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Obama administration’s popularity declines

June 30, 2009 by  

A new Harris Interactive poll has suggested the initial excitement at America’s new president seems to be wearing off and people are starting to express discontent.

The market research company asked 2,177 adults aged 18 and over how their viewed certain governmental figures and the results were not promising.

This month, Hilary Clinton’s popularity dropped three points to 47 percent and over a quarter or respondents view her in a negative light. However, she fared better than Nancy Pelosi whom 49 percent of Americans rate negatively.

Meanwhile, some 38 percent of respondents indicate they are not happy with Vice President Joe Biden and a further 24 percent felt that Tim Geithner was not doing his job as effectively as he could.

Overall, Harris Interactive reports that 75 percent of Americans feel negatively towards Congress, marking its lowest ratings for the year so far. Only 21 percent of those surveyed feel positive towards the Democrats in Congress.

Respondents also feel that their Republican congressmen and women need to improve their performance as 46 percent negatively rated the congressional GOP.

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  • http://obama Patrick G Torrillol Sr

    president obama is the worst president we have had since carter. he does not abide by the Constitution and breaks the law too often. he’s a shame and he deserves to be impeached. he does not care for the citizens of the u.s. . power and money is his game and he could care less about the negative impact the cap and trade will have on americans— the worse taxes in our history. down with obama!

    • QueenieAZ

      obama has lied, & reversed his promises from his platform.He contradicts himself, I don`t believe anything he says.I wish he would disapear!!!!!!The congress is a bunch of muddled brain idiots.

      • veronique

        Yes I wish he would disapear , but we do not have any luck ….if you go back last year the nuckle head wife said ” this is a fist time she is proud of America ” than she need to go back where she is belong and if she have nothing to say than she need to keep her mouth close .

    • cynthia jones

      AMEN! He is a NATIONAL DISGRACE & EMBARRASSMENT! Impeach him now!

    • http://????? lOU

      You are sooo right, this man seems determined to destroy our wonderful USA. If we survive we will vote his carcass out next time.And Everything is NOT Bush`s fault.

    • Kat

      He tried to win the islamic/muslims…to no avail. Now, it should be free for all, with most of congress telling bama how to handle it because of his own emotional tendencies about his daddy. Congress should make good guidance, and kick the effing shit out of Iran now for Britain. Britain should just drop a bomb on them for taking the people and claiming they made confessions. yeah, uh huh, sure they did. NOT

    • linda walsh


    • veronique

      Patrick, I couln’t agree more what you said …he is a lier, evil jst look at him . he is anti American’s i just don’t understand how people voted him and can not see that . How can you repect him he is running this coustry down to the ground …

      • http://obama Patrick G Torrillol Sr

        hello veronique, thanks for your reply. God bless you! we the people need to stand up and let the americans convey what we think about it (president). please convey the word to your congressmen as i have done.


    • Mike Schnabel

      Patrick, I also agree Obama has to be Impeached, And any other President that wants to follow in his footsteps, Lets get the Impeachment done.
      I want to know how a non USA Citizen could get elected in the First Place?

      • http://N/A Ralph

        You hit it right on the head, he is not only a foreigner he is also a drug user,a homosexual and a murderer, and if you don’t believe it go to Larry Sinclair’s web site and read about it.


        • http://MSA Kirby

          You know that when this moron spent a million dollars of champaign money (illegally) to keep his birth certificate hidden that he is not an AMERICAN citizen.
          He bringing hundreds of thousand muzlulms over here so they can have a (BETTER WAY OF LIFE) ALL THEY ARE terrorists comeing over to eliminate our freedom. Maybe his plan will backfire and they will get of him for us,
          Is all the polititions there in washington so blind and ignorant that they can’t see the damage that he is causing?
          Why would he appoint 2 “devout” muslims as head of the Homeland security. The answer to that question is, so they can instigate the destroyoing of America.

      • Jim


        Obama was born to a Kansan woman; therefore, he IS a US Citizen…unfortunately. I do wish he would disappear. He and his overgrown government with all of its czars are destroying America. The only way they can cover the budget now is to print money. If he raises taxes on the businesses, it will lead to higher unemployment. If he raises my taxes, he breaks a campaign promise.

        The massive printing of money will lead to hyper inflation; which, of course, they (including the blind, love struck media) will blame on Bush.

        Blessings to you all,


      • queenieAZ

        It was a mistake to vote him in.People saw his CHARM & PROMISES, & looked no further.It wasnt his profile they saw, his phoney birth cert.his possible islamic connections & beliefs.& no way could he do all he promised. He promised "change", the voters didnt question what change he meant!!!!How can he be impeached?? What would it take??JFK was on the right track, he was assassinated, so was Lincoln.Our GOOD pres. were gotten rid of in a permanent way.Is there a honest way to rid us of a BAD pres.??

    • http://none Billy Tolar

      He isn’t as dumb as he appears. I think he has been doing what he has planed all along. That is to destroy the U.S.A. from the inside out and most of congress is helping him. I’m just wondering how long America is going put up with it. I don’t believe he is an American. If he is he hates her.

      • lover_of_America


        • Kathy

          You all better hope that idiot Pelosi doesn’t get promoted. I Obama is impeached or something else happens, she would then be VP. that would be worse than Chicken Little Gore.

        • liz

          Apsolutely right. Impeach him before is going to be to late for America. PEOPLE WAKE UP. Everything what Obama does is destroing us THE PEOPLE, who pay the taxes, our businesses, our money, our jobs and our beatiful country. How he get elected????? for Gad sake?????when he is not Natural born in USA, and he does’nt wont to agree with our constitution. This democrats who let him run for president we need also prosecute. Elections must be equal, not like is now for democracts. Finaly stop destroing briliant candidats, and stop pushing democratic feliers, fashists, and comunists. Look on middle of Europe under comunism (all countries was dying, diply in depth, no hope for better future), and now under capitalism (everything is rapidly growing, gets better every day) Freedom and Hope is everything, and we are loosing it. Let send Obama to Rasia for a fiew years, with no money, mabe then he will understand, what a freedom is, and how people live under comunism.

    • keith

      yeah,i am a retired marine and comrad obama (daggum this is hard w/o cussing!)is a *&$@#$%^&^%$#@@!! DOWN WITH SOCIALISM!!!!

    • Linda LeBlanc

      For the first time in my adult life I am not proud of my country or my President. I never thought I would see these things this bad in my lifetime. I will fight everyday against this Socialist. He is weak, spineless and obviously somebody’s puppet. We missed the opportunity of a lifetime in Iran.

    • http://yahoo brandon

      George already has cemented this spot as the worst president sinc e the beginning of life.

      • Jim

        Obama just started and HE is proving to be the worst that’s ever happened to this country, hands down!


      • Don

        You are so wrong, the worst president ever was Pres. Peanut (Carter) look at what he caused 20%+ interest rates, inflation and job losses. The only thing I can be critical of Pres. Bush is he should have used the veto pen everytime a stupid bill came out of congress. We will be lucky when this idiot is done that interest will be only 25% and unemployment at 20% nation wide. Look at what he has built GUM Motors and he has never ran anything but a block as a community organizer for the nuts Acorn. His appologies that he has spread around the world is only telling the terrorist that he is weak and is cutting our defenses so look out they are already coming back and enlisting stupid americans. I hope that every American who is caught as a part of a terrorist group is tried as TREASONIST and hung in public.

    • Badbudd

      Right on , Patrick G. Right on. Obama is straight from corridors of HELL and he should return from whence he came…along with michelle……

  • s c

    What can be said about someone who goes out of his way to surround himself with corrupting influences? A president can’t lead when no-talent advisors make decisions in the shadows. It brought down RMN. It exposed Carter. It turned George Bush into a false conservative. No advisor can help this circus. This president acts
    as though he hasn’t yet been elected. JFK, by comparison, at least had the
    potential to be a great leader.
    This president is the prince of manipulated polls. Soon, Americans will know that being ‘popular’ is not enough. Obama belongs in the Senate. America deserves leadership. We do not deserve four years of smiles and misguided, mindless social engineering.

    • Gary

      I agree with everything you say except he belongs in the Senate, unless it’s the Illinois Senate. He should not have any say when it comes to National Issues.

  • Peter Melville

    He is falling apart like a fizzling firecracker!

  • Thomas Hendrickson

    Obama is a deft liar!! Time after time he has acted opposite to his campaign statements. What happened to “no pork”, scrutiny of budgest “line by line”, reduction of budget deficits in a year, ad infinitum. Ramrodding executive orders and spending excesses through the Democratic house and senate owned by Peloci and Reid. Breaking tenets of our Constitution. He is racing as fast as he can into national bankruptsy. He is the worst thing to happen to this country in our hisory.

    • linda walsh

      RIGHT ON!

  • cynthia jones

    obama is the worst President in our history. He is more concerned with pleasing his African father and making him proud of him – the father that he never lived with, than being the ‘LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD”. Sad to say, America is not even on his radar screen: for obama — “It’s all about Africa.” Tragic for us but true! The sooner we have elections and the less damage we can keep him from causing – the better off America will be!

    • Thomas Hendrickson

      Obama has no concept of the constitutional foundation on which this nation was built. The fundamental fact that freedom flows from God who endows us with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is foreign to Oboma!!
      His tenet is for the government, to the government, by the government!!!!
      It is evident he has no concept of personal freedom – rather we are to be subservient to a socialistic government!!One only has t o look back at the old Soviet Union and it’s czars to see what a drastic failure that is. Our greatest hope is to clean house of the legislators who have been there ad inifitum. We need new faces in congress next election. That is our only hope to stop this travesty!!!

      • cowboybill

        Obama has taken over out goverment,first by having congress pass a bill to repeal the 20th amendment.than by naming 22 czars which he can not do.He has taken over our banks,auto companies,health care,and now energy.look how Hilter did it,obama is well on his way.Next year we vote,vote all the dems out that terms are up,and study who is running against them.try and pick one who has never been to washington.Get the old out and get good,,honest people back.Call,write e-mails to your reps and demand they do as the people tell them. I write mine everyday.

        • MIKE

          I think its time to vote for independents all across the board. Lets get rid of these DEMS & REP once and for all. There all a bunch of criminal gangstes and they have high jacked our country.Lets take our country back by votng for independents. What else is there to lose.

      • http://flynn1 cynthia jones

        This is a very frightening man. He has gone to each of our enemies and apologized in some way or another for the USA. Incredible! Never before has this been done – you would think he was the leader of Cuba or Russia or Venezuela. He has significantly weakened America.

        He sends a bust of Winston Churchhill back to England because he doesn’t want it at the White House – it is not even his to send back! It is the American People’s! Ugh! The world is laughing at us!

        We should all work diligently to do everything possible to defeat him and this “do nothing congress” in each and every up coming election or we WILL LOSE OUR REPUBLIC. The speed with which he is overturning and repealing acts is astounding — and have you noticed how everything must be passed immediately — before the public even is able to be informed? Something is not kosher about that – it is unprecedented!

        And as for that matter, where is his long-form birth certificate? He has spent millions of dollars (of yours and my tax-payer $$$) to guard all of his records – so that he would not have to produce that birth certificate. There is a fake one on his website. There has got to be only one answer for all of this – and I believe we all know what it is: Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya. His grandmother swore she was at his birth. So how stupid are we for allowing this to continue?

        • Bob Johnson

          I agree with you 100%. He is Muslim no matter what he says and is not a true US citizen. Look at how all of the news medit covered him and look at who backs the news media, the Muslim world. He and his administration is one of the biggest threats to the US that we have ever had and if the American public doesn’t wake up we will be overran from within. He need to be removed from office.

        • http://flynn1 cynthia jones

          I agree with you, Bob. In Indonesia he registered for school as a Muslim. His mother was was an atheist — DUH! But we have even more compelling evidence than this.

          *mr. obama was served papers last week charging him with fraud and treason by the American Grand Jury. He was also served by a retired Navy Colonel that charged him with the same.

          Follow the website below – it will keep you updated on what is happening in D.C. as it unfolds. We can always use extra workers – people to send faxes – send emails – make telephone calls – make donations – we have been working diligently for a very long time to make this happen and need a lot of hands to carry it through – it is not going to be easy….

          Check out these websites.

        • http://flynn1 cynthia jones
        • http://flynn1 cynthia jones

          Have we built a great nation only to allow those who profess to lead us bind us to foreign Treaties without our knowledge and consent that will destroy this nation and have us absorbed into a government of the world? This nation was designed to be a Union of Independent Nation States. Through deceit and fraud those independent Nation States were absorbed into one federal state which rules rather than governs. Our liberty is threatened. Our bodies are deemed as owned. Our labor has been taken from us. When a man does not own his own labor he is known as a slave.
          If we want to be free, we must act as if we are free. The government is said to be by the people. It is now time for the people of each Independent Nation State to join together and announce to the One Federal authority that they have overstepped the authority given to them by the people who created them.
          If you know the history of this nation you will recognize that this government is no different than the King we rebelled against to gain our freedom.
          We have come full circle. We either repeat our history or we go quietly into global slavery.
          The choice is ours to make.
          Either we unite and say a Resounding, NO, or we get what we deserve.

