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Obama Administration Tightens Sanctions On Iran

November 23, 2011 by  

Obama Administration Tightens Sanctions On Iran

The Administration of President Barack Obama announced earlier in the week that the United States will team with Britain and Canada in enacting tough economic sanctions in an effort to pressure Tehran to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program.

The coordinated actions represent the first direct response to the U.N. nuclear agency’s recent report suggesting Iran is working toward the development of atomic weapons, according to The Associated Press.

The U.N. report sparked increased international discussion over how to halt the Iranian threat, with Obama pressing the leaders of Russia and China a little more than a week ago to join the United States and its partners in taking action.

The Iranian nuclear program has been a hot topic in headlines of late and a key talking point among the GOP Presidential primary candidates, many of whom view Obama’s Iranian foreign policy as a failure. At a Nov. 12 debate, many of the candidates called for a military strike against Iran as a means by which to resolve the issue.

Obama has taken an approach to the country that reflects former President George W. Bush’s Iranian foreign policy. Obama believes a military strike will only postpone Iran’s ability to acquire nuclear weapons and is not worth the risk to the United States or its allies at this time.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • David in MA

    I understand that anyone can file papers & pay the fee to be listed as running for president, however, there are questions. Obama has never produced valid identification to show he is eligable under the Constitution (we know most of this issue). And, how is he running, as a Democrat, independant or what? To my knowledge he has not been nominated by the DNC as a candidate for the Democrat party (they are saving Hillary for that distinction) and he has still NOT proven he is eligable. To ask that he show that he is eligable (which he can’t) is not unreasonable whether or not he is the current (illegal) incumbant. America has been hijacked by radical islamic socialists and America has the right to challange this and the current holder of the office of president. Incumbancy is not a licence to continue to defraud the American people and until the issue of obama’s eligability is proven, America & her citizens are being defrauded.

    • Gary Hench

      The American people have been defrauded by this president, this congress, the Czar’s, the Super-Committee, and the press. I just think the American people like being defrauded and they’ll probably vote to be defrauded again.

      • mark

        I agree, I think Obama has a decent chance for reelection which is really pretty amazing but only because of the idiots and frauds the Republicans are putting up against him. I would not include Ron Paul in this group but he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination.

    • mark

      This is getting very tired and old. Obama is a U.S. citizen, he is the president of the United States. Get over it – and vote against him next November if you don’t like him. This is the way our system works and has worked since 1788.

      • Iva Raggon

        Obama was vetted by the US Congress as eligible to run. If you have a problem with that, blame them.

        • SuffragetteNoMore

          Everyone already blames the GOP and Congress for everything anyhow. Where he was born is irrelevant at this point. His actions (and lack thereof) speak louder than his hollow, yet charismatic, mesmerizing, hypnotizing (duping all who REALLY voted for him) words and documents. The GOP have pretty much as a whole fallen back from the intimidation tactics that are no secret anymore. If you can be intimidated by threats, REAL threats, or bought (bribed) you’re letting the usurper get away with it all. And his AG, Holder, of the Dept. of INjustice are enablers and protectors of the corrupt lawlessness. There’s not enough time or space in this box to cover all the criminal atrocities this Crook in Chief has been complicit in. Voters don’t have say. The corruption eruption has the final word. The assault on Rules, (the Law, Ethics and Morality) has rendered them senseless and unable to be asserted. “Evil prevails only when good men do nothing” ~ E.Burke

          Something’s got to give….

      • metalflyer11

        “GET OVER IT” You just presented in 3 words what is one of the greatest problems in this country. The system has morphed into something so huge and corrupt that it is almost impossible to challenge because if you do, you are ridiculed or called a conspiracy theorist and are told to “GET OVER IT”.

        I do believe Obama is a US citizen but just citizenship does not automatically qualifies you to be president. The ironic thing is that the Democrats were the first ones to start the “birther” thing with Mcain being born in Panama. Mcain provided all the evidence needed to prove where and when he was born and who exactly his parents were. To this date Obama has presented NOTHING. All the documents he brings forward rise more questions.

