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Obama Attempts To Get Conservative Donations

December 15, 2011 by  

Obama Attempts To Get Conservative Donations

Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential campaign wants its supporters to make campaign contributions in the names of conservative friends and family members this holiday season.

Deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot sent a message to Obama supporters on Tuesday that suggested making a donation “inspired by your favorite conservative friend or relative,” especially if that person is fond of making right-wing arguments against the President. Donors can then send a message to their conservative friends or family members alerting them that a contribution has been given to Obama on their behalf.

A portion of the letter reads:

Know someone on Facebook or Twitter who, day after day,
populates your feed with the latest right-wing talk-radio chatter? Or your
cousin who won’t stop forwarding those chain email hoaxes? It can be frustrating.

So what do you do about it? You can go round and round in
circles arguing with them — or you can have a little fun and make them pay.

The letter also suggests that Obama supporters threaten to donate $3 to Obama’s campaign every time their conservative loved ones “say something outrageous” during holiday gatherings.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Ellen

    So Obama’s people haven’t created enouigh problems by inciting class warfare? Now, he wants to create riffs with family and friends? This has gone way too far. Remember how he was supposed to be the great uniter? This just proves his entire campaign and presidency have been built on lies. Given the politcal climate today and poor state of our nation, why would anyone think this is remotely funny?

  • Jim

    The first person that does that “for” me, I will have their butt in civil court as fast as they can say whuuu?
    It will be for Slander and Defamation of character …

    • amarq

      Good point. What are the legal ramifacations? I would like to know. Aside from being devisive and unethical, is this not inciting a criminal act?…any legal minds out there with an opinion?

      • Doug

        Whoa. Wait a minute. We are talkimg about Obama here, so we can’t use the word ethical in our statements

        • JUKEBOX

          You can’t say anything about legal or criminal ramifications either, because Obama has not let these things bother him for over twenty years. He is insulated by a foot of Kevlar and Teflon.

      • Rick Johnson

        It is blatantly illegal. You cannot make political campaign donations in other;s name. Companies and Unions used to make contributions in the names of employees and members to get around campaign limits.

    • Texas_Gundealer

      No need in suing them it only costs you money in court fees, instead just come up with 833 things to say about Obama, forcing them to give the max amount of contributions to his campaign. That will quiet their childish score keeping cause I imagine they don’t want to have to spend that kind of money.

    • MRMO


      • USAF VET

        That’s just exactly what Obumski and Company wants. They want to divide families and friends. If someone sends three buck to the DNC in your name, just do it back to them, and let them know about it, and get your Conservative friends to do it also. Great way to raise funds and have fun too.

    • Larry Pierson


  • LibRep

    What a sphinctoral orifice (aka a**hole).

    • 403 Forbidden

      I believe that what we’re witnessing proves that America has entered the era of “post-rectal” politics. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. ;-)

      • USAF VET

        Are you saying you’re a little stinker? Ha ha ha ha.

  • S. Wilson

    They would no longer be a friend. or disowned if a family member!!

  • Warrior

    Sounds just like what a democreep progressive mind would come up with. Send in your newly minted $2 dollar bill that will become $3 once it gets into circulation. Who thought this up, nancy piglosi?

  • Dave

    Republican candidates have used numerous outlandish ways to get money from me for years. I have to register REp/Dem to just be able to vote in primaries here in Florida. The requests and reasons for my donation are just ridiculous. Republican candidates have done much worse all these years.

    • 403 Forbidden

      Human nature unfortunately dictates that successful techniques for soliciting donations are the same regardless of what the donation is for, just as techniques for winning elections are the same regardless of what you intend to do once elected. Both the NRA and the Brady Bunch use the same fundraising techniques, even if their arguments and assumptions differ; I am dismayed by how similar their literature is sometimes, but who do you think gets my money? Don’t confuse end with means or one day you’ll find you’ve become un izquierdista.

    • amarq

      Donate or not as you chooose. Not quite the same as if I pretend to be you and donate in your name to someone who find to be unethical or immoral. Where is the line?

      • JUKEBOX

        I know of a practical joker in Knoxville, TN who sent one of his buddies a letter on IRS stationary, telling him to come in for an audit. A couple of days later, the FBI showed up at his office to arrest him. This seems to be a very similar type of Democrat Obama fraud, and not funny either.

    • eddie47d

      Since Conservatives complain hundreds of times a day then the Obama coffers ought to be overflowing. LOL! Interesting concept although no different than Republican tactics. I have read solicitations from both the DNC and the RNC and they are a mirror images of each other.

      • Patriot1776

        The obama coffers are already overflowing. He has been campaigning for the last 6 months on tax payer funds in the million dollar Candadian made Prevost bus he used our tax dollars for the travels on Air Force One to attend $10,000 to $38,000 a plate dinners with the 1% that he has the ows group protesting.

        • Dave

          I work in the bus business. The prevost and others make some of it and the rest is American. You should thank god for that. It is the way it is done with our partners in Canada. You don’t know what you are talking about.

