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NY Street Scanners Looking For Guns

February 8, 2012 by  

The 2nd and 4th Amendment apparently has little meaning for New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Kelly is working with the Pentagon to deploy Terahertz Imagining Detection (TID) scanners throughout the city. TID scanners measure radiation energy emitted from a person’s body and can detect when the radiation is being blocked. Hence, it would spot a concealed weapon.

This allows the New York Police Department to conduct illegal searches of anyone walking down the street. If an officer sees an anomaly, he can then conduct a more formal search… all without probable cause or a warrant. Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union told CBS the scans subjected everyone to a virtual pat down.

Of course, liberty means little to the people of New York. In the first quarter of 2011, NYPD conducted street interrogations of more than 161,000 innocent New Yorkers. Of those, 84 percent were either black or Latinos. Figures released last May showed that of 180,000 stop-and-frisk encounters reported by the police department, 88 percent of them ended in neither an arrest nor a summons.

At first glance, it seems ironic that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would go along with Kelly on this endeavor. After all, Bloomberg is a big nanny-stater. He claims to be looking out for people’s health when he seeks to ban food stamp users from buying soda and sugary drinks, when he wants to reduce the consumption of salt and when he bans trans fat in restaurant food.

But the TID scanners emit THz waves that, “unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication,” according to a report by MIT.

Obviously, Bloomberg — one of the founders of Mayors Against Illegal Guns — cares more about control than health. But what does it say about New Yorkers that they tolerate such totalitarianism?

Not content to confine his tyranny to New York City, Bloomberg has announced he’s going after Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website over its classified section, which sells guns. Apparently, Bloomberg needs a geography lesson as well as a lesson on the U.S. Constitution.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    Even I didn’t think 30 years ago that our Freedom could come unraveled so quickly. We’ve gone from a society of rugged pioneers to a society of simpering wimps in just a couple hundred years.
    We’ve sold our souls to the devil.

  • http://Comcast JimBob

    If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. It just so happens New York has very strict gun laws and if you’re stupid enough to pack one without having been granted a CWL under 218, then you need to spend some time at Rikers. A little time there and you’ll wish you were unarmed and just mugged…

    • DaveH

      The New York laws are against the Main Law of the Land — The Constitution. But I guess that doesn’t matter to Liberals.

      • danN

        DaveH, Whats liberal or conservative got to do with violating the Constitution. Your post are typically good reading, why ruin your good standfing with childish name calling.

        • DaveH

          Seeking Troll status, Dan?

          • danN

            No Dave. I just prefer reading intelligent, thought provoking comments. Yours usually have some. I am saddened when I see intelligent people resort to childish, baseless, demeaning comments, that serve no useful purpose except to denegrate anothers points of view.

      • WickedPickle

        Why are you bringing liberals into the bogg when you should be realizing it’s idiots and political criminals making us slaves and there’s no typecasting these types as their all corrupt or brain dead regardless as to which way they lean. It’s like cowboys and indians.. Good guys and bad guys.. Liberals and conservatives .. We all think we recognize the enemy and their all our opposites while the true crooks giddily laugh behind the curtain.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      You sound like a real idiot! Why should honest citizens in New York be denied the same RIGHTS that citizens in other parts of the country have?What right does that nut Bloomberg to deny honest citizens the right to be able to defend them selves? You can bet Bloomberg either carries a gun or has hired body guards with guns protecting him.You can bet Obama, Bloomberg,Luger, Waters and many others are either carrying guns and or have people hired to protect them who have guns. If any of them are allowed to have guns then why aren’t all honest sane Americans given the same rights? We all know it’s a fact the police are not obligated to protect any of us normal tax paying citizens, only the elite,rich and government people! Why is that? Why are they more important than the rest of us? Obama, Bloomberg and many others in our government are more like Rulers than elect officials! Why do we let some of these would be rulers ruin America and make some citizens second class citizens? Do people in New York have special tax breaks, if they are willing to be second class citizens and should they be left defense less to protect their family,homes and selves just because of gun grabbing NUTS like Bloomberg? Sure glad I don’t live in such a rat hole as new York!

