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Obama Ate Dogs As A Child

April 19, 2012 by  

Obama Ate Dogs As A Child
Bo leans away as President Barack Obama greets him.

In the run-up to the last Presidential election, the treatment of dogs became an issue when Barack Obama’s campaign harped on an incident involving Mitt Romney. Now, Obama finds himself in the hot seat for his treatment of canines.

A 2007 report revealed that in 1983 Romney put the family dog, Seamus, in a kennel on top of his vehicle and made the 12-hour trek from Boston to Ontario.

“It also strikes me as classic Romney: it solves a problem efficiently, in a business-like manner, and with no regard whatsoever for the suffering that the solution may cause,” blogged liberal David Kravitz after hearing the news.

The story broke when family and friends reminisced about Romney’s life to The Boston Globe. Someone remembered the time that the dog on the roof had diarrhea.

“Thinking of the wind, the weather, the speed, the vulnerability, the isolation on the roof, it is commonsense that any dog who’s under extreme stress might show that stress by losing control of his bowels. That alone should have been sufficient indication that the dog was, basically, being tortured,” responded Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The issue resurfaced in this election when Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod tweeted a picture of Obama and his dog, Bo, inside a vehicle together. The picture included the comment: How loving owners transport their dogs.

But now, conservatives are turning to Obama’s canine past: He ate man’s best friend.

In his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, the President describes dog meat.

“With Lolo [Obama’s stepfather], I learned how to eat small green chili peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy),” the President wrote. “Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.”

The knowledge launched the hashtag #ObamaDogRecipes on twitter. “Chicken Poodle Soup” and “Pugs in a Blanket” are among the more memorable tweets.

Conservatives are now asking this question: Is it more humane to transport Fido on top of a car or to eat him?

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Vigilant

    If we indeed take on the characteristics of what we eat, then Obama must be a regular consumer of weasel. He never admits to being responsible for anything.

    • Sirian

      I totally agree Vigilant! Weasels are one of the most deceptive animals on this planet – very clever in their mannerisms – as well as quite destructive by nature. But have you ever noticed how regularly they attend to their coat of bristly fur? They truly never give up on keeping it as clean and shiny as they possibly can. Self aggrandizement is another way of describing it. . . ;)

      • Tag

        He is more like a cornered Wolverine than a weasel – a deceivingly vicious beast – not to be trusted, etc. If it takes a Kennedy dying to get this jerk out of the oval office then, like in everyones life, you have to give up something – giving up a Kennedy shouldn’t hurt too much —-

      • Robert Smith

        This is simple to figure out.

        On one hand you have a kid, Obama, being fed food and motivational religion by adults who sincerely believe what they are doing is right.

        On the other you have an adult showing a complete laque of judgment in the transportation of a dog on top of a car.

        It’s that simple.

        Has anyone else seen the book “101 ways to woc your dog?” It’s a cookbook.


      • bbfmail

        After reading the remarks of some about Romney having his dog riding on the top of his car..I remembered the train video of “The Man Who Would Be King”..showing hundreds of people riding on the roof of trains in India,. Couldn’t find a video of that scene..but did find a more recent YouTube video of this:

    • eddie47d

      Are you guys really that concerned on this issue or looking for more silly excuses against Obama. What a Hoot!! Placing anything on top of a car can be questionable at best except for a few storage containers which can be fastened down. I have put lumber and a mattress on top of my vehicle in years past but never a live critter. I did tie down 3 sheets of panelling in 1969 and they blew off into traffic. Luckily it didn’t hit another car and did minimal damage to one panel. Not a good idea to do! Since Obama was a child in Indonesia does this issue really matter? I would oppose it since most Americans consider them a part of the family but they still eat plenty in Korea and China and I don’t have the authority to change their culture. Although I have signed petitions complaining about the practice. Apparently Brian Nash believes that Obama is responsible for the food that he was served under a different culture system and as a child. Such desperation for a topic.

      • http://google Mary

        But Eddie WHO brought up the subject in the first place? It was Axelrod, who seems to be sticking his BIG foot in his mouth a lot lately!
        Alexrod knows the Dems can’t stand on their RECORD of disaster, so they put anything out there that they think will get them ink!

      • Scott29223

        Yep and as a serviceman in Korea and Asia, I too took part in sampling many things in the food line. I would want any of it on a daily or weekly basis, cause as an american I see those things as non food sources, but to create a fit over what a “child” might have been served in his home or the homes of friends or offered while in the street in a foreign country, WELL THAT is going just a little too far!!!! I guess YOU ALL are ready to condemn us service folks who go overseas and sample the local foods, too!!???

        HOW abt. attacking a real issue, Having an SS Director who allows the SS to sample the local ladies of the night, I wonder how many of them they ate?

      • Brad

        No Eddie I am fresh out of excuses for Crowbama, he has used them all up himself. Can’t find any extra damn excuses anywhere.

      • Sirian

        Hmmm, if it’s “Such a desperation for a topic.”, then why did you write so much?

      • WesternCowgirl

        Wasn’t in the movie “Vacation” with Chevy Chase that they put the dead aunt in a lawn chair and tied her to the top of the car??? I remember seeing that movie and thinking that was the funniest thing I had ever seen!

        Out here in rural America we routinely put our cow dogs in the back of the pickup and take them everywhere we go, some are contained but most are given the run of the bed of the truck. They LOVE facing into the wind and seeing where they are going. No one here thinks a thing about it . . . only environmentalists and city dwellers would think that it is cruel and unusual punishment for a dog to be in the open air with the wind blowing into their faces. The dog makes the choice whether he wants to lie down or face into the wind . . . . NEVER have I seen a dog lie down instead which tells you something!

        Frankly, I LOVE my dog, and if I had to choose between saving a stranger and saving my dog, I probably would pick my dog! I share my water with him, I share my food with him, he is always by my side, and he does his job to perfection! Sometimes I really worry about those who stick their noses into areas which they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about!!

        • Maggie

          Exactly!!!!!! However ,I previously said I asked my dog if she wanted to be my lunch or go for a ride in the back of the truck,she is waiting in the truck.

      • Steve

        Reminds me of the photo I saw with BO trying to go through a covered gate holding an umbrella above Michelle, Classic stupid for sure.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To eddie47d:
        This is one issue i have to agree with you on. How petty!! There are more important things to talk about. Anyway, it’s obviously fixed for Obama to get re-elected. Writing silly articles proves it!!

      • Will

        i love how you take up for Obama he needs people like you. With out you taking up for him he is dog meat.

      • Robert Smith

        Mary bleats: “Alexrod knows the Dems can’t stand on their RECORD of disaster,…”

        Seems to me the stock market has recovered.

        Oh, we aren’t in Iraq anymore.

        Guess who got Bin Laden? Clue: It wasn’t during the Bush administration.


