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Obama Assaults Student Health Coverage

June 5, 2012 by  

Obama Assaults Student Health Coverage
President Barack Obama is making it harder for some college students to get health insurance.

President Barack Obama spends a great deal of time and energy trying to convince college-aged Americans that he really cares about them and understands the challenges that they face.

It is no secret that the President played upon the idealism of American youths during his first campaign by way of celebrity endorsements and one-word slogans promising “hope” and “change.” But now, evidence of the President’s real contribution to young Americans is coming to light.

A recent Wall Street Journal report points out one thing Obama is doing for college-aged Americans with his healthcare initiative: making it harder for them to access affordable insurance while they are in school.  Many students remain on their parents’ health coverage plans while attending college and have traditionally been able to do so until reaching the age of 22. Obamacare extended that age to 26. But, the Journal reports some 600,000 college students whose parents do not carry health insurance opt instead to purchase low-cost, minimal coverage health insurance from their colleges.

In 2010 the American Council on Education warned the President that his healthcare overhaul was going to drive up the cost of the college-provided insurance options so much that many colleges would be forced to drop them or raise premiums to outstanding levels.

From the Journal:

Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kan., this past year offered a 12-month plan that cost students $445, while capping payouts at $10,000. For the 2012-2013 academic year, the Obama administration said the payout cap must be at least $100,000. Bethany said students would have had to pay more than $2,000 to get that new level of coverage.

The Obama Administration contends that the low payout cap, even for the relatively healthy 18-23 age group, is insufficient health coverage. Proponents of the discounted insurance plans say they are good for students who may need to see a doctor for a minor illness or get prescriptions filled throughout the school year without incurring serious out-of-pocket expenses.

The Administration has mandated that for the 2013-2014 school year, plans must cover at least $500,000 in medical expenses, and the year after that plans may not have a payout cap. As a result, many colleges are opting to do away with student health coverage altogether.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Witsend

    An insurance company is a gambler. Why would they gamble on a sure loss? No cap on benefits? Of course they have to charge more for the policy! Another case of Unintended Consequences – or maybe they were intended.

    As to the “covered to the age of 26, in college or not” portion of the disastrous bill, that is not true either. Even though I don’t support that portion of Obamacare (I don’t support much, if any, of it.), I was really bummed when I found out I could not take advantage of it for my daughter. When she graduated college last August at the age of 22, she was dropped as of January 1. Why? My health insurance policy is part of a retirement policy – and such policies are exempt.

    My dismay at her being dropped showed me how easy it is to want to take advantage of entitlement programs.

    • wandamurline

      Medicare payments for the elderly will go from $100 a month to $247 a month under Obamacare. The whole thing was an attempt to control the masses….it was not about helping or cutting the cost of health care….it was about the insurance companies and businesses opting out of providing health care and get to a one payer system where the government has total control of whether or not you get health care treatment. After “we read what was in it”, we also found that new taxes will be put on medical devices, hospitals will have to get permission to enlarge their facility from the government, doctors and hospitals will be paying fees to the government, and Palin was right…there will be d e a t h
      panels as there will be a Commission appointed by the president that do not have to have any health care background deciding on whether a person 70 or older gets knee surgery or pain pills. Not to mention that the government will now be in charge of student loans, so they will decide who goes to college and who doesn’t. There is going to be an increase in MC and SS deductions in your check soon…..when this obimanation goes into effect, it may be the last straw that totally collaspes our economic system because it is going to cost twice what the Demorats said it would cost and America is broke….does no one know what the term “out of money…..broke” means?

      • NOBAMA2012

        What do you mean “out of money” – “broke”…. thats unheard of. Democrats and libs just fire up the printing press and print more money. Who says “money don’t grow on trees” in the Democrats world. Their solution to being “‘broke” is to print more green paper or just barrow money from Countries like China at amounts by which US will never be able to pay back. Heaven forbid, they might have to cut back on spending, cut out entitlement programs and other over regulated government offices costing this Country billions. That is not an option, the only solution and a simple solution in the mind of the Dems and libs is to simply borrow, borrow, borrow or print print print.

