NYPD’s Policy Under Kelly: ‘Instill Fear’


The New York Police Department’s (probably unConstitutional and definitely abusive) stop-and-frisk policy is used to “instill fear” in black and Hispanic youths. It’s not me saying this; it’s New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly who said it in 2010, according to New York State Senator and former police officer Eric Adams during testimony in a Federal lawsuit over the policy.

During the past 10 years, some 5 million people have been stopped by New York police for no reason other than they were walking down the street. Nearly 90 percent of them were either black or Hispanic. They were not suspected of committing a crime. Kelly just wanted to know whether they were carrying a gun.

Adams said: “[Kelly] stated that he targeted and focused on that group because he wanted to instill fear in them that every time that they left their homes they could be stopped by police.” The statement came during discussions with the elected class in New York, including former Democratic Governor David Paterson, who was deciding whether to block the NYPD from compiling a database of individuals stopped by police.

Adams testified that when he told Kelly that stop-and-frisk was probably illegal, Kelly responded: “How else are we going to get rid of guns?” The policy was supposedly designed to find illegal weapons, but only 1 percent of the stops result in guns being found.

Testimony and secret recordings from two NYPD whistle-blowers have revealed that monthly quotas for police officers include 20 summonses, one arrest and five stops. The quotas have forced police officers to knowingly break the law in order to meet the quotas.

Adams serves New York’s 20th District, which includes Brooklyn and the neighborhoods of Flatbush, Crown Heights and Brownsville. These are the areas most affected by stop-and-frisk. Adams told Alternet.org that his constituents regularly complain to him about being targets of stop-and-frisk and the “emasculating” searches that are conducted by police officers.

“When young people are afraid of gangs, and afraid of the police, they feel trapped. It’s not fair and it’s not right,” he said.

“Instilling fear” is not the job of police officers in a free country. But with statist nanny-staters like Michael Bloomberg and totalitarian thugs like Kelly in charge, New York is far from free. What it is, though, is a vision of where the country is headed, all in the name of “safety.”

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Right Brain Thinker

    Only 1 percent of the stops result in guns being found?. If we do the math, over 10 years, some 5 million people stopped times 1% = 50,000 guns or 5,000 guns per year. Not insubstantial. And I find it ironic that so much sympathy is being extended to the “victims” because they are black and Hispanic—-considering the way the right wing has abused those groups via such things as voter disenfrachisement efforts and anti-immigration laws (to say nothing of lynchings and other KKK activities in the past), it seem there is a bit of hypocrisy showing.

    PS to Bob Livingston.

    This new format for comments is going to drive many of us away from posting comments on PLD. It is a royal pain to have to enter one’s handle and e-mail address every time. Why do attempts to “improve” nearly always end up being a step backward? And don’t tell us to “register” because that will make it “easier”, Bob. That will only make it easier for people to data mine and track our communications—-the number of cookies that my security software has had to deal with is in the thousands and I don’t need more. Note that there is a “prompt” to register with Disqus—-does PLD benefit in some way from having us register there? From a quick reading of Disqus’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, it would appear that there are “bucks to be made” for somebody there.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      All you are capable of doing is misdirection.
      Leftists (False Shepherds/Bullies) not unlike yourself, and that means Kelly and Bloomberg as well, do not trust people to go in the right direction or in sheep terms to go to the right pasture. The Leftists (False Shepherds/Bullies) have to coerce and prod or micromanage people and situations and if there were no blacks or hispanics they would do this with the pink and yellow and red people.
      RBT, you are doing something but it is definitely not right brain thinking or any other thinking. Running on emotions?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Ah yes, the tired old argument—-“I don’t like what you’re saying—-it’s the whole truth but I don’t want to believe it—–so I will accuse you of misdirection” Is my math incorrect? Is not 5,000 guns a year being removed from the streets in NY every year a good thing? Is there not some hypocrisy involved in the right wingers who are so concerned with “freedom” now championing the rights of minorities after bashing them for so many years?

        “Hope” asks me If I am running on emotions? Sorry, dear—-but any rational analysis of YOUR comment shows us that it is YOU who is getting emotional rather than thinking. False Shepherds/Bullies? Lord love a duck!

