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Obama Betrays An Ally… Again

June 10, 2011 by  

Obama Betrays An Ally… Again

When a woman showed up at the Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva, Israel, she had burns covering more than 45 percent of her body. A tragic accident at her home in a Gaza refugee camp came close to taking her life.

There was never a thought of turning her away simply because she was Palestinian. That’s not how things are done in Israel. Jewish doctors worked day and night to save her, without expecting that they would receive even a penny in payment.

After extensive treatments that did, in fact, save her life, Wafa al-Biri was released from the hospital and returned to her family in Gaza. She was told to come back for a routine follow-up and assured there would be no charge for that visit, either.

Al-Biri returned to the border between Gaza and Israel and asked permission to enter. A routine security check revealed she was carrying enough explosives in her underwear to destroy the clinic where she was treated and kill not just herself, but the doctors who worked so hard to save her.

And that, my friends, is what it’s like to live in Israel these days.

As terrible as this story is, here’s a sequel that’s even more horrible: Had al-Biri succeeded in her deadly mission, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas would probably have named a public park after her.

This is the kind of enemy Israel faces. These are the sorts of people who have taken a solemn vow to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. They have been taught — and they honestly believe — that they have a sacred duty to kill any infidel they can. (That includes us, by the way; Jews are at the top of the list.)

Here’s the point of today’s column: These are the same people the President of the United States wants to guarantee sanctuary a stone’s throw (or a rocket’s launch) from Jerusalem.

Make no mistake about it: If Barack Obama’s insane policy of forcing Israel to retreat to its pre-1967 borders is implemented, the very survival of the most loyal friend we have in the Middle East will be at risk.

If you opened this article hoping to find a word of sympathy for the Palestinian cause, you will be sorely disappointed. I want to correct some of the appalling lies that have been told about the Palestinians’ so-called “noble struggle” for their homeland. First of all, the Israelis did not drive a single Arab from their “sacred homeland.” Arabs living in what became Israel in 1948 were welcome to stay. They might not enjoy all of the rights, privileges and advantages of the people who won the war. But they were not slain, enslaved or driven from their homes.

I visited Israel. I was a guest in the homes of several Arabs whose parents (and in some cases, whose grandparents) decided to stay. Every single person with whom I spoke was glad to be living in Israel. They were grateful for the opportunities they had, the affluence they enjoyed and the security they felt. Their lives were so much better — and in so many ways — than what their relatives in surrounding lands endured.

The women in particular were glad they were not subject to the ancient traditions of their Muslim ancestors. They were proud to be educated and independent. Not for them concealment behind a burqa that left only their eyes exposed.

They did not hesitate to tell me their greatest fear: that the jihadists in neighboring countries would start a war that would destroy them, their families, their homes and their homeland.

While I was in the Middle East, I also visited some of the refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Or rather, I visited camps in what used to be those countries, before they waged a surprise war on Israel in 1967… and lost.

In the aftermath of what became known as “The Six-Day War,” thousands of Arabs fled from what had been their ancestral homes into neighboring countries, where they were herded into concentration camps and forced to stay for the next 30 years.

Please understand what I’m saying: The Arab countries surrounding Israel refused to let their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews assimilate into their own lands. Instead, they were kept in unbelievable squalor for a generation. Whole families were confined to one room in a mud hut, with no electricity and no running water. And they were forced to live like this not for a year or two, but for decades.

You will not be surprised to learn that the camps became breeding grounds for terrorists and suicide bombers. I, for one, believe it was planned that way.

In speech last month, Obama insisted Israel agree to return to borders that did not even exist prior to the Arab war against Israel. Since I agree that to do so would be suicide, I was glad to see that Israel’s prime minister wasted no time in rejecting our President’s outrageous demands.

I thought Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of our Congress was incredibly powerful. A lot of U.S. Congressmen obviously agreed, because they interrupted him with applause more than 50 times. It made the Democrats’ reaction during Obama’s State of the Union speech look pallid by comparison.

I have a few comments before I sign off and turn the rebuttal over to you. I always enjoy my readers’ responses. But I’m especially looking forward to seeing what some of you have to say when you comment at the end of this piece. First, let me make two more observations.

One is that I wish our President were one-tenth as passionate in defending our country and our interests as Israel’s prime minister is in representing his. We used to have Presidents who were proud of their country and eager to defend it; I hope next year we will elect one again.

The other is a question: What is it with Jewish people who live in the United States? No sooner had Netanyahu returned to Israel than a Zogby poll came out, stating that the majority of Jews in this country still support Obama.

To any sons or daughters of Judah reading this, may I ask you something? Don’t you realize that your people, their country and their noblest aspirations are being sacrificed by a scheming, amoral politician who happens to inhabit the White House? Wake up and smell the coffee, people, as my teenage grandchildren would say.

By your votes and your financial support, you are contributing to the destruction of everything you say you hold dear. Stop listening to media that have betrayed you and a leadership that has abandoned you. Open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Recognize the truth. And then join those of us who believe we must find someone else to represent this country, our people and our sacred principles.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Dan az

    I had just finished watching the hurtlocker and decided to see if anything new was here.You sir have a set of brass ones.After watching what people are like in those countries its a wonder that they still exist at all.The other thing that is not mentioned is that obumer is shipping the Hamas and other radicals here to feed off our trough’s that the guvmnt set up at tax payers expense.After watching that movie I find it hard to believe that they will not follow their belief’s while on US soil.I feel that the jews are brain washed by the alphabet news and have know Idea what they are doing.I’m glad for bibi that stood up to this usurper and I have signed petitions stating we are with them.I hope that everyone will watch the movie to understand the muslim’s and their colture to see why we need to close the borders and stop the building of sleeper cells in this country before it’s to late.

    • skip

      chip unloaded the biggest collection of lies and propaganda I have yet witnessed. He surely knows how to revise history – and needs to tell us if he is ignorant, stupid, or just plain likes to lie. Come clean, Chip, which is it?

      • JUKEBOX

        Skip, you certainly have the right name, for you have skipped any knowledge of Obama’s agenda, which parallels the Hamas and Jihad agendas, except he is doing it more covertly. As a Christian, I have been taught that you do not disparage the Jews, God’s chosen people. Benjamin Netenyahu is more of an American patriot than Obama or the radical Muslim terrorist sympathisers in our Congress.

        • beechblogger

          Chip, thank you for the outspoken way you have for presenting the TRUTH. Skip certainly seems to be the ignorant one here if he can continue to spin the truth in support of Obama. My feeling is that we are living in an era where we are witnessing first hand the deeds of the Anti-Christ.

        • 2WarAbnVet

          The liberal mind is incapable of processing facts that contradict the collective consciousness/consciousless.

          • Richard Moses

            That must mean that Skip is a Liberal then.

        • EddieW

          Jukeebox, Perhaps you would like to know who the REAL Obama (Obozo, our Liar in Chief) is…He changed his name in Canada, none of the men registered as his father is correct…He was not born in Kenya or Hawaii…really interesting stuff!! You have to fix the (dot)!!

          • Ron

            First I have not heard this one befor. The Canada thing. I have a better one for you. Long ago a white woman from the nidwest who hated her country , but would not join the weathermen underground decided to do one better. marry or mate with a black man from africa , have a child in another country, post a birt announcement in a Hi. newspaper, leave the childs father move to Indoniasia slip back or slip the child back into america after brainwashing him and having told him to run for president so that he can exact revenge on America for what Hoover did to the Panthers. Wow. As for the Jewis vote and this president it would seem that 70+% of them feel they know more about the best intrest of the jewis State than american conservatives.
            what some fail to mention is that most people living in Isreal approve of the 1967 boarders also. But what do they know we are americans we know whats best for everyone else. Give the Obama thing a break. And some of you call yourselves christians.

          • Wapitiman

            Since your thought processes seem to parallel your ability to spell and punctuate, then you ought to keep very, very quiet.

          • Ron

            No wapitiman,not my spelling, but my typing is as bad as your reasoning and tollerence.

        • Dwain

          I wish Obama would read this post,not that it would make a differense.The one thing I do not understand is why the Jewish people here in the USA vote for Obama and the Libs.I have seen 2 polls lately that said 75+% voted for Himm and that His stand[Obama]will maybe drop it to the 70% range.This is terrible if true that the Jews care no more for Isreal then this.

          • JD

            To answer your question about the Jews voting for Obama, I don’t know if it is so much that as it is voting for whatever Democrat happens to be running. I have a number of Jewish friends, and even though it was not in their time, they remember that the exclusion of Jews in this country from all sorts of positions, organizations and other opportunities was largely a Republican thing, and to a lesser extent, a conservative thing. The current reality is much different, but the painful memories linger, at times against all reason, such as now. In certain respects it is no different than what is happening with the African Americans in this country. They have forgotten that the original creators and defenders of the apartheid that we had in this country were the Dixiecrats – Southern Democrats. But, in the late 1950′s and 1960′s, more liberal – and sensible Democrats got fully on the civil rights bandwagon, and few have forgotten that. Republicans were rarely seriously opposed, but they weren’t seriously behind it, either, with only a few exceptions. People believe what they want to believe – it does not have to conform to reality.

          • Daniel from TN

            Just like RINOs, some Jews are Jew in name only. They couldn’t care less about there heritage. This is seen in every religion. The reason they vote for Obama is economic, not religious. They profit more when a Democrat is in the White House.

          • Kate8

            The fact that Jews vote democrat in America isn’t so much a pro-liberal stance as it is an anti-Christian one.

            Jews perceive the Right as being primarily Christian, and they fear Christian dominance. The truth is, a Christian America has given them more liberty than any other country, and has, in fact, protected them. However, there are also Christian factions who do not support the Jews, and they are the reason the Jews side with the Left.

        • Jack

          AMEN Jukebox

          • Ron

            So from what you guys are saying some american Jews are anti Christian and only Jews that believe what you believe are real Jews? So one would assume that all american Indians would be anti Christian because some of them would say they really got raked over the coals in the name of Christianity. I say this not to mock anyones religious beliefs, but only to highlight how self-righteous some of us can sound.And Mary , is there something wrong with being a Muslim closet or not?

          • Jana

            wow Ron,
            Talk about twisting.

      • Michelle

        Could you please be more specific? What exactly is he lying about? What exactly has he changed history about? Or is this just a typical liberal tactic; when you don’t know what you are talking about you gerneralize.

        • SamFox

          What has 0 NOT lied about? That would be a short list.

          Look up ‘Obama’s list of lies’. You will find that 0 has lied a LOT! Probably more than any Prez in US history. That’s a huge amount of lies!!

          Also look up ‘The Obama Timeline’. Very interesting reading!

          This is a very good & accurate article! At 62, I have lived long enough to see for my self that Israel is telling the truth. If there is to ever be peace in the ME it MUST start with the Muslim nations. Israel already wants peace. It’s the jihadist Sharia militant Islamic Muslims who do not.

          Skip is either a liar or badly misinformed! Chip is student of revisionist history at any rate.


          • Ron

            If this president has lied more than Bush/Cheney then I guess he is the biggest lier, because Bush/ Cheney lied and young soldiers died.

          • Dan az

            I thought this be fitting here.
            Let’s be clear on this:
            OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American sailor, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY, did.
            In fact, if you remember a little less than two years ago his administration actually charged and attempted to court-martial 3 Navy Seals from Seal Team Six, when a terrorist suspect they captured, complained they had punched him during the take down and bloodied his nose. His administration further commented how brutal they were. The left were calling them Nazi’s and Baby Killers. Now all of a sudden the very brave men they vilified, are now heroes when they make his administration look good in the eyes of the public. Obama just happened to be the one in office when the CIA finally found the bastard and our sailors took him out.
            Essentially, Obama only gave an answer. Yes or No, to him being taken out.

          • Jana

            Dan az,
            And, he had to be pressured to do his job.

          • Ron

            yes Dan just like bush after 911 got the people he had on hand to find out who did the deed and give him a plan of attack. Afterwhich he sent all of our armed forces to fid them fix the and finish them. except he let the number one man off the hook, Which left the job of giving the order to the seal team that it was ok to do the job. so what did obama do different than Bush besides let the military finish the job? Also the Obama administration has nothing to do with the military court system. Except maybe to pardon.The problem is that if Obama had killed Bin Ladin in close hand to hand combat between just the two of them he (Obama ) would still be hated by the right.

          • Ron

            No President Obama did not have to be pressured to move on Bin Ladin. In fact during his campaign for president he said that if he had credible Intel that Bin Laden was in Pakistan he would pursue him. Remember that both John McCain and that lady from Alaska said he was wrong for saying he would conduct an operation like that inside the boarders of an ally? And Jana if you think that the president is the forerunner to the anti-Christ then you missed almost every point I was trying to make.

          • Jana

            Actually Ron,
            I was trying to follow your points, but it was quite difficult. You sound confused.

      • JS

        Skip, have you been there? Chip is just reporting what he has seen and learned from interviews with real people.

        • Drawer22

          First, I am no supporter of the US President-designate – never have been & do not anticipate any change in that regard. Secondly, the President-designate of the United States of America has, in my opinion, not one whit of authority to tell Israel what borders it must have; bravo to Benjamin Netenyahu for essentially telling O’Bama where to stuff it sideways. Thirdly, why true Zionist Jews in the United States would continue to support a President-designate who wants the eradication of Israel is beyond my comprehension, but there’s an idiot-&-a-half born for every person of moderate intelligence, I suppose. Finally, however, I must take issue with Chip’s “facts” as stated, for I grew up in the Middle East and am apparently somewhat more familiar with its people and history: The United States, as the preeminent Western superpower with a strong Zionist population pushed for and got Arab land (Palestine) given to Jews; those Jews formed a country. The country they formed took rights away from peaceful, Arab residents, rights which the United States of America would not tolerate being stripped from any other peoples on the globe – unless it’s a matter of taking more from Arabs. Land & homes WERE & ARE being stolen from Arabs by the Jewish government of the Occupied Territories of Palestine (commonly known by the ignorant as “Israel”). More Arabs are murdered by Jews than have ever been killed by Arabs; read the KIA statistics, folks! There’s much more inaccuracy which could be addressed, but intelligent people know how to do their own research, rather than be taken in by a manipulator of facts, “Chip” by name.

          • Jana

            You must be an Arab to make these false claims. You “learned” what they told you and wanted you to learn. You fell for it hook line and sinker.

          • Vigilant

            “The United States, as the preeminent Western superpower with a strong Zionist population pushed for and got Arab land (Palestine) given to Jews; those Jews formed a country.”

            Get YOUR facts straight. I guess you never heard of the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Nothwithstanding that it was originally a British initiative, it was a UN mandate, not a US mandate, that partitioned Palestine in 1947.

          • Vigilant

            Drawer22 says, “Thirdly, why true Zionist Jews in the United States would continue to support a President-designate who wants the eradication of Israel is beyond my comprehension.”

            It’s beyond your meager powers of comprehension because it’s a false statement. Zionist Jews BY DEFINITION do not support Obama’s position, non-Zionist Jews do. Why, for all that time you spent in the M.E., did you never learn what “Zionist” means?

          • Jana

            Because he is a Muslim who hates Jews.

          • JUKEBOX

            This back and forth debate goes back a couple of thousand years, and archaelogists have recently uncovered underground evidence that Jews were in Jerusalem long before being buried under Arab trash.

          • Hayden

            Yeah jana he LEARNED, something you clearly couldn’t understand given your prejudice, racial, hateful remarks toward muslim people. Are they all good? no. Do you have the right to label people as arab? no. I’m jewish and i’d never say the things that came out of your mouth you silly woman.

          • Jana

            You are a Kenite. You give Jews a bad name.

          • Hayden

            Kenites or Cinites (pronounced /ˈkiːnaɪt/; Hebrew: קינים, Hebrew pronunciation: [qiˈnim]), according to the Hebrew Bible, were a nomadic clan in the ancient Levant, sent under Jethro a priest in the land of Midian.[1] They played an important role in the history of ancient Israel. The Kenites were coppersmiths and metalworkers.[1] Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, was a shepherd and a priest in the land of Midian. Judges 1:16 identifies that Moses had a father-in-law who was a Kenite, but it is not clear from the passage if this refers to the same Jethro who was the priest of Midian. Certain groups of Kenites settled among the Israelite population, including the descendants of Moses’ brother-in-law.[2] though the Kenites descended from Rechab, maintained a distinct, nomadic lifestyle for some time.
            Moses apparently identified Jethro’s concept of God, El Shaddai, with Yahweh, the Israelites’ God.[1] According to the Kenite hypothesis, Yahweh was originally the tribal god of Jethro, borrowed and adapted by the Hebrews.

            1. Moutbreather;
            A person of inferior intellect that lacks the faculties to recognize he is breathing heavily through his drooping open mouth; one who watches Fox News and Nascar with religious zeal.
            Donnie shops at Evil-Mart like all the other mouth breathers.

            You silly woman, let me try it your way. You dont know anything about anything. Telling me who I am like you know me personally. I mean I feel bad speaking with disrespect to a lady (most likely over 55 and just learning the internet). Your simply closed minded, stupid remarks give you no credit as to being anything other than a mouth breather. You state horrible remarks as to how you assume muslims are yet you probably haven’t met one in your entire life? Have you met one down south? The things you say about them answer the question in itself. If YOU knew anything about history you would know that it is us that caused all their negative feelings about us.

            HIDDEN AGENDAS REMAIN IN OUR LEADERSHIP TODAY which you also most likely know nothing about. I’ll repeat myself once more, call me a liar yet again, but I just wanted to see what people here knew and if you knew about the problems that may be heading our way. It possibly could be much worse than communism. I was hoping to share this idea with someone and share what I truly believe but because of this I am called a communist over and over again. Start following people like Governor Ventura and learn from him and you may start to see what I am talking about. If anyone other than JANA wants to talk to me like a person I am open for it. I was not to return, but i thought about it and the majority of what I found here did in fact make.

          • April

            Drawer22, We agree on the first of your 3 points; other than that Chip, Jana, Vigilant and Jukebox are more accurate in their facts.
            Also you say, ********The United States, as the preeminent Western superpower with a strong Zionist population pushed for and got Arab land (Palestine) given to Jews; those Jews formed a country. The country they formed took rights away from peaceful, Arab residents, rights which the United States of America would not tolerate being stripped from any other peoples on the globe – unless it’s a matter of taking more from Arabs. Land & homes WERE & ARE being stolen from Arabs by the Jewish government of the Occupied Territories of Palestine (commonly known by the ignorant as “Israel”). More Arabs are murdered by Jews than have ever been killed by Arabs; read the KIA statistics, folks!********


            “Israel demolishes homes in the Rafah refugee camp as part of its campaign to oppress the Palestinians.”


            Israel has engaged in military operations, including the demolition of homes, in the Rafah refugee camp, in an effort to curtail Palestinian smuggling operations. Rafah is a city in the Gaza Strip that is divided by the border with Egypt. Palestinians began building tunnels in the area in 1982 to smuggle various items under the Israel-Egypt border fence. Since 1994, when Israel turned the area over to its control, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been responsible for security in the area. While the PA initially worked to stop the construction of tunnels, it now actively supports the smugglers.

            To avoid detection of the tunnels, the Palestinians build them in civilian homes. In 2002, the IDF discovered 33 tunnels and, through mid-October 2003, another 36 were found.

            The smugglers bring goods such as cigarettes, automobile parts, clothing, drugs, electronics, and foreign currency purchased or stolen in Egypt for resale in the Gaza Strip. Of even greater concern to Israel is the smuggling of terrorists and weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades and launchers, rifles, explosives, and ammunition, which often make their way to the West Bank.

            Large-scale Israeli operations against the tunnels coincided with intelligence reports that the Palestinians were attempting to smuggle more sophisticated weapons such as Katyusha rockets, which could hit Israeli cities, and Stinger missiles, which could shoot down Israeli civilian and military aircraft. These weapons are being brought in to support the terrorist operations of groups such as Hamas and the PFLP (with the help of Iran), as well as to arm PA security services.

            Smuggling operations have intensified in the last three years as Israel has blocked other smuggling routes, and as the Palestinians have escalated their violent campaign against Israel. The reason that the homes of Palestinians are demolished by Israel is that they are used to conceal the tunnels connecting Gaza and Egypt. Many Palestinians in Rafah are impoverished and find involvement in the smuggling operations an opportunity to improve their economic situation because they are paid well to excavate the tunnels, transfer goods, and allow their homes to be used to hide the tunnels….


            “Israel is pursuing a policy of genocide toward the Palestinians that is comparable to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews.”


            This is perhaps the most odious claim made by Israel’s detractors. The Nazis’ objective was the systematic extermination of every Jew in Europe. Israel is seeking peace with its Palestinian neighbors. More than one million Arabs live as free and equal citizens in Israel. Of the Palestinians in the territories, 98 percent live under the civil administration of the Palestinian Authority. While Israel sometimes employs harsh measures against Palestinians in the territories to protect Israeli citizens – Jews and non-Jews – from the incessant campaign of terror waged by the PA and Islamic radicals, there is no plan to persecute, exterminate, or expel the Palestinian people.

            In response to one such comparison, by a poet who referred to the “Zionist SS,” The New Republic’s literary editor Leon Wieseltier observed:

            The view that Zionism is Nazism — there is no other way to understand the phrase “Zionist SS” — is not different in kind from the view that the moon is cheese. It is not only spectacularly wrong, it is also spectacularly unintelligent. I will not offend myself (that would be self-hate speech!) by patiently explaining why the State of Israel is unlike the Third Reich, except to say that nothing that has befallen the Palestinians under Israel’s control may responsibly be compared to what befell the Jews under Germany’s control, and that a considerable number of the people who have toiled diligently to find peace and justice for the Palestinians, and a solution to this savage conflict, have been Israeli, some of them even Israeli prime ministers. There is no support for the Palestinian cause this side of decency that can justify the locution “Zionist SS.”10

            The absurdity of the charge is also clear from the demography of the disputed territories. While detractors make outrageous claims about Israel committing genocide or ethnic cleansing, the Palestinian population has continued to explode. In Gaza, for example, the population increased from 731,000 in July 1994 to 1,324,991 in 2004, an increase of 81 percent. The growth rate was 3.8 percent, one of the highest in the world. According to the UN, the total Palestinian population in all the disputed territories (they include Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem) was 1,006,000 in 1950, and rose to 1,094,000 in 1970, and exploded to 2,152,000 in 1990. Anthony Cordesman notes the increase “was the result of improvements in income and health services” made by Israel. The Palestinian population has continued to grow exponentially and was estimated in 2004 at more than 3.6 million.


            Here is your KIA statistics:
            Casualty Statistics and Terror Victim Databases for the Israeli Arab Conflict

            Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs server – Lists of terror attacks on Israelis abroad go back to 1970. Look up each incident to see whether it was a suicide bombing, a car bomb, bus bomb or sniper fire and can also see information about the individual
            The best terror attack database goes back to 1988, on
            If you click on each relevant organization, there is also a historical
            picture of what the attacks were.
            Pro-Palestinian Arab propagandists constantly and illogically look to the numbers of fatalities on the Palestinian Arab and Israeli sides as justification of the position that the Palestinian Arabs are innocent victims. They base this on the fact that since 27 September 2000 nearly three times as many Palestinian Arabs have been killed as Israelis. The statistics tell the real story in the current conflict. Only 16.7% of Palestinian Arab fatalities are verified civilian non-combatants, whereas 69.1% of Israeli fatalities are verified civilian non-combatants. This of course doesn’t take into account the nearly 256 Israelis killed in the period between the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993 and September 2000. Less than 50 Palestinian Arab were killed in that same period, virtually all of them verified terrorists.

          • April

            Hayden Hatin Hayden
            Jana never did not call you or anyone names that I saw. Copy and paste from her posts if I am wrong. I will call you what you are tho. You sound like a disrespectful, thinks he knows it all, smart allec little kid; or should I say “NABAL” in the Hebrew tongue- meaning “stupid, wicked, and impious”. LEARN SOME MANNERS PLEASE!!!

            However I will applaud you for getting a little of your info correct regarding the Kenites. Now, dig a little deeper; the root word is “QAYIN”- also a tribe of Cain, the first child, from the prime “qinah” meaning moved to jealousy or envious.
            Jesus spoke to these Kenites in the book of John chapter 8:44, actually read the whole chapter to get the bigger picture. And Jesus spoke of them in Matthew 13:36-43 when He was explaining the parable of the tares. The seed regarding the tares is “sperma” in the Greek tongue referring to proginy.
            Take it or leave it!! It is what it is.

          • Jana

            Thank you for straightening our little boy out on what a Kenite is.

          • Jana


            You remind me of a quote from Judge Joe Brown, ” A male between the ages of 17 and 25 knows absolutely everything about absolutely nothing.”

            You do speak with great disrespect. Every time you disagree with someone you become belligerent and disrespectful. In the first place the word liar is not part of MY vocabulary, and was never used by me. However YOU throw that word around rather easily. When someone uses that word as much as you do, it generally means that they are a liar themselves.

            You are WRONG when you say we don’t know you. We know you by the very words you speak and even how you say them, of course unless you have been lying all along, which I didn’t think you had been. (until now)
            I must have really hit a raw nerve with you for you to attack so viciously. you have called me silly, or a silly woman three times now. What is wrong with you little boy? You are sounding like a silly little kid trying to play grown up but failing miserably by throwing temper tantrums. Half of the time you responded to me you claimed I said things that I did not. You read my post as well as someone else’s post and then think I said it all. For sure, you have NO reading comprehension skills. Maybe you had better go back to 6th grade and learn how to read and understand WHAT you read.

            You stated Yeah jana he LEARNED, something you clearly couldn’t understand given your prejudice, racial, hateful remarks toward muslim people. Are they all good? no. Do you have the right to label people as arab.

            I never put down Arabs, YOU DID. I never brought up racial remarks, YOU DID. Excuse me, label someone Arab, when that is what they are? You have a lot to learn silly little boy, that is not a racial statement.

            I called Drawer 22 a Muslim who hates Jews. Not all Muslims hate, and certainly not all of them hate Jews, but there is a certain sect that does. If you were a grown up, not a silly little boy, you might know that, but you do seem to know about hate, and prejudice.
            Yes, down here in the South we have a lot of Muslims, good ones and not so good ones, as is normal in any culture. I also have a girl friend who lives in Israel, and as an Israelite. I have gotten much first hand knowledge from her.

            Another point, I never called you a Communist. So I know you don’t have any reading comprehension skills. However, you did call yourself one later in your reply to me on the 13th. Why? Are you leaning towards communism?
            For someone coming on this site to learn you sure do throw out hatred a lot. From what you say you must have a lot of hatred in your heart.

            As JeffH says, JeffH says:
            June 10, 2011 at 7:16 pm
            Kate8 & Jana, I just spent some time scanning through another thread and “Hayden” is another one of the progressive FAUX posters, much like jovi. He tosses the “hate” accusations around like a tennis ball and his spiel fit the mold. He’s kind of a cross between a jovi and Jeremy. Lefy lib? Naw, he’s just another of the Marxist/communist/socialist/progressive crowd trolling through and attempting to disrupt conservative websites like PLD

            Oh Hayden, we know you, and we know you well. You reveal yourself like an open book.

            The fact that you were so quick to start calling names shows what you are. If you ever decide you want to talk on this site WITHOUT throwing around your hatred and your prejudice, then I will be glad to talk to you as an adult, but when you are so disrespectful you don’t deserve respect.
            Respect little boy is earned!

          • April

            Hey there Jana
            ***You stated, “I must have really hit a raw nerve with you for you to attack so viciously. you have called me silly, or a silly woman three times now.”***

            You know for Hayden to have taken you so personally with what you told Drawer22, it makes one wonder if Hayden is Drawer22. VERRRY CURIOUS!!!!

          • Jana

            Wow April,
            You may have something there. Others on this site have posted under different names. JeffH said he sounded a lot like jovi and Jeremy, and I thought he sounded like Jeremy for sure.
            I just hope he grows up- – SOON. However, as much venom that comes from his heart he is sold out to the lieberal side.
            Someone coming on here to truly learn wouldn’t start out telling us how hateful the right is, which is just the opposite.

      • Thor

        Sorry, Chip…wish I could have gotten in ahead of this jerk (Skip) who seems to have ‘skipped’ 2,000 years of history to be able to cast aspersions on your version–the official version–of history; a person who, rather than reply to Dan, simply mouthed off at the place where his comments would be seen by everybody. Wishing to cast no pearls before such swine, I choose to ‘skip’ over “Skip,” and simply say, you are right on! Those who have not studied history remain unaware of the fact that (aside from the Roman Conquest and suppression of 70 A. D.) there were no major conflicts between Christians, Jews and Arabs before the fifth century A.D. quite simply because there were no Muslims until then. The Jews did not resist much after that and Christians didn’t put up much of a fight until 1195 with the first crusade. Virtually all the enmity that has existed for the last 1400 years…interestingly, about as long as Islam has been around. The Romans named the area ‘Palestine’ and the Palestinians living there then were Arab, Jew and Christian–none of whom had a real beef with each other until 632 A. D., after the death of Mohammed and the beginning of the first caliphates. Geeze, wonder what the first cause was?

        • Drawer22

          Yes, the “official version” (Note that even Thor characterizes history in that manner, apparently ignoring the intimation that an “official version” of history is likely slanted by the authority “officially” writing the slanted perspective.) does support Chip. However, the official version pieced together by the United States and touted by the American Jewish Zionists is inaccurate in the extreme. Do your own research, live in the Middle East for even a decade or two, learn Arab history and culture – then talk with some knowledge of facts.

          • Jana

            You are the one inaccurate. Just because you were there doesn’t mean you know what has happened except for the propaganda that was told to you.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Sorry Thor old boy,but there were no Muslims until the 7th century.By my math after 1400 years that put us in the 21st century,correct?-CC.

        • JUKEBOX

          The root cause was Abraham’s illegitimate son by Hagar, Ishmael, who was Mohammed’s grandfather. Arab hatred of Jews eminated from this indiscretion.

          • Teresa Minton

            Wow Jukebox! Someone finally spoke the truth. All of this division between Muslim and Jew goes all the way back to both religions “father Abraham”. After God told Abraham that he would be a father of may nations, Abraham just couldn’t wait on God’s timing. So like most men, he grabbed the next best thing…another woman… who happened to be named Hagar. Hagar bore Ishmael and even though Abraham now had what he thought was the son God told him he would have, he instead started what is now the hatred of two tribes. Sarah did bare the son that God had promised. But, in Abrahams mistrust of God he now had two sons who down thru the generations since have done nothing but try to destroy each other. Neither will just stop the bloodshed and live at piece.

      • Dn

        How can you be so deluded, skip? You seem blinded to the truth!

      • Push comes to shove

        If these are lies, why do you not educate us. Give us some samples and references that prove your point, bet you can’t. You must be a liberal as your only agruement was he is a liar. Take off your rose colored Obama/pro-islamic shades and do some honest reading with an open mind and you will see the truth.

        Truth: Obama ignores isreal and asks for major concessions that would break thier ability to defend themselves.

        Truth: It is not the Isrealies who, unprovoked, lob mortars and grenades at innocent civiclians.

        • Gary

          You make a pretty good point. Personally I wish those Jews and Palestinians would stop their fighting. Those two groups will get us all killed one day. I like Jews and Muslims both. However, I don’t like them so much I’m willing to die for their causes.

          • Tom from Idaho

            Gary, You simply do not get it, do you. Did you really read this article? The elephant in the room, for all those “peace nicks” out there is that we are dealing with one party who is hell-bent on the destruction of the other (i. e. the Muslims want to destroy the Jews, and all other non-Muslins, too). No amount of “Kumbya” and peace negotiating will solve that problem until these murderers are neutralized – - get it?

