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Obama Assembles 2 Million For 2012 Propaganda Machine

February 15, 2012 by  

Obama Assembles 2 Million For 2012 Propaganda Machine

President Barack Obama is mounting an effort to assemble a 2 million member-strong “grassroots communications team,” dubbed the Truth Team, to carry the propaganda wing of his 2012 re-election campaign.

According to ABC News, the teams will be initially launched in 13 States considered election-season “swing States,” including Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

“If the other guys are going to run a campaign based on misrepresenting the president’s record — and their own — we have two options: sit back and let these lies go unchallenged, or fight back with the truth,” deputy Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said in an email. ”We’re fighting back.”

The effort also includes a social media focus, directing supporters to three new websites:,  and Most of the attacks on the site focus on Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said the project is a desperate attempt to mask the President’s failed track record.

“The Obama campaign is organizing propaganda teams to deceive voters because Americans are catching onto the reality that Obama’s record doesn’t match his rhetoric,” she said in an email. “How else will they mask the broken promises like introducing another trillion dollar deficit or the fact that the president continues to recycle the same proposals without ever seeing results?”

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Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • David

    Isn’t that what sold us Bush/Cheney? The Karl Rove propaganda machine? The marketing whiz sold us a bill of goods that fattened the big player’s bank accounts while further destroying the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans.
    If you can’t make a point without the name calling and adjetive-laden derogatories, you either don’t have a darn thing to stand on or you aren’t a good enough writer to make a case without them.

    • http://www.motorcars Brad

      Bush or Obama or Clinton holding his Johnson. They are all lying to the American people. Stop pointing fingers at party members, it is doing ZERO good for anyone.

      Just fix this shit and quick.

    • ABaker

      Right on Dave! 100% correct!

    • Mark Rybeck

      Hey David, big players bank accounts, like George Soros, Warren Buffett, Ophry Winfrey, Larry King, Ted Turner, Steven Spelberg and the rest of the leftest hollywood crowd, Fred Smith(FED EX), the Kennedys, John Kerry, Diane Fienstein and her hubby, the owners of Google, Comcast; all liberal democrats. Just to name a few.

      • carol

        Right on Mark……..and they continue to get “fattened”!

  • Amy Aremia

    Actions speak louder than words….Obama can use 4 million people, if he can find them to spread his “propaganda”…All one has to do is to look at the results of his administration. He has abused and overlooked the Constitution more than any other President….

    Time for the people to start thinking and acting in their own behalf and not be swayed by what the media wants you to see….

    • eddie47d

      Considering all the false propaganda that has come out of the Romney,Gingrich.Bachmann.Cain and Perry campaigns I don’t think this article has a leg to stand on. The Republican propaganda machine has been in play for over two years now. I do want to thank them in exposing themselves in all those wild debates. Especially in how they treated Ron Paul. Were they masterfully ignoring him or afraid to take on his beliefs?

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama calling this his “TRUTH TEAM” is an award winning “OXYMORON”. This is equivalent to Bill Ayers is just a guy in my neighborhood, or sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, and not knowing what was being preached.

      • Mark Rybeck

        Anyone who believes anything coming from the Barack Hussin Obama camp, has to be 5 years old or Helen Keller.

    • GregP

      I tried to warn people of the same thing when O was running his first campaign. I know a LOT of Democrats who wish they’d listened then. Suppose they will,now ?!!?

      • carol

        Yep…me too. Wonder how these folks like their HOPE & CHANGE?

    • Len Miller

      Amy, please be kind enough to point out the “violations” of the Constitution that you so blithely throw out in your post. As I see it, torture, waterboarding, invasion of our libraries, intercepting our telephone calls, reading our e-mails, denying habeas corpus as your friends W/Cheney did along with many other deviants from our American values were extremely serious violations of our Constitutional rights. Perpetuating Guantanamo, refusing to bring charges against people and keeping them in indefinite detention as has been the want of the Republicans continue in the violation of our Constitutional freedoms and liberties. The invasion of the right to privacy as determined 50 years ago in Griswold as is the desire of Santorum and the demand that the government invade the bedroom ofour citizenry as is the want of the Republican Presidential candidates are very serious violations of our Constitutional rights and freedoms. How do you put these terrible constitutional violations on Obama? These are not Democrats that demand that government take away your freedoms. These are Republicans. Did you miss something?

    • ABaker

      First year in Politics Amy? It is obvious you were not paying attention in the eight years of the Bush Administration.

