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NYC Mayor Wants To Ban Sugary Drinks

June 1, 2012 by  

NYC Mayor Wants To Ban Sugary Drinks
Large sugary drinks may be banned in New York City in March.

In an effort to reduce the number of supersized New Yorkers, Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to reduce the number of supersized drinks in the city. The Mayor is proposing a ban that would prohibit the sale of any sweet beverage larger than 16 ounces.

Any seller that does not comply will be fined $200.

The proposed ban would not apply to diet sodas, fruit juices, milkshakes or alcoholic beverages. Nor would it apply to drinks sold at grocery or convenience stores.

Bloomberg believes the plan will combat obesity.

“Obesity is a nationwide problem, and all over the United States, public health officials are wringing their hands… New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something. I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do,” he said.

But the New York City Beverage Association thinks the city has an “unhealthy obsession” with soft drinks.

“It’s time for serious health professionals to move on and seek solutions that are going to actually curb obesity. These zealous proposals just distract from the hard work that needs to be done on this front,” said spokesman Stefan Friedman.

Others have questioned the effectiveness of the ban given the loopholes: Free refills will still be allowed, and there is nothing stopping a person from ordering more than one drink.

“Your argument, I guess, could be that it’s a little less convenient to have to carry two 16-ounce drinks to your seat in the movie theater rather than one 32 ounce,” Bloomberg said in a sarcastic tone, according to The New York Times. “I don’t think you can make the case that we’re taking things away.”

Some believe the ban would be an infringement on personal liberty.

“If people want to drink 24 ounces, it’s their decision,” said college student Zara Atal.

But the Mayor disagrees: “I don’t know how in court you would challenge it. We’re not taking away any rights.”

If the Board of Health approves the ban, large sugary drinks will become a thing of the past in New York City in March.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • JimH

    I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries, and THREE small cokes. Problem solved.
    The law limits the SIZE of the drink, but doesn’t limit how many a single customer can order.
    It will make for more cups in the landfill though.
    Good job mayor I know what’s best for you.

    • CJ

      The Mayor went on national TV this morning saying the exact same thing, you can still order two and get the same amount. But I think they really want to increase sales revenue for more taxes. Sneeky trick, Mr. Mayor.

      • A Little Bit of Reality

        That’s exactly what I was thinking..” If you want more, Pay More “.. What a slogan. You don’t have to be insane to live in New York but it helps.

    • restorefreedom

      Is he a mayor or a supreme being? Unbelievable control freak!

      • slapjack

        Just one more example of a wealthy Libtard walking and talking with his head up his ass.

      • Vigilant

        “Is he a mayor or a supreme being? Unbelievable control freak!”

        Answer: Not all liberals believe they are mayor, but all liberals believe they are supreme beings.

  • Harold Olsen

    If they tried to pull this in Washington state where I live, and it would surprise me one bit, I’d compromise. If they no longer sold 2 litre bottles of Pepsi I’d buy the 24 oz six packs, unless they got banned,then the 12 oz 8 packs. NO ONE is going to tell me what I can eat or drink. Of course, if large bottles of soft drinks get banned in your state, you can always order them online.

  • Karolyn

    What a misleading headline! He is not banning sugary drinks, just fountain drinks larger than 16 ounces. People can buy 2 or more of anything if they want . It’s more of a psychological ploy. Granted, it is kind of overreaching, but I understand his premise, especially having heard him interviewed yesterday.

    • Freedom Gary

      Lets see Karolyn how this works. You think it is ok for him to outlaw drinks of a size he finds bad, ok HE just now thinks womens shoes that are black are racist and now you can not wear them in NY next month the US. Well with your way of thinking that should be ok.What will I make illegle next month hummmmmmmmm. When will you people realize that this tyrant needs to be removed.

      • Karolyn

        I did not say it was OK. I said I understand the premise.

      • Vigilant

        Karolyn, this “kind of overreaching” would have once been unheard of. This “kind of overreaching” is what gave us our deficit, overregulation on everything including the air we breathe, and a president who feels he can rule by fiat.

