Obama Administration ‘Muted’ Coast Guard Following Gulf Oil Spill, Report Says


Although he was widely lauded for his public-speaking skills prior to being elected to office, Barack Obama has garnered a lot of criticism recently for his lack of communication during pivotal moments of his Presidency.

Obama has been criticized for waiting more than a week to address the public about the United States' military presence in Libya. He was scheduled to deliver a nationally televised speech on March 28, nine days after the U.S. launched attacks on Moammar Gadhafi and his loyalists.

In addition, although its assessment was released two weeks ago with little fanfare, the Coast Guard has slammed Obama's administration for failing to set up an effective communications system after last year's BP oil spill. The report, which is the first major review of the government's communications efforts following the worst oil spill in U.S. history, said that the Coast Guard's information centers were "effectively muted."

"Several layers of review and approval by the White House and [Department of Homeland Security] prevented timely and effective crisis communications and hindered the Coast Guard's ability to [keep] stakeholders informed about the status of the response," the report reads, quoted by FOX News.

A source familiar with the Federal government's protocol told the media outlet that Obama's team went into "campaign mode" following the spill because the 2010 midterm elections were approaching.

Despite its biting criticism of the President, the Coast Guard Academy has invited Obama to deliver its graduation keynote address in May. According to The Associated Press, Presidents traditionally address one of the military institutions' commencement ceremonies on a rotating basis. 

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