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Obama Busted: Obama Admits He Shares Values With Communist Congressman

April 27, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    He is a Muslim first, a Communist second, and an American never. He has a higher regard for material he flushes, than our beloved country.

    • FreedomFighter


      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi



  • Vigilant

    From Dreams From My Father:

    “I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa , that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself , the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.

    W.E.B. DuBois and Nelson Mandela, communists, are his heroes.

  • s c

    As long as so many Amurikans have the mental ability of a 2nd grade brat, Obummer can say almost anything and get away with it. If he said that he’s a socialist, a communist and a fascist, most people would be so confused that Obummer would have to try and EXPLAIN his comments. But, since Obummer won’t explain ANYTHING, it lets him act as though he gets a free pass on every topic.
    STUPID Amurikans. Pathetic prez. What a mental asylum this country has become. Thanks for NOTHING, public education.

    • Constitution Hugger

      This is the whole reason WHY the fed govt has taken over our public “education” system–to produce their “labor”class in their new “utopia.” They have convinced our youth that us “old patriot types” are out of touch with the times. Things have got to “change” –we mere citizens are clinging to a past full of America’s evil attempt to force our values onto the world. We are so much “freer” under Dear Leader,with his czars and regulations, don’t you know? History is distorted, American children are taught to be ashamed of their country, and fed the line that they are the generation to make this “change” for the better. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Things got pretty nasty the first time around, but they feel the need to drag us all through it again, in a day and age where war is at it’s most dangerous. God help us all.

      • CardinalMo

        It seems to me that a bridge must be built in America. A bridge that is built by all Americans. 1) First we need a democracy. 2) We must solve the issues surrounding the buy out of our values, our representatives, by the Global Corporations. 3) Americans are ignorant of the actual concepts included in the Marx/Ingle philosophy and suggestions. 4) All the world must realize that Communism as it came to life was a mutation of the intentions.

        We have serious problems…globally. All systems have failed in meeting the needs of the masses of populations. The balance between elites and the mass is always off. Europe went from serfdom to Capitalism. Free thinking people, bondsmen, slaves, prisoners, adventurers, and capitalists all ended up in America. As did some of the Eu elites via investments, loans to a few Americans. We can look at governments, institutions, and life around the world. What we see is the few who are free/above the law and the many who suffer. I’m sorry, but we do need regulations to control the actions of corporations and businesses to protect the environmental integrity and the welfare we the people. Corporate need for constant new markets has created chaos and fighting for land, resources, water, food. The Europeans who came to the Americas, Africa, India, Japan, China, and The Middle East at one time pretty much took what they wanted and committed horrible crimes against humanity in the process…sometimes accidentally, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes without considering the consequence of their actions. They robbed other nations of their religions, values, lands, and instilled their colonial governments, and their Western EU/American way of life. People were treated savagely around the globe. (Not that they did not react with their own savagery), however, it was their issue to solve. The tribal wars around the globe have gone on for generations…but, they did not destroy hope for a future. And there certainly no excuse for Europeans/Americans to believe they were better that the people they colonized. We could have learned much from these old cultures about life its self.

        There is no aspect of life that the globalists corporations will not manipulate, and try to control. We need to stop Corporations abusiveness in their tracks. They must not be allowed to buy our politicians, leaders in other nations. They must adhere to rules of our nation and the host nation. Our corporations undermine any movement to REAL democracy around the world. Corporations buy the government and use the government to implement foreign and national policy.

        We need new systems of governments, economics, and we need social nets for the many disabled men, women, and children. We need safety nets for elders whose bodies have been sacrificed to work in occupations which harmed them and robbed them of strength. We need safety nets for women and children who earn less than most of their male peers. Globally women and children are the greater percentage of of the people living in poverty. And, in America white women with children are the greatest number of people receiving the meager benefits from our social safety net. It’s not illegal immigrants.

        I have no real political leaning or closed minded political opinion. I really don’t care for parties, I believe that we could do democracy a favour by voting for individuals who have strateges for solving issues. That is what is important. We should do away with the electoral voting block. That should become our first step to creating a true one person one vote democracy. the electoral “college” …is too easy to manipulate. We need a direct democracy.

