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Obama Appoints Controversial Healthcare Official While Congress Is On Recess

July 12, 2010 by  

Obama appoints controversial healthcare official while Congress is on recess In an effort to sidestep the mandated Senate confirmation process, the White House has announced that President Obama will appoint Donald Berwick as the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services while Congress is on recess.

Bypassing the confirmation hearing will allow the Obama administration to avoid a contentious debate over Berwick’s past support of the UK’s Federally-run healthcare system and his positive portrayal of healthcare rationing, according to USA Today.

"This recess appointment is an insult to the American people," said Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.). "Berwick is a self-professed supporter of rationing healthcare, and he won’t even have to explain his views to the American people in a congressional hearing."

Many political pundits have suggested that the recess appointment is an attempt by Obama to prevent Republicans from reopening the debate over healthcare reform, which many conservative leaders are still trying to get repealed.

"With the agency facing new responsibilities to protect seniors’ care under the Affordable Care Act, there’s no time to waste with Washington game-playing,"’ said Obama’s communications director Dan Pfeiffer.

Berwick was nominated by President Obama in April, however no confirmation hearing had been scheduled as of July 6, Fox News reports. Although the 63-year-old pediatrician can assume his post immediately, Obama will be forced to re-nominate him in January.

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  • http://N/A Lloyd Hedden

    This is typical of the WORST

    • Mike In MI

      LLoyd – “Worst” is not a worthy descriptor. If Obama nominates or appoints someone to a position you can bet the individual is the antithesis of what we have come to expect the best nominee in a category of service should represent. Terms like aggressive, reversionary, vile, homicidal, experimental medical mentality…I guess, Dr. Mengele comes to mind as a mold this type of “doctor” fits. He’s Van Jones with an “M.D.” after his name. Be prepared to either get rid of Obama and his crew or they will destroy ou. Think of it as coming after YOU, personally.
      ‘Cause that’s what this guy (and his boss) is going to do. Think of it as they want to do a sigmoidoscopy on you with a roto-rooter.
      (The same goes for anybody reading this. There is no way anybody will be able to escape beig hit by the broader consequences of what they are doing.) That’s what Obama is absolutely doing to America…just look at his cordoning off, from any entry except his employees, areas in the Gulf region in order to hide whatever it is they are hiding down there.
      Obama is a Muslim (at LEAST a sympathizer with that philosophy) with revised and up-dated Marxian ideology. What they are doing is dismantling the basis of our businesses (without which we have no economic strength), health system, Consstitutional legal system (without which we will have either martial law or chaos), and educational system (without which we can not proceed into the future with pre-prepared minds to do the work of sustaining our culture). The Muslim ideal as Mohammed saw life holds people in a low level existence which Western cultures moved out of centuries ago. It can not sustain or permit an advanced society or the numbers and varieties of necessary skills to live what most of us think of as a prosperous life. (That’s basically why Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Packistan and the other nations where the Islamics prevail are still sand boxes.) The Muslim religion promotes a savage and barbaric way of life because that’s what Mohammed was – a highwayman caravan raider. That’s the kind of god he wanted. That’s the kind of god that found him – savage and barbaric, sly and devious…Voila!!! Obama and his brigands.

      • Jim

        Ditto, can’t wait for him removal!

  • L.J.

    This is typical of Barry. He waits until congress recesses and then he appoints a communist. Time and time again he’s done this. When the hell are the American people going to say enough is enough and STFU and actually DO something about it? As far as I’m concerned, it will be a cold day in hell because in spite of what most polls say, I think the majority of Americans are “content” with this ahole in the Whitehouse. Obama is a disgrace and a pimple on the ass of the United States.

    • Dave

      Bush did the same thing with controversial picks. You only have something to say now because it’s “Barry” as president. Good to know you’re on a first name basis with him. Do we want things to get done or do we want to waste timewith election year game playing as Republicans play their culture of NO and put on a show for all of you right wingers to to try convince you they’re less bad. Give me a break.

      • marvin

        Dave remember the old song loaded up their truck and moved to beverly hills you need load up your liberal ass and move to the dayly kos or one of the liberal sites this is a conseritive you don,t like what we say LEAVE we won,t miss you

        • meteorlady

          No I vote Dave stays. He’s amusing and he’s speaking his mind. We do have free speech in this country and we shouldn’t try and stifle a voice because it’s dissenting. Besides maybe he will actually learn something during is stay here – but probably not.

      • Ellen

        And you’re still going back to Bush? In case you hadn’t noticed, he’s been gone for some time. Good grief, we’re on the edge of the abyss with this communist’s dictates and that’s all you have? Yes, Barry, the non-qualified usurper has carried Bush’s tyranny to breath-taking heights at warp speeds.

        Just because it’s barry? Are you blind as well as stupid? Wake the hell up!

        The only thing Maobama gets done is to create so much debt that there is now no way out of it. Our wars continue and escalate. We unlawfully bail out banks and he has illegally taken over private businesses. He is flushing TAXPAYER MONEY down the crapper in his effort to sue the state of Arizona because they are in a critical situation with the tsunami of illegal aliens………this is one of the few legitimate responsibilities of the federal government…….TO SAFEGUARD OUR BORDERS and protect the people. He REFUSES TO DO THIS. And this stuff is the tip of the iceberg of the utter corruption at the federal level.

        All of the past presidents have trashed the Constitution to varying degrees. Both Democraps and Republiturds have sold the American people out and continue to. It needs to STOP. OPEN YOUR EYES.

        • eddie47d

          Dave was right but that is immaterial to many of you. Several Presidents have used this tactic so blowing up on him really makes you bias. Now if Bush did it does that make him and his staff a “crew of thieves”? The bigger issue is why are the Republicans constantly stalling on these appointments? I would like to see these recess appointments done away with also. The better way to do is to bring forth some solutions. How about a time limit for installing cabinet members? (6-8 months after being elected). All of Obamas appointees were chosen before he was elected or soon afterwards. As with most newly elected Presidents. In our present case the Republicans have been stalling and dragging out these appointments for too long. Can any business function and get the job done if there is this constant bickering with in a company. The Republicans are keeping America in a stalemate while crucial issues aren’t being delt with. So many folks need to “open their eyes” whether left or right.

          • Mike In MI

            Gee, eddie47d, if Obumblers nominees were so wonderful why wasn’t the Admin. able to get them into position? Didn’t they have, HAVE, an insurmountable vote advantage in both houses in Washington? How can it be that the conservatives were able to stop – by themselves, enbloc or as a party of “No!” – anything the Commie wanted to propose?
            Could it be Obumbler really didn’t care, or didn’t want to give away so much pork he wouldn’t have any left for himself?
            Why should he care? He had the people he really wanted secretly, without hearings, discussions or democratic procedures already on our tay? I think he calls them czars…like in Russia’s totalitaran regimes? Just a coincidence he calls them that, I’m sure.

          • meteorlady

            So Eddie and Dave – does that make the tactic right? Just because “several” presidents have done it? No, I am still incensed and a lot disappointed.

          • eddie47d

            Mikey in Michigan; I believe your right ,the Czars were a totalitarian regime and they were the allies of the West.Don’t we have wonderful bedfellows in the West,but I would align them more in terms of Bush/Cheney. Now the Czars were replaced with Communism but Obama doen’t even come close to the likes of Stalin. Even though you seem to be pushing you anti-Obama there.

          • JC

            eddie47d says:
            July 12, 2010 at 2:07 pm
            Dave was right but that is immaterial to many of you.

            Damned Straight it’s immaterial. We’re dealing with right now, and you commie apologists are a waste of everyone’s time.
            One good thing about you tirespome sycophants though…you’re sure getting everyone mad. And that’s what we really do need right now…a whole lot of armed and angry Americans….focused. That’s where you come in.

      • kate8

        Dave, yes, Bush did that. But at least he didn’t have over half the country opposing his picks. Obama is doing it to get around the people.

        Besides, as I remember, the dems through some of Bush’s recess picks out. I doubt we’ll see that with Soetoro.

        • kate8

          Threw, not through.

          I’m beginning to scare myself.



        • meteorlady

          You are stooping to liberal name calling and insults. It’s just not constructive and doesn’t add anything to the debate.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you are, of course right! It doesn’t add a thing to the arguement, no matter how true it is!!!!!

      • JeffH

        Dave, you must be as big fan of the British Health Care system as the appointed socialiat Donald Berwick is. I know by your past posts that you just defend the defenseless Obama regime and are pretty clueless as to what Obama stands for. You’re also pretty clueless that most of the people on here are not huge GWB fans either…it just so happens that this is now BO’s watch and he’s screwing us big time.

      • Robert Wayne

        Another dumbass liberal retard with your nose up Odumbo’s rear end huh Dave?

    • kate8

      Congress does have the right to reject the appointment when they are back in session.

      Bet they don’t

      • http://naver samurai

        Maybe not, but I really hope they do! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • patrick

    Hey folks, what’s wrong with this picture? i ask, why is it that every postion Obammy fills is done with Obammy avoiding senate confofirmation? do our republican and the democrat politicians actually allow these crooked acts to occur day after day? if Obammy is using this tatic, why is he doing it? is it breaking a law? why has the public not stood up to these secret deal making tatics? something smells here just like where is the live borth certificate? impeach Obammy and his crew od theives NOW!!!

    • CJ

      Why don’t our reps REFUSE to interact with the illegally appointed officials? Obama does it because no one ignores those who he appoints. All these tools our leaders have at their disposal and they refuse to use them. It is truly easier to ask for forgiveness than permission… after the damage is done.

