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Obama Bus Tour Outlines Election Strategy

October 18, 2011 by  

Obama Bus Tour Outlines Election Strategy

President Barack Obama began a three-day bus tour on Monday to target potential voters in North Carolina and Virginia, where experts say he is looking to woo large numbers of minority and “white, professional” voters.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama is also expected to travel to the Mountain West next week, where he enjoys heavy support from Hispanics in Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

Experts say that the President seems to be focusing on an election strategy for 2012 that will give him “multiple routes of victory” to reduce his dependence on Ohio and Florida, traditional electoral gems. The strategy contrasts 2000 and 2004 Democratic strategy when the party focused heavily on those States and won neither.

Campaign officials say that if Obama is able to win majorities in States that traditionally favor Democrats, plus North Carolina and Virginia or one of those and Colorado and Nevada, he will have an electoral college victory. Democrats won majorities in none of those States in 2000 and 2004, but Obama won all four in 2008.

The President’s re-election strategy most recently shows him shying away from working-class, white voters who have become bitter toward his Administration, the newspaper reports.

According to Business Insider, Obama has also further embraced the Occupy Wall Street crowd as a part of his White House re-election strategy. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a preview to the bus tour that Obama will make it clear that he is fighting to make sure that the “interests of 99 percent of Americans are well represented.” This is reportedly the first time the White House has used the term to differentiate between classes of Americans.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • jowolo

    If people dont wake up and see that this imposter is nothing but a liar-in-chief, we are in deep do-do.

    • Patriot II

      Don’t you mean “Liar in Thief”

      • simian pete

        That President Obama is a political GENIUS ! HE has a strategy all figured out ! ALOT BETTER THAN THE REPUBLATARD PARTY !

        The biggest insult is not President Obama’s re-election ! He is a worthy political competitor ! Oh No my friends, the biggest insult is from the REPUBLICANS !!! You all know what I am talking about !

        The Republican leadership have their MAN for this ELECTION and his name is RON PAUL !!! BUT WHY ARE THE REPUBLICANS SABOTAGING RON PAUL’S CAMPAIGN ???

        Think on this ……

        • Patriot II

          Simian, You bring up some good points. It is not an issue of Republicans Vs Obama. the Big Picture is Marxism vs Capitalism. Yes it is! Really!.. think about it before you let your old ways of thinking about the problem speak for you

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you say Ohmabrainer and staff are brilliant??? Did you hear about his trailer being stolen for a day?? No teleprompter all his electronics gone. Now we are talking about the same group that protects and guards the “FOOTBALL”!!!! Yeah, they’re brilliant all right, about as brilliant as a burnt out bulb!!!

  • CanCan

    Oh yes, and meanwhile, if Obama is lucky, those same voters he is courting to will not remember that it is the taxpayer who is footing the bill for his bus tour. Unless, of course, it is the other half who are not paying taxes he is courting, of course. In which case, they are not going to care about that fact any more than Obama does.

  • Raggs

    If this son of a bitch wins than there will be hope for America!! We may as well all move to China.

    • Patriot II

      Raggs, Here is my Point of View:

      The enemy of Marxism is Christianity.

      Revival of Christianity and Jesus’ teachings is the ONLY answer.

      Jesus was a Capitalist.

      There are two kinds of Capitalists: Good and Bad.

      1. True Christians -Good
      2. Fake Greedy Christians and Greedy Non Christians- Bad

      Amazingly simple isn’t it?

      • eddie47d

        “Jesus was a capitalist” No arrogance coming from patriot!? LOL

        • Patriot II

          ed, when it is truth you call it arrogance? Your comment makes no sense.

  • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts John Forberg

    I believe all taxpayers should insist that the Obama’s bus tour expense come from his campaign coffer rather than being paid by the federal government (Taxpayers) because it truly is a campaign strategy rather than in absolute reality selling his jobs bill.

