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Number Of Child Transsexuals Growing

February 21, 2012 by  

Number Of Child Transsexuals Growing

Both The Associated Press and the British newspaper The Telegraph recently published stories about an alarming societal trend: Children as young as 4 are being subject to gender reassignment procedures and therapies.

Though research data in recent years show that the human brain likely does not fully mature until sometime in the mid-20s, some doctors say that very young children are able to determine that they were born in the body of the wrong sex. Critics say that parents are behind the children’s beliefs.

Dr. Norman Spack, director of a U.S. gender identity medical clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston, told the AP that one in 10,000 children likely have a gender-identity problem. He says that the condition exists because of differences in the way the children’s brains operate and should be addressed with treatments and therapies.

Spack authored a report that details a fourfold increase in young patients seen for gender reassignment at the Boston hospital. His gender clinic, which opened at the hospital in 2007, averages about 19 patients each year, compared with about four per year treated for gender issues at the hospital in the late 1990s. The report says 97 girls and boys were treated between 1998 and 2010. The youngest was 4 years old.

The children and their parents are psychologically evaluated and the children given hormone blocking drugs that prevent them from entering puberty, according to the report. Spack said boys switching to girls will develop breasts and girls transitioning to boys will be flat-chested if puberty is blocked and sex hormones are started soon enough.

The Telegraph reports that one 5-year-old, thought to be the youngest person in Britain with a gender identity disorder, decided he wanted to become a girl at age 3 after becoming obsessed with the female character in the children’s show “Dora the Explorer.”

The child’s mother, Theresa Avery, said that she allows her son to live as a girl because, “He just turned round to me one day when he was three and said: ‘Mummy, I’m a girl’. I assumed he was just going through a phase and just left it at that. But then it got serious and he would become upset if anyone referred to him as a boy. He used to cry and try to cut off his willy out of frustration.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • eddie47d

    Look how we are messing with the food we eat. All those GMOs and unnatural chemicals could be having an effect in how our bodies respond. It’s well known that women develop larger breasts from the hormones that are put in beef. So what’s to say that we aren’t tinkering with a child’s development over time.

    • Joe H

      What?? Not BORN THAT WAY?????

  • Jim

    This is because you have the parents these days that are all wacked out and go for this stuff. We have not seen anything yet, let Obozo and his gang get back in and all the freak shows will come out of the woodwork.

    • CJ

      People want kids without the full responsibility to raise them properly. Adults are SUPPOSED to be a guide to interpret kids experiences correctly. Parents have gotten so lazy in their roles as guides, that there’s no wonder we have another generation of morally misguided people. Unless we regain our moral compass, our society will be doomed.

      • eddie47d

        I do see parents giving their kids what they want instead of giving them what they need at least in my area. Some would say it is just spoiling their children. There are some cultures that want a boy or girl so bad they dress the child to the sex they wanted. That would confuse someone real fast.

    • Mary

      You got that right!

    • Butch1

      It’s not that simple. It’s not the parent’s fault. One has to take what the child is says seriously. When they get to the point where they want to mutilate their genitals because they don’t recognize themselves as being that sex you had better start listening to them and stop trying to make them something you think they should be. This is an area that we do not know enough about and it will take a lot of understanding. Can you imagine what it must be like being a little girl trapped in a boy’s body? Think about it before deciding that you want to force this kid to be something that may make the poor kid do something to harm herself. And yes I do say, her. One has to recognize how the child sees herself if you are going to communicate with her and help her adjust to this new world. This has nothing to do with homosexuality at this age. We are speaking of gender identity..

      • Joe H

        At that age, unless he had been “schooled” how would he know that gender was attached to genetailia??? don’t try to legitimize it!!

  • Sirian

    This is an absurdity – a very dangerous absurdity.

  • Bob Johnson

    The child could not possibly be making these decisions, way to young to know, this is being driven by the parents for reasons known only to them

  • Deerinwater

    “The child’s mother, Theresa Avery, said that she allows her son to live as a girl because, “He just turned round to me one day when he was three and said: ‘Mummy, I’m a girl’. I assumed he was just going through a phase and just left it at that. But then it got serious and he would become upset if anyone referred to him as a boy. He used to cry and try to cut off his willy out of frustration.”

    From the mouth of baby’s ~ and still you don’t get it!

    They are born that way! They don’t have a gender identity problem. It is us, we have a gender identity problem.

    We are assuming everyone with a saw and hammer is a Carpenter. But a saw & hammer does not a Carpenter make.

    There is no cure, there is no treatment! There is only understanding and coping skill to acquire for us all.

    The randomness of a double yoker in a single life cycle. Nature plays game and evil tricks, any mature grown person should know that. Life is not all about what we want but what we get and anyone’s job is to make the best of it as best as you can.

    For people that claim to hold “spiritualistic” understanding, we fail miserably with this anomaly of nature, thinking we somehow have the power to change it to our liking.



      I agree.You are right.Scientific evidence backs it up.

      • COAL MINER

        Another view!
        A.E.Brain: Transsexual and Intersex Gender Identity
        Male-to-female transsexuals show sex-atypical hypothalamus activation when … Clinical interventions in such children should be reexamined in the light of these …. The scientific evidence supports the paradigm that transsexualism is strongly …

      • Joe H

        Coal miner and deer,
        Born that way would mean a genetic malfunction and there has been no discovery of the “GAY” gene!!

    • Robert Iandolo

      your comments are right on! why must people assume there is only black and white? No such thing as grey or rainbow?
      These kids know and the part that is bypassed is that if you wait until they are in there 20′s and have gone through a puberty of the born sex, it is much more difficult for them to transition “normally” [whatever that is].
      I don’t think it is societies responsibility to bear any cost of this but we do bear responsibility to be a little understanding and not so prejudiced against these kinds of people.
      what is so bad about them? I think this mom does the right thing. Let it play out in the kids time. That is the only way to get the truth because he / she is the only one with the right answer.

      • http://google rose

        And there will be those who will blame their parents later on in life, if they change their mind about the change that was made to them. Unfortunately for boys there is no turning back.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, people just don’t want to go there! This SEX THANG! I can understand anyone not wanting too. I’m 100% man child and shaking hands with a man or patting him on the back or hugging a brother is my limits to touching affection.

