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Obama Begins Push For Jobs Bill

October 6, 2011 by  

Obama Begins Push For Jobs BillPresident Barack Obama told the media Monday that he will personally lobby Congressional leaders to hold a vote on the new jobs-stimulus proposal that his Administration created, only to be rebuked by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) an hour later, The Washington Times reported.

Both political parties have been jostling for the upper hand on the argument over the 9.1 percent unemployment rate, and Obama has contended that the debate should be taken to a vote, according to the newspaper.

Obama noted his lack of patience for the potential signing of the bill, as he eyes the $447 billion short-term tax cuts and infrastructure spending and long-term tax increases of $467 billion as the solution to the country's problems.

"We still have to have congressional action," Obama said at the start of a Cabinet meeting in the White House. "It’s been several weeks now since I sent up the American Jobs Act, and, as I’ve been saying on the road, I want it back. I’m ready to sign it."

Cantor responded to the President's message by rejecting his demand that the legislation be moved by the end of the month, according to The Hill

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  • Charles

    What is Mr. Obama telling us by his big smile connected with this story?

    • Rayma Dorsa

      He’s got the “idea” for jobs, and will tax us to get the money, then help pay for a mosk at “ground level” I don’t trusts him, just wait “what he is getting” is being worked on right now.Then I will say “I am proud of my Country” I wonder if Mischelle will still be proud of her country, when her husband is run out of DC. The Clintons hated the Military and it showed through the 8 years they were in control.You know the Military is not sleeping go to

      • Robert Smith

        Ten years of tax cuts… Where are the jobs?


    • Mike in MI

      Charles -
      Oblama-lama-ding-dong is smiling because he has his finger up his butt and he is remembering the last time he saw his bud, Rahm Immanuel. It’s one of his escape mechanisms to avoid dealing with disturbing (emotion evoking) reports, situations, criticisms and campaign developments. The habit makes it possible for him to not deal mentally in realistic terms with what he faces. Like a little girl who just discovered her clitoris or another kid with pinworms.

      It’s what he was doing for the first year and four months of this presidency. People were losing jobs, the economy was descending to the abyss (as anyone other than a Hahvahdprof could see) and multitudes were swiftly being made paupers.
      DID HE ACT TO CHANGE what HE said was “George Bush’s fault”? NO!

      Rather than realizing the economy NEEDED fixxing he rammed, screwwed-on his own party and did nothing other than Bomb’R’Care til it was signed…for about sixteen months. Oh, he bathed his friends in the Bailout and lubricated their butts with Stimuli – which were purposely written so as to be disbursed unaccountably. They sucked all the wealth out of the system…gave it to God-knows-who…leaving us to ponder why the business can’t get restarted.

      Why don’t the conservatives focus on the MANY shortcomings of his tenure rather than what he’s trying to force feed the public at this momemnt? Maybe, if they have to deal with “right-now”, realize how bad-off Obama is when his presentations to Congress have to be rewritten by his former partypals. Even Hairy Reed and his other Dum Libs don’t want to have anything to do with what The Big Zero proposes because they realize what a foolure he is.

      Obama is a Narcissist Megalomaniac. Should we act surprised when we find The Anointed One has a department to identify Americans he wants to do a “hit” on?

      Remember He’s somebody’s employee – not ours.

      • eddie47d

        Looks like you all are just sitting around looking hungry for a turnaround instead of supplying the meat and potatoes to get the job done. Obama 1 Congress 0

      • Robert Smith

        Actually Mike, do you have any idea who Rahm Emanuel is?

        I checked out:

        The man has quite an interesting history.

        You might do better to know who your are trying to insult others with.



      Alfred E. Neuman is saying PASS THIS BILL, PASS THIS BILL, PASS THIS BILL, etc. ad infinitum. What, ME WORRY!

  • http://google Jo Tracy

    Get that pompous a– out. He is out of touch with reality. He is an evil, coniving muslim.

  • Captain Mike

    Yet another constitutional snub. I guess this “contitutional scholar” doesn’t care that a bill containing revenue items HAS to originate in the House. But why sweat the small stuff?

    • Disgusted

      Hey Captain Mike, Obama makes his own rules – he has since elected into office. He bypasses the constitution every chance he gets. The man is an idiot and I pray to GOD everyday that voting citizens of this once great country will vote him out!
      The Government can’t create jobs – this jobs bill of his is a waste of our money and a campaign trick to hopefully garner votes. The damage from this bill (tax increases that no matter what the government says will be burdened by the middle class) will come after and everyone that voted for him will again be crying “WHY”.
      I would rather he take that money and give every american citizen that files and pays taxes an equal share – hell they could even tax us on our share and we would all come out further ahead than spending it on this “jobs bill”. As proven in the past there will be a select group of people that will benefit greatly from this bill and it won’t be the middle class.

      • William L Collins

        in Obama speach he said he knows that fore the last six or seven year’s I could psy my bills buy food have money left over to buy outr things but since Obama been office with all his stemaless payments has already taken all the extra money i had to buy other things with and now with new jobs bill stemaless is not going too help the uneploid no one but big busines and the unions any more of his stemaless ripe offs probaely i’ll lose every thing that i saved and whent with out to get so you better hope congress & senate don’t pass his job bill

      • Robert Smith

        Disgusted says: “The Government can’t create jobs – this jobs bill of his is a waste of our money and a campaign trick to hopefully garner votes. ”

        Well… We’ve had ten years of tax cuts for the rich. WHERE ARE THE JOBS?