      • Penny R. Freeman

        Eddie haven’t you figured out yet that the Obama nut jobs will bring up ANYTHING in an attempt to distract from your preening pres and his abominal failures? Do you not remember that Obama didn’t get a dog for his daughters until Teddie gave him one? Why did he hesitate to get a dog? It was claimed that he didn’t know which type of dog to buy. That was the reason stated by his administration. My personal opinion, he didn’t want, like, or care for any four legged critter, especially not a dog. All you have to do is look at the picture of his dog resisting Oduma’s greeting. He doesn’t walk or care for the dog, that’s the staff’s job. He can’t find the time for that between his constant campaigning and vacationing. If you choose to think it was cruel for that dog to ride on the top of a vehicle in a kennel you should watch some of the folks I see in every state I’ve ever visited and the way they transport their dogs. At least in a kennel securely tied down is safer than having a dog pace without a kennel or leash, etc. in the open bed of a pickup truck. I see that all the time. I’ve seen dogs thrown from the truck bed into highway traffic when their owners stop in order to not rearend a vehicle ahead of them. A young female lab on highway in a 55 mph speed zone was thrown out for that very reason when he owner slammed on the brakes in an intersection. She didn’t get run over by surrounding traffic, but she was barely able to get up. It looked like at least one of her legs was broken and she appeared confused and disoriented. That owner’s stupidity injured and almost killed his dog, and it caused the traffic on that highway to come to a complete halt. I have owned dogs most of my life and have do everything I can to take good care of mine and aid in caring for other’s dogs. No my dogs never travels in a pickup truck bed or on top of a car. They are always inside a car and restrained much like a child. You Eddie need to get hip to Obama’s garbage campign tricks. He and his minions are using any and every issue they can think of to distract from his failures and anyone who isn’t closely watching politics, apparently like you, haven’t figured that out.

      • Mike Austin

        Eddie the troll.. We don’t care if he ate dog. I myself have eaten quite a bit. What we don’t like is the false indignation against Romney for something that was perfectly acceptable. Just one of many double standard and pitiful attempts to silence and smear people by the left. Once again, trying to make a conservative look bad blows back in their face. Kinda like peein in the wind….

    • r.p.

      This is such a non-issue, it doesn’t even deserve the last page of the Enquirer. But it seems to be on par for the quality of stories coming from this author. We should be more concerned about the unconstitutional legislation being passed by the D’s and R’s in both our houses and the Potus signing those bills into law. Not to mention his unbelievable unconstitutional E.O’s. Get on track people!!!! Our constitution is dying!!! .. If you all don’t know it, our voting process has been rigged. Those electronic boxes that have been forced on us for our voting convenience are corrupt and allows our votes to disappear or corrupts the tally as soon as you cast your vote. Now there’s even rumors that our “machines” will be tallied by a socialist country overseas!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! If we don’t demand that our election commissions in every state, in every county, in every district, throw them out and replace them with traditional traceable paper ballots with full transparency in the counting process, all is for naught. The election commissions can put the tallies in as many electronic machines as they want to, but only from a traceable bona-fide paper trail. –NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK UNLESS WE DO THIS FIRST– We only have six months to get-r-done.

    • r.p.

      Sorry Vigilant: I only tagged you because you were at the top of this-a thread-a…..

    • Max

      Eating dog explains his propensity for Moochelle, but what I really find interesting is him eating snake. Since he takes on the characteristics of what he eats, this may explain why he is a shape shifting reptilian. We must get rid of the reptilian in November if not before.

  • tg sherman

    Obama ate dog & grasshopper!! Tells me he was born in Africa!! It would probably have been illegal to fiest on the dog in Hawaii!!!

    Tg Sherman

    • Karolyn

      Duh! He lived in Indonesia.

      • http://google Mary

        He lived in Indonesia with his Mother who was a communist, that is about the only thing they have in common.

      • Rick

        And you know this from what? Yo probably don’t know what his mother’s name was.

      • Karolyn

        Ha! I read the book. His mother’s first name was Stanley.

      • WesternCowgirl

        AND Stanley lived in Kansas at the end of the Yellow Brick Road!!!! It is hard to believe she was raised in the Heartland of America . . . wonder if her parents were originally from there or they came from California or New York? For the most part, people in this part of the country are pretty solid Americans with st

      • http://google Mary

        Actually to Rick, YOU ricky can look her up for yourself, type in Stanley Ann Dunham, and there you go!!! They lived near Seattle, and went to the “little Red Church”, perhaps you can see for yourself that mommie dearest was a Communist.
        But Obama usually talks about his daddy who wasn’t there, rather than his Mother, I feel that he really didn’t much like his Mother and her parents.

        • Maggie

          Can’t blame him for that. The more you read about Mum and her parents,you cannot help but not like them. It also helps to understand why this man from this background ,should perhaps not been elected POTUS before he was properly vetted,and given more time to accomplish something of substance in his life.

      • moonbeam

        Karolyn, he may have lived in Indonesia, but he was born in KENYA. That’s in East Africa.




    • Cpt



      “tg sherman,”



  • Disgusted Reader

    What Romney did to his dog was cruel and should not have been done in these recent times. What Obama did as a child in a faraway land is less relevant. Did he personally kill the dog? Did he watch the dog being killed? He just tasted the different traditional foods of a different culture just as many would do in their travels. I wish people could just stick with the issues that matter – we have a lot more problems than this stuff.

    • Karolyn


    • Vigilant

      “I wish people could just stick with the issues that matter – we have a lot more problems than this stuff.”

      Precisely! Now tell David Axelrod, who started this whole diversion.

      • Robert Smith

        But isn’t putting a dog on top of a car and driving for a bunch of hours relevant? I know you don’t want such a lack of judgement showing up in your annoinnted right wing candidate, but I think how he treats animals is relevant.


      • Vigilant

        MUCH more relevant, and to the point, is how Obama and the left treat PEOPLE.

        Check the 8th Amendment to the Constitution.

    • Jim

      Did you ever hear of Quid Pro Quo lib boy? When the Obama administration commented on Romney driving with his dog on the roof of his car they opened the door for everyone to make a comment about when Obama turned in dog into a turd. You liberals like to say what you want about your War Lords opponents but when it comes to Obama eating a dog, mans best friend or in Obama’s case mans’ best meal, it is out of bounds.
      To show you I have no hard feelings about your comment, right ow I am living in China and next week I will invite Obama over for dinner and I will make him his favorite meal, Collie Con Carne, now don’t you think that is a nice gesture on my part.
      People like you make me sick and if I had the chance I would punch you right in the face just for being a hypocrite and a jerk off.

      • Chester

        So cock your fist and start punching, but for sure no complaints from you if you get hit back. That wouldn’t even demand stand your ground laws.

      • Tim L.

        If you were a little smarter, you would realize the difference between the actions of an adult and those of a child. But, logical thinking has never been a hallmark of racists.

      • Disgusted Reader

        There are many here that are just commenting on the ridiculous nature of this conversation…it doesn’t matter WHO started it…if it was Axelrod shame on him. This isn’t about liberal or right or Tea Party or Socialist or Communist, this is about the future of these United States of America and I am so darn tired of people who threaten to punch people…what has our nation come to? Are we going to become so radical on either side, Republican or Democrat that we lost the very thing we want the most —- OUR FREEDOM —- grow up everyone!

