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Obama Backs Off Promise, Lifts Ban On Guantanamo Bay Trials

March 10, 2011 by  

Obama backs off promise, lifts ban on Guantanamo Bay trialsPresident Barack Obama has signed an executive order to resume military trials at Guantanamo Bay and to create a system for indefinitely holding its detainees.

On March 7, Obama formally ended a two-year ban on military commission trials for suspected terrorists at the detention center. The President, who had promised to close down the Cuba-based facility within the first year of assuming his office, said he is still committed to eventually closing the prison and prosecuting the prisoners in Federal courts.

However, the executive order is proof that Obama has changed his tune regarding the previous administration's anti-terrorism efforts. In 2009, Obama condemned former President George W. Bush for creating "a misguided experiment" at Guantanamo.

Obama's promise to shut down the prison ran into one major problem: There was nowhere else to place the detainees. Other nations were reluctant to house the prisoners, while many Federal lawmakers in Washington, D.C. were opposed to transferring the alleged terrorists to the continental United States for security reasons.

GOP legislators praised the executive order, saying that Obama is wise in affirming Bush's belief that terrorists should not be treated like traditional defendants.

"Though it took more than two years, I am pleased that the Obama administration has finally seen the light on military commission trials," said Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, quoted by FOX News

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  • TIME

    So just a quick question to all of you.

    How do you think this will work out if YOU are the target of an alledged plot of some type? Can anyone say: FEMA CAMPS?

    Do we have a KING who makes LAW that YOU are to follow?

    Or did we start this Nation by removing our selfs from such a power structure?

    Think LONG and HARD on this topic as what I see as well as anyone who dare open their eyes, this is totaly wrong.

    Also just so this makes a stronger point value with you, think this over, Barry is also working on a new way of allowing YOU to be able to use a COMPUTER, as in you will need a Federal ID Card..
    Now think, think long and hard.

    The Progressive NWO do you still question it?

    Can we Chip you now?

    • Lastmanstanding

      TIME and everyone…who has an open mind.

      Check out: Chris Duane’s site. http://www.don‘t tread bullet and shield or google it…The info is more researched food for thought. Perhaps you already know about it…God bless you all.

      TIME thank you for all the wake up calls…I have been too busy working to provide for my families future. I am wide awake and passing it on. My little grandboys depend on us!

      • Lastmanstanding
      • TIME


        You may also want to look into Alex Jones sight its called; Prison Planet.
        There are some things that are off a bit but with a tad of research you can find the answers to this complex yet simple puzzel.
        The main problem this whole NWO issue is broken into small pieces and it takes TIME to figure out who’s who, as well what it means.
        Also what you will find is it has never been progressive thinking at all. Its only about POWER, and CONTROL.

        “History repeats its self.”

        • Lastmanstanding

          TIME. Thanks. have seen the obama deception. You are absolutely 100% correct with the comment that it takes “TIME” to find the info.

          It is ALL out there! I’m practicing the 3 R’s…reading, researching and reloading!

    • Al Sieber

      Time, I’m not taking any chip, National ID card etc. Obama can kiss my sister’s a$$. this doesn’t surprise me he’s broken every campaign promise he’s made, except where he said that you won’t recognize this country in 4 years.

      • Lastmanstanding

        Al…I’m with you. In fact, may do a little pre-runoff exploration for “color” tomorrow with my buddy. Lot’s of snow in the Rocky’s this year. Never no what may get shaken loose!!! Lot’s of operators like you in our neck of the woods…

    • EddieW

      Soooo Obaba backed off yet another promise…in fact every single promise he made…he backed off from…They Liar in Chief has yet to even tell the truth, he didn’t “back off his promise” he simply lied!!! that is all he has done since he has been illegaly in office!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Obama didn’t have a clue when he said he was closing Gitmo. He still doesn’t have a clue. He is merely a puppet for Soros. Yes, NWO is coming. For those who don’t think so, you are as clueless as Obama.

  • WayneT

    This should clearly show that his presiddnt is in the dark and does not know what he is doing. Remember 2012, and vote no on this man.

  • mike sawyer

    president obama talks well, but dosen’t think well.

    • http://http// sarahb

      You mean he reads well don’t you? Everthing he says, he reads from a speech someone else wrote for him. Probably Soros and some of his Union sponsers. Have you ever noticed how he stumbles when his tele-prompter fails him or he drops he notes?

