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Obama Aide: GOP Budget Would Kill 70,000 Kids

April 4, 2011 by  

Obama aide: GOP budget would kill 70,000 kidsNothing gets people talking like the fear of dead babies, and that appears to be the goal of President Barack Obama's administration heading into a showdown over Federal spending.

According to media reports, Rajiv Shah, the administrator of the Agency for International Development, recently claimed that the GOP's budget proposal for the remainder of 2011 would lead to the deaths of at least 70,000 children. While addressing a House Appropriations subcommittee on March 30, Shah said that the House Republicans' continuing resolution, which cuts $61 billion from the Federal budget, would devastate international programs that aid sick children.

He estimated that at least 30,000 would die from a lack of malaria control programs, 40,000 from a shortage of immunizations and 16,000 from a lack of skilled attendants at birth. The GOP's budget, which was approved by the House last month, would slash 16 percent from Obama's request for international relief. Shah claimed that these cuts would put about 800,000 Darfurians at risk for disease, famine and further oppression.

Republicans have accused the Obama administration of employing scare tactics in an attempt to gain support for its overabundant spending proposal. Representative Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.) told FOX News that Republicans will not debate "what might happen based on speculation and hype."

"Nearly every administration witness appearing before the Appropriations Committee has put forward nightmare scenarios and dire numbers to argue why we should not be reducing spending in any program," Lewis told the media outlet.

If lawmakers do not pass a continuing budget by April 8, the Federal government will be forced to shut down.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    Personally I dont like the idea of children dying of disease. However I will admit the use of that argument is perhaps a little soapbox like if not unneccessary. It scares and shames rather than persuades. I support the President on most matters including the budget depending on the programs and how the money is allocated. For the sake of argument and for the benefit of all concerned I would like it to be shown specifically which programs in the “over abundant spending proposal” as the article puts it are being discussed. What are these programs responsible for, how much money do they each take, how much will be cut, will these programs be shut down or weakened because of this cut in funding and are there any alternatives to cutting if these programs can be proved important or necessary . Fear tactics aside if it can be verified and proven that these cuts will hurt the capacity to help starving or sick children then we need to know and we need to factor it into the decision. It dose not need to be part of the discussion but it needs to be recognized as a problem and thus help form a solution.

    • Elena T

      Should we stop foreign aid to Africa and other third world countries? How did these African countries start depending on foreign aid in the first place? Are Africans mentally retarded that can’t supply for themselves and continue multiplying even they are very poor?

      Foreign aid, in some African countries, has become government’s primary source of revenue. In Ethiopia and Gambia, for example, a whopping 97 percent of the government’s budget derives from foreign aid. “They are currently scamming the West of $25 billion a year. If you keep giving in to their demands, they will want $50 billion, then $100 billion and so on”. Africa‘s population are fastest growing on the Earth, compare to China and India.

      It is a time for American politicians to stop their global charity and think about our country and own citizens. Let’s see, we have a 15 Trillion dollars deficit in our immediate future, social security evaporates in 2037, the slowest new home sales in over 40 years, spiraling state budget deficits and erosion of senior benefits and cost of living allowances… It’s time to consider other options.

      It seems there is just one country that is prepared to do that. China needs to feed its hungry economy and Africa is rich in resources. In almost every corner of Africa there is something that interests China. The continent is rich in natural resources that promise to keep China’s booming, fuel-hungry economy on the road. There is copper to mine in Zambia, iron ore to extract in Gabon and oil to refine in Angola.

      • wandamurline

        It is time to help these people with birth control pills. Africa has gold, diamonds, oil and many other resources that they could sell to the rest of the world, but the problem is that they do not have centralized governments…they have military dictators who kill and mame their own people. If we really wanted to help these people, we would arm them with superior firepower and allow them to take their country back. Back in the 70′s, people were dying…we helped them…and they turned around and had more kids. Their reproduction cycles must improve before their standard of living does or the standard of living will never improve for them.

        • Cawmun Cents

          They tried arming them.It has only led to Genocide.No sending tem a billion condomswould probably do more for that Continent.

          • Eddie47d

            Your billion is a wise choice.

          • Dad

            Planned Parenthood and their Democrat supporters will kill that many kids here in the US of A.

            I say send DDT for malaria.

        • Peter Green

          Many African immigrants are migrating to U.S and Europe every year. We have many African immigrants on welfare and Medicaid in America. America has more poor, more crime and more ghettos, more alienation than ever. Still 70% of black fathers abandon their obligations in parenting and rising of their own children.
          The election of Obama to the highest position in our government and arguably in the world has broken the race barrier and freed the white man of blame for oppression once and for all. Someone is guilty of poverty and not stop civil wars in Africa. Convict them. The choice is clear.

      • Mick

        Elena T

        Smart woman we definitely need more like you , you make sense and i think many women should follow your lead instead of worrying about the latest fashions or what’s politically correct.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        The problem Elena is a combination of poor nation building and current and or at least recent instability. The countries of Europe primarily responsible for the establishment of numerous African countries gave little thought to the various groups of ethnicites put inside the same boundries. Needless to say the issues have gone on ever since. I think the issue is trying to balance our ideals with action. As a Republic our country stands as a beacon to others. A beacon of Tolerance, Unity and Equality. As such we are given the responsibility if not the duty to use our great resources to promote our ideals abroad. And that includes freedom from want and fear. Its a struggle over how much to give and who to give to. No one enjoys, prefers or condones starving or sick children, the issue is how much can we give before we hurt ourselves and perhaps therefore hurt those who look to use for support and inspiration. Charity is not a bad thing. We need to find cuts that can be made not simply in this area but in others as well. If we can cut spending and raise income than maybe we can balance our budget and than have more to give to those deserving of it.

        • Eddie47d

          Excellent Jeremy;We do have to pull back from foreign giving.Whether financial or bulk aide. We also need to wind down our wars and choose our actions more carefully. America needs to revitalize itself and correct our few flaws.Pay discrepancies,banking problems,a better energy infrastructure and so forth.I believe it is doable if enough folks throw their hat in the ring.

          • thinking

            When our government gives we forget that most of the money is used by the government for planning and determining who will get the contract to send the aid, then the receiving government takes there share. By the time the aid gets to the needed they may or maynot get anything. Provide aid programs and churches work so much better. They send missionaries and they distribute and also work in the area needed. Our government needs to get out of taking our money and giving to business and other governments to make profits.

        • Darfur Deng

          Can you cite an example of when the last time was that any of our elected government officials (besides Ron Paul) referred to our country as a REPUBLIC?

          If you agree with the founding fathers in regards to the Republic, why can’t you agree with their warning that we remain free of international entanglements.

          Having spent the last three decades of my life aiding in the tracking, documenting, and exposing the International Slave-Trade, I have encountered many sorted truths. The content of this article is one of those truths encountered. If anything the content of the article is irrefutably true, although grossly understated.

          As a newly elected Senator Obama stood at a Darfur rally and promised everything shy of the moon to aid in the plight of the Darfurian people, and just as he deceived the American people, he deceived the people of Darfur.

          The only thing Obama has sent to Darfur, is his Vice President to congratulate the dictator who slaughters Darfurian’s, on his re-election. I would not hesitate to stand before this despicable excuse of a Human being, Barack Obama and call him the filthy low life liar that he is. To be using the plight of the Darfurian people once again, to support his lies to the American people is an outrage.

          If we truly wish to aid the worlds needy, we must first return to being a Republic. Then we must rid ourselves of the compulsion to spread such a vile and despotic form of government as Democracy throughout the world.

          We must cease to grant Foundations that operate and manipulate Foreign governments, tax exemptions. The federal government only requires 5-percent minimum-payout for private foundations. Leaving 95% for administrative and reinvestment, major foundations are nothing more than tax exempt international corporations who use their power and wealth to manipulate governments for their own financial, and power mongering gains.

          Organizations such as the Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations who prop-up Kleptocracies, and dictatorial regimes throughout Africa. In return they gain special interest from those governments to establish such things as toxic chemical plants, along with other operations that cannot be built in the US,and rape the nations for their natural resources, all under the guise of humanitarian aid.

          To many people in Africa? Never fear Bill Gates is here, or should we say there? In a recent seminar Bill Gates actually included Vaccines as a means to reduce global population. So what exactly is Bill Gates campaign in Africa based on? If you guessed to vaccinate as many of the unfortunate Africans as possible, you would be right. Africa is poised to be Bill and Melinda Gates own private Eugenics Lab. 70,000 dead children pale in comparison to what the Gates have planned in Africa, and trust me it’s not planned parenthood, it’s “roll-up your sleeves” genocide in the name of humanity to slow down Global Warming.

      • Macawma

        Elena T,

        The reason they are all so dependent is that the average African male has intercourse over 365 times a year, both consentual and not. Many African countries extoll polygamy. They have too many mouths to feed. Their agricultural practices are primitive, birth control non-existant, and they have come to rely on the American handout. What else could be the reason?

        We need to stop being the bleeding hearts for the rest of the world, who generally hate us anyway, and clean up our own backyard.

    • Jeep

      I’ll give you two programs that I heard of which fall into the “over abundant spending proposal”…the Great Lakes Restoration Project and the Cowboy Poet Festival…

    • Jeep

      and, how about a third? Should we not cut govt subsidies to the oil companies? What about the hundreds of millions we are sending to South America to drill for oil in places American drillers are banned?

      • wandamurline

        I think we should cut all foreign aid. We give enough to the UN and they are supposed to be helping others with our money. We also have thousands of supposed non-profit organizations and churches to do this work…it is time to wean the rest of the world off the taxpayer teet…it is time for them to stand on their own.

        • Jeep

          I totally concur. The UN has been a stain on America, and is a complete waste of our time end effort.

    • lkar

      I wonder when the liberals will start saying how budget cuts are killing grandma? Wait they already tried that one.
      Ironic, that they can spout off messaging lies and get a free pass from the main stream media. Yet many presented the notion of government panels for justified healthcare expenditures (end of life consoleing)during the Obamacare debate and the mainstream media jumped all over the “death panel” comments and called conservatives hyperbolic and extreme.

      • GregS

        Excellent point, Ikar!

    • shar




    • Silver Bullet

      . The tragic truth is that over three million children
      . will die worldwide this month of April 2011 from completely
      . preventable causes. America does not aid most of them.
      . In India alone, eighty thousand children will die of abject
      . starvation and India is the largest Democracy on Earth.
      . America has helped many people worldwide. We are now only
      . at best a second world nation and have many starving people
      . in our streets. You upper crust types who have the leisure
      . to read things such as this webpage, take a look under the
      . bridges near Los Angeles, or the Wacker Boulevard in Chicago
      . or under the Queens Bridges in New York. There are entire
      . families living there and many many women with infant children.
      . Our politicians that you voted for send aid to Dairfur for
      . food and medicine for the children and then in a backroom of
      . Congress send guns to the people who murder their families or
      . vote to support the United Nations actions which destroy the
      . country.
      . Americas choice is clear. End all the expenditures for aid
      . outside America by choice or by calamity. Again, we can all
      . go and see starving Americans right near our own homes. Can we
      . choose to say these people are important also? When we raise
      . the last American from poverty and hunger, would we not be a
      . more powerful country? If our own children are not so important
      . what hope are we providing the children of other nations? Is it
      . not clear that these aid packages are tools of the political
      . class to acrue power and influence. Nations come to us and
      . tell us the children are still dying. Political tools do not
      . provide aid. But, if we choose to do nothing and allow our
      . political class to wield influence and power adversely with
      . no positive results, then our economy will falter and our
      . money will disappear. That calamity wil not only finally
      . end the insanity, but end the aid to other nations as well.
      . Unfortunately, foreign aid is such a small portion of
      . American expenditures, it renders it nearly as a mute point.
      . The real CHOICE or CALAMITY question is, can we elect any
      . citizen politicians who will for example shut down and
      . dissolve HUD. Housing and Urban Developement would render
      . a nine hundred billion dollar savings right off the top of
      . the national debt when factoring in employee salaries and
      . benefits. That’s about eight and a half percent of the
      . nations debt. The Politics behind federal beauracracies
      . is staggering. The antiamerican forces have created an
      . entire voting block of beaurocrats, over four point seven
      . million strong. In coordination with progressive liberal
      . laws like the nineteen sixty seven Affirmative Action Law,
      . antiamerican forces have completely overtaken the federal
      . beauracracies. They are a solid voting block for a single
      . political party and with coordinators for the antiamerican
      . forces placed in high offices awaiting the antiamerican
      . leader to rise up and lead them to the domination of the
      . American people and the dissolution of the Constitution.
      . When a Supreme Court Justice says that they have relied on
      . international laws written by foreign powers to decide
      . their cases, isn’t that the same as antiamerican?
      . positions waiting to rally when the

    • estib

      This budget issue is easy! Just mandate a cut of 10% across the board every year until there is a sufficient surplus to begin responsibly getting our nation out of debt. The most important issues will begin to show themselves very quickly and tough decisions will be made regarding what “fluff” to eliminate so the “important” stuff can be retained. If all recipients of federal funds knew they were to expect 10% less every year, they would each have to adjust in whatever ways they had to accomodate.

      • Brenda-Sue

        That is exactly what I said and wrote to my Senators & Reps but got no real answer. This included getting rid of the “retirement system” of the politicians and making them part into the social security system just like everyone else. No special health care system for them & cutting all of their discretionary spending by 25%. Also stopping any extra payments for More Babies born to unwed mothers after the 1st one. One MISTAKE should be enough that the rest of us have to pay for. AND once the child goes to school (kindergarten) and the mom can go to work then NO more money for them. Maybe do DNA testing on all those kids, find the fathers and make them support their off-spring. I hear it on the street all the time about how proud these guys are of getting so many women preg. and then not supporting the kids. MAKE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS.

    • http://LibertyAlert Bud

      If 70,000 children die, that leaves fewer to feed and those that survive will receive enough food until they propogate and create more illegetimate children. No more foreign aid,

    • Gary

      This sort of silliness only scares cattle.
      Transparent, adolescent lies.

    • Dr. smith

      Jeremey, your a schmuck. folks like you are why we have this fraud as president. you support the pres. on most matters! nevermind the starving child, we’ll all be starving soon ehough.

      here’s a fact: Obama wants to spend $3.5T that’s 3,500,000,000,000 moron, that exceeds the tax revenue by $1.6T as in trillion, get it!

      let me try to make it more clear, he’s spending way more than we have, we’re already broke and he’s purposely driving us to ruin so he can remake the USA into a socialist block known as the USSA.

      but you support him because your an ignoramus. Congress want s to cut $40B which is ruffly 3% of the DEFICIT in spending. I know all this math is hard for you to fathom. But think of your credit card and the interest is $50 dollars and you offer the credit card $2.50 on the interest for payment! They’d nullify your card.

      this is where we’re heading! we can’t feed the world, we can only do so much! stop the bleeding heart liberalism and see thru the democrat/communists propaganda!