        WE THE PEOPLE have a moral obligation to QUESTION EVERYTHING our government does not just “GET OVER IT”. And if the goverment steps out of line or gets out of control(like it is now) it is our obligation as citizens to get rid of it and start a new one.
        Both Republicans and Democrats alike are guilty of TREASON to this Nation and its Constitution. The last president to speak out about the Monolithic Conspiracy and Challenge the power of the Shadow Government paid with his life. I am sure you know who he was.

        We are living in the Orwellian Society in a Two Party Dictatorship and the obvious injustice to The People is prevalent everywhere. Time will tell if The Sleeping Giant will awake and let the government know who is in charge.

        Long Live The Republic……..

        • mark

          You’re the one who is guilty of treason. If you don’t like this government, simply vote it out through the elections next November. Don’t overthrow it through force as you seem to be inciting. I didn’t hear all you constitutionalists screaming when your boy Bush launced 2 unconstitutional wars, enacted a vast, new, unfunded $600 billion Medicare Prescription Plan, put the Patriot Act in, and vastly increased domestic surveillance and federal power. You reelected him for his unconstitutional actions – and still pine for his return today.

          • metalflyer11

            I am guilty of treason??? For what?? Being awake? Do you know how to read? I just said both parties are guilty of trason to the Nation & the Constitution. In which sentence did I glorified Bush over Obama? Obama to me is Bush at the tenth power. What took Bush to do in 8 years Obama has done in 2. All previous administrations have played a roll in helping the US reach the mess we are now. You still think that voting out someone next November is going to change anything? I believe only Ron Paul can bring some sanity to Washington that is why the establishment is so scared of him.
            So I am a “contitutionalist” for demanding the government honors what for you seems to be just a piece of paper. Maybe I should follow your advise, watch the government and the sleeping masses destroy the republic and maybe some day I will “get over it”.

    • bob wire

      The topic is Foreign Policy ~~ or something close!

  • David in MA

    America’s might & wealth is being used to disrupt and conqure other nations for the benefit of the communist U.N.

  • Lost in Paradise

    We need to stop intervening in other countries affairs. Iran WILL get the bomb. There is no doubt about that, and Russia and others will make sure of it. Instead of trying to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons, we need to be creating weapons to destroy the missles, so they cannot reach their target. We also need the ability to detect a nuke, and disable its delivery system other than Missle defense only, such as aircraft, motorvehicles, Submarines,suicide bombers Etc,.

  • chipshot

    I hope that most people will remember that a similar excuse was used to invade Iraq (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and look where that has gotten us. In my mind it makes no difference whether or not Iran has nuclear weapons, in fact, they have every right to do so as a sovereign country.
    We need to stop meddling in other countries business and BRING OUR TROOPS HOME.
    What we should be concerned about is energy independence(which could be done in a few short years if we stop letting the globalist dictate our energy policies) and protecting our borders.
    Unfortunately the repubs are going to end up with a candidate that fits the mold established by the globalist elite and little if anything will change in the district of corruption.

  • Lost in Paradise

    OUr meddling in others business has toppled Saddam Hussien, and now Libya and its ruler. Bad Idea. Now we will have more islamist states run by the islamic brotherhood.

    The sad truth is that it took these brutal regimes to keep these barbarians under control. Now we will have utter chaos. These people in the middle east cannot handle freedom, and a freely elected government. They mostly all live by the sword.