  • s c

    Once again, the King of Waffles has come to the concusion that his only easy solution is to pretend that he’s a centrist. In Bubba Obama’s case, that’s like implying that a skunk is a bunny rabbit is a kitty is a puppy.
    Leave it to a kookoid combination of every failed ‘ism’ in history to dare to slam GB and then turn around and then try to imitate him. How can Obummer and his ilk not be able to see the predictable, incredible, world-class HYPOCRISY that they exude 24/7?
    I don’t know how else to say it, folks. Obama has no conscience.
    They don’t sell it at WalMart, so he’ll never have any. Need I say anything about Obummer and the promises he’s made? So much for character, integrity, morality and truth.
    Mere words to be defined and re-defined at a moment’s notice. And his pals wonder how the rest of us (and the rest of the world) know he’ll never get any better than he is right now. Pathetic.

    • Average Joe

      The main prerequisite to be a politician is to have absolutely no morals at all….We need to rid ourselves of politicians and start electing Statesmen!

  • http://com i41

    Just anoter airy fairy liberial looking like a pole dancer when reality hits home. The soros socialist idoits are such good lab rats. Everyone who voted for and were taken in, only had to read up on this chocolite marxist muslim and who his friends were, to know this would be a mess. Pres. Waffler the liar can not make a decision or do a damn thing quickly. If the jug eared whimp sits long enough Lybians will have a quick population reduction by lead poisoning or nerve gas. Where is the Onumnutts and all dumocraps favorite organization, the Univaersial Numnutts? Meeting to waste more time and have patty grab azz parties and waste several more millions. Liberial pregressive just can not get it thru their skull caps these muslim pervert only understand harsh force. Since the Queeran teachs lying is good, and talk is cheap, the goat abuser aren’t going to do anything or change direction. I see the Waffling Liar and his Big Mamee are going to talk about bulling, what a waste of time money and security. Food costs and fuel costs are going ballestic and what is the purple lipped muslim marxist doing, nothing as usually.

    • 45caliber

      I had a boss one time that told me that he didn’t believe in making decisions; if he waited long enough they would go away. And he was right. If he didn’t make a decision someone else would have to. If it was a good decision he’d take credit for it; if it was bad, he’d blame you for making it.

      I think Oblama is just like him.

      • s c

        45caliber, most politicians are worthless. Obummer proves that every day. He’s a typical example of what America can expect when we get stuck with a motormouth who has little or no life experience. You might call him a stereotypical campus ‘legend in his own mind.’
        Survey people who’ve been in the military, and they’ll tell you that Obummer will never amount to anything because he refuses to have both feet in the real world. He was never in any branch of the military.
        He’s a talking head and an empty suit. He couldn’t
        handle being a ‘leader’ of snot-nosed punks in basic training. Definitely REM material. Definitely a third-rate prez. Never a president.

      • Dan az

        That pretty much sums up his senate days also,he just voted I’m here!

  • Mike

    This guy is ridiculous. He made such a big deal on this issue in the campaign. Everyone elected the guy as a liberal now he wants to act conservative to stay in office.

  • Dale on the left coast

    You guys are being too tough on the Bamster . . . he did keep two promises . . . he promised radical change and high energy prices . . . remember!!!

    • 45caliber

      Yup, you are right.

    • Dan az

      Don’t forget transparency!

  • chuckb

    it’s getting close to 2012, barry is going to back off of some of the more controversial stuff while he and hillary are advising the world countries how to run their governments, they have done such a good job here, how can they refuse them. with the repubs in charge of congress he knows he couldn’t even come close to closing gitmo.

  • 45caliber

    I think what needs to be done there is for the prisoners to be told how the Cubans are all anti-Islam. Once they are convinced of it they can be released into Cuba. Then we won’t have to worry about them any more.

  • http://http// sarahb

    The people who elected Obozo would have voted for Mickey Mouse because they hated George Bush so much because of a necessary War, necessary to keep terrorist out of the USA. They were so afraid that them or their 18 year to 30 year old little boy might have to fight for his country like almost every male member of my family has or still is. Freedom is not free folks!!!! Obozo said he would pull the troops out of Iraq, he did!!!! But he sent them straight to Afghanistan and every where else where people are fighting. We had no more terrorist attacks after 911 until he took office. How many terrorist attacks have we had since Obozo took office? He has allocated billions of dollars in aid to 150+ of those countries who hate us. Who charge us a fortune for oil rather than drill for our own oil when there is enough oil in Alaska alone to supply the USA. If we were allowed to use our own resources, we wouldn’t have to have anything thise foreign countries have.