  • Mick

    The Agency for International Development must not do a very good job if after all of the money they have received over the 40 years+ of existence they were not capable of teaching the 3rd world countries to mostly take care of themselves, another example of the welfare mentality,” as long as it keeps coming why should we try to improve our situation “,,,,
    I hate to think of the amount the Federal budget allows to this program if they’re willing to cut $61 billion, does anybody know ???
    Liberals are very good at using children,poor and love to throw the word humanitarian around to try to make people feel guilty while fleecing your pockets,,,Quit buying their crap.

    • http://none Pat McMahon

      Hmm, I hear absolutely not a word out of the libs with all the millions of babies killed by abortion.

      • Jack Bates

        Amen to that, the absolute hypocracy from them on babies lives is beyond ludricous.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        You are correct and I believe the number is now large enough to now be called the Great American Abortion Holocaust. very sad, and IMHO very preventable.

        Regarding the foreign aide…its almost homicide to keep funding someone who cannot take care of themselves for DECADES!…sure it NOW puts us in a bad spot to “look” bad…but that money should have been spent more wisely with more efforts & goals of self sufficiency!! THOSE who WROTE the CHECKS BEAR THE BURDENM of Judgment not us and NOT those cutting the budgets!

        • American Taxpayer

          What country will voluntarily send us foreign aid when we go bankrupt?
          Will they still be crying about how many programs will have to be cut because we’re not sending money for abortions and to line the pockets of their government?

      • bob wire

        Hmm? Seems we are only 6 to 7 post in, and you are already seeing liberal hypocrisy in that these been no attempt at hyjacking of the thread?

        Your serious political bias is hanging out this morning.

        “Don’t look here! Look over there!

        Presently we have laws on the books that address this issue and it’s been determined that it’s a church and family issue with minimal intrusion of government as we all seem to agree smaller less intrusive government is better government.

        • Bitter Libertarian

          Your only half right since the Govt contributes Tax $$ to the process.

          Be it the dog that wags the tail or the tail wagging the Tax dollar allocation the END RESULT is the same.

          I said your half right because I agree 100% that the Govt needs to step out of the topic on opinion…as well as stop funding it.

        • GregS

          bob wire says:

          “…it’s been determined that it’s a church and family issue…”

          “Determined” by whom??? The pro-aborts??? For your information, bob wire, the abortion issue is a human life issue! In 1973, the Supreme Court created a so-called “right” to abortion, which many people, including atheists, disagree with, and which interferes with one of the most basic rights in the Constitution: The right to life!

          Just because churches get involved in the abortion issue, doesn’t make it a “church and family issue.” Churches are involved in many issues that don’t get labeled as “religious” or “church and family” issues, because groups don’t oppose them on those issues (e.g. poverty).

          Linking abortion to religion is just one of the many tactics that pro-aborts use to alienate anyone who oppposes them on that issue.

          • barbm

            while on the subject of religion, since the churches think it’s their job to interfere in govt, why don’t we start taxing them? why haven’t we always taxed them? they were exempted because they were supposed to provide relief fr the poor. they don’t do much of that any more since the govt gives afdc, foodstamps, and medicaid. it’s time for them to start paying property and income taxes.

          • GregS

            barbm, where did you get the idea that churches don’t do much for the poor???

            - Google “church relief efforts.” You’ll get over a million results on churches of all denominations which help disaster victims, poor people, etc., all over the world.

            - Have you not heard of Catholic Charities?

            - Have you not heard of Catholic Relief Services?

            That’s just a few examples! The list is actually endless, as to what churches do for the unfortunate. You really should do some research, before making such ludicrous statements!

            Furthermore, what you call “interfering in government” is actually speaking out on moral issues (e.g. human life issues, like abortion and euthanasia). Churches have the right to do that, as do ALL organizations and individuals, regardless of whether or not they are tax-exempt. It’s called “freedom of speech.”

            One tax-exempt organization, however, which really SHOULD be taxed is Planned Parenthood. Not only are they tax-exempt, but they get funded with our tax dollars, as well! And yet they get DIRECTLY involved in politics through their PAC’s. Churches don’t do that! Talk about government interference! Planned Parenthood is one organization that should be taxed and totally de-funded!

          • barbm

            why don’t you google john hagee industries and the cornerstone church in san antonio. it’s my not so humble opinion that no minister should make more than the poorest of his/her parishioners. hagee makes millions and owns a $5.5 million dollar ranch. they do darn little to help their members. and, if you want to talk about catholics, let’s discuss their belief that birth control is sinful, yet they make us take care of all the poor kids instead of taking care of them themselves. i have no issue with their beliefs, i just resent having to support all those hispanics who won’t use birth control and have a dozen brats i have to help feed, clothe, house, educate, and medicate. my son is a dem and told me he’d feel a lot better about reps running the country if they weren’t so blatant about their support for the wealthy and giving churches so many breaks. if we want a united united states, we’re going to need to bend a bit. i couldn’t argue with him about a few things.

          • GregS

            barbm, you seem to have gone off on a number of tangents, which are beyond the scope of this thread. All I am saying is that, with regard to your original claim that churches interfere in government, it is simply not true. Whether you agree with them or not, they still have the right speak out on various issues, regardless of their tax status. On the other hand, organizations, such as Planned Parenthood not only take our tax dollars, but they are also tax-exempt, as well! These are the organizations which interfere with government, because they have powerful PAC’s, which directly influence the election of government officials. These organizations should NOT be receiving our tax dollars, and they should NOT be tax-exempt, because of their government interference.

          • GregS

            bob wire says:

            “‘I don’t champion any personal freedom that interferes with other basic rights in the Constitution, e.g. the right to life.’

            But you do!!!!”

            Oh yeah? And what personal freedom might that be???

            bob wire says:

            “You are on the losing end of an old argument…”

            Have you got any proof of that???

          • Darfur Deng

            barbm says

            You might want to ease up on the kool-aide a bit.
            The Republican pro rich farce is pretty lame when you see that 8 out of the top 10 wealthiest members of Congress are Liberal Democrats. Then throw in the fact that 7 out of 10 of the wealthiest in America are also self proclaimed Liberal Democrats.

            To make your misinformed logic sound feasible, we would have to say that the filthy rich Liberal Democrats care more for us blue collar folks than they do for themselves. Now that’s just STUPID!!!

            Wake up or grow up to reality, which shows that the filthy rich are the same people that have been raping us along, and they are by clear majority the Liberal Nazis. Only a brain dead moron would not have caught on to that sham by now.

        • Jay

          Its a church and family issue, hey bob wire? Two institutions liberals hate the most, Church & family!

          Liberals say that they despise marriage and family because they are “patriarchal institutions” that oppress women and children. But the real reason they despise marriage and family values is because these institutions oppose, disapprove and limit promiscuity thus undermining one of the principal supports for Liberalism.

          Western nations and Western Civilization have produced more liberty and more prosperity for more people than any other culture in History. Christianity is the foundation of the culture upon which Western civilization was built. A genuinely Christian populace will reject collectivism and support individualism. A genuine Christian populace will live moral lives and thus they will support governmental policy that encourages individual, personal, moral responsibility. A genuine Christian populace will reject collectivism and centralized government. A morally debauched populace will look to the government to support them and shelter them from their bad moral choices. Thus for the collectivist Liberal bent on imposing socialism upon a nation, Christianity is the number one enemy above all other enemies. Christianity must be eliminated.

          • Silver Bullet

            My creator blesses you and yours Jay!

          • bob wire

            Call it what you wish, ~ The Supreme Court has ruled on the matter and has accepted the position the Church and Family have some latitude in the matter of right to life and freedom of choice.

            It has little to do with love and hate on the part of liberals or progressives for anythings other the personal freedom that many here claim to champion in spite of anyone’s insistence to the contra.

            Who should pay should be the parties involved and not government.

          • GregS

            bob wire says:

            “The Supreme Court has ruled on the matter…”

            So what if the Supreme Court has “ruled on the matter?” It may well “rule on the matter” again in the future.

            bob wire says:

            “…personal freedom that many here claim to champion…”

            I don’t champion any personal freedom that interferes with other basic rights in the Constitution, e.g. the right to life. This is precisely why the Supreme Court may rule again on this issue in the future.

          • bob wire

            “I don’t champion any personal freedom that interferes with other basic rights in the Constitution, e.g. the right to life.”

            But you do!!!! and that why we have courts, laws, attorneys to help us thread the needle of Justice.

            You are on the losing end of an old argument but the system is indeed still at your disposal.

            That the world was once viewed as flat should afford you some hope with your views.

        • bob wire

          There is more too life then a worldly existence, while government wishes to encroach and regulate the dominion of the spirit and define boundary lines.

          It’s tough call and a hard act to follow. Perhaps we might lean on the brightest minds of the “insurance community” for just answers in such quandary.

          It’s been my experience that insurance companies set the bar for recognized universal standards when all cats appear gray in the dark.

          ~ if you wish to “rethink” such an issue as “right to choose”

          • Darfur Deng

            Were you born a blithering babbling idiot, or did you go to the special school with the little yellow buses.

            Liberal Nazis like yourself want to raise courts and judges to the status of god like creatures, simply because that is the only way such pathetic excuses as yourself can force your will on others.

            You may think the Supreme Court sits on Mount Olympus, but we no it does not, and we know from where they glean their power, and how to take it away.

            Everyone has a right to choose what they will, but no one has the right to take a life as a choice, especially the life of a defenseless child.

            Why do we need courts to terminate a marriage, and not a life?
            Why is it a crime for a pregnant women to commit suicide, but not for committing parental genocide. What planet are you hypocrites from?

            People like you and the rest of the Liberal Nazis who get off on butchering helpless babies, deserve to be drug into the street and exterminated for being the baby butchers that you are. Just to make it sound all nice and liberal legal, we’ll just call it retro-abortion by choice. Whatcha think?

          • GregS

            - – says:

            “if you wish to ‘rethink’ such an issue as ‘right to choose’”

            The right to life is an explicit RIGHT, which is found in the Constitution. The so-called “right to choose” is no more than a PHRASE, which was coined by NARAL. You won’t find it anywhere in the Constitution. That PHRASE, along with that whole “choice” mentality, was dreamed up by NARAL in the early 70′s in a marketing agency on Madison Avenue in New York, to get women to buy into abortion as a method of birth control.

            So no, bob wire, I will NOT even consider the so-called “right to choose,” because it NEVER was a RIGHT in the first place. I’ll take explicit RIGHTS in the Constitution over cheap, catchy PHRASES, which were taylored for the agenda of some abortionists who started NARAL, any old day!

      • Cawmun Cents

        The number of abortions in this nation approaches 50,000,000.Fifty million.Think about that number.Our nations growth has stagnated because of it.It is why amnesty to illegals is seriously contemplated by the progressives.Hitler,Stalin,Mao,and a host of other genocidal lunatics cannot lay claim to this kind of carnage.To say that it is lawful,makes about as much sense as saying that infanticide is a cheap way to solve the economic situation.You can hide behind law,but other nations are watching and noting what we as Americans claim as lawful.No wonder we are hated by so many.To create laws that murder the innocent so that people can continue their lives without a child to weigh them down is unforgiveable.Again I ask you to think about the number 50,000,000.If that isnt hypocrisy ofthe highest order,then what is?

        • skip

          Cawmun, where did you get that number 50 million? Per year? Per day? Over what time period? Where performed? Who performed? Who were the mothers with respect to marriage status, race, income, working status? GIve us some real help here. 50 million is an large number, and would really require a lot of hospitals, abortion centers, back alley operations, etc.

          • lkar

            It seems people do not want to try and find out stuff for themselves.


            If you do not like this source, just google 50 million abortions and a number of sites (many with the year by year statistics) show the estimated total since Roe vs Wade SCOTUS decision.

          • Silver Bullet

            There is a Christian Hospital three blocks from my house.
            They have a hundred acres or so of grass lawns. There is a
            cross with Jesus that is about fourty feet high or so. (Just to throw a little more pain toward you antiamericans, you can see it from as far as three miles away!) The priests place a single white cross for every baby murdered in America by abortionists each month and then start new the next month. In February, the shortest month, they had four thousand seven hundred and three crosses placed on the hand cleared snow free lawn. It’s an ocean of dead babies my countrymen… I tell you this with a tear falling down my cheek… it’s an ocean, it’s an ocean…

        • Jay

          They are immediately pardoned and granted Eternal Life!!!

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Mick, the so called “Cuts” are at $33 Billions as of today.

  • james tucker

    Actually I’m over helping these third world countries while watching our people starve and do without. I say bring all our money, troops and equipment home and take care of our own. And dare the rest of the world to open there mouths

    • Cindy

      Amen to James Tucker, I totally agree. It is time to take back the United States and take care of our own.

    • Mick

      james tucker says:
      April 4, 2011 at 7:13 am
      Actually I’m over helping these third world countries while watching our people starve and do without. I say bring all our money, troops and equipment home and take care of our own. And dare the rest of the world to open there mouths

      Same here james.! I am tired of being exploited by our government especially by the democrats, the only thing they’re accomplishing is making the hard working stiff pay through the nose while in the same token does nothing to improve the conditions of the poor.
      Remember, excuses are like A-Holes everybody’s got one and the democrats have thousands of them………..

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      james tucker, RIGHT ON ! now if all the Democraps, liberals, progressives and commies would leave and move to Cuba there would be HOPE and CHANGE.

  • TIME

    Well lets see, the death of 60 -70 thousand kids, and why is that again? WOW, now talk about 100% Total BS being served up.

    Perhaps we should try cutting say $500 Billion for the next 50 years years just to see what happens.
    I would be willing to bet that the end result of a $500 Billion dollar cut will have a result of “ZERO DEATHS.”

    Now just what will it take to get some TRUTH out of the DC belt way?

    • Disgusted

      I agree with you TIME. I don’t believe any “estimates” they come up with. None of them have held to be accountable. I think giving them this money is actually preventing them from changing. If the money was cut off they would then be forced to change their ways. We, the United States of America, are the “enablers” and they, the third world countries, are our drug addicted children (analogy). They won’t change as long as we keep funding their current way of living!!
      We need to get our country back to running within our own means. Even if they taxed us at 100% our government would not be able to spend within their means – something needs to change and it needs to change now. We are headed for some hard times within our own country – I say save ourselves.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      TIME, you are so correct, now consider this ignorance is Bliss and LIBERALS are big Blisters.

    • LAW2

      I was curious about the headline; then read that these are all deaths outside of the U.S. Aren’t we supposed to be figuring out how to take care of ourselves here at home? If we were taking food away from already existing children I might have more sympathy, but these are just projected numbers about what MIGHT happen. Pretty shaky argument, if you ask me. (Which of course, no one did!)

  • Kris

    I’m with you James. There is absolutely nothing in the constitution that gives this government the right to take our taxpayer money and give it away to what ever country they want to! This is forced charity on the American taxpayer. I didn’t hear about any of the funding that was just increased to provide abortions for these other countries! Not a word! Hillary championed this and no one seems to hold her accountable for anything. She is as bad as Nobama but is just quieter about it. She belongs to the bilderberg group as does Nobama! As far as I’m concerned, when this govt. is in the black and all the American citizens are taken care of, if they have any spare money to give, and the American people VOTE to give their money away to some country, then it will be legal!

