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Obama And Civil Liberty

October 12, 2012 by  

Obama And Civil Liberty
President Obama wants more election talk about civil liberties.

President Barack Obama said earlier in the week that he wants civil liberties to be brought forth as a more important topic of debate in the few remaining weeks before the Presidential election.

“We haven’t talked about what’s at stake with respect to civil liberties,” Obama mused during a campaign speech at the Los Angeles Ritz Carlton.

Obama critics would likely agree that, despite the President’s comment, a real conversation about civil liberties under his Administration would not likely gain him any favor with civil libertarians. While Mitt Romney isn’t exactly known for his love of civil liberty and his party certainly isn’t after the Patriot Act-laden reign of George W. Bush, what Obama has done (and has failed to do) is more alarming to libertarians than anything Romney might do.

In examining Obama’s record over the past four years alongside statements he made before he took office, it almost appears as if the President does not remember anything he has done with regard to civil liberties in nearly four years.

Obama said this in December 2007:

I reject the view that the President may do whatever he deems necessary to protect national security, and that he may torture people in defiance of congressional enactments. I reject the use of signing statements to make extreme and implausible claims of presidential authority. Some further points:

The detention of American citizens, without access to counsel, fair procedure, or pursuant to judicial authorization, as enemy combatants is unconstitutional.

Warrantless surveillance of American citizens, in defiance of FISA, is unlawful and unconstitutional.

The violation of international treaties that have been ratified by the Senate, specifically the Geneva Conventions, was illegal (as the Supreme Court held) and a bad idea.

The creation of military commissions, without congressional authorization, was unlawful (as the Supreme Court held) and a bad idea.

Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, a law that allows for “the detention of American citizens, without access to counsel, fair procedure, or pursuant to judicial authorization, as enemy combatants.” Though he claims to have “had reservations” about it.

Obama’s Administration not only continued Bush-era domestic spying programs, but dramatically increased warrantless electronic surveillance.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, the Department of Justice monitored 37,616 phones in 2011 and increased its tracking of email and social networking data by 361 percent under Obama.

The President also embraced the use of the very military commissions that he once abhorred.

Furthermore, the “transparent” Obama Administration has waged all-out war on whistle-blowers because the President claims that “state secrets” have been put into danger.

If the President wants a conversation about civil liberty that makes him look better than the prospect of a Romney Administration, he has a great deal of bad policy to undo before November.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • roger gunderson

    He is a liar.


      Obama is a liar and let it be known — he would agree with a King concept if he could order an executive order to get it done. We need to get this man out of office before he gets all americans killed. All he cares about is his Father, Muslims, his family, playing golf and flying around in the 747 while, we the taxpayer’s expense. I expect the government wil need to purchase a new 747 when his butt leaves the white house. We can’t get him out fast enough and I don’t care where he ends up. Good riddens.

      • eddie47d

        When it comes to NDAA the Obama Administration should have hunkered down and refused to sign that document. He should have sent it back until they either got it right or fully rejected it. The thing is that the Republicans pushed hard for its passage and once again boxed Obama into a corner and they were hell bent on making him look unpatriotic and not willing to defend America. That is how it always is with both parties as was done with the Patriot Act. “If you don’t sign you will be labeled as unwilling to save America from those willing to destroy us”. Neither party has courage on the security issue for SECURITY means strength and strength means their power will be retained. I wouldn’t trust either party on this issue although Obama is more against it and Romney has stated he was for them from the beginning. At this time neither will repeal these laws and I have a feeling Romney will take them further.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

        Obama has done more to take away our civil rights than anyone else in the world. Of course there is someone else that is pulling Obamas puppet strings. No, its not Eddie47d… it’s George Soros. I’ll bet that Soros has probably given more money to elect and then re-elect Obama than is allowed by law. Shouldn’t Eric Holder look into that? And wasn’t Eric Holder just put in charge of looking into something else that had to do with investigating someone in the Obama Administration. Yea, Right! The Chicago Mob rules. Hum… sounds like a new slogan for Obama2012!!!!!!

      • jen

        I totally concur.We have educated ourselves on politics and now we know the difference between “power hungry” and the one who “cares for America” People ask yourselves why each Candidate wants the office of the President? Is it for “power to dictate” or is it because they care about America and FREEDOM and want to see it back the way things were before 2008?

