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Obama Administration Wants Guns Off Public Land

November 18, 2011 by  

Obama Administration Wants Guns Off Public Land

The United States Department of the Interior has drafted new legislation that would potentially kick firearms enthusiasts off of millions of acres of public lands in order to keep them from “freaking out” urbanites who like to use the land for hiking and dog walking.

According to an article written by Paul Bedard for Washington Whispers, if the Interior Department is successful, large portions of the 245 million acres of public lands controlled by the Bureau of Land Management will likely be off-limits for hunting and target practice. The biggest impact of the laws will be to tracts of land situated in the West.

“It’s not so much a safety issue. It’s a social conflict issue,” said Frank Jenks, a natural resource specialist with the Bureau.

The draft regulations raise concerns about how shooting can cause a “public disturbance,” and also say that shooters can hurt plants and litter public lands.

According to the article, Land Management officers will be assigned the task of assessing areas where hunting or target practice often take place to determine if the area is being misused or if other users of the land are being annoyed by the presence of firearms.

The Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, which represents many organizations that promote hunting and gun sports, is fighting the new rules and has worked to draft a counterproposal to the rules.

Those fighting the rules note that shooters bring fewer accidents and less destruction to public land than other recreationists such as ATV riders.

Since this story first broke, the Interior Department has been under heavy pressure from gun owners to ensure that public lands remain for shooting sports.

A Department official said yesterday that the agency supports shooters and has a goal of keeping most of the land available to them, though some areas closer to homes will be made off limits.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • David in MA

    “The United States Department of the Interior has drafted new legislation”

    I always thought only Congress could write legislation~~~~silly me.

    2012~~ political cleansing is a must.
    2012~~ Out with the old & in with the new.

    • MilitaryPatriot

      I want Obamas’ butt off the American soil. Go back to Kenya, you bum. Push the leaver on the toilet, get er done. Joe the plummer.

  • tim

    The bastards are doing everything they can to take our 2nd amendment rights. Now thier trying to take hunting away also. Fu(k!n tree huggers!!!!! Do they really think they need all that land to go hiking. Most of them couldn’t walk a mile without getting lost or having a heart attack!!

    • DanB

      “Those fighting the rules note that shooters bring fewer accidents and less destruction to public land than other recreationists such as ATV riders.”

      Tree huggers are usually self-deluded. They believe that if they donate big and promote the environment that then they are justified to go out for a spin with their ATV…. or just steal office supplies because they are morally superior….

      Anyways, the paranoid here are very correct. This is about curbing second amendments rights. If they can crush the amount of land you can hunt on then it will be a lot easier to actually ban and control guns. First you have to take away the freedom to hunt (not protected by the second amendment). Once you’ve abolished hunting you have not only setup the death of the second amendment, you’ve also attacked the foundation of an independent people…. I may not hunt myself, but I know all too well that hunting and fishing are connected and intertwined with independence. Not a guarantee of it, but the parallels might be strong. And unless you’ve forgotten, this administration has already been waging war against fishing as well. Starting small and working up to destroying independence in America.

      • Boris Badinov

        Hey Dan! Even paranoids have enemies.
        I damn near shot a man in upstate NY during big game season.
        He was bent over in a berry patch, wearing a raccoon coat. I was tightening down on the trigger and he stood up. I put the round past his nose and he heard the supersonic crack before he heard my rifle shot. I used every obscenity I knew and alot I didn’t know until that day. I was wearing day-glo orange and he was wearing a fur coat.

        • Blogengeezer

          Soo you shoot at anything with Fur?

          • Average Joe Patriot

            If it’s bear hunting season, and you are of the approximate right size and shape and wearing brown fur, crouching in a berry patch, I guess you have to take your karmic chances. Obviously the wearer of the coat had no problem with animals being killed for their skins.

            Me, I side with those who think that berries should be preserved. (Along with our country’s founding principles.)

          • OldNYFirefighter

            Do PETA people count? Just askin! Some of these clowns get shot every year, as they wear Camo clothing, thinking they won’t be seen, which is true. That is how they get shot, as they are not visible behind a deer when a hunter sights in on the deer. Camo makes sense during Bow Season, not during Rifle or Shotgun Deer Season. That said, I never heard anyone say PETA People were Brilliant or had Common Sense. PETA People wear “BRIGHT ORANGE” preferably Fluorescent Orange & your head will stay on your shoulders where it belongs.

        • james fiske


        • Bob M

          So we ban hunting in order to protect stupid? Any idiot going out berry picking during hunting season dressed like a bear deservs to be shot. It’s called evolution, the dimwits don’t survive to produce more dimwits and the population becomes stronger.
          PS: I’m not seriously proposing open season on dimwits, Just sayin take some responsibility for your actions, don’t blame someone else for your stupidity.

        • Desert_Fox1015

          Man, I’ve heard that story repeated more often than I care to count. Here’s another one: My Brother and I went Deer hunting several years ago and as we started setting up camp we heard loud voice coming from a camp across the small valley we were at and when we looked we saw a bunch of idiots walking around among the trees wearing green and brown clothing, talk about stupid, wow. My Brother and I were wearing our hunting clothes (Dayglo jackets and shirts (Bright yellow for me and Orange for my Brother).

          Those type are the ones that cause some people to get shot by accident and when they do all you hear is How some hunter didn’t pay attention to his surroundings and how our weapons must be taken away. Oh, yeah, the hunter usually ends up in jail.

          • Joe H.

            Well there is the occaisonal idiot that gets out hunting and DRINKS till his common sense goes out the window!!! I was headed to my spot one day to hunt a buck I had seen possibly ten times the month before. As luck would have it, even though I had bright orange coveralls on, A branch about five foot above my head got shot off. I hollered at the guy and he said sorry. I worked my way around to him and there was a pint bottle on the ground in front of him, empty of course. I grabbed his rifle from his hands and told him if he wanted his rifle back he could go down th the wardens office and pick it up!! I should have seen how far I could shove it up or down him and pulled the trigger!! THESE are also the types of idiots that are trying, without knowing, to lose our rights to carry and hunt!!

      • eddie47d

        As the population grows and more folks live in the cities and suburbs there is a greater need to get away and many head to the National Parks and public lands. Hiking,sightseeing,mountain biking and other outdoor adventures don’t always mix with guns.Just last week a hunter mistook a moose for an elk so sometimes hunters do shoot first and ask questions later. I doubt if this is an attack on gun rights but public safety for all who enjoy the outdoors. I’d hate to see hunters not be able to enjoy their sport but things do change. Fifty years ago there was plenty of space for hunters without running into others and now it’s not as easy. One hundred years ago everyone traveled by train now it’s by car or plane.Years ago I use to get riled when they would build an apartment on a large vacant piece of land. That is where I’d run the dogs so change can be irksome.

        • Lost in Paradise

          Where have you been Eddie??? Have you not been paying attention? This is not about safety, it is about one more nail in 2nd ammendment coffin. WE have very little freedom left, and within 2 years it will mostly all be gone.

          • eddie47d

            It sure is about safety but you always bring out your trump card and kill any debate with it.

          • JeffH

            eddie, why don’t you try saying something, anything, with even the least bit of thought behind it rather than your continual mindless childish thoughts. Such a hypocrit!

          • JeffH

            …and eddie, if you had read the article, you’d have seen this: “It’s not so much a safety issue. It’s a social conflict issue,” said Frank Jenks, a natural resource specialist with the Bureau.

            Do you even have any idea of what “social conflict” means or better yet, the theory of “social conflict”?

            Social conflict theory is a Marxist-based social theory which argues that individuals and groups (social classes) within society have differing amounts of material and non-material resources (the wealthy vs. the poor) and that the more powerful groups use their power in order to exploit groups with less power.

            You see, these people who complained and are “freaked out” over the shooting and hunting on the public lands want to change what has been a long standing tradition and a part of America’s outdoor heritage in this country to suit their own needs. There are plenty of outdoor areas where guns and shooting and hunting are not allowed and that is where these complainers should be, not disrupting the lives of those they don’t agree with.