    • carol

      Sad thing is that he”ll get the votes………..all those wanting “handouts” and living off the government will vote for him. If he gets re-elected, we can call it a day. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • Sirian

    This is how he pulled off winning the election before. This time around, don’t think it’s going to work quite as well for him. As a matter of fact, his loving throngs of college kids has dropped tremendously. Wonder why? Oh, student loans maybe? No, never. . . :(

    • eddie47d

      Republicans won’t take up the issue of student loans and would rather see our higher educational system fall into oblivion. Maybe soon no one will be able to attend universities except for the children of the Elites.

      • Len Miller

        Eddie, Ain’t that the way it is supposed to be? Just ask Santorum, Romney and Gingrich. They like it like that!

      • ABaker

        The rising cost of upper education is out of control! What is causing the costs to raise so fast and so high? Could it be the huge number of grants, public assistance, tuition assistance and scholarships? It seems like anytime there is any supportive money for anything the price goes up. Or is it just plain greed in the schools?

      • Mark Rybeck

        Why should the tax payers be sucked dried for student loans and other gov’t socialist programs. If you want something(like Abortion, etc.)you pay for it. We tax payers are ready to start The 2nd American Revolution!

  • Karen

    Obama scares the hell out of me. His supporters swallow the prpaganda yet don’t see thru his rhetoric. He has an illusory hidden past he has spent millions hiding from public knowledge yet he speaks of transparency. God help us!

    • Norm

      Take a good look at the opposition. Liars, flipfloppers, womanizers,obstructionist, racists and idiots aren’t going to unseat the Pres.

      • JUKEBOX

        But Norm, none of the opposition are master “MASS HYPNOTISTS”, in the way Obama & Hitler perfected it.

      • Len Miller

        Bravo Norm!!

        • G.B.

          Bravo my butt.

    • Deerinwater

      You’ve seem to have swallowed your share as well Karen.

      But whatever your poison preference, make no mistake your opposition is coming and coming well prepared.

      The GOP is splintered so badly they have resorted to the old stand by arguments already. The ‘Taking of your guns, women’s right to choose, voter fraud, by middle September it will an Attack on Christian and defending God. All dividing issues that separate right from left while never being resolved in the past even with Supreme court rulings.

      The GOP still finds it’s self unable to run on a solid track record so bring in the clowns.

      Give us Ron Paul is the best you can do for your country today.

      • ABaker

        The GOPs “Mission of Failure” has without a doubt taken it’s toll on the Obama Administration but I believe people are seeing through it and with the help of the “dead end” congress are seeing the failure to fix America’s problems are more the result of the GOPs “Mission of Failure” than anything else. The Republicans would rather see America continue to suffer than see the Obama Administration accomplish anything that would move us toward national recovery!

    • Jay

      Can anything good come from the “Whore-house?”

      • eddie47d

        Is Gingrich back in Washington already?

        • ABaker

          It is obvious Gingrich has very little respect for the office of The President of the United States if he thinks he is anywhere near being qualified for the job! Fortunately the majority of the Republicans see it differently; we got rid of him before and we do not want to see in ANY public office again!

      • Deerinwater

        I always thought so. As long as you’re not having to run it by hand.

        Ron Paul has a better shot at it then he did before, I wouldn’t be overly discouraged at this point.

        I’m very impressed with the joyful cadence Ron Paul presence, his glass is always half full and very gracious in defeat and victory. At some point that will serve him well. Being the only grown up in the room.

        Are far I can tell, Santorum is a non- starter (like Herman, he just don’t know it yet) and will only drag Mitt down, weakening both of them. Romney is the one to beat out.

        At some point, the GOP voter will have to seriously considered what Ron Paul is offering. I wish Paul would adjust his message and accept some compromise, but if he did he wouldn’t be Ron Paul.

        To do otherwise, the GOP voter is left to hold their nose & vote.

    • Mark Rybeck

      Who said,”Repeat a lie often enough and the people will believe it.”? Adolph Hitler or Barack Hussin Obama?

  • Norm

    An uptick in public optimism about the economy has boosted President
    Feb 15,2012
    Just saying….
    Obama’s approval rating to 50 percent, the highest it’s been since he approved the raid that killed terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll released on Tuesday evening.
    Forty-three percent of Americans still disapprove of the job Obama is doing, which is not ideal for a president seeking a second term. But he now leads each of the Republican presidential candidates in theoretical head-to-head matchups, the poll found.

