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Now Using A Gun For Protection Is ‘An Alarming Trend’

February 14, 2013 by  

Now Using A Gun For Protection Is ‘An Alarming Trend’

For an idiot news reader on a Detroit television station, people using guns to defend themselves from marauders is the beginning of “an alarming trend.”

According to WXYZ Action News, twice in a week, armed teenage robbers have been shot by their intended victims, who were licensed to carry a concealed weapon. But this is a bad thing, according to anchor Stephen Clark, who opens the newscast with, “Could a couple of recent shootings in Detroit be the start of an alarming trend?”

In the first instance, an assistant coach walking two girls out of Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School was confronted by two teenagers who put something against his chest. The coach, a reserve police officer, shot them both. One died.

A week later, two teenagers tried to rob two utility workers. One of the workers was also legally carrying a firearm. He shot both boys, sending them to hospital.

Only in a land of progressives and statists can people protecting themselves from criminals be “the start of an alarming trend.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I wonder what this moron would do if he came under attack by some thug and he knew that there was an armed person nearby who could help protect him but refused. He’d scream to high heaven that the person refused to defend him.

    • juneboy

      How would they know that you are not a thug also when you pull your gun .That is the cause they are fighting for gun control. Also why do you need an assult weapon.Are you going on an assult mission.

      • Kane

        OK…back into your parent’s basement troll. Report in to obama headquarters and tell them what a good little troll you’ve been today and maybe they’ll send you a new qbamaphone.

      • Mike88

        Anytime you Need to use a gun to protect yourself from assailants you are on an assault mission. so to answer your question Yes, you are on an assault mission to escape being harmed by the assailants.

        • daisysue

          To say I am on an “Assault Mission” is to say/indicate that I with out intentionally searching for someone to Assault…That is incorrect…I am Prepared To Protect Myself from Predators who are on the streets looking for someone to Rob, Rape or Assault…

      • JustSayin…….

        Hey JuneBOY……You would be the first to cry loudest if you were ever under will of thugs. You may not need an assault weapon for one intruder, but as we all know thugs are cowards, & they run in packs…..can you juneBOY handle a pack of thugs with your wit, or would you rather have a weapon that can take out more than one thug at a time?

      • rendarsmith

        Out of curiosity, what is the difference between an “assault weapon” and a “defence weapon”? How is the government going to distguish between the two?

      • daisysue

        Assault Weapon ??? Congratulations !! your stupidity out shines the commentator…

      • Richard

        First off… Everyone does not Need an Assault rifle…but the AR15 in its civilian variety IS NOT An ASSAULT RIFLE ! it is a Semi-Aitomatic rifle no different than a “Ruger 10/22″ 22 caliber rifle in function.
        Second…If you are a law abiding, Tax paying Free citizen of the United States Of America being of sound mind and good moral character. you have Every right to shoot off a couple hundren rounds of 223/556 ammo (if you can afford and locate some) at paper targets or any other safe target you choose especially on your own property if thats what makes you Happy!… you remember the bill of rights…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness !!!!! that may not be your thing and thats OK…Nobody is forcing you to like to shoot guns or build an AR rifle or the smell of cosmoline on a new CNC machined finely crafted firearm…But don’t try to impose your views of morality on others. Find whatever makes You Happy (so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else) and pursue that with all the passion in your heart.

      • Bob Reynolds

        “juneboy”: It appears that you have not completed a formal education as your grammer, sentence composition and spelling leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps, your response is just a perfervid reaction to an issue that requires a moment or two of rational thought. A responsible person (you also appear to be challenged in that comport as well) would and should “go on an assault mission” if they fear being assaulted. “The alarming trend” is that liberals (I assume you are one) actually believe that utopia exist and evil never has. “juneboy”, in addition, if you are 18 years of age or older you should no longer believe in fairy tales.

      • DuWayne Bryant

        most anyone with any common sense can apply that form of reason within seconds, and know the one who stood on point to shield the defenseless, the children, and those like you who hide behind the children, yeah, its pretty easy to spot the thug and the termites, that cause the decay, within our society

      • Bob Z

        Stupid AND stoned….now there’s an alarming trend.

      • Gary L

        Hey boy, this has nothing to do with assault weapons. Idiot.

      • old sarge

        Libratard the constution and all of the Militia laws were set up so that in a national emergency all able bodied males could called for defence of the country so without the scary black guns you do not have a viable deterant.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        juneboy, are you capable of thinking before you compose your comment?

      • Carl C

        Juneboy – The word is deterrent, when the word gets out that the potential victim might be able to defend themselves, the perpetrator will have second thoughts on whatever crime they were going to do.

      • Peabody1911

        I guess punk ass gang bangers shooting up Detroit police stations doesn’t alarm anybody living in Detroit. If the “victim” protecting himself in Detroit shows up in court, he’ll likely have the likes of the libtards here on his jury. Maybe it’s time to leave Detroit to the gang bangers.

        @rendarsmith – the government calls fully automatic rifles with 30 round mags defense weapons. And the government is buying them up as fast as they can get them with billions of rounds of hollow point ammo.

        @GLB – our Founding Fathers thought self-defense was legitimate. In order to defend oneself, one would have to be able to apply as much force to counter the effort of an aggressor. As a matter of fact. the Founding Fathers thought that the militia (the people excluding government emplyees) owning warships would even be a good idea.

        @eddie47d – angry? You bet! I grew up in the 50s and this country had already began its slide away from the Rule of Law and it’s getting a whole lot worse today.

        Our leaders take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Based on what they do and say, the evidence is clear that they have no idea what the Constitution nor what the Bill of Rights nor what the Declaration of independence says. The Federalist Papers provides the intent of the Founders when they wrote those documents.

        Federal law is NOT the law of the land. The Supreme Court was never granted the authority to interpret any of those documents for the people. They have. And look where it has taken us.

      • charlie

        Juneyboy, says ‘How would they know that you are not a thug also when you pull your gun.’
        FIRST – learn to punctuate – THEN talk.
        NOW, who are the “they”? (? – see what I mean?). If “they are already there to protect you – you would not have to draw your weapon. If “they” are not there, your weapon comes in handy.
        Juneyboy, you follow the idiot talking head; the rest of us will use our God given good sense, and our ‘Inalienable Rights’.

