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NYPD Hints Of Possible Iran Attack

October 12, 2012 by  

NYPD Hints Of Possible Iran Attack

Late last month, pro-Israeli lobbyist Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy floated the idea that a Pearl Harbor-style attack on America was the best way to get U.S. citizens on board with the idea of going to war with Iran. This week, the New York Police Department said that it is concerned about an Iranian threat to the city’s heavy Jewish population.

New York City is home to the largest Jewish population in any city outside of Israel with 1.5 million Jews spread throughout the metropolis.

Speaking at an anti-terrorism conference this week, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said that tensions between Israel and Iran could have deadly implications for the Big Apple if the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah terrorist group sets its sites on the city’s Jewish population.

“We’ve been concerned about Iran for a while, and I think the history of those events throughout the world since January give us cause for concern,” Kelly said.

Early last month, reports broke of ties between the Israeli government and the NYPD when New York’s finest opened a new branch, in Israel.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Travis

    A shock and awe attack on NY? I could possibly see a nuke getting through our borders some day and besides DC what would make a better target then NY?

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Well Travis let me tell you what happened at the port in La Porte Tx . My family own trucks and we go in and out of the docks with cargo , my brother was pulling a flat bed trailer and when he pulled on to the scanner that checks the trucks for radioactive things , His truck set it off so the gate would not open to let him out . So he gets out of the truck goes to the little building that runs the scanner and bangs on the door , no one was in there . so he goes back to the rig and backs off the scanner , goes to the Gard gate , tells the Gard something is not working and the Gard lets him go out the gate . On his way down the highway he sees all the TSA cars with lights flashing heading to the port , he made it past downtown Houston before he gets a call telling him to return to the port , ( the system sure worked well LOL ) what set the dam thing off was he went to the doctor the day before and had a stress test the radioactive crap they put in his blood is what set the scanner off . ( if this had been the real deal Houston would have been glowing ) The truck never should have left the port .

  • tom

    maybe its time to get the best military response to protect all people of ny,the usa.we have the technology,the best military,best weapons,now is the time to defend ourselfs,did we learn from japan,yes ,but this time lets not help the enemy rebuild,thats stupid,unless they want to pay us back.sad that a big country will be destroyed in a very short time just by push button war.they would make a deadly mistake to think we will not respond with deadly force,thats why we are there to make sure that if they start it we will finish it..

    • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

      Sorry, I was waiting for Eddie47d to respond with his Libtard comments. Am sure he will say it was Dick Cheney’s fault. Maybe even Adolph’s fault, but never our great Supreme King Obama’s fault. If Obama was a little more Reaganesk, Iran might rethink their crap. Remember the Alamo.. Long live Dick Cheney(and George W. Bush)HaHa

    • pete0097

      Leave it to the NYPD. They are better equiped, have a lower profile, and don’t listen to obama to protect their citizens.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      NYC is full of liberals Let them fend for themselves !

  • Scott in SC

    The Jews are the most murderous people in history; they even killed Jesus Christ. Why isn’t the Chief concerned about Iranians being attacked by the Jews.

    • Ted G

      I usually don’t respond like this but I can’t help it….were you dropped on your head as a child Scott?

      • Fearfull Ralph

        My guess would be that Scott has older brothers who dribbled his head like a basketball many times when Scott was a baby and small child.

      • Scott in SC

        If you want to remain a slave of Israel, on your knees, and begging to do their dirty work, then renounce your U. S. citizenship and move on over there.
        I’m an American who believes in American values and supports the U. S. Constitution. While all you can do is hurl insults (typical Jew behavior), you can’t refute my statement because it’s true.

    • Ted G

      Scott, one does not attempt to refute wild accusations and extreme rhetoric. All one can do mock and ridicule and also possibly recommend treatment.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Scott, PLEASE get back inside and take your medications!!! Obviously you’ve been off-med long enough now that you have just lost all reason. Hating Israel is not going to get you anywhere. I am sorry your mother was on drugs when pregnant with you, but please, don’t inflict yourself upon us anymore. There, now, back in the cage, easy now, don’t fight it…QUICK, somebody lock that cage!!!!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Scott You are right them, neocons are not smart enough to see what is really going on !~

      • Ted G

        Ah Jimmy, how in the world do the comments from Scott that started this particular thread enlighten us about anything that is truly going on? So please by all means explain.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Ted if i did your little neocon brain could not understand , it would be like trying to teach the lizard i keep in the cage on my deck to repair my motorcycle !

      • Ted G

        Well O.K. Then Jimmy, I see its not worth talking to you about much of anything. Insults are a tool of the weak. When you have anything intelligent to say, come on back.
        Otherwise you have been dismissed with prejudie.