        But it’s a Fact, some people are required to, ~ to deal with and learn to cope with this fluke of nature. Not “Freak” but “fluke”. They are not freaks, but special perhaps.

        I’m not by any means promoting homosexuality, ~ and I think that’s one of the hang ups people have. To tolerate or accept it, it seen as an endorsement.

        To recognize it as a natural reoccurring phenomena should not be anymore strange the accepting an artistic child. That it is not the parents or the persons fault and any notions of normal only exist inside the realms of the condition and a whole lot of coping and contending.

        It’s a “lost dog and mixed blessings” situation. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        These people are faced with either living in hiding, or learn to cope and be proud of God gift of life regardless or have a sex change operation while pressure of a heterosexual society is constantly nipping at their heels.

        The bible is loaded with enough “damaging” scripture that makes it an up hill battle all the way. For the many American Christian that believe that the bible ( all of it!) to be “literally” interpreted, this offers great conflict and I fail to see any resolution in changing their views.

        We might accept a bull that just won’t bull, the fix is easy enough, you get another bull that will take care of business. But this is people that are suppose to be created equal with “certain” inalienable rights.

        Well, that is a “FINE NOTION” , something we should work hard to aspire to but that is “all that it is” ~understand that it is a “GOAL” , It’s for each of us to make it so.

        and many of us are doing a pi$$ poor job of it with closed minds and trying to apply values and demands that a per “Dark Ages” society that still worshiped idols and lived in nomadic tribes and took baths twice a year.

        We seem to forget that a Man came forward and told us, love thy neighbor as thy self, he told us, to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you, he told us, as we judge , we too shall be judged. (To offer hash judgement is to expect hash judgement) , he told us to love our enemies. He told us to turn the other cheek, ( what he’s saying is, refuse to be “offended” for only the weak and insecure can be “Offended” )

        So you can cherry pick biblical scripture to offer defense to any view you wish to subscribe to.

        I’ve gotta go, having spent more time with this then I can afford, but I think it’s important, if I can touch just one person.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Robert Iandolo, life and what we do while living it is a choice and it’s up to parents to teach a child that. You might be a male born in a female body….I doubt it though but, in any other age it would be useless to cry about it. Now we know enough about how to make a mess out of a human being without helping them a bit. Wouldn’t it be better to gently mold a person to accept and work with what they have? Why would the child have to be sad because he doesn’t have a vagina? How in the world could he even know about a vagina or the way girls think to know that he was a girl? The mother did nothing to help the child understand what he was experiencing and she simply ignored him till he tried to cut his penis off. Sad, Sad Sad. Now the child believes it, no longer a he or a she because it won’t be able to reproduce, can mutilate it’s body anyway it feels like. That’s happiness? Somebody screwed up big time. I don’t believe that IT will ever be truly happy. My opinion.

    • http://google rose

      A baby doesn’t know what is best for itself, that is why they have parents for parental guidance and nuturing. If Dora the Explorer was confusing the boy into thinking he was a girl, the mother should have stopped him from watching it. I wouldn’t let my daughter watch Barney, because of how I seen so many children act so strange and obsessive after watching the show. Also I bought her nothing like stuffed animals connected to the character. I let her not become obsessed with any charater that could become an idol to her.
      My daughter has brown eyes and from the time she could talk she would insist that she had blue eyes. She wanted blue eyes so bad that she would cry and throw a fit if I would refer to her brown eyes. She knew her colors and knew the difference between blue and brown, but would still insist she had blue eyes. I didn’t make a big issue of it, but when the subject of the color of her eyes would come up I would calmly tell her she had beautiful brown eyes and should be proud of them.
      A few days after she started kindergarten, she came home and told me she had to desribe to the class what color eyes and hair she had. Jokingly, I said “did you tell them blue eyes and blonde hair?” and she said “oh mama, I got brown eyes.” I said “since when.” She laughed and said “all my life, I just thought if I believed it and said it enough it would come true.” She just had to face reality and except herself for what she was. It is parents job to help our children when they get confused and get caught up in a fantasy world, not feed into it.

      • 45caliber

        I agree. You are correct. Sadly too many young parents find that too much of a job. It is easier to let the child do what they want.

      • Honestly

        Finally I read a response that makes sense. Thank you

      • Joe H

        Thank you, Rose, for a little intellegence.

    • Andrew C

      So in other words, children should be allowed to control their own lives at 3 or 4? Thats real smart.
      For over 6,000 years, people who were gay or dressed like the opposite sex were thought of as perverts and generally looked down on, and your now saying that we should now accept them as normal? In other words, a few million people who endorse homosexuality vs trillions upon trillions upon trillions of people who think/thought homos are wrong.

      • Joe H

        Andrew C.,
        A while back, I was trying to find the weather and came across Maury Povitch. They had a girl, 11 years old that wanted to be a stripper. Should they just let her become one??? Or should the parents do everything in their power to try to straighten this girls dark fantasy out??? If, at 11, My daughter would have said that to me??? I would have went into the poor house trying to cure her of that notion, if need be!

  • Deerinwater

    Ahh! we blame the parents! That’s just great! So Karl Rove has a gender identity problem too!

    I don’t think so.

  • Dale Buller

    What the kids are experiencing is real becouse in their past life, probably the one right before this life, they were the opposite sex. Some kids know from a very early age after they are born that they still have those feelings from their past life. This I believe is predomiant in those children that die a sudden death, car accidents, war ect as they reincarnate back very quickly and have those feelings of being a girl or boy from a previous life. What is not understood is they choose their gender before they come here. when they get in the choosen body their is a veil, and they forget what they chose for the lessons in this life they need to learn. It sometimes is confusing for them, but to block this development with drugs ect is wrong and more of the satanic/luciferian agenda. On another note, when I was in the Philippines I met a boy who changed his sex to a girl. He told me he was so miserable becouse now he had no feeling whatsover in his sexual experiences as he said there were no feeling when he climaxed.,none!!!! Now add that to these young peoples frustrations of who they are boy or girl, and you have really created a frankanstein so to speak. Any comments?

    • Dale on the left coast

      What can I say . . . . that is just “NUTS”!!!