      • Chester

        Jen, your good friends don’t want to stop with taking things back to where they were before 2008. More like prior to 1958 is where they keep trying to take us, and you could easily take another twenty years off that number and still be too liberal for a lot of them.

      • eddie47d

        Wow placing me in with the likes of big hitters like Soros. I am so touched by your devious consideration Grimaldi. Are you by chance in bed with Rove’s ad organizations? His is $300 million so far.How about Restore America’s Future? $100 million. Maybe those famous Koch Brothers? $400 million. Then there is an outfit or two individuals called Burton/Sweeny who have pitched in $80 million and plan on $20 million more. Anyway it was G Bush who gets the big kahuna for taking away our civil right ! Now have a glorious day!.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, it is those who OWN both parties that want the NDAA! BOTH parties ponied up! The fact that obumass SAID he really didn’t want it was to preserve the ILLUSION that the two parties are different! If obumass didn’t REALLY want it, when the federal judge SAID that it was unconstitutional, he would have let it go!!! But he did want it and fought the judge’s ruling to keep it intact!!!

        Jen, BOTH candidates are after pure power! And the power once they get it, goes to those who PUT them into power!!!

      • SJJolly

        Eddie47d: You’re one of the all too few voices of sanity and rationality in the Personal Liberty Digest wilderness. Keep it up!

        If someone as “exteme left” as Obama is unwilling to oppose the hard right Republicans on national security measures, such as the National Defense Authorization Act, what would a true “severely conservative” chief executive be willing to sign off on?

        If the bosses of the hard-right really thought Obama was one-tenth the tyrant they love to protray him as, why did they put such powers as the National Defense Authorization Act into his hands?

      • JeffH

        SJJolly says,
        “Eddie47d: You’re one of the all too few voices of sanity and rationality in the Personal Liberty Digest wilderness. Keep it up!”

        The worst part is SJJolly is serious…that makes two “nut cases” without a clue.

        I’ll remind you that it was Obama’s Joe Biden who claimed that no one in the Obama administration knew that requests for extra security had been made by our Libyan ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and other members of our consulate in Benghazi.
        They can’t even listen to their own State Departments requests for additional security then have to lie in an attempt to cover up their own ineptness.

        Constant attacks on our civil liberties have been geater than at any time I can remember and you believe eddie is sane and you believe Obama and his “Marxist/communist/socialist/facsist/progressive Administration are keeping us safer by attacking our civil liberties. Nothing is scarier than 4 more years of Obama at the helm.

      • eddie47d

        Troll Jeff is Scurrilous as per usual. Maybe Ryan’s 20 glaring errors will be brought up soon. This ought to get good!

      • Mike in MI

        Eddie 47d per center and SJJolly

        What makes you think Oblameless and crew care anything about anybody’s (except their own) civil rights or security … at home or anywhere?
        Obama blames Romney for the cancer death of that guy’s wife in his campaign ad.
        Who is more directly responsible for the death of Ambassador Stevens and his helpers? Who was watching or had to have gotten information (from Tripoli or the Benghazi compound’s surveillance cameras) of the events at Benghazi WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING? Yet, lifted not a finger, sent available troops or do anything… for four (4) long hours… except send a drone overhead to watch it like a Good Year blimp at the NFL? They knew it was likely to happen, but they sent Americans out unprotected to a death trap to die. Who wanted Stevens dead, and why. I’d like to know?
        By the way, what makes you think they’ll do anything more to protect and help you and yours when the Muslim Brotherhood comes for us…eh-h-h? Oh, it IS coming. (Like one witness in the Congressional hearing said last week, “…To me it means they’re in the House.” (the White one?)

        You two seem to think Oblamelessass and Bidenhistime are so smart about foreign policy and rights. The other night Bidenhistime screamed, “They DON”T HAVE A WEAPON!!!”
        So? Who needs a weapon or fancy delivery device when a briefcase will suffice? You’re about as smart as your leaders. They appeal to you for some reason. So, you’ve probably got about the same practical savvy.

    • Louise

      He’s not only a liar,but also a fraud.

  • Bernhardt

    What about the 700 executive orders (fiats)by which he”governs”, bypassing the legitimately elected Congress?