        • http://flynn1 cynthia jones
  • HS Thompson

    Obama is a great president. He is doing exactly what he should be doing given the disaster that he inherited.

    Health Care is a problem that needs to be solved. He is addressing it.

    The economy is in real trouble, he is addressing it.

    The military in Iraq and Afghanistan are a problem. He is getting out of Iraq and going after the terrorists in Afghanistan.

    North Korea is a big problem, he is keeping the rhetoric down. The protests in Iran are dangerous; he is staying out of the debate.

    The US is once again respected on the world stage.

    Go Obama

    • Lori

      Obama is so busy pushing his agenda that he does not have time to concentrate on the original problem – the economy. Did he have to push the health care or the climate control right now??? No, he didn’t.
      As to respect – who respects us that did not respect us before? Venezuela and Cuba? Not really.
      His Czar thing stinks. It shows how little he cares about following the checks and balances that have kept this country from falling into a radical form of government. His taking over all of these businesses shows that he doesn’t believe in America. He thinks he can run everything better than the American people. I believe totally in the American people. We can make anything happen. Unfortunately, Obama is making it very hard for the American people to come out of the recession. The money he and the liberals are spending is an obstacle that will be hard to overcome and will affect future generations negatively.

      • Laura Schlegel

        So, you do see, what we do now will effect our future therefore, have you notice the past, that has gotten US, with global ripple affects, in this crisis?
        Do you think we should invest in fixing things that will payback exponentially?

    • tj parrot


    • http://????? lOU

      That1s not what I am hearing and the big dogs that hate us are making fun of his weakness,

    • Laura Schlegel


    • Winston

      you need a doc. / now

    • LOL

      All I can reply is…WOW…what planet did you come from?

    • Gary

      Get Real, He will go down as the worst President, Carter will rate better, if thats possible. Obama Needs to study the History Of USA. You will eat your words. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Seattlemark

      Wow, I can’t believe HS Thompson’s remarks, unless they are an attempt at being facetious.

      To address Thompson’s idiocy:

      1) Healthcare is problem that needs to be solved—no argument here, but not the way Obama wants to do it. Single-payor is the absolute worse idea—research healthcare in Canada and you will find out that people there are taxed for their state run healtcare, yet don’t receive service. They join, and pay extra for, their own private insurance, that doesn’t offer the range of services they need. They then travel to places like Seattle, where they pay cash out of pocket for needed surgeries. Government run healthcare is a joke!

      2) The economy is in trouble–that’s right, but Obama IS NOT addressing it properly. All of his programs point to preserving Government Jobs and Union Jobs–both of which are shrinking because the tax base can’t afford the bloated government positions and unions are less and less important as enforceable laws replace the need for union like representation. These are LOSING positions to bolster up–instead Obama should be lowering taxes to small business people, and offering incentives to increase entrepreneurism—have you noticed that Silicon Valley and other high-tech areas are NOT laying off in a huge wholesale manner!

      3) We are NOT getting out of Iraq!!! We have pulled back from the cities, but we haven’t left–there are still 130,000 service people in Iraq. Even the Generals have adopted new 10 year plans for Iraq. That is not a sign that we are leaving.
      Afghanistan has actually been INCREASED by Obama, not decreased, and there are signs that things might spill over for real into Pakistan. If that happens, we won’t be leaving Afghanistan either.

      4) North Korea is a real problem–but under Bush the little sh@t who runs the country mostly shut the hell up. Now, he is pushing the buttons of the world because he doesn’t fear Obama. Iran was the one chance Obama had of truly putting the Ayatollahs away maybe forever, but he cowardly chose not to press the issue.

      Here is a news flash for an America hater like you—The USA has ALWAYS been respected in the world. It’s only the crap talking MEDIA that doesn’t like the USA. I traveled around the world five times during Bush’s tenure, and not once did anybody tell me that they “hated the USA”. Not Once!!!!

      Wake up people. Obama is bad news all around–now he is even fixing his Town Hall appearances with planted people asking pre-arranged questions. Talk about abusing freedom of speach!!!!! He is trying to manipulate it in an “1984″ style where only the controlled words are given to the people.

      We must push to have him legally removed from office as soon as possible.

      Take care my friends!


      • HS Thompson


        You clearly don’t have a clue.

        Canada’s healthcare is the pride of the nation it is a centrepeice of the “decent society” that Canada strives for. I have lived there and have good friends that just laugh at the skewed rhetoric that people like you spew. Canada has coverage for everyone, the only debate is if you would like to utilize the private services. The system has better results (life expectancy, birth rate mortality etc.)than the US system at a lower cost.

        The US is in the process of leaving Iraq, the process is a staged withdrawl, allowing the Iraqis to create stability wiothout a total vacuum. If you learn how to read I said that he is going after the terrorists in Afganistan – this is something that should have been done in 2001, unfortunatly the Neo-Cons had other motives. Now the problem is much worse and Pakistan is becoming a problem.

        You can’t possibly believe that Kim created the missiles and nukes since Obama got in. Dopey Bush refused to talk and left North Korea to develop these things. They are testing now because they know that the US has spent eight years overextended and the country has squandered its strength with Iraq and has lost the support of most of its Allies. Obama is rebuilding the relations with those allies and is dropping the confrontational position of the Bush era. Both good things.

        I don’t know where you travelled but it was not Europe, Canada, South America or Africa because respect for the US plummeted in all those places. Do some research and get out of your closet.

        Simpletons like you who think that it is OK to disrespect the will of the people that spit in the face of democracy are the cancer in this country.

        I love this country and I could not be happier that Obama is leading it. the poison spewing gun loving conspiracy spouting vermin like you are the ones that a a danger to this great nation. Extremists with a guns – hate filled traitors.

        • http://NewConservativeGeneration BrotherJ

          Then why are Canadian’s coming to the US in droves to have surgeries that were denied them in Canada?
          I talk to Canadian’s every day on the internet and they are going broke trying to support their health care system to the point of denying medications and surgery if they determine that it is to expensive to do so or if a patient is determined to be over a certain age.
          Secondly I correspond daily with people all over the world and its not the average person that has a problem with what the US is doing, its their governments. I notice that your great with geography but you come up short on countries. Try naming a few. That’s what I love about liberals. You spout off like your intelligent intellectuals until you try to pin down the facts and all you can do is generalize. Then when someone challenges you with their own set of facts you resort to name calling and all of sudden every person who has a different opinion based on their own set of facts is an extremist with a gun, traitors, hiding in the bushes, waiting to ambush you.
          Well in the words of my generation, until you can name some of these so called countries, PISS OFF!!!!

        • keith

          well i wish i could stick you and your permanent rectal carranial disorder in a time machine and transport you back to 1937 era germany and you’d find out real quick what the paralells are between hitlers SOCIALIST regeme and what he is tyring to put into effect here.
          god help the goons who come for my firearms! the tree of liberty must needs be from time to time fed by the blood of tyrants!!!!!!!

        • keith

          oh and i HAVE traveled socialist,so don’t spout your brainless reteric at me.from one VERY alarmed patriot and flag waver.obama is worse than the british we kicked out this country for LESS than what he is doing!

    • Castaway

      Dang, are you ever full of crap! You’ve just shown us what you are……….a friggin idiot!!!

    • Norm Pawlowicz

      Please read the US Constitution
      Make sure to read the federal governments powers, and the tenth amendment. Then reread your comment, and remember that man took an oath to uphold the constitution,looks to me he lied about that too. Also remember as a US citizen your first priority is to defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic. That being the case WE THE PEOPLE need to get rid of him and most of congress, as soon as we can, they are enemies of the constitution!

    • http://none Dot B.

      strong textHS THOMPSON……YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      HOW CAN you sleep at night knowing ther are those of us out here, that have been without a job since BEFORE Christmas?? Obama only cares for the illegals!! I have a good education, have owned my own businesses, and have over 32 years experience….STILL cannot find a job!!!!!!!!! Thanks for supporting a lying man so I have to scrimp.

      You must be watching ABC Networks, which Obama now owns…no wonder you are so misled.

      You ARE WRONG on EVERY count!!

      How can someone EVER sign HUMAN LIFE out of existance?? All the little babies………… it’s SO sad :(

      Obama only cares for Himself…….and his wife is not even proud of this country??

      Obama is NOT the ‘answer!!!!!!!!’

      May God Have Mercy On Us All!!!

      • wanda

        you are so right on this one.

      • lover_of_America

        AMEN . I totally agree .

      • keith

        yeah i was working when bush was in office,as a 24 yr journeyman carpenter i never had a period of longer than a couple weeks out of work slack,but since COMRAD obama has grabbed office i have been out of work for 5 months.he is ruining the u.s!!!!!!! as a retired marine i have said something i thought i would never say,he is NOT my president! he goes against EVERYTHING i beleive in.the sorry s.o.b could’nt say the pledge of allegiance and show respect for for our country!!!!! good god,WAKE UP AND SMELL THE B.S!
        and i really seriously beleive the election was rigged somehow,can’t prove nothing,but i feel it in my gut.

    • http://NewConservativeGeneration BrotherJ

      You are either the most over educated fool I have ever run across or you enjoy writing to see the reactions that you get.
      The term over educated applies to liberal’s who are book smart but don’t have the common sense to apply it.
      Least you forget Obama was a US Senator and assisted in creating this disaster as you put. He gets a A for his magic act though. He has made the personal wealth of you and every other taxpayer in this country disappear for generations to come. That is if you pay any taxes. Let me see you try to spend your way out of debt without going bankrupt. what should have happened is that all of these companies which were run by liberal Democrats (just in case you are not aware) should have been allowed to go bankrupt. Once they filed Chapter 11 they would have fallen under US bankruptcy protection, filed a plan for reorganization, the thieves at the top would have been fired with no golden parachutes and in most cases the courts would have stripped them of a large portion of their earnings and in some cases filed criminal charges where federal laws were violated. Instead they skated free.
      As far as the Heath Care System goes I hope you never need surgery or have any serious health problems because the line to for services will be out the door
      and down the street and that’s if the government decides that you are worth receiving treatment. Socialized medicine does NOT work. Just look at the European nations that are going broke trying to prop up their socialize health care systems. I certainly do not want the federal government deciding for me whether or not I or my family should live or die based on whether or not its to expensive.
      As far as Iraq is concerned, have you considered the fact that it is strategically located between Iran and Israel. As long as the US maintains a military force in Iraq the US can and has denied Israel the right to fly over Iraq for the purpose of attacking and destroying Iran’s nuclear bases. If you think that Israel is beyond the use of nuclear weapons to destroy these facilities think again. Also it prevents Iran from firing nuclear missiles over Iraq into Israel as this would be seen by NATO as direct act of war. So far Iran does not have a long range missile capable of reaching Israel without launching it over Iraq and gives the US, the only country with the capability of intercepting and destroying it. That may change if North Korea sells Iran some of its long range missiles.
      Sleep well, HS the cold war is here again only it has some new really dangerous out of control players and Obama doesn’t have a clue what to do.

      • HS Thompson


        You ask for a response but no reply option. You really should learn how to do your own research but here is a free lesson.

        Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

        All had strong disapproval of America’s global role. This is from a 2007 The World Service survey reported in the BBC.

        Obama today reported as the top rated global leader. Look it up for yourself.

        In regard to health care – This fantasy that countries are going broke is garbage. Canada’s economy was in surplus for over a decade. They have a fiscally responsible government that is also spending extensively to counter the deflationary vortex opened by the bush disaster.

        I am sorry but I don’t suffer fools well and you clearly have little understanding of economics or world politics. I own a number of companies travel extensively and appreciate the tremendous opportunities provided by this great nation. Your views are ill informed and simplistic. Good luck you will clearly need it.

    • Sylvan Malis

      It is dunderheads like you who put him into the office. The world is laughing their collective heads off right now AT the US. BO has embarrassed the people of the US. He has committed TREASON by making treaties that are in violation of the Constitution. It is a will known fact that just about every department of the federal government is either corrupt or incompetent. So when the feds offer to take over any function of the daily lives of the people of the country it can only end up in a disaster and make life harder for the people.

      So when the feds say they will take over health care or keep the country safe it is something to fear. I think that maybe the terrorists might be better than homeland security (definitely a sarcastic idea.) But really when I go through an airport the TSA people scare me more than the thought of terrorists.