    • Dave

      First of all he doesn’t do it all the time he does it when he has to. That is one of those lies that get thrown out here that people blindly believe. Why does he have to? Because the Republicans refuse to bring a confirmation vote to the floor for any of his appointees. They don’t want open discussion they want the positions not filled which just makes the running of the government that much worse and then they blame the administration. They have held up a record number of appointees. No other congress has done anything like this. So if you want to know why any nominees have to be done this way and not in an open forum write a letter to a Republican and tell them to stop playing games with your government.

      • Ellen

        He does it when he HAS to? There is nothing legal or Constitutional that this creature has done since he ascended to power. Why would those in opposition to this creature (this includes Democrats) vote for his traitorous actions? His appointees are Marxists and globalists……..totally anti-American and he knows he would get too much opposition if he played by the rules so he continues to play the role of the dictator. “They’ve held up a record number of appointees” because some of the people in congress actually care about America. “No other congress has done anything like this”……..perhaps because we’ve NEVER had an openly Marxist dictator as “president” before.

        NO, the nominees don’t have to be done this illegal way. The POTUS IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW even though he thinks and behaves as though he is.

        This creature is not American nor does he care one iota about the American people…….neither do you.

      • Mike In MI

        Dave – I don’t think there is a single poll that has come out lately that shows you or BARRY Obumbler represent the majority in this nation anymore. (Not that you ever did except for a moment in time in the poll booths of the nation. But that obviously had to be a fluke due to our leader’s propensity to lie, tell half-truths, say one thing which he knows listeners will interpret the way they want it to be – not what he means, deceive and pretend as he mouths what his teleprompter requires him to say (which he doesn’t mean or even, necessarily, understand. Thats the sort of thing you liberals gobble up – stuff of dreams and utopian fantasies. ____, ______, “Fill in the blanks, folks. What do you want? I’ll give it to you.”, the toothful fairy said, as he put them off to sleep, “Hope ‘n Change”.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Mike In MI,
          To give you an example of what you say about that disagreement, MSNBC did a poll and had over one million responders. Over 90% said that they strongly disagreed with his law suit against Arizona!!! That should tell even Dave and edduh a thing or two, but probably not as they are blind, deaf, and dumb!!!!

          • Mike In MI

            Thanks Joe H. I hadn’t seen that one. ‘Preciation.

      • marvin

        Dave like obamacare cap and tax globel warming all were done it the open the law sute aginist arizona,obamacare pelosie we got to pass it it to see whats in it cap and tax congress can not pass it obama put lisa durtbag jackson ,in epa to regulate co2 arizona law on immigration odumbo put holder up to file the law sute and the obama white house had nothing to do with none of it,you must have not payed attention in school,2+2 is still 4 right is right and wrong is wrong,and if i was the bmoc and you done something i did not know about or like it,s bye bye,hit the road,so you can bet the obummer is calling the shots like it or not,so set down and shut up i won

      • meteorlady

        Dave – he has to because he is unable to gain consensus as a leader. He does it because he’s not a leader – he’s a community organizer and continues to use those tactics. All’s fair as long as you get your way in the end. A true leader does not do that – a true leader tries to get agreement or moves on to the next nominee.

      • Allan

        Maybe “No” has something to do with the many communist appointees and policies.

    • kate8

      Congress has become completely irrelevant, anyway. They only do the bidding of the controllers. Most of the time they don’t even know what they are voting for, and don’t want to know.

      They are all in self-preservation mode, and it is now a case of US and THEM.

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama has appointed a radical Progressive, illegally, whom will probably kill people “with his eyes open” approach to health care.

    This guy needs to go, and go now.


  • TIME

    Saddly folks Barry Soetoro has shown from day one what he really is.
    So this is no supprise to any one whos been watching the store.

    Anyone who used a Big Boobed White Hottie to get the eye of the youth is nothing less than a Pimp. Thus the ones who voted for him have clearly displayed that they enjoy being pimped and lied to as well abused as well they enjoy corruption and crime and are thinking like marxisrt as they condoned such by thier vote, thus they are just like him.

    For anyone who has broken that spell, I welcome you back to the real world, I hope you will help us to rid the country of this pile of festering waste material and all others like him.

    • Mike In MI

      HuzzaH, HuzzaH, TIME – Complete Ditto! God Bless.

      • TIME

        Hi Mike,
        Just wait on the new HCR Camps commercials for the Barry Soetoro “Death camps,” -
        Oh I ment {health Care Reform camps} they will have a Big Boobed Hottie showing all the great features of your new life in a death camp. As she walks around is really tight very short shorts you will be thinking; Man I gota get there soon!!

        There will be such great features as your new 2×4 bunk beds used only once before, and for that real camping feeling they have straw on the wood for your comfort. Blankets, hey you don’t need no stinking blankets!

        Plus the new way to cool workout suits, and in black and white stripes so you look taller, and they are really loose fitting like a nice pair of jammies – all with a handy badge to show what kind of issues you have so as to make your stay as short as possible.

        Then as that Hottie walks around showing how sexy the ovens are that will keep you warn, and the new larger showers that will get rid of any health issues once and for all.

        Hey it will seem just like a Holiday Camp!

        And lets not forget at the gates will be a giant 100 foot high picture of Barry Soetoro with a big smile with the special words in his picture, “My Health Care will set you FREE!”

        Then as you enter there will be special music from the life of Barry playing so you feel less stress as your sorted out and given your special badges.

        You know the old song, yes we can can, yes we can!
        We can Change Change YES WE CAN CAN, Wow I just loved that song when I saw it sung by these 8 year olds.

        I don’t know about you but I just got the warm special feeling in the pit of my gut, saying wow how special is that.
        Hey its Kind of like the singing we heard from the Hitler Youth back in the 1930′s – 40′s. Come to think of it its the same dam song!

        Oh the special joy’s of giving that Barry Soetoro has given us all.

        • Kinetic1

          Ah yes, another level headed response from TIME. If you’re looking for “death panels” just check out your local health insurance provider.

          Have any of you looked any further than the conservative hit pieces to form an opinion of Dr. Berwick? Is it really that extreme to suggest that our hospitals should have standardized rules for hand washing and implement sterilization? Are you comfortable with the fact that as many as 100,000 people die each year as a result of procedural errors rather than the illness the hospital was supposed to be addressing? Does it really upset you to think of a hospital where you are not forced to sleep and eat on a set schedule, even if you are not hungry or sleepy?

          This is amazing. Here is a man who has devoted his life to improving health care and reducing costs, two things you would expect the right to support, and yet you are all screaming foul. When his nomination was announced there were calls of support from both sides, but there was also a call for opposition. The Republicans made it clear that they intended to block confirmation for as long as they could, despite bipartisan support for the Doctor. Why? Just like everything they have done for the past 18 months; to make the President look bad.

          The Republicans are openly working to stall government in it’s tracks, no matter the cost to the economy or the American people. When the President proposed changes to health care, they opposed. When he invited their input, they offered only opposition. When he made changes to meet their demands, weakening the bill in the process. they thumbed their noses. And when the final bill came out looking just like a bill presented by Republicans during the last administration, they announced that, no matter what changes were made they would vote no. How do you think they got the moniker “the party of NO.” The Republican party has bet their future on the success of “NO”. They are gambling our future in the hopes that the voters will respond to “NO”. Will I ever vote for a politician, of ANY party who opposes a bill just to make this or any other president look bad? NO!

          • TIME

            OH ignorant 1,

            I have heard the words from his mouth, but hey why let the Truth and or fact stand in your way you little marxist twinkie.

          • Kinetic1

            That’s a response!? You stick you fingers in your ears, yell blah blah blah, I can’t hear you and call people names and that’s supposed to impress me as a rational argument? With an intellect like that it’s no wonder that you still buy into the Death Camp/Panel stories of Michelle Bachman.

          • meteorlady

            Did you actually watch the health care summit? I did and I can tell you that the Republicans had some very good suggestions and concerns about the cost of this plan. Both Democrats and Republicans were to have equal time and that didn’t happen. Obama answered every Republican question or comment, then turned it over to the Democrats. There was not one single attempt made to back off some of the more radical portions of the law and there was not one single attempt made to accept some of the suggestions made by Republicans. Meanwhile the great “leader” sat and smugly muttered platitudes. Not one single Democrat gave an answer to the most compelling questions asked. Not one single Democrat even tried to understand the other sides concern about the cost and a take over of health care by the government. Obama did not try and gain consensus, he actually argued for the Democrats all day long. This is not a leader, it’s an opinionated ass that wants his own way.

          • JC

            Oh you don’t think “rationing” will be the death of some?
            It’s communism dumbA$$…and we do not need it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I get that warm feeling in the pit of MY stomach as well when I hear that song, IT’S CALLED HEARTBURN!!! I even get it when I hear his voice!!!

        • eddie47d

          Your one sick fruitcake! The more fantasies you have with your make up stories the better Obama looks. I’M GLAD YOUR DOING YOUR PART IN GETTING HIM RE-ELECTED.When it comes down to the wire most Americans reject trash talk and vote the other way.

          • TIME

            Most of the American public has had enough of your bent pretzel logic and clearly see the Marxist in charge for what he is. Thus he will not make it through any vote of truth as Dr. Phil would say , He’s To’ast.