      • eddie47d

        It would be nice to take away the Democrats Debit Card but equally nice to take away the Republicans Corporate Credit Card. (That would be the ALEC Card).

      • Mike in MI

        Sorry, folks. Nobody, not even nObama can print wealth. Some body has to earn or build it by generating “PR-AH-ah-ah-ah-afi-fi-it” (to quote the 4th member of the Blue Collar Tour; Tater White. 1st in this context.) All Numbammer’s doin’ is stamping his impression on the toilet paper scraper – - – formerly called a “dollar”.
        Don’t be surprized if a representative of the CCP (Chinese Comunist Party knocks on your door with a Quit Claim Notice to collect your portion of the debt owed those allies of your current representative in the WH and Congress.
        HEY, DON’T BLAME ME. Somebody voted for them. Might as well blame you. Oh, sorry. If you voted for him they won’t be knocking on YOUR door.

      • EyesWideOPEN

        NOBAMA2012 says:

        ” Heaven forbid, they might have to cut back on spending, cut out entitlement programs and other over regulated government offices costing this Country billions. That is not an option, the only solution and a simple solution in the mind of the Dems and libs is to simply borrow, borrow, borrow or print print print.”…

        OMG!! What planet am I on? Is this some kind of bizarro dimension? During 2000 – 2008 this is EXACTLY what dubya was doing and in 2013 (if mittens get’s to realize his wet dream) it will continue and YOU blame the libs? I’m not saying the Dems are any better than the Pubs but really, place the blunt of the blame where it belongs.. The entire war(s) were financed on credit. The Dems would love to eliminate the entitlements (which I might add will affect the middle class and poor as well) in other areas their just as stubborn as the Pubs (repeat: just as stubborn as the pubs).. There isn’t going to be any lessening of g’ment, entitlements will continue, and it will be big b’ness as usual no matter who get’s to wear the clown suit.. Don’t go looking for redemption among the fools running for office, it’s their race and the winners get to gloat about their position.. We are fartherest from their minds or sympathies.. Some of you nim nods knock down the current administration and those who you call feeble for backing them as if you had been privy of some hidden secret told to you by covert big throats and you think those who tell you are as pure as the driven snow.. Want you at least acknowledge that you too could be manipulated and used as someone’s battle ax? We could ALL be mistaken and prodded into believing that anybody who doesn’t agree with our beliefs are commie/lib/greaseball/homos.. It’s called ‘DEBATE’ and not a knock down-drag out cuss fest. My gawd, where has the sanity gone?

    • stopspending4

      I don’t think this is an “unintended” consequence. I think part of the plan is to make the cost of coverage so high that companies, schools, individuals will drop their coverage. What is left? The Government must take all those people into a government plan. Remember, Obama and the dems wanted a single payer plan but knew that we the people would never accept it. Now it will become a government plan, single payer, because people will have no other choice. Wait and see. Thank God it is June and we can hope the Supreme Court overturns some if not all of the plan.

  • RivahMitch

    Ve are the Guverment. Ve vill decide what and how much (insurance, food, living space, etc.) you need and vill tell you how much you must pay for it and you vill give us ze proper tithes, offerings und worship;-) SIEG HEIL!!

    • eddie47d

      Thankfully young adults are generally healthy but where is Obama “assaulting” their healthcare.? It was private insurers who jacked up the price of health insurance for several years in a row. How is that free enterprise working out for you and what did you do to stop those yearly increases? Too many were more concerned in how those increases beefed up their stock portfolio instead of worrying about the burden of going to the doctor. In the Big Pharma hay-day they were jacking up prices by 2,000 percent and even up to 8,000% on big selling drugs. When young people need those medications it’s just as expensive for them too. If they need hospital care they pay the same as grandma for that hospital room or surgery. Capitalistic greed set us all up and the price of health care will never go down. Profits went up but the CARE in healthcare went down. Gotta pay those Ceo’s and board of directors those handsome salaries and ridiculous bonuses but that is what you get when you got those corporate foxes guarding the healthcare hen house.