  • Dennis

    Same old same old garbage that hasn’t been working since Obama took office. ALL this may do is give a very short term boost before the election to help the President get reelected with the taxes to come after the election. WHY can’t everybody see the plan here? Obama can’t raise taxes enough to pay for all this reckless spending.

    • Robert Smith

      Tax cuts haven’t gotten us jobs. Why not try the other way? After all, our economy had huge growth during the 50′s and early 60′s. Taxes were much higher then.

      Looks to me like Wall Street has been the agent screwing things up.

      President Obama! Rip down this Wall… Street.


  • Bernie

    Now he pushes for a jobs bill? I thought his earlier stimulous con was to solve this issue?…………he needs to get out of the way…….way out of the way!

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68
    • Ted Crawford

      Hey sarge, first off thank you for your service! I’m also a Nam veteran, two tours 11th. Cav & Americal Division.
      I agree that this one part of his plan, and a couple of others as well can help. His overall plan, however, is bogus to the extreme! We might remember that there are, occasionally good biscuits even in the garbagecan!

    • coal miner

      SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      Good post.

  • Alex Frazier

    The reason it’s all reckless spending is because all he’s doing is reallocating dollars. If anyone listened carefully to what he had to say in his presidential address, you would have noted that he planned to pay for this jobs bill by raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporations, by cutting existing programs (and he mentioned Medicare by name), and by closing corporate tax loopholes.

    So in other words, the rich once again get punished for their success. Obama wants to take the capital that they would eventually invest to create jobs that are productive, and then use that money to create jobs that are not productive. The bill would employ x number of people, but not before it first put y number of people out of work when the more heavily taxed corporations begin to lay people off due to a reduction in revenue on the bottom line.

    It’s all just reallocation. It’s the broken window theory. Break a window and it puts the glass installer to work, the glass maker, the sand gatherer, the trucking company that ships the glass, the glue maker who makes the window sealant, etc. But because of the broken window, the baker now has to pay for the window instead of the new oven he had planned on buying, thereby reducing the work for the metal workers, electricians, oven builders, etc.

    There is a reaction to every action. You can’t just tax the rich to create government jobs. It doesn’t work. It never has and never will.

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      The Wealthy create jobs;there for they should not be taxed’That is the mantra of the Conservative Republicans.The Bush tax cut’s are 8+years old and No job’s are being created.The wealthy are not doing there part so they do not deserve there tax cut.It’s that simple

      • Ted Crawford

        Sarge, if you look up the data on those tax cuts you will find that they, in fact did work! The revenues generated by those cuts, in 2003 were $1.8 Trillion, three years after they were in effect, 2006 those same revenues were at $2.5 Trillion, or about a $700 Billion increase.
        The problems occurred because the Congresses over that same time period increased the spending by $1.43 Trillion! If I get a raise of $300 a month, and in my excitement buy a car with a payment of $400 a month, the next month my spendable cash will be $100 less! Does that mean that I didn’t get a raise or that I spent irresponsibilly?

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Job’s was the question I believe

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        The wealthy are not creating jobs because of fear of impending taxes and the up and coming Obamacare which will add much more cost.
        I am not agreeing with your posts, but I am still grateful for your service to our country.

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Bush tax cut 2001 and 2003 Obama care 2009 That’s 8 years and 6 years.What was the excuse during that time period ?

          • dwright77

            Reply to Sarge…..Two wars in which we should have never put boots on the ground. Chris Dodd/Barney Frank who pushed Freddie Mac and Fannie May into making loans (many times with the help of organizations like ACORN, SEIU, etc) to unqualified people (Reason was so they would have access to the American Dream). That got things started down hill.
            From a former Sarge.

      • American Drone

        As others have said to you already sir, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY! I come from a military family, before me and after.

        Though, I too, do not agree with your view in this forum, I certainly do appreciate you. GOD bless

        • Capitalist at Birth

          How do you know he actually served? He was probably drafted, if he did serve.

          • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

            Are you saying that any one that was drafted did not serve his country proudly ?

          • dwright77

            Reply to Capitalist at Birth…….I was drafted during the Vietnam war and served proudly though I admit would not have served unless I was drafted. I am also also a conservation/capitalist as most military personnel are so……be careful with the “draft” remarks.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Since when are the wealthy not taxed? Do you have any evidence? Or, is it a fact that you want to steal the assets of those who have more than you?

      • SM

        This is the same old crap from the left. “The rich don’t pay their fair share of the taxes.” It seems no matter how much you present the truth to them they just don’t listen. Or they just don’t want to acknowledge the truth. It might cause them to have to change their views, heaven forbid.
        So, one more time.
        Tax Year 2008

        Percentiles Ranked by AGI
        AGI Threshold on Percentiles
        Percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid
        Top 1% $380,354 38.02%
        Top 5% $159,619 58.72%
        Top 10% $113,799 69.94%
        Top 25% $67,280 86.34%
        Top 50% $33,048 97.30%
        Bottom 50% <$33,048 2.7%

        Note: AGI is Adjusted Gross Income
        Source: Internal Revenue Service

        So if you want to argue with these numbers, go argue with the IRS, they are the IRS numbers. If you want to argue with the "fairness" of who pays what then the fact that the top 50% of wage earners paid 97.3% of what the US government spends should be more than fair.

