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Nullification: Your Ticket to Freedom Trailer #1

September 19, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Christin

    Great video clip on the 10th Amendment and Nullification. Educate… Enlighten the Masses! Too many lies have been taught and it is past time to correct the misinformation and the unConstitutional direction of our country!

  • David

    How do we apply this information quickly and successfully? Is there a plan? Are lawyers involved? How do we get politicians to act according to the “will of the people”? What will it take to see change and restoration of U.S.A. How do we get the people to stand up?

  • Bruce

    Sorry folks,
    Saddly this to is of no value at all as all the Amendments mean nothing if you don’t have something to hang them on.
    Will you all PLEASE do yourself the favor of reading the following Doucments, from the 41st Congress, Section 3, Chapter 62.

    This was from 1871, Once you understand that the Constitution was Null & Void in 1861,after EO #1 you then will understand that your all spinning your wheels on worthless opinions based 100% total rhetoric.
    Please Read the doucments that the Government used to make all of us SLAVES so you are informed as to what the TRUTH really is, if you wish to stay ignorant well thats your call.

    We don’t have a Government we have a “Corporation” but please don’t take my word for it, PROVE it to yourself. I gave you the keys to do that.

    While your at it you will also want to explore “Adhesion Citizens Contract.” Understand it and then everything thats going on now will make perfect sense. If you so wish to remain in the dark like a mushroom well thats your call too.

    • Stunned at sunset

      I’m not sure that I understand your counterpoint, Bruce. Executive Order No. 1 was an earlier version of the “Patriot Act” in which the President suspended Habeas Corpus and directed the Military to arrest and detain people. The other so-called “legal action” to which you referred erected a corporation called The United States of America, yes, but its action was intended to construct a federally regulated government for the District of Columbia.

      I’ve also read that our ruling elite established a similar “corporation” under the British Royal Family who then bequeathed a “Peerage of the United States of America” to the Morgan family and their descendants making all of the rest of us chattel in the possession of their heirs and assigns.

      Here’s the rub: No one can ever remember nor can anyone produce a legal document that, under the articles of the Federal Constitution abrogates the authority of the Federal Constitution as the “primary rule of recognition” for the People of the United States of America.
      Congress’ act to “incorporate” governance over the District of Columbia cannot be extended to abrogate the authority of the Constitution.

      Yes, I’ll agree that these morons use their pseudo-intellectual prowess underwritten by their expensive Ivy League Degrees to contradict reality but just because they say it is doesn’t make it so when the laws governing symbolic logic are mathematically applied to the tenets of their ridiculous arguments.

      Both Executive Order No. 1 and the Patriot Act cannot be considered permanent aspects of law that abrogate the articles of the Federal Constitution. Congress is empowered as are the other three branches to wield the Constitution as a club against such actions and, our founding fathers, having had much experience with petty tyrants, included Article 10 (as well as the 2nd Amendment)in the Constitution expressly for such purposes–to reject the governance of tyranny.

      Our founding fathers were careful to include these balancing authorities because they were wise men and very familiar with the machinations of totalitarian cabals. These aspects of our Constitution are there to afford the PEOPLE the opportunity to secure a change in government WITHOUT a revolution. In their preamble, the founding fathers caution that the people should explore every possible method of change other than outright armed insurrection as such violence is capable of introducing unimaginable hardship. The Civil War proves this out. Had the States exercised the 10th Amendment, the Civil War might have been avoided.

      Rachel Maddow aside, slavery was on its way out as a cultural anomaly and many southern families were beginning to question the wisdom of this institution. The transition might have taken longer but fewer people would have died and the southern states would not have suffered the incredible devastation of the Civil War from which our country did not recover until well into the 20th Century.

      Every time we question central authority, someone raises the “slavery issue” or unfurls the “Race” flag. If your a black American, you tell me how free you are when your stopped for a trivial traffic infraction that morphs into a major violation of your civil liberties within in minutes.

      Rachel Maddow should shut her rabid mouth because, like it or not, the Los Angeles riots DID take place and black Americans DID paint the phrase “No Justice; No Peace” all over America for over a decade. Now, all those liberal jackasses need to explain to me and others like me: Given the great power of the Central Federal Government, why did people of color feel a need to adopt that slogan?

      • Bruce

        Stunned, Please review what is a Con, Con / a Constitunial Convention. Thats what took place when the South left the Union of States. That alone made the Constitution “Null & Void.”
        Thats not opinion from anyone, its the TRUTH.

        What I posted is the very “KEY” to everything thats gone on from that point forward, again its not conjecture its the TRUTH.

        You may also wish to look into {where the money came from.} That should fill in any and all blanks.

        You may wish to start with the Peace Treaty signed to end the Revolution and again where the money came from.

        Also Who does every state’s Attorney General as well as even the Federal Attorney General report to and that all happened after all I posted happened from the 1860′s / 1971.
        There is no misconstruing the TRUTH its all doucmented in Black & White.

        • Stunned at sunset

          Bruce: Seriously, I’m not writing against your intent, I’m just trying to get the point across that just because the Plutocrats say it it’s so, that doesn’t mean it IS. For instance your point on “The Adhesion Citizen’s Contract;” Let’s just look at what a contract is under the laws sanctioned by the Federal Constitution:

          The Essential elements of a contract are: It is essential to the existence of a contract that there should be: (1) Parties capable of contracting. (2) Their consent. (3) A lawful object. (4) A sufficient cause or consideration. (This example is from the California Civil Code, Section 1550)

          An adhesion contract is a one-sided contract, more commonly known as a “nudum pactum” or naked contract:

          “Nudum pactum.” Latin. A bare contract or agreements that amounts to merely a naked promise. See 22 S.E. 2d 186.