      • Maryland Freestater

        @ Dale and @ Hudmar: Please don’t be so quick to diss the reincarnation factor. I am a Post-Christian (clergy rejecting but believes in the divinity of Christ anyway). who’s always believed in reincarnation. I too believe that past lives affect the current one in unforseen ways. I just hadn’t considered a metaphysical aspect to this – curious point that now to me explains a couple of things.

        Only comment I can make about this is that the clinics performing such surgeries will obviously need to study this very long term to see what happens. I’ve always believed that homo-sexuality was 90% choice, 5% nature and 5% inexplicable. This adds a new twist and I am personally inclined to have the children wait until sexual maturity before conducting such severe changes.

      • Jay

        Dittos on that one, Dale otlc! I agree, its an absolutely, insane assertion!

    • Hudmar

      All I can say is, Are you for real????????

      • nc

        Yes; Hudmar, Maryland is for real!! There is a certain percentage of them! Not sure of the cause!

      • Jay

        nc, what both you, and Maryland need, is treatment; or an intervention, perhaps. You are both, sick!

    • Honestly


  • RJ

    Raise or train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.
    Proverbs 22:6
    Young boys “sacks” haven’t even dropped. Until then, a good parent explains the difference between boys and girls.
    That mom / those kinds of moms and dads most likely and un-admittedly tell their son / sons that he was a girl from a baby.

    • 45caliber

      One family I know wanted a son. They had four daughters. The father raised the youngest girl to be a boy, insisting she even was to play in boys’ Little League. Now she is grown – and a lesbian. He can’t understand why.

  • Andrew C

    I know i’m getting in the old knocker comment zone, but, back in the old days when there was such thing as strong parenting, you would never hear any of this kind of stuff. Parents these days are too weak and there is no discipline, kids just have no boudaries. I fear for the future when these kids grow up and become our politicians and buisnessmen, its bad enought the way it is now. Even in the 70′s kids who thought they were the wrong sex would have been thought of as nutty as a fruitcake.
    Some of the “fruits and benifits” of TG are;
    Disregards God-given gender distinctions, cf. Deut. 22:5; 1 Cor. 11:14-15
    Provides for & promotes sin of homosexuality, Lev. 18:22; 20:13
    Lack of self-control & contentment; lustful, self-defined choices, Rom. 1:24
    Dishonors marriage & the home as ordained by God, Gen. 2:23-24; Heb. 13:4 (Eph. 6:2)

    You say“We are just accommodating what we already are on the inside.”
    No, TG behavior accommodates choices made on the inside (in one’s heart), Prov. 23:7; 3:1-8
    If God made you a particular sex, you should stay with that, no matter how you feel on the inside

    Temptations to sin are not insurmountable
    We choose our character & conduct in other words, the person we will be (Jas. 4:7-10)
    We must uphold the honor & distinction of male & female; not pervert it by the lusts, longings & lewdness of men (Rom. 13:11-14)

    We need to stop this attack on christian and in general, good, morals. Stand up for what is right in the eyes of God

    • 45caliber


      One of the real probelsm today is the CPS. If you try to keep your child in line, someone will report you. After all, according to Dr. Spock, all kids should be allowed to do as they wish to insure they have a good igo. I think the real problem is that they have too good an igo. Everyone can’t be the boss, for instance, yet they all believe they should be.

      I overheard one young family telling another that their young son (about 18 months) “wouldn’t let them” do something. An 18 month old would let them? Why did they need his permission? That’s what they were supposed to be doing – teaching him. Not letting him run things.

      • 45caliber

        Should be “ego” rather than “igo”.

      • Joe H

        I had my oldest daughter tell me that if I dusted her butt for doing something that I had already grounded her for, that she would call the police. I told he rot follow me. I went to her room, got a suitcase and started packing it. She asked me what I was doing. I told her, ” honey, I love you very much, but when the police come and tell me I can’t correct you when you need it then it will be time for you to live with someone else”. She said “Daddy I’m sorry.” She never told me that again. She has never been arrested nor in court for anything. I love my Kids more than life itself, but I also love them enough to let them know when they are WRONG!

    • Honestly


  • http://AOL TheWiseOne

    Even the NIV got this one write;

    Genesis 1:27 NIV
    So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

    Genesis 5:2 NIV
    He created them male and female and blessed them.

    Matthew 19:4 NIV
    “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’

    Mark 10:6 NIV
    “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’

    The KJV did as well;

    Leviticus 20:13 KJV

    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death ; their blood shall be upon them.

    Deuteronomy 22:5 KJV

    The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.


    • Karolyn

      So women shouldn’t wear pants? They didn’t wear anything in the beginning. A rather strange passage.

      • Honestly

        Karolyn…It is the word of God.

    • 2¢ worth…

      Then we don’t know what male and female actually are WiseA, uh.. WiseOne, and I quote: Gen 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”.. Now way later in Gen 2:7 ” then the LORD God FORMED man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being”.. And even later in Gen 2:21-22 “So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh; 22 and the rib which the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man”.. Sounds like a double creation to me where the one closely resembled the creator and the other a material (physical) entity.. So, why create male/female in the first creation (as it would seem to be a spiritual creation.. a ‘soul’..) So what we are now we can understand, but as male/female of the first creation is a mystery.

      • Joe H

        2 cents is right. God created them in his image, AS A HUMAN BEING! They sure as hell didn’t look like a horse or a chicken!!! A human being is a man or a woman, DW!!!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Dale are you smoking on a bong and relating fairy tales or something Its a while since I’ve heard about a previous life experience having to do with what gender you happen to let your mother or someone talk you into. previous life sheeeesh

    • Karolyn

      Don’t knock it. It could be tru. Don’t you believe in reincarnation? Go here:

      • 45caliber


        I haven’t ever believed in reincarnation. It always seemed odd to me that all the movie stars who insisted they believed it (like Shirley McClain) always insisted they were reincarnated from Cleopatra or some other famous person in history.

      • Karolyn

        I don’t know if you chcked out my link, but it is the most interesting story of reincarnation that I’ve ever heard. The kid’s parents are Christian and did not want to believe it themselves (especially the dad), but now they know it is true and have come to terms with it.

      • Honestly

        Karolyn…no thank you, we are to protect our minds.