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “This isn’t about liberal or right or Tea Party or Socialist or Communist,”

        No, it’s about who among the candidates is a RESPONSIBLE adult. Romney indicated that he isn’t when it comes do dog care. Imagine what he’d do to America.



        “Disgusted Reader,”





    • Annie66

      What business is it of yours, or anyone else’s for that matter, if Romney placed his dog in a kennel on top of the car? Answer: It is none of your business. No harm came to the dog; if it had, it would still be none of your business. Obama eating dog, however, explains alot. A propensity for dog meat explains his attraction to Moochelle, it explains his breeding program that produced two more dogs, and it explains why he acts like a dog. One thing is unclear, though: since these people were Muslims, why were they purposefully defiling their souls? Perhaps their souls were already corrupted?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Both issues were designed to distract us, to keep us arguing about things that have nothing to do with the fact that they are taking away our freedoms and destroying our economy. They’d rather we were fighting about silly non consequential things while they dismantle our country and everything it stands for! Everybody, keep talking about dogs, because that will really have a profound effect on our futures.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “Both issues were designed to distract us, to keep us arguing about things that have nothing to do with the fact that they are taking away our freedoms and destroying our economy. ”

        Well, you’ve pointed out what the extreme right did with Bush and his 1%.

        Now, be specific… In reality what has Obama taken away? The stock market is better, Homeland Defense isn’t nosing into my library selections, etc.


    • Dan Morehouse

      Bull Crap

    • WesternCowgirl

      Disgusted . . . I am with YOU!!!! And if dear old David hadn’t brought it up, there probably would be so much discussion . . . DARN HIM, anyway.

      And you are so right . . . it is cruel and unusual punishment to put a dog in a carrier on top of the car. Maybe it would be better to drag him behind the car by his leash, or how about just leave him at home without food or water not caring who might not find him in time . . . or eat him for lunch!!!! Yes, I can certainly see where eating a dog would be preferable to him getting fresh air!!!

      BTW, if you find this whole discussion so dispicable . . . WHY are you here????? That says very little about your ability to make good choices!

      • Disgusted Reader

        Cowgirl, maybe it is because as an intelligent and educated individual I realize the importance of getting back to the basics of what we want for our children, what our families have fought and died for….and maybe for a little folly (do you understand that word?) for the truly uneducated, uninformed, and truly despicable people we call humans. I feel very bad for you.

  • backekuchen

    So? What does this prove? Nothing! Some cultures eat dogs. Some eat horses. Some don’t eat meat at all. My uncle ate squirrel. This is a non-issue.

    • Vigilant

      Nancy Pelosi obviously eats the south side of a horse traveling north.

      • jopa

        (offensive comment removed)

      • Deerinwater

        If Nancy was less effective, you might like her better?

      • rtringgo

        She IS the south side of that horse.

      • Vigilant

        rtringgo, you got it right. You are what you eat.

        And jopa, I don’t know what “offensive comment” you made, but I’m sure it was indicative of the leftist “logic.”

  • tg sherman

    Did you say as a child in Africa? Must have been born there!!


  • Gary

    Obama must have eaten skunk in Kenya where he was born……….

  • Harold

    How could a pweson actually eat his own kin?

  • jake

    Say what you want about Mitt Romney, but at least he only put a dog on the roof of his car — not the roof of his mouth……what do they serve at the white house now for lunch? Poodles with noodles?

    • bbfmail

      Well…things have changed a lot now that Obama’s in the White House. No more dog meat..While we are asked to “share the pain”:….they are serving and eating steak that cost $100.00 a pound.

    • WesternCowgirl

      No low-classed food offered here. No Sir . . . we serve our guests steak from Japan that cost in excess of $100 a pound!!! And if anyone bothered to check, it is probably held together with that glue they now use to secure scraps of meat, bond them together (wearing protective gloves because the chemicals are toxic), aged, and THEN they sell it to us and THEN we serve it in the White House. Yes, right after appetizers consisting of bacon wrapped doggies, the sooooooooo expensive glued steak is served with parsley on the side, veggies out of the White House garden, and water straight out of the Potomac River!!!! Don’t kid yourself, the Japanese are laughing their *rses off at us for being so so stupid!!!

  • Karolyn

    The title of this article alone is ridiculous. Sounds like the National Enguirer or the Globe. Like he went out on dog hunts and killed and ate them. So stupid!

    • Robert Smith

      I saw a headline the other day!

      “Pope to marry Burt Reynolds”

      Jim Neighbors will perform the cerimony.


  • Gea

    De gustibus non discutandem.

    Chinese eat dogs. Is Obama Chinese ;-)? As for Romney, with having 5 kids in a car, there probably was no space left…so the logical solution was the roof…if one stops every couple of hours and the kennel is turned backwards so that dog does not have to suffer the wind.

    There is a court hearing right now about falisification of Obama birth certificate. If proven that it is a forgery, we may have President Biden soon…

    • http://google Mary

      Also, they took the dog with them as does Obama, BUT with 5 kids and a dog with the poops, WHY would you want them in the car with you? No one knows how the dog carrier was put on the roof, no one knows how often they stopped, no one knows, but I do KNOW there would be no dog with the poops in the car with me, either the trip would be canceled or Fido would be in a kennel.
      The Romney’s didn’t have air force one for their dog, but maybe soon they will!!! Here’s HOPING for some BIG CHANGE!!!

      • Brad

        yep Obama send the dog’s own plane if he has the poops

    • Carol

      Oh no, Gea, please say it ain’t so! Biden can’t wipe his own behind so we’d still have Obama in the White House to wipe it for him. My day is aleady spoiled just thinking Biden would actually become president.

      What we need to do is vote Obama out of office and then start criminal actions against him. If his birth certificate is in fact false, which I believe it is, he is illegally running this country. That will also prove he can’t be impeached because he had no right to take on the position of president.

      Let the dog eat dog. What concerns me is when he declared over $700,000 as his income but neglected to include the millions of dollars for Michele’s and kids vacations. If anyone else had been given those millions they would have been audited by the IRS and forced to pay taxes on it. Taxpayers do not owe Obama’s family millions of dollars in travel expenses and I think the Obama’s should be charged for tax evasion in addition to treason.

      • Brad

        Right on Carol!!

    • Patsy Cochran

      This really is a non-issue. Lots of people eat dog meat including native americans. If I were starving, I might consider eating just about anything.

      As far as putting the dog in a kennel on top of the car, it is still a non-issue. My dad and his friends in Oklahoma used to load the dogs in the back of an open pick-up at night to go hunting. He did not use cages and occasionally he would tie up a recalcitrant dog that liked to jump out of the pick up. This actually still goes on in a lot of places. I see dogs in Orlando Florida in the back of pick-ups loose, with their noses over the side sniffing the air looking like they enjoy the ride. Possibly, yes, he made a bad choice, but in the end, it is still a non-issue.

    • rtringgo

      I never thought I would post this, …but…President Biteme would be an improvement.

  • Daveh234

    As far as other food rituals go, the fact that cultures are sometimes forced because of lack of other food alternatives to eat what is available. We live an a land of plenty. Some of the offensive items are considered delicacies by other parts of society. Grasshoppers are actually quite good fried and seasoned. Healthy, too. It is predicted that some might see a boom in the ingesting of various “bugs” because of their ease of production and high nutritional content. Not just out of necessity.
    One can only hope that many here will be eating their own words sooner than later.