      • coal miner

        SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        Right on!You are absolutely right.The wealthy don’t deserve tax cuts

    • Ted Crawford

      I hear what you are saying Alex, yet, and this is a frightning thought, I want to hear more of Harry Reids plan. My major concern with increasing taxes, at any level, is what Congress has, historically done with the revenue. First off it is always far less than projected, and secondly they invariably increase spending in unrelated areas.
      There is a certain reasonable rational with the more fortunate helping a little more and, if the media is to be believed, many claim they are willing. I don’t have enough statistical facts to determine if 1 Million is the correct amount however. What they must be careful of is to not harm the smaller businesses!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        What happened when Hoover raised taxes in 1929? I can tell you that unemployment shot up to double digits. Government meddling only worsens the problem. If you study Economic history, you will find that to be a fact!

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Prior to Hoover taking office both the Harding and Coolidge administrations cut top tax from 73% to 24%. In response to the Great Depression caused by the Stock Market Crash on 1929. The Republican President and congress did raise taxes.After the country and world started to rebound in 1933.Congress passed the Glass-Steagall Act which up till 1999 when the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was passed had controlled what Wall street and the Banking industry could do.Guess deregulation did not work with that Republican act.Now we see that tax cuts did not put more people to work before 1929 and again in 2003 to 2007.Again were are the jobs the wealthy are to create when they get tax cuts.

          • dwright77

            Reply to SMSgt Z…..Remember the “Great Depression of 1920″? Neither does anyone else. In 1918, with the high taxes progressive President Woodrow Wilson held in place following WW1 coupled with the troops coming home (with money to spend), unemployment increased to 8% from 4% rapidly and rising. President Harding, and President Coolidge succeeded in reducing the top rate from 73% to 25%, and the bottom rate from 25% to 5%. Unemployment rates fell to 5%, then 4% and finally 1.6% by some estimates during the roaring 20′s. Tax cuts don’t work? Tell that to those who lived during the roaring 20′s.

          • dwright77

            Reply to SMSgt Z….Scholars are not in general agreement as to what caused the great depression. Most don’t believe it was caused the the tax cuts of Harding and Coolidge. Ben Bernanke (see believes the Federal Reserve had much to do with it (over regulation) when they tried to drive down stock prices by tightening the money supply (began in spring 1928 and continued until the stock market crash of 1929). They succeeded but with great cost to the country. We were on the gold standard at this time which may have contributed…..we’ll get into that at another time.

      • Christine

        They need to simplify the tax code and regulations. Businesses waste so much money just trying to comply with the tax code & regulations. Lower tax rates, remove all deductions (could keep a small deduction for each family member). Even if the absolute tax paid by individuals was slightly higher than they pay now, businesses & individuals would save so much money, not having to pay lawyers & accountants to search for loopholes & ensure compliance, that everyone would actually save money.

        Taxing businesses is bogus anyway. A business will either pass the tax onto the consumer or will leave or will go out of business. A business needs cash to grow (aka hire & buy). No taxes should be owed until the money goes to an individual. When a business pays an employee, or an investor, then it should be taxed. Reality says you can’t tax a business.

        I own a small business. I receive a normal salary. I have multiple employees that make more than I do, although most of these are performance based pay, so they have to do well to receive the high pay. We get taxed personally (S corp)on business profit. We spend money on loans (money gone, but still counted as income), inventory, & capital improvements (which have such long depreciation schedules). The money is gone. I just receive a salary, but in good years our “paper profits” are so high that we owe more in taxes than our entire salary. (effectively a 100%+ tax rate). At the end of the year we have to write ourselves a check larger than our annual salary and withhold 100% of it to be able to pay our taxes. It is very difficult to grow our business when we have to pay out so much and use up every bit of our cash paying taxes. Because of this large tax check, we frequently can’t cash our personal paychecks for several months in the winter. The tax code is killing our business that would be successful without so much intrusion.

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          I agree;the tax code needs to be fixed but nether the Democrats or the Republicans will do anything about it do to all the lobbyists

        • julie

          I agree and that is why alot of people do not start up a business; they saw the tax mule coming. Social security; what people have earned thru their work or spouse work and now unemployment is taxed. It is time the corporates can donate one investment to cash 5% of each million they make a year. Its like 20 investment spokes on a wheel to a millionaire….the last investment added can go bye bye to all those who contributed earlier and to the jobs agenda next. Do you agree? It would also help you and most everyone. It would keep all those entitled thru benefits intact, also.

    • American Drone

      Alex, you nailed it. The famous analogy of the Broken Window fallacy never made more sense than it does today. Doing as the President proposes is literally cutting off a powerful economic recovery tool and that is true job growth due to investing in new market potential, as well as re-investing is solid companies, allowing for expansion in those markets that are producing…all due to the “rich” supplying capital needed to make this happen and drive it. You tax them heavily and all of this potential goes bye, bye and we sink even faster into economic chaos and instability.