    • phideaux

      “… they even killed Jesus Christ.”

      I must agree you were either repeatedly dropped on your head or were used as a basketball. If you will go back retake reading and comprehension then read the Bible you will see that God’s plan all along was for the Jewish leaders to kill Christ.

      • Scott in SC

        All you warmongering haters and lovers of evil can mock and spit on me all you want. Your people did it to Jesus and it was fortold you would persecute all true Chritians in much the same way while bowing down and praising the anti-christ.

      • Ted G

        Scott, calm down your anti-semitism is showing. You should take note of my second response about wild accustaions and extreme rhetoric.
        I am not Jewish though that shouldn’t matter, nor am I a hater or a lover of evil. Which I should not have to respond to in the first place considering you don’t appear to be a viable judge of what is or isn’t.
        These comments of yours sound much like you are pounding the pulpit. Maybe you have an actual point to make other than blind jew hatred. If you do I haven’t heard it yet, and I hope if you do it would be worthy of discussion and then if that is also true then I would be happy to bring this back to a rational debate.

        But if the best comment you can start out with is this;

        “The Jews are the most murderous people in history; they even killed Jesus Christ.”

        Then you certainly deserve all the ridicule and mockery you have received so far and probably more.

    • ChuckS

      Luke 24:34 Then said Jesus, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”

      Romans 9:3: For I could wish that myself [Paul] were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen [the Jews] according to the flesh. [Paul was willing to go to hell if that could cause the Jews to go to heaven !!!].

      Revelation 5:9: …Thou [Jesus] was slain and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation. [people from all over the world will be saved, including Jews]

    • Warrior of Jerusalem

      Hey Scott,
      What sector of the Arien Nation do you belong to? In case you missed it in your 8th grade education, the Jews are the most persecuted people in the world, is it so wrong for them to be able to defend themselves? You are a typical Liberal…… long as you are fat & happy, nothing else matters to you.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Warrior the Aryan nation people i know are not very liberal and would tear your head off and stuff it up your rear end if you said something like that to there face . I don’t even like being around them for very long .

  • http://n/a AmFer

    Perhaps the NYPD should discuss their fears with that liberal he can relay those fears to that liberal president……..then the NYPD will have no more fears!

    • eddie47d

      Israel has had agents working in America for a much longer time than Iran. They always enfluence how events play out in the world. Including our Middle East wars. Most Israeli citizens don’t want war with Iran yet Netanyahu says the opposite. Netanyahu is pulling our chain and American Conservatives endorse his coaxing us into war. Each of these countries should be a concern but whose to say that Israel won’t hatch a plot in NY and then blame it on Iran to achieve their goal.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

        Man you type fast…. Thought I could get one in first Eddie47d

      • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

        Eddie47d,you should do a little research on Iran and their thought process. Iran has declared that they will wipe Israel off the map. Iran wants to bring about a Nuclear war to quicken the coming of the Maddhi (how ever they spell it) They want to also get them 72 Virgins before the Sunni’s do. Would you want sloppy seconds????

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Well Eddie looks like i have to say you are right on that one !

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Robert The crazy christians ( the born again type are look for the end of the world to )

      • phideaux

        It is true a Christian looks for the end of the world however a true Christian does not try to knowingly and deliberately hasten its coming.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Grimaldi the Iranians don’t like Israel but the Israeli leadership doesn’t like Iran either. They are playing the same cat and mouse game and are trying to see if the USA will blink.

      • Ted G

        Thats what I love about conspiracy theories. You don’t need any real proof.
        Reasoning like… “Hollywood is capable of making a moonwalk look real”
        and somehow that is enough to sway some people into believing that man never really set foot on the moon.
        But thats O.K. Eddie lets wrap up some actual events and sprinkle a few plausible facts in there and then reach out for warped and unsubstantiated conclusion that works out for your ideology and agenda right eddie.

      • eddie47d

        As Kate 8 said a few months back (showed “proof”) the Israeli’s had agents in Chicago ready to assassinate Obama. If you want to talk about conspiracies give her a jingle. Now do you challange Conservative conspiracies for they are on this site each and every week?

  • Roy Estes

    Jew propaganda , just trying a new angle to get us involved in THEIR war . Stop all aid to Israel and stop playing world police .

  • Watch Out for Obozo’s October Surprise

    Your eyes are turned on the wrong subject. We’ve begun to amass troups in Lebanon because the murderous Kenyan Muslim terrorist in the White House will give us an October Surprise by starting his own war in the Middle East. Not to be outdone by George Bush, Obozo will start the war and blame it on George Bush.