    • eddie47d

      Will they ever grasp the problem Karolyn? Bloomberg said it costs the city $4 billion in healthcare costs just on the obesity problem related to sugary drinks . It’s amazing how much we all bellyache about high healthcare costs but allow people to do great harm to themselves. We bury our heads in the sand and claim it’s their right to be overly obese even when we all pay dearly for their behavior. Corporations make a killing (in more ways than one) in the sales of soft drinks. In movie theaters alone most of the profits for management is from soft drinks not movie tickets. The more they sell the more they make and that is the same everywhere. That is why they are fighting this law and they could care less about the health of their customers. Diabetes is growing faster than we can stop it and these “soda sellers” are spiking the ball. They have reeled the gullible in and now they make huge profits off of the addicted. That is hardly a wise business practice if you are causing great harm.

      • Vigilant

        Will you ever grasp the Constitution eddie?

  • Alex Frazier

    People are willing to “compromise” or “buy three drinks,” or to “understand his premise.”

    Folks, this is a prime example of a moment where we all need to be raising our fists and shouting hell no. People let the little things slide. But the little things, once they compound, become big things. Some day there will be an outright ban on fast food, candy, cookies, and anything else that “contributes to obesity,” and we’ll all sit back wondering how it got so far, how the government stomped so many of our rights, etc.

    This is how.

    Just the other day I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine. We were talking about seat belts. He was in favor of laws that make you wear them. I was not. Although I did and do acknowledge that it’s wise for me to wear my seat belt, I don’t think the government has any business telling me that I have to. I explained to him that it’s an attack on personal freedom, and that “if we allow it to stand unchallenged, before you know it they’ll be telling us what we can eat and drink.”

    Two days after that conversation, it was all over the news that New York was proposing this ban.

    He was convinced.

    I encourage everyone to stand up and fight this nonsense. Not because this particular ban is necessarily bad or harmful, but because it’s one of many assaults on our personal freedom that will one day lead to outright oppression. Let’s not forget that New York is also the state that decided the second and fourth amendments don’t apply to their citizens. Guns are practically illegal, and people are stopped on the street for random searches without warrant or probable cause.

    Just say no to big government.

    • Robert Smith

      From Alex: “We were talking about seat belts. He was in favor of laws that make you wear them. ”

      Simple solution to that and yet still have “choice.”

      If you choose not to wear a seat belt then you are contributing to any injury that may occur in an accident. The other person is NOT responsible for your injuries regardless of how egregious their behavior in traffic was.

      That means that if you don’t have your seat belt on you can’t sue the other driver, you can’t sue the car manufacturer, and you can’t sue the doctor who may make a mistake while patching you up after your accident.

      It’s that simple.

      BTW, this should not deny care. I don’t think the extreme of letting ‘em die for not wearing a seatbelt (if they survive the accident) should be in place.


      • Steve E

        There is no choice in buying a 32 oz. soda in NYC.

      • CJ

        In regards to seat belts, you shold also add that insurance will not cover injuries resulting from the lack of wearing them. If a driver chooses to go without, then they should also pay the expense. Choices with consequences.

      • Rick

        I spent 5 years on an ambulance and I can say that I have never seen anyone “Saved” by the seat belt. I have seen many injuries caused by them. When it became law here in Michigan the rate of injuries and long term care went up dramaticaly. When I was young I had one malfunction and almost had to cut my way out. Had I been in an emergency I would have had to, It was frightening just sitting in the driveway and not being able to undo the seatbelt..It should still be a person’s choice to use them or not. And if I present the information the right way I can make any statisic show what ever I want it to.the problem with tests with dummies is that they do not have muscles to react to the impact. Basically the govenment should not regulate personal behavior except for when it interacts with others.Who the hell ded and left Blumberg as god?

    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      I hear you. These liberal statists fail to realize that as a free people, we should have the right to decide which risks to take or not take. Air bags can also have an adverse effect, and can actually cause injuries or death. Yet we are forced to buy them – an option more costly than air conditioning. ….. As a free people, we have the right to decide how to live or die as we see fit. Whether it’s tobacco, soft drinks, trans fats, etc., we the people get to decide, not the statist do-gooders!! Bloomturd, et al, should do what they do best, but seldom do – BUTT OUT!!

      • eddie47d

        Then be willing to pay more for health insurance from tobacco users and fast food junkies and those who refuse to use seat belts,Etc. When the rate go up know the reasons but BUTT OUT and accept it.

