fired after he said that – they advertised that he quit!! LISTEN UP YOU LIBERALS !!! Educate yourselves – you are so STUPID!!!! Watch FOX once in a while – not only CNN and MSNBC and read things other than the NY Times!! I am so-o-o scared.

    • Jeff

      Lois, take a pill and wait 4 more years for the scary, scary Black man to go away!

  • HKaufman

    Since bob Livingston, and the rest of the Grave digger Journalistic Jargon Poison Pen Rhetoric of Bias,and Bigotry have set the mood of BASHING, Lets start Speaking of Romney, I read that his campaign has raised $10 million in California over the last two days. One million was from a fundraiser while $9 million was from Romney checking a pocket in some old khakis.” Hows that lovers of Impurelistic Rhetoric Mongers.

  • Oveta

    I am very upset as an African American to read such garbage posted by some of you. I can tell you are racist. God allowed Obama to be voted in and if you have a problem take it up with God. And by the way, he who is without sin cast the first stone. Because he is an African American in the white house, you all continue to bash him. You are fake and some of you are probably fake christians who go to church and then come home and take a drink, run women or men, get high off prescription drugs, etc. I give all respect to the young people of this country who don’t believe in the tea party or the good old boy network like the Republcan Party that is based on racism. God has the final say.
    Obama inherited a mess and is trying to do the best he can. I respect him because he is a family man and has a wife that is intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind. Leave him alone and clean out your own back yard. OBAMA TO VICTORY IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!

    • Jeff

      You’re surprised to find racism on this blog? This is its natural habitat!

    • chuckb

      oveta, one thing for sure he is an african. the american part doesn’t fit.

      • Deerinwater

        Oveta: ~ They are sick but it’s not against the law to be sick until they hurt someone. For now, they only hurt themselves. They are among like minds here (not all but many) . It’s sad but good in a way ~ because they hide went not packing like wolves from glaring lights. It’s important to know such things can survive by hiding. Sort of like Big Foot or UFO’s , is it someone’s wild imagination or are they real?

        I voted for Obama in spite of his nice tan, believing that 1000 miles away from Capital Hill is where Sara Palin needs to stay. Nothing has happen since to change my mind and in fact my suspicions affirmed while I am most pleased with the way “O” has handled “most” affairs of State.

        Where he will get a second term or not is unclear as forces 4 years in the making plan to defeat him even if Republicans are required to vote one handed, voting with one hand and holding their nose with the other.

  • Renée

    In four years, what positive things has Obama actually accomplished? He has lied from the beginning all the way to the end. What happened to doing everything out in the open, what about his OATH to uphold the Constitution, what about……ETC. He has given us change and lots of it but the kind of change the people were expecting has fallen on the way side and ended up in the dirt. He can keep his change, I’ll keep my money and my gun!

    • Jeff

      Could you list some of the lies? I mean actual lies, not Glenn Beck nonsense or inaccurate projections by economists. Remember, in the real world, disagreement is not the same thing as a lie.

      By the way, just a couple of Obama’s accomplishments:

      1. He stopped the bleeding and prevented us from going into a full-fledged Depression.
      2. He ended the idiotic Iraq War.
      3. He rescued the US Auto Industry and saved at least 1 million jobs.
      4. Stock market nearly doubled in value.

      In my view, he hasn’t done nearly enough, but most of that can be laid at the feet of Congress.

      Now, tell us what W accomplished in his “glorious” 8 years.

      • chuckb

        jeff, evidently schools out for the summer.

        barry didn’t stop anything, we are in worse shape now than we were when the people were foolish enough to voter this guy into the white house. check it out. we were better off when he took office.

        he never ended the iraq war, that was already scheduled.
        he didn’t rescue general motors, he rescued the auto unions, we stand to lose billions on this deal. those were votes he was concerned with.

        the stock market is over blown, manipulated by the government. you invest your money not mine.

        the speaker of the house isn’t much better than nancy pelosi, however, he is better when compared to her. maybe you should check out the senate and harry reid, there’s where the problem lies along with the white house.

        at this same time check out the price of gasoline compared to when barry took office and it’s on it’s way back to 4.00 pg and more.
        check out the price of food, energy and real estate, he has indebted the nation more than all previous presidents combined and hasn’t an idea how to get us out of this mess

        you haven’t a clue.

        now tell us what barry has done in the last three and one half years, he doesn’t hold a candle to the previous administration, you have been reading too many media newspapers and listening to abc, cnn and nbc.

        • Jeff

          Any your info is from Sean and Rush? I noticed you listed no accomplishments in the wonderful W administration. We were better off in early 2009 than we are now? We were losing 600,000 jobs a month and the stock market was down to 6,500. By any measure, your guy W was the worst President in history.

  • Ides Of March

    Don’t let this smiling jerk stand behind or next to you. You may find a shiv in your back and Mitt Romney holding the shiv while Ed Klein twists it.

  • Thomas Weaver

    So much gibberish. Barry needs to go. Let’s give someone else a chance.

  • chuckb

    jeff, apparently you should listen to rush and hannity, your information is entirely wrong.
    barry is a loser, has always been and will replace jimmy carter as the worse president in our history. the facts are easily checked, however, if you listen to the msm your knowledge will remain in it’s current status.

    • Deerinwater

      Chuckb says; “jeff, apparently you should listen to rush and hannity, your information is entirely wrong. barry is a loser, has always been and will replace jimmy carter as the worse president in our history. the facts are easily checked, however, if you listen to the msm your knowledge will remain in it’s current status.”

      The entire world is cursed with three problems, poverty, discrimination, and ignorance. Two of these three curses is found in abundance on these forum pages.

      “Researchers found that Americans who paid more attention to the news were more likely to know about current events. But Americans who relied on Fox News were “significantly more likely than those who never watched it to believe: that,

      * most economists estimate the stimulus caused job losses (12 points more likely)

      * most economists have estimated the health care law will worsen the deficit (31 points)

      * the economy is getting worse (26 points)

      * most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring (30 points)

      * the stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts (14 points)

      * their own income taxes have gone up (14 points)

      * the auto bailout only occurred under Obama (13 points)

      * when TARP came up for a vote most Republicans opposed it (12 points)

      * and that it is not clear that Obama was born in the United States (31 points)

      This point, in particular, seems especially noteworthy: in some cases, regular Fox News viewers would have done better, statistically speaking, if they had received no news at all and simply guessed whether the claims about current events were accurate.”