      • Carlucci

        Skippy – For several years, my husband and I worked in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. We worked with some Arabs who were from Jerusalem, and they loved it there. Most of the Arabs we met from Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine thought the radical mooslims were crazy.

        If you think the radical mooslims are so wonderful, why don’t you book a ticket on a slow boat to some middle eastern hell hole, and take Boorack Ovomit with you.

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          DON’T take Barack there. He would not stand a ghost of a chance of surviving.

          And probably not you either.

          He is the President of the Great Evil, and killing him would be a great priority of the lower educated people. Muslims tend to get themselves in trouble by overkill!

          IF you got back, the unions and the Communists and all liberals would be gunning for you. They want their man in place here, where he can do the most harm!

      • ONTIME

        I take it your mother was hen, you exhibit the intelligence of a chicken….

        • KK

          Ah, yes, when you do not have a cogent thought to communicate, you revert to “name calling”

      • coal miner


        You said a mouthful.Israel is a Zionist state.The land it sits on was stolen from the Arabs.

        • coal miner
          • Al Sieber

            coal miner, when I was a kid growing up back east some of the Jewish kids I went to school with said they didn’t deserve the state of Israel until they atoned for their sins and were forgiven for their sins by God. the true Jew follows the Torah, the Zionists follow the Talmund. if you listen to the speeches by Ariel Sharon, Mechan Began you’ll know what they think of all non Jews. check out the website, I don’t really think the Jews control the world, I believe the Jesuits have a big hand in it.

          • Jana

            coal miner talks like a Nazi.

          • Al Sieber

            Jana, you’re scaring me, I was talking about what I leaned when I was a kid. the Nazis are still here and I don’t believe coal miner is a Nazi. read Jim Marrs book, The Fourth Reich. I noticed over the past year on this site that if you talk negative about Israel on this site you’re in deep $hit, like the sun rises and sets on that country, I think God was talking about the spiritual Israel. so if they called for the execution of Jesus( the son of God) how can they be the chosen people? maybe God meant Jews that converted to Christians after his execution.please help me out on this.

          • Jana

            I didn’t say he WAS a Nazi I said he is talking like one.

          • Al Sieber

            coal miner, thanks for the link, another one is

          • Al Sieber

            coal miner, check out also.

        • Dave McFarland

          Coal Miner: It is quite obvious that you have not studied the history of the Middle East. The Jews and Christians have always tried to live in peace with the Arabs and Muslims. It is the radical believers of Islam who have disfigured the Koran. They are the ones who hate. They even hate those Muslims who disagree with them. So, please do us all a favor and do some serious investigative work (assuming that you had not dictated your comments to another person who can really read and write.).

          • coal miner
          • Hayden

            And im sorry but the bible, the torah, the qu-ran and any other religious text ever written…. were written in fact…. by man. I do believe in a higher power but it’s scary that today, man-made text has caused so much hatred and war when people just need to be educated.

          • Al Sieber

            Thanks Hayden.

          • coal miner

            Al Sieber,

            Thanks,it is not only educational,but very informative.
            Thanks again.

          • vicki

            Hayden says:
            “And im sorry but the bible, the torah, the qu-ran and any other religious text ever written…. were written in fact…. by man.”

            Every religious text readable in English was written (translated) by man. However there are stories about at least one famous religious text that was written by other than man. Though the translations we can read today are of course written by man. That text being the 10 Commandments.

            Hayden writes: “I do believe in a higher power but it’s scary that today, man-made text has caused so much hatred and war when people just need to be educated.”

            Mans desire for power over others and or possession of their wealth is the cause of war. Men use texts to try and justify their actions but as the bible says “by their actions you shall know them”. Well “fruits” actually.

            Now interestingly some of those religious texts (supposedly) written by man implore people to get along. Others (obviously written by man. The writer even said so) teach murdering and dying as the highest goal.

            Do some study and see which is which.

        • chess game

          I am not Jewish, but I know “that land” WAS NOT stolen. The area where Israel sits now has had Jewish people living on it since biblical times, they did not all of the sudden came to live there. That area was a no man’s land, and the Jewish people settled there and bought the land. The land was assigned to Jordan in the last part of the xix century. The now called Palestinians did not want to live with the Jewish people and sold their land to them. The Palestinians were also kicked out of Jordan because they were trouble makers.
          Check the background history on this link:

          If you are saying these things out of ignorance, educate yourself, otherwise you are just spewing hate.

          • Al Sieber

            Hey chess game, if you have a different opinion you’re spewing hate? that’s shallow thinking, it goes way beyond that, we don’t know how you’re racist if you’re against Israel, what if you’re against Poland are you a racist also?

        • Kate8

          coal – So, it doesn’t bother you that the Arabs stole the Israelites land first?

          The Jewish peoples were there long before Islam ever existed. They were slaughtered and driven out by the Muslims, the most evil, bloodthirsty, and intolerant of people.

          You should read something besides revisionist history.

          • coal miner


            According to Rabbi Elmer Berger the were no historical evidence it ever belong to the Jews.There were two tribes that were classified as Jews.Maybe?
            That were the Zealots and Essenes, both were destroyed and driven out by the Romans.The Bible stories itself are nothing more than fabricated myths. The so called Biblical heroes never existed,most of them were sun and water myths.The earliest Bible story that was written,was about 450 BC. Through out history these silly religious myths caused nothing but misery and bloodshed. For one time in our lives we can do the right thing, give the land back to the Arabs,it belongs to them,not the Jews.Remmber the Indians,it was their land and the Christian whites stole it.

          • coal miner

            What about I80 million people that Christianity and Judaism were responsible for?Two thousand years of bloody crusades,inquisitions, genocide, slavery and pure ignorance. Of all the religions they commited nmore atrocities than the communist and Islam religion combined. Don’t cast stones.Your religion is no better.Don’t believe it,check it out.

          • Kate8

            coal – You have fallen prey to the revisionists. As I recall, you don’t believe the halocaust happened, either.

            During the Crusades the church and state were one and the same. That aside, they were also a pushback of the invading Islamic armies, who were slaughtering their way northward.

            You keep reading PC history, written by communists to cause you to hate all of our traditions.

            How you can say the Jews never lived in Jerusalem, and that the Bible is myth, just shows how indoctrinated you’ve been. It’s no use talking to you, either, becuase you are utterly clueless and have no interest in the truth.


          • Hayden

            Very much so. Religion to this day has been nothing but a fuel for war as you can see today in my different cases. The palestinians and my jewish people will never stop fighting unfortunately the hope is always there as our president clearly expresses but it is inevitable that this will happen. Start looking into the blackwater mercenary group appointed by george bush jr and are still empowered by our president today. Their leader is a Christian Evangelist who has stated he believes that he is doing gods work was appointed the position by god himself. To me this is just as scary as any of the other extremist religious groups. They operate outside of the military and simply do as they please. Months ago they were caught using 14 year old muslim prostitutes who which in some cases were raped by the blackwater mercenaries. Oh Boy!

          • Hayden

            many different cases*

          • Al Sieber

            Kate I’ve been trying to figure this out for years, I think we’re God’s chosen people, one of the lost tribes of Israel that ended up in Europe, where did that lost tribe go? help me out on this one if you have time, I’m working 7 days a week and have no time.

          • Kate8

            Al, I also think that we are descended of those tribes. How do we know? Because it is inside of us, in our DNA.

            Don’t forget that the early followers of Yeshua were not called Christian, but were, in fact, Jews who accepted Him. They kept all of the Lord’s Feasts and observed the Sabbath in the synagogues.
            It was only later that Constantine joined forces with Rome and came up with a new doctrine, which was a combination of Christ’s teachings and pagan traditions. Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter, etc. replaced the old traditions that Yeshua, Himself, and His followers had observed. The Pope claimed the authority to change God’s Times, Feasts and Precepts. But did he really have it, or was he fulfilling prophecy?

            Yeshua said, “My sheep hear my Voice”. Trust in that.

          • vicki

            Hayden says:
            June 10, 2011 at 4:59 pm

            “Very much so. Religion to this day has been nothing but a fuel for war as you can see today in many different cases.”

            SOME religion may be an excuse for war. Religions that demand the non-believer be be-headed or otherwise killed.

            Other religions teach tolerance forgiveness and love for even the enemy.

            One in particular comes to mind for each of the above examples.

            Hayden: “Start looking into the blackwater mercenary group appointed by george bush jr and are still empowered by our president today”

            Isn’t that interesting. The “evil” blackwater merceraries still employed by the “most transparent” administration in history. This might explain why conservatives don’t trust the current admin nor the previous one.

            Their leader is a Christian Evangelist who has stated he believes that he is doing gods work was appointed the position by god himself.

            Sounds a lot like the Priests and Pharisees of old. However we only need to observe their fruits to know if they were appointed by God or Satan.

            Hayden: To me this is just as scary as any of the other extremist religious groups.”

            It is not the extremism of a group that you need fear. It is the teachings.

            “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!” – B Goldwater

            That little bit of blue text is a link btw. It is how we prove our assertions.

            Hayden: “They operate outside of the military and simply do as they please. Months ago they were caught using 14 year old muslim prostitutes who which in some cases were raped by the blackwater mercenaries.”

            This would be an assertion on your part. Now go forth and find a link to backup your assertion. Bring it here and share it with us please.

          • Al Sieber

            Hayden, I agree with you somewhat about BlackWater, now called XE. the worlds most powerful mercenary army, read the book about them. they used them in New Orleans after Katrina. what they are is hardcore contract killers, right now they’re training in Saudi Arabia for incursions into Iran, they also sold their services to Monsanto, the criminal seed company that’s trying for a monopoly on all seeds world wide, GMO foods. they don’t swear an oath to our Constitution.

        • Gerry A.

          Hey Coal Miner,
          I can tell what organization you belong to….It’s initials are KKK.

          • Jana

            He talks and sounds like a Nazi.

        • Richard Pawley

          Actually, Coal Miner, the land that is modern day Israel, and a whole lot more, was given to them by the great, “I am that I am” (God, Yahweh, Jehovah, we give Him many names) very long ago, they lost it and as was promised 2,700 years ago, they have simply regained a bit of it. The Johnny come lately Arab Muslims know this well. Now just being a Jew doesn’t make one a saint any more than going to church each week makes one a Christian. Americans would be shocked if they had to give up all the everyday things of life that have been invented by Jewish inventors but what we are seeing play out is the fight between good and evil and it will continue until the last human dies from the nuclear winter caused not by mankind’s weapons but by a reign of fiery bombardment from the heavens, that will incinerate the earth and all who are still here at that time, apparently only those who “chose wrongly” to quote the ancient knight in the movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
          Jesus himself said that these “stars from the heavens” (the then generic term for meteors, comets, and asteroids) would fall in such great abundance that it would be like ripe figs falling from a tree during a storm.
          I know you don’t believe in the God of the Bible or apparently any God and I am sorry about that. You have missed the purpose of physical life. I am blessed and have been a believer since at least age two/three but I did not know that it was possible to communicate with God and have Him communicate back until I was well into my thirties. I wrote my autobiography, LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA to share some of what I have learned in life because I have no children to pass that on to. This fight between good and evil has us as the prize and it has been going on for eons, and not just here either.
          It would be easier to quote from my book than to paraphrase, “Somewhere in the Bible it says that God inhabits the praises of His people. As I was praising Him (for the beauty and majesty of this galaxy and all I could see that clear September night eight years ago), just as suddenly the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my spirit or inner mind and said, ‘There is much life in the Universe but it is very far away. Because of the age old problem of good versus evil most civilizations that have reached the atomic age have destroyed themselves. The nearest sentient life is over 500 light years. The nearest life technologically equivalent to earth is over 1,000 light years. Mankind will never reach them, but they, may, in the distant future (not in the lifetime of anyone now living) reach earth. They have become masters of space travel.’ Of course a thousand light years is only 10% of the way across our little galaxy but it would still take us 600,000 years to get there if we could travel at a million miles an hour.
          We have been in a war between good and evil since man has been on this earth, between those who acknowledge God and give Him his due, and those who want to be god or believe they already are. This is not new and it has happened many times before all over the universe. In my recently updated and re-released autobiography (LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA) in the epilogue, after the book has ended is the epilogue, Space and Beyond, that I quoted from above. What was said to me was said at 2:30 a.m. while I was on my lunch break from my all night shift at the semi-conductor manufacturing facility where I worked for years as I was admiring the night sky and thanking God for it’s beauty. Now I know this will not mean anything to you and the other atheists who write here and that is sad. To you God is a myth but to me He is a friend, and a provider, and more than I have time to tell you, and frankly the things that I could tell you you would simply not believe.
          Those who reject Jesus may not even see Him or know that there is any place else but where they find themselves after they die here if they reject the opportunity to discover who Jesus really is while they live here. Many Christians have a different opinion on that but if you have any interest at all I recommend the one page article about Dr. George Ritchie whose life intrigued me even before his book was released and that was many years ago. Again if you cannot grasp anything but what you can see and measure it might not make sense to you but I suspect from what I have read of your writings you are going to find yourself in one of the places that young Ritchie found himself in back in 1943. It takes two minutes to read so here it is:
          Of course one has to have a degree of spiritual awareness to recognize what is true and what is not but even the Bible says that if one wants wisdom he can pray for it and God will give it to him. It says that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him, and so much more. I truly hope you find some spiritual wisdom you are yet here because we have apparently entered the beginning of what the Bible calls the “end times” and while God has revealed that we are headed for some really bad times it is not necessarily the end of the world, just the end of things as we have known them. That is the subject of my second book but since both of them will mean more for believers than those who are not, I can’t say that either of them would be of benefit to you as much as a book like PRISON TO PRAISE a short 106 page amazing life story of Lt.Col. Merlin Carothers who began life as a con man in WWII and eventually became a chaplain in Vietnam and that is just the beginning.
          I can understand how a person could not believe in this church or that one, or this religion or that one, but God is bigger than any church and any religion. I really feel sorry for you and hope you will not give up on God as He will not give up on you if you sincerely seek him with all your heart. Since the Bible is so long I suggest you start with the one page address I gave you above and then if you are interested, PRISON TO PRAISE which is available in 50 languages and has changed the life of millions. I just looked on eBay and 50 people have it for sale for a dollar and up. Very tired. Past 2 a.m. on the east coast. Must close. May God bless you and all who read this.

          • Hayden

            dear friend,
            I must say that i am not a true believer in jesus christ or possibly the god that you believe in but i have fully read your statement and i think that it’s a beautiful thing that you care so much about your faith and have so much wisdom about what you truly believe in. It is a great contrast to those who say this is what i believe in and if you dont like it may it be the end of you.
            Thank you,

          • Void1972

            Your a very good man. Thank you for your beautiful post.

          • Karolyn

            Richard, How wonderful to have communicated with God. Although my concept of God is different than yours, I do believe that anyone can communicate with the All-in-All if they really want to, and they don’t have to be Bible believers.

          • Richard Pawley

            Well, Karolyn, the Bible says that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him. Since He is the Almighty (actually beyond our comprehension) the Bible is the safest guide book on how to communicate with God. The danger in communicating with a spirit that claims to be God is that there are so many spirits that do just that and they deceive many.
            When I first came to know that Jesus was the one that the Almighty had sent to be His special representative, first to the Jews, but ultimately to mankind, I did not know more than the tiniest fraction of what was in the Bible, and I certainly don’t claim to be a expert today but one of the things I have since discovered is that any spirit that is from God, is in alignment with God, under God’s authority, or has any kinship with the Almighty can say when communicating with a human being, that “Jesus Christ is Lord!” Those who are under the authority of the dark forces of the universe, cannot say that and ultimately – I mean REALLY ultimately there are only those two forces, good and evil.
            There are popular books purported to be Conversations with God but they were actually with a spirit, quite brilliant and intellectual, with some truth and much psychology in what is said, but the spirit is not under the authority of God but of Satan or evil. One popular series was even quoted by Oprah or one of her friends, but when I skimmed the book a number of years ago I found this “god” saying some of the same things that the high priest of Satan worship was saying in the 1970′s, and I can assure you God and Satan, good and evil, are not in any way similar, no more than the darkness and the light are similar. So while I can’t disagree that if you seek God you will eventually find him I just caution you that there are far to many spirits willing to fill the bill and tell you what you want to hear. Many of the religious cults in the world today, thousands in the United States alone, began with a person coming to believe that what was said in the Bible did not apply to them or that they had been chosen to bring some new message. (Now I’m not talking about the primitive rules for a primitive people but the basic truths that are outlined in the Bible, most especially the things that Jesus taught. Of course you don’t have to believe as anyone else believes but God loves you and wants you to know Him and that is why I am writing this to you now and why I recommend books like GOD CALLING and PRISON TO PRAISE as they explain so much and cost so little. It’s even why I told about some of the amazing things that have happened in my life where God (or ‘coincidence’ as the atheists would say) intervened in my life that I wrote about in my autobiography (kidnapped at age two and the kidnapper was never caught, almost drowned at age 18 months – when someone noticed the baby was missing – me – and my late uncle dove to the bottom of the pool. Someone or something had kept me from breathing water into my lungs and although they tell me I was quite angry I was ALIVE and well. How long I had been down there no one knows. I have been robbed at gunpoint, and just barely missed being robbed at knife point, and woke up several hours and once several days later after being in an auto accident caused by someone else, and once running into a former nun who was plainly possessed and it was something like right out of the twilight zone. I have had run-ins with evil and so I know it exists and we as a nation seem to be succumbing to it more and more as time goes by. In 1992 I was praying and I clearly heard the Spirit of the Lord or the Holy Spirit tell me that the coming inflation I had predicted in a 16 page copyrighted report two years early was far less than there was going to be and that is why I am so adamant that we are eventually going to have prices tripling or more from what they are NOW in food and things we really need and why I tell people to learn about a garden or buying food in season and learning about canning it and storing it like the pioneers did. The important thing is that God is timeless, he loves you, and it would be a worthwhile thing to seek Him out.
            Our life here is but a wisp and we will spend a lot longer time THERE than here, so you need to know what Jesus taught and you can find out for yourself by reading the gospels and the first section called ACTS just past them, and if you have never done so you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. The two women who prayed together in England before we were born were surprised by the things they were taught over the ten years that Jesus communicated with them (the book is GOD CALLING edited by A. J. Russell and I have mentioned it before – and there was a sequel – one of the first sequels that I know of). One of the things Jesus told them was that they could change the laws of parliament without leaving their kitchen by the power of their prayers united together with Him.
            When I was 30 I did not know these things but what I know today I have learned since then and I also know or have some idea of how much farther we all have to go. So once again I only caution you that since the spirits in the next world or dimension are under authority, not the chaos often seen here, check and see if the spirit you communicate with can say “Jesus is the Lord!” If they hem and haw and say something that is not that or nothing at all you will know WHAT you are in touch with but having anything to do with that realm is dangerous stuff unless you know who Jesus really is and have some of His authority yourself which He will freely share if you seek Him. I wish I could tell you some of the things I have experienced but I didn’t but some of them in either of my books because it might make it seem like I was something special (and I am but only in the sense that we all are in God’s eyes) and it is after 2 a.m. on the east coast and I am quite tired but wanted to share this with you. Really tired. God bless you.

          • April

            Richard Pawley
            Thankyou for sharing. I would love to read your book and your experiences. Sounds to me that God most certainly has a purpose for your life. And for you to share your book may be part of the process. God Bless you Richard Pawley!! Smiles

        • Janet J

          The land occupied by Israel was given it by God Himself. Abraham (of Biblical times)had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac, like Abraham and his mother, Sarah, were Jews; Ishmael was born of Abraham’s hand maiden and his descendants were what we call Arabs. God made a covenant with Abraham, giving him the land; it was never given to anyone else. On another point, any “religion”, regardless of its origins, that supports death to another is not born of God, but of man. The existing Muslim faith may have had Abraham as its “father”, but the changes made by Mohammed were man’s, not God’s — who, told us emphatically: “Thou shalt not kill”. Incidentally, Obama bows to Muslims (see the newsreels), not to Americans and, though noone can know who Obama really is, he is certainly following a path that will lead to Armagedon. He is supposed to be OUR (America’s) president, not the Muslims.

          • Damon

            Janet,I Agree with most of what you’ve said,but as far as “killing” being changes that man has made and not of God, than you must not beleave that After God parted the sea for Moses and His people, that he allowed the waters to crush and “kill” the Egyptian army that persued them. Or that after 40 years of wandering God told Joshua to have the armed men to march around the walls of Jerico, then play their trumpets and the walls came crumbling down “killing” many who lived within the walls and then God told them to go in and “kill” every man, woman and child therein. Or that David did not “kill” the lion or “kill” a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass or that he did not “kill” Golioth with a slingshot. Or that the story of Noah was chaged by “man” I could go on and on but I think you get my point!

          • Jana

            Janet and Damon,

            There is a difference between kill and murder.
            The word kill in the TEN COMMANDMENTS as Thou shalt not kill actually means MURDER. The word is “ratsach” in the Hebrew which means murder.
            Killing in war is not considered murder, neither is killing in self defense. Murder is premeditated, and it starts in your heart. God is a great HEART KNOWER. He knows the difference.

        • JUKEBOX

          Do you have any idea who the Arabs stole it from? I suggest you do some serious research.

      • JuanC

        Neither of those names that you are calling Chip is true. I believe the real stupid, ignorant one is you, I may even add dumb. I believe what Chip has to say and knows what he is saying as he has all the inside information.
        You know nothing of what you are talking about. If you want to put down your thoughts in black and white, make a research as Chip has done, before you open up your mouth.
        I am sure to most of the opinion makers through this venue think differently than you. My advise, keep your 1 cent of opinions to yourself. I know, the saying is keep your two cents worth to yourself, but I thing two cents if overpaying you.

      • eyeswideopen

        Skip, I guess Chip can’t read or won’t comprehend english. Even Fox news quoted the President correctly when he stated” 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps” means the two sides will “negotiate a border that is different than the ones that existed on June 4,1967″
        This shows the hate they feel and that they will take facts and twist them to mean something entirely different. What part of “that is different than the ones that existed on June 4,1967″ do you think they can’t digest? Those radical right wing colleges are not doing a good job of educating as english comprehension is at an all time low for the RWA’s.

        • Push comes to shove

          Are you kidding me, you cannot see through the BS. The Arabs and Palestinians will demand the 1967 borders with no swaps in those negotiations if they took place. They want those borders to exist so they can look down upon thier enemy from atop the mountains so they can lob more mortars and God knows what else for thier ultimate AND STATED purpose, DESTROY ISREAL and The INFEDELS.

          • Kate8

            eyes – You have a lot of gall.

            How can you even speak of “hate” against the Islamic peoples, when their religion turns them into the EPITOME of hate? They don’t even try to disguise it. They are very clear about their hatred toward anyone non-Muslim. And not just hate, but blood-curdling, blood-thirsty hate.

            They believe that Allah hates us, and that hatred is holy to them. How can anyone possibly defend that? How can a person of “tolerance” defend the utterly intolerant?

            It is just more hypocracy from the Left. Only the spirit of evil can cause people to be so twisted.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, don’t you know by that the “hate” is tha first word in both “eyes” and denisso’s dictionary? Do you ever hear that word used by non-liberals?

          • libertytrain

            After last week with the bizarro posts, I have zero respect for either of them. Disruption only – not even a hint of meaningful dialog.

          • Jana

            You are so right. You go girl.

            Me either. They sound like they come from Nazi Germany in the 1940′s.
            Evil times, evil people.

          • Jana

            …and if you are wondering why I am saying this it’s because this wasone of the Nazi’s mantras.

          • Ron

            The truth is we americans as a whole are very stupid and will latch on to most anything (story) that goes along with what we are thinking that day no matter right or wrong. The painful thing is that we try to coat it in religion.Obama ids the anti christ, Obama hates america, (I assume he is not an american)he is muslim. The truth is that Islam has been pimped out to jack leg leaders just as the christian faith has been pimped by men who call themselves ministers. Ask the american indian. Ask the aborigine, ask Jews ask the american black. It was just a short 50 years or so that a man could get hung for stealing a horse and maybe fined for hanging a blackman.

            We all have to learn to stop hating in the name of religion, and any christian, muslim or other so called religion leader who preaches hate in the name of religion should be called out for it. Yes it is a fact that when yopu mix religion with politics you get radicals on both sides of the fence. Not one person in the United States knows whats best for Isreal and Palinistine than the people living there and people who have blood ties to the region. It matters not that we (conservative or liberal) agree or not on the 1967 boarders. They will have to live with the final outcome.

          • Jana

            You are certainly right in some of what you say. Too many are gullible and will believe anything they are told as long as they are supposed to be a ‘religious leader’ no matter what the ‘religion’ is. This is why it is imperative for us to study for ourselves, and not depend on any ‘man’ to lead us.

            I have studied the Bible seriously for about 12 years, and I have also studied the Qu’ran and the Hadiths. Knowing what I know I could discern between the truths of the Bible and the lies of the Qu’ran. I am however, by no means an expert on the Bible and I still have so very much to learn. I am just a beginner.

            You are also correct in that we should not HATE one another, but have tolerance and love for one another. This is the ideal situation.

            However, Heb 4:12
            12 For the word of God is living and effectual, and more piercing than any two edged sword; and reaching unto the division of the soul and the spirit, of the joints also and the marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

            Knowing the heart of man is inherantly evil, (this is why we need a Saviour, this is why we need an advocate to our Heavenly Father) hate and intolerance is going to be taught, especially by those who are enemies of the ONE TRUE GOD.

            We as God’s children are not to stand meekly by and allow evil to persist. We are to stand for the Lord. This is why HE gave us tools such as the Armor of God. (spitiual armor) so that we can stand against the wiles of satan:

            Eph 6:11-12
            1 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
            12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

            We do not hate the person, we hate the sin. We stand against what we KNOW to be false. If we don’t know, then we can’t stand against this evil or lies.

            I do agree with you that we need to let Israel decide for herself on whether or not to give the Gaza strip away. My personal feelings are no, they sould not. I agree with the Prime Minister whose name I would probably misspell, so I won’t try.

            Lastly, Obama is not THE anti Christ, but he is certainly a forerunner. When THE anit Christ comes, the whole world will know him worship him, except for those who know THE TRUTH.

          • vicki

            Well said Jana. Well said.

        • chess game

          Eyes wide shut, you obviously believe we have a president who is a leader and he is doing right by America. Wake up!!! obama distorts and lies. The whole sentence as you quoted only part of it, is: that “1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps” means the two sides will “negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967.”

          America’s worst president ever leans heavily and favorably on the muslim side, maybe it is because he is a muslim himself. the people who elected him obviously did not hear or want to hear all the lies and corrupt schemes he has been involved in before becoming OPUS. obama has no business in telling another sovereign country, Israel, how to give up their borders, which were legitimately won in all the wars THEIR ARAB NEIGHBORS have initiated against Israel.

          • chess game

            Correction POTUS for OPUS.

          • Jana

            chess game,
            Woo Hoo, good post.

          • JUKEBOX

            Obama is typical of Palestinians and other Arabs, for he attended a Muslim school in his young, formative years where he was taught to HATE Jews and infidels, according to the Quran. It is almost impossible to change this type of youthful indoctrination.

      • Old Henry


        When were you last in the ME, or Israel for that matter?

      • independant thinker

        Chip is telling it like it was taught in school before politicaly correct “revisionest history” came into vogue. His statements also agree with what I have learned through much reading and study.

      • Frank

        No, Chip is accurate. In that part of the world (Arab) torturing someone to death is considered after diner entertainment. Cruelty abounds and Israel is in danger of being slaughtered man, woman and child. Look what happened to the family who was murdered down to an infant in their home and Palestinians celebrated their murders.

        • JUKEBOX

          Look at how the burned Palestinian woman wanted to express her gratitude to the Jewish doctors who nursed her back to health at no charge.

          • Jana

            That shows true hatred. One other thing about these people is, they more than likely shamed her for living through what she did with the help of the Israeli’s and was led to believe that if she wanted to redeem herself in the eyes of her false god, she would have to do this terrible thing.

            These people with their twisted ideals of what their false god wants of them teach these things to their children and teach them how to be murderers and suicide bombers.

            Most of the women that are suicide bombers have been raped first. Since it is a shame for a woman to be raped and she should be put to death for dishonoring her family, they tell her the only way to redeem herself is to become a suicide bomber. This is from a “peaceful” religion.

      • FreedomFighter

        Iran will start WWIII, when China signals it is ready to invade the USA.

        China is now setting up bases in the United States in “FreeTrade Zones” in Idaho for example. Several other states are slso engaged with talks with the Chi-COMMUNISTS. The Chi-Coms will import thousands of loyal commies into self sufficient cities to prepare for the takeover of the USA – Canada, so on an so forth.

        Greedy politicians hungry for money are selling us out.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • Vicki OR

          We have a State legislator who is trying to entice the Chines into coming to Oregon, like Gov. Otter did fro ID. “It will help our employment”, he says. Yah, we will be working and producing for a country who nearly owns us financially! “We will train workers giving them another choice for their future”. Yah, we will be training them to do what is left from more Chines that are brought in. I am very concerned about this “I love China” mentality that seems to be growing in our elected officials. Let’s stop spending, cut the budgets, lower taxes, free up the free-enterprise entrepreneurs, reduce regulations and pay off our debt, not get in bed with the ones that are not our friends! Oh yah, and vote Obama out in 2012!!!

          • Jana

            They have sold out to the Chinese. The lobbyists are quite powerful. They also line the pockets of our legistlators.
            No good can possibley come from this.

          • Jana

            There are also many “houses” and clinics where the Chinese women come over for a few months to have their anchor babies. Then they go home but still have options.
            This is why this law needs to be changed. Too many people taking advantage of it.

        • JUKEBOX

          We’d better learn to speak Mandarin Chinese.

      • RBrown

        Skip answer Michelle’s questions. How did Chip revise history? What did he say that became the biggest collection of lies and propaganda that you have ever witnessed? That’s a major statement after some of the tales I have heard politicians proclaim.

        • JUKEBOX

          Skip must have spent some time with Bin Laden watching AlJazera extoll Obama’s wonderous attributes and policies.

      • Gerry A.

        You are an absolute moran!!! Why do you insist in closing your eyes to the truth. Open your eyes man and look into your own heart and ask yourself what your values are. If you still come up withe same old results, then you my poor misinformed friend have been drinking the OBAMA KoolAid much too long.

      • KK

        Skip, tell the truth now, you had a Coach for a History teacher didn’t you? You do not know your History, or anybody else’s. Sorry, but in all my student life and teaching life, I have only known 2 Coaches who were good History teachers. The ignorance of our own people is going to ruin us. [insult removed]. AARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!

      • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

        Sir (and I use that term loosely), I served this great country for most of my adult life so people(?) like you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my and others like me who have had the guts to do so.

        Sir(?), I think you need to do some research of your own and not rely on others (Socialist and Freedom Haters) to fully understand what Chip was saying. Those people hate us for what we are (Free) and are trying to kill us and anybody who does not believe the way they do.

        Sir(?), how would you like it if someone came up to you and told you that you needed to punish your wife or daughter because she was running around alone and if you didn’t they would. That is the type of society they want: One where women have no rights and are to be keep at home. I for one don’t want that kind of treatment for my wife or daughter.


        • SamFox

          Thanks for your service John W!!! Glad you made it back. Good comments!!