    • A Little Bit of Reality

      It’s already happening in the school system and everybody understands or are behind it because it’s their children.. Allowing the machine to dole out food that isn’t nutritious nor healthy (like eating Styrofoam as my teen has described) I see it as a test project, once the people accept thoroughly then it will spread to fast food then to restaurants and finally the home town grocer. Soon we will be eating un-nourishing, man made chemical by- products that will eventually turn into solyents.. Be prepared.

  • JDN

    I have changed my mind through frustration , bring it on , all the insanity government can dish out . I will be cheering in the streets with every new law . I am tired of letter writing and emails not to mention being viewed as a pain for complaining , unpatriotic , lunatic fringe etc . When things get to the point that would make Stalin proud then maybe enough people will rise up to make a difference . Till then we are just waisting hot air .

  • Les

    Just Tax breathing…..

    Just follow the money, everything politicians do has to do with them getting something in return.

  • Chester

    This is from the same man who is making MAJOR contributions to organizations who want to see the cost of electricity double or triple just so we will use less coal. He WANTS coal fired power plants CLOSED, and has no problem telling you so, and to the devil with the poor man who can’t afford the new, higher rates, or all the miners who suddenly are out of jobs because coal is no longer allowed to be used in the US.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Why dosen’t somebody wake up in Fairy Land (new york) and smell the stench of Liberals, Commun ists, One world Government, Muslims (also known as CULTISTS) are taking over your lives, cutting sugary drinks but allow cigaretts? Money and thats the only reason, whats next banning Pizza, Hamburgers, fried Chicken, Meat when do you Liberals end this Lunacy and Communism, you don’t have the right to ban anything> You all work for the people and they are walking on their Brains. New York is the Hot Bed of Stupidity, Taxes, Communism and the Muslim Cult your only Competition is from D.C., California, Washington State and Oregon the rest of the Ststes still have a chance for Normalcy if they get back to our Constitution. Memorial Day I visited one of thousands of Military Cemeterys and said a short prayer over their graves apoligizing for the way the people of this Country are pissing on them. Their sacrafice gave us freedom and our Constitution that made us the Greatest, most free Nation in the world with the highest standards of living and we became the standard for all the Countries around the world. We were the most giving Country in the world, the people of this Country used to give more of their Money to lesser Country’s more than all the other Nations combined but not anymore the Government has see fit to choose Countries of their choice and right now thats Radical Muslim Countries to the tune of $40 Billion of the Tax Payers Money while we go Bankrupt. Just to let you all know the Obamination that said no Taxes on people making $250,000.00 or less are getting 12 new Obamination Taxes and Bush’s Tax relief is expiring all on December 31, 2012. Vote for that this Election you dumb assed Liberals Communists and Jews.

  • Steve E

    It too bad that most people in NYC do not own automobiles. If they did, they would be able to drive out of the city and see that there are other places you can go where there if more freedom. Thus, they may throw that bum dictatorial mayor out of office.

    • JOHN


    • PJ

      This is very true.

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      NYC is the epitome of George Orwells 1984.

      • JOHN

        maybe they like being told what they can have and not have for me i prefer to do what i want to do and not told what i can do or not have i thought that this was the land of the free and to have or do what ever you wanted to do unless it was against the law which was made to protect every one

  • richardgibbard

    Is this why he spent a big chunk of his fortune to be allowed to run for a third term?

  • ASM

    This Mayor may limit the Pissing of each New Yorker to 3 in 24 hours — Reason being – the sewer system may overflow.
    Moron — who is he or anybody to limit anything — It is the customer / we the people r who decides what one wants and dose’nt

  • John

    When we write laws to limit freedom we also damage America and its economy

    • eddie47d

      You also have the freedom to commit suicide but that doesn’t mean it should be encouraged!

  • Firefight

    Interesting, They are more concerned that it can not be challenged in court as they are not “taking away anything.” Is this how these pathetic morons think? Well, they ARE taking away something. They are taking away the right, the freedom of choice of me and my wife being able to share a larger drink. We never buy individual drinks. We always buy a lrger one and share it. And, in most instances, we don’t even manage to drink all of that one. Bloomberg needs to go and so do all of these controlling SOB’s. They need to get the hell out of our personal lives. Every time I see something like this, It makes me see red……Communist RED.