      You talk about the health care of Canada being so great. Get out of your very small cocoon and look at all of the Canadians who come to the US for health care. They cannot get it in Canada. They have to wait for sometimes years to get treatment if they can even get the boards to approve treatment for an individual. That is what BO wants to do here. Doctors have been leaving Canada and they come to the US where they can really treat people without the socialistic system that Canada and England have. Ask any Canadian what they think about their health care. They will tell you it is terrible.

      And if you are for this type of health care then you must also be for murdering the elderly because that is what happens to the elderly in the socialist health care systems. If it doesn’t have a positive benefit for the general population then the boards don’t approve procedures that the elderly need to stay alive.

      I don’t know how old you are but I would love to see you in a health care system like what BO has proposed when you are at the age where you have medical needs that aren’t going to benefit the public if you were approved and then get turned down and you know that it is a death sentence that has just been given to you.

      I could give many more examples but they will probably fall on deft ears. You have your head so far down in the sand that nothing will ever reach you accept for you falling victim to one of these schemes being forced down the throats of the American people. And if you really believe what you are saying, then go live in China or North Korea or any other dictatorship totalitarian socialist country where they are doing all of the things you think are so great. Russia is not the way it used to be, so, telling you to go live in Russia would not be too much different than the way it is here now.

      But RS Thompson, just go. Real Americans are going to fight for what is right and the Constitutional guarantees that were given to us by the hand of God. So go! Find a place that you feel is better suited for you way of thinking! Find a nice little socialistic country where you can enjoy being told what, where, and how you may live! BUT LEAVE OUR COUNTRY ALONE! We like it just the way it was! AND WE WILL FIGHT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! If you want to stay, that is fine too, but don’t try to change the legacy our fathers left us into something different. We will fight you all the way to hell and back, if necessary.

      • HS Thompson

        Your ignorance is clearly boundless. Your groundless unfounded and unsupported opinions on the government and on Canadian health care are typical of the ignorant positions so prevalent on this blog.

        Your attitude about this great country is clearly treasonous.

        Why don’t you take your uninformed reactive opinion and move to some African republic where it will be appreciated. The vast majority of Americans love this country and are willing to fight for it, not against it.

        Clearly you have some comprehension issues, as I stated before. I lived in Canada for a time and have many friends there the propaganda that you spit out is just plain wrong. Canadians have a more effective health care system and they are proud of it. There life expectancy is longer than the US, most Canadians look at the ignorant rubes like you and have a sense of relief that they are not saddled with reactionary morons that have blocked compassionate progress in the US.

        • Sylvan Malis

          I debated rather or not to even answer your dribble because people like you are so stupid it is a waste of time to try to reason with them. You, sir, are truly amazing in how ignorant you are. You fit the classic description of a MORON, your mind is like concrete, it’s thoroughly mixed and permanently set! Go back to Canada and leave America to real Americans!

        • http://flynn1 cynthia jones

          Your comprehensive understanding of the international, worldwide, and domestic issues and how they should fit together with the programs that we already have in place mystifies me? I mean, no bother that socialized medicine does not work. Let’s put that aside. From an economic perspective – how do you make it work? Write me back with a financial plan for socialized medicine and we’ll put it into place – and I’ll show you how it works, k?

      • keith


    • MIKE

      Why is everybody so upset with OBAMA, Is it because he has not brought home the troops from afar like he promised,or he would create jobs,no new taxes,would change BUSHES policys. Wake up AMERICA time is running out, Its all about THE NEW WORLD ORDER agender thats is going to enslave us all. Its about the IMF taking over our monitary system. One world bank,one world government,one world army all under the control of the UN. Its a NORTH AMERICAN UNOIN thats coming down the pike, and it ant gona be pretty.

    • Marilyn

      You have clearly been drinking the kool aid. This man who professes to be the “leader” of the free world is no leader at all. He flip flops so much you don’t know where he will stand from one day to the next, that goes to show his inexperience and inability to grasp the nature of his JOB. He bends over backwards and caters to the rest of the world showing his weakness and our country’s weakness at having elected him (Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him). His race to socialism is astounding and his urgency is obviously due to the fact that Americans are coming out of their Kool Aid daze and realizing what a mistake they made. I hear it every day, people regretting they voted for him. You are in the minority now, more people disagree with his policies than agree with them, according to the Rassmussen polls. So you can have your lovefest with this dissembling, meglomaniac because the love affair is almost over, then we can throw out the dirty sheets and start fresh with true Americans who love the constitution and will do anything to protect it, not sell us to the highest bidder.

    • Benny

      What planet have you been on? I respect your right to have an openion but maybe you should look around at all the other openions. obama is a disgrace to this country. Read the “Declaration of Independence”. Pay close attention to the list of charges the Continental Congress charged King George of Britian with and you will see a great similarity with the asperations of the Obama and his administration. He has also lied about ALL his campaign agendas except one, to take all the money from hard working American citizens who have worked hard and made this country great and distribute it to those who are criminals, those who refused to get an education, even when it’s free and available to them, those who are too lazy or just too sorry to work or go to school, proven crooks appointed to political offices, and the list goes on. He has a hidden agenda in everything he does. I will never believe that he is a natural born American and believe that he is a Radical Muslim and his goal is to destroy the United States from within and to institute Muslim law and rule. He really believes that the American people are weak and will just sucumb to his dictatorship without a whimper. Ha! I spent 10 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps and have been in combat with fellow Marines who were FIRST OF ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS BEFORE THEY WERE MARINES and I know the typical American Citizen’s heart. If it ever comes to it, they will pick up arms and fight to the death for this country, what it stands for, and our way of life. This fight has just begun and Obama and those who support his agendas and asperations for this country are not going to care for the outcome at all. But if you must, BRING IT ON !!!!! You will find that we are not in the least afraid of those who promote tyrinary and dictatorship. WE HAVE BEEN OVERCOMING THOSE JUST LIKE OBAMA EVER SINCE 1776 AND OBAMA IS A WIMP COMPARED TO THOSE ASSES WE HAVE ALREADY KICKED !!!!!! You and those like you will always be around stirring up shit and getting their asses kicked. I should feel sorry for you but I don’t. You deserve everything you get. I hope I get the opportunity to give you yours personally!!!!

      • HS Thompson

        Look up the definition of traitor, it defines what you are.

        Patriots support and fight for their country, not against it. You sir are a reactionary traitor, and if you think that you have any right to raise arms against the USA I hope they throw you in the darkest prison hole and let you rot. you are despicable.

    • Jim

      You are very misinformed.

      Within a few short years, this govt will bring our country to its knees.

    • Phil

      Spoken like a true hater of our once great nation, you should be asshamed of your self.

  • http://n.a. Granddave

    The thing which upsets and annoys me the most about Obama is his arrogance. He vowed that he would have transperancy in his administration. Yet, we have not been allowed to see his valid birth certificate, his school records at the Punahou School, Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School. Nor have we been able to view his complete record in the Illinois Senate or his U.S. Passport application. He reminds me a lot of Adolph Hitler, a great orator with solid communications skills, who uses his charisma to excite and spur on the naive youth of the country, while nationalizing everything in sight and controlling the media tightly so that no one is allowed to speak out against him. We are in for very deep trouble if he remains in office for very long.

  • Laura Schlegel

    Obama has tackled more in his first 100 days than FDR. He is the leader of the movement to heal US from our self-imploding, tail eating, power to the few, “corporatacracy”, neo-”CON”, Dumbing Down of America”,”otherizing” quasi Christian ways. The Republican Party has clearly lost it’s face and has/is dragging too many Dems w/it. What are conservatives conserving or fighting for? Not democracy, not jobs, not made in US anything, not health care, not the environment, not education, not science base info, not workers’, civil, minority’s, women’s, voter’s or animal’s rights, not humanity’s condition, not compassion, not transitioning to sustainable ways that benefit ALL of US instead of just some of us. They don’t care about anyone but themselves, while their ways w/blinders & falsehoods exploit real people’s lives & our environment as they worship the free market w/o moral backbone and their myths that have nothing to do with the reality of “We the People’s” lives. They demonize anything that is good for US and the world ala their pathetic leader Rush and their supremacist views attracting naysayer bobbleheads, instead of critical thinking skills, at ALL of our own peril. Time to come together for wholesome, integral problem solving, progress for All of our sakes!
    Have a safe, blessed holiday weekend!

    • Old Salt

      You need a crash course in history, FDR pushed more than 50 significant bills in his first 100 days in office. If you want point fingers at who dosn’t care about the enviorment look to the dems, they only care about their power! Not the people of this country! I agree that the Republican party is a ship without a rudder. Stop thinking with your emotions and check your facts! You only prove that truth dosn’t matter to liberals!


      Hmmm, where to start? YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE MORON. You cannot seriously think that our “representatives” in congress and the senate give a flying flip about “ALL of US”. They only care about power for themselves and their political party. If you want a system that “takes care of all of us”…move to a socialist country because that is what your asking for. What ever happened to individual pride and accountability? Take care of your family to better yourself to be able to provide for your family. I DON’T WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE FOR ME. They are there to protect us and provide a secure REPUBLIC society in which to live (not a democracy, check out the differences). All i see are more and more laws that take away my and your FREEDOMS every day. I go to work everyday to provide for me and my family….not every welfare driven cockroach out there that is bleeding our economic system dry. I’m done….HAVE A BLESSED OBAMA-LOVIN DAY…..idiot.

      • Laura Schlegel

        Precisely, I’m criticizing all of US that have been bought at the expense of own peril. Too many hard working people, even with an education, can’t provide for their families or haven’t you noticed. A healthy economy is capitalism balanced with enough sustainable social infrastructure to give rise to a stable middle class and upward mobility for all. So you don’t want roads, bridges, schools, fire dept, police, post offices, public transportation, food & water, ecology, national parks, national guard, military, international relations, etc., w/evolving standards & safety regulations, that the government is supposed to provide, with our collected tax dollars? The blind worship of free markets w/o moral backbone creates 2 class societies with close circuit power to the monied few only, sucking “We the People” dry of our collective and individual pride and accountability. Take a look at whom, what policies & myths, over time, minimize our opportunities to be self sufficient, healthy, our privacy & freedoms, jeopardized our national security and terrorized our economy with global affects; they’re not cockroaches or welfare recipients. We have democratic rights in our Republic to be upheld by our beautifully written constitution w/ checks & balance that has been bastardized, shaped over years of supremacist Neo”CON” influence, coming dangerously close to a oligarchy and a closed society. We are in the resulting crisis that we must reorganize, rethink and dig our way out of.

        • http://flynn1 cynthia jones

          Do you guys even have a clue who is controlling bo? It is George Soros. Now that is capitalism at is finest. So be very, very, careful “WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ARE BELIEVING IN”, huh? Soros does not give a damn about anything except making another 8 billion dollars like he did when he shorted the stock market last time. He is hell-bent on setting that up for himself – and looks like he is doing a pretty good job of it! WHADDYA THINK? Soros literally CONTROLS obama! In fact, he was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying that he finally had a president he could control. This was about 2 months ago. Make you sick?

    • Mike Schnabel


    • keith

      god what a load of horsehockey,you must have wore your thesauras out coming up with that babbling you actually beleive the utter nonsense you posted! good lord,that was the most useless spew of educated beyond your intelligence ca-ca i have read in a while.though there is hope for you,they showed a monkey can stack boxes to get a bananna,so MAYBE you’ll see why your the minority here!

    • Marilyn

      The problem with this county are the liberal! It’s not the Dems or Repuplicans. The liberals are so far left of center pretty soon we will have to move to Europe to be considered center! I am neither a Dem or a Republican but I would claim to be either than claim to be a Liberal. You are what is eroding this countries values and strengths. You whine and whine and this country is so afraid to speak up because the Political Corrrectness has gone so far overboard they’re afraid of offending someone. Well, you know what? I don’t care who I offend . It is my right as an American citizen to speak my opinion and to peacefully assemble and own a gun if I so choose. Anything you say about the constitution loving Americans won’t hurt us. My family died for YOUR right to spew the hate you spew. You are forever in MY debt.

  • Sid

    The media pushed Obama on the country with the first African American president tag line which in fact is a lie. Obama pushed that falsehood again when he spoke in the middle east. He is bi-racial and to say otherwise is degrading to his mother and grandmother that raised him. If he will lie about is heritage, how can we believe anything he says. And remember he is a Chicago Democrat–what else needs to be said.

    • Laura Schlegel

      It’s our culture that considers him African American. He’s also Hawaiian. His mixed heritage is made quite clear as his devotion to his mother & grandmother that raised him. So who’s lying? According to genealogists, we’re all mixed race.
      Hopefully, we get over it and move on to critical issues.