          • J. B.

            Yes, the second amendment is almost gone. We have Geo Soros’s companies buying up all the gun and ammo companies. I guess he wants to take over the U.S.A. like he helped Hitler take over Germany.

          • eddie47d

            Keep spinning your web of deceit Jeff. Sam can say anything he wants to on safety but that doesn’t make it true. Your always so busy playing bad cop or is that negative cop that you can’t see beyond your nose.

          • JeffH

            eddie, with you it’s the same thing over and over and over…child!

            Change will never happen when people lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are.”
            Bryant H. McGill

          • eddie47d

            Then you better get an oil CHANGE on that mind of your. The wheels need a little bit of greasing. Maybe then the real Jeff will pop out.

          • Dennis48e

            eddie you always support any law or rule that makes gun control more restrictive ans oppose any law or ruling that relaxes gun control.

          • Joe H.

            what else is up since they are making it harder and harder to hunt?? Deer/ auto accidents!!! the herds are getting larger per acre than they were in the times of the founding of this nation!! There is disease, starvation, and still births among the herds in ALL states!! Would you rather have the deer starve or suffer waisting disease than hunt them?? Here’s hoping YOU meet a deer head on, alone, of course!!!
            Oh, and BTW I don’t hope for any REAL hurt for you!!!

        • Robert

          What part of New York City or Rhode Island do you live in !?

          • USAF VET

            The trouble with eddie is no matter what the subject is, he goes off the deep end and make it about what he thinks it should be and then gets upset when anyone corrects him because he is wrong or has stated improper facts.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Most of these places are not like your city park eddie47d. You can walk around & not see another soul from sunrise to sunset. 99.9% of hunters or target shooters are not going to be on a bike path or a hiking trail. They (target shooters) are going to be shooting into a solid backstop of some kind. A sand bank makes a good backstop, not a bike trail, road or hiking trail. The situation you are talking about will probably never take place. Your City Park is far more dangerous from resident criminals than National Parks or Government lands. If you go to a National Park & start shooting in the parking lot, I guarantee you a Ranger will have your butt in their car & in hand cuffs before you get to the target you shot at. Most of these Government Lands are hundreds of thousands of acres & there could be one hundred thousand people there & never bump into each other. Your chances of being harmed by wildlife are probably a thousand times more likely to happen. This is another Smoke & Mirrors fallacy, nothing more. Our Southern Border is a different matter. If you plan to bike or hike there, you better have an effective weapon or you will become another victim of the Mexican Drug Cartels.

        • Rob K.

          You make your own point Eddie, Stop building into and onto public open land. Stop forcing the wildlife to move into the populated areas. Are you aware how much money hunters pump into the system that keeps public lands open and cared for? How much extra, beyond existing taxes, do you pay the local, state and federal government to access open public land to walk your dog or ride your bike or have a picnic? Most open public lands are free to access so all you bring and leave is dog crap and garbage. Lets see how you feel when a wild pig runs over your dog, or a child gets hurt by a wild animal that wouldnt be in that area if there were hunters controling their populations. Are there irresponsibly pet owners, campers, recreational vehicle operators, hikers, backers, of course there are. When you get rid of all them come talk to me about limiting hunter access to open public land.

      • FWO21

        The 9th amendment covers all freedoms not specifically written in the constitution so yes, you do have the freedom to hunt and target practice on “public lands”. We are the “public” and it technically belongs to us, the people.

        The states need to create laws to protect the shooter and the person living on public lands. Give us our America back!!!

        It seems to me they are trying to liberate all the other countries while taking away our liberties.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Tim it really is not the tree huggers, it is the communist movement in America. We no longer have a government by the people, and for the people, and we will only have that right, and reatore our Republic with a full scale revolution, using the guns and ammo, they want to confiscate.

      • eddie47d

        So you know for a fact that any hiker,tourist or mountain biker using this land is a communist? I think LOST only want free reign in shooting anyone who doesn’t fit her agenda.It’s not all about you LOST.

        • RWS

          Eddie, I think the point he is making is that they are legislating more freedom’s away and using their “reasons” as justification which is another step towards tyranny/communism regardless of whether the hiker is a communist or not. Those “reasons” still don’t justify the stripping of those freedoms.

          Not every American is a terrorist but the govt. has their “reasons” on why they need to have the authority to snoop on everyone.

          • JeffH

            RWS, look up and down at eddie’s comments…for the most part they don’t make much sense and he loves, like so many liberals like to do, to put words in others mouths. He can’t even understand himself so how could he be expected to understand anyone else. A total lack of comprehension.

          • eddie47d

            That’s because you have a lack of comprehension Jeff or else you would get a clue. They use to have shoot outs in Western towns also but that doesn’t mean they should have continued. Things change and for the safety of those towns they put an end to it. I can’t imagine the sheriff of any town today standing in the middle of the road having a shoot out with a perp. Comprehend?

          • JeffH

            “Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed.”
            Don Wood

          • eddie47d

            Jeff’s mind is so closed you’d need a can opener to pry it open and he has the audacity to call anyone else stupid.

          • Dennis48e

            “Jeff’s mind is so closed you’d need a can opener to pry it open…”

            One would need a plasma cutter and pry bar to open your closed mind eddie.

          • Joe H.

            first you would need a few sticks of TNT to blast eddies head out of his wazoo!!!

        • JeffH

          This comment pretty much defines eddie’s abilities to understand anything…”So you know for a fact that any hiker,tourist or mountain biker using this land is a communist? I think LOST only want free reign in shooting anyone who doesn’t fit her agenda.It’s not all about you LOST.”

          Lost mentioned nothing about the “hiker,tourist or mountain biker” being communists but eddie sure decided that was what Lost meant…liberals love to put words in others mouths, all the while inserting their own feet in their own mouths.

          eddie…FYI…it’s the mindset of the progressive communist thinkers and their need to control every facet of someone elses life because it doesn’t coincide with theirs that Lost was talking about…but that’s just a little to complicated for you to understand.

          “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

          • eddie47d

            Then you better come to a complete stand still and smell the roses or is that gunpowder. What part of population growth didn’t you understand Joe(Jeff) Friday? There is more demand on these open spaces so there is less for everyone. Got it? I know you like to buddy up with extremists like LOST …opps I forgot you are one of them!

          • JeffH

            eddie, you’re always such a simpleton!

          • eddie47d

            Still looking for a can opener Jeff? You’ve heard the old saying about “prying minds want to know”. Well how about prying open your mind!

          • USAF VET

            Jeff, eddie has been watching too many movies. there weren’t 1/10th that many shootouts in the old western towns. They usually setteled things with their fists. Of course in case of rustling or horse stealing they held a necktie party. Guns were carried mostly for protection out on the range from wild animals, or hunting. About 1% of them were really what they call gun slicks. I guess eddie thinks the movies are showing real history.

        • Desert_Fox1015

          Eddie47d, Eddie47d, I don’t think he’s saying that. What he’s saying is that certain elements within our society would love nothing better than total control over everyone’s life. What I’m saying is having someone telling you where you can live, who you must marry, how many kids you can have, what type of job you are suited for, telling you what kind of education or lack of you must have and most of all keep you from going to the hills for a few days of relaxation. In other words, Eddie47d, own you. I call that Slavery.

  • Fredsworld

    Like we didn’t see this coming! Help stop this backdoor assault on our 2nd amendment rights and call your congressman or woman! Our tax dollars purchased this land so we do have a say in this. There has been a peaceful coexistence with hunters and nature lovers for over 200 years so this is more lies coming out of our so called “government” to divide us and steal our rights away! I really like the part about littering like hunters are the only ones who would ever do that! Pathetic!

    • wandamurline

      DO better than that…fire all of the gun haters in 2012 starting with Chuch Schumer. This land belongs to ALL Americans, not just the city dwellers on a weekend trip. Vote them out…all the sewage that has been backed up for years…let’s roto rooter the drains so Washington is drains are again clean. Every Demorat and every RINO…let’s elect constitutional conservatives who believe that the Constitituion is the law of America and that we have a Republic not a Democracy.