          There is more to their hate for the US than our freedom, which we are losing more of every day thanks to the D & R ‘progressive’ nanny state control freaks by legislation like the ‘Patriot’ Act. Don’t forget that blow back & US interventionism are major reasons for Islamic hatred of the US. If they hate us because we are free, that hate should be dwindling at a rapid pace.

          A major part of why Arabic nations hate us is due to our relatively new foreign policy of interventionism. We mess in their back yards for oil, set up dictators that we later take down & so on.

          Ron Paul would change our foreign policy to line up with the US Founder’s intent. [Which would help ease our economic woes as well.] For this Ron is called an isolationist by his lying detractors. Ron is NOT an isolationist, he just wants the US to mind our own business & stop pushing other nations around & making them mad at us. If we want to spread the American message of freedom we need to set an example & stop the bully crap. ATM we are not doing well in those regards!!

          The above article was written in ’07. Now we have Gary Johnson’s name to add to the last part of the piece. Ron Paul & Gary Johnson are the only two, or at least the only two most PROVABLE pro-Constitution candidates running. The rest are RINOs, have spotty voting records in govt, if any, like Herman Cain, former prez of a ‘Fed’ bank or, like Sarah Palin, have yet to demonstrate that they would truly cut the illegal size & power of the now bloated mostly UN-Constitutional fed govt. Would she get rid of the Depts of energy & education? I don’t know either. I can’t find any specific depts. that Palin would cut. Let her go to Congress a while so she can be proven.

          Ron Paul has a 30 some year track record. Johnson has a great 8 year record as NM gov. No one else in the POTUS fray can even come close to what Paul has advocated & the RP platform he has laid out for some 30 years. Or what Johnson has done FOR the state of NM as opposed to what most states DO TO their citizens as they follow the fed govt lead.

          Don’t forget, M Bachmann voted to extend the ‘Patriot’ Act.

          By the way, Rand Paul has the best budget proposal out there that the big govt party of D’s & R’s like to ignore while they push the Paul Ryan joke.

          At the end of the above article there is a link to the whole Rand Paul budget.

          How many years would it be before the Ryan plan would be enacted? Was it 10? If we don’t get truly fiscal conservatives in DC like Paul & Johnson who would actually continue their conservative ways, we may not even be a Constitutional Republic in 10, maybe fewer, years. {We are NOT nor have we EVER been a democracy!! Thank God!}

          If we have to wait for the Ryan ‘plan’, which still leaves large debt & bloated govt, most likely the USA will be turned into just a big 3rd world country before the Ryan ‘plan’ is implemented.


      • Hayden

        Skip i dont know if it was all lies, but i do know that it is just another message filled with hate coming from the right side. I myself am still a teenager and it’s easy for me to see that the president just simply was looking for a way to make peace… and he was wrong! One little mistake and you people jump on him for over a month like you’ve never stated something that wouldn’t work out in the end throughout your entire lives. I myself am also jewish, and i’m sorry sir but i’d rather have PRESIDENT OBAMA in office than at least any of the racist/hypocritical/lying/thieves you have all offered up. It truly scares me how much hate goes around on the right side and yeah… why don’t YOU wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Jana

          Again, start off with the lefty libs favorite word and action, HATE.
          You wouldn’t know how to function if you didn’t have that feeling.

        • Kate8

          Hayden – Your youth betrays your ignorance of history.

          You are the reason why America is such dire peril. Your post sent a chill up my spine, because I know there is a whole generation just like you, waiting for the signal to turn on your countrymen.

          God help us.

          • JeffH

            Kate8 & Jana, I just spent some time scanning through another thread and “Hayden” is another one of the progressive FAUX posters, much like jovi. He tosses the “hate” accusations around like a tennis ball and his spiel fit the mold. He’s kind of a cross between a jovi and Jeremy. Lefy lib? Naw, he’s just another of the Marxist/communist/socialist/progressive crowd trolling through and attempting to disrupt conservative websites like PLD.

          • libertytrain

            Jeff – I was thinking the same thing. Probably the same person again… :)

          • Al Sieber

            Kate, I don’t think God can help us, so this kid thinks because we want our country back we’re pissed off conservatives? I wonder what grade he’s in. And JeffH, he could be a reincarnated Jovi, good point.

          • Jana

            JeffH,I thought so, thanks for verifying it.

            Kate8, I agree, GOD HELP US.

          • April

            AMEN to that Kate8!!!

          • April

            Wow JeffH, something to think about! I still hope he can’t vote. SCAREEEE!!!

        • Hayden

          Im no “lefty lib”, but i know anger, dismay, misery, when i see it, and how clearly stubborn you are. My generation as already planned our attack, your god won’t be able to stop us now muhahahaha

          • jibbs

            Sounds like a plan to get you into a federal jail dumba$$

          • Jana

            Hmmm, Talk like a lefty lib, act like a lefty lib, lie like a lefty lib, hate like a lefty lib, yep keep denying your a lefty lib. Don’t be surprised that we don’t beleive you.

          • Hayden

            you read what i say and have no argument other than to “learn” and that my beliefs are definitely towards the left at this point in time. I feel that it is necessary to share my beliefs as much as you that believe i’m a communist? like that’s some kind of disrespectful remark or something that will change the way i see whats happening for what it is? and please teach me your ways i’d love to hear it and i mean it in the most respectful way, no need to call me a boy showing yet another remark of disrespect.
            Thank you,

          • Lee Baldwin

            those people are being nice, Hayden. I say don’t be surprised when some staunch AMERICAN or JEW stomps your pretty little towel covered head into the ground. mamaha HA HA HA -biatch.

          • Karolyn

            Lee Baaldwin – Typical Conservative trash-talk. If you can’t think of snything else to say, just denigrate someone.

          • Jana

            Hayden has denigrated himself.

          • Hayden

            mr baldwin, sir, i am in fact jewish not a “towel head.” I have “invaded” this thread just because I’d like to see where you are all coming from. I am also in fact not sure as to which way i’m going to vote but as karolyn says many you have been doing the typically conservative things in which I had a feeling I would endure. Unfortunately I cannot say being called a towel head is a remark of hate and racism because according to you thats just something liberals use as an excuse to move on with their communist agenda? all i’d said is i’d like to learn something about where the communist ideas are coming from and if their legitimate given that and the “muslim sympathizer” talk are hot right now amongst the right side. I just simply wanted to learn something about the right wing cause no one i know personally in new york other than my grandparents are about it or at least no something about it. They get all their information from fox news which we all know is b.s. of course. I promise you I do not watch MSNBC but my parents do work for ABC so im fortunate enough to even be there as they receive the news in the news room a few days each week. The raw footage in fact so theirs nothing you can tell me about not being educated about what’s happening today. As for this thread I give up. I’d like to thank Karolyn for at least trying to understand where i’m coming from. If you have any words of wisdom i’m open for it. Just no dam little boy talk that just doesnt work with me, the disrespect that is.

          • Jana

            We all KNOW where you are coming from. Your own words labeled you. You may have deceived yourself into thinking you are open minded, but your own posts show you are NOT.
            Even what you said that you wanted to see where the right was coming from shows you are a lieberal. All you wanted to do was get on here and find ammunition to come against your grandparents. Thankfully someone in your family has some wisdom, too bad they couldn’t impart that on their children and grandchildren. Maybe you need to listen to them instead of trying to change them.

          • Jana

            If you want to be babied, go some place else. If you want to hear the truth, stay here.

          • JeffH

            Hayden, you can feign innocence or be whatever you want, but your words are not those of a “teenager” but are just the same kinds of words of other Marxist/commuist/socialist/progressve failures that have posted on this website. I’ve read some of your posts on other threads here at PLD and your use of the word “hate” and “racist” are nothing more than common Marxist/commuist/socialist/progressve “talking points”.

            Hope the Kos and Huffpost will continue to treat you well. Bye bye!

          • Hayden

            i’m sorry silly but hate is much more than that of a talking point. You can say i’m trying to change my grandparents? but that statement is just a way of deflecting the way you truly feel. You have no respect for anyone that doesn’t walk your walk but the trash talking is just jibber jabber to me. I guess all I have to say is I apologize for trying to breach the wall which is your stupidity. I said I wanted answers and got trash talk instead? if you want to spend time doing that you can but educating your youth might do better than just telling them they’re stupid for judging what they see. (OFFENSIVE WORDS REMOVED) Good luck in the election, it won’t make a difference with the fertadas you have put forth thus far so. Follow up as you please but I reject the stupidity it doesn’t having me flipping how the truth does you.

          • Jana

            My reply to you went all the way to the bottom. That means you have to scroll all the way down.

        • Dawn


          You’ve got a lot to learn, boy. Now go and let the grown-ups talk.

        • Vicki OR

          Hayden, just your comments show how uneducated you are. But don’t feel bad. Over 69% of Catholics voted for him too. Why? They didn’t want to appear to be racist.So, they put their religious beliefs aside and voted for a baby killer. He supports late term abortion and abortion is something that go against Catholic belief. A fair amount of Christians, I suppose, voted for him too. He was charismatic, a great speaker, good looking – yatta, yatta. But sorry to say, He is nothing more than a pitch man for the Marxist movement. If you would study Islam, you find that they are Marxist and during the War with Germany helped and more importantly, learned from Hitler. If you think Obama is a friend or even the slightest be compassionate regarding Jews, there are plenty of bridges to no where for sale when and IF you ever find a job. Ignorance is not excuse when there is so much history to learn from. Spend your time educating yourself. It is apparent your not getting it at school or home.

        • Lee Baldwin

          Alright Hayden, let’s say yo have a used car and you like it. I used to own it. I am coming to take it away because I used to own it. I will give you nothing for it. Are you feeling peaceful towards me now? Do you like me now? Lesson time over. Time to go nap like a good little boy.

      • Gorba

        Skip, what lies and propaganda? Please list these.
        I am not sure where you learned your history, but Chip is pretty much on the money. All you have done is call him out without any proof or detail. I guess that’s the left’s “mob” mentality at work.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn


        This was predicted a couple thousand or more years ago. Check it out!

        Your refusal to believe will not change things Except you will not believe the results either! Even as they happen.

        You need to open your mind to Truth.

      • jibbs

        Are you the president of the SHEEPLE club ?

      • Dinah Garrison


        Where are your facts? If you are going to accuse anyone of lies and misrepresentation you must be prepared to back up your statements. Not only did you not give facts to back up your statements, you didn’t even say what was wrong with Chip’s writing. That is really poor.

      • catchesthewind

        1. I am a solid supporter of Israel’
        2. Israel as a matter of survival should retake the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.
        3. Skip, Dont ever touch a keyboard again.

      • JCFitz

        Because the facts do not exist to support your blatant assertions, Skip, your simple rants reveal you to be just another thoughtless, but useful idiot of our evil enemies.

      • MarkBench

        Wood Chips. Perfect name. Also appropriate beacuse he chips away at the lies and propaganda that he knows will be recorded history if he and friends don’t address each twist, spin, and lie as soon as they are extruded from the excrement machines of the loose knit, world wide coalition of anti freedom forces.

        Skip, your name is appropriate as well. Jukebox is observant. You seem to have skipped large chunks of actual history during your brain washing. Why? We no longer care why. To waste time trying to understand the pathos of you and your ilk is to allow the epoxy in the garbage heap of misinformation you have accumulated as knowledge to harden.

        ‘Gotta continuously expose it as the smelly, sloppy wet goop it is.

        • JeffH

          MarkBench, Hear Hear!

      • VK

        I agree completely with the Author of this article. Israel is our ally and friend and we need to support the only Free Country in the entire area. If we think we are free from attacks, remember 911.

        • Jana


      • Lee Baldwin

        Skip obviously voted for the ObasTURD as his head is still firmly stuck
        in the sand. Skip will also be one of the people that will vote for the ObasTURD illegal alien AGAIN. Skip needs to take a history lesson and learn what is going to happen to this country if AMERICANS allow the ObasTURD to stay in office. The economy we have right now will look like we are millionaires compared to what the ObasTURD does to our economy should he be re-elected. WAKE UP SKIP before YOU go broke.

      • Carol J

        Skip is probably a name chosen to mislead. He’s obviously an indoctrinated muslim. As a 12th generation American who had a Jewish greatgrandmother, and well as being female, I am very much afraid. I am doubly in trouble if they take over.

      • always right

        “SPEAKING OF LIES, IGNORANT AND STUPID”, Skip you’d be the poster boy. Where do you get your world news? Al JAzeera?

    • Bell

      Dan Az, Is that movie on a DVD? If not, where are they showing it?

      • Dan az

        Yes its an older movie.

    • Gary

      With regards to Obama’s position on the 1967 borders. He is simply repeating previous US administration policys. Nothing new by Obama. Nothing radical going on from Obama.

      Here is the link.

    • Shiloh

      I don’t understand why Israel doesn’t just wipe the camel riders off the face of the earth and get it over with!!!!

      • vicki

        The people of Israel do not attack because it is not their way. They are a peaceful people and do not attack. They defend. The 6 day war is proof if this. Their EXTREME tolerance of the attacks by killers claiming to speak for the Palestinians. All show their nature.

    • Michael K.

      Thanks Mr Livingston for creating a chat forum to discuss this important issue. My view is somewhat different on the history of the Jewish people in present day Israel which seems to start (cutting to the chase) with the genocide by Joshua when the walls of Jerico come tumbling down and he and his army kill every man, women, child, and all living creatures in the name of the Jewish God Yahweh. He and his men then attack every village in his path with the same intent to destroy every Canaanite that dared to cross his path because they they did not believe in the same Jewish God that Joshua worshiped. Today this is called genocide and this is at the heart of the animosity that still pervades the Arab descendents of those early inhabitants of the Land of Canaan. Christians and Jews today that believe in a loving God should think carefully about the continued idea that this land was stolen from the Canaanites and in the name of the Jewish God Yahweh given permission to kill off everyone that did not adhere to the same religious views. Would a loving god provide this permission to disobey the 10 commandments and especially the commandments of “Thou Shall not Steal” and Thou Shall not Kill”? Later in Jewish History Solomon took a different approach and married the daughters and wives of his enemies to try to stop the blood bath that the early Jewish Patriarchs inflicted on the inhabitants of the Land of Canaan. To continue the idea that this is the Jewish Home Land, one must first understand history and clearly forget the facts on how it became the Jewish Home Land!

      • Marten

        You’re right on the money…and for the rest of those mouthy Morons
        ”Forgive them for they know not what they do”

        • Kate8

          Don’t you guys know why God told Joshua to kill every man, woman, child and beast in Canaan?

          The Canaanites were an evil people, practicing every abomination they could think of. They worshiped idols, sacrificed their children to their gods, and engaged in every profane act. They were deceitful, thieving, marauding, and murderous. He wanted every trace of their evil blood wiped from the land.

          God is clear that this is what He brings on those who insist on evil. He did it then, and He will do it now.

          • Kate8

            BTW, God created us, and He can do as He pleases. He made it entirely clear to us that “the wages of sin is death”.

            His Ways are not our ways.

          • Jana

            Another major point is men didn’t knock down the wall suroounding Jercho, GOD DID. There were also giants in the city which is another reason God wanted them destroyed.
            They were following GOD’S orders.
            Sounds like Michael is another one that doesn’t believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word. You know just enough to twist it.

          • Hayden

            Im sorry “kate8″ but those who said we were created god simply wrote it with ink on a sheet of paper. You can go ahead and believe that and i am not denying that there is a higher power but you prove yet again your lack of knowledge. :-)

          • coal miner


            “Don’t you guys know why God told Joshua to kill every man, woman, child and beast in Canaan?”

            “The Canaanites were an evil people, practicing every abomination they could think of. They worshiped idols, sacrificed their children to their gods, and engaged in every profane act. They were deceitful, thieving, marauding, and murderous. He wanted every trace of their evil blood wiped from the land”.

            “God is clear that this is what He brings on those who insist on evil. He did it then, and He will do it now.Innocence Children? and what has the beast got to do with it?I didn’t know they can think.”WOW!You know that is exactly the same thing what some human dictators said.Do you remember Stalin,Hitler and Vlad the impaler.

    • Saidii sinacori

      Amen Chip! I am completely on board with you. Check out the organization ACT for America they are on top of this. America needs to wake up!

    • EddieW

      Hamas, in the United states is registered as a Terrorist Organization…Obozo, our Liar in Chief gave them $20.3 MILLION dollars…This is TREASON!! You give them money, you will be locked up for Treason!!! Congress knows this, the “supreme”Court knows this, the Intelligence agency’s knows this…nothing is done!! Felonies and Treason are OK if done by Obozo!!! His ‘under the radar” attack on our guns is now set…Going to be huge shootings at Malls and Police Stations…the Police are preparing to protedct themselves…Please see this video!! You have to fix the (dot)!

      http://www.freedomsphoenix(.com/News/091166-2011-06-07-the-alex-jones-show -sunday-edition.htm?From=News

      The From=News is part of the link!!

    • letitsnow1

      the dam ass-holes in this country better wake the hell up before it’s too late, or they will have a hand in helping obama destroy us for ever and ever. that goes for the jews too, wake the hell up, obama cares nothing for you, he wants to destroy you as he does us AMERICANS!

    • Hayden
  • DaveH

    My advice to the American Jews — Watch out what you wish for, it might come true.

    • Dagney

      Secular Jews are Liberals first, jews second. It’s true with feminists, blacks, whatever other group that identifies themselves as Liberal. Reason does not enter the picture when you are talking about a “religious” liberal. Reason and clarity of mind just does not exist.

  • JeffH

    Chip, a very strong and accurate commentary. I’d like to say that your article and the Mr. Livingstons article titled “A Single North America” are more closely linked together than some might realize.
    Obama is a “made” POTUS, a puppet just as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is. They are handled by the very same people.
    Will the American people ever wake up to the idea that a “One World Order” global government is not just a conspiracy theory? I can only hope so.

    • TIME

      Chip, Dave, Dan, Jeff,

      All valid points “saddly” I firmly believe we have as may awake as there will be.
      Until it gets really hard on the rest of the population as in when the dollar just fades away, banks close by the hundreds weekly, there is little to no food, what food there is will cost everything one owns to get a bag of stale bread.
      Gas thats if you can even find gas, no home left, no job, no Electric power then perhaps only then will the mass get it.

      Think it can’t happen here? Think long and hard people you opened the door and let in the Vampire’s years ago, now its TIME to pay them for their help, the question is was the cost really worth the effort?

      The facts are really quite clear to anyone who’s awake now there’s not long to go before all the above will just flap open like a big barn door with a flashing sign above that reads,” Welcome to camp FEMA,” your last stop, come on in for FREE FOOD, Free Shelter, and FREE life planning, where anyone over the age of 40 will have a short stay, anyone sick no need to worrie your stay will be very quick, anyone who is in the list of aiding what happened your stay will be just as quick.
      For the ones age 1 – 30 you will get a reprograming and if you fail well you get to go to the mass graves too.
      BUT Hey – If you make the cut hey good for you, you will live in citys on either coast and never leave there you will work 12 hours per day as slaves to the state your food will be given to you just enough to live your cloths will be well very bland and you will not have cell phones computers or any other form of toys other than your Porgraming Tellie, that will explain what you can do whom you can visit every hour of every day for the rest of your existance.

      Your life will be so special, just think how well the slaves in ROME had it, but you will have better cloths! Hey by the way when you have no value anylonger you will return to Camp FEMA to join the people you out lived.
      Oh what a life, I know your all just saying can’t wait.

      How sad in a nation where education has been alledged to be one of the core value’s that this old adage fits like a glove;
      “Non are so blind as those who refuses to see.”

      What really blows my mind in an age where you can get intel at the speed of your IPS, that so many are still stuck in their tight little box’s that can hardly hold their mass.
      Yet in fear of everything not in their comfort zone.
      So I guess in a way rotting away in a mass grave will seem like good home to them, afterall it will be nice and tight.

      • karolyn

        TIME – I just have to ask this question because it has been bugging me for some time. Where on earth did you go to school? I just wanted to know because despite your obvious intelligence, you certainly do not know how to spell. Coming from a home where English and spelling were very important, I am always very conscious of people’s use of the English language.

        As far as what you wrote, I can’t wait til none of what you predict comes about, and you have to eat crow!

        • DaveH

          Uh Oh, there comes the personal attack from a woman who claims not to do such things.
          Do you think spelling ability equates to intelligence, Karolyn? If you do, you are more ignorant than I realized. Do you know the difference between knowledge and intelligence? I doubt it.
          Do you think Castro didn’t promise his followers great things?
          Do you think Lenin didn’t promise his followers great things?
          Do you think Mao didn’t promise his followers great things?
          Why do I ask those things? Because these are all dramatic examples of the failure of Big Government. Yet, you can’t seem to learn from them. Do you think that’s a sign of intelligence? I don’t.
          I knew a brilliant Computer Scientist who couldn’t spell well. And the envious people around him loved to use that fact to disparage him, as if their lowering his stature would somehow elevate themselves.
          In my opinion, Karolyn, you have squarely put yourself in the lowlife camp with that comment.

          • karolyn

            I did not question TIME’s intelligence, Dave. I just have this thing as a holdover from my mother not having gone to high school and being self-educated. She was very critical, and that is one thing I still have from her – especially when it comes to in intelligent people. I’m just curious. I have seen others comment on spelling with no fallout. As far as I’m concerned, if I want to get my point across, I’m going to use proper English and correct spelling.

          • Gary

            It would be helpful to have a spell checker on this blog. I wonder if that is in the works?

          • libertytrain

            Dave – brilliant: “I knew a brilliant Computer Scientist who couldn’t spell well. And the envious people around him loved to use that fact to disparage him, as if their lowering his stature would somehow elevate themselves.”
            That is a secret of the left – disparagement.

          • Jazzabelle


            Jeez, what’s with the personal attacks this morning? Did you even read karolyn’s post? She wrote: “[D]espite your obvious intelligence, you certainly do not know how to spell.” And you replied, rhetorically: “Do you think spelling ability equates to intelligence, Karolyn?” She already answered that question…maybe I should ask, “Do you know how to read, DaveH? Is your reading comprehension above a second-grade level?”


          • libertytrain

            Gary, I use Firefox and it automatically checks my spelling as I go; Google Chrome has a feature as well, perhaps Explorer does too, I don’t know.

          • DaveH

            Bugger off, Jazzabelle. Ask Time if he felt karolyn was just asking an innocent question.

          • DaveH

            Bugger off, Jazzabelle. The flavor of Karolyn’s comment was definitely one of condescension directed at Time. My attack was no more vicious than was Karolyn’s. She deserved it.

          • DEBRA ANDERSON


          • karolyn

            Debra – I’ve seen my name spelled with a K quite a bit, although mine is after the Polish spelling. There is no hard “c” in Polish.

          • letitsnow1

            right on!

          • Jana

            Have you ever heard of typo’s? I have hit all of the keys before, but was typing so fast it didn’t register on the screen.
            However, you might want to go back and correct your own post before trying to correct anyone else.

            You stated “She was very critical, and that is one thing I still have from her – especially when it comes to in intelligent people.”

            Picky picky picky!

        • Void1972

          I too have a spelling problem, but am a semi-master in chess and have an incredible life. Like most people with common sense, spelling in not a priority.
          When you go to the doctor, and he cannot spell his prescription correctly, as happens often, then you have a problem, other then that, who cares?
          I can tell you were raised in an “educated” household, but you still seem to lack the “common sense” to get you through this world.
          Good luck to you and those highly schooled savants like yourself. You will need much help in the coming days, and try not to knock those of “lower intelligence” who try to save your life.
          God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

          • Gary

            Truth is, the greater your education, the more you realize you don’t know anything. In the converse, the less education a person has, the more they always seem to know.

          • karolyn

            If you read my post, you would have seen that I was raised by a mother who was not allowed to go to high school. (I think my father went to 2 years of HS.) However, being first generation born in the US, she undertook to educate herself and was very proud of her mastery of the English language. She passed that on to me. I only completed high school but started college last year at 63. I believe that anyone who speaks in front of or leads people should exhibit good grammar and the ability to spell properly. Going to school with young people, I have seen how little they are taught in high school about grammar and spelling, and I think it is appalling.

          • DaveH

            And I think it is appalling how little they taught you about economics and courtesy in high school, Karolyn.

          • Jana

            Karolyn did say it was a hold over from her mother who was very critical, so karolyn is going to be very critical. NOT NICE!

        • Conservative at Birth

          I looked up til to no avail. Did you mean to type till? Evidently spelling was not as important in the houese you grew up in as you profess. Or, was it perhaps a typo?

          • Nan

            She used til as a short form of “until”. A till is where we put cash. now drop the picking on one another.

          • libertytrain

            Actually Nan, your choice is the third meaning, to prepare the land, i.e. till, is the first definition and till re until is: “Till and until are generally interchangeable in both writing and speech, though as the first word in a sentence until is usually preferred…” Dictionary online —-
            Karolyn knows better than to pick on spelling. We all make mistakes in that regard and she has as well.

          • Kate8

            The slang for until would be ’til, not till.

          • DaveH

            You haven’t been around long enough to see “Cinderella” Karolyn in action. She’s real good at dishing it out, and then feigning innocence when called out.

          • karolyn

            DAVE HAS SPOKEN! He knows what evil lurks in the mind of Karolyn! Give it a rest, Dave! :-)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            no, not evil, just lieberal programming!! BTW, lieberal was spelled that way for a reason!

        • JUKEBOX

          TIME may be educated beyond his intelligence level.

          • KK

            Sorry, Jukebox, but yours was the first reply button I could find after the comments I wanted to reply to. Karolyn is the feminine version of Karl (Polish, German, etc) as Carolyn is the same for Carl (Latin languages). I usually put my name on here as Karolyn, but for some odd reason I used KK today. sincerely, Karolyn Kline
            PS. I, unfortunately have a thing for spelling and grammer. Really [word removed] English teachers in school I guess. I also type too fast for my keyboard and have to go back and proofread.

        • coal miner

          karolyn and DaveH:
          Einstein was a notorious bad speller and even worse, grammar.A lot of great people and writers misspell words. The authoress Jane Austin was one of them. How ever I do agree and disagree with a lot of your posts.This is not a English Class we need to stick to more important things,like the issues.

          • Vigilant

            “Authoress?” Not very PC for a leftist now, is it?

          • ValDM

            Check out other postings for coal miner, you’ll find Einstein seems to be a personal hero for thid individual. But only what’s been picked over for “PC” content. LOL

          • DaveH

            Coal Miner has been very well behaved in his posts for quite some time, and I don’t think he’s really a rabid Liberal. He leans to the left for sure but he seems to be somewhat open-minded (unlike most Liberals), and that says a lot for a guy in his 70s.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear DaveH,

            I’m not sure you can put the Liberal label on coal miner (he can correct me if I’m wrong). I find he and I agree on a lot of topics. Where we disagree is unionism and religion. But this I can say for sure about coal miner, he has reached his conclusions after much study and thought. When he makes a case for his position he does so with evidence to back it up. He doesn’t mindlessly follow the Left’s talking points. And when he disagrees it is usually in a very civil manner, unlike many on this site from both sides of the spectrum.

            Best wishes,

          • DaveH

            No doubt, Bob, you have read a lot more of his comments than I have, so I will defer to your experienced judgement on that one.
            What I appreciate about Coal Miner is his lack of holding a grudge. We can have a feud one day, and a few days later he comments as though there were no bad blood between us.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I usually agree with all your drop ins, but on this subject, I suggest you go to last year and look at some of the posts from Coal miner aimed at DaveH, JeffH and Myself. He was VERY insulting in some of them, which was what got me started. I have, this year tried to make a concious effort to not be baited so much by him and a couple of others.

          • Jana

            Bob Livingston,
            So much for coal miner answering in a civil way. See his reponse to Danceswithwolves below.
            I have seen the rude and mean side of him way too many times.

          • JeffH

            My take on coal miner is that he is a “satanist” and has an affinity for communism. Other than that, there are certain things that we do see eye to eye on, although very rarely.

        • Push comes to shove

          Education does equate to intelligence, the common sense to use your knowledge for the good of man is intelligence and wisdom. Chiding someone for a few spelling or grammatical errors shows you have neither common sense nor wisdom.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Karolyn, I’m not really sure you’d recognize a bad time coming, if it hit ya. As they say ignorance is bliss.

          • Al Sieber

            Angel, I thought we told Karolyn ignorance is bliss last week, she didn’t catch on yet.

          • Kate8

            karolyn – You really opened up a can of worms there!

            People have different areas where they excel and where they don’t. How are your advanced math skills? Science? Chemistry? Physics?
            We can all see how you fall short in politics and comprehension skills.

            We all make dumb errors on our posts, even those of us who are more literate than others. I’ve also noted TIME’s interesting spelling skills, but his knowledge in other areas far exceeds that of the majority of folks.

        • Robert

          You have touched on a heartstring that has bugged me for most of my life. I rarely had any respect for bad spellers and poor grammatists. Foreigners in my country were given a break, but not their kids. Why? Because without any other measuring tool to judge a person’s SELF respect, we rely on such tools to guage the quality of the individual we listen to. You hear a lot about the lack of ‘common sense’ if you comment on anything ‘unpopular’ and are then told to ‘get a life’. Sorry, but the ones with common sense are those who search for ‘uncommon sense’; and they are also commonly the ones with uncommon lives, like me. I’ve been a warrior, tourist, husband, father, traveler, seeker, Christian, happily married American to a JEWISH woman, educated, degreed, elctronics tech, construction inspector, security installer and designer, musician, poet, soccer coach (for both sexes), McDonalds cashier, visitor to more than 40 States, 13 countries (lived abroad more than 2 years), speak 3 languages fluently, and love flying (I helped my brother-in-law build his airplane). Oh, did I mention I also started up 3 businesses? Just this tiny little note to let ya know that those who belittle excellence and allow the mud to cling to their shoes inevitably track the mud into the house and that leads also inevitably to common complaints about lack of ‘common sense’. Be careful how you use the term. Oh, and by the way (I rarely use BTW because it looks like laziness), their mey bee a fewe misspelings hear, butt I prufred most of itt befour eye gott two thes lein. Even clods can have an excellent life.

          • Push comes to shove

            We are currently in a time when a man is measured by his education, and for the most part, that has gotten us nowhere.

            I would prefer the days (call me neanderthal if you must) when a man was measure by his love of GOD, family and country and how he worked to provided for those. That, in my opinion, is the measure of a moral and just person. The individual who lives by that measure has no place or time to perpetrate the things that go on in our government and have no need for govt cheese.

          • Void1972

            What can I say? You seem to be a master of all trades, an intellect of immeasurable value to yourself and your family. I’m very happy for you.
            The greatest feat that you have mastered is being “Happily” married to a Jewish women. You are only the second person in my life, out of hundreds, that have said that.
            Good for you Robert, and keep up the good work!

          • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

            Well spelled!

        • TIME

          I have an MBA from Georgetown, the one in DC not in SC. So what..
          Has it ever aided me in making money? NOT at all, as well it seems to not be all that good for this nation either just look at the mess we have today same crap differant day.

          I made money based on two things – my hard work as well thinking so far outside any box that I was laughed at, made fun of and told what a looser I was.
          Well even my being such a total looser that can’t seem to spell well enough for you and some of the other special people, my crazy little company in 2010 (grossed) in the mid 9 figures.
          So how much did you make? So hows that good spelling working out for ya?
          Do you stay in a nice tight little line when you walk?
          Do you follow all the rules set out for you by your slave masters?