      • keith

        CRITICAL ISSUES??????you think having a pres who is a known liar and has ties to terrorist groups and who is destroying and spitting on the contitution is not a critical issue!what do you consider a non-critical issue???????

  • Sonny

    What the public generally has failed to recognize is the ideology driving Obama’s agenda. It just isn’t a matter of increasing the size of government, it is far more than that.

    Whereas our country was founded upon the principle of freedom, Obama is not interested in that. His main concern is justice. He believes people like himself have been persecuted and treated unfairly and his mission is to set right what he sees as perceived wrongs.

    In order for Obama to achieve his objectives, he must take certain freedoms away from some and give more freedom to others. He is attempting to take the fruits of the labor from one class of people and give them to others. He is a rabid redistributionist and is more concerned with the outcome equal rather than providing equal opportunities. If one class of people are harmed – even if more qualified – Obama will choose a lesser qualified person for the same position.

    This is not an administration that is interested in using the best and the brightest to advance the American dream. Qualifications to a position is actually secondary to ethnicity.

    So where did Obama come up with these ideas? His book, “Dreams of my Father” explains some of it, his liberal education, his associations with Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers have all contributed to his world view.

    As a nation, we have come back from many presidential misadventures. To come back from the devastation of the Obama administration will be our greatest achievement because we have not see the full extent of his policies yet. A total collapse of our country’s economic structure awaits the finality of his insane policies. The Greatest Depression awaits us all.

    • http://????? lOU

      Obama is power hungry and out to make a name for himself. He is doing that alright
      but perhaps not the way he intended. IF he keeps up his policys we will be attacked again and then where will we be? And people talk about Palin having no experience?

      • http://emk Edward Makiya

        Sonny……An excellent piece!


      Very well spoken. If only we as americans wake up before it’s too late

    • Billy Volner

      Sonny your right on with Obama’s goals, everyone should read Common Sense by Glenn Beck, also The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence; The Articles of Confedeation; and The Bill of Rights with all Amendments by Thomas Jefferson. 57 pages of facts that everyone needs to know. I heard and agree with a comment recently that what this country needs is honest people to run for office in the US Congress. That the Democrate’s and Repubician’s have their parties so far off the path of the U.S. Consttitution. In 1995 some of these honest people did get elected but left office shortly afterwards because of crookness that now prevails. Both parties are suppose to be Americans but the way they fight, and ignore what the people want is incredible. The book Common Sense pages 50,51,52 & 53 discusses “gerrymandering” where “politicians can actually decide which neighborhoods, races religions, and income levels they want in their district.” I also believe its true that the government wants us all to fight each other so that they can behind our backs take over more control. They have stopped policing themselves unless its against the other party. Maybe its time for a 3rd party but expect to hear that your throwing your vote away, but what are we doing now?

      Obama has his own goals and they don’t include the American people. I believe this to be true because I don’t believe he is an American and doesn’t have ancestors that fought and died for this country. So he can’t relate to anything but his up bringing on our dime, Rev Wright, Aries and the policies he learned working for Acron.

      I recently received an e-mail; ” Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?” Everyone should read this because it will help you see what they gave to have the honor of helping establish our Republic and what is happening in our govt today.

      To cover the complete mess we find ourselves in it would fill a book…..

    • keith


      • http://yahoo brandon

        The worst president in history has already been taken by George W Bushnut the fake christians just like you jokes.

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    The hard impact on the economy is orchestrated. This will make the sheep—-oh I mean the American people give up their liberty for security. Dont you all see this is the whole idea of it all. This has been done on purpose.

    • MIKE

      Brian thank you, Im glad that somebody besides my self knows whats realy going on.

      • http://no Brian Rawls

        The problem is getting everyone else to see it as well. I always see everyone complaining about the problems. If you speak about what is really going on you are accused of being a conspiracy theorist. I guess people are just blinded these days. I truly believe that schools teach this type of government.

  • Bob Prinselaar

    It is a sad state of affairs when we have more to fear from our own government than from terrorists, when it comes to preserving our liberty and freedoms.

    • Ira Walden

      I’ll second that one in a heartbeat. Sorry to say, but Our government has become the Enemy. Obama is nothing but an Elitist plant. He has not the credentials nor the ability to head the ship of state. He is forwarding the largest shift of wealth in our nation’s history. It will have the direst of consequences. It’s unavoidable!! W set the table for him though. By not being held accountable for his misdeeds and waltzing out of office with 35 articles of impeachment against he and Cheney, he helped open the door to the chaos that result from the actions of this usurper to the Oval office. People need to look up the word Democracy in their dictionaries. They might be awed by how far we have strayed. I.L.Walden

      • keith

        this country started out as a REPUBLIC and not a democracy! time to succeed!!!!

  • Bill G.

    The real big event has not happened yet. Obama is accelerating the redistribution of wealth that’s been going on since the 30′s and the New Deal. When those getting shorn of their income via confiscatory taxation finally decide they’ve had enough and really don’t want to share a country with the transfer recipients anymore, what happens? Hello 1861.

    • Bob Prinselaar

      We are seeing a non-violent revolution right now, with all of the Tea Parties everywhere. We need to get our message to our representatives, and this may be the best way to do it. Sooner or later they might take their ear plugs out.

  • jerry

    crude rude but truthful he’s americas first dick-tater period and a dumb one to booth

  • Tom Dee

    To H.S. Thompson : Responding to your post at 3:15 AM this morning.

    Issue !) Healthcare. You must be drinking the Kool Aid. The government can’t run anything propperly. In 1974 they developed the Department of Energy, hired 16000 people and 100000 contractors and what have we gotten from it. A lousy energy policy and people running around tearing down old utilities that have been abandoned. Does it take 16000 people to do this? No, about 40 per state can do this, more in larger states. This is a state issue not a Fed issue. 2000 Fed employees can cover this country easily.

    Issue 2) “The econmy is in real trouble, he is addressing it.” You obviously don’t have a clue about economics. You build a country from the small business person up. Tax the small business person out of existance and you have no small business. that is why one of the reasons 8,000 small businesses closed up last month. Reduce their taxes, open lending from the banking industry and small businesses will grow, some prosper to large businesses, and hire additioanl people all the way. O’bama’s hype does nothing for business people. They know with him their is no hope. That is why they are contracting their businesses….they have lost hop in this administration.

    Issue 3) I don’t have an argument with you here. Much blood will be shed in Iraq as of our downsizing….but it is their country not ours.

    Issue 4) Speak softly but carry a big stick. I beleive a former President said that. It is what he should be doing……and is what he might be doing. If he shoots down their missle, I think that would be good. I would shoot it down once it left their airspace. (12 nautical miles off their shoreline). I might snicker after doing it too.

    Issue #5) You have got to be kidding me. Who told you that! Smack him now! This President is a Muslim first, born in Kenya, is intent on turning this country into shambles, then attempting to dictate to his subjugated principles for his lifetime. As far as respect? Does North Korea respect him? How about Iran? How about Saudi Arabia …the dude that he bowed to. Let me tell you sometihing sir. NO President of mine bows to anyone. This must be your President. Now, go to bed earlier so that your mind is clear and you don’t write stupid stuff on blogs.

    • HS Thompson

      You really don’t have a clue. I am sure that you are one of these guys that think there is a huge global conspiracy going on that has been hidden from the public for a hundred years. But somehow these masters of the universe who can manipulate every aspect of our world can’t run healthcare. A bit of a disconnect don’t you think?

      So what, a single example with unfounded facts and conclusions. There are lots of examples of well run operations. Just as there are lots of
      I own a number of companies and majored in economics and business. I understand how debt financing works. You, I suspect have never built or run anything. You clearly get your information from right wing blogs, Rush Limbaugh and the NRA.
      Iraq was a stupid war to start with; US resources have been stretched thin in a pointless war. Now that we need strength on the world stage it is hard to muster it.
      Get out in the world and you will learn that the Bush administration drove the reputation of the US to ridiculous level, even our strongest allies’ lost respect for this country. Your ravings about subjugation etc are just paranoia and conspiracy theory. Open your eyes and go meet some of the people that you think are evil conspirators, you will see that you are delusional.

      • Don

        I see by your writings that you would have been a huge supporter of Neville Chamberlin when he stood in front of Parliment and declared we have acheived peace in our times about 6 months before Hitler invaded Poland and started the second world war. We you talk to people like Castro and the rest of Obama’s heros, just remember they are telling you what you want to hear while planning of stabbing you in the back. Who is going to stab us in the back I personally think it will be the Russians.


      • MIKE

        Humm, HS THOMPSOM my guess is that you must of watched to much TV ?

      • keith

        9-11 did’nt wake you up? your a moron of the 1st order.what does it take,a raghead with a blast vest running into your home blowing you to kingdomcome!WE ARE AT WAR! are you daft?

  • jerry


  • Don

    Obama is perhaps the worst president that this country has ever elected. He will be another FDR because it took WWII to bring the United States out of the depression. I feel that a when North Korea launches a rocket and it strikes Hawaii or the west coast the bumbler Obama will apologize and ask them what we did to make them do this to us. Just think of that. I still don’t understand why Americans did not get as angry following 9-11 as they did following December 7th 1941. For me I am still angry and I want revenge for those who died on 9-11 and for the families who lost love ones on that terrible day.

    • http://yahoo brandon

      Sorry already been taken by George Bush.

  • http://AOL Michaelmhi

    Friends, I’m glad to see you are not taken in by this fraud, he is a complete lie, from the very beginning he has menipulated, cheated, lied ,and i even have my own Idea’s about his poor ‘ol white grandmother’s last day of life before the election,and the only witness to his rightful birth place, this new so called leader of our free nation is anti-christ, his father was a muslim and i suspect his father before him, so what do you think that makes him? and probably his wife as well. Ladies and Gentelmen this want to be world ruler has got to go before it is to late and we all end up haveing to pray to Ali Baba are who ever they worship,..thier has to be a way to run him and his Russian Carz out of office and the only one i know of that could get us back on track and to see that these crooks that have infested our White House is i believe is Sara Palin, she’s honest, she speak’s her piece, and why do you think she is being slammed so much lately and then it’s blamed on Mc Cain’s staff, now i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but i do know it all comes from those rats in the Whitehouse, they are afraid of her, thier afraid she will rid our country of them and the fact that the church stands behind her too.Yea, they all know she will fire everyone of them and then track our hard earned tax dollars down. This man in office has got one agenda and that is to completely tear our country down to nothing. He does’nt care about Americans are what we stand for, all he cares about is delivering us to our enemies, broken and starving. Something has to be done and now before we are without a nation. That’s about it for me, so i guess this makes me an evil person because i spoke freely, hmmm, now there’s a word that’s slowly fadeing away! THANKS

    • Don

      I totally agree with you about Palin, if she could have had another running mate I think she would have been a great value to this country. At least she is plain spoken and is ready to speak her mind. Just because you like what she says, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear the truth. The truth will make you free, and perhaps if Obama knew what truth was we could be free of him.

      • http://yahoo brandon

        I don’t betcha

  • Steve

    If you want to see what Obama is all about go to

    • keith

      if you want to see what i’ll do,come on over and i’ll show you my guns! let em come and try to take em!!!!!

  • Billy Volner

    Obama goal is to break this country finanicially. He shames us to the world with his comments on his overseas trips. Obame is not qualified for any public office. He is the worst US President to date and should be impeached ASAP. Congress should have term limits, 2 then out of office. Most are stealing our money and should be prosecuted and put in jail. Obama was trained by Acorn and their intent is to destroy our Republic and government system.

    • Mercy

      So true, this is why he in in a rush for everything. He only has 4 years to put America in prison. Dictator rule. The sooner he puts us in devastating debt the more we will bend. The more he reforms our principles of integrity the more we become prisoners of his change. Obama’s change has devastated America!
      The news media is a bouncing ball with one post, jobless rate is up and another, 9.5 unemployment across the country. one post, bailout will save 14,000 jobs, the next post 500,000 jobs lost in the month of June 2009. Post, lending is up, next post loans are being denied.
      What job will our soldiers have “if” they do come home? What will they see in America? Will it still be the land of the Free? Lord please help America!

    • Mike Schnabel

      Billy , You hit the nail on the head Obama should be Impeached, And I to believe that Congress should have limited terms, No more than 2.
      I also think that United States Supreme Court Judges should not be appointed for Life
      But be limited to 2 Terms of 4 Years each term.

    • keith

      did you hear ACORN is changing their name…..can’t remember to what…anybody know????

      • Billy Volner

        I heard their new name but can’t remember exactly but think it was Acron International. I understand the evil twin is in India and several other poor country’s setting up Acron type groups.