    • Robert Smith

      Alex claims: “So in other words, the rich once again get punished for their success. ”

      Nope. The “rich” are currently largly composed of LOOTERS who through a wide assortmen of financial instruments took money but produced nothing. To me they look like thieves.

      Your milage may of course vary, but I’ll be you are one of those who calls some OBGYNs “murder” for your religion when in fact what they do is 100% legla.

      However, as you lie about what is leagl keep in mind YOUR point of view is theoretical and not everyone agrees with you that “it’s a bayyyyybeeeee.”

      But the FACT remains that the economy is in the dumper because of these “wealthy” thieves.

      Yup, I think of them as thieves. They aren’t “entitled” to any of their gains because they produced nothing for them.


      • Robert Smith

        BTW, didn’t Jesus himself object to the “money changers?”


  • DanB

    If he’s lobbying for it, then it is probably a very bad thing and you should not want. Like the snake oil salesman….

  • http://yahoo Skyraider6

    resign mr phoney do the country a favor

    • Ed Mack

      On todays speech, the only thing I learned from it is that the poor sap STILL doesn’t know or understand NO ONE WANTS HIS Jobs Bill; even his own party. If he wasn’t soo arrogant I could almost feel sorry for the guy; instead I’m embarassed.

      • Robert Smith

        He Ed… Ten years of tax cuts…

        Where are the jobs?


  • fl boy

    wouldn’t it be great if these people who parrot “the rich don’t pay
    their share ” would do some fact checking?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Doesn’t fit their agenda. You should know that by now.

      • Pippen

        Just ‘who’ are the rich we’re talking about here? The working rich who earned their position by working their way through college, gaining a foot hold within companies that actually pay good for those who makes them millions (instead of an occasional milk bone) and who actually pay taxes without depending on tax breaks and loop holes (that middle america can’t reach) or hiring high paying cpa’s who save them maybe a grand in the final outcome? Or corporate America that uses these tax breaks and loop holes to further enrich their already over-inflated checking accounts? I’ve heard the giant oil companies still receive subsidies while crowing about how many billions of profits they made last quarter.. I think we all know who we’re actually talking about but someone wants us and others to believe that if you meet one red skin then you’ve met them all. I think people making 250 grand ARE paying their fair share (except for the few users of course, just like in welfare) it’s the mega-companies that are an embarrassment to this Nation by blatantly skimming the laws with their under-handed lawyers. THESE people are who are trying to bankrupt this country by holding back their proceeds from the rich (and not so rich) investors who really can’t wait to get into the market and jump start the Nation.. After all, if the sh– really hits the fan who then will be around to pick up the pieces? The Chinese maybe?

  • Had it

    If Obama and all the rest of the politicians would just quit trying to fix things the people will remedy the economy. since when has the government ever done anything to help? They need to take a few years vacation we will call them when we need them. If they feel compelled to work, WHAT A JOKE, then undo rules and regulations they put in place that are killing our economy, otherwise go home and leave things alone. Please leave us alone. All of our current problems are brought on by political maneuvering. The federal government should be limited not let run rampant as it is now.

    • julie

      You mean all the politicians since Reagan? Excluding all after him up until George W. Bush and before Obama because that is why Obama will try to get it fixed…the future choices of candidates outside of Obama don’t look well financially speaking.

    • Robert Smith

      Had says: “then undo rules and regulations they put in place that are killing our economy,”

      Really? I thought it was folks like Enron…

      And the other thieves who took American money without producig anything.

      Maybe you are talking about a different America, but here lower taxes for the rich have NOT gotten us jobs. Fewer regulations have NOT gotten anyone a job except for the illegal non-enforcemnt. But we all know who those jobs go to.


  • kemp

    Just another way where he can rake HIS share off the top.
    Contracts will be awarded to his cronies who willin turn pay Him back under the table.
    These people are so crooked they put a snake to shame.

    • Robert Smith

      kemp says: “These people are so crooked they put a snake to shame.”

      You must be talking about the no bid contract king: Dick Chaney.


  • Dan

    Typical keen jerk reaction of government..throw tons of our money at a problem to fix it. Well, we all ought to know by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, that that approach just doesnt work. We need less government intervention in the economy and the markets and we need to wake up to the fact that they have gotten us into a debt situation that cannot be resolved without defaulting. No amount of taxes or cuts can balance the budget. Once you really look at the numbers, you see this is an impossibility without a radical overhaul of our entire government and all of its functions and departments. And, no party line repub or dem is going to do that. period. Only someone like Ron Paul could start to steer us in the right direction.

  • James

    The so-called “Jobs bill” is nothing more than a ruse for government to nationalize more private businesses. They can operate them at a loss and give the illusion of improving the economy, but that just adds to the national debt. This is what FDR did in the 30s.

    • bob wire

      maybe so. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. So how desperate are we today?

      Whatever can be done can be undone. And I’d like to think that goes for the Federal Reserve as well.

      • James

        Right, undoing the Fed would be a giant step towards recovery.

