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Obama Brings Back David Plouffe In An Effort To Hold On To Congressional Majority

January 28, 2010 by  

Obama brings back David Plouffe in an effort to hold on to congressional majorityAfter one of his most trying weeks in office President Obama decided to re-hire his 2008 presidential campaign manager David Plouffe in an effort to retain as many Democratic congressional seats as possible in the upcoming elections.

Although many have speculated that the decision to bring Plouffe back was made in response to the Democrats’ stunning loss in the recent special Senate election in Massachusetts, Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod said on Sunday that the move had been planned for some time.

During his first day on the job, Plouffe delivered a defiant message, signaling an aggressive change in tone for the current administration and the Democratic Party as a whole.

"Instead of fearing what may happen, let’s prove that we have more than just the brains to govern—that we have the guts to govern," Plouffe wrote in an op-ed article for The Washington Post.

"Let’s fight like hell, not because we want to preserve our status, but because we sincerely believe too many everyday Americans will continue to lose if Republicans and special interests win," he added.

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  • Jana

    Poor Obama just doesn’t get it. He is the problem. We don’t trust him. He has lied to us too often. He is inept at best.

    • JDR Sr

      You say Obama lyed….What about Bush/Chenneeey lying taking us into a war we didn’t have to fight, costing live of childern and people that did not hit us. You are so stupid.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        I guess you would rather have been fighting on our own soil. Even ExPresident Clinton said that there were weapons of mass distruction!!! If Bush hadn;t acted as fast as he did (it was reported that California was next), we would all be speaking Farsi. Get with it!!!

        • DaveH

          He wouldn’t fight unless you carried him on your shoulders.

  • Tinwarble

    Should this surprise anyone, instead of moving to the middle, they are just going to push their Progressive ideology on the American people even though they don’t want what they are selling. They don’t care what we think or want, nor do they fear the American people, as long as they get their socialist agenda passed. They would talk about “Republican special interest”, while they reward unions with a no tax increase on their “Cadillac” insurance plans, give out no bid contracts to supporters and place lobbyist (that he said he wouldn’t do) in high positions in his administration. They say that they have “Brains”, but then think that the reason that Scott Brown(R) got elected is because people didn’t like what Bush did and because the people of Massachusetts want Obama’s agenda, even though Brown ran on defeating the Health Care Bill. They are so dumb that they think transparency is being able to light coming from underneath the closed, locked door. These people are just arrogant, socialist, elitists Jackasses, who will burn down the house just because it needs a new coat of paint.

  • Robert

    More proof that this administration, the president and his democratic lackies are in crisis mode. I’m waiting to see how these criminals will justify suspending the November elections this year. And believe me, they are working behind closed doors to do just that if polls show they will loose majority in the Congress. Think about terrorist attack just before the elections and Martial Law being imposed. I wouldn’t put it past this administration to orchestrate this scenario. The got that thug Rahm Emanuel to execute it and make it happen. By the way isn’t Rahm’s name peculiar. Sounds like a Middle Eastern Muslim with a Christian/Judean surname as a decoy.

    • Disgusted

      I agree. This administration is out of hand. They aren’t getting the message from the MA election outcome. We need to stand firm and vote them out! Maybe then they will get the message. Move to the middle or we won’t tolerate you in office.
      I am so sick of the Left vs Right! Just act on the American Citizens best interest and you will remain in office – this should be the message we send them. Coincidentally the message FOX news believes in. Go FOX NEWS!!

  • Victor L Barney

    And, if he can’t pull it off, Don’t worry, cause obama even will stop the 2010 elections; if necessary, under the guise of domestic terrorism!

  • Cribster

    Here’s the summary of Obama’s B.S. last night, “screw the people!”

    The fight is on!

  • John O

    Plouffe may have engineered ODUMBO’s ride to victory in 2008 but that was then and this is now. The American public was asleep at the wheel in 2008 along with the Repub Party. The sleeping lion has awakened, we now know what his change really meant, a drive to bankrupt our Nation and to push us into socialism. It ain’t gonna happen, the bubbas and the rednecks and all of us simple minded people are no longer simple minded. I can’t hardly wait to Nov.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Amen!!!!! I hope that they are planning to pay him out of the Democratic War Chest and not from taxpayers general funds!!!. Is there anyway we can check to make sure?

      • DaveH

        Maybe try sending an Email to Foxnews, Glenn Beck in particular.

  • Del Street

    I have a very serious question. How will this “Democratic Hack” be paid? and from which pocket will it be taken. We need assurance that we are not paying the bill. This should be very transparent and every dollar given this guy done so in the brightest light of public scrutiny possible.

