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NYC Schools Give Out Morning-After Pill

September 25, 2012 by  

NYC Schools Give Out Morning-After Pill

The New York City Department of Education is supplying morning-after pills to students. It has become a practice in at least 13 schools.

Making the practice even more controversial is that parents are not notified when the school nurse gives girls emergency contraceptives. Girls as young as 14 are given pills when they ask for them.

The birth control is supplied by CATCH (Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health). Health Department doctors write prescriptions that enable school nurses to give out the drug. This fall, students can receive birth-control injections every three months.

A student must simply inform a school nurse that she has had unprotected sex. If the girl passes a pregnancy test, she can be given the pill.

Last year in five schools, 567 students received Plan B tablets and 580 students were given Reclipsen, according to the New York Post.

Parents are able to sign a form stating that their daughter cannot be given contraceptives. But according to the Department of Education, only 1-2 percent of parents have opted out.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Michael J.

    What this country needs is a political morning after pill. Those who feel remorse after voting for individuals they dreampt of sleeping with, only to find that the thrills were momentary and fleeting, could then terminate lust driven moments of insanity they won’t publicly admit to. Being a voter scorned is a private embarrassment that outwardly affects the lives of millions.

    • Mario

      Good one! Unfortunately, after a bad vote there is only one remedy left…REVOLUTION!…
      Doesn’t came in pills and small doses…

  • JustAnotherJoe

    Wow, what ever happened to the students keeping their legs closed, and learning the three “R’s” instead? Whoops, I forgot, schools do not teach the basics anymore-at least the ones that matter.

    • Robert Smith

      Sex is one of the most basic parts of life.


      • Patriot1776

        And along with it go self control, responsibility and moral standards. That is what makes humans different from animals.

      • s c

        Perhaps, komrade, but the way utopians “think,” it’s only a matter of time until Uncle Scammy’s schools claim that kids need to broaden their knowledge of the ‘real world,’ and consider a life of crime. They could start with crime in primitive societies, work up to the Mafia, and for the more advanced students, they could suggest that they consider becoming politicians. Isn’t it obvious YET that Amerika’s worst criminals are ELECTED politicians?
        Nothing is impossible in the world of utopians. Unfortunately, these same utopians never learned to distinguish between good and bad. Forget morality and the downside of being MEAN-SPIRITED [done for our own good, of course]. Losers.

      • Gordon

        Memphis Fraiser

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Robert Smith, I feel sorry if you have a daughter because she is probably a Slut with your kind of thinking and Parenting. If you don’t have children have a vascetomy Please. Viet Nam Vet 67-68






      • Gordon

        Frayser has the Nation’s highest rate of teen pregnancy and pregnant girls attending school. They are also high up on some other lists too.

    • http://yahoo Charles Arthur Williams

      I believe Ya’ll are missing the real problem ! You want to condemn the Schools for trying to ease a social problem !
      This is really a issue brought on by what has happened to the Family ! Patriot is correct about his list. “along with it go”, But if we expect the School’s to teach this were being unrealistic. This should be the job of parent’s with support of extended Family and their Faith. Unfortunitly we aren’t engaging with our children, its like we think if we don’t talk about it or just say no, it won’t happen. I grew up on a farm just outside of metro Detroit. I was pulling calves from as far back as I can remember. I helped separating animals for breeding or taking some to the neighbor’s farm to strengthen blood lines. I was lucky cause my Dad would answer any question i had no mater how old I was. My sister was treated the same way and she never had such problems !
      We have girl’s all over this Country begging for attention from parents esp.father’s
      I believe as Father’s,uncles, grandfather’s, older brother’s,Church member’s and just plain Men we are respondsible to support emotionialy these Girl’s, Sister’s, Mother’s, Church Family’s and just plain Women. And if we abuse them the other Men should give us the same !
      But its easier to just send them out and let the School deal with it ! Then we B_T_H how bad the School handle’s it. The sad part of the Articile is 1 or 2 percent of the Parents Opted out, which tells me that many who B_T_H about it are leaving it up to the School in the first place !

  • http://None Bob C

    And to think I have to show state identification at 61 years old to buy Sudafed……

    • Wumingren

      I have two daughters, one in 4th Grade and one in 5th Grade, who may not be treated by the school nurse without a signed parental consent form. Treatments include administration of cough drops, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Neosporin. Nor are any students allowed to self-administer any medications, nutritional supplements, or even Chapstik. Chapstik! Yet the Lib-progs want girls as young as 13 (younger if nobody notices) to be given abortions and the Morning After Pill, upon demand, without parental permission or notice.