      • Steve E

        Hey juneboy, your liberal thinking is “the start of an alarming trend.”

      • Chris Thomas

        @Mike88: You need a refresher course in English. Sorry. You’re on an “assault mission” to escape being harmed by assailants? This makes absolutely no sense; except maybe in war where you have two assailing parties. Considering that I am not purposefully going out and seeking potential assailants, it would be incorrect to say that I was on an “assault mission.” If someone enters my home, uninvited, that person is an assailant. I, on the other hand, am defending my life, my family and my property. Know the difference.

      • securityman

        juneboy,are you one of the thugs that are out to rob, rape and steal what other people work for? sounds like it to me. a little word of warning, don’t try and take what I have worked for because, if you do, we won’t have to hear any more of your b.s……..

      • USN retired

        Alarming tren!d!!!! Where is this idiot from? We are finally fighting back against our criminl offspring. Chicago is a good place to start with the trend spreading across the country like wildfire. Our founders insured that we have a way to regain our country from internal enemies. Our president must realize he has released a plague on this country that must be stopped. His gun control efforts are means of feeding the plague and patriots are showing him that we have a cure.

      • Wil

        Rendarsmith-The liberals, apparently, consider an ‘assault weapon’ to be any weapon in the hands of anyone that might disagree with their agendas. I’m sure,if they could, they would pass laws exclusively prohibiting Conservatives and especially Christians from owning any weapons, much like Hitler did with the Jews.

      • johnny

        Listen closely,the cops ran in katrina and the L.A. riots The 30 round mags are just for such unexpected times as well as to fight a police state.Why do you want to cede all firepower to Government?Govts.have killed tens of millions of civilians in the last 100 years.

      • drooper

        Your are so right juneboy, I personally would feel so much safer if only thugs, criminals, and crooks had guns. That way we could be sure it was a bad guy who was sbout to murder us.

      • vicki

        rendarsmith says:
        “Out of curiosity, what is the difference between an “assault weapon” and a “defence weapon”? How is the government going to distguish between the two?”

        The same way responsible adults distinguish between them. By use.

      • vicki

        Richard says:
        “Everyone does not Need an Assault rifle…”

        Until they do. If they do not already have one then it is a wee bit late (This was true even before the Brady Bill)

      • vicki

        Mike88 says:
        “Anytime you Need to use a gun to protect yourself from assailants you are on an assault mission. so to answer your question Yes, you are on an assault mission to escape being harmed by the assailants.”

        Though I know your intent (by what you said) is pro-defense you would be better served to point out that choosing to not be a victim is NOT equal to planning an assault.

    • Don 2


      You nailed juneboy good. Too funny! But aren’t you the least bit embarrassed? It was too easy. lol

      • Mikey

        Hey juneboy you need “personnel defense weapons” for L.A. And Katrina

    • eddie47d

      This news caster didn’t say whether this “trend’ was good or bad so why blame this person reporting the news? I think someone else is manipulating the news. Hmmm! He could have been saying that the perps are getting bolder and are acting in an alarming manner.

      • John Allen

        Did “News” puppet say how many unarmed people were robbed in same period? How many victams have been shot or injured by robbers- that never seems to make the “News”

      • jdn

        How on this screwed up planet could the perps in DETROIT be more bolder , more murderous or let alone start an alarming trend ? I usually take opposing arguements with all due respect but please could you use the slightest bit of logic and common sense with your replies ?

      • Howard C

        Hooray!! eddieBS is here to put in his irrational, leftist, ‘everything is relative’ garbage.

      • ibcamn

        Eddie,he made the comment of the bad guys getting shot by ccl Americans,and that the ALARMING TREND was just that!come on eddie,don’t be a douche today!is juneboy your son or daughter or whatever a juneboy is!??

      • vicki

        And in the news article around the newscast (As linked in the OP) we have this:
        7 Action News talks with workers in Detroit about the dangers they face. They call it the new “Street Justice.”

        However, law enforcement would not encourage this and may not approve it. The case of the coach is still pending in the prosecutor’s office.

        Read more:

      • Ridge Runner

        When confronted by the truth yell and scream.
        He said “It’s an alarming trend” all the excuse a Liberal needs to promote more gun control. I understand well the meanings inferred while Liberals deny the truth. Just more added to justify negating the second amendment. The founding Fathers well understood the People should control the Government not the other way around. Amazing how History is loaded with Liberal Dictators yet apparently you would welcome the likes of Stalin or Hitler with open armes or for that matter, King George.

      • eddie47d

        Stop it Vicki Stop it ! Why do you buy all this dishonesty over and over!. Its like the article last week about guarding stores with semi-automatic weapons and the insane response in spraying bullets everywhere. Your repetitive dangerous and exploitive minds are the real criminal element. Keep piling up the bodies if it pleases you and keep forging your own headlines even though BL’s wasn’t mentioned in the real news story.

    • Dave

      The robbers should have been sent to the morgue. Why doesn’t this news reporter publish his address so the robbers don’t get shot? I’m sure he isn’t armed.

    • BR549

      Yet another panty-wetting liberal from the media. Most likely a Democrat, which ironically, is what most assailants claimed to be when they last voted.

      Maybe the message for us all is that Democrats are not to be trusted with guns or voting. Maybe we should include “Political Affiliation” on the 4473 Form and when they check “Democrat”, they get denied because of being anti-American and just plain STUPID.

    • ibcamn

      he would sue the man who refused to help and make sure the thief that was going to hurt him was ok and unharmed from the person carrying a weapon,or some f*#ked up thing like that!

  • jdn

    This is nothing new , there are always those that will condemn anyone who refuses to be the victim and God help those who would come to anothers aid . Stay tuned for the rants that will prove my point .

    • Louis Klar

      jdn….. no rant here, none. You do realize that if enough armedcriminals are shot in Chicago CRIME WILL BEGIN TO DROP like the rest of the nation. You have a backer here jn. One that is licensed and armed.

    • Don 2

      These fools believe that being a victim is somehow morally superior to defending yourself. Go figure!

      • eddie47d

        Where does it say that? Another false assumption from the angry right?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        eddie47d, then why are you an angry Leftist?

      • eddie47d

        That was a question Nadzieja not anger. Questions are something you don’t know how to answer either. You prove that time and time again!