    • Mike in MI

      Bernhardt -
      If he doesn’t or wont submit and legislate in the legitimate, Constitutionally directed American way it can only mean he purposely intends to be illegitimate and unAmerican.
      If the basic law of the land can be by-passed and disposed of so easily it can only mean we no longer have a country cased on laws.
      Nothing and, at the same time, everything is either legitimate or illegitimate.
      There is no foundation for anything and no rules.

      • Mike in MI

        (Correction to above) -
        “If he doesn’t or won’t submit proposals in the prescribed manner….”

        “Nothing and, at the same time, everything is both legitimate and illegitimate”

  • Aileen

    I completely agree that Obama is a Liar, he is also incompetent, ignorant and self proclaimed “his Highness in chief”. This man is dangerous and has no desire to uphold our beloved Contitution. He should be IMPEACHED and charged with intentional Treason and sent to Sheriff Arpio in the Arizona desert to serve his term. What a disaster if he is reelected, it will be the U.S. imploding on itself. Everyone needs to wake up and vote him out! Lord help us.

    • Mike in MI

      Aileen -
      Whether or not he is re-elected it is going to implode on itself. The fact that Oblame-everybody-else and Burrnumbski are printing money to buy our own debt (QE2 – 3) is proof positive. It is similar to you drawing pictures of food or cutting pictures from old “Better Homes and Gardens” to put on your family’s plates (while burning the last roast beef and vegetables you have on hand).
      One day the printing presses will run out of ink – because no one will sell us any more – and the Obama Economy will screech to a stop. Then the 47%ers (and out of work unionists, socialists and teachers) will take the streets, highways and byways…then everything of yours, mine and anybody else’s to sell for food. Warning: they won’t plan to work for it then, either.
      There is NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE (or the first portion of John’s Apocalypse) that will reverse the course. Anybody, then, who wants to eat will sell his soul to the Devil – or the Devil’s surrogates in flesh, fur and bone disguises… and be branded.

  • FreedomFighter

    A Usurper and wanna be dictator…soon to be voted out — about time too.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • eddie47d

      Yet Freedom Fighter is willing to vote in Romney who says he will do the same thing and leave these laws in place. So should Romney be labeled a dictator if there is no difference?

      • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

        sure he does…..

      • Jen

        Eddie:It sounds to me as if you are listening to the sound of a different drummer.
        You had better see your ENT for a good ear cleaning,you are missing many important facts by missing all the info in the debates.A good citizen and voter collects his/her facts before going to the polls.That’s what got us in the awful shape we’re in today.In 2008 a bunch of green horns and uneducated kids and people who wanted someone different,well,they got different all right and he has disgraced the nation over all of this.It would be safe to say the ones in 2008 that voted this fella in hasn’t learned a thing,they want more of this misery plus much much more . Wake up America for Heavens sake!!!!!
        Learn from mistakes!!!

      • FreedomFighter

        You can tell a lot about a person by the jewelry that they wear and by the things that they carry around in their pockets, and Barack Obama’s “lucky charms” include a Hindu god, a Masonic emblem and a “wedding ring” that has the phrase “there is no god except Allah” inscribed on it. So what do these things tell us about Barack Obama? That is a very good question.

        Obama’s Lucky Charms: A Hindu God In His Pocket, A Masonic Emblem, And A Ring That Says “There Is No God Except Allah”

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • eddie47d

      Really Jen if you think Romney isn’t power hungry you haven’t paid attention in how he gained his wealth.Devious,unethical and cold in achieving his endeavors. Typical politician in other words.

  • Deerinwater

    I’m sorry, but I do not believe that one man is going to ride into town and change the way the Hill conducts business. While I wish that it was possible as many changes needs to occur, it’s not realist to think it will happen with just lip service.

    The very creation of Home Land Security was a travesty, an expansion of government and the erosion of civil liberties at it’s finest. Another agency to compete for budget dollar and justify it’s existence, not finding work or a clear threat, willing to create one if necessary,~ if it means turning it’s focus on American citizens enjoying their liberties.