    • 45caliber

      My wife worked the election when Nixon won. Some DJ in California started a move to “elect Mickey Mouse with write in votes if you don’t like either candidate. If Mickey wins they will have to find two other candidates.”

      According to what she was told, Mickey won. But some court ruled that since Mickey didn’t exist the the next highest vote (Nixon) won.

  • chuckb

    sarahb, “the people hated george bush so much” they were misled by the media and george bush refused to stand up for himself. i believe it was because of wimps like karl rove. i appreciate rove’s intelligence, however, he is one of the elitist hard line republicans. hopefully we can get someone to run against “the worst president this country ever had” i say worse because of his ideology. he hates white america and what we stand for and leans on the shoulder of islam.

  • 45caliber

    I can understand the problems with these men in Gitmo. Who the heck wants them close? They proved they were willing to support terrorists once. Do you want them around you if they suddenly decide that those 72 virgins are looking better every day? Even the Muslim countries don’t want them. In fact, they probably aren’t as willing to take them as most Western countries are since they KNOW these suckers are evil.

  • TowTruck

    So…. are we to believe that after two years of screwing up this great country with his delusions of grandeur that obama may be learning how to be a proper president? I don’t think so…. there is always a hidden agenda in everything that comes out of his mouth. Keep an open eye…. he’s nobody’s friend.

  • http://----------- Lloyd Zimmerman

    Bam Bam hates whites & does not like Blacks because of what his parents did to him when he was little. By pushing him off on other people while they went off doing whatg ever they wanted to do.

  • http://com i41

    Any simple minded soros socialist who would trust this purple lipped crossbred musim marist moron is stupider than pork eating jewish muslim queer. The chocalite piece of crap is only working to lull the citizens of America, into beleiving he he concernd about peoples well being and welfare. He is planning to become a dictator by taking over private ownership of all land and becoming a one world dictator using the Universal Ni–er Nations manates over everyone. He is such a smuck, he cannot make a desicion since he a typical worthles idoit. He isn’t doing a damn thing about all the problems in the muslim countries or watching people get slaughtered , when all they have to fight with is sticks and stones. Think the bastard would protect Americans if a dictator invades or the goat abusing muslim start killing whites in the USA.

  • jopa

    i41; You always want to bring up Soros for a little help he gave the Germans in WW11 when he was a 14 year old kid.Take a close look a what Grandpa and Grandma Koch were up to in those days.Karl Otto Koch was the commandant at Buchenwald and responsible directly for the death of hundreds of thousands of Jews.Grandma Koch would ride around in a jeep and point out prisoners that she would like to see whipped when she was a prison guard there.She was also fond of lamp shades made out of human skin especially the ones that had tattoo’s on them.I am not saying the Koch brothers today are responsible for their Grandparents actions but I also don’t know how far the apple has fallen away from the tree.You don’t believe me just google Karl Otto Koch

    • libertytrain

      Yes, you must be correct, we should eliminate any/all descendants of all people who partook in evil deeds in this world from the beginning of time. Ohhhh, we’d all have to be eliminated wouldn’t we?

  • WayneT

    This one is a little off base here, but this is he reason that the drug companies can charge exorbitant prices for their drugs and get away with it. It appears that that both parties, Republicans and Democrats are responsible for this. I would like to be able to see the Canadians be able to export their prescriptions drugs into the United States at a reduced cost to the consumer, but the drug company are in bed with Congress. I have heard that drugs are anywhere from 30 to 40 percent cheaper if we were able to import them from Canada. This is the reason we need to watch our crooked Congress Members and fire them after about two terms.

  • WayneT

    Sorry, I forgot to include the website on my last post:

  • WayneT

    This is another good website to check out ref. to prescription drugs prices:

  • BigBadJohn

    OK I agree with most everyone here, Obama is doing the flip flop again.

    However, put this in a personal perspective. If you were completely innocent but you were captured, locked up and tortured in Gitmo, because some paid informer mentioned your name, Where would your head be at? What if you went home and your family was dead or gone? Most people would want a little revenge, if they were not terrorists when locked up, they sure would be if they were released! That is exactly what the problem of rendition was from the start.


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