      I’m at some lose in knowing exactly what to say to you Chuck, ~~ but being loyal and willfully stupid is not a virtue. Your loyalty is misplaced, you are being used and abused.

      I don’t find it one bit funny, it’s not humorous on this scale.

    • Jeff

      You apparently live in an entirely fact-free world all your own where Rush is what passes for an intellect.

  • chuckb

    deer and jeff, before you consider everyone stupid except yourselfs, please do a little research on some of the facts you seem to not want to talk about, check the countries status when the bolsheviks took over congress in 2007, check where we were in 2008 when your hero arrived on scene, then tell me we are better off today.
    the bolsheviks did such a good job they all got voted out in 2010, after they destroyed our economy. remember barney and chris dodd. remember!

    at this same time please show me proof of fox news misrepresenting the political news. please prove that rush and hannity are lying there are millions of people holding their breath. how long do you think either of those two guys would last by lying, please!

    please indicate who these researchers are that you referred to in your comment. sounds like bolshevik spin.

    • Jeff

      Rush Limbaugh has been so offensive for so long that pointing out his fabrications hardly does justice to him, since it’s his opinions and lame attempts at humor and commentary that render him truly toxic. I pay little atention to him, but I have no issue with him saying whatever he wants about Bill Clinton or Obama. They’re big boys and can easily defend themselves against an ignorant blabbermouth. It’s when he turns his microphone on private citizens that he crosses the line (witness: Sandra Fluke).

      Nevertheless, here’s one of his most recent lies about the economy:

      • Deerinwater

        Chuck says: ” , check the countries status when the bolsheviks took over congress in 2007, check where we were in 2008 when your hero arrived on scene”.

        I’m sorry, I’m not aware of any American Bolsheviks Chuck, but I have some knowledge of the 1980 greedy blood sucker invasion that changed America as it made every American that dabble in Wall Street Markets accomplice to their crime of the fleecing of America.

        • Jeff

          Chuck’s a very sick man who has a lot of crazy opinions. Unfortunately, he never quite gets around to stating any actual facts.

  • chuckb

    jeff, you are like don quixote fighting windmills, where do you bolsheviks come up with these liberal web sites, spin masters. the economy is not growing, un-employment is probably around 14% not the 8.2 when you factor in all the considerations.

    i thought he was being very kind to fluke, i have a much better name for her “not printable here” he disappointed me when he apologized to her. that was kind of wimpy.

    i agree it must be very offensive to have a liberal listen to limbaugh and hear what’s going on they don’t have a clue about.

    as far as me and rush limbaugh, i’m jealous and envious, what he made millions speaking about, was my opinion long before he came along, in fact he is just a little to the left of me.
    here’s a video, it’s off subject of our discussion, howeer, it does give you an insight of part of the bolsheviks operation

    Part I

    Part II

    • Jeff

      Bolshevik? Is that the best you can do? How about inviting me to move to the Soviet Union to rejoin Comrade Stalin. You do know what decade we’re in, right?

  • chuckb

    jeff, i can see little difference from the agenda of barry soetoro than the bolshevik (communist party) of russia. perhaps you should revisit that era, we certainly are headed for that kind of government. it didn’t work for russia and all we will gain for it here is lose our freedom.
    a large segment of our society is now sucking on the government teat and they won’t turn loose. this teat is being fed by the working people, the small business owners generate the jobs, they furnish the employment not the government. the people working for the government are living off the working people and produce nothing. we have a country out of balance, the politicians have allowed too much illegal immigration, these people are for the most part from socialist countries and are looking for the government to take care of them, that means the tax payers. so you decide where you fir in that picture. bolshevik or not.

    • Jeff

      Please explain, in your inimitable fashion, the connection between Bolshevism and immigration. I think the Bolsheviks sealed up their border pretty well. Maybe you’re the Bolshevik?

  • chuckb

    jeff, if you do not understand the illegal immigration problem, then there’s nothing i can say..yeah, the bolsheviks sealed up there border to keep people in, this administration has left the border open, when they get complete power then the gates will close to keep people corraled. you might turn the question around, what makes you think this administration is not headed for a dictatorial communist type government?.
    the republicans are doing little at this point to stop it, the senate is rejecting every bill they put up that may help the economy. gas prices are keeping prices on an upward spiral, have you checked the cost of food lately? there’s no reason for the economy to be in this position except the fact the guy calling the shots has an agenda, he only understands socialism, and must spread the wealth, now what happens when they spread all the wealth and they have printed money that has no value, you might read up on ex soviet russia..

    • Jeff


      You are going to call Obama a socialist no matter what he does, but the reality is deportations are way up under Obama and illegal immigration is way down. The current issue is what to do with a whole generation of kids raised and educated as Americans who face deportation because they were brought here as young kids. Some didn’t even know their status until they wanted to go to college. I think it’s obvious where you stand, but most reasonable, thinking people realize we need a policy to keep those young people here.

      • chuckb

        your assumption is we keep giving amnesty to every other generation of illegals, why not just tear down the fence open the border and let the world rush in, that’s in essence what we are doing. there are not only mexicans crossing, people from africa, the middle east, the carribean, these are mostly poor people with no skills, poorly educated and have been advised how to work the welfare system. where’s your limit? we can’t employ the citizens of this country, yet you bleeding hearts want more.

        • Jeff

          I raised a specific issue and you want to talk about everything but that. Fine.

      • Jimmy

        Deportation is way up, not because of Obama but because of the people and the sluggish legal system. A lot of those people are also serving prison sentences before being deported so to say it is Obama’s doing is living in a fantasy world.

        • Jeff

          I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about, but trying to blame Obama for problems with border enforcement is like trying to blame him for water pollution. It’s been going on since long before him and will probably be an issue long after his presidency. This is nothing unique to this administration. You may scoff, but the numbers show he’s actually been stronger on enforcement than were his predecessors.