            So pull your head out of your back side and smell real air for once in your distorted life.
            Oh I think I hear your mommie calling your name, ~~~~ Oh yes thats her I hear it’s loud and clear Eddieeeeee come on home.

            Hey hows that Darwin Award looking on your wall?

          • http://naver samurai

            That’s another reason to vote Obama bin Laden out of office. What has he brought to this country that you think is good, edduh? Let’s think of some, shall we? Let’s see, there are lies, deceit, less security, no jobs, no money, no hope (unless you’re here illegally), bad relations with our allies, has snubbed Israel, tried to warp and/or destroy the Constitution, added more taxes to the checks of the average citizen, can’t get off his backside to clean up an oil spill, is a believer in a false religion, has instituted a regime of hate and discontent, lowered patriotism to a new low, etc., etc., the list is long and undistinguished. This year let’s vote to take our country back down the path that our christian founding fathers started us down. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Mike In MI

          TIME, Old Buddie, I guarantee you….I….will…not… go…quietly into THAT long dark night. “Come on, train.”

      • kate8

        Double ditto, TIME.

    • Kinetic1

      “Anyone who used a Big Boobed White Hottie to get the eye of the youth is nothing less than a Pimp.”
      Sounds more like a reference to McCain and Palin.

      • TIME

        Well Oh ignorant 1,

        I would have to say based on all footage I have seen that Miss. Palin held herself with 100% total Grace even under fire from mindless persons not unlike you.
        She has more class in her little finger than you will ever garner.

        And as the Barry Soetoro girl dressed like hooker, walked like a hooker, and acted like a hooker, there is not even the slightest parallel between the two.
        But it sure clearly showed Barry Soetoro as the PIMP he is.

        And as your a marxist with a newly won Darwin Award your thoughts are as valid as waste material thats flushed daily.

        But you have a nice day you little marxist twinkie. ;~)

        • Kinetic1

          Oh TIME, TIME, Time,
          First, let’s put an end to your fantasy. It’s Mrs. Palin, not Miss. She’s not available no matter how much you beg. Or is it just that you refer to ALL women as “Miss” due to your superiority complex? As to her “grace under fire”, If you call a wink and a note written on your hand “grace” well… When a politician calls “what papers do you read” a gotcha question …. When candidate Palin blames her running mates’ staff for her poor showing, I don’t know if you’d call that grace.

          Sarah Palin calls herself a fiscal conservative, yet she can’t explain why she left her town almost $20 million in debt. She attacks others for wasteful spending, but had no problem charging the state $21,000 for her kids travel expenses. Sure, why shouldn’t the state pay her family to go and watch dad in a snowmobile race, not to mention the bill for 4 nights in a luxury hotel for Bristol and herself so that she could attend a 5 hour conference? She found it necessary to hire a new “administrative assistant” when she became Mayor of Wasilla. Former employees reported that, with only 5,500 residents no other mayor felt the need, but our Sarah had more important things to do. Like taking the family to see Todd.

          What about Governor Palin? To fill a position as top of the State Division of Agriculture, she hired an old friend. Her friends qualifications? She was a real estate agent who cited her childhood love of cows as a qualification. Good enough for a $95,000 job, don’t you think? And her first state budget? Why bother legislators when you can sit down with your budget director and your husband (though Todd was not employed by the state and had no legal qualification to be involved) and cut millions of dollars in legislative projects?

          Yes, Sarah Palin is a real “Maverick” conservative and truly the answer to “old boy politics.” That is if the question is, can a women be the head of a real old boy network? Can she fill her offices with old friends at higher than normal wages? Can she buy off the people of Alaska with oil money? You Bet’cha!

          • TIME

            Oh Less than wise 1,

            I called her Miss as I call all females Miss thats the way I was brought up.
            Its called “manners,” something I guess you failed.

            I am aggressive and if I weren’t many people would not be anywhere as well off as they are. Do I owe anyone an apology, hell no.
            I am very good at my job, I never blame anyone for anything that gets messed up. I take the blame as I am where the buck stops. Thats all part of being in charge.
            In other words its not GWB’s fault nor even yours if something gets mucked up.

            Be that as it may you want to talk about abuse of power, well an aid is no big deal, really to be more effective one has an aid or even two, I have one and she keeps me in check, how many do you have?

            So now explain why Miss Obama need 33 aids, by the way all paid for by the tax payers, and to add to her staff she also has 3 make up people and two hair people, so that’s a 38 aids in total just for her alone.

            Miss Bush had only 3 aids.

            Also Miss Obama also has her mother living at the WH, and a staff of 2 people to aid her mother, and a staff of 6 for her kids.
            so that totals just 44 people to aid Miss Obama, now that’s just a tad excessive.

            Be that as it may Barry Soetoro has 33 Czars all known Marxist, WOW and they also get paid on the US Tax Payers dime. And they answer to no one but Barry.
            Strange how these abuse’s of power you have no issue with, but Miss Palin has one aid, and hires someone who’s an old friend to do a job that pays only $98K per year!

            Well Bubba get with the times I started my new aid at $125K per year, and she had no experience at what I do when she start.

            Now whats your beef with an all American Woman who has strength and Honor, as well love of Family and Country and has as well taken the bull by the horns when the door opened.

            Can you with a straight face and being honest tell me if you were offered a job that allowed you to make your familys life better you would walk away?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Fox news interviewed that big boobed hottie a few months ago and even she is disillusioned with Obummer!!! She said he has done nothing to “change” things like he said!!!

  • Rip

    no time to waste with Washington game-playing ???? LOL The OSurper is running the biggest game in history !!!

    • Mike In MI

      That’s exactly right,’cause the man is a Chicago smooth talkin’, street-walkin’, panhandlin’ con. Successful at that, but only because it takes a spirit to charm the snake.

  • Cardiothoracic Nurse

    Donald Berwick is the first permanent administrator since Mark McClellan stepped down from the role in 2006. As a recess appointee, Berwick will have all the powers of a permanent appointee, but serve only until the end of the 111th Congress. He then must be re-nominated and confirmed by the Senate. I hope, at the end of the Congress, that hs is NOT CONFIRMED by the SENATE. This is an opportunity for us all to contact our senators.

    • Kinetic1

      Given the expertise suggested by your name, please tell us why you would not want Dr. Berwick confirmed?

    • s c

      Cardiothoracic Nurse, it’s beyond pitiful that Ohorse’srump found a political pimp/hooker like Berwick. To be practical, since the Senate isn’t known for having a spine or enough common sense to pour urine out of a boot, don’t look for those back-stabbing Senate weasels to do the right thing at the appropriate time – ever.
      The Berwick gambit smacks of PAYOFF. One thing is ALWAYS true when it comes to politicians. When they bypass the American people, you can be sure that nothing short of a firing squad will ‘motivate’ them to act like leaders (instead of career criminals).

  • jUstcAllmEdOc

    November is juat around the corner and I hope everyone that hates these ‘bring down america’ types,gets out there and votes and brings this country back to where it belongs and sends these misfits packin.. DOWN WITH OBAMA.. DOWN WITH HIS MISFITS.. TO HELL WITH THEM ALL

  • Disgusted

    Once again we have our transparent government that was promised to us! This man is disgusting – he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. The sooner he is ousted from office the better off this country will be!

    • Mike In MI

      No-o-o, not both sides of his mouth – that might have the potential for realty. “…Both sides of his teleprompter…” Said that way it stays in the realm of either deceit or Fantasyland…Obumbler’s great forte’.

  • Rose and Robert

    LOL! GW made a total of 171 recess appointments in his two terms. Why are you upset that Obama has done the same? Oh right, Obama should not be acting like a white man. Before it’s all over, most Americans will become Independents. The Repuplicans are narrow minded, racist yahoos and the Demoncrats are weak yahoos.

    • TIME

      I don’t want you to have a brain fart ~ so let me just say your not too far off the mark of being on the dumb side of that box of rocks.

      But hey it looks just right on you, kinda like a Parada scarf on a glowing little oil soaked cream filled twinkie. Have a nice day.

    • marvin

      bush done it bush done it bush done it,obumbo ran on a change we need,pelosie said we will drain the swamp and have one of the most open goverments all in the light of day now how is that working for you,as far as indpendents, what like libermam that votes with the dembocrats 99% of the time,now tell the truth did your wife tell you say that

      • A. Cooper-TX

        Right on, right on. America needs to wake up! And you said it.

    • eddie47d

      I hope you’re not looking for the truth on this site because you probably won’t find it. Your either right wing or wrong,no gray areas. They will seldom allow facts to get in the way ( if you say the moon exists they’ll deny it). As for TIME,He’s a paid schell!

      • kate8

        eddie, we do know nonsense when we see it.

        BTW, you are welcome to find a blog more to your liking. Can’t say I’d miss the aggravation.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I don’t let edduh47DUH! bother me. I just look at him as comic relief!!!!!He’s a joke!!!

      • TIME

        Oh eddieeeeee,
        So I get paid to post here, “WOW” do you have a very vivid but lacking and bent imagination, don’t you……
        But hey there is really good news for you ~ there are drugs that can help you eddieeeee, so don’t you be fretting now, and they still do electric shock therapy.

        Oh wait, I hear your mommie calling again, she wants to know if you cleaned the drool off your Darwin award.
        You better be running on home now eddieeeeeeeee.

        Tonight when the comedy central news comes on make sure you get juiced up so you can get your little girly man nickers in a good tight wad.

