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Nuclear Crisis In Japan Raises Concerns About Radiation Exposure

March 17, 2011 by  

Nuclear crisis in Japan raises concerns about radiation exposureOfficials have ordered 140,000 people in northeastern Japan to remain indoors after it was discovered that dangerous levels of radiation had leaked from a damaged nuclear power plant.

The threat of a nuclear meltdown, which comes on the heels of last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, has prompted many Americans to examine their own survival methods in the event of a radiation crisis. According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States has 104 nuclear plants in 31 states, and some lawmakers have proposed that construction of new facilities be suspended until more information is learned about what glitches led to Japan's leaks.

According to, there are two major factors to consider when preparing for a nuclear crisis: establishing a safe location for shelter and storing plenty of supplies for long-term survival. If you do not have access to a local fallout shelter that is designed for these types of emergencies, then it is best to head to a basement in order to maximize your distance from the fallout radiation.

For a last-minute shelter, the source suggests that you push a heavy table to the corner of the lowest point of elevation in your home, preferably a spot that is below ground level. If a table is not available, you can take internal doors off their hinges to create your own table. Then pile any available mass, such as wood, bricks, sandbags and books, around the two open sides of the table, and leave just enough room to crawl into the space.

It is best to store plenty of sealed water and food in your basement or near your makeshift shelter. The source also recommends having flashlights, matches, first aid kits, hooded rain ponchos and respirator masks available in these locations. 

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  • http://naver samurai

    We pray for the Japanese people everyday. It’s really hard to believe what the Japanese people are going through. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Jana

      We pray for them too. They are really going through some horrible times.

      Over here we have people panicking and purchasing those iodine pills to take and those pills can actually hurt you worse than taking a few precautions. Plus you get the amount of (I think it is sodium iodine? or potassium iodine?) in tuna fish or bananas.

      I have a friend who sent me an article on how to store food like Personal Liberty suggests on $5. a week. So when I buy groceries, I do just that, I buy the large bags of beans, rice, peanut butter. I have flour and frozen vegetables and a generator. We have about 2 months ahead stored.

      • Jana

        By the way, if I heard wrong on the tuna and bananas thing please correct me as I don’t want to give false information.

        • Denniso

          Isn’t nuclear power great? It works like magic until something simple goes wrong(like a loss of good old cool water)and then it starts killing people and leaving land poisonous for 300 yrs.

      • herman richardson

        Good Afternoon: My heart goes out to the folks in Japan. I am an old man in a wheel chair and just tried to see where the closest nuclear site to Midland Texas,kinda like to know that sort of stuff, must have touched someones nerve, no find out with out confirmation of identity. Does anyone know about local sites? Thanks

        • MN North


          Go to

          Put in your zip code and a map will come up with the mileage you are away from a nuke plant. It works and there’s no ID verify.

    • Bert Cundle

      You mean GODs Falt?

      • a daring dreamer


        you might think god did this but our great mother earth did and I hope you can rethink your thoughts about god I am a man of many beliefs and I think saying that this crisis is his fault then you are wrong friend the world decides to strike when it wants to and I understand why, but crying about this and blaming god is not going to help we need to get some extra hands over there and work on helping those people in Japan. If you want to sit and blame god then do it but at least try to help instead of pointing fingers. We need to help our friends in Japan.

  • Rennie

    Hopefully it does not reach that level here in the USA/West Coast/AK but clearly they need to start building a Chernobyl type containment like YESTERDAY! Maybe in teh future they should put their backup pumps or generators ABOVE tsunami level, store spent rods elsewhere, and seperate their reactors so high levels of radiation from one doesn’t prevent emergency efforts on others. Just a crazy thought. We can’t escape the financial or FOOD shortage fallout. PLANT YOUR YARD. raised beds, patio pots, cold frames, replace landscaping bushes with blueberries or sand cherries. Gurneys, Starks, many good nurseries like those online and St. Lawrence Nurseries up in Potsdam, NY specializes in Zone 2 and 3 hardy plants. Consider the vitamin and antioxidant rich berries/fruit especially. Everything normally sourced from Japan or the West Coast may be shunned contaminated or not, and alternative imports will price gouge, plus Japan now has to import food, instead of being an exporter. Normally Japan helps feed North Korea everytime they act up and demand food. Now what? War is my wild guess. But at least people have woke up to the idea we still live under threat of nuclear assault, and we need to be educated and prepared to survive.

  • chuckb

    we need to hold the media to more honest reporting instead of shock spiel to gain attention, even fox news has resorted to this type of reporting. bill o’reilly (fox news) reported he was not preaching hysteria, his is more subtle, but the same difference. o’reilly is definitely a greenie, tree hugger type.

  • http://com i41

    We could be storing spent fuel in Yucca Mt. but some dumb bastards like Harry Weed, thinks it wouldn’t be safe, best place to put it, nobody lives there and is pretty dry and a long way from water. If any pinhead thinks that every possible twitch, can be planned for, just shows how damned stupid our over educated idoits are. Building on shores and on unstable ground is the first thing builders shied away from. Not having any electric power, will cripple any country in to a nothing country. Just look a what a f–k up America has become with wilderness areas and pie n the sky envior wasting plans. Radiation is a serious problem no matter where but, Japan had it once before and came back stronger.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The perry nuke plant iin Perry Ohio is built right over a fault line! It might be a minor fault line, but a fault line just the same! you expect them to LEARN from their mistakes here???