          The reality of the situation is that Mexican workers would not have come here without being “invited” by the economy. When the rule of law conflicts with economic reality, the law usually changes, but not in this case. There’s a nativist sentiment against allowing Mexicans here even though they are necessary to certain industries: picking crops, restaurants, slaughterhouses, etc. Would it be better if those industries used legal workers and paid a decent wage? Of course. But remember: the value of the illegal worker to his employer is that he’s illegal. That means he won’t complain about substandard wages and working conditions.

          This desire on the part of the right to “punish” the illegal workers is, I think, misplaced. They are the weakest link in the economy. The problem needs to be addressed at the level of the employer. No jobs, no illegal workers.

          • Deerinwater

            response to Jimmy:
            Deportation is way up, not because of Obama but because of the people and the sluggish legal system.”

            Your statement is conflicting. ~ and not true. “O” did indeed request Immigration to step up it’s efforts to enforce immigration laws and added manpower to the Service while any sluggishness in the legal system would slow the process and not increase it.

            You can’t way it both ways, your statement fails to ring clear and true the way it was written.

            Would you care to try again?

  • old hillbilly

    We’ve lost the ability to stay focused long enough identify problems, let alone solve them!

    “Zero interest rates destroy capital investment and retirement plans! Invest $637.50/mo for 46 years (1) @5% = $1,365,775; (2) @0% = $351,900; (3) @0% & 5% inflation (-5%) =$137,734. A fed & treasury obsessed with printing funny money and bonds of no substance is begging double digit inflation! Our savings are being diverted out of the treasury into the global bank empire @ 0%, & off to China & other areas to earn very high rates of return within their offshore tax haven. No investment = no jobs or savings!”

    The process is prosecutable fraud with enough zeros and chaos to destroy this country! The countless bank failures, bankruptcies, buy-outs, bail-outs, and consolidations leaves this country with a very few corporate entities that are globally controlled by monopolist banks! Follow the money trail, and then recover it! Lay siege to Holder, Geitner, and Bernanke to destroy the corruption. Then, we might save this great country – a job, good legislators can handle. Vote to remove Reed & anyone who voted for any bail-out or debt limit increase.

    • Jeff


      Did Jethro do that fancy cipherin’ for ya?

  • chuckb

    jeff, you raised a specific issue. well it seems your issue was the economy, rush, hannity and you quoted some spin from a liberal website that was pure bull, you claimed rush and hannity did nothing but lie, i asked for you to prove it and your response was some nut case liberal website that said nothing about what you were talking about, he took a remark limbaugh made and spun it, is this a response to what i ask you ? sandra fluke, she’s exactly what rush called her, nothing but a bolshevik plant, she did succeed in trapping rush, good thing i wasn’t in his place, my remark wouldn’t have been so restrained.

    your estimate of the economy was not right, the economy is in worse shape than when barry came on scene, only the msm and the bolsheviks defend his accomplishments (none) we have the most corrupt white house since the clintons and before, classified security leaks, gun running, gas prices, out right lies, national debt, highest in history and growing, obamacare and manipulation of the stock market, dollar in the tank, lost billions in loan to gmc, assisting the muslim brotherhood in over throwing mid east countries., i could go on, however, what good does it do.

    • Jeff

      When I see someone like you on the street, I give him a very wide berth. Why would it be different here? You are truly nuts.

      • chuckb

        jeff, in my estimation your are not mature enough to realize what is going on in the country, you sound like a student of our poor education system. other than referring to you as a bolshevik, which from your thoughts i think is right, i try not to use insults like you to make my point, this shows you haven’t anything left to say.

        • Jeff

          Anyone who screams “Bolshevik” at the first hint of disagreement is, by definition, a joke.

  • Farris Winterbottom

    What a load of delusion crap. Lies and fantasies of a moronic mindless paranoid resist. Yah, Obama is to blame for everything! You Nazi asswipe. You use the same propaganda the fascists and communists used leading up to WWII. I am sick of your bull. You are the only dangerous one here. Mitt the Mormon is the real danger. He’s thinks he’s from the planet Kolob and wears magic underwear for protection. That is the real truth and you are too stupid to see it. Your world must really suck!!!!!

    • chuckb

      farris, did you get out of day care early today?

  • chuckb

    jeff, grow up.

    • Jeff

      What do Bolsheviks become when they’re fully grown? Mensheviks?

      • chuckb

        jeff, when they finally grow up, they become conservative.

        • Jeff

          You mean like neocons? I’m just not that into pre-emptive wars.

  • Jimmy

    Jeff says:
    July 20, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Never mind the generalities. Which progressive reforms of the 20th Century would you like repealed?
    1. food safety regulations (remember “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair)
    2. workplace safety
    3. mine safety regulations
    4. organized labor leading to a blue collar middle class
    5. Social Security
    6. G.I. Bill
    7. Civil Rights
    8. Womens Suffrage
    9. Medicare
    10. Womens Rights
    11. Gay Rights.

    I wanted to comment on a couple of these…

    #4 – I have been a member of organized labor and they have run their course. They kept my wage down while someone that could not or WOULD not do the work that I did was paid the same. This works to hold back ingenuity and drive to create new things.

    #5 – Well look where that is now. By the time I retire it will have been bankrupt for years.

    #7 – If you have read anything about history, it was southern Democrats that were working to block the civil rights bill.

    #9 – Read number 5

    Along with #11 came hate crime legislation… So with me being white and I kill another white guy I can get 30 years and then probation. But if I kill a black man or a gay man I can get a stiffer sentence. How is that fair to the white guy that dies and his family? Isn’t murder, murder?

    Some of these things were needed and that is why they were supported on both sides of the aisle.

    The problem is that these politicians need to suck it up and do what is right for the country instead of what can they get for their voters. I think that term limits can help to resolve this issue in part.

    3 in the house
    2 in the senate and
    2 in the white house

    With that is a total of 20 years of public service not including any local or state service.

    • Jeff


      I believe you’re looking at some of the items the wrong way. I can’t comment on your particular job or union, but it is very clear that when Unions were strong, workers got paid better – even non-union workers. Unions always supported the minimum wage even though it didn’t directly benefit them or their members as no union member earned minimum wage. If you look at workers’ wages in real terms over the past 30 years (the period when union membership has dropped), wages are way down. Long gone are the days when a single blue collar worker could support a family and send his kids to college.