      • julie

        I’d like to think the federal reserve could stop or rather the federal treasury would stop taking death insurance benefits out of savings accounts of federal credit unions for made up reasons. lol not funny…actually happening

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It’s a lousy bill which we know will fail!! Even some Democraps may oppose it. If you’re a hot rodder on the highway, and you see a police car, you’ll slow down and be on your best behavior. But once you’re past that point, will you resume your aggressive driving?? Likewise, we must be wary of politicians, especially democraps, who put on a good act while facing perhaps tough re-election battles. Once the senators get re-elected to another 6 year term, we should assume that they will regress to their old ways, and continue to support tax hikes, more wasteful profligate spending which we cannot afford. Almost all Democraps supported the failed stimulus/porkulus bills. They’ve given us the worst economy since the Great Depression. They say they don’t want to raise taxes now, not even on ‘the rich’. That’s an admission that raising taxes on anyone is wrong, and detrimental to the economy. WAKE UP!! Judge them by their overall records, NOT by any good acts they may put on between now and November 2012!!

    • bob wire

      “It’s a lousy bill which we know will fail!!” hmm? perhaps so.

      But wasn’t it you that thought tax cuts would spur economic growth?

      Forgive me for questioning what you think you know but haven’t you been wrong before?

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    We may call a skunk a flower but it will still stink. This is not a jobs bill; it is a tax and spend plan.

    • bob wire

      Is there such a thing as Tax and Save Bill?

    • julie

      wait and see…tax and spend…no, have trust that it is a renewal program for the jobless and to give back what was taken from widows during the Reagan economic fix and veterans and then to people who want jobs. The only bad shift is medicare shoulkd return to the 1995 status where it paid the entire package…caregivers salaries…all equipment needed and supplies for medicare recipients…olly olly oxen free. 65 plus Right now no hoyer lifts….and carepersons are slaves breaking their backs overtime with little pay for being a first responder….for the elderly who live longer in their 90′s

  • 2WarAbnVet

    To be strictly accurate, it’s a “CON job-stimulus proposal”

  • hitthedeck

    Obama’s job bill————-2+2=6

  • bob wire

    Okay ? ~ what your plan? Cutting taxes and wish for the best?

    Allowing the affluent to keep more has yet to bear fruitful results on the job front and it been what ? 10 years now?

    GW’s plan didn’t pan out so well did it?

    Doing what clearly needs to be done is how I run my affairs and it seem to work pretty well so far. I’m not left with the task of reinventing the wheel or worrying over neighbors.

    We need to get busy cleaning up around the old home place. A gates that keeps the pigs out and the chicken in. Patch the leaks in the water trough. Fill in the that big hole in the entry drive. Replace the noise pump, mead the screen and keep the flies out of the house. Declare war on the barn rats. Round up all the stock and give everyone a good looking over and they seem to really hate that!

    There is no end to the work that needs to be done here at HOME.

  • AJ

    This smug liar would be potus should be Impeached and by all means
    voted out!!

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    This bill has bad points but there’s some good ones to consider. For example, the president is right that 35,000 schools are in disarray. Also, our roads/streets are falling apart. We need to update our sewer
    -water systems for clean sanitation purposes. Finally, lets face the facts these millionaire and billionaire slobs need to pay more. Their
    subsidies need to end in addition. There should be a flat tax of 10-12% that we all pay. Those who have more pay more. Those who have less
    pay less. The Herman Cain plan sound equitable in dealing with this issue of taxes. Finally, our nation’s public/mass transportation is pretty awful. I’ll use my own city for this example. My city, Madison
    , Wi., has a pop. of 250,000. Furthermore, Dane county where my city is located in, has 458,000 people. Yet, the mass transport is poor. If my city/county had a light rail line that went 24/7, the sit. would improve dramatically. Thus, there are bad parts to this bill but there are good parts. Lets compromise on the good parts. Then,
    lets start getting something done. Thanks!!

    • Alex Frazier

      Tony, I pay city, county, and state taxes. The tax notice is itemized. According to it, the money they use my house to extort from me pays for my local schools, local and state roads, water sanitation and sewage, etc. So I’m already taxed for that.

      That said, why would you criticize the millionaires and billionaires? Because they are better off than you? Is it envy that drives such comments, or is it just good ol’ fashioned greed? How tremendously un-American of you. What possesses people like you to think that the property of ANY individual belongs to the masses who didn’t earn it?

      Lastly, why should I pay more in taxes to fix your rundown railway system? I don’t have one here in South Carolina. I don’t expect your taxes to build one here, so why should my taxes fix one there?

      When you folks get on your little kick about taxing people, why don’t you start thinking about if it was you they were taxing. It’s easy to shake your fist at someone who has been successful and demand that they give it up. But from where I sit, who give you or anyone else the right to take what someone else has earned?

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Alex:
        Look sir, if you read my post plus understood, you would see i’m not about “punishing” the successful. What i’m about is making a system fair. Since you’re on the question kick, let me ask you this? Why
        should a working bloke such as myself making $50,000.00 a year pay more per capita in taxes than a buffoon such as Trump? Can you explain that? In addition, even billionaire Warren Buffett stated he
        and others in his structure should pay more. Now, i’m for a flat rate system where everyone pays the same but those who have more pay more,
        those who have less pay less. Yet, it’s the same percentage. Alright!?! By the way what’s wrong with something like that? Please, can you tell me? Finally, those projects that were mentioned could put
        hundreds of thousands possibly millions back to work. Also, they could fix our nation’s infrastructure that’s collapsing. To put it bluntly we’re starting to look like a third world nation. In addition, with better mass transportation we can end useless traffic
        with having a cleaner environment. Very well, that’s it for now;however, increase your awareness. So long for now.