    • Mario

      Sure, our Big Brother is CONVICED you are a meth dealer…

  • dan

    for close to twenty years ALL of the girls said NO…so I got married and heard NO for the next twenty years. I gave up on women and got a boat.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Why not supply the Skate boarders with new rubbers.

    • momo

      They all ready do, this is just in addition.

  • Jerry Nappi

    This is really something. The kids aren’t allowed to have sodas or potato chips, but by god they can have pills to kill anything that might be there. The parents have allowed the schools to get this power and the parents are the ones who will have to stop this power. After all the schools have more authority over your kids than you do. Get real folks, or maybe you don’t care?

  • Greg

    I can not be leave what this world is coming to. The school nurse at my kids school is not
    aloud to give a kid an aspirin but this is okay. I just get what ever happened to saying no or the right to life.

  • Elda

    I am totally against abortion in all cases…..that said, if this pill stops conseption from happening like birth control pills do I don’t have a problem with them. The reason why is the parents are not teaching their kids to take care of themselves and to become more leaches on society just like they are. If the parents of NYC would start teaching morals they would not fear what is happening in schools. So, this is a safety net, all be it an evil one. Frankly, I would like to see fewer thugs and drug addicts.

    • Gordon

      Hello! Morning-after pills are abortion pills. In fact MOST birth control pills are abortion pills. They prevent the already fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus wall and growing. Point is that the egg has already been fertilized= Conception has occurred= A baby has already been formed. BIRTH CONTROL PILLS ARE ABORTION PILLS, and have been for decades.

    • Gordon

      The Bible says that a human being starts at the moment of conception. So Elda, how many babies have you personally killed?

      • Wumingren

        I like to point out to my Lib-prog acquaintences that the Declaration of Independence includes the phrase, “… all men are created equal …”; it does not say, “… all men are born equal ….”

  • Sue

    I agree with Elda that parents need to teach their children better but there are so many absentee parents it is ridiculous. I also know that one of the other states about a school nurse is not allowed to give a kid an aspirin is also true. I would prefer that those girls get the morning after pill then bring a child into the world who is unwanted, dependent on society to support etc. At least they are trying to be responsible even though it would be better if they did not put themselves in the position to need it.

    • Gordon

      Many of us believe that abortion is not a solution to lack of responsibility for convenience.

  • Gail Provencher, NP, MSN, CNS, DAAIM

    This is just another way “prideful” individuals who have no moral compass and think it takes a “village” (instead of it takes a family) play on our children. As a nurse consultant at FDA/CDRH in the early 90′s I recall a young female physician (not FDA personnel) who stated at a committee meeting that she wished OCP’s could be put in our water supply to prevent teen pregnancy. Shocked by her comment doesn’t even sum up how most of us felt at the time. Teens cannot get their ears pierced without parental consent but it is okay to give them hormones when they are still mentally and physically developing. We as a nation have a huge task ahead of us. Perhaps our first lesson is to be accountable for our actions and consequences of those actions. We have accepted and tuned into the media messages of, “if it feels good, just do it”. Lack of self control and looking for pleasure is the edict of our time. These along with blaming everyone else for our problems and then expecting others to fix it. Michael you are right on!

  • Liberty for All

    “If the girl passes a pregnancy test, she can be given the pill.”

    They may not be passing their reading or math tests, but at least they are passing their pregnancy tests.

    • Gordon

      Sex is more fun than algebra.

    • Wumingren

      Apparently, not all of them pass the pregnancy test.

  • Liberty for All

    My kids can’t even be given asprin at school without parental permission. Do the schools really own the kids in New York?

    • Gordon

      The point is that the parents have abdicated their responsibility. If the parents had done their job this wouldn’t be happening. They are the blind leading the blind. The great social experiment of the 60s has come to pass. Soon we will be openly killing the old and infirm.

      • Gordon

        In fact that is already happening. A friend’s loved one was in critical condition. A nurse gave her a shot. After several minutes things got worse and my friend went to the nurse and said “come quickly she’s getting worse.” The nurse looked at her watch and said, “its about time”, and they went to the room and the lady was dead. Figure that one out. mmmm?

