NYPD Cop Allegedly Stood By As Bikers Cornered, Beat Man In Front Of Wife And Child


An off-duty New York City police officer has been placed on modified duty after being forced to turn in his gun and badge — all thanks to his alleged role in a sensational chase last week in which a biker gang pursued a family, cornered their SUV, dragged the father from the vehicle and beat him as his wife and toddler watched.

The NYPD officer, whose name has not been released by the department, is allegedly one of several cops who ride with the “Front Line Soldiers” motorcycle gang — a unit known in the area for its members’ distinctive, shiny chrome helmets.

His alleged culpability in last week’s chase and beating stems from his admitting, three days after the event made national news, that he was present during the entire rolling incident and that he stood by and took no action as other gang members dragged Alexian Lien from his Range Rover, beat him in front of his family and left him lying bloody on the ground.

According to the New York Post, NYPD Internal Affairs is investigating whether other cops were also riding among the Front Line Soldiers group that participated in the violence. The unnamed officer who’s already been implicated was allegedly working undercover — although not, evidently, among the bikers:

“It does not appear that he got involved at the scene,” one law-enforcement source said of the undercover, who has hired a lawyer. “He didn’t want to blow his cover,” said the source — though the cop was not investigating the group of bikers.

Cops have uncovered new photo and video evidence showing that Lien was attacked by as many as five bikers, sources said.

One of those bikers was allegedly Robert Sims, 35, of Brooklyn. He was taken into custody Friday afternoon and charged with gang assault, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault and attempted gang assault, a source said.

… Reginald Chance, 38, of Brooklyn — depicted in video using his chrome-colored helmet to bash in Lien’s driver’s-side window — was also in custody Friday awaiting charges. Police plan to do lineups Saturday morning.

The chase did injure one of the bikers: a 32-year-old rider whom the frightened Lien ran over in a desperate effort to escape the group as the bikers attempted to surround his SUV. That man, Edwin Mieses, had been riding without a valid driver’s license since 1999 and had never even applied for a motorcycle license, the Post reported. He’s now threatening to sue Lien for injuries that, according to his lawyer, may end up paralyzing him for life.

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  • Blank Reg

    And of course this bozo had a wife and baby in the car with him and no means of self defense. The simplest misunderstandings can escalate really fast.

    • adbj102

      The important this thing is: The driver who run over the biker was a BANKER, A protected species! Grossly overpaid with money stolen from the working class! His contempt was demonstrated by his TRYING TO KILL THE person riding a motorcycle in front of him! Imagine him as one of those bankers pictured drinking champaige contemptly watching the Occupiers being beaten by the NYC Gestapo (oops I mean cops) He was lucky they didn’t come to his rescue….they might have shot him TOO. “And no means of self defence” ???? Usually in guarded high rises, and behind many bodyguards, They are well guarded! The bankers are destroying America, while robbing us blind! When was the last time you heard of a banker getting justice? I’m sure his wife and child wern’t living on the street like millions of others, Victims of the banker’s greed! And you will notice that there was no mention of assault with a motor vehicle! Remember Bankers are exempt from the law! What got him hurt was ARROGANCE!

      • Bill

        What cage did they let you out of. You are showing signs of being a major nutcase

      • billybob

        LMAO. You should be writing for the MSM!

      • Scott

        Denial is the first step to healing. Motorcyclist that got hit – asked for it and got what he deserved. He was intimidating the SUV and got hit – period. Everyone elses actions caused the remaining effects. I ride a bike and have for 40+ years – if your going to be an idiot on a bike – pick a place that doesn’t effect others – or suffer the consequences. defending these cyclists actions, doesn’t make them right. Everyone involved in the assault is a discrace the motorcycling community.

      • CORMAC___NJ

        You lost me when you got to the poor-occupiers part. Anyway. that has no relevance here. If it turns out that the inappropriate support that the SUV driver is getting is because of his wealth or status, then I’ll be right there with you. But until then, let’s not see this through the lens of unrelated issues.

  • Peter

    This mongrel idiot had zero patience. He was stuck not behind a bunch of outlaw bikers, but behind a group of ordinary motorcyclists on sports bikes, NOT big fat Hogs and wearing biker colors! He became impatient because the motorcyclists were waiting to move off as a group, so he DELIBERATELY drove his SUV OVER SEVERAL MOTORCYCLISTS, paralyzing one of them and putting others in hospital, not to mention the damage to their bikes!
    Then the stupid lamestream media gets hold of the story and makes the motorcyclists out to be the baddies!
    This SUV driver deserved to be bashed.
    He had ZERO regard for anything or anybody except his own impatience.
    He got what was coming to him.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So unless you were there with the SUV driver and his family in the SUV and could hear and see everything that pertained to them, you are telling multiple lies.