        Hey; more good news for you I am going on vacation later this week so you will miss me, I know you will; come on don’t lie about that.
        I will not be taking a cell phone nor a lap top.
        So you be Happy.. O ta’. ;-)

        • Mike In MI

          OK, TIME !! – Good for you my friend. So, you’re gonna vacate the premisies, hey? Well, you get out there and have a great time, TIME – or is it TIME time? Whatever!! You take your Tom-tom and remember that Tom, Tom Bodette is out there guarding your bidet and he’ll leave the light on. You take a whet stone and come back with that great sense of humor all honed sharp and ready to slice and dice the voices of shame that come here from Obumbler-fantasyland talking-points sites.
          My wife and I are moving out for a couple weeks, too. Gotta get away from the numb-nuts liberals for a while. So, we decided to go to Alaska where there aren’t many liberals, I’ve been told. I guess liberals die young up there ’cause Alaskans have to be able to recognize reality and deal with it head on. Something of which liberals have no conception – having been raised with feather pillows and foam rubber protecting every facet of their lives.
          Anyway, have the blessed time of your life and we’ll be reading up on you when we return.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Have a great time but watch your backside as well!! Don’t forget us stiffs here and enjoy a cold one for us!! God Bless!!

      • JeffH

        TIME, fast eddie can only repeat what he hears…schill? Let me see, where I’ve heard that before?…oh yeah, to describe some liberal hacks…nice of fast eddie to be so original. Of course he’s got Obama’s back covered with all of the liberal talking points and I’ve never heard or seen him post real facts let alone back them up with any links, just the simple minded liberal rhetoric…

    • meteorlady

      R & R Even if that’s so – is it right? There is also the fact that Bush is gone gone gone and has been for quite sometime. The press took great pains to vilify poor George so I think that a few little comments about the poor job Obama is doing are warranted.

    • Robert Wayne

      I was wondering when some left wing dip would bring out the race card again. You know what. I despise that maggot Obama and if anybody wants to call me a racist for it, I don’t give a damn. You want to see REAL racists, go to one of those New Black (word removed) rallies. Or better yet go to a voting poll where the (word removed) are standing around with their batons.

    • http://naver samurai

      Bush, baaaaa! Bush, baaaaa! Bush, baaaaa! Can’t you sheep come up with some other new and more intersting material? Just think, starting this year we can start getting the flock out of Washington!

    • Rob Alexander

      Wow – you managed to blame Bush AND use the race card in one post!

  • Rose and Robert

    GW made 171 recess appointmens in his two terms. He abused his power in every way during his terms. Although he was probably the dumbest president this country has every had, he was smart enough to be sneaky. Why are the readers upset that Obama has followed suit? Oh yeah, he’s acting like a white man again. Other presidents including the first have done the same. Independets will eventually hold the white house. Then, the racist Republicans and weak Demoncrats will have not power.

    • meteorlady

      Actually Bush has a fairly high IQ which is more than we can say about Obama because he hasn’t released any records so we can even tell what his grades were in school.

      • Mike In MI

        meteorlady – Now, donchakno that’s where he got his penchant for “beer summits”? He negotiated deals with his profs that if they didn’t report him absent or report on performance he wouldn’t sue them for Raashil addituveds? Hahvud’duh donen’t want no negs reported. That’s where he lernt the skill fer shakin’ down bankers and lenders when he went to community organizin’ and flim-flamin’ upright binizniz (them dirdy capitaliztz).
        That’s also when he lernt how to get markt as votin’ “preznt”, which became perfecttid doorin’ his stint as a Siniter frm the stat of Sickinois. Rose ‘n Robbie kno wherat it is cuz they seen it ‘n a Chitown postcard. ‘Atz parbally where hey lernt to acuze witeys of Raashil stuff so gud.
        Hell, Rose and Roberta you’re just out here tilling the ground for planting seeds of despite and hatred for your messiah, Obumbler. Well, for the time being that’s fine. But, do you know what mature socialist regimes do for “useful idiots”? What they do to their known enemies.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Mike in MI,
          They take them and do them in. they figure if they’ll turn on their own they’ll definately turn on them!!!

    • JeffH

      “Then, the racist Republicans and weak Demoncrats will have not power.” Always leave it to a racist to bring racism into the mix.

      Egads, you are one sick puppy or is it litter?

    • http://naver samurai

      Is your name Robert or Johnny Cochran? You syre do like using the race card a lot. You may think that Bush was stupid, but he was a heck of a lot smarter than the terrorist we have now. At least GW proved he was an American citizen, can your “messiah” prove he is? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        nope that’s the one thing that Obummer has in common with God. neither one has a birth certificate!!!

        • http://naver samurai

          True, so true!

    • Rob Alexander

      Wow – you managed to blame Bush AND use the race card in one post!

  • marvin

    look my subjects i ran on change we need, and you little minded people that belived and vote for that change give me more time and that change you have in your pocket will be mine for i,m the king the pidde piper of slang the iatola of bling,he who is late be first[illegals]he who has money it will be mine for it cost lots money to fly me and shell all over the world in time, don,t judge me on the last 19 months just give me more time and all you dumbass will be living on foodstamps,just because you think you heard what you thought i said

    • A. Cooper-TX

      Oblameo is the dumbest human alive. I can’t wait to see him and his wife on welfare, food stamps, and unemployment. Bammie needs to be impeached for treason and made to live in the poverty he has imposed on the american people.

  • A. Cooper-TX

    Stop this madman. If he is so great why does he do everything thru the backdoor? Healthcare, backroom, middle of the night skulduggery acts, strong arming the democrats just to achieve his agenda. He is a product of Chicago style union (stop at nothing) politics. Double talking, do nothing prez. He needs to be impeached for treason.

  • Larry C.

    All you hear from the commentators on TV is “ALL” Presidents have done recess appointments to certain posts while congress is out. If Bush had done this with this kind of man the congress, and the senate would be asking for his impeachment right away. I think what has happened is hypocritical. To the highest degree. I would like to ask a question of everybody here–WOULD YOU GO TO THIS DR. FOR ANYTHING IF YOU NEEDED HELP? WOULD YOU ALLOW FOR ONE OF YOUR LOVED ONES TO GO TO HIM FOR TREATMENT? THIS MAN IS NOT ONLY DANGEROUS, BUT HE IS A QUACK, AND PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT.

    Larry C.

    • James

      Larry C., Just because the Senate was in recess when the appointment was made, doesn’t mean the Senate can’t summon, question, and approve or disapprove the appointee when they return. Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, says the President must make such appointments with the advice and Consent of the Senate.” It doesn’t set any time-limit between appointments and their confirmations.
      Stated otherwise, it does not say a president must make such appointments when the Senate is in session.

    • Mike In MI

      Larry C. – No, I would not. I have learned how to keep myself and family – if they’ll listen – safe from the depredations of a thoroughly savage and barbaric mode of commiting protracted murder.
      No, I’m not trying to be funny on this post. I’m dead serious, now.

      American and UK madicine has learned how to lure you into elective procedures which keep you beating a path to their golden door. They know how to reduce pain and symptoms without removing the causes of disease which are the ultimate cause of symptoms. They let the causes increase which calls for successively intensive procedures. (Government and Insurances are equally knowledgeable of the scam – which keeps fear of disease and invalidism paramount in your thinking. The laws are being set up so you have no way to stay or become healthy once symptoms start to appear. The food and vaccine companies engender disease from your first weeks; by law you must comply.) In the final months before death your family is kept at wits end to try to keep you alive or kill you.

      It doesn’t have to be this way. But, it will be if you don’t respond now. Obama promised better health and lower costs. What has he fulfilled of his promises so far?

  • Dave and Judy

    Another brilliant move by Obama. No questions from the Senate to be asked to Donald Berwick, a hand picked jerk if there ever was one.

    He wants a Republican Congress so he can place the blame on them when he runs for reelection and the American voters have a habit of memory loss.

    Say, just when is his next press conference when the press will be allowed to ask questions? The last one was July, 2009. What a leader!

  • Lindaspy

    I agree with Dave. Take a deep breath and stop trying to lynch the president. Does it really matter that he appointed this man versus taking up the time and paying all those senators to sit and say “NO” anyway??? Bush did it how many times?

    Republican party will be the party of unemployment. Republicans were willing to vote for hundreds of billions of dollars of war expenditures without paying for them, or trillions of dollars of tax cuts without paying for them. Are reps actually concerned about this sort of increase in the national debt? Republicans want to block anything that can boost the economy and create jobs. Throwing people out of work may not be pretty, but politics was never pretty, and it is getting less so by the day. The dirty secret that most Americans aren’t aware of is that the only way to get most anything done in the Senate is to hold their vacation time hostage.Bush sure set a good example of this didn’t he?

    Republicans are so angry about health reform passing that they are just not going to cooperate on anything major.
    The Republicans have no interests beyond their own political survival. That survival, as they see it, necessitates that they toe the line set down by the banks and mega corporations who fill their campaign coffers.

    Most of the banks and big corporate interests look upon Obama as a wrench in their gears. The Republicans have been instructed to block Obama at every turn. If Obama praised “Mom and Apple Pie” the Reps would oppose it.

    Is it really in the interest of this country to effectively paralyze congress? Or are you one who believes that nothing is better than something? Are you so pleased with the status quo that you’d prefer nothing ever change?

    • Raggs

      Babble Babble!!!! senceless hot air confusion….. Your tryannt in chief so you keep him and leave the rest of us alone!

      • eddie47d

        Sorry, Raggs,Lindaspy is moving in next door to you and Dennisio is buying the house on your other side. Cheers!

