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Nugent: Guns Save Lives

May 20, 2011 by  

Nugent: Guns save livesRocker Ted Nugent might be best known for his 1977 hit single “Cat Scratch Fever,” but nowadays the outspoken guitarist has struck a chord with gun-rights advocates.

Appearing on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on May 18, Nugent said that “more guns equals less crime.” When Morgan mentioned that 80 Americans die each day from gunshot wounds, the musician argued that most of those victims are prisoners who are freed by “corrupt judges and prosecutors.”

Nugent claimed that the areas of the country with the highest number of armed citizens have the lowest crime rates, while the places with the strictest gun control have the highest levels of violence.

“Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people that want to literally create places where more innocents are killed called gun-free zones, we’re going to beat you,” said Nugent. “We’re going to vote you out of office or suck on my machine gun.”

Earlier this month, Nugent provided the closing speech at the annual National Rifle Association conference in Pittsburgh. According to Reuters, he urged 2nd Amendment advocates to bolster their public relations campaign and spread the pro-gun message.

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  • s c

    Right on, Ted! Thanks for having the guts to say what needs to be said. It is a crime that the entertainment business fosters and protects so many who treat our freedoms like contagious diseases.
    Tell it like it is, Ted. We can do without posers and anti-American filth who belong in other countries.

  • TIME

    What Ted said is not alledged, it’s proven to be a 100% TRUTH.
    Where there are higher amounts of Gun owners the crime rate’s are so low they are near nonexistent if they even exist.
    How hard is that to grasp, even the most simple minded can compute that.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I get steamed up whenever I see our media loosely tossing about the term “Assault Weapon”. An assault weapon is a fully automatic weapon used by military forces. A semi-automatic rifle that simply “looks mean” is not an assault weapon. None of the rifles the media mislabels as assault weapons are automatic weapons.

    While on the subject, you see the entertainment industry using movies and TV programs, on a daily basis, to depict criminals blazing away indiscriminately with fully automatic weapons. The public is conditioned to believe this happens in real life. In actuality you can could count the number of automatic weapon crimes in this nation, since World War II, on your fingers, and not use all of them.

    • james karalis

      A piece of 2×4 Bord is a Assault Weapon to nowadays LOL

    • Cliffystones

      I despise that term as well. My dad was a WWII vet who hated the way Hollywood glorified and at the same time soft-peddled the violence in war. We were watching “The Big Red One” on TV one day and he commented that that was the most realistic war battle that he’d ever seen in a movie (it was the Normandy scene, before Saving Private Ryan) I (teenage kid) told him it looked boring because when they got shot they just fell down. He proceeded to give me a lesson on the reality of ballistics and added just how “un-glorious” it was to be shot.

      Even my 11yo daughter, since she took gun safety class at 9yo, sees the people on TV walking with their finger squarely on the trigger and points out how dangerous this is.

    • Miguel A. González

      The correct term for a fully automatic rifle is “Assault rifle”. The term “Assault Weapon” is actually a media/anti-gun activist-created term based on nothing but cosmetic characteristics of certain Semi-automatic rifles. Under the Brady law, an “Asault Weapon” is any semi-atomatic rifle that has at least three of the following characteristics:
      Pistol grip, folding stock, high capacity magazine, bayonet lug, or a flash suppressor (incidentally, a compensator, which helps with recoil, is not in the list).
      All are cosmetic characteristics that have nothing to do with the actuall functionality of the weapon. Basically, if it’s remotely military looking, like an AR-15, a semi-auto AK-47 or SKS, or a legally modified Mini-14 (if the rifle was produced after the ban), it’s an “Assault Weapon”. After the Brady ban, Colt intruduced the AR-15AB. Only difference between it and the regular AR? No bayonet lug.


    “I’m not a smart man” (said Forrest Gump) but I do know that if I was a criminal I would take up trade in an area that did not allow gun ownership. I would be smart enough to know that I could meet my maker if I picked the wrong victim who just happened to have a gun and knows how to use it.

    Facts and history bear this out if you look for the real truth and not the slanted truth.