    • mark

      Yes, but U.S. support for brutal regimes has in the long-term always hurt the United States. There was a democracy in Iran in 1953 which the Eisenhower administration and the CIA overthrew installing our bought-and-paid-for, pro-U.S. tyrant, the Shah. He served our interests in the short-term. But look at the price we are paying in the long term with an Islamist regime in Iran. One thing you totally overlook is that the dictators we have supported in the Middle East recently and all over the Third World during the Cold War systematically destroyed the moderate, democratic opposition in their nations with our passive acquiescence, leaving only the most radical, Islamist or Marxist opposition surviving as the only alternative to their rule. This has long been the tyrants’ strategy. They then say to the U.S.: “Either continue to support me or you will get a Marxist gov’t (during the Cold War) or an radical Islamist gov’t (today)”. But what the American public has ignored and what our past governments have never cared about, is the way in which these despotic thugs that we back, wipe out all legitimate democratic alternatives to their rule, leaving only radical opposition remaining. Allowing them to do so in the name of “stability” and the “protection of U.S. interests” is the great sin America has committed and is paying for so dearly today.

    • eddie47d

      Right on Chipshot and Mark. The more we get involved the more we fall down that rabbit hole.

  • Troy

    This article has given an incomplete representation of what the GOP candidates have stated. They have not called for military strike against IRAN. They did however state that it should be a last resort option and it should. Look, this situation with IRAN needs to be taken very seriously. The leaders have openly stated their desire to obtain nuclear weapons and what they would do with them. Do we place a blind eye on that? Do that and we will be ashes. We have unfortunately through bad foreign policies created a hated for us in that region, but we are not going to just let our worst enemy aquire the weapons it has stated the desire to have. I do not believe this is a smoking gun. I believe adminajad (spelling?) when he says he wants to destroy us.

    • TML

      Troy said: “The leaders have openly stated their desire to obtain nuclear weapons and what they would do with them. Do we place a blind eye on that?”

      What exactly did they say they would do with a nuclear weapon? Come to think of it… what do we say we would do with a nuclear weapon? (DUH!)

      “On Monday, Ahmadinejad said in a televised interview that Iran was not interested in developing nuclear weapons under any circumstances”

      You say that they openly stated a desire for nuclear weapons. You say they have said what they would do with them. You say they (or Ahmadinejad) has said he wants to destroy us.

      The blind eye would be turned by accepting such heresay as a viable reason for imposing military action, sanctions, or any such despotism against a land that is not yours. What you’re doing is called fear-mongering. And as we see with the link above, they state the opposite of what you claim. So, who do we believe? The U.S. government and people like you who have already given us an example in Iraq, of false claims to justify invasion of another country?

      Do we believe Iran if they were to say all those things, but believe them not when they say otherwise?

    • eddie47d

      Troy; Every time we turn around someone comes up with a NEW worst enemy. We must certainly be doing something wrong if all we do is create enemies.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Davids first post is correct and to the point, however it appears no one is willing to do anything about it,not the government,not the people. That is really strange indeed.

  • Eric Bischoff

    Iran is a sovereign nation. I reallize that this is a foreign concept to people who feel the need to arrogantly impose their twisted will on and covet resources of every nation on earth. Iran has signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty, Israel and the US have not.

    In 1953 the US colluded with the british to overthrow Iran’s democratically elected Mossadegh and installed a puppet authoritarian. Mossadegh’s crime was to nationalize the oil away from the British and for the Iranians. Mossaddegh’s supporters were rounded up, imprisoned, tortured or executed.

    The Shah ruled as a pro western dictator for 26 years. As a result the US now shared in the wealth of Iranian oil. The blow back was the 1979 Iranian Revolution which deposed the Shah and replaced the pro-Western royal dictatorship with the largely anti-Western Islamic Republic of Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini.

    In the 80s we armed and supported Iraq in their attack and war on Iran. Another blow back was the US Embassy’shostages. Then there was Reagan’s illegal weapon sales to Iran or Iran Contra or Iran Gate.

    We still covet Iran’s oil and we are upset at their influence on their middle east neighbors so now we are embarking on another WMD campaign.

    When we should be focused on rebuilding America and putting people back to work and re-regulating banksters who obviously can’t be trusted to operate properly in a free market environment.

