Obama administration’s popularity declines


A new Harris Interactive poll has suggested the initial excitement at America’s new president seems to be wearing off and people are starting to express discontent.

The market research company asked 2,177 adults aged 18 and over how their viewed certain governmental figures and the results were not promising.

This month, Hilary Clinton’s popularity dropped three points to 47 percent and over a quarter or respondents view her in a negative light. However, she fared better than Nancy Pelosi whom 49 percent of Americans rate negatively.

Meanwhile, some 38 percent of respondents indicate they are not happy with Vice President Joe Biden and a further 24 percent felt that Tim Geithner was not doing his job as effectively as he could.

Overall, Harris Interactive reports that 75 percent of Americans feel negatively towards Congress, marking its lowest ratings for the year so far. Only 21 percent of those surveyed feel positive towards the Democrats in Congress.

Respondents also feel that their Republican congressmen and women need to improve their performance as 46 percent negatively rated the congressional GOP.

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