      • Mario

        Well, I suppose sooner or later we will have to return to Mother Nature’s law… like it or not!…
        Which states “Survival of the fittest”!…And that means…
        Not surviving of the loved ones, not surviving of the most politycal connected and, as an ideea, not surviving of ANYTHING who cannot take care of themself/itself without drawing resources from the whole society. Society, as a whole, is a Mother Nature creation and cannot ignore Her laws indeffinetly, as we right now do!
        The pendullum is waaaaaay out of ballance, so, expect it to came back in full force.
        And, yes, I said AFTER YOU!!!!…


    Haha another instance of precious snowflake Liberal Democrat children, not having to accept consequences of their actions. Liberals have turned America into the biggest [expletive deleted] country on the planet. Hopefully Liberals keep letting their kids get away with not having kids and maybe they’ll go extinct.

  • Chester

    IF she waits until she passes a pregnancy test, it is too late for the morning after pill. That is why the school nurse would be handing them out as soon as a student reports having had unprotected sex, no longer ago than 72 hours.

    • Mario

      to Chester and the rest of this brainwash nation
      Please tell me since when, in a free society, anybody has to REPORT anything to anybody, especially about themselfs?!!!!…

  • s c

    Just a passing thought, folks. Since the basic purpose of sex education is to keep kids AWAY from diseases and such, you’d have to be a self-made retard not to understand just how bad Uncle Scam has FAILED. In a world that makes sense, failures get put in their place. In political Amerika, failures are rarely put in their place, and Amerikans get to pay for (literally and figuratively) the collective SINS of Uncle Scam and his bedmates.
    WHO says crime doesn’t pay?

  • Rob

    This is just one more way of teaching kids that there are no consequences for their actions. Unprotected sex? Here’s a pill. Positive pregnancy test? No problem, taxpayers will pay for the abortion. Want to drop out of school? No worries there either. This guy who payed for his own education, started his own business, and became successful will pay plenty of taxes to take care of you.

    Matt. 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2. It would be better for him to have a millstone hanged around his neck, and he be cast into the sea than that he should offend one of these little ones.


    Rob exactly! The sad thing is there is a whole percentage of the population who teach their children precisely what you listed above. How to work the system to obtain benefits and money created and produced off the hard work of others. And whats even sadder is that some people who post on this site have no problem with them doing this.

    • http://yahoo Charles Arthur Williams

      Ya GREED is even promoted ! I tell people of 1st Timothy 6:10 , “The love of money is the root of all evil “! Most of the time, the answer I get is “That’s someone else” when I see it as most of us! I battle that myself often !

  • JimH

    Even “if” morals didn’t enter the picture,(as they should)by teaching there is no consequence to your actions, take a pill, problems gone. One problem may be “gone”, but others will take their place. Spread of s.t.d.’s for one.
    Giving these children, and they are still children, these pills infers that the action is condoned.
    It delivers the wrong mesage.

  • Janice

    So who is held financially liable if the student has an adverse reaction or serious medical complications from the pill or contraception. If hospitalization is required are parents who opt in totally responsible for any outcome. What about long term physical effects of the pill/ contraceptiv. As a parent I would opt out. I’d should be notified if my child sees the nurse for a headache, injury or even a splinter.
    Why would parents give a school system the authority to make health care decisions for their child? Parents who opt in are stupid & lazy. Period.

    • Rob

      Those same parents who give up the responsibility to teach their children will be the same ones to hold the school system financially responsible if anything should happen to their kids. The same people will be paying for injury or death that are paying for the pill in the first place… the taxpayer.

    • Mario

      Agree with you, but how many like you are there on the school board?…
      Remember, we live in the tyrany of 51%…Soon, will be worse…

  • teaparty13

    Leave it to NYC, can’t have salt, can’t have a large soda, but ok to give a kid the morning after pill.. Think the city pols have their heads up their wazoos.

  • Jay

    Parents who continue sending their children to the public school system, ought to have their heads examined! If you truly love your children, pull them out of the education system and home-school them!

  • Jay

    BABYLON, AMSTERDAM, HIGH SCHOOL, What’s the Difference? Well, the first two are voluntary! In the eyes of many parents, Christians especially, that’s about the end of it.
    Most parents choose to home school their children for one reason and one reason only: they want to avoid the values and social philosophies that come with the public schools. Now, a new study reveals they have much to fear, and all the trouble they have to go through might well be worth it.