    We should mind our own business stop meddling in foreign affairs and stop coveting others’ resources. We should be bringing all the troops home but instead we are fomenting and planning WWIII because the ruling class in this country only knows one way to stimulate the economy and that is with War.

    If that is what you want then get ready for more body bags, more pain and more people who will hate us. A foolish never ending cylcle of hate and violence which is now portrayed closer to home in the ruthless treatment of legal petriotic American dissenters in our cities in a now clearly fascist police state.

  • Ted Crawford

    This is simply far too little, far too late! Without the support of Russia and China, it is in fact probably nearly meaningless! While, as many love to point out, Irans weapons are not a direct threat to us, another situation might well occur! We might remember that this is happening in Chinas backyard.
    I think that few doubt that should Iran possess a nuclear weapon they would exercise reasonable discipline. They might, again as many point out, not launch on Isreal, fearing our retrobution. I feel that it is entirely possible that they might launch on one of their other neighbors!

    What happens should China take a page from Rahm Emanuels book to “not let a good crisis go to waste” China has expanded their military by over 400% in the last decade. Why not we have funded the largest part of it just with our interest payments on our debt to them! Chinas weapons WILL reach us!

  • Lost in Paradise

    So far there is only one candidate for President that is not a “war monger”. that would be Ron Paul. He may not be perfect, but PLEASE help him get elected. We need less government, less to no fed,and a more constitutional government.

    I also think we as citizens need to take to the streets and try to force Obama from office, and force Congress to investigate him and his goons.

    Then there is Hillary!May god help us all!

    • mark

      Unfortunately, Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance of getting elected President as any reasonable and knowledgable person knows. This is simply political reality.

    • eddie47d

      John Huntsman is also not a “war monger” and mostly talks common sense without the saber rattling of Bachmann or Romney.

  • James

    I read where Russia might have a nuclear bomb, and even might use it on the United States. Shouldn’t we impose sanctions on them?
    If Iran doesn’t yet have a nuclear bomb, how can we be sure they will eventually get one? Wouldn’t it make more sense to treet them friendly, until we know for sure they could possibly be a threat to us? If they get a bomb, how do we know it would be used on us? Maybe they just want to defend themsselves against Israel’s big bombs.

    • mark

      Newsflash: Russia has had atomic weapons since August 1949. China has had them since 1964, a fact that Herman Cain incredibly enough, was totally unaware of. Apparently he also had no knowledge of U.S. support for Ghadafi’s overthrow in Libya, something even a school child who might occasionaly turn on the news, would know. Go figure.

      • Iva Raggon

        I thought Bachman and Perry were clueless and then along came Cain. Dr. Paul sees things straight, too bad it will take a miracle to get him nominated.

        • Jay

          The Jewish controlled Congress, the Jewish lobbyists, the Jewish owned, and controlled media, will do their very best to make certain he doesn’t get elected!

          • mark

            Now we get the anti-Semitic, Jewish conspiracy theory. What next, the Templars, the Illuminati, the Martians….

          • Jay

            Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism

            Normal human: What’s anti-semitism?
            Zionist: Well, since Israel is a Jewish state, any criticism of Israel is anti-semitism.

            NH: Israel is a Jewish state and has acted despicably toward the Palestinians. It deserves criticism!
            Zio: Ooh! You anti-semite! How could you say such a thing! Are you a Nazi? Oh!oh!oh! Anti-semite!

            NH: Actually, Israel’s despicable actions have made anti-semitism almost respectable.
            Zio: Oooohh!! [Faints rather than acknowledge facts evident to everyone else.]

            Zionists are experts at propaganda, disinformation, denying facts and outright lying. Any criticism of Zionism or of Israel is labelled as “anti-semitism”, where this is interpreted to mean “anti-Jewish”. This is a slanderous falsehood.