    • http://google Mary

      Let me see, on my 10 plus acres, I would be planting FOOD not growing bugs, but there will probably be many if I didn’t dust them to keep the varmints from eating my food crop, but it you would like a few of the bugs, perhaps I should start freezing or canning them!

      • Deerinwater

        “Let me see, on my 10 plus acres, I would be planting FOOD not growing bugs,”

        lol! well if you have done much planting as farmers do, there are times that it’s debatable as to what you are growing, you only know what you planted and intended to grow.

        I think one year we were “growing” deer and rabbits! Finding out later, the fertilizer we had sprayed on the young plants was considered a ‘candy garnish’ to the local wildlife.

        Then there was the year that I planted ‘snow peas’, ~ maybe 1 week before harvest, some bug arrived in the dark of night with a ravenous appetite leaving me with little doubt that I was growing bugs.

    • Brad

      oh so when Obama starts rounding us up for the FEMA camps we will be forced to bug eaters and that is what you hope happens sooner than later, am I correct in my understanding of your comments Daveh234??

      • mark

        Yeah, he’s been working on that for 3 and a half year now but he just never seems to do it. Just like killing the elderly, cancelling the election, handing the nation over to the UN, taking away all Americans guns. He’s definitely going to do it, he just never does it.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mark, you think it’s not coming?!? They’re just getting everything into place first. It assures them of success. Why do you think they built these FEMA camps? Why do you think they’ve been passing all these laws saying they can shoot us or detain us? Or the laws saying they can confiscate anything and everything? Why do you think that the department of homeland security, (not military, not national guard) is buying hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets? You need to WAKE UP!!! before it’s too late!!!

      • Daveh234

        Brad should learn how to read. I never said anything of the sort you are attesting to me. Just facts that bugs are in some circles, not ours obviously, to be an alternative. Jeez, why don’t you read it as it’s written and stop trying to read more into it. Get a life.

      • Daveh234

        Nancy In Nebraska sounds a bit one-trick-pony, too. Maybe expand your reading parameters and not just right wing zealots. The sky is falling, the sky is falling, crap.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave234, I’m glad I don’t rely on you for advice. You should take your own advice and read around. I’ve done very thorough research on any topic I choose to comment on. You on the other hand are just so sure that nothing bad is going to happen. At least I will be mentally prepared when things start to happen. You on the other hand, will be standing around wondering how it could have happened. You will be paralyzed with shock and fear. You need to take your blinders off and research rather than spout off what you hear from the main stream media. You won’t find much truth there!

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    As a person who has trained dogs for over 20 years I can also say this: Bo’s body language in approaching Obama is stressed. His body is pulled back and wary and his ears are down. Bad “optics”.

    • http://google Mary

      Plus his name is narcissistic, BO for Barack Obama.

    • Steve

      Yes, I was going to say it didn’t look or feel right to me either. The dog is rejecting his hand. If the dog wasn’t intimidated BO would probably be bitten with that approach.

  • USA4eever

    Who cares about him eating Rover. Like stated before there are plenty of cultures that eat dog.
    As for this country all I want to here is how the socialist agenda is going to end, how our broken economy is going to be fixed, how to reign in govt spending and paydown the debt
    and fix govt corruption.
    As far as Odumbo, crow is the only thing he is qualified to eat

  • Daveh234

    Crow was pretty much all that was left/given when his administration started.
    The Boehner intent “to see him fail” has really hindered all of America in a bad way.

  • Deerinwater

    OH! Dear! No! Deer run to fast! legs too long , a$$ too high!

    I’m sure that, ~ much like any third world child, he ate what was provided to him.

    So this makes your Presidential candidates past indiscretions and questions of mature judgement in the treatment the family pet less suspect because a hungry third world child is dinning on dog? I see!

    The humor never stops here! My first chuckle for the day

  • Cherokee Lady

    I am upset about both treatments of dogs, especially dog eating! However, as much as dislike Mr.Obama being POTUS, he was a child when he ate dog meat.
    However, I consider my dog a family member. If I were POTUS, she would darn sure fly with me and my family, not in another plane. Perhaps the Obama’s consider their dog unfit to be in the same plane, per my understanding of a certain cult(opinion description).

  • Jim

    It has to come out eventually so I might as well bring it out now. Obama admitted to eating dogs, grasshoppers, snakes and tiger meat but why didn’t he say that he ate gorilla?
    [offensive comment removed]

  • dadzrites

    We need a bumper sticker with Obama’s face on it saying: Keep your dog away from this man. He eats them”. That will definitely end Obummer’s re-election.

    • Raggs

      Dog must be high in calories and cholesterol juding by michelle…

  • Mrs. Judy Carol Ibezim

    President Obama can’t change his upbringing(livelihood then) and I believe the more life experiences you have the better a person you will become. Think of how much he can relate to different cultures, religion, Politics, etc. He has been stretched wide and I don’t honestly see any comparison to Mitt Romney’s treatment of his best friend? Some of us seem to have to keep negative drama going on about our opponents to help us thrive, I think. Here we go again always pulling up the past about a person (in hopes of bringing them to a conscious pit stop) that he/she could not have changed if they wanted to. Mitt Romney did have a choice with his dog TX. I expect his opponents to continue to dig up the negative and I still believe he is a better choice than Mitt Romney for presidency.

    • Raggs

      R-U kidding?… maybe it is all of his “experience” that twisted his mind into the demon that he is now….

    • Brad

      Ms Judy if we had looked into Crowbama’s past 4 years ago, boy would the USA be a better place for our families and not to mention out furry friends.

  • dadzrites

    Isn’t it amazing how the left-wing Marxists liberals say Obama ate the dog when he was a child because he was “hungry”, but they claim Romney did his deed as an adult. Obama ate dog meat as part of his Islamic indoctrination, not because he was “hungry”. It just shows that Obama is no more the savage than the rest of the jihadists.

    • Deerinwater

      So in your “right wing fanatical ism” you are stating or suggesting Obama had a choice and choose poorly? So what was it about your parents that you found them worthy to grace them with your arrival and presence?

  • dan

    Best be thinkin’ about what you’ll be eatin’ when the dollar crashes and the trucks stop rolling and the banks are closed for a ‘holiday’ and the ATM and your credit cards don’t work…..better stock up on bar-b-que sauce because dog might be in tight supply.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      History certainly says you are right. When starving, people will eat anything, even each other.

  • Raggs

    Mooooslims will eat anything but PORK so I’m not at all surprized king oblama ate dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, bugs, frogs, and probably a little turtle…

    • Karolyn

      I was just talking with someone the other day who said turtle and snake tastes good, as does alligator. So?

      • http://none Claire

        There are some people on this earth that will eat anything that moves. Be careful.

  • jopa

    After the torture trip of Seamus the dog Romney should have been forced to eat the Poupon the back window of his car.

    • Deerinwater

      LOL! Grey Poupon and crow! Yummy!