        • dwright77

          Reply to Tony…..Billionaire Buffett is being investigated for not paying the last year’s taxes he does owe. GE’s CEO (who works for Obama) company paid no taxes last year. I haven’t heard that Trump has that problem (and I’m no fan of Trump either). We have “allowed” our congress to spend us into a $14 Trillion dollar debt and still as you say our infrastructure is becoming like a third world nation and this will not change unless Obama is defeated. His administration will keep asking for the money and either spending it on their agencies or __________you fill in the blanks. I do believe in a flat tax and will look at any candidate who is serious about this.

          • julie

            keep Obama….no defeating. He’s got a plan started.

        • julie

          I see your point. Glad you are not an independent contractor or self-employed where you pay double in taxes and social security? or unemployed with tax? and the employment office keeps the leftover youy earned when aked for to apply it back to the state/federal for their share if back in…

  • Marky

    blah, blah blah, blah……just finished watching Obama’s latest rant. It was long, angry and, of course, tele-monitored! This guy has to go. He says nothing new and I think the US nether trusts him, respects him or will give him a 2nd term.
    Don’t like the way he singled out Mitch McConnell and those who are voting against his Jobs Bill…typical Marxist maneuver.

    Stand strong, House and Senate! Do Not pass this dangerous and faulty Bill!

    Obama,( and his c rew of cretins) is not to be trusted, especially that slimy liar, Holder-the so-called AG.

  • bob wire

    Maybe we need to start thinking about how to “undo” things.

    • James

      If we were to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the 16th Amendment of the same year, most of our problems would fade away.

  • http://n.a. Robert Bradfield

    Hi, its that South African again,

    My problem with the premise that a government stimulus package to create jobs is that it falls back to a system that was used in the 1930′s. Keynes suggested then that government should spend money to create jobs, but on investigation of the consequences of that it seems that it would have been better to decrease the corporate tax rate and allow the private sector to create jobs manufacturing products and producing services for which there is a demand. Keynes’ suggestion was also followed in South Africa in the 1930′s but it took the II World war to get rid of the surplus labour in the world. To my mind the job creation package suggested by your President means an increase in government jobs which are never as productive as those in the private sector where profit is important.

    Greetings to all.

    • julie

      Think positive, both private sector and government jobs and civilian jobs is fine for also fullfilling the Job Acts trend.

  • guidepost

    The Democrats are voting against Obama’s idiotic jobs bill, however, Obama is blaming the Republicans. Obama and the Democrats screwed up the country and continue the blame mode. Why on earth is anyone tolerating this guy’s radical socialist ideas. Obama is asked a simple question and reply’s with a boring campaign speech and no-one questions it. I blame the main street media, the Republicans, and anyone with a brain who tolerates this guy. America’s economy can be turned around very easily just by easing up on regulations, energy policies, corporate taxes, and getting rid of these blockhead Democrats, just to name a few. Are the Republicans’ that stupid that they can’t call this guy what he is, A total disgrace! The Dodd/Frank legislation has caused more damage to this country than people realize. We have more oil in this country than the world combined and Obama says we will be Brazil’s best customer. America is so messed up…I fear for its future!!! Read the E-Books Power by Deception and The Key to the Secret, Part 2, the Nexus by author James De Havilland and you will discover how to be created, competitive, and create jobs. God Bless America…The Neighborhood of the Great and continue to have Liberty bend over our cradle!

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      Consumer protection is one part of Dodd-Frank act and that has hurt which Americans? I know;the Wall street and banker citizens of this great country who brought us the financial crises due to there greed

  • Phil

    I am disappointed at congress disrespect for the institution of the Presidency. Why not vote on this president “Job Act”? Do we now have double standards for future presidents? Why does Boener shed tears in public only to continue to hamper the president plan to creat jobs.

    • dwright77

      Reply to Phil…..It’s not just Boener, Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader (Democrat) will not put it to a vote in the Senate where Democrats have the majority because many of THEM don’t support it. It’s a bad bill.

  • chuckb

    how much will a golf game cost the tax payers this time. i can see it now, boehner will compromise after mcconnell gives his support.

  • 45caliber

    The last I heard, he was planning to spend about $250,000 to create each $50,000 job – and most of those would be working for the government, which I don’t consider to be true jobs since the private industry workers have to pay for those.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68
  • Jay

    Promises, promises, promise! They sound so good, don’t they? They sound so good in fact, that funds are allocated for all his brilliant idea. As time goes by, the funds disappear, yet the promises never materialize. This has happened, time and time again! Hmm, when will we ever learn? We are such suckers for his smooth, and empty promises. This is nothing more then a carrot on a stick. He’s sniffing around for funds for whatever reason he chooses not to disclose. At the same time he is also campaigning. Clever little rat, kill two birds with one stone! Let’s face folks, our corporate government is broke, and they’re looking to us to see how much more they can take! If Obama was really serious about stimulating the economy, he will need to stop the insane war, bring the troops home, clean up the corruption in Washington, abolish the Fed….aah, one can dream, can’t they?