        • kate8

          Oviously, eddie and others of your ilk, you make it your express purpose in life to cause as much discomfort, aggravation and misery for others as you can drum up.

          Must make ya feel really good about yourselves.

          • JeffH

            kate, as my pappy used to say…pathetic!

          • http://naver samurai

            Why don’t they take my grandmother’s advice and never pass up a good chance to shut up?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Oh, please let them move in next to me!!!! Just tell them to say their prayers before they do!!! If they have an insanity clause in their health insurance, they better get that taken care of as well!!! Oh, and I hope they love zydaco music at midnight to 3 in the morning!!!

        • Mike In MI

          Yea, OK eddie47, there goes that neighborhood. The houses on either side of Raggs are vacant, no thanks to Bawnie Phwanque, Crass Dodd, Slick Willy and Robber Rubin and the havoc they wrought on the mortgage and financial industries via Bawnie’s boi fwend Phwanklyn Wains when he wan his numbow on Phannie Mae and Phweddie Mac. What’s “pathetic” is Soetoro was out there community organizin’ and Acorn-holin’ all the lenders and bankers into giving away the family farm by making them write contracts that could never be fulfilled. That left lots of contractors, developers and investors holding empty bags. But, so what? They’re only lousy capitalists. Soetoro gleefully ate them alive…his primary prey.
          He was so good at it his controllers gave him the Presidency to go ahead and eat us all. Eddie they’re gonna munch you, too. You’re just one of their “useful idiots”. So, when you feel it begin to bite…pat yourself on the back and say, “Way to go, eddie. This is your reward for being a good little brainwashee. Ow, ow, Ouch. No…no, not that too. AWRRRrrrruhh-h-h….

    • James

      Lindaspy, Increasing the national debt doesn’t create jobs. Right now the national debt amounts to $42,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. The only reason Americans don’t rail against that is because we haven’t felt the impact of it yet.
      When the House of Representatives voted against a $30.1 billion additional debt (to extend unemployment benefits to 1.7 million unemployed Americans) was because the national debt has exceeded what Americans will ever be able to repay.
      Our total unemployed now is 17,000,000 and climbing, if we need to complain, it should be about the $3 billion foreign aid to Israel, the $4 billion foreign aid to Afghanistan, and the many more billions in foreign aid to the world at large. With our economy in the tank, this amounts to treason. No where does the Constitution say Congress has the power to tax Americans and give it to foreigners.

    • meteorlady

      So lets see – since the last two years of Bush’s term the Dems have been in power and unemployment has gone up and and the deficit has ballooned. I run a small business and I am getting ready to lay off two people. Then, there is the new health care bill which will force my employees to claim the value of the health care I provide to them for tax purposes. I am going to get taxed more because I am considered “rich” even though some days I take home less than my employees. Business taxes in the United States are up to 38%, my property taxes are going up and up, and then I have to pay my personal income and state taxes, which are increasing every year. My contribution to unemployment taxes are also increasing. There are more and more regulations coming my way and if there is a VAT tax, I will become the government’s tax collector. So how long do you think I will be able to stay in business and be profitable? How long do you think I will WANT to stay in business.

  • meteorlady

    This is more than an insult to the American people – it’s criminal and I am incensed.

  • atlas reborn

    when all you people get older and need health care you will get just what you blindly say it not going on or going to happen remember that when you are either let die without treatment or get put to sleep. just remember that when its your time. then you will know too late.

    • Mike In MI

      atlasaborto -
      Too bad you weren’t here during the Disease Care Debate discussions. See, a large percentage of the wise folks on this site have already learned that American and UK sickness care is savage and barbaric, not worthy of the term “health care”. Ergo, they have taken steps to learn what one need do to stay healthy and protect themselves from becoming prey of the madical system. Why? ‘Cause once they get hold of you they do things that they know will keep your path to their door well worn. Besides that, they’ve got you so well brainwashed they KNOW you expect the “best health care in the world”. So, they give you the best technology and science has to offer. The shame of it is the human body needs prevention through natural substances and procedures to prosper.
      Other than that, they’ll never let you know about Dr. Gary Null and his study, “Death By Medicine”, which recounts how around 783,000 patients (conservative numbers) per year are led to untimely deaths via the depredations of the medico-pharmaceutical cabal.
      If you’re fool enough to think Obamacare is going to interfere with their business plans you deserve what you’ll get at their ministrations.
      As for me, if they don’t succeed in outlawing all forms of natural health products, services and information (which they are trying desperately to do) I expect to just go to sleep some night and not wake up next morning.

  • Lindaspy

    JAMES …..Saxby and company did not mind adding to the national debt when the Republicans were CREATING a debt out of a surplus during the Bush fiasco. Funny how they helped create this problem but want everyone to forget what they did and just blame it all on the Democrats so they can have a power grab. I mean does anyone really think that the current crop of Republicans is truly going to do anything real about the deficit? Not as long as they continue to line the pockets of more wealthy corporations with their corporate welfare spending which for some reason they think is justifiable spending. While the Democrats are no angels by any means, this batch of Republicans are some of the biggest frauds in the history of politics. Problem is so many of their supporters are slurping the kool-aid from their propaganda ministry of Goebbles proteges Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Drudge, etc.

    If the GOP is that concerned about National Debt, why don’t they find a way to fund the wars. When we borrow for these wars, we are also paying for 100% of health care costs for these countries. Why would they possibly back this when they don’t want national health care for their own people. As I recall, Bush said that Iraq would pay for the war with its oil!!!!

    The GOP has zero credibility on the topic of fiscal responsibility. They spend like drunken sailors, just like Dems. The difference is that Dems spend on social programs, not unneeded wars and excessive military spending, and corporate welfare.They all sat by like statues while George Bush ran two wars of the books and borrowed money from China like they were a rich uncle, and they said NOTHING! The don’t care about the debt, they only care about poking President Obama.
    Unfortunately, your GOP also created the economic chaos that has left millions of Americans unemployed, whom you now deny unemployment benefits. As an old saying goes, “you’re preaching the gospel in your underwear”.

    If you can’t offer some real help, real suggestion, why don’t you get out of the way and let President Obama do his work….

    • JeffH

      Lindaspy, where have you been burying your head? GOP this Republican that…Bush this…You liberals are complete idiots to what goes on here, let alone the real world…you seem to think this is all about Republicans vs Democrats…because Republicans or Bush did “it” nobody has a right to bitch when the Dems or Obama does “it”. Have you taken the time to reakize most on here dislike and blame “both” political parties for their contributions to the downfall of America and now we have a Marxist/communist/socialist president that feels the best way to stop a recession is to spend, spend ,borrow and spend, then tax, tax and spend some more and 100% ignores the voices of the people. You might like socialism or communism but to Americans it is un-American an unacceptable.

      • JeffH

        …this guy is a puppet, out to achieve “social justice” for the poor and oppressed of the world, and is doing the bidding of George Soros and the globalists and at the same time forcing his Marxist/communist/socialist agenda on us to bring America to it’s knees. I can’t and won’t live by the creedo “better red than dead”, so be a proud commie and put on a red arm band so we can tell who the bad guys are.

        • kate8

          JeffH, Why, oh why, do we even bother to respond to these lefties? It’s nothing but an exercise in futility, and it’s exactly what they want.

          • JeffH

            kate8, you’re absolutly 100% right…because we sometimes draw strength from a good response?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            how many times do you lamebrains need to be reminded that Bush did NOT inherit a surplus or even a balanced budget??? Check out the government accounting office site and you can see for yourself if you can do that by yourself!!!

    • The Boss

      Bless You LindaSpy for standing tall.

      and for educating yourself beyond the media and the rallies

      • Mike In MI

        OO-OO-OO-OO-OO, so George Sorrows does keep tabs in what is said here.
        Congratulations, Bob. You do draw a high falutin’ crowd…even some head turds.

    • James

      Lindaspy, I made no reference to political parties. The crushing debt was started by the Bush administration and is being continued by the Obama administration. As I have said elsewhere, I think removing all incumbents from office, regardless of their political affiliation, this November, would be a step in the right direction.

    • Rob Alexander

      The so-called “budget surplus” during the Clinton Administration was just a huge increase in the money supply. The surplus was NOT created by spending less than they took in, it was created with a printing press.

  • http://yahoo Ralph

    The President has apponted what appears to be a modern Dr.Mengele who not only endorses death panel,disguised as money saving measures,but by his own words wants to denie healthcare to senior citizens and handicapped people,just like the National Socialists(Nazis)did in Germany in the 1930′s.The Obama/Soros Adminastration is blantly socialist and needs to be given a jolt in November to show Mr.Obama and his Neo-Libs that they can not have their own way against the will of the American People by using thug tactics.


    We have put up with his lies, his deceite, his Anti-American Theology and we’ve put up with too much for too long. We can’t wait until November to kick his and his wife’s White Hating, American Hating, Natzi, Communist, Terrorist butts out to the curb and into prison. We didn’t have to wait for Clinton to be impeached for an election, why leave this terrorist here to destroy our country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and Our Flag, when we can do what we have to do NOW and not wait until November! Congress goes on vacation and what does he do? Pulls another stunt. He’s a sneaky bastard who waits until the Congress goes away for awhile, then BAM! He does something else. Couldn’t this be considered an National Emergency that requires immediate action? By November, we might not have a country to hold an election on or for.

    We’re in trouble people. If anyone else had lied their way into the Presidency (which wouldn’t have happened), and has done what “he” has done, it never would have lasted. Treason comes in different colors and right now it’s a shade of hate that gets uglier every day.