      • JUKEBOX

        I drive through Federal lands several times a week with my “LEGAL PERMITTED FIREARM”, so this new rule will make me a “CRIMINAL” for driving to church, going to the doctor or a myriad of “LEGAL” activities. Will state carry permits overide this Federal law? I don’t think so, without a Supreme Court Ruling.

        • eddie47d

          It said nothing about carrying only hunting and target shooting.

          • jimster

            This is just the first step, that’s next.

          • eddie47d

            How terrible that we have to wear seat belts. They might even make us put our headlights on at night. You’re to paranoid for this conversation jimster.

          • JeffH

            …eddie, nor did it say anything about seatbelts or headlights…such a childish HYPOCRIT!

          • eddie47d

            Some things go over peoples head. Apparently everything goes over Jeff’s head. It was a comparison Jeff so stop peeing your pants for heaven’s sake.

          • JeffH

            “The reasoning man who scorns the prejudices of simpletons necessarily becomes the enemy of simpletons; he must expect as much, and laugh at the inevitable.”
            Marquis De Sade

          • eddie47d

            Then why is Jeff always so prejudice and full of folly?

          • Joe H.

            Don’t worry, eddie, Like I told your special buddy mark, the gubmint will protect you frum tda bad men wif the scarey guns!!!!NOT!!!

      • Lost in Paradise

        Sorry Wandamurline, we no longer have a constitution and we are no longer a republic. WE are done, if we do not stand up and fight with our guns like patriots.

        • Lastmanstanding

          Lost…I can assure you that the day is coming…when the “last stand” will be reality…it will be the ONLY chance to remain free.

          I don’t think enough Americans are awake to do it peacefully.

      • USAF VET

        Diane Feinstien is one of the worst hipocrites in D.C. She has pushed gun control and gun removal for years, yet she has a conceal/carry permit, and totes a gun almost everywhere she goes. These are the double standard people we need to get out of government.

        • Joe H.

          USAF VET,
          and just like the insider trading exemption, they will be exempt from all gun laws because they KNOW the people will be PISSED!!!

    • ernest

      just another deal like Fast & Furious.

      • Jaco

        And you see the out come of that….they used it to get the “National Carry Concealed Regestery” pasted. Bad for all gun owners.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      I think someone forgot to tell Eddie that National Parks now allow Concealed Carry of a Weapon by people that have the Permits. Eddie would probably pee his pants if he walked past me because I carry concealed because I am not big enough to carry a cop. Actually he would walk right past me & never know I was armed, but that includes the city as well. A friend is a rabid anti-gun person who visited. She brought up the subject & said they scared her to death. I said you don’t look dead to me & she had a puzzled look on her face. She finally said what do you mean & I said I am armed right now & my gun didn’t jump out & shoot you. She said, you’re kiddin & I said, nope & reached behind my back, un-holstered it & set it on the table. I then said, it must like you as it didn’t shoot you & that made her laugh. After a couple of more visits she asked about it & I took her to the local indoor range. She still doesn’t own one, but she is now comfortable with me having one & understands she is safer when with me than when she is not, especially since a young thug punched her & stole her purse in a store parking lot. Now she understands!

      • sidewinderaz

        We find time and again anecdotal evidence (personal stories for eddie47d) of more people that because of their indoctrination in our government education system or by the news media and Holly-weird to be deathly afraid of guns and gun owners (the gunfights in the old West mantra).
        OldNYFirefighter you did this woman a favor and probably converted her to our side. She may even become a gun owner at some point
        I also believe that we are one crime away from converting a liberal anti-gun person to a gun owner.

        • Joe H.

          Unfortunatly, there are already some of the anti gunners that are carriers and have permits!! Or they have armed guards around them!!They just don’t want YOU to have one!!!

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    i like to see the SOBS come after my guns there wouldnt be too many left.

    • Al Sieber

      Right come and “Git ‘Em”, there isn’t enough BLM rangers.

      • Al Sieber

        This isn’t gonna work because there’s millions of acres of public land and people freak out if they see you packing, well it’s their right also.

  • Starvin Larry

    Ideas like this are the result of a site that was set up by this admin. called “Americas Great Outdoors Idea Jam” The site was heavily populated by the far-left,the animals rights whackos,extreme environmentalists,anti-hunters,anti- ATV,snowmobile,or any other off-road vehicle,they even wanted to ban horses from public lands!

  • CJ

    “.. or if other users of the land are being annoyed by the presence of firearms.” And the neocons believe their altruism considers the shooters interests? Who gave them the right to choose morality. Maybe the shooters are annoyed by them! I know I am.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      I’m with you, CJ. A little over 30 years ago my girlfriend and I were hiking in AZ (open carry state at the time, still is) in a public lands area which also sported dangerous wildlife, some of it notoriously human. As we descended a mountain back to our vehicle and civilization we met a woman walking two rather large dogs; they began barking, then growling, then lunging at us. The woman struggled to keep them in check, stared at our holsters and announced in a self-righteously accusatory tone: “They don’t LIKE guns.” She pronounced the word “guns” like it was the vilest of words.

      I did not say what first occurred to me; we made a wide pass and went on down in silence.

      What first occurred to me was to respond: “Hey, lady? We don’t like people who can’t control their dogs. Are you just stupid, or do you always insult strangers carrying firearms, and threaten them with your dogs?”

      I like dogs, women, and guns. But had she let go of those leashes guess which fondness I’d have abandoned first? My girlfriend asked afterward, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

      I said, “Why didn’t you?”

      She said, “Because if I’d said what I wanted to say, she might have let go the leashes. I’d hate to shoot a dog just because it’s owner’s an effing idiot.”

      • Joe H.

        give the lady a cigar or what ever else she wants!!!!!

  • Russell Bennett

    The gun owners are just as much owners of that land as the people that wont to keep them off.

  • http://foxnews B B


    • Jan

      Actually, the intent is to infiltrate our military and work things from the inside out. I’m surprised that they didn’t coordinate this with the taking over of the educational and political systems. Others mentioned “Fast and Furious”, I think it is nothing more than a way to create an international incident so Obama and his nudge buddy Sunstein can turn our soverignity over to the UN and the world court. Hillary has already signed some handgun deal with the UN…I believe it’s UN 21 or something like that. These people have been working for over 100 years to take down the US from the inside. They believe that when Obama was elected that the time was now or never to make their move. Unfortunately, we live in times where even the so-called conservatives are in on it too, so who we elect for ALL offices in 2012 is vital.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        The UN Small Arms ban Treaty is not just handguns, it is all semi-autoloading guns, shotguns & “might” allow a single shot .22 long rifle. This is to ban all challenges to the NWO they are planning. All part of Agenda 21 to make the whole world under control of one Government. They can’t do that if we still have our weapons, so it includes every weapon that would allow us to protect ourselves from Foreign Troops or National Officers of NWO. It can’t go into effect until it is ratified by the US Senate. Even on the Democrat side, there is opposition for a yes vote to make it enforceable. Obama may try to do it by Executive Order, but every Pro-Gun Organization will strongly fight that from happening. I expect Obama to try anyway. Keep an eye open for his sneak attack. If Holder is ousted, he probably won’t try to do it, as his protector won’t be there. Rebecca Peters, a Soros Comrade is oushing the UN to do this. She is the Puke that killed guns in Australia, UK & other countries.

        • Don

          Maybe Rebecka need’s a vacation, to hoffa country

  • Chad

    Let them lead by example.. Ban all firearms near and, at Capital Hill & Washington DC. Let their police & personal security have billy clubs. ;)

    • Pedro

      Good one Chad. Works great in England doesn’t it.