      Second, you are correct about the Southern Democrats. Notice I said Progressives. Southern Democrats were not progressives. They were democrats only because Lincoln was a Republican. They had nothing in common with Northern Democrats and little in common with Northern Republicans. Following the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts in the mid-60s, all the bigotted Southern Democrats (the Dixiecrats) became Republicans. In fact, they became the base of the Republican Party. The entire conservative renaissance of the past 30 years owes its birth to LBJ’s passing the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bills. Why do you think Reagan’s 1980 campaign was kicked off in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the site of the murders of the 3 civil rights workers circa 1963.

      Third, on hate crimes. The example given is always about murder. Why should it matter what a person is thinking? Well, it does. The difference between murder, manslaughter, and negligence is all about intent. If you kill someone in a bar fight, it’s probably 2nd degree at most. What if you went to that bar specifically to beat up a gay guy? Couldn’t that same beating then be 1st degree?

      But there are other crimes that without hate crimes legislation might only be misdemeanors. For example, burning a cross in front of a Black Church or painting a swastika on a synagogue. Vandalism? Yes, but a lot more. The intent is to terrorize the people, not to deface property.

      • chuckb

        jeff, there you go again, when unions were strong workers were paid better! unions are instrumental in business shutting down and moving out of the country along with environmental legislation. you say long gone are the days when union workers could make a decent wage and send their kids to college. the teachers union is basically responsible for the cost of education, their demands for extraordinary higher benefits and salaries have driven the price too high for most families.
        all the “bigoted democrats became republicans”. it’s quite obvious you are a student just out of high school. your logic is parallel to contemporary education and quite mixed up.lbj could not have passed the civil rights act without the republicans, they were instrumental in it’s passage and one of the most devastating laws ever forced on the american people.

        the hate crimes bill is another that further enslaves the american people, “double jeopardy” a crime is a crime and we have law to cover every aspect without liberal knee jerking lawyers hypothetically inserting their version of why a person commits a crime, “the guy murdered some one because of his color”, the guy murdered someone because he has a bad temper. the color gets you an additional term or possible death. one court can acquit you, the fed court will convict you on a hate crime.absolute idiocy!

        that’s the liberal way and that’s why this country will collapse upon itself. we are becoming a planet of the apes. we have lowered our standards to benefit people who do not have the learning ability in order for them to place a degree of higher learning behind their name. instead of allowing those that fall behind to make the effort on their own to better themselves.

        your comments indicate you are definitely a graduate of the contemporary education system.

        • Deerinwater

          chuckb says; “unions are instrumental in business shutting down and moving out of the country along with environmental legislation. ”

          So you elect to blame unions more then government itself? That the greed the fuels hunger for greater profits by business doesn’t seem to bother you much or the fact that this greed supersedes national pride or loyalties as you claim yourself a fountain of patriot pride.

          Do you fail to see the contradiction in such a blanket statement as you single out responsibility for reactions of a few that paid politicians to craft laws that have made this possible to do?

          I think that it is safe to say, ~ many things places a part and are “instrumental” in crafting today’s current affairs.

          The Hill is so awash with the flood of money from big business and special interest today ( the very people that you are attempting to defend) it no longer serves the interest of most Americans.

          I’m not sure of where the answer lies to correct this, while surely you don’t offer us one by asking us to worship the greedy.

        • Jeff

          I don’t know why I bother responding to you when the result will be more name-calling, but here goes.

          On the issue of civil rights, the bill was passed by Northern Democrats and Northern Democrats. Opponents were Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats) who all became Republicans within a few years. Nixon’s Southern Strategy was based on the Southern reaction to LBJ’s leadership in passing the civil rights and voting rights acts. The South has been the base of the Republican Party ever since.

          On hate crimes, I gave several concrete examples. Could you address them directly without impugning anyone’s integrity, please? First, an ordinary barroom fight where someone gets killed vs someone going to a gay bar to beat up gays and someone dies. Are they the same?
          Second, is burning a cross at a Black Church or painting a swastika at a synagogue nothing more than damage to property?

  • chuckb

    jeff, where is the name calling? i try not to insult people, especially when we are not face to face, that’s pretty cowardly..

    the term bolshevik refers to soviet communism and i believe a lot of democrats have taken that route and if you follow that line, well, then you are a bolshevik. socialist policies, unionism that’s where it came from.

    i will address the other hate crime legislation later today.

    • Jeff

      Anyone who thinks you need to be a Bolshevik to believe workers should be able to organize and negotiate with an employer for better wages, benefits, and working conditions is [fill in the blank]. I would much prefer to discuss issues on their merits, but when someone says something that sounds off-the-wall crazy, I like to have a little fun.

      • chuckb

        jeff, i would take it you have never been in business for yourself and without that experience it’s obvious you are prone to unionism. i can understand how you feel, the union gives you a feeling of security, demanding higher wages for you and many benefits.
        this is all well and good, however, someone has to pay for all the goodies, the company you are employed by or the state. when this happens the company has to raise their price of material or what they manufacture or the state has to raise tax to offset the cost.
        ultimately the buyer and the tax payer are the ones who pay. the people of wisconsin have just awoken to this fact.
        and the answer to all your comments, you don’t have to work for people who may mistreat you at the work place. it is better to make yourself a good worker for your employer, then you really have job protection.

        you tell me about the bar room fight. where do you see any comparison to that situation and a premedicated murder where does a hate crime law help other than giving the government power to retry you if their desired outcome is not arrived at..
        a bar room fight would most likely not be tried as a murder and they would have to prove the the gay getting killed in a fight as premedicated, this hate crime bill does nothing except rob us of more freedom and give the government more control.

        so someone burns a cross in your yard, someone draws a swastika on the synagogue door, big deal, was anyone physically injured? the culprits if caught should be charged with vandalism and punished accordingly. the hate crime law would probably get them a stiffer sentence than if they committed murder. you don’t see the difference?
        when you get right down to the facts, the government is forcing people to accept others they may not want to associate with and if you don’t comply, the alternative is jail. “you call this freedom”.
        i don’t want to live under the current administration and i will do my best to remove this clown in november, otherwise i think you will see this country turn upside down in riots and anarchy. i’m tired of seeing this guys fat ass wife strutting all over the world in expensive ward robes and vacationing every other week in sheer luxury all on the tax payers dime. i’m tired of seeing this goofus talking thru a teleprompter every other hour on tv.. the russian communist didn’t know what the word indoctrination meant.
        one thing i will say for barry, he is an excellent con man, he sure sold a lot of bridges to the gullible bleeding hearts.