      • Jeff wilson

        I agree with your statement 100% ,But there are to many people in NY that don’t know or care about the constitution and make dumb statements like,”If your not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear from a body scan”! or “I’m ok with it if it makes us safer”! Bloomberg is laughing his butt off when he hears people say things like that!

    • s c

      JB, think a bit. What do you think will happen when they come across someone in a crime-ridden area in the middle of the night? Even if they’re dealing with an under-cover cop or an off-duty cop, a weapon is a weapon is a weapon.
      It will be interesting to see how NYC’s anal retentives handle the situation. As for their wacko mayor, I’d like to see what happens if someone slips a weapon or a toy into his cold weather coat (for whatever reason) and he forgets about the new ‘devices.’
      It could get interesting REAL fast. It sounds like a fast way to get the attention of those who hate reality and worship fantasy (all utopians, including Kelly and Bloomberg).

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear JimBob,

      You write: “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.” Read my column next Monday and then tell me if you still feel this way.

      Best wishes,

    • Mike

      If I’m not doing anything wrong, I need to be left alone, not searched for no reason and treated like a criminal. My having done nothing wrong doesn’t protect me from these machines’ radiation. Furthermore, the severity of the punishment for violating a certain law serves as justification of neither that law itself nor the methods used to enforce it.

    • Dbutterfly

      Considering the population of NYC and the high crime rate,I would feel
      safer if their were a way for police to detect weapons that are not needed in a city unless you plan to go hunting, and we all know their the only wild game around are humans. So I agree with JimBob

    • Joe

      If I am doing nothing wrong then I should not have to be subjected to a search of any kind. If I am being subjected to a search and I am doing nothing wrong, then the search itself is wrong/illegal for subjecting me to it! Suspicious activity is always carried out by suspicious individuals, so I suspect those who propose that honest ctizens should be suspect.

  • Mikey V.

    Just to give you an example of how bad things are in NYC regarding infringement of the 2nd Amendment, the NYPD is refusing to allow NYC rifle and shotgun permit holders to register Winchester Model 94′s and Marlin 336′s as well as tubular magazine 22 rimfire lever actions like Winchester 9422′s and Marlin 39′s. These comprise the most common and popular sporting rifles in the USA, and all are completely legal to hunt with in NY State. Reason? They hold more than 5 rounds. We are not talking so called “assault weapons” here. We are talking lever action cowboy rifles, in common use since the Civil War. Did not Justice Scalia say in Heller that firearms in common use are clearly protected by the Second Amendment? Can you get more common than a lever action 30-30? Low hanging fruit for a court challenge. I don’t know why SAF and NRA keep prosecuting cases against Chicago. The real anti-constitution beast lives in NYC. If you can beat it there and you can beat it anywhere, just like the song says.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      ” I don’t know why SAF and NRA keep prosecuting cases against Chicago.”

      Probably because Chicago and DC are the places individuals are interested in challenging the system and try to get the unjust laws repealed/struck down.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Just more proof that Bloomberg has made and is keeping citizens of New York as second class citizens, left defenseless against criminals while he and other government and special elite people can either carry guns of their choice or hire other people to do it for them! It’s long past time for honest,sane New York citizens and citizens in every state that makes some people second class citizens get rid of gun grabbing Nuts like Bloomberg! What is really scary, if Obama gets elected again he will probably disarm all honest,sane Americans leaving all of us helpless to defend ourselves and god only knows what he will do once he has disarmed the Citizens of America!

  • Gary

    Jim Bob, you are a complete idiot! you would give up your mother to rapist if they would let you live.

    • sandcasstle

      sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….don’t wake him. He obviously is in dreamland. However, he is in for a MOST rude awakening.

  • danN

    I think it is time to show the elected officials that we will no longer tolerate the errosion of the Constitution.. These elected officials should be charged and tried as traitors. A public lynching ought to send a clear message.

    • DaveH

      Typical behavior for a Troll.