  • JoMama

    I have to tell you – I pay for healthcare through my employer. My doctor told me I have to get blood work done. I went & had the bloodwork done. It took just a couple of minutes. I just got the bill. I owe the hospital $1,534.00 for exactly 9 blood tests that took 5 minutes!! I am astonished at the price increase!!! These tests would cost practically NOTHING a few years ago. In Massachusetts we (everybody) are required to buy healthcare & from what I’ve seen – I cannot afford to go to the doctor anymore!!! I will continue to pay the insurance company – only because it is the law here – but I cannot go to the doctor anymore – it is
    W A Y too expensive. I’ll probably be paying that bill for the next 10 years or so.
    So remember, kids – whenever somebody mentions “reform” – that means somebody needs more money & control. Remember “healthcare reform”?? It wasn’t broken in the first place. Some control freak NEEDED to control it.
    So now when politicians mention “healthcare reform” or “immigration reform” or any kind of “reform” – it just means these control freaks need something more to control – because they don’t think that anyone but them are smarter that you.
    Reform – my butt!! I AM PISSED!!

    • JoMama

      One more thing – if I HAD that kind of money to just pull out & hand it over to pay a bill – I sure wouldn’t need health insurance, would I??

    • MAP

      It means the incompetent and corrupt scoundrels in Washington now decide if you live or die. This is the most outrageous power grab in the history of our country.

    • stopspending4

      I have read that if you pay cash for medical services the cost is often less than what you pay with insurance co pay. I have not tried it or heard of anyone with that experience but it makes you wonder.
      Also remember that “free” is not free. someone will be paying for all this free health care and I assume it will be the same 50% that pay all the other federal taxes.

      • ChuckL

        Perhaps we should just prohibit patents on medication and medical appliances.

        I have notices that if you look it is often possible to find a generic (i.e. no longer covered by a patent) medication that costs the same or less than the “co-pay” on an insured medication.

        We must also eliminate the prohibition on advertising the health benefits of any natural food. The only reason is to limit medication advertising to patentable medication. The idea is to keep our costs up.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    The comment reguarding entitelment programs is very true, So many people do thier thinking accorging to just a few words from a speech. If it is a thing that I want thats what I’ll vote for . Not hearing the total content of the promises that are lies. Obomma strategy

  • peter

    So if Obama was running a health insurance outfit he would be selling policies for $ 445 with guaranteed cover of $ 100,000! I guess he wouldn’t get the job as CEO of any respectable insurer with that proposal. They wouldn’t stay in business more than three weeks. He may be the potus, but his financial management acumen seems shaky. Are any of his advisors experienced in the medical insurance industry? Just a thought.

  • Norm

    Lets not forget:
    1. Anyone who gets medical attention and has no insurance (or cash) is “treated” (no pun intended) by the rest of us.
    2. 10k in today’s world of medicine is chump change.
    3. The main reason medical costs are so high in this country is that the profit motive system works poorly in the medical area.
    4. The government pays the bills for Medicare and Medicaid but the very poorly run Medical Establishment makes the rules and sets the costs.

    • 45caliber


      Not entirely on No. 3. One of the major reasons that medical treatment is so high is due to government regulations about testing and due to court suits. They MUST test for a lot of unnecessary things to keep both the government and the courts happy – and we MUST pay for them.