    June 3, 2002, an article in the esteemed journal Nature, summarized the results of studies by researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina:

    “Pregnancies in unmarried teenagers rise and fall with the school year, say researchers. Conception rates drop markedly with the summer, when teenagers are on school holidays and so fraternize less, and soar abruptly when school starts again in the autumn”.

    If I have anything to add, it is to suggest a small correction to the authors’ assumptions. The authors do show clearly that there is a problem in the public school environment. But I think they fail to make a good analysis, perhaps because they desire to deflect the blame from where it belongs, when they tell us that teenagers “fraternize less” during their summer holidays away from school. I do not think that is true.

    I think teenagers “fraternize” every bit as much (perhaps even more in settings that could allow sexual activity!) in the summer, as during the school year. That unlikely assertion (“…and so fraternize less”), by the authors, allows them to make the implication that the pregnancies merely result from the teenagers being in crowds, rather than attribute the dramatic rise in pregnancies to the specific culture of the crowds they are in while at the schools. If the implication the authors make were correct, then teenagers in cities, in suburbs, in church youth groups, in shopping malls, indeed in crowds anywhere, should have “soaring” pregnancy rates. Clearly, they do not, as the study shows.

    What happens in the summers, during the teenagers’ holidays away from the public schools, and school hallways and cafeterias, is that they fraternize less with teens who are being taught and stimulated by the schools’ “sex education” and so-called “diversity training” programs. Instead, they fraternize more with peers they can choose, more with teenagers that share their own (or their parents’) values, and more with teenagers who are not being inculcated with the libertine lesson-plans and public school culture.

    Teenagers actually get a vacation from an environment that officially and authoritatively denigrates more conservative (“old-fashioned”) values, and really does keep sex on the minds of students continually, while preaching “sex is good for you” – especially if done any way but the old fashioned way!

    The argument has long been made, by those folks who finally opt out of the public schools, that it really doesn’t matter whether you are teaching sex for health, for contraception, for AIDS and STD prevention, for “tolerance” and “diversity” (read, homosexuality) training, the end result is more sex at younger ages. The diseases are still rampant, the pregnancies “soar abruptly” after class, and the teenagers are even more confused about sexuality, morality, family values, and the religions of their parents.

    The Duke study gives support to that argument. It should lead to some rethinking on the part of the political and educational establishments about their programs, but of course it won’t. They are too enamored of their own ideas, too “intolerant” of the “fundamentalists”, and too infiltrated and sold out to social and political factions pushing their own cultural revolutions through the public school culture factories.

    I consider parents who dare to home school their children heroes of the most unselfish sort.

    • Mario

      Wow,Jay! That was the most brilliant comment so far! And actually one who try to not treat teenagers as cattle, home pets, or nuissances, as how schools, government, and manny parents are considering them.
      Good one!…
      And remember people – ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!- your kids will give you a nice burial, not your ideeas!…

  • Wumingren

    The Left never considers the unintended consequences of their actions. They make abortion and the Morning After Pill available upon demand. Kids will no longer worry about pregnancy, and they will have muliple partners without protection — I said, WITHOUT PROTECTION — as wearing a condom may decrease the sexual pleasure for either or both partners. Thinking all they have to do is destroy the product of their union without a care or a thought, kids will not wear condoms.

    What do you suppose will happen then? An explosion of sexually transmitted diseases is what will happen then. Gone are the days when a bit of painful urination could be fixed with a quick shot of penicillin. Today’s STDs are becoming drug resistant, and some, such as Herpes, genital warts, and HIV are incurable. If becoming pregnant is so inconvenient, try having life-threatening, incurable diseases flashing through the mob.

  • http://Ryan Jon

    Since when does a school take over the parents job and responsibility where their child is concern. By doing this you might as well be telling the kids that its ok to have sex when a parents place is to prevent that from happening by having a family talk. This country has really gone to hell even with the schools telling our kids that its ok to be gay? That is not the job of the school nor anyone else except the parent that should not be tollerated in school anywhere at anytime. A teachers job is to teach our kids their ABC’s & 123′s do your job that you et paid to do or our kids will no longer attend public school.


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