    • Mark Rybeck

      According to CBS/New York Times, both liberal democrat so-called media outlets. Enough said.

      • Tudor

        I believe Rush said that the MSM in today’s society is basically state-run media and I am beginning to believe it. I have never seen a candidate get a “free pass” for everything he does the way the current President has, both in 2008 and now. There is no subtlety in the way they continue to be his biggest cheerleaders.

        The biggest thing I see in this announcement about the propaganda machine is that they must be concerned about the election because if they were completely confident of victory, they wouldn’t bother with things like this. I wonder if they have some idea that the public with think for themselves this time around and ignore what the MSM and the Hollywood crowd espouses.

  • WilliamWallace

    After watching dozens of interviews with ‘Occupy Protesters’, I am convinced that these “Truth Teams” may actually help the cause. These “Useful Idiots” have no depth in their arguments and all I have heard so far from them is “The President didnt know how bad things were with the economy”. If this and the Presidents own blatant attempt to divide Americans is all they have, I say, STOP WORRYING AND GET OUT OF YOUR BUTT’S AND JUMP IN AND HELP. This President must be defeated in November!

    • Norm

      He won’t be defeated by the currant crop of losers!!

    • eddie47d

      The problem is William Wallace is that you want to serve arrest warrants in Washington yet failed to follow through in putting hand cuffs on those on Wall Street. I would say that makes OWS alot smarter than you and more dedicated in finding real justice for the economic collaspe. The Republican Party certainly doesn’t hold a high candle when it comes to the truth either.


      Ecclesiastes tells us that the heart of a wise man goes to the right, while the heart of a fool goes to the left.

      • eddie47d

        I don’t think God was being political in that verse.

    • Len Miller

      William, you must be watching Faux News. Please read a newspaper (not the NY Post– it is not one) If you watch and read, you would not post as you do. If you don’t get that Occupiers are on the side of the vast majority of Americans, then you really missed the point– and you missed it by several miles.

    • ABaker

      We missed the boat – surely we have better people who should have been running. Have they decided to sit it out for another four years? Has the “dead end” Congress sent such poor signals to the public that it has given the Republicans such a bad reputation? Has the voters seen through the GOPs “mission of failure” and realize the failures are not those of the White House but of the GOPs continual efforts to create failure? We certainly have not done anything in the past three years to show we are any better prepared to handle our nation’s problems than the Democrats; on the contrary, our lack of leadership and the dedication to party over nation has hurt us!

  • Paul Baioni

    Exactly what you would expect from a narcissist.

  • Sandy Daniels

    He has a private army, a globalist agenda, a FOOD POLICE, SEVERAL QUIET LITTLE GROUPS THAT REMIND ME OF NAZI GERMANY

    We as a country are facing the intentional destruction of our economy and defense.

    And to top it all off we are facing the worst CONSTITUTIONAL crisis we have ever faced. If good ol Hanoi hillery gets her way we will be forced by international treaty law to give up any and every weapon of self defense.

    If obummer gets re-elected we face the ripping apart of the bill of rights. He is the most anti-christian president in the country’s history. We will see the FREEDOM OF RELIGION fall THE SECOND AMENDMENT FAIL. freedom OF SPEECH fail the right to PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY FAIL

    Then what do we have left to right this GIANT wrong that has been done to our country? Nothing at all…….. we will be subjects/slaves with no hope of recovering our freedoms.


    • healthnut

      You are so right Sandy…It is unbelievable that the United State of America has elected a man so evil that he is actually destroying our/his country and the people in it…AND…of course he has an army well funded…The MEDIA…doing his dirty work…and doing a good job…they push his dirty agenda…ALL of them…truly disgusting…George S. of ABC…Mathews of MSNBC…Brian of NBC…and ALL the other slimeballs…They have a “Duty” to help him…after all they got him elected…The Petty Want To Be Dictator acts and lives like the South American Dictators…he loves it…so he will do anything to keep it…

      Laus Deo

      • JUKEBOX

        Media Matters is the middle man between the WH and the MSM.

        • Greta

          Yes; and Media Matters is funded by george soros!

    • Len Miller

      Sandy, all I can say isthat you msut live in an alternate universe. Are any of you guys really paying attention? Please getsome facts and stop spouting the crazy talking points. Obama is one of the best Presidents in recent time. He is at the worst??? a moderate. He is so far from the talking points picture that you must be viewing him through some kind of ultra-right wing prism. I can layout the litany of all of the good that he has accomplished for us- but you can read my earlier post for that. Just watch your Republican friends as they cave for every Democratic idea in order to try to save their asses in the next election. Luckily the American public has caught on tho their obstructionist ways.