      • Joe H

        YUP! Just like communicating AFTER death!! If that is possible, anyone heard from Houdini yet??? Pure, unadulterated BS!!! The only reincarnation there is is when Jesus comes and calls us all home!!! Got your ears tuned??

  • MontieR

    There is no such thing as a child trans/homosexual. There is however child abuse in neglecting to raise a child with decency and a conscience. The rainbow natzis are a cancer on society. Their mental illness is spreading and will kill every part of a civilized
    society that we let it CONTROL. The parent sickness is liberalism that allows ANYTHING
    and then forces it on society, via political correctness. Homosexuals show they have limited ability mentally to make decisions for them selves let alone children it should be
    illegal for these people to have ANY contact with children as with pedophiles and other abusers. Oops I crossed the PC line (not sorry for stating the truth).

    • 45caliber


      I saw a report somewhere not long ago that stated that boys raised by gays or girls raised by lesbians were about12 times more likely to become one themselves – despite their insistance that their kids are exactly the same as those of standard couples. I hardly think that they were just lucky enough to adopt kids who were homosexual to begin with. I think it is training by the parents that tends to influence many of them when they are young. The mother of the 5 year old, in England, mentioned above simply hasn’t bothered to teach her son he is a boy. She buys the frilly things to put on him and then insists it is because HE wants them. Since when does a 3-4 year old make decisions like that? Not in any family I know!

      • Karolyn

        It’s unreal how some little kids worry about how they dress these days!

      • Joe H

        Now 45,
        You know the gtays hav e that little secret handshake they all learn from birth!!! The gays go to the adoption centers and when they shake hands………!

  • Karolyn

    According to what I believe, we are born with pure spirit, knowing the truth, and are corrupted by what is around us.

    • Honestly

      Karolyn….now your making sense.

  • 45caliber

    Many of the boys who decide at a young age to be a girl have lesbian parents. One in California is set to have a sex change operation as soon as the doctor agrees. His “parents” are delighted.

    It makes me wonder what the two women have said around him as he is growing up about men.

    • Karolyn

      45: “Many of the boys who decide at a young age to be a girl have lesbian parents.”

      How do you know this?

      • 45caliber


        About 2 of every 3 stories I’ve read in the last couple of years about this mention having gay parents. It could be even higher. I don’t know if the actual figures show this trend but the stories do.

  • wendell chenault

    Amazing what some folks believe and don’t believe. Shows lack of raising from their parents. Morals……many people on here have NONE. So sad…..this is what our world has come to….

  • TML

    If it is the parents will, and the children is willing, and are given psychological evaluations prior to any procedures, it is their right to do so.

    I completely do not agree with any of it, since, it seems completely irrational to suggest that a child really knows what it wants to be, before it is even allowed to decide when it can go outside and play by itself, but nonetheless, it is their right.

    I suppose I could understand more for children born with both sexual organs to decide.

  • nc

    45 caliber says: “I don’t know if the actual figures show this trend but the stories do.”

    This is what I call the Fox News Syndrome!! It goes “SCREW THE FACTS! THAT’S NOT WHAT FOX NEWS TELLS ME!

    • Joe H

      YEAH, just like that what’s his name?? Oh, his initials go with no cahones!!!

  • Ren

    We are in a crisis time, it has nothing to do with who was born how and who wasn’t. People, can’t you see that there is nothing normal anymore, people are getting into some really bizarre things and we are just letting them and making excuses for it. My goodness, look at all the chemicals that are being force fed into our bodies…come on, what are we doing about it…nothing! God did NOT make junk but what we are putting into our bodies is. Children can NOT make decisions like this on their own unless they have parents pushing the envelope because it’s now a “FAD” to be gay, transgender or what ever! Even psychologists have got their heads on sideways anymore. I’m just sick over this stuff. Anyone ever heard of Sodom and Gamorrah? This is where we are headed. One story of a man that had the surgery to be a woman, he now lives with a woman and says he’s a lesbian. WHAT? He had it right to begin with but doctors push, pharmacuetical companies push because it’s a new big money business and people just follow along like stupid sheep!

    • TML

      “People, can’t you see that there is nothing normal anymore, …”

      Define “normal”

      • Deerinwater

        We consider ourselves “normal” as we “accept ourselves” , Self awareness start early when we are still in the womb. We find our thumb. It’s “our thumb”, we accept it , we put it in our mouth, we like it. once born, we find our feet, we put them in our mouth, we like them, we find our ears but we can’t put them in our mouth and wonder why? What this for? We accept that as normal without understanding it. If we hear mother’s voice, this is normal, we like mothers voice.

        If we hear, somebody voice we not heard before, this is not normal, we don’t like it very much. If it sounds scary, we might cry. But once is become a part of our surroundings, a sense of normal is restored.

        This process of acceptance of “normal” is what people use to defend their position on changing or crafting a beings sexuality via programming as 45 pointed out so well with the man that had all daughters.

        I must admit, it’s powerful argument. That it’s unpredictable and only works on occasions, and who actually knows if it really ever did work? There is millions of people today where sex is not a part of their lives. They are inactive, for whatever reason.

        But Normal is only what “you know”and have accepted. If you were born with just one leg, that would be your normal. To have two legs would be special.

        To be a man that’s sexual orientation is for men, is his “normal” while he find himself in a minority.

      • TML

        It was meant rhetorically… although, I will suffice to say that ‘normal’ is a subjective judgement, yes.

        “45 pointed out so well with the man that had all daughters.

        I must admit, it’s powerful argument.”

        An argument based on an unsubstantiated claim about a family 45 knows, isn’t a ‘powerful’ argument except to ones own prejudice and subjective morality.

  • Dale Buller

    Karolyn, thanks for the web site on the boy that was shot down during the war and reincarnated back years latter and remembered much of what had happened. His christian father confirmed it to be true even though he didn’t want it to be so.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, I seriously doubt if few “conservative minds” has the ability and flexibility to grasp such thoughts, ideas and notions since they fail miserly to grasp the nature and working of the spirit world. While they will tell you that they do, they speak as if they don’t.

      Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as the Holy Ghost and your personal Savior?