      • Joe

        If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.-JimBob & DaveH. Uhm… excuse for a minute but fear is not the emotion required, outrage is. We the unsuspecting people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union should not be subjected to suspicious behavior and/or activities by anyone, this does include also our own (oh wait, do we own?) government! This is to establish justice & secure domestic tranquility. The time/age of darkness is upon us and this time is fastly diminishing. We the people have not been @ watch (matt26:38-47mark14:34-42luk22:46-47), ashamed we are, and in pain and fear we will be for it. In vain have so many brave perished for us, this cowardly and fearful generation! May our heavenly father have mercy on our souls! Psalm 136

  • jimmy the greek

    the people of new york should start carrying a piece of metal on them all the time . this well have the cops searching every one ,then the people need to sue for harassment .

    • One-Angel

      Guffaw! Very creative. I know, let’s all go the hardware store and buy a metal rasp, and call it a nail file. : )

  • dv

    All well and good but in the meantime xrayed and you don’t even know it. No more safe. At least in the airport you know not that I agree with that either but you know. I had read that these units work for up to 13 feet but they want to enable the units to work to 25 feet surely emitting more xay. And x ray doesn’t travel in straight lines from what I recall but who knows

  • Raggs

    New Jersey is banning ALL handgun ammo which includes any rifle ammo that can be used in handguns.. So in plain language Jersey is banning 80% of firearms even BB guns, pellet rifles and muzzleloaders…
    If a rifle is the same caliber as handgun then the rifle is also banned…

    • Jerome Bigge

      Copying what they are doing in the UK and parts of Europe. The fact that Mayor Bloomberg is a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only)means the people had better stop paying attention to political party and start asking what the candidates actually do stand for!

  • Debra K

    The 2nd amendment is the last frontier, when the law oversteps it’s bounds and tries to disarm Americans, the revolution starts. Don’t be like the frog in the slowley boiling water, be on guard at all times.

    • Vicki

      The “law” overstepped the bounds of the 2nd amendment before most of us were born. Where is this revolution you speak of?

    • NC

      Debra, how big of a Reveolution do you want? Say 100,000 dead in the streets should get those people’s attention who are keeping you from having a gun? Oh! you already have 6 guns to “defend: a 4 room house”!!!!!
      I saw great examples of how to use your gun to defend your house several weeks ago. A couple of guys defended their houses so well they killed all eight people in the houses and then themselves!! COMPLETE PROTECTION! NOBODY LEFT TO STEAL THEIR STUFF!

      You can run licence checks to see if a person is licensed to drive but not to see if they are licensed to carry?

  • Captain Mike

    As if you need another reason NOT to live there.

  • Buck

    Under the auspices of the 2nd amendment and in consideration of the last supreme courts upholding said amendment , every town , county , city , and / or state not in compliance should be ineligible for ANY revenue distribution from the federal government . Please suggest this to you Washington representatives .

  • http://Yahoo sophillyjimmy

    The loss of our Constitutional Rights begin locally and once they get away with it in a short time a Dictator and Chief like Obama will do it to the entire Country. Bloomberg is the litmus test for Obama, once they take away our 2nd and 4th amendment rights they will take all of our rights away from us.
    The Constitution is what made America great and the best Country in the world, so enjoy the freedoms we still have because 4 more years of Obama and we will all be shackled and treated like a country of inmates.

  • http://Yahoo sophillyjimmy

    Do any of you think Bloomberg has the stones to walk down a dark alley in Harlem, the Bronx or parts of Brooklyn without packing or without his bodyguard(s)?
    Just a question that was on my mind.

  • I.c.t.R.&gunz

    These THz Waves are scary.Not only may they “unzip double-stranded DNA” (cancer-birth defects?), but they can “peer” into envelopes and your living room ,and “frisk people at a distance”.
    How many “shots” does one have to take from these scanners before the damage is done? Who’s really killing Us, the government or the criminals and terrorists?

