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Obama budget unrealistic, says RNC

March 5, 2009 by  

Obama budget unrealistic, says RNCThe Republican National Committee has blasted the Democratic administration’s $3.6 trillion budget proposal as too lavish and based on unrealistic economic expectations.

Reminding Americans that President Obama promised to produce a budget that honestly accounted for the money the government would spend and would be free of gimmicks and deception, the RNC has set out to warn that the bill does not offer an accurate picture of the country’s financial situation.

Citing a wealth of research, the RNC claims that the economic forecasts in the budget are much higher than private forecasts.

In particular, it emphasizes that in order for the government to reduce the deficit to $600 million by 2012 the economy would have to grow by more than 4 percent a year.

However, most economists believe that it will fall by 2 percent this year and grow by between 2-3 percent during subsequent years.

The RNC also questions Obama’s predictions regarding the future direction of unemployment. While his administration assumes that it will stabilize at 7.9 percent in 2010, the committee cites expert opinions which suggest that it will far exceed 8 percent.

The Republicans have also expressed their dismay at the fact that the budget proposal will increase taxes on businesses and on individuals who make more than $250,000 a year.

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  • William Mancia

    My feeling about the whole situation is that the same way Hugo Chavez is controling Venezuela,Obama will do the same for America. I believe that 99.6 of the Media and liberals are backing President Obama in becoming a socialist country. Something they will regret for as long as they remember,like Rush said, I don’t want the country to fail (because this is America) but his agenda is not good for America at all. Let me put it in simple words (I love Freedom) and I don’t want to loose it. Let’s continue the fight for servivor in our own country.

  • http://google Shirley Osterland

    I believe that President Bush is to blame for this catrosphy as I believe President Bush secretary of Treasury (Henry Paulson} should have done a better job of overseeing the market and where was Banake or why did not Alan Greenspan see this coming.Obama as I remember in january when story was breaking stayed out of it and said he would let President Bush and Secretary Paulson handle it the nation can only have one president at a time.President Roosevelt inheritated a mess also from 3 republican president’s in 1929 Hoover being the last one.That is why we have the FDIC to keep a watch overseeing wall street sometimes greed just takes over.Thank God for President Roosevelt and President Obama.President Bush inheritated a surplus from Pres Clinton and then when Bush and Cheney got in office they literally raided the United States treasury.Look at Breamer in Iraq pres Bush sent him 12 billion dollars and Breamer or the president cannot account for the money also look how much Halliburton has made off with American dollars. Just stop and think and do your homework. Thank You Shirley Osterland

    • Tomas Wes


      Wow, with all do respect you need to research your facts and stop with the spins. Greenspan, Bush, Paulson, and lots of others did see this coming and are on record stating such, the Dem’s denied this and this is the root to the financial problem. Obama and gang know what will fix this econminy they choose to push all the programs, history shows that what JFK, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush Jr did, Roosevelt is the last president to compare then with now. Also Obama is less in running the country then any of the past presidents, so please learn some fact’s and issue so you are not blinded by some who can read a teleprompter but has little skill in running and managing an organization, business or government and it is showing. Sorry to be hard on this issue but the truth is what it is…

      • John

        Bush and the republicans had six years where they had the Senate. They created the environment and they spent half a trillion more than they took in every year of Bush’s presidency. Greenspan inflated the biggest asset bubble in history. It was his low interest rate policy that inflated the bubble. Throughout the last eight years the US has also had a current account deficit that was close to half a trillion a year which is why China and Japan have almost two trillion US dollars in securities. God help the US if they decide that those dollars should get dumped, talk about sacrificing US security and liberty…how is that for hard truth?

    • John

      This is all planned out- to get control of the people you start by destroying the money- almost complete- then you control the food- that is coming – watch for new legislation coming to make growing your won food a crime as well as organic standards destroyed and erradicated.


    I just mailed a letter to the British Embassy to accept our apology for the treatment our President gave him. I hope and pray that I am wrong, but I feel in my heart we are going down the wrong road with the Democrates.

  • John

    The Obama budget is the right thing at the right time. The free falling economy is starting to slow and with stimulus the long slow process of rebuilding the economy will hopefully start.