    • eddie47d

      All Presidents have done the same thing so if you want to change policy then get a law passed that says so instead of singling out Obama.

      • 45caliber


        Sounds like a good idea to me. Will you sign the petition to change that law?

        • Patriot II

          45: that was a good question for ed. I beleive he would, maybe if we get him to agree on one thing he will start to see the light and his eyes will start to open.

  • Lost in Paradise

    I predict that Obama will win in 2012. What a disaster it will be. We are all screwed unless something amazing happens, like a succesful assination, or a well run revolution to topple the government. Either would be fine with me. I grew up in a wonderful country, and it has been taken from me. I’, pissed big time.

    • WaChar

      come on,lost in…we need not change our moral values in order to
      win anything worthwhile. We are not ‘murderers’. Assasination is NOT right in any way, shape or form.
      We need only keep telling the truth about any elected official, constantly and consistantly…that is and will be the right response.

      • 45caliber


        There are exceptions to every rule. Assassinations are one of them. Take Hitler, for instance. If he had been assassinated early, we might have kept over 20 million killed in WWII alive – and that doesn’t count the ones he sent to the gas chambers.

    • Patriot II

      Lost: I agree, Obama WILL BE relected, UNLESS (only way) the Marxist Main stream Media is exposed to the General Populous and more citizens begin to understand how they are being Duped.

  • Patriot II

    There is NO other way to look at this. It is Sooo Obvious that he is using our taxpayer money to continue to campagin and lobby for his marxist ideas. He is on a constant campaign of Misinformation Spin, (We called it Propoganda in WWII).

    Obama and his Marxist crowd would have no chance if it wasn’t for the Marxist Media and the OWG Money behind the Marxists marching in the streets. I would like to use the brains of the people in this country who refuse to see that (for building material)-(Harder than Brick!)

  • s c

    People, stop for a minute and get something through your heads. Why is it that so many people are content to sit back, watch and listen but not think? HOW does Obummer get those too expensive vehicles to his destination(s). THINK!
    Are those vehicles (complete with security, etc.) driven the “normal” way? Or, does the W H poser have those vehicles FLOWN to a location close to where he wants to go? At this point if you’re not thinking and you don’t understand what’s involved, PLEASE go away. He already has you in his back pocket.
    If we have a prez who is so screwed-up that he flies vehicles around the country (normal people DRIVE them from point A to point B), then he’s telling us that MONEY IS NO OBJECT and the American people would rather be sheep-like than stand up against someone who will do ANYTHING to stay in office. And, WE get to pay for all those damned trips!
    NO ONE flies vehicles around the country! His transportation is NOT supposed to be like a military operation. He is so out-of-touch that he wouldn’t be able to handle ‘normal driving time.’ America, if you refuse to think, know that you will have been defeated and enslaved by a theoretician.
    A theoretician serves no purpose in life, and is rarely in touch with reality. Only subhumans would let themselves be ruled by someone who hates them and treats them like dirt. Are there NO thinkers in America? Have we been enslaved by ourselves? Are we fit only for chains? Where is your conscience, America? America, are you awake. Do you deserve to be called human?

    • Patriot II

      SC; Very well Put, Most of the Non-thinkers, “sheople”, “Bricks for Brains”, “Bury their Heads in the Sanders” probably never read beyond your first Sentence.

      I think WE could have some fun and on the street ask someone this: “How much of your taxpayer money does it cost to fly those big busses around the country for Obama to make it look like an actaul Bus tour?” We should do some research, I’ll bet it is more than 2 Mil a day.

      • eddie47d

        How much does it cost any candidate? Obama certainly has a right to defend his candidacy like any one running for office. If he flies to these events you would scream about that too. Even as the Republicans fly all over. I know you will never stop playing politics patriot but try and grasp what they all do and then comment.

        • Patriot II

          ed, I believe your comments are impertinent.

        • Bus

          Right Eddie, since he isn’t doing any leading he might as well be campaigning.