      • Greta

        Really?? Thank you for the good laugh though.

    • ABaker

      Do trees frighten you? Have you reached that behind every tree fear?
      The cure is to take time to get the facts for yourself rather than let radical radio, TV, internet and printed media sway you! We have had a constant barrage of “mission of failure” propaganda and negativism’s that fear is becoming common-place! When we hear it enough we start believing it- just like expensive car and soap advertisements the propaganda is designed to sway opinion and thoughts. Hopefully you do better when shopping for a car or in the supermarket!

  • Buckner

    Unfortunately, more and more Americans are being “helped” by the guvmint, and therefore are very reluctant to let go of that income and support – no wonder Black Hitler is gaining ground…


      Since they found a blood relationship between Obama and other politicians, I’d bet you can trace some of his genealogy back to the Mein Kampf.

  • Dens

    He’s going to run on his record? His propaganda machine will need more than 2 million to ‘create’ a record for him to run on. Too many people in this Country are (living) his record, such as it is.

    Although many Americans do believe in fairy tales, most like a little reality every now and then and that could hurt him. all in all however, with the help of his cheerleaders in the leftist alphabet news media, he shouldn’t need to spend too much on the production.


      The record he needs to run on should be a criminal one.

      • Len Miller

        You guys are really strange. I say that with utmost respect. For what are you reading and watching to get such odd ideas.

        • Greta

          The best you can get. obama’s own words is what we hear and read!

        • ImReady

          FOX news, that’s all they watch. Fox news, just like the repubs, is full of lies, from start to finish. It is proven that people that watch fox news as their only news source, are 40% less knowledgeable of political truth, than people that spend time watching other news sources.

  • wharfrat

    Obama has a truth team?maybe they should start with him,he doesn’t know what the word truth means,all he does is lie and try to decive the American public and the Obamaites believe every word he says,he’s been a failure for over three years and they still believe he’s telling the truth,he’s destroying my country and I will not vote for him like I didn’t vote for him the last time he ran for office,Satan decieves people just like he’s doing to us,but we can vote this loser out,if we don’t America is doomed.

    • eddie47d

      Then you will have to pick up your lantern and go searching for an honest opposition leader. So far Ron Paul is the only one who fits that ticket yet the Republican establishment plays coy with him. Better yet put on your cleats for you have a mighty high hill to climb with what the Republicans have to offer.

  • Retired Marine

    Obama has failed in everything he has tried. This is because a do nothing community Organizer should of never been elected to The presidentcy. His obama care has failed rhe entire nation. his bowing to a Saudi King has shown that we are weak to muslem nations he deficet spending has and will never be balanced he and the democrat party and alll idiots

  • Buck

    After witnessing the last three years , any body that could be convinced to vote for OBAMASS is either incredibly incomparably ignorant or insane . This incluudes the congressional black caucas , who are still making excuses for him and answering questions about him with gobbledy gook . RON PAUL can put us back on the path to the REAL AMERICA , Vote RON PAUL for PRESIDENT !!!

  • healthnut

    Why he is worried about the “truth”? He has been lying everyday since he took power…he tries everyday to corrupt the young people…like Hitler…he starts with the “stupid” young children up to college students…he does so because this chicken sh-t…is scared to talk to people in the “know”…he promises the young population tons of freebies…while he steals their own parents blind…Moo-Moo is doing the same…both are obnoxious and they do not belong in our White House…Imagine…the chaos they have already created…the union thugs…the OWS…the Obots…the Brown Nose…the Parasites…like the Acorns…the Unicorns…are already stealing us blind…Fools..

    Where are these kids parents? Tell your children NOT to let Ozero and Moo-Moo take their freedoms and their souls before its too late…Keep your ugly paws off the young…Moo-Moo take care of your own and leave our children alone…

    What? Is that a new picture of a naked Obama? sick…sick…face and soul…an evil kook….Beware…

    • Len Miller

      Hey healthnut– you should just leave off the health– the balance suits you and your positions.

  • Vicki

    We’ve known about Obama’s truth teams for a long time. 2008 “fight the smears” campaign. 2009 groups set up to denounce anyone objecting to his health care mandate plan. 2008-date anything published on his birth or other sealed records. 2011 Attackwatch website.