        • USAF VET

          The last 6 months????? You gotta be kidding, he’s been campaigning ever since January 20th, 2009. It’s as if he knew how bad he was and has been trying to convince himself and everyone else that he’s not really who they think he is.

      • USAF VET

        But the Liberal MSM complains louder and longer than anyone else except for Obumski, (it’s Bush’s fault) about how he isn’t getting anywhere.

    • Rayma Dorsa

      Dave,I have been a Republican for over 50 years and have NEVER seen such gull and strong Arming as Obama,we face the destruction of America and the (I believe end of Ron Pauls life,or anyone who beats out Obama)He is the most dangerous,Unamerican person to ever sit in the white house and our only hope is Ron Paul,Unless Jesus is to return soon,I believe O is the Anti-Christ.

  • Warrior

    Al Queda has taken a page right out of the Acorn playbook by changing their name. Yippee!

    • Dave

      Acorn didn’t do wht they are accused of and you can’t admit it because you are close minded and listening to G. Beck too much your mind is mush.

      • USAF VET

        Oh yes they have done what they were accused of. They even messed up some income tax filings in 2008, and 2009.

  • TML

    So it’s just a ploy to try and ‘get under someone’s skin’ in a very, very childish manner. Oh my gosh, I better not say anything else bad about Obama or they will send more of their money for his campaign, on my behalf.
    This has got to be the most immature thing I’ve ever seen from an adult, much less a campaigning president.


      How about him begging like a four year old child for Iran to return our drone plane? Do you miss Cheney & Rumsfield yet?

  • http://none Bob Rice

    Who ever thought up this money grab,is as stupid as the anointed one….


      I thought only Holder & Corzine were in that class of “STUPID”.

  • northbrook

    Not a chance in Hell that I would contribute to OBAMA he has already stolen enough from me and my family with his irresponsible and destroying policies and taxes.
    I only hope enough people realize what he has done to the Nation and to them.

  • 403 Forbidden

    Yes, it’s immature, it’s dishonest . . . and I know some people I always thought of as creeps who may make substantial donations to Ron Paul for President. :-() Will wonders never cease!

    • Mushin



  • amarq

    Yahoo has taken down their “comments” section on all news stories. Not a technical issue…a control issue. Inspite of their slanted reporting comments showed overwelming support for Ron Paul…the MSM is running scared…

  • Richard from Camano

    How to piss off a Liberal? Write 32018 on all your correspondence. When someone asks what that is, until proven incorrect, tell them it is the birth certificate number from the Coast Provence General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya dated 8/4/1961 for the baby of Stanley and Barack Obama. Also tell them the document has a foot print on it!

    • bob wire

      Why should that piss anyone off? Appears you are the one that is pissed off.

      I’ve got three 50 cal. Mimi balls and one 7.65 mm steel jacket NATO round,one dug out of a corn field outside Gettysburg and the other from a grass knoll across from the book depository in Dallas.

      The bidding will start at $25.00, do I hear $45.00?

      • JUKEBOX

        I’ve got one of the plastic bags that Obama carried his cocaine in, complete with his fingerprint and DNA. What do you reckon that will bring at auction?

    • eddie47d

      32018 is also the Zip Code of Middleburg Florida.

  • Lastmanstanding

    The real crime here is the amount of money being spent on ALL of these political campaigns on local, state and federal levels…

    Donation forecast for barry alone…$1 billion dollars…donations are given in most cases with no strings attached…then we have the rest.

    God…please show some of us the path to the other side.

  • s c

    Warped, freedom-hating minds do warped, freedom-hating things. The White House crew seems to specialize in that condition. Do you get the impression that The Anointed Domestic Enemy is nervous about the election?
    I can think of a long, long list of charities that deserve my pennies much more than the airhead in the W H will ever deserve my dollars. At what point do stupid people begin to see that there’s no difference between a career criminal politician and a convicted felon? Felons might rate a bit of sympathy. Politicians, NEVER.


      As Ron White says:”YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”.

  • Sirian

    This without doubt should be viewed as an objective with criminal intent. From that it only seems reasonable and correct that the people involved, at any level, should be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. If it were to include the President, so be it. We all have been conned by the politicians who knows how many different ways before. In essence all of us are being ripped off for campaign funds on a continuing basis and we haven’t truly paid any attention to it. Sound familiar? We may see this but will we be looking for any of the other schemes that are in place and growing? As usual, probably not.

  • bob wire

    Sam, I’ve received no such letter or memo and I’m on the DNC mailing list and constant contributor and supporter of the DNC and any DNC candidate that I wish to target for my support.

    What you have here is “wind of” some supporter behaving badly and in an unscrupulous fashion. Which we all know happens in the rank and file among all party affiliations, reflecting the zeal of spirited competition.

    Back in 80 when Ronnie debase a sitting president and cut a side deal with “Arms for Hostages” with Iran, where was your sense of fair play?

    I know that it’s hard to prove your worth and value as a writer for Mr. Livingston day in a day out and you’ve done well for yourself to date.

    But it’s is pure fodder. ~

    I enjoyed Jim’s response best ~ he would sue someone that did that!

    Well, I don’t know when Jim last visited an attorney’s office or sued anyone, much less might have won.