        • 45caliber


          One big difference in his flyng vs. their flying is that we pick up the tab for Air Force 1 and all his staff, guards, etc. The rest pick up their own costs.

    • 45caliber


      Out of curiosity, do you know how many buses are included in this? I’ve heard there are over 40 … and all are specially made at a cost of over $1.5 million each since they have to be armored, etc. That is $60 million of our dollars and doesn’t even touch gasoline, food, salaries, etc. for all that go with him. And we pick up the tab for all of it since “he is the President and we must protect him.”

    • simian pete

      I have to respectfully disagree with you SC. The President’s safety is of upmost importance. If the secret service wants the President and the bullet proof vehicles flown by military transport – then it should be done, even if President Obama is campaigning.

      President Obama is head of the government and the Executive branch. Any requirements for his safety must be met. That is just common sense !

  • Song

    if he can find his teleprompters hehe

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Like I said earlier, let’s hope and pray the next time someone doesn’t steal the “Football”!!

  • daniel

    Oh no!!!! This means that O will be in Nevada screwing up traffic again. Of course he will have his waterboy Reid to introduce him. And the local SEIU chapter 226, teamsters, and electricians will pack the audience. With the high unemployment they won’t have anything else to do.
    I am so tired of paying for this clowns’ re-election campaign.

    • 45caliber


      They have to pack the audience. He (and his bosses) can’t trust the rest of us in one of his audiences. We might ask the wrong questions and make him look bad!

  • Buck

    If Obama wins in ANY state , that state should be nuked because there are no Americans living in them anymore and that makes them treasonous to the constitution . No one in American history has violated more constitutional laws , and because of this constitution we are a NATION of laws .

    • eddie47d

      Violence is always on the mind of a conservative. So do you really mean it or not?

    • healthnut

      We should boycott all DemocRATic states…I do…especially NY, CT, Mass. AND California…Nevada. My BIG BAD BUS will not be making any stops there…’s only a few hundreds of us RV’ERS…but if more joins us it will teach them a lesson…They are way more expensive there anyway…who needs them…

    • Patriot II

      Buck, don’t give ed any more “Amunition” lol!

    • simian pete

      You go ahead ,Buck ! and boycott whoever you want to. You probably are wealthy enough for such a luxury ?

      I AIN’T boycotting NOBODY.

      I’m going with the best deal I can GET !!! Anyhow, ain’t no such thing as a “conservative state”. All that exist is who is giving the best deal, and how it will benefit me. Because in the end I’m all that matters (for myself). That’s the American way and it’s called competition !!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        simian pete,
        I’m sure your wife and kids, if they are unlucky enough for you to have them, are real glad to hear that YOU are the only one that matters!!! Please, if you don’t have a wife and kids, DON’T GET ANY, OR USE PROTECTION!!!

  • K. D. Dickson

    This is one president that needs to be a one-termer!

    • Patriot II

      K.D. welcome to the “enlightened”

    • http://?? Joe H.

      K. D.,
      He shouldn’t even be a first-termer!!!

  • Been Here a While

    Look at all that pollution coming out of the exhaust pipe of that bus. WOW!!! The EPA should be looking into this!

    • Bus

      It isn’t just the gas coming out of the back of the bus, think of all the methane being spouted from the man behind the telepromter.

      • Patriot II

        Bus: Well put!

  • jopa

    daniel;Your worried about the traffic being tied up in Nevada when our President visits.There are only two streets in Nevada that have traffic on them, Fremont and the Strip.Take a side street.

  • jopa

    Buck; The guy before Obama broke more laws, stepped all over the Constitution and today is considered an international fugitive from justice for torture and various other war crimes.The only country he dares to go to is Canada and most Canadians don’t want him there either.He should also be tried here for war mongering and profiteering.The reason I grade Obama to be a B class president is because he didn’t prosecute Bush,Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rummy.Plus he still has that tax plan of the previous guy.