      • vicki

        From the article in the OP
        7 Action News talks with workers in Detroit about the dangers they face. They call it the new “Street Justice.”

        However, law enforcement would not encourage this and may not approve it. The case of the coach is still pending in the prosecutor’s office.

        Read more:

      • Don 2


        You need to get some new talking points boy, other than, “Where does it say that?” Did you misplace your list of talking points this morning? Your frustation is really starting to show. I didn’t say it said anything. I said it.

        From what I see here, you are the only one who appears angry, but then the left is always angry.

      • eddie47d

        Don 2 never answered my question no different than the other deflectors (cowards) whom I asked the same. To them ignorance is bliss!.

  • rhcrest

    The left wing is insane

    • Louis Klar

      And they have been for quite some time.

  • Tom Cook

    Harold, wouldn’t that be a fitting situation for the moron to find himself in. Like Livingston says, there is no cure for stupid. This guy looks like a truck driver for Waste Management. No, he doesn’t really look that competent.

    • Chylene Ramsey

      My 8-year-old daughter was a tiny, delicate-looking little thing. She was waiting at the bus stop one morning when a hulking 14-year old bully came up and started harrassing her, making lewd comments, and finally, grabbed at her. A few swift moves, and he was running off, wailing for his Mama, clutching his broken nose. She had been a star pupil of her Tae Kwon Do class since she was 5 years old. I guess you could call her an “assualt weapon’, too.

      • S.C.Murf

        Hope you gave her a big hug , kiss and way to go girl speech. Let her know you think that it was a good thing what she did. The kids love our praise to them, way to go MOM

        up the hill

      • ibcamn

        Be careful on that one Chy!if that little girl ever has to go to court over something like that too many times,she can either be put in jail or have to regester her,{ limbs}(depending on fighting style),pro boxers have to register their hands in some states!!it sounds great,don’t get me wrong,i love it when a kid takes care of themselves but nowadays you have to think ,”what are the liberals gonna do next?”,maybe arrest you for asault(you being the parent)of the new bully at the bus stop!?that’s how they may look at it!!

  • tony newbill

    Are Russia And China Hoarding Gold Because They Plan To Kill The Petrodollar?

    So instead of dealing with the debt by growing the economy the Government is stock piling Ammo to deal with the US People once their US Economy fails from the Rejection of the dollar as worlds trade currency , ht tp://

    • ibcamn

      One thing you have to remember Tony,is when you have two or more countries that think diffirent,your gonna have two or more ways of dealing with things,China has always been about just buying the tech or “barrowing”it like hacking,they have state funded counterfiet printing presses!!they will hoard whatever they deem needed!other countries just outrite lie to the world!you now have several countries all saying it’s not them!conflict arises and a war or two will break out,things of that nature,we buy ammo at alarming rates,why?, two reasons,civil unrest or war!!(kinda like Obama’s speech,he’s gonna have CENTERS where collective thinking can accure!?)now why do you think we have so much ammo!??!

  • Michael

    Stephen Clark needs a check up from the neck up! I guess it takes moranic people to make the world go round.

    • eddie47d

      Where did Clark say that it was wrong for these folks to be armed and to take action against an assailant? Please point out his words in saying so! I would say you are the one trying to change this news story to something that wasn’t even said.

      • tim

        Hey eddie, did you just wake up so you can put your’e 2 cents worth of anti 2nd amendment BS in . What do you think the guy was implying. Do you really think when he said alarming that he was in favor of concealed carry! Use your’e head for something besides a hat rack. Some people on here don’t appreciate your’e anti constitution rants!!!!

      • eddie47d

        Nope! he sure didn’t say that or even imply that so maybe you need the reading comprehension lesson!

      • vicki

        Here is a quote from the story that shows the intent.
        7 Action News talks with workers in Detroit about the dangers they face. They call it the new “Street Justice.”

        However, law enforcement would not encourage this and may not approve it. The case of the coach is still pending in the prosecutor’s office.

        Read more:

      • eddie47d

        Repeating it won’t make it any truer Vicki!

  • Bandofotters

    I hope that it is an alarming trend. Eventually it will lead to safer streets. Some won’t take the risk of being shot thus changing their behavior.

    • ElCamino

      You got it right…..It will be a trend until the takers finally “get it”. Kind of a self weeding system.

    • charlie

      Just from the original story, I can identify some criminals that will have Zero Recidivism!

  • Ann Anderson

    I agree with innocent people protecting themselves with guns legally obtained!! Maybe those teeenagers will think twice before they dare to pull a gun on someone! It is never a mistake to protect yourself from harm!!

    • The GLB

      Would it matter if one protected oneself with a gun that was NOT ‘legally’ obtained?

      Please stop using, “legally obtained”, as some type of mantra to give self-defense with a weapon some legitimacy.

      • MikeW

        You said:
        “Would it matter if one protected oneself with a gun that was NOT ‘legally’ obtained?

        Please stop using, ‘legally obtained’, as some type of mantra to give self-defense with a weapon some legitimacy.”

        So, you are saying that self-defense has no legitimacy, or are you saying that using a weapon in self-defense has no legitimacy? Either way is pure insanity!

        To claim that we have no “legitimate” right to defend ourselves (with or without weapons)against criminals who threaten us with physical harm if we don’t comply with their demands is Liberalism run completely off the extreme end of the track!

  • Robert Lebischak

    Lets see here, there are people that are trying to harm you, take your money, rape you, do personal damage to you, and you defend yourself, that is a bad trend, why the ones trying to harm you could be out of a job if people protected themselves, it would harm the economy if that happened.

  • Robert

    Only a liberal moron would worry about the use of a gun to protect one’s life, family,friends. An “alarming trend” to protect yourself against a criminal assault. Unbelievable

    • eddie47d

      Same question to you Robert. Where does this newscaster say these citizens didn’t have a right to defend themselves? If a newscaster says a community is faced with teenage Meth usage and says its an “alarming trend” wouldn’t you agree? If 10 of the 20 houses on your block are facing foreclosure wouldn’t that be an “alarming trend” that affects the whole neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be an “alarming trend” if utility workers are robbed or maybe a school official such as in this story? Nothing in Clarks newscast says the “alarming trend” is that CC permit holders can’t carry or use their weapon for self defense. I would say the “alarming trend” is that those doing the assaulting are getting bolder in their actions.