    It was right at dusk one summer evening in 1997 in a small port city on the tip of Texas, I was on the main drag of the town and was fueling up my truck when I seen them roll into town. ~ New Black Chevy 4 door 1 ton pulling a 27 ft Cigarette with Quad 225 Merc’s mounted on the transom. In big letter down the length of the boat , HOME LAND SECURITY. Oh great! If the local cops that prey on tourist were not bad enough or the Game Warden or the Coast Guard with their mighty Interceptor that keeps a watchful eye on sea and shore, now we got a bunch of college kids dressed up like Ninja Turtles, pistol belts protruding with armaments, do-dads and gizmos hawking the water ways with a 900 hp marginally sea worthy runabout.

    It wasn’t a week that went by that some of my friends were getting speeding tickets in the bay ~ We never had speed zones before ~ no wake zones? sure but never speed zones.

    They wanted to be the fastest thing in the bay ! Now that was their ideas on security, aggravate and annoy the locals that have lived there all their lives, people that know what normal activity is and who is a stranger and who is not.

    It was disappointing ~along with all the drug cartels actives in Mexico, I concede and lost my final frontier. It’s not worthy chancing the battle to live free anymore. There is just to many of them to fight or ignore anymore.

    “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges. ” When is the frontier anymore, that’s where I’d like to be,

    • Bev

      Obama has been silently installing his shadow army along with the help of Napolitano, Holder, and only God knows who else. Don’t listen to his words, but watch him closely.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Bev, you have to listen to what is said, how it is said, when it is said, where it is said, by whom it is said and why it is said. Even if there is constant vigilance a person can still end up deceived.
        The Truth is very simple, a Lie is so crooked and complicated that there is not a way to measure it.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Deerinwater, I do believe that we’re all in agreement on WHAT the problem is!!! Now, if we could only stop squaring off against each other (the d’s and r’s) and join together to find a solution. We’ve ALL been trained to blame the opposite party! It’s WHY they allow the two parties! They both SAY different things but they DO the SAME things!!! And ALL of the things they DO are designed to take away OUR rights and liberties!!! My complaints are just like yours but as long as we are fighting each other, nothing will be accomplished! We’ve GOT to recognize the true enemy before we can fight it!!!

      • star

        I would like to see a record number of voters voting for anyone other than the two candidates they gave us.

      • Mike in MI

        Nancy in Nebraska -
        The Bible, in nearly every writer’s accounts, lays out who and what the real enemy is, how to resist that one and how to win your personal contest with your real, personal adversary each time. Jesus Christ was the epitome of success at revealing the “snare of the Adversary” so they could see it. Then in John 14 through 16 he prophesied of the coming of the Comforter with new truths and policies which the Apostle Paul wrote in his letters. That is why the First Century Church was such a resounding success – until the doctrine corruption at the Council of Nicea. After that the greatness of it ended. That corruption is still the prime reason most contemporary “Christianity” is such a resounding failure. It is fruitless without each blade of grass becoming rooted and grounded in the doctrine they carried out in the Book of Acts in accord with Paul’s letters.
        Aside from Christians coming to that realization and redirecting their commitment to do what God says to do things will continue to degrade until the Hebrews “look upon him whom they pierced” and receive him as Messiah with all that means. People are not the enemy; doctrines of devils (liberal dogma) are.
        Think you can make that go away by being “agreeable”?

  • loboviejo

    Obama wants to discuss “civil liberties” as if they are something created and granted by the federal government that need occasional “tweaking.” And he is right. He needs to realize that, in recognition of rights coming from nature and nature’s god, the Bill of Rights prohibits actions by the government. He needs to stop lying about the fact that he demanded the authority to incarcerate American citizens without trial and without charge. He needs to stop claiming the authority to turn an enemies list into a hit list. Like all progressives, he regards 18th Century liberalism and the enlightenment as irrelevant.

    And we in the liberty movement need to reject the concept of “civil” liberties.

    • Kate 8

      While we understand that liberty is God-given (not government conferred), Obama’s god, Allah, does not grant liberties. Allah demands complete submission.

      Obama in no way recognizes the basis for our Constitution and, hence, does not honor it. His intent is absolute rule, a caliphate. Sharia.

      Obama has gone a long way in establishing Islam in America.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Kate 8 Did you know the god the muslims worship is the god of Abraham , the same one the jooos worship , Just something to think about .

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Jimmy the Greek, who told you that whopping lie that you beleive?