        • Jeff

          You guys are really amusing. Why do you pick on Obama’s wife? Because she says it’s better to eat vegetables and exercise than to eat fast food and sit on the couch. I about fell down laughing when I heard your Leader, Rush Limbaugh, criticize her for not looking like a fashion model. Rush Blabberbaugh talking about ANYONE’s body? The jokes write themselves.

          I was not aware that a 50-year-old professional woman was SUPPOSED to look like a 21-year-old. Funny how the idiot never brought up looks when Barbara Bush was First Lady. You guys are pathetic. Your post is virtually unreadable. It’s almost like one run-on sentence with no capitalization. Here’s a news flash. You’re neither e.e. cummings nor James Joyce. Take a look at your daughter’s grammar book and learn to write with punctuation. Then, your court-appointed psychiatrist will be able to read your ramblings.

  • chuckb

    deerinthewater, i don’t know anyone, business owner, worker or anyone making a living isn’t trying for more profit or higher wage.if you want to call that greed so be it.
    everytime the unions sue a company for a raise, they too are that greed?
    unionism creates complacency and lackluster employees.

    who are you saying i defend? i was a republican until the last two years of gwb, the republican congress failed because they were too interested in lining their pockets and were kicked out of office. they not only failed the people who voted for them, they gave us nancy pelosi and harry reid, now there’s a pair to draw too. the bolsheviks came into power and took a bad economy into the tank, thank you mr. dodd and barney frank and even though bush warned us about them, he didn’t have the guts to stand up against the democratic house and he is partially to blame.

    this country cannot survive on the track we are on, this president is a complete failure, he may fool you, i don’t think he has the brain power to improve anything, he is hell bent on turning america into a socialist state, he hates white people and as you see now the nation of islam is patrolling the streets of chicago. he is a muslim and promotes this prehistoric mythology every chance he gets. i’m sure if these women who adore him so much will be willing to hide behind the berka and bow down to sharia law.

    my solution is to give the black people and anyone else who appreciates socialism any part of this country and let them establish their shangri-la. i don’t want to coincide with this mentality.

    • Jeff

      The first half of your post – interesting biographical info.
      The second half – absolute crazy paranoia. Harry Reid a Bolshevik? Why? Because he favors slightly higher tax rates on the rich than you do? No thinking person would not consider that crazy. If you want to be taken seriously, stop the labelling and name-calling and say why you think someone’s POLICIES are wrong.

      Impugning Obama’s intelligence? After W? I know you consider yourself the pinnacle of human intelligence, but I’ll stick with Obama, thank you.

      • Deerinwater

        Chuck, I’ve been self employed since 1978 and a licensed contractor since 1986. I work and contend with market “forces”. ~ I’m not big enough to change markets forces, I cope with them.

        I can’t run off to another country just because I can make more there. I can’t buy a Senators or Congressman attention.

        Don’t attempt to over simplify something that is well beyond you understanding and expect everyone to accept your over simplified point of view.

        You are attempting to defend people that “Don’t Need Your Help!” ~ they are doing quite well without your help!

        If every American thought as you do, ~ the USA would be little more than an up-scaled version on Mexico. Where 1/3 of it’s people live in total poverty and still must tote their water daily. Where people have three jobs and still live from day to day scratching out a meager existence.

        This reality, ~ is only 40 to 50 years away at the rate we are presently falling with your help Chuck.

        I would like to see a robust middle class myself, ~ I’m not certain what you vision for the future is Chuck.

        If you refuse to let the rich fail, ~ (and that is what we have been doing) only God knows where this will end.

        But one thing is clear Chuck, neither GOD or the RICH, truly need our help! And why anyone thinks that they might ~ needs to soak their head.

  • chuckb

    deerinthewater, who am i defending? who bailed out the bankers? (barry) who works in barrys administration? (bankers) who didn’t pay their tax (rahm emanual) check out his staff or do you bother along as he has the demo label all is fair game.

    do you check the price of gas, if you are a contractor, does this effect your cost of doing business, do you think there is any reason why energy prices should be so high and barry doesn’t make any effort to reduce prices.
    my son in law has a trucking firm he keeps passing the cost on to his customers and they keep reducing their trucking needs, this amounts to un-employment for some.
    you keep criticizing the rich for not paying more tax and yet you don’t seem to comprehend who these rich are, some fictitious. wealthy group? the small business in this country are the target for this administration, they are the ones responsible for the majority of our employment (the federal govt. is closing in) the amount of tax recovered by eliminating the bush tax cuts would amount to about eight days of government operation while eliminating hundreds of thousand jobs.

    after www2 i worked in various jobs mostly union and i belonged to several of them so i can speak with knowledge on that subject. my opinion is the same now as then. (don’t need them)
    i have been self employed most of my life, i owned a lumber mill during the seventies and your hero jimmy carter and the environmentalist put me out of business, i wasn’t a large operation only employing approximately twenty people. from there i opened a retail business in the early eighties and did quite well under the reagan administration and when clinton came along we sold out and i am quite familiar with the government regulations and environmental whackos.

    i don’t understand why people support guys like barry soetoro, i understand why blacks do. i have never bought into this civil rights bs, having lived around mexicans and some blacks most of my life, they are the ones bigoted and racial, the politicians use them like condoms. the bleeding hearts have the slave syndrome and this is mostly because the education system has pounded this in their heads from the first grade on.
    if you want to find out who hates who, take a walk in a black neighborhood after dark, be sure and wear your peace sign.the same goes for most mexican neighborhoods.the funny thing, neither are safe in the others neighborhood, don’t you think that’s strange, lol.

    • Jeff

      Any man your age who lived through the 1950s and 60s who calls civil rights bs is, by definition, a bigot. A much younger man, born say in 1980, with no memory of the 60s might be able to plead ignorance and ask why some racial groups need special laws to protect them. But at your age it’s completely inexcusable. Where were you when Blacks in the South were being lynched and beaten? Completely unbelievable.