    MIT blog :

  • WickedPickle

    Our freedoms are being systematically eradicated from this Country and the most pathetic part of it is, we’re too dumbfounded to even recognize it. A lot of us do recognize it, yet not enough I suppose as it still continues. For those who (must be) the one’s accepting it.. They can not (or won’t) recognize it because of the slow inches the feds are doing it under. Soon though it will be abundantly obvious but by then it will be too late. And I don’t believe it’s one leader’s fault, instead, it has, through the years, taken on a life of it’s own thus we’ll be nagging about our next President for his/her inability to pick up the pieces.

  • Joe

    If I am doing nothing wrong then I should not have to be subjected to a search of any kind. If I am being subjected to a search and I am doing nothing wrong, then the search itself is wrong/illegal for subjecting me to it! Suspicious activity is always carried out by suspicious individuals, so I suspect those who propose that honest citizens should be suspect. Those who suspect the unsuspecting of being suspicious are themselves the very suspects that they are trying to make the innocent out to be.

  • Joe

    Those who suspect the unsuspecting of being suspicious are themselves the very suspects that they are trying to make the innocent out to be.

  • Joe

    Anyone who has a tenth of cerebral activity can see the toad is being boiled. My grandfather WWII veteran is long past and my oldest brother Beirut Lebanon has a hip replacement. I grew up on the south side of Chicago in a warzone but I have no training in tactics or any of that stuff. But what I do know is, if the people ever get restless I’m looking to join the nearest VFW I can find. Let’s face it; they’re really the only ones who know what to do & how to do it. And quite frankly they’re the ones who should be more pist @ current events. Now that I’ve mentioned it; where are they?

  • refugee

    We left the USA in 1999 when I got a recruitment offer out of country as a Senior I.T. contractor. It was obvious things were going downhill. My wife and I made a promise that if things did not get better after Waco (none of the living Branch Davidians ..which by the way was a BIBLE CAMP for 7th day Adventists) were ever convicted of anything…just as the 1 survivor at Ruby Ridge was not found guilty of anything…and his wife and daughter were murdered by the BAFT). And after all those trials..the BATF was just quietly sucked into the FBI without a word of apology.

    BUT – things got worse instead of better. And over the years, many of my well skilled co-workers left the country for ones that were still more free.

    Most of the constitution slowly eroded as being an impediment to enforcing laws.

    Warrants are not really needed in most cases. Evidence is rarely thrown out as “fruit of the poisoned tree” anymore.

    The vast majority of police cases in the USA are now solved by the police choosing one person who their “gut” say is guilty and then they try and prove THAT, ignoring everything else. All the resources of a police force are used to try and prove it. Science does not work that way. It goes for evidence and then draws facts from them. Cops go the other way…grab and idea of a specific person being guilty and then they nearly always look only at one person as a suspect…at evidence of only ONE persons guilt as worth seeing. The reason this is not done in science is that you can PROVE (ha) anything in that manner. You see only what you want to see. It is “selection bias” for starters. By only looking in one direction you can prove anything you like.

    Most of the time these days, a cop will tell you they just want to see if you have any information they can use…then they take you in for questioning … so you don’t THINK you would need a lawyer. They are lying to you. YOU ARE THEIR SUSPECT…not a witness – a SUSPECT and the only one..

    So, you get be arrested in the USA, in a one sided view of the world, with you guilt predetermined…then you will be (supposedly legally…but it is NOT legal) kept for several days …all the time asking for a lawyer and not getting one for days…while being deprived of your medications (no matter what it is or how badly you ned it..hope you are not an extreme diabetic or epileptic or HIV positive on the “triple comboe” as one missed pill and things will be very bad). They can and will deny you all access to food and water, to a place to sit, no sleep for several days, etc – in an effort to get you to crack up and confess JUST to make it all stop.

    …I know people it has happened to. A man in prison after being convicted of a murder (he is a devout pacifist) which is supposed to be also a hate crime against a gay man (the victim wasn’t gay he was a pedophile who HID in the gay ghetto as very few gay men are pedophiles). Most of the guy who was convicted FIRST are gay or bi. His wife is bi. His father in law is a former prison shrink who KNOWS he is innocent and has written to the police and courts and parole board on his behalf..