          Let me ask you Karolyn how many Honorary PHD’s have you turned down in your lifetime? I have turned down no less than 5.
          Why? Simple ~ I didn’t earn it. I just gave money to a school.
          That should tell you what value a PHD has, its all about money.

          I still recall a few of the people I asked for help way back when I started up my small business you know the good spellers and all that rot. Well they all said just about the same thing,
          “Your stupid, you don’t have the right look nor do you have a good idea” NO I will not invest in your crazy idea’s.

          I am 100% comfortable with all my God given flaws. But thanks for asking.
          So really K, Good luck to you and your spelling. :-)

          • independant thinker

            “That should tell you what value a PHD has, its all about money.”

            As I see it the problem isn’t with the PHD itself but rather with those receiving an honarary one then letting people assume it was earned thru study or activly promoting themselves as having earned it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            My father in law left college about three classes shy of his PHD and has turned down a couple, if I remember right, for the same reason. I DO remember him saying that PHD stood for Piled Higher and Deeper!!!!

          • independant thinker

            ” I DO remember him saying that PHD stood for Piled Higher and Deeper!!!!”

            Joe……..That is the punch line to an old joke. I am sure your father heard it and probebly even told it to others. The joke does make a good point about being to full of yourself and/or your education.

            I have known several people who have received honerary PHDs all of them accepted it as an honor but made it clear they did nothing to actualy earn it.

        • JeffH

          But DaveH, this is America and it won’t happen here, those guys were just heathens, thugs and liars.

          Karolyn, quit being a nagger. Who really cares, besides you, that your mother was a stickler about spelling?

          The only reason you “attacked”, yes you attacked TIME for spelling mistakes (that was “can’t we all think positive” Karolyn) was because he irritates you in some way and you didn’t agree with him, not because of his spelling. The poor spelling was just your excuse, a poor one at that. The fact that you don’t buy into this whole “NWO” thing and TIME rubs you the wrong way is the only reason you made such a negative comment in the first place. Admit it and be honest about it. I’m sure you’ll feel much better then.

          • karolyn

            Actually, I did not “attack” TIME. For some time, because of some of the words he uses (like “telly”), I thought he might have been educated in another country.

          • DaveH

            You didn’t really expect an honest answer from Karolyn, did you?

          • independant thinker

            “For some time, because of some of the words he uses (like “telly”), I thought he might have been educated in another country.”

            karolyn, why in the world would you think a person using an occasional COMMON slang word from another country would indicate that person was from another country? I hear and occasionally use “telly”, “boot”, “bonnet”, “bloody” “gooday mate” “gooday luv” and other slang terms from England, Australia, and other countries and I have never been out of the US much less been educated outside the US. I suppose if a person says mesa, rodeo, lariet, etc. you will automaticly assume they are from Mexico or Spain.

        • Gerry A.

          Hey Karolyn,
          Do you know the history of what led up to the HOLOCAUST?

        • texastwin827

          Karolyn, you might also consider that Time isn’t a good typist. Often things that appear to be “spelling errors” are actually typing errors.

          That said, I can’t stand double negatives…however, I’ve never been rude enough to correct or chastize someone who uses them. As one poster suggested, whether a person can or can not spell, is NOT an indication of how intelligent the are or are not.

          • texastwin827

            oops..look at me…a typing error That should be “theY are or are not”

        • Void1972

          Sorry, you are a very nice person. Good luck to you and yours.

          • Karolyn

            I appreciate that, Void.

        • Al Sieber

          Karolyn. I’m not very good with punctuation either.

      • kodster5

        Sad to say, but most of what TIME says is right. God is punishing the USA for turning away from the apple of His eye… Israel. In the process, He is forcing the Jews that still reside in this country to relocate to Israel, where He wants them, to protect them. Yes, Israel is going to face horrific attacks upon her, but nothing compared to what’s going to happen here, or in other countries. All nations are going to turn on Israel… she will not have 1 ally, including us, and with the administration presently in office, that prophecy is coming true. Once again, God is proving His word as Truth. You want to know what’s coming down the pipeline, then turn your life over to Jesus, ask for His gift of salvation and receive it, repent, and then open His word, and read it… you will find the Truth, and you will know what is coming.

        • Shagnassy

          Right on the money! I have said the same thing so many times. Unfortuneatly people just don’t want to listen! They think it won’t happen in our lifetime (If it’s gonna happen at all- probably just a fairy tale- stupid Christians! How dare they cram their beliefs down our throats!!) Well, Gods word that He made it so the simple things will confuse the wise… and they will strain at a gnat and swollow a camel…. Seems to fit right about now. We have a generation (OR two) that are unbelievers with blinders on.

        • JUKEBOX

          Israel has had one ally for thousands of years, GOD! If you do not believe this, look at the numerous world powers that have tried to destroy them throughout history, Rome, Egypt, Germany, etc.

          • kodster5

            That is true, Jukebox… however, the USA was created by God to be her sole ally to protect His people during their diaspora, and if you read of the history of the Jews in the forming of this country, then you would know that. Did you know that a single Jew was responsible for keeping the USA solvent during the War of Independence? He literally financed the USA through the war, getting loans on our behalf, and then being the guarantor of the loans. The man died penniless, because he was never paid back by the USA for his faith in our nation. This happened on more than one occasion, with Jews backing our nation. And then, when Israel became a nation, once again, in 1948, it was because of our nation that was most influential in that, creating the mandate that was actually called the British Mandate, from which the lands of Palestine were declared the nation of Israel, once again. Only ONE time in the history of this world has a nation ever come back from the dead… and that’s because God ordained it, from before the beginning of time. That nation is Israel. And when she became a nation again, we were the first country to recognize her sovereignty, some 6 minutes after she was declared a nation again, by none other than Harry S. Truman, and he was alone in his oval office when he did it… no advisors were in his office with him to tell him no, not to do it, because it would look bad on the country. God was putting it on his heart to do it.

        • Tim Smithpeters

          A big Amen to that Kodster5.

      • DaveH

        You’re right, Time, people are much more comfortable with their heads in the sand, until it’s too late. Ignorance is Bliss.
        I, also, am amazed that people can’t learn from History’s obvious lessons from those countries who have experimented with Gargantuan Government and have failed miserably. Has anybody known any country that has experienced a robust economy as a result of Bigger Government?
        It’s so obvious to me that when you take the competition of Free Markets out of the equation, there is going to be less produced (much less) and people are going to be poorer. If somebody has no fear of losing their job (Government Employees) are they going to work harder or not? If companies don’t have the protection from competition that is offered by Big Government, are they going to work harder or not? It is just human nature to take the easy road when it is presented.
        I refuse to believe that the rest of the population are just too ignorant to grasp what we know to be true. I think the truth is that thinking outside the box is just not as comfortable as Hoping and Dreaming.
        For those who adopt that stance (closed minds), enjoy it now because it isn’t going to last much longer. And when it ends if you think expanding your knowledge is uncomfortable, that will not even come close to the discomfort you are going to experience as a result of your reluctance to learn reality.

        • karolyn

          Ignorance absolutely is bliss! Have you ever noticed how developmentally disabled people ae always happy? I wish I were ignorant!

          • texastwin827

            disabled people a(R?)e always happy? I have to ask, since you’re so anal about spelling…is that a spelling error or a typo?

          • http://deleted Claire

            Good grief.

          • karolyn

            I’m talking about what used to be called “retarded” people (In case you didn’t know; they are now called developmentally disabled.). They are the sweetest, most innocent people there are.

          • karolyn

            texas, Unfortunately, this keyboard sticks, and I don’t always catch it because I type too fast.

          • Jana

            Do you think you are the only one with that problem? that is why we don’t nit pik.

          • Void1972

            Thank you Bob, for all of the good that you have done for humanity.

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            Haven’t you noticed, you wish did come true.

    • June

      I agree with you Bob. You have put it so elegantly. I could not have said it any better. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ISRAEL.

      • Void1972

        God bless America, for it are we how truly love God.

  • peter

    The world is a very dangerous place and either Obama is totally ignorant of the seriousness of these radical elements or he is aiding and abetting them. The fact that this woman almost put it across the Israelis is enough already as they know exactly what they are up against and it is time for the potus to be a man:- please no comments about what a hero he is for killing Osama. What next from this empty suit. I am a little old man and I shall be quite happy to take on him and his pupeteers anyday, anywher, anytime. Bring it on sunshine, let’s see what you have got other than empty rhetoric.

    • Conservative at Birth

      Sadly, you are mistaken. Obama is fully aware of what he is doing and why.

      • Ret

        Unfortunately I believe it’s true. As I’ve said before, why is Congress sucking their collective thumbs, and doing nothing. Do we not have one senator or representative who is willing to step forward and take him to task? That’s the unbelievable part.

        • kodster5

          Nope, we don’t. Believe it or not, almost the entire Congress, the US Supreme Court, etc, are all in on it, guys. They aren’t going to do a damned thing, lift a damned finger to help the American people. We’re on our own now. They want a revolt, so they can impose martial law on us. We’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t, because either way, we lose. All I know is… Maranatha, Lord Jesus! You can’t come too soon, now! I’ll admit, I’m not prepared, totally, for the chaos that is soon to come, and I’m frightened to see it come around. All I know is that I keep looking up, like He says, when I see these things, look up, for my redemption is near!

          • Ret

            You have a very plausible explanation for their total lack of response. It makes me sick to my stomach to say so.

      • Void1972

        Please forgive our sins my dear lord.


      Obama has probably never so much as a roach. I had a friend who fought in the Israeli Army, and I saw him ask a liberal Jew, “HAVE YOU EVER KILLED AN ARAB WITH YOUR BARE HANDS?”. I would like to ask Obama the same question.

      • Void1972

        Yours is the truth, yours is the holy, yours is honesty, yours is good, yours is America, god help us all………..
        May God grant us all in this room everlasting peace.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    We need a President that will stand with Israel. If push comes to shove, I doubt our current administration will be the ally that Israel has always counted on in the past. We cannot watch and sit idly by as Israel is once again needing to defend her people.

    • DaveH

      I believe our Government should offer neither. Our Government should quit giving other peoples’ money away to Israel or Palestine or Pakistan or any other countries. It is not their money to give. Those who wish to support Israel should do so, but with their own money. The same goes for all the other countries that our Government is showering with largess. And note that it is Borrowed Money, so our descendants are going to be saddled with paying for largess that they didn’t even get to vote on. That is just flat IMMORAL! But what else can one expect from Big Government?

      • DaveH

        Watch this Debt Clock and see your future (and your children’s, and your grandchildren’s, … future) being spent away by out-of-control Government:

      • coal miner

        Again I agree with you.We can’t be world policemen.Let other countries handle their own messes.We may one day run out resources fighting other people’s wars that could be disastrous.Everybody remembers the Romans,they were constantly fighting silly wars and they too were drain of resources,wars are terribly expensive,not only monetarily,but in human lives as well.lets not be another Roman repeat.We could go the way of the Romans and become a sad part of history

        George Santayana warned that those who ignore the lessons of history,are doom to repeat it again.

        • JeffH

          coal miner, so true.

        • Al Sieber

          coal miner, Rome was destroyed from within much like the decay going on inside our country now,then the barbarian hordes finally did Rome in, much like the illegals flooding unchecked over our borders,plus their monetary system. and those that remember the past are condemned to relive it, G.Santanya, that was in the Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich, and it’s happening here now.

  • Star37

    Thank you so much for putting it so well. I travelled Israel in 1981 and was told the same thing voluntarily by Israeli Arabs. I, too, pray for the return of the USA to someone who is true to the Constitution! Time to hold the terrorists responsible! The latest I read in an Israeli news is that Hamas is going to pull its leaders out of gov’t so as not to isolate Gaza/PA in the world…latest deception move!?

  • Rychka

    It seems that the jews are brain washed. I hope that everyone will understand the muslim’s and their colture and see why we need to close the borders and stop the building of sleeper cells in this country before it’s to late.

  • Dave

    The answer is obvious to me; the POTUS of the USA is Muslim given his birth in Mombosa, Kenya, his childhood education in Indonesia and his Left leaning affiliation in growing up.
    His affinity for all things Islamic from his support of the “democratic uprisings” in soon to be Islamic countries to his feigned support for our troops and all things American.

  • TF

    While I haven’t witnessed for myself the conditions you describe most of my reading leads me to believe you are correct. The problem with the American Jews I think comes from the younger generation, just like our own, who have no experience and have been brainwashed by our schools and news outlets into thinking anyone who fight a war and wins is somehow corrupt. While I would like to live in a peaceful world I have seen enough of the way all people get when they see others with that which they don’t have and don’t see any way of acheiving. The only real hope for our country and the world is the education (not brainwashing) because it opens up a world of unbelievable possibilities.

  • Brenda Baarton

    Obama is a puppet president, I respect the office, but not the man. I did not vote for him,not because he is black, but because 1 person can not full fill what he was planning to do in in four years, not even in eight. This man scares me to death. Our country has lost it’s prestiege in the world. Yes we got BinLaden under his watch, but those plans had been in the works for how many year? Mexico is planning a take over of the U. S. just as the Arabic Nations, and probably even the Chinese, when will this country wake up. Israel is the only ali we have in the Middle East, that is dependable and Mr. President is trying to squash that. Even our oldest alies are ashamed of us now, if it came down to it where would be the help that we would need in case of WWIII, which I believe we are in now. People you must look at the past and live for the future, take what many brave people have stood for and push it to the front, do not let your guard down, it will be a devasting mistake.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      While I can see what you say about Mexico as true, They have one little, tiny stumbling block between them and takeover of the US. The last estimate of population of the US was over 300 million. now take about 125 million off for Mexicans living here and non-combatants, that will still leave 175 million pi$$ed off Americans facing them!!! I would estimate that at least 80% would be armed and some would be able to supply others with weapons!! I just have a hard time seeing it in my mind!!!

      • Al Sieber

        JoeH, you’re right on the money.

  • Rychka

    It seems that the jews are brain washed. If Barack Obama’s insane policy of forcing Israel to retreat to its pre-1967 borders is implemented, the very survival of the most loyal friend we have in the Middle East will be at risk.
    Think about this until it’s to late.

    • DaveH

      No doubt his orders are coming from the United Nations which has been taken over by Big Government Loving Despotic countries.
      Get us out of the United Nations!

    • DaveR

      And that is among BHO’s goals!

  • Sandra

    Bravo ! Excellent column once again from Chip!!! 2012 cannot get here soon enough … Restore American morals and values. You sound like the kind of man who supports Beck’s Restoring Courage event in Israel … Thanks for saying it like it is …

    • kodster5

      I want to go that event in Israel… I want to stand with the people of Israel, and show solidarity with them… but alas, I do not have the money to go… anyone want to sponsor me? =)

  • Dan

    Very good article! The Obama administration has a tendency to pressure Israel to go back to the 1967 borders. Well while they are at it why don’t they pressure Israel to go back to their 1922 borders? After all the League of Nations awarded all of Palestine (which included Trans-Jordan) to the Jewish people at that time. For a few months it was in Jewish hands until Britain decided to chop off a big chunk of territory and by design make a state for non Jews. So the Palestinians already have a state and it is called Jordan. Now if any pressure needs to be applied it needs to be applied to Jordan to open up their borders to all Palestinians. And if the Palestinians still want a second state then it needs to be carved out of Jordan’s territory not Israel’s. Secondly, why is the United States giving foreign aid to the Palestinians? When the founding fathers of the United States came to America no one provided them funds or foreign aid to help them form this country into a state. It is insane for this administration to be giving foreign aid to other countries when we have such high unemployment and such a high deficit.

    • kodster5

      Sweetie… better read your history again. Why do you think Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, et al, went to France? France was our ally, AND provided foreign aid to us, during the Revolutionary War, our War of Independence from Britain.

      • Vigilant

        Don’t leave out John Adams. He secured a loan from the Netherlands that was “a stitch in time” for the American war effort.

        • JLC

          Vigilant and Kodster 5 — The debt that we owed to France and The Netherlands was adequately repaid in 1945 ——— June 6, to be precise.

          • JLC

            Oops! Make that 1944 ——— I punched a wrong button. Mea Culpa!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Name two countries that have paid what they owe the US? It would be very hard! Hell, for years we have carried numerous countries on our back, very much like we are doing behind the scenes in Lybia!! We blow places up in war and then spend copious amounts of money to rebuild them!! How much in todays dollars did we spend to rebuild Japan after they attacked US?!?!?!?

    • Tom

      Yes … and while Obama dictates that Israel return to pre 1967 borders maybe he’ll also demand that the U.S. return to pre 1967 tax laws and size of government.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!! Good one Tom!!!!

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      How about doing it right, and give Israel their borders in King David’a time?

      Things were peaceful and prosperous then! And we need a Solomon from back then as President! He could straighten things out here!!

  • Debbie Sullivan

    Thank you. I don’t/can’t understand why so many in the country just will not see the writing on the wall! WAKE UP PEOPLE! I even have family members that are so brainwashed by this mockery of a president that they won’t even LOOK at anything remotely negative about him. No matter what proof you have as to it’s validity. Sorry state we are in. And frightening.

  • Robin Harris

    I have a very hard time understanding the Democratic mind but understanding the Jewish Democratic mind is mind blowing. They don’t seem to know their own history. Do they really believe they will be ‘insiders’ if the Socialist/Marxist people win? Do they not believe the horrific result of the German foray into Socialism? Do they understand how dictatorships work? Our education system has failed so miserably to educate the people of the greatest country ever conceived, and we have stood by and let them take control of the minds of our children….we now have 60 years of a failing system. God forgive us. The second time the Garden of Eden has been trashed.

    • Vigilant

      American Jews have consistently voted ca. 70% for leftist/liberal causes and politicians.

    • TD1931

      I’m 80yrs. old and a bad speller (the couse of this see in the next centence).
      I’m a legalimigrant to this beloved addopted country of mine. It is not surprizing to see american Jews to be found in the liberal democratic (socialist) party. They probably never visited Israel, they don’t know their history or their own scripture. They never experianced the holocast concentration camps. they keep a blind eye to Deuteronomy 6:4,5. Their lord-Idols are spelled $$$$$. Some of them are like G(godless) Soros a traitor to their heritage for profit even if it leads to the distruction of the only country which blessed with liberty and freedom.
      I have personally experianced the working of a totalitarian (comunist) gowernment. Believe me we are well on the way to comunisem by the ignorance of the young generation who been brainwashed by scools and liberal news media electing an ilegal inelegible preident. And putting immoral representation in the congress ala Weiner and more like him(I wonder isn’t he a jew?
      Now back to the subject “Isreal” All of their problem is still their rebelion against their promised Messiah. I visited Isreal a year ago, traveled through most from north to south and east to west. I was blessed to meet arab families, I played soccer with their children, they have good life style and freedom. The laws of Israel donnot demand their young ones to serve in the Israely army, unlike the youth of Israel for whom it is mandetory, however they can volentier and they are not rejected. Some of them become officers in the army and faithfully serve the defense of Israel. The arabs called “Paletinians” are a minority group but they have representation in the gowernment and are not discriminated.
      Can any one immagine the discrimination they would suffer if the cities or area they have their homes would be turn over to hamas under the demand of a illegitimate US president?
      I’m not Jewish, I’m a reformed Chatolic, Praise the Lord.
      Shalom Al Yisrael

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Only too true.

      Now we will have the punishment, rather than the joys and plenties we could have had. And all will suffer in the end!

      Even Obama, who will be discarded when his job is done; such is the lesson of history!

  • m allen

    OMG, right on! I am instructed in the bible to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Im also told in the bible, that if I bless Israel, and the decendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that I too shall be blessed. Therefore with a pure heart for Israel and the Jewish people I pray and give money to help, defend, and support my God’s choosen people.

    I do want to say that Christian TV warned people about obama’s anti-Israel, and anti-Christian beliefs long before the 08 presidential elections.
    ANY so-called Christian that voted for obama, THE BLOOD OF GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE is on your HANDS!!!!!

    • Abe

      There will come a day when Israel will stand victorious having defeated all its enemies. God will keep his promise.

      Those who voted for and support this Oval Office occupant are against Israel and God’s chosen people. They may claim ignorance when they voted, but it is their fault that they did not do the due deligence before electing him to the highest office in the country.

  • Elle

    I can never get my mind around how American Jews are so liberal and vote for the likes of Obama & Co. The fact that these same libs uphold “Reproductive Rights” code for keeping abortion legal. Goes against “we will never forget” We have a worse holocost going on in the US. Over 50 million pre-born babies were murdered and 3-4 thousand a day are still being slaughtered. I stand with bb/Israel and voting out all those that uphold the Culture of Death.

  • Bob G

    I’m goy but I know the Jewish community and their political affiliations have always confounded me. Work hard, save your money but give enough away to the Democrats and Unions. WTF?

    • karolyn

      Jews have always been liberals and for the underdog. That is why you find so many in social services.

      • JeffH

        karolyn, that comment sounds just like something eddie would say.

        • karolyn

          Well, Jeff, being born and raised in the northeast, I have known many Jewish people, and all of the ones I have known have been democrats and many of them have been in social services. Of course, there are also many Jewish lawyers.

          • JeffH

            You just confirmed my point. You were raised in the northeast yet can make a broad statement inferring that (all)jews are liberals. What you’ve been raised with and seen in the northeast can be far different in other parts of the country. Did you experience any “culture shock” and back assward types in SC when you moved there. Are all the jews in SC all liberals? Are all jews liberals in Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky and N Dakota? Do you get and understand my point?

          • Void1972

            78% of conservative and reformed Jews voted for Obama. 82% of Orthodox Jews voted Republican.
            The reformed Jew is the problem in our world. They worship a different God then Orthodox and have no use for Israel.

          • Karolyn

            Jeff – The only Jews I’ve met here moved here from the NE, and they are liberals. One friend told me that when she moved here, someone told her that she had been raised to believe that all Jews had horns! She was very surprised when she met them that they were normal people.

          • JeffH

            You clearly said “Jews have always been liberals and for the underdog. That is why you find so many in social services.”

            Why, then, didn’t you just say the jews you’ve met in the northeast are…rather than make a blanket statement like you did? That is because you don’t know and have based your “blanket” statement to include all jews.

            karolyn, you have avoided answering my original obeservation…that’s is the kind of answer I would expect from liberals or someone like an Anthony Weiner. You have avoided directly addressing the question.

            Jeesh! :)

          • eddie47d

            Jeff the sly old dog. You make blanket statements about Liberals and Progressives every single day and sometimes several times a day. Always peddling your hypocrisies. I’ve believe you are the one using Alinsky tactics since you seem to know so much about that too. Jeffy want a cracker! Jeffy want a cracker! Damn you are sinister.

          • JeffH

            eddie, all you have to do is prove it and again you can’t. I make a conscious effort to qualify my statements unlike yourself.

            Speaking of hypocrits, have you any (insult removed) lately?

          • JeffH

            eddie, because you have no original thoughts of your own, I found this on-line and immegiatly thought of you.

            Pete the Repeat Parrot

            Item FM-SSI-S1108R – $24.95
            Sale $16.95 ( You Save $8.00 )
            Pete the Repeat Parrot is the most obedient bird you can buy! Just tell him any phrase, and he repeats it back to you. Practice your Liberal rhetoric! Repeat everything you never thought of with double ineffectiveness! Pete comes with his own hanging perch, batteries not included.

  • Edward Olivares

    Too bad we can’t draft Bibi for president of the USA in 2012! On the orther hand, what is wrong with electing an Israeli citizen to be President of the USA, we elected a Kenyan didn’t we?

  • susie

    Bravo. Excellent words, accurate from all that I have studied. Every book I have read from those who have lived there supports your article. It is time for America to wake up before the Hand of God is not only completely removed from our nation, but if these ungodly policies of this usurper are allowed to continue, we….The United States of America…become His enemy and He deals with us just as He always and righteously has throughout history: He sends His agents to destroy this nation. Because He will ….His Righteousness and loathing of sin will demand it. NEVER GO AGAINST HIS PEOPLE, ISRAEL. NEVER.

  • Phillip Maine

    I am not one of these date setting heretic wackos like this camping fellow, I will not set a date for the Rapture and Tribulation, and the End of the World is not upon us, but the end of our culture and what Christians call the Age of Grace is upon us.
    This is what John Moore says we need:
    1. need a storm shelter big enough to handle 6 adults with children. Build bunks starting at the floor if you have to..
    2. build a generator which I have plans for to create enough electricity to power a light, refrigerator and freezer.
    3. Food for six months, and two years of seed on hand to plant garden after the event is over.
    4. five to six adults with a rifle and at least 500 rounds ammo per adult to protect and hunt food after the disaster is over. You will need more food and another shelter if you want your children and grandchildren to be here where it is safe. It takes about 900 lbs of grain to feed an adult for a year. John does recommend 2 years worth of food but we are probably out of time for getting that much food.
    View all 12 video segments.
    Before you read the rest of this information please listen to this web link.
    According to John Moore whom I trust with my life the brown dwarf star is due in this fall. He says things will get much worse by October, which means we will probably be nearing or in level three by then (same link).

    In 2000 the Sun flipped magnetic poles because of the force exerted on it by the Brown Dwarf star. (Rev. 8:11) As the star rotates around the sun, coming from the south, it will shift its magnetic pole,the Sun’s pole, and earths pole continually with it. (our pole is currently shifting 50 miles a week, aligning with the dwarf star!) This will cause the extreme solar storms with 140 degree heat the scientists were talking about back in 2005. (Rev. 16:8) We are now in level two with major disasters happening almost every week. There have been thousands of earthquakes in the Guy, Arkansas Earthquake Swarm. During these earthquakes the face of a bluff fell away revealing what is purported to be the remains of a steal reinforced concrete dam more then 6000 years old. When we enter what John calls level three these occurrences will take place and the pole will shift 50 miles every day. It will take 30 days to move through level three to level four.
    At the start of level four the Brown Dwarf star will grab the water bulge located on the equator and pull it south, destroying all land, buildings, and people who live below 500 feet. As it progresses through our system it will drag the water back to the equator then into the norther hemisphere. Everything below 500 feet will be destroyed so you need to be located at least 650 to 1000 feet above sea level . (Rev 8:8; 11:16) The Dwarf star will keep the water on us (the northern hemisphere) for about three months as it arcs around the sun. It will then pull the water back to the south then release it, causing Tsunami’s as water roles north then south a half a dozen times before it settles back on the new equator. The Government says the Earth’s new pole will probably be located somewhere between Russian Siberia and Upper Mongolia. If this is so Des Moines, Iowa will be locate somewhere near the latitude that Los Angeles, CA is right now. John is recommending the AR/MO Ozarks because earthquakes do not travel through the dense rock found there very well. He also says that we need to be away from large population centers because the people will rush away and in panic take what they can find. Other disasters expected. 1. two to three volcanoes along our coastal range erupt. Major earthquakes in the west and on the New Madrid which will be under 200 feet of water and world wide Rev. 6:15, disruption of all services and transportation, including the power grid. Finally war over the remaining resources.
    I do believe in the pre tribulation rapture, but at what point does it take place! The pre tribulation rapture is the most dangerous biblical truth we preach because people say I will not be here so why prepare. First, none of us know when the rapture will take place, or even if it will take place now or years from now. Second, If we are prepared and are raptured out someone who was not may find our resources and survive, and in the process of reading the biblical material we have left, find Jesus as Savior! I desire to survive the rapture but if I (we) do nothing I (we) will be as panicked as the rest of the population. And Panic does not help survival at all. Preparedness does! If there is enough culture left to have education I will start Seminary after this is over.
    I know John Moore well enough to trust him implicitly. If I have gone of the Deep end it is because Revelation is coming on us now! Please do not believe the NASA mouthpiece. He has bought a home near Denver and had built a shelter there.
    Some say I am a conspiracy addict, but I am not. If I am deemed to be one I will ask you- Did Napoleon conspire to take all of Europe? Did England conspire to grab and control as much of the worlds land as they could? Did Hitler conspire to take over the World, did the Soviet Union conspire to overthrow countries all over the planet? Are the Muslims conspiring to destroy Israel and subjugate the whole world?

    God Bless,
    Phillip Maine

    • kodster5

      Philip, I followed your invitation to view John Moore’s videos, and got to the 3rd one, and realized, OMG! The map he showed that the woman who went to see his wife, the chiropractor, in the ’80s, gave to him, through his wife, was incredible… to see the Missouri, Red River, the Ohio, and the Mississippi rivers dividing the country. That is happening, right now… no wonder the Army Corps of Engineers is blowing the levees in this areas, to flood the farmlands, and doing it with absolutely no qualms. This has been in the plans for decades!

      I live in ND, near the Missouri river. They’re dealing with flooding like they have never seen before in Bismarck. The Garrison dam, which I have a connection to, because my grandparents housed some of the Corps when they built it over 50 years ago… they opened the floodgates for the first time ever this past weekend, to control the water that is backing up in Lake Sakajawea… a man-made reservoir/lake. The flooding of the Red River valley has been overwhelming, especially since it is getting worse every year there (Fargo). And now, they’ve been blowing the levees along the Mississippi, in MO and LA, flooding farmland, to alleviate the river… and they have no intention of recovering this farmland… it’s gone, forever. What John is saying, is coming true… look at the headlines!

      People, you ought to take time out to watch these videos. They were originally meant to be for purchase, but John released them to YouTube because he wanted to get the message out to the public. His number one comment is… the government wants to hide this from you, but I was in military intel, and I want to get it out to you!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Just where is this “brown atar”? And does it orbit our sun, or is it a rogue? Where do we look to see it, if it is so close?

        Has the UN gotten all pictures of the night skies and inked out this celestial object?

        • independant thinker

          The “brown star” is a twisting of a very recent astronomical theory that postulates the existance of “brown stars” that cannot be detected by present science. They are supposed to account for much of the missing or “dark” matter thought to be in the universe. The theory said there might be one in or more likely close to our solar system.

          • Cawmun Cents

            The only true”dark matter”is the stuff you find at the bottom of the bowl,of the bong which the grant money bought,in the modern astro-physicists coffee table cabinet.It also resides as residue in their dark mattered brains.Listen….you have a standard model which the mathematics dont pan out to.So as I sit in my grant paid for studio apartment in San Fransicko,taking a pull off the grant bought bong,it occurs to me that in order to keep the grant money flowing,(cough,cough…this medicine is expando!)I’ll have to invent a non-tracable particle to keep me in the wheelhouse swingin’!Ergo:the thought processes can only conceive….dark matter.Hey!…If they dont dark mind…then it dont dark matter!heheheh….(cough,cough)-CC.

    • independant thinker

      ” During these earthquakes the face of a bluff fell away revealing what is purported to be the remains of a steal reinforced concrete dam more then 6000 years old.’

      That destroys any validity your statement might have. I live within 50 miles of Guy and there has NOT been an ancient dam exposed by the earthquakes. The most powerful one was 4.7 which does very minor if any damage. Also there are not any bluffs high enough in that area th hide a large dam.

  • Terry

    Chip-You seem to have it right. While I do agree with you and PM Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, I would like to see a tactical analysis of each geographic zone where Obummer is suggesting a withdrawal of Israeli forces to pre 1967 positions. The Israelis are out of Gaza, put still operate a cordon, I believe. The Israelis are out of the Sinai too. The Golan Heights could easily become a joint forces patrolled DMZ, with civil rule by Syria who would operate a lightly armed, civil police force there. At one point, the Israelis were close to agreement on this arrangement, I believe. The Israelis still occupy a very small area of Southern Lebanon as well-Sheba Farms, which is really inexcusable (although water rich). I suspect that the West Bank and portions of Jerusalem are the larger tactical concerns and therefore where agreements will not be reached. The Israelis could probably reach a deal with Syria, if Iran was removed politically from the picture. Once that occurs, the Palestinian will see that they are too poor and ill supported to win, maybe. Unfortunately, to remove Iran politically will not occur until after a retaliatory nuclear strike by the Israelis, after a similar strike by the Iranians. Despite world whining at the time, it will be important at that time for the Israelis to completely obliterate Iran. At that point, Israel may actually start on the path to peace, because those who do not support it and prefer continued conflict will be eliminated in toto. This is how to deal with Muslims that are hell-bent on your destruction. The Israelis know it and we don’t, yet.
    Further thoughts?