      • chuckb

        jeff, you are so right, i am a bigot, i prefer my race to all others. and what was so great about the civil rights movement in the sixties, the only thing they achieved was destroying the american way of life. the blacks were the losers along with the whites, they are infested in the ghetto’s of most of our large cities, they depend on some one else to feed them, they breed like rabbits and they are unable to succeed in the education system without the schools lowering the standards of teaching. this is what the civil rights movement has brought us.
        they have also brought the whites down to their level in the process, this was done intentionally by the liberal politicians. this president is continuing the process, he has curtailed much of our space science, turning nasa into a kindergarden for the muslims.
        have you ever read the bell curve, it lays it all out for you, i’m sure you can understand it.
        the universities banned it, i wonder why? tell me how smart barry is, lets see his school records, are you serious they will never show it to you, the guy is doesn’t take brain surgeon to be a street organizer or con man, this comes easy for him.
        why don’t we have affirmative action for the japanese, chinese , do you think the system has to lower it’s standards for them.
        unless the blacks have the gumption to tie their own shoes, they will remain as pawns to the bolsheviks, they will remain slaves to the democratic party assisted by progressives and the communist party. i doubt if they will ever catch up mentally, they better stick to sports, the one asset they brought with them from africa. .

        like i said before, barry is a con man and he sure hoodwinked people like you, i think the school system beat him to it in your case.

        • Jeff

          And you, with your superior white brain voted for W how many times? You’d have voted for him again in 08 if you could have, right? Even if he’d been running against a proper White candidate? What was so great about him, aside from his being White? Dumb as a post, born rich, oil man who got wealthy by getting bailed out every time he screwed up. But his name was Bush and he never forgot his uncles’ phone numbers.

          Obama was born at best middle class, raised by a single mother, no family connections, no money. Succeeded at good schools. Can you imagine a Black Man at Harvard Law School? And they wouldn’t take a fine White Man like you who’s obviously superior. The Bell Curve says so.

          That book is a racist pile of crap, read by same. Do you really think your IQ is anywhere near Obama’s? Are you that delusional?

        • Deerinwater

          Hmm? ~ Everyone is entitled to a “point of view” Chuck. When you or I start painting a picture with such a wide brush the details and finer points seem to disappear as “everyone” get a coat of paint as notions of the individual and any rights or value they might offer gets lost under the paint.

          Speaking in such broad terms, how can one say anything that can not be validated in someway?

          It would seems your solution to any and all racial strife leads to a single conclusion. Would you wish to share with us what that might be?

    • Deerinwater

      “deerinthewater, who am i defending? who bailed out the bankers? (barry) who works in barrys administration? (bankers) who didn’t pay their tax (rahm emanual) check out his staff or do you bother along as he has the demo label all is fair game. do you check the price of gas, if you are a contractor, does this effect your cost of doing business, ”

      10:08 pm and I just getting in from a day that started at 6am. I did manage to cop a small snooze between 3:30 and 4:15, it helps. Our hottest day this summer, 104 while I’m seeing 124 to 137 on the rooftops. Thermo-barriers are beginning to break -down and the condition air is absorbing the heat. Walls, roof-top, attic space and duct and equipment insulation must be insulated better then what 20 year old construction called for back then.

      People are wondering if maybe something “might be” wrong. “It wasn’t like this Yesterday!”

      Chuck , I can tell that your a attempting to be reasonable with me and in that same spirit I will attempt to reply, while I can’t, ~ or should I say, “Not in the mood to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter’s administration”, ( while I’d love too) just not now.

      First off, let me say, ~ Obama’s administration was not first recent “Bail- Out” offered to bankers or the “affluent” . After “W’s” Oct.2008 ” Socialized losses and Privatized profits” Obama’s administration faced with the same problems did likewise.

      Second; I’m not a big “union” fan but I’m not their enemy either as you seem to be. There is a place in this world for organized bargaining to “Represent Labor” . Business organizes! , what do you think Herman Cane was doing? He was a paid Representative for the Food and Hospitality business. Look at the US Chamber of Commerce? If that is not “organized” , I don’t what would qualify.

      Third; A rich man can never have enough money. While at the same time, every wealthy man that I’ve know personally, will tell you that he is broke! He hasn’t got any money! That is one of the secrets to becoming wealthy, pretend that you are broke! While you are only “less broke” them everyone else.

      There was a time in America where a person by the sweat of his “labor” could carve out a comfortable living “if” he applied himself, worked hard and stayed with the skills and trades that he had mastered. He could save! raise a family, own a home.

      The ability to do that is still there today but made much harder by a system of “games” that have little to do with “hard work”. Today, we are being forced to play games and work systems many of us know little about. This does not have anything to do with our professions, how bright or how skilled we are. If we ignore them we lose, if we play , we lose!

      This shift in the perception of “earned profits” started in the 1980′s during Reagan’s tenure. Money makes Money! ~ while money has always been seen as a tool to make money, this has been carried to a whole new level! ~ The devaluing of “labor” to make money while greatly increasing the ability of just “money” to make “money” has long term implications if you wish to view the “SHIFT” over a 30 year period of time. ( or where we are today)

      It was the shifting of Federal Tax Codes that started this chance in the way people views what they preferred to call “Earning” No longer was it necessary to labor for earning! You could earn with money alone! It was about that time that we start hearing people say, “Profit is not a bad word”

      Today, as crazy as it sounds, to save is discourages at 2.5 or 3% , the system in place today wants you to invest ~ in their shell game!

      Well Chuck, that is all fine and good I suppose. But someone must labor, and if we can’t make a wage to have clear “earning” beyond daily survival where will “laboring” American Dream be seen as a possibility?

      The American people are much like frog placed in a pan of tap water and set on the stove to simmer, the frog fails to notice the gradual rise in water temp. Being a frog, he don’t understand what a “stove is” or what that might mean to him, by the time he has figured it out, it’s too late. The American people have spent the last 30 years in such a pan. Everyone did not get “uncomfortable” all at once, ~ but today I do believe everyone is beginning feeling the heat.

      I would venture to say, much of Bob Livingston’s follows, are in their late 50′s to 70′s and were approaching their prime earning years while employed by well to do companies and have enjoyed 20 of these last 30 years. They worked systems, they invested their discretionary earnings and see themselves jointed at the hip with the most wealthy of our nations “earners” as they too wish to made money with money. AS MUCH as can be made without breaking anymore a sweat then you’d expect from a riverboat gamble.