    • Disgusted

      Most citizens have no idea now much of our money is given and where! With TARP we bailed out many foreign banks to the tune of hundres of billions of dollars. Why you ask? Because they have one branch of their back on US soil. Our government can’t be trusted with our money…..period. We the people need to take back control…period. Who will do that for us? I have no idea! Who can we trust to act as our benefactors with our best interest in mind? I have no idea!
      Why is it so hard to find a politician you can trust these days? Because politics pays huge money! We need to find someone that doesn’t need it and just wants to get this country back to the greatness it once was! Who is that person? HELP!

      • Don

        Does the name Ron Paul, ring a bell ????

  • Dave Clement

    I agree in part with Jeremy’s comment about the dems utilizing the totally abused soap box method to get their point across. For years the Dems have used the “fear and smear” approach to anything they feel doesn’t satisfy their agenda. We see and hear of our citizens suffering while we dump more money into foreign aid and our totally misused and abused entitlement programs. There are those times where one almost wants to scream at the inane arguments presented by Liberals in their inane justification of these programs. I wait with rapt anticipation of Congressman Ryan’s revised budget. Finally, a fulcrum that attacks the woes of runaway Federal spending.

  • sean murrey

    we nneed to stop spending our country alway.

  • JDH

    If you want to insure a really hard scrutiny of federal budgetary excesses and waste, abolish income tax withholding. Most wage earners donot realze how much they actually pay in income taxes out of their salary because the tax withholding is more than what they need to pay and they get money back at filing time. If they had come up with the money at filing time as the self employed do, I feel there would be a lot more disgruntled taxpayers questioning where their tax dollars are going. I also question the earned income tax credit deduction. The IRS and other federal agencies are aware of rampant abuse of that deduction. One common abuse is claiming self employment income when a person is on welfare or another needs based program. One can clai to be self employed, qualify for a rather large refund from which only FICA taxes are deducted and the fraudent filer pockets the difference. IRS rules do not allow tax information released to state or most other federal agencies except in certain very limited instnces.

    • Eddie47d

      Everyone seems to focused on liberals which would make it seem that conservatives don’t give a rats patute about “children”. Now if Republicans are defunding these programs then put the demise of these children on their backs. I bet the the number of those kids dying will be far greater than 70,000. It’s one thing to say we just can’t afford to give aide to foreign countries which is more truthful but labeling it as a liberal problem doesn’t put a feather in the conservatives cap.I see hypocrisy on both sides and in spades.

      • Mick

        Eddie47d says:
        April 4, 2011 at 7:51 am
        Everyone seems to focused on liberals which would make it seem that conservatives don’t give a rats patute about “children”. Now if Republicans are defunding these programs then put the demise of these children on their backs. I bet the the number of those kids dying will be far greater than 70,000. It’s one thing to say we just can’t afford to give aide to foreign countries which is more truthful but labeling it as a liberal problem doesn’t put a feather in the conservatives cap.I see hypocrisy on both sides and in spades.

        Although this money problem with foreign aid has been going on under many administrations we don’t see much improvement in any of those country so why keep on feeding a dead horse ?
        Few years ago we had a commercial adequate for this type of situation unfortunately it flew over too many heads and obviously over yours Eddie.

        ” “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”
        It pass time for these country to learn the meaning of that phrase.

        It’s pass time for these country to learn the meaning of that phrase and put it into practice.

        • Eddie47d

          That is why I have donated to the Heifer Project over the years. Teach them to raise chickens,goats,cattle or other animals and they can have an income or food for life. Encourage birth control,family planning,education,water sustainability,methods of self health care and most important self reliance.Dumping loads of food only fattens their governments and those same governments get credit for doing nothing.

        • karolyn

          If you really look at these countries, it’s not the general popultions that are at fault, it’s their governments. YOU try living in an overpopulated inhospitable environment with no education and not even any water. See how well YOU would do. We ARE our brother’s keeper!

          • Mick

            karolyn says:
            April 4, 2011 at 9:08 am
            If you really look at these countries, it’s not the general popultions that are at fault, it’s their governments. YOU try living in an overpopulated inhospitable environment with no education and not even any water. See how well YOU would do. We ARE our brother’s keeper!
            karolyn ,,,,Even the least educated person should have enough sense to know that if you can’t feed one you won’t be able to feed two so stop srewing……..

          • Jeep

            karolyn, really? Thaat’s the best you can come up with? The fault lies with “their govt”? How about personal responsiblity? If you cannot feed yourself, then why are out making more mouths to feed? Do you really think these children fell from the sky? No, it is irresponsible parents. More education? Perhaps a boatload of condoms? I feel sorry for the children, but want to kick their parents in the jimmie.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            Karolyn, enough of your B.S. , Our brother Keeper, geeze now go back to your place of origin and be the Keeper.

        • Jay

          Mark this! Whenever a Liberal expresses concern “for the children,” invariably they are using and targeting children to expand their own power, promote promiscuity, advance collectivism and enlarge their personal income at the expense of the taxpayer.

      • barbm

        why should we borrow money from china on which we must pay interest so we can send that money to other countries? when we have nobody sleeping under highway overpasses, nobody sick and unable to get health care, and nobody going to bed hungry, we can help the rest of the world. charity begins at home.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action


  • rricks1002

    Progressive policies are already killing MILLIONS of our own unborn babies every year. Let the E. U. step in and help out those closer to their homes.

  • dgknj

    Please shut down DC. The fed govt is bankrupt, get it over with.

    • JC

      Shut down the Fed, and you shut down the corruption.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        JC, Ditto, Shut it Down, Shut it down,down down,

    • skip

      Absolutely – not a cent more to the army, the navy, the airforce as of tomorrow – that would get us out of Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq in one day – or at least stop our troops from fighting. They might have to stay there a while, though, because there wouldn’t be the money to get them home. But they could take private airlines back, except there would be no FAA and therefore no guidance/control systems to get them into our airspace and airports. So they could try using cruise ships, but who would clear them at immigration control. But they could come in south of the border and cross into Arizona, at the risk of being shot up by whoever is watching what is going on there. Once across the border, use care on the interstates since the bridges might be shot through. And they ought to be careful what they eat, since the health inspections of our food would fortunately be over with and salmonella and e-coli would be a risk you can take on your own. Hell no, we don’t need government – it doesn’t do any good for anybody to have government cramping our personal freedoms. Give us all our AK 47s and we’ll work it out each of us on our own terms and wishes.

      • LAW2

        A governent shut down ONLY shuts down non-essential services. The military,air traffic controllers, SSA & welfare services and many others do not fall in this category. I say shut it down so we can find out which of these “non-essential” services really are non-essential. If we get along without them, then cut those items out of the budget entirely, or maybe we can identify many other areas that we could use to a much lesser degree. In my mind, non-essential falls more in the category of archeological or environmental “studies” that the Feds and their alphabet agencies are so busy doing.

  • Grizzly Mom

    They don’t can how millions of children they kill from Abortion!

    • Eddie47d

      Nothing like the hot button topic of abortion to stir the passions in people. Abortion is a personal decision by a woman/and or family. Not yours,not mine and it is not government mandated like in China. It’s up to that woman to live with that decision and if she can handle it then go take care of your own life.Those conservatives who welcome all life should be commended but don’t use your strong morals to attack someone elses values or personal problems.Encourage women to make the best choice possible but the final decision is hers not yours. You need the same compassion with the children born on this earth as you do the unborn. We can’t save them all and many fall through the cracks of life. We can do our best where we can yet we must take care of ourselves first. If not then we are no good to anyone.

      • Allan Halbert

        Eddie47 said: “You need the same compassion with the children born on this earth as you do the unborn.”

        Some used to say blacks were not qualified as people.
        Some used to say Indians were not qualified as people.
        Liberals say the unborn are not qualified as people.

        Definitions can be very convenient.

        • Eddie47d

          That is somewhat true but why didn’t you say conservatives instead of using the word “some”. There are also “some” who support the abortion choice. It’s ironic that conservatives say they are against abortion (that’s a good view to have for yourself)and they say they are against government involvement in personal lives. Yet they run to that same government and demand the right to control other persons lives.I understand those who don’t want tax subsidies for this procedure yet they push the issue on all.Even those who cover their own expenses.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Eddie “69d”, I keep telling you to quit Teabagging your Liberal Buddies, now be polite and go F%$# yourself and then have an abortion and live with yourself.

        • skip

          Your thought processes, grammar, syntax, and garbage-mouthism really trademark you . You are truly disgusting in print – I wonder what you are like up front and personal – probably pretty wild, as you tag yourself. If you are representative of the Tea Bag organization, I truly fear for the future of this nation.

  • newspooner

    Yes, shut down the damn federal government. We will be much better off. And get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US.

  • Flagwaver2010

    Can someone tell me the logic involved with this argument when the DEMS/libs/progressives/RINOs ALL SUPPORT abortion which has killed millions of babies and will continue to do so unless defunded? Seems to me they’re AGAIN talking out of both sides of their mouths.

  • JKO

    If the government would let me keep my money and let me choose where it goes – and you as well – there would be little hunger in the world. Americans are still the most generous nation in the world.

    Some years ago I gave to a trusted organization to help in an African country. This organization (being honest) had to eventually stop because the food they took in was being confiscated by the government of that country and sold to people outside that country. The people got no food. My question is how much of the money we send actually helps the people. My guess is that most of it never reaches the people that need it, but the corrupt governments that use it for things they should not be using it for.

    • Tim

      There is a term called “Backfilling”. 3rd world countries using their own $ for weapons, homes for their elite whilst Uncle Sam divvies up feeding and caring for their populations. Those people die because of their own govts.

  • frank

    It is laughable that this administration would put this forth when obama is for partial birth abortions. HE(obama) does not mind when a new born baby is born and can survive outside the womb.his answer is to toss it into the garbage recepticle. this man child has no concience.This is all about the election and have another 4 years to destroy the country according to his puppet masters(soros)wants!!.

  • stephen

    I did read where this aide had given this number but what I wonder is being an aide in the Obama administration with their track record of funding Planned Parenthood and other pro child killing organizations, was he for the GOP budget that would kill all of these children? This statement makes this admin hypocritical. Imagine that, hypocrites in this Socialist regime.

  • Tom

    If the U.S. goes broke who will then take care of the world Mr Obama.
    16% reductions sounds like a good start. Of course not everyone will
    be happy but if we do nothing, then Obama will be responsible for the
    death of more than the numbers his administration is saying. If the
    Dem’s are so concern about the NON Americans that are in poverty and
    dying they can give their personal money to the many charities to help
    the needy not tax the American citizens

    • Tim

      Uncle Sam goes broke and the world will be in a terrible mess, worse than before.

  • Raggs

    F**king obaba is killing MORE babies in the US by aboration using my money than the mexican drug cartel / taliban / or al-qaeda combined.

    I learned this morning that king obaba is getting ready to usurp another term.

  • Jay

    As reported by The Washington Post, “President Obama’s proposed budget would add more than $9.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, congressional budget analysts said Friday.”
    CNN adds, “Of that amount, an estimated $5.6 trillion will be in interest alone.”

    The Post continues: “The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) and the White House (are) … both predicting a deficit of about $1.5 trillion this year — a post-World War II record at 10.3 percent of the overall economy. But the CBO is considerably less optimistic about future years, predicting that deficits would never fall below 4 percent of the economy under Obama’s policies and would begin to grow rapidly after 2015.

    “Deficits of that magnitude would force the Treasury to continue borrowing at prodigious rates, sending the national debt soaring to 90 percent of the economy by 2020, the CBO said.”
    CNN adds that “By 2020 the (CBO) estimates debt held by the public would reach $20.3 trillion, or 90 percent of GDP. That’s up from 53 percent of GDP in 2009.”

    I suspect that most Americans, if asked whether these numbers trouble the Democratic leadership and President Obama, would answer in the affirmative.
    They would be wrong.

    They would be wrong not because the Democratic Party or the president are economically illiterate or bad individuals, but because the Democratic Party and the president are leftists. And most Americans, including most Democrats, do not understand the left.

    They may understand liberalism; but President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and most Democratic representatives and senators are not liberals; they are leftists. And most Americans do not understand the difference between liberal and left.

    They do not realize, for example, that there is no major difference between the American Democratic Party and the leftist social democratic parties of Western Europe. They do not know that from Karl Marx to Obama, the left (as opposed to liberals) has never created wealth because it has never been interested in creating wealth; it is interested in redistributing wealth.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Jay, Agree with you and consider that all the Ilks and Democraps will vote for this Obamination again and step up for more handouts.

  • John

    Isn’t it strange that when Democrats are on the losing end of debate, the hole card always played is children? I am no cold hearted person however, I would be anxious to see the claim that 70,000 children will die quantified. The words are bold and strong. Where is the data to back any of it up? Oh yes! Excuse me. I do see the word estimated. In my estimation the fellow making the claims is worried alright…about losing the funding for this projected disaster. How many times have we seen this before? It may as well be said “If taxpayers in the USA don’t give even more, a large number of children will die”. Nothing like a good guilt trip to loosen the wallets huh?

    • Cawmun Cents

      Dont leave out racism John.Yeah,but wont it hurt the children?Only the non-white ones apparently,right?HEY!I know…we will only abort the white male children.That way we can be sure that there will be no opposition to the progressive agenda.Considering that up until now the abortion problem was mainly aimed at the black people,now we can just change it around and aim it at whitey,right?That way we can kill all the racists and perpetuate the welfare system.Wow!Why didnt they think of that before?Some progressive dropped the ball on that one.Perhaps it is time we fixed that issue.Can you imagine how sweet life would be if all the white people were gone and there were no more racists?Yeah,better yet kill all the black and white male children and give the country back to the Mexicans….they will obviously take better care of it than we as Americans do.(Disclaimer:any hint of sarcasm,or political incorrectness by the author is merely co-incidental and does not reflect the views of this thread or the people who publish this letter.All suggestions of infanticide or racial bias are politically charged issues and should not be mistaken to be taken as:A:seriously,B:literally,C:realistic,D:accusational,E:defamitory,in any way,shape,or form.No liberals,progressives,Democrats,idealogues,academics,were hurt in the physical form during the typing of this post.)

  • Bob

    This is the grossest hypocrisy coming from the party of Satan – those who have murdered more people than their forefather Hitler. The fact is, the people they are worried about are those who live off of government money. I work with democrats every day and they are uncaring and souless monsters who are concerned with nothing more than finding another way to tap into the stream of taxpayer money. They use every cynical and dihonest strategy in trying to increase the flow of money into their parasitic gullets. We have poured billions into foreign aid and it has become nothing more than another welfare program with another clientele of people who have learned nothing but how to live off of the system. If we continue to try to to take care of those who refuse to take care of themselves, we will be setting ourselves up for mass poverty and death in the USA. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it is time that Americans learn that truth.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Let Obama run on a platform that the GOP is killing 70,000 kids a year in other countries. Once the abortion totals in the millions in this country,sponsored by the Federal Gov’t, are tallied, it will be Obama who will be on the run!