            Criticism of Zionism is criticism of a particularly ugly political movement, not criticism of a religion or of the adherents of a religion. One may be critical of Zionism and of Zionists while at the same time being quite tolerant of, or well-disposed toward, or even an adherent of, the Jewish religion.

            Whether one approves of or dislikes the beliefs and practices of Judaism it remains that Jews have a right to hold those beliefs and maintain those practices. No-one, however, Jewish or non-Jewish, has a right to drive out people from their homes on land where they and their forebears have been living for centuries, to deprive people of their human rights, to cripple their society and to damage the welfare of others by a parasitic subversion of the government of another country for base political purposes, which is what Zionists have done and continue to do.


          • Jay

            Against The Law To
            Criticize Israel?

            Scholars and journalists who for years have studied, written and talked about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict suddenly are facing a potential brick wall. This wall, not unlike the concrete barrier now being built by Israel to keep out the Palestinians, is designed to silence all discussion of Middle East issues that involves any form of criticism of Israel on any American university campus.

            The wall, if it were built, would be created in law by senators Rick Santorum (Pa) and Sam Brownback (Kan.) through an amendment to Title VI of the Higher Education Act. Deceptively to be called an amendment to include “ideological diversity and “sexual equality as prerequisites for federal funding, the real purpose of the measure is to require denial of federal funds to any university whose faculty or students, perhaps even guest lecturers, make statements that are in any way critical of Israel. The argument is that any action or statement critical of Israel is perforce anti-Semitic.

            Among hardliner supporters of Israel and the Zionists this type of move has been brewing for some time. Critics of Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people have been increasing in number and clarity. But in human relations there are always several ways to deal with criticism.

            One obviously is to ignore it. A second is to meet criticism head on with superior proofs and arguments. A third is to kill the messenger. A fourth is to assert that the critic is actually the problem. A fifth is to argue that the critic or even everybody does the thing being criticized. A sixth is to assert that the criticism falls within a broad class of statements that are taboo, e.g., anti-Semitism. When all these essentially social control options prove unworkable, as in the Israeli case they have, the last ditch option is to suppress criticism by law.

            Note that the optimum choice is and always has been, of course, to modify the behavior being criticized. However, anyone listening and watching closely what Israeli leadership is doing under Sharon and the Likud party knows that there is no intent whatsoever to modify behavior. That would require acquiescence in creation of a Palestinian state as well as acceptance of the Palestinian State as an equal in the family of nations. This, in turn, would require once and for all determinations of the size and shape of Israel. The Zionist dream of a Greater Israel would have to remain just that.


          • bob wire

            “The Jewish controlled Congress, the Jewish lobbyists, the Jewish owned, and controlled media, will do their very best to make certain he doesn’t get elected!”

            I don’t really know about lobbyist & congress but you are correct in regards to the media and I believe that is all that they need Jay.

            I got over the fact that there can be only one bus driver at a time long ago. If you want a different driver you must board a different bus. The Jews are good people too.

            Accepting the fact your are considered the red headed step child is harder for some then for others and explains my spiritual nature as appose to being considering myself as “religious”.

            Religion is of Man and how they gather and See God, exactly as the article you share with us suggests.

            And “Man” is flawed by his freewill as history show us this over and over again.

            just my 2 cents

  • Alan

    Sanctions have proved to be worthless over and over again as it pertains to Iran. And it is not a question of The Great One’s REAL attitude toward our only friend in this area of the world….Israel.

    Our real risk here is a total destruction of Israel…nothing more…nothing less. And Iran has repeatedly stated their stance on this subject matter. The ONLY real answer here is an attack by Israel to take out all nuclear infrastructure in Iran. Everything else is just more of the same….talk and a feeble attempt at sanctions and diplomacy….and virtually NO result from same in the past nor the future.