      • OneGuess


        Jimmy never misses an opportunity to spew his antisemitism. This is nothing new.

      • Kate 8

        Jimmy the Greek – While Abraham was the father of Ishmael, born of Sarah’s handmaid, Hagar, Ishmael did not honor Abraham’s God as He chose Isaac, son of Sarah, as Abraham’s true heir.

        Hagar and Ishmael were sent from Abraham’s camp, as Sarah worried for Isaac’s safety. Ishmael was jealous and troubled. Ishmael was the father of the idol-worshipping nomadic tribes from which Islam arose. Each tribe had its own god, and Allah was the moon god, which was the god of the tribe of Mohammad and the one he chose as the god of Islam.

        People mistakenly believe that, because both Islam and Judaism trace back to Abraham, that they recognize the same god. You have to know the story.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Kate8, I think you’re right but I also think that the whole islam thing is just a stepping stone for the final takeover by satan! I think it is he who is behind all of this.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Kate8, my comment was actually to your comment above. But your second comment is right on the mark, too!

      • Kate 8

        Nancy – Absolutely satan is behind it all.

      • Mike in MI

        Jimmy the Greek -
        You ought not bet on that whopper.
        If allah is the same god Abraham followed then why has the god of the quran, q’rhan, koran or what ever, not taken the depth of faithfulness and precautions to protect and guard his book as are evident with the book that eclipses it at every turn – God’s Word?

        Why can’t the followers of allagh find manuscripts anywhere that support their main contention that the Hebrews changed the basic teachings and prophecies God originally intended and gave before Moses? Nothing, anywhere? Written on parchment, skin or rock? Nothing that anyone can point to providing agreement with Mohammed? How can Moslems say anyone like Moses or Jesus was a prophet of the truth for God? Or, anyone in between? They were all out of Isaac’s line.
        If Ishmael was the truly the heir of Abraham why were he and his mother, Hagar, so rejected and forgotten from history? If Ishmael’s progeny were truly God’s intended heirs why has God been so unable, or unwilling, to produce a record of His will and His works as He has through Isaac’s line? No one was so moved as to write and maintain any written, supernatural or natural, evidence for almost 2,000 years until Mohammed?
        Why would God, knowing the future, have had to wait until 600 – 700 A.D. to acknowledge Mohammed without telling anyone of so “auspicious” as Mohammed, “The Prophet of Truth”?
        If the God of Abraham is the same god as of Mohammed how can Sharia law be so opposite from the Torah in so many places? Can’t be, because where you have opposition, one side or the other must be a lie. That would mean either that god is a liar. or two different gods ideas and ideals are being presented for us to compare. In that case one god is to be accepted and the other dismissed as no god at all.
        For instance, Sharia is, at least, dismissive of women, but often degrades women to the lowest estate and contemptuous blameworthiness (even unto humiliating deaths, without recourse). Whereas, men in such things are esteemed and guiltless.
        On the other hand, the God of the Bible gives great equality, esteem and honor to His ladies. Even instances were recorded where women acted as prophetesses. How can you get any higher than to be chosen a spokeswoman for God to His people? Proverbs 31
        as a whole chapter is dedicated to describing the qualities and value of the “Virtuous Woman” by King Lemuel (Solomon). Many more points of opposition exist.
        Obviously, irreconcilable divergence exists between the positions of the TWO different gods. God Almighty is not a liar, can not lie. For Him to lie would expose undamental flaws in the basic characteristics of that define God: Omniscience, Omnipotence, Eternal, Omnipresence, Grace, Mercy and if one is those things He need not be anything but LOVING and TRUTHFUL (for starters).
        Anything less is a counterfeit; powerful maybe, inscrutable to human senses and unaided examination – but available to logic and common sense once he puts something in writing.
        Finally, at the most crucial moment the counterfeit will abandon you or be powerless.


    What type of law in your country allows an advocate for affordable housing and also a squatter, to take over another persons property while they are away on holidays overseas? And on there return the owner needs to go to court to prove their home was not abandoned

    The owner and her one-year-old daughter are now forced to live one room away from the alleged squatter

    Ms Blair, a previous tenant, changed the locks on the house, replaced appliances, reworked the plumbing, and changed the curtains of the.Detroit house.

    What type of country you running in America when people dont respect private property?