      • John

        Were you there? Are you a hypocrite?

    • IBCAMN

      just remember,like you said,the suv was behind sportbikes!not Harley’s!
      if you have a chance,look at how a Harley MC rides and then look at how sportbike riders ride!you will see the diffirance right away!and that the suv driver has had a lot of past issues with his own driving record!if you take all this in together,this was gonna happen if they ever met on the road!i’m not taking sides but were gonna have to wait till it all comes out!
      there’s more video out there,it’ll show up!
      and yes the media(as usual)made up their own news and went that way with it)and now corrupt cops involved,we’ll see were that one goes!

    • billybob

      If someone was threating me and my family, I would have done more than just running over one biker. Lets not let the fact that they were not riding Hogs be the factor in this incident. They were known by the law enforcement groups for their distinctive chrome helmets. Mob mentality is very interesting. People who by themselves would never do the things that they do when they have 40 or 50 people behind them. Cowards become tought guys. Leaders get followers to do things they would never do by themselves. It works in all gangs.

      • CORMAC___NJ

        No one was threatening anyone’s family. That’s a fairytale made up by hysterical media pundits. Even the SUV driver isn’t making that claim. If you want to fantasize about being a hero, go ahead, but it has no relevance to the facts in the case.

  • http://scallywagandvagabond.com/ scallywag

    Does it get anymore ridiculous? Six off-duty cops have been identified so far as being present at and/or participating in the Alexian Lien attack and lying about it.

    Of course what is amazing is that no charges will be brought.

    So assault is legal if you’re a cop….???


  • Violet Angel

    When you run with a pack of rabid dogs, is there any wonder you just might be treated like a dog?


    iv’e been telling people for years,ALL cops are corrupt!
    he’s going to get out of it by him saying he was undercover,but remember people,by law,a cop even undercover cannot participate or condone a felony or illegal action while undercover!!so that means he must break cover to serve the people and uphold the law!(i belong to an M.C. and we’ve had our fair share of cops trying to get into the club!)so if these cops don’t go to jail or at least fired,the system is corrupt too!(which i know it is)

    • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

      Many Cops have become MAFIA THUGS…Americans need protection FROM THE COPS…

    • CORMAC___NJ

      “by law,a cop even undercover cannot participate or condone a felony” Nonsense. Are you a lawyer, or law enforcement officer? No, as revealed by the fact that you are dead wrong.

  • tiko

    I cannot believe that facebook poster Nancy Re above believes that the victim should be charged. Why is it that black’s cannot be guilty of anything?Are the laws that the hoods were breaking just optical illussions? NOTE: If you are going to act like the boyz from the hood….DO NOT VIDEO YOUR CRIMES. AND of course the SUV driver should be charged because one of his attackers refuses to get a licence. It is the white guys fault because the black brothers are beaten down and they make it harder for a black man to get a drivers licence than to get a voter ID card.

    Yep, a bunch of hoods threatens death and the man fled to protect his life, his child’s life and the life of his wife and we should be outraged that the driver did not allow them to be killed. BIG DEAL. A punk found out that he is human and can die or be seriously injured. He managed to call a lawyer on his obama phone, I see. That is why people should be allowed to defend their lives with a firearm. Center of body mass with a doubletap to the head beats rubber tires any day.

    Funny thing. The cycle rider had no legal right to even be where he was and lowlife defenders of the scum accuse the victims. Now….had the suv driver been black and the bike riders white NYC would be burning right now. Instead the poor criminal will sue for millions.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      The “victim” ran over an innocent man and almost killed him. It was not self-defense since the SUV driver was not being attacked. In fact, he was attempting to flee the scene of an accident, so even if he didn’t know he was running someone over, he was breaking the law. This whole pile of crap about the SUV driver being allowed to run someone over “because he was scared” is ridiculous. By that logic, you can kill anyone you want just because you, for whatever reason, are frightened. So much for a nation of laws…

  • grumpyolman

    Just like the Soldier who was just stabbed and killed after a group of blacks yelled racial epithets and accosted him – “It is not a hate crime” because the victim was white.


    The SUV driver committed multiple crimes and is, so far, getting away with them, #1 he attempted to flee the scene of an accident. #2 he ran over a biker, injuring him, and kept on going. The whole line about him being so scared is garbage. It was broad daylight on the West Side Highway, not a back alley in Bedford Stuyvesant at 3:00 AM. No one was attacking him. No one threatened his family.