  • s c

    This reeks of “social conflict,” which is another way of saying that the glorious W H leader doesn’t have his nose into the business (and rights) of enough Americans – yet.
    Young Mr. Jenks, stay in DC, where you’ll be fairly safe. Or, you could take a tour of America and get introduced to a drug-free, power-free episode of enlightenment. Keep your insurance up to date, and if you think there’s someone watching you, you’re just paranoid.
    So how did you get the job? Are you a member of PETA and the Sierra Club? Does the idea of being an OWSer make you drool? We’re entitled to know. After all, we have standards for government employees.
    Apparently, whoever hired your sorry ass doesn’t have ANY standards.

    • jyrine

      This is just another small part of a big plan by this despicable commie administration to get us used to having our rights manuvered. In this case they’re really aiming at the 2nd ammendment.

      Semper Fi

    • Joe H.

      and eddie says his hero abummer is listening to the people!!! gun owners AND suporters are the MAJORITY of the people!!! HE AIN’T LISTENING!!!!!

  • RobinPC

    Hunters pay TAX (hunting licenses) to keep the areas clean, assure the correct animal populations exist, and PAY for the “govt officials” that regulate the area. What do the tree huggers pay? Not a dam thing! They are “users” just like the welfare people. They soak off the system in which they pay nothing into, but can gripe loud when things aren’t their way. I think it is time to open a hunting season, with no license necessary, and no limits, on politicians that support the communisdt agenda. We all “say” if they take away out guns they better come heavily armed, but I wonder how many in reality will just give them up? The OWS crowd is lawless, but the bad guys are us. I am glad my life is about to end due to age, and if it means taking out a few a$$h0les with me, then so be it.

    • enough

      I suspect there will be more people with us than against us. History shows how bad the communists abuse their subjects once they are disarmed.
      I would rather die a free man than be enslaved by the evil we know as communism. The abuse that the communists inflict on their people originates with satan. The pain, the suffering, and the starvation will make people beg for death.
      Much better to go out fighting evil than it is to sell out and lose your soul to evil.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        I really doubt Obama is that stupid. Although we may be ballisticly under armed, we make up for it in numbers & tenacity. Japan knew better than to attack the US Mainland & we are the largest Armed Force in the World. I am sure Obama would have second thoughts about attacking US Citizens. It would be a no win situation for him or his Administration.
        I also don’t think Congress would allow it to happen either.

    • Blogengeezer

      England’s ‘SUBJECTS’ gave up virtually All of their guns to the chopsaws without so much as a Whimper. Same for bluster filled Australia. What do you bet the overwhelming vast majority of the US blustering population bows their heads and follows in their path..

      History has so many examples of cowing to the king it is scary. Only after generations of deadly Dictatorships do ‘the people’ revolt. The US has not entered that stage, nor has seen anything like that….yet. Things to come? You and I will be long gone..

      • mark

        You make some good points, you paranoid deranged lunatic. Get up everymorning and kiss your gun and tell her how much you love her. I love you, I love you, I love you, you beautiful gun you! You’re the only thing that makes life worth living. Mmmmmm good!

        • Jay

          mark, you do the same thing with obama’s picture every morning, so you are really not in a position to judge! Oh obama, I love you, I love you, I love you, you beautiful president you! You’re the only thing that makes life worth living. Mmmmmm good!

          • Joe H.

            Correction, that’s a picture of abummers backside!!! mark kisses that EVERY day!!!

          • Jay

            I stand corrected Joe! LOL

          • gunsrule

            Hey Jay,You are a funny man.Thanks for making my day.

          • http://deleted Claire

            gunsrule–I like your moniker–I have a tee-shirt that says: “Dogs Rule”

  • Sheldon

    What ???????? Detroit and Chicago and DC need more places for shooting??????? Maybe they need better places for killing each other and target practice. All this publicity may get more people out of the cities and into the woods. Oh I forgot the Wolves in the woods need better prey so lets get more people out into the woods. The wolves don’t carry firearms but when they are hungry they hunt in packs and they are effective. What the wolves leave the birds clean up very effectively.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      We should point out the best ares for the PETA, Tree Hugger’s & Anti-Guners to hike & bike. Make sure the Wolves, Cougar’s & Grizzly Bears know they are coming so they can plan breakfast, lunch & dinner. Nothing like unarmed morons hiking in dangerous wildlife areas. The Bears will love them, especially early spring or late fall when they are at their hungriest. Bears, like cougar’s don’t like attacking anything they feel can hurt them, so will pick out the easiest & less threatening prey. Have the Border Patrol notify the Mexican Cartels new targets are available on Government lands as well. I wonder how long it would take for the hikers to have the Government kill the animals after a dozen or so hikers or bikers are breakfast.

      • Joe H.

        Perhaps a few of us could get out there and DRIVE those bears, cougars. and wolves in their direction………

  • Randy131

    Shouldn’t our rights and freedoms designated in the US Constitution be even more protected on public or government properties? Isn’t the whole reason for the US Constitution to protect the American citizen from it’s government usurping their rights and freedoms an therefore lists them specifically so our government cannot deny they are our rights and freedoms and are protected under our laws? I know Obama thinks he’s the new King George, but is the American people going to let him get away with his administration usurping our rights and freedoms? Taking away the tools of a free people to defend themselves is the first step taken by all socialists and communists attempting to enslave a people under their type of rule, which the Democratic Party has endorsed for many years, for the Democratic Party has been infiltrated and taken over by socialists and communists and is definately not the old Democratic Party of our grandfathers and before. Stand up for our rights while you still have them and can.

  • Tom SC

    I can hear them howling now, That is all the legislators who promote these rediculess ideas when the farmers start hollering at them because they are being over run with wildlife. Send the hikers and walkers and picnickers into BEAR country with no protection. Build walking trails around all corn fields to keep the DEER out and what to do about the pesky wabbits without Elmer Fudd.Another example of the clueless outhouse!!!

  • Ronbo

    Settle-down Chicken Little. It’s a hunting rule. Unless you want hunting to be allowed in your local Walmart, it’s not a gun-rights situation.

    This is an example of foolishness. We (government) can’t have people shooting rifles in the park gift shop.

    • John

      Sorry Ronbo, not a hunting issue. It is a first step on gun control and degradation of rights. Just like Fast and Furious was not a sting operation. It was an attempt to show how bad guns and gun shops are so public opinion would sway to control guns. Nice try but blew up in their face.

      • firefight

        John is right on this Ronbo. These slimeballs never attack from the front. Their perception is simple. If hunters have no place to hunt, then they have no need for guns. THIS is exactly how it happened in most European countries. All you need to do is take a trip to Germany, or even England. Hunting in those countries is pretty much non-existent or for the elite only and the rules and requirements to be able to hunt are unbelievable. It was always about gun control or more aptly put, disarming the populace. Hunting in America has always been a way of life for over 80 million Americans and most of us look forward to getting out into the wilds each hunting season and harvesting the wild game that has been placed here by God for our sustenance. This is a GOD given right that no man should try to confiscate. Most of us know that many of the people now working in the U.S. Forestry Service and the Bureau of Land Management are anti-hunters and in some cases just plain anti everything which includes ATVing and even hiking in the forests. Teddy Roosevelt set up these lands many years ago as public lands for the purpose of preservation for all Americans to be able to enjoy. These are PUBLIC lands. What is it that these public servants don’t understand about “PUBLIC?” These lands are not theirs to take away from anyone. Anyhow, their excuse or reason is that they don’t want to “freak out” anyone who is out there hiking. I live in the mountains of Colorado and can tell you first hand that there is NO SUCH PROBLEM. There are places where we go to shoot our guns and there is never a conflict between the shooters, the hikers, the mountain bikers, the mushroom hunters, or anyone else up there in the millions of acres available to all of us to enjoy. This is entirely fabricated by government people to take yet something else away from us.

  • CP

    I wonder what all these people plan to do about the private property that adjoins all this federal land they want to ban hunting on? Do they plan on coming to the landowners and telling them they can not protect their crops from the deer that like what is in the fields as well as any cow or horse? Or how about the bear or cougar that decides cow or sheep is better than deer because it is easier to kill? I suppose the next step, if they get this one off, is to ban firearms of any sort in any area not already designated as a legal shooting range. Not that this will stop those hungry, or just plain ornery enough to want to shoot something.