    • kodster5

      LOL! I was with you until you said that Syria could collaborate with Israel. That will NEVER happen. Look at what the Bible says about Syria, hun… she’ll be wiped off the face of the earth, something that has never happened in the history of the world. She’ll be laid to desolation. And look what’s in the headlines today. The UN is ready to put sanctions on her, due to the leaders of Syria killing her own people, like Saddam Hussein did to his people.

  • iam

    There are two ideas that I cannot understand. The first is that after the Six-Day War, the world decided that the LOSERS had the right to dictate settlement terms. The second is that in 2008, for the first time in history, the United States elected someone who openly despised, actually hated, the country he purports to represent, ie, the current infestation at the White House.

  • Renee’

    Your article is right on. We must stand up for Israel and somehow get American Jews to understand what is happening to them as a nation and a religious group or we and they will pay a huge price for our own freedom. Prayer is a good place to start. God is still in charge!

  • Phillip Maine

    What Obama does is all part of the One World Government but will make no difference in the end because Jesus will have the final say. I read all these articles with interest but realize that the information contained, though being correct in even the small details, will make no difference when the Brown Dwarf Star makes its enterance into our lives. If this site is like most, this reply and the one above it will be removed.
    May Jesus have mercy on us,

  • NGB

    I don’t believe we really have any Biblical reason for supporting Israel because the Bible tells us that Christians are God’s chosen people now, not just Jews. However, I also do not believe we should be turning our back on one of our strongest allies. Obama may have wrecked that friendship already.

    Another thing I believe is that if we stopped sending foreign aid to all the countries, where we now send it, except Israel, we could wipe out our national debt in just a few years. After all, most of the countries that we send money to hate us. Of course this would require shutting down Congress for a few years and getting rid of BHO, his dummy, and all his Tzars.

    • ValDM

      The Jews are still God’s chosen people; Christians are the Gentiles spoken of in Romans 11:13-21. Christians are the “grafted” branches that Paul is describing. Read it for yourself, it won’t take very much time; but please don’t elevate yourself to be above the Jews.

      • Vic

        No, The Israelites are God’s chosen peoples, not those that are called Jews in Israel.( although they like you to believe they are chosen )

        These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

        And where are the lost sheep of Israel? Not in Jerusalem at the moment.Who are the gentiles? Certainly not Christians but those who are pagans and idol worshippers. America is the greatest Christian Country on earth from whom other countries were to be blessed. The Bible says so. What countries in the world are blessed by Israel ? Don’t belittle yourself by believing that you are a gentile.

        • ValDM

          Read Matt 15:21-28 about the Canaanite woman & her faith, but especially what Jesus said to her: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”

          Lastly, if we aren’t Gentiles, why then, does Paul refer to himself as the Apostle sent unto the Gentiles repeatedly throughout his many epistles?

          • Vic

            Paul was an Israelite from the tribe of Benjamin. The commandment to the apostles included ” rather go to the lost house of Israel ” I guess Paul had some reason to preach to the gentiles at the time. It just annoys me that a certain group of people would have you to believe that Christians are gentiles.Some of the Israelites migrated and ended up in the Americas whereby America became a Christian Country. There will be a mixture of Israelites and gentiles through immigration in America. Those gentiles who become saved Christians share the same promises as given to the Israelites.
            I am not as well versed in the Bible as others are, but I believe that the Bible makes it quite plain as to who the chosen people are.

          • Vic

            ValDM says:
            June 10, 2011 at 11:09 am

            Read Matt 15:21-28 about the Canaanite woman & her faith, but especially what Jesus said to her: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”

            Lastly, if we aren’t Gentiles, why then, does Paul refer to himself as the Apostle sent unto the Gentiles repeatedly throughout his many epistles?

            I feel that you are struggling over this chosen people thing. ValDM, I would like to point you to a site that will help to clear this up based on what the Bible says. Please check out on Google,the site of Lt. Colonel Gordon Jack Mohr. Other Christians who believe that the Israel of today is God’s chosen people should look this up also. This site can explain what a gentile, Israelite and Jew is from the Bible and from History.

        • Al Sieber

          Vic, thanks for straightening it out.

      • coal miner


        Here is what one Jewish scientist said:

        Albert Einstein described belief in God as “childish superstition” and said Jews were not the chosen people, in a letter to be sold in London this week, an auctioneer said Tuesday.
        The father of relativity, whose previously known views on religion have been more ambivalent and fuelled much discussion, made the comments in response to a philosopher in 1954.

        As a Jew himself, Einstein said he had a great affinity with Jewish people but said they “have no different quality for me than all other people”.

        “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.

        “No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this,” he wrote in the letter written on January 3, 1954 to the philosopher Eric Gutkind, cited by The Guardian newspaper.

        The German-language letter is being sold Thursday by Bloomsbury Auctions in Mayfair after being in a private collection for more than 50 years, said the auction house’s managing director Rupert Powell.

        In it, the renowned scientist, who declined an invitation to become Israel’s second president, rejected the idea that the Jews are God’s chosen people.

        “For me the Jewish religion like all others is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions,” he said.

        “And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people.”

        And he added: “As far as my experience goes, they are no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything ‘chosen’ about them.”

        • ValDM

          God’s accuracy may be observed in the hatching of eggs.

          For example :

          -the eggs of the potato bug hatch in 7 days;

          -those of the canary in 14 days;

          -those of the barnyard hen in 21 days ;

          -The eggs of ducks and geese hatch in 28 days;

          -those of the mallard in 35 days ;

          -The eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch in 42 days.

          (Notice, they are all divisible by seven , the number of days in a week!)

          The lives of each of you may be ordered by the Lord in a beautiful way for

          His glory, if you will only entrust Him with your life.. If you try to

          Regulate your own life, it will only be a mess and a failure. Only the One

          Who made the brain and the heart can successfully guide them to a profitable


          God’s wisdom is seen in the making of an elephant. The four legs of this

          Great beast all bend forward in the same direction. No other qua dru ped is so

          Made. God planned that this animal would have a huge body, too large to live

          On two legs. For this reason He gave it four fulcrums so that it can rise

          From the ground easily.

          The horse rises from the ground on its two front legs first. A cow rises

          From the ground with its two hind legs first. How wise the Lord is in all

          His works of creation!

          God’s wisdom is revealed in His arrangement of sections and segments, as

          Well as in the number of grains.

          Each watermelon has an even number of strips on the rind..

          Each orange has an even number of segments.

          Each ear of corn has an even number of rows.

          Each stalk of wheat has an even number of grains.

          Every bunch of bananas has on its lowest row an even number of bananas, and

          Each row decreases by one, so that one row has an even number and the next

          Row an odd number.

          The waves of the sea roll in on shore twenty-six to the minute in all kinds

          Of weather.

          All grains are found in even numbers on the stalks, and the Lord specified

          Thirty fold, sixty fold, and a hundredfold – all even numbers.

          God has caused the flowers to blossom at certain specified times during the

          Day, so that Linnaeus, the great botanist, once said that if he had a

          Conservatory containing the right kind of soil, moisture and temperature, he

          Could tell the time of day or night by the flowers that were open and those

          That were closed!

          Thus the Lord in His wonderful grace can arrange the life that is entrusted

          To His care in such a way that it will carry out His purposes and plans, and

          Will be fragrant with His presence.

          Only the God-planned safe life is successful. Only the life given over to

          The care of the Lord is fulfilled.

          God is so awesome!!

          • April

            This is really interesting ValDM. Even our human bodies seem to make some kind of change every 7-8 years as we grow and age. I really like your imput here. Thank you ValDM!!

        • chess game

          Albert Einstein was an European speaking like an European. You just want to say that Israel has no right to exist. Do you have a right to exist? Yes, it is called co-existence. Israel was legally given the land they occupy, and the borders they had to acquire due to constant attacks from their arab neighbors. I guess you and your cohorts are full of hate, and it is useless to converse with hateful people. I am done!

        • ValDM

          For all the scientists out there, and for all the students who have a hard time convincing these people regarding the truth of the Bible, here’s something that shows God’s awesome creation, and that He is still in control.

          Did you know that the space program is busy proving that what has been called ‘myth’ in the Bible is true?

          Mr. Harold Hill, President of the Curtis Engine Company in Baltimore, Maryland, and a consultant in the space program, relates the following development.

          ‘I think one of the most amazing things that God has done for us today happened recently to our astronauts and space scientists at Green Belt, Maryland …

          They were checking out where the positions of the sun, moon, and planets would be 100 years and 1,000 years from now.. We have to know this so we won’t send up a satellite and have it bump into something later on in its orbits.

          We have to lay out the orbits in terms of the life of the satellite and where the planets will be so the whole thing will not bog down.

          They ran the computer measurement back and forth over the centuries, and it came to a halt. The computer stopped and put up a red signal, which meant that there was something wrong with either the information fed into it or with the results as compared to the standards.

          They called in the service department to check it out, and they said, ‘What’s wrong?’ Well, they found there is a day missing in space in elapsed time.

          They scratched their heads and tore their hair out. There was no answer..

          Finally a Christian man on the team said, ‘You know, one time I was in Sunday School, and they talked about the sun standing still.’ While they didn’t believe him, they didn’t have an answer either, so they said, ‘Show us, ‘

          He got a Bible and went to the book of Joshua where they found a pretty ridiculous statement for any one with ‘common sense.’

          There they found the Lord saying to Joshua,

          ‘Fear them not, I have delivered them into thy hand; there shall not a man of them stand before Thee.’

          Joshua was concerned because he was surrounded by the enemy! And if darkness fell, they would overpower them. So Joshua asked the Lord to make the sun stand still! That’s right. ‘The sun stood still and the moon stayed and lasted not to go down about a whole day!’
          (Joshua 10:12-13)

          The astronauts and scientists said, There is the missing day! They checked the computers going back into the time it was written and found it was close but not close enough. The elapsed time that was missing back in Joshua’s day was 23 hours and 20 minutes. not a whole day.

          They read the Bible, and there it was about [approximately] a day. These little words in the Bible are important, but they were still in trouble because if you cannot account for 40 minutes, you’ll still be in trouble 1000 years from now.

          Forty minutes had to be found because it can be multiplied many times over in orbits. As the Christian employee thought about it, he remembered somewhere in the Bible where it said the sun went BACKWARDS.

          The scientists told him he was out of his mind, but they got out the Book and read these words in 2 Kings that told of the following story: Hezekiah, on his death bed, was visited by the prophet Isaiah who told him that he was not going to die. Hezekiah asked for a sign as proof. Isaiah said ‘Do you want the sun to go ahead 10 degrees?’

          Hezekiah said, ‘It is nothing for the sun to go ahead 10 degrees, but let the shadow return backward 10 degrees.’ Isaiah spoke to the Lord, and the Lord brought the shadow ten degrees BACKWARD! Ten degrees is exactly 40 minutes!’

          Twenty-three hours and 20 minutes in Joshua, plus 40 minutes in Second Kings make the missing day in the universe! Isn’t it amazing?

          References: Joshua 10:8 and 12,13 and 2 Kings 20:9-11.

          All I have and all that I am is by the Grace of God!

          • Chris

            Now let me see if I have this straight…..the shadow went backwards 10 degrees and that equals the 40 missing minutes. So when the sun and the shadow started in its initial direction again it must have taken another 40 minutes. Hmmmm, sounds like NASA still has a problem.

            Sounds like this story needs some proof reading.

          • Jana

            Poor Chris,
            Its so sad you can’t comprehend simple things.

        • Al Sieber

          Among other things, the bible is a history book, and a law book if you take religion out of it,in other words forget the religion.

          • April

            Al S, LOL You can take religion out of it if ya like; but if you know how to rightly divide, The Holy Bible is the best and most interesting School Master ever written and is definitely inspired by God. It is History, Science, Law, Religion, and Literature, and intriguing Mystery and presents an accurate record of good and evil and the consequences of both. This Holy Book is a School Master of guidelines that teaches how to have a happy balanced life, and how to help each other, and how to stay out of trouble. We are taught the very nature and heart of God, and what pleases HIM and what is an abomination to HIM, so that we can chose to love HIM or reject HIM. It teaches the who, what, when, where, and why so that we can prevent the negative part of all mentioned above and more. And it is so wonderful that this School Master surpasses the test of time and is proven true over and over and time and time again. This Book is so accurate that we can find out who we are as a People and a Nation today and able to recognize other Peoples and Nations; and what agendas are good and which ones are evil and what circumstances line up to inform us of where we are repeating history. Talk about PEACE OF MIND!! Taking the time to rightly divide and understand this Holy Bible is so nutricious for the mind, emotions and very spirit of mankind; so rewarding and vivacious for the soul.

  • Robert Henry

    This was a great article. One thing I will never forget is watching the palestinians dance in the street on 09/11/01. They were happier than any other group of people that I saw on that dark day. I used to think the current occupant of the White House was just stupid and didn’t understand the harsh reality of foreign affairs, or National ones either for that matter, but after watching and listening to him for his first few months in office I realized that there was no way anyone could do that much damage to our Country and our allies without a lot of evil planning. I certainly haven’t seen anything to change my mind since. He’s friendly with our enemies and hostile to our friends. Israel, as well as the rest of our allies, had better not count on us until after the next election or they will be severely dissapointed, again.

  • http://yahoo Chip Washington

    I just keep asking this same question over and over why does the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA keep this useless president in office with his sole goal is to destroy AMERICA and bring the USA down to nothing I know I’m not the only one that sees this. Why cant he be impeached

    • falling

      Chip, please give up on the idea of Obama being impeached! The House is in the hands of establishment Republicans who would never dare bring charges of Impeachment against the first black president…they are not willing to risk losing their next election just to defend the security of our country. And the Senate, where an Impeachment trail would take place is still in the hands of Democrats and they will NEVER take up a trial against Obama. So impeachment is NOT going to happen. We MUST vote him out and we must vote in such numbers that there is no way they can overcome our vote with fraud!

    • Lyle Kelley

      This traitor now in OUR white house is not the first “unworthy” to hold this office. Many voters today don’t know our history well enough so we may be destined to repeat it.
      I hope there are some Viet Nam vets who’ll read this. They’ll understand.
      We never knew who our enemies were in Viet Nam. It may have been a woman, or a kid. Their committment to kill us didn’t allow for self preservation. I think many of the Israeli will understand this. Many of the Jews here won’t understand until this same persecution reaches our shores.
      ALL voters need to cast their votes wisley or we’ll continue on a downhill spiral.

      • BLR

        Been there , Done that , and Seen the ending !

    • mickey

      How does one impeach a president that is illegal to begin with? The only way to attack this is by defeating the people that put him there. That begins with Pelosi.

      I was fearful that we would not have the 2010 elections. I am more fearful we will not have the 2012′s. I fear we place too much importance on votes and not enough on actions.

      While I have never had anything against the Jews, I now wonder why they would support someone who has the same intent as Hitler–take over the world. Why do it twice? Surely, some of them must realize, with all the backing obama gives the radicals, that they will be treated no better than under Hitler.

      • Bob Marshall

        Americans need to read about The USS Liberty Incident and Operation Northwoods. They will discover to what extent our government would go to led us to war. Different players today. Same ideology.

      • KK

        I don’t think this man is trying to take over the world. His goal is simply to destroy the US. He is an atheistic anarchist who hates everthing about the US. He did not spend his childhood here, nor did he receive an education which would teach him how to be an American. He grew up where the US was hated. His father hated the US and he clings to his father’s notions. Not that his father participated in raising him. As with most boys abandoned by their fathers, he is trying to win his father’s approval, posthumously. He has no other goals.

  • Warrior

    People – the tide is turning big time. Keep up the good work.

  • http://aol Bill

    You, Chip Wood, remind me of Hitlers speaches in his lies, rebel rousing, and preaching hatred to his own people.

    • Pat McIntyre

      I totally agree with Bill……….Chip Wood is NUTS and a Bigot!!! He hates Obama because Obama says and thinks presidential.Chip Woods does NOT give a damn about the Jews or anyone else for that matter. He is a self-serving money-hungry republican.
      Obama does NOT hate the Jews or anyone else…if given a chance. Israel has and always will have our loyal support.
      And for Matt’s sake, Obama, if given a chance, will become one of our very few BEST PRESIDENTS EVER. He has the awesome job of having to respect ALL People until proven otherwise…………America does NOT hate and so should not the morons that are agreeing with Chip Wood….who is only spewing hatred to sell his “junk” to the many idiots that make up our GREAT Country…..people like Glenn Beck….another self-serving un-educated drunk.
      Bush was and is America’s Worst President EVER.

      • mickey

        Funny, I thought big daddy Bush was bad, but then I didn’t know about Prescott. Ironic, I did like Clinton until I learned more about what he did to this country (a lot blamed on repubs). Bush Jr was a mess but beyond the Bushes, obama is the worst. obama is so close to pulling off what these Bush prezes have started.

        Start by looking at the obstacles obama has put in the way of the US–start with all the suing of states that try to follow the Constitution.

        Bad people come from both parties.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Funny thing. Obama has no respect for me as an older citizen! He has frozen my SS and raised the inflation rate greatly by printing “funny money” that is only paper. No real value.

        In addition, he has lost my respect by supporting the criminal elements here and abroad, and steadfastly dissing our national symbols.

        Only things he is good at is spreading dissention and causing problems for the average American citizens. And rewarding criminals.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If you are going to make blanket statements like that, could you at least show a LITTLE proof?? Oh, and by the way, i happen to think Chip has more of a handle on things than you ever had the chance to grasp!!

      • JUKEBOX

        Evidently, you did not see the contempt in Obama’s eyes for Benjamin Netanyahu,after he was chastised by the Prime Minister.


      Try comparing Obama’s speeches and ideologies to Hitler. They are far closer than Chip’s.

  • Sandie

    I agree with your article. We have turned our backs on Israel and our God. He will not hold us blameless for this!

  • Xin-Loi

    American Jews (and a lot of other Americans) have been brainwashed. Obama is a puppet of George Soros, who is doing everything his money can buy to destroy the U.S. and Israel, in order to form the “one world government” that is so dear to his heart (if he has one).
    The biggest supporters of total American gun confiscation are the American Jews. They seem to forget that Germany disarmed the Jews in the years leading up to World War Two, and were then led like sheep to their deaths.

    • Dn

      Amen, Xin-Loi!!!! Finally someone recognizes the main source of our trouble, Soros!!! Obama is just a puppet! Deluded Americans just compound our problems!

    • KK

      I stand on what I printed about Obama. Of course, that makes him the Perfect Puppet for George Soros!

    • Al Sieber

      Xin-Loi, not all Jews, check out Jews for the Preservation of Firearms, just goggle it. they’re right on.

  • Ed Fitgibbons

    Let me introduce myself. I am 70YR and had been in International Executive Computer Sales Management for 35 years prior to retiring 8 years ago. I am Irish, a Christian, and have had distributors in Israel for over 20 years. I have visited this country MANY times over these years and, have the greatest respect for their Country.

    I have seen a LOT of the “action” there on my many visits. Would you enjoy going to the beach with your family in Tel Aviv, having Israeli patrol boats, cruising just off the shore to protect you from the palestinian suicide invasions from so called “frogmen/woman” which are very common there. How about riding in your Distributors car from the Airport to your Hotel (I stayed at the Sheraton in Tel Aviv) and having a suicide bomber blow up himself in front of you, at a Bus Stop? Or how about driving up the Coast and seeing the most beautiful beach front beaches for miles completely covered with Barbed Wire?

    I have had lunch at one of the many Palestinian restuarants where we dined with the happiest Palestinians who had been accepted into the Israeli society and, who were just as afraid that they too would be executed for “abandoning” the Palestinian “Cause”.

    Go to Israel, meet the people and just see how courageous these people are! You will also see how well those Palestinians who reside there are SO thankful for the privelidge to live in FREEDOM, rather than under the most oppresive, radical Palestinian area. Ask any Palestinian woman there where SHE would rather live!!

  • http://Nome. Davis Stevens

    What in the Hell can we expect from a Chicago Ganster elected by Georgew Sorros? Nothing more than his desire to Wreck this country and Loose what Little Respect we have from other Countries now. “Nuff Said!”

  • Cecilio Mendez

    I have also noticed the actions many Jews are taking to favor political and military decisions that are sorrily unjustified and against Israel. I have “tweaked” a know acronym and came up with this to identify this group: JINO’s. Jewish In Name Only!

  • Matt

    Obama is the worst president ever! The USA is not the power house it has been in the past. That has been been handed to China. With his stupid, uneducated comment about Israel moving its border shows his support to terrorists. I really hope this joke of a president is not re-elected as that will be the end of the USA. There will be turning back and we will never recover from the state it is in. Why the #%#$ is joke of a person voted in? Just because he his a bit of color to his skin? God forbid what we will be in for next. There will be allot more violence in the US against politicians if he is in office for another 4 years. We won’t need terrorists to do that. People are going to be worse off and will take their anger, stress out on innocent people around the country.

  • American Citizen

    The wind has been sown. Let’s hope we can tamp down the whirlwind.

    • Bob Marshall

      Knowledge ispower. Research can provide that power. In todays world with the internet ignorance is no longer an excuse.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Whatcha gonna do when the Internet is totally censored, and the government checks out any suggestion of independent thinking with a goon squad to your door?

        How about when the Union Electricians check the vote and adjust the programs to be sure Obama and crew in in a landslide, regardless, and at the very last minute, also.

  • dqfreemind

    People haven’t gotten it through their heads that a Hollywood or Miami Jew is not a Jew in the pure sense of the word. That is like saying a Poodle is like a Wolf.

    Jews in America are by and large Communists and have been for 50 years or more. So why are you surprised that they support Obama?

    What’s so sad about that is that if they were on a hijacked airliner, the Arab enemy could care less that the American Jew is anti-Isreali.
    (see Raid on Entebbe. A Communist(democrat)is always a Communist first and a nationalist second.

  • falling

    I suggest that American Jews WAKE UP! Once they are finished destroying Israel, they WILL be coming here and other places around the world…and they will be coming for YOU first. Once you allow Israel to fall, who will be there to stand for you when they arrive at YOUR door? Obama is not a friend to Israel, nor is he a friend to you. Every dime you give his campaign is being used to work against YOU. Every vote you give him is one step closer you come to destroying your own people. Find a candidate who will stand with Israel and you will find a candidate who stands with YOU!

  • http://??????????? PAULO G BATISTA


    PAUL B

  • Dave

    Let Israel fight its own battles. Who cares about that useless strip of desert. What we need is to develop alternative energy and wean ourselves off of oil. Then the folks in the Mideast can go back to their nomadic ways living in yurts and raising goats. No more money from oil, no more terrorism.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I can tell you have never been to Israel!! worthless strip of DESERT??? That’s what it was BEFORE they got it!! They irrigated, farmed, litterally worked their a$$es off to turn it into an almost PARADISE!!! They grow oranges there! They grow Dates! All kinds of crops!!


      Comparing Israel to the other Arab countries is like comparing apples to sagebrush. They are the only country in the Middle East with any type of industrial production.

  • alice


  • River rat

    I read all this commentary, and I look at what we conservatives are lining up for president in 2012, and all but one of the candidates are the same old slick, lying politicians as always. Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and all the rest of this bunch are nothing more than pure politicians. I truly believe this next presidential election will determine whether our nation survives or not. If enough people open their minds and get informed, they will see that Ron Paul is the only candidate that loves our nation, and believes that the Constitution is the absolute law of the land. He’s not slick and polished like we usually vote for, but I am beginning to believe that he is the real deal. Sorry bout my spelin Karolyn

  • Merry

    Why are people so blind to what is so obvious?
    We need to permeate the news media with this kind of information to everyone including the American Jewish communities. There are multitudes of stories just like this one that are being suppressed by the media. We need to stand up and say “no more”.
    There is an agenda. One world government. Islams focus and agenda is to command that one world order and to kill all who will not join them, even their own kind, if the have to. They’re willing to die for what they stand for and believe.
    We have patriots who are even now giving their lives for what they believe and stand for. Do we as a nation value that and support those who are out there taking our place?
    Scripture says that in time, wrong will be considered right, sin will be considered righteous, perversion will be considered normal.
    Does anyone have eyes to see and ears to hear what is happening now?
    God gave plenty of warning to Israel about Hitler and they ignored Him. So did the rest of the world.
    Israelis were like sheep, complacent, docile, easily led to the slaughter with their eyes open.
    History is repeating itself. History is supposed to reveal the pitfalls so they’re not repeated again and again.
    He’s warning all of us AGAIN. The handwriting is on the wall.
    Bibi is God’s man for the hour. He’s under a lot of pressure. We need to pray that he NEVER backs down and that God will protect him.
    Wake up people! It appears the mainstream media is deliberately discrediting Israel to cause division between American Jews, the rest of the world and Israel. The media is part of the agenda. So is the present administration.
    If Israel falls, so does the US.
    If the US falls, so does Israel.
    Sleeper cells? Sure! But what about the KNOWN 35+ Jihad training camps within the United States? What is our Government doing about them? What are we doing about it.
    Looks to me like the Jews aren’t the only ones ignoring the signs.
    Just how dumb can a person get and still breathe?
    When are Americans going to unite with one voice to save this country and the best and only ally the US has ever had?
    It’s not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of preservation.
    Self centered agenda’s didn’t create this country.
    It used to be that you had to be an American candidate with morals and integrity in order to run for office.
    The decline of morals and integrity, among other Biblical values and ignoring our Constitution (that has served us so well) have been the downfall of our country.
    There is a multitude of American Patriots, individuals who still live with morals and integrity and want it back again, but we have to unite and take it back. It’s not just going to drop in our lap.
    That’s all I have to say for the moment.

    • sandcasstle

      Very well said. Some of the reasons, as I see them, are that the “education” received in the U.S. has slowly over the past few decades “dumbed down” and “indoctrinated” our young (especially SO prevalent today) so that they no longer have an idea of what this country stands for or what our history is about. Also, sadly, the more affluent a society becomes, the more apathetic and complacent the people become. Apathy and complacency leads directly to the “herd” mentality, i.e. “sheeple”. When I try to share what I see happening in our country, I am met with comments like “don’t be so negative”, “people have been predicting doomsday forever”, or “I’ll worry about that when it happens”. Reality is that there will NOT be an announcement one day on TV saying “MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE–WE ARE NOW LIVING IN A SOCIALIST COUNTRY”. However, we are–right now. Thanks to all of you on this site that are still trying to get the “big picture” spread to others that may want to “see”. God Bless the USA and Israel.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I especially enjoyed the guy that told me he would worry about tradgedy when it happens!! Uh, a little late THEN, isn’t it???

        • JUKEBOX

          Obama won’t even do that. He’d rather be drinking beer in Ireland or having tea with the Queen of England, instead of dealing with the tornado destruction.

  • Danceswithwolves49

    Woe to those countries that turn their backs on Israel.

    • coal miner

      “Woe to those countries that turn their backs on Israel”.Bull Sh*t that is crap.Do you know who was one of the founding fathers?I give you a hint.It was Joseph V.Stalin.

      • JeffH

        coal miner, you’ve tried that before. Stalin had absolutly nothing to do with the founding of Israel.

        • coal miner


          Wrong, by the way of Czechoslovakia,Stalin was the first one whom order the Czech dictator to supply guns to the Jews.The Arabs were driven out to starve.Stalin has even got grandchildren and relatives living there.Don’t believe check it out

          • JeffH

            coal miner, I am not wrong. I have searched and even though Stalin had jewish mistresses and most probably had Stalins children that were jews, he did not help in any way to create the state of Israel.

            Taken from “A brief history of Israel”

            Israel is announced in 1948
            At midnight on May 14, 1948 the British were officially ending their protection of Palestine. The Palestinians did not yet have a real government, and neither did the Zionists. The British were taking their troops away from two groups of leaderless people who were fighting with each other. The British did not care, and neither did the United Nations. In fact, nobody cared. Most of Europe was recovering from war, and most of the rest of the world had plenty of their own problems to deal with. Nobody wanted to get involved in the fighting between the Palestinians and Zionists.
            The Zionists announced at midnight — the moment the British were officially gone — that the nation of Israel will officially begin. They decided to use the borders that were discussed at the United Nations in 1947.

          • JeffH

            coal miner, don’t be confused by the fact that Stalin originally “supported” the creation of Israel in 1948. The USSR was one of the first nations to recognize the new country. Golda Meir came to Moscow as the first Israeli Ambassador to the USSR that year. However, after providing war materiel for Israel through Czechoslovakia, “Stalin later changed his mind and came out against Israel.”…from Wikipedia

    • coal miner


      • Jana

        Thankfully we don’t go by the skeptics bible, we go by the HOLY BIBLE.

    • coal miner
    • Vic


  • DaveH

    We have gotten to this point in time because people have looked the other way while both the Democrats and the Republicans have built Government ever larger. And their cheerleaders in the media know just how to encourage a raw majority of the people to switch from one side to the other so that Government Growth can remain on track.
    Most of the leaders could care less about the citizens. If we can’t muster the energy to care for ourselves and provide happiness for ourselves, do you really think a person in Government is going to make that effort for you? They aren’t. They are feathering their own nests. That is all. They are using the private citizens as pawns in their schemes to acquire more money and power.
    There is only one possible way out. We need to embrace Real Freedom, and we need to embrace it now. There isn’t much time left to get our country back (if it isn’t too late already). And we need to cut the size of Government (at all levels) dramatically. Put your petty differences and fears aside and leave people alone to control their own bodies and property.
    If we get Government out of the marketplace, those companies who provide the best and most cost-effective products will succeed, and those who have sacrificed competitiveness for politics will fall by the wayside, as it should be. And with Free Markets, anybody can succeed by working hard and doing what they do best.
    Vote Libertarian!

    • http://facebook Roberts

      Your argument does not wash. They can gather all the wealth they possibly can. What they are doing is going to blow up their feathered nest. Worthless money, no matter where it is, is still worthless. No, there is a bigger agenda at work. My guess is that it is to promote and bring about the ‘new world order’. IE a one government/one business world with one Anti-Christ in charge.


      • DaveH

        Perhaps I should have used the word “Wealth” instead of “Money”.
        But obviously, Roberts, you do not understand economic issues. They sure can keep ahead of the rest of us since they have the money presses in close proximity to themselves. Sure, as the money supply goes up, the value of their held cash also declines, but they can just issue themselves more (through the Federal Reserve, who buys most of the Government debt) and stay ahead. We, the people, can’t. It doesn’t matter that much to leaders if their countries’ economies melt down, as long as they are on top. Witness Cuba. I mean after 20 years of impoverishment any reasonable leader could see that his methods weren’t working, but still they don’t Free up their markets. Why? Because that would cost them their power and perks.