      • Ladyhawke

        Not only that, medicare and medicaid DO NOT PAY the costs, they pay a VERY small portion and then the underpayment is made up by those who have private insurance or have to pay out of pocket. Insurance is one of the reason medical costs are outrageous. If one does not have take out their wallet to pay, the true cost of things never hits home. If it was pay as you go, the costs would necessarily plummet so that people could afford “treatment”. I despise being forced to pay for health insurance (thru employer, cannot opt out)that I do not want because they only cover allopathetic medicine (purposely spelled that way) and not the alternative medicine that I want. So my family has to pay twice. Once for insurance we do not use, and then again when we go to our alternative doctor.

      • Shirley

        You need to do some research. Some medical treatments have a 300,000 time mark up. The same procedure or medical prescription in another country is a fraction. An inhaler made in the U.S.A. is $100 or more. They same inhaler made in the U.S.A. with shipping costs added and sold in Mexico is $5. When asked how they can sell it for so little, the foreign governments have stated, they would not “ALLOW” the MEDICAL INDUSTRY TO DO THAT TO THEIR CITIZENS!!!

        You got to love the lobbyist and our money grabbing politicians.

        My vote is for RON PAUL! He never took money from lobbyists. He has refused to take a pension. He has stated if elected president, he would rollback his pay to the median wage of Texas, about $36,000. I guess Congress is worried they might have to follow suit. Do you realize that politicians get a pension for each office they hold to termination? Wow, only a couple of years in office and they get a pension equal to full pay and full good medical coverage for them and their family. When they pass, the pension(s) goes to their spouse. This is all on the TAXPAYER’S DOLLAR. They do not pay into Social Security.

        When people on Social Security die, their spouse can take just one or the other Social Security payment.

        If Politicians had to go on Social Security and Obomber Care, they would straighten it out. If Cheney were on Obomber Care, HE WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN 2 HEART TRANSPLANTS… HE WOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD TO TAKE ASPIRINS.


        Shirley De

      • 2¢ worth…

        I recall when air was free (to put in your tires).. No one paid attention to the minute utility cost to operate it (water the same way) then one day a quarter machine popped up and we all found our selves dropping a coin for 3 to 5 minutes of either water or air (but not both).. I happened to be working at such a fuel station at the time and I asked my boss why he decided to do this and he said that he was getting tired of having his hoses ripped off and anyway it’s only temporary until the cost of the machine was paid back.. I thought this logical but three years later he was still charging.. This wouldn’t have bothered me except for the fact that the income from this appliance had never been recorded.. Now it’s been many years and what do we find? 75¢ ‘conveniences’ with no end in sight save for an eventual raise to a buck or more. My point is, most medical equipment is treated the same way but when the investment has been paid back, the prices continue if not raised.. The doctors sure as hell don’t benefit from hospital equipment and neither the nurses nor the specialists, their fees are just added to the charges.. It’s legal graft and we’ve tolerated it so long that it’s now expected.

    • ChuckL

      Not quite. You have left out the government requirement that the medical “cure” must be patentable. Anything that is “natural” can not be patented.

      This worked originally, but became a burden when patents were lengthened to 14 years. Now that they are lifetime plus 7 or 90 years, for a personal monopoly issued to the inventor, They have become only a profit ensuring law. This might work if the employees of the government department issuing the patent were personally responsible for the safety of the product. — Don’t hold your breath.–

  • Buck

    They have been so dumbed down by the progressive propagandists we erroneoslly call educators they will never realize it for years if at all .

  • 45caliber

    Of course he cares about them! After all, they made up his entire clienteel when he was making his living by selling drugs on campus. Who knows, he may be reduced to doing the same thing again sooner or later.

  • kategray

    PRETENDER your slogan was HOPE AND CHANGE, what you have brought to the AMERICIAN people is hopelessness and no change. Your agenda was to destroy AMERICA but you are nothing but a CON-MAN.

  • Tom

    He is just pushing to get everyone on the single payer program!

  • Steve E

    Why is it that people can afford illegal drugs and can’t afford prescription drugs?

  • msbets

    And why do you think this evil cretin is doing this, it’s just another way to break our backs, to submit and/o reform to this tyrants plans………….this mongrel must go!!!


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