  • skyraider6

    Turn the bears and wolves loose, they will forget guns What a joke. We should ban obummer.

  • enough

    Our best chance is to take back our country and then remove the socialist/progressives and communists from our shores.
    Give them a one way ticket to North Korea and place a death sentence on them if they EVER return to our shores.
    Do the same thing to teachers and professors that have been brainwashing our youth.
    If these people like communism so much, fine, give it to them, just not here.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Enough..Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, this is coming to a state near you…most likely all 50…or is it 57.

      We have to get rid of them one way or another…they will NEVER take our guns.

      I just can’t understand why people want the govt in anything/everything they do. IMO they are a waste of a human life.

      • firefight

        Lastmanstanding, Enough, I like you guys. You both have a really good handle on the situation. Hopefully, we can take them out with ballots before we have to start using bullets. Yet, as my title implies, I’m not opposed to doing whatever it takes to keep America and her people free. Anyone who is against a Republic, capitalism and freedom to pursue greatness is my enemy. Can’t put it any simpler that that. Don’t tread on me and don’t try to reduce my elbow room.

        • John (Tuck)

          Well said firefight:!!! I really appreciate simplicity. I’ve known very few irresponsible gun owners. As a group I think we care more about conservation and the protection of public lands then the environmentalists. I doubt if most of the ( ENVIRONMENTALISTS ) have ever had a one on one association with the great outdoors. Public Parks don’t count……

          • Joe H.

            I don’t know, eddie was telling me about this dangerous rabbit he faced down in the city park the other day…….

    • Lela

      Like Mr. Livingston said and I’ve been saying for 6 months or more….Little by little….day by day….and it begins to be an everyday thing then….BANG…!!!….Our once wonderful country is gone…..Little traps people, don’t you see them…..Please remember my name because I told you so……
      Woodbridge, VA

  • Rennie

    The final phase of Obamacare is they will bus you into bear territory and see how fast you can run.

    • Tom SC

      Take obama with you, You don’t have to out run the bear, just obama!

      • Think about it

        And he would have a real hard time running with a broken leg.

        • Joe H.

          Think about it,
          works for me!!!!! LOL!!

  • Julius

    We all need to vote for Ron Paul and get Obumer and his militant old witch of a wife and that hag Hillary out of Washington and the rest of the global scum bags

  • PETER B.


  • Barry

    Who do our resident Socialistic Civil Servants think are the owners of P-U-B-L-I-C lands? Also, the Public is the American citizens; the Government is employed as well as elected by the American citizens and are thus only are our paid employees! Basically, we are being told by our gardeners that we are not even allowed to enter or enjoy are very own backyards!!!! Maybe we should send back some of those undesireable illegal aliens to the dives from which they came!

  • Cawmun Cents

    I have been living in the peoples republic of kalifornia for most of my life already thank you.Bears are something you only see on the flag…much like red stars.Both denote socialism at its finest.
    Red,white and blue,these colors dont run…unless of course you let the politicians control the military.
    In which case you have a neutereed version of the military like we now have.
    It is sad that a once proud nation is now under the iron fist of progressivism.
    Apparently nobody cares enough to do something about it.
    Except for the few who are branded as lunatics for”voicing”their opinions like the young Mexican fellow was this week.
    I know…taking pot shots at the Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals….or what we used to call the White House,is bad for business,but it was bound to happen sooner or later…every couple of years or so.
    I am just wondering why there isnt a crowd twenty times the size of the ones in…pick a progressively run city,urinating in public and being general nuissances….doing exactly that which the Mexican kid did this past week and more.
    Not that I advocate that form of expression,by the way.
    Just wondering outloud.

    • Joe H.

      Cawmun Cents,
      Was it that? Or was that shooting incident just another false flag event to pour more gasoline on the anti-gun fire??? Seems auful handy!!!

      • Cawmun Cents

        I am by no means a conspiracy theorist.
        However I do think it is possible that pro-marxist forces are undermining the foundation of American values.
        To what end?
        Hard tellin’ not knowin’.
        Why do I wonder why more people arent taking pot shots at the people in power?
        Because it is the exact type of thing that would cause them to reconsider the bill of rights.
        Make no mistake,manufacturing a problem so that they can draft legislation to deal with it is a very real and dangerous concept.

        But folks taking pot shots at the Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals,or what we used to call the White House,is nothing new.

        The attitude by which people come to the conclusion that that is a wise step in dealing with the conditions present,isnt new either.
        Again I wonder why this doesnt happen much more often in a country which has more firearms per individual,than any other country on the planet.
        It must speak to our patience with our leadership.
        I am as passionate about fixing the issues at hand(If only the true issues were spoken of more often),as the next guy.
        But using firearms to shoot at another human being,other than in time of war,or in defense of ones own life,is wrong.
        Shooting at buildings,is debatable.
        But if I took pot shots at my neighbor,by firing upon his house,the police would come and arrest me.That is right by societies standards.
        To say they are crazy for doing it is to coin a phrase which is often used to describe a careless act.
        The world has enough careless acts going on in it without me adding to them,but that does not keep me from wondering why in our current state of malaise,why more careless acts of agression arent occuring.
        It boggles my mind how comfortable people can be,playing with their toys and having their liberties legislated away without so much as a whimper.
        There are too many laws,and too many lawyers in this nation.
        Many of them bought and paid for at our tax expense.
        There needs to be a moritorium on creating new laws until we ensure that the ones already on the books are worth their salt.
        Send the legislators home and audit the book of laws.

  • PATRIOT 101

    Gun rights are going away a little at a time everyday. This is just one more way to errode the 2nd amendment. The tree huggers will never get it, so we have to step up and squeal like stuck pigs everytime they try something like this. If we don’t they (gubmint) makes criminals out of the gun owners by restricting and squeazing down the areas that guns are allowed!
    Call your state’s representatives, senators and BITCH!

  • http://charter howe

    Once again the CZARS will try to regulate what we as individuals want to do with our lives. Why do we all live in different states that abide by many different laws. Why not just turn over the states rights to Obama, because that is what’s happening. Last week the democrats voted in a majority of the Senate to allow the govt FCC to take over the internet which will ocurr in days. The democrats voted down a bill to give coal fired plants and oil and gas processing refineries that would have given these busines’s 6 more months to get into EPA air standard rules. The EPA deadline is 1 Jan 2012 and several plants will have to close down and lay off thousands of people and in Texas and other states will cause a shortage of electrical power that will necessitate rolling blackouts. The Republicans passed this bill in the House but the democratically control senate voted to allow the EPA ruling to stand. While the President is criicizing republicans on his campaign tour, his EPA CZAR is costing America thousands upon thousands of jobs. Obama recntl delayed the XL Oil Pipeline from Canada to South Texas till next year even though the legislation was passed in the House and was vettedto death in committee especially by the rdical environentalist. This nifty Obama move which was the final step of this long drawn out process will cost us 80,000 jobs this year and Canada is now in talks with the Chinese to send their pipline products to China, which would devestate the USA for another 120,000 jobs and less dependence on foreign oil from people in the mideast who are trying to kill us. This POTUS is becoming a one man wrecking crew for the US economy and the Democrats are aiding and abetting and the Republicans are not doing enough to shine light on these Socialist Democratic blunders.

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


  • http://PersonalLiberty Joe Whitney

    If the Obama adm.had their way we would longer be able to own guns, hunt, or target shoot at all.That being said the above mentioned legislation does not suprise me one bit.

    • 45caliber

      I agree.

  • GunbearerM1G

    All of this gun-control, enviornmental protection, animal rights, isn’t about preserving or protecting anything. It’s all smoke and mirrors and stuff and nonsense. It’s about controling the American populace, nothing more and nothing less. The mountain lions in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia dine everyday on fresh toddlers and schoolchildren as well as hikers every day. Banning firearms on public lands will only give the criminal element one more safe place to hide and prey on law-abiding citizens. We need to kick out these socialists out of all federal, state and local public offices, no question about it.