  • simon

    Lets hope he eats crow in November

    • Deerinwater

      There will be ‘crow’ on the menu and served as you hold your nose and vote! So? How do you like your crow?

      • Brad

        I like my crowbama hung until movement has stopped and the crispy fried in the elecric chair just to make sure the prick is dead.

  • http://ConservativeVictory2010 Mario Crociata

    When Obama was a State Senator he voted to withold extreme means for an infant who survived a late term abortion! Since he has never personally had an abortion, can we remove the blame he should take for advocating infanticide? My father (real father, not a step father brought into his life by his whoring mother) ate many strange things that I refused to eat! My mother took my side and there was no societal influence placed on me. I was and am an American citizen and my mother wanted me to have American values and traditions (and not eat snails, goats heads, animal intestines, etc.). My father (immigrated at 16 years old)also wanted those values for me as well as all the best this great country had to offer. He earned his citizenship by fighting in WW II in the Pacific, so I could have those oppurtunities! These were real parents, not a Communist mother, a drunk womanizing father, and a disaffected step father! Yeah, “Dreams of My Father”, a bitch, a beer, fed off of anything that breathes, and a son (communist) just like me! Great heritage Barack!

  • http://yahoo anita

    Run Bo Run. Don’t go into the kitchen if Odumbo is hungry.

  • Fritz


  • Tag

    FYI – the Asian cultures ALL eat dog AND cat – plus rabbit, baby or adult, they don’t care – just skin the little darling in the middle of the street, leave the fur behind and take the baby rabbit home for baby rabbit stew – I’ve seen it! Fur, blood and guts in the middle of the street and the Asian is off to restaurant or home – be careful, you never know what you are getting!

    • Jake

      When I was in high school, when I got home there would be a not on the table. “We’re having rabbit for dinner tonight” That ment to go out to the hutch, get one, kill, skin and clean it and get it ready for my mom to cook when she got home. Fresh rabbit, fried in bacon greese – if I was on death row and had to make my last meal request, that would be it.

  • Randy131

    According to Obama, you should never abuse your dog by transporting him in a kennel traveler on top of your car, whether the dog likes it or not, for it is much better to butcher and eat him instead. To each his own I always say, you decide which is better, the Obama way or the Romney way, for to me it looks like someone is calling the kettle black and claiming innocence for the pot.

    • Karolyn

      Don’t be ridiculous. Obama was a child in a culture that eats dog. He ate what he was given.

      • tg sherman

        Yes! In Indonesia, Where he was born!!!


      • Karolyn

        Gee, I thought you guys claim he was born in Africa!

  • Homer

    Muslims hate dogs and cats. The Hadith (what Muhammed said) says in Bukahari vol 4 no# 539-540 and Muslim vol 1 no# 551 says NO angel can enter into a home if a dog or cat is there! That is a Muslim…to hell w/that, I am having a dog/cat as I choose, and it will not stop one thing! Allah/Muhammed is wrong…again!! Did I mention that Obama is a Muslim!! His words too!!

    • Karolyn

      Well, the Obamas have a dog. And that vid that showed Obama saying he was a Muslim is edited.

      • Raggs

        Recon the oblamas are fatting up little totto for Ramadan?

  • Jake

    When are ALL our politicians going to grow up. I really don’t care if Romney carried his dog on top of the car or if Obama ate a dog. I want to know what our politicians are going to do about the insane waistful spending and the tax code and……. As far as what the press reports on – they’ve been givin special priveledges in this country – if they can’t be fair, they should then be treated as everyone else.

  • Kimberly

    Soon, king O’Bama will have ruined this great nation by spending trillions of dollars, taking all of our freedoms away, stripping us of our rights including growing our own food and making our own decisions regarding our health care. Think of all the anti American laws he has signed in (he despises America if you didn’t know), declaring every United States citizen a terrorist and America a war zone where military drones will seek and destroy anyone who disagrees with his agenda and the new world order. Marshal law will be declared because of a race war our government has its dirty hand in (divide and conquer) and a war of the classes, (the wealthy, the hard workers and the receivers who somehow have earned a hand out), there will be no presidential election, he remains on the throne of what was once the greatest most free country in the world, the land of milk and honey (now run by the FDA and Monsanto courtesy of your government and every elected official that has joined in the giant circle jerk of Washington). Maybe that book O’Bama wrote was to prepare us to eat Grasshoppers, or our family pets, because that is all that we will have by the time he is done with us! And we will be happy to have it!!!

  • raw

    Blacks are not notorious for being animal-friendly. He was raised to not respect animals, & is making sure that disrespect gets passed along in laws, like publicizing opening up legal slaughterhouses for horses. He also calls for more animal testing, at a time when the rest of the world is calling for less.

    • Karolyn

      Do you have any references to back up these assertions? Obama is calling for more animal testing???

      • raw

        No. It was a newspaper clipping I did not keep. He’s also pro-whaling.





  • Daren

    To any and all liberal, PETA loving, odumbo soldier whack jobs; bashing Romneys decision to put the dog on roof in a kennel is actually quite appropriate for “real Americans”. Knowing full well that “all dogs” love the wind and are often too hot in a car anyway! This is an educated and ethical decision but eating A DOG, is not civilized and/or American. This is what sets us apart from non civilized countries. Send the dog eater packing and back home to dogeaterville, Indonesia.

    • Raggs

      PETA > People Eat Tasty Animals

      • Maryland Freestater

        Ok, you started it now!
        PUTA- People for the Unethical Treatment of Animal-rights Activists

        “You are what you eat.”

        “Of course I’m an vegetarian- I like my veggies processed thru a cow first”

        German Shepherd has a livery taste.

        Chihuahuas are inedible, as are most small yippy dogs.

        Locusts (grasshoppers) are kosher.

        Muslims consider dogs unclean like a pig.

        Obama is the worst thing to happen to America and fools voted for him.

        Obama is not the antiChrist, but instead a minor minion.

        We are all damned.

        • Maggie


  • Silas Longshot

    So, they take on the characteristics of the consumed food animal, eh? Well, that ‘splains a lot with 0bama. Dog, well he’s very obedient to his hidden masters, and will hike his back leg on all things American without a second thought. Snake, like the garden of Eden type, the master of decite and the lie to achieve his socialist agenda. Grasshopper, like Aseop’s fable, he loves the partying, playing around (along with his entitlement crowd) on the people’s tab and will demand the ant pay for everything.

    Click the name.

  • 45caliber

    I’ve got to admit that this doesn’t concern me at all. First, he was a child and given it by his step-father. Second, he was in a culture where it isn’t a problem. Third, he was in a country where it was common. Big deal.

    I’ve eaten it myself while in Vietnam although I must admit I didn’t know it until afterwards. I was in a restaurant and ate spaghetti. Later I found that they used dog meat in it. I couldn’t have told. The main thing I did know I ate was rat. They served it instead of rabbit at another restaurant. It wasn’t all that bad.

    And I understand from them that house cat is the prime dish all prefer although I’ve never tried it. It can’t be worse than rattle snake, frog legs, or alligator.