    We have seen some of them post here on a regular basis. We have teased them about their sources of income and working conditions.

    Many of us post here and elsewhere specifically to counter Obama’s “teamwork”. Even though we don’t get paid to do so.

    • Len Miller

      Vicki– Do you know that the Individual Mandate for Health Insurance was a Republican idea? In fact, a very Conservative idea proposed by the Heritage Foundation. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself and stop listening the BS of the Limbaugh/Hannity type. We don’t need a mandate, we need single payer or at the least, a public option. No human being should ever be denied proper healthcare.

      • Greta

        Huh? What are you talking about? EVERYBODY in this country has and always had ACCESS to proper healthcare.

      • Vicki

        Len Miller writes:

        Do you know that the Individual Mandate for Health Insurance was a Republican idea?

        Oh look. It’s a new “truth team” member. Complete with lies and no cites. After all if it were true they could easily provide the link. Assuming they all were taught how to make a link to a cite that is.

        No human being should ever be denied proper healthcare.

        Not only a “truth team” member but a slave owner. Tell me len, who were you going to force to give you “proper” healthcare and do you really want to trust your health to a slave?


      Never forget, A lie can get all the way around the world before the truth can get its shoes on.

  • Michael

    This is no surprise as the liberals constantly decieve the people.
    I Hope and Pray the people whom fell for the Hope and Change campaign have a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of what this has done to our country and do not fall for it again. I would like to know what is going on with the investigations into the fraudulent votes in Illinois that got Obama on the ballot and why this did not come out sooner? These investigations should be complete and prove he was not elected legally.
    All of our politicians have taken the “BIG Oath”and a huge number of them clearly have violated the Oath. These political leaders should all be replaced without benefits.

    • Len Miller

      Michael, I am sorry for you. (and the word is who — not whom). Better check out some facts — not Fox News fantasy.

      • JUKEBOX

        Fox News fantasy has more reality to it than MSM’s news, which is as real as professional wrestling.

        • Len Miller

          Jukebox– who the Hell is MSM?

          • Greta

            I’ll explain it to you v e r y s l o w l y so even you can understand:
            M stands for MAIN
            S stands for STREAM
            M stands for MEDIA
            MSM = Main Stream Media.
            Darn! This was not slow enough. You’ll still don’t get it.

          • robert

            oh we get it,i,l say it with still photos and crayons so you can get it. m stands for morons,s stands for stupid people,and the other m stands for make belief.ovomit and his band of gypys,have a great magic act.but we the people.don,t like magicians.god bless all american veterans and all american citizens

    • DAVE

      I fell for the “Change” promise. I believed that Obama would roll back the Patriot Act, end eaves dropping on American citizens, and take up for us, the working Americans, not the wealthiest 1 %. I wasn’t expecting a continuation of Ws policies of shredding the constitution and further advancing our wars.
      All this shows me one thing. Just like W, Obama is owned by big finance, big pharma, etc.

      He is doing what he’s told to do PERIOD. My big complaint is when Jr. Bush was doing what Obama is doing, I didn’t hear a peep from anyone on the right. If one spoke about Bush in a negative tone, they were considered a treasonous dog. It’s treason to disagree with the Commander in Chief screamed the likes of Hannity. MAYBE if we acted as ONE nation and tried to put a stop to this when it started, we might not be where we are today.

      Those same powers that decides who’s boss are the ones that have created the division that exists today. Divide and conquer. It worked.

      • G.B.
        Try this web site and it will amaze you.

      • Vicki

        Dave writes:

        I fell for the “Change” promise. I believed that Obama would roll back the Patriot Act, end eaves dropping on American citizens, and take up for us, the working Americans, not the wealthiest 1 %.

        I wouldn’t worry overmuch about the 1% that are wealthy. I’d worry about the 1% that are power hungry.

        And about the wealthy 1%. If the sample is the world than MOST Americans are the 1%.

  • chuckb

    barry’s truth team: seiu, afl, nea, abc, nbc, cbs, media.fil industry, and fox news does he need more.

  • ranger hall

    Heck nothing new, They all do the same thing, And it still will not matter as to who is elected ? Put in Office. It just allowes them to hand out your DOLLARS to the FEW of their Friends. MEDIA is #1 on this list of MONEY MAKERS. Just your Money. And we pay these People to Party for a hole Year ON YOUR MONEY.