      The perfunctory response is “YES!”

      oKay? we got that out of the way, bring on the water. How much will we need? If your Church of Christ that bucket won’t do you any good. If you are a kneeling Baptist, you might get away with it, If your are a Methodist, you can baptist the whole congregation three times.

      and that is about the depth of it, ~ Yea me, now I’m in the “club” a recognized member of the “God fearing” , I’ve been washed in the blood! No more can I do wrong, I am righteous
      in the body of Christ.

      I do wish the test was harder and the Crown of Glory we place on our heads less easy to obtain.

      When a little guy tells you anything, it’s coming from their heart. It might well not be right and then it might be right and you are so blind with head full of preconceived notions and ideas you can’t see it.

      To suggest anything happens only a few ways or for only a few reason might occasional be correct. Even a broken clock displays the correct time twice in a single day.

      But I think that you are missing the point, I conclude that “Spirits” are gender’ed, while I suggest this with great reservation, I’ve never wanted to think so.

      If you look to the bible and early writing, they are just as confused as myself.


      Jesus declared, “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.”[Jn 4:24] There is no article in this quote in the Greek text before the word pneuma (spirit), and that emphasizes the quality or essence of pneuma. Furthermore, the word spirit occurs first in the sentence for emphasis. The literal idea would be something like, “Absolutely spirit in His essence is God.”
      A chapter in Discovering Biblical Equality entitled “God, Gender and Biblical Metaphor” maintains that viewing God in masculine terms are merely ways in which we speak of God in figurative language, but a language which does not reflect who he really is. The author reiterates that God is spirit and that the Bible presents God through personification and anthropomorphism which reflects only a likeness to God.[1]
      “ God is not a sexual being, either male or female─something that was considered to be true in ancient Near Eastern religion. He even speaks specifically against such a view in Num 23:19, where the text has God saying he is not a man [ish], and in Deut 4:15-16, in which he warns against creating a graven image of himself in “the likeness of male and female.” But though he is not a male, the “formless” deity (Deut 4:15) has chosen to reveal himself largely in masculine ways.[1] ”

      When in art a human material form is used to represent the Holy Spirit, that form is usually that of the male human body, without meaning to attribute such physical features to the reality represented. For example, in the rare cases of depiction of the Trinity as three identical persons, the Holy Spirit is represented as male, in line with the depictions of the Father and the Son.
      There are some Christian groups who teach that the Holy Spirit is feminine, or has feminine aspects. Most are based on the genders of the verbs in the original Bible languages where the Holy Spirit is the subject. In Hebrew the word for spirit (ruach) is feminine.[2] In Greek the word (pneuma) is neuter,[2] and in Aramaic, the language which is generally considered to have been spoken by Jesus, the word is feminine. This is not thought by most linguists to have significance for the sex of the person given that name. There are biblical cases where the pronoun used for the Holy Spirit is masculine, in contradiction of the gender of the word for spirit.[Jn 16:13] [2]

      • Karolyn

        Thanks, Deer. I wish more people could open their minds to more than what they are told by their spiritual masters. The reason there is so much abuse of women in the world is because of a male-centered religious view. In societies where women are an integral part of the religion, there is no abuse.

      • Honestly

        Deerinwater…”Hear of Isarel the Lord of God Is ONE Lord”!!!!!

      • Joe H

        Even Gods Bible tells us to love the sinner, hate the sin!! That is our task given by God himself. I don’t hate the gays, I hate the sin of their choice! And if you believe that a three year old came to his mother and said mommie, Im a girl and understood what he was saying then you are FAR more gullible than I think you are!!!

  • taliesin319

    We come into the world with basic infantile reflexes and 2 fears : the fear of loud noise, the fear of being dropped. Every other thing which affects us mentally or physically is learned behavior. A parents first duty is to guide his child through the landmarks of growth and development. A child does not assist his mother in choosing his cloths. He may be allowed to choose his outfit among the clothing his mother regards as appropriate for the child. She does not buy him fairy wings and a tutu. If he puts on his sisters clothing he is reminded that pretend play is fine but it is just that. He is a boy and must dress as one. Same goes for a girl. A childs’ whole caeer in school depends on his melding at least to some degree with his classmates. Children are sexualized far too early and is one of the major reasons why some parents home school their children. Moreover parents are all to ready to be BFF to their children instead of parent from day one.

  • Honestly

    CORRECTION – Deerinwater “Hear O’Isarel the Lord our God is ONE Lord”!!!!

  • Jay

    Perverts, and psychos comprise the medical establishment! It should be interesting, the testimonies of these youngsters, when adults!

  • Jay

    Bston’s Children’s Hospital bills itself as the hospital for children — and now it’s also the hospital for children who want a sex change, a procedure some critics are calling “barbaric.” Dr. Norman Spack, a pediatric specialist at the hospital, has launched a clinic for transgendered kids — boys who feel like girls, girls who want to be boys — and he’s opening his doors to patients as young as 7.

    Spack offers his younger patients counseling and drugs that delay the onset of puberty. The drugs stop the natural flood of hormones that would make it difficult to have a sex alteration later in life, allowing patients more time to decide whether they want to make the change. Spack also offers some teenagers hormone therapy, a drastic step that changes the way they grow and develop. While the effects of drug treatments can be stopped, long-term hormone therapy can be irreversible, causing permanent infertility in both sexes.

    This is pure evil. All kinds of sick, twisted sh*t has been done in the name of medical
    science, but this is the very end. Part of me cannot believe it. I’m stunned, particularly at the part where the parents have been brainwashed into thinking this sort of thing is somehow beautiful and harmonious and wonderful. They are destroying and sexually mutilating their children! You might as well liquefy them and add sweetener and hold
    naked sun dances in honor of Gaia while drinking their remains. All while convincing yourself that the world is a better place for doing so.

    Paging Doctor Mengele… Paging Doctor Mengele…

  • Jay

    Political feminism is a beast. It is a dictatorial movement that demands gender behavior, gender roles, and gender servitude. It is not a movement based upon concern for women, but is wholly dedicated to 1) depopulation indoctrination and demand, and 2) the control of masculinity.