    • Claire

      The Democratic Party will pay his salary. This is what I have been told.

  • Ken

    Wake up people, I am not paranoid as the usual meaning of the word but a realist. We had better wake up and smell the roses. I hear that there are 32 terroist camps on our soil and we are worried about Yemen and Afganistan. We worry about the bear a mile away and the rattle snake is at our feet, now why don’t we never hear anything about this little insignificant problem. Look around you , pay attenttion, there are millions of your quiet enemies at your door step. Remember 911, how quickly a snake can bite you and threaten your life even before you realize that it is there. Remember how quickly that Iran was taken over, almost over night. They have a plan that has been in the works for many years and when it comes together we will be dumfounded. We should be scared to death. Please stand for freedom, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This administration has a policy that they can dazzle the people with bull crap and lots of people eat it up and later find out that it has no food value, when it is too late. I do not trust anyone in this administration and I believe they have an agenda. Hope I am wrong. Lets pray.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      You are right Ken. I read an article just recently (I’ll see if I can find it and cut and paste here) that on one of the camps I believe it was in Pa., that a Christian group had found and went to the authorities to look into the situation. No way would the authorities even go there and see what was going on. This is ridiculous. I think if I lived in the area, I would hire a hunting party of red blooded rednecks,during lets say dear season, hmmmmmmmmm

    • Claire

      Ken—finally someone that will speak out about this problem. There are camps in Virginia, and in other states. I mentioned this in an earlier post about a month ago. The CIA and FBI better be keeping an eye on these camps. These camps are dangerous. They are armed, and they train for combat on a continuing basis. And they have been here for many years. Apparently they have to be “caught” doing something “funny” (and I don’t mean humor) before the CIA/FBI can do anything about it. I have some relatives that live in the country not too far from where one of these camps are. They hear gunshots all the time. And needless to say, my relatives are moving.

  • Sonny in Az.

    Minus the crude words, I agree with my American friends. It really shocked me to see the (ignorance?) running rampant in the last election.
    Why do (grown?) people have to always have someone to blame for their mess ups? I have found that no one can make me do anything, unless I allow them. And if I see something that needs to be corrected, instead of adding my own mistakes to it , start the correction process.
    I have tried to find, see or observe the qualities that I hear all of the time that Obama has. For the life of me I cannot!! He is such marvelous orator, when? He is so charismatic, when? Why can’t the people see behind the facade into his eyes, the eyes are the windows of the soul. He is evil, and a liar from the first school.
    To berate our America the way he has , admit he is Muslim and declare the United States is not a Christian Nation, why do we tolerate this man?
    Are we waiting for him to complete his mission and turn us into the socialist , communist country that he is working toward? He and his cronies, Pelosi and Reid have trampled the Constitution under their socialist feet and we sit back whine.
    He REFUSES to prove that he is an American citizen, what is the big deal,unless he is not, and is in the highest office of the U.S.A.,and believes he can help turn us into one of the 3rd. world countries?
    He has turned his back on Israel, The Bible tells us what will happen if we curse Israel!

  • Gary

    Who is to pay this dude?? Obama or the American taxpayer.If my taxes are to pay to keep Obama’s politics I say a full revolt is due now not later.

  • Warrior

    “Trying Week”? What an understatement! Can’t take the little wife for a ride on the plane and have a date night. TOOOO BAAADDD!

    • TIME

      Warrior; Now thats Funny! I think we the people have paid way to much for this guys dates and special vacations. The price we are all going to pay in the future is just way to high.

      Looks like we will be getting a deluxe spin from now on rather than the standard old DC BS spin.


    There are just two things about Obama that I cannot stand…His face.

    There is another proverb,”When your hole gets deeper than you are tall, stop digging….I firmly believe the American people will gladly begin to fill in the hole that this administration is now standing in…..while they are still in the hole.

  • DaveH

    “Special Interests”? Does Plouffe mean like Andy Stern? or George Soros? or Jeffrey Immelt?

  • DaveH

    I think Obama is the best thing that ever happened to this country. He has single-handedly wakened Americans out of their apathetic stupors. People are finally realizing the dangers of Big Government. For that I thank Obama.

    • SHOWME

      Including many die hard old school Democrats, that prior to the last election stated they would vote for a goat, mule, ape, monkey and many other descriptive objects as long as it was on the Democrat ticket. …. Many in my area are just waiting to mark the other choice in 2012, after 50 years of blindness


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