NRA ‘Helps’ Bombers, Florida Leashes Drones, Obama Hisses In Defeat, Cops Shame New York Governor On Guns, Ex-Sexual Predators Get Scarlet Letter: Thursday Morning News Roundup 4-18-2013


Here is a collection of some of the stories that Personal Liberty staffers will be keeping an eye on throughout the day. Click the links for the full stories.

  • One MSNBC host believes the National Rifle Association is “in the business of helping bombers get away with their crimes” because the organization has fought to keep elements that can be traced to a production point out of gunpowder. Sheesh.


  • The Florida Legislature has voted to place limits on what the State’s cops can do with drones. The Governor is expected to sign into law a bill that would require police to obtain a warrant before they could use camera-enabled drones for surveillance.


  • This brings to mind something about a pot and a kettle: President Barack Obama called gun rights groups “liars” in a fit of anger after his centerpiece gun-control legislation was handily defeated Wednesday. The President called it “a pretty shameful day for Washington.” Aren’t they all?


  • The Albany Police Officers Union has attacked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his recent gun-grabbing legislation, which the officers describe as “flawed,” “shameful,” “purposely burdensome on law-abiding citizens” and morally wrong. They also note that the Governor’s goal was politically motivated and makes no one safer. Bingo!


  • Once they’ve been freed from jail, people who’ve been convicted of rape in Bradford County, Fla., settle down somewhere, and then the cops come and stick a giant red sign in their yards letting everyone know they’ve got a sexual predator in their midst. Why let them go in the first place?


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–Sam Rolley contributed to this update.

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  • Dave

    Hey Sam,

    is 54 greater than 47? Just curious.

    Here is an idea for your next story.


    Lets talk about a dim-witted Gov (Rick Perry) that fanned the flames of secession and how bad the Gumumint is only to see one of his towns blow sky high after he leads the charge against the EPA and regs that keep communities safe. Then he calls the FEDERAL GOV to come and help his state out when the fruits of his labor happened in Waco.

    Can you talk about his story and the extreme ignorance and hypocrisy by this Governor and other conservatives like him?

    That would sure be swell.

    • vicki

      Just out of curiosity what EPA regs were missing that allowed the NH4 to get violent?

      • Dave

        The point went by Vicki… You missed it.

    • Joe America

      The government is hiring more and more uneducated trolls these days, huh? The plant explosion appears to have been an accident. But I’d love to know what, specifically, you believe it has to do with environmental protection.

      • Dave

        Duh… all these types of things are ‘accidents”.
        But Perry wants the EPA done away with, says the regs are too strong and this plant was cited several times for not doing enough.
        Perry also hates the Fed Gov… But now he is so happy to get his check while scumbag southern conservative congresspeople voted NO on aid to Hurricane Sandy.
        The Hypocrisy by the conservative loons in Congress is sickening and astounding. No run along Joe and get your opinion from faux news.

        • Martin

          Excuse me but I know a first hand witness to what the displaced did in New Orleans after shooting at police hospital personnel
          They were still screwing prostituting making drug deals even as they were placed in the only places available like convention centers and even with the help of private citizens who moved them in to private rental properties. Now put that in your crack pipe and smoke it which they also did while the police watched without arresting their sorry asses. The federal government did the insane thing of taking away guns of those that were not in the damaged areas but on high ground not boughtering any one they ordered the national guard to kick in doors and arrest innocent people and take thier guns the only means of protection for their lives and property. Now then the Watts riots where a billion dollars of property was destroyed by thousands of rioters no government involvement there. The only ones that survived any damage to their property or lives was some Koreans who owned a gun store and got on the roof of their building and fired warning shots to keep the rioters and looters at bay. They managed this with out wounding or killing any one.
          And with out help from police or national guard
          I just thank God that they were able to defend themselves and their property with their 2nd Amendment rights. Now do you want to give up your 2nd Amendment rights? I quess you would have just given up and turned yourself over to the looters and said burn my house burn it and my business just please don’t hurt me. Use that method next time after all you seem to know more than the founding fathers. You make me want to puke

    • Martin

      Talk about hypocrisy tell it to the liberals who are trying to exempt themselves and their workers from Obama care wonder why do you think they finally read it?