    The problem is unprecedented so the solution is also unprecedented. It is fortunate the there is a man in power who is willing to reach for new solutions rather than grabbing old policy that is politically easier.

    The Republicans have absolutely no credibility when it comes to the economic solution. The situation has been created by their policies. Since Reagan their economic stewardship has been a disaster. The $10.7 Trillion Dollar Debt and the regulatory environment created during W. Bush have put the financial community and the world economy into freefall.

    All of this generated during good economic times. If Obama is able to reverse this disaster it won’t be because the Republicans and their right wing heroes – Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity – have done anything to lift the US. They did nothing to keep Bush and company from spending the US into the worst recession since the 30’s and their bankrupt rhetoric will do nothing to get things back on the right track.

    • John M

      John, You are delisuional if you think you can get out of debt by spending money- wake up America- doesn’t matter who’s “fault” it is- it’s both as far as I’m concerned- each president and Congress the past 100 years have been developing this mess. Anyway, let’s bite the bullet and let the banks that need to fail fail and get on with it. We are looking at at least a 10 year “depression” with this stimulus and now budget from Obummer. Obama thinks we will grow our economy 4 % over the next 5 years- he’s crazy and we buy into this bull. Stop handing him the combination to the vault.

    • s c

      If you understand the difference between paper and real money and freedom and slavery, I can’t detect it. I suspect you are seeing what you WANT to see (not what you NEED to see). This is the real world. A new ‘leader’ has made asinine spending programs made bad by Bush WORSE. Trying to spend America’s way out of debt is a form of extreme denial. Washingtonian ‘consensus’ skills will NEVER keep this Titanic afloat. America has to stop and reverse itself. To hell with party politics and feeling good because it’s what my ‘leaders’ want. Never in the history of the world has there ever been a “good” big and growing government. We should not be expected to endure slavery because our ‘leaders’ find it convenient to ignore historical FACT.

  • Craig

    Wow, so John, all the pork that is in the spending bill is good?, only if you are a democrat. How about the 97 million dollars going to build a second research building at Los Alomos in N.M. for a program that has been cancelled, is that sound, fiscal responsibility?, hardly. How can you say that a 3.6 trillion dollar spending bill is going to improve our economy when 600,000 americans are losing jobs each month, oh wait the illegals get stimulus money and contractors that hire illegals get the federal jobs, is that responsible govenment, hardly. Obama is a joke and will fast track this country into such immoral decay and financial calamity, I fear it will take years for this economy to recover. God Bless America? How can God bless a nation who allows the MURDER of unborn children?, How can God bless a which allows stem cell research?, How can God bless a nation which allow same-sex marriages when homosexuality is a SIN–AN ABOMINATION IN GODS EYES?, How can God bless a nation which promotes gay rights but stifiles Freedom of Religion?. This administration has acted so irresponsible, so ungodly, so sinful, so politically incorrect , it is an embarrassment to all common-sense thinking, Christian people. Obama doesn’t even know how to read the Bible and he proved that when he made a fool of himself when he tried explaining Leviticis, and the Sermon on the Mount. He doesn’t even realize that God was talking the the people of THAT period in Lev and he has NO CLUE what the Sermon on the Mount even speaks of. Is that responsible? Or how about the way he treated PM Brown during his visit here, and Michelles actions where even worse, you going to say that is responsible?. Right now the Republicans have more credibility hands-down then Mr Big-shot spender any-day of the week. You sound bitter because the Republican didn’t vote for the spending, now you can’t blame them when this country crashes and burns. God help Mr. Obama for he knows not what he doeth and ” You gave him eyes, but he see’s not, You gave him eyes, but he hear’s not”. With God, you are either for Him or against Him, there is no middle ground. Mr Obama it appears, has chosen to be AGAINST Him. God, some-how BLESS this nation, and BLESS her best friend Israel.

    • John

      Your opinion is not rational. Basing your beliefs on extreme religous viewpoints, “fundamentalism” is dangerous. Fundamentalisim leads to blood, you are not “either with God or against God” lots of good people have beliefs different from yours. Stem cell research to save lives and cure horrendous afflictions, absolutley. Freedom and liberty means that he state should stay out of the bedroom, that includes homosexuality, that is freedom and liberty, don’t demand that people must live based on your narrow viewpoint.