    • The Christian American

      You haven’t been listening to Romney. What your calling Obama on is at the top of Romney’s agenda. The Zionist vote is what’s driving both of them, and that has to be won before election day.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Romney to is a tool of the zionist now Ron Paul is not that is the reason he can never be president . no one can be president without kissing the ring of the zionist .

    • Jimmy the Greek

      That is because obongo is owned by the zionist , they are the ones that put him in office , he’s there boy !

      • ChuckS

        Tou think he’s a tool of the Jews – a lot of us think he’s a secret Muslim. It seems like he’s been dissing Israel and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, and maybe Syria. I think most knowledgeable people know that it’s bad for Iran to have a nuke, so he may feel compelled to at least look like he’s doing something about it.

        About Biden’s comments – in 1963, Bill Wattenburg, who designed nuclear weapons in the past, said that he and several other nuclear people tried to find the ingredients for an atomic bomb in the Los Vegas area. Assuming they already had the enriched uranium, they found all the other ingredients in 2 days.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        I muslem is a jew turned inside out they are two sides of the same coin !

      • ChuckS

        If Muslims and Jews are 2 sides of the same coin, why are they always at war with each other?

  • The Christian American

    TERROR: A physical and/or psychological act, violent in nature, that is done to gain submission. Yup! Sounds like the Zionist Blomberg has been working on the NYPD. Does he want to breed “directional” hate? Are we suppose to let that directional hate guide our thinking? President Washington said: have trade all and intervention with none. If we do we will make the one we side with’s enemies, our enemy. Before 1967 we had no enemies in the mid east. Now the Zionist not only made their enemies America’s enemies but America is shedding blood for the Zionists, as well as financing their existence. The Zionist have a goal to rid Samaria and Judea of their Arab inhabitants in pursuit of Theodor Herz’ls Zionist movement. They say it’s religious but there is nothing in scripture to back their claims. There is Scripture that identifies them though. Romans 2:28&29 and Revelations 2:9 & 3:9.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Well Sead !

  • Rob

    Ummm… Isn’t Israel outside the NYPD’s jurisdiction?

  • TML

    “Late last month, pro-Israeli lobbyist Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy floated the idea that a Pearl Harbor-style attack on America was the best way to get U.S. citizens on board with the idea of going to war with Iran.”

    Wow, they aren’t even being ambiguous about it anymore. I suppose we can look forward to another false flag to make that happen.

    “We’ve been concerned about Iran for a while, and I think the history of those events throughout the world since January give us cause for concern,” Kelly said.”

    How does the history of events throughout the world since January point to Iran? Foolish warmongers.

    “Early last month, reports broke of ties between the Israeli government and the NYPD when New York’s finest opened a new branch, in Israel.”

    What the…? A branch of NYPD in another country?! Something is just very F’ed up about that.

    “New York City is home to the largest Jewish population in any city outside of Israel with 1.5 million Jews spread throughout the metropolis.”

    So that’s what’s wrong with New York. LoL!

    • The Christian American

      How many countries have the kind of control that Zionist Israel has over America? How many countries have an AIPAC in Washington D.C.? None? I figured. Even America’s ambassador Shapiro has to Israel had to pass the Zionist test. He verbal, for now, attacks Iran from the shores of Israel as if he represented Zionist Israel, not America. Obama and Romney hold the Zionist power and vote so sacred that they’ll commit American troops to fight for the Zionists, not America. By ratio, how many of America’s legislatures are Zionist, Jewish and otherwise, in comparison to those that have America first in their hearts? How can a legislature by dedicated to the Zionist movement and dedicated to America and her principals? Has America’s political spectrum switched from being pro American to pro Zionist?

    • The Christian American

      I can appreciate what your saying but not all Jews are Zionist or even like the Zionist movement. They see it for what it is. There are over 25,000 Jews and Israeli’s living in Iran who wouldn’t set foot in Zionist Israel. They’ve taken the trouble to research Theodor Herz’l’s, the founder of the Zionist movement, claims and find them worse than false. It is a pseudo Religious / political movement financed by the likes of the Rothschild’s and their ilk. It has nothing to with the Ten Commandments or anyother biblical teachings but a lot to do with the finances in the world. Rothschild said on the floor of our congress: ” I care not who makes the laws, so long as control the money”.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      I read that story to ! they figure the goyim to be stupid .

  • Wanda Faye Rigdon


    • Jimmy the Greek

      You Wanda Are the looney one !

    • gunner689AI

      A ship board nuke in NY harbor would do the trick. If it happens hopefully there’ll be a gay pride parade going on.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        I well drink to that gunner !


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