  • ranger hall

    OH WELL, We still think the Elected President is going to take care of our Problems..The President is NOTHING, ITS the POWERS to BE that controls the President. HE DOES WHAT THEY TELL HIM TO DO. Any President or Person that HAS the POWER of The PEOPLE IS FEARED by the Powers to BE. SO any Person that has this kind of Power, WILL be ELIMINATED one way or the Other.

  • Len Miller

    You should have such a “failed” track record. President Obama, inspite of the Republican obstructionism, saved the auto industry, saved millions of jobs and now as the stimulus has kicked in, actually created growth in private sector jobs for 23 straight months, got Bin Laden (something cowboy George could not do for 8 years); decimated Al Quaeda; Has gotten most of the Tarp money (Bush’s destruction of the economy) repaid; got us started on the road to Universal Healthcare after President’s for over 100 years before him failed (including Tricky Dick)– Ended Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell; Ended Bush’s insane Iraq War; ended torture as a US policy;( Do you have anymore room for MAJOR accomplishments?) All in the face ofutter Republican intransigence.


      Is the half billion Solyndra bankruptcy, fast & furious, the 100 unelected czars, and a 5 trillion increase in national debt included in his Major accomplishments?

      • Len Miller

        Jukebox, you are a victim of Fox. Sorry for you. Maybe, like the Repubs in Congress, you will wake up and find out who is really on your side. Until then, you can vote and work against your own interests.

    • G.B.

      How blind are you. All the so called jobs made or saved by the porkuolus is just words. I haven’t seen jobs popping out of the woodwork. The clown has lied so much alone with anyone that has anything to do with him. The crap they tell is to make Obummer look good. I don’t believe anything they say. Get your head out of the sand an listen.

  • chuckb

    len miller. LOL do you live in this country? saved the auto industry?
    you mean he made a gift of gm to the auto union at the taxpayers expense and they are not able to pay back the so called stimulus money. they gve the government stock in gm as part payment and the stock is worthless. the healthcare bill is nothing but a tax increase and will not work. he did not end the iraq war, that was planned before he took office. torture? (you are confused). don’t ask don’t tell was mandated by your hero clinton. just go’s to show one bolshevik to another can’t agree. now what major accomplishments are you talking about? oh, bin laden, he never found the guy, remember, we have a military that handle those matters and if hadn’t been for our so called “torture” it wouldn’t have happened and anyway it took him nearly a day to get the courage up to kill one of his brothers, he prayed on his rug that mohammad would forgive him,
    the un-employment stands at 9% according to gallup poll (today), another one of barry’s lies un-covered.
    it looks to me like your loser is truly a loser.

  • ABaker

    Good – it is about time the truth is spoken! For the past three years we have heard nothing but cheap propaganda from the GOP in their “mission of failure” for President Obama. Their efforts have hindered, sidetracked and stopped our nation’s recovery efforts.

    It has been disappointing to hear the constant nay-saying, negatives, fear mongering and plain lies disseminated for no other reason that to see the Obama Administration fails.

  • Shoestring47

    Hitler did the same thing during the War with Germany, he blamed Jews, Obama blames Republicans. He has Occupy Wall Street, Hitler had his own version. Obama has divided the country, Hitler divided the coluntry.

    Soros is giving Obama pointers, Soros was in Hitler’s Army and now he will try to take over America.
    The people (politicians) who believe in the SOCIALISTIC and COMMUNISTIC concepts, especially those who pass more and more laws implementing these slavery ideas, are traitors to their oath of office and to the Constitution of the united States of America… KNOW YOUR ENEMY …Remove the enemy from within and from among us.

  • snapdragon

    I will be voting for President Obama again, He is heads and shoulders above any of those clowns running against him.

  • http://yahoo Edward

    Obama is really a great joke of the century. I thought Woodrow Wilson was the hot shot of the day for socialism. Obama bin laden has him beat. How can anyone vote for him when he is out destroying our economy for jobs and economic growth. Obama taxes the oil companies in a great way to raise the price of gas at the pumps. Solyandra was a total failure, we will never see that bailout money again. Can’t people understand that it is not only gasoline that goes up , it is clothes, food and shelter. Socialism has never worked in other countries, why should it here? Too much dependence on the gov’t. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH FOLKS. Take a trip to Greece and see how they are doing. Pretty bad. You can not spend your way out of debt. Close the Federal education dept, EPA, and energy dept. and we will have our 5 trillion dollars Obama bin laden stole from us. We have enough coal, natural gas, and oil to set us in gear for the next 200 years or more.


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