  • Tom Dufresne

    Obama should talk. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. He and his buddies kill that many babies a week and maybe every day through abortion!!!!!!!!

    • karolyn

      Blame the Supreme Court not any administration. It rightly allows that abortion is legal.

      • Bob

        You can’t hide behind the supreme court because the “justices” who voted for the murder of babies were lieberals such as yourself. Those who have supported and lobbied for abortion are lieberals such as yourself. Those who refuse to help with an ammendment are lieberals such as yourself. Those who support Murder Inc. (aka Planned Parenthood) are lieberals such as yourself. Those with the blood of tens of millions of babies are liberals such as yourself. You can’t hide from your guilt.

        • karolyn

          Bob – What ‘s funnier than your stereotying large groups of people is how stereotypical you are yourself. Everything you say is so filled with hate, narrow-mindedness and plain old anger I feel sorry for you.

      • Jay

        In the depraved thought processes of a Liberal, abortion becomes necessary to guarantee sexual freedom and eliminate moral consequence.

        • Eddie47d

          So Jay and Bob;You honestly think you have the absolute right to control the lives of others. That could also involve the Supreme Court at some time the way the right is pushing this issue in the states. If your neighbor has an abortion would you target her and her family as some have done. Would you take this women/girl and throw her in jail as a criminal And be willing to pay for her incarceration? Some have demanded that also. Would you legalize the killing of abortion doctors as a few have advocated for? The line was drawn years ago in allowing this personal choice and to keep it safe.Most women who have an abortion do it as soon as possible because of conservative laws who set up time limits.They have to make a rush judgement before their time runs out. No wonder the Morning After Pill has gained popularity. I’m sure (personal speculation) that the conservatives would love to force pharmacies to notify authorities of those who buys these pills. They could ban the pill or arrest those who buy them. Conservatives did try and ban these pills so how far into a person’s life are you willing to go?

          • Jay

            Wow Eddie, I think you may have finally lost it!

          • Eddie47d

            How far are you willing to go?

  • RandyH


    • karolyn

      You are your brother’s keeper!

      • bob wire

        Yes we are Karolyn, but only to a point.

        • karolyn

          Who says, bob? To what point? Without all the greed in the world, we wouldn’t have hunger.

          • Bob

            How sweet – And then we could all spend our time sitting around and signing “kumbyah” and “We are The World”. The simple fact is, no matter how much you give lazy and ignorant people, they will always be poor. The way out of poverty is through work and those who refuse to work rightly should starve. For those who can’t work, there is private charity and few liberals practice charity, they practice thievery through taxation.

          • Jay

            Private property and individual wealth is integral to individualism, and the enemy of the Liberal.

          • Eddie47d

            Bob; That’s poppycock that liberals don’t give to charity. I’m sure the poor or unemployed don’t give to charity because they don’t have anything to give. A few of you love to tie poverty and unemployment with the liberal label. We may empathize with them more but we hardly want them to be poor or unemployed. If you jump to middle class liberals or wealthy liberals I would think charitable giving would be equitable to conservatives.

          • Eddie47d

            Jay; You are really stretching the baloney wagon.Liberals have private property and some are wealthy. The liberals I know including myself on this issue don’t care for corporate greed and excessive salaries. Those individuals or gang of individuals have no respect for the companies they work for. Enron is a prime example where executives were robbing their own company. Not all were caught and those that got away left with 30 million each.Individual integrity in the corporate world is an oxymoron and I’ll bet the bunch of them were conservative.

          • Jay

            Liberals howl if a homosexual transvestite or convicted felon is even slightly offended, but they openly bash Christians.

          • Eddie47d

            Good move Jay ,change the subject to Christians so you can feel that you are on the right side of God.NOT!

      • Bob

        You are a self-admitted New Ager who has rejected Christianity. Your quoting of the Bible is hypocritical. I also suspect that your idea of charity is stealing from the productive to give to the unproductive. The first “keeper” of person is himself. Everyone who works in our food pantry is a conservative, the lieberal just talk, talk, talk, and see stealing from the productive in the form of taxes as their “contribution”.

        • karolyn

          The Bible is a book, Bob, and there is nothing saying it is only restricted to Christians. Just because I don’t believe what you believe does not mean I don’t respect the Bible and many of its teachings. Unlike you, I have a broader outlook and do respect others’ views and rights.

          • Bob

            You are right – I have no respect for the beliefs of those who believe in lies. There is only one truth and it is the truth of the Bible. A broad mind is a mind filled with lies. Jesus said to go through the narrow gate because the wide gate is the way to destruction.

          • Jay

            Liberals speak often of tolerance, but they only tolerate Liberals and Liberal ideas. For instance, Liberals hate Christianity and conservative Bible believing Christians are persona non grata in any gathering of Liberals.

            Liberals are extremely intolerant concerning Christianity because of its insistence upon personal responsibility and moral absolutes.

            Liberals know that a society without moral absolutes and a society without strong emphasis upon personal responsibility will fall like a ripe apple into their greedy socialist clutches because self reliance and rugged individualism are traits that are only found amongst moral peoples who come from strong families.

          • Jay

            The Liberal seeks to criminalize any speech that promotes morality or individualism as “hate speech.” Thus we see Liberal Judges and Liberal Courts outlawing the Bible and gutting the free speech provisions of the first amendment of the constitution.

            Liberal Judges are now declaring that the Bible’s proscriptions against homosexuality are illegal “hate speech” and scripture is now in the process of being outlawed from any appearance in public discourse or the public square.

            If one speaks in favor of individualism and against affirmative action in a public forum at work, Liberal Judges and Liberal Courts are now saying that such speech amounts to intimidation of minorities and is prohibited by law.

          • Eddie47d

            I don’t think God wants your mind to be that narrow!

          • Jay

            Always a standard response from a liberal upon hearing the truth!

          • Eddie47d

            Jay;All Americans are saying on the homosexual issue is to allow them to enjoy equal benefits accorded everyone else. Now if you stand on a street corner and try to extract persons to be violent towards gays or to bully them. Then you are promoting criminal behavior and may face charges.I don’t believe God is telling anyone to go out and hate anyone.You certainly don’t have to accept their lifestyle. Which means you live your life and let them live theirs. If being gay is a sin in God’s eye then they will be punished accordingly. If you slander,mock or directly confront a gay person God may like you even less and punish you accordingly.

          • Jay

            Yeah right Eddie, Liberals howl if a homosexual transvestite or convicted felon is even slightly offended, but they openly bash Christians.

          • Eddie47d

            Is that cut and paste for you sure repeat yourself.

      • Jeep

        I’m sorry karolyn, but your Biblical references fall on deaf ears. You proclaim some non-sense like “you are your brother’s keeper” while espousing the virtues of abortion, and the “right” to choose. Your hypocricy is as transparent as your ’60s style free love attitude. Again, I ask you, what about personal responsibility? Is that not also Biblical? Does not God also exhort us to acheive for ourselves? I feel sorry for the children of such terrible parents, but blame the parents for their irresponsible behaviour.

        • Bob

          Good points, but Karolyn is immune to the truth.

        • karolyn

          Jeep – Of course I believe in personal responsibility. I have never blamed anyone for anything in my life. We are all the creators of our own lives. I understand what you’re saying. Despite what you think, I am not dumb. However, as I’ve said before, you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Not all welfare, food stamp, ssi, medicaid supported people are irresponsible. All you ever focus on is the bad. Yes, there should be more control, better rules, drug testing, etc., but there will always people who sincerely need help; and they should be able to get it. Should be reinstitute poorhouses? Should we do like i41 advocates – sterilize people? There has to be a balance, but it seems to me that conservatives do not know what compromise or balance means. It’s all or nothing in your book.

      • RandyH

        Don’t reckon I got no brothers there.

  • American Taxpayer

    Perhaps you should all run for office and kick out the parasites in governement starting with the ringleader, George and then BHO!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    THOSE who WROTE the CHECKS BEAR THE BURDEN of Judgment not us and NOT those cutting the budgets!

    Those giving aide should have had an in & out strategy & plan. Not a Permanent WELFARE situation.

    Remember a hand out has no respect, but a Hand up does. When you really care you follow the old adage: catch a fish & feed a man for a day..teach him to fish and you feed him for life. Guess there should have been more teaching. Those dummies bear the burden of screwing up..not the ones DECADES later saying enough is enough.

    • karolyn

      Here in SC, ony 24 welfare checks can be received within a 10 year period, and women do not receive more for new pregnancies. But, yes, food stamps do increase for new children.

      • Jeep

        Wow! Only 24 checks per year! Why that’s terrible, think of the children. They must really be suffering, I bet they have to watch cable TV with no HBO! How awful. Do the recipients of these checks acutally have to do anything? Like pick up trash, or babysit while their fellow welfare friends look for a real job? Are they inconvenienced by having to pick their checks up at the local welfare office? Gosh, I hope the checks are mailed to ‘em, so they don’t have to waste vauluable time waiting in line.

        • Bitter Libertarian

          Actually she wrote 24 checks over a 10 year period…actually thats better then many others. Not that thats a “super” track record..but if its decreasng..then they are going in the right direction.

        • Bob

          They have plenty to do Jeep: they help raise the crime rate, they vote two or three times in every election, they provide angry crowds to demonstrate against fiscal responsibilty; in short they are available for anything their scumocrat masters need. But, as far as anything productive? No, they can’t do that; it cuts into their time at the crack house and the nail salon.

          • Jeep

            Well said Bob!

          • Eddie47d

            Alot of people on welfare don’t bother to vote at all so what is this 2 or 3 times malarkey? Nothing well said about that.

        • Macawma


          Reread the post…it says 24 in 10, (that’s TEN) years…

        • Jeep

          Yeah, yeah yeah…24 checks in ten years. That’s two years worth of freebies. If I can’t find suitable employment in two years, maybe I should look for a new line of work. I grew up in a welfare infested community, and have seen many ways to get around the rules. In my own family members take turns feeding from the trough to keep checks coming. I’m not proud of my family, and do not support this behaviour. But, many family members spend more time and energy trying to get as much as they can rather than pulling themselves up from the dregs. I am relatively successful and they are envious, but I still get the same question when I travel home. How did you do it? I reply with the same answer every time, I worked.

  • Jay

    A specter haunts the world, and that specter is America. This is not the America discoverable in the pages of a world atlas, but a mythical America that is the target of the new form of anti-Americanism that Salman Rushdie, writing in the Guardian (February 6, 2002), says “is presently taking the world by storm” and that forms the subject of a Washington Post essay by Martin Kettle significantly entitled “U.S. Bashing: It’s All The Rage In Europe” (January 7, 2002). It is an America that Anatol Lieven assures us, in a recent article in the London Review of Books, is nothing less than “a menace to itself and to mankind” and that Noam Chomsky has repeatedly characterized as the world’s major terrorist state.

    But above all it is the America that is responsible for the evils of the rest of the world. As Darius Fo, the winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize for literature, put it in a notorious post-September 11 email subsequently quoted in the New York Times (September 22, 2001): “The great speculators [of American capitalism] wallow in an economy that every years kills tens of millions of people with poverty [in the Third World] — so what is 20,000 dead in New York? Regardless of who carried out the massacre [of 9-11], this violence is the legitimate daughter of the culture of violence, hunger and inhumane exploitation.”

    It is this sort of America that is at the hub of Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt’s revision of Marxism in their intellectually influential book Empire (Harvard University Press, 2000) — a reinterpretation of historical materialism in which the global capitalist system will be overthrown not by those who have helped to create it, namely, the working class, but rather by a polyglot global social force vaguely referred to as “the multitude” — the alleged victims of this system.

    America-bashing is anti-Americanism at its most radical and totalizing. Its goal is not to advise, but to condemn; not to fix, but to destroy. It repudiates every thought of reform in any normal sense; it sees no difference between American liberals and American conservatives; it views every American action, both present and past, as an act of deliberate oppression and systemic exploitation. It is not that America went wrong here or there; it is that it is wrong root and branch. The conviction at the heart of those who engage in it is really quite simple: that America is an unmitigated evil, an irredeemable enormity.

    This is the specter that is haunting the world today. Indeed, one may even go so far as to argue that this America is the fundamental organizing principle of the left as it exists today: To be against America is to be on the right side of history; to be for it is to be on the wrong side.

    But let’s pause to ask a question whose answer the America-bashers appear to assume they know: What is the right side of history at this point in history?

    The concept of a right side of history is derived from Marxism, and it is founded on the belief that there is a forward advance toward a socialist future that can be resisted, but not ultimately defeated. But does anyone believe this anymore? Does anyone take seriously the claim that the present state of affairs will be set aside and a wholly new order of things implemented in its place, and that such a transformation of the world will happen as a matter of course?

    And, finally, if in fact there are those who believe such a thing, what is the status of this belief? Is it a realistic assessment of the objective conditions of the present world order, or is it merely wishful thinking?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    We already know that the Obama administration uses crises to promote their policies and agendas, and when there is none to use, they create them, as they are trying to do here with their propaganda of the death of 70,000 kids. Will the American people ever wise up to Obama’s lies and deceit?

  • Fred Thomas

    The republican proposed budget cut will certainly hurt millions of needy citizens. The budget cuts that the republicans have done in the local governments are causing massive layoffs of teachers and government employees. Almost every school district in the nation is laying-off teachers and administrative employees.

    • karolyn

      In some areas, the rationale for cuts is totally skewed. For instance, AmeriCorps volunteers, of which I am one, receive a minimal “living expense” while assisting nonprofit agencies in meeting the needs of the citizens of this country. The money volunteers receive goes back into the economy, and the agencies helped are afforded the ability to do more good works, thus relieving the government of having to deal with these issues. With cuts in funding, those people who would have had money to put into the economy will be seeking aid instead in the form of at least Food Stamps, and the nonprofits will have to curtail vital services. Some of this will result in the government having to spend more money in the long run on dealing with the repercussions of the services having to be cut.

      • Bob

        I have been around Americorps – it is just another lieberal way to waste tax dollars.

        • karolyn

          Well, Bob, if my work can help one woman leave an abusive situation or prosecute a perpetrator of rape and educate the rural areas to the facts surrounding these horrific events perpetrated on women, I’m a happy camper.

          • Bob

            And how many such people did you prosecute? And I thought rape was a problem for the police. I suspect you are nothing more than an advocate for those who use the government to get more for nothing by using the gullible and ignorant.

          • Macawma


            At one time, in my first marriage, I was beaten by my husband. ONCE. He’s lucky I didn’t come back and kill him. If these purported women you help don’t have the brains to get the hell out of the situation, I’m sorry for their stupidity. Where are their families? Why does everything have to be a government program? It’s all bull$hit.