    • pete0097

      The law doesn’t allow this, the squatter just moved in and the liberal landlord laws are being taken advantage of. The police don’t want to get involved as, in realty, they might get hurt or have law suits against them. It will come out in court. (if the woman is smart, when they go to court she will have someone move all of the squatters stuff out making the law suit a moot point)

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Gilly’s right! This IS happening all over the country. They’ve found an old obscure law and are using it to take what they say are “abandoned houses”. The word’s gotten out and it’s happening all over. Many times these squatters win and get to keep the house.

    • Incredulous1

      Great question, Gilly! They might get away with that in Detroit but in most parts of this country, squatter would be shot dead.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It’s happened in Omaha and many other cities! As bizarre as it sounds!

      • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

        What the home owner should do is: get a really big shotgun, jump through a window into their own house, look the squatter in the eye and say”make my day” or if you wanted to be nice about it say “PLEASE get out of my home before I blow your _ss away” unless you live in New York City. There of course Uncle Bloomberg would say “you can’t go around terrorizing people with “ILLEGAL” guns” and will put you in jail.

    • JC

      Gilly, your question nails the essence of every problem the US is having. EVERY problem!
      The basis for all laws of “Justice” is in fact property rights, starting with the fact that our own bodies and the products of our own labor are our own property. If there were still any respect for “property rights” (as prescribed in the Constitution) within the judiciary, the nation would look very different today. However we’ve degenerated into a nation of Orwellian Law, that not even the Judges can understand anymore.

  • Scott in SC

    It may come as a surprise to some of you but our liberties didn’t start disappearing with Obama. He’s just the latest in a long line and what disturbs me is that while Romney is constantly criticizing the Obama record, he is silent on this topic. That can’t be good.

    • Kate 8

      Scott – Romney supports everything Obama supports. That he is at all different is an illusion.

      Just as Congress swore to repeal O’care, Romney claims he’ll do away with the things that Obama’s done. He won’t. He’s on record supporting NDAA and every other travesty that’s been laid on us. He is just another puppet beholden to the same masters as Obama.

      It really won’t matter who we elect. The PTB gather and decide who wins. They want us to feel completely alienated from our government, and they know that, regardless of who wins, people will cry ‘foul’. It’s revolt that they want.

  • Ted

    A revolt they could get,it maybe the only way to protect ourselves from our Government.Im to old for this but there are young people who will justify a revolt someday,I think.

  • TML

    “…what Obama has done (and has failed to do) is more alarming to libertarians than anything Romney might do.”

    Not necessarily ‘more’ alarming… Romney would surely have done many of the same things Obama has done, if not more.

    NDAA and the Constitution: Romney

    I don’t see one liar any better than the next.

    • http://none Claire

      TML–your common sense is much appreciated.

  • michael

    It should come as no surprise that this hipocrate Obama is the most anti-constitution president since Woodrow Wilson, another fanatical statist who also believed in total government control-for these two the constitution that they solemnly swore to protect,
    preserve & defend is nothing more than an inpediment.

  • `


    • http://none Claire

      What is with this “ring” crap? How does anyone know what is engaved on his wedding band? Did the man/person that started this smear actually SEE the ring? And they say the liberals are hateful and do nothing but smear. The righties do the same damn thing. I am to the point that I don’t believe a damn word any of them say.

      • Kate 8

        Claire – Have you missed the articles?

        Photos were captured showing his ring on his finger, and were zeroed in to enlarge. Experts were shown the writing on it, and confirmed that it says something to the effect of ‘there is no god but Allah’… part of an Islamic proclamation of faith.

        It’s also reported elsewhere.

      • TML

        “Experts were shown the writing on it, and confirmed that it says something to the effect of ‘there is no god but Allah’”

        A ring that says there is no god but God? Oh my, I shudder with fear

    • TML

      Yeah, you know… because a movie always portrays reality.

  • Jamie Cameron

    sick Id and Ego of a Marxist control freak

  • Carlos

    If you want to know something about freedom in U.S., then please have a look at the following ultra-interesting video from David Icke:

  • Don

    If Obummer had his way you would have to get the government’s permission to have a bowel movement.

  • Jimbo

    What we NEEDED was Ron Paul. But people were too hung up on electing someone who looks “presidential”.


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