    • http://Personallibertydigest George Morrison

      Alligator, frog leggs and rattle snake are all quite good, I espically like frog legs

      • angelwannabe

        G, I’ve eaten snake which by the way does taste like chicken, bear, pheasant, rabbit and ground hog< (yuck), deer_and on a trip out west, to visit relatives as a kid, I had chocolate covered grasshoppers,(but they're too crunchy)

  • Raggs

    I wonder if DOG taste like Chicken?

  • http://Personallibertydigest George Morrison

    This axlerod guy is really good at stirring up trouble this time however I think it backfired on this communist creep this time so by eating dog meat you take on the strength of this animal, hummm I reckon by eating grasshopper you just sit around annoying people with your constant squeeking and hopping from place to place destroying everything you touch eating dog I suppose you just eat lot of s–t and bark at the moon

  • hooder

    Obama was born worthless and is is now worth less.

  • JON

    You either eat meat or you don’t. The article is another time waster.

  • Okie

    I personally won’t vote for Romney except as a last resort vote against Obama. However, if you folks really knew dogs you would realize that the dog would probably prefer to be in a secured kennel on the roof than in the car. I have several dogs that ride with me on the ranch and going down the highway to town. They don’t like it in the truck but they do like to ride in the bed and will get on their hind legs with their heads above the cab to feel the wind in their faces. I figure they love it the way I love riding my motorcycle down the road and the sense of freedom it inspires. It is just another sophomoric diatribe by those trying to diminish others by statments assuming dogs are spoiled like the person themselves.

    • http://aol bob robbins

      Lot’s better than the hold of an airplane.

  • FreedomFighter

    Soviet Red Terror in America

    Spys on the bus, cops paid to spy on Americans, street lights that listen to you, and household appliances that spy on you,

    Thanks Obama you dog eating commi

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Daveh234

      That you tube video says it all about where you get your opinions. certainly not a reliable source.

      Semper Fi
      Back at ya!

  • chuckb

    if you really checked barrys lineage out, you may find his supposedly real father may have dined on a few neighors. so what’s the matter with a dog loin or two.

  • Raggs

    Now all of the black people are going to think that it is a good idea to eat dog, better lock up your pooch.

    • Karolyn

      Raggs – You’ve hit a new low.

      • Wildey

        Ragg’s thinking might scare you but look in the mirror. Is he what America is as we become divided? Divide and conquer is the oldest trick to conquer a nation. It goes like this. Thesis- A nation at peace with it’self. Anti-synthesis- A nation in turmoil, like we are. Snthesis- The nation that evolves after the planned turmoil. While we curse each other and go to goverment to solve our problems, life will be like the serpent and mouse when the snake said “come, let the two of us become one”. This nation is of our own making, right down to one day eating our pets.

      • http://none Claire

        I will say this, if anyone and I mean anyone, tried to steal my dogs, they would be in for a rude awakening. I have Bob’s guns here and I sure know how to use them. And believe me, I would use them.

  • sergeantdias

    I am glad I saw and read this article on this radical Muslim – eating dogs. Now I keep my German Shepherd locked up behind the front gate to keep him safe from the Dog Eating Messiah from Kenya. Who were the fools that voted into the White House a dog eating radical Muslim at a time we were and still are at war with ISLAM?

  • Maggie

    Just asked my dog if she wanted me to have her for lunch or if she wanted to take a ride in the back of the truck. She is waiting in the truck!

  • Doc Savage

    Does that mean Obama ate Larry Sinclair, and his Church Choir Leader???

  • Bruce Rubin

    What makes this topic worth talking about and has the country finally hit rock bottom?
    The more we talk and write about the inane the more the real issues don’t get talked about and something get done about.
    Let’s take the discussion off the “table” and talk about how we get get everyone the ability to afford to eat what they would like not what they are forced to.

    • Wildey

      The real issues can be summed up in three definitions:
      MORAL, Gods laws of action and interaction
      IMMORAL, To know those laws and breaching them. A person can repent to God to get back on track
      AMORAL, A person functioning out the laws of morality.
      1- That’s what we were
      2- Is what we were doing
      3- Three is what we’ve become

      John Adams said: This Constitution is only for the governance of a moral and just people. It is unfit for the governance of anyother

      Three would see no problem dining on Fido or do any of the other things we’re doing as we march down the road that Nazi Germany, Communist USSR and their ilk took.

    • Steve

      Good Idea, Lets all support the Fair Tax and call our senators and reps and ask them to co-sponser it.

  • Andrew C

    Let me figure this out, Dogs do what when the window next to them is open? They stick their heads out of it, so it musnt have been THAT bad for the dog on the roof. And who wants a farting dog in their car?

  • uvuvuv

    romney might have been handling a tough situation poorly. no room for the family pet in the car, but like checkers, they wanted to keep him. many people in that situation just abandon the dogs and drive away, just like some people drop their parents off on the steps of the nursing home or leave their babies in a dumpster. yes there are cultures that don’t think of dogs and cats as pets, and they eat insects, or monkeys and snakes, and so after this they should ask prospective presidential candidates, you don’t eat wierd, do you? because while young barry was eating these ethnic food in indonesia, or wherever, how much was he learning about his soon to be adopted country, the usa? does he know anything of steam radiators with wet mittens draped on them in some classroom in a rural outpost? did he ever watch superman on a grainy black and white tv? did he ever recite the pledge of allegiance, wondering what the words meant? did he ever mark the milk card for the next day’s delivery? did he ever sit squirming in a cold and drafty lutheran church in lake woebegone? did he ever play cowboys and indians, with mattel shootin shell pistols? did he ever burn a lone and forlorn sparkler on july 4 when the other kids had actual firecrackers and roman rockets? did he ever shiver in a cold car while his mother or father tries to get the 6 volt starter to turn over? did he ever pour the cereal out of the box to get the free prize, or send in box tops for a secret code ring? did he ever see clothes hanging out to dry? did he ever see a coal delivery? did he ever sit through a family vacation slideshow? did he ever think that jeepers tennis shows weren’t as good as us keds or pf flyers? did he ever eat cracker jacks? did he ever see old yeller or toby tyler? did he ever run his american flyer too fast so it fell off the track? did he ever build a fort using lincoln logs? did he collect baseball cards? did he secretly hate his jc higgins bike? but loved his daisy?

    • WesternCowgirl

      And the answer to that, my friend, is this: you will NEVER know because the past of the POTHUS is NOT open for discussion!!! Except when he tells you in the books he has written, and I am quite sure that about right now, he wishes he had NEVER mentioned eating dog meat!!!!!

      • Wildey

        Every now and then he lets the truth slip out. Actually he was referring to his childhood in Kenya. Don’t you get the warm and fuzzies to realize what America has become. We use to send missionaries to his homeland but now maybe they should send some here.

  • RichE

    Are you guys saying it’s not ok to eat the dog, but it is ok to treat the dog like a dog? And because Axelrod was stupid it’s ok to be stupid?

  • Jim K

    Does this make him a running dog communist?

  • Soosie

    Has anyone seen Bo lately? Just sayin’.

  • WesternCowgirl

    REALLY???? Gosh, run, BO, run . . . . you would be considered a corn-fed dog which makes you a HUGE target for dog meat lovers!!!!!!