      Now They want things back the way things were ~~~~ back then! when labor was honored and respected but it seems as if this honor and respect for labor has been lost now that they make money with money.

      • chuckb

        jeff, your defense of the muslim in chief makes me laugh, you attest to his high iq, yet you haven’t or anyone else seen his schoolastic record, show me! you know nothing about this guy other than you like the sound of his voice, do you get that tingle in your leg?

        i would compare gwb’s iq to anyone of your latest hero’s clinton, al gore and barry soetoro
        bush would out score all three of them, i will admit he’s a little shy of fortitude.
        barry was born into middle class at least? he was born out of wedlock, so that makes him a bastard you state his mother was single!! and i doubt if barrack obama sr is his father, there’s no proof of such, don’t tell me how intelligent he is, you haven’t seen his scholastic record either in primary or the college level, so i say the bolsheviks have to hide everyhting about this guy, there’s nothing there to promote him with, so please put up or shut up! he admits his failure in high school so we know that much. his performance from the day he was elected up to now speaks for itself, failure on all points.

        putting it as kindly as possible, you are a student of our education system, as everyone can see has failed most of you, some have risen above the obstacle course set out for them, however, you tripped up on the first trap,

        • Jeff

          I didn’t say it was high; just a lot higher than yours.

      • chuckb

        deerinthewater, i can’t really argue with most of what you say, however, my opinion on what’s happening to the country probably differs from yours.
        i see a man deliberately tearing apart the seams of what made this country what it is. i see the stock market being manipulated by the government and their friendly agents.
        the corruption going on with fast and furious, the classified leaks from the white house, the arrogance of eric holder, the weakness of our congress and the complete failure of the senate. our entanglement with muslim countries, propagating islam will lead to ww3. government is crashing and you may be right barry has continued on the same path where bush left off, we still have some of the same people like bernanke calling the shots. this administration has a lot of jewish influence and from my estimation are off springs from the soviet communist regime.

        we are too heavy with minorities, they are bringing their socialistic ways and dependence with their immigration, mostly illegal. they have over burdened our tax system and now the government has to find ways to keep the money rolling in, new tax, eliminating the tax cuts, california has a new tax on the november ballot and the liberals who control this state are already spending the money, they are desperate, the state is bankrupt. so my vision of the future for this country is growing dimmer by the moment and the worse is yet to come.
        iin my opinion we need to start over, clean out the government and the fiefdoms these politicians have set up in dc. install strict term limits, eliminate the outlandish benefits for the congress and feds.
        redo our education system, set higher standards for our education. teaching will have to become a more honorable profession as it use to be, remove the influence of the teachers unions and set certification for teachers on a higher level.
        people will have to exceed on their own ability not by the color of their skin.

  • chuckb

    jeff, go powder your nose.your mascara is running.

    you don’t have to tell me how bad my punctuation is, at least i know mine is, however, i get my message off to you bolsheviks and you don’t have any trouble understanding where i come from. unfortunately most of you don’t have a clue where you are.
    so comb out your pony tail and go to sleep. dream about the new world barry has waiting for you, everyone will be skipping down the freeway singing kumbaya.

    • Jeff

      Be sure to let us know which night you’ll be addressing the Republican Convention in Tampa. You’ll fit right in with the birthers, the conspiracy theorists predicting martial law, Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, and the rest. Be sure to use the term Bolshevik. You’ll get more laughs than Bill Maher has ever gotten. Could be a career path for you. All you need to do is start talking.

    • Deerinwater

      “i get my message off to you bolsheviks and you don’t have any trouble understanding where i come from. unfortunately most of you don’t have a clue where you are.”

      Now Chuck, if you really, really intend or want to be understood, you would employ words that have a clear “meaning” and are understood by the audience your are attempting to reach out too.

      Chuck, while the insult is clear enough, what your are attempt to get across is only understand as frustration and confusion from a person that really does not possess the skills to express himself and left to only spit in someone face in contemptible defiance.

      While this is not see as an unusual response from people lacking in social coping skills, as we see our jail houses & nut houses are full of such people, people that just can not cope and demand that the world “cope with them” as they act out their frustrations in a inappropriate, demeaning and harmful manner.

      I know that you believe that you are special and unique Chuck but when it comes to such matter as human behavior, what and why people “do things”, let me assure you, your are a text book study of a frustrated man and it’s known what you are capable of when placed inside any given set of circumstances. You are no mystery Chuck. You will lash out at all that offense, like a wounded beast as everything “offends” as it gasp for breath.

      Today you bite the hand that feeds spewing forth contempt for socialism while enjoying it’s benefits in ways you now take for granted and have became so accustom. They are all the “give-me’s” you now accept as entitlements. You take for granted “peace”, clean water and air, roads, bridges, electric power, air condition, the ability to leave your home and not leave armed guards behind to defend it in your absence. Transit systems, civil and criminal laws that are policed and defended. Personal space that is respected and defended by others as a common good. Sanitation and all the laws that support such system for a social purpose.

      I would hope that you rethink your position and attempt to narrow down the source of your frustrations.

      My guess would be you have grow addicted to consuming thoughts and ideas that make you feel bad, your mind is no different from your stomach. Whatever you put in it affects your personal wellness in a very direct way and overtime can made you dependent and ill both at the same time.

      The mind is a powerful thing Chuck, it can create bad or good , but good becomes more difficult the more “bad” that it does. ~ And then too, the more good the mind creates , the more difficult it is to do “bad”.

      Housekeeping of the mind, is more important then any of the housekeeping we humans do. It is your mind where your “realities” are created.

      Everybody has problems Chuck, I can promise you, they will never go away! But the quality of our lives is determined by how we “react” to our problems.

      Our lot in life comes as Personal freedoms and accepting the responsibility of our choices on a very, very personal level.

      We are all born naked and then at some point we put on these cloths Chuck.

      • Jeff

        UH OH, Now Chuck’s gonna get mad at you. He’ll call you a Bolshevik, and he’ll huff and he’ll puff, and, and, and call you a Poopoo Head if you’re not careful.

  • chuckb

    jeff, that would be an honor, however, i don’t think the republicans want to hear what i have to say, in fact some have already heard from me. best wishes to you, as you grow up there’s always the possibility you may see the error of your way. .