  • Nate S

    I don’t buy the explosives in her underpants story. Don’t believe everything you read. Although their are crazy people on both side of Palestine and Israel who do not want peace. The globalist control them both so know your history. Just look at what is going on in the middle east with Nato and the US trying to destabilize the middle east. Believe me you have not seen anything yet this gos all the way back to the agreements with The traitor Kissinger and the buying of Middle East oil in exchange for buying our bonds so we could pay our debt starting in the 70’s! This is the real reason why we did not drill in the USA. Mark my words they are going to try and take Saudi Arabia down in the next 18 months and you will see big time oil drilling in the USA very soon. You can say I know a little bit about what is going on.

  • Sarge Bilyeu

    Chip, you are so right and so is David H. These morons who have their heads in the sand are going to have a really rude awakening( they probably don’t even know that old adage)Keep up the good work and may GOD bless you for standing for the truth.obama is on the destruction trail of AMERICA.Question? Why is obama and his ilk so dead set on destroying AMERICA,when it is and has been their personal gold mine.?When the gold runs out, there will be no place to run. They then will be destroyed by their own creatures,the way rats do. Sarge WW 2 U.S.M.C Veteran and darn proud of it.

    • Bob Marshall

      Sarge US Marine Vietnam veteran here. My thanks to you for serving you country in WWII. I was dismayed to find that Pearl Harbor could have beeen prevented. Like 9/11 there was plenty of warning. FDR wanted war so he allowwed Pearl Harbor to be attacked hoping for a few casualities . This would bring the US into the war. War is big businees and creates jobs in a time when jobs were badly needed. Lives are secondary.I think his notes showing how many times he had been warned Japan was building for an attack went back nine moths before. 9/11 was no different.FDR said at a party the day before Pearl Harbor FDR told his guest tommorow is the big day.Of course no one understood what he meant.One of our biggest problems today is citizens refuse to become informed of the past and present polices of our government.Our government sacrificed lives to accomplish their goals. Now, our nation is held hostage by terrorism brought on by 9/11 and kept in Americans minds by the news media. thus Homeland Security and FEMA. The loos of the power of congress and our constutitions power is limited.Obama, to me is leading this country into socialism but he is just a puppet of higher powers. The Bilderberg Group is meeting today in Switzerland to decide who will be the new leader in charge of the IMF. That is power.The largest contributor to the IMF out of 180 countries is the USA. Three billion to help Greece. I am sure you know that the BB,TC and CFR are all under the Illuminati.Thirteen of the wealthest therefore the most powerful families on earth.I still believe research and common sense are critical to our understanding and decision making as to what we believe.

  • James Hay

    It’s Really Disgustful And Repulsive How Israel Is Expected To Negociate What In Reality Is Illegal An Land-Grab And Sacrifice Itself And It’s People’s Very Existence In Favor Of Some Squatting Cockroaches Who Call Themselves Palestinians. And How So Many Have In The World Has Signed-On To This Shameful Intentional Deception To Finish The Evil Task That The Nazis Were Prevented From Finishing. It Was These Same Arab/Muslims Who Collaborated With The Nazis During The Second World War Against The Allies And Most Of Their Leaders Still Retains The Evil Of The Nazis Even Today.Obama Quite Likely Had Been Indocrinated To This Evil Through His Father And Other Family Members In Kenya And Most Highly Likely Through The Liberal Academia Over Here In America. So I Stand Firmly And Unyieldingly With Israel And The Good Decent Peace-Loving Israeli People. Before I Wind This Up I Would Like To Ask Anyone Who Reads This To Support Israel Anyway You Can And Pray For Their Deliverence From This Evil That Stalks Them. Thanks, James Hay

    • http://facebook Roberts

      God is still in control. His Will will be done.

  • Mary Anne

    I pray for Israel and its people every day. I have written the general minister/president of my church denomination. Israel is a role model for democracy and is the only country that votes with us a large percentage of the time in the U.N. The Arabian country Muslim leadership hates us almost as much as the Jews, and God will hold each of us accountable for how we stand on this issue.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Stephanie

    Everything you said and 99% of replys is true. Young people are brainwashed from kindergarten on by the libs in the NEA, so when a charismatic person like BHO comes in, they identify with him and wholeheartedly embrace him. And truly, they won’t even open their ears to his lies. These predictions are very scary. So much information we receive is corrupt, that we must follow the one eternal standard of Truth, God’s Word, the Bible. He tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and that He will prosper (protect?) those that love her. (Which of course means the people that make up the nation of Isreal.) I thank God for Netanyahu, who clearly put that nitwit (our president) in his place.

  • JGA

    Chip, thanks so much for the informative article. We must stand for Israel. My bible tells me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that those who curse Israel are cursed by Almighty God.
    NGB,I do not know what bible you read, you probably attend the church of Joel Osteen or Rick Warren…But the Jews are first and formost God’s chosen people. We gentiles are adopted into the family of God through the shed blood of His Son Jesus.
    Bill, you also have it wrong, Chip is not spreading Hitler style hate speach the liberal media and the obomination in the oval office is.


    • http://facebook Roberts

      RIGHT ON.

  • MidwestTom

    If I were President I would simply tell Israel go capture the ground that you need to feel somewhat safe. Move out all of the present occupants, pay Syria or Jordan or whoever $5000 per adult refugee and move on. Then build strong border defenses and stop admitting anybody across a land border.

  • Harry J Schaubel

    Why did this country elect him? Because they were afraid of being grouped with those that Michelle Obama labeled “Evil Racists”. My Ladyfriend at the time was even called a Racist by her own son because she was voting for another. Why did Congress not INSIST on seeing his birth certificate b4 he was even allowed to enter his name on the ballot? Because that would have been racist, not to mention not being politically correct. I could care less what color a Man OR woman is who is running for office but when that is used to make people shut up or be labeled a racist then it’s wrong.
    I didn’t vote for him but the reason I didn’t is because I didn’t like his ideas. Remember Joe the Plumber? Joe is supposed to work his arse off so that his hard earned income can be taken to help someone else who didn’t want to work as hard. After all, Joe is going to work hard so why not take what (Big Gov’t thinks) he won’t need and give to another. Share the wealth! This is the same guy who voted “Present” in just about every one of his votes in the Illinois Senate. That vote just means “I go along with the majority”. This same guy has shoved his Obamacare down our throats, forcefully, while exempting himself and all of cronies in congress from it. He bows to the King of Jordan and kowtows to China. Sends billions to help Brazil/Argentina (I forget which atm) so they can get their oil production going even tho EVERY DROP of that oil is promised to China while at ther same time refusing to allow drilling here in the US. We have more oil under N & S Dakota and up into Canade than is in all of the Middle East but he won’t allow drilling. All of our enemies who march in the street yelling America Go Home are receiving billions in aid every year. Now you wonder why he is treating Israel this way.
    The Muslim world has vowed to take down the USA “From within”. You can see how it’s being done by looking at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    ok. I’m done. You can now call me a Racist because I’ve spoken against “Our Beloved Leader”.

    • karolyn

      Obama was elected because of what the other choice was!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        i strongly disagree. There were several other choices, all better by dint of not being sold out and controlled by enemies of the USA.

        But they were run down by the controlled Press, ignored by the controlled Press, and prevented from getting a fair chance. I think every organized political party should get the same impartial coverage.

        Provided we have impartially educated our public in what makes for good government, The truth will wipe out the nut jobs, and leave those who will bid fair to govern well.

        If we can but know the truth, it will make us free.

        Of course, we might have to go back to the 3R’as in eduction, and read the old speeches and study them, of the founders of our country…kids might not learn how to “fool around!! Would that be terrible?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        BS!! Part of the vote was out of guilt!!! They were afraid if they voted for anyone else, they would be labled a racist!! Well, I hope they realize that if they vote for him again, they will be labled drooling idiots!!!

      • JUKEBOX

        They chose a Hapa Haole over a “REAL AMERICAN”.


      I would bet that Alan Keyes or Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas would have no problem with producing their birth certificates, and they are much “BLACKER” than the man/child.

  • http://? jacob

    Muslims are instructed by the “holy” Koran to lie about their religion when dangerous or inconvenient and since it is said “You will recognize them by their deeds and not by their words” OBAMA’s
    Muslim slip is showing…
    Lets start with the 20 years he was a parishioner of “Rev” Jeremiah
    Knight and claim never having heard him saying “Don’t say GOD bless Amereica but GOD damn America” repeated by his wife until he became
    Presidential candidate.
    Prior to it, his participation in the MILLION MEN MARCH on DC and his calling Mad Dog Farrakhan a “GREAT MAN”
    Lets continue with his promise to free the Guantanamo cutthroats, followed by his apologizing to the Muslim conference of CAIRO, Egypt
    for the American “misdeeds” to the Muslim world; his genuflexing to the “Guardian of the Faith” the Saudi king, the treatment he gave
    Israel’s PM Nethanyahu and now his wish to place Israel into a corner with his pretention of pre-1967 “borders” in total ignorance of the consequences of such agreement, tells me that if OBAMA is a Christian
    then I’m the Pope…
    Just because if it has feathers like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, what is it ???
    A GIRAFFE ????

    No way, Jose….

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the last name is Wright!! Not knight!

      • JUKEBOX

        He should change his name to WRONG!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’ll second AND third that!!!

  • Patsy Cochran

    It is very interesting that you published this article today. For everyone that is interested in learning a few facts about the Isareli history and relation to the Arab world you should visit There is a list of about 16 facts delineating the history of Israel, Jeruselem and the Arab/Muslim community as well as a history of how Israel has treated her Arab/Muslim brothers and sisters.

    America does indeed need to wake up! The current Prime Minister of Israel is in my opinion deserving of our highest respect and support. Obama and the liberal Jews in this country are making a horrific mistake in not backing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. As a country, this is the biggest mistake we can make by not backing Israel. We have to get Obama out of office or we will no longer be able to be the nation we were just a few years ago.

  • kenneth kilmer

    Congradulations Xin-Loi, You hit the nail on the head.Your words were exactly my sentiments. Understandably the american jews learned
    from the jewish experience during WWll not to ever let it happen again
    and certainly they are committed to that. What seems to amaze me is why the congress has not empeached the president when it is clear he
    has violated his oath of office to protect the constitution of the united states From enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.I believe certain elements of congress are complicite with the president in the transformation of this country to total socialism and everything
    that is evil.

    • http://facebook Roberts



    Netanyahu did a fine job of representing his country and his faith, he overcame the insulting behavior of our Mystery Man, the uncredentialed one who starts wars without consulting and supports a sworn enemy at the drop of a hat. Israel is in serious trouble and America is tied to Israel for the simple reason this country the USA was founded on Judeo Christian law and our faith are tied and many believe our destiny. We cannot shed ourselves soon enough of this travesty of American law, freedoms and traditions, there is serious business to be done long before he is removed from the Oval Office and the push to limit anymore damage is building momentum.


      Sean Hannity reported the expletive filled tirade that Obama directed at Daley after the Netanyahu chiding he received. He exclaimed “NEVER AGAIN” several times. His glare toward Bebe would have been fatal, if looks could kill.

  • Regina

    First they came for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me,
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.


    • KMBRTAC45


      NOTHING more needs to be said after that. Good job….

    • Al Sieber

      Regina, that quote was made by Pastor Martin Nieollmer in Nazi Germany , Hitler had him thrown in a concentration camp and he survived.

  • rose

    People that call other people names simply to get their way are the RACISTS, DEMONCRATS that’s the word I’m looking for.Look at the way they tell people to live ,look at all the blacks that live like a bunch of heathens, they have no morals.I don’t listen to devil thugs that’s who they work for any FOOL can tell. That’s the only reason they came up with all this diversity racists crap, is to get their way.demoncrats are all DEVILS, working for the DEVIL !

    • mickey

      The only reason some blacks live the way they do is because other blacks sold them out. Slavery never died (kind selling kind) only the room and board moved from the plantations to welfare.

      • http://facebook Roberts

        We all have choices. Some choose to use their abilities to live a better life. Others choose to be lazy and TAKE.


      • JUKEBOX

        Public housing is the new version of the government plantation.

  • mickey

    I was in high school when the photos of Hitler’s camps were released. I wonder how many young Jews have seen these. And they think it will not happen again?

  • lasse

    Whatever happened to the application of the old addage, “to the victor go the spoils”? Israel should not have been enticed, told or forced to give back an inch of land that was gained from countries who initiated a losing war of genocide. How is it possible that the Palestinians, of all people, did not recognize devine intervention in the sound spanking that their huge, well armed militaries received in the hands of so few Isrealites. How is it that the Palestinian leaders did not recognize the failure of Allah not to grant them victory considering the lopsided odds. There’s mysteries here that should be reflected on by everyone.

    • http://facebook Roberts

      It is called irrational bigotry.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    Good article, but then the truth is always good to hear or read. These are confusing times, and designed to be so. Unfortunately most people don’t realize, or refuse to accept, that we are living the Biblical Prophecies. That includes most of our clergy, but Jesus warned us that even the elect would be fooled. And it was said that good would be called evil, and evil would be called good, a precise description of what is happenning in the world today. Jesus’s own words in Luke: “When you hear of wars (Iraq and Afghanistan)and insurrections (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria – ‘Arab Spring’), Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be powerful earthquakes (Japan and etc.), famines (Pakistan, Korea, and Africa), and plagues (HIV and AIDS) from place to place; and awesome sights and mighty signs (sunspots and the aurora borealis) will come from the sky.” The question that you induce, is where does Obama fit in during these times, and what is the role for the USA? In Israel today it is said that the people there can only account for two of the twelve tribes of Israel, and that there are ten that are lost. But GOD promised Abraham that his descendants would be like the grains of sand on the beaches and the stars in the sky, and to fullfill that promise those ten lost tribes must be among the peoples of the world today. Armand Hammer, the late great billionaire industrialist, tried to evangalize the USSR by secretly bringing in Russian language Bibles, while giving them the help they requested to industrialize their economy, by helping them to set up factories, for which they looked the other way and pretended not to know about the Bibles. Armand Hammer had his Christian Sect, for which he was its leader, to investigate and find out what happened to those lost ten tribes of Israel. The investigative report said that those lost ten tribes were taking captive by the Assyrians, after the defeat of the kingdom of Israel, for which GOD allowed in retribution for them allowing altars to false Gods to be set up in high places and worshipped, and carried of to Assyria (Turkey) and enslaved. Assyria never could defeat the kingdom of Judah, and they tried many times, for Judah stood faithful to GOD and did not allow altars to be set up in high places and worshipped, yet. When Babylon rose to power, they went to war with Assyria, bypassing Judah, and when at Assyria’s borders and defeating Assyria’s armies, the Assyrian nobles, knowing defeat was eminent, set all their slaves free and pretended to be peasants in the hopes that the Babylonians would spare their lives. The Israeli slaves, unable to return to Israel in the south, because that was the direction from which the Babylonian armies where coming from and killing all they met, escaped to the north by crosssing the Bosperus and going into Europe, where the later settled in all the countires of Europe, fulfilling another promise of GOD’s to Abraham, that his descendants would be kings of many nations. These things can partially be proven in two of the books Martin Luther struck from the Protestant Bibles, but remain in the Catholic Bible (Book of Tobit – enslavement of the Israelis in Assyria, and the Books of Maccabees – First Maccabees: Ch.12 Vs.19-21). The immigration of the Christians, seeking freedom of religion, to the New World, is thought to have been done by mainly by many of the descendants of those lost ten tribes of Israel, whose devout faith in GOD would show the remorse and repentance of GOD’s chosen people and make them eligible for the reward of His grace in their endeavor to start a new nation. This also would explain the close link between the American people and their brothers in Israel, and why the USA is the only ally Israel has in the entire world, and also sets up the reasons, methods, and populace of those who will enforce GOD’s will for the return of His chosen people in their entirety to every inch of the land he promised them, and done by their hand only, not with the help of any other people, but with the help of GOD, as in Biblical Prophecy. Be it also known that true Christians are the adopted chosen people. Knowing the role of the USA, where does Obama fit in? First you must understand that the tenents in the Quran prove without a doubt, despite what the Muslims claim, that Allah and Yahweh are not the same God, therefore Allah is a false God, and Islam, the only religion in the world that seeks world domination, fits the description of the ‘One World Religion’ in Bible Prophecy that promotes the Anti-Christ to power in the ‘One World Government’. So how does Obama, with his forged Certificate of Live Birth, born in Africa from Islamic lineage with an atheist mother, and who is a stealth Muslim, fit in. He has been chosen to stop the return of GOD’s chosen people to the land He promised them, that the followers of Islam and it’s false God either posses or are embattling for, by weakening the USA financially, militarially, and spiritually, in order to assure their defeat by the Muslims and their false God, in their attempt to return to the land they were promised by GOD. So who is the Anti-Christ, the son of the false God, who seeks dominion over this world and its people, and the destruction of GOD’s chosen people and His plans for mankind? The time is very near for all Revelation.

    • http://facebook Roberts

      First, America is supportive of Israel because the Christian know that they are God’s chosen people. There is a love/hate relationship between Christians and Jews. On the Christian part, we know that they are God’s chosen and will be blessed. But we also see how badly the Jews treat other people, including the Christians who continue to support them. In this the Jews are irrational. But the Christians persist.

      As to your conclusions, there was a LOT of extrapolations and assumptions that may or maynot be true. It really is irrevelant to me. I do not know where the 10 lost tribes are, if they still exist. what is important is for me to seek God, serve Jesus and spread the Gospel. I will be accountable for what I can do and what I do. That is all.

      • JUKEBOX

        One of the lost tribes may have ended up in North Carolina, for archaeologists have found ancient hebrew writing on cave walls there that date back several hundred years

        • Jana

          Ancient Hebrew writings have actually been found all over this United States.

          • coal miner

            Jana says:

            “Ancient Hebrew writings have actually been found all over this United States”.Show me some proof.

          • Jana

            They have found some in Arkansas, Ohio, and in Texas that I remember, but it was even on the Discovery Channel that they found stones with these writings in several different states. It was a 2 hour documentary.

            One farmer pulled up a huge stone with this writing all over it out of his field.
            Also, not the writings, but look up Ashfall National Park. Right here in the United States they have found fossiles of Rhino’s and other animals not indiginous to the United States. Quite interesting.

          • Jana

            I googled it:

            And one more…

            There were others besides these two, but I figured if you were interested, and Bob L says you are a fair man…..

          • coal miner


            Fantastic.Honey, my hat is off to you.What I can barely make out it is in both Greek and modern Hebrew.I am fluent in both languages.Again!Thank you!


          • Jana

            Thank you. I did try to respond but my reply is awaiting moderation.

          • Al Sieber

            They found Roman Artifacts south of Tucson Ariz., whether it was buried there by the Romans or someone else I don’t know. I never pursued the story. they also found Viking settlements on the N. American continent, and supposedly Egyptian temples in the grand canyon. check out the site forbidden archaeology.

          • Al Sieber

            The whole earth at one time was a super continent, and through the continental drift separate continents were formed. so that accounts for Rhino’s and other land animals found in the U.S.

          • Jana

            That’s true about the animals. However on the ancient writings in stones, that was after the continents were seperated.

  • Irene

    Stand with Isreal! Impeach Obama – He has not defended the Constitution or our Country since he has been in office. His birth certificate is fake until he proves otherwise. I think the book by Corsi is true and I will stand wit him on it. Too many mistakes showing up and the truth will come out. George Soro’s and his goonies are all behind the theory to take down America and it will come out later. I think we need to push to get all these truths out in the open. Obama has no conscience, no heart for our country at all. He is a lier, a fake and a hypocrite. Let’s impeach him now!!

    • http://yahoo Ruth

      I agree wholeheartedly, Irene! Conservatives should demand the release of ALL of Obama’s emails from the time he was a senator until now! Someone should demand it through the freedom of information act! We all know him and his Chicago goons are behind the Palin email releases – let’s all see what is in this POS POTUS’s emails!

      • JUKEBOX

        That will happen around the time we start cutting trees on the moon.

  • Elevenarrows

    I agree, Harry. I didn’t vote for acting-President Obama because HE convinced me not to with his own promises. It is the same way a pharmaceutical company convinces me NOT to use their product. Once you hear the list of ways it will maim or kill you when all you wanted was allergy relief…well, anyone in their right mind looks for a better solution! I chose to firmly believe and accept what Obama said when he told everyone what his agenda would be. I believe he has accomplished much of that agenda in a shockingly short amount of time. His agenda was very disturbing to me, a Constitutionalist. His success has been equally disturbing to me. The only real surprise I’ve had is I must admit I was shocked at how blatant he was in showing his lack of affection for our nation’s values and Constitution. I honestly expected him to be more subtle. Frankly, I have been embarrassed and ashamed by his representation of us in the international community. I believe our enemies are thrilled that “The Great Satan” is finally showing her Achilles heel.

    For those of us who truly love this nation and respect and understand her history, who honor our brave founding fathers–many who signed their names on our Declaration of Independence knowing they might be signing their own death sentences–this is a sad day in America.I take heart in the knowledge that history repeats itself. It only took a handful of faithful, brave men and women to start this nation and God may choose to preserve Her by using just a small group of patriots. Let’s not forget, though, that history also shows that every culture that has defied God’s Truths and become depraved has been destroyed. I believe we are at a pivotal point in history. I also believe that as long as we allow the depraved minority to continue to drag us along deeper and deeper into this downward spiral, we will all bear the brunt of what is coming for our nation…although, some of us will have God’s promised protection.

    And as for the borders of Israel??? One has only to read the Old Testament to know GOD spelled out Israel’s boundaries. The Palestinians, acting-President Obama, and all the rest of Israel’s enemies can fight, argue, struggle and manipulate all they want and it will not change what God has said and done. The Bible also explains why Israel has suffered so much. God offered salvation to Israel FIRST and then when she refused to accept the gift of salvation, God offered it to the Gentiles–many of whom, like myself, have accepted His gracious gift. Make no mistake, though, Israel’s story is not over. God has said in Scripture that she will turn to Him and He will save a remnant of her people. There are dark days ahead for Israel. Her allies will forsake her—we already see that happening with our own leaders (and I use the term “leader” lightly), but God will act on Israel’s behalf and woe to those who have set themselves against her.

    One last thought: those who were so critical of spelling/typos earlier in the posts: I have taught for 17 years. I am firmly convinced there is a genetic factor at play here. My entire family–parents and sisters, grandparents, aunts, cousins, ALL of us are excellent “natural” spellers, but we struggle and have to work extra hard in higher math. My husband’s family are horrible spellers and their penmanship (for the most part) looks like chicken-scratch. They are very good in mathematics. My point is that all of us were born with natural strengths and weaknesses and yes, we can work hard to improve the weaknesses and utilize the strengths. However, we were made with differences for a reason. If you are looking for everyone to be just like you, you are missing the wonderful balance of creation. I’m sure you have wonderful grammatical abilities, but I am equally sure you have glaring weaknesses that you would not want to see manifested in every person all over the world. We should be thankful for the differences. As to poor spellers, I require all my children to study spelling all 12+ years of their education and remember that a dear friend with a master’s degree once told me, “Spell check is a wonderful invention!”

    • http://facebook Roberts

      I wish to give you help with your allergies. No pills. Just take a room sized air cleaner, preferably a big one, and set it right by your bed. Eight hours of clean air while you sleep will do wonders. I got my wife to do it about 15 years ago. Now when she starts to sneeze and her nose runs, I know it is time to clean the filter. God bless you.

      We watch what is going on and read the Bible. We know that this conflict is ordained by God. We, as Christians, do not desire it. Yet we must say, “Lord, Thy will be done.”

  • Jim

    So why are the Sons of Arafat continuing to allow refugee camps? What have they done with all the money that we have sent them? We have sent them enough money that all of them should damn near be millionaires and living anywhere in the world, like Arafat’s old lady in Paris.

    • http://facebook Roberts

      becuase their ONLY purpose in life is to kill.

  • http://gmail paulrph1

    Obama claims to be a christian but his actions indicate otherwise. Name one other christian that is aligning themselves with him. Every actions Obama takes is to destroy this country, can you not see it. He says it is change but to him it means destroy then he can make his change. A Marxist society with him in charge. Do you want to be subject to Obama? I personally do not. As far as the descendants of Judah go they must have a death wish. I am not sure whether to sympathize with them or not? The Muslims has stated categorically that they will kill the infidel (that means all Jews) yet they will defend the Muslims biggest supporter.

  • Linda

    All I can say to this article is AMEN AND AMEN! Israel’s land is just that…Israel’s land given to them by God Himself…and no one can take it away. That means you Barak Obama. It embarrasses me to even call him our President and, because of his stand on Israel, America will now be judged by God, which is not going to be fun. That was the final straw for God. All the sin in this nation is bad enough but to turn our backs on Israel?? Enough said. I just pray people who are not born again will turn to Jesus Christ before their time is out.

    • Bert Cundle

      Linda: GOD GAVE AMERICA TO THE INDIANS… Lets destroy our Buildings, and make Tee Pees! The REAL PROBLEM IS TO GET TO THE LIVING IN PEACE WITH OTHERS! With-Out Scraficeing, our selves!

      • http://facebook Roberts

        “God gave America to Indians?” That is a stretch. There is little question that the Europeans who came to America were not ‘Christian’ in all of their dealings with Indians. But there is no question that we are here because of God’s will that we be here. Read some real history.

      • JUKEBOX

        Hey Bert, define SCRAFICEING. I could not find this word in my dictionary.

      • April

        America is the land of milk and honey, where a lot if the lost 10 tribes have settled. After the Babylonian captivity the lost 10 went North over the Caucus Mountains and spread abroad and became many of the Germanic tribes such as the Scythians, Cimmerians, Cymbros, Gauls, Jutes, Danes, Anglos, Saxons, Iberians, and so many more. Eventually made their way to Great Britain and here to America.

        • Vic

          April says:
          June 12, 2011 at 11:37 pm

          America is the land of milk and honey——

          Finally, someone else who knows where the promised land is. Israel certainly isn’t flowing with milk and honey. In fact, if it wasn’t for America propping up Israel with the American taxpayer’s money and with weaponry and technology it would have gone long ago.

    • Bert Cundle

      God Gave the Moon to U.S. of A. … Beacuse our Flag was there first!!!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Bert, please support me in going to the moon and getting my settlement and gardens growing. I am sure you feel God speaking to you to help me start Civilization on the moon.

        Looking for your first checks in the mails! Thanks for sharing.

        • Bert Cundle

          I can’t support you… I’m planning to put a log cabin on the moon.
          And Bring My R.V & Motorcycles…

          • Jana

            You have all of those things with you in prison?

          • Bert Cundle

            Jana: All I “realy” have are 2 Motorclcles. Can’t ride them beacuse of the Prison… (California)! That Wont let me ride Free, WITH-OUT A HELMET!

          • Jana

            How many stories do you have? You said before you were in prison or was it jail? Did you get out?

          • Bert Cundle

            I Live in So.Cal. Now But I’m Still doin’ Life, on a misdemenor, @ Home! Yes I Have Many Stories I Can Tell about others… And There Are Many Stories Others can tell about me! I’m so busy on my projects at home, when i’m done, I’ll write a book. ( People that know me want me to.)

    • Bert Cundle

      Read yhe TORAH… Than decide, if it fits todays living!

      • Jana

        Now you are revealing who and what you are.

        • Bert Cundle


  • Old Henry

    Well Chip, remember in the Old Testament how God would give Israel bad kings as punishment? I think maybe Soetoro is God’s way of trying to get our attention as a nation, and wake up His people living in the U.S.

    However, as usual it seems to NOT be working.

    God Almighty stated that He will bless those who bless Israel and He will curse those who curse Israel. Look around. We better hang on tight. Hopefully He will not be quite a severe on those of us who stand beside His people.

    May God Bless us, but really, why should He?

    • http://facebook Roberts

      Read what God said in His message to Baruch.

  • Jack

    we still have pig scum like that , that you save and they turn around and try to kill you.

  • eddie47d

    I support Israel but sadly there are too many who want to see this conflict linger for eternity. That includes Americans,Israelis and Arabs who are too proud to do the right thing. The authors story was mostly truthful but he threw in several edgy parts so you would all help to stoke the fires. The one about the burqas is suspect since Palestinians don’t wear them although they do wear the habas. Saying that not one Palestinian was evicted from their home or forced out was laughable. I have read more than one story saying otherwise.Those in the refugee camps were used for political purposes and from ALL sides. All they wanted was a right of return or a homeland. I do agree that there are thousands of Arabs living in Israel who are completely happy to be there also. Except at Israeli airports where they are singled out and treated like terrorist suspects. So there is some tension between citizens. There are also thousands of Israelis who support a two state solution and don’t like their countrymen expanding into the West Bank. I wish more people were brave enough to discuss both sides of the issue and are willing to work for a solid solution instead of the fear mongering. This problem isn’t going to heal itself by stoking the fires. I believe the Arabs are being the most stubborn but Israel isn’t without fault. It is too bad that Fatah Palestinians can’t merge with Jordan. Jordan rejected that years ago but it doesn’t have to be a dead issue. Gaza Hamas want a corridor running between the two Palestinian territories but that would present a bigger problem for Israel so they should either form their own state(country) or merge with Egypt. I see the threats to Israel but I see greater threats by procrastinating and hardening the hearts on either side.

    • http://facebook Roberts

      Sorry, but there is no way that any concession should be made to the Palestinians. And as to treating the Arabs differently at the airports, I totally understand. The avowed purpose of Muslims who are practicing their faith is to kill Jews, Christians and any other infidels. Even if the person getting on a plane is peace loving, there is no way for the authorities to know that. If I were a Palestinian, I would understand and expect to be scrutinized. It might not be pleasant but if the shoe were on the other foot and the Palestinians were in charge, I would be taken out and shot. And they ALL know this.

      • eddie47d

        I see your point but those Arabs I was referring to are Israeli citizens.

    • http://facebook Roberts

      This has come that God can fulfill the prophesies He sent centuries ago. There will be a great battle. And because it will be so bad, God himself will intervene to save Israel. The part that I don’t understand is where the mountain opens up and provides a way of escape out of Jerusalem. I believe it is supposed to be toward the east.

      • eddie47d

        See what you are doing for you are using religion(Christianity) to control the border issue in Israel. The Muslims control their people through religion and the Jews in Israel do the same thing. We all know there are things worth dying/fighting for and religion is one of those things.It also clouds our vision and creates a mean spirit.

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          Been obvious, Eddie, you have never sincerely tried Christianity. Before you condemn it, sincerely try it. Sincerely, not just lip service.

          Then come back on and tell us the difference in your life.

          And remember, Christianity is NOT just joining a church!

    • JeffH

      Here are some very interesting and revealing facts about Israel and their treatment of Arabs and Palestinians in Israel.

      Myths & Facts Online – Human Rights in Israel and the Territories
      By Mitchell G. Bard

      • April

        Great sight JeffH. I used it in my post closer to the top. Great minds think similar. Smiles


      Did you ever notice that the late Palestinian leader Arafat’s wife did not live in a hovel in Palestine, but in a multi-million dollar apartment in Paris, France. That is real equity!

  • Bert Cundle

    Oboma; Started as a peace maker, but… pressures came to finish what Bush Started. Than came the pressures to prove loyality to his supporters. ( A back & forth move.) Than trying to get support for his changes & sugestions, for rurther changes. The Isrial 6 day, war was brought up, for his “opinion”. He is smart enough to know we don’t have any bussiness there! Not, that phoney reasons haven’t been used in the past! [ His real business is here in the U.S. of A. defending against, All Opposition of our sovernty.] NOT TRAVELING ALL OVER THE WORLD, CAMPAINING FOR VOTES. THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE HIS MOUNTIAN! Leave it… Tough to make it back!