  • fields

    oh boy. so many more important issues. i love ani als but let’s focus America.

  • jopa

    We all probably ate dog at one time or another without knowing it.When I was a kid a restaurant chain was busted for selling horse meat.Watching Mash I realized the Koreans pretty much eat dog on a daily basis thats why they could not have vaccines made with horse enzymes.China and Japan probably also have it on the menu along with a lot of other stuff we won’t eat but is a food staple for them.Basically this story is just an attempt to hide or justify Romneys cruelty to animals.

    • http://none Claire

      jopa–I cringe at the thought of anyone eating dog. I wonder how old Obama was at the time. Perhaps there was nothing else to eat. Tiger meat? There are several countries that eat dogs, they still do from what I read. Years ago, I saw photos of dogs being hung from trees–and the people were getting ready to butcher them for food. Ye gods, I have 8 dogs, I cannot imagine eating them. I eat very little meat anyway. Now I hear the FDA will not bother the chicken farms–have you ever seen a chicken farm? The ones I have seen are filthy. Now I know I won’t eat chicken unless I raise them myself.

  • Wildey

    If he were born in Kenya, of course he ate dogs. They’re a staple in that part of the world. He learned to live under a tyrant, dictator or king as well. If America doesn’t get enlightened real fast Americans are going to live in America like it was Kenya, probably eating their pets as well. Idi Amin invited his wife to dinner, not telling her she would be the main course. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, “On nation under God” be damned. We’ll be able to bow down to our leader and enjoy a Golden Retriever done just right on our grill. Our children will learn to live in the “New” America, and learn to put their parents in ovens when they become liabilites.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    So PETA is complaining about Romney’s trip with a dog. But why doesn’t PETA complain about their own ilk, some of which were guilty of gathering stray dogs and cats into vans. Instead of taking them to shelters, the PETA wackos killed the animals in the vans and threw them in dumpsters. (This is according to a caller on Mark Levin’s program several months ago.) ….. As for BHO, he ate man’s best friend??!! I don’t know what it tastes like, and I don’t want to know, because I never want to see dogs or cats treated as such. As for Romney’s trip, it doesn’t say what actual weather conditions were at the time of his trip. If it were during a heat wave, it could be even greater torture to keep a dog cage inside the vehicle. Of course I don’t like Romney, and will not defend him until (sic) he is the official GOP nominee and running against the ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ of 11/4/2008.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    All the good arguments about, Obama and him eating dog, you all have forgot about poor BO, some White House Staff member, ASAP should take him to a safe dog pound and they would give him to someone who would never think about having him as the main course……..

  • chuckb

    could this be where the term “hot dogs” came from? just think all this time, we may have been dinning on the lassies of the world.

  • r.p.

    Well, if like he says. “You take on the traits of what you eat.” Then it’s easy to understand why people think he’s a snake, a cur, and a bug.

  • Dens

    Perhaps Axelrod should give his boss a new nickname….’Pooch Dog’ Obama would be appropriate and endearing to all his supporters….except Bo the dog of course.

  • angelwannabe

    Istead of admiting he ate dog_Obama would do better eating the campaign promises he reniged on after he became President…..

  • Caroline

    Jesus Christ! As children we are fed what the adults supply- further, there are issues of availability of consumable resources. Right wing nut birds— please fly away.

    • angelwannabe


      • caroline

        Angelwannabe and Maggie- thank you for attempting to articulate your thoughts- ugly and rambling at best- and clearly lacking in any formal or informal edification. Your disjointed thoughts are evidence thereof. I wonder how you ranted and raved over the nonsense of Bush and the war whore Cheney. My thoughts are not intended to disrupt the drivelings of the right wing kool-aid drinkers, but to opine in a forum that I presumed to be open. Oh- but the right wingers are closed minded. Angelwannabe- I’ll share my dollies with you- you may enjoy playing with the voodoo dolls made in the likenesses of the blubbering drug addict Rush and the ever drunk Glen. At least I know how to share…and I am home! Safe from the hate mongering right wing nuts. Maggie dear- you know not what ‘normal’ is. Clearly you have been indoctrinated by the mass media as misled by the ever-present, cross-addicted, narrow minded and bloated Rush and Glen, to name two. I am always afraid of idiots who can’t think for themselves and react on their biases and prejudices. The oddities have been the recent parade of republican candidates. Shame on you two ‘women’.

        • Maggie

          I truly am sorry for you and your children.You are full of hate and venom.

      • http://none Claire

        From what I observe in America, there is hate and venom on both sides.

  • Caroline

    It’s so scary how hateful and stupid the right wingers are on this forum. Interesting study in how the cross addicted RL, the alcohoic GB, the war monger DC [to name just a few] can lead their stupid minions. Romney- laughable! He does not stand for your rights or liberties- he stands only to make sure that no one has touched his wallet with your money and jobs in it!

    • Steve

      Caroline, so sorry we offend you enough to cause you to take the name of the lord in vain. Just remember the Left wing wacko started this whole issue and if you think about it that probably speaks more profoundly than anything else said here today.

    • Maggie

      Caroline…you cannot even imagine how afraid I am of you and people who think like you.
      I am afraid for my country,future generations and the poor and middleclass in my country right now. You have a few people here blowing off steam because this President is just not normal.He is not normal and his background is not normal. What he does is not normal for the USA,it is however normal for Russia and many other countries who tried to be Democratic and cannot. We do not wnat to be like Europe,S America ,or any other country or continent on this earth. We want to be exceptional and a beacon for freedom and goodness. Some of us have family members and friends who died or were injured to provide and protect our right to do so.So forgive us if we do not care if you are offended,by having a bit of fun with one of your hero’s oddities.As has previously been said.In the west many travel with dogs in the back of trucks and they love it,but we do not eat or dogs. That may be normal in Indonesia or Africa or Asia but not in the USA.

      • Caroline

        You are a very scary and ignorant person. I’m afraid of your ilk and I warn my children each and every day. I’m so content that they are able to think rationally and critically- however they have to watch their individual and collective backs- if you will. The odious enemy resides not in the White House- but rather in our neigborhoods. So much work- so little time. So much hate…

      • Maggie

        Caroline…you wish I was ignorant.Sorry ! I am however glad you are providing your children with survival skills ,I fear all of our children will need them. We are pretty prepared for whatever comes good or bad. No hate here, to busy,making a a life. Good luck to you and yours.

      • angelwannabe

        Caroline__You Said, “The enemy isn’t in the WhiteHouse they’re in our Neighborhoods__”So much work- so little time. So much hate…

        Yeah Caroline and your mouth is right in there with the rest of us, aren’t ya, You don’t get paid enough to try and disrupt a site, and try to pass it off as a concerned, NEIGHBOR___Your no better than the rest of us, get off that kick.

        Take your dollies and go home little girl…….

  • taliesin319

    If anyone believes that our precious little Barry showed down on dog, where pray tell did so. Indonesia ? In the home of his Muslim stepfather ? In the home of his well fixed white grandparents ? In any one of the three institutions of higher learning he attended in the USA ? At the home of Michael Vick ? If Nobel prizes were.vo en out for Creative Lying or Personal Reinvention he’d win both hands down. Seams on the roof is a lot better fate than sweet little Bo between BHO’s dollars and canines.