      Oh and by the way 40% of the “pork” earmarks are by Republicans and they are all from last year. That was when bush was in power. The jobs issue, a result of the Republican debacle. Obama is a good man, get over it.

  • Bob Livingston

    The Republican National Committee is spewing out its rhetoric reminding Americans that Obama promised to produce a budget that honestly accounted for the money the government would spend.

    Here again the talk of budgets is a lot of noise since in a fiat monetary system there is no such thing as a budget when the government gets everything that it gets for fiat that its symbiotic partners, the banks, create out of nothing.

    So-called budgets imply limitations and mathematical calculations, none of which can apply to the concept of fiat.

  • Craig

    Sorry John, but these are NOT extreme view-points, but from the Word of God, so what your saying is that the Bible is an extreme and narrow view point and dangerous. That doesn’t work with God, God is the one that said; “Ye are either for Me or against me” not me, I just quoted it, and maybe this country needs a little bit “fundamentalism”. I didn’t say a lot of people didn’t have different beliefs, you did, I didn’t say every-one had to believe what did, you implied it. I only do what my God ask’s of me according to His Word and that is to call sin what it is–SIN. When you say “Freedom and Liberty” means the state should stay out of the bedroom, then Obama has no business in pushing the gay agenda or promoting the gay agenda, you said it, no state involvement. Also the founding fathers defined seperation of Church and State as: The Church will not dictate or force the govenrment to do it’s every bidding, in other words let the government be the government and the government will not dictate to the Church what it will proclaim, in other words, let the Church be the Church, neither will force the other to do things contrary to their fundamental business, not meddle in each other’s business, also this country was founded on “Christian Principles. I didn’t demand that people MUST live according my (Gods) narrow point of view–God did, “narrow is the road to Heaven, wide is path to destruction (Hell). God HATES sin, and if He calls something a sin–it’s a SIN. Better recheck your facts on your last 2 statements, I think they are a little out of whack and slanted, it was a democratic congress that refused to act on fannie mae and freddie mac which started this mess in the first place. Again, it”s the democrats not wanting to accept the facts of being held accountable, they never have and never will, just like when this spending bill fails, the democrats will blame it on everybody except themselves. Your reply makes no sense and is filled with the typical democratic mumbo-jumbo. My God didn’t put me here to pussy-foot around with His Word or be afraid of offending some-one when I point something out, you or anybody else can accept the Word of God or not, that is your choice, my choice is to accept the “narrow, fundamental, extreme view-point of God’s Word” because as a Christian that is my calling, I am here to plant seeds, if God want’s them to grow—He will. I didn’t realize according to you I could not express my view-point, no matter how narrow, however the Article, Freedom of Speech, does, with-out persecution. Obama is not a good man, he stands for eveything which is in opposition to Gods Word., and because of that I WILL continue to express Gods view-point and call sin what it is—SIN. Get over it!!!!!

    • John

      Your opinion about what “God” wants and what you he/she thinks of Obama. Your opinion, not his, your interpretation of the bible. I think your interpretation is incorrect, I do not agree with you, I never suggested that you are not entitled to your opinion I said it is not rational. “Ye are either for Me or against me” is not a phrase that I can find in the King James bible but even if that is stated context is everything. Anyhow, I think that you should ease up on telling people what “God” thinks and wants, you don’t know. I say that Obama is a good man doing a good job in a difficult situation, so we disagree, thats OK – just don’t tell me that “God” is taking sides.

      • Craig Rits.