  • Terrence @ Ohio

    I think Obama is the most racist president we have ever had. He tries to hide behind that smile but anyone with just a little common sense should be able to read between the lines.

    I believe he is trying to avenge for the past treatment of blacks (and muslims) throughout the years.

    Obama does not have a clue as to how to run this nation.

    Not to mention, he is clearly a muslim who is trying his best to convert this nation into a nation of islam.

    I suppose the stupid females in this country won’t be satisfied until Obama and the muslims implement Shariah law on them, preventing them from must of the rights they enjoy today.

    No education, can not go out the door without the husband (or son’s) approval, sex on demand, husband can have four wives, a beat-down when they embarass their loving husband, no voting rights (again), your daughters being married off and sexually assaulted at
    7-8-9-10 or whatever age the man wants,
    living in total fear, etc, etc,

    Is that what you females really want?

    Have you not learned from the women in the Middle East muslim countries?

    The muslims have boldly stated they want America and other western nations accepting their lifestyle and basically, throw America’s and the western culture (lifestyle) out.

    If you women do not want to go back into the ‘dark ages’ then I suggest you stop voting for known muslims!

    Obama is not even an American!

    From the beginning Obama has been kissing up to the muslims, the hispanics, the homosexuals and the blacks.

    And you don’t think this anti-American, anti-christian, anti-white is a racist?

    Obama, Kennedy, Peloski, Reid, Dodd, Barney Frank and others just like them need to be voted out of office before it is to late.

    Obama complained a number of times (while running for president) about Bush’s one trillion dollar budget and that he would cut the budget in half.

    Lo and behold, Obama’s very first budget was nearly four times Bush’s eighth budget!

    He also stated that he would go through the budget ‘line-by-line’ and cut out all the ‘earmarks/pork’.

    As we all know there were approximately 8,300 hundred earmarks in the budget worth approximately 3-4 billion dollars.

    Obama’s popularity is dwindling as our budget keeps rising.

    How many of you actually think liberty and freedom of rights is actually free?

    • lover_of_America

      I AGREE.. OBAMA flashes grin, we are supposed to what ? Fall for his lies ??????because he’s what ? cute ? oh no, i think not.. I DID NOT FALL FOR OBAMA IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. I Cannot believe a lot of people actually voted OBAMA In, because they “thought” he was cute.. wow. if this is what the country has resorted to, it is pathetic.i cannot believe how many voted for OBAMA , with out knowing his relationship with Bill Ares, the terrorist, or his right hand man. Reverend Wright , the rev who preached hate. racists to the core. which OBAMA attended for 20 yrs, yet, was unaware of Rev Wright’s teachings.. Give me a break . OBAMA lied. he was fully ware of WRIGHTS TEACHINGS.. OR wait…… IF he didn’t hear the teachings after 20 years, did that not tell anyone anything ? seems to me if OBAMA did not know this after attending 20 yrs, ya think maybe, he was not president material ?? maybe that was a clue… ( hint & clue) he surely cannot be our president. If after 20 years he knew nothing …. come on, he lied, he knew, you know, i know,God knows, we all know he LIED. .. Yet, people voted him in.. unreal, really unreal !I am still in disbelief .. Obama has no clue how to run this country.nor cares for us in my opinion . He smiles real big, tries to be funny, but … WE, THE PEOPLE ,DO NOT NEED someone who thinks he’s cute. WE NEED A LEADER. OBAMA IS NOT A LEADER. He’s a snake in the grass in my opinion.

  • fred

    I guess it is nice to know that Obama is losing popularity. So what, is my
    view. Those in power love it when they can continue to divide us by
    party lines. Whoever has been President over the past 100 years or
    so has been a traitor to Constitutional principles.
    OR REPRESENTATIVE FORM. I personally do not care how popular
    Obama is. But I will say this HE IS NO FRIEND TO OUR CONSTITUTION
    Oh, I am really a very nice man, I just get excited and negative when anyone
    tries to trample my freedoms.

  • linda walsh


  • NCR

    Say “conspiracy” and be branded an idiot. But the new world order and secular progressivism IS a worldwide “association” of elititst who believe that they can solve all wars, and conflicts by having control of this New World Order.

    Believe it or not, you will see it in your lifetime, Mr. Thompson, just look at the directions that those who now have the reins are pulling us.

    Call me an idiot, call me simple and call me intolerant, but if you will read a book that has no errors, you will find that the predictions of over two millenia ago have shown that these things are, indeed, coming to pass.

    America is in for a rude awakening because you can go to jail for messing with seaturtle eggs, but it is law that you can terminate human babies, so far over 60 million of them.

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      Yes I agree. Socialists in office want to take away your right to bear arms. But want citizens and doctors to have the right to use a knife. I guess its ok to cut someone up just as long as you dont shoot them.

    • Mercy

      So true, go to the One who has the truth.

  • NCR

    The supercomputer at ORNL will have to be employed to determine how much, too much money was printed to cover the big IOU that is being proposed. 2.3 teraflops just isn’t sufficient and not enough trillions of calculations per second to keep up with this administratons spending.

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      Think of it like this. If you lived during the revolution would you have faught against the brittish? Ok if you were to fight on the American side you would be called a traitor by the brittish. You would be called a hero by the American people. If it gets so bad in the future people will think about revolution again. They already do with the tea parties that have taken place. If those same people decided that its not effective does that make them mental for wanting to take action? Same thing just diff times.

  • PapaDarwin

    Let’s not compair Obama to other presidents. They are gone, history, no more. Let’s concentrate on Obama. Tell me one thing that he has done for the betterment of America and our people. Look at all he has promised. Clean up politics in Washington. He has done nothing to those who don’t pay taxes. He has nominated one who is a racist. He has already raised taxes on people who make less then 250,000 a year, (cigarettes, etc.). He has called me arrogant, which I highly resent. I an A very proud American. That don’t make me arrogant. However if you look up arrogant in the dictionary I’m pretty sure his picture would be there. Yes I believe his game is POWER and nothing else. He has Congress so fooled that are going to vote for him on anything he wants to pass just to prove that they can. I have given him the nick name “Silver Tongue” because he is so good at making people believe anything he says. I see his numbers are starting to decline so apparantly some people are starting to see the light.If he continues on his present path I fear he may be impeached beforehe finishes his term. America will only take so much of his BS. god bless America before he destroys it!!!


    • lover_of_America

      Amen ! No comparison as far as presidents either. May the good Lord have mercy on us… Amen on God bless America.. I am proud to be an American, my great, great, great Grandpa fought against his own son, ( my distant cousin ) during the civil war.. True American’s know and want to save our country, not turn it to socialism as though we’re not proud. If we lose now, all the wars were fought in vain.. God bless America again.



    • Frederick H

      Well Schomburg, I´ve been told that civilized )and well educated’ people do not deliver lame allegations but come up with rational and really intelligent arguments. Do you really consider your contribution more than a primary school child´s hear-say babbling? Where´s the hard evidence for all the fine contentions you cared to post here on the Forum? Remember the saying, oh Lord let me keep my big mouth shut, until I know what I´m talking about?

      • Phil

        The proof is every where, just open your eyes, what more proof do you need????

  • DALE


  • James Corbin

    I am a democrat, but I am not blind or dumb. I can see this Obama is taking our country down. They say he inherited a bad economybut what is he doing to make it better. He is making it worse with all the spending and look where the money is going—-for what? Nothing to help the economy.He goes against the constitution—How does he get by with that? Now it is time the rest of you dems., open your eyes and put politics aside. My mind and eyes are open to see what is going on. Now he ( Obama)
    is going against talk radio. If he can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. I say how can we do it?

  • Frederick H

    The American people are really a mystery to me. Here we have a very, very, very hard working President who’s gone out of his way to set a number of things straight the Bush administration all but totally neglected. He took a hard look at the state of the US health care system which has been a shambles for ages, in fact. Should he have just said, well 46 million Americans go around uninsured, they’ve been doing this for the past century or so, why should we bother? Global warming? Ah, nothing more than a fancy lie shoved upon us by a bunch of loony leftist pseudo scientists…. Stem cell research? Just leave it all alone. God doesn’t like it; we’ll suffer a host of dire consequences. More even than the Egyptians had to endure when they failed to comply with Moses’ requests. Etc, etc. So what do you expect Obama to do? Sit on his hands, do nothing (like Bush did)? Just let the banks and the car companies plunge down the drain completely and deepen the recession even more than is already the case? Never mind the poor sods, on the verge of losing their jobs and their homes. The man’s been in office for barely 5 months and you expect him to have already solved all your problems for you. Come on folks, be realistic, grow up. It’s so easy for those conservative republicans to cross their arms and occasionally point their fingers because the President dares to defy the outdated conservative agenda that did not do a single bit for the USA or the world at large for that matter. The crisis started well before Obama entered the White House and now you want this man and his staff to come up with a basket of miracles so you can keep your fancy polluting cars rolling and don’t have to pay a single dime to the IRS. You should be horribly ashamed of yourselves. Your attitude reminds me of the mentality of the ancient Romans who were so spoiled and conceited, they totally underestimated the force of the “barbarians”at their gates. Well, the Chinese, Indians and Brazilians are around the corner, folks. Just you wait and see.

    • Roseanne

      Not much Bush could do with a democratic congress. He requested someone check on Fannie Mae & Freddie Mack & was told by Barney Frank, they were doing fine. I was not a huge fan of Bush, but he kept us safe for 8 years. I do not feel safe under this administration. Clinton was the culprit who made the banks lend to people who could not afford to buy houses. ACORN picketed the banks until they were forced to lend to anyone who wanted to buy a house & don’t know if you know it or not, but ACORN is being investigated in 14 states for voter registration fraud. Bush was tough, but america needs to be tough. I resent the Pres. apologizing for us to every country he visited. He needs to keep that jet on the ground for a while & quit polluting the country he wants to “saddle” with that enormous energy bill that barely passed through Congress & the House last week. If you read that piece of legislation, you will see it is going to “break” all of us with the use of power. Hope the Senate has more sense than the rest of the reps. up there in Wash. I personally don’t want the government to have any control over my health care. Tom Daschel has already made the statement that older people should accept the fact that some illnesses are expected & should NOT be treated. I’m 73 yrs. old & suppose if I get sick, I might as well commit suicide. The Pres. is a control freak, ignores our constitution & does @#$% well what he pleases – I’ve seen no transparency. They slipped the energy bill through while all the news was covering Michael Jackson. We have got a MESS!!

    • http://yahoo brandon

      thats hilarious ha ha ha

  • James Corbin

    To: R. Schomburg, I think you have it right! Who knows anything about this guy? Nobody was allowed to find out. Wasn’t even allowed to say his middle name until he was elected. Tony Rezko was one ofObama’sfirstmajorfinancial contributors when he ran for office in Chicago. In 2003, Rezko threw an early fundraiser for Obama. This was seed moneyfor his U.S. Senate race.Now, Tony Rezko was born in Aleppo, Syria
    and has been convictedof fraudand bribery. Valerie Jarrett, was Michele Obama’s boss–Then Obama’s chief advisor.Where was Jarrett born? Ready for this—Shiraz, Iran. Obama cannot distance himself from corrupt people!

    • Frederick H

      Ah well James Corbin, I have another one for you. Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, Austria´s just infested with ex-Nazis and anti-Semites. So, good old Arnold must be considered very, very suspect, right? (…….)

      • keith

        he sure has screwed up calif!!!!!!

  • Michael Willey


  • http://AOL Michaelmhi

    Here we are, our countries Independence day- tomorrow, and more tea parties, so where do you think our fearless leader will hide out this time til it blows over, ..Hell,.. he’ll probably ban all fireworks for anyone that still has a job and can afford them. And then he’ll make a law up that says we can’t even hang a flag out on our porch’s, ‘ya know i’ll bet he doesn’t even say a kind word about our kids that have fought and still is fighting for freedom on the most important day of our country. If you all agree from hear on, please type in big letters at the end of your comments with these two words,….. “..IMPEACH OBAMA “

    • MIKE

      You cant IMPEACH OBAMA , That only applys to legal presidents,he would have to be removed and hand cuffed then sent to jail for treasen.