  • CJ

    I live in the peoples republic of maryland,The libtards running the state,politicians and judges alike have no respect whatso-ever for the right to keep and bear arms.I just grudgingly acknowledges the right to own a gun and use it only if you have no place you can flee to.Out on the street you are fair game,unless you are a cop,politically connected,in government or rich or guarding a rich person or his property.But private workaday wageslaves we are expendable and can go to prison for excercising a god given right merely codified into law by the 2nd amendment.In what kind of bizarro world view do you have to ask a public servant for permission to exercise a right intended to protect our freedom from the same public servants.Looks to me like they got it twisted.We got the numbers,we got the guns,but we got no balls.

  • unarmedandscaredinmyhouse

    i live in a rural area where about 100% of my neighbors have guns. home invasion or robberies are close to zero. i cant figure out why.

  • Commonsense

    Of course gun control is what the government wants! All these people in our country believe peace comes through buddy-buddy, kiss-your-ass sycho babble. The truth is there will always be people out there wanting to bully and intimidate, control and torture. Even in todays world roughly a third of society wears a thin cloak of civility. Only because they know that there is possibly a gun around the next locked door. But if you can guarrantee that there is no gun around the next door, your rape,robbery, and assault crimes will soar. What does a hawk go looking for in his next dinner? A lion, or a nice, peaceful dove? And for all you liberals out there that like to argue that without guns there would be no crime, just remember that just about as many people are assaulted, robbed, raped and murdered, at the mere point of a fist than with a gun. And as far as children getting hurt with guns unintentionally, for every kid that died from a gun shot wound since 1975 until now, roughly 24 drowned in swimming pools. Why doesn’t the government put as many laws against pool ownership as gun ownership. The answer to that is easy, it’s easier to shoot a politician than it is to drown one. The only time the government makes a law is to help themselves, they don’t care about public safety, or you for that matter. Look at any law on public safety. There is nothing protective about. It just gives them more control.


      Common Sense, you didn’t spell psycho right! Other than that, you are right on!
      Psychobama is a good example.

      I shoot, therefore I live.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I shoot accuratly, therefore I live!!!!

    • DC


  • jopa

    Ted Nugent with his filthy song “Cat Scratch Fever” what a pig.However I will let him exercise his freedom of speech as I have just done by calling him a pig.Ted a sportsman, I don’t think so.He has a bunch of animals running around in a fenced in area, goes out with a jeep and drives out to them and shoots them like fish in a barrel.This is common practice also in Texas.Not my idea of hunting but I will give him credit for the fact, if you shoot it you eat it.

    • Push comes to shove

      I live in Texas, all my life and i can tell you when we go hunting it is not for caged rats. We hunt game that has the ability to alldue you, pheasant fly, deer run and dart and can hear the slightest noise, wild pigs are faster than they look and some will charge you.

      By the way Ted hunts all over the US as well as African Safaris.

      This native Texan says shove it jerk

    • Thamera

      Jopa, what’s your problem, really, or are you just upset that Nugent is successful and wealthy doing what he loves to do?

    • ValDm

      Rather than condemn Ted, you should applaud his ability to be in the same room with that slimy Piers Morgan and not need a quick dip in a vat of lye to disinfect himself.

    • Jim

      Well jopa tell us, what is your idea of hunting ? going to walmart to get a thanksgiving day turkey ? nitwits like you have NO IDEA what hunting is all about, you dont own a gun because if you did you most likely would have had an accident by now, you have never hunted for anything but your car keys and for the mayonnaise in the wilds of your refrigerator, but like a good little socialist liberal feel compelled to tell others what is right and wrong and offer your opinion as FACT, you will NEVER amount to half of what ted Nugent is,has, stands for or believes, now turn around and stick your head back up chairman obamas ass because your at your best when you do what you do best …ass cork

      • http://?? Joe H.

        now cut jopa some slack!! He has high score on the deer hunter video game down at the mall!!!

  • Kel R

    Ted Nugent is not only a great musician sportsman and gun rights advocate. But he donates alot of time and money to causes that im sure you have no clue to. Are you a member of the NRA, NAGR, CCRKBA, 2nd AF. Have you donated anything to help wounded veterans returning home? Ted does and is. Have you donated to any terminally ill childrens organizations? Have you even seen his massive ranch where he takes these people to hunt? Do you even own any guns? Do you even vote?