  • http://None Iva2shoes

    Lindaspy: you have obviously not read our constitution. There is nothing in it that suggests that this country should evolve into socialism or communism, or any other ism–except Americanism. Our constitution was a precious gift to the American people and we should do all in our power to keep it pure.

    The leadership we have now is trying to change and corrupt its meaning. It seems that Democrats have gone over almost completely to Obama’s Marxist phylosophy, and the Republicans have also made a mockery of our constitution at different times. That is why so many people are supporting the Tea-Partiers. They want the constitution adhered to. Thank goodness there are people who have the perception and intelligence to look beyond false promises and downright lies of some of the present leaders. We need change alright; just not the Obama kind.

    • JeffH


    • owldog

      Praise the Lord for the slave-owning, patriarchal church of fundamentalist Contitutionalism.

      Where every corporation has a soul – and, a vote.

    • Michael

      If Sarah Palin finally studies a bit of economics, history, and science and if she can finally come up with an independent thought based on evidence without the aid of a script then maybe I’ll support the tea party. You have to admit – if that woman was placed on the world stage – she would make America a laughing stock. As an American living abroad, I can tell you that people look at America and wonder how on earth these intellectual light weights end up being the country’s leaders.
      And for the record I’m not a liberal lefty or a an ultra right winger – I’m an independent who thinks the approach to governemt must be much more pragmatic.

      • Rob Alexander

        FYI, Palin is not the whole Tea Party…

        • Michael

          Palin may not be the whole Tea Party but she has many supporters. I’ve seen the interviews with some of her supporters – shocking beyond belief. They’re asked about foreign policy, the current state of affairs of the American economy etc. – they barely have a cursory knowledge of the issues – just the usual response of – isn’t Sarah Palin great and isn’t she a great American. It is inexplicable why people settle for such morons as the people they champion. A real independent who loves liberty should pick leaders who can hold their own both at home and abroad. Leaders who when they open their mouths demonstrate a good command of the issues – they don’t have to know everything but they better have basic knowledge like e.g. What countries are in NAFTA? – The question that Palin didn’t get right the first time around. If she endes up being president God help us all!

          • GregS

            “Basic knowledge???”

            Mr Obama said the following:

            “I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.” –at a campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon.

            I would think that knowledge of how many states are in the Union is FAR more “basic” than knowledge of how many countries are in NAFTA.

            Yes, PLEASE, God, help us to get this man out of office! I pray DAILY for this!

  • owldog

    Read “Money-Driven Medicine” by the prolific research author Maggie Mahar. It is a non-ideological critique of every aspect of U.S. health care, at every level.

  • Claire

    Another recess??!! Geez, I remember during the campaigns, everyone was going to work 24/7. What happenened?

    • Claire

      happened – time for me to go to bed.

  • Rhoda141

    I am a senior citizen and I am outraged that Obama would go behind the American peoples backs and get a Communist like Donald Berwick to completely take down the Medicare and the government takeover, or in other words Obamacare. I say that the senior citizens that worked all their lives and paid into Medicare and Social Security and then for Harry Reid to take our money out of these accounts and spent the money on whereever he took a notion. He ought to be made pay back the money. He has $10,Million for his re-election, he doesn’t need that money, so he should put it in the Medicare and Social Security Accounts. This Idiot said that the American people are going to have to share the wealth with the poor. I’m no willing to give my money that I worked so hard for and was in depression for 8 yrs, because I had a handicapped daughter and I had to pay medical bills, and I don’t intend to give someone that is a drug head or so lazy they have never worked a day in their life. This Mr Berwick also said that there will be many American that won’t have insurance and the government will determine who gets it. I think every one of the evil people in the WH need to be Impeached and thrown in jail and let their money that the will be fined with pay for our economy to get back on the right road. The American are so outraged with this Medicare and Social Security that if our Medicare and Social Security is cut out that there is going to be a war like no one has ever seen before. It will not be like the Greece war, it will be more like an American Holocaust, so I advise this Mr Berwick that if he cuts Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and any other Ins. that he better leave town, because the American people will not take anything off of sometime that has been hired behind the American people’s backs. The hiring wasn’t done right, so I think he needs to be fired Immediately. We do not need anymore government employees. There are too many now. If all the Democratic government positions were eliminated we would be able to have all kinds of money to help the small businessmen, get the economy back on tract, and all kinds of things could be done. I say again that this Donald Berwick needs to be fired. He is nothing but a Communist and is trying to take the American people for a ride and trying to bankrupt America. Let all these Democrats if they want the poor given anything, they can share the wealth, not the hard working people that have had to work all these years for what they have. These Democrats have been handed everything coming and going, so they need to share the wealth. They have all kinds of money. Just like Harry Reid with his #10,Million. Let him give all that money to the poor.

    • James

      Rhoda141, Bravo! But let’s not forget that Medicare and Medicaid are government run health-care programs. That’s socialism. The federal government has inserted itself between patients and their doctors, and will dictate how ailments will be treated, and will raise taxes to finance all the federal agencies involved in that control.

  • Lindaspy

    IVA2SHOES,,,I think the Republican Party and the Tea Partiers are going to be in for a tremendous disappointment. Everyone is looking at polls and accepting them as gospel truth, not realizing one very important fact. People who are having hard times are usually dodging bill collectors and would no more pick up a ringing phone than an angry snake

    Most of the unemployed are older and male, these are the backbone of the Republican Party, and they are mainly furious at the GOP. Not, all but the vast majority are motivated to vote and they are voting Democratic. It’s not like the
    old days when the unemployed don’t vote, and there are a lot of long term unemployed people out there.
    The Tea Bag movement has nothing in the bag yet….the Dems unfortunately aren’t the most vocal is all….but don’t take silence as a sign of weakness, the TEA Party are not the business owners who create jobs. Most business owners know better and would be embarrassed to be called TEA Partiers.

    • Allan


      There are many small business owners in the Tea Party. And it’s not likely many out of work Republican males will vote Democratic. The only reason Democrats care about jobs is to succeed in the mid-term elections. Beyond that, the unemployed are simply pawns to sell a system of dependency to. Anyone who really cared about small business jobs wouldn’t be knocking the Tea Party.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I know quite a few of those older out of work people that you speak of. You know the GOPers that are supposedly gonna vote dem? you are full of something very warm and fragrant. All but one of them I know are blaming Obummer for their predicament!!! They say HE ruined the job market, HE ruined the medical care, HE will be responsible for social security being cut, HE will be the death of the best healthcare in the world, ECT, ECT. don’t get your hopes up about that theory!!!!

  • Ken

    I’m so sick and tired of the “Obama is a Muslim and a Marxist” load of bilge. This site illustrates what is wrong with this country: a thoroughly dumbed down gullible public will believe anything and, even worse, take pride in their ignorance.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      so go listen to Air America!!! Oh wait, you can’t, they went bankrupt trying to spread the same bull sh!t you are!!!

    • Mike In MI

      OK, Ken – I’ll give you that there is an outside chance that obama is neither a Muslim nor a Marxist. Maybe, he doesn’t ascribe to those credoes. Maybe, neither does Michelle.

      But, their controllers do. Maybe, Obama is truely an Oreo and was dragged, bound hand and foot to rever end Wright

    • Pen

      Obama is a Muslim, he has admitted it he is also a Marxist, just read the Communist Manefesto and you will realize. It is people like you who are ignorant and uninformed as most likely you voted for this jerk! One thing about you liberals/progressives is that you expect the government to hand you everything. Open your eyes!

  • Doctor Bill

    US health care was always worst than second best. Most socialist nations were much better off.

    Reforms: My only beef is not rewarding people who take care of themselves. The obease, the smoker and diabetic should carry the weight of their decision to be sick.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      doctor Bill,
      I am diabetic from exposure to defoliants in RVN. Even the government has said the rate of diabetics is higher than norm among VietNam vets. guess what the railroad used to use along their railbeds? Dioxin!!! guess what the defoliants in RVN were? DIOXIN!! How many of the diabetics here in the U.S.are so because of runoff from the rain?? I know a few type two diabetics that are no where near overweight! I myself am six feet tall and 180 lbs! What are your specs? Truth now!!!!

  • Working for a Living

    The government goes on inspite of a recess.

  • Obstruction

    I want him to fail like Bush cause Rush/Beck want me to think so


    As a healthcare professional who’s worked in the US, Canada and Europe – I’m always amazed at the black and white attitude to healthcare by many Americans. American healthcare does many things right but that’s not to say there isn’t flaws in the system. If you are a hard working American who earns an average wage, takes care of your family and buys private insurance – there should be some guarantees available to you. If you change employers or have a pre-existing condition or have a long term illness – there should be facilities available to protect you from having to pay excessive charges out of pocket or worse going bankrupt.
    I can assure you that there are many limitations in the US health insurance industry that need to be addressed now. Many of my patients are hard working people who were suddenly taken down in their prime by a major illness only to later have the additional problem of losing everything because of their insurance company’s coverage limits.
    It’s the likes of Rush Limbaugh who really takes the healthcare debate to rediculous levels. I was listening to his show when he came back from his health scare. He was saying how perfect the American heathcare system is and how it doesn’t need to be changed. There was a caller who said she worked at dollar general earning an average wage and how she totally agreed with Rush. – Meanwhile he said that he doesn’t let insurance companies get in between him and his doctor and he pays cash for everything. How many of his listeners can say that!