  • Michael Willey

    In his early campaign speeches, slips of the tongue when his guard was down foretold what kind of leader Obama would be. I branded him a Marxist Socialist early on. I would now revise that to a pure dictatorial socialist, period. His every move is closing the door on our freedoms and making us ever more dependent upon the central government. Control of the banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, automobile manufacturers and dealers, giving unprecedented power to the UAW. Rushing everything through Congress without time for open discussion and debate. Now he attempting to nationalize health care to accommodate an additional 16 million people at a cost over a trillion dollars. He is forcing Carbon Cap & Trade legislation through Congress in the same methodology of lies, deception. Not permitting any open debates or discussions in Congress. Accusing everyone that disagrees with him of being un American extremists. He is doing a mighty job of controlling the news media. He has created more debt in his first six months than all of the former presidents. And the monologue he reiterates about the debt being passed down from Bush is the poorest excuse, lie in the world. He voted for, all of the spending Bush did except the Iraq War which is not, the root of our financial crisis, period. His Credibility is the worst of any president in my memory and easily surpasses the spin of FDR. Undoubtedly the man with the least credibility up until this time. Transparency? Change we need? No new taxes for 95% of the American taxpayers? He would not even consider taxing the health benefits major companies provide for their higher paid workers? Lies, lies lies. We are witnessing a wood be dictator who will say anything that is required to gain complete control of our government.

  • James Corbin

    Fredrick H.—-I don’t think Obama is up to Moses or comes near. But Obama is trying to be a dictator. When Roosevelt was doing things against the constitution ( Zars)
    The supreme court stopped him. We need a two party system so one party can be a watch dog over the other. The way it is now Obama can do what he wants . No body to stop him. As far as health care—–If he takes us to socialism–You will not be able to see a doctor. I know this for a fact!

  • James Corbin

    HS Thompson—-If Obama is keeping rhetoric down in North Korea, How come
    they ignore him and keep putting off their missiles. They know him!!!

  • James Corbin

    Fredrick—Who said I was for Schwaizenegger?

  • James Corbin

    Right on Mercy

  • Thomas Hendrickson

    We cannot afford Obama. He has absolutely no concept of what this country is all about! All he knows is to take away our freedom so government can comtrol every aspect of your life, and charge you 60% to 70% of your income.

    If you want that, go tp Sweden, the original solistic state!!!! And have some idiot tell you have to wait 6 months for much needed treatment!!!

  • Jean

    FINALLY, all you people are waking up to realize that Obama should NOT be our President! FACT: There’s a Bill that’s going to be voted on that will allow Obama to be YOUR president for TWENTY YEARS!!! Please, everyone do your homework, go to They want to repeal the 22nd Article of the Amendment which will totally remove the two-term limit of the U.S. Presidency. DON’T let them do it!!! Read the web site and all other web sites like this one to educate yourself on this (and other matters) and then CALL your Congressmen and Senators to tell them NO, YOU DON’T WANT THIS BILL!!

  • Annabelle

    Where are, and what has happened to, the wonderful system of checks and balances for government that our forefathers were inspired to set up for us???? It is hard to see blatant shredding of our Constitution and the judiciary and legislative people in the government are not speaking up??? If our representatives are blindly following the unconstitutional actions of this presidency, it seems to me they aren’t doing their jobs. It is frightening that more leaders are turning a blind eye when they should be doing what they were elected to do – and that is to protect us from just what we have seen happening in America. Does anyone else notice this?

  • James Corbin

    Obama Used the name Barry (that was the name he used all his life ) When Obama
    went to college at Occidental in California——He had two roommates, Muhammad
    Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, both from Pakistan. This is the time he decided to be called Barack (Columbia University in New York )

    • keith


  • Norm

    It occurs to me, that congress is moving ahead with thier progressive agenda at mind blowing speed. It also occurs to me, that this speed of acquisition raises a common sense question. How is it possible to generate new bills that are 1000 to 1500 pages in length so quickly? Why did we have to pass such a lengthy stimulus bill before any one had time to read, let alone discuss this bill? During a severe recession, why all the additional financial burdens being placed on an overly stressed financial system?
    It would appear to ones common sense that these actions are all part of a preconceived plan to eliminate our free society that our forefathers established for us and generations of Americans have fought and died to maintain for us . Our political representatives are bogus. Lets vote them all out, and revert back to the Constitution that has served this nation so well, for so long. I think that the rapid rate of (bad) change that we are seeing is not because of a hard working president, but rather a preconceived plan to destroy this great republic.

    • keith

      hmmm,thats food for thought!

      • HS Thompson

        This explains your lack of brain power. If this is food for your thought it is clearly malnutrition. You really should improve your diet, hopefully you have insurance to cover your stay in the institution.

        • keith

          w.t.f? why send me that sarcastic reply?i am a retired marine and a patriot!,i don’t need your b.s! go screw yourself bub!i was agreeing with your statement,your an ass!i had three relatives who died during the war of northern aggression and i was raised to know WHAT they were fighting for and why!
          i am neither slow nor dimwitted as you implied.

        • keith

          and they were southerners!

        • keith

          you’d need insurance if you had the stupidity to say that crap to my face!

    • lover_of_America

      Amen ! I believe you hit the nail on the head.

  • richard c

    u have to go thru congress to get to him. call and write you reps to express your discontent with their out of control spending and taxing. also demand that they challenge obama to produce his birth certificate as proof to hold the office. if he refuses, the congress and senate should declare him unfit and be immediatly arrested, held and treated as a terrorist. then we look at how he got there.

    Midterm elections are 2010 and 2012 – congress and senate are in contempt of their duty to represent the people, law and constutuion – they broke there oath of office and faith of the people. they need to be held accountable for inactions as well as their actions.


  • Mary

    Everyone, think a minute. If Obama was not there we would have he VP (a total embarrassment) as President, then if not VP Biden, the President would be Nancy Pelosi. At least we know what we have with Obama, which I agree is not saying much. I agree that he is a Marxist Socialist and a narcissist. At least we know what Obama is. I would not want either of the other two for President.

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      Mary…. I have thought of this, too. We could go from bad to worse, if that’s even possible.
      HS and Frederick H. are still spellbound by Barry and probably will be until the end. Some people simply are unable to grasp the situation.
      Personally, I think we need to go to limited Federal government and give the states more power. I am not a scholar of politics, but as an adult member of society for many years, I look at it as our country is simply too big to control on a national basis. I wish I had a fail safe solution. I just think we are in such a mess and we are only going deeper on a daily basis with this administration ramrodding legislation through.
      I hope more and more people wake up to what is happening. So many know nothing about our government. My own limitations far exceed most who vote. How scary!

      • keith

        how could you get worse?…wait…..a hitler clone! oopps…..same same…..satan? okay i thought of someone worse!

    • lover_of_America

      I have thought of this myself Matter of a fact, as i sit here reading comment after comment about what kind of president we now have, its as though, i am once again, reading material on who to vote for in November 2008, the election campaign.. Too late now though.. OBAMA was voted in ( with no help from me, i DID NOT vote for Obama ). If this was before the election, i would be happy knowing others do not want obama as president.. nor the vice biden, nor pelosi…This is a problem indeed.. I wish this was a dream and we could re-vote … Sadly though, i’m awake……….. America is in dire need of prayers… How can we undo the damage the ones voted him him did ? If only we had another chance for another election… * sighs* sadly..

  • Winston

    I have my Bible and I have my gun —- now kiss my azz mr prez
    ( USN–RET )

    • Frederick H

      Well Winston, you could not have said it more poetically: your bible, your gun(s) and – not to forget – your Credit Card(s) to be overstretched in account to infinity, so the Card Service Companies can keep stealing from you by charging you ludicrously usurious interest rates to begin with. But of course, the President should look the other way and do nothing whatsoever about the corrupt banking system(s), because this is a Free Country and entrepreneurship (…..) should not be curbed in any way, right? And, as to the bible and the guns you appear to worship so diligently, they tell me the Second Coming (of The Christ) is just around the corner: He’ll bring a whole load of ultra-sophisticated weaponry down from Heaven for you (and your children) to play with, alongside a brand new Holy Book, instructing you step by patient step how to use those fire arm beauties precisely. Oh yeah, I know, you can’t wait to see Him coming, can you?

      Ah, Middle Class Conservative America, or better even Middle Class Christian America, I pity you. You’re a totally pathetic lot. The Neanderthals of the 21st Century. But luckily, we know what happened to that race four hundred centuries ago already!!!!

      • FarRightWinger

        You stick to this Neanderthal stuff in your postings… That’s the only historical fact you know? Where did u go to school? East Palo Alto? Washington DC? No wonder…

      • Marilyn

        And Winston fought for his country and your right to spew the trash you do. You are in his debt…how does it feel to be indebted to a gun toting, bible carrying American? It’s cowards like you who make our vets heros, we know you wouldn’t fight for your country.

        • Winston

          Thank you Sir

    • keith

      amen,seems us retired military and vets are the only ones who say it like it is here! i wonder if he really stupid enough to go after firearms? if he does well…..i am waiting and locked and cocked!

      • Winston

        Also Thank you Sir ( Brother)

  • s c

    On the eve of the 4th of July, this so-called president dares to mention the Founding Fathers, in an attempt to make us sheepishly line up to support his anti-American designs. In the late 18th century, this ‘leader’ would have been seen as a British toady. This ‘leader’ plans to saddle us with never-ending debt, fading freedoms, energy policies that will skyrocket in price, keep us in Iraq and Afghanistan for a generation (isn’t this the same guy who wanted us OUT of that part of the world?), suck up to losers who hate America, printed money that borders on being worthless, act like a corporation leader when he has NO business experience, appoint no-talent morons as czars, kill the economy in the name of ‘saving’ it and then expect us to consider leaving him in office for life. NO WAY. NO HOW. NEVER.

  • FarRightWinger

    Sorry, people but I disagree with many of you here. “Impeachment”? For what? What good will come out of it at all? We gonna get a much worse than NObama. Remember the Secret or: Shadow) government is planning everything ahead. + and -.
    America now is in the road to a necessary REVOLUTION. Yes, a 2nd Revolution which will shed some blood. Jefferson said; “Freedom is the tree which must be feed by blood time to time…”

  • FarRightWinger

    Regarding NOBam, I just don’t understand one thing; why is not ONE single black person in African history who is a researcher, composer, scientist, engineer, prominent head of state, emperor, king – or a queen, if you want… anything. Oh yes, they have Idi Amin, MLK and the communist troublemaker Mandela and Tutu.
    NObama-kinds never could do any advantage for the Mankind. History adn evolution stopped in Africa and for the Africans 100.000 years ago.
    Why any idiot who voted for this freak would think; he will bring “changes” to America? Yes, we need major changes down to the core, but not socialism and NOT with NObama-Bin-Lying!

    • HS Thompson

      Neo Nazi Dickhead

      • FarRightWinger

        You know what, boy? I’d rather be a NEO (or: OLD ) NAZI than a dumbass liek you… Case closed. Daszvidanyija tovaris.

      • FarRightWinger

        What happened bro? Run out of LSD? YOU, “people”, like YOU caused this country to go down. Go back to israel and keep drinking goyim blood, as your forefathers practiced throughout history.
        I shouldn’t respond to your personnal attacks, because it has NO, zero, nada explanations, evidences of wrong-doing, wrong-thinking from my side, but you seem to be a worthy psychological case for further examination in your local sanitary… Please, be nice and take your next 20+ medications, pills and stay out from this web-site. It’s not for you. It’s for thinking people. I promise, i will not answer you, bc you do NOT worth it.
        Daszvidanyija Tovaris Thompsonovich!

    • Frederick H

      Yeah FarWrightWinger, I gather that you yourself are an incredible genius, who’s going to solve our economic, social and environmental problems for us. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are steeply on the rise in America; I’m quite sure that you with your (Caucasian?) Superbrain are going to solve that problem for us in a jiffy! Ah well, folks say that the Neanderthals have been extinct for over 40.000 years already. Now, reading your posts here I’m fully inclined to consider our friends, the scientists completely wrong…. How ’bout that?

      • FarRightWinger

        Regarding your comments – except the personal attacks – I agree with them. Guess what who ARE behind the rising illnesses? Same secret people who decide what country goes into war, what countries have “H1N1 flue epidemic” (this latest one maybe just a test how fast, how widely spread a virus) and what countries will have financial “meltdowns”. It’s just the same population control as abortion, homosexuality and the planned and planted food-poisoning. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Asparteme, preservatives, coloring and artifical additives are required in foods for the food manufacturers to stay in business. I know a “food chemist” who gets faxes, e-mails everyday from a rabbi (New York City) who approves or disapproves the chemicals in food. Sometimes he replies: ADD MORE YELLOW#5, and of course it is “K”, or “U” (kosher).
        The food-poisoning makes people sick, weaken by immune system and guess what: that is good business for BIG PHARMA, the government-controlled FDA and other substance-promoters. Diabetes is a $220 BILLION $ business every year and static drugs – which are killing more Americans than the illnesses alone – another triple digit profit. They make huge profit from our health and death.
        Anti-cancer herbal discoveries suppressed and banned from public view.
        This attack is on everyone, regardelss race, or religion.

        • HS Thompson

          You are a complete idiot. You are in the perfect blog, full of conspiracy and paranoia. please educate me Hitler was… your description should be interesting.