    • JC

      Ted spends a lot of time and money maintaining forests and park areas.
      Hunters do more for wildlife conservation every year than all the huggy feely enviro groups combined.

  • old timer

    Lawyers can’t have leagle gun owners killing crimenals it takes money out of their pockets!

  • Jim

    In 2012 ,if you think the choice isn’t clear , think again….It is !!!!!!!
    You can vote for a communist,socialist,marxist,muslim, or
    …..An American, its very simple and any red blooded American should
    have no problem making this decision………………
    On may 2, 2011 the US NAVY SEALS killed the number two muslim
    terrorist OF the USA …..In 2012 lets vote out the number one muslim
    terrorist IN the USA,

    • JC


    • DC


      • SherylS

        Good one, DC!

  • chuckb
  • http://com i41

    Guns also is a permant cure for severe depression and drug users and faggots. In the wild only the survial of the fittist should reproduce. This marxist/communist muslim faggot is one abhorant peice of dog dung, because he isn’t a red blooded American as his live birth worthless paper showed.

  • DC

    In a prison study the convicts stated that they were more afraid of armed citizens than the were of the police.

  • Cawmun Cents

    to:jopa In the early morning hours there’s a din in the air;
    mayhem’s on the loose.
    Stormtroopers comin’, and you better be prepared.
    Got no time to choose.

    Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.

    Comin’ up that street, jackboots steppin’ high.
    Got to make a stand.
    Looking in your windows and listen to your phone.
    Keep a gun in your hand.

    Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
    Get ready. Stormtroopres comin’ around.

    Two hundred down, and it’s comin’ ’round again.
    Got no second choice.
    Where’s the justice and where’s that law.
    Raise your healthy voice.

    Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
    We’ll be ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
    Getting ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
    Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’. And that is why Adof Hitler easily rose to power……..

    • Cawmun Cents

      Ted Nugent for President!He shoots straight and tells it like he sees it…..something Omamba never did.

  • Loki

    [Offensive post removed.]

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Watch out! with all the gas in him, that cork could be deadly!!!

      • Loki

        Thanx Joe I’ll make sure not to get behind him!!! I’m hoping for a missfire lol.

  • jopa

    Ted Nugent is a chicken sh– outdoors-man that hunts bear with dogs and shoots animals fenced in.I have owned guns all my life but never needed a dog to chase a bear up a tree and then shoot it.He would be the butt of all the jokes when this city boy came to town to hunt bear.Sorry folks he was never my hero.His music sucks also if that’s what you call it. Thank you and have a good one.

  • jopa

    [Offensive post removed.]

  • jopa

    Sice should have been since.Sorry.

  • LindaT

    I’m a senior on disability, living alone 25 miles from town. I’m getting worried about defending myself. I have a 22 Winchester revolver and a small 22 Taurus pistol. What else do I need to get?
    I can’t afford much.

    • 45caliber

      .22 are fine. Just remember to empty it into the person you shoot. The bullets have a 33% chance of killing instantly, so just put plenty in there. The only other thing I would consider is a shotgun. It is good for defense as well as hunting. Check the pawn shops. Most have them at a decent price.

  • 45caliber

    About thirty five years ago Readers Digest commissioned a think tank to “prove” that the places with the most guns had the most crime and the places with the least guns had the least crime.

    They found out just opposite – so Readers Digest refused to pay for the search. So they sold the article to the newspapers. RD then sued on the grounds they had commissioned the study so it could’t be released without their permission. The judge ruled that since they didn’t pay for it, the think tank could do what they wanted with the info.

    So this has been researched at least once. Further, to my interest since that was where I was raised, the place with the most guns and the least crime was the Arkansas hills. An average of 2.5 guns per person in a famliy regardless of the age of the persons. Further, they found that most five year olds there already were trained how to shoot – and recommended that no one attempt to molest their mothers.

    • Loki

      Yeah John Lott did the same kind of study on guns for about a decade. He came to the same conclusion and wrote a book about it titled ‘more guns less crime’ so it is or should be known that armed society is a polite society and that scares the hell out of criminals and most politicians!!!
      “I would ask gun control advocates one question:  name a single place in the entire world where murder rates fell after gun control laws were passed.”
      Dr. John Lott Jr.


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