  • Tom SC

    Find out where your legislators stand on these issues before the next election and vote accordingly!!! Their voting records are public info.

    • PATRIOT 101

      Yes, good idea! Hoever people need to call the ones in power now and BITCH or gun rights will continue to “Go Away”!

  • John Chittick

    All levels of government are broke and need to be downsized and brought into fiscal balance. The federal government is the worst offender. The greens have been fighting and winning the anti-industrial revolution for the last four decades. The Forest Service alone has timber and land assets worth over a half trillion dollars and thanks to the ESA, Shysters and Greens, manage to lose 5 billion dollars each year. Most of this land should be sold off to private forest managers, recreationists and even Greens to divert their money from politicians to real assets that they would have to be responsible for. The proceeds should go to retiring debt. As a forester, I am certainly not anti-environment but I have little use for the hysteria-pimping businesses masquerading as environmentalists.

  • JeffH

    We’ll have to keep a very close eye on this one. Since this article was posted there have been more developments and it appears the voice of the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council (WHHCC)—which includes representatives from sportsmen’s organizations, the outdoor recreation industry, state resource agencies and others is being heard and has the BLM considering a revised plan to develop guidance to protect long-term access to recreational target shooting on BLM land.

    “We don’t want to have to close any areas,” said an official as BLM provided Washington Whispers with a statement clarifying the developing guidelines.

    The Department of the Interior fully supports and encourages hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting on America’s public lands. Nearly 400,000 hunters visit Bureau of Land Management lands every year, generating an estimated $785 million in economic output. The vast majority of BLM’s 245 million acres is open to recreational shooting, and we want to keep it that way.

    The BLM wants to protect opportunities for recreational shooting on public lands and reduce the possibility for conflicts that in the past have resulted in some recreational shooting closures.

    This says it all…”It’s not so much a safety issue. It’s a social conflict issue,” said Frank Jenks, a natural resource specialist with Interior’s Bureau of Land Management, which oversees 245 million acres. He adds that urbanites “freak out” when they hear shooting on public lands.

    A social conflict? Screw the “urbanites” with their “social conflict” and the “freak out” horse they rode in on. If they’re afraid…find another more piecefull natural area to become one with nature and leave me the heck alone.

    May I suggest that we all call or write our representatives and voice our support for recreational shooters, outdoorsman and hunters to allow the continued use of BLM land and support the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council to develop guidance to protect long-term access to recreational target shooting on BLM land.

    • http://deleted Claire

      JeffH–Some poachers from northern Illinois shot and killed a 36 point buck this past week. They got caught. Sure hope the judge throws the book at them.

      • JeffH

        Claire, I read about that in Field & Stream. I think it was a potential “non-typical” state record. What a shame. I believe Illinois has a zero tolerance policy for poachers and should prosecute them to the full extent of the law. If I remember correctly, there were two or three guys involved in a poaching ring that spanned into several states and Canada. On top of that, they may be indicted for violating the Lacey Act which makes it illegal to knowingly transport or sell wildlife taken in violation of federal law or regulation and could carry a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

        I remember that Jeff Foiles of Foiles Migrations who makes calls and duck/goose hunting videos getting busted a few years ago for all kinds of violations between the US and Canada. He lost everything he had including his reputation and can’t even apply for a hunting license for at least 5 years afterhis sentance is over.

        • http://deleted Claire

          JeffH–I can remember back in the 50s, there was a lot of poaching and trapping. The poachers got by with it too back then. During this era and the early 60s Bob had to be careful when hunting with his dog. I have to laugh–we bought our first Shorthair in 1971 and every time Bob took her hunting, she would find cow patties and roll in them. And yes, Foiles sure ruined his life. But he asked for what he got.

        • http://deleted Claire

          JeffH–I heard from my nephew that lives next to my property. The deer hunters (some weekend warriors) are out full force this weekend. My nephew acquired 3 more deer slugs in his house today. He is getting rather upset about it. That makes 25 slugs so far over the past few years. Dang! I think I would be afraid to go outside. I do not allow hunting on my portion of the farmground. Jeff, deer season is not pretty down there. Some of these hunters should learn how to make a swift kill. Bow hunting is just as bad sometimes.

    • 45caliber


      If they REALLY want to make public lands safer, they should bann all snow mobiles and ATV’s. Those not only harm the people using them, they harm the wildlife they chase, the plants they run over, and the people they run into.

  • Lost in Paradise

    This is not about guns, but it is on topic,as we are talking about our freedom. Just today, the T party , who had a meeting with the Senate organized and on C-span, where given the boot by Harry Reid. They were not even allowed to stay in the building, and were treated like terrorists. All this after it had been ok and accepted and planned for more than two weeks.

    What is this bullsh*t about a government for the people and by the people?????? It ain’t so folks! Grab your guns and weapons, and lets have some meetings to get organized. Then lets go get em!

    • Lastmanstanding

      Lost…It is ALWAYS, ONLY…about POWER…over us.

  • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniell

    Well lordy be.Now we cant use our own land to hunt on. Well there are many gun enthusiasts who just like to shoot. Next shooting range is as demonstrated lately, is the white house. of course they need to have specific targets instead of random walls and windows. that shows no shooting ability as the recent one displayed. Better to be out in the woods on taxpayer owned property.

    • Joe H.

      Lyle McDaniell,
      I still say that was a false flag to do away with our gun rights! Very handy, TOO HANDY!!!!

      • 45caliber


        They have to do something! After all “Fast and Furious” went belly up …

  • Lost in Paradise

    Yes, you can moderate my last post, but it will not be long and this and other forums will be shut down by Obama and his goons. Whatever!!!!

  • Violet

    And I’d like obama off public land.

    • Think about it

      I wan’t him off of American soil, he doesn’t belong here.

  • Raggs

    If oblama stay’s in we will soon become like Europe and that is exactly what they want.
    I’m so MAD I can’t type straight… Are we going to let them do this?

    • 45caliber

      Of course they want us to be exactly like Europe! They have nobles and kings other there. After all, they want to be recognized for their brilliance and superiority.

  • DeeA

    I want obama OUT of the white house.!!!!

    • eddie47d

      I saw Dee’s mug shot on the news last night. Was that you in disguise taking a shot at Obama?

      • JeffH

        “The world is so full of simpletons and madmen, that one need not seek them in a madhouse”
        Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        • 45caliber


          No, all you have to do is wait and some will show up here …

      • eddie47d

        PLD has proven that!You certainly don’t have to go far and they are in abundance.

        • JeffH

          You’re 100% right…just look for “eddie47d” and the search is over…

        • Joe H.

          See, eddie just proved you RIGHT!!! “all you have to do is wait….”

      • Think about it


  • baldmurph

    Doom, despair, and agony on me! OK, basics: We have less open land than 100 years ago; we have more people than 100 years ago; a larger percentage are now able to go out and spend a little free time in the open than 100 years ago; and a smaller percentage need familiarity with firearms than 100 years go. I am less able to go out and enjoy fresh air and check proper functioning of my weapon of choice and my relationship with it than when I was a boy. We have the same problem with the beaches in Hawaii(!), not with firearms, but the variety of uses we wish to enjoy. Little Hana learning to play in the water is enough stress on parents without watching out for body boards, surf boards, canoes, and other assorted paddle, sail, and motor driven variations of same hoping to enjoy a little good time in the surf. So some beaches are divided into different areas for different uses. No one is terribly happy about being limited to a smaller section of beach than when they were kids playing instead of doing their homework, and some of those things others are doing look totally stupid/inappropriate for a beach, but we share and keep the peace. And generally cut the others some slack. And don’t do things to get ugly comments in the newspaper or pictures in the lineup or the Post Office. We are going to have to share space with nonshooters and pay close attention for kids whose parents aren’t.

    • Joe H.