          “A contract, naked of any obligation or duty on one side, a ‘nudum pactum’ is not enforceable. 151 P. 270, 273.

          Contracts generally are supported by a consideration (payment of some kind, for example) on each side. A naked contract is one that is bare of a valid consideration on one side and hence unenforceable.

          See “mutuality of obligation” in Barron’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition

          Also, consider the following from Public Law: “Adhesion contracts do not bind the citizen to a commercial contract. Without the six elements of a valid contract, none exists. PL#95-147, 91 Stat. 1227 Oct. 28, 1977)

          My point isn’t that the Confederate States did something wrong; they didn’t. The seceded from the Union, which is a State’s right. The Federal Government imposed its will (just as they are doing now) on the people without pursuing a course of action that everyone could agree upon as legal and binding. In other words: The Confederate States chose armed revolt, the Federal Government countered with an attack, a war was fought and the South lost that conflict at great expense to the people and to life and property. That was my point: Our founding fathers tried to encourage us to use ways other than armed revolt to “change” our government because they were aware of the consequences of losing such a conflict.

          The 10th Amendment movement encourages states to “ignore” the laws that they feel have been levied unjustly. But, in order for such a movement to be successful, it must be civil (so as not to permit the usurpers the opportunity to declare Martial Law), and it must be sweeping (invoking the concept of “majority rules”).

          Your point is valid but only as a historical event. That was then and this is now. The American people don’t want a “Civil War.” They don’t want to “change” their government. And they certainly don’t want to abrogate the Federal Constitution. What they want to do is flush the damned toilet and eliminate the abusers and usurpers of true American Democracy. There’s a cabal in power right now and they got there by breaking the laws of the land and passing unconstitutional laws that have no basis in reality and neither can they be legitimately enforced. Why people are accepting them as a foregone conclusion is anybody’s guess. They just don’t have to.

          It is what it is and it is not another thing. Just because intellectual cripples have used pure nonsense to construct a tyranny doesn’t make it a foregone conclusion. The Federal Constitution is still on display in the Federal Archives Building and it is still mentioned as the “keystone” in every oath a public servant takes. It is the primary rule of recognition and no yahoo who sneaks a counterfeit law into the books to make us corporate chattel can change what we are: Free people with a Constitution.

          • Bruce

            Stunned, I am not trying to piss you off I am just stating facts of TRUTH. As your obviously well educated in law then you must agree with whats written within the context of the Constitution.
            That a “Con Con” makes the Constitution; { null & Void. } Thats really quite clear. I agree with all of what you posted but — Saddly its not all true again we have a piece of paper with ink on it.
            But saddly, its not been adhered to in over 150 years. With each passing day we become more enslaved by debt from the Federal Government also known as the District of Columbia.

            Each state does in fact have its own Constitution but they mean nothing if they are part of the “Whole” who then are part of the District of Columbia, aka; they are members of the United States of America, therfor each states constitution is little more than paper with ink on it, just as the US Constitution and Bill of Right are.

            So in fact states would have to decline all Federal aid as well withdraw from the United States and or DC then follow their states own Constitutions.
            To date not one single state has done such therefor we are a Corpration and nothing more.
            That Corporation was formed in the 1860′s under the noted law I posted in my first post, its not oblique at all its quite straight forward. Or as its noted “hidden in plain sight.”

            Thus we have been living a very large LIE sold by Politicians and Media to the American public over the last 150 years.

            As to the founding Fathers after breaking with England where did they get money from?
            I can tell you, The Rothschilds bank who have had their finger prints all over this nation from day one.
            But it was in fact in 1861 that the playing field changed with a 180* shift in power – it went from the people who were the power to the Government who holds all power, and yes we became nothing more than Chattel of the Rothschilds at that point in time.

            We now face Slavery in not just the single format of being “indebted to the Federal state of The District of Colimbia,” but we are also now slaves to the “IMF” and who is the IMF, The Rothschilds.

            Do we have a Government, NO, what we have is a “Corporation” and thats why Obama can’t be removed from office for his action.
            Congress is little more than a Board of Directors.
            The law of the land is the DOJ and it has been since the 1860′s when it was formed.

            The one and only way to break the hold of the Federal’s from DC is that each state break all ties with the Federal Government and rewrite a New Constitution and reform its self as a new Government.

            You must be well aware that every state in this union gives up their states laws & rights when they join the Union.
            Thats the case in point just as all Americans gave up their rights when they became voters. Whom did they give their rights away to, The Corporation called the District of Coloumbia. Thats not my opinion thats just the facts.

            Do I think the the mass of Americans will ever get it? NO,
            Do I feel that the United States of America will fall very soon, YES.
            Based on the following EO’s alone.

            If you know of these then you too can only come to one conclusion just as I have. Hey by the way, Great post and I thank you for thinking.

          • r.p.

            AMEN… How come you are not on Ron Pauls’ committee? You seem to have the “legalise”, and you put it out very well. We need more people like you in this fight.

          • r.p.

            My reply was for “Stunned at sunset”.

  • JimH

    We don’t have to show where in the Constitution it says the fed gov can’t. They have to show us where in the Constitution it says they can. In theory. But that’s not what’s practiced.
    We seem to let them and that’s our fault.

  • RickT


    Your explanation of 41st Congress, Section 3, Chapter 62 is full of holes. Check out this web page for the truth:

    Read the section named “Best Answer”

    You really shouldn’t spread BS until you verify it.


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