        • speedle24

          RBT, you need to get some new talking points. The “right wing bashing minorities” IS the “tired old argument”. It’s a new world and the enemy is totalitarian freedom encroaching government. The true “liberal” (as opposed to the “progressive”) should be realizing that about now.

          By the way, claiming some kind of progress by 5000 guns being removed from the streets of New York in any given year is like holding a Mai Tai umbrella over your head in a rainstorm and claiming “progress” in keeping dry. Once again, the problem is not the weapons but the morons using them. Find the source of the moronic behavior and get rid of it. (Hint: It has nothing to do with throwing more tax money at the source of the problem).

        • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.reeder.524 Sharon Reeder

          RBT your math may be correct but removing guns is NOT necessarily a good thing. The elites want to remove our money so is that a good thing? It depends on who you talk to. The German citizens had their guns removed and history starkly shows what a “good” thing that was. Learn what you are really proposing before going off into the nanny state abyss.The point you are trying to make is an invalid one. If anyone is in this country illegally (black, white or Obama), sucking up tax money so they can campaign for liberalization of everything but their pet projects they are being bought and paid for and I, for one, don’t like it. Deport them. I also don’t like what you’re writting, it’s not the whole truth and the NYPD actions ARE illegal. I have been a liberal thinker, but that movement has gone too far and must be stopped before our entire way of life rots beneath us. Peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

        • Jeff


          I agree with you about the hypocrisy involved. But the NY policy is troubling in that it is clearly racist and it violates Constitutional principles. Under Terry v. Ohio, a police officer needed to have a reasonable suspicion a suspect might be armed before he could do a “stop and frisk.” I don’t think in a lot of these cases the police have any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity beyond their apparent belief that young Black men are always up to no good. That is not a proper basis for “reasonable suspicion,” regardless if it’s correct 1 or 10% of the time. The fact that it takes guns off the streets does not justify the violation of citizens’ Constitutional rights. Now, if they target only known gang members with a history of violence, that’s a different story.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Mark, I wasn’t defending “abhorrent behavior”, just asking a question about getting guns off the streets (and I presume the guns were taken from less-than-law-abiding citizens and they were arrested). And pointing out a little hypocrisy as well. I actually don’t approve of the operation.Reply

        Sharon Reeder also gets emotional and reads into my comment more than I intended. I agree that “We have bigger and more pervasive problems to solve” but don’t see any rational thinking in “If you don’t like like America, go someplace else. Mr. Putin would love to have you in Russia”. Your mindlessness is unwelcome.

        Brenda L. Herbert is yet the third “lady” to get emotional this morning and even got a [comment has been edited]—–way to go, Brenda!—-that is usually reserved for knuckle dragging males on PLD.

        Brenda then shows she is a knickle dragger too with “democraps” and “dumbazzacraps” and her mindless shouting of “YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION , DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ,AND FIND OUT THE FACTS BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR TRAP”.

        Too bad Brenda doesn’t follow her own advice when she blathers on about “You have no damned clue of what you are talking about. It is very obvious that you don’t try to find the truth or facts. Try thinking for yourself for a change, research , find the truth instead of repeating the lies”.

        Listen closely, Brenda. Maybe you’re not old enough to remember what happened in the country back in the 60’s and 70’s. Have you ever heard of LBJ and the Civil Rights movement? Have you ever heard of Richard Nixon and his “”Southern Strategy”? NO? That doesn’t surprise me, since your comments show such abysmal ignorance of history.

        When you DO go and do some research, you will find that those Democrats that WERE the backbone of the KKK and the lynchers all switched over to the REPUBLICAN PARTY, and that’s where you will find their “soulmates” today. The party of Lincoln has done a 180 degree reversal, and rather than emancipation and guaranteeing voter rights as they did 150 years ago, now want to take the country back to the days of Jim Crow and disenfranchisement.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

      [comment has been edited] The lynching and other KKK activity was started by democraps. Read history instead of talking points of dumbazzacraps and so called news media. The only voter disenfranchisement going on is when the dumbazzacraps refuse voter ID. YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION , DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ,AND FIND OUT THE FACTS BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR TRAP. You have no damned clue of what you are talking about. It is very obvious that you don’t try to find the truth or facts. What you do is spew bs rhetoric from those commie dumbazzacraps. Try thinking for yourself for a change, research , find the truth instead of repeating the lies.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.reeder.524 Sharon Reeder

      RBT, if you make a Pareto bar chart with problems to be solved on the horizontal axis and number of people affected on the vertical, it would be easy to understand that guns are so far down the list as to be inconsequential. I don’t care if these “stops” are evenly distributed across the entire populatuon they are absolutely wrong and un-American. The US government sells more guns in one damn sale than the NYPD finds in 10 years. We have bigger and more pervasive problems to solve. If Bloomberg, Kelly and like-minded fear mongers don’t like America, go someplace else. Mr. Putin would love to have you in Russia. Yes, hipocracy of the elites IS showing. Your arrogance is unwelcome.