      • Gary L

        Eddie, I think we all know what you are trying to say. It’s just that as usual, most of us here do not agree with your nonsense.

      • Gary L

        Surely, shootings in Detroit are nothing new.
        The news anchor finds it alarming that the intended victims shot their attackers.

        • Jay

          And then there was the guy who went to the doctor and found out he had cancer and 6 months to live. So he moved to Detroit to make it seem longer.

      • eddie47d

        If that was meant it would have been said Gary. Unless you are a mind reader you can only assume that your “nonsense” is correct.

      • vicki

        Eddie47d. You don’t need to be a mind reader to know the intent. All you need to be is a reader.

        “7 Action News talks with workers in Detroit about the dangers they face. They call it the new “Street Justice.”

        However, law enforcement would not encourage this and may not approve it. The case of the coach is still pending in the prosecutor’s office.

        Read more:

        That is the article referenced in the OP.

      • eddie47d

        Already read that earlier in the day. Still doesn’t connect the dots.

  • Richard

    perhaps the “ALARM” should be addressed to the thug criminals that law adiding citizens will no longer stand idly by and allow themselves to be victimized, terrorized, robbed of their hard earned possessions…or our civil liberties to be trampled! We Will Fight Back…and We Will Take by force if necessary our Freedom to walk openly in our own neighborhods and streets and defend and protect our children and loved ones against All Enemies… Foreign And Domestic !!!!!

  • Jack Haynes

    An old sheriff wrote long ago about a gun “Be not afraid of any man, no matter what his size. When danger threatens, call on me and I will equalize”. Enough said. If they riot in the street, let them. If the riot gets on your property, use a gun to stop it.

  • daisysue

    It is one to defend your point of view. However his comment was not even in the realm of reality..

    • daisysue

      Excuse me, I left out a word..Meant to say It is one THING to defend to defend your point of view..

  • Ridge Runner

    It’s obvious the Liberal left learned nothing from prohibition! Criminals will be well supplied by organized crime while law abiding citizens will be in total fear for their lives and property. Want an example, just look at Chicago,with strict anti gun laws and out of control crime and shootings.
    Those who would follow the law, will follow the law and those who don’t never will.
    During prohibition there was Rum running and if the clueless Liberals have their way there will be organized Gun Running.
    Of course the “rather have a Dictator left” will point out how well the last 30 years have delt with drug smuggling. Apparently knowing what’s best for everyone is synonymous with knowing nothing. Take away the Guns and you take away Liberty, worked for Hitler!

  • DuWayne Bryant

    re-harold olsen i think its clear what he would do, he would have eric holder charge him with failer to render aid to a fellow citizen who is under attack, and holder would impound his guns, sell them to the drug cartels in mexico, then charge the guy for buying wepons for a drug cartel, and try to give him 25 to life, but i think more likely the bonehead news guy would be screaming for the women in the area to hit the guy with their purses

  • Don 2

    A Gun In The Hand Is Better Than A Cop On The Phone

    Benefits of Gun Control -

    Concentration Camps
    Killing Fields

  • Tina Meyer

    OMG – - how is this an alarming trend? It’s unfortunate maybe – it’s a reality – yes! Thank God the victims had guns – what’s alarming is the idiot remark from the reporter!

    • cawmun cents

      He is only reading what some progressive editor had his lackey intern write for peanuts.
      That is why they sound so stupid…..they have let go the professional writers so that they can pay that anchor his salary.
      Its how things are done today.
      Get rid of the real professionals and get college interns to do it.
      So when something you hear on the news sounds stupid…its because the editor is too busy to proof read what the intern wrote.
      The anchor may know that the writing is deficient,but likes his salary,so he just reads it anyhow.
      Read between the lines and listen to what is not being said…..then you will know the truth.

      • Zum Zum

        I enjoyed your comments cawmun (cc) …. now that the lines have mostly been drawn it is important to disseminate further than the headlines, talking points, and media dialogue.

        I really believe there is alot of meta-information and hidden in plain sight discoveries that will help us understand and unravel the lies.

        and it shouldnt just be the 200 or so lieutenants but from rank and file as well.

    • Randy G

      And WHEN , not if, He is robbed at gunpoint, his opinion will change instantly.

  • Ricardo Garza

    When someone hits someone else its called assault. When someone attacks someone else with a weapon its called assault with a deadly weapon (knife,bottle, 2×4,book etc.) So, what I’m getting at here is anything can be an assault weapon if its used to strike with or shoot with. A .22 cal. pistol is an assault weapon. Liberals got to get over this. It is plain as the eye can see, they want all your guns. More children have been killed by the hands of their own parents or guardians, drownings, car accidents, fires, and miscellaneous acts then guns ever did. The only way people can defend themselves is with guns. We are only a free nation because we have them. Take them away and watch what happens. Remember its not the gun that kills, its the person. I have never a time seen when a gun jumped out of a safe and crawled up to someone and loaded, pointed itself to somebody and pulled its own trigger while aiming and killed someone. Show me that one. If the Government gets rid of its guns my friends will get rid of theirs. Let me know when that happens.

    • vicki

      Ricardo Garza writes:
      “The only way people can defend themselves is with guns. ”

      Ummm.. Not exactly. The BEST way people can defend themselves (in situations as described in the OP) is with guns.

      - Ricardo Garza: “We are only a free nation because we have them.”

      You have an odd definition of “free”. In this nation you have to get a permit to exercize a constitutional right. You have to get permission to go on an airplane. You have to be inspected (as would cattle or criminals) to actually get on that plane. You have to get permission to build things on your own property. You have to get permission to move your private property on the kings highways.

      And that’s just some examples.

      - Ricardo Garza: “Remember its not the gun that kills, its the person. I have never a time seen when a gun jumped out of a safe and crawled up to someone and loaded, pointed itself to somebody and pulled its own trigger while aiming and killed someone.”

      We have actual video of someone trying to get their gun to jump up and shoot or even just shoot. Jumping might be a little much to ask from an inanimate object :)

      It was very disobedient.

      - Ricardo Garza: “If the Government gets rid of its guns my friends will get rid of theirs. Let me know when that happens.”

      You can if you want. I and many others will keep ours. There are many predators out there besides current government.