          • karolyn

            Macawma – You are one of those people who perpetuate the rape/domestic violence culture we live in. I bet you would even say that women who dress scantily deserve to be raped! Don’t speak about something you know nothing about. You need to walk in another’s shoes before judging what other’s do or do not do.

      • Jay

        The Liberal typically chooses a career in a field that produces nothing of value.

        A Liberal will look for employment in field such as public education, an employee of local, county, state or federal government, an “activist,” a lawyer, or a bureaucrat in a tax free foundation or an NGO devoted to advancing Liberal goals, etc.

        Then the Liberal will use government to extract wealth from others by force via the power to tax.

        • skip

          And a conservative chooses an occupation where he/she can absolutely rape anyone or anything in his/her way – Wall Street types taking the money as it passes by, Koch Brothers fouling the environment at our expense, BP contaminating the oceans, Halliburton funding and arming the tyrants of the world at the taxpayers expense. And whoever above said that liberals amongst other occupations engage in the terrible job of educating us!?! It is pretty obvious that there are a lot of uneducated amongst this blogosphere, and perhaps they were deprived of a private education. But the best thing this country did over time was to make education available to everyone. I would suggest that some of you take advantage of the opportunities to be educated.

      • RandyH

        AMERICORP! That explains your mindset. Had a group of those so called “helpers” come in after our floods. Ate our food, played frisby and disappeared, what a waste. Oh yeah, drove a guvment tagged new Chevy van to boot. I swear I heard chanting “oboma..oboma..oboma” the whole time they were here.

        • RandyH

          See…they didn’t even know how to say obama.

        • karolyn

          Well, you couldn’t say that about my fellow volunteers and me. We adhere to AmeriCorps’ strict rules. We are all responsible women, going to school in order to be in a better position to help others.

          • Lastmanstanding

            At taxpayers expense…Will you be a good little communist when they tell you to walk of a cliff, or jump into the sea as you are no longer necessary???

          • Karolyn

            Lastman – That’s just a stupid assinine remark.

          • Karolyn

            And another thing – I paid taxes my whole working life (46 years) and am still paying taxes, so you could say I’m paying myself!

    • Bob

      This is another example of lieberal lies. Republican cuts are not the reason why there are government layoffs. The reason for these layoffs is that we can no longer afford the overly generous compensation of these people. The fact is, government employees are lazy and unproductive and should be at the bottom of the compensation scale. As far as needy people, unless they are truly disabled, it is there responsibility to take care of themselves, not our malignant governments. If they are truly disabled, then the Church should take care of them, something it could do if its members weren’t being ripped off by government employees.

      • karolyn

        Church-Schmurch. I live in the Bible Belt, and there are very few churches that can afford to help anyone, other than with food and clothes.

        • Bob

          The reason they don’t have any money is that it is all going to the malignant lieberal government you support. By the way, how many of you belly-button contemplators have food pantries and clothing give aways?

        • Jay

          Any religion or religious person who believes or teaches that there are moral consequences for sin, is the enemy of Liberalism and must be oppressed.

        • Macawma

          Again karolyn,

          you are speaking out of your liberal a$$. Our church has less than 100 in our congregation, yet we support a food bank from our own facility which is currently feeding 53 families in this small town. In addition, we coordinate with the other churches in town and have a soup kitchen which feeds @ 75 people regularly. And yes, we are in the Bible Belt.

        • karolyn

          Macawma – I applaud you, but not every church is like that. Of course, we have a few (out of 100s) that do good works. When I was attending church, I would only go to a church that was active like that. My point is that there is not enough support from the churches in general to take care of those outside their own congregations.

          • Eddie47d

            Macawma; That is terrific to help others but what do you really think of those 53 people? Most on this site demean anyone who takes from others and consider them low life welfare cheats.Our church collects 100 canned goods ever month and takes it to the food bank.I have worked there but not often enough to know the recipients.Have a great evening.

    • Raggs

      Good I for one am damm glad to see it.. Now stop your crying and get a real job!

      • karolyn

        I’m not the one crying here, Raggs! I have lived with non appreciable income other than $700 SS before, and I can do it again. I’ve worked my whole life, and much as I would love to enjoy retirement, I see the writing on the wall. As far as “real” jobs, I dare you to find one here. Of course, you would stand a better chance because you are a man. Haven’t you been hearing all the voices of the seniors looking for jobs that can’t get them because they have too much experience? Or are you deaf to those voices too?

        • Raggs

          My reply was to Fred…

          He sounds like yet another one of the problems instead of the solution.

          • karolyn

            Sorry Raggs.

        • Bob

          Nonsense – any woman who can’t find a job in our affirmative action obsessed culture must be a real loser.

          • karolyn

            Bob – I don’t know how old you are, but you sound too young to know very much.

          • bob wire

            “Bob says:
            April 4, 2011 at 10:02 am

            Nonsense – any woman who can’t find a job in our affirmative action obsessed culture must be a real loser.”

            Affirmative act, makes it “more difficult” for both white man and women to find meaningful employment Bob.

            The way I see it, ~ affirmative act time has now pasted as it’s just reverse discrimination today.

    • RandyH

      democrap plant

      • bob wire

        you don’t enjoy opposing views?

        Tick Tock the game is locked and no one else can play?

        What are you looking for Randy, a big “love-in”?

  • Lastmanstanding

    Keep an eye on the dollar index…It has dropped below 76. Again!

    Once at 75. Things may really decline. 70,000 will be a drop in the bucket. Move beyond the party lines to survive…

  • Howard R Gray

    The aid blackmail idea isn’t new; it is the usual gambit when our money is in issue. The economies of failed state nations are a direct result of aid propping up foul dictators and governing classes that should be put out of business. Suggesting that 30,000 babies may die as a result is dishonest nothing more nothing less. The failure of the US to supply these rotten nations with funds that won’t necessarily help the benighted is not the reason the babies will die. Socialism and allied political poisons are the cause of death worldwide. So far millions have died in wars promoted to liberate the downtrodden. Aid is just another example of the dishonest propping up of malign administrations in the UN and its satellite organizations and many less than helpful charities.

    Poverty is a direct result of stateism, PT Bauer made this very clear years ago. If you don’t know who he is look him up and while you are at it review the works of Julian L Simon too. The disgusting fact is that the statists that make these outrageous claims perpetuating a system that never worked to solve these vicious economic problems, nor will it ever work.

    Every dollar expropriated in tax from those that produce is a dollar largely wasted. Taking cash from US tax payers means less investment, take no notice of the silly Keynesian idea that savings are somehow economically sterile, savings re enter the economy as investments. Though it does go into ridiculous tax shelters such as 401Ks, more government inspired inefficiency, though a might bit better than tax cash to dictators and bureaucrats.

    The truth is the babies die either way, those that might be able to give more to focused organizations that would truly save the babies just can’t do that as much as they might like to do. The present government and the previous one have prevented large numbers of folks from retiring as their 401ks have halved in value. The pernicious idea that aid is a valuable contribution to third world survival, babies included, is unhelpful. The big government crowd sells themselves and many of the public with the short range notions of paying guilt gelt to alleviate pangs of social guilt that others in the world don’t have our standard of living.

    The research has been in for years now, socialism has failed, it does not make wealth it destroys it. The signal failure to understand the wealth creation process means failure to understand what the rest of the world actually needs. It isn’t more money it is the means to create wealth and civil societies that permit such activity. Hernado De Soto has set the scene for how to do this, again an author who has much to say about how what we take for granted in a civil society does not exist out there in most of the world.

    Kleptocatic societies are the norm for most in this world, socialism is the harbinger of kleptocracy and poverty for most. The social burglary programs, inclusive of cash for babies, fail as there will always be claims on the money other than the supposed cause for which it was originally peculated for.

    The established facts are that economies are successful if you allow free trade, good government that maintains the civil order and stays out of social burglary disguised as charity. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany and Japan came from next to nothing in the last 60 years. The lesson never seems to be learned about wealth creation. Examine closely those nations that succeed and you will see the seeds of how to create wealth. Inspect closely the history of Hong Kong and China, Hong Kong will only maintain its wealth as long as the mainland government stays out of its affairs, intrude upon the golden goose and the money will flee in click of a key on HK banking computers.

    No amount of largess from efficient funds taken in tax will ever outclass directed investment. Taxing to save babies won’t do it. The babies need saving because their nations are kleptocratic inefficient and have little or no civil order. The hall mark of fading nations are the shanty towns and dispossessed from the mainstream of life. Where there are no rights to own and operate businesses and deal in land and other assets in a fair and ordered social matrix poverty is what happens. Poverty is directly related to government and its inability to permit wealth creation.

    Wealth only happens when the conditions are right for it, we now know exactly how this happens, the only problem is that the elites don’t want to accept it. The recipe is very simple and easy to understand but somehow socialists and other millenarians have a mental block on dealing with the obvious. Rhetorical notions about dyeing babies are not the solution. Every dollar of tax is one less dollar for wealth creation on the one hand and every dollar donated to the kleptocracies is one largely wasted, the babies still die regardless.

    The obvious and simple solution is to create wealth not allocate it. Nations that have no money need to create it, it has been done before and it can be done again. How serious are our political masters, and how smart are they? The present government is mired in socialism and Islamic adventures both entities with poverty bound within them. Poverty is creeping up on this great nation too, follow the nostrums of the elites in this nation and prosperity will not be around for many in this lifetime. The elites will never go short you and I might.

    Julian L Simon, PT Bauer, Mark Skousen, Hayek, Hernando De Soto, Mansur Olsen, have studied poverty, totalitarianism, wealth creation, and how governments fail, amongst other things. Reading Das Kapital or Mein Kampf is not the answer. The silly secret committee and the Coming Insurrection will only enhance vicious states that will fail and merely usher in decades of poverty for the many they claim to help. Give the babies a chance, donate to a charity that looks after kids and be sure that is what they do. The government isn’t a charity, it pays off its friends and interest group supporters of which the foreign aid industry is just one of many calls on your money let alone the kleptocratic governments out there. Rest assured the babies won’t benefit before a long chain of supposedly deserving salariat members of this state and the states the money is gifted to in our name have their cut first.

    Get out your Gadsden Flags and vote no when you can. Wheedling justifications for taking your money are out there resist them always!

    Remember investment isn’t a word the governing classes understand.

    • Silver Bullet

      Howard R. Gray and Jay,
      ……You and others make this a wonderful
      ….hashing out of American ideals. Thanks!

  • Charles

    Obama wants to be the leader of a one world goverment.He wants to look like a hero to the rest of the world and if aid is cut off,then there goes that image. Countries in Africa, has more resourses than most countries in the world, yet they can`t take care of themselves.
    Aren`t most of the countries Muslim, like their Arab brothers? They would rather be fighting and killing each other than going to school
    and working to better themselves. Work 0 hrs a day, fight 10 hrs a day, pray 5 hrs a day, sleep 7 hrs a day and spend 2 hrs a day collecting Welfare or like we like to call it aid, from the good old
    USA. It sounds like things that go on in our own country. We are very good at handing out goodies to our own people, who would rather do the
    things other than going to school or working. They know there is
    someone that is going to take care of them, so they can go their
    merry way. More Americans are killed or murderd on our streets than
    in both the wars in Iraq and Afganastan. It`s time people around
    the world and in this country take responsibilty for their own
    lives.They have to quit depending on the US goverment for everything,from food to healthcare,housing and a job. We can no longer afford to take care of the dead beats of the world. We worked
    low paying jobs till we could find a better one. The illigals work
    these jobs because the poor American, as in other countries, have the same problems, won`t do these jobs. They would rather wait for USA
    goverment welfare or aid. You want to get rid of illigals in this or any other country,then make the poor or unemployed take these jobs, till then can find a better one. Women, quit laying down and having
    babies with any bum that comes around.Men, keep that thing in your pants and quit thinking your the man, because you can go and produce
    babies that you have no inttentions of taking care of.
    It`s time America and the world, that each person takes responsibilty
    for his or her`s own life. There are always going to be the classes,
    so get use to it. Bang out the best life, you can for yourself, because there are always going to be people above you and below you. That is the nature of the beast.

  • Justice4All

    70,000 is a terrible number, but, given some thought Aficans are killing Africans by the millions with their corrupt political wars inside this rich continent.
    It seems that this “O” regime will say and do anything to get a vote. The problem is too many believe his words are true. Fortunely many have awaken from the spell of this “snake-oil salesman”, and are prepared to combat his “special army” of unions, Black Panthers, Communist, and the Muslim radicals.
    Where this will end doesn’t look good, but we can not give up the attempt to take this country back from the brink of Hell.

    GOD Bless The U.S.A.


    This is just one more example of the ignorance and duplicity of the Liberal Democrat Party and its agenda driven spin. How about the million children that they kill each and every year from their rabid support of GOVERNMENT TAXPAYER PAID abortion! The purpose of the budget cuts is to control the deficit which will kill many if our country fails due to financial collapse. If a program is cut 5% and the administrators cannot cut salaries and expenses to cover the cuts, then they should be replaced. If they cut the money directly out of the aid instead, then that is another problem. On every issue, The Democrat Party and The Obama Administration trots out some poor pathetic individual that has fallen through the cracks to make their point. Almost every time it is shown to be untrue as the case is covered by another program. I have never seen a child or other person killed by a budget cut and I doubt you ever will in this country. These Liberals are pathetic and will use absolutely any trick to further their agenda!

  • songbird

    Yet Obama supports the murdering of millions of unborn or partially born babies.

  • Jay

    The word “Liberal” was forcibly stolen and corrupted by evil men who intentionally perverted the use and meaning of the word. In the long forgotten past, the word “Liberal” described honorable and principled men who held to a philosophy of government that advocated Constitutional Republicanism. Constitutional Republicanism is a type of government almost unknown to most of the world. America was originally a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic defined is characterized by a very small government with limits on its powers of taxation and whose other powers are strictly limited by rigorously enforced Constitutional edicts. But modern Liberals are nothing more and nothing less than Communists, Socialists and Dictators. Modern Liberals promote, advocate and enforce the centralization of all political power into an all powerful central government. The honorable old Liberals of the 19th century must be spinning in their graves over the outrageous corruption and modern use of the word “Liberal.”

    At the most basic level, the Liberal is anti-God. He is an intellectually dishonest, unprincipled, mentally immature, spoiled child who is forever in search of a world without moral consequence. That is why the Liberal makes “The State” his god. The Liberal worships THE STATE. The Liberal attempts to use his god (government) to eliminate all moral consequences for immoral behavior. In the name of “Justice,” the Liberal also pretends to make his god (The State) “level” all peoples so that the wise or the beautiful or the genius will have no advantage over the unwise, the ugly and the simpleton in the marketplace. The Liberal calls this tyrannical State of Government, UTOPIA.

    Liberals use moralistic platitudes and catchy phrases like “social justice” and “The Brotherhood of Man” to appeal to the naive masses who are duped into believing that the ultimate goals of Liberals are genuinely benign and beneficient. However at the root, like the Prince in Machiavelli’s greatest work, the single moral principle that Liberals adhere to is the continual accumulation and centralization of all power.