    • healthnut

      jopa…what in the hell are you talking about? this moron continues the same war crimes you claim that Bush did AND he has accumulated a lot more…by EXECUTIVE ORDER…talked about stepping all over the Constitution…Do you know why CODE PINK is not protesting in front of the white house now?? They are way too busy causing havoc and destruction now in NYC…BUT they were all over EGYPT, YEMEN, LYBIA. They love Hamas and the criminals there…prior to NY…Take your blinders off…Right… all other Socialist/communist countries want to keep your Fake-Prophet because he is trying to ruin our country which is what those jealous countries have been wishing for…for years.

    • 45caliber


      Are you blind or still so tightly wound up about Bush that you simply don’t CARE what Oblama has done and is doing?

      Incidently, Bush is NOT a war criminal wanted all over the world. The only ones who would like to see him on trial are those in the NWO who are his friends and want to use such a trial to convince people all over the world that they have more authority than the various governments of these countries do. You should really learn a little more about them before you start insisting they have the power and authority to arrest and try Bush. To be honest, 90% of the countries of the world could care less even while he was in office – and most of the rest no longer care since he is no longer in office. But you sort of forget that, don’t you?

    • Patriot II

      Jopa, You need to quit drinking the Liberal Kool-Aid.

      Intelligent informed folks know that Bush was no Angel, but compared to Obama he was a Saint. You need to listen to talk Radio and Fox News, not just listen to people who “Spin” to you that Conservatives and Republicans are bad people.

      Liberals——-Good as well, just misinformed to the point of listening to Poisen by Marxists.
      Marxism; Do yourself and the rest of us a big favor
      and look it up, read the explaination of it.

  • healthnut

    There he goes again…trashing the Republicans…to high school and young college students…and union members. I’m so sick of his speeches…why he is not working is beyond comprehension…He is a fake and is getting more and more evil and with a vile rhetoric…Our country is falling apart due to his audacious regulations AND he is running all over in the DEVIL BIG BAD BUS blaming everyone but himself and the democRATS…and their fake documents…

    • Patriot II

      healthnut: He is doing the Job he was commissioned to do by the Marxist OWG Movement. Doing a pretty good job of it Huh?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yes he trashes the repubs and conservatives and convieniently forgets that people in his own party are voting against his jobs bill, and just about everything else he does!!

  • 45caliber

    “…“white, professional” voters.” ???

    I am a white, profession voter since I’m a mechanical engineer. And I deal with a number of similar people every day. None of us fit Oblama’s “rich” category ($200,000 and above) and none of us are likely to ever do it. But I don’t know of a single one of us who would vote for him. If there are any, they are also very careful to keep from admitting it.

    • Patriot II

      45: we are in the minority. If all of us go ou to vote, we might make a difference. We nned to make sure OUR numbers of actual Voting is very High.

  • Marlene

    He’d better start using his campaign funds to run these costly buses all over or, better yet, have all the dumbo Eddies who slobber all over him, making sick excuses for Obam-bam’s stupid remarks and actions, pay the bills for him. They love him so much, I’m sure they’ll be happy to fund the chief ninny’s campaigning.

  • AJ

    He’s apealing to the Dead Heads of America that don’t realize
    that he’s a 1%’er and just a Wall Street huckster ushering in a
    New World Order. His campain words are like manure. Bull Sh_t spread thick. And they’re eating it up.

  • cae

    Well Nevada should be easy since the illegals vote there…but North Carolina is not a stupid state so he won t win that one. Colorado and Va are up in the air, but in general the south will not vote for him, proving they are not stupid either.

  • tonyfalco

    i would rather be diagnosed with cancer than see the community organizer win again. what a disaster

  • http://personalliberty larry

    Why did obama have to use two foreign made busses that cost millions at the american taxpayers expense? Could’nt he have used something cheaper like maybe
    a convertiable like JFK used?

    • AJ

      We couldn’t get that lucky.


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