  • home boy

    did you know that in this bill there is a 1% tax on every transaction you do in a bank. that means any direct deposits are tax 1% any withdrawals any thing. so know youwill pay taxes on this money twice. what a country

    • bob wire

      well if that be true, it’s certainly not good. 2% off of the top before taxes is a chunk of change. For employees, after withholding and before taxes makes it even worse.

      • julie

        its hard to keep track of money as it stands….1% huh?

  • R. k. Shadle

    Does anyone else feel like pukeing anytime you see Obama? Is it just me? What a slimy little wimp. Buck up Obama quit whining like a little baby. You wanted the job so stop blubbering about your poor luck. It’t called a job for a reason. I know you have never had a job like real Americans, but try to act like it sometime. Just resign already and save us the trouble of throwing you out of office

    • bob wire

      No, not at all. I’m more balanced and level headed to get such a feeling.

      But I sit on a jury one time and met a murdering, sodomizing baby raper that made me feel that way. To look upon him made you want to take a bath and wash it off.

      I think that you might be suffering from watching too much Tv news or overdosed on Rush Scumbob.

      • R. k. Shadle

        To bobwire. Maybe you need to stop drinking the Kool-ade obama is serving. A little dose of El Rushbo should cure you right quick.

  • Jay

    In their roles as international debt collectors, the World Bank and the IMF have become increasingly intrusive in dictating the public policies of indebted countries and undermining progress toward democratic governance and public accountability. As Jonathan Cahn argues in the Harvard Human Rights Journal:

    “The World Bank must be regarded as a governance institution, exercising power through its financial leverage to legislate entire legal regimens and even to alter the constitutional structure of borrowing nations.

    Bank-approved consultants often rewrite a country’s trade policy, fiscal policies, civil service requirements, labor laws, health care arrangements, environmental regulations, energy policy, resettlement requirements, procurement rules, and budgetary policy.” In its governance role, the World Bank-a global bureaucracy-is making decisions for people to whom it is not accountable that would normally be the responsibility of elected legislative bodies.

    The very process of the borrowing that created the indebtedness that gave the World Bank and the IMF the power to dictate the policies of borrowing countries represented an egregious assault on the principles of democratic accountability. Loan agreements, whether with the World Bank, the IMF, other official lending institutions, or commercial banks, are routinely negotiated in secret between banking officials and a handful of government officials-who in many instances are themselves unelected and unaccountable to the people on whose behalf they are obligating the national treasury to foreign lenders.

    Even in democracies, the borrowing procedures generally bypass the normal appropriation processes of democratically elected legislative bodies.

    Thus, government agencies are able to increase their own budgets without legislative approval, even though the legislative body will have to come up with the revenues to cover repayment. Foreign loans also enable governments to increase current expenditures without the need to raise current taxes-a feature that is especially popular with wealthy decision makers. The same officials who approve the loans often benefit directly through participation in contracts and “commissions” from grateful contractors. The system creates a powerful incentive to over borrow.

    In effect, those officials who sign foreign loan agreements are obligating the people of the country to future financial obligations completely outside of any process of public review and consent. This becomes especially egregious when, as has happened to millions of people in Bank client countries, the loan-funded projects displace the poor from homes and lands, pollute their waters, cut down their forests, and destroy their fisheries. Then, adding insult to injury, when the bills come due, the poor are told that their social services and wages l must be cut to repay the country’s loan obligations.

    The Corporate Connection

    Although it seeks to create an image of serving the poor and their borrowing governments, the World Bank is primarily a creature of the transnational financial system. The Bank’s direct financial links to the transnational corporate sector on both the borrowing and the lending ends of its operation have received far too little attention. Technically, the Bank is owned by its member governments, which contribute its paid-in capital; this was only $10.53 billion, as of 1993. In addition member governments have pledged $155 billion that can be called by the Bank if needed to meet its financial obligations. The paid-in capital and the pledges are not actually loaned out. They secure the Bank’s extensive borrowing operations in the international financial markets, where it raises the funds that are then re-lent to governments at more favorable rates than they could obtain by borrowing directly.

    Although the Bank lends to governments, its projects normally involve large procurement contracts with transnational construction firms, large consulting firms, and procurement contractors. These firms are one of the Bank’s most powerful political constituencies. The area of Bank operations that is watched most closely by the Bank’s executive directors-representatives of its shareholder governments- is the procurement process. Each director wants to ensure that the countries he or she represents are getting at least their fair share of procurement contracts. The U.S. Treasury Department is quite up front in its appeals to the corporate interest in supporting funding replenishments for the Bank. Treasury officials point out that for every $1 the U.S. government contributes to the World Bank, more than $2 comes back to U.S. exporters in procurement contracts. As Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen assured Congress in 1994, “The dollars we have sent abroad through the development banks come back home in increased U.S. exports and more U.S. jobs.”

    The sole function of one arm of the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, is to make government-guaranteed loans on favorable terms to private investors whose projects are too risky to qualify for commercial bank financing. It accounts for 10 to 12 percent of total World Bank lending. The potentials for abuse are even greater than with the Bank’s core lending programs.