  • swampfox

    White/black,who gives a rats assss!
    Obama IS a Marxist and a sorry sack of stale piss.
    just vote him out this Nov!!!!!!!

    • Jeff

      Such eloquence, perfesser. Do you think Obama liked “A Day At the Races” or “A Night At The Opera?” Perhaps, “Duck Soup?”

  • swampfox

    I wasn’t trying to be eloquent,I was speaking things as i see them.
    Why do feel the need to come to the socialists defence all the time?
    Obummer Is a socialist scumbag that hates this nation and everything it stands for!
    As i am a patriotic flag waving Christian AMERICAN and have NEVER asked the damn govt for a dime
    he depises me and every other true American who clings to god,guns and the constitution,the founding fathers
    Because of tyranny.
    Obummer is a liar,Marxist,traitor to EVERYTHING that makes this nation great,as such,I despise and loathe him,
    He is a self admitted muslem and as such,has NO respect for America’s
    Christian values.
    From the get-go this crapbag has had a AGENDA to bring America down and turn it into a socialistic third world utopia
    for the lazy who sit on their fat worthless asses
    looking for a handout like a monkey at the zoo.
    God himself said,if a man don’t work he don’t eat.
    Ranting,you Daggum right I am,and i.have been for four years now.
    I work my butt off metal studs framing & hanging drywall,been doing that since I got out the corps,
    All this welfare CRAP just breeds a environment for the lazy and worthless leeches who would’nt lift a friggen finger to do.any honest sweat producing work.
    Hell no,why should they?
    This sorry assed excuse for a ‘president’ we had foisted on us is a manipulating lieing socilistic moron who cannot even get his dope damaged brain to put out a
    Coherent speech,much less run a nation,he IS a IDIOT!
    Why are you defending him?
    Maybe if by the grace of god and we sack the socialist this Nov,you can go live with the narssisstic socialist in Kenya,though I doubt they won’t have anything to do.with him.
    Again,why do you feel driven to defend the socialist,are you a socialist yourself?
    If so,then it is no.wonder you defend the socialist as all of you think alike.
    there,now as patron said,you know how I feel!

    • swampfox

      Patton,not patron,
      Friggen phone keeps changing what i type.
      Kick obummer OUT on his arse this Nov!!

      • Jeff

        Were I undecided, your insane rant would definitely push me over the edge to support Obama. Read your post and try to detect any intelligent thought. It’s not there. Obama’s a socialist. There’s an original thought but it’s absolutely wrong. You might as well say he’s a jerk or a scumbag. To you, they’re just generic insults. You couldn’t find a socialist in Havana.

      • Deerinwater

        Swampfox; why not try reading for a pass-time? I think you might enjoy it!

        Why not start here and then just maybe you’d have a better grip on what your are attempting to say to everyone.

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        This article is about socialism as an economic system and political philosophy. For socialism as a stage of economic development in Marxist theory, see Socialism (Marxism).

        This article may be too technical for most readers to understand. Please help improve this article to make it understandable to non-experts, without removing the technical details. The talk page may contain suggestions. (July 2012)

        Part of a series on

        This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles and/or condensing it. (June 2012)
        Socialism /ˈsoʊʃəlɪzəm/ is an economic system characterised by social ownership and cooperative management of the means of production,[1] and a political philosophy advocating such a system. “Social ownership” may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, direct public ownership or autonomous state enterprises.[2] There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them.[3] They differ in the type of social ownership they advocate, the degree to which they rely on markets versus planning, how management is to be organised within economic enterprises, and the role of the state in constructing socialism.[4]
        A socialist economic system would consist of an organisation of production to directly satisfy economic demands and human needs, so that goods and services would be produced directly for use instead of for private profit driven by the accumulation of capital, and accounting would be based on physical quantities, a common physical magnitude, or a direct measure of labour-time.[5][6] Distribution of output would be based on the principle of individual contribution.
        As a political movement, socialism includes a diverse array of political philosophies, ranging from reformism to revolutionary socialism. Proponents of state socialism advocate the nationalisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange as a strategy for implementing socialism. Libertarian socialism proposes the traditional view of direct worker’s control of the means of production and opposes the use of state power to achieve such an arrangement, opposing both parliamentary politics and state ownership over the means of production. Democratic socialism seeks to establish socialism through democratic processes and propagate its ideals within the context of a democratic system.
        Modern socialism originated from an 18th-century intellectual and working class political movement that criticised the effects of industrialisation and private property on society.[citation needed] In the early 19th-century, “socialism” referred to any concern for the social problems of capitalism regardless of the solution. However, by the late 19th-century, “socialism” had come to signify opposition to capitalism and advocacy of an alternative system based on some form of social ownership.[7] Utopian socialists such as Robert Owen (1771–1858) tried to found self-sustaining communes by secession from a capitalist society. Socialists inspired by the Soviet model of economic development, such as Marxist-Leninists, have advocated the creation of centrally planned economies directed by a single-party state that owns the means of production. Yugoslavian, Hungarian, East German and Chinese communist governments have instituted various forms of market socialism, combining co-operative and state ownership models with the free market exchange and free price system (but not free prices for the means of production)

        • Jeff

          I think SwampFox prefers Conservapedia, the alternative put out by Anita Bryant and her dimwit son. Their explanation of socialism just shows a picture of Obama.

    • Deerinwater

      “I wasn’t trying to be eloquent, I was speaking things as i see them. ”

      And you were successful too! So tell us, how is that working for you?

      Why defend indeed, clearly you are not a threat to no one but yourself.

      Jesus didn’t work, you know? Lived on handouts, in fact he was Jewish! OH! Dear!

      A Jewish God! What is the world coming too?

      • swampfox

        That reply told all I needed to know.
        mock god all you want.
        That Jewish god you deny reigns and you will face him one day!

        • Deerinwater

          Agreed, a little knowledge goes a long way for you. I mock you.

  • jim

    I keep seeing in different places that Obama is bisexual or gay. That he and the Ballerina Rahm Emanual were members of Man Country a Gay Chicago bath house. It also talks about his pick up basketball games ,It also talks about Rev Wright running the down low club at his church >that wright was the matchmaker for gay black men with families. It talks about how 2 of them involved were murdered.It also talks about the gay society in washington that Obama is part of


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