      That’s the problem!! They don’t want to SHARE, they want IT ALL!!! to enforce it, they want our gun rights as well. Well they can go to HELL!!!

    • 45caliber


      “We have less open land than 100 years ago …”

      I’m not so sure. The government over the last hundred years or so has bought far more land than they have released to private ownership. In fact, I don’t know of a single case where the government has sold land although I’m sure they have sold office buildings or such. A local group of bird watchers are trying to get the government to buy up 50,000 acres of local land so they can have a private place to birdwatch. No one else, even of another club, will be allowed into their private reserve…

  • mark

    Every American should go out tomorrow and buy 100 guns. If you did this you will be 100 times more free than you are today. No matter what the federal gov’t does just keep buying more and more guns, in quantities of twenty or more. And tens of thousands of new rounds of ammunition. Give all of your children at least a dozen guns a piece no matter what their age. Then they too will always be free. Whenever I hear that a new federal regulation or tax has been passed, I just buy 20 more guns. This always balances off and totally restores all of my lost freedoms.

    • Jay

      Thank you mark for sharing your prozac moment!

    • Joe H.

      nice thought, but you can’t give your kids a gun anymore! THAT right was taken away as well!! VICTIM!!!

  • Robert

    There is no doubt but that the objective of BHO & Co. is to morph the USA into a socialist police state dictatorship ….With everyone under 24/7 federal surveillance and control …Attempts like this are to be expected .. Hopefully the entire rat’s nest in the White house will be voted into infamy next year …and relegated to the trash heap of American history .

    • Think about it

      The hell with that, they need to be tried for treason and put to death for there crimes, they are the most corrupt criminals in this country, to just let them walk away would be a mistake, Obama is a fraud and a liar, and all that back and support him are just as guilty as he is. Remove the Supreme Court NonJustice Judges, let the people pick and vote in the new Judges, Put the people in charge of the military, not a government that wants to use them on you.

      • mark

        These are some great fascist ideas! The Fuhrer would be proud of you. Can you come up with some more ways to commit treason against your country and the Constitution? C’mon, you can think of some more.

        • Jay

          mark says: These are some great fascist ideas! The Fuhrer would be proud of you. Can you come up with some more ways to commit treason against your country and the Constitution? C’mon, you can think of some more.

          What Constitution mark? As for coming up with ways to commit treason against our country, clearly, our current administration leads the pack!

        • Think about it

          Pick up a Dictionary once in a while you liberal P.O.S.

        • Joe H.

          Still in victim mode, I see!!! When they finally step on your throat, you will see the difference, too late!!!

    • mark

      I think there is much doubt. But there is no doubt that you should have your head examined. Not your brain, that evaporated years ago, just that big hairy cranium of yours.

      • Jay

        Sound advice coming from someone who’s brain evaporated years ago, and is left with only a big hairy cranium.

        • 45caliber

          But he’s been examined by another who’s brain evaporated and has only a big hairy cranium and been found okay.

  • Moses

    I have over 1200 acres of BLM land under lease for mining. On the fence surrounding the property, which also includes the 24,760 acres of land I own out-right, I have posted signs which read: “No Unauthorized personnel past this point. Hunters may get permission to hunt from Security. All other KEEP OFF! Trespassers will be shot! Survivors will be imprisoned!”
    Colorado, Utah, and the Federal govt have approved the signs, simply due to the fact that we are doing mining on the lands, and we do not want people to come snooping around. Trespassers could get hurt, be killed when we do blasting, get hurt by heavy equipment, or be shot on sight by our security crews. We see trespassers as criminals, and treat them accordingly.
    We do, however, allow hunters on our lands, but they are allowed on our land to hunt, but with one of our people as guides. Every one else we don’t want on our lands.

  • Detonics

    Maybe there right !!!! , after enough of the tree huggers go for a hike in the woods and get eaten alive by the Bears, Wolves, Mountain Lions, and other animals then the fools will be crying for us to take to the woods and go hunting and target shooting again to save there sorry butts….
    And in the mean time us “Gun Nuts” can stalk up on guns and ammunition!!!!
    Its hard to argue with stupidity , we need to fire them all, and try the whole bunch with treason then hang them from the highest trees in the public lands. God Help Us

    • mark

      I don’t think God will help you. He generally doesn’t help criminals and traitors to America.

      • Jay

        That’s true mark. It is the Devil that helps criminals and traitors to America, and to cement my assertion, I draw your attention to the White House!!!

      • Think about it

        When you get done with the dictionary, pick up a bible you moron, God helps all that want his help, even you.

      • Joe H.

        I, as well as quite a few others here have sworn an oath to protect this country and its constitution from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, have YOU?? If not, then just who the hell are you to call anybody a traitor???

  • Teresa

    The statement that hunters/shooters may abuse the land more or cause discomfort to the hikers,ATV riders etc. is just hogwash, plain and simple. It is just another way to try to disarm the American Citizens, law abiding, tax paying, country loving, real citizens. We must continue the fight to keep and bear arms. Criminals will always be able to obtain weapons, guns, and so the law abiding citizens deserve the same right and means to have and bear arms, legally. If the government takes that away, we will all need to become “criminals” and find a way to keep our weapons.

  • rick

    try this on for size most of the money used ot buy and maintain those lands are from the taxes on Firearms, Ammunition, and hunting licenses. Hunting is one of the safest sports in this it too difficult for the hikers and mountain biker to find out when hunting season is in the areas they go and take precautions like wear bright hunters orange or someother high visability clothing. why should millions of hunters and shooter have to give up the use of “public” land because a few uninformed whiners don’t like it. The hunters and shooters were there first.

    • Joe H.

      but that means the poor boobies would have to buy and wear bright orange clothing!! It just wouldn’t go with that expensive pair of name brand walking or hiking shoes they had to buy!!! Why, just who in their right mind would wear ORANGE after memorial day????

    • 45caliber

      Their rights are more important than other people’s rights. Just ask one of them. They will be glad to tell you that.

  • hitthedeck

    GOVERNMENT LAND aren’t we the government and are’nt we the ones who should make that dicision? Of course Holder will have you arrested for trying to protect you and your family from a Grizzly bear but give automatic weapons to mexican dope dealers so they can kill their own people. Lets get rid of these backwards bast####.

  • Dan

    Born in 1929, raised with a .22 rifle and shotgun in the Non-So-Great Depression, expected to bring home meat — squirrels, rabbits, ducks and geese, as well as plant and cultivate a one-acre garden and help keep a three acre orchard and several trellised rows of Concord Grapes — I know what a “Gun” is, how to center a round into a two-inch bullseye at 100 yards and only shoot at what I mean to hit.
    I also know a great many damn fools will shoot anything that moves — Domestic livestock, people, vehicles, or groups will walk along Forest Service roads taking “sound shots” into the brush.
    I’ve seen it all.
    Some idiots will shoot around homes, farm buildings or people working or just walking in full view.
    It is only common sense to prohibit gun use around wilderness area homes and work sites.
    With heavy caliber game rifles, a two mile radius of “NO GUNS ALLOWED, NO HUNTING, NO SHOOTING” is reasonable.
    In an area of heavy recreaction use fo hiking, same thing.
    For guood reasons from having seen heavy abuse of the land, wildlife and water by operators of ATVs, “Jeeps,” dirt bikes an even Mountain Bikess — I am not a fan of their operation OFF-ROAD on public lands.
    A MAJOR DESTRUCTIVE RESULT of wheeled vehicle use on public lands, wheel tracks and ruts, especially with repeated travel, is severe erosion. A single wheel track up and down a slope in arid regions can produce erosion.
    That’s right — a mountain bike, dirt bike, ATV or Jeep ridden straight up or down a slope in the arid wes can result in a desructive ravine or barranca within a few years. In at least 17 western states, ignorant “city folks” will rip up and down mountainsides constantly if given the chance.
    As a volunteer ambulane operator in small western towns, I’ve helped save hunters’ lives from being shot by other hunters — in season and out of season
    One Colorado hunter (1954) had the right nether cheek almost destroyed because when nature called and he dropped trousers to sit on a downed log, a hunter across the canyon saw the “flash of white”, aimed carefully and fired a 30 caliber slug. All that idiot saw through the growth was a flash of white rump and a man was nerly killed. As it was, the victim almost bled to death enroute to the hospital.
    The constitution guarantees “The right of states and territories o raise militias and arm them.” There is no individual ciiizens’ Constituttional right to bear arms.