    The fundamental power struggle of Liberals may be classified as the individual versus the collective. The Liberal supports the collective in every contest against the individual. The individual must be relieved of all power in favor of the collective. All power must be centralized.

    The Liberal despises the United States because it is the premier protector and promoter of individualism in the world.

    The basis of traditional healthy psychology is to help individuals take personal responsibility for the choices they have made and to help them make better choices in the future. The basis of modern psychology as defined by the Liberals who are members of the self deluded, isolated and ill-educated Professorial Class living in their government financed socialist Ivory Towers, is the elimination of moral responsibility.

    In order to advance their agenda, Liberals create an atmosphere of crisis and fear that is used to justify their collectivist oppression. Liberals love to go to war against other nations for it is during times of war that they are most successful in getting the most oppressive legislation passed in Congress. Check your history books and you will see that every major war America has fought in the last 100 years was started by a Liberal or a statist who philosophically supported centralized government

    Western nations and Western Civilization have produced more liberty and more prosperity for more people than any other culture in History. Christianity is the foundation of the culture upon which Western civilization was built. A genuinely Christian populace will reject collectivism and support individualism. A genuine Christian populace will live moral lives and thus they will support governmental policy that encourages individual, personal, moral responsibility. A genuine Christian populace will reject collectivism and centralized government. A morally debauched populace will look to the government to support them and shelter them from their bad moral choices. Thus for the collectivist Liberal bent on imposing socialism upon a nation, Christianity is the number one enemy above all other enemies. Christianity must be eliminated.

    The Liberal seeks to dominate any institution that can interfere with, weaken or destroy individual parental rights. Thus you will note that Liberals completely control and dominate public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, welfare departments, social service agencies and all NGO’s that feign concern for the welfare of children. Why? Because in order for Liberals to impose socialism upon a people, they must undermine the ability of the people to govern themselves according to God’s moral law. To accomplish this they must weaken the main support of morality. Strong families are one of the greatest threats to the final goals of Liberalism. The total disintegration of the American family in recent decades among some ethnic communities has occurred as a direct result of the design and intention of Liberals. Feel the hate. Hate is good when directed at these demonic Liberals who are the avowed enemies of God, Family Values and freedom.

    The Liberal applauds the imprisoning of home-schooling parents who dare to raise their children outside the control of collectivist public schools.

    Private ownership of guns is the single greatest symbol of individual power, and therefore is despised by Liberals.

    The Liberal promotes the growth of multi-national and international governments such as the European Union and the United Nations because these organizations advance the cause of socialism and seek to destroy the very individualism that is best protected by sovereign states.

    The Liberal fears any hint of individualism in any part of the world, and is obsessed with the centralized control of all human activity and thought. Thus the Liberal constantly seeks total control over all forms of media. The Internet is driving Liberals crazy with fear that more people will start thinking for themselves and demand limited decentralized governments in nations around the world.

    Liberals speak often of tolerance, but they only tolerate Liberals and Liberal ideas. For instance, Liberals hate Christianity and conservative Bible believing Christians are persona non grata in any gathering of Liberals. Liberals are extremely intolerant concerning Christianity because of its insistence upon personal responsibility and moral absolutes. Liberals know that a society without moral absolutes and a society without strong emphasis upon personal responsibility will fall like a ripe apple into their greedy socialist clutches because self reliance and rugged individualism are traits that are only found amongst moral peoples who come from strong families.

    The Liberal seeks to criminalize any speech that promotes morality or individualism as “hate speech.” Thus we see Liberal Judges and Liberal Courts outlawing the Bible and gutting the free speech provisions of the first amendment of the constitution. Liberal Judges are now declaring that the Bible’s proscriptions against homosexuality are illegal “hate speech” and scripture is now in the process of being outlawed from any appearance in public discourse or the public square. If one speaks in favor of individualism and against affirmative action in a public forum at work, Liberal Judges and Liberal Courts are now saying that such speech amounts to intimidation of minorities and is prohibited by law.

    Environmentalists lie as a matter of course. Why? Because environmentalists have a false god too. Whereas the god of the Liberal is “The State,” the god of the environmental extremist worships is “the creation,” rather than the Creator. This warps their thinking and as a result they become anti-human. They fall into all kinds of error such as elevating the rights of animals above those of mankind. Whereas the Christian world-view teaches men that they are to be “Good Stewards” of the earth and all it’s creatures. The Christian world-view instructs men that they are to be kind to animals, but that they are not to elevate anything above the value of human life. Why? Because the Bible teaches that mankind is the crown of God’s entire Creation. The Bible teaches that “Man was created in the image of God.” Thus human life is profoundly sacred and highly valued far above that of any animal or wilderness or wetland (swamp). Thus genuine Christians who hold to a Biblical world-view will know that private property rights trump the claims of the EPA “nature nazi’s” to regulate how a farmer may use his private property. Genuine Christians who hold to a Biblical world-view will know that these “Watermelon” Environmental Extremists have no right to tell a man how to use his own private property unless it can be proven that the owner is doing damage to his neighbors property. (PS A “Watermelon Environmentalist” is a person who is GREEN on the outside (i.e., they claim to care about the environment) but they are truthfully COMMUNIST RED on the inside (i.e., they do not really care about the environment. They are just using the moral cause of preserving the environment as a means of consolidating their power and advancing the cause of Socialism and One World Government.)

    • Bob

      Quite true – the term liberal has been hijacked by the morally depraved people I term “lieberals”. They have also perverted the term “progressive” and should be referred to as “regressives” because they seek to drag us back to the totalitarian socialist pigtopia of Marx and the Jacobins.

      • bob wire

        Jay & Bob, may I say, you have the personal freedom to be “wrong” as much and as often as anyone else.

        You speak of “people” I don’t know and have never met. I’m not convinced that such people even exist but only in your mind.

        Perhaps less stereotyping and sweeping proclamations would help you to define “these people”.

        • Karolyn

          AMEN, bob!

    • Jeremy Leochner

      As a Liberal I disagree Jay. All my life I have tried to live by the simple maxim my parents taught me “treat others the way you want to be treated”. I have always enjoyed the most base freedoms of choice individuality and freedom of speech. I feel Liberalism and Conservatism merely are trying to balance issues of Equality With those of Liberty. The eternal issue of everyones right to do whatsoever they want so long as they dont interfere with anothers right to do the same. I have always pledged my allegiance to the flag and Republic of The United States-not to its leaders, government or state institution. I follow the Declaration and its principle that all are created equal. That is the basis of my political and moral views and I follow it perhaps one might call religiously. As such I am an agnostic and do not believe in god, though I do believe in life after death. Regardless of my views I have always shown as much respect as possible to those of genuine religous belief regardless of what religion it may be. As an ardent follower of the Declaration and not a believer in god I do admit I oppose any connection being made between religous morals and Republican ones. I do not believe they are responsible for each other but I will not deny their similarities and shared purpose. As a Liberal I am inclined against Conservatives on most issues. However I hold genuine believers in Conservativism in the highest regards. To those with true belief in their ideals though I may disagree with them I always recognize their say, though admittedly I often speak back out of my personal love for argument and debate. I am an advocate of Social Democracy because I see it as a middle ground between extremes where we have free enterprise and competition with the base regulation of government to ensure a fair and equal playing field. I oppose imprisoning people simply because of their views as do all Liberals and Conservatives I know. Though I strongly favor strict gun control laws I have no desire to take away ones individual power. I simply dont want an unequal distribution of power. Finally as to enviormentalism I think it a perfectly good ideal to be a good steward of the land. However I just have a certain soft spot for plants and animals. May I point out that just because I dont place animal life below mans dose not mean I place it above. We are all living creatures so I try to treat animals with kindness as best I can. In certain circumstances I think it would be reasonable to argue extreme action if it was for protection or survival. But needless death due to pollution I oppose very strongly. In all Jay I am a Liberal and feel no shame in it. I honor those with honorable intent, I respect those as I wish to be respected. And while you may think me crazy Jay I honestly believe what I say and believe it is the right choice for me.

      • 45caliber

        I agree.

      • Jeep

        At issue is not your beliefs or the ideals that you hold. The unfortunate fact is that liberal thought and action cannot have it both ways. Conversely, Conservatives cannot always have it both ways either. There are certain public (tax funded) works we can all agree on, such as police, fire, roads, etc. Where it gets hazy is on the more esoteric (i.e. less Consitutional) programs, such as welfare, food stamps, foreign aid, etc. What I do not understand is the liberal mind that can hold welfare dear, while taking money (taxes) from others. I don’t believe you are of the “well, the rich can afford it” ilk. So, I will spare you the “but, it’s still not your money speach”. The bottom line is that, Conservatives want the same things as liberals, and that is for ALL Americans to be successful and lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. Where we disagree on is the way it should be done. True Conservatives believe the central role of govt is to provide a “level playing field” through minimal but effective intervention, while liberals believe the only way to acheive this is through expansion of govt. True Conservatives believe the game should be played fair, but there are no guaranteed results, you can win or lose. Liberals think the game should be weighted to afford those deemed “less likely to succeed” are given a better chance, but don’t worry the govt will provide for your needs, win or lose. The problem with the liberal cause is, who is defining the “underprivilidged” and who is defining “success” and who is paying for it?

        • Jeremy Leochner

          I understand Jeep. The only reason I made it about myself was simply to counter the argument I heard from Jay. Jay used the term Liberal very loosely-Liberals are this, Liberals believe that. I was simply saying I am a Liberal but that I dont believe this or do that. As to your argument I can respect that and I thank you for sparing me. I suppose for welfare I am at a lose to know who is truely underprivaleged. All I know is I struggle between the disgust of giving to those who would abuse or do not need it and the fear of witholding from the innocent who do need it. I guess im just a bleeding heart who feels we should give whenever we can within reason. I believe taxes are a good service to our country and if what I support results in higher taxes for me I will accept it. Needless to say it will be painful come tax time, but what else is new. For the sake of budgets I would support certain cuts specifically pork barrel projects as a way to help supplement the increase in revenue from raised taxs. And if we can get out of this recession perhaps we could again decrease taxs if that is what the people want.

          • Karolyn

            Thank you, Jeremy. For some reason many conservatives believe liberals are pretty much less than human, and I really don’t understand it. The animosity is horrible.

          • Jeep

            Jeremy, you sound much more Conservative than liberal (of course, my own political bent leads me to believe that liberal is bad :)) As I stated before, I truly believe that the rank and file liberal has the best interest of their neighbor at heart. But, the bottom line is that someone has to pay for that generosity, and I am firm in my stance that it is UNConstitutional to force any American to support their neighbor unwillingly. Look, I regulary give to my church, support the Salvation Army with donations and volunteer time with Special Olympics. I’m not saying this for accolades, just pointing out that the money and time I donate are voluntary. But, I put MY family first. I go to work before volunteering and will not donate food from my table or the bed my child sleeps in. (For the karolyn’s of the world, call me selfish, just don’t call me when you need help.) The problem with taxing is that the IRS does not know nor care what level of spending I choose for my family. By far the biggest federal budget items are SS and Medicare, both social welfare programs. I pay close to $30,000 a year in taxes so as a straight percentage something like $18,000 of that goes to help the “poor”. Perhaps you can see why I think that money would be better spent on a college fund for my child, or (gulp!) the trip to Disneyworld he has been asking for. And, maybe even give to other causes. I absolutely have no problem with taxes used “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…” It’s just that I think I can help my neighbor a little better than can the fed govt without forcing my other neighbor to pay for it.

    • karolyn

      “Thus you will note that Liberals completely control and dominate public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, welfare departments, social service agencies and all NGO’s that feign concern for the welfare of children.”

      Well, Jay, why are there not more conservatives in these positions? Do conservatives not work in social services? I never thought of that.

      • Jay

        Liberals despise all innocence – especially the innocence of a child. Thus Hollywood Liberals seek to steal the innocence of our children as early as possible and the public schools assist them in this goal.

        Liberals seek to sexualize our children, eliminate age of consent laws and promote the normalization of pedophilia, all in the pursuit of sexual freedom.

        The Liberal fears any hint of individualism in any part of the world, and is obsessed with the centralized control of all human activity and thought. Thus the Liberal constantly seeks total control over all forms of media. The Internet is driving Liberals crazy with fear that more people will start thinking for themselves and demand limited decentralized governments in nations around the world.

        • Jeremy Leochner

          Jay I can respect your position. However as a Liberal I would like to point out not all Liberals are what you say. I know many liberals and I know for a fact none of them would ever condone or even consider condoning pedophilia or sexualization of children. The idea of innocence of a child knows no political leanings. An innocent child is a miracle all people,Liberal and Conservative, find beautiful. Second just for the sake of argument you say Liberals pursue sexual freedom and then you say they seek to destroy all forms of individualism. Im no expert on psychology but im fairly sure sexuality and sexual pursuit is a very individualistic action. Its as if your saying they dont want people to make their own choices unless those choices involve the pursuit of pleasure. So your saying liberals wont allow me to do anything without being told, unless I want to. I dont know liberals dont sound that tyrannical to me.

        • Eddie47d

          Jay; You must worship Michelle Malkin for you sound like her clone. I can point out plenty of negative about conservatives but I can also find much praise for conservative ideals. You sound too obsessed with yourself and have this need for an enemy. Liberals drive you crazy and your theory about the Internet was odd at best. Saying liberals despise innocence and are out there promoting pedophilia puts you way beyond a normal person. I would call it covert extremism and alot about nothing.Can you say delusional as you look in the mirror. Your rants about environmentalists is fabricated phoniness. There are plenty of us Christians who are environmentalists and don’t believe that slowly destroying the earth is God’s calling.

        • bob wire

          “Jay says:
          April 4, 2011 at 4:26 pm

          Liberals despise all innocence – especially the innocence of a child.”

          You are totally absurd and really need professional help.

          Jay, you are either over medicated or under medicated but you need to gain control of your thinking process.

          You are a danger to yourself and those around you.

  • Lee

    Obama is taking us into the maw of the BLACK HOLE of government spending. We are nearing the threshold of having to spend more in interest on the debt than the whole country earns. WAKE UP!!! The CEO of Wall Mart is forecasting run away inflation this summer, this will shortly lead to higher interest rates. You can no longer hide it by having the FED buy up the notes, because no one will accept a dollar as payment.
    When we exceed our income, run up the charge card and fall behind on our mortgage, the banks take what we had as collateral, the house, the car. The banks take the dollar as a bailout, but they will not want it in return for govt debt. Perhaps they

  • http://com i41

    The bs about not caring about diseases over in 3rd world countries, is thanks to all the envior nut jobs and the “protecting and saving the bald eagles crap” the thin shells was a hoax. The probllem was a possible gentic one because some chicken have eggs with soft membrane and little or no shells. The birds were not getting enough calcium, about like the stooped over osterious poros females or people on long term diaylsis. DDT solved the deadly malaria diease problems. Several countries with massive deaths from mosquitos, beg from DDT, but thanks to the envior freaks and another UN madate dems let millions die. Bob. Karolyn is full of crap as usually. Statys prove women can always get a job way easier than a white male. Since women are part od the “minority” game that the dems condone. If anyone that is whining because of lack of jobs, what bastards ran the house and senate and for 3 years all t3 branches, and now control 2, it is the marxist/communist bastards and their jug eared marxist muslim. Nobody thinks the job market is improving do you, the contruction work shuld be going great guns right now. and tere isn’t s–t going on. What happend to the big stimulas package money, 138 billion went to China with the Government Electric. So the jackasses that voted and supported this marxist muslim book trained moron, tough s–t you put the dumbocraps in sharge, and don’t hand everyone the Bush did it bs. Over 4 1/3 years the dems have been at the helm, just go suck some more sewer water you dem idoits! Bush had the 9/11 because Whorehound thought muslims freak problem was a legal problem Even though the goat abusers were sending up red flags, and no one noticing or responding, was dems doing. There was never any surplus except on the blue dress, there was a defiect both in the Treasury and between the ears of all dems.