        We agreed to disagree, we accomplished something. My point was the agenda and his actions so far, he professes to be a born-again Christian. Would not a born-again Christian want to stand up for what God says. As I stated before it “appears” he has chosen to be anti-God by his agenda, (abortion and homosexuality and gay rights, same-sex marriages) are these all not sins against God and yet he has chosen to defend them. He says he reads his Bible but yet he chooses to support the sinful ways of man. Again I say How can God bless a nation, which for the most part, has turned away from God and embraced the sins of the world with it’s moral depravity. He might be a “good” man, but his agenda so far shows he trying very hard to turn this country to socialism, unless you don’t mind losing your 1) Freedom of Speech 2) Your Right to bear Arms 3) Freedom of Religion 4) Freedom of the Press 5) Non-Government control over everything. I do, I like my freedoms, I don’t like the government telling what I can say, what God I worship or what Church I go to or what Bible I choose to read from, or whether I can own a gun or not or telling me I have to join a union or what newspaper content I read or what talk radio host I listen to, those are my choices, not the governments, mine

        • John R

          I would really like to no where the quote “Ye are either for Me or against me” is from. I have done quite a bit of digging and have nmot been able to find it.

          My freedom of speech is secure, the right to bear arms, as crazy as I think that is, is secure, freedom of religion is secure, freedom of the press is certainly secure even if the the newspapers are going broke becauase of media fragmentation. Non-Government control of everything?? whatever that means, I like the infrastructure, roads, power, communications, military, sewers, imigration, etc. so the government certainly has a roll. I would like universal healthcare and I want resonable regulation to conduct business in so that I can operate efficiently. I would also like a good justice system so that the”rule of law” provides stability and security.

          Anyhow let me know where the quote is from.

  • Barry

    Spend and TAX. Spend and Tax. This is what out of touch liberals do. It should not surprise anyone that the most radical socialist Senator in America has become the biggest spender in the history of the US.

    He is a socialist, baby killer, Muslim lover, Bowing down to Muslims, hates America, Americans, gun owners, Bible toting believers, and anyone else who does not agree with him. (see Joe The Plumber)

    He is hollywood, he is not a hero or a leader. He has no clue how to run anything.
    He is weak on national defense, loves the UN, wants a world currency, a national heath care system that has proven not to work in Canada, England, Hawaii and other parts of the world.

    He luvs the environmental wackos, mocks Christians and God’s Word, hates Jews, Luvs Muslims, was not born in the US, thinks Americans need to pay higher taxes, have less, drive small tiny electric vehicles while he flies in the biggest jet and the largest limo.

    He is a racist, attended a racist church for 20 years, hung around know terrorist Bill Ayers.
    Cheated to win the election using Acorn and money from foreign countries.

    Wants to talk with our enemies. ignores rogue dictators, wants to be friends with mass murderer Castro, wants forced unions. Gave $900 Million US Tax Payer dollars to terrorist in the Middle East.

    Yes HE WON and now it is time to Impeach him. Impeach Obama now. He must fail so our children can win and America can win. He must lose so America wins.

    We need a change and he needs to go. The change we need America is a change to a new President not an illegal President. Produce an authentic birth certificate Obama.

    • John R

      You seem quite paranoid.

      I am really happy that Obama is in – in spite of people with a delusional view of the world that think that anything other than their stilted one dimensional view is the answer – the best man won. The kind of hate spew that is nutured by the extreme right, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Coulter crew and apparently Barry – is ignorant at best and dangerous at worst.

      Democracy is great. It allows the people to balance out the extreme views. Real Americans believe that this is the best political system in the world and support it even when their candidates lose. If the GOP had been given another four years the US would have been completely destroyed economically and would certainly have lost all credibility on the global stage. America is a great nation and the people have spoken – get over it.

  • s c

    I was wrong, and I admit it. That is, the RNC is not wrong all the time. However, when they’re wrong 90-95% of the time, it does not make me feel better. No one needs a doctorate in economics to know
    a realistic budget is not part of this administration’s ‘vocabulary.’ It is so ironic that they are continuing AND expanding a theme recently kick-started by their arch-enemy – George Bush. Now, kindly get off your over-paid, airhead posteriors and give us some REAL conservative candidates. DUMP those morons who give you those half-@$$#^ non-topics for your press release(s).

  • cal

    How can anyone say obama is a good man. He is evil. Watch him speak(or should i say read his telapromter). He has no respect for the ave. joe. He wants to destroy our way of life. He hates what america stands for, that comes through in every one of his speeches.
    If left in office to the end of his term, the usa will be lost.


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