    • mark

      Despite all their exaggerated rhetoric, the leaders of Iran are well aware that any nuclear attack on Israel will lead to a massive Israeli retaliatory strike (Israel has over 300 nuclear weapons) that would wipe out all 75 million Iranians. They are not going to attack Israel with their nuclear warheads. What their warheads do give Iran however is a strong deterrence against any U.S. or Israeli invasion of Iran. If you have nuclear weapons, the U.S. will not invade you. This is the security North Korea now possesses and one that Iran desire given the incredible military aggessiveness of the United States since the end of World World II and especially in the last nine years. I can’t really blame the Iranians for wanting nuclear weapons to deter a U.S. or Israeli attack given their current strategic position in the Middle East. Don’t forget Iran has long been surrounded on two sides by the U.S. military, given the U.S. invasions of Iraq and and Afghanistan. Would you feel secure as an American, if the Iranian military currently occupied Mexico and Canada and had forces on both our borders? I don’t think so.

    • Jay

      Recently I received a letter that read as follows:

      “The whole purpose of studying the Bible is to look at God, His commandments to the Israelites, and His activity in history. My all time favorite text is John 4:22, ‘. . . for salvation is of the Jews.’ It seems to me that, since it is true, I need to understand what it means in order to know if I’m saved.

      “I’m reading a book written by an ex-jihadist, who used to hate Israel and the West. Now, as a Christian, he loves Israel and the West. I take very seriously God’s promise to Abraham, ‘Those who bless you, I will bless.’ So, I go out of my way to bless the Jews that I work with. And I can truly say that the Lord has blessed me accordingly.”

      The beliefs of this man as documented in his letter above, have become all too common among supposed “Christians” in America today. The major Evangelical leaders in America, including Tim and Beverly LeHaye, Hal Lindsey, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Pat Robertson, Charles Swindoll, Billy Graham, Chuck Missler, Paul and Jan Crouch, John Hagee, the late Jerry Falwell, and apparently Dr. James Dobson, are ALL dispensationalists. (If James Dobson is NOT a dispensationalist, please show me the evidence and I will reconsider.)

      Dispensationalists believe that the Jews are God’s special Chosen People who do NOT need to believe in Jesus Christ in order to be saved, but instead will be saved purely by their race.

      They also support the slaughter of the Palestinians by the Jews so the land can be confiscated completely by Israel making way for the Jews to rebuild the Third Temple on the Temple mount in Jerusalem, facilitating, or so they incorrectly believe, the hastening of the Second Coming of Christ.

      They also endorse the destruction of all enemies of the Jews, including the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Lebanese, the Syrians, etc., because they have been deceived into believing that God will bless those who bless the Jews, no matter how murderous, wicked, and Anti-Christ is the behavior of Israel and the Jews.

      The Evangelical churches lead the way in this false theology, promoting Israel and the Jews at every turn, even to the denial of Jesus Christ. But the fact is, it is impossible to be a true Christian while supporting the murderous acts of Israel and the Jewish leaders. Those who claim to be “Christian” while supporting Israeli and Jewish Anti-Christ policies have naively given their allegiance to Satan.

      Where did these “beliefs” come from? How did they get started?

      The acceptance of the Scofield Reference Bible by the Evangelical Christians with its many false doctrines was the dominant force in leading these churches astray.

      According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia:

      “The Scofield Reference Bible is a widely circulated annotated study Bible edited and annotated by the American Bible student Cyrus I. Scofield. Published by Oxford University Press and containing the traditional King James Version text, it first appeared in 1909 and was revised by the author in 1917.

      The Scofield Bible had several innovative features. Most important, it printed what amounted to a commentary around the text of the Bible itself instead of in a separate volume. It also contained a cross-referencing system that tied together related verses of Scripture and allowed a reader to follow biblical themes from one chapter and book to another. Finally, the 1917 edition also attempted to date events of the Bible. It was in the pages of the Scofield Reference Bible that many Christians first encountered Archbishop James Ussher’s calculation of the date of Creation as 4004 BC; and through discussion of Scofield’s notes–which advocated the “gap theory”–fundamentalists began a serious internal debate about the nature and chronology of creation.