  • jopa

    i41;Think real hard on this one.How did Yucca mtn. get there?Do you have a clue what tectonic plates are?Have you ever heard of Pangaea?Check with your local bricklayers union and ask them if they made that mountain.Where oh where did it come from??Good place to hide spent fuel rods though no seismic activity here.

  • usmadgirl

    Instead of our worrying at this moment about the highly unlikely possibility of our having a nuclear accident here, we truly need to pray for & help the Japanese people now. They are one of our few allies.

    When I think of all the rubble with survivors buried alive, it tears my heart out. When you look at all the debris, you have to wonder where to start, but I’ve seen very little searching. The shelters have almost no food, water, heat or even blankets. They wait & nobody shows up to help them. Yesterday, at one shelter, each person had an orange & four crackers all day.

    Nobody helped the people in the floods in Iowa in 2008 & the Nashville flood last year & they never complained or asked for help like the people in Katrina. The Iowa & Nashville area floods were barely mentioned in the news. Those were devastating enough, but the Japanese have probably experienced a combination of the most devastating natural disasters possibly ever & it just keeps getting worse with the addition of the nuclear accident. What people are failing to mention is that their nuclear problem didn’t just happen under NORMAL circumstances, it was a result of the 9.0 + earthquake followed by the tsunami shutting off the plant’s power.

    Now we have idiots questioning the safety of our nuclear plants. I live exactly half way between 2 nuclear plants, Watts Bar & Sequoyah & used to live about 2 miles from Sequoyah & I’m not worried. We live on a “medium” risk fault line.

    After the Japanese problem, this administration will probably shut down all the nuclear plants we do have immediately to “investigate” while we live without power & sweat our butts off this summer. Everything just falls into these idiots’ laps to help intrude into our normal lives & to proceed with their agenda with their idiotic “Green” crap.

    Please pray for Japan & its devastated people. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through.

    • libertytrain

      good post usmadgirl. I agree with you – these people need our prayers, help first and foremost.

      • Denniso

        “idiots questioning the safety of our nuclear plants”?? We would be idiots if we didn’t use this tragedy to learn from and make doubly sure of safety issues. The cost in money alone of a nuclear disaster is worth re examining safety and more.

        • usmadgirl


          How many nuclear disasters have we ever had? I guess we’d better outlaw cars because of car wrecks, planes because of plane crashes, tubs & showers because people fall in them, electricity because people get electrocuted, food because people get food poisoning or choked, water because of drowing. Do you see how freaking silly this is getting? Give me a break!

          • Denniso

            It isn’t just about people dying,of course people die every day in accidents,and we try to prevent them,right? We don’t just ignore dangers and threats to safety and health as though we have no concerns for our selves and our children. Nuclear accidents are rare,as airline crashes are,but we don’t readily accept that people are going to die in plane crashes and not try to minimize them even further. There is no accident like a nuclear one that can immobilize an entire area and even a country while sending economic shock waves throughout the world that affects the globe. No accident can poison hundreds or thousands of square miles and render the land unfit for anything for hundreds of years. No accident can adversely affect the genetic makeup of humans who are impacted for decades. No power resource requires it’s spent fuel to be bathed in cool water for god knows how long or buried under thousands of feet of earth for thousands of years.

            Nuclear power is utterly unique w/ it’s almost magical ability and it’s lethal potential…that’s why we handle it entirely differently than all other ‘accidents’.

      • usmadgirl


        Thank you! I see the devastation & it just overwhelms me. I can’t even imaging their suffering.

        • libertytrain

          I am with you on this, earthquake, tsunami, nuclear problem. No one county has been forced to endure such tragedy in my lifetime and now instead of getting the attention Japan needs we are being forced via the media to be focused on Libya. Crazy.

          • usmadgirl


            You are so right!

            I just read an article about O’Dumbo possibly calling for a “moratorium” on OUR nuclear plants. I had just mentioned it above (that you first responded to) & to a friend to just watch, he’d be shutting all our nuclear facilities in order to cause another “crisis” that they couldn’t let go to waste. They are well on their way to making sure we are a third world country totally dependent on the “gubment” for all our needs! Makes me sick!

          • Denniso

            You’re being reactionary and hyperbolic…

  • a daring dreamer

    I pray to god for all these people in Japan and I hope my friends are safe there I just wish there was a way to help them out instead of praying we should be doing stuff in action instead of silent prays I hope that you will see it in the way I do and bring some action to these people instead of hope.

  • The Insurgent

    I know Mr. Livingston is ‘moderating’ my posts, but maybe he is not so moderate to see that devil’s agents are on their works.
    The CIA and Mossad earthquake experiences worked well. Almost 10.000 ppl died so far and the nuclear blast will remain for 200 years in soil…
    These mfs simply just must be rounded-up and publicly executed. All of them.


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