    To date, the Bank has kept the International Finance Corporation so far out of the public eye that it is seldom mentioned, even by Bank critics. However, given its own ideological belief in free-market forces, it seems difficult for the Bank to justify a major operation devoted to using publicly guaranteed funds to finance large private ventures that are so risky that commercial banks will not fund them.

  • Charles Overstreet

    Obama does not want this bill to pass so he can blame the republicans and put the heat on them. He will then say (It’s not my fault, I gave them a bill and they would not pass it.) He knew all along that his tax increases would not pass.

    • bob wire

      Maybe so, you could be right.

      Much like the Ryan plan ~ It was known it would fail and Ryan would be tared and feathered and ran out of town. But it was an attempt to move the center more to the right and away for the left. In that sense, it could be claimed a victory. When it comes time for Ryan’s reelection he will be rewarded by the party much like a hit-man for the mob. His war chest will swell with contributions and if he fails in his bid for reelection, somewhere a sweet deal awaits him.

      and that’s the way the “HILL” works.

  • Dutch Boy

    There is so much talk here about who should pay and who will benefit and whether there will be a net benefit, when there is an underlying fact that is totally being missed.

    We are all living under a system of fiat currency. It’s all debt; every single ‘note’ is a debt and we are simply paying off debts with more debts… a Ponzi scheme at its worst. That’s because the USA instituted the federal reserve act. From Wikipedia: “The Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. ch.3) is an Act of Congress that was written by Carter Glass that created and set up the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States of America, and granted it the legal authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (now commonly known as the U.S. Dollar) and Federal Reserve Bank Notes (a.k.a. Red Seal Notes) as legal tender. The Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson.” …”Controversy about the Federal Reserve Act and the establishment of the Federal Reserve System has existed since prior to its passage. Some of the questions raised include: whether Congress has the Constitutional power to delegate its power to coin money or issue paper money, why it was passed on December 23 while most of Congress was away for Christmas, whether the Federal Reserve is a public cartel of private banks (also called a banking cartel) established to protect powerful financial interests, and whether the Federal Reserve’s actions increased the severity of the Great Depression in the 1930s (and/or the severity or frequency of other boom-bust economic cycles, such as the Late-2000s recession).”

    Aaron Russo reads a quote widely attributed to Woodrow Wilson:
    “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” It is a statement that is disputed, but parts of it are found in the eighth chapter of Wilson’s book, The New Freedom,[24] which originally reads:
    “A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men who, even if their action be honest and intended for the public interest, are necessarily concentrated upon the great undertakings in which their own money is involved and who necessarily, by very reason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom.”

    The final sentence (beginning with “We are no longer…”), although again slightly altered from its original version, can also be found in The New Freedom (ninth chapter), and in its original context, reads:

    “We have restricted credit, we have restricted opportunity, we have controlled development, and we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world–no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.”

    A popularly-alleged quote by Mayer Amschel Rothschild is:
    “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

    When control of the USA (Federal Reserve) and the world’s money supply (IMF et al) is taken away from the few powerful families/groups who possess it, and returned to the rightful owners, ‘we-the-people’, we will go a long away toward resolving the disastrous course we are now set upon, the course that leads to absolute and total servitude. The monetary system should belong to the people, but it has been fraudulently perverted by a few into a means to systematically enforce feudalism.

  • Dutch Boy

    For more information:

    Last week, the new book, co-authored by Positive Money’s resident expert Andrew Jackson, “Where Does Money Come From?” was launched on the University of Southampton’s conference on 29th September in Winchester.

    “Where Does Money Come From?” explains exactly how money is created in the UK,[and by extension in the USA] based on over 500 original documents from the [Rothschild's] Bank of England and other banking authorities. With a foreword by one of the leading authorities in banking, Prof Charles Goodhart, this is the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to how money is created ever published, and reveals that most of the textbooks are very much out of date.

    The book is written in non-technical language and is suitable for the general public as well as the ‘experts’. The book fills a gap in the fields of economics, money, banking, finance and credit. Drew helped to write it in association with Professor Richard Werner of Southampton University, and Josh Ryan-Collins and Tony Greenham of the New Economics Foundation.

  • Dutch Boy

    To find the book “Where Money Comes From” go to

    • bob wire

      They are saying hard currency represents less then 3% of the money in existence!

  • http://HughesNet madog2

    It’s Hard to believe that their are idiot dimwitocrats out there that still believe anything this commie liar spews. What does it take to wake these brain dead nuts.

  • coal miner

    Flat Tax?

    Robert E. Hall and Alvin Rabushka, The Flat Tax (1995), p. 92. 7. “Supply side is ‘trickle down’ theory,” Reagan’s OMB director David Stockman was quoted as …

  • Jim Gossett

    Another way he can get in more illegals so they can vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If he would open up the oil field for increased production, as well as
    ANWR for drilling and the new pipelines. This would create numerous jobs, that most aliens would not want to work on.

    Hope he has arrainged for his tickets to Kenya in Feb 2013.

  • Kevin Beck

    Why would anyone with more than two active brain cells believe this man who says he has all the answers about solving the problems that face our nation? He has had OVER TWO YEARS to solve the problem, and all he does is transform a mess into a disaster. When it comes to havoc, no one wreaks like him.

    I have to ask, if he really thinks this new “plan” would work, why did it take him so long to come up with it?

    There’s no hope with a dope.


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