  • Wanda

    Mark Levin’s book Liberty and Tyrrany spells out a lot of things, and everything is documented so readers can check the facts. This is a basic debate between people who want the government to take care of them and their every need and people who believe our nation is based on equal opportunty, not equal outcomes. And you can call it a conspiracy or whatever, but there is an effort by many groups with a lot of money, influence, and power to radically change what this this great country has always been. Both parties are so corrupt that votes in Congress are bought by promises of power and pork (I call that bribery) or by arm-twisting and threats (the “Chicago Way” that Obama learned very well). I really fear for what is happening in this country, but the opinions stated by most of you good people on here gives me hope that there is a relatively quiet but strong majority of our citizens who do see what is happening. Two quotes have always made an impression on me: “A governemt big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have,” and “Those who would trade liberty for security end up with neither.”

    And on the situation in Honduras — good for the courts and the legislature who refused to let that Marxist dictator Chavez puppet take over their government. And shame on Obama and anyone elso who demands that they restore a dictator to power. God help us if those are the people in charge of our country.

  • Mona

    It is too bad that more people didn’t pay attention to what Obama said and listen to people like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. This health care plan they have sounds like something Hitler would have wanted. He just carried it out in a different way. His attitude towards abortion should have told people what an evil man he is. It seems that only the rich can be President. We need someone with sense. It doesn’t seem that we have very many people running this country that has any. I couldn’t believe we had enough people that would fall for Obama. Apparently education is teaching kids what they need to know.

    • FarRightWinger

      What do u know EXACTLY about Hitler’Health Care plan? it was free and provided for every German. 100% different than NObama’s “health care system”.
      So, I wait for you to explain for me Hitler’s Health Care plan.

      • Frederick H

        Of course. health care was free in Germany during the Hitler regime. What with the majority of the (millions of) Jews either killed in concentration camps or kicked out of the country; a life expectancy of about sixty years (at least twenty years more nowadays), underpayment of medical personnel and tightly controlled work schedules. Besides, “our” Fuhrer wanted to show off brightly and sweeten the very bitter pill of preparation (and eventually the launch) of a “frische, froehliche Krieg” (war in English), which would cost millions and millions of young men and women their lives. So, what do you reckon, eh???

    • http://yahoo brandon

      I get it now glen peck druggie Limbaugh Now I get you people.

  • richard c

    the removal of obama would not be a catasrophic event as one might think. one, means congress finally got it, two, bidden is of no harm or value added, he will be party nuetral – obama is the head of the snake that must be killed, the others will fall into line as to what represnting the people really means when obama is impeached nd tried as a terrorist. .

  • KS Ruff

    Obama just needs to go along with the crooks who surround him. I don’t know why those who think he is so wonderful can’t see that the policies he is rushing through (only because he knows he has only two years to do so before the country turns his Democratic congress out) will be the ruin of America. The debt is just the beginning. He has borrowed put us deeper in debt than all the former presidents all added together! How could Congress allow this. He has turned our bankruptcy laws upside down and given Chrysler to Italy–where Fiat is also controlled by their government and is a long way from being a succesful company. He and his cohorts have engineered the worst tax bill in history in this cap and trade (more appropriately tax and trade) nightmare….and one that no one is even discussing is the HR 1913–the proposed hate crime legislation that has already passed the house. If that passes the senate, free speech as we know it in America is gone. A person could be arrested for a hate crime for quoting the Bible, expressing an opinion, etc. It is one step away from thought crime.

    I used to teach school and taught 1984 as fiction. I realize I should have taught it as prophecy. Orwell just had the year wrong.

  • David Smith

    I find it Ironic that educated, progressive people are unwilling to put to bed or even seriously discuss some obvious inconsistencies that a large percentage of the masses are seeing. The lack of transparency on this issue, amount of energy spent on defense from the accused is astounding and leads me to start believing the opposition that our President is indeed an illegal alien and the first one foreign born (in Mombasa, Kenya). Could you imagine the uproar if this was a conservative politician not President Obama? I personally would love to see this answered once and for all but somehow I doubt that the ruling elitists will allow it.
    A birth announcement in a local paper would be an obvious step along with obtaining a certificate of live birth instead of a regular birth certificate to make the foreign born baby appear American for all the obvious advantages that would allow. On the surface this would appear to warrant further investigation.
    What a double standard, the unsubstantiated accusations that are propagated on Palin are printed as fact and any reasonable assumptions on Obama are dismissed as insane ramblings is unacceptable and must be answered.
    Carter brought us Reagan, Obama will bring us Palin! I am anticipating a backlash to the socialist agenda being rammed down our throats by the Progressives. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried before and will not work in this country either. If you rob from Peter to pay Paul, Peter will be a Dick no one likes to be a Dick after all and will become Paul, Then there will be no more Peters to take from and all will starve.
    Thanks From ZACTech in Marlboro NY

  • James Corbin

    Keith, Thank you for serving our country. What you say is write on!

  • James Corbin

    Mona, I believe Acorn had alot to do with the election!!!!

  • James Corbin

    lover-of- America: I don’t know how Obama listen to Rev.Wright all those years and took his children to hear the hate against the white people and our country. Obama,
    when running for president—made the statement that he couldn’t disown Rev. Wright
    no more than he could disown the black community.—He was loosing ground with voters—–He sure changed his tune. As some one said a snake in the grass is what he is!!!! He is taking us to one world goverment, one world Bank and one world Church , Which will be his belief. If you rebel—Guess what happens!!!!! I think you all know the story.

  • lover_of_America

    Keith and all those who have served, thanks for serving our country.. Mona, i believe as James does, Acorn had a whole lot to do with the election of Obama Hussein ( what a name for an American president by the way). James, thanks for the feed back.. also, i sadly say i believe i do know whats coming. God bless all of you , and once again, may God bless America .

  • James Corbin

    Laura, The Republican Party just wants the country back and our freedom, which is slowly being taken away. You had better come to realization. I am a democrat but it is time to put politics aside and pay attention what is really taking place. Obama, is putting us in debt so far—–for what ????? Stop and think !!!! Please!

  • Frederick H

    Ha ha Palin, that dumb cow who doesn’t even know that Africa is a continent, not a country, who thinks Moscow’s just a few hundred miles away from Alaska. Well, that’ll be the laughing stock of this world. Go ahead, pick your Palin and see how America will dwindle into further economic chaos and be hated even more than ever under Bush. By the way, I am eagerly awaiting a really shrewd analysis of the real motives behind her resignation. Some scandal(s) brewing? I wouldn’t the least be surprised.

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      I dont think anybody can screw up the economy worse than the stupid swine obama. I believe that Palin raised her kid up good. It was obama who said that if his kids made a mistake they should not be punished with a child. After all this you want to say Palin will promote stupid spending. Obama is the poster boy for being and promoting irresponsibility. YOU JACK*

  • James Corbin

    Palin , doesn’t hide anything! Everything was out in the open. At least her daughter had the baby and is taking care of it——Better than murder! I would say they are a true American family. Why is Palin brought up? She isn’t the one ruining our country .!

  • James Corbin

    I don’t thing Obama is for the Jewish Nation! This frightens me! If the U.S. turns her back on Israel—– Woe unto us!

  • James Corbin

    I don’t think a Community Organizer would be qualifed to run this country! By the way has anybody ever gotten records from the colleges that Obama attended? They have the other presidents! Why not this one? Why is everything so secretive about Obama?
    Or doesn’t anybody know anything about him? No, I don’t think it has any thing to do with the color of his skin. A large percent of white people voted for him. Speaking of
    racism, blacks voted about 99 % for Obama.

  • James Corbin

    I think Obama picked Bidden, someone he could put wool over his eyes!!!!!

  • James Corbin

    You people speak about being educated. You really don’t have to be too smart to know or figure out what is going on. We are being decieved by this man and congress

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      Bidden is a idiot! Obama picked him because he has the same agenda as he does. Nobody can be that stupid and make it as far as he has. I take that back a bunch of idiots are eating their votes right now. Lol

  • James Corbin

    No wonder Obama was voted top global leader—— someone weak and can be walked on. They don’t fear Obama!!!!!

  • James Corbin

    Wanda, I am with you on your thinking! Big Government will take everything! We will not have our freedom. I can’t see why people don’t realize what is happening. It isn’t because of race or politics it’s because of all that is happening.

  • James Corbin

    Frederick: Schwglzenegger, is putting California, under ——Like Obama is doing to
    all of us!

  • Wayne Myers

    Where are all the chicken-s**t Liberals?

  • Frederick H

    James dear, the problems California is facing now did not start with Schwarzenegger, but with, yes, with the Reagan administration He, Reagan, honored the American tradition of sweetening the citizens’ (i.e. the voters’) lips with massive tax reductions during his term as State Governer. Uncle Arnie trotted in his footsteps and look at the mess the poor Californians have to endure right now. Maybe it’ll be a fine lesson for Middle Class America in general: okay, keep whining and whimpering about the “outrageous” tax rates your Governement’s dumping on you all the time, let that same Governement take heed and see how many of the goodies you so dearly cherish will be left for you in the end. Jeez, some folk will never learn. Obama’s not putting the funds he’s reserved into his own pocket, for Christ’s sake. It’s all meant for your children and grandchildren (see his environmental agenda) and your poor fellow citizens (46 million uninsured Americans, the shame of the Western World). I’ve lived in Sweden and in the Netherlands for a while and never heard one single person complain about the very stiff income tax rates there: 42-52 %. But health care there is of the highest standard as is the educational system. All the things you’re still cutting each other’s throats over here in the US, have been settled a long time ago within the really civilized countries overseas. Learn, learn, learn for once. j

  • fred

    The greatest atrocity is that Obama spent 750 million to buy the White House. The second greatest atrocity was convincing the american people to spend 780 billion on a supposed stimulus package that would revive our ecnonomy. The money to buy the election came from the big unions who he paid back ten fold with the stimulus money. The stimulus package was promised to prevent unemployment from ever going above 8 percent. Well umemployment just reached 9.5 percent. The only thing Obama stimulated were the pockets of the henchmen that got him elected. The biggest bribe in history and he used our tax dollars to pay them off. We just stood there and watched it happen believing that he actually had the american people’s best interests at heart. The only interests he has are his own. Next he will ruin our health care system. Obama stated last week that one sure way to save money on health care would be to refuse operations and treatments to older citizens that are not worth keeping around. any more because they are costing us to much money to keep them alive. Euthenasia has finally reached our country and the people of our country are just going to sit there and let this happen. Wait til your older and the government decides that you are not worthy of keeping around anymore because you need care. Nancy Pelosi stated the same thing awhile ago in regards to abortion. It was one way to keep government costs down because we could just get rid of unwanted human life by encouraging abortion as a population control method. It is extreme liberals in our world that have this ideas. It is liberal democrats like Pelosi, Reid, and our president.
    The mistake of electing Obama will never be corrected. What he will do in the next 4 years will be irreversible. A sad sad day in the history of our country when we became so desperate that we elected a man like him. Save yourself before its to late.

    • http://yahoo brandon

      I thought your policy wouldn’t allow racist I no this is not supposed to be a christian site couldn’t be.

      • Benny

        Dear Brandon,

  • James Corbin

    My dear Fredrick I don’t think so. Why are you so upset ? Look, as I have said I am or was a democrat but after reading both sides I think the republican beliefs are much better. I never voted for Obama. I watchedand followed him giving his speeches and
    I couldn’t believe how much he lied and flip-flopped. Tell one thing and do another. I also know you can’t raise taxes when the economy is in the shape it is. We wont have to worry about the environment——no jobs, wont be able to buy or sale. The money(stimulus) isn’t going for anything to help the economy. I think maybe you should go live in Sweden or perhaps Netherlands if those countries suit you.

  • James Corbin

    Brandon, it isn’t the color of skin it’s what he is doing!!!!!!

  • James Corbin

    If George Bush is the worst president—–then there is one after him who is worse!
    Only been in ofice six months and has put us so far in debt—-more than all the presidents put together.

  • Leda Cook

    President Obama is seemingly a malignant narcissist. He believes in his head that he is rightous and all mighty. As the polls decline, we can only hope that his idiot has a visible mental breakdown and we can get this distructive, American hating president out of office. His philosophy if punishing hard working, law abiding citizens and rewarding the lazy, the illegal, and the parasitic is beyond me. Understanding that this man’s parents, neither of them wanting him and dumping him on his grandparents should have given some voters a clue that he may have mental issues. His Mother, a PhD stayed on welfare and chased foreign men across the world, but failed to make her relationships work. . . all while a recepient of welfare from the government . . . which may explain Obamas lust for making all Americans dependent upon the government. While this man is half white, he has a distinct destain for “Whites and their successes”, and his love of the environment???? Right?