  • Kerry

    Fuq the non citizen Obama and as such is not the President by law since he never had US Citizenship, never wanted it, he just wants to destroy America until he gets killed for being in office illegally, pray to God it is soon, today hopefully. Then his wife, kids, cabinet, all appointees by him can all be shot also!

    • caroline

      Kerry- Are you really this stupid? I dare say, YES! Time to think for yourself, young man! Yet another kool-aid drinker! The posts on this site are not part and parcel of intelligent thought- but the mystical ramblings of the escapees from the asylum. Would be entertaining- but the truth is that you fools believe all this drivel.

  • jake

    Hey, you guys are pretty tough on Obama. I think it is a matter of economics. He got that breed of dog so the dog and his whole family can use the same shampoo, conditioner and barber.

  • albert

    And he remains, the excrement resulting from that rabid dog!

  • Gilbert

    What you care about who ate what as a kid! Dogs are food in many parts of the. Please consult your knowledge of the world culture before attaking your own President’s past or anyone’s past. Ks

  • George

    I love the thought that Obama’s comments in his book are correct. He has taken on the qualities of what he ate.
    Dog like, Snake like, and flighty like a grasshopper.

  • Mavro Syvannah

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with tasting a little dog meat so that you can realize that it is just not popular because it is just not as good as a lot of other meats. And as you know the KOO KOO that thinks you (spiritually) become what you eat, is barking up the wrong scientist here, not buying it, highly doubt B.O. is that ignorant either. ;-)

  • One-Angel

    Um. We had dogs growing up. When we came back from being away the dogs would jump all over us, bark and wag their tails 90 miles per hour they were so happy. This is Obama’s “pet” dog? Look at this photo again. This dog is practically cowering as in “Who the hell are you?”

    • FreedomFighter

      “This is Obama’s “pet” dog? Look at this photo again. This dog is practically cowering as in “Who the hell are you?”

      Nope its —What from hell are you

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • E.

    Muslims also F..k their donkeys, dogs etc…

    • J.

      Truth! I saw them in act, few times! while leaving by Arab village.

      • E.

        You mean: “living by…”

  • Larry

    I could never bring myself to muff dive even though many insisted on this happening. As I understand, this is possibly the main reason that I have been celibate since Thanksgiving of 1979. I understand that many do this and have to go without as well. What the f___ing difference does it make?

  • boyscout

    Wake the F up and listen to yourselves. That’s not steam your blowing off; it’s fart gas and it stinks. Pick an issue (Er, a REAL issue) and try a little civility when dealing with it.

  • old hillbilly

    Look at the pict of BO sneaking up on his dog – mutt knows something is fishy…

    ISSUES???? Social Security is bankrupt – BO added 5 trillion to the debt for ZIP – highest taxes in world – millions of illegal aliens taking jobs & on welfare, Medicare, free medical, free education – US manufacturing GONE – most pension plans bankrupt – fighting wars for the “brotherhood – shutting down oil to bankrupt US – Bummercare… on, on, &on…

    Yes – plenty of dumpacraps & refumblicans working 24-7 to help BO destroy our country. All need to go!

    No one is more corrupt & evil than BO, sooo, run him out – scandalize him & any who support him!

    We need millions of obummer stickers. “LIBERAL HOT-DOG”…with… BO holding a wiener dog in a bun – mouth open & sink his teeth in it! BEST SELLER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June Gagnon

    My dog was a Standard Poodle; she loved to ride with her head all the way out the window, or if the sunroof was open, she would stand right up there and stick her head out. She just loved the air and the wind!
    The fact that obama-soetoro “ate dog”, when he was a child, helps explain why he IS “such a dog”!

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    I just read an article were this liar said he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. So why did he eat dog? Man this guy just go from one lie to the other.

  • old hillbilly

    Perhaps the sorriest person ever fell headfirst in the toilet – TIME TO FLUSH!

    Somebody please get to printing bumper stickers

    dogs head out one side of the bun & tail out the other
    OB teeth & ears – can’t miss it!

    Spread some humor – we’ve had enough BO oppression

  • cawmun cents

    [offensive comment removed]

    • bbfmail

      “If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”

  • CLH

    I wish that I had discovered this site when the famously stupid Bush and the munitions whore Cheney were in office… wow- it would have been great to read about all of their failings!!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear CLH,

      If you took the time to do a little research rather than shoot off your mouth with a blanket, profoundly ignorant leftwing generalization, you’d know that (1) This site began in late 2008, so it was not around until the end of Bush’s term (2) I have written often of the failings of the Bush/Cheney regime, [see articles on the site, and just for fun, go to subscription required which I began in 1969, for more] (3) We do not subscribe to the false left/right paradigm, (4) You will learn a lot more reading the commentary here as opposed to getting your “news” from Saturday Night Live, which your later remark regarding Sarah Palin and her view of Russia reveals.

      Best wishes,

      • CLH


        You are quite right- you do not subscribe to much more than fostering hate. I was not aware of this venue- happenstance brought me to it- however, it is very telling to read the creative musings of the hateful. My understanding of the news is more balanced- never do I rely on 1 source- and I do not watch SNL- so your presumption is wrong- again. Palin is an idiot and is not a leader- just a bobble head.


      • Bob Livingston

        Dear CLH,

        Disagreements are not necessarily fueled by hate. What you will find in my writings are fact-based opinions. They are well-sourced. Unlike you, I do not resort to calling people “idiots” because I disagree with their policies. If I debate them, I do so on the merits of their arguments. You have no argument so you use a crutch by shouting “hate.” Just like those who fall back to cries of racism at the drop of a hat, cries of hate are the bastion of of ignorant. It sounds like you hold a hatred for Sarah Palin, as you brought her up out of the blue just so you could hurl invective her way.

        It’s a good thing you teach Spanish rather than civics, government or history, because you would turn out another generation of mindless, indoctrinated sheeple.

        Best wishes,

        P.S. Your teachers union propaganda has you mired in a false paradigm. Please escape the trap of conventional wisdom in which you are confined. The air we free people breath is much more pleasant.

  • CLH

    Oops- and I forgot about the silly and sophomoric Sarah [Palin- that is]. Wow- she really was a winner, right? [Please note the dripping sarcasm- all you right wingers.] Someone needs to point her in the direction of Russia – so she can wave to her friends across the way.

  • Charles Bill L.

    If you want my opinion its a dog eating a dog.

  • Jack

    Ate: An ancient Greek goddess personifying the fatal blindness or recklessness that produces crime and the devine punishment that follows it. Special use ate reckless impulse, ruin, akin to aaein to mislead, harm,

  • uvuvuv

    i forget what obama’s mother’s job was, but she was a us gov employee in indonesia, therefore by local standards quite wealthy. they didn’t have to eat dog to economize. perhaps he was invited home by a friend and ate it there. from what i understand meat eating animals including dogs have a foul taste upon eating, it is desperation fare only. no one will read this, by now this story has been deleted from countless laptops.


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