    Business competetiveness is also affected because if you are trying to recruit skilled professionals quickly you may not be able to get the ones you want becuause they cannot afford to change insurance companies due to a pre-existing condition.

    I’m am pro-business, pro-military, and certainly not a lefty by any means. I’m an independent who has never accepted a state benefit in my life! – There are many Americans who would be just like me – and all of us deserve some protections to ensure that we have access to quality healthcare!If Obama can stop the suffering of hard working Americans e.g. who change jobs, have chronic or pre-existing conditions etc. then I’m in favour of Obama care. It may not be perfect either but it should provide additional protective measures for all Americans.

    • Mike In MI

      OK, michael – so what, what you are as a pro-this or that? What are you as a healer… if you are in the health professions? How much real HEALING and HEALTH do you SEE produced out of what you do to people in a month? Are you main-stream-madicine or have you switched over to Integratived methods – like the good Doctor Wiley on this site? Maybe you ought to correspond with the man and see if he is getting closer to reaching the potential he hoped for when he was young and idealistic.
      Or, have you gone dead inside in that respect?
      Madicine here in my home town was going to participate in killng my wife’s lymphoma, and HER, over a nine year period of time – at best, with AMA accepted treatment…not CARE. Then we found Cancer Treatment Centers of America who healed her in six months – clean, and no return since 12 years.
      The doctors here in my home town still haven’t improved their healing record much since then. Oh, but they get national recognition for stuff that doesn’t reflect on HEALING.
      So, what drives you? Peers or patients?

      • Michael

        My point is that you need a pragmatic approach to healthcare – not only how it is funded but what is funded. If you give my original post some thought you’d realize that I’m actually recommending a “common sense” approach to healthcare delivery. All aspects of healthcare delivery cannot be considered a commodity. Sometimes – (and it appears that you speak from first hand experience) – a person’s health concerns become very complicated with issues that don’t neatly fit into a line item on a bill for services. Insurance companies love this because they don’t have to pay.
        Myself and my colleagues in America have frequently provided “free” services over and above what was covered by our patient’s insurance – many of these patient’s were the “I don’t want any of that government medicine” types – all the while not realising that there so called amazing healthcare plan didn’t cover the necessary rehabilitation, medications etc.
        American health care is some of the best in the world but now it’s time to make some essential changes to fill in the gaps.
        I find it interesting on this site that although I get labled as someone who wants a free ride, lefty, etc. – even though I’m an independent, pro-business, pro-military, etc, – no one has given me a response re: the hard working average American who pays for his health insurance and does all the right and responsible things and still has to go bankrupt becuase of a chronic medical condition or change of employers. – In a modern wealthy country this should never happen!

        • Mike In MI

          Michael -
          Ok, you’re right. Maybe you didn’t deserve all that I doled out above. Furthermore, I salute you on those things you’ve done to benefit others. I know the dumb system places terrible limitations on the people who often have the greatest desire, ability, credentials and conceptualization of what they do. So, you do what you can to help who you can with what you’ve got available…and I’ve found it’s a good idea to snuggle up tight as possible to the Heavenly Father. Then, you keep asking Him to keep you safe, healthy, peaceful and motivated…and learning constantly.
          Sorry to hear of the misfortune you revealed. That sort of thingcan be tough. But, if you’re willing to learn get in touch with a place called Halellujah Acres in Shelby, NC. Their research and addvice has been working health wonders on folks who had all but given up.
          God bless and all the best, my friend. You might be off on a whole new tack.

  • Ken

    Thanks, Michael, for your refreshing comment based on real life experience. However, even though you do your best to establish your credentials, both as a medical professional and as a non-”lefty,” you won’t have credibility among the brainwashed right-wing radicals who frequent this site, since you don’t agree ENTIRELY with their nonsense. I, personally, hate the term “Obamacare.” There is no Obamacare, there is only BigInsuranceCompanycare. The “reform” legislation is more of the same, except that the insurance companies will be able to expand their clientele to 30 million more people, and as far as I know they are not restricted as to the premiums they charge. In other words, they will be well-compensated and their profits will grow exponentially,amply covering any losses they might incur because they can no longer deny coverage to certain people. Both our political parties feed from the same trough, and nearly all, if not all, our politicans are bought and paid for by the giant corporations that REALLY run this country. That’s why I laugh myself silly over the idiocy of the notion that Obama is a Marxist. The health care insurers are laughing at that, too, as they know they have won another victory with our so-called “Obamacare,” which bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Canadian, British, or any other civilized country’s health care system.

    • Michael


      Thanks for your comment. It’s been difficult in this forum to recommend a prgmatic approach to healthcare becuase the minute you mention anything that involves the government or taxes etc. you’re instantly labled a raging left winger, communist, etc.. It’s not about throwing the baby out with the bath water – it’s just about using comming sense so that the best seamless delivery of healthcare is achieved.

      • Michael

        Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Just rushing off to work so I didn’t proof read the post!

  • cerebus23

    I do not think there is any debate about things needed tweaking in health care, but letting the federal government run anything has never ever lead anywhere but to massive fraud, waste, endless paperwork and red tape, ever increasing tax burden, on and on.

    one thing if you really wanted to fix some of what is wrong with health care is a series of tort reforms and limiting the amounts doctors can be sued so they would not have to pay out the nose for malpractice insurance, just on the off chance they get sued.

    tort reform is long overdue in this country, but will never happen cause the trial lawyers and ambulance chasers and all the big money grab lawyering direcaly has a hand in the dems.

    doctors are also innudated with red tape as it is now if they deal with medicare and such. to the point some doctors will not take medicare or medicade and charge their patient directly which end up costing the patient much less in the end run, because of all the hoops you need to jump thru for government red tape, which already steer doctors towards some types of treatments and away from comprehensive testing, and more expensive treatments and medications that may be more effective.

    many state and federal programs already provide emergency health care, for little cost, a co pay and yes your restricted in where you can go and what doctors you can use and what medications they will pay for, but it going to be 100x worse when you got the federal goverment calling the shots 1000s of miles away in some one size fits all health care scheme.

    there was no crisis of health care in this country there were no people dying on the streets, or children mortality rates through the roof cause our health system just let people die.

    now was health care expensive and was there problems with medicare and medicade? sure they going broke that a pretty big problem, nevermind the mountains of fraud perpertrated on those programs. of course the current health care boondoggle never addresses any of that.

    and what about the lines for medical care in other govt run health systems? that is certainly a fact that your waiting months for tests and visits. and the fact congress would not subject themselves to this new and wonderful health care they passed should speak volumes.

    now is the goverment going to tell old people to die? well obama has some people in his camp that have suggested that would be a good thing. however unlikely as it is there are a few of his cohorts that have been caught on tape saying just that.

    and there is not a communist nation in this world that will not kill a few 1000 or ten of thousands of people, thats your duty to the state to roll over and die for the betterment of your country.

    with the long track record of our government with social security, medicare, medicade, mandating loans for housing, causing our banking systems to collapse, causing our wallets to collapse under the weight that it is going to cost to fix ss, medicare and medicade and adding another trillion dollar government run program into the mix is the just the height of stupidity and folly and will never come to any good but making us a poorer nation with second rate health care.

    • Michael

      My experience working in both private and public systems has allowed me to see the benefits and pitfalls on both sides. It’s also solidified my position that you have to be pragmatic when it comes to healthcare delivery i.e. private isn’t all bad and public isn’t all bad either.

      Having worked in America I agree that some of the most innovative treatments have been developed in the US and in most cases response times for essential medical care is excellent. One of the downsides though is myth that only government run healthcare puts restrictions on treatments or intensity of service. If you consider my original post i.e. the hardworking American who earns an average wage and pays for his private health insurance and does everything right – he/she is still at risk of bankruptcy if a medical condition is chronic or pre-existing or if there is a change of employer. The amount of paperwork in some cases just to get things done and paid for in the private sector is outrageous! If a had a dime for everytime my colleagues and I provided additional free services to patients I really would be rich – but I love what I do so it’s not all about the money. Don’t think private insurance companies have your best interests at heart any more than governments – they don’t!. – I’ve seen plenty of palliative care patients who were left to die because their coverage ran out. – What an absolute disgrace!.

      On the left…… of course there are problems in coutries that have universal healthcare. You mentioned some of them e.g. wait lists, less access to certain specialized services in some areas, etc. – But, like different insurance companies and private healthcare providers – not all countries with universal healthcare are created equal i.e. for all the basket case countries that offer socilized medicine and don’t do a particularly good job at it there are examples of countries that have world class universal healthcare with proven excellent outcome measures – I refer you to some of the scandanavian countries – In many cases there still is a private insurance component but the difference is proper government regulation to ensure that insurance companies can’t get away with murder. It’s a myth that all socialized medicine is poor quality – I’ve worked in Europe and I’ve had to use the services on a couple of occaisions.

      The point is you have to strike a balance. It’s time to be pragmatic and deliver the best quality healthcare to patients with the right mix of private and public funding.

      p.s. At the risk of trying to over emphasize my political leanings – my ancestors came from a communist country to America. They never forgot what it was like and they made sure that I didn’t either – There nothing I dislike more than excessive government intrusion in my life. But I also recognize that blind allegence to any idiology can be dangerous and not pratical when trying to solve problems. It’s time to get the balance right for healthcare delivery in America!

      • Mike In MI

        Michael -
        Under what circumstances do you think the AMA, Insurance companies, medical supply houses, certain lawyers and drug companies will ever allow THAT – real patient centered healing care – to get its nose in their tent?