  • Robespierre

    All good comments, my hope is that there are enough of us to survive the criminals at the top. Have any of you thought about the possibility that the long blue line may want this crime on the street as a source of income ala Chicago under the Daly’s.

  • Billie W. Jacobs

    Believe it or not; there are people on the left who believe that you do not have a inherent right to defend yourself with deadly force and if, in doing so, you injure or kill the perpetrator then you are guilty of a major felony and should be tried as such!!! This is tantamount to saying that the assailant was within his/her rights to demand from you whatever he/she desires!!! Recently, there were high ranking members of the Obama regime who have declared their belief that conservativism is a mental illness/disorder!! I say, in light of such declarations, that, perhaps, they should go look in the mirror and discover the truth!!!!!

    • eddie47d

      Why would you boo hoo over someone saying that “conservatism is a mental disorder” when that gets said about liberals right here all the time. The problem is you want to lay it on thick but can’t take it when it comes back to you! Now there is some truth. Every shooting has be be judged on its own merits and I still haven’t seen anything in THIS story that says you don’t have a right to defend yourself. Even in killing your assailant for that seems to something made up by you all.

      • Ridge Runner

        History is filled with the debris from Liberal Socialism. Unless you believe Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler, among others were not mental then you may be certifiable. They all began by taking guns away.

      • r.p.

        The reason you can’t fix stupid is because the “stupids” don’t know they are! That’s why we call them “liberals”. P.C. ya know.

      • eddie47d

        You bought into the phony headline RP so either you are gullible or “stupid”. = Conservative?

  • bob

    the alarming trend is tothe criminals, that somthing might happen too them!!!!!! they may ??? think twice ???? people in the U.S. need to wake , Russia, China, & ore on higher Gov. elected officals are not our friends. think in the passed few years the adds to get us to sell our old gold jewery??? Russia & China Buying Gold, an the US Gov. Hoardig Ammo ???

  • Ridge Runner

    Stopped by the local Police Dept. the other day. There were over a dozen people there applying for carry permits, all over 5O. One gentlemen commented,”I never thought I would be applying for a carry permit in the land I thought I had helped make safe in World War 2.”

    • vicki

      Why does he need a permit (permission from government) to exercise his right to keep AND carry arms?

      How would the progressives feel if government demanded that they get a permit before providing “news” like the one in the OP article? (The tv stations that actually broadcast the news do have to get permits already)

  • Corsica

    Aren’t these news anchors suppose to report the news without editorializing? Just read the news objectively and keep their sanctimonious opinions to themselves?

    • Charlie R

      Yes report news is what they are supposed to do.
      However, the New York times (NYT) changed all that around 1960.
      Want to know more about how “news reporting” became corrupt and “agendized”?
      Read “Journalistic Fraud” by Kohen … a remarkable insight into how the “newspaper of record” (NYT) moved editorials to front page headlines. It will explain perfectly why the news media is so supportive of what may be the most inept, ill prepared, and anti -American values president (BOB) ever to occupy the oval office.

  • Hog

    Typical liberal jounalists…oh I mean…propagandist.

  • David Courtney

    The Second Amendment allows that “We The People” will have the tools and ability to defend against and even put down a corrupt and intrusive Government. The ability to defend ones self, family, neighbors and their property is an important benifit. Any one who does not know this or believes the Government can protect them from harm is a fool.

  • Roy

    Instead of “an alarming trend”, how about referring to it as “stories to deter criminals” with a closing admonition that “if you’re considering or living a life of crime, you might want to think again.”

  • Mario

    I wonder what the media and Obama would have said if there were an armed citizen who saved all or most of the victims by eliminating the moron who killed all the people in Connecticut? One armed citizen on each of the planes on 911? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    • vicki
      • BR549

        Love the cartoon clip. So true. I remember as a kid, sitting on the airplane and seeing men with six shooters or 1911s. They weren’t checked. Back then, we all had to wear a jacket and tie to fly: if you didn’t wear a coat and tie, you took the bus or the train. That was on the turbo-prop Lockheed Constellations and such. By the time the 707s had come into vogue, a lot more people were flying for less, they dressed like slobs, and it only got worse from there.

  • Cheerio

    I believe in Canada you are not allowed to defend or protect yourself with a gun even on your own property, I believe if you do you are in jeopardy of being criminalized….. Hhmmmmmmm

    • Linnee

      I lived in Canada for forty years. One can buy a handgun after receiving a permit which takes about six weeks. I don’t know the current laws of self-defence since living in the U.S. these past 14 years. I will research it on the ‘net.

  • Cheerio

    Seems like criminals could be paid and protected trolls of the Gov. Look up song ” pumped up kicks” lefty musicians can glorify murder through music and call it art yet defending oneself with a gun is ” an alarming trend”…. There is no liberal mentality only propaganda…

    • eddie47d

      I will agree with Cheerio that some music out there is abominable for any age and the glorifying of woman abuse or talk of killing is downright disingenuous…. Pure garbage. Yet where did Clark say you couldn’t defend yourself with a gun? I don’t see your interpretation anywhere from him so who planted that seed in your head?

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    Death to the street gangs,death to the New world Order,death to traitors…this is trending in the USA..

  • Randy G

    What is ‘trending’ is Crime,robbery, & murder is OK, Morality & Civilized Humanity is not.

  • Bill

    This is a great trend, it will save the taxpayers money. You fight fire with fire

  • http://yahoo RL

    Maybe it’s only my observation, but this attitude that a lot of people have of ‘ everything for the children’ has come back to bite in the butt. Many crimes are done by teenagers, who have been allowed to be disrespectful, disruptive and often times violent without fear of consequences. Law enforcement, even when the perps are caught and processed into the system, often received probation or light sentences because of their age (under 21). In my opinion, ANY person, regardless of age, that commits a crime, e.g. b&e, robbery, murder, rape, and gets shot by the victim, deserved it. People have a right to protect themselves and their property, whether it be by gun, knife, or whatever means is available to them at that moment. What I don’t like is the authorities punishing the victim by arresting and incarcerating them. They determine this by ‘what a reasonable and prudent person would do in the same situation’. That’s crap. There is not one individual that would react exactly the same in any given situation, let alone be reasonable and prudent in the event of being faced with a crime upon your person or property. Too bad the perps got shot, but when you know right from wrong, and choose to do wrong, well…..the results could be deadly.