    This gets really odd now…

    Right now there are there men in prison in California
    each one of these men was convicted of this murder
    and of commiting it all alone.

    The police discarded a room full of child porn in plain sight, as irrelevant (including Polaroids with men in them who are NOT the murdered man…he obviously traded for new pics). Cops at the scene at the time were traded to other parts of the forfce and even suspended to shut them up. BECAUSE of what they saw…the porn, the presence of a bloody knife with prints on it,, and bloody prints on the back of a car in the driveway (none of this got into evidence…it just vanished).

    The 2 cops who handled the arrest had been BANNED from all cases involved people who even MIGHT be gay on the basis of their physical gay bashing of several gay males earlier that year (several times). They ought to not have been allowed in that district of the town due to the high quantity of gay people who live there…but they were there all the same. What to do…two gay bashing cops in a part of town they were banned from, right after coming back from suspension,. and a dead guy who is obviously a pedophile, but hiding out in a very GAY populated part of town…A publuic relations nightmare for the cops.

    so..they hushed up the porn. Lost all information about the mans partner (the probable murderer), ignored all the other available testimony, lost the knife, failed to take any blood samples form the knife or from the car.

    Then over the course of four years they arrested three men one at a time, accused each one of the murder…denied them all legal council, all water and food and sleep for several days until TWO of them outright confessed to make it stop,and later took back those confessions. They guy I know refused to confess. He just chanted LAWYER at them for three days. His two friends broke down and confessed (yes all 3 convicted guys know each other…and 2 of them never ever SAW the murdered guy in their lives.

    So…how does the convict I know deal with life in Prison? Well he will never get parole because you must CONFESS and be CONTRITE (say you are sorry you did it) to get parole. Instead he is studying to be a Rabi, while spending his days giving mental health care to the repeat child sex offenders in the prison because NOBODY ELSE WILL and many of them WANT to stop. They cannot get therapy so as much as it disgust him, he has learned to do it. He spent several years in a part of the prison that is violent offenders only, sleeping in a gym.

    He has spent time “in the hole” for his own protection, because he got wind of a race riot and told the warden. So his life was in danger. Several years later he was finally been moved back into a lower security area and now he sleeps in ANOTHER large gymnasium with a lot of other less violent prisoners.

    Just so that you know…The police can legally outright lie to you about anything. They can claim they have evidence they do not have, claim they have fictional ANTYIHG…video tapes, DNA, finger prints, eye witnesses…statements from your friends and family that not real. They can claim anything – all of which was illegal once – even claim that you will go to jail for 20 years, of life or get the death penalty…or be sent off to GITMO due to a loophole in the terrorism laws – all of the statements are lies..all of them are said to get you to confess to a lessor charge.

    These days almost all of the court cases are settled without a trial due to these tactics. People just panic and confess to avoid 25 years without parole, or death.

  • refugee

    Pardon me …too many typos there.

    I meant to say that the convicted fellow has a lot of gay friends…is not a homophobe. His wife is openly bi and totally dedicated to him. He would never kill anyone ever. He is a pacifist – for real – even after all those years in prison with people who want him dead. His father-in-law is a prison shrink and knows the guy is innocent and thinks he is a great guy, and a good son-in-law…and his father-in-law is very good at knowing who is lying. His father-in-law (as a long time prison shrink) knows people in the system. He has written to every person in the system he can to get help on the case, but in California (and the US as a whole) they just “shove them on through” the system.

    At every step there are people who get a great deal of benefit from arresting and convicting people. Cops get promoted for their arrests. DAs stay in office and get promoted for their convictions. Judges stay in office and advance to higher positions for being “tough on crime”.

    ..and a massive business (Prison Industries America) that makes money off of every person they can keep- locked up. Anything they can do to arange a longer sentence is in their favor.

    Nobody with any real resources works to keep the innocent out of prison anymore.


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