    Let us begin by saying that 1) women are beaten and murdered by men in every cultural and in every country in the world. This we know. We also know that women kill women, men, and children in every cultural and country in the world, and that men perpetrate these same crimes upon other males in every culture and country in the world. People are not passive creatures. We also know that women in other cultures and countries are not treated in the same fashion as they are treated in the United States, but that has far more to do with the fact that American males did, in fact, value their female counterparts, coupled with their cultural norms, Christian traditions, and constitutional laws, in a far more sincere and reasonable manner. In the great scope of world history, American men have fared beautifully in the treatment and respect of women due to the aforementioned reasons. In a global context, American women have had better treatment, rights, and cultural equality than most of the world’s women. Somehow, this fact is persistently ignored by America’s radical feminist fringe.

    The fact that American women do have cultural respect, opportunities, and gender equality, is a uniquely and contemporary American tradition, and due largely to the genuine acceptance by American men of their female counterparts. Both genders have a very unique and a very good thing going in the United States – at least we use to. But I am very certain that the emasculation of males in this nation, by the very powerful and very globally funded and backed feminist lobby, has very ulterior motives.
    It simply cannot be argued that depopulation is a key aspect of the global government’s mission. In fact, massive global depopulation is mandated by many, many decrees, commissions, think tanks, and movements. Genocide continues, unabated and globally, and century after century. “Disease” has become high science, massively funded, and continues, generation after generation, to be used as a lethal weapon. Many pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous to pregnant females. And new drugs have been engineered to all but eliminate menstrual cycles and to render men infertile. Genetically modified food has also been used to render men infertile. Religious suggestions to be fruitful have also been slated for political extinction, for as we know, too many commoners are problematic for the greed and sustainability of the elite.

    Political depopulation strategies have been used to lower populations in resource-rich Third World Countries as defense and take-over policies, and we cannot forget Goals 2000, the 1974 report during the Carter administration, which promised that the U.S. would lower its population by multi-millions by 2050. So please, people, let us not continue to believe that “history” is accidental or by coincidence. History is orchestrated, planned, and funded at the expense of all tax payers who, pathetically and historically, pay for their manipulated demise time and time and time again. The closing of American military bases, coupled with the homeland exiting of all American military men and women, is by no accident. Our military personnel are United Nations forces. First and foremost, get that through your heads. Secondly, consider that laws and pending legislation have now rendered non-military men, who remain on the homeland, virtually powerless. Their jobs left the homeland, the right to private arms is constantly being challenged and degraded, and any outward signs of aggression are fast becoming criminalized on all levels. Traditional and biological masculinity is rapidly becoming a crime – and not just in the United States of America. Remember that global governance is global law.

    But why attempt to change the nature of human males? Let’s think about this. We know that men are more aggressive than females. We know that men are physically more powerful than females. We know that men have traditionally acted in defense of women and children, burg and community, state and nation – and particularly so via the mandates of the Constitution, the Second Amendment, and Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16, which were written SPECIFICALLY to address homeland security due to violations of law, insurrections, and/or invasions, and specific instructions for MEN on how to defend and protect all of the states in the nation.

    Now, if men are culturally emasculated, redefined, and rendered incapable of bearing arms, what happens to the legal defense of this nation – especially given the fact that the American military is no longer the American military or present on the homeland?
    If it is illegal for men to act defensively, to bear arms, to get mad, or to have opinions other than those crafted by social engineers, men are then rendered incapable of defensive (and Constitutional) duties and tendencies. See how cleverly this works?

    Now, back to the feminist movement – as Carey Roberts has so courageously taught time and time again, the radical feminist movement is a political movement to emasculate men and to brainwash women. Mr. Roberts, you have always been right on the money. Political intent is never by accident – never. And the feminist movement, globally funded and created by the pathologically arrogant greed of dynastic social engineers, is but one effort to render impotent the sovereign United States and its Constitutional traditions. And sadly, terrifyingly, the men in this country have been severely damaged – financially, emotionally, intellectually, and defensively.

  • Jay

    “A Deathless Suicide”: Man Regrets Sex Change .

    From “Susan”
    Hi again Dr. Makow…

    My first letter just started off as a quick note to say I agree with you and I tried to include some of the factors attributable from my perspective. There have been a lot of dark years as God had put a hole in my bucket. Once you start down this road it gets screwy. To me it all seems important. I’m sure you know the forces that promote this type of choice, and why they do. I now know that you can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear, and there are vast physiological differences in the structure of the body and mind. But you are like in a magic spell and think that it can be overcome.

    One thing that is positive in a way is there is a lack of a sex drive which makes me feel transcended from the battle of the sexes, but i feel like I am cheating at life, or cheated too ,but of equal measure. Somewhere in my head I was thinking some guy would have been glad to find me and treat me as I would have treated a woman because I wouldn’t be a bitchy feminist. But in reality that could never be. A woman is a different creature altogether and I am still awkward around certain ones. Also I feel like a criminal because I am not on their wavelength mentally anyway, and in the case of men I feel like a criminal because if I fool them it can cost me my life. There is a point where you have to explain, “I had this operation “and you get really scared to see what kind of reaction you will get. I had a couple of men wanted to kill me. One openly and one subtly.

    Or there is always someone who picks up on it, or maybe more and at the point I am at they won’t just up and say it to my face. eg. I was looking for a Renee Richards quote but came across Christine Daniels/Mike Penner Photos. Half the time this person passes and half the pictures it’s obvious what we are seeing. A taboo novelty taken too serious. Venus Envy.

    My operation was in Thailand and the women (and nurses) there actually acted like women and dressed like women. (Very few in pants) and I cried there in the hospital bed when I was going through with this, thinking maybe had I joined the military or something I might have met a real woman in a foreign land that wasn’t subjected to the psychological assaults here in North America.

    I think it is criminal to teach children this is a viable lifestyle in schools.I have seen a lot of unhappy people in the “alternative lifestyle” scene. There are much more important things in life than the clothes you wear for sure. In a perfect world I would be allowed to speak at schools but my message would be about as welcome as yours.

    It’s also criminal to kill innocent people with remote control airplanes (drones), make merchandise of men in privatized prisons, drug children with made up diagnoses and torture people etc. but in this world we live in today as you know, are the days where men call good evil, and evil good. I lost my identity and as one matures it’s kind of a nice thing to have intact, and I pity the young males having to go through the minefields of trying to maintain their manhood because the sociological atmosphere is even more polluted.