  • Marilyn

    Here we go again with no confirmation hearings. I guess Obama’s choices are better and there is no need for Congress to question the ethics and background of those he chooses? What happened to Government for the people and by the people? Another slash mark in the left column for Obama. Whatever our President wants to do, he does- With or without anyone’s knowledge. Must be nice. If I ran my business like that, I would be out of business.

  • GregS

    Berwick is the king of rationing. He is Mr. Death Panel, himself. I thought Obummer said there wouldn’t be any death panels. Oh yea, that’s right…HE LIED!!!

    • Michael


      I won’t repeat my comments from July 14 about having a pragmatic approach to healthcare delivery but I encourage you to have a read. Where is the balance of thought in this forum? How can you have a rational debate about healthcare etc. when people throw out histrionic comments like “Berwick” – “Mr. Death Panel”. There is a place for a blend of private and public healthcare to streamline service delivery and ensure that Americans get the highest quality of care. It doesn’t have to be one or the other – but proper regulation is required to ensure that both government funding sources and private insurance are doing what their supposed to be doing. As an American living in Europe I can tell you that some government involvement or funding of health care doesn’t always lead to poor quality care or “DEATH PANELS” – there are countries over here like Germany, Sweeden, etc. that provide excellent care back up by well reserched outcome measures. Yes there are problems over here just as there are problems in the American system. There’s room for both private insuran and publicly funded components. It’s about getting the balance right.
      And for the record – although this idea of Death Panels touted by the likes of Palin make for good scare mongering – they in no way reflect the delivery of quality public services to palliative care patients – and on the flip side – some of the biggest “rationers” of care are private insurance companies.

      Americans deserve better!

      • GregS


        You asked the question, “How can you have a rational debate about healthcare etc. when people throw out histrionic comments like ‘Berwick’ – ‘Mr. Death Panel’[?]” First of all, I would like to point out that Mr. Obama very conveniently AVOIDED all possibilities for a “rational debate about healthcare etc.,” including any discussion about the background and qualifications of Dr. Berwick, by appointing this man while Congress is on recess. This closes off an important venue for any further discussion of ObamaCare before the mid-term elections in November. My question to you, Michael, is how can you expect anyone on this forum NOT to be angered and enraged when Mr. Obama AVOIDS “rational debate” for his party’s own political gain in November??? When you talk about “rational debate,” you need to start with Mr. Obama, because he’s the one that doesn’t even want to go there! The fact is that he feels that he can do anything he wants without being held accountable. He has once again made a mockery of his pledge to be accountable and transparent. This is what angers MOST Americans.

        Now, with regard to the second part of your question, “…when people throw out histrionic comments like ‘Berwick’ – ‘Mr. Death Panel.’”

        Referring to Dr. Berwick as “Mr. Death Panel” is NOT “histrionic.” It’s a FACT! You are obviously not aware that he is an unabashed fan of government-imposed RATIONING, both here and abroad. In a June 2009 interview with the journal Biotechnology Healthcare, Berwick maintained,

        “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care–the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. … We can make a sensible social decision and say, ‘Well, at this point, to have access to a particular [new drug or medical intervention] is so expensive that our taxpayers have better use for those funds.’”

        As you can see, this came out of the mouth of Mr. Death Panel, himself! He has earned that name through his own ideology. And please don’t lecture me about private insurance companies being “some of the biggest ‘rationers’ of care.” When it comes to healthcare, there is NO excuse for rationing of ANY type, regardless of whether it’s by the government or by an insurance company! I agree that costs should be maintained through better efficiency, but healthcare should NEVER be rationed! We would all welcome government regulations to PREVENT rationing, but ObamaCare only ENCOURAGES it, and now, especially with the appointment of Berwick, he will do all he can to ENFORCE it!

        And “for the record” (as you put it), when it comes to “…this idea of Death Panels [being] touted by the likes of Palin…,” based on what I’ve just explained, I would say Sarah Palin is NOT just “scare mongering.” She’s DEAD-ON!

        And one last thing…Americans DO deserve better! That rules out ObamaCare and the likes of Dr. Berwick, Obama’s rationing czar!

        • Michael


          Thanks for your reply.
          re: Obama’s appointment of Dr. Berwick I would certainly AGREE with you. If someone is going to be placed in the position in question then proper debate from stakeholders should have happened – and it didn’t.

          re: healthcare delivery in general – My concern is getting the balance right between public and private services. I actually don’t care what the mix is so long as checks and balances are in place to ensure that average Americans don’t have the additional burden of worrying about finances if they have a major illness or a pre-existing condition. I won’t repeat myself re: my experiences of working in American vs. European healthcare systems – you can read above.

          re: Sarah Palin and Death Panels. I would still argue that private insurance companies are just as untrustworthy re: delivering end of life care as some governments are. I’ve worked in the system and I’ve seen it in action. My colleagues and I working in the US have given loads of additional free care because of the restrictions placed on our patients by private insurance companies – many to patients of the “I don’t want any of that 3rd world government healthcare” mentality. If they only knew…….

          finally re: Palin – As an independent…… it disturbs me that people who have strong libertarian values sometimes seem to champion the most intellectually challenged candidates. If you talk to Palin supporters it’s always the same thing…. isn’t she great, isn’t she a great american, she’s a hockey mom, etc.. Let’s really be honest here…… she doesn’t really have a clue of whats she’s talking about and obviously has at best a rudamentary understanding of essential concepts in the areas of economics, geography, science, etc. – If you’re going to be a leader, you don’t have to know everything but you better have the fundamentals straight before you run for vice president e.g. What countries are in NAFTA – a question that Palin couldn’t answer the first time around.
          As an American living in Europe – I was embarrassed by the poor quality of the election debates in general but I was particularly concerned about Palin. If she was speaking on behalf of Americans in front of a global audience she would have made us a laughing stock.
          It also bothers me when someone of her intellectual laziness throws out comments about healthcare delivery when her foundation knowledge is so limited.

          You’re certainly right though….. the Berwick appointment should never have happened the way it did.

        • GregS


          First of all, as you’ll notice, I’m not replying directly under your comment above, because it would have created yet another nested level on this page, which would have narrowed the space, thereby making my comment look considerably longer than it really is.

          Healthcare delivery in general – I fully agree that there should be some assurance that all Americans get the heathcare that they need without the additional burden of worrying about finances if they have a major illness or a pre-existing condition. However, ObamaCare does a VERY poor job of accomplishing this for the following reasons:

          - It does not address the HIGH COST of healthcare, which is the root cause of the problem. Frivolous lawsuits and the lack of tort reform contribute significantly to this. Other factors affect the high cost as well. The following article highlights some of the problems they are having in Massacheusetts with their own healthcare bill, because they diden’t address COST. ObamaCare was modeled after this bill:

          - The bill is riddled with unnecessary special interest coverages, such as federally funded birth control abortions, which virtually overturns the Hyde Amendment. This will add significantly to the cost of the bill. Obama’s phony executive order will not change this.

          - The bill contains RATIONING. For example, there is a provision, referred to as the “Medicare Death Spiral.” This provision penalizes any Medicare physicians who are in the top 10% of costs for treatment of their patients for any given year. They will lose 5% of their total Medicare reimbursements for that year. By definition, there will ALWAYS be a top 10%, no matter how far down the total amount of money spent on Medicare is driven. Therefore, physicians will order fewer and less effective tests and treatments for their patients, for fear that they will be caught in the upper 10%. They will have NO way of knowing if they are in that upper bracket until they are actually charged the 5% penalty. This fact alone will force them to order fewer tests and treatments from year to year, until they will no longer want to deal with Medicare patients at all. This is solely driven by costs and has nothing to do with the quality of healthcare being administered. Already physicians are turning down Medicare patients. The provision in this bill will only WORSEN the situation.

          In summary, Michael, ObamaCare will do little, if anything, to address your concerns with healthcare delivery. It needs to be repealed (or gutted), and they need to start all over again.

          Sarah Palin and Death Panels – I am well aware that private insurance companies can be extremely untrustworthy in delivering healthcare / end-of-life care. However, this does NOT justify the appointment of a rationing czar such as Berwick. Two wrongs do NOT make a right! As I stated in my previous post, there is NO excuse for rationing of ANY type, regardless of whether it’s by the government or by an insurance company! Instead, the government should create regulations to PREVENT rationing. This is sadly lacking in ObamaCare. Sarah Palin’s terminology is very appropriate as a name for Dr. Berwick (Mr. Death Panel), even though the term “death panels” was coined well before this appointment. In fact, one could even say that it’s prophetic. Obama’s appointment of him merely confirms what she has been saying all along about rationing and death panels. Only now, it not only applies to end-of-life care. Berwick’s appointment virtually extends what she’s been saying to Medicare and Medicaid.

          Sarah Palin – What makes you think that Palin is any more “intellectually challenged” than Obama? I would think that you would be a little bit more worried about the man in the Oval Office who said he’d been to 57 states, and he thought he had one more left to go. C’mon, we’re talking about the President of the United States who didn’t even know how many states there are in the Union!!! …And he was caught on film saying it!!! At least with the NAFTA question, it was here say from a reporter on Fox News who had heard it from someone on McCain’s staff. Even if it is true, it would appear that Obama’s “foundation knowledge” is FAR more limited than Sara Palin’s! With regard to the debates, Biden was just as guilty as Palin for making factually inaccurate statements.


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