    • Mark Surufka

      I find it interesting how easily we all fall into the “line” that the elites want us to fall into. Here we are fighting among ourselves over who is more right. Some want to defend absolutely abhorrent behavior (Sorry RBT) for one reason or another. BTW, BOTH SIDES have used the black and hispanic population for their own political purposes. Neither party wants those 2 groups to actually be educated or enlightened in any meaningful way. The Republocrats and Demoblicans at the upper levels want the sheeple good and dumb. Wake up America, your 2 party system is really one and they’re taking you to the cleaners. Why not try something different?

    • Bill Henry

      The policy throws the 4th Amendment off the cliff half brain. Doesn’t bother you to have the gestapo search you without a reason, but you damn sure don’t want any cookies left on your computer looking into your activities. Sometimes it seems both sides of your brain work, but they diverge when it come to yourself. They make medicine for that you know..

    • michaelprob

      RBT: I can only assume the “lynchings” and “KKK” you referred to are events that occured in mostly the southeastern United States from the late 1880’s through the mid 1940’s. If this is correct, a great majority of those activities were encouraged by the Democratic party. Not exactly what I would refer to as “right wing”. Perhaps you can get your facts straight next time.

    • chadwick

      These “right wing” activities you refer to ,for the most part have been activated by Democrats !!
      Maybe you will get a blister on your finger having to do so much “work” to use the new format ! Perhaps you should just disappear…. believe me you will not be missed.

  • Peter Barney

    Yeah your not safe with the NYPD gestapo down your back. Will probably pull out guns on you for a 16oz. soda on the street!

    • momo

      Yeah, but they would probably miss if they shot at you!

  • Deerinwater

    Sheriff Daniel’s would have us doing Bars in much the same way. ~ We’d ascend and secure all exits ~ have two teams of two go in and stand everyone on their head and see what fell out of their pockets. ~ We would not always search everyone, ~ just the ones Daniels pointed out.

    It was not right ~ but Daniels didn’t give a hoot. ~ I never knew the meaning for it ~ but I suspected it was political ~ or harassment to the bar owner.

    Maybe he had not paid his protection money, ~ maybe the owner was dirty in some way. ~ ~ It was said that it was addressing rising incidents of house break in’s in the area around the lake.

    • Jeff

      Are you talking about Sheriff Jack Daniels or what?

  • KG

    Yea…. like the people on this web site really care about the “darkies”.

    Remember, this is what all of you “Law and Order” types wanted for the last 50 years.

    • WTS/JAY

      KG: Yea…. like the people on this web site really care about the “darkies”.

      Aren’t you on this web-site? Are you saying you don’t care about the “darkies”?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      First of all, it is not our “job” to care about the “darkies”. I didn’t create them as I am not the Creator. Why are you so eager to foist the maintenance on us?

  • momo

    The only thing Kelly needs is a swastika armband.

  • MexicanSaysLibtardsRPukes

    Testing! Don’t care for this new board!

  • Jacobite2

    Discrimination is the hallmark of the civilized mind.

    • Jeff

      Yes, but the discrimination must be based in reason and not on idiotic biases.

  • Public_Citizen

    We could fix a lot of these problems if we would return to the practice of hiring and training “Police Officers” and get rid of all the “Law Enforcement Officers”.
    The mentality, mindset, job description, and training are different for the two different tasks as is the effect on society in general.

  • Karolyn

    Yeah, what is it with Disqus these days? It seems like they’re taking over the net. There are several places I post on that are doing the same thing! It sucks! The only thing I like about this is that it points out spelling errors. I am having trouble with some platforms not accepting my email address too. What is going on? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

    • Jeff

      I finally broke down and started a Facebook account.