    • http://facebook Roberts

      Sorry, but you are wrong. The ruckus about the Nobel Peace Prize was that Obama had done NOTHING FOR PEACE. And the things he has done since, apologizing about what American has done, bowing to Muslim leaders, and spending our nation into bankruptcy have nothing to do with peace.

      His rhetoric has changed now. But the actions are still the same. He is in stealth jihad mode. If he had stopped being a Muslim, they would have killed him.


      Obama”s closest associates, Saul Alinsky, Robert Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Frank Davis, and a myriad of other radicals have handled the terrorism for him, so he can pretend to a “PEACEFUL” man. If this a peace loving man, give mea hawk any day.

  • Merry

    We’re all descended from Noach.
    “People of The Way”, (Christians) were originally a sect of Judaism and still are!

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Merry, prove it. The Christian God is NOT the Jewish Jehovah…now is he?

      If he was, we’d have no compunctions about enslaving the illegal Mexicans! Now would we?

  • Florence

    I am a Messianic Jew and I despise Obama. I still can’t believe he is President and it makes me want to move to Israel where I could have a leader with some real Chutzpa instead of one who is totally incompetant, unwilling and unable to do anthing right! I loved your article and agree with it 200%. Thank You!

    • http://facebook Roberts

      You are part of he fulfillment of prophesy. In the last days, the Jews will receive the Messiah. The time of he Gentiles will be over and the end will draw near. As a Gentile, I should be sad. But I know that God is faithful to those who accept His Son and serve Him. And I want His will to be done. This world is not my, or any other Christian’s, home. Jesus is Lord.

      • JUKEBOX

        Jesus was also a Jew.

        • Vic

          Jesus was a Judean.

          • Al Sieber

            Jesus was a Galilean.


      Netenyahu is more of an American patriot than Obama.

      • Jana

        He sure is.

  • Nate

    Jewish Annihilation

    “The [Jews] are brought to droves to Palestine so that the Palestinians – and the Islamic nation behind them – will have the honor of annihilating the evil of this gang,” al-Astal told Hamas’ al-Aqsa television on May 11.
    “All the predators, all the birds of prey, all the dangerous reptiles and insects, and all the lethal bacteria, are far less dangerous than the Jews,” he said. “In just a few years all the Zionists and settlers will realize that their arrival in Palestine was for the purpose of the great massacre, but means of which Allah wants to relieve humanity of their evil.”
    And American Jews will vote for Obama who will precipitate this slaughter.  They are against guns and for gun confiscation so they can be annihilated here in the US in 2075.  Why?  They are liberals.  They can’t help themselves.  The Torah (their version of our Bible) says they must be armed and defend each other but, they won’t and don’t.  They are Jews in name only.  Liberals cannot follow their religion because of their mental psyche.  I think they will be turned on by the nakedness of their grandmothers and young daughters standing in line guarded, this time, by Arabs while waiting to be driven into the “showers”.  (Read, gas chambers).


      Obama believes in National Socialism, has a hypnotic effect on many people, and loves to speak at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany. Does that sound like anyone in history in the last 75 years?

  • mij

    For those responding to impeaching Obama, stop belaboring the point that it can’t be done–because he is black. Anything questionable/challenged about Obama’s achievements is skewed with liberal cries of ‘racism’. That won’t change. Lets call a spade, a spade and look at his 2008 campaign rhetoric of ‘change’ versus his successes. That,in itself, is raising doubts within the Democratic Party about Obama’s ability to lead. If impeachment isn’t a reality, the challenge to his 2012 goal by a fellow liberal may strengthen the Republican’s chances in 2012.

    Should Randall Terry continue to challenge Obama in 2012, disenchanted liberals may turn their aspirations away from Obama. This will help the GOP’s cause and lessen the liberal’s strangle-hold of the election process.

    Just a thought.


      Please stop calling Obama “BLACK”. He is simply bi-racial, which is much different. Depending on the constituency he is addressing, he will call himself whatever will benefit him most. Remmber, to call him “BLACK” is reverting to a racist, Jim Crow definition. You cannot mix a can of white paint and a can of black paint and end up with a can of black paint.

  • http://facebook Roberts

    The Korean revival at the first of the 20th century did not taper off and end. They were aware of the violent enemy just accross the border who constantly threatened them. So the knowledge they had come to know of Jesus and His love was important to them.

    The Jews in the United States do not have the reality of the threat as does the nation of Israel. They have no need to DEPEND on God for existence. Therefore, they use their own rationale and advance their own existance in their own way. It is a different ‘world view’ when you think that you are in control of your own destiny as to being aware that you NEED God.

    As to why this is going forward ss it is? Obama is still a Muslim. In that context, he will oppose ANYTHING good for Israel.

    • chess game

      I can’t never understand why there seems to be so many self-hating Jews in the United States, and why do they backed Obama, even before he was elected. They have the luxury to be liberal Jews in the U.S. and I hope now they see the lies and corruptness in this administration. I am weary of believing too much in polls because they can be deceptive. If the right question is not asked or it is not clear, it is going to skew the results.

  • Rusty

    Regarding the survey of the USA Jewish people still supporting Obama: just see who is taking the survey. They are selective in whom they survey, so that they will get the answer they want. Furthermore, they select a very few people compared to the number of Jewish people here that it cannot be representative of the whole. That is the core of Basic Statistics 101; it gets “THEIR OPINION”out there that THEY want other people to see as FACTS.

  • Nate

    This should shut everyone up about spelling, word usage, punctuation, etc.

    Word Usages – Simplified. (All found in posts, blogs and articles).

    break v. brake break is to destroy; brake is in your car
    Why did you break your toy?
    You need to apply the brake to slow the car down.
    their v. there their refers to possession; there refers to a place
    They are going there to get their belongings

    bear v. bare bear is a big animal, stand-by; bare you have no clothes on or barren
    I can’t wait for bear season to go hunting.
    Just bear with me for a while.
    I accidentally walked into the girl’s shower. All the girls were bare.
    The cupboard was bare as they had no money for food.
    hear v. here hear is to ear; as here is to a place
    I called to my friend to come here but he couldn’t hear me.
    whether v. weather whether refers to choice; weather is the outdoor condition, snow, rain.
    Whether you want to stay or go is up to you.
    The weather outside is frightful; windy and cold.
    waste v. waist. waste is garbage; waist is the middle part of your body.
    The job interview was a waste of time.
    Your belt goes around your waist.
    .write v. right. write is putting pen to paper; right is correct, proper or direction
    Will you write that letter now?
    Do you have the right experience to do this job?
    Take a right turn at the end of the street.
    it’s v. its it’s is a contraction of it is. its is the possessive of it.
    It’s not OK to cheat on your exam.
    Charity is its own reward.
    there v they’re there refers to a place; they’re is a contraction of they are.
    They’re going there next week.
    your v. you’re your is possession; you’re is a contraction of you are.
    Get your crap out of here. You’re a joke.
    then v. than then refers to time; than is used for comparison.
    Prices were lower then. Let’s eat first then we’ll go home.
    He is younger than me. She is a better swimmer than her brother.
    threw v. through threw, past tense of throw, through, pass from one end to the other.
    v. thru He threw his girlfriend in the lake. The train went through the tunnel.
    Thru – is an informal, simplified spelling of the word t-h-r-o-u-g-h.
    Should never be used in formal writing. May be used in texting like when space is limited or in close personal correspondence.

    If anyone finds an error in this, please notify me. I’m only near perfect.

    I don’t know why but improper word usage drives me crazy. The above is a quick guide only. For a more detailed definition and understanding refer to a dictionary or thesaurus.

    But: Lincoln was quoted as saying “Tis a poor man who can spell a word only one way.”

    Nate: The one that drives me nuts is; This belongs to you and I. GRRR! It’s; This belongs to you and ME. if “you” were not involved, what would be said? Would you say “This belongs to I.” No.

    Nate: Well, there you have it. My old pal told me that if you don’t think capitalization isn’t important then try this sentence with one letter changed: “Help uncle Jack off his horse.” So, let’s cap the Uncle.

    For fun read “Eats Shoots and Leaves” great little grammar book with English humor.

    Nate: I am guilty of correcting the proper use of our English language, you know like present and past tense and future tense; actually if this was the worst thing to happen to any of us…we would have a kinder world.

    You are as bad as I am Nate! Smile! I wrote the other day, on a post that there is no such word as “woken” it is awaken or awakened, or awake…these things drive me nuts but then an English, mostly perfectionist, or try to be…I guess that is why.
    (I found “woken” in an off-beat dictionary).

    Proper grammar saves lives.
    Let’s eat Grandma.
    Let’s eat, Grandma.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Is this pertinent to the subject?

      Perhaps you should start a column on the failures of our educational system in spelling and grammar, and get some good ideas that weigh!! Let the great spellers and grammarians way in on the issue! That weigh a waity issue will be properly discussed!


      • JUKEBOX

        Those geniuses would never make a professional proofreader.

  • Mike

    Chip, I was in Beruit in 1983 when our Marines were blown up at the “Beruit Hilton.” I slept in that building three nights before the bombing. I was in the Red Sea when Quadafi mined it the next year. I was in Kuwait 5 times staging for the war in Iraq. I have visited the following Mid East countries over the last 30 years: Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Quatar, Bahrain,UAE,Oman, Kuwait, (Turkey and Crete)…

    That said, I thank you for this article. You are DEAD on the money! Any one that does not heed this truth does so at their own peril.

  • Mike

    BTW, I call the Mid-East “The Land of Hate.” You can feel it descend on you like a wet blanket as your broach the Northern channel of the Suez.

  • willowa

    I have lived over there, Israel/Gaza, teaching at an international school, and Chip is right on the money. I taught history there, to Palenstinians and I can tell you that there was no country of Palestine when Israel became a nation, so how could it be stolen from them? The last time there was a country of Palestine was circa 2,000 years ago, existed at the same time as the Kingdom of Israel and was called Philistia.
    The refugee problem, whatever the cause, could have been solved by the neighboring countries, ‘brother Arabs’, by assimilation, but it hasn’t. I also taught in Kuwait a year befor the Gulf War, Kuwait tried, (I believe the only Arab country to do so), by allowing tens of thousands of Palestinians to live and work in their country, but, when Iraq invaded, many (not all of course)Palestinians sided with Iraq, so, when Kuwait was liberated, Kuwait sent them all away. So, in this instance, they shot themselves in the foot.
    I have sympathy for the people caught in the middle of this, Palestinians, et al, many are more or less, ‘just plain folks’, but, the militants run things, they teach, almost from the cradle, hatred of ‘infidels’ (Jews AND Christians) especially Israel, and they ARE extremely dangerous. (and yes, Isalm teaches that it must supplant [supercede, especially by force or treachery] all other religions) Israel is our only real ally in this part of the world and must be defended, for that and many other reasons.

  • willowa

    sorry, it should be ‘supersede’.

  • Vlad


    You are a really brave men: to write such a truth about Israel is risky.
    Politically correct / liberal / oba-mized media will “chip” you away for that.
    Only spiteful people-Arabs cannot see the vast difference between their countries and the Israel gentle kind nature, it standard of living and freedoms. May be the Arab’s uprising is a sign of that particular awakening.


  • Marlene

    I can only say that Obama is outrageous – in his stance toward Israel, in his lack of patriotism toward this country, in his very traitorous existence. The Jews who support him see him as a gravy train and, for them, money speaks louder than words, apparently. They are a disgrace to their race. The (removed) in office must be ejected, in his words: “At any cost.”

  • SimplyNatural

    Chip, I agree with you wholeheartedly. But let me add, there are many Jewish Americans who are conservative and oppose Obama…certainly myself.

  • http://mozilla Johnh

    WE could try to impeach the currant occupant in the white house, but it will not happen as long as the liberals control the senate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ObamaBetraysanAlly....Again Tom Townsend II

    First off, I do not know if the Zogby poll is accurate or if it is just another one of those polls lately that seems to try to pass off what is politically correct or favorable to obama as the truth. If it is correct, then the only thing I can say about the Jewish people still supporting obama is that they are either obviously suicidal or delusional. I pitty them. They would have been the same kind of people who would (I believe) likely have cheered Hitler’s brown shirts as they marched through the streets and then looked shocked and puzzled as these same NAZIs gleefully marched them off under a smiling Hitler’s gaze to be gassed or incinerated alive. I hate to seem insensitive, but this is the kind of mentality I am seeing here. To me, this is abhorant.

    Personally, I am a firm believer in the Jewish state and support Israel every bit as much as I do my own Republic; the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution. I personally would be willing and very proud to stand up next to anyone who would willingly support and defend Israel and the rights and freedoms of the people who live there; just as I would willingly do the same in the defense of the Constitution, principles, and the actual citizens and lawful guests of the United States of America. I gladly stand up for those who are in the right and oppose those in the wrong. Right now, even though the citizens (including the Tea Party) and the lawful guests of this Republic are very much in the right and to be applauded for standing up against the rogue government currently in power that no longer represents us nor seems willing to do the work it was originally formed and entrusted to do, I do rightfully and whole heartedly oppose barack (insane) obama in every one of his efforts to undermine and destroy the United States of America, Israel and to seemingly embolden and provide aid and support to our enemies; the islamo-fascist nutbags invading and attacking our Republic and those who are similarly the sworn enemies of Israel. May both the United States and Israel stand strong and as allys forever.

    As to the coming elections, even though I dearly hope that every one of the useless bums (again, my opinion) currently in office, from obama, to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, right on down to the least official in office are all thrown out of government employment (permanently) come the 2012 elections (and this includes both of the Clintons), I must also admit to a certain amount of trepidation as the Clinton executive orders regarding an existing state of emergency are still a possible avenue for their continued rule, even against U.S. citizen wishes. For those who do not remember, these are the same orders that were penned that say that the White House, aka obama, has the authority to suspend the U.S. Constitution, elections and dissolve both of the other branches of government during the time of a declared national state of emergency and in effect so long as a state of emergency continues to exist. To my knowledge, these executive orders have never been recended even though little has been written about them since they were first penned. I believe these could be used as a major surprise to keep obama, reid and pelosi, slong with obama’s other cronies, in office when the elections fail to go the way that they would want them to go. That is, provided they are unable to pull off another more extensive fraud (as I see it) in the elections like the ones I believe were perpetrated and that still remain apparently unchallenged that kept Harry Reid from being thrown out of office during this last election. These would be the same ones where Reid’s name was already elected in the voting machines when voters initially stepped into the polling machines, whose name was selected in numerous votes when the voters insisted they had voted for his opponent, where criminals and illegal aliens were involved in the voting even though they had no legal authority to vote and so on… For those of us who thought these frauds were bad, hold on to your proverbial hats because I believe we aint seen nuthin yet! Just wait to see what obama does in 2012.

  • Bob Marshall

    To say the US hasn’t supported Israel is absurd. In 1997 the US gave Israel 30 billion dollars. Why i don’t know but on average the Israeli government recieves 3 billion dolllars per year. Israel has many individuals working in our government who have dual citizenship and greatly infuence our policies. Palestine recieves no help from the US for military aid but a few million for humanitarin aid over the years.Many Americans don’t seem to understand all Jews aren’t Zionist and all Zionist aren’t Jews.While Israeli troops use real bullets on Palestine people throwing rocks and no one is truly seeking peace there is no solution. Everyone say the Palestinians fire rockets at the Israeli villages. One of the most powerful military nations on earth is Israel. that is because of US funding and support. To call our self Christians yet wish to see Palestine destroyed contradicts what i believe God teaches.I have yet to understand the need for so much spending of our industrial military complex when communism is no loner the threat it was deemed to be in the past.Does fightring terrorism ever though the CIA contunies to train terrorist in assassination and overthrow of leader who aren’t in line with the policies benefical to US interest for one who is as history shows that the majority of the time the new leadr or dictator, is more ruthless than the previous one.As long as he protects US interest in his country his assissination, acts of genocide are overlooked. what have we become when we too turn our heads to these acts against humanity? Is big business and oil so important that values and morals go out the window. The US is moving to US Global Hegemony.When we support unjust wars we are enabling them to complete this goal.If you speak of Jewish people you have to remember Henery Kissenger is a war criminal. The world has declared it so. His only protector is the US.Still he has graet infulence on American foreign policies to this day. To believe that it is our God given right to control the world is dangerous yet their are those in power who believe exactly that and will stop at nothing to achieve that end.Loss of lives mean nothing to these individuals. The believe the word is so over populated that instead of six billion there should be one billion.They will stop at nothing to achieve that end. Meet the Illuminati.They have time and wealth on their side. As long as television and the news media and their propaganda tell us what to believe and we stop thinking for ourselves we will never get out of this mess of moral and economic decay.

    • http://ObamaBetraysanAlly...Again Thomas L. Townsend II

      Throwing money at a problem, while it does help, it is not always the best or only solution. The question is not weather or not the U.S. supports Israel. There can be no doubt that Israel has a great many friends in the United States and that our government has stood by her frequently over the years. The real question is if the current leadership of this Republic supports Israel. To this, I would sound a very loud and resounding NO! So long as we have a (I thoroughly believe) fake president at the helm who claims to be a Christian when he so very obviously supports the Islamic trash infiltrating and repeating to attempt to destroy our nation and murder our people and so long as he and his cronies so willingly tells us one thing while working to undermine and dismantle both the United States and Israel while providing outreach (i.e. NASA) and material support (i.e. HAMAS and Imam Rauf) to those who would be both of our enemies, there can be no halfway believable pretense that obama or the current regime running the United States has any love or support to offer Israel. I honestly believe that we are both, as nations, in a whole lot of trouble.

    • Al Sieber

      Good point Bob.

  • Elevenarrows

    Very articulate, Tomm. I agree. I, too, believe that elections are suspect these days. I saw a documentary of a grandmother who wasn’t very adept at computer things, but managed to access voting stuff that should have been confidential. I don’t trust the machines, but I still vote since I believe “the powers that be are ordained by God”. That means that as awful as it sounds, God put acting-President Obama in office and I believe it was to either chastise us or wake us up to action. We, as a nation, have certainly strayed far from our beginnings.

    Roberts, Thank you for your suggestions. I, too, have an air purifier. I haven’t been suffering from allergies, I just used that as an example I thought most people could relate to. I was trying to avoid more controversial medicines. Our family does not use prescriptions. We have our babies at home, we use herbal remedies, etc. I do appreciate your help, though.

    Bert, Native American Indians did indeed have this land first…and yes, I agree, that God put them here. However, it was also (as history proves) God’s providence that brought godly men and women here to convert the Indians and lead them away from their pagan practices…many of which were cruel and inhumane.All of history is His Story and the prudent man will study the past and learn from it. It remains to be seen if enough prudent men exist in America.

    • karolyn

      I beg to differ. The native Americans were far more humane than a large portion of the “white man” who came here. Have you never heard the stories of the massacres of native Americans here and in South America? Ever heard of the disease purposely spread by the white man via blankets? Please read up on the native American culture. You will find them far more civilized than those who conquered them.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Karolyn,

        Let me suggest you read some of the books by Allan W. Eckert: his Winning America series (there are about five books), plus The Frontiersman, A Sorrow in Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh, Blue Jacket: War Chief of the Shawnees. This will give a true perspective of the American Indians. Like whites, there were good ones and bad ones. But the Indians weren’t afraid to massacre women and children, burn people at the stake, etc. The British encouraged a very grisly practice by paying Indians for Americans’ scalps. You can’t make a blanket statement and say that Indians were more humane than whites. I’m certainly not excusing atrocities committed by whites, but you also have to look at events with the perspective of the times, not the prism of today’s values and mores.

        Best wishes,

        • Cawmun Cents

          What kills me Mr.Livingston,is that Meso-Americans once took each other to the tops of pyramid like temples and cut each others hearts out.They did this while the person(receiving the heart surgery)was alive and kicking.But these things done in the name of their gods are not seen as barbaric by the same folks that accuse Christians of being that way.Native American tribes were extremely savage to one another long before the white man arrived.They killed each other and massacred each other,absconded with properties,raped other tribes women,or forcibly ensleved them.All the atocities which supposedly came with the”Christians”were here(on the North American continent) long before white folks showed up.But there were no Imperialists back then.Just regular folks of all different walks living under the circumstances that they lived under.To the armchair liberal,any American way is evil.So let us not entertain them by refuting their hatred of their own,with historical fact.Let them grow to understand that hatred is like poisoning yourself and expecting the person you hate to die.-CC.

          • coal miner

            Cawmun Cents,

            That is about the most stupidest statement on this blog.What about whites killing each other in Europe?Columbus said he admired these people for their gentleness and innocence and with the same scope, he said with a few armed men “we can conquer and take posession of their land”The whites have being doing it ever since to the red man. That silly statement proves my point most on this blog are racist and Christianity is the vehicle that drives this evil.

          • Karolyn

            Cawmun – I have read historical accounts of the fact that Indians did NOT rape captured women. Quite the contrary. They were adopted into the tribe and usually stayed there peacefully, not even trying to escape. Sorry I don’t have the name of the book. I read it some time ago. It was an historical treatise on rape.

          • DaveH

            To believe that either side was not guilty of atrocities is, well, Naive.

          • Cawmun Cents

            you made my point for me by your post Mr./Ms.coal miner.I laid a trap and even said you would respond that way and wallah!… on.

          • April

            coal miner, ya just stepped on your own toes in your response to CC. You do not have to be white to be a Christian.

  • Tom Anderson

    I don’t want to hear ANYTHING about or from Israel until they admit and produce and HANG the murderers who bombed, strafed and machine-gunned our USS Liberty and killed our sailors.

    Then, Israel should face charges of war crimes for shooting lifeboats in the water – NO EXCUSE for that International Crime!

    And at least one of those sailors on the USS Liberty was JEWISH!

    Israel’s genesis was via TERRORISM (King David Hotel) – go look it up! They CELEBRATE that crime (which killed English women and children to this day)! Israel – the ORIGINAL terrorist state!

    • Al Sieber

      Good point Tom, I heard one of the survivors on a radio interview, and the captain was told to keep his mouth shut about the incident. not to many people on this website would even research this incident, but I did because I didn’t believe it at first.

  • Gordon in Texas

    This never has been and, still, is not Obama’s country. He has made it perfectly clear in his speeches and actions that his interests do not lie with the American people. What ever his faith, his politics, or his loyalties; his heart is not in making this a better country. The sooner we can remove this traitorous person who resides in the White House, the better. Why would he defend our allies when he doesn’t lift a finger to defend the US?

  • Eric

    Good article. I hope you didn’t get hurt lighting the fuse on the firestorm that followed!

  • Tom

    I think this is what was being said in this article…
    It is not about spelling or anything else.. it is about LIFE and LIBERTY!!!
    Things all Americans used to love. They are taught to curse and kill anyone that
    is not just like them…. This is why I personally do not trust any Muslim.
    This is why I have a hard time understanding why some say I am wrong to not trust them.
    The other thing.. if America was being hit by missiles on a regular basis would we not demolish
    the ones that were attacking us? When a country is being bombed on a regular basis do they not have the right to defend themselves? When a country gets attacked and the attackers give up ground should not the winners be able to take that ground and use it for the peoples benefit?
    They did not have to run, they could have done what the others did and stay.. could they not?

    KORAN commands to kill infidels:

    Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. – Sura 2:98

    On unbelievers is the curse of Allah. – Sura 2:161

    Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. – 2:191

    Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme. (different translation: ) Fight them until there is no persecution and the religion is God’s entirely. – Sura 2:193 and 8:39

    Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it. – 2:216
    (different translation: ) Prescribed for you is fighting, though it is hateful to you.

    ….. martyrs…. Enter heaven – Surah 3:140-43

    If you should die or be killed in the cause of Allah, His mercy and forgiveness would surely be better than all they riches they amass. If you should die or be killed, before Him you shall all be gathered. – 3:157-8

    You must not think that those who were slain in the cause of Allah are dead. They are alive, and well-provided for by their Lord. – Surah 3:169-71

    Let those fight in the cause of God who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fights in the cause of God, whether he is slain or victorious, soon we shall give him a great reward. – Surah 4:74

    Those who believe fight in the cause of God, and those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil. – 4:76

    But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever you find them. – 4:89

    Therefore, we stirred among them enmity and hatred, which shall endure till the Day of Resurrection, when Allah will declare to them all that they have done. – 5:14

    O believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends; they are friends of each other. Those of you who make them his friends is one of them. God does not guide an unjust people. – 5:54

    Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme – 8:39

    O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there are 20 steadfast men among you, they shall vanquish 200; and if there are a hundred, they shall rout a thousand unbelievers, for they are devoid of understanding. – 8:65

    It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he has made slaughter in the land. – 8:67

    Allah will humble the unbelievers. Allah and His apostle are free from obligations to idol-worshipers. Proclaim a woeful punishment to the unbelievers. – 9:2-3

    When the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. – 9:5

    Believers! Know that idolators are unclean. – 9:28

    Fight those who believe neither in God nor the Last Day, nor what has been forbidden by God and his messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are People of the Book, until they pay the tribute and have been humbled. – 9:29 (another source: ) The unbelievers are impure and their abode is hell. (another source: ) Humiliate the non-Muslims to such an extent that they surrender and pay tribute.

    Whether unarmed or well-equipped, march on and fight for the cause of Allah, with your wealth and your persons. – 9:41

    O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey’s end. – 9:73

    Allah has purchased of their faithful lives and worldly goods, and in return has promised them the Garden. They will fight for His cause, kill and be killed. – 9:111

    Fight unbelievers who are near to you. 9:123 (different translation:
    Believers! Make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Let them find harshness in you. (another source: ) Ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers….

    As for those who are slain in the cause of Allah, He will not allow their works to perish. He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennoble their state; He will admit them to the Paradise He has made known to them. – 10:4-15

    Allah has cursed the unbelievers and proposed for them a blazing hell. – 33:60

    Unbelievers are enemies of Allah and they will roast in hell. – 41:14

    When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds, then set them free, either by grace or ransom, until the war lays down its burdens. – 47:4
    (different translation: ) When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads, and when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly.

    Those who are slain in the way of Allah – he will never let their deeds be lost. Soon will he guide them and improve their condition, and admit them to the Garden, which he has announced for them. – 47:5

    Muslims are harsh against the unbelievers, merciful to one another. – 48:25

    Muhammad is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. Through them, Allah seeks to enrage the unbelievers. – 48:29

    Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate. – 66:9

    The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the pagans shall burn forever in the fire of hell. They are the vilest of all creatures. – 98:51

    Fight them so that Allah may punish them at your hands, and put them to shame. (verse cited in Newsweek 2/11/02)


    KORAN promises of houris in heaven:

    Single-minded slaves of Allah… will be honored in the Gardens of delight, on couches facing one another; A cup from a gushing spring is brought round for them, white, delicious to the drinkers, wherein there is no headache nor are they made mad thereby. And with them are those of modest gaze, with lovely eyes, pure as they were hidden eggs. – Surah 37:40-49

    Lo, for those who ward off evil is a happy journey’s end, Gardens of Eden, whereof the gates are opened for the, wherein, reclining, they call for plenteous fruit and cool drink therein. And with them are those of modest gaze, companions. This it is that ye are promised for the Day of Reckoning. – 38:50-54

    Lo! Those who kept their duty will be in a place secure, amid gardens and water-springs, attired in silk and silk embroidery, facing one another…. And we shall wed them unto fair ones with wide, lovely eyes. They call therein for every fruit in safety. They taste not death therein, save the first death. And He hath saved them from the doom of hell, a bounty from thy Lord. That is the supreme triumph. – 44:51-57

    Lo! Those who kept their duty dwell in gardens and delight… reclining on ranged couches. And we wed them unto fair ones with wide, lovely eyes… and we provide them with fruit and meat such as they desire…. – 52:17-22

    …Reclining upon couches lined with silk brocade, the fruit of both the gardens near to hand…. Therein are those of modest gaze, whom neither man nor jinni will have touched before them…. – 55:54-56

    Those are they who will be brought nigh, in gardens of delight… reclining therein face to face. There wait on them immortal youths… and fair ones with wide, lovely eyes, like unto hidden pearls, reward for what they used to do…. Lo! We have created them a creation, and made them virgins, lovers, friends. – 56:11-37
    (Different translation) Companions with beautiful, big and lustrous eyes… virgin-pure and undefiled.


    Koran “sharia” punishments:

    As for the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off their hands as punishment for what they have earned, an exemplary punishment from Allah. – Surah 5:38

    I do not understand anyone that would defend this type of thinking..

    How does one get out of debt by borrowing money? Our Democratic congressmen and senators seem to think it is possible and a viable way of getting out of debt… that is what my congressman’s answer was on the phone.. borrow to get out of debt.. hmmm. can I do that too.. oh no I don’t have a printing press…..

  • Doug Rodrigues

    There will never be peace in the Islamic world. That crazy “religion” promotes brainwashing and mental instability. If they’re not wanting to kill Jews, they kill each other.

  • Ron

    Obama never leaves me disappointed in naming him stupid. And when he says he is a Christian he lies or is ignorant of the bible. Obama along with Oprah denies the Christ is the true son of God. One need not go past John 3:16 which tells the story not to mention many other references stating such. And then Obama has insulted Israel many times and continues to do so! Why have we not convicted him of treason! And lastly and this is for Obama! Barack, either you have no history of reading the bible or even watching television or you would would know in Revelations God, to John is very specific of the angels in heaven. There is a group of angels waiting for the attack of the army of 200,000,000 soldiers to be disbursed by these instruments of God. With what you have done I think I would try and find out where your place is with the heathen of earth!. Of course now you have been told of where you stand so ignorance of such a level of yours is not a viable claim of not being told when you face Jesus! And you will face him and I feel confident Mohammad will be close to you when all is examined…..

    • Jim Cumber

      Obama’s place with the “heathen of the earth”: WELL STATED! Our “lame stream media” has carefully PREVENTED the American citizens from even knowing that “Allah” is NOT an Arabic deity: Allah is a pagan, BABYLONIAN “Moon God” (hence the crescent moon as the international symbol of Islam!) and, according to the New Testament (Corinthians, as I recall) such pagan deities are, in reality, DEVILS! Allah was, prior to Muhammad, “imported” from Babylon into Arabia! This “closet Muslim” in the White House will, IF, God Forbid, he is re-elected, finally “come OUT of the closet as the Radical “Shari’ah Muslim” that he really IS!

  • dennis

    Great article Chip, My observation of the Muslims and their religion of peace has more clarity for me when called a religion of ‘pieces’. Re; Daniel Pearl went to visit them in one piece and was rendered into two pieces.

  • http://none Bettie

    I agree with Doug. Any religion that kills veryone who disagrees with them is not from God. God and his Son Jesus want us to survive and live peacefully with each other. Since the Muslims cannot do that, they are not worshiping God or Allah but the devil or satan. I believe all Muslims need to be sent out of this country because they cannot be trusted. Freedom of Religion should only be for the peaceful. I know other religions are not perfect, but most do not have a policy to kill anyone who disagrees with them. Those who create mistrust and violence should not be allow here. I have a right (like all citizens) to say something about that because I served in the military and defended this country for over 20 years and I was born here, as well as all of my family. I love my country and would do anything for it. They scare me. I feel like I need to carry a weapon. Anyway, back to the topic. BO has no right telling another government what to do. He is so stupid. I am glad Israel’s leader told him what for! I did not vote for Obamma (what a wierd name) and do not intend to vote for him next time, if he runs. I think he should not be allowed to run. His birth certificate proves he is not eligible to even run for office. SO WHY IS HE? I want to stop him. How do I do it? I am sure there is someone, somewhere that would like to take the chance and blow him away. BUT, if there is enough evidience to charge him with a crime, why is it not being done? He will be in the history books. Isn’t that enough? Get rid of him.