  • 45caliber

    Well, other countries won’t allow you to harm someone in self defense. Why not here too? After all, we shouldn’t be harming others even at the expense of our own lives, right??

    • daniel

      well this is america so you try to rob or assault me or any of my family you will be put six feet under

  • Larry

    I’d say it’s most alarming to the punks who get shot, but to anyone with the brains of a flea it should indicate that the people have had all the entertainment at their expense that they can cheerfully endure. I’ll betcha Mr Newsreader lives in a nice suburban, likely gated community, with possibly armed guards watching over his life. Just don’t you peons get any ideas though….

  • Jay

    When a government speaks of disarming the people, then it is already far past time to disarm that government. It has not been trustworthy for some time.

    • vicki

      Some people tried to point that out in 1934.

      Curiously it was Congressmen and not the NRA who posed objections. The NRA was HELPING the anti-gun crowd with “common sense” restrictions.

      • BR549

        Vicki wrote: “Some people tried to point that out in 1934.
        Curiously it was Congressmen and not the NRA who posed objections. The NRA was HELPING the anti-gun crowd with “common sense” restrictions.”

        That’s because the ORIGINAL purpose of the NRA was to address the appalling accuracy of the Civil War troops on both sides (about 1 kill per 1,000 rounds shot). The 2nd Amendment wasn’t really the issue back then, at least not for the NRA.

        While I’m a member of the NRA, they’ve gotten far too “political” and that ‘s why I joined the GOA, which I think is far more on track with the 2nd Amendment.

    • Jay

      And now we can add Missouri to the list. 90 days isn’t very long.

      “No one is more hopelessly enslaved than he who falsely believes that he is free.”

    • BR549

      Jay wrote: “When a government speaks of disarming the people, then it is already far past time to disarm that government.”

      As one bumper sticker states: “Our forefathers would be reloading by now.”

  • Charlie R

    The politically correct and corrupt news media calls these thugs “teenagers”
    implying these thugs as “victims”. (Peirs Morgan must have written the text for the talking head)

    • Chocopot

      Not only that, but when a law-abiding citizen defends himself from these thugs and shoots one of them, that injury gets listed in the statistics as a gun crime against a child! Look it up!

      • Charlie R

        Excellent point Chocopot.
        Interesting how these statistics are categorized to imply a crisis of some sort, thus garnering support from the un-initiated.

        The government, mass media, and special interest groups always present “statistics” to garner support for their agenda. The best illustration of this deception is what was sold to us as “The Affordable Health Care Act” (AHCA), Sounds soooo good! But, it is anything but affordable and an overt lie to enable governmental takeover of the healthcare industry. The same hold true for firearms and any other issue that interferes with government control and that includes our Constitution.

        Our founding fathers rebelled from the tyranny of King George for far less, didn’t they?

      • vicki

        They can stack the stitistical deck all they want. They will still have serious trouble overcoming this statistic.

        ~300 MILLION Americans didn’t shoot anyone.

        Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a few.

  • http://yahoo Don

    a majority of the time it boils down to kill or be killed. what is to stop the criminal element from killing the victim. they make the killings at the school over exaggerated. one person did it even though it was sickening. now obunhole along with the royal decider of our gun rights is after the whole population to clamp down on all possession of the masses. instead o endangering the masses why don’t thy work on penalties in the crimes where the guns are used to discourage people from committing the crimes they are trying to stop the wrong was. it would make quite a few more people wiser. seems most of these people that commit the crimes are mental cases who aren’t getting proper cart. reagans attempted assinnation was commited by one. the one at fort hood had mental problems the arizona killer had problems, the movie theater killer had mental problems. the hell of it is the mother of the kid kid who shot the school up attempted to get help was turned down or there was none. she died at the hand of her deranged kid. government killed mental health care. they let the doctors fix it with chemical drugs that don’t work. now all citizens are supposed to pay. if her royal majesty senator fienstiene gets her way the body count will explode because of the ones who are getting shot by innocent citizens will be the only ones with guns. fienstien is one of those elite bitches who thinks every bit of the population must be under control. sorta nwo. these people need voted out so not just them have control of the country. trouble is most voters are ignorant and keep these type in power.

    • vicki

      Don writes:
      “they make the killings at the school over exaggerated. one person did it even though it was sickening. now obunhole along with the royal decider of our gun rights is after the whole population to clamp down on all possession of the masses.”

      Or a statistical way to say this is

      ~300 MILLION Americans didn’t shoot anyone.

      Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a few.

  • Chester

    The ONLY alarming trend I saw in that story was the trend of youth gangs to arm themselves before trying to rob someone. Used to be a club or a knife was more than enough arms for them to get what they wanted, now they NEED guns to do the same thing. Shame someone didn’t teach them a bit better before they got tied up with a gang, but then, could be they grew up where it was either be a gangbanger or be dead. Still, the alarming trend is for armed kids to be robbing people, not those same kids being shot because they tried to rob or abuse the wrong people.

  • Ray’s Mom

    The amazing trend is teenagers who willingly harass anyone at will.

  • Chris

    It’s ABOUT TIME that fighting back is an alarming trend……God forbid people protect THEIR OWN LIVES! Shame “ALL 4″ did not die! Seems the law is made to protect the criminal while the victim gets NOTHING but physical and mental suffering or death. I say “pop em”…….not only to save the taxpayers some money, but to prevent future “victims”……….let’s start getting rid of the scum of the earth instead of sending them to club prison!

  • http://Yahoo Coyote

    How long are true Americans going to put up with this left wing commie [expletive deleted], I think the [expletive deleted] is about to hit the fan. You know what, I think it’s about time. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said; a little revolution is a good thing now and then.

  • http://aol CommonSense4America

    Due to the high cost of ammunition,,,,,,,,no warning shot will be fired.

    The 2nd Amendment IS our concealed carry permit.

    • TheTruthHurts

      Aren’t warning shots illegal? Why would you ‘warn them’ anyways? Will you be warned the next time you’re robbed? I think the 2nd amendment is a big enough warning…

      It’s unnerving that this ‘growing trend’ wasn’t ‘initiated’ decades ago; there would probably be less violent crime. I bet those kids that were shot won’t be repeat offenders… Seeing your buddy get shot & die must be a pretty horrible experience

  • Hoser

    Alarming trend? Are you kidding me? Good people killing Bad people. BRILLIANT!