        And we need to change our values of life. The bottom line is for people to be able to consume nutritious unadulterated foods, have the time to spend more quality time with family, friends, neighbours. time to volunteer for community needs. We need less materialism, more compassion for each other, patience, better communication skills, critical thinking skills, and slowing down a bit more. We need our lives back! When people volunteer they could be given a points card which allows them to purchase items such as food, utilities, water.

        To volunteer is a service to community. The work fills an important gap. Some people are unable to work full time but can manage a few hours a day…doing something even once a week. This could help those who are unemployed or under employed or in transitions.

        In short we must really start to think way outside of the box. Our constitution is a great foundational document and should be kept in place. But, it does not deal with the web problems which we face today. Open your minds. Take what is good from all cultures, all systems, and don’t throw away the good with the bad.

        I disagree with the statement that children are taught to be ashamed of their country. Most teachers I know try to teach an objective perspective…and truth. We cannot deny that great injustices have been committed, or that the land once belonged to American Indians, or that Blacks had to suffer under slavery, then the Jim Crow laws, or that poor white, and minorities suffer greater contamination in their environment. Students are taught that freedom comes at a price and that one has to speak up and defend freedom and assist others in doing so. Oh, no children are taught to be patriots. They still say the pledge of allegiance. They also teach children to have compassion for others, to not be bullies, to look at life from the shoes of the other. in short schools are getting a really bad rap these days. But, parents are ultimately responsible for teaching their children values…teachers do the best they can, but family is still a much bigger influence upon a child. Teachers are the only profession in which everyone else in society knows their job better than the experienced, qualified professional. No other professional is dictated to on a daily basis. Teachers were as a whole, when I was a child, treated with respect and allowed to teach…but maybe no now that I think about it they all had a routine and very common teaching methods.

      • Vicki

        CardinalMo says:
        It seems to me that a bridge must be built in America. A bridge that is built by all Americans. 1) First we need a democracy.
        Houston, we have a problem. Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Democracy is “tyranny of the Majority”. Democracy is the opportunity for a charismatic leader to get 50%+1 of the people to do anything he/she wants.
        Watch this video for great examples of why Democracy is the last thing we want or need.

        Though you could watch the whole thing (~10 min) the parts covering Democracy are at ~5:00 and 6:00 and 7:20.

      • Vicki

        CardinalMo says:
        2) We must solve the issues surrounding the buy out of our values, our representatives, by the Global Corporations.
        Solving 2 is easy. Implementing the solution is going to be some work.
        The solution is letting God back in to the hearts of most men.(That would be humans for new English speakers who have been brainwashed into believing that the word man meaning human is demeaning to women.)

        The reason I say most men is that there are a few who say they are atheist who obviously are moral in the way of God’s will and thus can be trusted to do things like honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution even when tempted with money or whatever the anti-corporate liberal thinks global corporations offer them.

      • Vicki

        CardinalMo says:
        3) Americans are ignorant of the actual concepts included in the Marx/Ingle philosophy and suggestions.
        There are many evils in the world for which we do not need to have any knowledge of. It is only when that evil tries to suppress us that we must “Know thy enemy”.

        4) All the world must realize that Communism as it came to life was a mutation of the intentions.
        The intentions of Communism are quite clear. They even include the intentions in their famous quote:

        “From each according to his ability. To each according to his need”

        Which is “work them to the bone and feed them bread and circuses”

        Humans do not need iPads. They only need food and water and protection from the elements. Hence the quote is actually the description of the way of slavery.

        Btw Communism was tried long before Marx/Ingles failed to learn from history and wrote their ideas.

      • Vicki

        CardinalMo says:
        We can look at governments, institutions, and life around the world. What we see is the few who are free/above the law and the many who suffer. I’m sorry, but we do need regulations to control the actions of corporations and businesses to protect the environmental integrity and the welfare we the people.

        We don’t need central government regulations to control the actions of business. Evidence in the link DaveH often posts showing the prosperity of an economy vs its governments regulatory environment. I didn’t find it but I did find this

        For further reading just google “prosperity vs government” and you will get reading material for a lifetime or 4. (No more excuses about being bored :):):) )

        To control the actions of business all you need is a truly free press and an educated populace. Business exists for the single purpose of earning wealth and does so by creating / acquiring products that customers want and exchanging (barter) their products with the customer. Thus you see even the customer is actually a business. If some business is TRULY harming the environment then don’t buy their products. It’s that easy.

        The progressives will say that we need government cause people are not smart enough to do it themselves. The people need government regulations to control business. Regulations written by experts or those who hire expert advice.