      • bob wire

        “Dispensationalists believe that the Jews are God’s special Chosen People who do NOT need to believe in Jesus Christ in order to be saved, but instead will be saved purely by their race.” That is pretty much the way the bible reads.

        That along with all the sexist bias written into scripture made me conclude the bible was written by man and not by a God as it has the inherited falling of man written into it.

        Along with the “add not unto nor taketh away” and “mysterious ways of God” you have a “self validating” book written by many authors both fact and fiction, edited and compiled by a mastermind trickster that would make a Philadelphia Lawyer look like the village idiot.

        If God made everything, he made the devil too! So any old spirit that might consume you and direct you toward revelation and the revealing of the “truth” is suspect.

        Cross reference your diet as there are many spirits about.

        enjoyed your post jay

  • http://Boblivingston Lyle McDaniel

    You can be sure anything Obubper does will be for our own destruction and expanding the islamists. Why is there so many blind , and incapable to think still wandering among us

    • Jay

      Not expending the Islamists, but empowering the Zionists, who control our Congress, our Banking, our Media, our Education System, and even our churches! Every American who wants to understand why American politics works the way it does, needs to educate themselves on what is Zionism. Zionism is the ELEPHANT in the room, but most cannot see it!

  • Jay

    I just found a so called “poll” result on, which is primarily pro-Israel propaganda that claims that in a recent poll, some 59% of all Americans will come to Israel’s aid if the evil state of Israel is attacked!

    I wonder where they found this so called 59% of Americans in favor of support for the criminal Zionist empire? Here is the article:

    Poll: Most Americans support US aid to Israel if attacked
    Survey finds 59% of US citizens willing to grant Israel military aid if it is attacked from abroad

    WASHINGTON – A Rasmussen poll published Monday shows that 59% of American citizens would be in favor of granting US support to Israel if the latter were attacked from abroad.

    Almost a third of those polled (29%) opposed any type of US aid to Israel’s defense, and 12% were undecided. It is unclear from the phrasing of the question whether it refers to military equipment or the deployment of soldiers in the region.

    Those polled were asked about a number of Western countries, of which Israel was one. Thus, 78% said they were willing to support Canada and 73% said they were in favor of granting aid to Britain.

    Mexico received the same rating as Israel, with 59% saying they supported US aid to the southern neighbor in the case of an attack.

    Willingness to help other countries, such as Germany, Japan, and France, was lower than this percentage, with 53% supporting military aid to Germany and 46% in favor of granting Japan and France aid. Just 45% said they would be willing to help France.

    NTS Notes: Again, this is such pro Israel propaganda at its best. More and more people in the USA are waking up to the criminality of the state of Israel. The question is of course, is it too late? Israel is about to launch a strike against Iran, and guaranteed they will get Americans, their prized “Goyim” to do the fighting, and die for them!

    When will America finally wake up?

    • mark

      I disagree with most of Israel’s foreign policies, but you are carrying this anti-Semitic, world Jewish conspiracy schtick way too far. The bulk of it is nonsense – and hateful nonsense at that.

      • Jay

        EINSTEIN, Albert. Outstanding Mathematician slammed racist Zionist nationalism

        Albert Einstein (1879-1955), outstanding German Jewish mathematician, winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics (for discovering the photoelectric effect) and most famous for his special theory of relativity and general theory of relativity. Initially pro-Zionist, Einstein was increasingly critical of the fascist and racist nature of Zionist extremists such as Menachem Begin

        Albert Einstein on racist Zionism, 1938: “Just one more personal word on the question of partition. I should much rath-er see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. Apart from practical consideration, my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain–especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state.”

        Albert Einstein in a Letter with other scholars decrying Nazi-style Irgun Zionists to the New York Times, 1948: “TO THE EDITORS OF NEW YORK TIMES:

        Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.

        The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin’s political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.