    • PATRIOT 101

      Thanks for saving the guy with his *ss blew off, but you are wrong on the individuals right to keep and bear arms.
      Militias are armed with the individuals (citizens) arms, not those belonging to (or bought by?) the militia! Where did the militia get the money? You suppose the militia taxed the people to buy the guns to arm the citizens? Common sense is stronger than your (incorrect)supposition!

      • Joe H.

        Patriot 101,
        Very well said! The militias were made up of the ordinary man and they were expected to supply their own arms!! The militias leaders did not SUPPLY them!!! The people who made them up DID by bringing their OWN!!!!!!

    • 45caliber


      If you know anything about guns, which I doubt, you also know that less than one tenth of one percent of hunters are the ones who shoot without knowing what they are aiming at, etc. Yet you are condemning ALL hunters for this. If you can do that, why not condemn all men for rape or all women as murderers? It makes just as much sense. But then – as a gun hater – you don’t need to make sense, do you?

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Stemking

      “The aim is that every man be armed.” James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, said that. The private ownership to keep and bear arms is a patriotic duty. That’s how the Authors of the Bill of Rights saw things.

  • Lighting Engineer

    How about the damage illegals cause with the trafficking of people and drugs in the Southwest. They leave a virtual dump behind them. Why doesn’t the interior department do something about that? What? Gunophobics are not interested in this because that has nothing to do with their agenda? Here is an interesting little tidbit you never hear about… From 1960 to 1992 the violent crime rate increased by 470%. Then from 1993 to 2005 it decreased by 180% of the 1960 rate. During this period of crime reduction the number of States with “shall issue” or unrestricted carry increased from 8 to 40. Today, there is one on duty peace officer for every 2000 citizens. Today, one in forty adults has a concealed carry license. Today, concealed carry is a larger deterrent to violent crime than is law enforcement. Oh darn, I apologize… I forgot that facts don’t count for the emotional gunophobics who have no problem distorting history, lying, and exaggerating if it advances their perverted and stupid goal of disarming the untrustworthy public so that drug runners, thugs, and socialists can have their way. Oh I am sorry again… I forgot that it’s guns that make people bad.

    • Joe H.

      Lighting Engineer,
      The permit carriers might be 1 in 40, but gun owners are in the majority of the people in the US!! Gun ownership has risen to previously unheard of levels in just the last three years. Violent crime, according to the FBI site, has fallen by one third in the last three years even with this rise in ownership. Perhaps an armed society IS a more polite society!!

      • Jay

        But it begs the question Joe, if all responsible gun owners turn in their guns, guess who will be left armed?

        • Joe H.

          Thats simple! THE CROOKS! That includes the government as they are the biggest of the crooks!!!

    • 45caliber


      You shouldn’t forget important things like that! After all, if everyone forgot, it would mean that more people might own those awful things called guns! Every smart person knows that guns are actually a plague that forces people to commit crimes and murder others! If we get rid of guns everyone will live in peace and prosperity with love for others always foremost in their hearts. Just ask any progressive! They will tell you that!

  • Think about it

    Listen to what a retired U S General has to say about what is going on NOW !!!
    A video that will make you think seriously.

    You may have to type it in your search bar yourself.

    • jyrine

      Excellent site referal Think about it. It’s brief, very informative and provacative.

      We the people CAN make a difference.

  • Rob K.

    Obama, What an idiot. If this socialist freak put half the effort into real economical solutions that he puts into trashing the Constitution, and our rights, he would at least be pitied for his lack of intelligence and inabilities instead of dispised for his hate of the Constitution and his treachery! Lets see what happens when hunters are kicked out of public lands. Wild pig and boar populations are already exploding. Bear, Mountain Lion, and Dear populations are already moving into more populated areas because of building encrochment on open public lands. Hey, new government jobs! Lets hire government hunters to balance the wildlife population after we kick out all the hunters from public lands,(who pay the government for the right to hunt public lands via hunting license and tags), and over pay them by tens of thousands of dollars and give then outrageous perks and benefits, oh yeah, and let them make stock trades on insider information! Yeah that’s it. WOW! Obama what a genius.

    • 45caliber

      The eventual idea is to force all people to live in multistory apartment buildings where they are constantly watched by cameras even in their bathrooms. A wall will be built around them to insure they can’t sneak away to enjoy the country. And, of course, all the enviornmentalists will be living in the wild areas to watch for any citizen who is polluting the environment.

  • TRS


  • 45caliber

    “Obama Administration Wants Guns Off Public Land”

    They want to get rid of all guns in civilian hands – period.

  • Rowdy

    Off subject but along the lines. I support Ron Paul and think his slogan should be NO YOU CAN’T.

  • http://all kleek

    do you all notice that is you are a true supporter of the USA and if you dont like to hunt you just dont hunt, but if your a Obuma supporter and you dont like hunting then no one can!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://all kleek

    I want a real American President not a ass from another country!Obuma needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheEvilOne

    I’m noticing that Eddie The Uninformed Urbanite has gone away. Curses. It was rather enlightening seeing stupidity of that magnitude in action.

  • ronald r. johnson

    With each passing day Obama shows more and more how he is completely against gun owners! We need to get him voted out as soon as possible,along with Hillary,Reid,Pelosie,HOLDER and hope they take wacko Sara Brady with them!

  • concerned Grandmother

    It does say public land, which means it belongs to the taxpayer, not the federal government or the “President”. The person who has a gun and wants to shoot it should have enough sense to realize you have to be aware of people using the land and not shoot it indiscriminately. However, what gives these non-shooters rights over the shooters right to use the land. For safety sake, there should be areas where a person cannot shoot a gun. However, barring them from being on “public” land that is actually the taxpayers land, and they are taxpayers too, is ludicrous. During hunting season these recreational others should be aware that it is hunting season and should curtail their activities during this time. People should use their reasoning power, common sense and rational thinking at these times, but due to the robotic way these people have been raised from day care up, someone else has done doing their thinking for them. I find that common sense, reasoning power and rational thinking is hard to come by these days. Whose rights are being tread upon? Of course, Mr. Citified apparently knows nothing about activities on public land and wants us not to have guns anyway. Remember Ms. Clinton and he both want to take away our guns to make us defenseless as the protesters were and are in the Arab states. This is one more false attack on the gun owners. He is putting his norms on you. This is the taxpayers public land, not the Federal Government’s land. Stand up as USofA citizens and as gun owners and be a united force protesting discrimination against all gun owners. Repel that emotionally passed Brady bill and any bill that does not comply with the Second amendment. NO WHERE IN THE sECOND AMENDMENT DOES IT STATE HOW MANY GUNS A PERSON CAN OWN, HOW MUCH AMMO OR WHAT KIND, OR WHAT KIND OF GUN. A gun does not kill, the person pulling the trigger does.

  • Rowdy

    Yep that’s the way you work. No discussion, no votes, Your catching flak about it, and admit the gun folks have their rights but your going to make parts of the BLM off limits anyway. Well what if we say no your not MF. Seeing as how you work for us and we say your not going to do that, I would suggest that you listen before we fire you. GOT IT?

  • Lela

    This is just another way for the govt to take control of ALL firearms….If they take all the guns out of commission how in the hell are we suppose to fight for our rights…anyone thought of that…I don’t own a gun but I can spot a liar and a sneak and that is Obama, Mr Muslim himself…..AND..the rest of those crooked asses in Congress, Senate..and those oldies but goodies do grabbers…..Their all disgusting and should be run out of office and town by their asses…..
    Woodbridge, VA


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