  • Jeremy Leochner

    There is nothing wrong with defending oneself from danger. If someones life is at stack I see no problem with people firing a gun to defend themselves. As a Progressive and a Liberal I have no problem with people defending themselves. My political label has no affect on my personal views toward self defense.

  • lyvnxxl

    Let’s take him on a road trip, drop him off in the Ghetto and see if he changes his story.

  • Frosty

    I spent almost two years in ‘Nam ( from the age of 19 to just past my 21st birthday) then left the infantry. I then spent the next eight years as an MP. I never failed to be amazed at how people who had never had to physically defend either their own lives or that of someone else could honestly voice a profound opinion of the right or wrong of another persons actions. That is a long, convoluted way of saying that they’re full of crap in 99% of their opinions. Any time you pull a weapon on someone you automaticlly give them the right to defend themselves to the best of their ability. As more and more people receive concealed carry permits, the more punks like these will become an endangered speices.
    Perfect proof od Darwins theory! Now if the federal goverment will just give us a bit of time, this will be a safe country again. Of course if we follow the example of Great Britain and Austrailia , just the opposite will come true.

    • Fastfood

      Kudos on your takes on the matter, Frosty. Glad you made it home, bro.

  • windsailor

    Hey, don’t knock this poor newsreader, he’s bucking for a job with CBS or NBC. Self defense, this isn’t allowed. You must put the assault on hold (ask the bad guys nicely) and call for the cops. Of course if you’re in Chicago and your not yet bleeding, your problem goes to the bottom of the list.

  • Ramy

    There is not enough police officers out there to protect the population from these criminals, due to the budget cuts in most cities. What does this news caster expect the people to do, let these criminals kill their victims. Are you serious, this news caster needs to wake up & really think about what he said. CPL have the legal right to carry a gun, they have the constitutional right to live without fear that someone will kill them. If they do not defend themselves then there maybe an increase in victim deaths.

  • Alan

    But then again Johnny, why would attempted armed robberies be an “alarming trend”? They happen rather frequently, don’t they? For something to be alarming it needs to be original, something sudden and unexpected such as a sharp increase in temperature. No, there was no misunderstanding that I can see. He meant that good, honest citizens were somehow trending toward gunning down threatening criminals without hesitation, which is precisely the way it should be.

  • Rich

    This Stephen Clark guy has got to be brain dead… well as his place of employment.

  • JeffH

    We’ve all heard “the Myth” from Obama, Feinstein, the progressive MSM and the leftist anti-gun grabbers that “74 percent of NRA Members Support a Ban on Assault Weapons.”

    You’ve likely heard it reported several dozen times across news media outlets. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, claims responsibility for conducting this Frank Luntz poll that claims 74 percent of NRA Members support a ban on so-called assault weapons. Then President Obama mentioned this stat in his address in which he presented 23 executive orders on gun control.

    The Real Poll: If there is any group that has its finger on the pulse of NRA members, it’s the NRA. After all, its membership rosters are private. To combat the Bloomberg nonsense, NRA, via a professional third-party polling company, recently conducted its own scientific poll of its members.

    Findings are as follows:

    • 91 percent of NRA members support laws keeping firearms away from the mentally ill.
    • 92 percent of NRA members oppose gun confiscation via mandatory buy-back laws.
    • 89 percent oppose banning semi-automatic firearms, often mistakenly called “assault rifles”.
    • 93 percent oppose a law requiring gun owners to register with the federal government.
    • 92 percent oppose a new federal law banning the sale of firearms between private citizens

    That’s right. Bloomberg, Obama and the majority of the leftist media are off by 63 percentage points. Fact is, 89 percent of NRA members oppose banning assault rifles.

    The Anti-BS Quote:
    “Mayor Bloomberg’s claims that gun owners are divided are totally false. It is nothing more than an attempt by anti-gun activists to further their long-standing political agenda,” said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox. “American gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are ready for Washington to put politics aside and come together to fix our broken mental health system.”

  • Gary Belote

    For all you Liberals out there….I know a doctor who specializes in rectal cranium inversion surgery

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Being a Liberal has nothing to do with this. I am a Liberal. My personal views about whether or not someone should use a gun for protection has nothing to do with my political or economic views.

      • BR549

        Jeremy wrote: “Being a Liberal has nothing to do with this. I am a Liberal. My personal views about whether or not someone should use a gun for protection has nothing to do with my political or economic views.”

        Actually, it does. I could consider that you might have even voted non-Democrat, while having liberal views, and if so, this might not apply to you. I consider myself very liberal when it comes to taking care of veterans, the elderly, and giving those less fortunate a chance, but I expect people to get off their butts and work for something other than a free lunch and to have enough sense to tie their GD knees together if that’s what it takes. This Obama-phone crap, free cars, a green light for illegals, and EBT cards are just empowering a class of useless porch-monkeys, illegals, and white trash.

        The difference here, as many people seem to see it, is the “conservative” adherence to the Constitution, which Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and that whole pack of political retards that can’t seem to remember the oath they took, seem to have forgotten all about. If you support THAT, and are still supporting Obama, then no one here can help you.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Actually BR549 I have voted for non Democrat candidates and am myself a registered independent. As for Obama I do not support everything he does but I did vote for him and still feel he is a competent president. I support the constitution and I oppose giving money to people who do not need it. But all of this is mute. Because the fact remains my political views do not carry over to my personal views about whether or not someone should be allowed to shoot a gun in self defense. I am a liberal and I believe people have a right to defend themselves. As such we can deduce that at least one liberal does not consider it a crime or a threat to have someone defend themselves. Therefore it logically follows that if a liberal can think that than liberalism is not a determining factor in ones personal views.

        • BR549

          Jeremy wrote: … “Because the fact remains my political views do not carry over to my personal views about whether or not someone should be allowed to shoot a gun in self defense.”

          I understand your viewpoint, although I cannot fathom your loyalty. I voted for Obama in ’08 and even admit to having had goosebumps on election night thinking that this guy might actually be able to do something. But I should have followed my initial hunch when I realized that he was the ONLY candidate (the one who come from out of the dark) who refused to get pinned down by the press on his stance on NAFTA; the ONLY one. All the other dutiful globalist minion candidates hung themselves with flimsy explanations that any intelligent person could see were excuses about our manufacturing base had been demolished.