    But I encourage all republicans to spend as much of their money as they can and do it as soon as possible.

    If it’s to beat someone up, make a point or defend your liberty, or buy the love of your life a new car, I don’t really care.

    Spend some of your money Jim, as much as you can afford.

    Spread that wealth my friend.

  • ruth

    Let’s have it backfire and donate to a conservative group everytime Odumbo and his cronies bash republicans!
    Boycott the sponsors of the lamestream media- you know who they are!

    • bob wire

      Yea! two wrongs always make things right!

      You can always say, “Well everyone else was!” “What is good for the goose is good for the gander”

      You have my permission, of that helps.

    • eddie47d

      Yup both parties drown in their political puke!The more things change the more they stay the same.

  • Paul

    Where the hell is my comment? It was in response to S C and his statement that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Is this blog being censored by its authors? If so, I’m out of here.

    • bob wire

      No Paul, it’s not . ~ Not for political content leastwise.

      Very very naughty words do get stuck in the fence though.

      I just had to change the battery in my mouse as things got sluggish.

      You experienced an opps! or something. Post it again.

      My experience is, your second with be even better the the first.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Paul,

      I’m not sure what happened to your comment. We have a terms of use policy, and if you don’t violate it your comment will not be moderated. If your comment contains two or more hyperlinks, it will automatically go into the waiting moderation filter and will not be released until the moderator has time to check the links. If your post did not contain any words on the no-no list and did not contain multiple links, it should have posted instantaneously. Sometimes glitches happen, though, and posts just disappear. I would urge you to try again.

      Best wishes,

  • Joe

    Sounds like a great idea to me! I plan to donate $3 to a true conservative every time I hear an outrageous fabrication from Obama or a member of the Left. Oh my, I cannot possibly do that….I would never have enough money and even if I did, I would be an enemy of The Obama State.

  • JimH

    I would like to make a donation to the NRA in Eric Holder’s name. I wonder how I could go about doing that?

    • eddie47d

      Duh! Send it to the NRA! LOL. The NRA spent $7 million on the 2010 election and will need much more for the next one. There are lots of organizations with their hands out saying… ME ME!

    • JimH

      Hi Eddie, I just wanted the NRA to send a notice to Holder that a donation was made in his name.
      It is a shame that so much needs to be spent to protect a right is supossed to be protected by the Bill of Rights.

  • chuckb

    i’ll donate to a fund to ship barry back to kenya. steerage class of course.


      I think that Barry already has that ticket in his pocket, paid for by the Saudis, of course.

  • DH

    This socialist turkey of a president has a lot of chutzpa, now asking conservative groups to contribute to his campaign to take over the whole economy, compromising everyones principles and dividing the country like no other president has ever before.

    Promoting and egging on people involved in the OWl is tantamount to sedition, approaching treason on the American people.

    • eddie47d

      So should Glenn Beck be charged with sedition and treason for egging on the Tea Party and dividing this nation with false and arrogant accusations? (Yes I know Glenn is right around the corner).

      • s c

        e, thanks so much for those special words that you love so much. And, right back atcha, comrade. LOVE the fuhrer. Surrender to the fuhrer. The fuhrer loves you.
        No way, comrade. ^*%+ the fuhrer – and YOU.

        • eddie47d

          SC; Did you visit your grandfathers gave this week or was the ticket too costly to travel to the Fuhrer’s resting place?

      • http://deleted Claire

        Has anyone listened to Rush lately? He sounds almost frantic. The groaning, stuttering, etc. And boy doe she think jighly of himself. He has mentioned numerous times about his success and wealth. He really thinks he is #1. He sure thinks he is the right wing’s messiah. Wonder who he is going to endorse–he sure doesn’t like Ron Paul.

        • http://deleted Claire

          “and boy does he think highly of himself.” Egads, I better get some rest!

    • Dave

      Your an idiot

  • Kathy Lowe

    Is this Obama’s attempt to get the names of people to begin filling his FEMA camps with!

  • Wil

    Notice the last line of the letter?Make them pay-literally?If I understand it correctly,the letter is not about paying,but pledging donations in someone else’s name,which would constitute theft.Just another way of redistributing more wealth to the Obama campaign.

  • daniel

    I guess that I am too much of a moralist. Even if meant as a joke or a jibe at someone it is in poor taste. Encouraging people to lie? I remember when the president was looked up to. Nobody respects a liar. As much in love as O is he would make it all relative. He even believes he is the fourth best president of this country? He needs help.

  • DavidL

    Given the Republican presidential circus, and all the criticism as such it is receiving from even Republicans, my guess is that President Obama will not only receive conservative and republican contributions, he will also receive some of their votes. What I am hearing from many of my conservative friends is that 4 more years of Obama is better than 8 years of Romney.

    • Warrior

      if your so called friends are really conservative, I can pretty much guarantee you they would not vote for this fraud n chief. Asked them if they voted for him the first go around.

      • DavidL

        Of course you never know for sure, but that is what I am hearing from some of them.

  • Nate Fries

    Isn’t this campaign finance fraud? You should report him to the FEC.


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