        Thus the progressive gives away their true opinion of the people. That people are like children and need mommy government to take care of them. Mommy government controlled by the very progressives who claim the need for government regulations.

        How convenient. Fox. Meet henhouse.

      • Vicki

        I could go on but I wasn’t planning on writing a book to day. I do want to address one other of CardnalMoe’s comments
        I disagree with the statement that children are taught to be ashamed of their country. Most teachers I know try to teach an objective perspective…and truth.
        Oh it’s far far worse than teaching children to be ashamed of their country. They are taught to be ashamed to be. As in “to exist.”

        On the other hand. If it is confined to a small part of the populace it is a self correcting problem. Teacher please lead. We’ll watch from over here. (I’m such a cold hearted conservative :) )

    • Leo Sebastian

      You are wrong my friend . This is exactly ” Public Educations “

  • Vic

    Mo, how much Obama pays you to post propaganda? Is it the same $100/day Soros pays to OWS? Or better?

    • http://NA President Paul

      Well said Vic. :)

    • cawmun cents

      Demonizing the legitimate businessman is the only way that they can collapse the economy.Theirs is a strategy to control the whole enchilada,by crushing capitalism one gram at a time,adding tiny increments of weight,by keeping those under the thumb of their indoctrination centers(we used to call them schools)from seeing through the cloud of self doubt.
      It amounts to classic Marxist doctrine.
      Even a complete dunderhead could see this if he were to study using deduction as his basis of contemplation.
      We are living in an age where folks dont care about anything but being entertained by the next best craze.Is it any wonder then that many are easily subjugated?
      People get their news from Comedy Central because the regular news channels are actually more laughable.What does this say about America?
      I care not one bit what others think of me.
      But for those of you who do…..shame on you for letting this type of attitude thrive in your nation.
      You allow Democratic Scocialists to run your gubments,city,state and federal.
      You allow people to walk across your borders carrying drugs for your school children.
      You allow roaming groups of teenage murderers to kill people in your streets.
      You allow lawyers to dictate how you live your lives in every possible arena of action.
      You allow con men and swindlers to give you loans to live your opulent lifestyles.
      You allow deviants and degenerates to conscript your youngest citizens in schools.
      You allow your selves to be fed a steady stream of lies by the media/academia.
      You allow the killing of unborn while defending the rights of murderers to live.
      You allow the use of your young adults to police places that arent worth a damn.
      You allow an endless stream of laws to bog down your own ability to live.
      After these ten points alone which are actually just the tip of the iceberg,you will notice how politically correct you have become.
      You will notice what tolerance has done for you.
      You will notice how douchebags with a law degree have brainwashed your society.
      You will notice how insidious communists have infiltrated your very souls.
      You will notice how lilttle anything but entertainment has of value to you.
      You will notice how conspicuously God has left your lives.
      You will notice how diabolical demonic forces have conspired to tear America apart.
      You will notice how little you care about that fact.
      You will notice how the agents of your destruction are all around you.
      You will notice how little you have done to disuade this from happening to you.
      But you can turn this around.
      Just turn back to God.
      Its just that simple.
      Then pehaps you can purge this filth from your nation,state,city,life.
      But I aint holdin’ my breath waiting.

  • erna

    Unable to send important Obama video due to impossible requirement of typing two words.

  • Bob

    I’m 75 yr. old w/ cancer, busted back, bed-ridden old cowboy. I get my education from God and horses and cows. I voted democratic many Presidential elections. Voted for Obama because I thought he might break the cycle of political corruption and bring a little more rationality to racism at all levels. He promised to “unite” congress and control the “run-away”, “we can’t afford another four years of Bush spending spree” politics.
    This time I’m voting for Romney because we can not afford 4 more years of Obama unprecedented, socialistic, ideological, self-serving, pathogenic, corruptive, disjointed, financial ruin path of “Lawinski’s rules for Radicals” and communistic leadership. No horse ever believes now that Obama ever had anything in mind except glorifying himself.
    “Horses never Lie”

  • audiodog

    ROMNEY IS OBAMA! Ron Paul is our last chance…………

    P.S. I am a union member……. But even that membership can’t keep me blind to the fascism started by Bush & continued by Obama, that will be turned on full by Bain Capitol’s Romney! Please wake up…………… All of you.


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