          I had voted for Perot the decade before and understood what he was driving at and saw what the ravages of the Bush family had done to this country. Up until 1988, I had been a consistent Republican, and did vote for Papa Bush in 1988, but I realized something was terribly wrong and went Independent. Been there ever since.

          I appreciate your having taken the time to explain your position, and I’ll try to lay off my sarcasm in answering any posts you might put forth, but I would strongly suggest you research Agenda21, ICLEI, and the whole globalist plan for intentionally eviscerating the US economy, of which Obama is so much a part of that plan. As one author put it, and it took me many years for it to sink in, “NO president gets into office without the official blessing of David Rockefeller.”

          Here’s a list of poignant quotes to keep you reminded of the task at hand and what we are all up against:

          Author Holly Sklar, who writes articles for The Nation and such, had stated that the globalists’ intent was to remove any and all forms of ethnic, nationalistic, and religious identification so that the loyalties of all the people would be forced toward the state.

          Somewhere in the evolution of the species, I could see a one world government, but it would be through a gradual and willing evolution, not something being rammed down everyone’s throat. The difference is like that between two newlyweds versus a female victim and a rapist. The same event takes place, but the energy around it remains forever.

          Obama, I was sorry to learn, is a flaming globalist. And except for a couple blips along the way since Eisenhower and Kennedy, they have ALL been under Rockefeller’s wing, even Carter, whom I very much admired at the time. That was how a lowly, go-nowhere peanut farmer made it to the White House; because Rockefeller loved his willingness to accept globalism, even if the people around the world were not yet ready to accept it.

          People have said to me, “Well, if we’re all heading towards a one world government anyway, why not just accept it right now?” The answer is that it was never earned. Like the newlyweds vs. the rapist, mankind has not yet proven that its present politicians and rulers have the social and spiritual maturity to take on those positions without abusing them, and until they learn what it takes to actually BE in a ruling position without falling victim to their own egos and representing the people instead of themselves, globalism will, out of evolutionary necessity, be a long way off. Ask anyone at Bilderberg to step down to allow that to happen and watch what happens.

          That’s why I couldn’t vote for Obama for a second time, because he is an integral part in the globalist plan.

      • James

        Well, only an arrogant idiot has the audacity to claim that there liberal positioning does not hold any sway in their political decisions! Stop fooling and lying to yourself!

    • themtnman

      So maybe you ought to test his skills as it appears that you are is serious need

  • Everett Gamble

    Well with the the FBI showing that the average 911 response for 2012 and getting longer all the time I see that this is probably the best way of staying alive these days.
    I believe that everyone that can qualify and is physically as well as mentally able to use a weapon PROPERLY should carry for their own protection.
    I am 85 years of age and have carried for well over 70 years and have proof with newspaper articles that I personally have stopped 4 hold ups of service stations and markets, stopped 1 murder by a angry boyfriend who was of all things stabbing his girlfriend with a AWL sort of a ice large pick< she was seriously injured with 2 holes in her heart so I am sure that he would have finished the job given maybe a couple more strikes.
    That alone is well worth my inconvenience and responsibility of carrying, no this is not a NEW TREND but an old fashion way of taking responsibility of your life,
    Yes I still carry and compete with the same weapon that I have carried about all the time and it is a quite old 44/40.

  • James

    This is a first hand look at Obama and his cronies handy-work! They specifically said they were moving towards getting the news agencies behind supporting the ban on guns!!! What better way than this to put a bad light on shooting ANYBODY!!!

    I say….this is the best way to get those bent on being a criminal off the streets and in the closet….where they belong!!!

  • U.Tregre

    Seriously???? People successfully defending themselves is “an alarming trend”? [personal attack has been removed]

  • Laurence Almand

    An encouraging trend! If more people shot the punks, the streets would be a lot safer!

  • http://facebook Jackie

    This is why law abiding people need to own guns!

  • Ultimately

    Not surprised from the lame stream media in Detroit that doesn’t report the facts about Detroit but tries to sugar coat it. Same media that ignores the corruption (i.e., Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick, Conyers, Bing, etc.etc.).

  • http://timeWarner Annie Ironside

    In case none of you have noticed we have heard not one word of robbery, rape or looting during Sandy, with the electricty out and people using candles. Do news people really think the American people are this stupid,; Ya, we know the Goverment and politions control what is released, and they call it free press, BS;
    A family member was in the Ike hurricane which did not have power for three weeks after he returned. One night about three a.m. the front door was kicked in and he grabbed his pistol and crawled into the L hall, and said ” who is there and what do you want” ” we came to kill you and take your stuff”, they shot at least three shots at him, and he opened fire. One went down and the other ran, He carefully walked over kicked the gun out of the guy hand and checked his pulse, he was dead. He called 911 and they came and he met them at the door with his hands on his head, thinking his future just went down the drain. He told the police what happened and they called forenscis and homicide. Suddenly they noticed he was bleeding in the area of the rib.
    one of the bullets had richocked and was setting in the flesh on top of the rib. The paramedics removed it and bandaged it. It was declared self defense. it is unknown if they ever found the other guy, they know he was hit, cause the outline of his body was there in blood. My family member would be dead if not fo owning a gun. The crooks do not obey the law now, if you have been in prison your not suppose to own a weapon,and how many for their second or third offense, have a weapon in their possessiion. Let the crooks have the weapons and keep them away from the citizens who do back ground check, go to firing ranges and shoot, and take gun safety courses. I think we should send Hillary, Biden, Obama, Feinstein and few others to south side of El Paso, or San Antonio with out their security and see how long they would last. But it is ok for Joe blow citizen. Not in this life time.

  • windsailor

    The Obama lemmings pushing gun restrictions and ultimately the demise of the 2nd amendment have obviously never paid attention to the Principle of Unintended Consequences. Given that these hypocrites get their way, crimes against people will certainly increase considering the millions of instances where firearms prevented crimes without the benefit of media coverage. Since our courts have ruled that law enforcement has no responsibility for individual protection……..just who is going to fill the gap until the police show up (doesn’t apply in Chicago where they won’t anyway)?


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