  • http://google john p.

    Bloomberg is a democrat and like most democrats they want to
    control you . there starting to take lessons from Obama the king
    of dictators . this what the democrats are doing like Obama care
    you have no say . they tell you to pick up the tab like it or not .

    • Steve E

      Actually Bloomberg is a RINO. But who cares, it is the same as a Democrat anyway.

  • copakeman

    oh my God, thank you mr emperor doomberg for telling me i am getting fatter and killing myself, and costing taxpayers multi millions of dollars for my deteriorating health, by drinking a 20 oz sugary soda. if i see someoneone drinking a 20 oz soda, i will tell nim to stop killing himself and become an obedient skinny citizen. will i be attacked ?

    emperor doomberg has passed a law prohibiting alcoholic beverages from city parks. there was a big event in central park attended by emperor doomberg and his friends. what do you think this lovely group was drinking ? WINE !!!! doesnt wine contain alcohol ? emperor doomberg passes laws for you and i, they do not apply to any of his friends.

  • Corsica

    It’s nice that the Mayor is concerned about the problem of obesity in this country but the law is overreaching and ridiculous. Let society be the cure for obesity by bringing back the shame factor of being a fat ass.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gail


  • MontieR

    This could only happen in one of the three bastions liberal lunacy, Chicago, Kalifornia or
    the peoples republic of new York. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  • afdbghq

    This is all part of the death of a thousand cuts. You never come out and attempt to kill your opponent with a quick slice because your opponent will be able to counter the attack. But, if you continually prick your opponent they do not realize that they are being slowly bled to death. It is the same when taking away our freedoms. You just prick a little (take away a small freedom) and a lot of people will not notice. After a short time take away another small freedom. In a short time we suddenly realize that all of our freedoms are gone and we are living under a despot who has control of every aspect of our lives. Wake up America and stop the death of a thousand cuts and take our country back and tell all the politicians that they work for us and that they will do what the majority of the freedom loving people of this country want. Less government, more freedom, and a return of this country to the REPUBLIC our founding fathers envisioned and not let slick talking politicians and their handlers attempt to destroy it again.

  • Lonnie

    Thank God for restuarants with unlimited refills.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    What do BHO and our mayor Bloomturd have in common?? …. They’re not eligible to hold their offices – the former is a Kenyan Marxist. And Bloomturd defied our term limits law in New York.

  • Fritz Oatis

    Bloomturd is a disgrace to the Jewish community.


    Every time I think of Bloomberg, the image of a short german in a SS uniform comes to mind. Bloomberg is the worst kind of Republican, he is a elite RINO and exhibits it every chance, this food police thing he has is indicative of his superiority complex. he tells you it’s for your own good and then proclaims his plan as in effect and you can go pound salt…..Don’t let this guy watch your backside.

  • dcjdavis

    There’s greed somewhere in this nit-picking nonsense.

  • bill

    Just what you would expect from a very liberal Mayor, who wants to stop the progress of business. Like one said give me three small drinks instead of one, so I may just spill one of these drinks in subway as I will not be able to hold them all, and who knows it could land on the mayor…

  • Disgusted

    I am so tired of people telling us what we should eat or drink and how much. It is high time that we just tell them to place their thoughts where the sun does not shine. One more freedom is now being controlled by mindless men who do not have a clue how to keep their own affairs straight. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  • Michael

    If Bloomberg is so interested in making people healthy why not ban cigarettes in NYC ? oh yeah, he gets TAX money from that, so that’s ok if you get lung cancer from smoking. How about a new Obesity tax ??

  • Wildey

    From the cradle to the grave. That’s where the communist and fascist disguised as Republicrats want us. We’re to be capital items, things to produce a world ot their liking. It’s time to read up on the Declaration of Independence. Our tolerance level has already surpassed the Colonist. Liberty? We’ve either take Patrick Henry’s approach, “Give me Liberry or give Me Death”, or we line up and march into their cattle cars. I’ll decide what’s good or bad for me. As far as my would be parents are concerned, it’s time to tar and feather them and make them march behind the Lemmings

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  • http://fox bob



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