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Obama Attempts To Improve Economy By Placing Restrictions On Soot

June 19, 2012 by  

Obama Attempts To Improve Economy By Placing Restrictions On Soot
Stricter environmental standards will make it tough for industries.

The Administration of Barack Obama is proposing tighter restrictions on soot. The current standard for factories is 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air. But Democrats believe it is “an absolute necessity” to tighten the standard to 13 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

“Clean air is not a luxury,” said New York Attorney General Eric Scheiderman. “It is a basic public right, and standards that protect it are an absolute necessity.”

Democrats believe the excess soot will cause further harm to the economy, but Republicans think just the opposite, arguing that strict standards make it more difficult for industries to profit.

“By continuing to implement the existing standards we would avoid the potentially heavy added economic costs of more stringent standards, which our economy and American workers cannot afford,” said American Petroleum Institute spokesman Howard Feldman.

“It may not sound like much — lowering the standard from 15 to 13 — but it will mean a lot more regulations in many parts of the country,” added Jeff Holmsted, the Environmental Protection Agency’s top air regulator under George W. Bush’s Presidency. “This won’t be good news for places trying to attract new manufacturing jobs.”

The announcement comes three days after the World Health Organization declared war against diesel fumes. Kurt Straif, director of the WHO, said the emissions are carcinogenic and as harmful as secondhand smoke.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • GALT

    Definitely a back breaker there……how does lowering the standard, create more regulations? One would think, that the standard now, is the regulation, new standard, same regulation……..this looks like another fun day……. in personal liberty land.

    • Rocky Night

      Somebody has not paid enough money to the current regime and is being punished.

      If only they paid the bribe er I mean political contribution to the “emperor” the brown shirts would mot have been unleashed.

      Good morning Galt dude! Why do you come here and feel it is so important? How much do you get paid for that? Is it by the article or is it by the comment?

    • Greg

      The cost to monitor and meet higher standards becomes exponentially more expensive. You can clean your home with a water hose for little cost and get 90% of the dirt out. The cost to get the last 10% of dirt out goes up with each percent dramatically as you approach 100%. The cost benefit becomes prohibitive. Most important is that the money being spent to do this does almost nothing to make things cleaner, while draining money from economic growth.

      • GALT

        Okay, what is the cost now……how does the cost of monitoring go up? Meeting the cost, possibly but what is it? Finally I’m certain that if you look real hard, there is a benefit to this
        which is laid out……….and there will be a transfer of costs, whereby the polluter pays for the damage caused out of the profit that was supposedly made, you know the “wealth creation” that is taking place? The costs are still there, the difference is…….the wrong parties are paying them………..a useful analogy might be to consider the option of not preventing sickness, because the “healthcare industry” would lose jobs and profits.

        So fine, do a cost benefit analysis…….just make sure you include all the costs and assign them to the appropriate party…….

      • GALT

        Growth for what purpose……at whose expense? Do you agree with the unalienable right to
        life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that it is government job to secure same?

        If yes: Does not life itself require that minimum needs be met: air, water, food, shelter, clothing?

        If no:—————–>what rules do you want to play by?

      • Opal the Gem

        As usual galt posts circular arguments with incomprehensable questions that smell worse than what I just deposited in the porcelin throne.

      • GALT

        A yes or no question that is circular……..amazing the fear that can be inspired by simplicity.

      • pweiters9

        6/19/12, Kurt Straif, WHO, like many others will fabricate things when they need to “fit” propaganda together. “2nd hand smoke” has never been proven. You beat something into the minds of many long & hard enough, they believe it because it’s easier than thinking & researching for themselves.

  • CaptTurbo

    Like trying to strengthen a rope by nicking it with a razor blade. What frauds the democrat party is today.

  • eddie47d

    Why do Conservatives fight so hard for SOOT? Why do they ignore the dangers of COAL ASH ? Why are they generally in favor of POLLUTION instead of having favorable responsibilities in keeping our air somewhat breathable. Must be some Chinese mask maker who wants our air to be as dirty as China’s so we can all walk around like Dr Kildare in surgery. LOL!!

  • T. Jefferson

    Oh yes, it’s that evil soot that has crashed our economy. We should ban all soot. Oh wait, does that mean that if there is a car fire the owner will be thrown in jail for excessive soot production?

  • eddie47d

    Earlier comment compromised! Like where is it?

  • Gea

    Pollution prevention is the way to go to both save on energy and row materials. Soot can cause respiratory problems and why would anybody want to make our air dirty again? Green technology is the way to go to get off burning fossil fuels…harvesing solar wind and geothermal energy are places where we use this energy will empower each individual to be free, rather then dependent on large fossil energy corporations, which create soot.