    Since I have studied Kinsey and his backers,cult psychology, and eugenics and I was a sucker that did my bit for the population control gang. But they are good at what they do and like all of us I was raised in captivity watching that TV. So …I don’t know if this is what you had in mind as far as conclusions. These days I try not to think too much about it. But as when I wrote you initially I just wanted to say you are on the right track,and I wish I was able to read something akin to what you write today 20 years ago. Best Regards to you !

    Excerpts from Susan’s First Letter:

    I am a casualty of the war on males and have had a sex change operation due to projected feelings of inadequacy. It’s a shame I was so gullible and suggestible.

    The barrage of Kinsey’s philosophies,and the thesis antithesis synthesis shows of the time i.e: Donahue, Oprah,et al Growing up around “liberated” women I felt like a monster. I had been averse to the homosexual lifestyle, and don’t even know how I ended up like this in retrospect. Well not really….TV & popular culture were a factor.

    The Venus envy spell dissipated not long after the operation. It was like a spell one wakes up from and envy is a deadly sin.The women I had known had been under the spell of feminism and I was open minded to the point self-hatred for being a male.They call what I have done “The deathless suicide”. I was not the run of the mill transsexual. I had been a “hostess”at large regular parties at a large Chicago dating service (2500 members of an all lifestyles private club) before there was the internet, and had gone to all the big Chicago nightclubs,working at some and (in that persona) I was no longer invisible.

    I have seen the dark underbelly of the gay and transsexual lifestyles and now would warn anyone contemplating such not to even think about it. It’s sad to see the promotion of destructive lifestyles by government and media.They know what they are doing. The media touted Christine Jorgenson (whom I had met briefly in person in 1984)and Rene Richards promotion of escapism for the chauvinistic pig I was alleged to be hit a chord with me. The media doesn’t promote Rene Richards current view which coincides with my own now.

  • Jay

    My life was dysfunctional until the age of 50 because I naively accepted the feminist assumptions purveyed by the mass media. I never imagined the financial elite is engaged in a war to destabilize society by trashing heterosexual roles. This hateful government attack on the traditional family continues unabated today. The purpose is to create a totalitarian New World Order where mind control replaces jackboot. Like millions of men, I was let “off the hook” by sexual liberation and feminism. Instead of becoming a husband and father, I was free to have sex and search for my “identity.” Often sex and identity were confused. I didn’t understand that men mature and find direction and purpose by assuming the responsibility of marriage and family. As a result, I suffered from arrested emotional development and missed my opportunity to have a family.

    What follows is an antidote to elite feminist propaganda. I don’t want young men to fall into the same trap.

    The creation of a strong and loving family is perhaps the highest goal to which a man can aspire. This is the natural process by which men (and women) grow over a lifetime. This is how we find love and intimacy. It isn’t for everyone but it is the path to happiness for most.

    Make work (not women) your passion. Work is the backbone of a man. Men gain self-confidence from performing a task well, and receiving reward and recognition. Women will try to come between a man and his work but don’t let them. Don’t let anyone or anything thwart your gift. Women do not respect men who make them their first priority. Your work will keep you on course and help you avoid temptation.

    Our society makes sex, love and female beauty into a phony religion in order to distract and manipulate us. Sex and beauty soon become tedious. The magic ends. Real love develops over a long period of time and is based on trust and caring.

    Do not put beautiful women on a pedestal. They are flawed like everyone else. They are more trouble because of their sense of entitlement. Do not marry someone based on sexual infatuation. I recount this error in my book “A Long Way to go for a Date.” Never show weakness. In courtship, don’t appear eager. Women interpret this as weakness. Keep your dignity. Nothing earns her respect quicker than rejection. Men think they will be loved for their sterling qualities. This is not so. Women are looking for men who make them feel secure. They want men who exude confidence. If you’re insecure, remember there are many woman more insecure than you.

    Now that I have emerged from the hormonal haze at age 55, I can see that sex is a fraud and really a minor part of life. Sexual frustration is used to distract and sell us. People wouldn’t be frustrated if they got married at a young age as they did in the 1950′s and started families. Women should marry and have kids before going to university; men after beginning their careers.

    Society is addicted to sex. The atmosphere is sexualized. Human relationships have been degraded. The best way to fight sex addiction is to get married. Sexual liberation is not wanting sex (because you have it.) I am now happily married and find outside temptation intrusive. Call it male menopause but I switch the channel.

    Do not marry a woman who doesn’t make you and her family her first priority. Do you want to share your wife with her boss? If you have an aim in life, why would you marry someone who doesn’t support it? Or has a competing agenda? In the marketplace of love, men have the power. Our fertility lasts three times as long as theirs. We are the buyers. There are plenty of fine women, especially if we look abroad.

    Real women are self-effacing. They put their husbands and their children before themselves. This is how women show love: by self-surrender. Avoid women who compete, control, criticize or complain (the 4 c’s). Avoid women who are overachievers. Don’t get hung up on unavailable women. They’re aren’t as special as they wish you to think. Choose a wife who complements you and is a good companion. Choose one who will be a good mother.

    Being possessive is natural. A man wants to possess a woman. Women want to be possessed. In the act of love, we say a man “possesses” a woman. Total love equals total possession. This is not the same as domination. It is a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. My wife does not share my political views on many subjects.

    Think of your seed as your unique spirit and essence. Would you entrust it to a vulgar or mediocre woman just because she is attractive? Ideally we would only have sex with a woman we would want to mother our children. This is why sex was reserved for marriage.

    The media is doing a number on us regarding children. How often do we see children portrayed in a truly positive light? As the angels they often are? We are rich in proportion to the things we love. The highest love is between husband and wife, and parents and children.

    Don’t waste your time “looking for God.” We find God by serving Him, and obeying Him. God speaks through our sense of right and wrong, and ideals of absolute truth, justice and love. We are not men if we refuse to sacrifice our “selves” to God ( i.e. obey) . Truth is liberating even if the truth is about our present bondage.

    Much of this was common knowledge when I was a child in the 1950′s. Over the years the elite have gradually undermined our understanding of the natural order. It is still doing so by promoting homosexuality which includes lesbianism in the guise of feminism.