    • karolyn

      i41 – Not being a woman and not living in rural SC, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t give a damn about statistics. I give a damn about what I and everyone that lives here knows. The only jobs for women are nursing and teaching, and anything else is all filled up, with nobody quitting their jobs. Believe me, I have tried. Fortunately, I have had to fend for myself most of my life, not having a man to take care of me; so I know how to make at least enough money to get by. I am a woman of many talents and use those talents the best I am able given the circumstances.

      • Bob

        It is no surprise that no man would be with you, you are just another bitter feminist who believes that everyone owes you a living. I have been around since all the “affirmative action” nonsense started back in the seventies and I have seen women of no talent advance for no other reason than the fact that they were women. I have seen the abuses of the the MBE, WBE, on DBE programs and I have seen good men passed over because their boss didn’t want to be sued for picking them over a less qualified woman. I have seen companies denied work in order that the work could be given to bogus DBEs, MBEs and WBEs – companies that are tax consuming parasites. I restate what I said earlier – only a supreme loser of a women cannot get ahead in today’s effiminate, “affirmative action” culture. Your posts make it obvious that you are one of those women.

        • karolyn

          I sure am not gonna say what I would like to say, Bob. Sufficeth it to say, I’ve had my share of men (3 long term); however, none of them ever took care of me. I’ve always managed to take care of myself. You have no clue, and it’s laughable! :-)

          • Bob

            Believe me, I don’t doubt that you “have had your share of men” and more. I also am not surprised that none of them were man enough to take care of you.

          • Karolyn

            You know, Bob, plain and simple, you are an ass who pretends to be a holier-than-thou Christian.

          • Eddie47d

            Bob is walking on thin ice with that last comment.He better hang up that Christian cloak he was wearing grab his Bible and head to the nearest church.

          • bob wire

            Houston, We’ve got a problem!

            B,O,B is rapidly becoming more and more unmanageable and unpredictable.

            Requesting permission to employ counter measures to stabilize thread.

          • Karolyn

            Yeah, Eddie, I think he’s going off the deep end. I can just feel the hate coming through his written word. Aren’t Christians supposed to hate the sin but love the sinner?

      • Jay

        The Liberal despises masculinity as a symbol of individual power.
        Feminists groups are about lesbianism, socialism and hatred of men, not equal rights for women.

        • karolyn

          You guys make me laugh. All you know is stereotyping.

      • 45caliber


        Like I tell my daughter, go apply at Wal-Mart. You can almost certainly get a job there if you don’t have a police record.

        • karolyn

          45 – I think I’m too smart for WalMart. At least if you go by the caliber of the people I seem working there. A couple of years ago I applied 3 times at WalMart. I have too much experience in too many areas.

          • Bob

            Not only a worthless feminist, but an elitist lieberal. Actually, you are NOT too smart to work at WAL-Mart; I doubt that you would even make the first cut at Wal-Mart.

          • 45caliber

            Most people are too smart to work at Wal-mart. Intelligence isn’t a requirement there. They seldom hire any except part-time workers since they don’t have to pay them vacations, etc. But they hire anyway. So do most other stores. It is – at least – a paycheck.

          • 45caliber


            My daughter gives me the same reasons. In the meantime she tries to borrow money to pay bills instead of trying to get a job there. What she wants to do is get a job “in her field” – and she hasn’t finished that program in college yet.

          • Karolyn

            As I said, 45, I applied 3 times. On WalMart’s application, if you do not answer the questions to their liking, they won’t consider you. I have run businesses and been in administrative positions. That’s why I’m saying they don’t want people like me.

        • Karolyn

          Bob, I am far from an elitist or feminist. I have nothing against the people who work at WalMart. I know several of them, and they’re great people. You have me pegged all wrong, Bob. Like I said. You like to put people in little stereotypical boxes. All I’m saying is that many of them are the kind of people who do what they’re told with no question, and don’t think much for themselves. When I work for a job, I see problems and come up with solutions, and I question the status quo, which WalMart doesn’t care about. They want non-thinkers.

          • Eddie47d

            Bob and Jay talk about individualism and how important it is in the “rugged conservative world”.Then Walmart pops up where no one can be an individual in their robot world all run by conservative corporatist. Higher pay and benefits are almost none existent at Walmart and I know that would mean higher prices.Yet that is where the conservative employer likes to keep you on the lower rung.That could very well be the new face of America in other businesses.

          • Jeep

            karolyn, eddie, then don’t shop or work at Wally World. I don’t care, and I don’t think many other people care either. But, don’t come asking for a govt handout either. Americorp is a govt program that survives off of taxes. Period. In spite of your ascertion that it provides income to this or that community, it survives because it TAKES income from another community. You may argue that the losing community “can afford it”. But, who died and made you the judge? What makes you or anyone else (inlcuding our elected officials) qualified to make the decision on what is “too” much? And, failing that what makes it Constitutional? That is the point.

          • karolyn

            Jeep – I have paid taxes my whole life, so you could say that I am paying myself!

          • Jeep

            Really karolyn, from your earlier statements I would infer you probably get a refund check at the end of each year. And, I would guess that you probably get back every penny you put in, or maybe even a little extra you didn’t. You can deny it, but then you would have to reconcile that with your earlier statements concerning how little you make. So, I am pretty sure you pay NO taxes at best and most probably benefit from the tax system.

      • Jeep

        Spare me the tears karolyn. I have suggested in the past that if you cannot find a job in your locality, then maybe it’s time to move. I get plenty of derisive comments about that. But, I can tell you I moved my family from Az to Va. Why? Because this is where I found a high paying job. See how that works? Everyone talks about sacrifice, but few are willing to take the step. There are plenty of opportunities around our great nation. But, there are few willing to take the initiative to make it happen. Remember that personal responsibility thing?

        • karolyn

          I ain’t cryin’, Jeep. However, YOU moved your FAMILY. I have only ME, with no money to move! You make it sound so easy. Think about it. A 64 year old woman, moving to a place knowing no one, with no family. It’s not that easy. Before you go making judgment about people, try walking in their shoes, or at least thinking before opening your mouth. Anyway, I’ve managed to take care of myself just fine via my ingenuity and knowledge.

          • Jeep

            Awww, poor basito…I gave you my personal experience and your guilt made you realize how wrong you are. So, don’t get on my case. Did I suggest you move? No, I was only pointing out that there are alternatives that many who are under- or un-employed are not willing to commit to. My point is, don’t cry me a river. Get off your backside and do something. If the shoe fits…well, you know. If you are happy, then good for you. If you are unhappy, then this IS America, do something about it. For a 60′ish person you could use a little maturity.

          • karolyn

            Jeep – Do you have selective hearing? I have not been complaining, just stating facts. I do not complain. And did I not say that I have always managed to take care of myself? Sounds to me like you’re just hearing what you want to hear.

          • libertytrain

            I am a little confused that you were able to move from New Jersey to a tiny town in South Carolina. I’m guessing you must have had a job op originally, friends, family. It seems like an odd place to choose to start a life when one still has to work for a living.

          • Karolyn

            liberty – I came down here with my then partner of 15 years. Then our relationship fell apart, and I had to leave his house.

          • Jeep

            Really karolyn? No complaints at all? How about, “A couple of years ago I applied 3 times at WalMart. I have too much experience in too many areas” or “I have lived with non appreciable income other than $700 SS before…” or “As far as “real” jobs, I dare you to find one here. Of course, you would stand a better chance because you are a man.” I could go on, but I am sure you don’t see this as complaining. BTW I DO complain, and am proud of it. I complain about wasteful govt spending, lots of govt intervention and regulation as well as a weakening of our military defenses. Yeah, I complain a lot.

  • http://personallibertydigest doug walters

    Two of my good friends just died from cancer in THIS COUNTRY, I just can’t support the razzle dazzle obama adm,,,,,he is not our real pres…he can’t even show his birth cert…he lies all the time….

  • http://personalLiberty Michael Hughes

    Ask this “aide”..How many kids wiii die..trying to pay of the National Debt..Or how many will suffer during run away inflation…

    • Bob

      And how many will die in the social chaos that is going to follow the economic collapse caused by the parasites of the democrat party?

      • 45caliber

        None wilL! They are going to provide care for everyone who can’t get a job and can’t afford to go to the doctor. They just aren’t sure where the money will be coming from yet …

        (satire off)

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    IMHO, the GOP should not only refute the lies we hear from the democraps, but also point out how many kids have needlessly died because of the liberals/democraps!! “….the fear of dead babies….”?? LOL!! But it’s not really funny when one considers nearly a million infants are killed each year via abortion. We need a POTUS who will appoint, and a senate which will confirm, SCOTUS nominees who will reverse Roe vs. Wade. The liberal democraps won’t do that. Likewise, “….30,000 would die from a lack of malaria control programs….”?? Well, there is a way to save millions of kids. That would be to lift the ban on DDT!! But that won’t happen with Democraps in power, as they are allied with the environmentalist wacko fascists!! So it’s up to you, Republicans, to stand up and really campaign against democraps on issues like this!! Just say “NO” to the Democraps, environmentalist wacko fascists, etc!!

  • northbrook

    This is an out right case of misinformation by the administration. There is no way they can support this statement. If they believe this is correct then they should show exactly where this would happen.

    • 45caliber

      But 70,000 kids will die! How do we know? The government said so!

      Actually, I agree with you. Where did they get that figure? Pulling it out of you-know-where.

  • Jay

    Confirmed: The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real

    Yesterday, Roger Hedgecock and the Liberty Papers posted an unclassified DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis report titled:
    Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.
    The “report” was one of the most embarrassingly shoddy pieces of propaganda I’d ever read out of DHS. I couldn’t believe it was real.
    I spent the day chasing down DHS spokespeople, who have been tied up preparing for a very important homeland security event later today: The First Lady is coming to visit their Washington office. Priorities, you know.
    Well, the press office got back to me and verified that the document is indeed for real.
    They were very defensive — preemptively so — in asserting that it was not a politicized document and that DHS had done reports on “leftwing extremism” in the past. I have covered DHS for many years and am quite familiar with past assessments they and the FBI have done on animal rights terrorists and environmental terrorists. But those past reports have always been very specific in identifying the exact groups, causes, and targets of domestic terrorism, i.e., the ALF, ELF, and Stop Huntingdon wackos who have engaged in physical harassment, arson, vandalism, and worse against pharmaceutical companies, farms, labs, and university researchers.
    By contrast, the piece of crap report issued on April 7 is a sweeping indictment of conservatives. And the intent is clear. As the two spokespeople I talked with on the phone today made clear: They both pinpointed the recent “economic downturn” and the “general state of the economy” for stoking “rightwing extremism.” One of the spokespeople said he was told that the report has been in the works for a year. My b.s. detector went off the chart, and yours will, too, if you read through the entire report — which asserts with no evidence that an unquantified “resurgence in rightwing extremist recruitment and radicalizations activity” is due to home foreclosures, job losses, and…the historical presidential election.
    In Obama land, there are no coincidences. It is no coincidence that this report echoes Tea Party-bashing left-wing blogs (check this one out comparing the Tea Party movement to the Weather Underground!) and demonizes the very Americans who will be protesting in the thousands on Wednesday for the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party.
    From the report, p.2:
    Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

    (U//LES) Rightwing extremists are harnessing this historical election as a recruitment tool. Many rightwing extremists are antagonistic toward the new presidential administration and its perceived stance on a range of issues, including immigration and citizenship, the expansion of social programs to minorities, and restrictions on firearms ownership and use. Rightwing extremists are increasingly galvanized by these concerns and leverage them as drivers for recruitment. From the 2008 election timeframe to the present, rightwing extremists have capitalized on related racial and political prejudices in expanded propaganda campaigns, thereby reaching out to a wider audience of potential sympathizers.

    Read the rest here:

  • 45caliber

    I like kids and want to keep them safe. That said, we have to cut somewhere. What is worse? Cutting some now or shutting down everything in a year or two?

    Further, why should the GOP worry about 70,000 kids worldwide when the Dems kill millions each year?

    • bob wire

      “Further, why should the GOP worry about 70,000 kids worldwide when the Dems kill millions each year?”

      Why? Hmm? Well that’s the problem with counting chickens before they hatch that the GOP seems to favor on one level and elect to ignore on another.

      Some would offer 70,000 new citizens with the right to vote might be seen as a threat.

      I would think keeping your heifer away from the bull might help. Just how much we want government involved in the process I thought had already been decided.

      Life is a process of assimilation and the Anglo with his prudishly timid, conservative ways will be overran in time. The Anglo Saxons are left to only forestall the inevitable and protect what they can.

      Baring a world calamity of biblical proportion that greatly thins the herd, do you see another outcome?



  • T. Rainey

    But Obama’s budget would include funding for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry at large and that leads to 1.1 to 1.2 MILLION dead babies every year here in the United States. But I guess that number is too large for most people to grasp.

  • george

    Its time to end the free handouts to Aficans How much money,time energy,personal care has been spent on these same people for sooo long?? What is the result?? When the help stops they go back to running around with feathers up their rear ends doing their jigaboo dances instead of planting crops. Have umpteen babies they cannot feed or support. They go back to the pracices of non prevention of diseases etc. etc., then they cry the blues and expect everyone else to bail them out again and again Sorry its going to get worse but these people have to wake up and smell the coffee Its amazing when one studies the conditions around the world and even in America Why is it always the black race that is incapable of smelling the coffee?? Take a look at America’s cities Slums. Drugs. Violence. Gangs. Crime Etc,etc. Take a look at Haiti Over a year has passed since the earthquake and what do you see?? They are still hanging around waiting for everyone else to take care of them. Another example of the black race Enough is enough

    • Sutekh

      George, all your talk about “jigaboos” was amusing. I’m sure the liberals are laughing all the way to their socialist utopia.

      Liberals want to enslave the entire population. Although I estimate that the percentage of lazy Africans may be higher than the percentage of lazy Europeans within their own demographic, the fact is that one does not have to be black to be lazy. Our government employs millions of people, and given the fact that only 12% of the population is black (thanks to Margaret Sanger’s liberal Planned Pogromhood) means that the vast majority of these nonproductive government employees are of some race other than African.