  • chuckb

    after reading tom’s comments, people should realize this guy in the white house believes this.the only thing that makes me wonder, he is surrounded by what i call communist jews, how could they get along, then you have to realize these jews in most cases are descendants of russian communist jews and not loyal towards israel. barry is only a tool for them and he does their bidding while ensuring ninety five percent of the black and most of the mexican vote. barry will not betray the muslim brotherhood who is in the process of over running the middle east with the help of no other than barry and hillary.

  • Bert Cundle

    No wonder, this WORLD is in such a mess! People Trying to tell others, what GOD Says, Said, Or, Wants! The Masses are Crazy!

    • Jana

      That’s why we are supposed to read and study the Bible for ourselves to find out what GOD says.

      • Bert Cundle

        I was refeering to the Bible TOO! It was Crazy then & Crazy NOW!

        • Jana

          Oh I knew what you were referring to, but since you are UN EDUCATED in what the Bible says, you are not qualified to judge.

          • Bert Cundle

            If Reading the Bible COMPLEETLY, EDUCATES one… Why are ther so many Interpetations?

          • Jana

            Because there are those out there who would love to destroy God’s Word, so they rewrite it, diluting God’s word to confuse and to deceive those readers.
            Bert, do you believe in Islam and the Qu’ran? At times you seem to favor them from what you say. Just curious.

  • Raggs

    obaba is the one to lead the world dictatorship, naturally he turns against God. Afterall his true father was cast from heaven.

  • Elevenarrows


    I have got to wonder at your definition of humane. As for reading up on native American history, I HAVE. I think you may be confused about the facts…did you happen to receive your “education” in government schools? Your interpretation of history sounds like one that might have been a product of an American public school after the 1930s or so.I never trust a textbook unless it is VERY old. As for the eyewitness accounts I’ve read, many Native Indians were extremely violent and although they had a “code of ethics”, it was not one most of us would want to live by. Some tribes imposed horrible crucifixions of mothers in front of their own babies. I am thankful for the good Indians that reached out to settlers in kindness and I am not saying some white people were not cruel, but I seriously doubt if you would have been trying to leave the settlements to bunk with the “more humane” Indians had you been living back then. On the contrary, I think you would have been huddled behind some courageous white-blooded man hoping his ammo wouldn’t run out!

  • Allan in Canada

    Thankyou for the article.As an Orthodox Jew I am aware of the dangers of Liberal thinking.The land of Isreal is the Land that The Almighty gave the responsibility of the Jewish nation to make a dwelling place for His presence.Its not ours to give to anyone.Jeruslem predates Islam and Christianity.

  • Indigo

    A little tidbit from a Semite.
    This was posted on
    As a comment in response to people whining about Bilderburger meeting.
    Angry semite says:
    June 10, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    I’m sick of all you anti-semites out there. All you do is whine because Israel has stolen your Congress, civil rights, lives in foreign wars, your currencies, your ability to think, and your future and your childrens-childrens future. So what?! We give you American Idol, because you dumb goyim are cattle who use drugs and drink beer. That is what you want, so eat that you whiny, cowardly, patriotic-American, who is too cowardly to march on your own nations capital and demand reform. We take $3 billion from your Treasury each year, we spy on you, do false flag operations on your cities and you still can’t get off the couch! You are dumber than a sack of potatos and uglier than an arab woman who hides behind a burka! Israel laughs at your fat, ugly woman who don’t listen to their husbands and have tramp stamps on their backsides! You Americans are the tramp stamps of the Earth. Hahahahaha!

    God’s chosen people?
    As stated in the Old Testament which is nothing more than a plagiarized copy of the Sumerian writings.Time to grow up and let go of the fairy tale folks.Time to wake up to the truth.

  • Janice Fortin

    Ok. Does the Queran (Koran) direct CONVERT OR KILL INFIDEL?


    How dare any American allow them to do this? THIS IS AMERICA. WHILE



    • Karolyn

      It’s a symbolic oath to GOD, not to some book!

      • Jana

        To them it is NOT symbolic. To them its actually YOUR life and YOUR death.

        • coal miner


          “Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.”

          • Jana

            As long as you talk decently to me, I will respond in the same manner.

            The only problem with that is man has a long home which is olam and it means eternal.
            Eccl 12:5
            5 Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets:

    • Bert Cundle

      Wate untill the CALENDER IS CHANGED!!!

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    I’m a Patriot, and ordinarily I respect Chip’s stance; however, I am also an honest woman, which we all must be in order to live moral lives and preserve our own freedom. A few years ago in a study group on the Caballa, according to Rabbi Lynn of Albuquerque, the Jews perpetrated genocide on 78 Arab villages in Israel. Rabbi Lynn has been heavily involved in the peace movement for Israel. Not only did Rabbi Lynn make this assertion, but I have read this in other places. In addition, it just so happens that family friends in the little Methodist Church in Bovina, Texas that I attended growing up, happened to have been displaced by the Jewish occupation of Israel. This was a common occurrence, and the displaced people were still waiting for some justice regarding those events. The Jewish occupation of Israel was not without bloodshed on the part of Arabs. While I sympathize with all Jews who embrace the Conservative cause, a return to God’s Laws and morality, I do not necessarily embrace all Jews or the entire Jewish cause in Israel, nor do I feel anyone else should. My sentiment: Only those fighting for righteousness should be supported. Zionists who follow the Talmud do not respect Christians or Muslims, and we need to be very wary and “eyes open” about our support of Israel. All people need to be exhorted to follow God’s Laws and to end insane destruction of other ethnic and religious groups, perpetrated simply on the basis of such, not on the basis of righteousness. That includes Christians, Muslims, and Jews. All religious sects need to be prevailed upon to purge mention, including veiled references to destruction and subjugation of other religious groups, from their religious texts, the Jews chief among those who need to purge their own religious texts. When the religious texts are purged, we stand some chance of having peace among all religions.

    • stesse

      Oh, good grief! It’s no wonder why those of Israeli heritage don’t call upon Yeshua, their Messiah, when Christians who use cross of Jesus as standard are hostile to Hebraic roots of Judeo/Christian belief. Choose blessing or curse. Eternal covenant gives the land to Israel, not to Philistines (Palestinians). Read Ezekiel 38 and 39. The God of Israel promises to show up to fight all forces joined together to attack His nation. Oh, ye of little faith. Peace among religions is foolishness. There is only one God. There will never be peace with those who deny the one who is creator of all that exists.

  • Pete from Australia

    Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, once all Christian countries. The few Christians left in Egypt are subject to murder, rape, and so on.
    The Arabic people still go on about the Crusades, but the Muslims were at the gates of Paris in the late Middle Ages, and we have forgotten this.
    Even moderate Muslims don’t condemn the radical elements very much.
    Some Israeli friends said to me “We know why the Israeli Army exists. At close quarters the Arabs like to use the knife and they would cut the throats of every man, woman and child in Israel.”
    Even “moderate” Indonesian had a pogrom against their own Chinese citizens and murdered over 1 million not that long ago.
    Religion of peace? What a joke!

  • stesse

    I think underlying issue is that regardless of good works of Israel and its institutions, until nation gives glory to God, not to its military; until nation turns to God for security, not its military, its works will do little to turn the hearts of its neighbors, because God’s loving spirit is not the driving force behind their works.

  • Charles

    You Americans are wrong when you think that Obama is stupid or doesn’t know what he is doing.He and his handlers are totally aware of their actions which is the destruction of the capitalist system.The stupid ones are the American voters who have put another Hitler in power.

  • NuritG

    Chip, this article is right on. To your question about Jews not ALL walking away from Obama, it is either genetic insanity or paralysis of the mind or both!

  • Wayne Johnson

    This article is based on a false premise (B H O as an ally of Israel). If you believe his is, or ever was, you’ve been smoking too much of that “non-tobacco” stuff.

  • Mickey Steib

    Sounds very one sided. Sounds like it is not well thought out and based mostly on emotion. Maybe some are influenced by this type of propaganda. I once saw a family take advantage of this and then that. I assumed all similar families do the same. I saw a person of a certain religion do a bad thing and now I assume that all of that religion do so. I read some rough stuff in the old testament and some rough stuff in the Koran and now I have prejudice against both. I saw a very small sample size and made assumptions about everything similar. I hope my statistician friends do not find out about my sloppy thinking and make fun of me. You should hope the same.

    • MarkBench

      Let me boil it down for you. Nevermind that Islam sprang from the mind of a caravan robbing, murdering, raping criminal and was spread by the sword like a wild fire. So powerful was this fear based “religion” that it’s cancerous growth got to middle Europe before it’s spread was interrupted.

      As in a bad sci-fi movie, the insidious tendrils of Islam have reached the halls of American government, local, state and national. Europe is already terminally infected.

      In helping to end your quandry, you need only search for the “Christian Terror Front” viciously killing and maiming people, destroying stable governments, and forcing it’s unyielding will on non Islam faiths, systems, and cultures.

      Perhaps if you stop inspecting trees and observe the forest, things will be easier to understand.

      Can’t find such? Oh……well then, you have a simple logic problem to solve.

      • Jana

        Mark Bench,
        Right on!!!

  • Robert Paiva

    Here’s My Question:
    In the Bible there is a man who is called not anti-christ but the “Man of Sin” he also has a false prophet like Soros, that promotes him. And if you’d take notice O-bommer-Soreos n-company-sure fits the discription of this man of sin and associate. They both: sin against the world nations, and also against the United States of America, also against Israel. I have read in several articles wherin O-boma is of relation to Sheba ‘back ancestry through is African father’ through the Jewish King Soloman, and also Sorous could be an Hungerian Jew. And for some reason, ‘they,’ both appear to hate Israel- and the USofA. I Think, research needs to be done at this late stage of the game. Sure I know that we had a hard time getting a birth certificate. So, Why not back up and go in the other direction from and through the father’s ancestry. Are we, could we, be seeing pre-ordained Biblical Prophecy literally comming to pass in these 2 men?
    Because what we are seeing is a situation of extreme proportions where these two men are trying to make what’s ‘bad-evil’ look good!

    • Steve Newdell

      Mr Pavia has opened an excellent question and made an interesting observation. We STILL have trouble getting a birth cert. The one produced appears to have been a computer generated dummied up counterfeit. But no matter. Obama is here and with Hillary at his side they are doing damage such as our grandparents could never have imagined. The greater question is, in my mind, WILL either political party actually promote someone truly qualified to be President, or will they once again promote the one who can raise the most money? If the issue is only money Soros could be President of The World!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Now that they released all those e mails from and to Palin, I want the conservatives/Republicans to demand to see the school records and the grant records of Nobummer!!! Fat chance of it happening, but I still want to see it happen!!

  • http://aol Claude

    This is why Obamma wants the jews to give up land which belongs to them them.Could it just be Obamma is a Islamic muslim naw or is it.If you take 1st -m-and last name it adds up to 18 letters and that 666 adds up to 18 letters in his name naw it couldnt be could it,And Robert you have a good point.

  • chuckb

    obama’s father lineage traced to solomon ? are you kidding, the only lineage he has on his fathers side could be traced to a headhunter.
    robert p,
    where do you people get off giving this guy all this intelligence and heritage, is it because you got conned into voting for him and now you are trying to cover for your mistake.
    we know the lineage on his mothers side, liberal, liberal, liberal. we saw what the lineage was on the fathers side, black mau maus, now how can you believe his father was part arab or had any connection to the hebrews. please!
    remember one thing george soros is a shrewd intelligent man, barry has a cabinet full of these shrewd communist bolsheviks, there’s where his intelligence is and they speak to us through him by the teleprompter. the only thing this guy has is a very good voice period.

  • Laurie

    That was a GREAT article, there were some really good points made,one being that the political party is more important to Jews then their homeland, which makes absolutely no sense. Unfortunately when we turn against Israel, we will be hurting ourselves.

  • Steve Newdell

    Hi Chip, June 11, 2011

    I did a little mousing around the Internet and read a few articles about why American Jews so often vote for the Liberal Democratic Socialist Party. Apparently their fears are an over-reaction to the horrors of an ultra conservative government in Germany that some 68-years ago turned Fascist and then Nazist. Somehow, these folks are carefully dissecting and analyzing the full picture of what goes on in the Middle East or Washington and how it affects them. They believed Obama would be Israel’s friend. Now they’re being taught another lesson in being careful about for whom we vote! This saddens me because I thought Jewish well educated people were more thoughtful, but I see that such a generalization is incorrect.

    From what I’ve been reading the Black Muslim in the White House hates America with a profoundly seated rage. He wants our country to become a second rate “has-been” and with the Federal Reserve in agreement they’ll get what they want. If the world doesn’t go into nuclear exchange I fully expect your great great granddaughters to be listing themselves in the singles website seeking Chinese husbands because the Americans will be too impoverished to house and feed themselves.

    Mr. Obama, meantime will be holding Satan’s genitals and congratulating himself about how he enjoyed the 4 or 8 year party while destroying the greatest empire the world ever knew.

    I realize there are cogent counter-arguments to our government’s methods. I know our governors have been the world’s best at hiding their own corruption while they harmed populations all over Asia and South America. But somehow we created a Pax-Americana and for a long time offered another viewpoint and a destination to which at least half the world aspired to arrive and stay. It greaves me now that the USA will soon be little more relevant to the world than Rumania. But, then again, the GREAT ones like Roosevelt, Carter, Clinton, and Obama will have the perverse goal they wanted and the New World Order of Horror will become the reality, lest God Himself intervene.

    See my End of the Age at Amazon Kindle for more. S.Newdell

  • Steve Newdell

    correction…. “Somehow, these folks are NOT carefully dissecting and analyzing the full picture…”

  • Donn Hart PhD

    To Whom It May Concern;

    I am proud to be Jewish and am extatic over the accomplishments our people have made during their return to Isral. It doesn’t suprise me that Jewish doctors would attend a Palestinian woman at no cost to her, living up to their code of ethics. What does suprise me, however, is that Jews in this country still support this fraud which occupies the White House. It’s a crazy world and these American Jews are more crazy than ever! Will they never learn?

    • Jana

      Donn Hart PhD,
      I am with you all the way.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    What else would we expect from BO ? He’s a muslim at heart, and he and his Just-Us Dept. can’t tell right from wrong. While the Israelies have their faults they are still God’s chosen people. It’s logical that BO would side with the barbaric muslim cretins.
    I’ve long felt that America has one foot in the grave in God’s eyes by our tacid acceptance of abortion. The final shoe will drop in the grave when we, as a Nation, turn agaist Israel. I only pray that God will judge us by what’s in our heart as individuals and not by what these demonic forces that currently contol our gvt.

  • chuckb

    steve n, i disagree with your assessment that ultra conservative germans caused the conflict with the jews. history shows it was the communist movement that brought the roof down on the jews. hitler was a product initiated by zionist originating in russia. the communist and hitler battled for the control of germany and hitler won the fight. the jews fled, some to the u.s. some to palestine. the russian communist supported the jews in palestine and at that time most of the jewish people supported communism.the czechs with the support of russia supplied the jews in palestine with arms.

  • i41

    Also don’t forget when ever a democrat party lurch throws the jews back in the ovens, this group of people will still always support the marxist/communist democrat party. When Jewish groups start calling for money and start the whining jag about being abused, I have no problem telling them when they as a group quit voting for communists and perverts (like Weiner now and all NY dems), then I’ll think about helping. The dems love the pedophile worshipping, female killing, goat abusing muslims so much they believe they are peace loving, as the perv from MN.

  • Wayne937

    I am reposting this in case some one may have missed it:

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic . Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Nancy

      Well said! When this country has more people voting who don’t work for a living, than voters who are American workers, It’s easy to see why Obama was elected.

  • coal miner

    Quote for the day!

    “It is war that wastes a nation’s wealth, chokes its industries, kills its flower, narrows its sympathies, condemns it to be governed by adventurers, and leaves the puny, deformed, and unmanly to breed the next generation.”
    George Santayana:

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      That is very correct; especially the last part. That would explain what happened to the French and the British after WW 1.

  • chuckb

    coal miner, couldn’t be more right

    • http://?? Joe H.

      what brought us out of the great depression??? think about that and then tell me coal miner is completely right!

      • chuckb

        hey old buddy, i know wars are going to happen and we will always have to defend our way of life, however, going to war to get the nation out of a depression, are you sure that is worth going to war for?.

      • coal miner


        Think on it JoeH, (the great depression)? We are at war in the middle east,I don’t see any robust economy as result of this war.Do you?

  • Wayne937

    If you would like to know how much Obummer’s “Cap & Trade” would cost the average household, check out this website: It would cost $3128 dollars more per year.

    Now that you have had the chance to read it, do you still want it to pass????

  • coal miner



    And Joshua said unto all the people, Behold, this stone shall be a witness unto us; for it hath heard all the words of the LORD which he spake unto us: it shall be therefore a witness unto you, lest ye deny your God.
    Greek Version
    Και ειπεν ο Ιησους προς όλους τους ανθρώπους, Ιδού, αυτή η πέτρα πρέπει να είναι εις μάρτυρας μας? γι ‘αυτό hath άκουσε όλα τα λόγια του Κυρίου που ελαλησεν εις ημάς: πρέπει να είναι, συνεπώς, εις μάρτυρα σας, μήπως και εσείς να αρνηθεί τον Θεό σου. Ελληνική Έκδοση


    ויאמר יהושע אל כל העם הנה האבן הזאת תהיה אל העד לנו; זה hath שמעו את כל דברי יהוה אשר הוא וידבר אל לנו: זה יהיה ולכן אל העד לך פן יה להכחיש אלוהים שלך. היווני גירסה

    Hebrew and Greek languages are read from right to left,unlike the English language.Believe it or not Greek is harder to understand than Hebrew.I can make out some of it,but most of it seems garbled.Time could be the factor.

    • Jana

      coal miner,
      That’s why we have tools to help us comprehend. I have a Concordance, as well as Bible dictionaries that have done this research for us. Some scholars can read ancient Hebrew, as it is a little different than modern Hewbrew.

      • Jana

        By the way, do you realize the Stone of Scone the stone Joshual used as a pillow is in Scotland right now. They have it on display and I have actually seen it. Whenever a new King or Queen is crowned in England, the Stone is placed under the throne during the coronation.

  • Darla

    to Al Seiber you said, I think God was talking about the spiritual Israel. so if they called for the execution of Jesus( the son of God) how can they be the chosen people? maybe God meant Jews that converted to Christians after his execution.please help me out on this.

    Al you need to seriously do a lot of Bible study. You are talking replacement theology here and I will tell you right now that if you believe that God has turned his back on the Jews then you are calling Him a liar. God made an eternal covenant with Abraham and if I’m not mistaken, eternal means FOREVER. Also,that covenant was on God’s side,not Abrahams. In other words, whatever Abraham and those that followed him, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, David, etc did or did not do would never negate that covenant. God is NOT a God that He should lie. God is incapable of lying and when He says forever, He means forever. Not all the Jews called for the death of Jesus. It was the High Priests, and Pharisees who incited a certain segment of the crowds and if you read the gospels you will see it was the priests that suggested Barabbas be set free instead of Jesus, and lastly the Jews were NOT responsible for the death of Jesus. Why does everyone choose to forget that was the sole reason for Jesus to come to earth. It was for atonement of our sins. Jesus said himself, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. … No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. Don’t forget that Jesus is Jewish. That IS the people and country God chose and He will NEVER turn his back on His people. If we can’t believe that something in the Bible is not true, then we can’t believe anything is true because it says in the Bible that His Word is God breathed. His Word is truth and is infallible. That land has belonged to the Jews since God gave it to them and Jesus will reign and rule from Jerusalem one day. Oh, one last thing. Everyone has to accept Christ, whether you are Jew or Gentile in order to be saved. If a Jew accepts Christ, he’s still a Jew, it’s just now he’s a believer. Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and NO ONE comes to the Father except through ME. That means everyone! God Bless

    • Jana

      You are so right.

    • Vic

      The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled “Jews” today refer to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same. ( by Benjamin H. Freedman, Hebrew Scholar and historian. ) Jesus was not a Jew.

      • April

        Hey there Vic
        When you dig a little deeper, you will find that Jesus was a Jew in that HE was of the tribes of Judah- the kings tribe, and of Levi- the priest tribe. You will find it in the book of Luke studying the first 3 chapters. Mary’s Daddy was of Judah, and Mary’s Mother was of Levi. This is why HE is after the order of Melchizadek. Also, look up the Course of Abia. This was Zachariah’s week to perform the leturgical duties in the Temple. It is historically documented that at this particular week is exactly our June 13-19. He is not allowed to travel on the 20th which was the sabbath. He takes a couple of days to travel, gets home and rests and Elizabeth concieves around June 24. She hides herself for five months (ie. it was not obvious as she had not started to show until about the 5th to 6th month) when she was six months along, Gabriel the Arc Angel appeared to Mary. It is important to note that Mary’s geneology is in the book of Luke and Joseph’s geneology is in the bool of Matthew. In Luke you will notice that it say “as was supposed”- this is a legal term meaning in-law. Have fun with your studies.

        • Vic


          You may find this site interesting.

          • April

            Hi Vic
            Thankyou for the site. A lot of very good info regarding the history of the evolving propaganda of terms and who is who as an Israielite, Jew, Kenite, Goy, etc. Altho a great deal of this info on this site is true; there are a few issues that do not agree with Biblical facts. Firstly, the term Judea is Greek for Judah. The land of Judah goes as far back as Moses. In Deuteronomy 34, GOD shows Moses from the top of Pisgah all the land HE promiced to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Then in Joshua 11 the land is described as the mountains of Israel, and the mountains of Judah. Joshua 14 gives the inheritance of the land of Israel, and Joshua 15 gives the inherited land of Judah. Now if a Judean is a Jew due to geographical location then those of the tribe of Judah who lived in the land of Judah would have to be considered Jews even at the time of Christ. Jesus lineage traces back to the tribe of Judah as well as to the tribe of Levi. King David ruled both houses of Israel and Judah when he conquered Jeruselem taking taking the stronghold of Zion: the same is the City of David, in 2Samuel 5. Then in 1Kings 12 the houses became divided again and the people in the land of Judah began to be called Jews in 2Kings 16. And in Ezra we find those who claimed to be Jews that were not of Hebrew descent who had worked thier way into performing the leturgical duties and Ezra ran them out of the camp. These who were ran out became the ones who cried crucify HIM. They (Kenites who call themselves Jews but are of their father Satan) were in the Temple and that is why John the Baptist was in the Wilderness preaching instead of in the Temple. Also take note of Revelation 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to comeand worship before they feet….”

          • April

            Hi Vic, I was up late last nite with my granddaughter so I had to make my response short. There is so much more that could be mentioned, but I at least want to say that I really appreciate your efforts and that you are privy to some good info to share. The thing I would like to stress is to not take anyones word or site without backing it up with scripture that can be taken back to the ancient languages be they literal or figurative. So please check me out with scripture when I tell you that GOD chose the land of Israel as well as the Israelite People who have spread across the world. There are so many who think they are Gentiles, but are actually of the lost house of Israel. And then there are those we need to be aware of who call themselves Jews and are of the synagog of Satan and beware of their agenda. And there are those that are Gentiles from all kinds of nations that bring so much good that GOD created that strength in them to share with the world. God chose the Israelites to bring forth a Saviour, pointing the way to Salvation so that all nations have the oportunity to accept or reject GOD’s plan. HE loves ALL HIS children that much and everyone of us have strentgths and gifts that fit within this plan. HE wishes to leave no one out. But it is up to them to accept ore reject.
            Have a blessed day. Smiles

  • mary

    For the good of all, Israel must survive. O is a closet Muslim and most people will buy his yapping to the contrary. His actions tell you what he is. Netanyahu is quite a guy. the Israeli people have learned to hold their own as few defend them. Hats off!

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Years ago the magazine “Psy. Today” did an article about the German concentration camps. The question was how could a civilized nation like Germany do such atrocities. They studied the mind-set and personality types it would take to do that job. Not all jobs in a concentration camp were guards or executioners; there were admin. staff, medical personel, maintenence, ect. But the commonality was that all who worked there were in tacid, at least, in agreement with the policies and goals of the camps. After extensive study the conclusion was that city in the US with a population over 25,000, would have at least the 600 willing people required to staff a death camp. All it would take would be the legalization by the gvt. for the camps to be built. Scary ain’t it ?

  • mystere

    Hi Chip, and everyone else reading this post!

    If you would like to know more of what’s going on in Israel, every Monday at 3 PM Pacific Time (except holidays), radio station KBRT 740 AM in Southern California has a live talk show “Talk From The Heart” hosted by Rich Buhler. On most Mondays, Rich interviews retired Israeli Military General Shimon Erem on what’s happening in Israel. For those who cannot be near a radio, or who are not in the coverage area, you can hear it on the internet at If you are in Northern California, the sister station KCBC 770 AM carries “Talk From The Heart” from 3-4 PM too. Their site is Both stations are owned by Crawford Broadcasting Company. General Erem was the commanding General during the 6 Day War in 1967.

  • mystere

    Correction on the KCBC Link:

  • mystere

    Oops, the link keeps failing…if all else fails, go to the KBRT site and click onto KCBC’s link through the page, if you live in Northern California.

  • Homer

    MUSLIMS are the problem and Ismael is the trouble! he still thinks that because he was the first born of Abraham he was the chosen but he was NOT, Isaac was the chosen seed and Jacob and so on! The forst born is not the chosen but the second born! So, Ismael continues to war against Jacob! It will be set in order, watch it!!

  • Jana


    You did NOT come on this site to learn anything about us or have an interchange with us. You came on this site to attack us tell us how YOU think we ought to think.

    You stated **********I apologize for trying to breach the wall which is your stupidity.******** so much for you trying to have an interchange. This was your motive all along.

    Re read your own post and you will see hatred and ignorance in its full glory
    You stated ************I myself am also jewish, and i’m sorry sir but i’d rather have PRESIDENT OBAMA in office than at least any of the racist/hypocritical/lying/thieves you have all offered up. It truly scares me how much hate goes around on the right side and yeah… why don’t YOU wake up and smell the coffee.***********
    You say you are a teenager, but you demonstrate the same hatred as does the Hamas, or the Muslim Brotherhood.

    You signed off ********Follow up as you please but I reject the stupidity it doesn’t having me flipping how the truth does you.*********** which tells us all that you DON’T want to know the truth and care less about the truth. The way you signed your post tells us all about you *****Communist/marxist/socialist/progressive**

    As I said before, you give Jews a bad name, you are a Kenite.

  • Jennie

    What exactly gives any American president the right to tell the leader of another country what to do?!? He won’t even listen to his own citizens!! I can’t wait to vote him outin 2012!

    • April

      I agree with you 100% Jennie.

  • mike

    After 60 years, its time to stop calling the home of 3 or 4 million Palestinians refugee camps. They’re concentration camps, plain and simple. I propose instead of sending Israel billions a year that we don’t have, we send them corrupt politicians like Joe Lieberman.

    And I’m scratching my head, wondering why would a Palestinian who’s had her home land stolen, and lived in an apartheid state all her life want to bomb her oppressors? This is the stupidest article I’ve read in a long time, and the first thing Obama’s done right in three years.

    • Nancy

      Guess what? Some countries were charitable, and did accept refugee Palestinians into their countries. Jordan did, until King Hussein of Jordan had them kicked out, when ARAFAT & his cronies tried to take over the gov’t- check the history books. Lebanon did, and they ended up with a civil war that is still in progress, tens of thousands of murdered Lebanese citizens, and murdered Lebanese politicians. No one wants them, because they incite division & hatred. They weren’t thrown out of Israel- They left when their Arab neighbors told them to leave, so they wouldn’t get in the way, while they wiped Israel off the map- Then, they could come back & get their hands on whatever Jewish property was left. They DID. The Arab neighbors LOST. IF I Bet all my money on some “investment”, & LOSE my money, It’s not the fault of the people who were SMART enough, to not do the same.

  • mike

    Some great ideas here, lets get a UN mandate to return everybody’s land and borders to the way they were before the Roman Empire. Lets start by giving France back to the Celts. We’ll move the Parisians off to “refugee camps” and bulldoze their homes, then build apartments for all the Irish, Bretons and Gallicisms looking for their homeland. Brilliant ideas.

    • Nancy

      Don’t forget all those people living in the USA, Canada, Central & South America- Bye bye to all the Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, & Africans- This land will once again belong to Native Americans/American Indians.

  • Vic

    Al Sieber says:
    June 12, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Jesus was a Galilean.

    Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Judea) He spent time in Galilee.

  • jopa

    According to the Zogby poll the majority of Jewish Americans support President Obama. Why? Because they were reading the full version of what he said about the 1967 boundaries not the edited as portrayed here giving it the total opposite meaning that your readers sucked up hook line and sinker.If you believe the above article to be true you haven’t done your homework.

    • Jana

      Then why don’t you give us the site to go to instead of making accusations without proof. You may be right, that we don’t have all of the information, and again you may not.

  • Nancy

    Thank you for a fact based, concise description of exactly how “crazed” Islamic fundamentalists behave. As far as I’m concerned, You’re preaching to the choir- However, don’t STOP. This gives me ammunition when the ultra leftists continue spouting their nonsense. There are several basic FACTS that the Leftists never want to admit exist. #1)It takes TWO to make a peace, only one to make a war! You fight back, or die. #2) Terrorist organizations whose CHARTER calls for the destruction of ISRAEL, do NOT want to negotiate for Peace. #3) I have NEVER understood any person who was Jewish, supporting Obama- He sat in a church for 20 years hearing Rev. Wright praise the likes of the head of Black Muslims, WHO calls for death to Israel & ALL Jews- WHY is anyone surprised?

  • jopa

    Jana;On this site everyone is prodded to do their own research or they will be called lazy.However all you have to do is Google the keywords such as “1967 borders” and there will be plenty of information to draw your own conclusions.Both sides of the issue will come up for you to read and then you won’t have to take anyone’s word for it, however there will be those that will only read and believe the edited versions from Conservative sites.Just keep an open mind.Have a good one.

  • mike

    that’s very true about the European settlers and American Indians, and most of those tribes weren’t too happy about having their villages burned, and land stolen so settlers could build their own homes. they fought back, and so have the Palestinians. Why does that surprise Americans? It was their land, duh. More power to them. I’m sick of my tax money being used to promote European settlers moving into an area and pushing the native inhabitants out.

  • Tom

    President OB is nine-tenth as passionate in defending the Arib country, minus Israel. I feel he is muslin at heart not christian faith that the U.S. was founded on. Muslin it self is not bad but the Jihadists that wants to kill I understand was in OB teachings as a child. If we do not elect a new president in 2012 we are screwed as a country. We will be destroyed from with-in. OB is bankrupting the country which we will not be able to defend ourselves. OB has elected his Zars to post that should be defending the U.S. but only gropes you at the airport, but does not defend our borders. Why is it that you do not hear about OB past, he keeps everything reguarding his past secret. If OB was white would everyone allow him to treat this country the way he has.

  • trading

    It is not my first time to pay a visit this website, i am browsing this web site dailly and get fastidious information from here every day.

  • Non-fastidious believer

    My brother-in-law forwarded me the urban legend today about how NASA’s computers verified the two accounts in the Bible of time standing still, and in trying to find out how far this misconception had taken hold in the fundamentalist community, I found dozens of sites, among which this one stood out. I think the original story should be updated. The day the sun stood still was definitely June 10, 2011, if you look at the past entries in this thread.


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