    Washington DC now stands for Washington, the Dictrict of Corruption . . . Chicago Style. With ACORN beging the long arm of this Administration and one of the most corrupt entities who is used by this Administration to do their dirty work. . . which included election manipulation which got this Idiot elected, will manipulate the Census which they have been hired to take (by this Administration) and, in case you don’t know, the Census is 18 pages and includes questions like “what time do you leave for work”, but fails to ask if you are a citizen. I strongly suggest you limit your answers to the Census and don’t let the census taker in your home.

    The Pelosi Dream Bill, allows any illegal who is already in this country under the age of 18 to become a citizen . . . automotically . . . then they can bring over the rest of the “gang” from wherever. . . increasing our already overburdened welfare roles and prison system . . . at taxpayer expense.

    Under Cap and Trade the retrofitting of housing to meet government standards will pretty much destroy the already ailing real estate markets. Under this bill, all homes will have to be tested by a government official for air tightness in walls, doors and windows must be thermal insulating, all appliances must be the highest rated energy efficient type, which includes HVAC and hot water heaters and must be brought to the government standards prior to a permit by the government being issued so that you MAY sell your own home? (Gee, where are your rights?) The cost to the average American living in a 15+ older home will be well into the thousands, eating away all equity. Americans will be reluctant to sell because of cost. And then of course, who would want to “move up” to a larger home when the predicted energy costs to heat/cool, water, and of course maintain these larger homes are predicted to be astronomical.

    Then there is the water NAZI inclusion in Cap and Trade which limits our shower time as mandated by the government. (And again, do you have any rights left?)

    The is approximately 61,779 Billion dollars in pork in the bills which includes projects like Oyster Rehabilitation (800K), Bridge on the Tamiami Trail (60M), a walking trail along the Ohio River (3.6M), Bat Surveys (100K), A water taxi to nowhere in Conn. (1.9M), a second bridge to Marco Island, Fla. (28M), turtle tunnels so they can cross roads as they don’t like the existing ones already built, a Las Vegas History Museum (143M) and much more. It’s insane!

    There are two bills on the Senate Floor involving healthcare 676 and 703. One will undoubetly pass. Read them both and for God’s Sake and the sake of this great National be vocal and contact your elected officials. . . all of them!

    President Obama will have in the 6 short months he has been in office spend more than that this country has spent during its entire history as a Nation. . . and aren’t you feeling secure and stimulated???

    Our voices are no long heard by our elected officials who have become Obama’s puppets. Anything Obama feels he will receive opposition on, he appoints Czars, while eliminate having to pass it through the Congress and Senate. Currently he has appoint 21 Czars. . . more than we have ever had through all of our American history. If we have so many Czars and Obama making all decisions without hearing the voices of the American People via their elected official, why have elected officials on payroll?

    We need to clean house completely. In order to stop this maddness in Washington, we may well have to stop funding it and revolt! I don’t think the tea parties are for not. . they are a prelude to what is to come and appropriately named!

    To each reader I ask that you e mail or write the President, your Senators and Congressmen and even your Governor OFTEN. Keep your letters in a file. Be heard, whether they like it or not! Be proactive! Each voice adds up and currently there are millions!

    The destruction of American as we know it is approaching under this Administration. I am of the belief that Obama will attempt to form one world currency, one world government and ultimately one world leader. . . which he hopes to become. As he cripples the world financially and disables their function with these financially crippling policies and takeovers . . . he is setting the stage for himself. . . at the peril of every American Citizen and the demise of a Great Nation.

  • James Corbin

    Leda Cook, You say it best!!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    What I see before me is not the America I grew up in. Everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance, everyone stood as one (under God) and was PROUD to be an American and was willing to fight and defend what she stood for. One day someone said to me after I sneezed, bless you and I was taken aback when I realized no one says ‘God bless you’ anymore – when did that happen?

    It saddens, frightens and makes me mad as hell to see what Obama is doing to our country. The day Obama was elected put such fear in me it made me feel hopeless and desperate for my country for the very first time in my 55 years. I cried and thought here is a man more than half of the American people voted into office and they didn’t even know ANYTHING about him. In my gut I felt it was just the beginning of the decline of America, the taking of our rights, our freedom, and our prosperity.

  • Tom M.

    Impeachment? Yes, but where do the procedings need to start? If the procedings start with Obama, then we would get Biden. When procedings get rid of Biden, then we get Pelosi. Is it possible to impeach all three at one time? I think our government is so full of questionable characters now, it would be almost impossible to find a really GOOD starting point!! I say, turn the fire hoses on all of them and “wash them all out of the government “!! In all my years, (77) I have never seen such antics from our “ELECTED?, BOUGHT?” or just a plain old “CORRUPT” line up of National
    question marks in my time.
    I thought Carter and “Slick Willie” were bad, but these three are just beyond my comprehention!!!!!

  • Frederick H

    Ever heard of sane, rational argumentation Leda? Well, having read your post here, I’m doubtful you really understand what this means. Let me explain by addressing your arguments as thoroughly as possible .

    1) Obama is seemingly a malignant narcissist. He believes in his head that he is righteous and all mighty. Oh yeah? Got any hard evidence for that? (You must be a very well trained clinical psychologist and a clairvoyant to boot, to come up with such a clear-cut and shrewdly motivated “diagnosis”….). Anyway, all I find here in your first paragraph sounds more like mere bigoted, racist allegations than an intelligently constructed body of convincing, rational arguments. I really can’t see what Obama’s mother’s history has got to do with the man’s current plans and policies. This is nothing short of cheap tabloid filth, gossip garbage fit for your Sunday afternoon tea parties, but most certainly not for a serious Forum debate. Whether Obama’s mom did or did not chase man around the globe is none of your business and shouldn’t be anyone’s concern here at all. If it is relevant in any way then we should be very proud of a man who, despite his troublesome family background succeeded in becoming a Harvard Law professor and made it to the White House, finally. And, a destain (disdain is what you mean, I gather) for whites and their successes? Well, I’d like to invite you to be just a wee bit more precise. Which “successes” should we be worried about here now and how precisely is Obama undermining these “white successes” (whatever that may mean). Furthermore, I suppose he’s busy backing “black successes” by the dozen, if I follow your drift. Now, all those poor sods in Harlem NY, downtown La and all the other slum areas around will be highly surprised to hear about this……

    2) And then, of course, we have the incredibly intelligent (!) conspiracy prattle, suggesting that he (Obama) could have been only elected president by way of fraud (i.e. Census Manipulation, etc). Now, once again, where’s your hard proof, where is this unequivocally and irrefutably registered as a cold, hard fact for everyone of us to see and judge? Besides, do you really think that not one single Republican Congressman or woman would have noticed and screamed their head off for all the world to hear and slam this half-white/half-black guy out of DC once and for all? Come on, dear Leda, what do you take the American People for, a bunch of complete morons? This is all so totally ridiculous, my wife and I couldn’t stop laughing when we read that well-researched (….) contribution of yours here. (Oh, by the way, did you know that when Bush jr “stole” the 2000 elections from Al Gore, as they say, folk all over the country began to holler about a whole fraudulent scheme having been concocted down there in Florida? Good grieve, when will anything significant ever change here in America).

    3) Oh yes, cap and trade, another favorite one of conservative complainers, i.e. the Obama critics who just want him to do just nothing and let the fossil-fuel based mafia go on for another forty to fifty years until not a single drop of oil or an once of coal will have been left within this poor planet’s bowels. And, of course, the most sensible thing to do now is to refrain from funding any innovative green technology, because a viable solution for the scarcity of energy resources in about four decades will surely present itself automatically, as if by magic! So, Obamaniac, don’t you dare to overtax these poor Bible worshippin’ Middle Class Christian sods, or they’ll kick your black azz outta that White House you’ve been taintin’ for the past six months with that darkie wife and kids a yours….. Yes Leda, I can hear you sing this fine song during your fancy tea parties and pray, yes pray for that black idiot (as you yourself call him) to take a swift bullet to the heart and let Professor Palin dance into the oval office with her little white baby boy genius…..

    4) Ah, lest I forget, the Czars. Did their lot originate with the Obama administration? Yes, yes, you got it, they didn’t. They’ve been around for about three decades already. Bush’s had a few of his own, helping him out nicely with his Iraq war scheme(s). But what I’d like to know Leda: which decisions did the Obama Czar boys (and girls??) take lately that’s clearly and significantly affecting us poor Americans (especially in our pockets and our freedoms)? Just very curious! But also, if Congress is so upset about the growing number and the ever increasing power of the Czars, why don’t they come up with new and really intelligent legislative proposals to curb the authority of these Rasputins substantially and permanently? That’s what they’ve been elected for to do, haven’t they? The bottom-line? Instead of complaining and sighing endlessly about a so-called power hungry President, be creative, come up with sensible and viable solutions for the problems the poor man is facing and is causing if you think America is about to be wiped off the face of this sorry planet. Come on, get to work!

  • s c

    So b o finally learned there’s more to reality than polls. Did it come as a shock that not everyone likes him? His fans are like teens who dote on rock stars [duh]. He thinks there’s no downside to spending the US into generational debt. He surrounds himself with hog-slop losers, and then he gets mad when the aroma isn’t ‘nice.’ His backers act like they’re on drugs. His growing carbon footprint is enough to cripple the world [and shame Gore, if that's possible]. Either b o’s plan is to bankrupt us, or he’s just another puppet, trying to please his masters in the shadows. Without a doubt, he’s a ‘legend in his own mind.’ Who said we need another FDR? We couldn’t afford the first one. We need a second one like we need a fourth-rate comedian in the Senate (oops!).

  • s c

    The King of Manipulated Polls (b o) can now look forward to diving poll numbers. Very soon, New York taxpayers will be bled and roasted – compliments of the White House. Beyond that, two b o appointees are admitted communists! He sure can pick ‘em. Even libs are seeing that b o has NO chance to ‘restore’ the economy. This is a Ponzi scheme on steroids. Investors now see that investing in anything related to derivatives is a disaster, and b o wants government to be responsible for ‘watching’ derivatives AFTER the fact. Let the lawsuits and the impeachment rallies begin!

  • Frederick H

    Ha, impeachment? No way! He, President Obama (not b.o., s.c) is here and he’s here to stay for at least 3½ more years. He’s been doing an excellent job up until now and he’s loved all over the planet, except by spiteful, bigoted conservative Yankees, of course. Well, just yesterday it was announced that one of the banks bailed out a couple of months ago has already paid off its 28 billion dollar debt and others are to follow very soon. So all this parrot prattle about the President putting us all heavily in debt is nothing more than a bunch of b.s., because a lot of hateful folk just don’t want President Obama to succeed in fulfilling his mission, period.

  • Gene

    The longer this fruit cake stays in office is just the closer to hell America is bound! This man is known nothing about but who he has associated himself with. He has been signaling all countries that he is gonna bring this USA to it’s heels….just hang with him that he will devalue the dollar….try to discontinue in God We Trust on everything!….Islam is his main goal….people in most part can be fooled very easily….and there were many that did just that voted for Obama women thought he was sexy etc…..slobbering all over him like da’ hell with the constitution let me have some of him attitude….any true American wouldn’t even considered getting this America hating individual into office of president! He has to GO!!! before he causes something that can’t be undone!……..God Bless America……..

  • Gene

    FrdrickH, it wouldn’t make any difference to you who Obama is or his opinions of America…it is said there is a fool born every minute and there seems to be so many of them in this day and time! Opinions are good to have but when anybody can listen to what he (Obama) says as much as he has said and going over seas to down this country. He is as his pastor says God damn this America! If you can’t see it then you might be in the category as I said above. I want success but not to the extent of going via the Jews in WW2.

  • Eddy

    As a former Marine I remember taking an oath to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Since Obama’s grandmother swears he was born in Kenya, that makes a foreigner. One that swore on his application for a visa to Pakistan he was both a citizen of Indonesia and Islam’s kiss ass. Makes me wonder if maybe he attended one of the terrorist training camps himself,he’s caused much more damage to our way of life than the Osama ever can. He seems to be doing every thing possible to help them. No longer are they called terrorists ,bringing them from gitmo to New York ,setting them up to have charges dropped, or beaten .It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he wouldn’t pardon them if by some slim chance Eric Holder hasn’t rigged the federal court to set them free. anything in the world to appease the far left. and to suck up to “the religion of peace”. Every time I think about it makes my blood boil. He should be caned in the street,impeached,then deported as a hostile foreigner.The boy needs to go.

  • Ryan Cooke

    Has anyone seen one of those interviews with Charlie Sheen this morning? He has really fell of the rocker. Why is constantly referencing warlocks and obscure things? In all seriousness, what happened to him?


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