        Before irreparable damage is done by way of financial contributions, public manifestations in Begin’s behalf, and the creation in Palestine of the impression that a large segment of America supports Fascist elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the record and objectives of Mr. Begin and his movement.

        The public avowals of Begin’s party are no guide whatever to its actual character. Today they speak of freedom, democracy and anti-imperialism, whereas until recently they openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist state. It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to do in the future.

      • Jay

        Jews Against Zionism
        Zionism Against Jews

        Recently “Jews Against Zionism” group held its inaugural meeting. With three knowledgeable speakers, all of Jewish origin speaking against Zionism, followed by an open discussion made a stimulating evening. The panel consisted of Roland Rance(chair), Alice Coy, Prof. Haim Bresheeth and Lenni Brenner.We were privileged to be able to attend and here we present in full the speeches and discussion. There is something here for everyone to learn from – especially for those who blindly follow Zionism and for those who blindly paint all Jews with the Zionist brush.

        In their own words Jews Against Zionism describe themselves as:

        Jews Against Zionism is an organisation of Jews and others opposed to the Zionist movement and ideology, and to its impact on both Palestinians and Jews. We believe that the conflict in Palestine cannot be resolved without a return of Palestinian refugees and dismantlement of the Zionist structure of the state of Israel; and that this is impossible in the context of “two states“ and a re-partition of Palestine.

        We advocate the only approach which can lead to peace with justice in the region; we call fro a unitary, secular and democratic Palestine, the return of Palestinian refugees, and full and equal rights for Palestinians, Israeli Jews, and all other people living in the whole of Palestine.

  • bob wire

    “O” is stuck like Chuck between the doves and the hawks. Being President of the US and defender of our allies and a known pragmatic, he will work to defuse this bomb through all channels that are available and work at building new ones.

    In someways, Iran with Bush-Chaney’s help find themselves in a unique position. The US has naturalized their primary enemy and allowed them the luxury to stick their head up and look about. They see North Korea playing the “naughty child” and getting attention, special consideration and they want that too! In this case they are behaving like a suicide jumper that is threatening to jump!

    They won’t jump, but we can’t depend on them to not jump, as all indications are that they will! The uncertainty is too great to consider for our allies.

    I believe, One of two things is going to happen, the deals will be sweet enough that they stop building their bomb or Israel will spend 5 days making surgical air strikes and to hell with what the world community thinks about it. Iran can whine to the international community or fight.

    If they want to fight and have plans of any victory, they will have to find a big brother. I really don’t believe China is interested in such a relationship as it fails to sever their short term or long term interest. Iran will sell their oil to somebody regardless but any boycott they might impose won’t change this balance or sway self interest to such a folly.

    I’m with Ron Paul on this one, if they really wanted this, they would do and say whatever is necessary to have it, much like other countries have done by offering assurances and honoring commitments. Iran’s defiance is forcing cards to be played in hopes of strengthening theirs hand and weaken ours and our allies or get some better deals!

    He’s making his list, checking it twice, finding out who’s been naught and nice.

    Santa Claus is coming to town.

    • Jay

      Your grasp of the situation is standard, scripted, and almost verbatim to the media’s model. Coincident?

      • bob wire

        Well , I don’t know Jay, ~ I’m not sure what a “media model” is .

        I budget TV watching and tend to follow issues I find of interest and listen to all sides and slants. I love to hear what “everyone” is saying and not only what I wish to hear.

        Since I have no personal inside track, I read breaking stories from some 40 national news papers on the net and explore my interest. I enjoy investigative reporting and stay far way from sports, finance,and Hollywood and focus on science and politics and bios.

        Breaking stories as often 3 to 5 days ahead of TV news. If that makes me a media model, I guess I am.

        Obama has enough on his plate, there is no Overriding ambitions for Iran at this time other then stand up and be counted as a developing peaceful nation among nations.

        I have no crystal ball, or secret formula, have you?


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