    An establishment that sows fear and confusion between the sexes, and promotes promiscuity and family breakdown does not have the country’s best interest at heart.
    Many of our feminist political, cultural and economic “leaders” are moral whores, dupes, traitors and often worse. We resist them by building strong healthy families and giving our children wholesome values.

  • Jay

    The “establishment” agenda is to destabilize and neuter us by encouraging homosexual behavior. This ensures we don’t propagate since homosexuals have sex but don’t have children. They redefine “homosexual” as a “sexual preference” or “lifestyle choice” rather than a developmental disorder so as to entrap us. Never mind that the vast majority of homosexuals come from dysfunctional families or suffered sexual abuse as youths. Our reluctance to embrace homosexuality is considered “bigotry.”

    In response, let’s take liberties with these definitions ourselves. Having the right paradigm is the key to healthy behavior.

    Forget about what you normally think of gay or straight (same-sex , opposite sex attraction etc.) Think of heterosexuality as monogamous and dedicated to rearing children; homosexuality as promiscuous and concerned with sex for its own sake.

    Heterosexuality involves bonding permanently with a member of the opposite sex for love and usually procreation. It is participating in the natural life cycle, in the intrinsic meaning of life. Personal and societal health depend on heterosexuality. Homosexuality is a form of arrested development caused by an inability to form a heterosexual bond. As a result, homosexuals compensate using sex as a surrogate for love.

    In these terms, society has become more homosexual because, due to social engineering (i.e. the “sexual revolution,” feminism) many heterosexuals now fail to permanently bond. Normally, happily married heterosexuals can put sex in perspective and move on to more important things.

    A perceptive reader recently wrote me: “If heterosexual sex outside of marriage is acceptable, if we eliminate the procreative aspect from sex, are heterosexuals any different from homosexuals in regards to the sexual activity?”

    Exactly. I know these definitions are not “politically correct.” PC is propaganda, social engineering and mind control. PC is an old Communist Party (i.e. Illuminati) term.

    I do not disparage gays. According to my definitions, the vast majority of homosexuals are really “heterosexuals” like Hugh Hefner. And a small minority of homosexuals are monogamous and partake in some heterosexual values.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Children as young as 4 can determine they’re born in the wrong body??? _Ludicrous!This notion of gender tinkering is about as wacked as I’ve heard yet!_Look in the mirror, this is what ya got, get over it, deal with it and move the hell on!__

    Good Lord!!


    In that spirit I will focus on the trait of neoteny — or the retention of childlike … that may have proved crucial in making human beings unique among animal species. …. A large fraction of human males are not (from a solemn female point of view) …

    • Joe H

      Sorry, bud, I’m not a monkey, bird, or anyother animal than a human being!! If that monkey has a young that is sickly, it kills it. Do you? YOU, over all the other mamals have the ability to REASON and DECIDE to do the right thing! Those animals make decisions based souly on INSTINCT!!

  • Jay

    The New Zealand government’s bio engineering facility, AgResearch, has succeeded in genetically engineering androgynous goats. This expertise could give the Illuminati the means to neuter mankind and take control of reproduction.


    In the Cabala, “Adam” the primal or original man is said to be androgynous. In other words, according to the satanic bible, man was created sexless.

    All of history is viewed by the esoteric schools as the return of mankind to the condition of Adam-Kadmon — the perfect androgynous state.

    Androgyny is presently being realized through progressive genetic and surgical manipulation.

    The Plan is concerned with rebuilding mankind…(Alice Bailey, The Secret Doctrine) 148:145

    The goal toward which the human species should aim is the progressive reintegration of the sexes until androgyny is obtained. The evolved being tends toward bisexuality. -102:113

    Josef Mengele (Hitler’s Angel of Death) …also attempted to change the sex of some twins. Female twins were sterilized; males were castrated. What was the point of these ghoulish experiments? No one, either the child-victims, nor the adult witnesses, ever really knew.” – 381:70

    Initially, population control will affect everyone except the elite; only those who have been genetically engineered will be allowed to marry heterosexually and reproduce. Then human sexual procreation will cease as the Gnostics seek to produce an androgynous race via asexual methods.

    Now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils; forbidding to marry…” – I. Tim. 4:1-3

    Androgyny is the occult’s goal for mankind, their rationale being that men must be conformed to the image of Christ who, they believe, is regarded as the androgynous Adam. This transformation will be achieved through genetic engineering.” (See: 666/Name/Number of the Beast (Third Adam) 11.D; Genetics (Human Genome Project) 16.D)

    Sources of quotes: “Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Man”:


    We have another reason to fear genetic engineering. The Illuminati plan to use it to re-engineer humanity. They plan to make us androgynous, so that all reproduction will take place artificially, as in the prophetic novel “Brave New World.”

    This inhuman vision is all the more alarming because they have used the Jewish term for Gentiles (“goys”) to describes these neuters.

    They hide in plain sight. They signal their intention in order to say, we were warned and did nothing. We were accomplices in our own demise.

    They build their abattoirs in plain view while the sheep (or should I say goats?) graze in a pasture nearby.

    • Honestly

      Jay…You need to trust in the Lord thy God and not get so involved in the things of this world.

      • Jay

        Honestly, we need to warn people, and not just Christians. Your advice, although good, would have me bury my head in the sand, and not say a word. And what of Prophecy? Do not Prophetic experts outline the means, and ways, and expose the methods of unsuspecting players? Are we not admonished to sound the trumpet? Yet you, would have me silenced. I’m beginning to think that your religious piety, Honestly, is phony at best. Was is your game, progressive-liberal?

        • Honestly

          Jay…I am sorry you feel the way you do. My concern was about not trusting in our Maker not an attempt to silence anyone. You are entiled to your opinion. I just wanted to give you sincere advice. I’m sorry you did not take it that way.

      • Joe H

        nowhere in his post did Honesty suggest you be silenced. Perhaps you are TOO defensive??? Like I said above, I do not hate tha gays, only the sin of their choice. If there was a way I could help you out of your sin, I would be there in an instant! The LORD THY GOD is the only answer. Trust HIM!!

      • Jay

        I apologize, Honestly. It seems i may have jumped the gun, as i don’t know you too well!

      • Jay

        I stand corrected Joe, thanks for pointing it out!




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