      The liberal M.O. is to turn all of us against each other.

      I spoke with a cop last week, and he said that the local black celebrity who always jumps in to defend accused nonwhites doesn’t really help them. He just hangs on long enough to be “identified” with the case publicly on TV news. After the story goes cold, he abandons the “victim” whom he purports to be championing. What we need to do is wake all Americans up to the fact that liberalism hates every free man in America, be he of whatever color he may.

      We can band together, or (like the African captives from various tribes who couldn’t even speak a common language) we can be hauled off together into slavery.


      • Karolyn

        What we need to do is wake all Americans up to the fact that liberalism hates every free man in America, be he of whatever color he may.”

        Where on earth does something like that come from? If I believed in it, I would say it was the devil.

  • Charles

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  • Charles

    Your not being political correct. Anyway, I would say good show.
    It`s time someone says the truth. I would say, this is the reason
    our education scores are so low, compared to some of the all white countries.

  • chuckb

    the only way black people will succeed is stop being manipulated by people who use them as pawns for political reasons. the democratic party has used them since the 60′s as a tool for their re-election.
    they are led to believe their repression is caused by discrimination when it is their own lack of ability caused by their dependence on government handouts promised by democrats.
    at this time no one forces them to live in a ghetto, this is their choice. if they can’t be a brain surgeon then maybe a mechanics job will do. maybe instead of using affirmative action to get in an ivy laegue school where they are sheltered and not required to obtain the same level of achievment to gain a degree, they should seek out the level of education they are suited for and work their way up instead of a welfare type education. the democrats are too blame for their plight and they accept it. this does not apply to all blacks only the majority.

    • Karolyn

      In order for any of that to work, there needs to be advocacy groups working with the kids like the one I saw on Secret Millionaire last night working with boys whose fathers are in prison. In order for there to be more nonprofit groups like that, there needs to be funding. As it is, funding is hard top come by. Education is key!

      • http://AOL.COM FRENCHIE


      • Jay

        Good one, Karolyn, spend more money on bulls$it liberal programs that do diddle squat but make you feel good about yourself! Ya, just throw money at it. What a simpleton you are!

        • Karolyn

          Jay -These kids who get a chance at being mentored so they can get out of the ghetto are woth it! Don’t bitch about lazy welfare people and “teaching a man to fish” and then say don’t spend any money on it. Stupid hypocritical logic. Thankfully, there are people out there who care, who volunteer their time to help others. They could do so much more with the right resources.

    • http://AOL.COM FRENCHIE


  • chuckb

    frenchie, i think it is already to late. our fore fathers had enough sense to see the problem when they brought slaves from africa. we went against gods will by taking these people out of their environment, they tried to send them back, that was in the early 1800′s. at that time they didn’t have enough ships to carry them back to africa.
    the white man has caused the black man many problems, they expect them to encompass a different culture. it’s no wonder they idolize barry he is like them.
    instead of trying to bring the blacks up in education they have did just the opposite, they brought the curriculum down to their level, the blacks learned little and the white kids got dumbed down. we can thank the bleeding hearts for this catastrophe. how do we get out of it, frankly i don’t know. i think we have already lost this country and i believe we have a revolution on the horizon. the politicians on both sides of the isle are responsible, i believe it is more so on the liberal side.
    sports are enjoyable to watch, however, they have used sports as a way to indoctrinate and push their agenda, having been involved with sports i have a better insight on what they are doing. sports is the opium of the mass. you don’t see contest on mathematics, building model airplanes, science achievements, no everything is centered around sports the other is small events hardly ever noticed. thats where our society has gone. they don’t award for intellect. allow them some medical marijuana and basketball or football game and whats left.

  • Scott in Montana

    I may sound cruel and inhumane, but Africa’s problems are Africa’s problems, not the United States problem. All the aid we send them goes into the pockets of petty Tyrants and Dictators, without reaching the people it was intended for. These Tyrants then purchase weapons and amunition to commit genocide.

    We need to stop all foreign aid to these countries, and then deal decisively with the tyrants. A .50 cal solution benefits all. Take out the tyrants, and make sure that any up and comers know that this isn’t a one time solution. Unless and until a viable government comes into power that deals with the problems of starvation and disease, we should continue to utilize this solution.

    We have the best snipers in the world. We have smart missles that can fly through the doorway of a chosen target with pin-point accuracy. We have the best trained military machine known to man. But we allow petty tyrants and dictators to commit genocide because we’re afraid that the rest of the world might frown on our actions. You know what, SCREW THE REST OF THE WORLD! We should do what we know is right, and if the rest of the world doesn’t like it, too bad.

    We should go back to the solution that worked at the end of WWII. Boots on the ground, defeat the enemy, take control of the government until such time as a proper government can be put in place and is stable. In the meantime, the country becomes a tradeing partner with the U.S. Their resources are sold to the United States for market value, and the money is then used to build up their infrastructure and education. One the country is capable of standing on it’s own, we relenquish our control of the government, but retain military and economic ties to the country. I guarentee that this plan would result in far fewer deaths then the current program.

    • bob wire

      Assimilation is what you are looking for Scott.

      You assimilate, The Viking was assimilated by the people that they defeated, by women and a “come hither” look.

      It takes several generations to complete.

  • http://com i41

    Scott, look at how S Africa turned out after Mandella became the leader, socialist liberial government just never works. Yes, he was a close follower of MLK, another socialist, surrounded by the likes the phony “revs” Jesse Jackson the shakedown whorehound, or Greasy Al Sharpton, the idoit is like a fly on s–t, who always shows up to stir up, some phony problems and a tax cheat democrat besides. It must be the black ideology mindset.

  • chuckb

    141, you must not forget mandella was involved with the communist party in overthrowing the so. african govt. with the help of the liberals in the u.s. he also was the father of the so called necklace, a tire full of gasoline placed on his opponents body and set a fire. a really nice guy. only the u.s. media could paint a better picture of him and hide who he really was. of course they had to hide martin l. kings record for fifty years too.

  • awkingsley

    What Americans need to be most concerned about is the starvation that comes from economies ruined by socialism, which is what this is. The Socialist pretense that we still have the money to pay reeks of insanity. Before long we will see starvation in the U.S.due to Socialist economic policy. And, sadly enough, the same fascist socialists who were stealing everything from the American people through taxation and inflation will then be killing off the weak with genocidal programs to avert socialist caused starvation. Notice how when Republicans are intent on balancing the budget, Nobama got us into another war, so we could spend and spend. Notice how he did not want us to drill, further wrecking our economy and sending prices soaring. Oh, I’m sorry. That is a totally incorrect statement! Nobama totally supports drilling—–in South America. Socialists offer everyone everything, but it is just a game to gain control. Then it is the Republican’s fault when they deny the total annihilation of their livelihoods, quality of life, and their country. The Socialists have faked kindness way too long!

  • Jay

    The question is: HOW LONG DO WE HAVE?

    About the time America’s 13 colonies became the USA’s first 13 States, adopting their new Constitutional Republic in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier:

    A democracy is always temporary in nature. It simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
    A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discovery they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

    From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

    The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years.

    During those 200 years, those nations always progress through the following sequence:
    1)From bondage to spiritual faith; 2) from spiritual faith to great courage; 3) from courage to liberty; 4) from liberty to abundance; 5 from abundance to complacency; 6) from complacency to apathy; 7) from apathy to dependence; 8) from dependence back to bondage.

    Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the 2000 Presidential election:

    Number of States won by:
Gore: 19
Bush: 29

    Square miles of land won by:
Gore: 580,000
Bush: 2 million, 4 hundred& 27 thousand

    Population of counties won by:
Gore: 127 million
Bush: 143 million

    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by
Gore: 13.2
Bush: 2.1

    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate the map of territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the taxpayer citizens of this great county.

    Gore’s territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare.

    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some 40 percent of the nation’s population already haveing reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

    If the United States Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to 20 million criminal invaders called “illegals” – and they vote. Then we can say good-bye to the USA in fewer than five years.

    There is absolutely no basis for the Democrats calling America a “democracy,” except for the association between the words Democrat and democracy.

    Historically, democracy leads to anarchy, which is “Mob Rule,” according to the great Greek philosopher Plato (read Plato’s “The Republic”).

    America was not founded as a democracy. It was created as a Constitutional Republic.
    The word “democracy” was never used by the founders in writing the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.

    The Constitution is even more emphatic about the kind of government the United States of America must be to remain free and independent.

    Here it is: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government.” – Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

    When we salute our American flag, we do not say “democracy;” We say, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, individual, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

    An officially-established Republic gives the Republican Constitution credibility!
    Democrats, aided and abetted by a liberal media, prefer Democrat and “democracy” propaganda over historical fact.

    The Democrats propaganda machine, like Hitler’s propaganda machine, recognizes that the bigger the lie, the louder the lie and the longer the lie is told, people will generally believe it.

    That’s why today we have a Far Left Democrat Party (not “democratic” party – another verbal ‘trick’) controlling our educational and political system. Ninety-nine percent of America’s colleges and universities are liberal and the vast majority of students graduate with a Degree in Liberal Arts (myself included – Rutgers University in New Jersey).

    That’s why today America is no longer the world’s “Super Power!” We have been surpassed by the Communist Peoples Republic of China. Our “democracy” has taken us down the path of socialism and self-destruction.

  • bob wire

    “That’s why today America is no longer the world’s “Super Power!” We have been surpassed by the Communist Peoples Republic of China. Our “democracy” has taken us down the path of socialism and self-destruction.”

    I believe many would disagree with your notions of a “Super Power” and your views on where we presently are and how we got here.

    Your views are “Jaded” Jay.

    That your discontent is tolerated here in the USA should not be seen as validation.

    Attempt to validate to your views with information and examples, refraining from quantum leaps of faith.

  • Dave, Fairfax, VA

    What a bogus argument. The Director of AID chooses where the budget cuts are made. If he cannot find $500 million dollars that does not impact children out of a $8.7 billion dollar budget, he is a moron and should not be the director of AID. He is the one making the choice to ‘kill’ 70,000 kids, not the Republican Congress.

  • Semper fi do or Die

    Wanna save 70,000+ kids? Cut the government funding of Planned Parenthood!

  • always right

    geee, we’d lose 70K baby jihadists-to-be. Isn’t THAT awful?

  • always right

    Jay, I’m sure glad we live in a Federal Republic. If we lived in a democracy we’d be in trouble, huh?

  • beachbum

    IF Obama is worried about how many children will die why does he sleep with Planned Parenthood??

  • Charles

    Bob Wire,
    I will tell you one thing. I have never seen a President,
    bent in hell trying to destroy this country. As an Independent, I
    have voted in many Presidental elections, for both Democrats
    and Republicans. I will not vote for a Progressive. I don`t
    want to be a Socialists nor a Communists. You need to get one thing straight, we are still the number one Super Power in the world, as long
    as the dollar is the curency tied to Oil. It`s not the Yen nor the Rubble that countries pay for their oil with nor is the worlds reserve curencey in any other curency, than the good old US dollar. Obama with
    his pollices, is trying to change this in one hell of a hurry. Is Obama, a Democrat Or Republican? I don`t think so. I did alot of reaserch on the matterand I don`t like what I have found out about
    Obama and what the media and he has done to this country.I`m no Bush
    fan by any means,
    but I do know this, he never tryed to destroy this country or any other President other than Obama. I know there is enough out there about Obama to try him for treason. I just hope we can make it to 2012 so we can vote him out. If not there will be a civil war
    in this country. I`m willing to die in the streets for this country
    are you willing to die for Obama and his Marxist Goons.

  • Charles

    You are right about who and how the goverment of South
    Africa was overthrown. May I add something, South Africa, as small
    as it was,under Apartheid, was one of the strongest and most powerful
    countries in that part of the world. Now, the end of Apartheid, was suposed to make
    it better under black rule for the blacks in South Africa,but it`s
    done any thing but that. The country in the last few years has started
    to fall into decay. It has a lot to do with it`s social programs
    and it`s inability to govern it self.

  • Charles

    What Bob says, he is more right, than wrong. I can tell you he does
    come a little strong on somethings and I can see where it might offend
    someone who is not a Christians. The Bible is the word of God and we would like to share it with people of all faiths. We as Christians,would not behead or kill someone who would burn our holy book,like the Muslims did in Afganistan,because some nut case in Fla. burned their holy book. No Karolyn,we would pray for them.

  • pete

    I sure don’t want to see no children dying because of a budget cut !! Maybe we ought to just cut it some where else so we can help these children out. Now Let’s see ! My wife is making about 15,000/year and I’m unemployed trying to get Food Stamps…. So we can’t cut Food Stamps … right ??? Let’s see … Hmmmm

    I got an idea ! WE SHOULD CUT ALL THOSE CONGRESSMEN and SENATORS PAY down to $15,000/yr !!! AND then cut the SUPREME COURT’S JUDGES pay to $15,000 /yr !

    Then cut all those Federal Workers pay to , guess what ? $15,000/yr !!!!!

    Then we have enough MONEY for them children …. OK ?


    I’m a GENIUS !


  • Charles

    The Black race will make it in this country when you can walk their streets without being shot and killed or beatup. When you can look at the fronts of their business`s and there aren`t bars on every window
    The day, that their aren`t young men standing on the street cornors
    selling drugs. When the word “pimp” is no longer in their language.
    When the men, take responibilty for the many children they father.
    When the women, quit having babies out of wedlock. When they deceide
    to go to school, with the wish to learn and realize everyone can not
    play professional sports.When they get rid of the gangs. Black is beautiful, and they could have very vibrant cmmunites. Only they can as a race,can do this.They have to quit taking handouts and promisses
    from the Democratic party that spreading the wealth is going to get
    them out of poverty. The biggest thing is they have to quit commiting
    so many crimes and stay out of jail. Instead of beating people, love
    and respect each other. I know with the right leadership, they could
    make this happen. I know a great deal of blacks believe in God and
    with God in their hearts,they can accomplish most anthing.

  • E.A.U.M.

    We aren’t helping anyone by sending our billions of dollars overseas; most of which ends up in the pockets of oppressive dictators and greedy contractors, who could care less about anyone but themselves.
    We are not helping these people by making them totally dependent on us; we are simply prolonging their misery.
    If we truly wanted to help these poor people; we would simply assasinate their oppressive leaders.
    Now let’s look at America.
    We have pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into inner city ghettos in the last five decades; and all we have managed to acheive is a dependent class of miserable people who have learned to live comfortably poor.
    This may make perfect sense to someone who would like to use these people as a foundation on which to build a Socialist America upon; but to most level headed Americans, it was, and still is, a total waste of money, lost productivity, and a total disregard for peoples futures.

  • E.A.U.M.

    We are poised to become the starving people we pretend to care about.
    If this country collapses economically…..We will all starve to death.
    I don’t think we would give a hoot what was happining in the third world at that point.
    We are becoming the third world.
    The G.O.P. is doing exactly the right thing.


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