    While Obama has many faults, don’t blame him for this reasonable health standard implementation under the Clean Act.

    • Chester

      Using those standards, all emission levels should be set to zero, including carbon dioxide. Of course, zero emissions of carbon dioxide mean all animal life has to go, as all animals, humans included, emit carbon dioxide with every breath they take. No soot, no CO2, no other greenhouse gassed, what about mother nature and mother earth? Both of those emit large amounts of greenhouse gasses in a number of ways. Volcanoes and forest fires are two of the more common ones.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Chester that’s pretty lame

    • Bob Armstrong

      You’re joking , right ? You know you’re over 90% CO2 + H2O combined by sunlight , right ?

      • GALT

        So we put you in a room filled with 100% CO2 and H20, any mix you like……???????

        Be faster than the “rusting process” you are now experiencing, no?

        My I do so love all this intelligent banter………” To conquer, first DIVIDE! “

  • http://NONE rmgdnnow

    The past three+ years of Obama’s tenure have been inexorably in the direction of tearing down the industrial section of the U.S. economy. First, he said that he would bankrupt any new coal-powered generating plants, then the 55(!) miles per gallon mandate for autos. The refusal of the Keystone pipeline. Drastic limitations of off-shore drilling for oil. Agriculture killing regulations on dust particles on farms(!!!) Ludicrous subsidies for solar panel companies which go broke (and happen to be partly owned by his big-bucks supporters). I believe that four more years of this man’s destructive policies and demands would turn the U.S. into the equivalent of a third world banana republic, the leftist politicians and bureaucrats and “media” people being prosperous and happy, the rest of the country living from hand to mouth.

  • s c

    If the current W H ‘God’ wants to impress some folks and accidentally make a difference in this world, he needs to TRY and FORCE the Chinese to give a royal ____ about Mama Earth and “soot.” Isn’t it curious how Mama Earth issues are important ONLY in the free world?
    This is just another example of the “Messiah” schtupping for easy votes. Simple minds, simple voters. Caring? Compassionate? Protective of Mama Earth? My aching ___!

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    The problem is that the extremely polluting carbon industry not only wants to be and they are subsidized but they also never want to take responsibility for their dirty product. They want to be able to dump in the ocean, in the air and in the ground and they want us the people to pay for the damages afterwards. These damages show up in the form of asthma in your kids, and many other related illnesses. They also show up in the form of acid rain which polluted lakes and destroyed wildlife and fisheries which hurt tourism and sports. and they show up in ocean acidifcation and dead zones. And now the culmination of decades of this activity is showing up in climate change which too many people are still in denial about. Especially the ones who believe everything they hear and see on mainstream media with Fox leading the charge.

    • Bob Armstrong

      Why are you people such anti-life , anti-science , anti-freedom “useful” idiots ?

      • GALT

        Interesting claims………now all you have to do is actually define what you mean or think you mean……….take you time.

      • RichE

        Bob, I’d blame it on the public school system.

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Reminds me of the asinine arguments on CAFE. We know it’s possible to have much higher fuel standards for cars because last year’s green car winner was a gas engine VW Passat that gets 75MPG built in the US but only sold in Europe. But the oil industry lobbyists make sure that we don’t get higher standards and use less oil because that would cut into their profits. I guess they are not making enough yet! And they still need our subsidies.

    • GALT

      there are little mopeds that do 55mph, and get 160+mpg…no license required. ( or registration or insurance …tho not for the lack of trying )

  • FEDUP!

    Does everyone see the false protection excuses that conveniently stomp America into the ground? I surely do and I am tired of it!

  • Camel Breath

    We now have a ramp up of energy materials beginning to accumulate as energy usage declines in the U.S. because of drop in manufacturing and general loss of jobs. These energy supplies are now going to be sold to overseas buyers whom are on friendly terms with the czars and directorates of the regime. If you want in on the action you only need to bow to his royal hindass ! He’ll be fully behind you and might even use protection, provided of course that your dues are fully paid ………….

  • Steven Archibald

    That is Ecology, know,the planet you exhist on,..15 to 13 micrograms per cubic meter,..Clean/change the filter regularily and you are good to go.done.Now if we could get rid of the phony in office,we’d be years ahead on our routine maintenence,..wait,we would have to shut up those snake lizzard lover’s east of 4 corners(california),so,Tessera Solar could put in a “kick your tail” system that would help free us from using even “clean burning” coal which we do all ready.This,is a blatant attack for “his/her/it’s” serious mistake about “green energy”,..They picked the wrong company.


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